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We need to get rid of those disgusting cam whores!

ytu.PNG (229.0B, 58x96) save_alt

get rid of those disgusting cam whores to reduce the cost of serves!we need to drop those whores
They didn't make any arts just waste of space!


Is there any prove that they're the cause of this problem?

Pretty sure the problem is all you guys who like to fuck stuffed animals and other kids' toys.


Seriously please nuke all the ewhores, cosplayers, and reaction shit.


I don't understand why simps are so interested in getting exclusive nudes from 7/10 e-roasties. There are fucking trillions of pictures of naked women that are just as good, if not better--and they're free. The front fucking page doesn't even load anymore.

I completely agree. Its a waste of server space. Delete that shit asap.

As much as i believe everyone should get content they like this website was created for furries, camwhores are just cloging the front page AND raising the cost of the server cuz there's too many of them

A-fucking-men. Waste of server space and actual space.

This was our site first, if you don't like the yiff, go make your own site.

Can we just get rid of all the non porn stuff? It’s even worse than the e thots

This site was made for furry porn. NOT THIS CAMWHORE THOT SHIT. It’s called “” for a fucking reason, fuckboy.

If we get rid of this camwhore and reaction shit, I guarantee you server costs most likely would go down and it’d most likely go faster, plus we’ll get rid of those “UPDATE THE NORMIES!!!” tards.

Agree, I'm here for reaction channels, for nude there are plenty of websites out there, and they need to ban this weird animal shit, wait, the admin did a poll before, nothing will be removed so SHUT THE FUCK UP

That poll was bullshit since it lasted like an hour at 5 in the morning, very little people managed to vote, if there were actually enough voters camwhores and reaction retards would lose by a landslide.

well, i care about the cam whore and not about the rest so ...


At this point, I don't care about the camwhore shit, at least it's "porn", its the reaction video garbage that needs to go...

Maybe that was their plan all along, find something even more useless to justify keeping the ethots.

That's why we have only one person who cares about one reaction channel, but the camwhore shit is generic porn you can find elsewhere. If you were to insist, the least we should have is a requirement burdening importers to show how a given camwhore doesn't produce generic content.

It is still <20% for simping compared to 60+ percent for furry+weebs

How about no?

There was already a fair poll ---> reaction channels and nude models will stay so stop whining and maybe donate to the website if you like more speed.

I agree that it was unfair; I didn't even know the poll had been conducted until it ended. (I would have voted to keep allowing 3dpd though.)

I can tolerate e thots but reaction/blog channels and the like need to go. So in other words we should get rid of anything that isn’t porn/art/game related

It's time to end the age of simpdom on the internet! Show them what true power is!

>There was already a fair poll
>That poll was bullshit since it lasted like an hour at 5 in the morning, very little people managed to vote

and the funny part? admin abandoned the "yiff" in "" long ago
fuckin furry hater
not to mentioned filled with nothing but lies and empty promises now


honestly if it wasnt for the kotaku incident tards like w7-890 woudn't be here

>>66021 he deleted IRC