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I love seeing onlyfans leaks.

to_all_the_papyton_shippers_by_hakike__guro-db0ochf.jpg (45.9KiB, 600x551) save_alt

I love opening the thread list just to see everythread be updated with nothing but onlyfans leak discords. It helps can't wait till the whole site is nothing but whores because s o m e o n e is apparently thirsty for something I see for free on Pornhub.

They're just trawling for discord ids from on here... looking for people to block on patreon

New link https://discord.gg/M34FUjB

And anothee option https://discord.gg/gTuFF8E

oh fuck it begins

I haven't noticed too many Discord chatroom spamming bullshit threads on the mainboard myself, but what I HAVE noticed since last couple days is the TOP maybe 10 threads were ALL "multi-request" shit like "Request Thread 41" "Request Thread 42" "Request Thread 43" , "5 Days+ Request" "20+ Days Request" "Official Reaction Request Thread ('Official' lol)" etc etc. Its as if 96% of users DGAF about the rules here, but if the admin doesn't care enough about his own rules to enforce them, then why should the users care enough to follow them lol? I guess it stands to reason.

This. I warned you all, but you didn't listen.

https://discord.gg/gTuFF8E check this, good leaks, a very big titties onlyfans

GTFO with that Discord pyramid scheme bullshit! If you're gonna post anything, post an actual website with leaks or keep your ploys to yourself.

Pyramid scheme? Really? Stop fucking around, make one fucking website, the end.