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Do the "request update" buttons even do anything

anaida.jpg (186.9KiB, 1215x879) save_alt

Cause I really doubt this site uses scraper bots anymore, and likely hasn't for years, so the buttons really just seem like a placebo if anything

From what I remember it's more of a token system now?

whatever system this site is using clearly isn't working well, given how many artists are neglected to receive updates for months or even years

haha i just thinking about this, pls update Luke36 wtf


they don't even show how many request artist got, so I doubt it does anything

File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

please update DTPARKER


5.00 = 35 POSTS


PLEASE UPDATE!!!! hasn’t been updated in over a month and have been requested for awhile (i see by multiple people)

I asked a while ago as it doesn't seem to do anything (I mean, who even gets notified when I press it???). The general consensus seemed to be "the button does fuck all".

Hijabolic sample_4d6a5df233d2fe043438ff792e231f10.jpg (187.1KiB, 850x595) save_alt

Hijabolic/Zyphyrosu, nobody I know makes better hentai of hijab women getting rekked.

33 missing posts, not updated in over a year. Updates requested since months ago. So I'm guessing the button doesn't do anything except play a little animation to the bloke who clicks it.

Screenshot_20200629-004310.jpg (171.9KiB, 540x960) save_alt

Please can someone update StruckbyBelz patreon :(


I've read that there used to be a section on the main page where you could see the "most requested" creators, but it was scrapped and now it basically does nothing.

update rttv_


If anyone could update Proxol that'd be superb!

I was wondering the same because I pressed request update in sasatsengs page a few weeks ago and nothing has happened since.

Yep, don't hold your breath either. Combine this "useless update button" with the "fact" the "update threads" are essentially just a massive overflowing waste bin for comments and you can safely bet if an artist is out of date, it's gonna stay out of date. I bet not a single person ever rummages thru those swamped down threads.

Yes, those are only for show they don't work at all I've been pressing button for a month and artist doesn't update at all.Even request threads are useless.

Update RaikageArt now

Screenshot_20200902-001858.jpg (239.4KiB, 540x960) save_alt

Yiff senpai could you update StruckByBelz Patreon i wanna see they're "The God of Highschool Episodd 09 Reaction and Re:ZERO Season 2" and also they have 3 missing post in $5.00 please make it update quickly!! i've been requesting update but nothing has changes. so please yiff or someone! i need update for StruckByBelz Patreon
i am so sorry for my bad english. very well im gonna wait for the update


Please update ♡
And JuliDG
And notsodaily

The request update button should be taken out, because it's doing nothing but keep the illusion that this site updates anything, the only thing that gets updated on this fucking place are cam whore patreons and reaction channels

BEgroveyiffpage.png (429.5KiB, 1902x937) save_alt

I don't think they work... but they SHOULD!
Speaking of which, why doesn't begrove have one?


Can someone please update TailBlazer, Zozo Draws, Imbapovi and Minshoko, some of these guys haven’t received updates in months and some even have specific posts missing for no reason like with Imbapovi

Why are y'all necrobumping OP's thread to hijack OP's inquiry with your requests?

Because you keep spamming your request.

Can you update the kenron xo patreon? Please, 1 month has passed without updating

Please, someone update the RapscallionVNS and BCDickChix pages!



Can someone please update RTTV’s Patreon?

pls update aaronfreeman 💜



Anna Kotova has 29 missing post

$1.00 - 18 posts$3.00 - 11 posts

Please update Loboleo
$ 1.00 - 1 post
$2.00 - 14 posts
$6.00 - 3 posts
$12.00 - 9 posts
Thank you!


To all of you braindead dumbass retards this is a discussion thread about the site's functions, this is not a request thread. There's already an existing request thread for a reason. Your artists will never get updated because it's highly likely they suck fat donkey dick anyways.

Any chance at actually getting an update evaporates by acting this way.

Update the mexinese family, please!!



your this close buddy.jpg (157.7KiB, 1000x811) save_alt

If I intended to update an artist, and I saw people were randomly (and yes, stupidly) requesting said artist in every other thread, it wouldn't make me suddenly decide not to update said artist lol, so really the chance doesn't get any smaller than it already was, which is very, very small. Heres the director of the FBI to show you just how small. Now, you need to half that, then half it again, and again and again. Pic title unrelated.


What's funny (& perhaps sad) is that most of these requests are for updating frikkin "reaction" ppl, not even artists.

your this close buddy.jpg (157.7KiB, 1000x811) save_alt

I'm getting sick of all this reaction shit too lol. All you people requesting reaction vids: "you're THIS close buddies!"

You can only speak for yourself, so the chance isn't really impacted.

Kiss my ass!


Someone please update refrainbow's page. They have 38 missing posts. It's been over 2 months since that page has been updated.