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Blitzdrachin's site


So blitzdrachin made his Patreon updates exclusive to his site, with Patreon updates only being shitty previews, because of course the best thing an artist should do is waste the money that they "so desperately need for food and stuff" on a website to act as DRM for their furry porn. Is there any way to get his site's stuff to the Shared Posts of his page?

Yea, at this point if he's genuinely pulling "bu-but starving artist" then he deserves everything finding its way here at break neck pace.
>>6851 already is up for this more generally, it's not just him pulling this shit.

I fapped to his stuff

drachin is jew who's only in it for the money
iirc he explicitly states not to contact him unless it's business related, which should be bad sign #1 that he only wants to squeeze money out of people


He's got a lot of ass-lickers, probably he got it for free.


He's just autistic and a poor-ass latin with english problems. He doesn't like to interact with anyone, even if you throw money at him, he won't talk to you most of times, and when he does, he doesn't understand well what you are saying.

The salt level is real.

All I see is fuzzy pictures. What gallery software is he using? A lot of them are easy to break.

Most of the sites functions are ran through javascript from what I can tell, most importantly including the image data (so it's not just plain .pngs or what not). Not nearly knowledgeable enough to do anything about it, but https://www.blitzdrachin.club/#/gallery/t179/-arbok-x-meganium-x-ekans-mmm might give a hint as to how it loads in, with the image loading routines in t1.js, starting at line 2632.

You know an artist is making bank when they're able to afford their own website lmao

Her art ain't getting stolen now and I will eat my own shoe if someone is still able to figure out how to snag the content from her site.

Looks pretty straightforward to me...

If there are any blitzdrachin patrons reading this, feel free to shoot me an email at admin@yiff.party if you're willing to let me use your account to write a scraper for his site.

Have fun. I really honestly want to see you try to crack the website

Ahaha, I can't wait for this website to be cracked and to watch the little jew squirm

I'd rather you spend time improving the updater for everyone thanks

ignore this retard


You guys really want his stuff

Without putting forth any time, effort, or money on their part, mind you.

LOL I see a bunch of whiners which are getting envy, of someone who gets paid for his job. I think in your minds he is supposed to get nothing for drawing, he is supposed to work for free. He has all rights to lock all of the art away and let only patreons see it as they are paying for it. If you don't like it, don't watch him, it's simple. Otherwise you can endlessly whine and envy of who is getting paid more than you. LOSERS!


agreed, apperantly 5$ a month is waaaay to much for these people wich is kinda sad

Far out man, none of Blitz's images are getting leaked, its been bloody months. What if all the other artists start doing this? Are we literally fucked here lads?

In short, yes. But, that would require a custom implementation for every individual artist who'd shoot for having a personal site, because any centralized system for doing this would result in just another yiff.party coming along, because the incentive's there to get to all of it if it's identical for a large percentage of artists, much like it is with patreon.

It seems Nitro is doing this as well, so it's catching on as a second layer of DRM, with artists that have the resources to do so.

Has anyone given you an account yet?


Don't think they will

Out of all the scummiest, jewish, money grubbing artists out there, drachin is the fucking worst. She worships herself so much that even the "free" versions of her art are taken down ad nauseum, and when asked about it she either ignores you or retorts with a smug, narcissistic remark that makes you want to vomit. Her art is decent, but the person behind it is a professional self-absorbed arsehole. Btw, she's not the only one doing this. Todex is another example.

She just does a two week release right?

Fuck me man, might as well just wait for the bleedin' release date with so many layers of prison this art takes to go through...

1 month generally.
Sometimes is 2 weeks only.

Giving Kayla-na a run for her money huh?

Never remotely at full resolutions though even when it does get released. Really wish there were a more established way for differentiating genuine timed exclusives and timed exclusives where the majority of it's exclusive forever bar a tiny representation of the actual thing.

Ah shit, turns out she's buddies with Narse, and now Dragonner made her an admin on FA. She's in deep as fuck furry royalty money now.

>>7510 wow

Admin? I see that she has the common user tag. Where do we see that?

You're going to need to elaborate on that

Where's your source? Her account is still basic member account and no where in the news and update for FA does it say blitzdrachin has been promoted to mod nor admin

I believe it was posted in one of her journals that she would become a mod for FA. Considering it's been deleted, the deal most likely fell through. While there's no immediate concern of her joining FA's staff roster, the fact that it was offered to her shows what standing she's in with Dragoneer and Narse.

I really wouldn't put it past the other creators to start following her lead, so best of luck to you Admin in breaking into her site. Maybe the other creators will realize nothing is safe so long as CTRL + C and CTRL + V exist.

Still no peps offered an account yet I assume admin?


That's interesting, are peps really that scared because the last few who tried have been banned not even 24 hours later? Guess the scaremongering works.

because each image has an identifying watermark that's unique for every account that saves the file, i guess those that tried don't know this, and got ratted out by the watermark

How much of a story is there behind that?
I'd suggest waiting until you have 5-10 accounts to work with and pull stuff really slowly, seems like it might help for obscuring the source.

Jesus fuck who programs shit like this?
For a bloody website filled with dicks!

So what if there's a watermark on the pics? If you get found out just pledge with a new account the following month, not that hard

Or alternatively, charge back the transaction since you didn't agree to any terms that prohibit you from sharing the content

Ain't we on such a site now? :P

Seriously thou, that programmer must be loaded. Seems he's doing a good job so thus, as I yet to see any leaked content for months.

more like a bunch of cheap fags here won't just pay for an account for the goddamn bot

Yep, every single one of us is a cheap bastard it seems, you and me included.

This guy's content in extra files, update auotmatically due to the scraper or that a one time thing?

Blitzdrachin is 40 requests away from being the most requested creator on the front page. She's also uploading new Patreon-only stuff to her website. Is there going to be a permanent fix for her paywalling, or is the Admin going to have to dig through her stuff each time with his scrapper?

Wasn't the scrapper just a given account that's likely banned now?

Lol, this guy is top requested by a mile, but no one in their patreon wants to betray...Seriously?

Just wait until the first few days of a month, someone'll pledge if only just for the bot.

So is this guy just gonna sit at most requested over 300 for the rest of the month? Is it really that impossible to get this guy's stuff?


Well shit, can't argue with honestly, as much as that sucks. Looks like Blitz has defeated Yiff party then. Now that's he's found the secret, he's gonna share it with all the other artists soon enough.

That's impressive XD

You have to be honest, you have to applaud this dude

For what, watermarking the shit out of their pics and using an annoying website to distribute rewards...? The only reason people don't spam updates is because it's inconvenient. There's more than likely a decent handful of people willing to take a blacklist so the scraper could update, but we're stuck waiting on YP admins themselves for that.

You say there is a handful who want to, but by the looks of it, no one wants to be banned at all.

The admin had to pay to get this stuff before getting the boot, it seems no one else wants to risk it.

I don't like where this is going. If the artists start coming together and one catches you leaking, you'll most likely be banned from all the creators in this group.


This is a retarded argument when you can easily pledge under a new name

I have not received any new requests for extra files integration.

Well that sucks, but sorry if it came off like I was saying that was the only reason we haven't gotten an update was on your end. It was meant to be more open-ended in that people just don't feel like making multiple scrap accounts every week any time there's a page update, and then submitting them as they come out to the site to have them added under Extra/Shared files. There's always people willing to share, it's just a nuisance to with all of these paywalled artists, ESPECIALLY the ones that use some clunky as fuck website with both Patreon integration and its own godawful login system.

Might as well give this Jew more money at this rate, no one wants to scrape.

Okay, so dumb suggestion here: Wouldn't it be possible to find the file directly in the server? Like, figure out the image's URL and download it? I looked at the site more closely and found that all the images have a similar naming scheme. For example: 177-32-0-1521676717.png (this is the female Lopbunny image from March)

Now, here's how it works: The first part is the post number. The newer it is, the higher the number. Simple. The second number is something I don't know but it keeps floating around the 20-30-ish range. The third is just a zero, never changes as far as I'm aware. And the final part is the image itself, which seems to be an increasing value much like the post number. For comparison, here's two images that were posted one after another:

191-26-0-1523849800.png ("Dog party")
192-22-0-1523943247.png ("Bunny party")

I don't know how possible it is for someone to make a scraper bot that skims these numbers until it finds images but it seems like a good lead in my opinion.

One last thing, for the record. Full URLs look like this: https://www.blitzdrachin.club/img/177-32-0-1521676717.png
I really hope that something can be done with this info.

Okay, totally last post for now. Just figured out that the 10 digit number in the image is a timestamp in Unix time. Also got a theory that the zero relates to the Patreon access level (higher tier, higher number) but I could be wrong. Would need to see a link locked behind one of the paywalls to see if that holds true.

Some observations trying different numbers:
The timestamp seems to have no significance, literally any number where the unix time is will take you to the image, assuming everything else is the same.
Setting the third set of numbers (the 0) to 1 prompts a download, but nothing else for any other number.
Setting the second set of numbers to 0 brings up a empty .png with a different filename than what image you'd get normally. (Which can still be downloaded with the third number set to 1)

So it seems like the main two numbers are the post number and that changing second number. Either way, if someone with an account were to go into one of the locked images and check its link, we might be able to figure out how to access the image that way. It might employ a slightly different system but could still be accessible.

each image requires a logged-in user to view. no user session cookie, no image. so there's no way to view those images unauthenticated just using the api. writing a scraper for the gallery should be pretty easy if you're willing to put in the $10 for access.

the harder part is the watermarking that is in use now, presumably to identify leakers. Since it's only $10/mo to access the site maybe it's worth just leaking it and then getting banned and then getting another account, cost is the same. removing the watermark just starts a silly arms race that doesn't save any one any money

brute force works
Don't get too excited though, nothing new in these links


I put my size limit max at 100 just so I don't have to wait 5 minutes for every sweep, If someone wants to create a simple code that automatically does this you would be saving me a ton of time.

I'm getting 404's with those links, am I supposed to do something special with them?

I don't know what the hell 'brute Force' means in this context, but with all these broken links, you are either bullshitting, logged in, or leading us on a wild goose chase.

Hey I'm the guy that uploaded all those images, it looks like blitz is lurking the thread and just changed something to make the images not show up. They worked when I posted them. No need to log in or anything, just had to get the address right.

Blitz is an artist, not a programming genius? This isn't him.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's that guy with the steno whatever the fuck grahy patreon behind all this.

so it turns out the way I was trying to do it,
how the admin did it
only works for images that are already not behind a paywall on the site. Lurking programmer aside, I was wasting my time anyways.

177 is the chronological post ID
32 is the image size
0 is a flag for downloading 1=download
15216717 is timestamp? Leave it alone, it doesnt do anything.
Calling my post bullshit? If you replace the link here with the ID and size parameters from my post it works.

Another dumb suggestion: Any way to fake a user session cookie? Might be worth looking into but I wouldn't know where to begin if it's even possible.

Looks like the info being passed around thus far is stuff that could be easily pulled from the site, we need a look at the urls behind the paywall before being able to get any farther.

That's what I keep saying. We need an actual look behind the paywall before we can figure out how to crack it open for everyone else. But nobody has come forward with any info.

Oi Admin, any URL logs from when it was scrapped the first time?


How tight does this whole operation have to be for no-one to want to come forward after so long?

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if they're discreetly threatening to dox users who leak. Faf can't be the only piece of pond scum in this fandom who would go that low over porn.

Could say the same for us, trying to figure put ways to best it. Or maybe not, if we never get a volunteer, we will never attempt to go as low as them.

Honestly, it seems like our best shot at getting a volunteer is for someone to bite the bullet and pay the $10 at least once. Plus, we could possibly use that account to quickly scrape what's already posted manually while we figure out a more permanent solution.

Yet, there has been no volunteers since all that started last year. That one time so far has the admin himself, and he shouldn't have to do it again, it's up to us now.

>At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if they're discreetly threatening to dox users who leak
On one hand, doubtful, as doxxing is quite illegal.
On the other, blitz is such a scumbag that I also somewhat wouldn't past him to do it anyway, despite the legality.

That said, I'm sure there are plenty of people who want to see the fucker jailed; if we ever dig up proof of such being the case, we're gonna have a field day.

I haven't seen examples of doxxing from him, but he blocks pretty much instantly on the platforms he uses if you are either useless to him, or want to talk without the potential of making money from you. AKA, commissions or bust.


I love how the one rule on his Discord that could get you straight-up banned on the spot from it is being negative in any way whatsoever. This guy needs to go outside and realize he can't control the world, no matter how badly he wants to.

Guess we can rely on you as our inside man, let us know of any noticeable developments eh?


Sorry lol. I just noticed a screencap of the rules from their page thru yiff.party. If I recall, the server is patron only.

Yeah, I doubt there are any Sify patreons here anyway, would have gotten leaks by now if so...

A Patreon-only Discord you say? Okay, we're gonna need access, a self-bot and a fuckton of ZP. :p

I have minor programing experience and some money to throw away. I'll see what I can do.

Here's what I've found out so far:
- Images have a user- and image-specific watermark and file name. The watermark is removed when you download the image.
- The download link only works if you're logged in.
- Once logged in, scraping should be very simple:
-- Each image has an incremental ID, starting at 5
-- Simply download each URL, incrementing the ID by 1 each time:
--- EXAMPLE: https://www.blitzdrachin.club/img/5-100-0-1521952695855.png
--- 5-100-0-1521952695855
--- DL should be set to 1 (true), otherwise it'll load an image with a user-identifying watermark. The url will accept any timestamp, so long as it is an integer. Therefore, the optimal URL for scraping would be:
---- https://www.blitzdrachin.club/img/X-100-1-1.png where X = the incrimented post ID
---- Be sure to rename the file to maintain anonymity. It's also possible for identifying information to be stored in the image metadata; I'll look into that later.

HMU if you want my login info.

There is a lot of commotion in a Discord server I'm in because someone supposedly got blocked because she thought they were stealing her art. She is ultra-paranoid. I wouldn't be surprised if she or one of her dick-kissers are watching this thread. My account is still safe, probably because I made it a while ago. I'll have to be more careful. My login info offer is still on the table, but I'll only give it out after I'm done experimenting on my end. I don't want to take any chances. HMU with a way to contact you, Admin.

Alright, wtf people, is it a boy or girl here, I'm getting confused.

her gender is bitch

Good shit dude, hopefully updates soonish.

I've been manually downloading them. I should be done some time tomorrow.

How will you get the user ID unique watermarks off???

>>9206 read >>9195
But yeah, this is pretty great. Not exactly a permanent solution but way more ideal. Still wondering if my idea from >>8998 is actually possible, btw.

Loving the theories you guys are coming up with for how she keeps the art stowed away. Keep 'em coming.

It's been confirmed that Blitzdrachin actively monitors this thread. Use caution when posting anything here from her website.

The following can be used to identify your account:
> Image watermark
> Filename
> *URL timestamp, possibly used to generate a unique ID for watermarks (*this information has been provided by a separate source; unconfirmed).

The developer is actively working against us. As such, be on the lookout for new identifiers and changes in how their system works. I recommend moving any further conversations on this matter to a private location.

Wherever you take the chat, don't forget to update sometime. ;)

Could just lock the thread, and have the Admin, Servo, and Kaido speak between each other in the IRC.

I don't normally use the IRC but I'm in favour of this idea.

admin@yiff.party fam

As of this post, Blitzdrachin is now officially twice as requested as literally any other patreon on this site. I'd say a business practice change is in order if so many people who would like to see her artwork unmaimed but none of them value blitzdrachin or the artwork enough to put money towards her endeavors.

Guess she should double her prices then? It's strange to see an artist so hated, yet so desired at the same time.

the site also has a cookie to deliberately check your browsing history to see if you've been to yiff.pary or not

People would probably put more money in if she didn't have such bad business practices. Like, just do what every other artist does and just release it early on Pateron or a higher quality version there. Maybe even the PSD files. But nooooo! Paywall the alts at $10+, lock it all behind a custom site and post cropped images on e621. That last part really grinds my gears.
Don't give her any ideas.

Hold the fuck up, what? What does it do if it detects it?

Timed exclusives and .psd's are fine, resolution reduction elsewhere and any amount of paywall is unacceptable.
Having it know how you got to the page via the last URL you came from is pretty standard as far as things a webpage can detect, but any other circumstance (like going straight to a link from a blank page despite having been to yiff.party at some other point in time) shouldn't be possible. And any amount of browsing history snooping, if that could even be done, sounds like edging on dubious privacy breaking shenanigans because browsers don't send websites that data by any amount of default at all. That sounds like the kind of thing that would require something on a page crawling around your local files without your permission, which is all kinds of illegal.

That shouldn't be possible, unless her domain has access to this domain.
I hadn't thought of that. How does that work? I know sites like Google analytics can somehow find where you visitors come from, but I can't find any info on how it's done.
Careful when using the IRC. It's possible that she might be able to get your IP off of an IRC and then identify you on her website that way.

Couldn't remember the name of it initially, but: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_referer

I have been hearing more reports of people being blocked and banned from her website without explanation. It seems she had gone full paranoia mode.

I have removed all of the IDs from teh names of the images I've downloaded. I am now looking through each image for any possible watermarks. My next step is to look through the image code for any possibly identifying strings. It appears I have to fight paranoia with paranoia.

Does anyone know how to upload the images here once I am done?

If there are watermarks and the scheme has stayed consistent with what's already here, it's three watermarks around the image per new piece, two per older image, and one per every page of a comic with sex in it. Don't leave it at that for the sake of possibly missing something though. If the admin doesn't have any intention of having them mesh with the other images in the extra files because they might not be 1:1 with the original data or whatnot, then I'd just upload them as a regular shared file.

Heh would be funny as fuck as to increase her paranoid lifestyle by renaming ourselves as her patreons on her discord she'll get so mad.

the guy that develops the site used to go on about how he'd constantly hack people or some shit, i didn't care enough o bother paying attention, so i'm sure he figured something out either via cookies or JS or something to track you browsing history.

the guy was accused of being a pedo at some point

both vicar and blitz follow this thread, so they probably know exactly who i am from this post, and i'll be ready for my blacklist lmao. i'm already blocked so i don't give a fuck

any artists keeping in touch with blitz following circles to take on her blacklisting isn't worth my time anyway, pobably friends with kayla-na danza and jasonafex for all i care

All this talk of paranoia almost makes me want to see screencaps of the discord conversations to see how many layers into self-induced madness the futility of the whole operation has wrought.

I think someone made a journal post somewhere on FA with screenshots of her paranoia

Got a link for it?

great to know blitz employs a pedophile to make an illegally ran website for her! what a gal :))

I forgot what discord it was posted on I'll have to dig for it

you in the feral poke yiff server? seen it there earlier me thinks.

Got it https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8736694/

Yep that's where it was

That is the most scum baggiest type of shit I have ever seen in my life blocking people who don't even know about yiff.part nor fucking anything in regards to scrapping her content. That is one maniacal bitch. I hope this girl gets what's coming to her.

Yeesh! I'm having doubts about her now...

Actually curious if you can take someone to court over this.

more context behind my statement of the guy being accused of being a pedo, we used to talk fairly often, he told me stories of back when he worked on some RP oriented site called PrimeLeap there was this underaged admin that lied about her age, and he got close to her in "ways", or something
i sort of forget the story, but long story short he forced her to send nude pics, she later revealed her age and legal issues were brought up, the girl was also pretty manipulative if i remember correctly

vicar on the other hand, he considers himself a "grey hat hacker"

if i had a way of reopening the discord log with him i could get screenshots
i honestly probably do but i currently don't want to put the effort into it

vicar considered me his friend at some point, it was terrible, he would treat me like shit and constantly teas eme in a rude way about being gay.

i even bought an xbox one to play halo 5 with the jackass

i actually doubt any of y'all care lmao, i'm just rambling

Na, that kind of stuff's interesting. Not every post can be some kind of breakthrough after all.

i've put myself in quite some considerable danger of some sort by retelling these stories, but lmao I don't really care. i really do hope blitz' bubble pops and puts vicar out of business

I send an email to this address and literally same day my pledge gets removed. Considering the importer has been ignoring their posts for weeks now, I'm calling this hella fucking sketchy.

i went through the effort (thanks betterdiscord) and pulled up his chat log, here's some links for y'all

here's a screenshot of him being aware of this thread directly

here's him asking me for assistance on various aspects of the site
https://i.imgur.com/Q6d12Og.png pt1
https://i.imgur.com/MSzQi1D.png pt2
https://i.imgur.com/IumKuH5.png pt3
https://i.imgur.com/de4Gevv.png pt4
https://i.imgur.com/es59J2X.png pt5

oof, there's still no privacy policy, and the TOS is half-assed

here's him announcing to me directly that the site was going to exist before it even went live

>>9297 here's me calling him out on his bullshit
also uh... sorry yiff party admin, i'm uh... the one that got you banned

here's some unrelated "friendly" chatter


here's some of the "pedo" backstory (many names were blurred for privacy, i'll also omit the skype convo screenshot)
https://i.imgur.com/97aXiRF.png pt1 https://i.imgur.com/T2gTGux.png pt2
https://i.imgur.com/CQwDwqZ.png pt3 https://i.imgur.com/Q8eLgsU.png pt5 (lmao acknowledging blitz is a heartless asshole)
https://i.imgur.com/eBuGAHQ.png pt6
i feel like info was omitted on his end on this one considering he just blatantly says "i don't care if you tell people" considering everyone in her community has a severe tendency to lie, i'm assuming it's a lie to cover himself up, so take this with a grain of salt

he has quite a few instances of shittalking/complaining about blitz being a terrible person

this is all the juicy info that i was able to pull up/remember

if y'all want to fuck with him i can share his discord id :^)
with the time stamps in the screenshots he could easily rush and delete anything else interesting however, so this is probably my only chance to share these

unrelated, at some point vicar was also "hired" to work on postybirb, but then he was kicked off

that was an interesting read, thanks for sharing all that!

>>9293 here
I should also add that I didn't even provide login info. I simply sent an email that I was interested, and the same day my pledge was removed by Blitz.

What point is there in censoring your name when the person knows of this thread, and obviously will be aware of this conversation having happened.

Guess he doesn't want US to know who he is.

pretty much yeah, even though even with that screenshot my discord name is hidden, because i have a BD plugin that changes it seperately from my normal name

i honestly wouldn't be surprised if some here knew me.

so, little update on my situation, apparently people in blitz' group are accusing me of slander, lmao, what i'm doing is much more akin to whistleblowing

slander would imply that i'm lying about everything, when i am most definitely not

>>9283 so that person's FA journal got removed by staff for 'harassment'
I wouldn't be surprised if blitz has ass-kissers among FA staff as well
in fact, I bet she has some influence over yiff.party too, seeing how she's the only creator here that has a special, personal message pop up with donation links
this psycho manipulative bitch can pull way too many strings

What'd you do?

Are you the person that posted the story about her website dev?

But yeah, say one negative, truthful thing about someone and you'll get labels thrown at you like slander and harassment; these people don't even understand the meaning behind the words they spew out

literally nothing lmao, i guess vicar caught wind of this thread and decided to throw around "slander" and some people went at me
yeah, i shuld put up an identifier name or something

>>9344 'yeah, i shuld put up an identifier name or something'
Yeah me too

>i guess vicar caught wind of this thread and decided to throw around "slander" and some people went at me
Must be nice having a personal autistic army at your disposal

i just hope this shit gets over with so i can stop having my mind on this whole subject at all and go back to peacefully fapping

Yeah, I noticed that personal message as well. What's up with that?
Same. It sucks tbh.

Also, just thought of another idea that doesn't get us in the site but might discourage Blitz from using it: Why don't we just DDoS it? Doesn't seem to have DDoS protection.

No she's not. See >>2773

lmao, got another message of the guy accusing me of slander, this guy should really look up what slander actually is.

ˈslandər noun
1. the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.
"he is suing the TV network for slander"

1. make false and damaging statements about (someone).
"they were accused of slandering the head of state"
synonyms: defame (someone's character), blacken someone's name, tell lies about, speak ill/evil of, sully someone's reputation, libel, smear, cast aspersions on, spread scandal

So, if i were to be committing slander, that would imply that i'm lying and fabricating everything, correct? and i've provided valid evidence, and am willing to share more if the need arises. so can someone tell me how i'm committing slander here?

i know you see this ray.

Just a friendly reminder to keep things civil in here. It's okay to talk about reverse engineering Blitzdrachin's website and discuss her wrongdoings but any sort of organized attack on anyone -- not just Blitz -- isn't welcome on this site. Not that there has been anything thus far, but threads like these tend to steer in that direction.


