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This board is in deperate need of moderation

download.jpg (4.1KiB, 259x194) save_alt

Trolls and extreme whining is heavily represented on this website. Aren't there any mods on here? This website desperately needs them. There's also a high number of incels going crazy. Click on any of the resent posts on here and you'll find a bunch of whiney babies going crazy, calling everyone a thot, simp, and displaying high levels of incel mindset. Toxic as fuck.

I hope this website can become a fun place where content is shared. Not a toxic cesspool of insecure neckbeards that have to pick fights with everyone they don't agree with.

I volunteer to moderate this board, too many furries on it. I would like a sniper rifle, training with said sniper rifle, and access to the IP and geo-location of every furry on here.

not a larp but honestly furies are pretty much indifferent from their enemies (simps aren't really any better either)

inb4 everybody uses proxies

contact the people on lolcow perhaps they can come up with something

See. These guys are like a hemorrhoid. Super weird, I'm btw not a furry, totally not into that stuff. I'm mostly here for reaction channels. You guys need help.

What the hell even is the appeal of watching some chump gawking at a video for 30 min? Atleast with furry porn there is a purpose of like it.
Newfags shouldn't moderate.

Don't forget the people who create a whole thread just to request something.

all the begging for thots to be kept needs to be cleaned up

>Whines about whining, thus adding to the clutter.

Yiff party has never had moderation and more then likely never will.

There's definitely some moderation going on, some threads are gone.

Kiwifarms does not even want to touch this place so kek

WOman.png (477.9KiB, 748x390) save_alt

Thats called admin spurged out and decided to be the moderation. He's the ONLY moderator on this site, (unless you go back to the oldest threads ive seen mod titles but idk if those are legit or not) However the only source of moderation here is admin. And as long as you dont spurg out he doesn't spurg out. But atm since everyone is spurging out, furries and thotlickers alike, he certainly is as well considering all the thread deletions and bans being issued.

Finally someone who gets it