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Fart Fetish Patreons

eqrdeL1KS1u9651.png (253.1KiB, 1280x1280) save_alt

Can we just talk about how disgusting these fucking ones are. There's a recent import from a Patreon user, all focused on farts.
I will never understand fart / scat fetishes. Nothing can ever be made hygenic about it.

this. to be honest id even rather see the camwhores then this, dont understand how anyone can find that sexy

It's shit like this I don't understand. Foot fetish, BDSM, oral, and anal. You like those things? Well, hows about we take those to their illogical extreme.
Foot fetish- Could be done right, but most choose to give an unnatural focus to the feet make them oversized, smelly and have wrinkles. None of that sounds appealing.
BDSM- Dismemberment, fucking dismembered corpses, killing someone just to get your rocks off... how the fuck could you live with yourself.
Oral- Vore. Digestion. Could be avoided but all of the vore artists put digestion in there. You like hearing someone desperately crying for help while the burn in acid? You like seeing them writhe in pain? What kind of sick person likes that shit?
Anal- Scat. I have never wanted to be shit on. That is absolutely disgusting. You'd have to be borderline insane to have some desire for this literal shit.

Honestly, I can handle buxbi not being updated if it means these fuckers will get out. Get that filthy shit the fuck out of here.

I honestly don't understand how people find fart fetish hot

That's hilarious, all you idiots are on a website originally created to steal furry porn. You must be new and fucked

Ah shit, here we go again.

Nope, not new here, just never fully understood this endorsement of fart fetishism


Different people are into different things.

I didn't choose to be into farts, but I do embrace it.

Fart fetish is a lot less harmful then the racist around these boards.

Look, I too find furry porn disgusting, I find it very disgusting to go fucking wild animal/domestic animal humanoids, but I don't go insulting them, everyone has their tastes, and we have to respect that, your atitude of saying it is disgusting, is equal of that of an homofobic, every taste is technically a fetish, people who like pussy, which seems pretty normal, is a fetish, of course, pussy fucking fetish, homosexual people, have the fetish to like other man, it's a fetish as well, and like that, fart fetish is a fetish, and if you go insulting us, you're being like an homofobic, I'm gonna tell you, even though I find your fetish disgusting, I can understand why you like it, why I like farts, our minds were molded by what we experienced, and then we tended to like certain things, if you saw a dog humanoid, you'd thing that's pretty hot, and it's okay, it's what you like, if I received a fart from a good ass, I would smell, and I would like the smell, even though for some people it sounds bad, my brain was molded to like those things, and then my brain would find the smell good, amusing, and I would like it, and it's okay, I understand it's really not hygienic, but there is techniques to avoid that, the same thing about foot fetish, I'm not into it, but if they were to meet with a foot they like, they would lick it, and they would find it delicious, and it's okay, their mind is that way, each person has different tastes, and we, just like I already said before, we have to respect that, and now, about BDSM and digestion thing, I'm really not into it, I would not like to die, obviously, and these I can agree about being against, since it involves death and those things, but still, no need to go insulting the people, what you have to do then is try to show them better ways, something like that.

538.jpg (62.5KiB, 600x1189) save_alt

I think I developed stage three cancer from reading that.

No, I absolutely don't need to embrace a fetish that is disgusting. Being a furry doesn't mean one wants to fuck an animal. You sound like an idiot saying that. Farts are gases being expelled by your body. The same goes for shit. That's why it's called bodily waste. Your body is getting rid of it because it is a WASTE PRODUCT. Not for someone to use in any sexual way. It's fucking disgusting and absolutely unhygienic, and I will NEVER feel bad for anyone that gets a disease from involving themselves in it.
I've been told scat/fart fetishes can be hygienic based on your diet and other factors, but again, its bodily waste and your body is getting rid of it. You have to be seriously fucked in the head to think it's valid to enjoy either as a fetish.

How fucked in the head do you have to be to talk this much shit lmfao. Let's call farts disgusting but watching animals fuck each other ain't disgusting. Nor for the poor kids who get this shit come up in their searches of their favourite characters. Fucking disgusting retarded fuck. Good luck sniffing a video hahaha

Cinderace brap.jpg (54.6KiB, 1024x654) save_alt


How fucked in the head do you have to be to attempt to defend this fetish? Also, un-ironically using "hahaha" as an insult is a sign of massive autism.

DvLkkdiUUAEIHFx.jpg (214.8KiB, 2832x2083) save_alt

Cry more, fart haters.

and this is why people want furries to be burned.

How fucked in the head do you have to be to hate on others likes? Let alone thinking "hahaha" is even used as a fucking insult dipshit hahaha. Someone autistic could think of a better insult than the shit you just posted fucktard.

>I too find furry porn disgusting
then... why the fuck you here

Possum fuck you.png (1009.9KiB, 717x859) save_alt


acoustic.jpg (9.3KiB, 480x360) save_alt

Woah watch out we got an acoustic child over here. "hahaha"

this fucking forum has me on my knees!! Geez all you fucking simps. I just came here off a free onlyfans link. To be honest, I'm defending the guys who don't like gas n shit and that's the right side to be on. How are supposed to get a real relationship in life if u like that shit. You gon' go up to coworker and ask them to shit in your mouth while you jack off?!! Fuckin weirdos I tell ya.

