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Alt site for e-thots regarding upcoming changes

bulli.jpg (60.8KiB, 639x631) save_alt

So I know usually it isn't common on sites like this to ask for other similar sites but considering the upcoming changes to this site I hope it is fine this time.
I really enjoyed the site but only ever viewed the "real photography" patreons that are uploaded on here as I don't care about hentai, furry or cosplay content...
This site itself seems quite unique. I know thothub and bbw-chan who have a similar approach but both aren't quite like this place. I am mostly looking for patreon and onlyfans content but don't really care where the stuff is coming from.
So guys, do you know any similar pages like this for us e-girl-worshippers?

>>78124 go to only fan and get pumped dry

Not planning to do that.

start downloading as fast as you can,also thothub and camwhores are somewhat good

if you wanna look at real girls/dudes just use fucking

"jUst gO On pORnhUb". pornhub does not equal patreon you boomer fag.

Yeah, it's way better than patreon because the girls on pornhub are utter cumdumpsters and you get to them get fucked in high definition instead of 21,000 different pictures and 3TB worth of video of barely-scintillating almost-lingerie shots you dumb cunt millenial

That's what I am into though.
Don't want to watch hardcore porn videos. I want sexy clothed and nude pics of attractive women, preferably with a (nick)name.
Not just random porn vids.

I'm not paying $500 a month for some thots patreon. We need alternatives.

Thotlovers are the most desperate lulzy fuckers around...

toddlertantrum.jpg (38.9KiB, 590x385) save_alt


Ever heard the saying,"beggars cant be choosers"? Your content is getting kicked off this site cuz it clogs up the server and it is barely even considered "content" also because this is a furry site not a thot lovers site. We have just described a more better alternative which is pornhub and yet you still act like you deserve "ThE fInEr TaStEs oF PoRn" when you cant even pay for what you're asking for. News flash faggot, You either look up alternatives yourself or you shut up, unzip your shorts, and jerk it to those whores on porn hub like you do over on paywalltreon . Let me tell you, you only like patreon content more cuz its paywalled, after all "the forbidden fruit often tastes the sweetest." Which i get, but this site was created for furry content for *furries* to circumvent their paywall. Not only that. but our content, unless the artist is a faggot with file sizes like Vadarsans is, doesn't take up gigs for one vid for barely any content. Get your crusty fleshlite outta your pants and realize what you're into is just artificial scarcity to make yourself feel like your getting something special when you arent. You're "something special" is literaly all around you on pornhub dumbass. Syou sound like a spoiled child crying "but i wannnnnnnnnnnnnnt thaaatttt isteaad. Life aint fair, and your thots are all around you. Go to porn hub or don't have any porn at all, its that simple

You really need to take a chill pill. Neither you or almost anybody here is willing to pay. There really isn't a good place to store, search, and view said stolen content. If there was an alternative, then they probably would have never ended up here in the first place sadly. As for why they may prefer content behind a paywall is simply pornhub doesn't entirely host special content. The content on there is usually generic so most if not all are too similar for some people, and the content they may be looking for is behind a paywall itself. The same argument could be flipped on you. Why not just use e621? Surely its good enough, and yet you, and I, and everyone else is here.

Except, the furries made their own site, you stupid nigger. The thotlovers just came to leech off of it... How can you be THIS dense? Do you forget to BREATHE sometimes?


Jesus christ its like talking to a goddamn rock. Tell me, what makes the content, "special"? Is it the fact that since the thot in question has her generic content behind a paywall that it all of a sudden means she does "special acts" Or is it the fact that you just proved my point with how your chasing after artifical scarcity without even thinking about the content you consume? Im starting to think its the latter. The thot in question could tell you to pay with a literal arm and a leg and since only a select few people get to see her perform you'd do anything to get to see whats going on behind the curtain. "special" My ass. Pornhub is so big that theirs alot of pirated content on their to begin with. They cant get to it all anyway if you want your special thots for free. Plus as the OP said, The furry community made their own site for the specific purpose of getting around gaytreon. I'm all for sites like We already got which is for anime content and its doing fantastic. Make a or find someone who is motivated enough to want to make one. Untill then your plain shit outta luck here.

