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Rags is racist and basically a leafy clone

tumblr_pca0cb8ICf1uef4jx_540.jpg (72.0KiB, 523x810) save_alt



Yiff Party is Racism Inc. subsidiary, so go fuck yourself, furnigger.

and why do you want to talk about this here?

Nigga, a porn site like here isn't excatly a suitable place to post this shit.



Who is this and why should we care?

n i g g e r s b e i n g n i g g e r s

>digging up necro'd discord messages
>posting about this sort of issue on a porn pirate website
>expecting anything other than to get called retard/gamer

Dude c'mon, are you thinking clearly? This is not the right way to fill the need for attention you so desperately crave.

nigger.png (232.5KiB, 500x306) save_alt

>>64338 digging up year old Discord messages in an attempt to slander a well known member of the furry community on, a site for scraping/leaking/pirating Patreon content
Do you know where you are right now? No? Then I suggest you get the fuck outta here before you get burned.

JustActNatural.png (328.1KiB, 408x452) save_alt

>Discovering furries are mostly made up of the "mass shooter" ethnicity.
Type less.
Remain a guest.

How to not be a degenerate. ^

Twist theirs Heads Off

whats wrong with being racist

Haha cuck lizard man said nigger

It's a porn site, not ResetEra

Nothing, OP is a fucking N I G

Don't know who he is and don't care

No one gives a shit

It's. A. Word. Not a dick. Don't take it so hard

Show us where the big mean youtuber touched you

Take your fake screenshots get out of here because no one on this site fucking cares

okay nigger

They aren't fake tho lmao

How braindead are you?

Ok 40 year old white guy who works at Walmart

Prove that these nearly 3 year old screenshots are real

And you're probably some skinny sad ass teenager that spends way to much time on switch e girl streams (:

Prove to me they're fake (:

Prove to me they're real :)


Wow haha bro you're so cool and edgy. Please get out of your house for once in your fucking life (:

dunno who rags is but he sounds super based, fuck niggers

Rags is a YouTuber and furry community member. I don't think he's brought up nearly as often though. Mostly videos of him giving his thoughts on the questionable actions of others or something like that. Kinda sorta like SidAlpha or YongYea, if you've heard of one or the other. He's really not the kind of person that OP is trying to portray him as. In fact, it seems like the kind of thing he'd say the same way he would in his videos anyway - if it weren't for YouTube being YouTube and the "N" word being a no-no on the platform. Should watch a couple of his videos if you got time.

>Relevent in 2020

>>66312 trying to get people to join some random ass Discord server that may or may not be relevant to the subject at all
Seriously, GTFO with this shit.

Can’t, the whole world is in lockdown because of the virus :)

13-50.jpg (25.9KiB, 792x492) save_alt


Cancel Culture Cultists are fucking retards

Also, Niggers