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Are you compensating?

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Face it, we all know this website is screwing artists and other content creators.
They try to make a living out of their craft and put such content behind a paywall for that reason.

While fair and honest people support the artist, you guys get it for free? Are you compensating for this entitlement?

Do you share their posts on social media? Do you support them by watching ads? Are you doing something to support them? If not, maybe it's time to look at things from the artist's perspective and think about what you can do for them?

They're not suffering, though.

If you do post shit on media the same complaints happen because they're too protectively paranoid about control of content.

Secretly control freaks about the content. You have to "ask" to share? Who do they think they are? Have yet to see any damage from the placement of copies here, to the revenue the creators make. Even paytreon basically said, "it's your porblem now". Probably because they saw how useless it is to fight for copies of shit you still own.

Move the hell on.

You don't get it.
It's like going to a bakery, grabbing a bread and saying "It's baked already, so why pay for it?"

Creators are perhaps not be able to stop pirating, but that doesn't make it right.
I'd like to hear how people really feel about it and justifying this act and how they are compensating for stealing paid content.

And perhaps we can share idea's on how to support creators in different ways.
Like, sharing their social media posts, viewing ads, creating something for them (fanart or w/e), giving them shoutouts. Let's come up with some idea's :)

This is not meant as a hate post.



no u

It's not like that. A person who pirates content wouldn't have paid for the media either way. It's more like walking into a museum, taking a picture of some artwork, and posting it online.

The museum 'technically could' lose out on potential profits because of this one artwork is now being displayed online, but the only people that would see the artwork online and not go to the museum themselves are people that wouldn't have spent any money on it to begin with. They also have to be able to find said artwork online, and if it was good enough, well they might actually go to the museum themselves to look for similar artwork.

who the fuck are you? lmao i aint gonna pay to wank off

This wouldn't be the place for it.
Plus whatever you're outlining, some people probably already RT or reblog posts from their fav creators anyway on other sites.

The measure in place here is that after a certain time on a creator page, it actually gives you the prompt to support the artist or creator anyway, and if you click on the patreon logo next to the name, you'll be taken to their page.

There really isn't any subversion really. It's more akin to, "hey here's the quality of their craft TRANSPARENT for all to see. If you can or genuinely want to support them, because now you know what you're donating for, go right ahead."

Don't get me wrong, there are some entitled kids about this, but that's on both sides, unfortunately.

Looking to enjoy the experience of going to a museum =/= enjoying artwork online.

You narrowed both down to simple consumption. Are you perhaps American?

that is because the art world is changing, get with the times FAGGOT.

But it's though, because going to a museum is by donation. Which patreon is. Which is basically "art GoFundMe".

Donations are not made as purchases. You're donating to access a digital (personalized) gallery.

Fanbox did it better, because pixiv.

Going outside and into a building dedicated to art and browsing the internet are two different things, mr autism sir.

Missed the point

1556497593584.jpg (38.7KiB, 640x723) save_alt


I'm poor. I love the content I use here and I would gladly pay for it but I can't. I will when I get a job though.

are-you-on-drugs.jpg (94.4KiB, 644x353) save_alt

>It's like going to a bakery, grabbing a bread and saying "It's baked already, so why pay for it?"

Oh look, it's mr autism again.

Hello autist! Wanna read faces with me? Oh sorry, didn't mean to have you hurt yourself in your confusion!

Except that no physical item is being taken, they are not being deprived of anything, as most of us would never pay them to begin with. This fallacy is old and played out.

>makes a bad argument
>Oh look, it's mr autism again.

Then what would you compare it to? Buying a book and copying it into adobe and then sharing that online with the world for free?

You get the analogy either way. It's a crap business model keeping content locked behind Patreon unless it's a physical medium, and nobody can exactly steal that anyways.

Not paying money, no matter how small, to see a picture of something I can look up online and find thousands of varieties of for free, most of which would be better quality. Want to use the bread analogy for that? "Why pay for bread, when down the block is free?"

I am an artist and would love to support other artists I admire
it's that simple

who cares?

I couldn't possibly give less of a shit.

haha piracy machine go brrrr


Why not just cut to the chase and type "Imagine caring about other people LMAOOOOOOO"

white knight elsewhere, fucklet

It's funny, you ask "do you share their art?" when these exact people will nuke it off massive sites that would gain them a ton of exposure like e6.
Which way is it, dipshit?

I don't like paying for future content that I have no idea if I'll like or not.
It's asinine to be expected to pay for something you can't see until you pay for it first.

BREAKING NEWS: PEOPLE ACTUALLY DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Seriously though, keep complaining about pirating and shit on this site as it's not gonna remove the content on here. If it helps you vent, go right ahead. But just remember you can't always get what you want. So you might want the content removed from here, but it isn't gonna happen. So keep crying, and keep pretending to think you know how the world works