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So let's talk about the site

_ Mina~03.jpg (184.7KiB, 900x1103) save_alt

I know there's an issues and feedback thread but, let's bring it back to you guys.

Here's a few questions:

- what features do you wish were on the site?

- what content do you wish was here?

- If you had the resources or ability to, what would you change about teh yiff?

- other miscellaneous remarks or thoughts about the site, that aren't addressed by the prior questions.

So yeah, discuss. :P

This site is a sinking ship

there should be a tab for links to mega/dropbox/google drive folders and the like, in addition to the shared files tab. wont take up bandwidth really and can be updated frequently as the links get changed.

What the guy above me said, along with the passwords for said mega/dropbox/drive folders.

I want categories so we can discover patreons of similar content.

I want the Shared files feature to be moderated carefully because of the spam rush that happened two days ago, I'm concerned someone will try to spam rush again or upload fake files tucked with viruses. For as long as the site's been up this should've long been implemented.

I wish they didn't implement importer bots, I want to see new updates with actual good contents from real importers. Real importers know what to pay for!

^ This guy have a point. His idea is my favorite.

I agree about the categorizing content idea. It would make navigating the site a lot eaiser.

There's already the tags imported for the individual artists, I just wish we could search for artists/posts by tags, since a lot of them use the same ones.

So basically Danbooru for leaked content?

I'd like for there to be a team of people, instead of it all falling on one, maybe two people, to look after the site and make updates as necessary and such. It would take a lot of strain off the admin and the site, as a whole.

Categorisation would help loads. Pagination for fantia would also help.

I nominate KosKun for IT pres.

Get on the Kemono Party bus, where the admin actually listens to the community, and that the code is out there for testing and modding.

Jim the crow.png (536.2KiB, 852x1280) save_alt

Implement mandatory segregation laws for Humaniggers. The Master FurRace must be isolated from the tainted human camwhores and anime trash, in order to keep our yiffy race pure. Isolate the Humaniggers into ghetto tabs completely seperate from our furry children so we don't have to look at or interact with those degenerates at all, and don't include them in our search engine, or if they are included, send them to the back, where they belong. Our once proud site has been overtaken by the sight of disgusting 3DPD skinfags; therefore, I request a call to traditional furry fandom values: "Paws, Maws, and Claws." The importation of skinfags is now revealed: a plot to mass replace our furry nation with humanshit to drive out our furred, feathered, and scaled kind. We must secure the existence of our FurRace and a future for furry shitposters.

Make a request update button that actually works, make it so it notifies the person who shared the page in the first place to update it, not just having a useless button, I've been requesting updtes for 26 days now on one person and no one updates it, it's 1$ posts and no one updates it, this site is a joke.

If you want it that much then upload it yourself. Like you said, it's just $1...

This and maybe officially integrate a system like what the guys at Yiff.list thread are doing.
Also maybe adding a "recently updated" coulums some creators get updated with posts from a few days ago and they appear on lower page numbers


Weeb: If you continue with this, 3DPD will win.

Could possibly be a privacy risk having a certain device/ip being tied to updating certain pages. Could be better to have an update requested icon in the "favorite artists" section for everyone. So anyone who's subscribed to one can quickly check at a glance which artists have updates requested.
Personally, I don't think it would make much of a difference anyways. If they don't visit the site anymore, they won't see the update request. If someone who contributes swings by this site, they will likely import. I doubt that most artists are missing updates just because a potential contributor forgot to import.

Having a list like that be useful is a bit tricky with all the possible cases. Perhaps an artist naturally has a long gap between updates, perhaps they're taking a break, or they've "abandoned" Patreon but left the page up, etc. There are many reasons an artist can go a long time without an update besides not having someone import. In fact, the list you're suggesting already exists, simply press the ">>" button on the all creators list to go to the last page.
What you are suggesting is a curated list of artists who are still worth updating but haven't been updated. That's going to require some manpower to maintain, unless you can devise a good algorithm to do this. In the end, seems like a lot of effort for questionable benefit. Will people start supporting and importing artists just for the sake of getting them off the list?

I think support for PixivFanbox would be amazing!

>.... What you are suggesting is a curated list of artists who are still worth updating but haven't been updated.
That wasn't what I suggested, but you raise a good point. It's one thing to detect artists who've been banned or deleted/had their pages deleted, but even checking for keywords suggesting breaks/vacations/etc might need a manual review.

>Will people start supporting and importing artists just for the sake of getting them off the list?
I hope they'd do so for better reasons than just getting them off the list.

This site is finally getting enough popularity that more patreons are noticing it, learning how it works, and trying to subvert it. At least one patreon has almost certainly made an update with a placeholder text, updated their page themselves, then edited the post on patreon with the proper content. This trend will only get worse over time.

I'm curious to see how the conflict will evolve from here.

Kemono has already done it.

I don't care about Kemono, i want support HERE. You got it?

We have the Shared Files function to remedy that.
Also, a lot of artists still uploading their content in cloud services, like MEGA or Google Drive, so it's really easy get the files sometimes.

Cept some douche or whatever went around posting spam files


So what is the solution? Keep a queue of changed files for a week so people can report the bad ones and the admin can roll it back to the last known good copy?

That's a lot to do alone on every page

_ Mina~03.jpg (184.7KiB, 900x1103) save_alt

OP here. Great to see the discussion so far.

I have seen a few "fans" talk quite a bit about Kemono. It has a little ways to go before becoming a "contender". I'm no favouritist, just that Kemono would need some tlc first. Moving on, however...