Yes. The furries made their own site. I never made any claim that thots belong here, rather they didn't have many options. We already struggle with donations here. Do you really think some rando would want to spend a big portion of their time creating, and maintaining a website dedicated to stealing porn from thots? Probably not. The fact that we have an Admin who invests their time into this website and tries to maintain it for as long as possible to get the damn donations in to keep this running is generous enough. If that doesn't show you the struggle to run a website like this, then I'm not sure what will. And I'm not sure what motives the Admin had to creating and maintaining this website but they damn had the power to shut this website down at any time. We should all be thankful that this website still even runs today. And you in particular could at least be more civil.

We get it you love kiro the wolf and his zoo crew

>>78446 Implying that we haven't met the donation every single time before the thots came in
>And yet here admin is dedicating his time to stealing art from gaytreon...even though this site has consistantly met donations every single time.
Its only a matter of time before this site goes down do to the ever looming threat of storage space. Either the site needs serious sponsers or its gone, but so far from what ive seen the thot lovers clogging up the damn server space for their so called "content" is what pushed Admin to remove said non yiff content. We can thank admin all we want but thanking him hear is just a diversion from the problem at hand which is the thot content swiftly getting removed in a few days. And just like that we are back to the problem both sides are facing, thots with nowhere to put their content, and admin who needs server space. Damn its almost as if a site like this is temporary and cannot sustain itself :T

>thots with nowhere to put their content
>what is pornhub

Anonymous 05/18/20(Mon)12:53:50 No.78256[R]
guy giving morals to thers while hving a fux butt plug in the ass

guy doesnt know how to copy and paste whilst having his crusty fleshlite strapped around his dick.

just restoring comments (whistle noises) gonna copy yours later hehe

And you're entitled to use the site made by furries for furry content because? We did fine before your shit content came here, and will do fine without it, especially since it utterly bloats the server.

Cry more, thotlover.

Enjoy more comment deletions and another ban mad bitch boy.

Just. Learn. To. Code.
Use. Kemono. Faggot.

>furries with nowhere to put their content
>what is 4chan

why is archiving not allowed

>Furries with nowhere to put their content.
>*Created Yiff Party.
Fixed that for you.

all these fucking gay ass furry lovers have their panities in a bunch because there's some real nudity on this site, get the butplug outta your ass and go buy some anal cream. it's not like you've created this site yourself, the admin did. it was his choice to put the rl content on here. he could've removed it way sooner and you can't deny that the majority of people here are here for the rl nude porn chicks and there's only a small portion of people who like your gay ass weird costume fetish. it's borderline beastophilia you sick fucks, stop thinking about fucking that stray cat in your backyard and find some real people to fuck.

>nigger doesn't realize the admin is ALSO a furry, and mostly ignored the 3d-d shit because it was too much of a hassle to filter it out
>also uses name field for subject

OK, boomer.

Its amazing how angry people get at each other for liking certain types of content, real or furry. Everyone is acting so immature.

its not even bait.png (64.1KiB, 500x522) save_alt



>degenerates who make up one of the lowest forms of humanity have nowhere to put their stolen content
>Create Yiff Party then get ass-blasted when it gets put to a better use

fixed that for you


weebs > furries > simps

>what is 4chan

Another place with thots. No need to be here.

Says the one getting kicked the fuck out, lol. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

"Better" Lol, like shitty camwhores are better. If you want 'real' girls so much, go get a girlfriend, you incel.

reminds me of the pink pill thread on lolcow (i don't really post there) also why is asherals down
i think i should go back to crytal cafe

>omagawd the ever looming threat!
hey fucking retard, thots amounted for 1000x the disk space usage of an entire furry artist archive. we wont be running out for a LONG LONG TIME.
>thots with no where to put their content
you're such a simp you dont even know its already on patreon lmfaooo. do you millennial chimps even know how this site works?