Reading comprehension is not everyone's strong suit sadly. They usually don't bother to click the links, or not care about a damn thing sheeple all of them.

i'll back off for now, but if i get anything new to report i'll report back here, for the fun of the game

They'll need to put a post up on Artists Beware, an FA journal defs ain't the place to do that.

And you people should know that she does work for Narse, which in turn means she gets a free pass/control on pretty much everything FA.

I'm so confused here. What happened to the journal? How did she get it deleted? Tell me if I'm wrong here but there are two things I'm looking at.

1) She has a hand down Narse's shorts and is pulling favors with FA. That sucks, but it's something that can be dealt with.

2) Her psychotic programmer bans everyone and has proof of what happens. This is far worse than the first.

Does this gray-hat twat actually know what he's doing or is blitz just lying?

yeah, there was a mention of DDoSing her site earlier
let's stick to whistleblowing and bitching
hitting her with illegal or shady tactics will just lower us to her level

Yeah, good point.

Not surprised that FA pulled that journal post, it does technically breach their "Callout" rules.
But here's an archive.today of it anyway!

>blitzdrachin scammed someone
I'm not the least bit surprised
I hope the bitch does something irredeemably awful that even some of her biggest dicksuckers will stop supporting her, ala purplekecleon

Are you really going to pussy out that easily?

oof, blitz sent me a note on FA, she knows things are up. this is getting fun.

If you don't want to say, fair enough, but what was the gist of the note?

she unblocked me, apologized for blocking me and wanted to talk about something, i have yet to get a reply to my actual reply

her reply was super dry and formal, more so than usual, it's as if she tried her hardest to fix her english up. so i feel like she only wanted to get some sort of evidence on me so she could get narse to ban me from FA or something

like it really matters tbh, if anything i need motivation to stop wasting my money on commissions all the time lmao


this ever gonna get addressed? Nobody is going to ever give you their info if you're just running a sting op.

Hi blitz, trying to get us to DDoS your paywall site to make us look bad?

that's not blitz, grammar and punctuation is too good for that

Fight against her illegal actions with our own illegal actions so that she can play the victim card and direct the hate towards us instead? Ya, sounds like a great plan

That anti-Semitic bullshit. That also is a great look right there.


This thread has lost itself, and Blitz gives up the images after a month, which is faster than whatever pace were talking here, as the requests for her stuff soar ever higher. Might as well give it up.

One of her stans then, maybe? Because it's not unheard of for people to deliberately rile up those who hate them and then attempt to rally them into doing something illegal so they look bad, ala what >>9449 described.

>and Blitz gives up the images after a month
Really? When did this start? Last I was aware anything us mere mortals were supposed to be allowed to see without paying into "teh sekret club" was only either one of the M/M, M/F or F/F of a set of images, never all of them, and always at gimped resolutions far below reasonable in the current year, and even at that it's not guaranteed all of the content makes it's way out.
And for some others around here at this point it's a matter of somewhere between doing it for the challenge/lols, and because they genuinely have a vendetta against the person, their business practices, or really the entire concept of paywalling pre-made digital only art in any and all forms.
Personally at this point no one should ever stop on principle of finishing what you start.

looks like they tried giving their story to artists_beware but got rejected for some nonsense reason
something like "artists on patreon are free to revoke a pledge at any time so long as the reward is just to view pre-existing content"
the guy sent them a message clarifying that they paid for 1 month of being able to see both previous and future content and pointed out that they were given less than an hour to even look at her previous content
their only response was "our decision is final"
wouldn't be surprised if blitz has some sort of influence over the mods there as well

I almost guarantee you that bitch has an iron grip there too


unfriendly reminder not to """""donate""""" to any artist's paymetons ever

I was optimistic when I saw blitz had dropped off the most requested on the home page.

But I don't see anything updated, kinda a bummer. Is she manipulating the site now too?

her $1 posts were imported

Well shit, that ain't the stuff we want. RIP.

inb4 it was her doing that or someone associated to remove the hotness of who she is.

GDPR exists now, and she still has no privacy policy on her site nor does she actually disclose what the information taken is
i wonder what kind of legal trouble will this get her into

Don't kid yourself, no one is going to ever sue her for such trival matters.

Not with that attitude

>>9582 Oh wow won't that lead to a hefty fine of a ton of fucking money? There is no way she can keep the site, and such if there is no GDPR for anyone who is in the EU.

Ain't she US thou? Then she doesn't have to give a fuck.

she does because she has european users

She lives in chile

So that would mean she doesn't give a fuck. The Latin American attitude to the world.

So? Twitter is US based and they had to update their privacy policy too. It isn't 100% certain that she falls under the new rule but it's more than likely that there are registered users from Europe using her site. No idea if the site can be reported or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

facebook and google were sued multiple billion dollars day 1 too

Well, if that guy who said Chile is correct, then she will definitely give zero fucks.

It will be up to everyone else to do something about it, but I can guarantee no one will in such a ruined continent.

South America sucks balls like that.

...I read steno and I think that maybe lossy compression could mess it up, especially if it's not visible. Do yourself a favor before you submit anything and compress it through a lossy thing and maybe webp it for good results

i heard that vicar apparently left both blitz and ditched the site, take it all with a grain of salt, and no calling victory until the site dies

Where would I upload two images I found if I dont have a live session?

Blitz shared files

Thank you kind sir >>9847
I shall get these uploaded soon!

Damn shes good lol, had a popular blog of around 2.1k that leaks only her content and bam today i checked and its terminated, why should i care? i still got my main

i wonder how much power she has on tumblr..

Nothing gets deleted off of tumblr, only becomes harder to get direct links to images when the blog in question gets nuked.
If you have a URL to it there's still a good chance the content that was there could be pulled.

dude what
it's tumblr, i don't think that she has any power over it whatsoever....
she's just some random lowlife furry artist, SJWs have more power over tumblr in comparison

she's just good at nitpicking TOS and/or getting admins to side with her

not if she previously got banned from tumblr because nintendo sent a DMCA towards her

I've just come across this thread for the first time, and "holy fuck" is my only reaction. I would love to help you all in taking her down, but I unfortunately don't have the resources to do so. (not even a computer) I guess I'm trying to say: don't give up! With the recent developments in the EU and how people linked to her Patreon or those that "slander" her get loys of problems or even terminated, someone may get scared and/or rebellious soon. Right now, it seems you all are doing a service. As someone with money exclusively for the bills to pay these days: thank you. As someone with a everlasting hatred for paywalls that block porn (something almost as natural as free expression) from the public: THANK YOU! (And thanks for the interesting read. I never would have thought that *she* is a woman with all these strings to pull! I almost feel like I should warn my friends...)

Wow this is some heavy shit. I've never seen such controversy and bloodlust toward an artist before since that one pic with the cheese grater.

her community is one of the most tightly knit patreon communities I've ever seen

and they don't even like each other, yet they'll defend each other to the teeth

the discord server is entirely based around their dumb little RP sessions, and if you don't like it, you'll get shunned out of it
they'll even get other patreons to turn a negative eye towards you, the other day something that evolved from her community was mentioned, and all i said was "ew, i'd rather not be reminded of it" and they got the admin to yell at me for like half an hour, like wtf? completely unrelated patreon with no links other than a handful of people on the server

.... also vicar is on this other server

>and they don't even like each other, yet they'll defend each other to the teeth
to me, it doesn't sound very stable
it seems like an open invitation for constant backstabbing each other and whatnot

This isn't a recent account of happenings, that sounds like the end of last year. Things have shaken up since then, more a very lazy and lethargic community these days, constantly talking about nostalgic cartoons and soft RP.

To extend the information, the number of lieutenants/mods has dropped heaps, even several 'best friends' were dropped ice cold despite the hundreds a month of support they gave.

Seems she now rather eliminate dramatic people nowadays, the money coming in is enough for her to cut off those big spenders.

oh trust me, they do, it's absolutely abysmal, i have personal experience, i was a patron when the server came up and was in day 1, and only saw it devolve into a cess poll of shit since, i left in fear of being banned for not being the "forced positivity RP fanatic" they all enjoy being around

Yep, Blitzdrachin has a Zero Tolerance for drama. Explains why so happy to ban accounts even suspected of leaking.

> Zero Tolerance for drama
More like Zero braincell for sense.

>Zero Tolerance for drama
>Explains why so happy to ban accounts even suspected of leaking
Peh, sounds like a recipe for screwing yourself over; bitch'll have no fans at this rate

If she acted anything like she does on Discord on her Patreon posts, fans would drop her like a live hand grenade. The beauty of the Internet is you can act like an asshole in one place and be an angel everywhere else and people who try to accuse you of being an asshole will just get laughed out of wherever they are because the ignorant don't know the truth and that's how the asshole wants it.

Maybe someone should write down all the names of her discord of each patreon, and we all name ourselves as a patreon on her discord. I kinda wanna test that paranoia she has. Maybe she might end up banning 3/4ths of her patrons.

But then I have to GIVE her money to join that discord for a joke. Count me out, she's not getting an extra cent.

i share a server that has A LOT of people in common with her server, but some i don't remember if they're still on it or not, i know for a fact some are guaranteed to still be on it though

She just posted a journal advertising the software that her site uses, perhaps we can use this to our advantage: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8818956/ https://www.primeleap.net/ Of course Kayla-Na uses this shit.

I don't see any advantages for us here, if its as effective as Kayla has been using for the past few months, and since no one seems to leak blitz content anymore, I have no hope for anything, anytime soon.

Do we have any images from any creators on that site? Someone getting themselves banhammered for even a small sample size would likely give enough info for some autist to figure out what exactly is being done to the images to hide identifying information in them, since to the best of my knowledge there's only so much you can do before it starts degrading the quality of the image or bloating the filesize to suspicious levels.

We'd need a sample size from multiple participants downloading the same image(s), not just multiple images.

> 'my content hasn't been leaked in months which helped me a lot to increase the monthly income and make more pics.'

Debateable whether the lack of leaks is the reason for it, but they've got 100 new followers since May, there'll be some YPers in there surely? Most likely >>11733 is what's happening and of course that info wouldn't be shared here for now.

Try all you might, you're not defeating weaponised autism.

The one good pic which is the Female Lopunny Pole Dance has shit quality. I knew downloading it from this user's site would just give me the shit quality version.

Could anyone be able to get the high quality version of that image?

I think free users will get the shitty version, gotta give the jew money for that hi-res.

They could, but if they share it they're banned, so I doubt anyone will.

But I thought they found a way to download it. The one good image and it's shit quality.

Bargaining didn't work either. Blitzjew.


lol as far as Blitz's site goes, its just watermarks and people trying to scrape her site and posting their efforts here. Y'all just too blind to see the marks... maybe that's a good thing. Theres nothing hidden in the files. I'm only even saying this because the chosen watermark locations are annoying and distracting for a good number of them - the ones people would edit anyways. Also too far colour shifted. Maybe they will improve it so it doesn't degrade the viewing experience. Like the suicune leafeon one had something like 15+ when I looked at it briefly all in annoyingly visible spots.

I don't mind paying for early shit in higher res, but perma pay walling and making the lower res freebies smaller than FAs default submission size makes me feel less willing to donate... especially when theres damn annoying watermarks in the way that i need to spend time removing for my own personal use (no, I don't post paywalled stuff - don't ask). The alt gender hi res being behind a higher tier permanently is annoying for those who swing one way or another for sure.

As for her recent posts about sub gains, it less likely the watermarking fear and was more likely due to Pokemon/Eeveelution content for those months - large audience there.

if anyone can just update the posts here without a trace that would be great i just hate the alt gay/straight version paywalls between $5 and $10 tiers only because she feels like making the other a "premium"

Hi bitch drachin

Okay I know this is a long shot but...does anyone have any actual evidence of Blitz being as negative as some of you claim? I always see people throwing these accusations about artists and in some cases I've seen it, like with Kayla-Na. I know exactly how bitchy she can be, but Blitz...can't find anything. So if you have anything to back up your claims of her being so bad then please share, because some of people would drop their support if you could prove it. And make sure to share your side too, because if she can them come back and show you being more of an ass from the start then it validates her treating you like one.

Blitz has been known to ban/block people for leaking content without any sufficient proof, like >>9195 being an apparent proof that this person leaked her art despite the URL linking to a publicly available image. The only "proof" she got was the message was posted just later after someone paid 10$ to her Paytreon recently. Her paranoia got the person's journal about the situation removed, and banned from e621 by telling the admins about her "proof" on the matter >>9257

https://archive.fo/AL1PP Deleted FA journal about the situation

>a lot of money

I know you've never made that much working part time at McDonald's but your mommy and daddy pay that much in bills every month so you can stay in the basement shitposting and eating tendies.

If they have to pay 3000$ a month for bills then they clearly don't know how to spend and use their money properly. 3000$ a month, which is very likely not declared for taxes unlike any other job, is a very healthy amount of cash for a single person, especially considering it's making money out of intellectual properties she doesn't even own

She has her own site where she is making money off of selling Pokemon porn. Wouldn't Nintendo like to get rid of that?

You guys wanna figure out how to get around the website issue?

Blitzdrachin said that they have a system of figuring out who leaks the images. The only way this would be possible would be if there was some sort of user/patron ID attached to the individual images that the donators receive. So, if you had a version of the image from her site before it's publicly released, and then another version of the image (say, from another paid viewer), then you could compare the file integrity between the two and see exactly where the difference lies.

Have fun.


Thank you for the link, it's still a bit of "he said, she said" but its more concrete that she has a level of paranoia that puts me off financially supporting her. If more physical evidence was shown about her being so paranoid with the individual being able to validate that they weren't leaking the images then, we'd be able to convince others not to support her. But you've definitely convinced me not to support her, so I know to put my money elsewhere.

I wonder how feasible it would be to have ol Nintendy to go after them.
She'd be forced to comply to the very rules she likes to abuse

It is really hard to give any proof on behalf of others about her being a bitch to people since it's done behind the scenes and not publicly. Other people victim of her bitchery don't exactly document and lay out what happened, and is especially harder when she boohoos to the admins about it and get their journals removed, and then tries to look nice by giving people free avatars to use, and how people only care about seeing art and not so much about artists being a jackass or not

Ella es chilena, por default, todo chileno es cagador por naturaleza, aunque admiro que se haya dedicado a elaborar un sistema DRM para un solo sitio...

>t. Un peruano

I know. It's a shame really. I think we need to encourage more people to print screen stuff regularly with artists to prove some of their more shady behaviour. Make things like Artists Beware more "acceptable" within communities like FA or DA, just to get the idea of logging all your interactions with artists as a standard way of being. I know I'm doing it after one bad experience with the artist Elty (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/elty) on FA.

This is still a thing that happened and is still a thing no one in this thread has addressed, by the way.

This artist was hot stuff to get fucked over many months back, now no one leaks their shit. Utter defeatist attitudes all around. Why did everyone give up?

Why drop the time in pokemon porn and other stuff for ONE artist, i can understand try months or weeks to crack denuvo for videogames, but work months or weeks to crack primeleap for 30 images or less every month?

Why do the gallery thumbnails have numbers on them?

haber conchetumare que wea te pasa?

wow all this shit for one artist.. is her content worth it to begin with? or do you all just want to prove that you can leak her content?

Despite the complaining, it apparently isn't worth it since April. No one's dared try out of wanting to keep their pledges or there isn't as much hate for this artist we think.

Hello, I'm the owner of Wildcritters. If Sernov is around I'd like a word with him regarding everything that's happened since April.

I made a thread about it. I'm allowing Blitzdrachin images to be posted on Wildcritters since she refuses to speak with me and has banned me for trying to defend someone she wrongfully banned.

Image hosting isn't the issue mate, the problem is no one is willing to actually give up any images in the first place.

If no one uploads it on U18 after the numerous requests over the past year, how does your site change anything? U18 doesn't remove leaked shit, if that's all your site offers as well as hosting, I can't see how it will change anything honestly.

umm a bit of help here
my friend has lots of illegal shit he stole from his [CENSORED] (don't ask how he got it)
he says i can share it but i need 2 de watermark it first
where can i upload it safely so someone can fix the photo

>>[CENSORED] (don't ask how he got it)
well that's lame
plz plz tell me

1536666615444s.jpg (7.6KiB, 175x187) save_alt

so u wanna go fu][ \337 m0d3
alright fine here is a clue good luck
my friend has a massive b****t he got it fr0m co*n**t-t*o**n.net

Depends on the content, you can Dmail me after making an account on Wildcritters.ws look for Lucky (Or I'll just Dmail you once you do if I know the name.)

k sir

lol if anyone wants to download anything from connect trojan because of this guy's recommendation, just don't. The NJ-related tool he suggested just bricked the VM I tested it on. Remember kids, play safe, use VMWare

i sometimes use qemu because some of them have anti-vm enabled
also pls don't visit that site
a lot of stuff there are backdoored
you have been warned

DeWatermarkingGuide_Small.jpg (3.8MiB, 1600x10000) save_alt

Seems like it would get some use here.
https://files.catbox.moe/4gpfpj.png for full.


This would definitely come in handy and a great job to whoever put this guide together. Sadly, since it's already known that Blitz and many other DRM paywallers come through here every now and then, this will likely prompt them to re-double their watermarking efforts. The only way to really make them stop this stupidity is to match their determination. Only then will we win.

This guide would help, this + snapshotting into photoshop or gimp would work. It would erase any checksums and hashes of the original file including the date and all that junk while removing the watermarks.

But it seems even leakers are starting to grow paranoid of the... paranoid artist. Irony much?

umm why are u using a botnet that' illegal m8

why a botnet u ask
nobody wants 2 give free shit m8 i have 2 use force
once the hackers are done bitch drachin is next
i won't be ez but its worth a try
very gr8 thx m8 gonna send this 2 my friendz

This is a reasonable first start, However know that there are other watermarking approaches that could still be employed that would render this approach insufficient in scrubbing the images of any potentially identifiable things. Whether similar approaches are being employed, Is currently unknown to me at this time.

The suggestion is good for a single or a handful of pictures, but it will become a chore if you want to share everything. The possibility to miss a watermark is very possible too despite your best effort finding them. It's better to pay once with a burner account and share everything as is

As the artist's schedule currently is, with everything released in one month, the point of a burner account is null. At best, you'll get the current month of leak content out early, but everything else before that is already out. Might be why no one bothers to try anymore these days.

If the artist released absolutely everything at full resolution, I'd agree. But she doesn't. So hence why there's still a point to go through and "leak" everything.

Unfortunately, all people want is the dick and vag. Full resolution seems to be a backwater desire. Why else has everyone given up on leaking this artist since March?

okay, so for the most part I've managed to remove probably 99% of the watermarks. I've uploaded a folder of everything blitz has on her site starting from January last year on my mega drive. DM my twitter for the decryption link.


That's cool 'n all, but what if we don't do twitter?

I had to create an account to send the message please give the password then, still waiting your reply


My twitter is @Shout... something, and would also want access key from you. Much thanks!

>>DM my twitter for the decryption link

I would like access to the files in order to compare against the copies i already have in order to help identify if there are any further more in depth water marking techniques in use, Unfortunately i am unable to create an account on twitter due to a few reasons. I would appreciate it if you could send an email with the key to me at cistastech@protonmail.com. Thank you.

I like your Adine avatar.

I am also interested in getting getting this, but for reasons of twitter screwing with the sign up process, twitter's a no go. Could you send it to curl9@zippiex.com please? Thank you in advance.

I've posted only August 2018's full image resolutions on wildcritters. It's all I have at the moment as far as recent images go! Thanks goes to Yellowscales for providing~

Do you intend on posting the rest of that collection per chance? Still can't do twitter and nothings happening with the email.

Perhaps! Just curious to see what CistasTech says first though.

Guy who made that guide >>14538 ,
I checked the Aug 2018 images posted so far, and the person who tried to remove the watermarks didn't do a very good job of it. It's pretty apparent that he just eyeballed it and called it a day, leaving a metric butt load that are really hard to spot without going out of your way to find them.
If you're intent on having the images not having watermarks, then I'd suggest taking them down and doing it properly before anyone else gets a hold of them.

As far as I'm concerned they did their best, it's pretty difficult to catch onto the trickier parts of the images.

tnonU3q.png (902.0KiB, 1100x579) save_alt


So what you're saying is that they are props banned instantly and they didn't even come close to circumnavigating the software Blitz uses at all?

Well shit, sign me up for another 6 months of no leaks from this artist.

>So what you're saying is that they are props banned instantly
Possibly, though whoever posted that RIP post is certainly not helping matters at all.
>they didn't even come close to circumnavigating the software Blitz uses at all?
Only due to incompetence. He could have, but chose to release them long before they had been properly scrubbed.
>Well shit, sign me up for another 6 months of no leaks
Let's hope this is less a sign of discouragement, and more of a sign of enthusiasm for things to come. To anyone else reading this who hasn't posted anything yet, please go through and clear your images of watermarks before uploading them. I'd be more than happy to do the cleaning myself, but I need the images to do that with.

Fret not. I'm sure next month will come through and there will be more content. Likely it'll be posted on WC as well. C:

I haven't had the time yet to do an exhaustive search against them, However from the images i have had time to work on there aren't any signs of attempts at hiding identifying information anywhere other then in those plain text strings. Unfortunately as shown above it appears some have been missed in the process which will likely result in actions being taken against YellowScales. I might spend some time to see if there aren't any good ways of automating a process of producing a "clean" image.

Remember that just because the images i have gone over at this point doesn't appear to have any fourth mean that there won't be changes that would expand the capabilities of the system, So it is important to always be cautious if you are worried about identification.

> https://imgur.com/IumKuH5

Does anyone has unknown.png as seen in this pic? Or enhance it.

oh no
quickly edit the pic before they report it

plz plz just give it to me (Q_Q)
my friend gave me this old account send it here
malito: uzerZDK235@protonmail.com
twitter is bullcrap just like paytreon
(mobile registration won't work)

The artist just posted the last of the images found in the pack on thierFA. you won't find anything recent they haven't released yet now.

It's funny how she posted those a couple of days AFTER they were posted on Wildcritters. Lol think she's trying to make herself look not weak when someone else has found a loophole around her bullshit?

Or maybe because they are released on a schedule on a few websites on a schedule in reduced quality without the alternate versions and they were released when they would always be?

Oh no, the ones posted on my site were released a few days prior, but the main difference is that the ones on my site are full resolution while the ones she usually releases on FA are pretty small scale.

Then again I kinda did get the package a bit later. I could post the comics too...

Im not talking about your website, I am talking about the bullshit of anything changing in release schedule due to them being leaked. They were released at the exact same time they wouldve if not leaked which is what >>15185 was talking about

if u have the decryption key plz send it 2 me
i am not a spy

very gr8 thx m8
can i s33d it

now its time to watch the little jew sqirm
why are there dupe pics

I'm >>14966, and I never got a email, more than likely because the temp email I'm using tends to be really finicky. If someone could send the decrypt key to xadeceviw@bit2tube.com that'd be fantastic.

don't use temp mail dude
use protonmail
create acc w8 4 1 week

Scratch that, gl3rg@dim-coin.com . I swear I need a better temp email solution.

The entire point of anonymity is not being tied to accounts, I hate having to log into 50 different things to make proper use of half the necessary internet things as it is.

Agreed, that's what Blitz's site does too, so I have to do the same here?

Also, all that stuff leaked is old, already posted by Blitz. Unless you get real content from THIS MONTH, like that latest comic, then you're fake news buddy.

I don't care that it's old, I care about having the full resolution version. The shrunk ones look dinky on a 1440p or larger display.

@echo off
print [sorry m8 i really don't have a choice its the only working option i have]
print [temp mail won't last long the adress expires pretty quickly]
print [i set tor browser to a specific location before logging in]
print [i will do the same thing on furaffinity]

So no luck getting any new stuff then? We have to wait another 6 months or something like we've done since we March?

well fuck this shit
we don't have a choice here

So I have the latest stuff from Blitz, unfortunately I cannot share it at all.
There are watermarks everywhere, maybe up to 10k of them on each picture. All with different integers.
And there are even more noticeable ones in contrast to, but also much larger ones that blend in the background.
I'll let you know how it goes. I'll post them in WildCritters when they're done being scrubbed. C:

Great, just fucking great. How are you gonna flawlessly get each mark off? The chances you'll miss one are almost certain if it really is an insane 10k!

Okay...Sounds like you'll be done by the time its released publicly anyway in a month or two with that amount of DRM. That's kinda self defeating.

I thought about it... Blur out the hard to reach spots, and use the magic marker and color picker to brush the flat parts. The rest has to be done by hand. That means... Recoloring every section until there's nothing but what it's supposed to be Pixel by pixel. Hard work, but anyone dedicated enough can do it.

