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Shared Files

871ak9itm9y41.png (512.8KiB, 750x620) save_alt

Can we get some sort of way to remind people to post email/PM/discord based rewards to shared file uploads when scraping?

Cookiedraggy, MissMavieMave, Blitzdrachin are just a few examples off the top of my head.
Cookiedraggy had a $30 post missing since November 2019. It got added within the week, but turns out it was sent out via email.
MissMavieMave has been discord-exclusive since 2018, and there's not a single shared file to be seen.
Blitzdrachin's updating a post from 2018 with all of their animations, and YP can't update the posts.

What the fuck is the point of pledging at a high tier and scraping the content, receiving the content via email or discord, and then not uploading it to begin with?
The content creator's pages get updated, but there's nothing there because their patreon posts are blank.

One solution is the ability to flag posts to be updated. As far as I know, this feature has been broken for months.
Another is to check for keywords like "rewards sent to email" or "rewards are in the discord server" and give a message to the scraper telling them to upload the files? Possibly even bringing up the "upload to shared files" button as soon as the automated scrape is finished?

Forgot to mention that Blitzdrachin's got shared files, but they haven't been updated since march of last year.

6adcdcd8-7cbd-4182-a8d2-94a554f2199a.jpg (34.4KiB, 600x640) save_alt

Kinda the same problem I got with Inkcross, who I've been trying to get updated, he is only missing 6 posts (since like late 2018), but he apperantly sends a link to his tier $5 supporters that leads to a gallery containing all of his art in HQ as well as the sketches he posts on instagram and facebook, really wish someone would just share it, but yeah this is a problem that plagues a lot of the pages here: Has all the posts updated, but the real treasure is send through mail.

https://www.patreon.com/annicpn alguem atualiza fotos ???

A nice feature would also be the ability to comment or vote up/down the shared files if the moderation continues to be afk

But yea a way to remind people to share the posts to upload the files of artists who pm or lock the art behind discord would be nice.

Shared files in general just needs an upgrade man. lol

Looks like Sinensian's on that list
He's sending specific patrons a MEGA link with the latest goods.

pls this cute girl