>omagawd the ever looming threat!
hey fucking retard, thots amounted for 1000x the disk space usage of an entire furry artist archive. we wont be running out for a LONG LONG TIME.
>thots with no where to put their content
you're such a simp you dont even know its already on patreon lmfaooo. do you millennial chimps even know how this site works?

bigfurrykek.png (192.8KiB, 600x400) save_alt

>put to a better use
that really says a lot about you and your kind wanting to ape off a furry site

Get Kemono and fuck off.

I like how this thread completely deviated from the original point: Alternative sites for the non furry photography/videography. It's not all necessary porn or e-thots.

Exactly, I just wanted good and somewhat tease worthy ASMR without paying for it.
Because a girl scratching her clothes isn't worth paying for, especially if there's no nudity.

Weird how asking if any alternatives to this site exists upsets furries this much

those sperging losers aren't even furry they are literal animals at his point

We don't care, get the fuck off our site. We told you to make an alterantive for ages, you never fucking listened. This is literally your own fault.

So you're one of those ASMRtards, go figure.

this was it until you and your army of braindead chimps came along

Ignoring the dumpsterfire of this thread; as far as I looked i couldn't find any alternatives myself. Most questions like this are usually answered with "Just go to yiff" on ohter other sites as well.
For now i just archive deverything myself and hope someone with more access to bandwidth comes up with an alternative to contribute to.

For archiving yourself you may use
wget --recursive --timestamping --no-parent --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links yifflink

Admittedly I don't care about the board. If you don't wanna put up the effort dissecting the threadlist, you could just bruterequest your way through

We have our own, you stupid thotslobberer, now GTFO of it.

>as far as I looked i couldn't find any alternatives myself
>what is pornhub

that's as stupid as saying "if you want furries, just look at the neighbours dog taking a dump"

Just. Get. Kemono. Stop. Whining. About. "Censorship".

Except pornhub is also full of shitty camwhores too. Also ad hominem fallacy combined with a strawman, nice non-argument.

Look at the Gen Z child calling everyone a Boomer because they think it offends everyone, lmao. Go play your Fortnite and shut up

Oh look, an offended boomer getting pissey over being dismissed. Go crash the economy, environment and let a global pandemic fuck over what you didn't pillage personally and shut up.


>referenced posts do not relate to eachother is a good alternative to go to

Ok zoomer

full site archive

mega (dot) nz/file/7xpygS4K#l8pn6Lu2JCuWIu94Cw69CrTydNYWcK0fx1SrsNQvIZ8

>seething assmad boomer

>projecting this hard

this is like when tumblr thought they would be a real site without porn... kinda weird when a website owner doesn't realize what lane his website is in. good luck keeping up with the server bills!

>Without porn
>What is 'yiff'
GTFO newfag thotslobberer.

Ok, boomer.

thothub forum, I believe you need to submit content to join now, but if you can it has a lot of paywall content

How about wee just say who we want on since basically every other thread is full, ILL start. This one clearly follows the guidellines

For the record OP, the dev said that while he didn't want to host that stuff himself, he was willing to help anyone who wanted to make their own instance of this site: >>77735
>As I see Kemono get included in a lot of discussions about the recent exclusions change, I want to make explicit has never allowed 3D NSFW content as a general rule for preserving the quality of the site. If you want to host that stuff, please download the source code and make your own instance. (I am willing to assist anyone in doing so.)
All other forms of content (including ASMR, YouTubers, and anime/furry related SFW cosplay) are permitted for now.

thanks based Qoomer

are you for real

Nobody wants you thotslobberers.

Smart-Trashcan.png (531.6KiB, 1125x1125) save_alt

If you wait until June 1rst you'll find all the "real photography" Patreon content in here.
I know. I am an asshole, furry trash, cancer of the Internet, bla, bla, bla.

banmeplz.png (893.3KiB, 1400x788) save_alt

You just accused all the furries on of defiling animal corpses.
You must be desperate for the ban hammer, no?


mememe next plz



That's like saying if you wanna look at porn art just go to hentai-foundry. Or e621. Or pixiv. Or furaffinity.

