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(discussion) creator SquashedFlat

choas boi.jpg (8.2KiB, 243x243) save_alt

This is just to talk about SquashedFlat and what's going on.
I talked to SquashedFlat but some reason they blocked me on deviant art.
I was talking about this site without giving the sites name so this is where I need help.

I need help getting off of their blocked list on deviant art and if someone can go and update their patron on here that would be lovely.

Thank you for listening to my cries for help.
I am sorry for everything, Goodbye

Just so everyone knows this is allowed since I'm not trying to start problems.
I just want to fix problems. So please help and sorry for everything.

I got to go now so goodbye guys.
Have a good time and see you later.

you asked them to import themselves
and they blocked you?

Unless youre just an idiot who thought it would be a good idea to go "Oh hey im gonna pirate your stuff i hope you dont mind"

I was just talking about them about this website which I didn't give the name but because I was being a idiot thinking that it was okay with them I talked about it anyway so I think that might of been it? I don't really know what was going on so I don't know what was the issue.

I didn't ask them to import themselves since the whole thing came about Because I found them on the website which made me talk to them about it while not telling the site's name.

I just wanted to be friends by talking with them but some reason they blocked me on deviant art without telling me what I did wrong.
This is the problem since I can never understand people who just do random things without clear explanation.

That is the problem so can I get help?

I don't know if this is a big misunderstanding like it always is but I am always treated not like a adult which I am since of course I can have conversations without quickly going to anger unless it triggers my PTSD.

This is a problem which I want to solve because it seems solvable and I can finally deal with these social problems because I have all the time in the world.

So can I have some help?

I don't think there is anyone qualified in here, you seek online mental help

*Should seek some mental help online


no offence but YP is full toxicity incase its not yet obvious oh and try not to succumb in this hugbox called social media

Eric 05/25/20(Mon)09:15:58 No.81083[R]
I mean you just have to be a person with a deviant art account and talk to them so that they unblock me.
You can try to make deals with them like if you want I can stop talking to them if they unblock me.

Just do something to get me unblock since everyone is too worried about my mental state to even try to help.
The most you can do is nullify the damage done so if you can at least help me get unblocked on deviant art that would be great.

Also if you are going to repeat yourself saying get mental help as a response I will report your hurtful comment okay?

That is your mission people so if you can get me unblock then that's good enough. Goodbye

Anonymous 05/25/20(Mon)09:38:56 No.81087[R] lol

Eric 05/25/20(Mon)09:50:30 No.81090[R]
good you can learn some things like how telling people they need mental help is actually rude.
Thank you for not saying it.

I can boost your knowledge as a reward for doing the job of getting me unbanned from deviant art but if you get me on friendly terms too then I give knowledge that has power to it.

If anyone does this job of fixing problems then you get the reward so will you take the job.