Some other questions I've had, would be:

What solutions could be implemented short term/long term?

What can be done away with, in favour of improvement/repairs?

Any of those with technical know-how here, that have suggestions?


Well, the Fantia importer is having some problems and the same is for some of the imported creators here. I haven't technical knowledge, but maybe the reason of the recent problems is because the servers aren't enough potent to have support for two different platforms.

Shared files is a good countermeasure, certainly. MEGA and GDrive are points of weakness, though. Anyone serious about avoiding scrapers like us can just take down those files.

Along with posting malware in that part of the site, yeesh. :/

One of the artists who delete their content from Google Drive is SugarlessPaints. But fortunately, some people share the files with us.

I just want the report button to work. Plenty of artists I like have placeholders and missing files with no way to get them replaced.

I've seen the argument that reporting shouldn't be a function here, but if we're not supposed to be able to report things, get rid of the damn button.

You will not get it here on the short term, if ever.

The only short term stuff is usually manual imports. :/

thanks for the Kemono love, OP.

_ Mina~03.jpg (184.7KiB, 900x1103) save_alt

No problem.

So, with this "pandemic" going around I'm wondering as well;

- alternative payment/revenue methods? (Generally because there's an apparent "tanking" of the stock market, which could only mean it'll affect B-coin in some way. If not it's value directly, then access to currency conversion?
I'm not entirely savvy on this, so, any with experience in this are welcome to answer.)

I realize this has been brought up before, but there must be something?


If you want something common, Bitcoin/Ethereum/Ripple.
If you trust the Petrodollar, Tether and other "Stablecoins".
If you trust attention, Brave+BAT.
If you want anonymity, Zcash/Dash/Monero.
If you want storage, Filecoin/Sia/Storj/Maidsafe.

Those sound like a lot of good options... why aren't we using more of them?

Price fluctuations and legal matters are the two key things stopping us from using them

Since its theft, nomatter how you look at it.
I'd like to see something that actually supports artists

"theft"? you mean copyright infringement and violation of obscenity laws by the "artists"? you are not protected under the law.

Law is rather blurred with this too. It would basically default to, "don't visit or look at the site if you don't like it". Plus the site is outsourced, so you couldn't do anything here anyway.

This site really doesn't change anything on the creator's side really.

>Law is rather blurred with this too

Not to the extent you think it is.

Which is why most of these "artists" are criminals and we are providing them a safety harbor through Yiff Party. See >>56233

Take it to court and see what they say.

I'd love to see these artists get their asinine legal theories thrown out in court.

The thing is, trolls can being it into a court to screw over both YP and "artists" in one go for the copyright/obscenity keks, so we need to be aware of that.

>trolls can being it into a court to screw over both YP

Why do we need to do anything? It's the IP holder(s) that get to test their legal theories.

trolls can do it on the behalf of "IP holders" for fun and keks, OR they can notify the "IP holder" and let nature happen. Either way, not good.

Though it would be a shot in their own foot so they wouldn't anyway. Though I guess one can't underestimate stupidity.

what a lousy nigger you are

Trolls who don't enjoy the content and is just there to stir the pot, in that case it would not be a shot on the foot.

Separation of drawn/rendered works and real-life imagery would go a long way.

>trolls can do it on the behalf of "IP holders" for fun and keks
Maybe on Youtube, but in court they need standing. If they're just trolls, they're not gonna have standing, which leads to:

>OR they can notify the "IP holder" and let nature happen. Either way, not good.
Why wouldn't it be good?


> Why wouldn't it be good?
Assuming that the servers are not hosted in no-mans land, 1. the government can go after the artists we love 2. they will go after our servers which is lose-lose

Admin pocketed $ 300 and tried to cover it up.

Stop trolling

How'd you get that from artists acting on their asinine legal theories independent of YP?

I soon want to see support for OnlyFans, Gumroad, and Pixiv Fanbox. There's also a Polish site called that is similar to how Patreon works

No, we are assuming that trolls notify IP holders who hate both artists and archivers like us (e.g. Pokemon) and it is either bad news for us all, or we move overseas.

remove those camwhores!

I thought the server's were overseas already.

You are so American and pathetic

Which is why I said "assuming the server is not hosted in no-mans land" as a hypothetical.

Well this is an anon board, so anyone could be anyone

I would love the ability to see past versions of a post, so that the person managing the patreon account can no longer have external sites that require verification of a patreon account that is paying the manager. But this would sadly only work if they updated the post while the direct download link was available on the site.

Nuke camwhores, simps have no human rights.

Reminds me of spindles a little. Even though I don't follow that artist, a fair amount of people don't like their practice of putting up fake posts and then changing it later.

It's obviously an action against this site, but it's not like they're losing anything if they just posted like a non paranoid control freak would, transparently. Though, whatever.

"anon board" does not negate regulation, remember 8chan?

It's 8kun now, actually.

>archivers like us

Maybe they should so the courts can test your asinine legal theories too.

Guess we're just waiting for 8tan to complete the trio

I wonder if this site would work better as a private torrent tracker, something like BTN. Private trackers seem to fly under the radar better than websites.

Remember What.CD? Not a perfect idea, it might be better to use something that allows for viral content sharing like IPFS.

I keep asking, how is it "asinine" when trolls can have ways of screwing over content?

That is one private tracker out of dozens that have been going fine for years. And the music industry's revenue must be thousands of times greater than Patreon, so is not a good comparison.

That question is argumentative, and shows that you know just as little as many artists do about Law.