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IMG_2169.jpg (102.6KiB, 899x1199) save_alt

Eggubboyo is a 16 year old from Turkey who got popular by drawing NSFW art of Beastars who one day decided to delete all of it and claims to be an SFW only artist while continuing to draw highly questionable art. If you comment on any of their artwork of muscular guys with bulges asking for an uncencored or uncropped version, Eggubboyo will block you.
Recently they've started some drama with another artist over them being ~15 and drawing questionable content, but blocks anyone who mentions the fact that he himself has done and continues to do the exact same thing.

Oh hey, seems like he's a degenerate, self-hating furfag... why am I not surprised?

post all their porn here




damn thats savage as fuck now you should show him its on this site and that their is nothing he can do about it.


sample_c30484ad37b9aba84da9d2fff5815111f015f40c.jpg (223.0KiB, 850x850) save_alt

Lol, i found this image in one of the archives.

62C5B295-D6D7-47E7-B093-F29671540D6A.gif (344.4KiB, 220x213) save_alt

Lmao I find it really funny how you call him a degenerate furfag when you are using a furry version of 4chan to drag a kid. OP is a puss fag

Hi, i am the artist that you are currently talking about. I never claimed myself to be an SFW Only Artist. As someone who already apologised for their mistake i'd like you to stop talking about this. I know it is heartbreaking to not being able to bully an content creator but please drop this case. I have apologised for it and i have stopped doing the deeds that you have listed here. https://twitter.com/eggubboyo/status/1217566391924150273?s=21
I have blocked No one that have pointed this out, I do not mean harm to anyone that points out my mistakes since it is my first priority to take criticism and apply on my behalf instead of how you stated i was acting in this post. This is a misleading information. And for those who still doesn't want to believe me, you can do whatever you want to do, i don't mind it. As someone who has been groomed and had to deal with all of this, I am sorry if this wasn't enough to prove me wrong.

download.jpg (29.4KiB, 129x165) save_alt

Imagine wanting to stroke your own ego so bad you decide to do an unresearched dragging of a kid who's accepted what he's done just to make yourself feel better, y'all are sad. Get a life of your own and fuck it up why don't you

OP is literally the biggest fag on here

Let's also talk about how this kid loves to say and post bait just so he can try and "catch" people and drag them publicly if they have the gall to even attempt to tell him what he's doing isn't cool. "Boo fucking hoo I'm only 16 look at this guy replying to me"


hi fynn

Aww is the man child upset

OP actually in tears cuz been called out


And the duplicity of this child showing screenshots of what others are doing and being lie "Hoes mad hoes mad getting bullied by the minors!" but when it happens to him he's off having a cry on twitter and getting his friends to try and come sway things the other direction. Hmmmm

hi fynn

IMG_20200414_072853.jpg (36.5KiB, 828x1085) save_alt

hi fynn when will you upload the apology video

still crickets

the OP Is a confirmed pedophile and dating a zoophile in practice and a pedophile


Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 11.12.46 AM.png (298.7KiB, 1236x990) save_alt

Fynn is not the OP. Also, it seems Eggubboyo and all of their followers are ignoring the issue. If he wants to draw porn of Legoshi then that's his choice as an artist, and it seems like that's what all of his followers want since he got a large uptick in followers once he posted that image. >>73156 made a good point about Eggu; he will start drama (http://archive.today/hxyNo) and act like he's the hero trying to save someones life and that everyone else is either a pedo or someone trying to harass a minor (http://archive.today/gV6EG http://archive.today/jsDx3 http://archive.today/ciugP)
Eggu, I hope you can see and understand the problem instead of brushing it off as "hate"
"ok" -Eggubboyo, 2020

Ok fynn

Are you ok Twitter fag? OP means original poster, the fact you decided to change your name to OP is retarded

hey op if u are this determined to take me down, you know my twitter, just hit me up a dm won't you.

Honestly though, what would anybody DMing Egg accomplish? Just give him more screencaps for him to relay to his twitter following while ignoring his own behaviour and trying to deflect to other people. Like seriously. Anytime anybody that isn't already inside his friend circle tries to communicate anything but praise to him they're either given the dismissive "Ok" or are met with aggression. Eggs is already a lost cause because he can't seem to fathom that when they treat people like shit they don't deserve respect.


fynn everyone knows that its you

try to message me

you can't
now shut the fuck up and sit down on your ass

i will ok your whining baby mouth later
Achievement unlocked: get bullied by 15 years old, Again!

7D165DA1-D85C-4FAF-9808-16CB6CA27744.png (77.1KiB, 185x227) save_alt

OP literally remove yourself from this platform and all social meds, your dating a pedo and zoophile literally stop trying to defend yourself and call others out when you yourself are one call away from the police fucking arresting you for sexual misconduct of a minor.


5heads. All of you.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 11.12.46 AM.png (298.7KiB, 1236x990) save_alt

>>73347 Are you retarded? I'm the original poster of this thread
>>73495 Are you upset because I'm not a pedophile nor am I a supporter of one?
Eggubboyo and his followers are still ignoring anyone who tries to offer him criticism of any kind by saying they're either Fynn or someone who support him. Quit being a bunch of sheep. Eggu, I suggest that you grow up and stop deflecting criticism with "ok" or "ok, now stfu pedo haha lol"
"ok" -Eggubboyo, 2020

If you really think Fynn is the only person who could possibly view you in a negative way, Egg, do yourself a favor and go ahead and report him for paedophilia and whatever else you want to bring into the public light while just waving off what others have deduced of your shitty personality by just saying everyone is Fynn or a Fynn sympathiser while you continue to go off and be a toxic member of the online community.


good shit.png (61.7KiB, 1182x794) save_alt

Took long enough

lol all of Eggs fans defending him using strawmans and contrived stories to push a narrative. This is an anon board you fucking faggots. None of you know who exactly is who. So stop fucking acting like you know who anybody is you dumb cunts. Also
Lmaoo his twitter brigade couldn't save him from the suspension hammer. And why should they when he's another shitty teenager who doesnt know that the community he makes is one he shouldn't rely on to protect him and attack for him. I swear to god, all fucking teenage artist's who get some sort of relevancy get a power rush and start acting differently because they know they have yes man to enable their shitty behavior when before hand nobody would support their retarded attitude. All ya'll "fans" can go fuck yourselves it aint your job to defend eggbuyo, it falls on the shoulders of the artist squarely to set things straight and so far he's gone into hiding. Also i bet this Fynn person hasn't even been proven in a court of law to be what you say he is because ya'll are too busy believing in accusations instead of calling the actual fucking police and seeing if its true you goddamn autists. Ever heard the saying "innocent before proven guilty?" Why the FUCK would you allow someone like who you are accusing to walk around if it's "confirmed?" and you have the "proof"? Because all of you are too busy canceling others who dare call out your artist for acting like a dumbass teenager. Well boo fucking whooo, you fags can cry harder, because all i see is a bunch of name calling and no proof as all fucking retarded highschoolers do to start drama. Get your kiddie asses off this anon board and grow the fuck up. Learn that your accusations have consequences and you should go to a court of fucking law to prove if they are real or not which, spoiler alert, costs money which all you children dont fucking have.

This thread is halarious

It's sad to see his art look better than half of all the archived artists in this site, maybe more than half

so I thought the title was someone just typing random gibberish, but instead it's one degen calling out another degen and both would be served well if this site finally dies out

Butt out from here and the website, anti-fur. We don't take crap.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 8.23.30 AM.png (1002.3KiB, 888x1378) save_alt

Seems as if Eggu made a new Twitter account under a different name