And also, I'm working with someone who can help get most of them off thanks to his genius in scripting. C: I'll post results soon.

To the surprise of no one, if true, blitz went full sofurry with the watermarks.
I'd really love to be a fly of the blitz circlejerk discord wall to see how many people are complaining about the blatant watermarking, or if the circlejerk is strong enough that the people feeding into it are complete sheep about it by this point.
Good luck to your efforts, though please keep in mind that if the entire image is made a blurry mess due to the scripting it makes the entire effort redundant.
Plus, are you planning on putting the back catalog of full resolution images up soon?

I guess I can post the older content that's full res images from YellowScales' that they gave to me. I got their stuff with up to last year.

>There are watermarks everywhere, maybe up to 10k of them on each picture. All with different integers.

Are they all in the same position?

Nope, and this is just from a single page of the colored high res Guilmon x Impmon comic. They're all clustered in some places, spread out in others, an enlarged to blend with backgrounds and other colors. But it's easily seen by modifying settings in Photoshop like the Equalizer tool, as the very white and bright parts are easy to see.

Blitz has officially ruined her work with watermarks. I congratulate you, if you're seeing this, for you have gone full nuts. C:

These new watermarks are quite something else, If you do go ahead and release them i urge you to keep in mind that a simple numerical overlay is not the only watermarking technique that could be employed for this purpose. With there now being so many and the error rate being so high, The manual scrubbing of images is now impractical, That does not mean it is impossible to get a clean image however. I can be reached at cistastech@protonmail.com if anyone wants to discuss this in private.

Also, for those wondering why I'm not worried about DMCAs and takedowns and whatnot: My hosting is a private dataserver based outside the US. There's little someone from Peru (Blitzdrachin) can do to take me down. C:

If you can't beat 'em, interpret 'em

So have we given up trying to beat on this Jew, or is all focus on the site barely able to make its donations each month taking all the brainpower? Doesn't seem to me that anyone has the skills nor time to care anymore.

I for one have been up for cleaning out watermark infested images, offered on numerous occasions, but aside from the one person with the twitter that never got back to me, no one's bothered to post anything. Progress comes and goes unfortunatly, and unless either the admin or someone with the admins skills or better can get themselves into blitz's site and/or primeleap and get a raw content dump straight from the file server, I don't see any major advancements aside from just cleaning up what we can get our hands on and continuing from there.

So you're saying unless we're willing to wait another year, I should give BlitzJew $5? Fuck me, we were all laughing about how Primeleap was a joke, we laughed really fucking good. Now look what the fuck things have come to.


Well, there was an anon on the No Harm No Fowl thread of u18 who claims that the system is actually really simple to crack. The only problem really is time. Accuracy is important, too, since you don't want to miss any marks, but such a process can take hours for each individual piece. And, that's the deal breaker right there. The amount of watermarked images for blitz are only increasing, so the odds of getting someone to clean them up one by one are slim. All the other artists on there are currently a mystery, but the anon I mentioned did confirm that not all of them are using the DRM tools. Some of them just want a platform that can get them away from yiff.party's bots. Others are only watermarking specific items, like Seferien and his NHNF comic.

It's really a case of trial and error with all the artists on there, as in figuring out who's watermarking and who's not and how we can clean up and distribute the art of those who are watermarking. Blitz is out of the question, sadly, so we might as well turn to everyone else on there.

BlitzJew is the only one this thread cares about, so we're pretty much finished here then? She's won? Fuck that.

You guys are fucking idiots.

Have you guys tried showing her patrons what she's doing?, You guys seem only interested in just ripping her porn, she sounds like the type to get pissed off easily and you're choosing to play a game on her own terms, I applaud what you people are doing here but it's like you're trying to grab a candy bar from a guard dog tied to a pole when you can just use a stick, or you're trying to get to the grocery store that has a maze out front and you go ''well as long as I just memorize the route and don't get lost'' well how about you just use the side entrance to the store like everyone else has?
''I'm not letting that maze beat me!''

The biggest of KeKs. Have you met the people in her Discord? They were sucking her dick as she was explaining Primeleap to them, gobbling up all the sob stories she had to offer. These are not normal people, but the kind that go mentally deep into role-play and escapism. Thier money pays not for art, but for the attention they so desperately crave to be around others like them.

And before you ask, yes I'm there too, silent as fuck ofc. But I can't beat the software, so I can't leak, or I'll be found out immediately.

Guilmon x Gabumon (MF).png (3.7MiB, 2348x2832) save_alt

Here's what I suggest, pick a image that's already been leaked, download it from the site and follow >>14538 to a T (either to the cleaned one in this post or maybe clean the same one as the example image, the .png version's 1:1), and absolutely make sure not a single watermark makes it out of the cleaning process. After this, do a comparison of your effort and the previously leaked image (probably with some layer mode manipulation) and report back. If there's basically no difference, you're good.
There's murmurs of some sort of watermarking beyond the randomly placed visible text strings, but I'm calling bullshit on that until we get some shown proof of such.

If you've seen that guy spouting that extra protection shit, its bullshit, he's a White Knight wanting to scare.

Detecting any further water marking approaches is quite simple with access to multiple copies of the same image, At this point i have not seen any evidence of anything however it is impossible to rule out that beyond the few images i have received several copies of it has not been implemented since or is only selectively used. If anyone might be interested in either talking, Or contributing a copy of any images so that i can do further analysis i can be contacted at CistasTech@Protonmail.com

For fucks safe, there's fucking rats in every furry discord I swear. It was supposed to be leak friendly but apparently there's moles. Woke up to a nice email saying my pledge was removed and her server missing from my discord list. Can't do any forensics now, I'm done for, shit timing too, since there's no leaks anymore.

I guess too late now, but I'd of taken the "Don't trust anyone" approach, her supporters are proper mental.
There's always the possibility that you were a part of a blanket ban of a bunch of people, innocent or not. She's been known to do this at the mere mention of possible leaking.

>The biggest of KeKs. Have you met the people in her Discord?

We don't care about them. Think bigger.

The big spenders who keep him alive are in the discord, if everyone not in it pissed off, there be hardly a dent in the income. They are the ones who need to be convinced to nonsupport, but they hang from the tits sucking for dear life and affection.

the page's security is pretty tight, it appears to block userscripts.

more like The big asslickers

All the better the reason to think bigger.

Have we thought bigger yet? The Jew is still getting away with everything, seems to me no one wants to fight anymore.

>no one wants to fight anymore

That's the problem: It takes effort to reach those we'd want to reach.

fight my ass
and eat it

Lol, This artist used to be the most hated, but now no one cares with the site going to shit.

That's the sad irony, interest wanes because the people who can do something about it don't / can't be bothered to put forth the effort, but the people who still legitimatly want to support the artist still have to contend with jumping through hoops to get watermark encrusted artwork (and worry about getting carpet banned because someone sneezed in the general direction of leak). Which all comes crashing down the one time someone decides to leak it anyway.

goddamit my HF friend lied to me
i waited for him
also he sent me a trojan this morning
(ignore this post get back to the topic)

Do tell since you had contact, is lucky acually leaking any blitz stuff or has he fucked off. Because I've seen this shit before and it's all bullshit, were never gonna get his leaks again. more money to that Jew I guess.

We have been focused on dewatermarking the Guilmon x Impmon comic and so far we've been having success. But we're no ready to release it just yet. YellowScales has disappeared and I have no idea what else to do but get what we have right now.

We're a very small group of people working as fast as we can to find the watermarks and dewatermark them. but lately... it seems she's been going crazy or lazy on the watermarks by making them so much larger than usual... lol.

And apparently someone has reported the content I have on my site by the YP admin... and relates to this post here and what's on my site, completely separate server and hosting party. I think they should 1) realize we have different IPs. 2) Realize that we're not infringing anyone's content, as the posts are all of franchise copyrighted characters so they have no legal grounds to demand takedowns. and 3) good luck sending take down requests to a server in fucking canada.

Either way, hang on tight.

(sorry 4 post)

Uhh, that's great but...How long are you going to hold the pages that you've finished scrubbing? What's the point if telling us anything if you're just gonna hold it until Blitz releases the page a month later? Can you like stop dragging us on because I see all talk and no results.

You know Blitz doesn't upload full rez versions right? If nothing else it means we aren't stuck with preview sized versions of this stuff.

Lol who da fucks cares bout HD from blitz, it's simple cel shaded stuff.

Apparently Blitz cares about it, or else she wouldn't have sent her hounds after me for posting the full resolution pictures on my website. What's worse, they hounded the YP admin over it instead of me, which was a little funny.


Well, it's not like they can touch your site. Do you plan on taking images from other patrons and de-watermarking them? Is that the point of this?

Updated dewatermarking guide, because we need more leaks dang it.
https://files.catbox.moe/dori6d.png for full, as it was last time.
Apparantly there's a resolution limit as well (10,000x10,000), so the 4mb version will have to be remotely linked as well. https://files.catbox.moe/2oboi6.jpg

are you the debian sid guy
also thanks

My only beef is with Blitzdrachin. She has banned me for claiming I reverse-engineered her security code but all I did was defend Weblure while I was explaining how the >>9195 post by Sernov worked, which is what she provided as 'evidence' against him.

Weblure is not Sernov. That much I assume. But he was banned as much as everyone else was under suspicion of leaks.

Thanks, we'll see if this is helpful. We got a really good dewatermarker too. C:

Just a little heads-up about that Blitz incident getting Sernov/Weblure banned
I was also defending the guy because the proof she used was pretty fucking terrible, however after I looked more at it by wanting to write myself to defend the guy, I did notice that URL datestamp was 3 numbers more than what you would get when looking at every image URL, unless you log in with an account, which would add the same 3/4 numbers at the end.

The annoying part here is when converted both the full datestamp and the datestamp minus 3 numbers would show the same date, the difference is the longer one would show milliseconds. This made it appear that the number clearly had nothing to identify anyone, but now that I know there are 3 more numbers at the end, it is pretty much assured those are ID numbers

So either Blitz is banning someone different despite having the ID because why not, that Sernov guy changed the 3 numbers at the end because why not - Pointing to Weblure magically having made an account at the same time all this happened, or Weblure is just completely lying to us.

Whatever it is, the guy is no longer defendable because the URL he posted did have some ID number pointing to an user

I made a perfect point in e621 about the posting stamp when you get registered, but it was redacted by administration there.

So I'll clarify here:
If you aren't logged in, the time stamp shown in >>9195 was what was provided as 'evidence'. The link does not show anything but the link for that particular image, which is accessible even without a registration, or at least it was, and it was a FREE image. It wasn't until I used a throwaway account to prove that indeed it does add an extra four digits into the time-stamp to tie the account into... and you can only see it briefly when you download an image.

So yes, there's little to indicate Sernov is Weblure. They claimed they have two other pieces of evidence shown to e621 administration but they refuse to clarify or show due to "site security", aka PrimeLeap not being exposed.

Though shit, we already know how primeleap works now. They don't use the timestamp. When converting to it, it showed the exact date of the post. It makes little sense to do this if it's an accessible image that doesn't need an account to log into. There's more to it than this... I just know it.

I've been following the No Harm No Fowl comic from another primeleap artist, and I must want you they are far beyond any watermarking you have seen. I seriously believe that releasing any of those 'demarked' images you have from the very first one will result in a guaranteed ban for the account/s used. You have to reconsider what you're up against, not even FaF has this level of protection on his stuff outside of Doxxing people, which thankfully (Well at least we hope so) is against primeleaps own ToS.

Some examples were posted here https://u18chan.com/f/topic/1175112

There are probably ways you could get around that level of watermarking, However in order to be confident you would probably need around 5 copies of each image in order to be able to generate a clean image.

Which you just know ain't gonna fucking happen. Last I checked the no harm thread was dead because they couldn't get past the last thing that got the last leakers banned so no one's trying anymore, least they lose their own accounts for what essentially accounts to random Strangers on the internet.

I did notice that URLs and filenames changed, but that is how it worked back then : not logged in, only a timestamp, logged in, numbers would be added at the end, being 3 or 4 depending on the ID. Even if the image was free and accessible, problem is his post clearly showed intent to leak the pictures, so that defense doesn't really hold that up. Now that I know the link posted did have some ID, the guy's total innocence completely vanished

I'm not defending Blitz because I want to, I really freaking hate her ways of doing business using other's IP she doesn't own and using e621 as an ad platform treating everyone like open wallets, but I'm not going to attack jerks and idiots by making stuff up about them. And from what I can now conclude, it's kind of likely that he did get caught and really just doesn't want to admit it, or there is some huge conspiracy I'm not seeing yet like this Sernov changed one digit one lower/higher and Weblure is wrongly accused

hall0 Bitch-drachin

I cannot begin to express how forced that insult was and the cringe that make my eyes water in pain.

wanna see the archive
http://archive.is/AU6sP ctrl f 20015

That's not Blitz lol, thats a bot spammer that's been on all the threads.

too bad he's gone now
alright now back to the topic

Man I waited all these months and now Yiff Party's gonna die before BlitzJew gets what's coming to him. Lucky, you're fucking slow as shit that everything get's released by the Jew before you can touch your asshole to remove that stick. No one wants HD, they just want the bleeding uncropped porn but you can't even fucking do that.

Christ, we still haven't defeated Blitzjewchin ?

Who woulda thought? At least The jew gives us something after a month or two. "Lucky" on the other hand, who promised to do great things, is just a fucking dickhead.

Is that why The Jew's site is down?

Patreon here, they moved the site into Core Primeleap systems so whatever Lucky does is obsolete and pretty much from what I've seen hes gonna get banned if he releases anything. Also its a girl, stop calling the guy a man dudes.

'Obsolete' going forward maybe, until it's known exactly the nature of what they're DRMing with this week, but lucky's just cleaning up what had been previously leaked by some twitter user who leaked stuff a while ago.


anyone tried HTTRACK website copier
if u know any good website rippper let me know
bitch-drachin.club just redirects me to primeleap-net
dunno whats going on there m8 its up on my end

Pretty useless maintaining two separate websites that do effectively the same thing, with one being limited to one person, now ain't it?
At least now it seems like we need to concentrate scraping efforts on just one website. Putting all your eggs in one basket 'n all.

You gonna be like those u18 change faggots who just say a little of shit about attacking prime leap and how it's gonna be EZ, and then they don't do shit and the site still exsits so...Don't talk about concentrating efforts like anyone here is gonna do anything about it because let's be real, no one here is doing shit.

Still waiting for fucking Lucky to DO SOMETHING!

hey fucky i mean lucky do something m8

I never said it would be easy, just that by concentrating efforts for multiple "artists" under one roof gives more incentive for someone to go and bust it in than there would be for just one.

Despite that, no one is giving a shit. Everyone talks, but no one who actually has the talent, skills or the time is gonna bother. So keep talking, while Prime leap keeps on chugging and making bank.

Not gonna lie the watermarking on some of Blitz’s stuff has gotten extreme enough to degrade the image quality greatly. The 30+ IDs was at least ignorable, but shes been using a different approach on some with gigantic watermarks over 80% of the image and its a bit upsetting. The public releases with a waifu2x upscale would be higher quality than the ones with the giant watermark.

I though about mentioning it to her, but I didn’t know how it’d be received so I abstained.

Do it. Fucking do it. That's the sort of internal ass blasting she needs to face with her actively degrading the image for all the people who are paying her for the privilege of having the art at a decent resolution, because she cares more about the 'pirates' than she does the people supporting her. Photo examples and all if need be, and absolutely threaten to leave if the art you're paying to see isn't gonna get unmangled to a reasonable degree. Maybe even do some PMing with other people that are also there to coordinate to make the threat of leaving more pressing for her.
This isn't even because I want to see her stuff get leaked, that kind of behaviour is absolutely absurd and appalling, both from a professional and decent human being standpoint, for someone expecting people to pay into this idiocracy to get a superiour ""product"" and instead getting a lower quality version than the free version because "but the pirates".

Charizard.png (3.2MiB, 3000x2063) save_alt

Also, this is what it looks like if you waifu2x upscale the low resolution version and add the corresponding preview image ontop of the area that preview covers. It's obviously not as good as the actual thing, but I'm sure the average user who's less aware of the difference in quality wouldn't be able to notice the difference.

Any reason traditional watermark-blurring tricks wouldn't work here? At worst, smudged markings get false positives, and legitimate patron complain. What's the holdup?

>Error 522
Shut up, the big kids are talking.

Following >>19488 plus some waifu2x de-noising to absolutely make certain whatever's left doesn't make it through would more than likely get you all the way there. The hold up is that "But we just don't actually know" thing that you're always going to get when you're only on half of the equasion, alongside that getting rid of the watermarks is an all or nothing escapade, unless you're ok with going full kamikaze with supporting the "artist".

# set mute timer for how long ?
also mind showing me the logfile


>The hold up is that "But we just don't actually know"
Know what, if the whole image is getting that treatment? Again, and in other words, the worst case scenario puts these sort of artists in a bad light by showing how unreasonable they're being.

>Shut up, the big kids are talking.


>the worst case scenario puts these sort of artists in a bad light by showing how unreasonable they're being.
Only the silent minority will speak out about it and each one will just get shamed and blacklisted for their troubles. People don't really care what the artist is doing behind the layers of the art as long as they're getting the art they want.

even if it involves illegal things
>like forced laybor

They're not getting the art they want if they're being arbitrarily denied. No artists' supporters will be able to help artists when they become so undeniable unreasonable, for who wants to support someone who's glad to accept money, but would deny appeals from innocents caught in the crossfire? Supporters will quickly turn if they happen to get shot.

Yet those numbers keep on climbing. Even if true, and these stories justify how you feel. The vast majority of those payers don't give a fuck, so don't make it sound like anyone gives a rats ass, they really don't.

>Yet those numbers keep on climbing

Have they been hit with false positives?

Oops, looks like I have forgotten to mention stuff.

As much as I want to post the pictures, I'm waiting for our guy to feel like we're confident enough to post it (That is, ensuring nothing is overlooked). He told me it'll be around the holidays or after. So hang onto your butts. It's likely we'll be posting much of the Guilmon x Impmon's comic.

And please don't insult me, I'm doing what I can here, guys! :C

The problem is you're taking so long that the artist already posts what you're working on and no one gives a shit about HD Rez so it's all garbage and wasted effort.

That is the problem. There is no real incentive to pay up to leak content because stuff gets released one month later. Too small for you still ? Just use waifu2x.
And with how difficult/time consuming unwatermarking the stuff is, it's not worth the risk, especially when again the stuff gets released a month later
I myself don't like this person in particular but I'd see more value in spending money somewhere else

Im pretty sure this can be configured properly

>Shut up, the big kids are talking
Wtf is the meaning of this

Yea no, some of us care about having the real resolution version if at all possible, and at this point to continue leaking stuff just to spite the efforts to try and DRM art. While waifu2x can get you close (assuming you know what the original resolution is anyway), it's not remotely the same thing.

At the rate stuff gets leaked right now, expect a 2020 release of a fucking 2017 work. Lucky is useless.

Of course higher original is better but for a lot of people it isn't a huge necessity and priority compared to outright paywalled/censored art in the first place

You've been whining for like a whole month on him now, if you really want the damn art to be leaked this bad stop shitting on other people and go spend the 10$ yourself

That's pretty damn funny considering we're trying to teach that jew how you can't just go and DRM art.

Yet here we are for the countless month in a row with uncracked DRM while she continues to do whatever she wants.


We're just lucky that neither she or any other artist with a modicum of integrity has resorted to block-chaining like FAF. For someone to leak Blitz's stuff, they would get digitally nuked out of existence, but at least she won't jack the prices up to a ludicrous amount a la "whole classroom punishment" mentality or dox anybody (that we know of).

Ahaha, yeah... without this attempt to deal with leaks looks absurdly stupid. Anyone who paid for the month will receive all the pages at once. which means the price of the attack at the beginning of the month has a subscription price of 1 month. And at the end of the month - the price of the attack is "free." Since all the content for the month such a sponsor has already received. In this scheme, attempts to protect something really look like a mountain of unnecessary effort. This is how to build a gate which does not include a fence.
But the funny thing is that after all these efforts, then they still have to give all the content to free access - only to keep the growth of their projects and attract new sponsors to replace blocked and departed. No logic and common sense.

Yep, she's definitely got some positives compared to Faf, but then again, literally anyone is better than Faf, but Miles-DFs fucking $3000 commissions are getting there.

Explain like I'm 5, I cannot follow.

I think the cause of global warming is not at all in the cows. The cause of global warming is in the burning asses of useless whiners.

Despite the fact that Miles actually publishes that picture for free to all free viewers (only one pays) ... there are still those who are not happy. Everyone around you is terrible people. It doesn't matter what they did or didn't do. It is important that they dare to earn more than some useless whiner in the comments, right? Hatred is not politics and actions, but the fact that someone earned money in a way that is unavailable to you. This is ... lovely;)


You're actually missing a lot of context here. Miles also paywalls pretty dam heavily on top of ridiculous high commission prices. Public pictures are size down, and on top of that she doesn't release 95% of explicit versions at all, those are Patreon only. I have no clue how you missed these very important detail.
On top of this the guy sells the art of various characters she doesn't own as various merch, while using ludicrous price tags for commissions and YCHs. If that's not a hunger for money I don't know what this is.


artists creating their own characters and their stories are bad people. Because greedy and use DRM, making it difficult to get their work for free ...

artists who paint other people's characters for the money of those who are willing to pay them .. but at the same time they allow people to watch their drawings for free and without DRM - also bad people.

Are there good artists? From what I heard here, I can draw a portrait of such an artist.

- he must draw worse than the person discussing him
- he should earn less than talking about him
- an ideal artist should create 1-2 pictures per month, as it was 8 years ago, before Patreon and analogs, when the main earnings of artists were something other than drawing.

Miles, Faf, Sef and others - publish 2-4 pages per month for free, which corresponds to the “average norm” and often even overtakes this norm.

uses someone else's characters - bad ...
uses its own (but with DRM) is also bad ...

it seems I am beginning to understand that all who want money for their work are very, very bad people ... and all those present here work exclusively for free and selflessly, probably. Communism collided with capitalism ...

>implying Patreon a marketplace

A lot of people here complain about DRM for good reasons, because it treats legitimate people who buy their stuff like trash by ruining the images with garbage watermarks, in contrast with games with DRM where most of them run like garbage because they have DRM on top of DRM, and people who pirate the game after it's been cracked 3 days later have the better version of the game. Not only that but the fact that artists use DRM to protect art they basically copyright infringed upon makes them look like huge hypocrite jackasses.

The theme I was trying to explain with Miles is that person already makes a ton of money with commissions and YCHs alone, yet needs to juice more and more money out of it with Patreon and by selling various merchandises. Nothing wrong with making a lot of money but when it gets this bad and especially when done with franchises you don't own, that will raise a lot of people's eyebrow.

I don't mind artists making money, but I do when they treat the audience like shit in the process, like Miles publicly posting crappier versions and constantly reminding everyone how they're mission out on the actual art people want to see because they're not paying up, and Blitzdrachin constantly posting cropped ads everywhere to remind you of the same thing

Now it's not like I hate all Patreon people who make money this way. I can tolerate a light timed paywall like one month, two months start to become really fucking annoying, and more than 3 is pretty fucking bad. I also don't mind having high-res Patreon only as long the public version doesn't get compromised too much. If it can fit my screen then it's fine with me, annoying yeah but I can let it pass. Same for those fucking P watermarks I tend to see often. Some artists love to have them take 20% of the picture and as a """""reward""""" for paying up you get them removed. It's fucking annoying. To see how bad a Patreon artist, you have to mix all those criteria together (DRM, advertising like a bitch every 10 minutes, using other's intellectual property, timed paywall, resolution, watermark/censored, outright being paywalled) and gauge them : Some artists are worse than others, some are annoying but I can tolerate, and some are outright disgusting, while a very, very little group of them are completely great and don't treat their fanbase like crap at all.

Anyway, I do agree that a lot of people here are just pretty salty because they can't get free art, but other people here happen to have a distaste for arrogant artists like them who make tons of money and act especially insecure about their art, art they didn't ask various companies permission to make money on. For some people like me, that gives them the entitlement to have their art getting leaked because they deserve it

> It is a lot of people who complain about it.


> by ruining the images with garbage watermarks

on their part, the argument “if I do not defend myself, I will not get enough money to create so many pictures” usually sounds.

for example here from the recent

actually a choice: bad pictures with watermark and DRM or a complete lack of pictures, right? Why does the artist use watermark? Because we take his pictures for free. In fact, we are the cause of the appearance of DRM and watermark, if not hypocritical.

It would be a little bit more than that.


