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Angie Griffin Shared File Trolling

FAT.jpg (722.4KiB, 750x1125) save_alt

So I am not some white knight or anything. I'm a simple dude that likes this chicks content and I don't wanna have to pay for it. Like everything on this site. But lately on the shared files it's been a coin flip on whether I would get the actual content or just some completely unrelated image that is basically a troll. Like come on dudes. Can't we all just get along in our not having to pay for this chicks content and enjoying the goods for free? We're pervs. but pervs with class

Sorry pervs, I take it back and need some attention. I am a white knight who's dumb as fuck. I should be paying for content but mommy and daddy can't afford it for me and I'd rather let my chicky girl quit rather than support her. Was hoping you other white knights could explain to me better why her or her friends were uploading fake files. I'm a self proclaimed pervy connoisseur with class, you know those guys who add shitty commentary? Sorry again guys, I just need someone to talk to. Can someone please upload more of this chick is all I'm trying to say.

You're asking for generic content that's already bloating our servers to begin with.

>being this new

He is literally asking that the NON CONTENT STOPS GETTING POSTED which is what is bloating the servers to begin with...

This is the sort of crap that's been bloating our servers before this complaint

So instead of the actual content that the servers are for, you'd rather the space be wasted with troll posts?
What even is the point of the file approval if all this garbage gets approved?

Not only is the garbage getting approved but flagging it isn't getting it removed!

>So instead of the actual content that the servers are for
Keep telling yourself that or go back to PornHub

>What even is the point of the file approval if all this garbage gets approved?
We haven't had file approval for awhile now.

Annotation 2020-04-19 001029.jpg (161.0KiB, 1022x585) save_alt

> We haven't had file approval for awhile now.
Then the activity messages should probably be changed

Nice screenshot. What part of "awhile" did you not get?

To whomever actually cleaned up her shared files, sincerely thank you for taking the time to fix that cluster fuck of a mess

"a while" is less than a minute now?

Will someone please upload her entire elf bikini top secret set (no trolling)? Thanks in advance.

Admin recently reinstated manual approval. What's your point?

in which case this was wrong

Not at all, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

We're not talking about real artists. >>70602

oh right sorry

So child pornography is now being uploaded here? Seriously, what is wrong with people?

aF9Bpzkid1.jpg (12.1KiB, 345x562) save_alt

says the spammer

Its getting a bit crazy again, last file got uploaded was some dudes head caved in. Sick stuff. Labled as "Hi" Like jesus man how do these files get approved? Wouldn't they be reviewed first?

Sounds like a real boner killer. Thanks for taking the fall.

already saved the 10 new files (i was the one who noticed it first)

>Wouldn't they be reviewed first?

They used to, but Admin had to stop manual review for some reason.

>pervs with class

Simpin' over bottom tier online roasties


>C L A S S

They've started on rolyatistaylor now

just went to rolyatistaylor and it looks like they are all legit files and nothing weird

anyone checked the jfif

It got cleaned up quick then

beware theres some illegal shit in the zip files

Which zips should I avoid?

Why has the low IQ spammer not been banned from posting yet? Admins, do something to shut that kid up already!

0299CFB8-7E7D-4F93-9756-D0E03ED660BA.jpg (317.6KiB, 722x1672) save_alt

Some of these messages are a little creepy. I really hope this guy is trolling.

brainlets cant evade bans that easily (probably a hired shill)


I love you angie griffin

Hi I hope you had a good day today and I’ll have to send you some stuff if I can get angie griffins cell phone number please. I need to talk to her about how to be respectful to working class citizens today and she is going to be put on her own and I will be doing a lot of stuff to do to angie so much

STFU ALREADY! You will NEVER get her number and no, everybody does NOT have it. You are so dumb and pathetic. Do the world a favor and end your life.

reee everyone i disgree with shold kys

on a side note angie got doxxed find the info
also drones parts are very cheap go build one if you are véry determined

Dont trust chad, he has many secrets. He hides them well.

Chad is shady as hell

thank god this bitch will be gone from the site. ruining it with her crappy ass pictures

because you don’t have her profile here anymore, where can I get your photos and videos?

kill yourself

why do you say that? have a lot of furry here idai? and if you can’t here content of it ok but I wanted to know where it has

I also wanted to know where to get content from her?