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Non-furry Patreon leaks: Why?

7C28FF1B-1865-432C-9750-675C8F7D9685.png (81.1KiB, 205x271) save_alt

I’ve been using this site for years and when roaming the threads as of late, I can’t help but wonder if allowing Patreons that aren’t focused on furry stuff was a mistake. It’s getting to the point where people who come here for that are questioning US on why we should be here, when it should be pretty damn obvious who even came up with the site in the first place.

Arguments and drama from tnat aside, allowing just any creator’s work to be imported here can’t be doing maintenance costs any favours. The sheer abundance of data on here adds up, though it might not gather so quickly if this place had some actual rules on whose content you can even upload here. I get it, running this place must be profitable and only more so with a higher monthly goal but let’s face it, we’re all cheapskates here. We come here to get the same amount of content that would cost any normal person quite a large sum in comparison for virtually nothing, for the vast majority of us anyways.

Regardless, my point is that it was furries who set up this site and it should be furries only that should be leaked here. Normie coombrain faggots and your other typical weirdos (you know who you are) shouldn’t come here, bloat the servers with sub-par nudes they could get from literally anywhere else and then have the audacity to bitch at us for being here. It’s time we took the site back for ourselves.

Admin doesn't care, he opened pandora's box, and now we all have to suffer the thotfags and other shit that want to act like they own the place.

I figured as much, shame we couldn’t get someone who cared about this place in charge.

So you pirate shit and want it furry exclusive just because the site originated like that. go fuck yourself idiot. what do you expect if shit was stolen in the first place

>stolen in the first place

>want it furry exclusive just because the site originated like that
Deviating from that has caused us avoidable problems, hence our complaints.

1614504-21cca74ffd-00000027.png (306.1KiB, 908x1261) save_alt

I see your point... But I don't think you've thought this through enough. Furry content is still one that appeals to a relatively small minority of people online. If the content here was filtered to only allow furry stuff. You'll also only be drawing in the furries, and no one else.. which means less people... Which means less donations... less updates to creators and less overall support for the site. If small websites like this one don't expand and grow, they eventually lose track and die.

I hate Simps just as much as the next guy but there's no denying that they're probably the ones most responsible for keeping this place alive with donations. If they're the type of people that can afford paying 200$ a month for some average roastie's nudes.. they can afford chipping in for the monthly goals donations.

Also, I get that it was furries that started the site. But it's still the only website that ANYONE can get ANY content behind the patreon paywall... Expecting it to stay exclusively furry without admin intervention when there's no alternative out there for stuff that isn't furry related is unrealistic.

But still, fuck the furry haters. If they're here for shitty nudes they shouldn't complain about other content being here aswell, especially when they can just simply avoid it.

That is a pretty balanced take, but it has been shown through voting that thottery accounts for 20% of the users while Furry + Weeb content accounts for 40~60%. If someone can pull up the stats for thottery vs Furry/Weeb content ratio we will know if they are really wasting our space... doubly so if we can get the donation figures of the two groups.

Anyone who is saying that furries cannot afford to run this site forgets that furry fandom is the only group of people where someone spending $1k+ on a single commission is a pretty regular thing.

Growth isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially with this site’s nature. More growth means more chance of attracting the wrong kind of attention. And I can understand why you think allowing just anyone to upload here is a good thing, but quite frankly I couldn’t give a shit at this point. I’d rather that there was a greater risk of this site going down than having to wade through an ocean of mediocre content and deal with…well, normies, coombrains, simps and weirdos.

If they want to leak content, they can set up their own site and do it their damn selves rather than leech off of our site.

>which means less people... Which means less donations... less updates to creators and less overall support for the site.
Maybe in theory, but in practice this is blatantly wrong.

>I hate Simps just as much as the next guy
Then you should understand that they're cheapskates that want us to pay for their content.

>I’d rather that there was a greater risk of this site going down

This has always been a high risk, if those end of the month donation threads and constant server problems are anything to go by.

Just fucking remove the thotty e-girls. I don't personally like furries but there are some good ass artists.

Because furry is shit get over it.

You're all faggots of one kind or another, embrace it. Furfags, weebfags, or thotfags. Suck a dick

Because furry is shit get over it.

no one cares about your mentally diseased cartoon-animal addicted opinion. give me more asmr


>being this new

as if furries need another safe place

that is fair.