OK, suppose the film studio creates a film for $ 100 million. gets 300. spends 200 on making a new film to get 500 million. They earn space money and of course piracy is less critical for them than with small numbers ... but who has the right to tell them "do you want too much money?" not being a hypocrite? Spending your time and energy, knowledge and something like that on something ... you have the right to set a price for it yourself. This is called "offer." But there may be someone around who does the same thing. But perhaps better or cheaper. Or better and cheaper at the same time. And the buyer has a choice - take advantage of the offer of one person or another. This is called "competition." Having someone do no worse, and perhaps better, is what naturally limits prices. If there is no one who would have liked other people so much that they pay as much as Miles pay ... probably for the buyer - it is worth the money. Otherwise, he would not spend such large sums, right? And if the buyer receives the goods for which he paid - he has the right to do anything with it. Including free publish in your gallery, for example. What prevents to come there and get it for free, not through Patreon Miles? Can the buyer of his pattern to use it for printing on pillows or T-shirts? I think yes. What prevents him from starting to sell this product? If the transaction does not provide for complete control over what he pays for - then the buyer is a fool who is to blame for everything. Nobody forces him to pay, right?

No one bothers to take a picture, come to those who print goods on mugs or T-shirts to order and place an order? No one but laziness. In addition, the fact that he sold the idiot for $ 2600, it seems to be not someone's character, I have not seen this in cartoons.

the fact that he uses someone's design and someone's characters like Zootopia - well ... this is not ethical, but this is the problem of the copyright owner - who, if he wanted, could easily sue and demand a portion of the income of Miles, I I think. Just the owner of these copyrights is probably indifferent, or he considers it a free advertisement. Or just does not want to spend time on the courts, because he earns millions of dollars. I do not understand for what reason those who violate the rights of artists are worried about the rights of other artists who earn immeasurably more money. Does this seem a bit ... hypocritical?

> Miles are not paying up

I can’t argue, I don’t like the plastic mile Miles for a long time and I don’t follow his drawings, even if someone made it available for free. But I suppose if someone is willing to pay for it - he probably needs this product. There are people who are ready to pay prostitutes to write on them; this is called “golden rain”. But few people blame other people for pouring "valuable liquid" into the toilet every day for a lot of liters. Also, few people blame people for selling their “fresh urine” - something that many other people have for free;) The world is whimsical, right?

> and Blitzdrachin are constantly posting cropped ads

I don’t like it even more than Miles and I absolutely can’t imagine who finds this art valuable. Therefore, I don't care what happens there ... I think strange people who are ready to pay for it - maybe they like some humiliation ...

> People who make money this way. I cann’t tolerate a month for one month, I’m just one month for a payday, I’m pretty fucking bad.

oh, dude .. probably the electricity and internet bills just bother you a thousand times more ... I would assume that you do not pay for the Internet more than 1-2 times in your life, but I read your comment on the Internet and this means that Do you still pay for it regularly or almost regularly ... probably it causes wild torment and suffering?

> I don’t get compromised too much.

What prevents you personally from showing everyone an example of how to live correctly? Start drawing and give everything for free to other people. After all, no one forbids and does not bother you in this, right? But for some reason, everyone is violently indignant in this area - they do not want to show that this is possible. I wonder why?

> it’s like a crap at all.

I think none of the artists perceive their fan base as crap. because these people pay them money. Usually, artists perceive as crap those who consider artists crap. The effect of the mirror. And while these people are trying to mix with their fan base, it has the effect of a drop of shit in a barrel of honey. Why is snake poison? Because this is her way of protecting herself. Poisonous snake - a bad thing since birth? But this is simply a product of evolution. The product of the environment in which this creature is trying to survive. We are all trying to survive. Those who can draw and those who can not. Those who have money to buy bad Miles drawings and those who do not have that kind of money. All this is only a continuous struggle for survival. And each has very different ways. Any impact creates opposition. And this is normal, as the eternal struggle of the shield and sword. One great man once said "those who, between war and shame, choose shame, will receive both shame and war."

> For some people like me, they deserve it.

oh, of course. I am sure that if someone gets into your apartment and steals your XBox, there is also a very philosophical justification for his actions. Something in the style of "I do not have an Xbox and this is unfair!" or "I will find it XBox much better use!" :)

hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy ...

Wtf...I thought this was a thread to finally find a place for leaked images from this Jew, but it's all about how useless it is to fight??

for leaked images there are u18 and stuff.

to fight - why is it useless? is useful.

it will from time to time bring a certain number of pictures for free. After that, the artist will strengthen the watermark and drm, worsening the quality of pictures. After that, less people will come to him and he will earn less money. after which he will spend less time on drawing comic books and more time on commissions, or he will go to work in the office, leaving his project. Is this not what everyone wants here?

Lurk moar



If that is what people want, why are they so desperate to get full images? Seems to me they don't want then to stop art, just make it completely unprofitable to do so and accept being penniless but still expected to draw for us bums.


Yeah, cause-and-effect relationships and logic are clearly not the strongest side of most furry. Probably this is why they are mostly beggars.

Maybe it was hard to understand, but I did say that I don't mind her making a ton of money. For stuff like YCHs and commissions, that is completely fine with me, it sure looks ridiculous but like you said, offer and demand, I'm fine with it. What I did mention is how she, on top of that, has that need to merchandise other stuff, like using Patreon and selling various merchandises with her art plastered on it. That is the part I am not cool with

They do not bother because they can't possibly patrol the whole Internet for that. They can't spend money for some "Nintendo approved" people to patrol the whole Internet constantly because it will not make sense to them financially - The costs to patrol will largely be higher than what they can scoop by flagging a ton of small people drawing dick pictures. Doesn't help that most of them really only care if it goes directly after their marketplace instead, like free fangames, or something very serious when some idiot is selling their games on a bootleg Chinese console.

Awful analogy. An XBox is physical, and it is something a person would buy himself and own. It has intrinsic value, while copying/pasting an image file has none, or well infinitely 0. They don't lose money when I copy their images and I don't make any. Not only that but there's a clear difference between saying "He doesn't deserve an XBox" to "I just want to steal his gaming console".

Now just to clarify. I do have money, a lot in mind, well I'm not rich but I have a good money cushion. I could pay them up if I really wanted, but I refuse to support artists who act like whores with intellectual properties they do not own, while doing everything they can to protect their stuff from getting "copyright infringed", ironic isn't ? Especially when they constantly spam ads about how they only care about you if you open your wallet wide open. I mean Blitzdrachin publicly says on her profile how she doesn't want to talk to people unless it is about commissions or other business related questions, she only will talk if you pay up for her Discord server. That, doesn't show lots of care to me

> For stuff like YCHs and commissions, that is completely fine with me

cause and effect, dude. read this term in wikipedia. If she does not have the motivation to do other things, she would not do other things and you could not get them. even if someone took it for you. Maybe you hate comics and love YCH ... but in this case, you give yourself the right to decide for another person ... maybe if someone forbids you to work at the job you are now ... saying "I think this is bad idea. better he washes the dishes "- you'd better understand her feelings ... However, you hardly have any work, of course ..

> Dill pictures.

I probably overestimated your intellect ... probably you think YouTube finds a violation of someone else’s copyright because there are 1-2 million Chinese people in the basement of their office who are on duty there for 12 hours and are looking for violations ...

> Awful analogy. An XBox is physical,

OK, let's compare this to digital copies of your homemade porn. Orgy with the right hand .... No, probably this is also a bad example ...
Ok, try for example to visit the cinema and make a copy of the film on the day of the premiere with a home video camera. And then explain to those people who will approach you, that no one loses anything, because they will have their film left ... or, for example, a copy of windows ... and your friends and several million other people who get it through torrents - they don't care would not pay money for this film. It would be very fun to look at this discussion.

it is not necessary to get them from the copyright infringed lawn.

Oh, I'm sure the list of your reasons why you can take something from them reaches several sheets of text, maybe even a couple of books. I think that he climbs into your house and takes your XBox - there is also a similar list with reasons that he also finds convincing.

>If I’m not talking about it, I’m not talking about it. That doesn’t show lots of care to me

Do people around you have to want to communicate with you? Should someone pay them for it? I also do not like communicating with hypocritical idiots, whose degree of idiocy and hypocrisy are so absurd that there is practically no point in wasting time on them. This can be compared with a small fire and a large volcano. A bonfire in an undesirable place can be extinguished simply by peeing on it. but no one will try to urinate on the volcano, or on the sun - in the hope of extinguishing it. Simply, the difference in scale and the obviously meaningless task usually do not attract people who value their time and do not want to spend it on those who are not worth this time. If a skunk came to you who just wanted to communicate, is your reaction?

And again completely missing the point. YCHs and commissions are fine to me because there is nothing being merchandised and sold infinitely for the same product and it doesn't spit on the audience's face in the process unlike having a work paywalled and being sold multiple times

Do you even know how YouTube works ? Not only that but the process is completely different than having Nintendo scan the whole Internet themselves. 99% of the copyrights claims are done automatically, the 1% is done by people flagging shit out because they're getting criticized. You can technically flag that kind of content to Nintendo yourself but like I said, they wouldn't care most of the time anyway because again, like I said, for them it's too much time spent on little cases and it is not worth their time and money to spend on

Still an awful example. First off 99% of pirates wouldn't even buy the product in the first place. Second you're comparing someone using a crappy camera and filming a movie then have it uploaded for everyone to see - And an illegal obtained Windows. Two legally made products, two products that don't shove up ads in your face constantly, two products having tangible costs and being far superior if you buy them legally - To a file being copied and pasted. Again the key detail you seem to completely ignore is how I'm against people "pirating" other's intellectual properties for their own monetary gain by giving them a taste of their own medicine

Seems to have completely missed the point that it was about vibes, that seeing someone stating that they only will care about you if it's business related on a social website doesn't give any good vibes, especially when the only way they will give you a shit about you is if you pay them up. This is just sprinkles on the bigger issue, not a main problem

Anyway I'm done here, I explained myself plenty already and I don't want to play the repeat game. Now just to give some more clarifications, I don't condone piracy in general unless there is some decent reason around it (Product is not produced anymore, impossible to get it legally, DRM is getting in your way, the game isn't technically making any money (Emulating video games)) and of course one of those reasons for me is when the artists themselves don't give a shit about copyrights and intellectual properties, then they can just fuck off, especially when they obviously act like a greedy fuck. For actual artists who make original content, then people whining because they can't get the stuff for free are crybabies - Stop smoking your cigs/spend your money on beer and save up your money for furry porn instead

>Still an awful example. First off 99% of pirates wouldn't even buy the product in the first place.

OK. I never take loans from a bank. would it be normal for me to intervene in their database and add a few extra zeros to my account? Well, assuming that I could do it, overcoming their protection. Copying numbers - no one was hurt, because it is not material. Moreover, the bank would have had many other figures, I would not reduce them on other accounts. Do you think that would serve as a sufficient alibi for the police if they discovered this? ;)

> Two legally made products,

Do all artists make their drawings with other characters?
I see that most artists just draw mostly their characters or what they order from them.
Is the work of the photographer who creates an instant copy of the house that the architect built - theft? in your vision of the world. is the theft of using some situations in hundreds of TV shows ... these situations are also someone who has invented them and probably this is also a theft? Is it a theft when a teacher makes you write something from a textbook in your notebook? As an expert on moral boundaries, you probably should know the answer for sure, right?

> two products having tangible costs

those. - something that has a low cost of performance - can be taken for free and this is normal. And the fact that a high cost - can not take? What is the number of this "can / not" border, O great moral Judge of the Universe?
Perhaps at the border, when a rich copyright holder can spend several thousand dollars to kick your hypocritical pretentious ass?

> people "pirating" other's intellectual properties for their own monetary gain by giving them a taste of their own medicine

I am sure that those who would be a little braver than you and could get into your house to take a laptop or an XBox would also justify their actions. "oh, this guy is violating other people's rights! we are doing a good deed by taking away his crime instrument - a laptop with torrents and pirated music ..."

>about you if it's business related on a social website doesn't give any good vibes, especially when the only way they will give you a shit about you is if you pay them up. This is just sprinkles on the bigger issue, not a main problem

If I communicate with people outside of work - I prefer to choose my own social circle. Usually these are those who are pleasant or beneficial to me - can teach me something useful and interesting. I do not go to communicate with the homeless living under the bridge. It is not interesting and useless. And if no one pays me for it - probably I would prefer a circle of people with whom I like to communicate. To whom I trust. Maybe I am not writing about this big sign in my workplace at the casino. But maybe I would write. If the guards did not screen out at the entrance of everyone who goes to the casino just to talk, instead of playing.
You probably hate the whole world, because 99% of people in this world hardly began to waste their time on you just like that, if they are not paid for it. Let me tell you a secret - all these people have their own social circle. Friends, colleagues, etc. and trying to intrude yourself into this social circle - you are unlikely to get anything other than a kick from them. It does not work otherwise, believe me. Not a single casino croupier, butcher or baker would spend time on you if you are not a customer. For communication, they have their friends and colleagues. People who are interested in them. If you are not interested in them and if you do not buy anything, you are not interesting in the x2 degree.

>and of course one of those reasons for me is when the artists themselves don't give a shit about copyrights and intellectual properties,

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I heard that. and the fact that even those artists who do not violate anyone's rights violate your right to receive their work for free. and yet they do not want to kiss your pretentious ass for free. They definitely do not deserve to earn more than $ 100 a month and should live in a box under the TV somewhere under the bridge. nasty, disgusting people. And you - just pay them their "medicine". I already read all this hypocrisy.

Try to be a pleasant person and not demonstrate your retardness and hypocrisy - maybe then more people will communicate with you than usual.

TLDR: if you don't wanna pay the artist, then they have no obligation to give you the art for free, no matter how hard you scream.

Well I sure did good not to bother for a while again because oh boy that reply is filled to the brim with strawmen, clearly not worth my time anymore
If you're an artist merchandising your stuff to hell using intellectual properties you don't own, which is usually done by treating your viewerbase like shit, then I'm perfectly fine for their stuff to be leaked. This is basically a wrong for a wrong. I personally don't care about their art, I don't even want to touch it, however I'm A-OK when I see other people leak it
Again since it seems to be hard to understand, I can buy the stuff myself, I have no issue with money. I supported some Patreon people in the past but stopped, because Patreon were doing their censoring bullshit by kicking off some people out of their platform for no valid reason whatsoever. Principles, this is what it is about. I support nice artists not treating their fanvbase like crap, and I despise whory artists who do and I don't care what happens with their art

> I can buy the stuff myself

strange. I thought you had a deep philosophy for every occasion, justifying any situation why you don’t need to buy anything;)

> I have no issue with money

ahahahah, of course ...

> I supported some Patreon people

Yes, it can be believed with some difficulty .. but, probably, until they blocked you.

> Principles, this is what it is about.

Why do you call hypocrisy principles?

> I support nice artists, and I’m not sure what happens with their art

- why do you call yourself their fan base? A fan is someone who likes everything so much that he spends money on his favorite content producers. Often in absurd volumes. There are few fans among fans of music groups. There are those who like it and he buys baseball caps, clubs and of course concert tickets. And there are those who just download this music from torrents. The second is not fanbase. These are just consumers. The very fact that you like something does not oblige the manufacturer to give it to you for free. For example, I like money - but not a single bank and not a single state will give it to me merely on the grounds that I like it. Even if I call myself a fan of a bank or a state.

- although it would be interesting to see a list of those artists who managed to so lick your ass that it reduced your natural desire to consume their work for free for a while. However, I am sure that you will consume their labor for free anyway. The whole difference for you between the "bad" and the "good" is only that the former have learned to defend themselves better, and from the latter you can take their work without much effort or effortlessly. You hate the first, the second you despise the curse to lick the ass of others in the hope that they will pay more. But that doesn't work, right, my little hypocrite? You will always think up a reason not to pay the artist, putting this reason on the thick slab of your "philosophy."

- the artist painted another character
- the artist kissed your ass just two times and did not lick, but it should have been three times or better than five ...
- the artist did not brush his teeth

and the like :) just learn to recognize yourself as you are.

I don't know what you wankers are talking about, but all this talk just takes the heat off blitzjew. Keep talking and she'll keep on jewing.

>why do you call yourself their fan base?

Because I like the art, and want to enable the artist to keep drawing. What happens to the art doesn't impact my donation.

> Because I want to keep drawing. What happens to your artwork?

"I love steaks" ... should this console a cow before it becomes a steak?
Are steak lovers fanned by cows? and lovers of money - fans of the bank? Does it require the bank to give them money for free just because they love money?

> want to keep drawing

cause and effect, man. if the artist gets less money, he draws less. or draws something else that brings him more money. Buy a textbook of logic, finally. or at least download for free;)

While blitz's ego is long overdue to be taken down a few pegs, and more efforts should be taken to do so, I'll just post this question in the down time for that happening: What's up with the Sifyro patreon? As far as I can tell it's literally the exact same content that's being posted onto the blitzdrachin patreon, shitty use of primeleap and all. Seems kinda redundant to have two paywalls going at the same time that both filter into the same secondary paywall. Are their seriously people paying into the both of them?

eww paywalls are gross yuck
i prefer sweet cunts
walls are 4 pussies ClashofClans.jpg

The Sifyro Patreon is apparently one where they post SFW content only. I... really do not understand the reasoning for this. Unless they end up stop posting SFW content on the Blitzdrachin Patreon making it NSFW only? It really makes no sense to me... actually now that I think about it, the $10 tier on the Sifyro Patreon gives access to Photoshop and SAI files... I don't think they're doing that for the Blitzdrachin Patreon meaning they are probably literally only watermarking their porn as watermarking a Photshop file would be really weird...

Calm down dude. Nobody had anything to add to the topic of the site, may as well get something related to talk about


>"I love steaks" ... should this console a cow before it becomes a steak?
>Are steak lovers fanned by cows? and lovers of money - fans of the bank? Does it require the bank to give them money for free just because they love money?
dat false analogy

>cause and effect, man. if the artist gets less money, he draws less. or draws something else that brings him more money.
>What happens to the art doesn't impact my donation.

> dat false analogy

Of course, there will be no arguments?

>ignores inconvenient points
>> dat false analogy
>Of course, there will be no arguments?
Come back when you have a real argument.

> real argument.

as we see, you poorly understand the term "argument" and are not able to operate with it.

ah crapnuggets i can't delete my comment
[im sorry for acting like a dumb parrot]
but jeez guys seriously this "paywall argument" won't get us anywhere
also thread ARCHIVEd.IS

Lastly, not trying to be ungrateful here but
just wondering, did you guys scrape the post comments and description from the site

Remember when this thread was about acually getting Blitz images leaked?

Nah, I don't either.

oh shoot now what
i might as well give up hope on humannity

Still waiting....


it only proves to me that I overestimated your intellect. keep on waiting or at least read what the “argument” and “analogy” are in Wikipedia before using these terms.



specify - do you really read and understand everything or just send a link to prove that you can at least use Google?


I see you still slow down or just broke your keyboard with your head?

Man can you fucks shut the fuck up and post some Blitz patreon pics from this month already?

what for? I have no motivation for this.
First, I do not like this content - I do not like Pokemon and all that. I do not find it erotic per gram.
secondly, if I liked it and I would be among those who pay him - why should I do something free for someone deeply indifferent to me? And not even for the reason that I would be afraid of losing my account. And due to the fact that if I paid for it, it would mean that I want to get more of such content.
And if I had undermined the artist’s income by distributing his content for free ... I would end up with less money for my own money, because the people who paid the artist would be less. As a result, he would spend more time on another type of work that is more beneficial for him. In my opinion this is extremely logical for anyone whose IQ is higher than that of a cockroach. Is not it so?

If you don't like the content to put the money forth to leak it in the first place, then that's all well and good. The purporse of this thread though is to leak blitz's stuff, so of course we're going to care about leaking it here.
As to why we care, take a proper read of the entirety of this thread. Blitz is a shitty person overcharging for passable but overvalued artwork, has a hissy fit any time someone remotely mentions the word "leak" for that content, to the point that she bans people who want to give her money because someone mentioned the word "leak" somewhere, completely unrelated to the person trying to pay her money, and virtually single handedly fucked over any meaningful way of archiving not only her own stuff, but the stuff of a number of other artists via getting them onto the same program, by slapping so much in the way of bullshit DRM ontop of the art, that you have to jump through hoops as a paying patron to even get to, that it's actively and noticably degrading the quality of the images the people that are paying her money for.

In short, she's irrationally paranoid about leaks enough to actively make the patreon experience worse for all involved, and shat on a number of other peoples works by proxy to her "anti leak service", and cares more about stopping leakers than she does supporting the people who actually give a fuck about her by giving her money with quality content.

I don't even care about the content at this point, I just want to see her have a proper spaztic mealtdown whenever someone who gives enough of a shit finally goes and proper leaks everything in such a way she can't do anything about it, to spite all she's done to shit on her own creations to prevent the inevitable.

>projecting this hard

> if I had undermined the artist’s income by distributing his content for free
We're still waiting for evidence on that.

>I don't even care about the content at this point, I just want to see her have a proper spaztic mealtdown whenever someone who gives enough of a shit finally goes and proper leaks everything in such a way she can't do anything about it, to spite all she's done to shit on her own creations to prevent the inevitable.

> Blitz is a shitty person overcharging for passable but overvalued artwork,

Yes, I am aware that any artist is a shit, if he nedosatono well licks asses to all passersby and does not earn more than the most beggar of passersby. All those who do not meet these requirements, of course, need to punish. I respect your holy mission worthy of a sperger.

> bullshit DRM ontop of the art, that you have to jump through hoops as a paying patron to even get to, that it's actively and noticably degrading the quality of the images the people that are paying her money for.

cause and effect, man. you all have huge problems with logic and common sense. It seems to me that artists do not have DRM in order to make the life of their sponsors more difficult, but as a protective reaction to leaks - right? Those. saying "we do leaks because - DRM" is a little crazy. Because "DRM is applied - because there are leaks." It's called logic, dude.

>nd cares more about stopping leakers than she does supporting the people who actually give a fuck about her by giving her money with quality content.

and if the terrible and incomprehensible word “logic” is applied again, then we can come to the conclusion that the artist considers this proportion of resource allocation necessary. If he had not defended his pictures - no one would pay for them. Well, except perhaps his personal friends. Therefore - it is quite clear that any artist will spend considerable forces to protect his shit. Moreover, about 70% of all sponsors just pay him only because of the fact that protection exists. If it was not - everyone could get this shit for free. Is it logical And if no one would have to pay for it - the artist would lose the motivation to spend time on it. Consequently, even those who are willing to pay for this shit - are interested in the artist to devote proper time to protection. Otherwise, they just lose the flow of content, right? I understand that such deep thoughts are hard to fit into such a small skull, but if you think about it for a sufficient amount of hours, you may be able to chew this thought.

>I don't even care about the content at this point, I just want to see her have a proper spaztic mealtdown whenever someone who gives enough of a shit finally goes and proper leaks everything in such a way she can't do anything about it, to spite all she's done to shit on her own creations to prevent the inevitable.

dude, i don't give a damn. I love beautiful pictures of the level of artists like zaush. All the rest is sad shit - absolutely not interesting.

>> if I had undermined the artist’s income by distributing his content for free
>We're still waiting for evidence on that.

It does not need proof for anyone. who was lucky to be born with the brain. But for people with disabilities, I will try to make it clear - suppose you like some type of shit and you have $ 10. in 10 places this shit is given free of charge, and in 20 other places they ask for 1-5 dollars for shit. In this case, the crap in these paid places - tastier for you. Therefore, the choice is obvious - you take what they give for free - for free. After all, there is no point in spending money on what is available for free, because you never have enough money for all the many things in this world that you want to get. On a personal home, expensive car, paid porn. Money is always less than your desires. And if no one is driving a cockroach along a treadmill, then you will move along the path of least resistance. DRM and so on are the edges of the track. Guides you in the right direction. When someone turns on the light, you just run. I hope my proof was clear enough?

I explained it in terms of logic. From a statistical point of view, dozens of artists published a graph of the fall in their income at the time of leakage. If you wash your eyes and look at any threads where there are iterators of artists about the leak - you can find a ton of data on this topic. But, of course, you are one of those who do not recognize any evidence and thoughts, if they do not allow you to wash the dirty diaper of your "conscience", right?

now from the outside it looks like this:

- he earns too much! let's rob it!
- oh, he dared to apply DRM And now even paying money - we get shit of poorer quality! let's rob it!
- oh, he strengthened the DRM and even for the money his pictures began to look even worse! let's rob him!

