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Why chronic MASTURBATION is bad for you.

huioj.jpg (150.6KiB, 1080x1071) save_alt

Every time you ejaculate, you’re literally draining your life energy and aging your body

“Semen is miraculous and made from your body’s most valuable energy, in the form of: Blood cells, hormones, proteins, vitamins, minerals, ions, enzymes etc....Excess semen retained by the body goes through your whole system to act as nourishment and energy for your brain and building of muscle tissues. “


"....Chronic Masturbation the leading cause of hair loss among men, scientists say." (healthline 2020)

Chronic masturbation eats up all your brain cells little by little, until it encompasses your identity, leaving you a broken husk whose only creative engagements are acts of mindless consumption. Furthermore, fapping also causes a massive influx of DHT which is one of the main causes of hair loss. Don’t believe me? Look at the bald dude from the cringey coomer memes. He’s living proof that masturbation not only makes you dumber but also makes you bald. Scientists also speculate that complicated conditions like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can be caused by excessive fapping. Scientists also recommend men aged between 18-30 to masturbate ONLY 4 times in a month.

Stop before it's too late.


[Dubious Sources]

Okay but also there are studies that say jerking it make your immune system better so....

Nice copypasta

As far as I know, the only health issue masturbation can cause is Zinc deficiency, but, to get to that point you would need to have a poor diet and fap alot for that to even happen

You'd cause dehydration first, mostly from sweating. This post is pure bunk, with shit sources.

>Obvious bait

Literal pseudoscience from the 80's.
>fap causes hair loss
Literal myth spread by christian fundies a century ago
>There is such a thing as "life energy"
Yeah, some call it Chi, others call it Chakras, yet others call it Soul. Same nonsense.
>minerals, vitamins and proteins are finite resources
Yeah, if the concept of eating is new to you, I guess you could say that ejaculating literally drains you of resources. But so does breathing, thinking, sweating, urinating, defecating, cutting your nails or hair and every mechanical movement of bones or organs.
>unused semen becomes muscles
Yet more nonsense, muscles are made from amino acids, proteins and sugars we ingest, so is semen, but semen is already processed and cannot be transformed in any energy efficient way back into amino acids or protein, the proportion isn't even similar. At best, unused semen is consumed by the immune system were the sugars get used to sustain the individual cells for a couple of hours before they expel the residue which is then excreted out of the body. At worst, excess semen is forcibly discharged through wet dreams, because, as it turns out, the body is constantly producing semen, even when the balls are already "full".

FB_IMG_1589933973127.jpg (8.7KiB, 480x312) save_alt

all your argument is invalidated with the action food swallowing, "eat".

Solution: Eat your cum

200 iq

I have the solution then. Just need to eat the cum after doing the thing.

You have to basicly to do yoga excersizes, or excersizes that increase your flexibility in mainly your spine and pelvis. Problem is progress will be VERY slow, and you have to be very consistant. Not only that but if you have a normal 5 incher like 70 percent of the males out there then chances are you can't even bend enough even with all the conditioning to give yourself a blow job. So basicly all in all, it all comes down to daddy rng and hard work. Unless you where born with inherent flexibilty then you need neither lol. You're your own fleshlite...

NOFAP is for strong people. Not for stupid, weak, willpowerless, hopeless jerks like myself((((

Masturbation is good for both genders, but like anything, everything in moderation.

For men it's prostate health and "keeping the pipes active" in a manner of speaking. It also helps with relieving stress, but you all knew that already.

For women it's immense stress relief. The contractions can relieve menstrual cramps and in pregnancy, aid in childbirth (keeping the vaginal walls active). Also the emotional assurance of what they enjoy.

For much of this it's basically a yin yang type of thing. For men the benefit comes externally while for women more of the benefit comes internally. No pun intended.

I'm no medical expert, but even animals masturbate. You can technically say trees too when they let off pollen.

bruh.jpg (26.2KiB, 600x600) save_alt

yo wtf is this thread even

I question your sources. Heard elsewhere that it makes you live longer.

Live forever, have a full head of hair, drink a gallon of cum a day.

I knew it. This is why I keep losing hair

Smoking the chronic counteracts it.

Keep fapping.png (112.3KiB, 324x359) save_alt


pornmagnats.jpg (87.4KiB, 1200x861) save_alt

✡️ You have to masturbate 3 times per day if you dond want to have prostate cancer ✡️

>chronic ejaculation is bad cause it lets out your life force
>let's focus on condemning once-a-day masturbation cause once-a-day sex is totally different
Literally every time.

Would be fun if there was a kiddiepornhub. That way the quarantine videos poping up everywhere would have a centralized place to distribute.

I'm 'bout to end my whole life career.


Blacks commit 50% of crimes in the US despite being 13% of the population. And they wonder why cops target them.

download.jpg (7.1KiB, 259x195) save_alt

Well techinically it's "masturbation" but not "sexual intercourse" the source reads. So more "sexual intercourse", more fun, and less of the possible health effects mentioned above

i just wanna fucking die , and "wack the mole" is my only way to die for a good way , i dont suicide beacause i love my mom and my grandma and their is most important things in my life . I smile for them but in my heart i just fucking die.


edd4b93b7c34e952439433d3ec7bc6b32cc84ea80118d818ee6ace09e7d66349.jpg (59.9KiB, 540x374) save_alt

>don't masturbate
>masturbate 4 times a month (~once a week)

If God is killing kittens, it must be a good thing since God isn't evil. Therefore I masturbate to help God clear the world of the Devil's little furry creatures. Anyone against masturbation is a tool of the Devil.

If you want to retain the energy wasted on your sperm then cut off your balls. There is no better way.

any muslims reading this if god allowed mohammed to marry and fuck a 9 year old then you should be able to jack off to your heart's content don't let a book control your life

[Dubious Sources]

suck ur own dick and swallow, feels good and its healthier