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aGgpEpn_460s.jpg (9.5KiB, 460x259) save_alt

Since Yiff.party is becoming obsolete on june 1, does anyone know any good replacement sites? Nudostar has some stuff on it but not nearly as much as here.

where is the info on this place becoming obsolete?

>>78622 saying yiff party is becoming obsolete even tho this site has survived without thots way before they came in here.
Correction: Your thot content is becoming obsolete and yiff party is all the better for it. Go to pornhub you thirsty thot faggot.


Yeah you can keep your furry trap shite you fucking weebs.

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>>78682 Calling furries weebs.
Shut up and GTFO of our site karen cant even find an appropriate insult for the correct fandom dumb bitch.

kemono.party seems promising.

Let's just pray and hope for the best

Liking furry trap shite makes you a weeb. Now slide that fat, sweaty, cheeto caked ass of yours back onto your crunchy waifu pillows and continue rotting away there.

It is either you dump code or money on us, or we will kick and ban you. Simple as. There is no free lunch.

Kick and ban me? How would you do that? There is no account system.

LOOK OUT ITS CAPTAIN AUTISM.png (341.8KiB, 457x545) save_alt

>>78730 thinking you cant be banned from an image board site

>>78742 thinking you cant evade bans from an image board site

you can't, all you need is a proxy or a vpn and you're unbanned. hell, if you have a dynamic ip address, it's even easier, and most admins are leery about banning by ip anyway, because it's difficult to differentiate between statics and dynamics.

Thotslobberer get out. You were never welcome here.

We get rid of the content you want, you'll get bored and leave eventually, dipwad.

Nope, admin said they don't allow 3DPD.

He DID say he'd be willing to help anyone who wants to use the source code to make their own site though: >>77735


Host your own instance, if you can't code, fuck off from Kemono too, we don't want your thottery.

D6DA6DC2-DAEB-484B-8AC8-CD16EFA127BD.jpg (100.3KiB, 646x646) save_alt