You know, this whole situation looks like you stepped on your own scrotum with your foot. it hurt you and you stamped your foot in a rage, once again hitting your own scrotum. you, of course, became even more painful. But you can not stop. Just because it is not able to realize the direct relationship between your actions and your own pain.

if blitz is watching this thread, he obviously has nothing to worry about for the rest of his life with the morons he's viewing here.

anyone have a barfing bag
this thread is getting really messy
its like shoving a steaming pile of shit filled with lies down my ass and throat

yo guys stop bitching
Are you gonna hack my site or what
you know i might as well dox myself for this

sorry what maam
im allergic to drama i mean bullshit

>If he had not defended his pictures - no one would pay for them
>What happens to the art doesn't impact my donation.
Shit like DRM discourages me from donating to artists who use it, in favor of artists who use Patreon as intended. So much for Logic and common sense.

>From a statistical point of view, dozens of artists published a graph of the fall in their income at the time of leakage
Prove it. The last person who tried clearly didn't know how to read graphs.

>dat hyperbole
>dat false analogy
So what's this about Logic?

>claims to argue from logic
>resorts to ad hominem attacks
>conflates repledging with leaks

can this thread get deleted or locked already?? jesus christ. clearly people would rather act like entitled autistic monkeys than stay on topic and leak this fucking artist

i can't upload locky

>>23474Just two morons to destroy a thread with garbage back and forth and forever ensuring a crappy artist gets away with everything he's done for the rest of time.

Fuck. You. Two. Faggots.

Idk if you guys were updated or not on the DRM methods and why nobody's trying to circumvent them (or why the ones that do try fail).

This sums it up nicely:

The DRM is NOT limited to obvious text watermarks. Here's a non-exhaustive list of the watermarks I know of:

* Hex code watermarks (the easy ones). Usually plastered all over the place and used in conjunction with other watermarks.
* Transparent outlines of shapes, using unique size and positional data to identify you.
* Dots and Dashes were considered by Vicar at one point. They'd contain data directly, similar to to the hex watermarks.
* Procedurally repositioned layers. Layers are slightly offset unique to your account ID.

The image in this post shows the difference between two user's images. As you can see, there's a lot more going on than hexadecimal watermark strings. "

While it is possible to circumvent all of these, you'd have to either put in a tremendous amount of time and work(at which point you might as well just be redrawing the image) or censor out and modify the image so badly that it's unrecognizable. As much as I hate to admit it, Vicar has created a successful deterrent, in which the effort needed to set up the DRM is way less than the effort needed to circumvent it.

Thankfully, Primeleap seems to only be used by egotistical assholes that don't deserve support anyway, so nothing of worth is lost by letting primeleap rot in its own little corner of the internet.

Oh also, Vicar broke his own privacy policy by collecting hardware information and other data without informing users. Someone was in the process of suing him at one point. Not sure how that's going or if anything happened since then. Here's the screenshots they posted:

Even this is confirmed old and they've evolved even further, we're losing so fucking hard is not even funny.

It's not our fault the conversation hasn't been advancing:


wouldn't it be possible to just make a burner patreon account to leak the pictures and let that burner account get the punishment?

thank you anon
but the jew is watching
for your safety
i suggest you use something private
like HackForumz
[im uninvited there (;_;)]

also just wondering how expensive is this service
and is it worth the cost
lastly just wondering, did you guys scrape the post comments and description from the site

everything from march 2018 to january 2019 is in there
watermarks are still present
it was also uploaded on yiff.party, in case the website goes down or it takes a month to get approved

Where did you originally find this beautiful anon?

thx m8
may the force be with us
(edit) FFFFUUCK link down
[i was asleep that time]

plz reupload m8 i will seed the link uzerZDK235@protonmail.com

also where did CistasTech go

Yes, please reupload promptly. Or would the admin please promply approve of this mans file.
If anyone grabbed it and would reupload it, also please do, or send a link to fobalarem@heximail.com if you're a bit squeamish.

Anybody got this ?

It could have been all a ruse, fake link and deleted instantly? Either way, fucking sucks, Blitz still getting away with this shit.

this is not a ruse. the link is probably down because it got reported by her.
the pack was not found. i downloaded everything manually while i was a primeleap user. just saying that makes me want to puke, but this was done for a just cause.
while the pack is being uploaded again, let us all laugh on the fact that blitzdrachin is flagging content on the premise of copyrights infringements while she is abusing it herself and making tons of money in the process. hypocrisy works in mysterious ways.
i will not be able to upload the pack again for some days if it gets deleted again. the vpn i am using is close to its maximum quota. be quick to grab it while it's still up. good luck.

download complete now how do i seed without getting caught
if u want link use my email plz
and is this shit watermarked
also >>24699 are you the same anon who uploaded the mega link
lastly this is the 500th comment of the thread

rejected i think

how the heck did you even create a burner account
is it even possible to bypass mobile verification

Without Panel Difference.png (48.4KiB, 2500x3400) save_alt

Thank you so much, truly. We needed someone to prove that all this bullshit about the drm site being impenetrable was absolutely absurd. I think there may be some stuff that may be missing, as the site lucky has now has some pieces that aren't anywhere to be seen in your upload.
Despite that, there's a tiny overlap of stuff that was leaked at some other time so I could have some direct comparisons, and there's either literally one watermark if there was one before, or a similar/exact same number of watermarks as it had in the past on the older pieces, in the exact same spots even. Assuming this is a obvious red herring, and that the watermarking scheme for any given image isn't changed from initial upload.
Checking the newest stuff, there seems to be literally nothing as far as I can tell from first glance. I'm gonna need a second opinion on this, but presumably either blitz has laxed after internal pushback from the watermarks encroching on the artwork to the point of being visible, like it's been reported elsewhere, or the watermarks for only the newer stuff is doing a far better job of blending in with the artwork. Again, gonna need some art from a different source to confirm either way if that's the case.

This image is the watermark from a couple sources of the same older image as a example of a single watermark image. I hope the watermark is obvious.

Maybe.png (1010.0B, 248x224) save_alt

And this is a example of what is either the new watermark (8x and sharpened, isn't really that noticable otherwise but my monitors colors are shit), or me being paranoid about some speckles leftover from a stray pen brush.
What is your stance of reuploading the art, especially the newer stuff, elsewhere? Presumably the second one of blitz's cronies gets a hold of the file your ass is banned given the older watermarks are still functionally in place, but I don't really want to help it happen any faster by speeding the process up.

ctrl f Cistatech
bumping for >>23024
read the bottom part of his comment
also >>21081 >>19897 >>17405 >>7234

i will try using onionshare
hopefully it works

You assume anything is just paint speckle, and that's when you fuck up. Don't doubt anything this bitch does, if you can think it, she's probably done it.

My presumption is watermark, but I'm not going to jump to conclusions until I can confirm either way. Remember, whatever the watermarking scheme it still has to try to be readable after the image has been scrubbed, which the smaller and more indescript the watermark, the harder that is to do given how little work it is to remove it at that point.


What is this supposed to signify?
At any rate, the series of seemingly random dots get scrambled pretty easily with a denoiser anyway, so if that was what it was then that method was pretty useless.

theres more methods used.

at any rate its amusing the blitz did a takedown of her content from 2016 and earlier, and all animations and made them $25 tier stuff. not like there isnt archives of all that everywhere across like 10 boorus and the fa archive. some of that stuff was commissions so not sure what the point of taking that down was when its in the commissioners galleries

i had no idea she did this, makes me despise her even more now.

small update : the images pack is now on blitzdrachin's yiff page. no need to worry about takedowns anymore.
let us hope that yiff will be online for more than a week. i do not think people are inclined to update with how hard it is to donate and how everyone here is mad at the normies only caring about human porn.

How much of that is stuff that was posted to the patreon, and by extension is already archived here? That would be all kinds of retarded if that's all literally still here kek.
What sort of "other methods" are we talking about? Literally anything that isn't in the image pixel arrangement itself can get wiped with relative ease, a denoiser can scramble anything in the single pixels size range that's otherwise undetectable, and if it's some sort of subtle color changes across the image, then some very light color modifications across the image would render that completely useless. It's either there's something visible and obvious that can be esaily removed once detected, or something that can get swept away with relatively little effort.

Can someone fix the latest shared file that was uploaded on blitzdrachins yiff?It doesnt want to be downloaded its always timing out

Blitz took down the google drive link and paid off admin to block the YP file.

How you know that?

i have the goddam file with me and hdd is almost full

i deleted the link, i expected the pack to be functional on yiff.
it has been reuploaded, again. i will leave the link available until i can confirm that it works on yiff.

>What is this supposed to signify?

A point not satisfactorily resolved. Follow the conversation.

same file or different m8 dloading now
guess ill have to use the ssd oh well

Old_Watermarking.png (180.9KiB, 3541x3541) save_alt

>I think there may be some stuff that may be missing, as the site lucky has now has some pieces that aren't anywhere to be seen in your upload.
Please disregard, as I'm a moron and didn't realize the stuff I was referring to was really old stuff from before any of this DRM nonsense. Given this, it made for a interesting look at how the watermarking functioned, at least at one point in time, given that I could compare a completely clean version to one with a watermark.
This information is purposeless for sorting out current implementations, but I find it interesting regardless.

thx for the info
and how did you create that image (seperate wmarks from image)

Thx for the link >>24854 really appreciqte it

>Take the two images with different watermarks, or one with and one without watermarks
>Sharpen both of them to 99%
>Set the layer mode to "Difference"
It's that easy. Technically you don't have to sharpen them to have differences show up, but it can be much harder to spot the differences without doing so. Doing this won't result in a image that can be used directly to remove watermarks with layer mode manipulation or anything, but it can be used to make any watermarks that are there super obvious.

Also all of the guilmon comic pages are watermarked which is very annoying.If someone knows how to remove watermarks very well then please do

Also Lucky said he had some people working on dewatermarking it, though I don't know what happened with that.

double thx

>Also Lucky said he had some people working on dewatermarking it, though I don't know what happened with that.

as usual nothing. idiot got his attention and that's it. What are you - seriously waiting for him to do something in practice? ahahah.

Lucky said he was doing shit like 6 months ago, even if he's doing it, the absurd amount of time he's taking has caused him to fall into irrelevance. If you see this lucky, Piss off and fuck off. We don't care anymore, cuz someone has actually delivered here while you didn't.

watermarklol.png (1.1KiB, 231x99) save_alt

edit the images manually or try an automatic noise filter, but it is clearly not worth your time to spend on all these pictures to remove those stupid watermarks.

EDIT its just the same old file just a different filename
old name artpack.7z new name blitzdrachinpatreon.7z
the hashes are (BOTH FILES ARE SAME)

MD5: 13981d94961e5ea128bfc85b4e2c63ec
SHA1: e93b3658831bc6dc67d2376b7db389fb8a23fd13
SHA256: a6ed6104bf4de3478a88fee9dcafdb7cff94662d26e6d16b2b183804773ea98b

and plz compare after downloading
Virustotal link unavailable sorry about that
scanned by Winhasher (in my VM)

EDIT2 hashes are not case sensitive for 7-zip all hashes are on capital letters

Anyone else having problems downloading the file from their page? I've downloaded other stuff today but that file keeps giving me a time out error.

Get a better internet for heavy files.

I've downloaded multiple 1GB files from Ncad's page today. So that's not the issue.

Yea the download's just tripping up from yiff.party for some reason. The link in here still works, so I guess we'll have to wait for the admin to fix this, or if that link goes down enough people have grabbed it that it can be put somewhere else easily enough.
For some reason when searching blitz on the home page it says there's 12 shared files, despite there now being 13 with the new one. I wonder if that's related.

While I was about to release the first ten pages looks like the leak ended up coming through first.

So someone already posted the leaked images on WildCritters. Looks like they're there to stay. We got pretty stable and reliable servers. But so far it's only the guilmon and impmon comic,

Well the pics will stay there but with still the annoying watermarks on them

They can be replaced once the better quality ones show up lol. >>25001

flagging.png (1.6KiB, 365x125) save_alt

the download link does not work anymore >>24854 it has been flagged for review. this confirms that she has been flagging the links down.
someone should try to reupload the zip pack to yiff and maybe it will work as intended this time.

how the fuck do i seed i still got the file with me

if anyone has the file compare it with the hashes before uploading to WC

Using your preferred torrent client, you can create a torrent with whatever file you have in your designated download location, or wherever it is. Once that's done, just activate the torrent on your downloader and it will verify the files before it starts to seed. It should give you a hash number for others to download on their downloaders, if not you can always just dropbox or one drive the torrent file for anyone to use.

More_Watermarking.png (4.5KiB, 872x312) save_alt

So did you just dump the comic as is without whatever work you had done to remove watermarks? 'cause there is a LOT. Found what is pretty obviously yet another watermarking scheme, don't know why you'd try anything that blatantly comes up like this, or relly trying anything as anything that can survive a denoise is gonna stick out like a sore thumb.
Also, the files in the recent leak have the text string found in the embedded watermark in the filename, for whatever reason.
Also also, who the hell is p2k?

Page 15_Advanced_Retardation.gif (2.5MiB, 1447x2047) save_alt

On top of that, we're sticking characters over the entire image now, because wrecking your art on the small scale wasn't enough. But not over word balloons, which leads me to believe that either doing so would be just a little bit too obvious, or there's some "Lets move the balloons around" that feral bird comic on primeleap is infamous for.

What_in_tarnation.png (7.9MiB, 2894x4093) save_alt

I don't know whether this is lucky trying to scramble the watermark reader with so many from different people it doesn't know what to do, or this is legitimately what blitz's doing to her own artwork now, but the first few pages are, to be frank, absolutely absurd (It's both more text strings than art, and multiple big characters covering chunks of the image). I'd find this hilarious if it wasn't so sad.
If anyone wants the leak that's down now and broken on yiff.party, just say so and I think I can sort something out as I grabbed it before it went down.

Can i upload directly to WC
(Creating account in one hour plz wait)

Yes. You can mass upload as well, but you will have to tag them manually and individually if there are differences, and set the ratings. It's still a work in progress.

Nope. This is all Vicar's watermarking software doing it's work at Blitzdrachin's discretion. The watermarks got bigger and bigger and more obvious later on, I guess to compensate for the Waifu2x software since a handful use it to resize from small form factors.

It is atrocious, though. I guess later on Blitz learned the hard way how bad they look stamped a million times on Impmon's face from her fans putting up complaints. lol.

I want to upload the 7z file not one pic at a time
I barely had the time to download this shit
So mannny Tests on monday sorry bout dat

Also lets just do what this guy says https://yiff.party/bbs/read/23671#24288 i think its better this way


yo did anyone nab the new files? I could combine them with my archive and I'll upload the entire archive

Yea, but if anyone wanted the stuff not in that new file pack they could just go to the yiff.party page and frab the extra files and normal patreon content like they always had.
Do you want the new files anon?

yeah the newer ones recently posted

You're going to need to rename these files "(some file name).7z.00x (the x being the number, don't change that) and recombine them, but here you go:

Meanwhile, here's the same artpack. In a single magnet link string I created.



are those actual 7zip files because I get errors

okay I did it, it's all uploaded now. I believe it's everything that's been uploaded to her site available for download. I know you're watching this thread, blitzy, or whomever friends she has dug in by her talons. I hope you like drawing copyrighted characters and making a turning off them which is ILLEGAL.


Anyone got the mega file earlier >>24332

If I had of known you'd of done that, I wouldn't of bothered. Oh well.
The files from >>25074 and >>25066 are the same file.

Did this get sorted? Im willing to give a measly $10 to blow open a artists entire jewery archive. Im not on here too often, do we have tripcodes yet?

You have two of the comics missing in your file there, Guilmon X Impmon and Dragon Lessons II (plus one image in Dec 2017, Seadramon x Lapras x Seadramon (Gay version), I didn't check every file to see whether there's anything else missing). Good to see alternatives regardless.
There was never a problem. If you didn't give a fuck and were smart enough to not do anything retarded and get your ass banned, this could of been done ages ago. Most of the content is out there now, aside from whatever has been released this month. If you want to go ahead, but blitz is known for banning new people shortly after someone mentions wanting to join to leak their stuff. People leaking every 6 months or a year isn't optimal, but doing so still sticks it to this absurdity.

>>24332 >>24854
are these files the same

how do i merge them into one big 7z file

its sorted i think

>are these files the same
>how do i merge them into one big 7z file
You know google is a thing, right?

use this guys https://www.raymond.cc/blog/how-to-split-and-join-big-files/
and make sure the all files have the same filename
but the extension is .001 .002
i had trouble doing it but figured it out later
also are they the same people
and how did you download from YP (5xx error)

so where does this thread go when yiffparty shuts down? do we lose all this progress?

So latest image she uploaded on FA says there's an animation for $25, now I would ask for that, but is anyone here really going to be a $25 supporter? Cuz I'm sure that animation ain't gonna be seen by us for a loooooooong time, considering she doesn't release that type of content like she does the regular art.

There's actually a whole folder filled with blitz animations that he seems to make for each pic, so everything that was leaked acually has an animation counterpart, but because no way anyone here is a $25 buck supporter, you're shit out of luck dude.

Animation CynderxSpyro Upgraded (Frame Cleanup).gif (3.8MiB, 734x1000) save_alt

To keep the momentum going, here's the animation in question, obtained by a wonderful anon who jumped in and grabbed it before shortly getting ass blasted. This is technically not the exact original file as there were empty frames I removed and retimed to compensate so it didn't chage (which resulted in a larger filesize, somehow. Somethnig screwy with how I exported it clearly.)
If the original untouched file is crucial, let me know.

$25 bucks down the drain for that guy yikes. He didn't even wait out the rest of the month to grab the rest of the animation. How can people be this thick.

Hey >>25241 can you share the original too?

Animation CynderxSpyro Upgraded.gif (2.7MiB, 734x1000) save_alt


So >>25367 like whats the difference with the other one?

It's the way the frames are packed. There's empty frames in the original because every frame plays the exact same length of time, despite not every frame having any new data. So in an attempt to optimize I removed those frames and make the frames before the empty ones play the length of time the empty ones would of played over + their original time.
It was all pointless though as you can see it somehow inflated the filesize. I don't think the program I'm using is doing the "Every frame above is only new stuff" thing the original does if reopening it is any indication. Could probably do that manually, but at this point I can't be bothered.

Well blitz is adding to this animation so RIP that guy who leaked too soon.

Well sucks to be us AND the poor guy who leaked too early

You fucking serious? Why the fuck couldn't that bozo hold his dick for a few more days. The likelihood of another guy willing to waste $25 bucks for the other scenes is a 9 month wait, but like all the blitz content.

You are a god among men. Thank you for your work!

I'll be uploading this to Wildcritters to get Blitz' attention. I wanna talk.

Of course you'll come along to grab someone's else sacrifice. When the fuck did you ever accomplish what you said you were gonna did? I'm still pissed you promised and lied for 12 months faggot.

We all know you are doing all this to get her attention and advertise your empty site.
But that's not how you get someone's attention if you wanted to have a reasonable talk. Man up dude, send her a message on IB without being an asshole at the start. I guess she never messaged you no matter how many times you used her leaked content to adversite your site.

Well if he can message her on ib good for him cause for some reason its not available and I cant even comment on her work

Would anyone happen to have a collection of her old work? She has also purged everything from 2016 and older and put it behind that retardedly high paywall.

If it was on the patreon between when she started the patreon (which she did REALLY early into patreon catching on, 2015, to the surprise of no one) and when her personal site / primeleap was set up, it's all here. Plus there's >>25085 which as far as I can tell, has most of everything, mostly post DRM sites, as well, though almost if not all of it has watermarks from her DRM setup regardless of whether it was from before primeleap or not, so I'd still download everything from yiff.party first.
If there's stuff from furaffinity from even before that (I wouldn't know) there's a onion link that's floating around that has backups of alot of furaffinity's users. It's infamously a pain to get into even with the link though.
There's also the furry booru, which pulls from e621 and isn't as fickle as e621, though isn't 100% comprehensive so there may be stuff missing. (How many images are on e621 anyway?)

E621 is the same deal, purged of anything she wanted behind the Paywall.

my leaks are in there too, really great to see my contribution being of use. however you missed on two comics that i have leaked : dragon lessons two and guilmon x impmon, the latter being incomplete since the other pages were not released yet, but still had twenty pages. if anyone still have my pack from >>24332 >>24699 >>24854 then the two comics should be in there.

i do know know if that was aimed at me, but i jumped ship at the 28/29th of the month, I did not want to contribute another ten dollars to this person. sorry if i disappointed you.

try your luck with this.


Fat chance of that happening. Vicar told me she doesn't want to deal with me. This is why I'm doing this. She has my discord name, and she hasn't even bothered. So nice try for playing the devil's advocate there buddy.

Also, what, empty? It's got more activity than this board has with barely anything for months C:

You clearly don't know what you're talking about. I had scrubbed images that we were gonna release. I lied for 12 months? I didn't even start doing this until mid September. That's six months. Now who's the lying one, "faggot"? Maybe you should choose your words more carefully.

Not my problem he 'sacrificed' himself just so we can fap to some mediocre artist's works. I aim for high quality, you all just want the content regardless of quality. That's the difference between me and you. If you want to fap to Blitz's works just pixelate it to hell and waifu2x and fap away. Dorks.

I'll still scrub and post the 4k versions on my site since nobody cares.

You insult everyone and you wonder why they want you to go away.

>Insult everyone.
>You wonder why they want you to go away

I'm sorry. But the insults came from elsewhere, not me. Perhaps you're conflating yourself with "Everyone"? I did not know you were the center of the universe. Perhaps you should look at what you type before making asinine statements.

Can you sound anymore inflated?

Dude, that behavior is very disgusting. Don't expect someone to contact you if you are like that. You seem like the guy at the school that tries to get his crush attention by being a complete asshole.
With that ego I doubt Blitz will contact you, from what I've seen, she only likes hanging out with memeish people. If you know that Blitz read this board, just write here what do you want, unless you want to date her or ask her nudes lol.

Is there a highquality version of the Serviper x Flygon animation?

Yes? I didn't suggest e621 for exactly that reason. What was the point of your post?

this is gold AAAand archived

I guess nobody gives a shit then.

I'll just stop investing my time on this board and just post my own content. Thanks guys.

Oh geez...ok I'm new to this board soo what happen here? Keep it short...just curious...

What fucking effort? Again, someone suicided and you took ALL the fucking for credit after promising for 6 months. Get The Fuck Out.

Blitz created a site to track leakers, it delays leaks for months, people here gets desperated and really butthurt, people create lots of false rumors, witch hunt starts, only a few retards care about it, nobody leaks yet, after several months 1 leak appeared and that's all.

I think you're hitting the d-bag button a little too hard. It helps to read too, he said 'time', not 'effort'. And I don't read him taking any credit for the uploads, only he's notifying us he has them posted on his site for I dunno what, archiving or something? And I doubt he 'promised' anything, dude, I don't know what you're reading. Regardless, you should chill out, he might have something worth looking if his claims are valid, don't push him away just because your dick is impatient to see a bunch of Blitzdrachin art and have a good time with your hand.

It is a tough cookie to crack, but I've seen some work be done by other people outside of YP. If only people weren't complete dicks and be patient they probably would have gotten more content out of it. Now Blitzdrachin has changed their pledge tiers at the last minute and pulled out all their animations from public viewing, and are probably stashed in PrimeLeap.

AFAIK Patreon might change their policy or it will tank, if the news of it not being sustainable are true, I think maybe PrimeLeap will have to feed their DRM elsewhere. Though the validity of these news is yet to be corroborated. Then again they did try to change their distribution policy a while back only to get boycotted by a lot of their users, making some of them leave pre-emptively. This might be why, but then again I'm not entirely sure.

>It is a tough cookie to crack
How are we still stuck on watermarks? >>21367

Primeleap is the new Netflix but for porn and now with drm
>>25649 if new the read /^\

archiving complete please rate the service
for some reason archive.is did not work for this site
also this is the 601th comment of the thread

happy valetines day fucky
enjoy your masturbation 14 times

This. U18 has proved they have gone space age in their protection months ago and yet all of you are still thinking it's all about watermarks like primitive caveman. No one is going crack it if you don't think pass this.

People are obsessing about the watermarks because it's the only part that matters. Getting around any tracking on the websites side is trivial if you give a shit. VPN's, making sure to clear cookies, virtual machines, multiple different paypal and patreon accounts, not being a retard with upload times in comparison to download times, etc. There's no way to do anything about any of that, and there's nothing in the image files that isn't image itself that can't be removed with relative ease with just opening and exporting it in a image manipulation program, so that leaves you only with whatever is in the image itself. IE, the watermarks.
The moving of elements in the images themselves is a pain in the ass (not just for watermark removal purposes, but because it creates a situation where it's impossible to archive properly), but that can also be defeated in a straight forward manner if more than one copy from entirely different people can be sourced and the elements that were moved around were moved around again by the person leaking.

