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E-thots BTFOd

drgdf.png (443.4KiB, 655x653) save_alt

So glad to see the garbage being cleaned off of this place.

Get fucked, normies
This is our home

Thotslobberers gonna have to go to literally any porn website created in the last two decades to get their jollies off now. How will those fucking normies cope without their dumb thots to slobber on?

good. get these thots off our yiff.

Oh Hell Yeah!!

IMG_20200405_143252.jpg (27.0KiB, 414x389) save_alt

We did it bois

cant stand seeing these thots fill yiff with their crappy ass cosplays and photoshopped pics. gonna be so better without them

thothub exists for a reason. Never understood why these faggots plagued this place to begin with.

Hopefully the site runs better now as well. Glad these shitty instagram whores are gone.

fucking furrys, go and kill each other off with your hiv and aids yeah?

I'm not a furry, i just hate camwhores filling up this shit with onlyfans when we've already got so many fucking artists already. go back to pornhub and jerk it to the women there.

Oh look the thotslobberers are maaaad lmao

Fucking chump simps over here thinking they have the moral highground fapping to whatever dumb random e-thot they've worked up in their mind as 'perfect', sipping their 'gamer-girl bathwater' from wine glasses and pretending like they aren't sweaty, pathetic neckbeards obsessed with chasing the artifical scarcity of nudes from some dumb cunt who will never know their names nor ever care about their existence except for the incrementing digits they create in the dumb thot's bank balance.



keksimus.jpg (41.6KiB, 596x628) save_alt


That's a lot of words to have over what people jerk it to. You doing okay over there?

3DPD literally isn't worth pirating. Everything behind a paywall, you can equivalents on Pornhub and etc.
Any delusion about there being a difference between thots should be struck down with an iron fist. It's unsustainable to store like YP has been doing, and I'm glad it's finally gone.

Now that the thotslobbering simps are getting the boot, yes!

thanks for asking :)

1581571292662.gif (147.5KiB, 220x199) save_alt


1572537433319.gif (355.0KiB, 500x491) save_alt


You're talking about pixels to jerk it to like it's a grand military campaign and it's super cringe

Hell to the yes, my dude. GTFO NORMIE SIMPS



mZofIaH.png (427.3KiB, 810x872) save_alt


Are you 12?

here is an idea: how about you simps go off and make your own website.

I wanna celebrate as much as the rest of you that the cam whores are getting the boot, but where does it specifically state that the thots are getting their walking papers?

"real life photography/videography" is a vague umbrella term, especially when its immediately followed by except for yiff.party relative themes (i.e. porn), and anime cosplay...Until I see PORNOGRAPHIC MODELS in big bold underlined 90x font, I'm not holding my breathe that they're fucking off...


I dont understand all that hate for liking some kind of porn over other.
I'm just terribly sad about losing the NSFW ASMR.


I mean for fucks sake it literally says YIFF PARTY in the god damn title.

>"real life photography/videography" is a vague umbrella term, especially when its immediately followed by except for yiff.party relative themes (i.e. porn), and anime cosplay

Looks like you answered your own question.

>being this new

img.jpg (8.2KiB, 232x217) save_alt


get fucked normies, this is furry town

nay mate, im on the intarwebs since its birth, downloading kiss dolls into diskettes. i preffer to think that i have matured.
live and let live you know.

About fucking time the e-thot spam garbage is getting flushed down the toilet.

Not a furry but am glad to see these e-thots go. Well back to begging in request thread for me. So long my fellow hentai fapping brothers!

Hey I want a suit I can wear, like some kind of terrycloth animal suit? And then I want to rub on someone else in a similar costume separated only by a thin layer of cloth. And we'll make rough approximations of animal noises while this sad spectacle goes on. Not gay though damn it!!!

Now fix the fucking site

A reminder that every time someone want e-thot content, just https://t.me/kemonorequests and tell them to go fuck themselves.

simps r b gon

So my old job was perfect, I got to wear a bear suit at the park but they didn't like my modifications like a thing to catch my jizz and a little patch for a butt flap. And they called me a pedo when it had nothing to do with kids! Just coming over and over in that hot suit smelling the acrylic and glue.

