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WARNING: virus scam

photo-1542044896530-05d85be9b11a.jpg (155.6KiB, 1000x800) save_alt

the following artists contains virus in the shared files:
diives: https://yiff.party/patreon/881792
bikomation: https://yiff.party/patreon/10662275
burgerkiss: https://yiff.party/patreon/709210
blitzdrachin: https://yiff.party/patreon/127384

this might not be all but i thought i should warn you guys ;)

Possibly Miles-DF too https://yiff.party/patreon/239705

Biko doesn't have viruses, just fake files

Are you sure?

Thanks kind anon

This site is fucked

Needs a QA admin >>71168
Maybe if main admin can find someone they trust at least, it'll take some pressure off their shoulders. Dynamic duo and all that.

memories.PNG (306.9KiB, 438x446) save_alt

maybe the admin should disable the shared files only temporary to fix these files with viruses

but that would require him to care

zapit.png (847.1KiB, 960x960) save_alt

is this real? or is this some bulshit? doesn't it put at risk all of their patreon user?

https://data.yiff.party/shared_data/9f9f9e111be2d16b6ef1096ff4c91be365351903/Bonus_Rewards_and_Legacy_Storage_2020-04-20_6_41_59_PM.html this is in NotBoogie I checked it with VirusTotal and found 2 malicious things on it from 80 so not sure if its okay or not.So admin please check it as well

>>71197 He cared and is trying to find a way to block those fake file uploads

>>71698 so even tho its has 2 malicious malware on it its safe?

No they are only targetting YP

Goblin Thonk.png (135.6KiB, 312x288) save_alt

If Patreon is willing to put up with creators distributing viruses they must be desperate, they're income has tanked the past 6 months to the point they are asking for donations.

Plus with SubscribeStar being based in Russia and away from the Silicon valley mafia they have no hope of calling in favors and getting one of their biggest competitors shut down.

It's probably some random user making their own Patreon files and including a virus because they think it'll make them a hero

>what is Shared Files

there's no "report file" or similar function?

>Patreons dont put up viruses on Patreon. Same reason why this site didnt get shut down.

Or maybe its the smart thing to do to help stop theft? Dunno maybe uploading shit makes people here feel like a hero from the shitshow comments and excuses

20200426_010215.jpg (268.3KiB, 1440x2838) save_alt

I sent an email regarding the files to support on 4/10. can anyone tith patreon subs confirm if it's spread in the original file?

20200426_010215.jpg (268.3KiB, 1440x2838) save_alt

I sent an email regarding the files to support on 4/10. can anyone tith patreon subs confirm if it's spread in the original file?

>>72441 calling attempts at distributing malware and viruses a "smart thing to do"

Also, Blitzdrachin and Diives files seem clear for now, no more infected shared files. Exercise caution with future files, in case if it happens again.

>stop theft

Biko never had viruses in his shared files. Just a bunch of broken files.

Diives, Blitz, Burgerkiss and Miles had the viruses

There's no way artists themselves could spend their precious time in such a dumb way.

Why not?

Because they have to make content, dummy

I nearly fell victim to the diives one. Windows defender actually did something useful for once.

When has that ever stopped an artist from wasting time online?

Why would Patreon care about what's uploaded to Shared Files?

Getting banned is the least of your worries.

Im glad to know the ones on MDF's log have also been deleted but this shit is as scummy as it gets.

what log