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yiff onlyfans ?

MMMMH.PNG (414.4KiB, 453x459) save_alt

When will yiff support Onlyfans ? Or will it ever ?

Considering the purging of e-thots, hopefully never.

Want to do that yourself and deal with removal requests and dmcas, go right on ahead

unless you want onision's prob not

lmao and what are the artists DMCA and cease and disists gonna do huh? Nothing. like they've done nothing for the past few years when they screech autisticly for their content to be taken down

I believe the the entire reason for the purge is DMCA takedowns. Read the policy at the top (purple bar).
"The reason has survived for so long despite frequent outages is thanks to extensive use of reverse proxies - servers that protect the real location of our data. The problem comes from the fact that, as of late, dozens of takedown notices are sent to on a daily basis. Not directly to us, but instead to Cloudflare, and by extension, the providers who host our reverse proxies. From there, it does not take long before we're kicked out and have to find another provider." OF Leaks! NEW LINK New Link

I find it funny how when someone asks for a yiff version of Onlyfans, the answers they get are just a bunch of fucking discord links.

And then you have those threads randomly turning into request threads for no reason lol.

They are fucking straight

New Link?

the real link here --->

how ya enjoying the discord links son? : Best server for onlyfans, Snapchat premium, nude, parteon and exlusive content This one is now working

is there one of those for male stuff?

is there one of those for male stuff?

is there one of those for male stuff?

is there one of those for male stuff?

new link updated and work:

only fans stuff:



This one


We've got everything you want : Premium Snaps, Patreon, OnlyFans, Chaturbate, exclusive E-girls content and whatever the fuck nudes you could imagine. All for free and they're all obtained legally!
Even though there's no such thing as too much nudes, BUT you'll start having second thoughts about that once you're in the server.

why not? are people afraid of something other than boobs? Use my link to help me nut harder <3

Some juicy content for y'all

IKR? Fuck Discord chatrooms lol. Just give us a website FFS, like the OP of these threads ask for. If they wanted a "Discord for OnlyFans", then I'm sure the thread would've been titled "Discord for OnlyFans"!!!

still waiting for someone to have a room like this one with male content because i dont like T and some kinds of A.... new link

Are any of the discord links legit ? This thread seems to be bait for tricking people into referral schemes

>Are any of the discord links legit ?

No found a good one but invite expires in 24 hours This one is pretty good

d90.jpg (67.4KiB, 482x427) save_alt

I just wanted to see some tiddy man...

if the link above already expired:

new one

Drinking game:
Take a shot every time a discord link is posted.

>>112286. If you joined the game late, you'll have to just neck the whole damn bottle in one go.

Shut the fuck up!

Up to date link:

Latest link:

Latest link:

Here's an invitation for the Horny Gang Discord server:

new link