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Divide and conquer\rule

1.jpg (60.0KiB, 450x470) save_alt

Not a furry but i don't hate the content
This is not really a message towards the administration but towards the losers who are wetting their pants with rejoice for the exclusion policy
This is but a small victory for the normies set to destroy porn/hentai cause they don't like it, Thats more than obvious in the current year
Hypothetically speaking what if patreon would start """excluding""" furries and the only ones to stand up against it would be only the furries because the """normies""" who don't dig furry content but who would still stand for freedom would just do the same as you do now. Not liking something doesn't give you the right to forbid it. You're just turning against the people who would stand up for your minority fetish.

>Go to pornhub you thirsty thot faggot
Yea pornhub has real porn but also furry porn so what are you implying you dumb faggot ? should pornhub or other sites burn the furries content to even the scales ?

>implying the thot faggots aren't importing and\or donating to keep yiff alive
The losers crying about furry content not getting updated and the thots getting updates is just the reality that it's just a minority, be upset at the furries importing the content or better said that they are not

Good luck on your slow and certain death if you want to fight by yourselves against the common foe
Furries won't survive without the """normies""" but the """normies""" would survive without the furries

Good post. As an aside, this is just an instance of the furry community cannibalising itself. Where 3D/thots are able to band together to afford lawsuits/action against the site here (hence why admin is removing non-furry content), furry artists are not. What this means is that groups of low earning furry artists get paid even less, and the problem will worsen as the furry community is drawn to and concentrates here. The greater the concentration of furry art with corresponding increases in volume, the greater the problem will be. Furry artists will end up quitting, because sites like these drive them to be unable to afford to continue. Or they'll leave patreon and go to other sites in order to prevent being exploited by the very community they serve. There are very few communities I can think of off the top of my head who actually display pride at being part of this cycle, but the furry community is #1 on that list.

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based OP also why is there no upvote button

The salt is real. Just look at the way the thotslobberes behaved, and you wonder why people are happy they are being kicked out.

I understand what you are saying, but I don't know if said "normies" would actually fight alongside the people who come here for furry content even if their content stayed, I feel like most of them just ignore the other content here and try to get what they want

>Bawww our failed attempt to subvert and take over this website with our generic content didn't work!

christ the egos on you people. Go make your own patreon scraper, you wont be missed.

Make no mistake, if it was furries getting the moot, the thotslobberers would be rejoicing. Making an allegence with them isn't the sort of thing you want to do.

Part 1 (2k character limit)
The truth is salt ? I looked at both furries and thotfags respective trash minorities.. they are the same one lump of dogshit, your point ? why should i take seriously the voice of minority instead of majority of a community/s on here or anywhere else ?
By """"normies""'" is implied as all harmless degenerates enjoying their own fetishes. People's view can change if u prove them wrong ; It's about not getting baited or going as low as them , in simpler words don't punish a whole community for the action of it's minority.
-There are degenerates that hate\dislike furries ; those at least in comparison to the common foe you could reason with them to change their views
-Degenerates like me that do not hate furries ; already implied that they could still be easily reason with to defend another fetish they aren't into
I enjoy mainly non-furry hentai followed by regular porn so pretty much people like me are affected partially by it
I don't know what you smoke but its quality, I didn't said i am criticizing the administration for their decision , but i respect it since it's within the boundaries of logic and freedom (freedom: to chose for oneself , it's no longer freedom if you force another to like or host your fetish in this case). You are implying the admin didn't allow all patreon content even non furry to be imported and it was actually a hijack by thotfags, that's a /pol/ worthy conspiracy kek ; Moreover the decision wasn't made uppon the same reason your dumbfags are pissing your pants for ; >ego ;
You should work on your reading comprehension

Part 2 (last)
>furries getting the moot
That's impractical
not equals alliance
going to treat it as a typo for now > not worth as allies even if theres a common foe
Well again good luck on your own then , those faggots will never accept furries in any way , and no sane person will try to defend someone whos against them either, even if they would want to.
Never try to segregate harmless degenerates based on their fetishes , you will see the error in it when it's too late for you
I don't have to explain what happens when a minority tries to exclude a majority, to exclude is to be prepared to be excluded yourself , in that case it will come back n times applified.