You want a community that's actually fucking good, to the point of borderline governmental cyber-security apparatus good at cracking stuff and circumventing censorship and the like you go to the fucking torrenting community.
There was actually a bit of news recently about attempts from the Chinese government to implement a new type of copyright protection, that was cracked by some literal who in under 24 hours after its implementation.

The problem with forums like this is that you're very unlikely to find anyone that actually takes that sort of thing seriously, most people here only want to fap to porn. Not learn how computers work on a college degree level.

I rather the torrent community focus on doing what they're doing, fucking up the Chinese gov's censorship is something I can get behind. If that means no one gets their porn here, then I'll take the trade gladly.

If watermark removal/sabotage techniques effect the whole image, then what's the holdup? >>21367

like w7-890 said
this https://yiff.party/bbs/read/23671#24288

remember guys the jew is watching make a HackForums thread

How are we supposed to access that thou?

its meant to be private so yeah
go make an account there

forgot to add this
SHA256 hash is 2b798cb648274f844977ce27b9ed9c302cd8757ff0684639aee155644237d056

>Shut up, the big kids are talking.

>Shut up, the big kids are talking.
What? please tell me what that means

13a6c541135d15db6950a1170c0c9fec.jpg (78.1KiB, 587x800) save_alt

do yall happen to have the colored version of this (non animated)?

Not aware blitz made a static painting version at all.

What Page man?

Why do we need to see the comments of this bitch's site? Who cares about those arse kissers.

Relevant 10 years ago, but Zone doesn't do shit these days, they work in the real world now.

spooky hash, lemme just change 1 pixel very slightly and.... whoops, there goes the hash, its something else now

>'Confidential' IP
>Not running through a VPN

You dun fucked up, she gonna dox you hard now boi. >:D

>some good content

if he could create good content, he would hardly have blown up DRM; on the contrary, he would be extremely interested in keeping all the secrets in order to get paid for good content. Any attempts to "spy" will be visible immediately on a very vile = blatantly missing skill level.

but even if we assume that there was someone whose hands know which end to hold the pen on the tablet .... and who absolutely does not want money ... the fun is that without having the original version of the page you cannot find many types of tags. especially if different people have them in different areas of the page. Having several accounts, at best, you can get the ban of most of them or even all at once.

and the attempts of someone here to provoke foolish people into the role of a victim for the sake of leaking one new page only reduces the number of people willing to participate in it, destroying any drops of trust. it would be worth learning how to manipulate idiots in more subtle, less obvious ways.

Ikr? I think there are trolls here that are edging people to leak because they are 'cowards' or 'letting blitz win', they just want to ban more idiots.

But if it makes people scared to leak, then i guess the trolls have done thier job. This pisses me off, but not enough to leak or give a shit.


pls post the nsfw scorbunny pic

What happens to the watermarking if we just take screenshots?


The watermark is obvious even from screenshot... and even the thumbnail sized one.


10478 brainstorming is over ...

Let me ask who wants to be garantueed banned for a single pic.

That huge leak you all got before was 9months in the making, you can't expect each pic to be leaked from now on since no one is removing the watermarks anymore. So it's another yearly wait unfortunately.

So that's the full res and the thumbnail.... How about the full res at less than 100% (the screenshot)?


its all visible...

if you can be banned from a thumbnail without even opening it, what do you think is going to happen from a screenshot?

Go ahead and try if you think I'm wrong.

Suprisingly, all the people seem to give a shit about is blitz and sef, but Kayla-na and the other cunts get off scot free...Just like Danza has for a year.

>if you can be banned from a thumbnail without even opening it, what do you think is going to happen from a screenshot?
That's why I asked.

This cat and mouse game is fun 'n all, but is it actually getting to anything or is it just to piss off Blitz? While I absolutely endorse just doing that, some leaks along the way for the effort would be cool too.

A whole 10 months of stuff were leaked recently. I think that's already good enough of a job

I mean of course, but new stuff has come since, plus it seems like leaking the SFW stuff is patchy at best.

That's not blitz dude, it's definitely a troll, the real blitz has a certain speaking pattern and that's not it, just ignore him.

The swf stuff is posted on pateron, but all the acually good stuff is on Primeleap and despite the big leak last month, is still not cracked. Account suicide is not a solution to monthly leaking since no one seems to be doing it. If you leak once in 6 months, don't kid yourself in thinking it's a victory, the software has done its job at preventing leaks long enough to get the desperate to pay upfront during that time.

>If you leak once in 6 months, don't kid yourself in thinking it's a victory, the software has done its job at preventing leaks long enough to get the desperate to pay upfront during that time.
Who says we need to pay upfront all that time?

Safe For Work, not ShockWave Flash.

When Wat now???

Well sort of good news everyone
The recent leak was reuploaded and as far as I can see, it doesn't cause a timeout anymore
A small late victory but one nonetheless

He's talking about people who aren't leakers but try to find a way to get without paying first but become frustrated to find nothing and waiting and then bite the bullet.

As for real leakers, this is still effective, they may wait 6 months to pay once and leak stuff 6 months worth of stuff but that's still 6 months of everyone else unable to get their stuff before its leaked and they usually crack.

And once they leak, they're banned, and no one's figured out how to get around a ban because it seems to go through VPNs and records bank details and credit cards used with any paypal, etc.
I'm yet to see if TOR can get around this, but I don't know any users of that who have tried.

Not my question

Seems like the auto file upload system's getting abused.
Hang on...

Blitz pays off admin, you can't upload it on site, it needs to be offloaded.

maybe searchin alternativ for this

w7-890 !nottrippy
when maybe send link for image premium

What conspiracy koolaid are you on?
If the admin was in cahoots with blitz the blitz page wouldn't even be there.

Yeah noticed that. Before I go for conspiracy theories, I would guess it has to do with the two files being the same so they got deleted and seen as spam. Otherwise I have no clue

Hold on. There is no conspiracy. It got deleted because someone else took the leaked content and merged it with earlier dates and every other comic and animation. Nothing was deleted, it was only reorganized

The custom message for blitz page is different from all the others, its an actual personal advertisement and any big leaks worth mentioning that are not old are removed until they are old enough.

B.R.I.B.E. I.N.C.

It's been knowledge for a while that Patreon owners can edit the popup that appears. Blits seems to be the only person caring enough about it, kinda funny how she tries to look very sympathetic here while being this paranoiac over leaks to the point of ruining everyone's rewards with ugly coded watermarks

And yet unless its a big throwaway leak, no one is leaking at all. Not even one a month. No one wants to be banned and by the time a big leak does occur its probably released already.

What does that have to do with the alleged conspiracy?

So much talk and conspiring but no action, what the fuck. I might as well just pay up.

https://yiff.party/127384 you seriously telling me no one can update this

Those are dead/deleted/glitched posts. I tried to update while I was pledging and after the import was done the missing posts stayed at a high number

seconded myself

NVM the admin replaced it with BDART.zip (larger)

Nah, the bdart.zip upload was me. Have no idea what happened with the other file but figured it's worth making sure what has leaked stays available.

The leaked zip pack was renamed at some point, likely to try to avoid detection/flagging since the older name was literally bliztdrachinpatreon. It was confirmed to be the same zip file, just with a different name

spooky numbers.png (414.0KiB, 3400x2800) save_alt

*making H edit of something, used a difference plugin*
Huh, i wonder what all these spooky identifying numbers are here for

Looks like hex-encoded stuff. I think it's either database ids of image and user or some user info. No idea why it's in hex tho.

Less chance of duplicates, maybe? Dunno, maybe they're just trying to be special.

Yep, they're the original methed for identifying who dumped stuff as shown in >>14538. On top of that now the methods range from slapping giant semi-transparent letters over the image like >>25032, to putting different kinds of patterns as well as / in place of the hex code of varying levels of blatant (the latest I'm aware being a grid of square chunks distorting the image slightly where they appear over the entire image), to cropping the image a specific amount as well along with moving the artist logo around.
>H edit
I hope that doesn't mean what I think that means there anon.

>>29942 still gives me the idea that we can just get 2 copies, and do *something* to just the areas that arent the exact same pixels
And yes, it means what you think it means.

That's completely a thing that could be done, don't get why no one has. Possibly because it either takes 2-3x+ the amount of pledges over multiple patreon accounts to get enough redundant image coverage to do that, and/or anons are incapable of coordinating enough to do it between multiple people.

Oh yeah. it remains to find those who are ready to work with their hands, and not with the language. but you have to be careful ... work can cause spontaneous uncontrolled evolution;)))) there may be an unnatural desire to take money from poor students and those who "would not buy it anyway."

did anyone do a graphtreon of blitzdrachin i wanna see how much the jew is losing

Blitz_all.png (32.7KiB, 1110x522) save_alt

Right here, it's a slow burn to the ground but it's definitely there. So much for these anti-leak measures helping with the whole patreon thing.

are-you-on-drugs.jpg (94.4KiB, 644x353) save_alt


Yeah no. The downwards trend is caused by change of focus, if you haven't realised, blitz has dropped a high amount of adult content per month and draws a lot more safe stuff on twitch.

As much as you love for primeleap to be the reason it's just not. Porn is porn, and the only thing that can change the numbers significantly is offering less for the same price which is what happened. And that's starting to affect the bottom line.

Have you guys thought about using privacy.com to create virtual cards?
Blitz will be getting money still but it theyre banning the same cards that leak then this could be a way to keep leaking.

And if they somehow prevent privacy.com cards from being used then that might upset whoever is using them in their fanbase.

Didn't work, they're collecting way more stuff apart from cards. We really need to think harder on this.

I've yet to see any proof that simple change of card, ip and email is not enough to bypass any of this stupid "bans"

That, and a change in monitor resolution, change of hardware config, and making sure you never touch yiff.party with whatever OS you're using. TL:DR, Always do this in a ever changing virtual machine, and consistently change EVERYTHING (IP's, paypal accounts, etc.).

This much work is why no one bothers anymore. They just take the L when they want out, grab what they can and get banned with no intention of coming back.

Not the most sustainable leaking model.

Excuse me but what the fuck.

IF we have to do all this SHIT, for a leak from this artist, then its no wonder people don't bother anymore. We've already all accepted the $5 fee it seems.

There is just no person who is stubborn enough or have some kind of a personal grudge against blitz to leak stuff. I remember there was someone on u18chan who was constantly leaking FAF's content and nothing stopped them. I think FAF banned at least 5 people who he thought was leaking stuff and it didn't stop that person from leaking stuff. I guess he really hated FAF for some reason.

Less of a "You have to" and more of a "If you want to absolutely cover all possible bases", pump and dump works just as well if you don't mind running the risk of any go around being a one time deal with a set of credentials and/or a particular machine, I mean running 1920x1080 for a consistent resolution is hardly going to raise red flags, because we don't know absolutely everything they're tracking, or what the site is dumping on your computer (Cookies and such), hence VMs being the safest bet.

Then be ready for disappointment, cuz people either are too lazy to comment, or its generic praise like Sexy!

You really think there is complaining over there? Fuck no, there's nothing there man. No one is complaining once they're been using it for a while.

> I guess he really hated the FAF for some reason.

banal envy. Russians have such a custom - if one of them starts to earn a lot, then the other poor Russians - immediately begin to hate him. I am a subscriber and I know that there are more than 100 pages that have never been seen in leaks. Leaker convinced several idiots that he could confuse the tracks so that they would not be found. The idiots believed and the leaks were quite frequent, but then stopped. Due to the discontinuation of the reception of new sponsors, no one has succeeded in returning for repeated attacks.

as for Faf, the anonymous who attacked him would most certainly continue to do this if he could - because faf was involved in several more projects. But in recent years they have come up with a hellish scheme of entry, as a result of which an unsuccessful leak will lead not only to the loss of an account, but also to recurring costs (which will grow) and even to a loss of time - as each new sponsor starts to move from the first pages. As a result, each new leak does less damage than when all the pages could be obtained. As a result, many people have to wait a year or more to get access to all pages. And if one of them loses an account — even if he returns under a different name — you will have to buy all the early pages again and pay an increasing amount. Not to mention that it will take many months or even years of waiting to reach the previous point in the plot. Because they give content at a slow rate, in small portions during the month.

If to abstract from emotions - a year ago Faf published more free pages. And 2 years ago - he published all the pages for free according to the scheme "1.2 pages to sponsors - 1 is free for all. 3 and 4 pages for sponsors - 2 page is free for everyone. If the leaks had not continued and he hadn’t written so many comments shit, probably now with the old distribution scheme everyone would see more pages than can be seen in leaks, free of charge without humiliation, and it would be regular publications. If it creates 25 pages a month, then 12 of them would be free several pages a week. Unfortunately shit doesn't hold in crap-flooded people and idiots always overestimate their own “mind.” As a result, everything was completely spoiled. Now think what if Blitz takes advantage of these ideas?

> try QEMU for the VMs vbox is pretty easy to detect

All this as usual does not help. they simply buy the operator’s SMS services and will require authorization via SMS. But it will not be so easy to register a new number; moreover, it is a direct trace to passport data. the services of companies that will allow you to quickly register users via SMS - everything is cheaper, you can already find packages for $ 1000 of an advance payment.

It is naive to think that in protecting their source of money, people will not spend some more money (and of course, they will most likely include these costs in the subscription price). In the end, all you make is to simply increase the price of a monthly subscription.

The law of physics - any action gives rise to opposition. the eternal race of shield vs sword.

No he didn't', its someone worse.

Way too much drama here, but what about this $3000 thing? Did Blitzdrachin actually claim it cost that much to host his stuff? Because Derpibooru costs about $25 a day, and it's about the 10,000th most visited site in the world.

Do we need to focus on Primeleap itself?

were searchin image for this artist

If true, then you're not dealing with some shitbox creators and this is NSA level shit.

Explains how they keep catching everyone even when they change all details, they got way more on you than you think.

Can we ban This bot already?

And also, are we acually going to crack PL or just gonna suicide for content yearly? If so, that isn't winning, that's just releasing content well past its desirable date.

what the fuck happened to the bdart
also is it me or only 2017 content is in the extra files

It's been said a while ago, it's been deleted because someone merged it with previous content on "January 2017 - January 2019 Site Content" after the admin announced a cleanup for duplicates

Anybody got any new leaks?

Anybody deleted the comments here?

No, clearly no one is giving a shit lately,

Also, holy shit this thread has risen from the grave because people actually desire this artist now? I thought from all the 'Blitz art sucks" that no one wanted his art, but here we go again, people clearly are hypocrites.

>I thought from all the 'Blitz art sucks" that no one wanted his art

How do you figure?

Never even bothered to read the thread eh? Lots of "Primeleap can fuck off and blitz sucks"

>Primeleap can fuck off
>blitz [as a person] sucks

you can try to seperate blitz and primeleap, but they go hand in hand now. You want a leak? Then a sacrifice must be made, no one knows anyway around it and its been more than a year.

>you can try to seperate blitz and primeleap, but they go hand in hand now

>its been more than a year
>January 2017 - January 2019 Site Content 2019-03-23 06:35

What would happen if Nintendo C&D'd blitz? lol

I pray that happens just for that asshole to get knock off his pedestal

Suicide accounts don't count. Breaking primeleap and grabbing things without being banned still unobtainable. And now its the end of May, no leaks since that big one.

Didn't seem to hurt Diives one bit, how is Blitz different?

>Didn't seem to hurt Diives one bit, how is Blitz different?
Diives doesn't use Primeleap, but I just wanted to see how Blitz would react lol

>>33705 let me know if anybody here uses OpenAI

we need to create our own watermarking software then a second AI removes the watermarks
then we compare the dewatermarked and original test image
im sure you know whats next ==(i did not say hack the server)==
its called fighting ==fire== with ==fire==

[im sageing nobody seems to be interested here]

me too m8 use this for referrence http://archive.is/https://yiff.party/bbs/read/6877 i just stumbled upon it lol

>>34109 also use something thats already leaked as the test dewatermark file once you are done training the AI

>>34112 fuck you for failget
>>34109 no redtext really fak this board
apologize for triple post also i forgot to add this comment

I know we've talked about this plenty, but why is watermarking still a problem? desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19245564/#19248687. It's as if nobody is experimenting.

So much talk but no one leaks shit. Only when they leave as a supporter like the last guy in January do they release leaks. 6 months ago now. I'm done.

Doesn't help that 99.9% of people are waiting for leaks instead of helping to leak in the first place

>So much talk but no one leaks shit

Because the fear is apparently credible enough not to bother. >>34807

Idea: Get 3 different copies, diff it, then find the watermarks and remove using airbrush

This has been mentioned multiple times in the past, the problem is either having to give 3x+ the amount of money to blitz, while also going through the hassle of not doing it all from the same hardware and with the same credentials, or coordinating between three+ trustworthy people in order to get the coverage needed to remove watermarks.


Yes, there's nothing that can be put into the image that isn't in the literal pixels themselves because that can be wiped with relative ease. The problem is that stuff baked into the image itself being a pain in the ass to remove by hand over dozens of images enough that too many are lazy and can't be assed. Having multiple versions from different people and taking the difference, with some manual work to finish it up would work fine, but the coordination is clearly more than anyone has put into it, yet.

TLDR: Human laziness and the great unwillingness to give this bitch more money than she deserves, so fuck it, let her close herself off and keep her shit to herself.

>The problem is that stuff baked into the image itself being a pain in the ass to remove by hand over dozens of images enough that too many are lazy and can't be assed

And? https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/19245564/#19249134

You've gotta take human nature into account when trying to establish why this isn't happening. I'm well aware of how to remove them, and it does take some dedicated time and effort on the part of the person removing the watermarks thoroughly for every single image, and typically there's about a dozen images every month, to say nothing of any current backlog because it's been a bit since the last leak. Plus going frame by frame for animation. Clearly not everyone's up for the effort.
I'd love to go through and clean every image myself to release them, but I both literally don't have the money, nor the will to give blitz cash or support the patreon model in any capacity, so unless there's some gracious anons willing to share their watermarked artwork for me to clean out, or some other anon follows the guides and does it themselves, going kamikaze every so often seems to be the only solution.

>to share their watermarked artwork for me to clean out

yeah, good try, blitz =)

Anyone have the full spyro animation

C'mon man, the whole thread is explaining why no one can leak, what do you think the answer is here.

I'm the guy who made >>19488, I get that it's all a game of avoiding being backstabbed, but all I can do is say what I can and hope some anons would take the chance.
And even so, it'd be pretty retarded to bait people like that and ban them, given then that person has literally zero reason to not just dump everything they have the second the ban hammer's thrown.


This retard argument never worked. The artist always prefers to lose a little at once, rather than later - everything. If someone demonstrates a willingness to make a leak, most artists would prefer to block right away than letting someone type more pages for an inevitable leak. It's elementary

Y'all know this is exactly what blitz whats us to do, keep speculating and talking so leaks are like once a year, which is fine because it does that job of stopping leaks in a timely period of within weeks and those who cannot wait a year for each leak will pledge. And even when they do, they wont leak because they want to get access down the line for the future.

So speak with leaks or we're doing nothing but kissing blitz's arse.


to change places with him - you need to have something that he wants. oh yeah .. you have nothing ... then why are you not happy with the natural state of things?

>You've gotta take human nature into account when trying to establish why this isn't happening
>Because the fear is apparently credible enough not to bother. >>34807

If there's no fear, and it's easier than we're making this out to be, then it all comes down to not wanting to do the work. As far as paranoia goes, this means the leaker should know what to do and have the content. As far as I'm concerned, the last leaker didn't even try anything.

>If someone demonstrates a willingness to make a leak, most artists would prefer to block right away than letting someone type more pages for an inevitable leak
If the leaker's identity is known, which is what we ought to be concerned with. To that end, it seems we're overcomplicating things.

The last leaker outright admitted no one was beating Primeleap without serious effort that was way out of the typical ability to care. So he took the L on his way out.

>The last leaker outright admitted no one was beating Primeleap without serious effort

What did the last leaker try?

nothing, they just leaked a good few months worth of stuff on the way out because he decided to leave as a supporter. No attempt to scrub obviously.

Can this work?

Zero reason why it can't, it's literally just a more involved and slightly less manual version of what's been suggested before. Literally the only real issue is actually getting people together to get enough redundant information to scramble what's there.

Do we even know that anything/everything is in the graphics?

>Ain't no way they can trace the image if OP transcoded it into JPEG.
>The compression algorithm will fuck up any kind of invisible data pixels hidden in the image.


>Do we even know that anything/everything is in the graphics?

So, I'm too lazy to read up through all this but basically what happens is: You download the images off the site, then upload them somewhere and you get banned and your credit card gets banned too. But my question is, why wouldn't a site like Mega work? If no other image searching tool (TinEye, Google Images, etc) can find those images in places like Mega (especially in a zipped file), then how are they being found by this? It also sounds like it uses ip, or machine id to ban you which would mean it would have to embed such a thing into the file, right? But maybe those sites aren't being found by the site or whatever, maybe Blitz herself or her lackeys are just spying to see if there's a link to there, downloading the files and then *leaking* them themself to ban who uploaded them. Which would be pretty easy since any thread in any site is clearly labelled "Bliztdrachin's Art" or "Primeleap" (Excuse me if I'm dumb I just thought of all this in the shower)

>maybe Blitz herself or her lackeys are just spying to see if there's a link to there, downloading the files and then *leaking* them themselves to ban who uploaded them.
Bingo, though to be more specific it's "Blitz and Blitz's cronies are constantly checking the main sites leaks are bound to turn up, and if the in picture watermarks aren't cleared out of whatever image data is being passed around, the leaker gets banned."
Hence why most of concentrated effort is in removing the watermarks in the images without destroying them in the process.

Why not make a Discord specifically for leaking blitz stuff? What'll be a good way to make sure her or her fans won't get in or anything like that?

Because everyone who is in the Blitz club is afraid of being back stabbed if they're remotely public with leaking things, and are far enough along in the stockholm syndrome that they keep giving Blitz money anyway, or are genuinely unaware of how shit a person Blitz is.

There isn't, you just can't guarantee that one of those faggots won't enter. Being secret is not an option, you have to remove the marks.



>>19488 >>14538 old as fuck (probably outdated)

>blitz thread
more like blitzkrieg
(i dont want to gass anybody so i will kindly sage also bitch please)

edit the war ended shortly (or did it)
nowadays nobody give a fuck in this thread

Who the fuck keeps linking back to the watermarking tutorial. You know that thanks to no harm no fowl on u18, we discovered it's not watermarks but way more advanced stuff that traps leakers right?

Stop being a smartass fuckwit about your watermarks, they ain't the issue.

Not what I asked.

Braixen Lucario animation?

Fucking maximus Deletius after realizing nsfw pokemon was targeted, then went full on SFW pokemon stuff. it's gone.

Holy fuck. Please tell me SOMEONE pulled it all before going maximum retard.
Sounds like it's ripe time for someone to dump it all if it's literally impossible to get to it otherwise. Even captain "I'm gonna fuck up my artwork to spite leakers" would benefit by the fact it's at least still out there and the effort wasn't 100% a complete waste.

Now the problem is not Blitz, the problem is PrimeLeap.
When the users of that page increase, it will become a bigger problem.

>>36079 in souviet russia admins mistreat the user (hackers just want revenge) also this applies to YP and primeleap dunno about FA

Is PrimeLeap subject to the DMCA?

Nothing new since months ago on there unless you like safe clean artworks with zero dicks on them. Because now she has full on Phallophobia.

They say the nintendo claims on patreon are fake, but it just gets patreon's attention to fuck over the artist. There's No reporting feature on primeleap like patreon, won't matter since its not a corporate owned thing that needs to appeal to big business, the owner won't give a shit.

Do they really think they're above sanctions simply because they're not corporate owned?

Look at all the people in the world giving a shit. Doesn't matter if they are above the law or not if you can't get the companies to listen. Sitting here arguing on YP will do fuck all, go out there and make it happen.

If PrimeLeap is genuinely beyond the DMCA, then there's no way to "make it happen". Are you suggesting maybe calling Nintendo's attention to whatever porn of their IPs is being served on PrimeLeap?

>Doesn't matter if they are above the law or not if you can't get the companies to listen
This is what courts are for, and there are ways to deal with contempt.

We keep talking about it, but that's all it is. Watch as nothing happens to Blitz for another whole year.

