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Huge spam problem ADMIN PLEASE READ!

1874A0AB-8DEF-44FF-992A-85A838C18D14.jpg (426.5KiB, 828x1665) save_alt

Has been spammed with hundreds of files for weeks and nothing is being done about this. Admin, if you are reading this please remove all the spam files


56gb server space used from that patreon alone. (More than all thots combined.)

LMAO isn't it that GTAV mod. What is it doing here?

Why is nothing being done about it?

Isn't this "non-artistic software"?

Because Admin is offline and sticking his fingers in his ears, singing "la la la, everything is fine and there's nothing I need to do now" - despite this site still having too many thots on it.

stop trying to start shit

That just how furries is.
There is nothing to do about thots in this thread : talk shit about thot
He contribute nothing to this site : talk shit about the admin

Ignore it, ignore it

Still being spammed...

Haha, at least the so called "thotlovers" are still salty.

It's clear admin doesn't give a shit about the site anymore. Sent him countless emails about this one problem, absolutely fuck all done to stop it. it's all obvious viruses. Tested with VirusTotal and all were flagged as viruses. Shameful administration here. Been here since 2017 and admin has never really cared so i guess its nothing new.

Just flag it!!!

Come on when is this gonna be fixed!

>0.5 TB

what the fuck why is there another guy impersonating razed

Just pops up at the end of the month to collect the cash.
Do you really think admin cares about you?

He cares enough to ban people if they report too many posts.


i hope someone with access to residential proxies teaches admin a lesson


>cares (prove me wrong)
he bans people for good faith reports



>as if negativity is helpful here

>>87480 >>87596 >>87725 >>87803
what is the water jetpack thingy called in mario https://yiff.party/bbs/read/87070#87558

Let him to spam
No one get hurt from it
When time will come-Admin will notice it
Stop screaming like it super bothering you
It’s shameful to think that admin interested in reading all boards here with screams about problems
You must be really stupid to think like that

Nobody cares about what you think.

You just answered the question why the admin isn't responding to their plea

ahh finally you came i thought im the only wiseguy here

>>89099 >>88737
>thot thræds getting bal33ted ⏲ later
hmm where is admin why is he not managing the site
>7-tard is still not censored that's strange i got 🐝 before (wait am i supposed to be evading my ban)
my friend is stuck on a hook should i help him (can he smell the bait tonight)

>>88926 >>89183 >>88434 >>87803 >>87596 >>87199

1592949050298.jpg (862.6KiB, 1439x1800) save_alt

Hi ! Can you add Ri ?

Screenshot_20200625-233654_Samsung Internet.jpg (681.8KiB, 1080x1431) save_alt

Hi ! Can you add Ri ?

1592948860972s.jpg (28.9KiB, 175x274) save_alt

Hi ! Can you add Ri ? https://www.patreon.com/Manifestmag

1592948960025s.jpg (27.4KiB, 175x175) save_alt

Hi ! Can you add Ri ? https://www.patreon.com/Manifestmag

She needs to eat something for fucks sake.

>>89215 >>89258
ok spambot

>>89211 >>89212 >>89213 >>89214
gb2 your containment thread

people keep saying where is admin
but the thot threads keep on disappearing (are mods asleep? does YP have mods)
im sure you get it (moderation isnt gonna do itself)

>>89444 >>89707 >>89988 >>90214
stop samefagging um please