Normalfags, wtf right? So I need another job because of these cocks that judged my musty, perfect sexuality.

Screen-Shot-2018-12-08-at-9.46.21-PM.png (197.9KiB, 500x333) save_alt

No shit. I am so happy I could cream my jeans.
Now if only the admin could fix the damn 504 errors.

Fucking normies. I stay away from them as much as possible anymore because they don't understand my totally normal love for fox nipples (human only PLEASE) dipped in the kind of country gravy grandma used to make. Then they said I couldn't play with the goats anymore because of what happened over xmas and now I'm all bunkered up with ice cold lube and a wooden mallet. Just try and force me into your narrow little box normalfags!!

comment of the year 🙌

all of this ethot bullshit should be put in mega/dropbox/google folders on thothub.tv anyways fucking retards

you do realize that pornhub hosts furry too
also go gack to r34 xxx

And then what happens if that gets taken down due to DMCA? Just reupload it again?

More like Yiffers BTFO when an E Thot takes you entire website down lol

Gonna have to start photoshopping fur on top of tits and ass to stay aboard, e-thots

Cry more, thotlover. Your kind will not be missed.

>implying someone cares about ýou

i google big boob and get 2 billion result

delicious tears

So after many years of long use it's time to retire my good old Bugs Bunny costume that I used to dry hump other dudes in. It's a sad day because the stains in the crotch and chest are like a personal atlas of my shame. I'm going to miss the smell, something like old parmesan cheese mixed with the wholesome school-gym smell of desperate sweat.

So next I'm gonna do the Cookie Monster. SO bonerized thinking of the thoroughly normal and non-pathological sexual adventure that awaits!!

what's with this seething boomer in every single thread

He's just salty that he's going to have to go to literally every porn website ever made to look at naked chicks instead of looking at dumb, vapid cunts from patreon. Quite pathetic, really.

Thanks for your concern, but your assessment is incorrect. My type of porn, when I need it, is really quite common and doesn't require hidden, bitchy litte rooms of shame on the internet like yours. Salty, no. On the other hand, enjoying some amusement at the antics of furries and anime freaks--who I find are surprisingly thin-skinned.

Pathetic to me would be something more akin to collecting anthropomorphized animal porn or whacking it to cartoons because the prospect of sex with a real partner is permanently out of reach; either due to physical factors that others find repellent, or psychological complexity and alienation that amounts to the same thing. Yes, quite pathetic. ;)

Yikes dude.
Imagine being so insecure about losing to furries over porn that you start spamming fucking yiff party boards as a means to cope.

Delphox dab.png (41.6KiB, 300x250) save_alt

Press "D" to dab on simps


you mean sockpuppet also i don't think its just one guy doing it

ez hoes mad, ez thot lovers triggered, EZ content deletion and theirs nothing you simps can do about it. :) Go to a more appropriate site because you are not welcomed here.

i think it's just the one guy because nobody else is retarded enough to use the name field as a title

Imagine being so defensive and brittle about the hilarious shit that gets you off that you're triggered by completely realistic descriptions of that same sad kink.

This is exactly what I mean. What even is that shit? Do you jack off to it? God, how weird. It literally looks like nothing, though I imagine knowing the generalized love of penis by furries that the red shape is supposed to be some kind of wang? What the hell?

Press 'D' to take a basic drawing class. It also works for 'deodorant '.
Press 'T' for treatment of your marginalizing paraphilia.

Well, it's been fun. A few laughs, a lot of triggered freaks. Seek help or at least develop a healthy perspective about your completely ludicrous placeholder for human sexuality.

Please don't touch any real animals or children. Or anything else but your own overworked, lonely little wieners.

Scooby Doo is on! HOTTT

i-deliberatley-entered-a-thread-full-of-things-that-i-28308860.png (25.0KiB, 500x460) save_alt


Implying you were ever welcome here.

Mmmm, your salty tears are delicious!

Delphox lewd.jpg (36.8KiB, 599x606) save_alt

Cope, simps.

This is a fur site.

