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Ploxy patreon is under review by patreon

4671374.jpg (8.0KiB, 200x212) save_alt

Ploxy's patreon seems to be blocked temporarily, I don't know why, and as far as I know ploxy himself has yet to acknowledge this, but if anybody knows anything about this, it you be appreciated if you would share it.

Im gonna take a wild guess and say someone called him out for still making pokemon on patreon even tho everyone else stopped or just rarely does it.But thats just a theory

probably all the loli shit he links to, deserves it honestly

Did he get a cease-and-desist?

No, it was the lolis what lead to him being suspended, he has created accounts in fanbox and subscribestar so he can continue doing this kind of content

>No, it was the lolis what lead to him being suspended
Is that a fact, or are we just assuming based on his content?

>he has created accounts in fanbox and subscribestar so he can continue doing this kind of content
But what does that have to do with being under review on Patreon? No cease-and-desists, and lolis posted elsewhere....

It was confirmed by him, go to his page on patreon or in here and you will see what happened