All porn is valid, there's free porn for all types of it, but that doesn't make the paywalled content less desirable no matter what kind of porn the person is into.

Problem is the thot stuff is sadly generic. There's plenty of fish in the sea, as they say...

One man's trash is another man's treasure. I also couldn't care less about the vast majority of it, but some stuff that I actually care about is getting deleted, for a very arbitrary reason.

your-logic-is-wc6eqm.jpg (27.2KiB, 600x450) save_alt

>some stuff that I actually care about is getting deleted, for a very arbitrary reason
The content is being deleted to free up server space so the site doesn't have to shut down
due to cost. If you want your thot porn so bad go pay for it.

The content that I'm talking about clearly falls in the the "anime cosplay" category, but has been marked for deletion anyway.
Meanwhile, several other creators with similar content are allowed to stay, for example (this one also makes a lot of nudes for every photoshoot, but charges ridiculous prices, which is why you don't see them more often).
And then we have completely baffling examples like this - This is pretty much the ultimate e-thot, yet she has been manually approved by the admin.
If you have to draw the line, draw it somewhere where it makes sense. Right now there's no consistency or logic to these rules, anything can get deleted or approved for no reason at all.

Another example: - allowed - not allowed
Where is the logic in this?

All that shit should be deleted.

damn why is everyone getting this mad about a question? he's asking for an alternative site to fuck off to because you want that so much and then you get mad because he's planning to leave?

Do you think people don't immediately realize that you're a teenager when you overreact and screech a bunch of edgy shit at people? It is so fucking cringe and nobody is going to take anything you say seriously.

Not all of the real life porn is generic, especially certain paid content that is paid *because* it is niche or even semi-niche. And again, the same could be said about some art that is staying. That specific reasoning still doesn't hold up.

Many people here seem to like hating on others, instead of being supportive.

I have never seen a more aggressive and hypocritical group of people. How could you possibly believe that exclusively jacking off to cartoon porn of animals makes you superior in any way? People who bitch about ANYTHING on this site baffle me. Whether it be reaction videos or kinks of any kind. HOW do you idiots not understand that you look like complete retards?

That's what I'm saying. You would think people in communities like this would be more understanding of something that someone else was into. Actual fucking mental illness. More likely just a very small group of very vocal children.

>Samefagging THIS hard.

We've wanted you to fuck off for ages, you sat there going "haw haw, you'll never get rid of us!" Well, we did, and now you'r hanging around screeching autistically and whining that you were tossed off.

You think -that- is edgy? Do you also cut steak with a butterknife? The site is literally called 'yiff', go look it up sometime, thotslobberer.

Why would we support a group of people who came in here and tried to take over the site? Lol...

>bitching about YIFF on a site called YIFF.PARTY

Samefag as 82198...

Imagine being so salty that you got tossed out after trying to take over the site. How entitled are you thotters?

Why are people complaining about furfags itt when YP was created by somebody off the 8ch furry board? Pretty sure you hade to enter Nates name to even get into the site way back when.

Thotslobberers literally do not have two brain cells to rub together, that's why.

>One man's trash is another man's treasure.
You can find your treasure elsewhere.

>Not all of the real life porn is generic, especially certain paid content that is paid
With thots, the paid stuff is basically the same as the stuff that's publicly accessible, which is all the better the reason to remove their content from this site..

Damn, Sonicfox is mad as fuck today apparently.

I am only two of those posts.

No, I am not >>82201 as I would never call it an "actual fucking mental illness", that was pretty rude of them. I do agree with the rest of their post though, but it applies to both sides. People on all sides of the issue have been pretty jerky toward each other and that sucks. I have little doubt that if all fictional content was being deleted the people that preferred real life content would also be absolute jerks to the ones that were having their content deleted. That would suck too. People should be supportive of others, especially in a mutual appreciation of lewdity.

