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1.png (755.5KiB, 633x695) save_alt

Anime is pretty much banned on Patreon now.
Everyone doing anime work on Patreon will most likely go to Fanbox.
Is Fanbox supported here?


This smells dubious at best.

This seems too economically suicidal to be true, given the number of artists that use that kind of style.

1567641246516.jpg (227.1KiB, 1122x820) save_alt

Banning most anime is the logical conclusion of their underage and anti-child porn policy. Anyone under 18 is a child and underage, which represents the vast majority of popular anime characters who are in high school. Also, a bit of a history lesson, the art style you see where the characters have huge eyes in anime and manga? That's Lolicon in Japan, which was both popular and loathed by normal people throughout the 80s~00s. Everyone from Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball, Doctor Slump) and Enix (Lolita Syndrome) were doing Loli shit back in the 80s.

Once these stupid websites use robots to age verify content, a great deal of anime is going to be flagged (see attached image). Right now, you have the stupid situation where a deluge of anime characters with child-like faces are going under the radar because humans are naturally attracted to females with neotenic faces and wide hips.

Fantia, Fanbox AND Gumroad are supported in Kemono, OP.

Getting real tired of you shilling your shitty knockoff in every thread.

Not really, there's enough cosplay/camshit thots to keep them afloat, sadly.
@admin can we get subscriberstar/fanbox support already?

> laughs in Kemono
Maybe never for Yiff since it takes so much time to even get Fantia, like for how many years?

Y'know acting THIS pathetic and gay only drives people away from your knock-off website.

Sounds like is gonna need to get subsribestar and fanbox support. I'm interested in seeing how much business Patreon is going to lose. I don't think they would ever admit a mistake, but when they see millions of dollars go away you know they're going to be pissed.

1503951632599.jpg (108.6KiB, 577x459) save_alt

Base patreon putting greedy artists on their place
Build a paywall, die inside

Yeah nigga, stop with your fucking bullshit.

We'll have to wait some time to get the PixivFanbox support here.
We recently get support for Fantia, and i'm sure it was really hard for the administrators. But if this continue, a lot of creators in Patreon will fall because the new rules. We all know the sites use bots to flag the content, and they aren't exactly accurate in their job. For now, the only thing we can do is keep this site alive and expect to get support for more sites. People here is requesting a lot the support for SuscribeStar, Gumroad and PixivFanbox, clearly Patreon alternatives. So, if Patreon falls, the artists will go to these alternatives.

What is Kemono?

>>63687 already has Fanbox, and SubscribeStar is on its way as well.

When Steve Jobs says "Stay hungry, Stay foolish" he did not mean staying this salty.

You will see in time.

You think Kemono will be sucessful just because you're giving support to other sites?
God, you're so pathetic and innocent. Also, if you still insisting you'll only get hate in your face.

>because humans are naturally attracted to females with neotenic faces and wide hips.

It's not so simple. People prefer young faces, but usually not pre-pubescent obviously baby-like faces. Lots of anime and anime authors really do cater to paedophiles and other people who would prefer their sexual partners to be "naturally porcelain". They've simply aged the characters up to be "barely legal" to toe the line, but still with the same toddler-face aesthetics that they find attractive - and the computer algorithms are catching that. In a sense, the age-checking AI is really revealing a truth that people aren't willing to admit: that the true purpose of these pictures is to emulate child porn as close as socially feasible.


Troll spotted

Paytreon: "all anime and artwork regarding, is CP. Yes, I know. Now we shall proceed to shoot ourselves in our feet repeatedly.

Come join our "weird stream a thon pr stunt" this week. That'll be fun. In the meantime we'll censor our audience on all platforms.

We're all shills here,

PS you're all pedos"

At least this is what I'm seeing regarding the beginning backlash.

Also paytreon:

"Alexa, delete our supporters in an offensively ridiculous way.

Alexa: sure thing...
Banning creators...
Banning art...
Banning everything...



Counter-argument: Asians don't age like cheese, westerners do.

