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@Admin will u eventually make a Tor onion service?

updater.png (2.1KiB, 48x48) save_alt

even the furry content will get too big to defend as yiff.party gets more popular among the furry community, will u eventually plan on making a Tor onion service (or even IPFS+Tor)?

ipfs.png (70.4KiB, 1024x1024) save_alt

An IPFS+Tor solution has been created before and has been up for some time so it totally is doable [1]. I also would personally like an onion service for this site as well. One issue with this would be getting people to seed the content on IPFS in the first place. If we want to have any remote chance of doing this there would need to be an easy way for users to go about seeding the content they like in bulk. An IPFS link on each patrons page should be good. With the example I have listed below their doesn't appear to be any easy way to go about bulk mirroring its content.

[1] - http://owmvhpxyisu6fgd7r2fcswgavs7jly4znldaey33utadwmgbbp4pysad.onion/

Oh and I forgot to mention that if yiff.party were to host all of their content on Tor and doesn't use something like IPFS to host the actual content the speeds would be probably unbearable for most users. The yiff.party admins claim to be pushing out 3 to 4 Gbit/s of traffic constantly and that is comparable to the amount of *total bandwidth* that the Tor network uses to handle its existing pool of onion services [1].

[1] - https://metrics.torproject.org/hidserv-rend-relayed-cells.html

I think the introduction of yiff.party will be historical, in that no one has ever attempted to make an onion site with that much traffic. @Admin do the right thing and write yourself into history.

You can even start slowly, with one patreon at a time to test how things are scaling. It would be a very good experiment for you and were it not for my current financial situation i would have joined your sysadmin team in taking this effort.

The Tor network is 100% capable of handling the increase in traffic, even if all of all of yiff.partys existing userbase migrated over to Tor and kept up with the 3 to 4 Gbit/s of traffic (which I highly doubt that a lot will) Tor should be able to handle it just fine [1]. There are issues with this that are lingering in the back of my mind when it comes to hosting all of yiff.partys content on Tor without the support of something like IPFS (for example capacity of the servers guard nodes [2]) but I have haven't kept up with how Tor works in some time so I may be thinking of things that are largely of non issue.

[1] - https://metrics.torproject.org/bandwidth-flags.html
[2] - For all of you Tor newbies out there a guard node on the Tor network is the first node that your Tor client connects to and sends traffic though. It is the only node that knows your IP address and handles sending your encrypted traffic throughout the rest of the Tor network.

(Also PS to the admins if you are reading this, please please please use an onion v3 url if you migrate over to Tor!!! Yes the url is longer but it is *vastly* more secure than a v2 onion url!!!)

Do you have a github repo about how to setup IPFS with Tor?

I do not have github repo with a way to set up an IPFS + Tor type image host but I do have a link to the github repo that hosts the source for the onion site I linked above [1]. I hope this is what you are looking for!
[1] - https://github.com/kycklingar/PBooru

I repeat: admin too incompetent to pull it off