It really only seems the same to you because it's not content you like. And that's fine, but different people appreciate the differences in different content. There's plenty of unique real life content here that is going to be deleted and that's a shame. Possibly unavoidable, but a shame nonetheless.

Oooh, you can copy-paste, and edit a few words. I'm totally pwned! I guess I better renounce being a furry and start jerking it to shitty thots!

Cry more, thotslobberer.

Samefag doth protest too much. Also, you cunters started this by trying to take over the site. Noone has any sympathy for you after what you did. You've been shown the door, now kindly sod off and stop pestering us on our site.

I think there should be multiple alternatives dedicated to certain types of content, otherwise it would just get overloaded too.

why is everybody angry and arguing? hes just looking for an alternative

We told these niggers to make an alternative before, they laughed and refused. This is their punishment.

Dear god what the actual fuck is this thread ffs. Both sides of this argument have turned into a literal dumper fire. "Thots" cosplayers and others are getting the boot for disk space and all of a sudden it seems the community has fallen apart. For 'thotslobbers' just accept this as a temporary setback and find another service or create your own, and for 'furfags' stop acting so elitist for jerking it to animals ,why the toxicity?

You must be new, the thotters thought they could come in here, insult the furies who get the place started, and insist they could take over. This is why they are treat like garbage, because they acted like it for as long as they have been on here. Endless request spam, clogging up servers with trash content, talking shit, telling 'furfags to GTFO'. THey are just getting back what they dished out.

>It really only seems the same to you because it's not content you like

Based on what? The thots here demand money for material freely offered elsewhere. At least the art whores have their style to go by, as they're more unique than body types can ever be.

It's because for all the talk of "Go do this somewhere else," they don't actually want an alternative for the cosplayers and the like, they just want something they don't like and the people that enjoy it to suffer.

I imagine every time someone asked this same exact question so they wouldn't have to use they were met with the same useless nonsense.

PORN. HUB. it's so simple. I as a furry, love going to pornhub for actual human porn. I don't even have to pay for it. I get actual nudity, cumshots, creampies, titfucks, breast massages, you name it. I get all of that for free. Endless supply of it too. It's not difficult. And before you say anything like, "you guys have tons of other pornsites you could go to, what makes that one specific creator so special? Why do you need that single artists stuff?" It's all about the art style. Not only that, but it's also about the resolution. All artists have different artsyles. They can all look different and specialize in many different parts of the body. The human body looks relatively the same as any other by comparison. I could look all day on pornhub and find pretty much the same thing, but furry artists love putting their stuff behind paywalls, so if you want a specific artstyle, you actually do have to pay for it. If you want actual humans, there's tons of them all for free and not behind a paywall. Plus, they post shit resolutions on the furry porn sites. They keep the worthile stuff on patreon (those fucks).

Why would someone who wants high resolution cosplay pictures from a very specific model go to a site for random hardcore porn just because both things feature real women? You don't have to share in the appeal they have for those things, but being purposefully obtuse about it just makes you look silly. You like specific art styles, they like specific models. I get if you're not into something it all starts looking the same, but it's important to recognize that and realize your solutions to problems those people have are useless.

I'm not on either side here, but the deliberate ignorance of this kind of argument is getting pretty damn tiresome.

sticker (23)(2).png (13.6KiB, 240x198) save_alt

i agree with this

Buddy, you don't seem to understand. It's not just about the content, it's about the availablity. You guys can go anywhere and not attract the ire of multiple people who are completely intolerant of what you like. We let people like what they like. Other people don't do that for us. They refuse to see furry porn as anything other than bestialty, which, when you look at the logistics of the situation, it's not. Everywhere we go, we get called dog fuckers, get told we would get off to a dog if it just walked by. I'm okay with that, people should feel free to express their feelings on anything. But it gets tiresome and annoying to see that every other thread. You don't have to deal with that. We do. That's why furries want the thots and their simps off this site. The persecution is annoying. We already had to fight against our own artists and now we have to fight against people this site wasn't even created for in the first place? Things have come to a boiling point. It's upsetting to see people who don't respect the websites original owners try to take the place for themselves. They have the entire internet for themselves. Just let us have our one little safehaven. Please.