C0940727-F9FC-412E-A26B-DD9093711E24.jpg (18.5KiB, 424x318) save_alt

The Rock agrees with the furries, the thots need to get out of the people’s website!

my best bud.jpg (89.8KiB, 640x640) save_alt

Goddamn i thought this day would never come. All the thot lovers spouting horse shit are now getting kicked out. Notice how admin said its merely a space issue, and how all your toe licking thots l got the boot for clogging up the site. Good riddance, and have fun clogging up another site.

Everyone in this thread is beyond autistic

Kill yourselves.

Simps mad

Simps mad

i dont think so theres that other guy spamming blogger links
this site is pretty much filled with ban evading retards (believe it or not retards can team up)
when the angie thread spammer got banned theres still more sp4m in the bbs

the dubs stated the obvious ;) wink (you do realize everyone can play dumb/LARP anytime right)

>>77424 >>77478
oy gimmie source i need 2 beat my kuck

>Notice how admin said its merely a space issue

I thought he said it was because of issues with some reverse proxies.

tumblr_oo4xe4p5341smaam3o1_r1_500.gif (632.1KiB, 500x332) save_alt


yeah thats an issue as to why Admin cant really get off and do something different. So that's an inherent issue thats on his side since its admin's servers, he's upkeeping. However, whats all our problems are stupid ethots clogging up this site and using up space and acting like they own the place. This server is 25 TBs and admin knows the majority of this place is stingy with there money. So, why not free up some space in the community and return the site to what it was named for :). A furry based Yiff site with sprinklings of hentai and other artistic mediums instead of simps defending their cam whores because they're sweaty to get their two in. crusty penius off to Jeniver's artificially scarce nudes, instead of going onto porn hub like everyone else does. It cleans up the spam-like-content, removes stupid ethot defenders and their cancerous simps from this site, and most importantly allows more space for yiff. As admin is a furry and this site was made with the sole purpose for furry content he understands why hentai stays, as well as any source of animations and or artistic medium to stick around. As for the thot lovers they arent artistic more so as autistic. Hence why he's removing them, reaction channels, ASMR, anything that doesn't take an iota of artistic merit and just clogs up the site. :) Like i said, Admin had the choice of getting rid of any sort of diverse content and he chose to get rid of those that he listed. Makes you think what this site is really for and no amount of Ethots spamming other threads is gonna change his mind. Lol they can all stay mad and fuck off to another site. Meanwhile everyone else can sit back and enjoy their salty tears.

nigger faggot thot lovers mad nigger faggot thot lovers mad

427163C5-D587-4AB1-9DBC-293E3FF563BE.jpg (36.7KiB, 256x343) save_alt

>this nigger having a cat 5 chimpout on a furry board 😹

dealwithitfag.gif (606.3KiB, 500x273) save_alt

Lol thot lovers gotta deal with their shitty low quality porn being deleted. Lol bye bye you wont be missed :)

flat,800x800,075,f.jpg (40.3KiB, 800x453) save_alt

Normie simp thought cucks BTFO. The salt is real. Stay based hentai chads.

Belle Delphine is still on the site tho

Really want to celebrate it but I will not until I see the day when its gone... hope admin not trolling us or somethin...

32427d6dc66cfebf5b22f256979d0b71-imagejpeg.jpg (218.6KiB, 1280x1920) save_alt

Bye normies

b9489b00d9e52dcd669ca50806f367fd3e3c4573r1-500-500v2_hq.jpg (39.7KiB, 500x500) save_alt

Lol thot lovers got yeeted off a cliff and now they're crying tears that are so goddamn salty and DELISCIOUS!!!!

You alright there buddy? Seems like every thread you say the same...

why are they still spamming shit when they have won

Thats pretty normal I would say...

I actually meant why are the ethots still spamming fake files when their ugly asses will be removed from this site soon

Oh hahaha idk about that...

>Hence why he's removing them, reaction channels, ASMR

He's not removing reaction channels, for some reason.

reaction channels should go too

It's not like there isnt a bazillion other websites for real-life porn already...oh.

Okay then tell me. Where do I find irl porn from patreon? There isn't another site like this.

zapit.png (847.1KiB, 960x960) save_alt

we did it boys, real grill is no more

Literally look at any other porn, it's all the fucking same you stupid simp.


