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Where is the Admin?

flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.u4.jpg (48.6KiB, 750x1000) save_alt

What is Admin doing? And can someone save the site soon as possibe now?

admin is too busy counting the money sorry :(

Yes i know he's counting the money!

Relax man, mysterious last minute donator always come through for the full amount. Sir back, relax and enjoy him paying for you.

> And can someone save the site soon as possibe now?
My bet is that alternatives like Kemono would prop up and save the day. No man works alone.

It may be just me, but the larger threads don't seem to be loading completely

Any webpage on that is large will cut off apparently

Yeah i've been getting that too. The PSDs i'm trying to download that were attached to a post won't let me download, and the site seems to keep crashing, busting out Cloudflare after Cloudflare.

Do we even know what's srong with the site?

Yeah I've been getting the thread issue as well, and the front page just keeps loading and never stops. I'd use the dedicated issues thread but, uh... yeah...

You can still acess creator pages if you know their id, As of right now ,and for me, the Server returns an error when I try to download posts and does not open the shared files, but if you can it may be wise to download anything you care about

This might be it, guys. We might be fucked here.

If the sites does die, we should move over to u18chan and the permanent booru

It was bound to happen eventually. You can't expect much in donations from an audience that is using the site specifically so they don't need to spend money.


The donation tab on top of the site states that the goal must be met before march 31th, so I don't think this has to do with donations

can we just get rid of the non porn stuff

Give me my fucking porn!!!

Seconded but with Kemono, permanent Booru is good as well.

Just get rid of 3DPD

>Just get rid of 3DPD
This, just keep the cosplay for the weeaboos.

admin is too busy counting the money sorry :(

Can we just get rid all non porn content. Most people are here for porn weather it 2d or3d

I agree with you dude! All non porn artist must leave this site now sooner than later!

no u count moneys

>get rid all non porn content
Nah, 3DPD are just worse in general.
This is furry porn site and sfw furry was included

We know that site is for furries but aslo for human for 2d and 3d arts!

Y'all keep saying that, yet here we are.

>being this new

no, it was just only furriers when it statred newfag

I mean before the human arts is even existed to this site.

I wish we could go back to just having yiff/hentai/r34 artwork and nothing else

update x3z u fucks

the pricks asking admin to delete content dont really care about the site itself or bui (regardless of furry or thot)
they only care about spending less money so their parents dont get mad at them for stealing their CC (example reason)
for those wanting a thot/furry free experience just put that PC of yours to good use and start hosting kemono
(this is just my opinion feel free too B&WW me)

> Start hosting Kemono
That would imply that they know how to use Linux or Docker, which most of these coombrains will not.
They like to whine all day long but not actually put in the time to get it working and help the community.

no not really, just furry art and yiff cosplay

Admin pocketed $ 300 and tried to cover it up.

that's not what the last post said

Rip the admin apparently caught the coronavirus and this is sadly the end for this site after this month is over

>>65173 Where did you hear that statement that the admin cought the virus?

lets wait a few more months this will become true

not all normies are equally dumb some are less autistic than the others (people with brain disabilities tend to be smarter)

>>65015 anyone getting facepunch flashbacks here
>>64991 quickly give admin monies so he can {cough}{cough} mommy please take me to the ER (quickly puts on mask)

Any word from the admin yet

Admin pocketed $ 300 and tried to cover it up.


No he did not

look at these yes men

Yes he did, why is the site running like ass even when the donation goal keeps getting raised every month with no improvment what so ever to the site.

As far as I know the donations only cover sever costs and only have gone up recently. Unless admin is somehow hosting this site for free I can't see how he would profit from the donations

Look at this retard

I've not heard of the Permanent Booru, it another Booru site like all the other ones? anyone got a link to it?

It's hosted on the deep web, you will need tor browser to acess it: http://vsdfdtkr5mh6y33p.onion/

There are also some sites that can load .onion links from the clear web, but their use is not supported.



Has the admin said anything yet?

He hasn't shown up in quite sometime

When was the last time anyone has heard from him?

The latest post I know of was made on 31th of january this year. Some weeks ago someone came and spammed the shared files of a few artists, after around a day the files were mostly gone, I can not confirm it was admin, we can only hope that
he's ok and will come to fix the site

>the pricks asking admin to delete content dont really care about the site

Except for those who were here before the Kotaku incident and have been witnessing the problems coming from such a waste of bandwidth and serverspace.

More e-thots = more bandwidth = higher server costs = nobody wants to donate = site dies.
The thots have ruined this site, whether they're e-thots, cosplay thots or whatever. Why are we archiving tranny nudes?

I'm going to migrate my e621/Ex viewing and help over there, and everyone else should too.

What is Kemono? Everybody talking about it, I have knowledge of Linux and Docker as I work IT so I´m very interested in helping the community in any ways I can

We had a good run let's pray something equally or greater is born from the ashes

So what’s the alternative to this site?

I said get rid of those disgusting cam whores to reduce the cost of serves!we need to drop those whores!They didn't creat any arts just waste of space!

So the admin kept being able to sucker people into paying, but this month is clearly going down, so instead of waiting until the end he's cutting and running, who cares about the site.

Most of the donations tend to come at the very end of the payment period, so I do not think admin you just leave the site before even a week to the due date

"Coombrains" Please my sides hurt. I can't stop laughing at this shit.

You'd think shitflare would at least be like,"let's waive the cost for now because finances aren't flowing as it once did, because of the mass hysteria".

Community lol of what people looking at stolen shit?

Fair point, in that case please make your own instances, which helps in development.

It is on the darknet. Would be good since it has IPFS.

FOSS to the rescue!

Don't let your memes be dreams.

Fuck off faggot

Admin has returned, the main page is working again

>>65443 is still half-fucked though, 502s and 504s.

Bring your paranoid crypto seven-proxied selves to TPB (http://owmvhpxyisu6fgd7r2fcswgavs7jly4znldaey33utadwmgbbp4pysad.onion, http://vsdfdtkr5mh6y33p.onion) and back your stuff up there folks. It good.

Thank god Admin has returned!

Hydrus has been mentioned previously.

>being this new

who cares if he did its HIS site anyway

the thots are just an excuse he wanted a reason to raise the costs

you mean hired shills

also to make a website you don't need a jimmy neutron level IQ (you just need to be serious on the task at hand) (fuck ADHD still I haven't finished my KVM setup)

is there an ELI5 thread on how on host kemono (and JSchan)

sorry for multipost i forgot 2 add this

Ask in >>55093 or if you want to talk to the devs in real time

how do i create burner telegram account