I get all of that and think it's unfortunate, I really do, but that doesn't really excuse the childish behavior from either party going on. The people who enjoy high-res cosplay have to fight their own creators too and every other place is lackluster at best when it comes to archiving and categorizing that kind of stuff. Even Thothub is a chaotic mess of constant take downs.

Not saying you should put up with the abuse, but engaging in abuse in turn when a lot of people are just fine with both types of content, or giving an unhelpful "Just go to Pornhub!" when someone asks if there's a place to go to find the stuff they like is pretty silly and makes you look a lot like the kinds of people you're taking issue with.

You stood idly by while your brethren were toxic ass clowns, blame them for the fallout, and yourself for not telling them to STFU.

You stood idly by while your brethren were toxic ass clowns, blame them for the fallout, and yourself for not telling them to STFU.

In this comment you're writing a story, not stating fact. You have no idea what that person did or didn't do.

its pointless, i doubt we will ever see a website like this one with all of the patreon stuff hosted again.
oh well, who cares, most of the porn that is here is meh anyway.

Also I cant quite tell if you are some incredible toxic furry or a greater baiter but if I were to assume your serious about the fallout caused by a growing anti-furry sentiment then you are wrong, plain and simple. This wipe while unfortunate was to relieve the storage space of the server as the running costs could grow astronomically high. As this site was for most of its history a predominantly furry site the admin (a furry himself) chose for thots to be removed.
TL:DR either way this wipe was bound to happen whether there were no cancerous people or not

Also before anymore of these Pornhub comments arise do you not see your hypocrisy. Some People enjoy seeing different cosplays ect as each creater has there own style much the same as any other porn including furry art.

>do you know any similar pages like this for us e-girl-worshippers
yeah, every other site but this one, now get lost
so sick of all you thot worshipers spamming this site


>Bad reading comprehension

We don't care.

dirty fucking furries.

Something, something, cutting off the nose to spite the face.

>Also before anymore of these Pornhub comments arise do you not see your hypocrisy.

That's because there's none, but have fun missing the point.

I'd honestly see this site die rather than having it taken over by thotslobberers. So either way, you lose.

Cry more, thotter.

Actually there are plenty of other sites for thots, as is often said here. And im quite sure that there will be a ton more of sites with the new demand.
So im pretty positive that if this site shuts down, the most affected will be the furry lovers.

It was going to be killed by ass-tons of thot-garbage and infinite thot-dmcas anyhow. At least we got to see the thotslobberers BTFO first.

Is alive or has gone down?? Its down for me here. Can anyone reply ???

I've been getting CloudFlare 522 errors all day.

not trying to be insensitive to furry lovers but i think there should be more people here looking for non-furry stuff than furry stuff? just my thoughts, and it seems like donations have came down since the changes. food for thought

Nice try, simpnigger.

You wish

lol you furries are quite a unique bunch

16F55986-9961-4FD1-B236-72BF4E34AB0A.jpg (73.3KiB, 1000x793) save_alt

Read the name of the website you fucking troglodyte.

I mean they aren't wrong. We are pretty fucking weird.

