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Fuck You

02b0260eb1babf22dda82605bab52b90.24[1].jpg (17.4KiB, 352x198) save_alt

This community is toxic and full of pieces of shit. I feel like I've found my spiritual home. Fuck all of you, furfags.


OK homoshrexual

asgsdfafasf.PNG (71.0KiB, 190x180) save_alt

Understable, Have a nice day

website was made for furry porn, fuck off faggot

Damn bruh, O. K.

lol sometimes the worms crawl onto the hook all by themselves. baited

This is what happens when you mix an idiot with a waste of time.

0D112605-B566-4690-9E9D-8D3F91343C2C.jpg (422.2KiB, 1002x750) save_alt

The artist is obviously an artist.

S'matter, OP? Tumblr hugbox kicked you out so now you came here?

fuck you too :)

The mainstream media sites like CNN and Kotaku are the reasons why anti-furries exist. Fuck secularism.

That's plain untrue. The toxic behaviour of furry communities and the degenerate practices of their worst members is why anti-furries exist. Furry porn I personally don't have a problem with though.

This site doesn't exactly help either. Especially when people are stealing art and pics from content creators, who then go to their fans and complain about this site called "yiff party" which was set up by furries, so you end up with furries getting associated with being assholes, especially once you add in other toxic furry community behaviours


Dude the site is called yiff.party you retard. Who the fuck do you think it was made for to begin with? Of course people are going to assosciate it with furries cuz it was made for furries. Stop trying to be deep when it really aint.

>stealing art and pics from content creators

How new are you?

Relatively new, and it's technically stealing, but I still do it. But better to be a thief than a thief AND a liar.

>technically stealing

Do you seriously not know how this place works?

bruh most of the YP content are itself copyright infringement or a violation of obscenity laws. also maybe even tax avoidance.
it is fair game to be as dirty as the artists themselves.

61b1b9a636ab68ba5635fe822c083cf7532309c04b59f78708869f5db196a0fc.jpg (186.4KiB, 1280x1823) save_alt

furry cancer fucks are waste of fucking space and people who keep posting porn patreons are fucking idiots go watch pornhub its free.

We need more react channels on here

Neato. Do you not know how this place works?


We should’ve never allowed non-furry patreons to be leaked here in the first place.