Why try anything if it's believed nothing can be done? >>36142

So we're all just admitting defeat then?

it was obvious many years ago. when only the first DRM artists appeared.
The axiom is simple: a weapon always defeats a shield and requires less expenditure on its development and creation. because the shield has to protect a large area and it’s enough for the weapon to find a small defenseless area or pierce the shield. The shield is heavy and requires huge resources. the creation of an intercontinental nuclear missile is much cheaper than a way to reliably defend against it. each time a shield gets better, rockets also get better and spend less manpower and resources on it than on protection from them.

exactly the same with DRM. moreover, unlike missiles, which are the weapon of attack, the DRM is more like a minefield. and of course the minefield would lose, because it’s more like a shield than a weapon of attack ... but in this case, there are a lot of people who want to run around this field - in fact, the DRM combines the advantages of a shield and a weapon of attack. and yes, from a certain moment it can only be “hacked” by drastically degrading the image quality (and this does not guarantee success, by the way) ... or by drawing a significant part of the picture yourself. and yes - it also does not guarantee anything.

Because even having received several copies of the page, each of which differs from the other by the position of the elements or the presence of additional or modified details somewhere ... even if you draw copies of these pictures, there are no guarantees that this will not betray you by the presence or appearance of any elements . For example, if an artist makes a scheme in which 10 first users will receive one version of the page, and 10 others - the second ... and then 1, 3, 5, 7 will receive one option, and 2, 4, 6 - the second option ... and then 1,2,3 will receive one option, and 4,5,6 - another .. and so on in a variety of combinations ... in any case, this scheme can be defeated only if you have at least 30-50% of all accounts in this system. Therefore, from the point of view of mathematics, all attempts to “crack” this are obviously doomed to failure. just at the circuit level. The only way is either a complete boycott of the artist ... which is unlikely ... but even if it works, the artist will simply draw funny pictures for mugs, rugs and car stickers to earn money ... in any case, in any case, who of you have seen at least one artist who would just work for free? I saw a few who quit painting or went into other areas. Someone in the office, and someone started drawing pictures for printouts on T-shirts and mugs. Some will probably consider it a victory over capitalism, but personally I would prefer to receive comics from them, since mugs and T-shirts with or without porn are not interesting to me.

Can't trust furries to boycott any artist no matter how shitty because their dicks need to burp semen and they'll eat $5 a month anyday for it.

I never said that.

Okay, but how do those variants narrow down to a single user? We're not exactly talking hashes here.

There are several “machine vision” applications that allow you to compare variants with the original version given to each user. Technologies play not only on the side of opponents of DRM, but also on the side of artists. However, if the number of sponsors is 100-500 people or even 1000, an artist who does not know how to use "machine vision" can simply compare the copies given to people in manual mode. He will spend the day on it, just writing down which of the people received which copy. A set of not complicated action-script for photoshop will allow to make changes in the page within the given limits. dozens of changes if required. A combination of 10 changes each of which can have 10 options will create up to 1000 unique copies. This is unlikely to work with movies, for example, where millions of viewers + leaks from collective viewing in a cinema hall (screen copies) ... but in the case of artists this works fine. from the point of view of mathematics - in order to oppose this system with minimal effort by the artist it will take 100-1000 times more effort and time from the "hacker". Yes, this is a game to find 1001 differences in each copy. In each picture. And 30% of these differences will not be visible when processed with one or the other filter or comparison mode. And if a unique texture is used for each viewer, then it will be absolutely useless to compare two custom copies. they will be distinguished 100% of the surface and this will hide the details of these differences by thick white noise. There are many more ways to make research difficult in trying to find differences; this is not the only one.

at the level of philosophy - any attempt to defeat greed will only lead to the fact that greed will come up with hundreds of new ways and ways. attempts to regularly hack computer games have led to a decrease in the number of singles and a noticeable increase in online games - it is almost impossible to hack a client into them, and the server is almost impossible to hack. and even if possible - pointless. few will be willing to pay for the content of the pirated copy of the server lutboksy and everything else - this is a consequence of the fact that people tried to spend less money. as a result, other people having spent more money gained benefits. greed moves the world and basically improves it. people trying to make money are thinking up something that can be sold. If something cannot be sold or it is not profitable enough - people stop doing it and start doing something else. as a result, any actions that reduce sales simply push the seller to sell something else. For example - so were invented "lootbox" and the raffle of some artists. Patreon banned raffle - the artists came up with several ways to make more money with less effort. Loss of income will not change their desire to earn. Only push to the change of activity or new "inventions" in the field of sales. Are you trying to whip the sea

The math may be there, but that still sounds like bullshit. Not denying that it works, but it seems like there's plenty of room for error there. Regardless, what if we were to crop the image by 1 pixel lengths in either dimension?

Screenshot.png (5.3KiB, 1030x644) save_alt

Is it possible to avoid tracking by means of a screenshot from the page (without clicking on "download")?

Download.png (1.8KiB, 225x49) save_alt



Only one way to find out if you wanna be a hero. Do it.

I am not affirming it. I have the doubt, that's why I ask it.
It would be very risky to filter without the minimum knowledge of the subject.

And this is why nothing will ever get done, you don't wanna do it, no one else wants to do it.

So accept that there won't be any leaks except for the yearly suicide bomber. So much complaining no action.


Ok, so why would it and why would it not? Make your decision based on which has the stronger reason. >>37275

Whole site won't update a single creator, why give a shit about this dumb fuck artist when no one can get anything.


Different anon, but because this really has nothing to do with Y.P. anymore. Blitz's stuff is protected by DRM and until the images are cleaned of it, which is no easy nor quick task, nobody is going to risk leaking her stuff through the shared files tab. And that tab is really as far as Y.P. can get involved.

Not what I asked. Context starts at >>37070. Besides, >>36580


Fuck it why can't we get Nintendo to go after primeleap as a whole since allot of artists like blitz are making money of their IP? Diives and Kuroodod got fucked why can't take down that bitch?


You do realize there is such a thing as a domino effect, right? If Nintendo is going to have their legal teams go out of their way to punish fan artists for making money off their stuff, they're going to go after more than just the artists who are reported. I'm fairly certain Diives and Kuro weren't the only ones to have been hit when they were snitched on, we just haven't heard about it. Simply put, people are scared shitless that the less egotistical porn artists out there will end up getting caught in the crossfire with Blitz. Someone will eventually report her, I'm sure, but nobody who's thinking of the bigger picture will do it.

Doesn't Crittermatic use PrimeLeap? Seems like we've been getting more Crittermatic than we should be able to.

So I haven't really been keeping up to date on this issue and haven't really read what's currently going on with it. I do remember an early suggestion was to get the image, down scale it and then waifu2x it. The argument against that is loss of quality. I personally don't care too much about quality, so is there any reason we can't do this?

1, Blitz smears the entire image with watermarks large enough that it wouldn't make much of a difference to shrink it.
2, If you don't give a fuck about the image quality, then just wait for blitz to upload the """"""artist approved"""""" versions on e6.

Even then, you get less than half of the versions, zero animation variations and recently we just don't get public releases of the animations at all now, a still image 'colour key'. This is low.

>1, Blitz smears the entire image with watermarks large enough that it wouldn't make much of a difference to shrink it.

[citation needed]

Compare all three against each other to truly appreciate what lengths blitz is willing to stoop to in order to spite leakers in the face of her own work.
(Reposting to stop the link bringing up the reply box)

So no one's getting the latest animations then?

Guess everyone with access is either too lazy or a perfectionist.

Someone just get Nintendo with legal papers on her ass already, if anyone can. It'd be doing the lot of us a huge favor. Seriously, it's going to be a tsunami of DMCA violation after DMCA violation per image/artwork/animation.

This is the problem, everyone says, someone this and someone that. It's never, I'll do it lads.

Keep telling others should do it and watch as nothing happens.

For a chance I'ma gonna say, everyone please don't do shit, and be the only one in this thread where what I said happens.

8chan is fucking down, please get on Endchan if you have the time

>8chan is fucking down

I don't get it. Had the shooter posted on Facebook, would _it_ have been shutdown?

8chan is only down because the owner wanted it to and didn't fight cloudflare, Zucc wouldnt let Facebook go so easily, especially his shareholders.

>8chan is only down because the owner wanted it to
Owner can want what he wants, but be real: It's not his fault the shooter posted on his website in particular.

But he didn't though, the shooter posted stuff to instagram, which was relayed by some unrelated anon to 8chan, as you do when there's major news.
Normies, I fucking swear.

>But he didn't though

And on top of that, Cloudflare didn't originally intend to stop servicing 8ch. It wasn't until they were pressured that they did. This just keeps getting worse and worse.

In a sense 8ch is a bucket of crabs who can't get their shit together.

Holy Necro'ed thread, I thought we all stopped giving a shit about this artist. Did you raise this cuz you have an answer to leaking scot free or just here to complain?

If no primeleap solution other than suicide, kill this thread already.


Just get three copies of the same art with different watermarks, image diff it, and edit out the difference. Solution done.

I'ma stop you at three copies, cuz that's definitely not happening.

If you haven't heard there's not only visual, but meta code in the image file itself.

You try this thing once, you just got three people banned. But most Importantly, the chances of three people actually cooperating on here are zero chance.

I will tell you this - if you combine 2-3 images by any automatic manipulation - it will look awful and useless. If you cut out each character and move them, there will be holes in the background and this will also make the picture worse. In addition, this is a huge amount of work that no one is ready to do for free, especially here.
Well and still - besides usual tags individual for each sponsor ... hidden tags individual for groups of sponsors in different combinations can easily be. those. in one picture this label gets an even number of the sponsor, and in another - an odd number. Or 1-3 sponsors received one tag, and 4-6 - another. and then 1-2 and 3-4, or 1-5 and 5-10. in different combinations. All this will make it easy to identify all attackers if they steal several pages without noticing it. A similar scheme applies FaF. And this is not all the insidious tricks that you can come up with for DRM. At present, one can admit with full confidence that clearing hidden marks is possible only with such a drastic deterioration in the picture that it will become useless - even the character’s silhouette will not be visible.
It is useless to shrink and resize it, because seeing the contours of the picture, it will not be difficult for the artist checking the hidden marks to put the same distortions on his version of the picture.
trying to remove the labels while maintaining the quality of the picture is generally impossible, it will require such a large amount of work that it would be easier to learn how to draw yourself. Or make a copy of the picture by drawing on top of the original. It is unlikely that anyone is ready for such victims for others. Even if he is a hereditary communist.

however, the third way. Direct hacking of the site, it can contain original images without protection. But there’s a problem - smart people use a file key with asymmetric encryption for authorization, not even a password. and this key file is attached to their computer, i.e. without physically stealing their home computer, there is no chance of breaking into their server. Even if by some miracle you get their password key. And there is also the possibility that something like a banking system is used, when an authorization requires an SMS code, 2 authorization factors. or Google Authenticator. In this case, any attacks on the server (if it does not contain the actual "huge holes" - are useless). So all three main options look like a complete loss. Does anyone have any ideas for the fourth option?

> meta code in the image file itself
Learn to clean your EXIF data you idiot, do I have to get one for you?

> All this will make it easy to identify all attackers if they steal several pages without noticing it
Good point, but then again we might use Machine Learning to "smooth things out" on purpose to make it less traceable. Also IF images A and B has no watermark on location X but C does... then we can just fill in the gap with the correct bits and ignore C's watermarks. The more copies we get the closer we get to from the original.
> trying to remove the labels while maintaining the quality of the picture is generally impossible, it will require such a large amount of work that it would be easier to learn how to draw yourself
We are trying to draw blood from a stone, and we will have to work to do it

Use IRS to bust their asses? It works but the issue is they will pull the Sampson option.

>You try this thing once

Maybe we should face that this is way ntoo much effort than were willing to admit giving a shit about to leak a shitty artist's art. Let them hide thier shit if they want, we move on.

> Learn to clean your EXIF ​​data you idiot,

Dude, your "wise advice" is hardly a revelation even to children. Do you really think that no one thought to check this? most imageboard does not automatically delete this data when publishing a page. In case you didn’t know.

> Good point, but then again we might use Machine Learning to "smooth things out" on purpose to make it less traceable.

if you were smart enough to create such algorithms, you probably would not be sitting here. And absolutely you wouldn’t have any problems paying for your porn.

> Also IF images A and B has no watermark on location X but C does ... then we can just fill in the gap with the correct bits and ignore C's watermarks.

I could name three reasons why this will not work, but I'm too lazy. If you find your brain, maybe he could tell you something ... But - judging by the “advice” above, you are unlikely to find it.

> The more copies we get the closer we get to from the original.

of course you have a couple hundred dollars a month to spend it on getting dozens of copies, my little billionaire?

> We are trying to draw blood from a stone, and we will have to work to do it

how cute this "we" sounds. everyone who says “we” here means that someone else will do all the work and financial costs. Under your "able leadership";)) did I guess?

> Use IRS to bust their asses? It works but the issue is they will pull the Sampson option.

most artists do not live in the USA, but almost all of them have no problems paying a small tax. Even in the USA, the tax on artists is not high. In addition, smartass, if even one of them is stupid enough not to pay taxes ~in case of serious problems with the artist ~are you sure that he will draw more pages for you? and be sure to make them all free? If he goes to jail, there will be no pictures at all. If he simply pays the fine, his expenses will increase ~He will start paying the tax (if he has not done it before) ~and he will of course add this tax to the price paid by his Patrons.

I'm going to preface this with the fact that I've been in this thread, and this whole fiasco generally, from practically the beginning, for all the new people jumping in.
I'mma tell you right now, we can practically guarantee Blitz and her circle of fiends and cronies haven't gone to this level of absolute autism. Because they don't have to. Basic rule of life, the fewer complicated parts to the implementation, the more effective it is, because there's less to go wrong. Plus they have no reason to go more complicated than moving stuff around and sticking watermarks in because it's been 100% effective, as far as we know, by virtue of its simplicity. And the fact most leakers have been absolute 'tards about covering their tracks. I mean hell, one person didn't even bother to remove the identifying hex code that was in the FUCKING FILENAME.
Ideally some hacker anon would secretly remote into Blitz's PC and just dump everything directly, but that's seven degrees of straight up illegal and clearly no one's gonna put THAT sort of effort in.
>if you combine 2-3 images by any automatic manipulation - it will look awful and useless.
That's factually incorrect, aside from maybe strictly the automatic part. If you have two or more images that are virtually identical aside from what you want to remove or obscure, it's absolutely trivial to remove/obscure what you want to.

>But groups of identifiers
Hence the need for more copies from entirely different people. Plus that's a risky prospect, because such a system WILL result in many false positives. Imagine how pissed absolutely innocent paypigs are gonna be pissed if they're given the Blitz treatment because they happened to match the same group of a leaker. Though knowing Blitz, I wouldn't put it past her.
>But muh super secret and sneaky DRM
Can't work, because anything that's less than blatant can easily be defeated by waifu2x's denoiser, or any other similar denoiser. What is there can be seen with the practical naked eye, end of. What's actually a pain in the ass is the absolutely blatant full screen lettering she likes to plaster on images, which how the people paying are complacent enough to just take I'll never know.
Given Blitz is in Chile (It's like people don't even read the rest of the thread before posting things) It's not gonna be that easy to Al Capone her ass. What would be far more effective were to be for Nintendo or the like to pull a, well Nintendo, and sue her for obscene amounts of money, but even that'll only stop her from drawing """fan"""art.

And I'm gonna say, While I personally refuse to both give Patreon generally and Blitz money, I've been nothing but absolutely open to doing the literal image manipulation effort to clear watermarks myself, so the notion of "No-one's going to do the work" is false.

1. For all the above, I can only say that you are naive pompous and not very smart. I would even say - too stupid to give you a lecture on logic, mathematics and other things obvious to people.


> I've been nothing but absolutely open to doing the literal image manipulation effort to clear watermarks myself, so the notion of "No-one's going to do the work" is false.

yes, in place of blitz, I would also endlessly offer everyone services with a “guarantee” of deleting all hidden tags. This would work just fine, revealing all disloyal customers. But even if this is not so, we have paragraph 1. in which we see a laid-back demonstration of stupidity and delightful idiocy. By combining 2-3 or even 4 copies of the page, you will get a meaningless mess, because the character will be shifted by a few pixels, or some pages will differ. And of course, as is often the case with idiots and underdeveloped people, you are 100% sure that you will remove all tags. But you know what is the worst? I’m probably not the first to note your underdevelopment. And all you need is just to get a comic for free. At best, for a naive fool who trusts your stupidity ... you just watch it for free. And at worst, you'll post it here without deleting the hidden tags. You are stupid. And in this case, the one who trusted you will receive a lock on his account.

I don’t even know which of the three options is more disappointing? If you consider yourself smart - why don't you risk your own money and payment details?

>Ur stupid
>Lol, because I said so

To actually counter direct points,
>Because elements can be moved around, that makes it difficult/impossible for any of this to work.
Bro, having elements move around makes it EASIER. If you can have parts of the background exposed between the different version, you can cut out the moved parts and move the cut out element yourself within the combined background exposed area.
Are you seriously thinking people are just going to make layers opaque on top of each other and call it a day? If that's the case, then you only have yourself to call "(an) idiot and underdeveloped". No, to do it properly is to take what information you have, and manually take the difference of all the images (btw, >>24712 is visually what it looks like when you take the difference), potentially have to do some color correction, other general manipulations, etc. It takes some effort, but it can be done.
>How do you know you cleared 100% of the watermarks out?
I don't, there's literally zero way to know if I was absolutely successful without having access to the Primeleap backend in order to compare the original image, but I'm damn well confident that given enough versions of the same art to find all the changes being made between people, I could remove them all.

>No one can trust you, fag.
This is an anonymous thread on a patreon art dumping site, no one can trust people to do anything. I don't expect people to automatically believe me, there's literally nothing I can give to "prove" I'm legit, aside from maybe pointing out previous posts that have been consistent with my statements and general demeanor. It's all blind trust. It fucking sucks, but that's the name of the anonymous game.
> If you consider yourself smart - why don't you risk your own money and payment details?
It has absolutely nothing to do with risk, it's purely my own stance about my distaste for Patreon inherently as a whole and Blitz by extension that I refuse to personally give any of them money. It's not like virtual credit cards aren't a thing, it's just, as far as I know, no one's utilized them in conjunction with ALL the other steps (fresh OS (possibly in a VM), VPN, never touching yiff.party in the fresh OS, etc.) people haven't been using to make sure any given individual can't be tracked.

> you can cut out the moved parts and move the cut out element yourself within the combined background exposed area.

and you’re ready to do this for many hours and completely free, right?

> Are you seriously thinking people are just going to make layers opaque on top of each other and call it a day?

looking at your "valuable ideas" that is exactly what I thought.

> and manually take the difference of all the images

what is the problem? do it, instead of telling everyone how to do it;) carrying chestnuts out of the fire is better with the wrong hands, right?

> potentially have to do some color correction, other general manipulations, etc. It takes some effort, but it can be done.

sounds great. I don’t understand why you haven’t done it all here and now. ;)

> you can cut out the moved parts and move the cut out element yourself within the combined background exposed area.

and you’re ready to do this for many hours and completely free, right?

> Are you seriously thinking people are just going to make layers opaque on top of each other and call it a day?

looking at your "valuable ideas" that is exactly what I thought.

> and manually take the difference of all the images

what is the problem? do it, instead of telling everyone how to do it;) carrying chestnuts out of the fire is better with the wrong hands, right?

> potentially have to do some color correction, other general manipulations, etc. It takes some effort, but it can be done.

sounds great. I don’t understand why you haven’t done it all here and now. ;)

> but I'm damn well confident that given enough versions of the same art to find all the changes being made between people, I could remove them all.

I have already seen a beautiful failure of an attack from 5 accounts on one of the DRM artists. 4 accounts were blocked after the first leak. The 5th account was blocked a little later. I believe in order to get more chances - you will need 10 or 20 accounts. How much are you willing to invest in these attacks?

> It has absolutely nothing to do with risk, it's purely my own stance about my distaste for Patreon inherently as a whole and Blitz by extension that I refuse to personally give any of them money.

those. in short - you hate all this so much that you are ready to spend only other people's money. Right? Or to put it more precisely - you still don't hate them enough to spend a few dollars to harm them. Oh, someone seems to have problems with logic. And the search for excuses for their own greed. However, it doesn’t matter.

> It's not like virtual credit cards aren't a thing, it's just, as far as I know, no one's utilized them in conjunction with ALL the other steps (fresh OS (possibly in a VM),

used. Most virtual cards lacking a clear identification Patreon simply stopped accepting.


it does not save too much. There are ways to detect VPN usage. There are probably some IP lists of the most popular services of this type. Unless you create your own server with your own settings, you run the risk of getting banned just for trying to log in with a VPN.

However, that is not the key issue. The key question is, "if you are so smart - why so beggar?" You look like one of those Internet "business trainers" who promise to teach idiots to make a lot of money, say a lot of smart words and even sometimes the right words. But the trick is that their lesson is "want to make a lot? Teach idiots how to make a lot money. for money.
"Pkunzip.zip" if you are able to understand the humor of this situation.
until someone demonstrates regular leaks and impunity - it is unlikely that anyone will follow these "smart tips."
The more you assure everyone that you can remove the tags, but without doing it personally ... the less confidence you have.


So after that wall of text...

Do you suggest we give up? Cuz that is way too much effort tbh.

Nobody's willing to try because enough idiots carelessly uploading content without doing basic countermeasures.

>and you’re ready to do this for many hours and completely free, right?
I don't know how much more fucking direct I can state this, yes.
>I don’t understand why you haven’t done it all here and now. ;)
Because I already have, with what's been available. (I'm >>14538, >>21238, >>17358, and also did https://files.catbox.moe/v92hnm.png among others (I wanted to post this directly, but it was erroring when I tried to post.), including a full comic, along with being the only anon who's been posting images in here of what exactly the watermarking looks like, by the way.)
>I believe in order to get more chances - you will need 10 or 20 accounts.
I can practically guarantee whoever that person was / those people were didn't go full autism with making sure they didn't get tracked. I recall one person who half assed it elsewhere and was caught, because of the part (I think it was the card specifically that was the link) they half assed.
>Most virtual cards lacking a clear identification Patreon simply stopped accepting.
I like how you stated 'most'. I'm not talking visa gift cards, I'm talking services that literally create a virtual credit card with all necessary information that can get created for just the one service, seen youtubers advertise them sometimes but never seen anyone actively use them in this context.
>it does not save too much. There are ways to detect VPN usage.
Yes, and also legit users use VPNs for reasons entirely unrelated to our purposes. I'd say "Is Blitz going to blanket ban them all from the legit users who give a fuck about privacy?", but again, wouldn't put it past her.
Ideally people would be using personal/private VPNs, but that's largely unpractical. Not impossible, just impractical. Plus this doesn't guarantee all VPN's are invalidated, just another step to be taken into account.

Wow the champ is up, looks like the fight is never over.

Lots of talk and no images isn't a fight, it's shit talking behind bulletproof glass about a fight that never happens.

Meanwhile Blitz is just meeting no resistance for now 9 months and counting since last real leak, racking up that patreon money cuz we don't do anything but argue back and forth about who is more right or wrong.

goddamit just stockpile all leaked images
then use tensorflow to rebuild the images from scratch https://petapixel.com/2017/08/18/ai-can-easily-erase-photo-watermarks-heres-protect/

cool i could use this software
also is my logic actually valid or not because i mentioned this many times in the thread before (and other ideas)(ctrl-F)
(this is serious i am not trolling this time)

and how does this thing allow you to defeat hidden tags in the style of "text cloud moved 20 pixels" to the side or slightly rotated? or "the background behind the characters is slightly rotated and shifted"?

you are an idiot if you think that a computer will do all the work for you. Too stupid to explain.

says the person who cant program computers properly
if AI can take over the world in just a few years then how is this gonna be a problem (seriously tho this is easy AF for a computer)
also check this out moralmachine.mit.edu

thanos says time to flick the gauntlet again (too many living faggots here)

if people here are already building an AI start by watermarking test images (from the web)
then teach it to do the opposite later (also use the old leaked images for testing)

also try this https://luminati.io

also if possible release the source code (lets collab on the VM shall we whos with me)
no matter what blitz does as long as we can see the image we can rebuild it from scratch (use your imagination people think about removing black boxes on hentai)
in the end she will just end up with a low quaility image so (bad that not even legit users will want it)

>and how does this thing allow you to defeat hidden tags in the style of "text cloud moved 20 pixels" to the side or slightly rotated?

>or "the background behind the characters is slightly rotated and shifted"?
Any examples of this actually happening? Proof concepts showing that's an valid identification method?

>untraceable by Patreon so you could argue that you're not actually getting the promised rewards

I don't keep up with shit like this but aren't Blitz and TwistedGrim in a relationship? I notice his stuff tends to get leaked occasionally but isn't he a member of Primeleap? Why isn't he using the flawless DRM to protect his art like Blitz?