Also this change can be viewed as a act of censorship by the First amendament extremist frogs so you've already lost some allies by default.

How about this: make like a tree and leave, maybe make your own site for a change. This "minority" of a fanbase will continue to rule this "yiff" site forever, whether it be from Patreon, Gumroad, etc., heck, we'll get a new source for the site if Patreon closes up on them in your hypothetical speech.

There is Kemono but then these simps would actually have to code.


If you can't read past a typo, it only shows your lack of intelligence. You should be able to figure out what it meant.

We want to exclude the thotslobberers because they are an annoying, thirsty, nasty bunch of fuckers, who spam request threads all over, and pack the server with low quality trash. They also relentlessly bashed the furries here, even before it was common for us to bash them back. Your newfag is showing.

Read >>78911 I said i am here for the non-furry hentai, the real porn was merely a bonus for someone whos not 'allergic' to real porn.I have no reason to leave
And going to say it again i don't care the admin no longers allows real porn to be imported nor that i want it back, I am only warning a furry majority to not let a minority voice take over.

>If you can't read past a typo, it only shows your lack of intelligence
I said i am going to treat 'allegiance' as a typo for 'alliance' , you fucking troglodyte http://archive.vn/s4GQH#selection-979.0-985.85
allegiance = implying you want to be a loyal submissive dog under the non-furries
alliance = on the same side as equals
But do what you want to do , even if you're dragging a whole community down with you, hope that ego is worth it.
Monkey sees monkey does right ? you're no different than those losers then

Don't make it about free speech. This isn't about free speech. This is a website making a point of the PURPOSE of itself. It's not like y'all are making a living off of this website, we're pirating stuff for christ's sake. You could do that literally do that anywhere.

>Don't make it about free speech. This isn't about free speech.

And going to say it again i don't care the admin no longers allows real porn to be imported nor that i want it back, I am only warning a furry majority to not let a minority voice take over. Quote from >>79713

Also this change can be viewed as a act of censorship by the First amendament extremist frogs so you've already lost some allies by default. Quote from >>78913

Still waiting when people will learn to read and understand shit aside from the few people that do

As if we want those sorts of people as allies anyhow.

It's pretty clear you're just here being salty, because your kind got kicked out.

>It's pretty clear you're just here being salty, because your kind got kicked out.
Read before posting you dumb nigger: >>78738 >>78911 >>78913 >>79713 >>79726

To make it easier for your selective reading : i am here for the non-furry hentai, the real porn was merely a bonus for someone whos not 'allergic' to real porn.I have no reason to leave >>79713

>As if we want those sorts of people as allies anyhow.
Today "thotslobberers" tommorow something else untill "your kind" is the only one left to stand for what YOU like.

Think like a human if you want to be treated like one, or you can join the deer 'girl'

Regarding the response to >>78788
Here is the catch; Furries are the butt of a lot of jokes on the internet, so much that anybody who stands ups for them is quickly dismissed as one("Found the furry, "Furry spotted', and so on), because of this, it takes more than just "being ok with" for someone to come to the defense of furries, especially outside an anonymous boards like this, so getting allies from outside the fur community is much harder task than you suggest. Also I don't completely believe that furries are have a perfect community and just being harrassed for being different, there are some sketchy people in there, especially the ones on top.
Something else I need to say is that I don't have anything against people who come here for any kind of NSFW content, I may not get it, but as along as they obey the rules of the site and don't try to sabotage other kinds of content. There are many people out there who oppose smut for whatever reason and, as Op said it would be better if we were to band together against them, but, as of this post, the situation isn't great, yp has to remove content because soon it will become unsustainable to host such large amounts of content while dealing the DCMA claims against the site, admin tried to make a site for all kinds of content, but unfortunately it could not be. It may makes us weaker on the long term, but there doesn't seem to be any other way around this.