Normie Man babies crying cuz they dont get to get their hoes content from this site anymore. :( booohoooo

Saying all irl porn is the same is like saying all furry porn is the same. It isn’t true, and people have preferences. Enjoy what you like but stop waving it in the face of others who don’t. (This applies to both sides.)

The difference is, the thotfags came into a house of furry, and thought they could take over. They deserve all the hate they get, and more.

braindeadfaggot.jpg (24.0KiB, 259x300) save_alt


Yep and they're salty their content is getting kicked off the site. I've seen the entitled threads that some of these thot fags have made. Lol with this decision all those threads really haven't aged well and all their retarded claims to entitlement are now null and void. They're the ones who are routed to another site in the end whilst the furry content can stay. So all those thot loving niggers can go suck a dick for once. Entitled man children.


Yes. That is correct. Rather obvious.

That was Admin's original position before he reversed himself due to storage issues.

Why does it need to be from Patreon?

yep, imagine going to any other site full of thot content and demanding updates/spamming requests for furry porn


Fucking EXACTLY. Their entitlement is enough to make a bob-cut wearing Karen blush.

5668426449574037731account_id2.gif (622.1KiB, 480x304) save_alt

hahah thot fags are dead thot fags are dead

Can we remove cosplayers too? They are petty much the same as e thots

Didn't know that this site had this many gay guys, so many of you celebrating getting rid of girls here lol

The thing is, we are celebrating, but the thots must be celebrating even more because their content isn't going to be freely accesible now, so I don't know who wins

Getting rid of camwhores is a start but the allowance of the 'anime cosplay' label is too generous. Keeping Belle Delphine and other ethots on the platform sets too much of a double standard; why are some ethots allowed but not others? Oh now they are wearing school girl uniforms, it's cosplay and must stay? This is a case of the admin trying to not alienate donators too much while also cutting most of the content that has gone far beyond the scope of the original vision of this website.

Beggars can't be choosers, be happy about what you're getting you self entitled child.

Not really gonna help them much, seeing how many other thots are basically doing the same thing.

Celebrating getting rid of shitty camwhore girls who don't even deliver the goods.

Says a filthy entitled thotslobberer. Go back to your basement, incel.

>implying furries are more sucessful from incels

you keep calling people incels are you ok dude

>samefagging this hard

Enjoy another comment deletion mad bitch boy :)

chill dude lemme troll once in a while eh

Looking at this thread, look at how happy they are. Haha. I didn't know either. If you think about it, kinda makes sense they're just weird gay dudes. Like why are all these furries angry about e-thots and all these naked or lewd girls? They make a point of how this is a furry site, but reaction channels and the like are still staying, that's not furry content. They couldn't get over the fact this site essentially evolved beyond the point of hosting 1 type of content. Nonetheless, I do think the admin should have done a better job at separating the content. Guess it doesn't matter now, but I came here for the reaction stuff, so I'm not affected.

1589763204630.gif (587.6KiB, 400x304) save_alt

Pandering to the normies isn't progress, your reaction content is equally carcinogenic. Kindly fuck off and piss in someone else's pool.

I take that you're admitting to just being a weird gay dude into weird gay furry porn. As for my own reasons of viewing reaction channels, I find watching it easier than rewatching a show and then watching a review when reaction channels essentially do that, cuts down time and saves it. Meanwhile, you're here masturbating furiously to cartoon porn of animals. Who's truly the carcinogenic on here? Also, nice "piss" joke, I'm sure you enjoy that.

Yeah.. both are my posts. I wasn't hiding it. Obviousfag?

It couldn't possibly be because you normies come into our house and start insulting us... No, certainly not!

>can't stfu about reaction channels
>chimping out on a furry board that hosts it
>royal hypocrite
>what is youtube

Straight the fuck up i'm so, SO happy that the talentless thots are getting their day in the gas chamber. It's really insulting seeing some 2D art that someone spend tens if not hundreds of hours on sharing the same site and having to compete for resources with some dumb thot spending 15 minutes creating 30 pictures, and whose only contribution to society is being a mindless cumdump. Fuck thots and fuck simps who contribute to the thot's belief that selling your body online is a career.

Umm how are they btfo? This change helps ethots, now people have to actually buy their content for $300 a month.