2EB9CC96-75D8-4B01-BD32-56FB49AF3B93.jpg (157.4KiB, 750x444) save_alt

I don’t have any reason to refute this, it’s just the truth.

what happened to kicking the e-girl trash off the site?

lol go fuck a dog

This right here is why me and many others wanted your content gone. It wasn’t really because it took up too much space (albeit that was a part of it), or because the content itself was necessarily bad. Nope, it’s because of the people like you. The ones who thought they could come here on their high horse and treat us, the group this website was made for, like shit in general. We wanted your e-thot content gone in the hopes you would fuck off, well it seems that didn’t work because you’re all still here for some reason. Well, I’m sorry to say, none of it is coming back, why the fuck are you still here? It really does suck because I too followed a few “IRL” creators here, but I was totally fine with it getting removed in the hopes people like you would leave. So I’m just gonna say it now, either shut the hell up and continue browsing the site for other content, or fuck off somewhere else and deal with it. Just my opinion on the situation, not really mad, just tired of the bullshit from people like this.

then why does ASSmin comply with DMCA
also we are here to make to make your soapbox more misrable as long as you enjoy it we ill continue
feel free to ban us we come in numbers even without a proxy one ip wont be enough for your rulecuck

>>88819 >>88791
nice samefag are you trying to impersonate us simps

>So I’m just gonna say it now, either shut the hell up and continue browsing the site for other content
we have flamewar fetish and its no surprise that we love getting off to it is that a problem for you officer rachel
is your flea covered skin too thin that most of the insults go through a single layer before you get an allergy is your fur not thick and long enough for that
did your spiky tiger dick rip off the fleshlight agan sweetîe can i suck the tip gently
aww let me brush your head good kitty *purr* *hiss* (now lemme prove your point where was i again)

62 missing
30 5$ - 14 10$ - 2 1$ - 18 15$

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Imagine being this type of person, sad. When the only response you can give are a bunch of petty insults, you know you’ve hit rock bottom. Literally none of what you said added anything to the conversation, it just gave me and many others more of a reason to want you gone. Here’s a little tip, if you want to be taken seriously and respected online, maybe don’t act like an immature man child. I really don’t need to make a rebuttal to anything you said since everything I said was true, nobody wants you here. I’m the type of person who accepted all types of content here, but it was people like you that made me change my mind. You can stick around, I really don’t give a fuck, but don’t expect any of that content to come back. It’s frustrating that both the DMCA claims and guys like you kind of ruined it.

>>89295 (i never planned on adding anything what did you seriously expect from a namefag like me)
honestly no offence but this whole thread is literally just a dumpster fire (just pissing into the wind dont mind me *whisle noises*)
maturity is BS also those who are truly mature don't brag about it publicly see -->

(lastly) nice argument feel free to step up your vocabulary or go back to reddit
ive been researching about good and lulzy trolling strategies over the past week (feel free to challenge me im ready)

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K buddy. I don’t recall ever bragging about being mature, I literally stated “if you want to be taken seriously and respected online, maybe don’t act like an immature man child”. Not a single time in my post did I ever brag about being mature myself, I was calling out No.88889 for acting like a fucking tool. All they did was throw petty insults towards me, and that’s about it. They added nothing to the thread, and I think I shouldn’t have responded at all to be honest, mainly because it was probably bait. To put it bluntly though, I never made the claim that I am mature, this is the internet, I don’t give a shit if people think I’m mature or not. As for my vocabulary, just because I have a lot to say, doesn’t really make me a redditfag. That, along with the fact I’m an English major, so it’s a habit. The fact that you’re researching “good and lulzy trolling strategies” says a lot about you, sad. Unlike you, I have no reason to do research as I have time for better things. Could be using that time right now, but whatever. I am not trolling either, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to laugh at the people who thought they could piggyback off this website while screwing with the people it was made for. So once again, I point and fucking laugh. There’s your “challenge” I guess. I don’t plan on responding anymore since this thread has become a garbage fire. If you want to respond, go right ahead. Just think of something better than “go fuck a dog”. That’s the only retort most thotslobbers can think of apparently.

>Slowfag nigger STILL needs to learn how to sage.

Jesus fucking christ furries are fucking insane... Why am I in this group again?

Stay mad, slowfag necroposting slobberer.

Whats with all the "" sites? Are they all ran by the same people, or just trying to sound like they are? Why's it called 3D3D BTW? Its all just cosplay photos, none of it is 3D art like the description says lol, not that I'm complaining. The more the merrier, even if they are all 50% unrelated content :P