Because AI has never, ever generated false positives, nor can it inherit bias of those who program and train it.

>toddler-face aesthetics
Ah yes, bug eyes the size of apples, lack of or barely noticeable nose and just a straight line done in ms paint for a mouth.

i-do-not-normally-draw-anime.jpg (92.1KiB, 500x620) save_alt

Me, a creator on Patreon:

Your website looks like, acts, and is a piece garbage, even if by pure fucking miracle you manage to gain a semblance of traction or popularity, eventually you're going to fall down the same rabbit hole that the admin of THIS website has.

Also, you have a shit lineup, add more creators.

Haters gonna hate I guess? Otherwise support welcomed.

>Haters gonna hate I guess?

Artist just got banned for drawing Hex Maniac from pokemon for looking too young...

The same goes for furry content, cub content is next jackass.

>there banning lolicon now

Ok. I'll have to say it because no one will even try to give anything constructive.

You need to work on a lot of things if you want your website to catch on even a tiny bit. You need to completely redo the interface, make it easier to find artists, allow people to upload files à la ExH, promote torrents, etc; make an about page making a POINT about why your website needs to exist on top of Yiff.Party. You need to develop a way better importer, as it obviously does not check if stuff if missing, since pretty much nothing is available pas a few weeks on any of the artists. You need to give people features they don't have here that would either make their lives easier, or make the act of archiving more satisfying to a completionist's/collectioner's mindset. You should gamify it.

In other words, your website compared to Yiff.Party is dogshit and useless for what we need. It does neither what a booru offers, nor what this here website does.

That's not any more constructive

well the dev say that he's site still unfinished so need more time to lookin it more useable btw
he's do test with discord now

It's at least more constructive and intelligent than anything that your dumbass has been saying for the last week on this website, let alone in this thread.

both of you. are. FAGGOTS.

It does at least have fanbox support, and it is working right now, unlike yiff.

It's also making my antivirus throw a fit. I think the coding needs work.

The problem is that high-tier operations would often get flagged by antivirus because of how advanced some of the codes were.
Best recommendation is to pick up Linux and install Kemono onto it, like any sane server admin, and then open the website in Windows.

Wny do you puritan fanatics seek to force your bullshit on others?

arming TrollBusterTM 2000

shills are gonna spam we gotta stop em boys WITH SHEQUELZ

^ the post above caught ligma

DNSM9BZVoAA0BPb.jpg (242.1KiB, 2048x1412) save_alt


Do you have poor reading comprehension? Everything I posted is the objective truth and is inarguable unless you live in some fantasy world or a mysterious foreign country.

In the United States, anyone under 18 is a child. So when you hear the words 'child porn', it also includes situations where a 16 year-old girl sends nudes of herself to her 15 year-old boyfriend. The girl will have her life ruined for producing child porn and the boyfriend will have his life ruined as a sex offender for possession of child porn. Drawings doesn't count as child porn in the United States, but that hasn't stopped certain States from attempting to ruin people's lives with their obscenity laws that are vague and outdated (anything can be considered obscene, and these vague obscenity laws exist in Japan and are the reason for the self-censorship in the form of mosaics).

However, Patreon and other websites like Twitter and Discord decided they want to ban drawings of characters under 18 without considering the ramifications of what that means with popular Japanese media which is almost entirely Lolicon by the Japanese definition of the word (if you want to know the history of the big-eyed anime faces people assume is anime-style, I can give you a brief run-down with links to sources in Japanese, this will also include the origin of the word 'otaku' which originated in a Lolicon Manga Magazine by an Idol Critic who had an axe to grind against the readerbase's 2D-complex that led to the removal of the nude junior garbage to make room for more comics).

The only way to stop Patreon is to quit deluding yourself that a certain pool of drawings is 'OK' and instead switch to the all or nothing approach of Japanese Otaku/Lolicon who had to battle against their stupid society from the 80s to the present day.

Can I get a source for the pic?


He's just using more words to say the same shit we've been saying, and thus neither more intelligent nor constructive.