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ITT: Leave your thanks here!

1483288165761.gif (54.2KiB, 500x300) save_alt

Lay down your benevolent appreciation for our anonymous kind persons who spend their savings upon leaking, uploading and archiving content of our favorite creators (A thread like this was already made before, albeit buried way deep into the latter pages, and I couldn't find it), thus providing further goodness and compassion for our whole world <3.

I will start: many fuzzy thanks to the person who added and uploaded Spextherat to yiff.party. Thought no one would add such obscure artist, and it seems I was wrong in the end. I really appreciate it, buddy.

e894a051c92193e4653a9b7fd54bd7b0.jpg (285.8KiB, 1448x2048) save_alt

For those that constantly update the following:


Shine on you crazy diamond(s). Another thanks to another anon that's leaks another artists work offsite. You're a saint and showing that thowing the public low res table scraps is just disrespectful and actively encourages mass leaks from them.

Artists linked:


You! Yes you, if you're uploading stuff. You're awesome :D

Thanks for keeping GeekedOutNation updated! You gave me hours of entertainment in these boring times 👍

It's hip to fuck bees!!!

Thank you to whoever updated Donvirus, I greatly appreciate it.

To whoever uploads Miles-DF (mdf) consistently.

IMG_1573.jpg (46.0KiB, 365x548) save_alt

Thanks for the great man (or woman) who updated Resmi nair content (https://yiff.party/patreon/12936073). Thanks thanks thanks. You are really great.

external-content.duckduckgo (2).jpg (69.0KiB, 800x698) save_alt

Thanks for the anon who updated DrAltruist. Seriously man, thanks. Is one of my favorite artists.

Thanks to the users that know to put their requests in the request threads, and ask their questions in the issues and feedback thread.

Instead of being mouth breathing idiots who clog up the forum creating thread after thread of useless bullshit better posted somewhere else...