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A message for all artists with work uploaded here.

200px-Question_mark_(black).svg[1].png (2.0KiB, 200x200) save_alt

Upload it here yourself or fuck off.

Finally someone understands. Our site has been getting flooded with artists, who are abusing their anonymity to fight against a site that is realistically causing no harm. If they want us to prove it, they better show proof of their own. We can't even check to see if this site really harms them or not because they hide how much they make. And they want to keep it that way so they can forever complain about this site causing harm when it doesn't. So yeah, to all artists, you're either with us or against us. Get with the program and fuck off. Same can be said to the samefagging troll who goes to every serious thread just to derail them. Stop protecting your furry kings and queens, they are just as bad as the thots.

Fuck yourself off. Never gonna happen. :)

And now I am convinced you have nothing better to do in life but browse the comments of this site just to be an ass. Fuckin hell.

Poor child, life is not fair!

Everything should be delivered to you on a plate with zero effort, or else!

If anything, it brings more attention to them anyway. There are some artists/game creators I never even knew about before this site.

To be truthful, patreon screwed their own userbase. Then they just left it up to the users to deal with whatever they're upset about. Not like this site is harming them whatsoever.

Let's place an example, that if this site is doing what it's doing, what makes them figure that their content isn't being uploaded somewhere else?

How about this: you spend a couple years in college to learn the skill to draw, a decade of practice in painting or animating, and voila! Start earning money to pay for your fucking porn yourself :)

Artists are lazy assess, they're not delivering art right at your porch 24/7 for absolutely free, aww!

So you're actually start pledging to all their Patreons after learning about their existence here?


Go get your Nobel prize, quick!

You're all so fucking dumb, no wonder you got no money lmao

Are you familiar with the term "twat"? That's you :)

3C72D7EE-760C-4390-BE9A-AE1E632FB4A3.jpg (158.3KiB, 715x750) save_alt

I just love the idea of this post and there should really be more like it. We attract the attention of the artists, they out themselves as artists, and we can make fun of them for being a bunch of fucking idiots, LOL

Screenshot_20200406-070424.jpg (46.6KiB, 751x718) save_alt

Artists should really stop making tweets about this site because all it does is bring more art liberators here

Such fucking idiots

Why not? Wouldn't be the first user that has done that.

Yeah, imagine having such a pathetic life that you have nothing better to do.

I believe the reason most of us don't have money right now is the coronavirus. With the governments shut down, we can't work. Even if we could, a healthy worker can bring home a paycheck. A dead one can't. It's safer to stay inside and wait this out.

Boo hoo bee boo :((((

Are you familiar with the term "<br/>at"? That's you :(

everyone above this line is butthurt.jpg (65.8KiB, 512x512) save_alt


>>74141 saved and archived

Eh, as long as I get my tiger boobs, I’m happy.

KRGVn.png (234.2KiB, 310x459) save_alt

Cry more salty tears fagtreons. Gonna go leak some more artist's patreon exclusive work and your gonna sit here and cry and insult in the comment section like the useless tools you are. Lol stay mad.