This will make the e-thots stronger. More income, more simps, more normies.

Fine, thotslobberers like you are BTFO, happy now?

We're celebrating generic e girl purge you utter retard

>what is pornhub


>"We aren't gay, we're autistic >:("

EXWBqCSUwAAi4RF.png (224.2KiB, 1280x1280) save_alt

It's finally over

no offence but honestly this is fight is pretty much the fox vs the monkey
sage because im not pro thot or furry

We've been alive before the thot people showed up

Now us fans of dirty artwork (the furry natives of the YP origins AND the hentai townsmen & drawn porn countrymen) get some room to breathe again. Hopefully we can download files bigger than 1mb again without all the hangups & errors! It's been taking all morning today just to DL a few 7z's & ZIPs from MetalOwl!

People who only want camwhores, cosplayers and tarts, try the site I found while I was looking for this site (before I knew this site existed): Thot Hub, search for it.

nice donations furry fags

It's more than you people ever put in.

>being this new

people keep making this about furries vs thotfags but you guys do know that literally all hentai (and sfw art for that matter), furry or not, is staying too? I'd wager a good percent of artists on yp are non-furry. Bonus for the vast, vast majority of the fantia artists being non-furry too.

We never had an issue with the hentai though. It's the thotslobberers who became a massive nuisance with whiny request thread spam, and unbridled furry hate.

>go to a site called yiff party
There's a million thotshit websites, begone.

im quite gay myself actualy.png (607.9KiB, 702x495) save_alt

You know for the few stupid neck beards making the argument of showing off how amazingly heterosexual they are compared to furries. Ya'll still act more faggoty then any gay person ive ever met. Specially when your desperatly sweating over there as your thot content is getting the boot. Came in here, said you where "TaKiNg OvEr" and now look at yall. Getting kicked off the site cuz your content takes up too much space. Talk about not aging well lmao. Bye bye dumb dip shits. Nobody is gonna miss you nor your "content".

This x100000000, that "wE'rE TaKiNg OvEr" bullshit is exactly why everyone is happy to see the thotters go.

"3 days left" Why don't you donate for your $1 furry patreon.

Seems like the only people paying for this site are the ones interested in thots.

>Says a filthy entitled thotslobberer.
Not true and not an argument.

This is your first month on this site, right?

That literally happens every month, with or without thots.

Stay mad, thotters.

I see a lot of people trying to use this same argument. It's pretty stupid though, obviously different porn from different people satisfies different desires. The exact same argument that you're using could apply to art. There's tons of free drawn porn out there too, so why don't you go to those sites instead of this one?

The answer is that both types of folks that are looking for real world porn or drawn porn (both are great, imo) find things here that hit what they're looking for better than on the free sites.

It's fine for the site to choose to exclude real world content, having a focus isn't bad, but that reasoning that I keep seeing users post is incredibly stupid.

>The exact same argument that you're using could apply to art

Except art styles differ, while plenty of women of a given body type freely expose themselves. What thots hide behind their paywalls therefore have no value.

Just like you notice and appreciate the differences in similar artstyles and artist choices, many people notice and appreciate the difference in similar body types and personalities and themes. And I'm not saying people that notice one more than the other are superior than the other, all are good.

Imagine being proud of getting off to animals fucking each other like the little creeps you are living in your parents basement. Enjoy soaking in you cum-soaked chairs jerking off to bestiality rather than following your evolutionary instincts that were built over millions of years.

Imagine, being this salty your shitty thots were thrown off a site called "YIFF"

>Just like you notice and appreciate the differences in similar artstyles and artist choices

What I appreciate is artists not doing the same shit differently, like the thots do.

dedede.jpg (36.8KiB, 460x345) save_alt


If it's done differently then it's not the same. It's just not different in a way *you* personally care about, and that's totally okay. But it's also okay that to some people that difference matters.

Yeah, we're whining... You thotsloberrers are the ones getting the boot, we're just laughing at you for all the times you said you were taking over the site. So, how'd your master plan go?

why are people talking about what they jerk off to like its a religion?

>If it's done differently then it's not the same

There are many ways to do a given thing, so way to miss the point.