So I can get rubbed on by another dude in a bunny suit or maybe a popular video game character? Flaps needed for pooping but otherwise I will wear that fucker till it smells like a dead goat. Hump my damp pelt!

You came into our house, moron.

And? I don't shit all over your stuff. This site has such a weird moral high horse when you're just another furry site full of people looking to jerk off/be entertained. I get logistically why the non furry stuff needs to go, but all of this acting like the site has been saved is hilarious.

>And? I don't shit all over your stuff.

Yeah you do. You all do.

I don't want to say about furry whether it's good or bad but there is pretty good non furry content .I am not talking about shit like Angie griffin and all. There is Rachel cook, Stefania ferrario, Lauren summer , eatschannel(in past) and many more. Also when talking about other content like sakimichan, you can't depend on site, bcoz all we get here is preview shots from the nude animated art creators. So keeping furry only seems a little weird. Though all those cosplay girls overpriced stuff needs to be struck off bcoz neither it is good and also they are the ones complaining the most.

Forgot about treats and keslertran content.It is also pretty amazing

Is there like a local basement where I can go to be touched by someone in a panda or lizard suit?? These pics are SO good, just like the ones I used to draw before I got put in the special class but man alive a half-dog/half-whale with the shakes from the meds needs friction once in a while HOLLA

Yes. Just yes. All the creators you mentioned are terrific. The only one I haven't heard of is Stefania Ferrario.

>is on yiff.party because they want to bypass gatekeeping to get free porn
>wants to hoard this service to a select group and gatekeep others because of "muh furry roots"
i hate all the shitty nude accounts too, but fuck your hypocritical self for even thinking of trashing all the non-furry art

>being this new

Not my fault non-furry artists can’t draw for shit.

Not an argument.

Neither is yours

detete button go brrr.jpg (213.8KiB, 1659x837) save_alt

Haha delete button go brrrr

It totally is an argument if you're gonna keep trying to shove thot stuff down our throats

based shenzi

PinkDrawz 186-untitled-by-pinkdrawz.jpg (94.0KiB, 663x800) save_alt

Honestly I think having more than just furry content is a great idea because that way it caters not just for people into furry stuff, but also everyone else, that is, people into hentai, people into drawn porn. Personally I have nothing against furry pics but I have almost zero interest in it (unless its 15% furry, 85% human). Patreon has created a new kind of "greed based" culture among online artists, where they now expect people to throw money at them every month, not for anything specific, but just for being an artist (essentially "pay me, or I wont draw anymore", like spoiled kids ). I think this is a bad thing and it affects all of us, not just fans of furry art. Before Patreon, online artists earned money the traditional and logical way; that is, commissioning, and work contracts. If you remember, nobody ever had to pay just to "see art" before Patreon came along. Art galleries are free like museums, exhibitions are free, art websites are free etc, but Patreon ruined all of that. The irony is most of the "paywalled" art is fanart of copyrighted material drawn without permission from the 'actual owners'. These artists complain about not being paid for these pics yet they themselves aren't paying license fees to all the IP owners they're deriving from.

Therefore the idea of one generalised (rather than highly specialised) hub to access all this art that would've otherwise BEEN free, is IMO a godsend to all erotic art lovers. This is an amazing site in its current form IMO. Furry lovers still get what they love, and now, so does everyone else. Is that not a win win? Massive respect to the people who made this site!

truestoryfam.jpg (36.4KiB, 542x424) save_alt

Amen, this site should only be for art and artists F O R E V E R
And that callout of Patreon's greed based "culture" was a sight for sore eyes, tardists want to show contempt for us by pulling that shit and we did the same to them by building up this site, just watch them self-destructing on any given day

Never had an issue with hentai, it's mostly the thots, and how they behaved on the boards, with endless thirsty request spam, and furry hate.

I'm all for hentai and non-fury drawn content remaining.


Great reaction pic lol, it basically hits the nail square on the head, dead centre.

Yea I'm with you on that.

I will.

>Hurp durp, you're an asshole for not liking people insulting you and acting like total chimps!
Flawless thot-slobberer simp logic, as usual.

I come here for general hentai, and that includes furry stuff. I couldn't care less about the 3D girls.