Me thinks the anon doth protest too much.

The only thing more disgusting are furries... like making four-legged animals more humanoid makes it better... would you fuck a chimp or a baboon just because they're more humanoid than a fox, cat, or rabbit... vile beastophiles...

Have you ever heard of "biting the hand that feeds you"?

Yes, I have. Does the idea turn you own you filthy beastophile?

Lol big boi

Anyway, what is it about the animal that turns you on? Is it the wet nose, the floppy ears, the waggly tail? What about the cock that it licks with a tongue that's probably had all manner of gross shit on it? Including shit. Yeah, probably that.

I didn't say it was a literal animal, I said it was an animal humanoid, and that's what it is, doesn't matters how you look at it, having sex with animals is really wrong, furry porn is not wrong, I know it, and I just don't like it, just personal taste, but I have nothing against furries, now, about fucking literal animals, I do find it being wrong, and fart fetish can be explained, the ass is something a lot of people like, so it was obvious there was going to be people who would like things coming out of it, like I already said our mind develops and bla bla, then we tend to like certain things, and also, I never said you needed to embrace/like it, it's okay you don't like it, like I already said, I too don't like/embrace furry porn, but you guys can't go disrespecting us, calling us retards and those things.
And also, I'm only defending the fetish, people like >>71292 are also wrong, talking bad about furries, I don't defend them I think they are wrong as well.
I'm here because there is also my fetishes in this site, I know this site means furry and all, but I think the meaning of this is to get all things on patreon shared, including fart fetish, and also there is a lot of normal porn like belle delphine and similar nowadays, so I guess whatever.
Yes I am a simp I admit it...
But anyways, I really don't undestand this relationship you talk about, I'm obviously not just gonna ask any woman to shit in front of me and jack off, I think you really don't understand the fetish and what you can do with it, but it's okay, and I don't require you to search something you don't like, and you're probably not gonna read this so whatever I guess.
Good jokes there pal'.
Look, the furry porn liked by people that don't like "gross" fetish, I at least think the furries they fantasize would act like people, taking baths and all, so they would be clean and healthy to take on, so it is ok.

Also I am >>70823.

scarab-2490586_960_720.jpg (82.0KiB, 1000x667) save_alt

>>71237 Am I a joke to you?

get help

Fetish is a sin and it's also used to exploit porn from LGBT+ people, there before it's also homophobic.

Look man let's not get religious in here, it's a porn site, and like >>70823 said, all type of sex is a fetish, then every sex would be a sin, which kinda makes sense because normal sex before marriage is a "sin", but you get my point, also I don't understand how specific fetishes (at least I think that is what you meant when you said fetish) are used to exploit porn from LGBT+

>> Nothing can ever be made hygenic about it.
That's not the point to it though. Damn how much of a fucking simp can you even be in this day and age.

The only problem with this thread, is the amount of dumbasses defending this stuff.

dont forget about the pedophilias that are into loli.

This site is going down hill. There's people with hundreds of patrons that have comic pages that are behind the wall still while fart and pedo shit gets constantly updated

This is why you ban pedos and other degenerates off sites like this

Fetishes don't make any sense at all. Trying to make sense of fetishes is pointless. The entire concept of a fetish is the same as a phobia: Your brain deciding to have a specific reaction to a specific stimuli. In this case, the brain deciding "haha brap = boner"

That same line of reasoning could apply to pedophilia. Just because we can't make sense of it doesn't make it any less wrong. Just because we can't make sense of why someone likes being farted on doesn't make it any less wrong.

Are you equating something done between consenting adults to statutory rape of a minor?

nobody mentioned pedos
also farting =/= pedophilia
shoo, SJW

Car_crash_1-1024x768.jpg (205.8KiB, 1024x768) save_alt

Are you straw manning? Here, since your intelligence is lacking (you do sniff farts after all), I'll give a different scenario. Chopping someone in half even if they volunteered for it. Is that consenting enough for you two jack-offs? The point is still this: Just because we can't make sense of it does not make it okay. That would be like making a car, seeing that the car crashes over and over, and then saying to yourself "Hmm. We can't figure out what's making it crash... Let's put it on the road anyway." You couldn't figure out why the car was unable to stop, but you figured that just because you couldn't understand why, it was perfectly fine.

>Accuses a legitimate question of straw man fallacy, proceeds to use straw man falalcy.

Flawless logic, anon.

>Cherry picks a single piece of an argument, not focusing on anything else that was said.

Flawless logic anon.

you-keep-using-those-words-ido-not-think-they-mean-53998141.png (115.5KiB, 500x418) save_alt

>Accuses of cherry picking

Here is the part of your post which accuses of strawmanning:
>Are you straw manning?

Here is the part where you straw man:
>Here, since your intelligence is lacking (you do sniff farts after all), I'll give a different scenario. Chopping someone in half even if they volunteered for it. Is that consenting enough for you two jack-offs? The point is still this: Just because we can't make sense of it does not make it okay. That would be like making a car, seeing that the car crashes over and over, and then saying to yourself "Hmm. We can't figure out what's making it crash... Let's put it on the road anyway." You couldn't figure out why the car was unable to stop, but you figured that just because you couldn't understand why, it was perfectly fine.

Looks like your -entire- post to me.