With /tech/ we can beat them in the long run

Furfags discussing a furfag artist.

Do you know where you are, you 3DPD scum? It's yiff.party not fimdom.party or thot.party

But nobody wants to even try, it seems. The ideas are here, but we're apparently scared because of a few idiots who didn't know what they were doing.

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>>25036 account creation failed (very sorry to dissapoint you)
>>43602 dont forget archive.is (everything is read only to me)(archiving new pages won't work)

>>45060 >>45066 >>45092
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Looks like 4chan is here. Rip ever leaking this artist except for yearly suicidal accounts.

is it me or this is site where flames burn and die off (i meant flame wars)
and is it me or admin intended this site to burn off after XX time (that time is now)
also its just suicidal people no accounts or some shit

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You wish

To get this thread back on track from all the shitposting above to something actually relevant,

Blitz seemingly has just decided to give up on Primeleap.

After all that bullshit as detailed in exquisite detail above, the security by blanket bans, all that pissing swaths of people off in the process, all the effort to keep it up, all the art forever caked in and ruined by DRM in the process, and generally being a colossal bitch about the whole thing,
Just given up?
I'm all for atoning for the sins of the past, but it all seems so, out of character and random at this point. Is it because the upkeep costs are too much? The guy who actually coded the thing gave up the ghost? Someone who's in the blitz club (I know you guys read this thread every time something happens in here) please fill us in, I'd love to know after the seemingly steadfast stance of 'no leaks' at any and all costs for so long, including and fully exploiting the patience the people actually paying for all of this to happen.

Could we finally get a full site dump of everything that was there for archival purposes now then, even if it's all fucked with DRM for the rest of eternity? Hell, if a couple people were to do it trying to clean it out might even be possible.

the case when DRM really reduces revenue if you draw some garbage ...


After reading the post about it on her page here, she seems to have had a falling out with the site programmer. Not much more detail than that. Personally, I'm not buying it. This all sounds too good to be true. Too much time, work, and self-importance went into this whole mess to just call it off over some disagreement.

I wouldn't buy that she would just up and leave the entire DRM site, certainly willingly, but I would buy she had a major enough falling out with the programmer, given what we know about how she tends to treat people.


Yeah, well; all I'm getting at is that this could just be a bait tactic to get someone to start leaking her art to see if she can handle using DRM on her own. Unless she pulled out of Primeleap because of money concerns, I suspect she'll still be using something similar in its place. We'll just have to wait and see.

She's just using plain google drive links, no DRM or anything. You could grab everything from between 2017 and now (the 2017 stuff is on dropbox, indicating these are legacy links) literally right now if you wanted, which largely was previously locked to either Beta-Primeleap or Primeleap proper.
There's no way to know who uploads the patreon stuff here, that's like half the entire point of yiff.party, or really anywhere once the images or links get out, hence the entire reason for the DRM site to begin with. How would you bait that?


Last I knew of her was in 2017, (last spoken contact) in the first discord server she would later delete after it got too creepy.
And I can guarantee you she treated very single 'friend' with contempt, sucking them dry, a few $400 per month pledgers were getting false friendship for those cash. Those faggots were desperate I tell ya.
And Blitz played every single one of them.
I strongly suspect, she treated the programmer like shit and likely it was the programmer themselves that booted her ass off it. But how do we know she's stopped using it? Someone check the google links if those images go through their system still.

Jesus christ, she draws nothing of worth in those links anymore what the fuck. Apart from that Narse sponsored Spyro comic that will defs have extreme scat and anal soon...

Everything she's making is just icons and twitch streaming raffle stuff suckers buy for outrageous prices (All SFW, so no value to us). Who the fuck wants to even bother with this artist who makes almost no good stuff anymore?


Row, Row, Fight The Power!

>Everything she's making is just icons and twitch streaming raffle stuff suckers buy for outrageous prices
I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for all of the months of basically nothing was the times she was mostly working on animated stuff, given her paypigs gladly throw extra cash onto her for it. Wonder of we could get someone to dump the $25 tier stuff to get the animation links.
>Someone check the google links if those images go through their system still.
No, they're all just regular google drive download links. Don't think linking with a DRM scheme is something Google allows for their drive services. As a fun thing, this is what the DRM looks like for one of the comic pages, given we can take the difference from a clean version now. Same one as what_in_tarnation.png is, with the contrast turned up to make it easier to see. (Or at least I did, keep getting some "403 request entity too large" every time I post, take this remote link instead: https://files.catbox.moe/b23z3s.png)

And another one just to sedate my curiosity: https://files.catbox.moe/7r6cbw.png

Oh that's just hilarious.
Was going through some of the files from the google drive links, and thought it was kinda weird how some of it still had the junk in the filename from the DRM site despite these supposedly being "direct" versions, and lo and behold after checking one, they're still fucked. The watermarking is benign as it's the exact same watermarking everyone else is going to get from those links (must have been that once it was put into the site you couldn't get it out again without some kind of watermarking, and blitz has shit archival on her end and mass exported the stuff she was missing from the DRM site to make the download version.), but it just exemplifies that literally all of the artwork from that time period is largely completely fucked over with watermarking for the rest of eternity. So I guess it makes it a fun scavenger hunt to find the watermark if you have a image with junk in the filename.
(In the image the watermark is right on Lucario's chest: https://files.catbox.moe/shroiq.png)

What I don't understand is why do people keep letting her get away with this shit? We already have evidence of her being a piece of shit (as many artists are). So how on earth does she keep getting fans and money in spite of her attitude and her actions?

>>51522 what 2017 link?
>>51458 thx for the bump god bless you

also speaking of blitzdrachin what kind of Pokemon is sify

She puts up a convincing front wherever she posts (just look at her posting on e621, which is where most people seem to find her if they don't stumble upon her directly), and everyone who puts in a good word for her either genuinely have no clue because of that outward facing appearance, or are so far up the paypig totem pole they've deluded themselves into thinking that whatever interaction they're getting from her isn't purely because they're paying for it. Anyone with any sense and/or been on the receiving end of her actual personality left and made their complaints years ago, so what we're left with is people filling the above two scenarios.
It's a shame she's such a fucking bitch, she can draw a cute character really well, it's just surrounded by so much bullshit that seeing any of it is an exercise in frustration.

>What 2017 link?
Look for the "$10 Support Rewards" patreon post on the first of November, all the links up to Nov 2019 are there, though 2018 is one big zip as opposed to individual months like the others. There's no equivalent for the animated stuff so to whomever's pledged to her at the $25 level, getting the links or files for the animated shit would be wonderful. Also the legacy stuff she decided to put behind that paywall after purging the wider internet of it wouldn't be amiss either.
>what kind of Pokemon is sify
It's not, it's Blitz's OC. Whether it's like a fursona or whatever I don't know, but it's entirely her own character.


>So how on earth does she keep getting fans and money in spite of her attitude and her actions?

hmm ... probably due to the fact that someone likes her drawings and most people do not care about the opinion of the social underworld?

> thinking that whatever interaction they're getting from her isn't purely because they're paying for it.

I can tell you with full confidence - 99.9% of those around you will interact with you only if they have a reason for that. That is, you either pay in cash or want sex from you. Or nobody needs you. Generally nobody. Does something bother you in this concept? You are arrogant, stupid and poor and you are indignant why the world is cruel to you? Go to work, save up money and do yourself a plastic surgery;) however, this is unlikely to help, of course. You're too smelly in every sense.

>surrounded by so much bullshit
I think I found the bullshit.

why are you so butthurt?


CMG - don't despair. Jellyfish went brainless for 500 million years. You are not the only one;)

ok whiteknight

i legit don't know what exactly is this "bullshit"

Could someone post the $25 tier stuff on Blitz page now?

gay lugia butt.png (610.9KiB, 1280x806) save_alt

While we're on the topic of Blitz, anyone got the colored (and maybe female too) version of this? Legit it's the only thing I want of theirs and I really don't want to condone her business ethics by giving her my money.

Pretty sure it's in one of the Dropbox/Drive links

Now the question is just who's going to be the absolute living legend to shell out $25 on holiday season for all of us.

I've tried the ones on Blitz's page for it all and no dice. The Drive/Dropbox links all above are duds as well. That is, they just don't work. As far as I'm aware, this Lugia piece is pretty recent so I don't know if it's something we'd already have.

>The Drive/Dropbox links all above are duds as well.
What? I literally just checked them and they're all still working perfectly fine. Even updated the December folder for a couple new things just now. Are you sure you're looking at the right links?
It's in the August 2019 folder, though it's one of the one's with the (one blatant one on initial viewing) watermark on it, so if that's something that bothers you, you'll have to clean it out yourself.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, any chance you can link me? We may be talking about different things and not realizing it. Much obliged if you can help, friendo <3

Specifically, just the Lugia one. I found the links you were talking about, but it wasn't in the December nor November folders. If you have the image itself by chance, however, I'd be more than grateful for just that alone, it's really the only thing I want. Both versions if possible, but I understand if you only have the male variant.

Literally >>51607 should get you there. Literally ctrl+f the post title on the blitz yiff.party page. (Though I screwed up with the title of the post, it's "$10 supporters rewards", not "$10 Support Rewards")
. . .
I said August folder.

THAT'S why I didn't find it! I was looking for "folder" and such, but the "$10 supporters rewards" one went past my radar! I found it and I am eternally grateful for your help!


>Literally edited images to remove watermarking straight from primeleap multiple times
>Stripped any embedded data every time by nature of the image editing process
>Images were fine
Yeah ok.
Also irrelevant now, given Primeleap is dead as far as it applies to Blitz.

She want to leave nsfw stuff in the next years, so maybe is other step on this weird dream?

Welp we won

How did we win? We wanted her NSFW free, but now she's not making any at all. Is is the definition of we fucking lost boys.

It is about preserving history of rage-quitters

People still ain't posting her latest stuff, or the animated things.

Exactly, as this guy said >>54463
How's it winning, when you make the artist quit, now we got nothing.

It does make the consequences for releasing paywalled content irrelevant, but this is still a problem. Still, nobody forced her to go so far with it.

Can like someone reupload blitz december folder post so we can get the pages 12-15?

So Blitz is now using Discord for Patreon posts, meaning we can't use the Yiff.party post importer to update her anymore...

At least when people manually leak, there is no chance of being banned.

Still, it relies on people not being lazy, and that's a lot to ask from freeloaders.

Her artwork is in Discord. Why are there no leaks?

because then I have to give her money. No.

blitz is back at it with being a greedy, paranoid motherfucker... using discord this time
im tempted to find a loophole and get them to slam down on her hardcore and force her to stop and give up this bs anti-leak paranoia, but thats probably more dream than reality by this point unfortunately
id provide leaks, but ive fucking had it with that slut treating pokemon as if it were her own cash cow
i could have been a supporter but im not, and never will be after seeing how corporate she is getting
and why hasnt nintendo or game freak struck her down with a dmca or c&d yet? i dont understand how they dont notice a big nsfw artist drawing... like, 80% pokemon art and profiting off of it via patreon

Discord is a furry safe-space but you can still copy-slam them on the grounds of using Pokemon. Also is lewd a violation of Discord TOS?

>Discord is a furry safe-space
Yeah, using ridiculous phrases like "kimpah" and "kimpah kaloo" at the end of damn near every sentence is proof enough. Lets you know you're not dealing with the more chill side of the fandom.

>id provide leaks, but ive fucking had it with that slut treating pokemon as if it were her own cash cow

let me rephrase that, im not paying shit if its only to deal with her bs
the anti-leak inconvenience shes made and the paranoid toxic af community around her

Too lazy to translate, learn taco taco
Conociendo cómo actúa últimamente Blitzdrachin (año y medio), lo mejor que pueden hacer es aprovechar el tirar una vez cada 3, 6 meses o año unos 25 dólares, filtrar todo lo que haya compartido, y listo. Ella está planeando dejar de hacer porno con el tiempo (seguramente cuando le caiga un DMCA, sea madre o le aburra dibujar genitales y tetas), y hasta seguramente abandone su cuenta para armar un portfolio a futuro y entrar en el mundo de la animación chileno o latino, aunque ya es superstición propia.

All the better the reason to leak, amirite?

because most people don't follow the furry porn community dipshit
blitz isnt prolific unless you're a degenerate asshole like we are here

yes, but "im" not doing it after what ive seen >>9343
its just i cant tolerate her practices anymore, thats not to say it should discourage others that can tolerate it long enough to scrape
and her discord is the lions den

>>9343 is old news. She apparently dropped Primeleap, so now's a better time than ever to take a jab at her practices.

Concuerdo con el desconocido. Aunque cabe la posibilidad de que se vuelva más popular y su arte se acabe filtrando de todas formas.
No entiendo su paranoia con las filtraciones si sus números de ganancias no se ven mal, y menos viviendo en país donde la moneda nacional no es el dólar.
(No tardará en entrar a la conversación alguno de sus defensores hispanos que siempre están pendientes de este hilo).

bitch please
i know that, i was making a point about how the paranoid slut is being greedy as fuck given past incidents and practically scamming a would-be supporter
but "thats old news" you say, well ill be damned to think you thought i didnt know that already

What's after Discord for her?

you ask that as if you think im a fortune teller or some shit, how would anyone know whats after discord?

>you ask that as if you think im a fortune teller or some shit
Not at all.

>how would anyone know whats after discord?

>>60649 being a redundant dumbass. L0L

And once again, the thread devolves into a flaming thread and Blitz continues to get off Scot free from our own bickering.

If you don't want to bother, so be it. You do you. I'm just saying now's a better time to leak what she has on her Discord. >>60761 gets it.

>It sounds like Patreon is starting to crack down on creators who were using Patreon to link to their discords and such

Is this true?

literally just said that, im not giving her a penny after the shit ive seen
nor does she deserve one
but everyone else here is free to do the leaking in my place

dunno but i hope so

>literally just said that, im not giving her a penny after the shit ive seen

Based on old news, while she's now basically at the end of the road. We heard you the first time. >>60775

honestly nothing amuses me more than you do, if it's "old news" just fuckin ignore it

We know her history, which is all the better the reason to leak her Discord stuff, but whatever. >>60775

The more we talk about discord, the less people bother. How about we just forget everything instead? Clearly no one gives a damn, primeleap or not, no-one still doesn't want her stuff.

well said

thumb.gif (620.1KiB, 600x390) save_alt

Only $25 to leak this one Bois, anyone man enough to do it?

Yeah, didn't think so.

At that price, it's asking to be leaked.

negative.png (5.4KiB, 259x135) save_alt

Su apoyo en e621 está cayendo. Antes la gente la apoyaba aunque subiera "cropped" a la página y ahora sí se nota el odio que está atrayendo.
Supongo que pronto se acabará su "profesión" de artista de porno.

Llorón.png (39.4KiB, 860x177) save_alt

Tampoco faltan los llorones que salen a defender lo indefendible.

>The more we talk about discord, the less people bother.
How do you figure?

>How about we just forget everything instead?

>Clearly no one gives a damn, primeleap or not, no-one still doesn't want her stuff.

Shut up. You're not useful to this conversation if you got no leaks to give us.

No one in this entire thread is useful then, zero leaks since January 2019.

Then give us some leaks if you're so goddamn concerned about it. Otherwise, replying without any leaks just proves you're a detrimental pessimistic dirtbag.


She removed it cuz she doesn't want anyone thinking she's a bad artist, coward saving face.

Just in case...


The deleted image is at >>61217

not cropped maybe.png (403.8KiB, 1280x807) save_alt

If only she didn't turn to corporate greed. Then maybe she wouldn't be the star of this shitshow she started. I'm both surprised and not how powerful a community can be.

While not animated, I think she may have caved and gave us a lineart/sketch version publicly on e621 as a result. But I personally remain concerned about the "16:9 safe area." It seems obscure, is it a fancy way of her saying "this much will be cropped?" I don't know. But let's be optimistic and see what develops in the meantime.

Bro...that was posted days before the dropped animation, that's not a 'sorry' to anything. She hasn't said shit.

The 16:9 safe area is apparently because "There's a version with camera shaking", whatever that means.
She went and deleted all her own comments on the original post, seems pretty pointless given the damage is already done.

No go on my end, for some reason. Says it's not archived.

>If only she didn't turn to corporate greed

Same here, looks like it's gone now. Someone must have complained hard enough at the team on archive.org to see it off.

Absolute savagery, blitz got absolutely blasted on E6 over that stupid crop hahaha
Way subvert advertising costs

>>61486 doesn't understand when someone is exaggerating


Did anyone manage to save screenshots? It's not as good as the site archive, but it's something.


There's this, at least.

WhatTheActualFuck_u18chan.png (57.7KiB, 1160x241) save_alt

Just this one, and what's left on e6, which there's a couple of comments that quote what Blitz deleted.

>misusing a word is exaggerating

untitled.jpg (31.2KiB, 387x273) save_alt

>doesn't understand when someone is using an example
>would rather ruin a joke instead
Learn to live, man.

>using an example

>would rather ruin a joke instead
Joke ruined itself, fool.

Ironic you say that.

are you dumb assholes gonna post the animation or not

HELL naw, this is complain about Blitz and each other thread, who wants to give that bitch $25 to leak?

A person that chooses to take one for the team. Are you that person? No? Then get the fuck outta here.

And are you that person? No?

Get the fuck out too.

>HELL naw, this is complain about Blitz and each other thread
Keep telling yourself that.

Maybe that Anon can't.

So this is the thread now?

We're not getting that animation are we?


Good catch, since those comments are gone.
It works fine for me?

Regardless, always use archive.today for archival if you don't wanna risk it being removed later.

>It works fine for me?

It works now, but it looks like it was captured too late.

Deetz on blitz leaving PL? That sounds like juicy drama I missed. How’s she cock blocking everyone still?

Cuz people are afraid still, all good content is at $25 also, so you're gonna have a hard time finding someone to do that and not be obvious who is leaking since there is only like 15 subs in that tier.

You can go in an hide for 3 - 6 months but you just gave her $100 or so bucks to leak her stuff with high chances of a ban between like 3 people.

the real winning here is not giving her any money, fuck her shit.

>the real winning here is not giving her any money

In theory, but her getting money despite our leaks would prove a point enough artists here can't seem to grasp.

Or you can make a dummy account specifically for it, go in, leak everything, and not care because it's not attached to your main one.

Anonymous 12/05/19(Thu)14:41:42 No.51458 [R]

To get this thread back on track from all the shitposting above to something actually relevant,

Blitz seemingly has just decided to give up on Primeleap.

After all that bullshit as detailed in exquisite detail above, the security by blanket bans, all that pissing swaths of people off in the process, all the effort to keep it up, all the art forever caked in and ruined by DRM in the process, and generally being a colossal bitch about the whole thing,
Just given up?
I'm all for atoning for the sins of the past, but it all seems so, out of character and random at this point. Is it because the upkeep costs are too much? The guy who actually coded the thing gave up the ghost? Someone who's in the blitz club (I know you guys read this thread every time something happens in here) please fill us in, I'd love to know after the seemingly steadfast stance of 'no leaks' at any and all costs for so long, including and fully exploiting the patience the people actually paying for all of this to happen.

Could we finally get a full site dump of everything that was there for archival purposes now then, even if it's all fucked with DRM for the rest of eternity? Hell, if a couple people were to do it trying to clean it out might even be possible.

To get this thread back on track from all the shitposting above to something actually relevant,

Blitz seemingly has just decided to give up on Primeleap.

After all that bullshit as detailed in exquisite detail above, the security by blanket bans, all that pissing swaths of people off in the process, all the effort to keep it up, all the art forever caked in and ruined by DRM in the process, and generally being a colossal bitch about the whole thing,
Just given up?
I'm all for atoning for the sins of the past, but it all seems so, out of character and random at this point. Is it because the upkeep costs are too much? The guy who actually coded the thing gave up the ghost? Someone who's in the blitz club (I know you guys read this thread every time something happens in here) please fill us in, I'd love to know after the seemingly steadfast stance of 'no leaks' at any and all costs for so long, including and fully exploiting the patience the people actually paying for all of this to happen.

Could we finally get a full site dump of everything that was there for archival purposes now then, even if it's all fucked with DRM for the rest of eternity? Hell, if a couple people were to do it trying to clean it out might even be possible.

To get this thread back on track from all the shitposting above to something actually relevant,

Blitz seemingly has just decided to give up on Primeleap.

After all that bullshit as detailed in exquisite detail above, the security by blanket bans, all that pissing swaths of people off in the process, all the effort to keep it up, all the art forever caked in and ruined by DRM in the process, and generally being a colossal bitch about the whole thing,
Just given up?
I'm all for atoning for the sins of the past, but it all seems so, out of character and random at this point. Is it because the upkeep costs are too much? The guy who actually coded the thing gave up the ghost? Someone who's in the blitz club (I know you guys read this thread every time something happens in here) please fill us in, I'd love to know after the seemingly steadfast stance of 'no leaks' at any and all costs for so long, including and fully exploiting the patience the people actually paying for all of this to happen.

Could we finally get a full site dump of everything that was there for archival purposes now then, even if it's all fucked with DRM for the rest of eternity? Hell, if a couple people were to do it trying to clean it out might even be possible.

To get this thread back on track from all the shitposting above to something actually relevant,

Blitz seemingly has just decided to give up on Primeleap.

After all that bullshit as detailed in exquisite detail above, the security by blanket bans, all that pissing swaths of people off in the process, all the effort to keep it up, all the art forever caked in and ruined by DRM in the process, and generally being a colossal bitch about the whole thing,
Just given up?
I'm all for atoning for the sins of the past, but it all seems so, out of character and random at this point. Is it because the upkeep costs are too much? The guy who actually coded the thing gave up the ghost? Someone who's in the blitz club (I know you guys read this thread every time something happens in here) please fill us in, I'd love to know after the seemingly steadfast stance of 'no leaks' at any and all costs for so long, including and fully exploiting the patience the people actually paying for all of this to happen.

Could we finally get a full site dump of everything that was there for archival purposes now then, even if it's all fucked with DRM for the rest of eternity? Hell, if a couple people were to do it trying to clean it out might even be possible.

who is the chud that spammed the shared folder lol

Someone spammed the hell out of the shared folder.
Blitzdrachin and some other one too.

Someone spammed the hell out of the shared folder.
Blitzdrachin and some other one too.

Someone spammed the hell out of the shared folder.
Blitzdrachin and some other one too.

So the artists has become so desperate to fight YP that they were willing to rig .zip files with viruses and malware?

So the artists has become so desperate to fight YP that they were willing to rig .zip files with viruses and malware?

i think its some dick lying and spamming to overload the severs.

So the artist has become so desperate to fight YP that they were willing to rig .zip files with viruses and malware... well Blitz, maybe you shouldn't cocktease your audience and demand $ for your artworks!

Everyone's comment is self replicating.

I bet mine will too lol.

Everyone's comment is self replicating.

I bet mine will too lol.

i doubt its the artist's doing it seeing how many are being hit with this malware thing its some jackass trying to gimp people thats it

paranoid much must have the biggest tinfoil hate in the universe

First, thank you for getting to cleaning things up sooner than later.
Second, someone posted a "Full 2019 archive" in the shared files, which given that file is 4.2mb, and the SpyroXCynder comic immediately below it is 49mb, it's safe to say it's likely malware or something equally bad, or if benign is clearly not a complete collection of what was posted in 2019 (Just checked my own archive, such a file would be at least ~724mb), so it goes without saying unless you're adventurous, don't touch it.

Rar archive has a batch file with base64 encoded payload, some suspicious .exe and an inflated 1.5GB .rtf file with garbage
Yeah, better not touch this with Windows

You don't need to be paranoid to be safe.

virus.png (288.3KiB, 1679x1034) save_alt

goddamnit, the virus is full of memes

The fuck is this "hacker" on? LOL

still nobody has posted the animation, you fuckers are useless


It's $25 fucking dollars, no one wants to give that bitch that money man, what did you expect?



Even if this is legit, why are there so many links and super sketchy hoops?

I Aint pressing it. Soneone else can get thier computer deleted

nice try.png (14.1KiB, 436x339) save_alt


i expected you fuckers to stop getting my hopes up by bumping the thread, apparently

You want the animation? Leak it yourself.

And all it costs is $25 Big ones.

This is the real reason why no ones leaking, if you dont suck the artist's dick already, you aint gonna give money to get one animation, get banned, and then see they made a better animation the next day after that now you can't get.

It's a fucking waste, keep your animation Blitz, ima keepy my $25

So are you thinking that you cannot avoid watermarks?

Its been well established its not watermarks, but much deeper and hidden stuff, but you morons keep forgetting.