The simps are still mad that their e-girls are being taken away. It's to be expected, I guess. I mean, when you've cultivated such a mental illness that you actually PREFER jacking off to fully-clothed women on patreon, rather than the *free* naked ones on [insert generic pornsite here], it's really not that surprising.
Oh, and apparently, OP can't read, because anime-styled and hentai content are staying; those actually require SOME level of artistic talent to make, as opposed to some dogfaced bitch taking pictures of her (covered up) tits.

>Furries won't survive without the """normies""" but the """normies""" would survive without the furries
THANK YOU for finally admitting what we've been saying since forever: that you don't NEED a site like y.p to find generic, uninteresting sluts to jerk your tiny dicks to. You can manage that all on your own, so quit throwing such a tantrum, and just LEAVE. I assure you that you won't be missed.

PS: Not a furry, but I'd side with them over you thot-simping autists any day of the week.
PPS: This is like the 6th or 7th thread made just to cry about what's happening. Save whatever dignity you have left, and just fuck off already.

I understand the sentiment but... you probably dont know just how many places furries have already been chased out of. Even after we gave money to update and upgrade those places we still got the boot. And no one came to defense then. I genuinely feel sympathy but you know, if no one cause use the site cause its constantly overloaded and down then everyone loses.

because this is their site dumbass

BD.png (736.0KiB, 880x1200) save_alt

Ultimately what you need to understand is that the server hosting is costing too much money, so something's gotta give. Aside from the fact that this was originally a furry site and normalfags never cared about it UNTIL it started hosting normalshit, they got a free ride whereas we had to pay (donate, to keep the servers up and running) extra for content we didn't even want. If things were different and normalfag content could stay while keeping the server cost at the same low rate, then I would be all for it (provided there was some sort of segregation or blacklist so it didn't clog up my recently added/updated list).
>"Going somewhere else for thotwhores is not a solution!"
It literally is. Type in 'porn' into Google and you'll be brandished with hundreds of thousands of sites with hundreds of thousands of thotwhores and other sluts that you can jack off to, or your shitty reaction videos xDDDDDD. Meanwhile, I can only count on one paw the amount of sites that cater to furry interests. Simply put, resources are best at providing for the ones that are scarce supply, and that scarce supply is furry content. Furry is a niche interest, whereas general humanshit 3DPD content is widespread, so why turn this site into another dump of something you can find elsewhere in abundance? Furthermore, there's more paywalled furry content than humanshit content, since furry art is a profession and amateur 3DPD porn is more of a hobby; have you ever even BEEN to FurAffinity? 27 out of the 30 images on the recent submissions page is a Paytreon teaser, YCH (Your Character Here) ads, or some DeviantArt immigrant selling off another batch of sparkleshit adoptables. WE'RE GONNA TAKE BACK OUR HOME!!!

collie you are so fucking based 👏

Thank you for putting more effort into telling OP off than I'm willing to. I ran out of patience for his kind 5+ threads ago.

namefag community with all kind of degenerates including furries that doesn't encorage ppl to be judgmental faggots
some allies are better than none. I didn't said anything about the furies who are into something more.... if u get the drift
You're NOT FORCED to fight for shit, even for your own fetish, the fucking point is shouldn't fight with other degenerates , it only benefits puritan normalfags
>screw your morals
404 , +strenght in numbers and not playing in the hands of those who want all of us gone are morals now ?
Faggots are doing more damage for their own community than any puritan would cause by making those who would fight even for another fetish rather their own to reconsider

this isn't about yiff, admin can remove all but furry content if they wanted to and then i will have a reason to leave, the site is for furries and wouldnt be wrong for it to be exclusively for them if the situation requires it
The admin isn't the one creating the strife , but the losers atacking other fetishes

refer to >>79799 and connect the dots
That is if your ego can handle that i don't care about the policy or question it

> I ran out of patience for his kind

images (2).jpg (19.4KiB, 524x585) save_alt

Just Stop

You never know, i dont consider myself a furry and im not into that content... however one day i discovered Forsaken, and well, now i cant only say that im Mostly not into furry.
One never knows when he's going to find an artist thats awesome. So, yeah, i'll fight for the furries even if im not into that kind of content (mostly).

>Being this new.