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Beast creators?

IMG_20200507_010842.jpg (69.7KiB, 960x718) save_alt

What creators are there that draw/animate some good bestiality content? I only know of a couple, like KCSFM and ZMSFM. Appreciate any info.

animopron animates some good stuff and usually gives it away on his site in good quality for free, the 1080p version are paywalled behind his subscribestar acc sadly.

Shikaro and Skwidbone both draw good content
I linked one of them because it would be hard to find.

Yeah he's great, eagerly awaiting the next vid.
Shame they don't really have any beast stuff on YP, maybe because of Patreon's asinine rules?

You wouldn't happen to have any of animopron's 1080p/hi-res videos would you? I'd like to have em.

I didn't have any myself but I've located a couple. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link MEGAs so I'll just show you the thread. You do have to register to see links though.

IMG_20200507_011022.jpg (399.4KiB, 1663x2048) save_alt

Any other good creators?

bunch of fucking weirdos

Fuck off, we don't need dog fuckers on this site

IMG_20200405_143249.jpg (7.2KiB, 260x195) save_alt


You're allowed to link MEGA on this site, could you please copy & paste the links? Forced signups are a hassle.
>We don't need dogfuckers on a site dedicated to fucking dogs
How does it feel to be the minority for once? :^)

Nah. We took the site over from you pathetic, emasculated, testosterone-less faggots. Seriously, dog fuckers need to be put in gas chambers or brutally tortured then burnt alive. And while we're at it we can throw you "furry" fags in there too. The world would be so much more beautiful after that.

DO IT FAGGOT those fursuits aren't gonna set themselves on fire

Basically all non furry shit is getting purged so I guess this is the end for you huh?

Sure dude.


If it asks for a password it's "animopron" without the quotes. That's everything from the main post, if something is missing I can scour the thread for it later.

This aged so badly it's hilarious

Thanks so much for all your help <3

Haha nigger faggots thots are getting deleted. Suck a big doggy dick fucking dike stain

Sure thing!

Noname55, comandorekin, darktronicksfm

1589763386456.jpg (168.9KiB, 640x547) save_alt

That right there is a see-through set-up by an anti-fur in an attempt to taint the furry fandom's name by overly associating the horrid stereotype of bestiality to the fandom in order to negatively influence people's mind to change the server by banning furries. You. Make. Me. Sick.

Watch out guys, little Timmy has been hanging around Uncle Joe the Pedo too long and learned a bunch of swear words that he thinks makes him sound cool.

Any more M(human)/F(feral) around? There's a few pokephilia/feal animators like Wolfland and PonyTapeta.

Good bait