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Reporting Malicious Files in Shared Files

faggot has caused red alert.jpg (19.2KiB, 480x360) save_alt

So since their's some jackass(es) going around spreading Malware to the shared files section cuz they have too much free time on their hands. I was wondering if we could inform each other on which artist's shared files section is host to malicious content or not. That way we can not only inform each other on what files not to download but also have all the malicious files here in one neat thread so that Admin can go around and scrub clean the viruses without having to search everywhere. This is NOT a request thread so that you can go around harassing and spamming people who know how to be safe online to check for you because your too damn lazy to install a VM. So please try to keep everything tidy...

Blitzdrachin and Diives have been affected previously, *BUT* the malicious ones have since been removed it would seem. Exercise caution with any future shared files.


Yeah ive seen those but what brought this to my attention is another prevelant artist (Danza) got their shared files updated as well...and right around the time when the malware started being spread around. Made me skeptical since nobody seems to update Danza a whole lot and now right around april when the malware gets spread His shared files folder gets updated. So that gave me the idea to make this thread; in case we missed anymore. Hopefully you are right and no more has been spread around.

>cuz they have too much free time on their hands.
You mean like the same assholes uploading stolen content in the first place?

Solution: Don't download anything jackass


nah gonna keep downloading :). Wouldn't have made this thread if i didn't plan to. And with a thread like this its gonna be easier then ever for Admin to clean up the mess. Lol, Stay mad White knight fag.


Then keep downloadin and shut the fuck up? What makes you think its my problem bitch? Did I say I was a creator? Go pirate whatever the fuck you want lol.
Course its easier for admin to clean up, just dont come crying when someone uploads 50 shared files and admin has to spend all their time finding the right ones or removing all of them? Or was that not the point of the whole fucking post?

I dont remember asking you for your opinion, so take some of your own advice and shut it you 3rd rate beta male. You clearly didn't read anything i even said anyway, especially when i never said anything about you being a creator which i dont know how you pulled out of your feces flaked asshole. Go be a useless voice of dissension somewhere else when your reading comprehension passes the second grade. I, on the other hand, will be reporting files through this thread so Admin can clean up shared files and we can keep pirating without new users getting their computers fucked. So consider this the final reply; i have no more interests other than this reply in those who don't want to help others and be a useless waste of space on this thread. And i also have no more interest other then this reply to keep prolonging your retardation. TLDR; be a useless cunt somewhere else faggot.

I read "I dont remember asking you for your opinion" then I realized I don't give a shit. If you cant handle the internet then dont fucking post kid. Youre on a site that steals shit for free so quit bitching little shit.

Yeah yeah call out the faggot but maybe not clog up the whole thread? It'd be nice to know whose shared files will mess my computer up rather than have someone state the obvious for the millionth time

Oh look someone smart who got the whole point. Makes the other idiot look stupid asf now

>Then keep downloadin and shut the fuck up?
no u

>Go pirate whatever the fuck you want lol.
>Go pirate
>being this new

>steals shit
>for free

Can we please get this thread back on track?

tRiGgErEd kId

>unable to form an actual counterargument

Stay mad.