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Giantess, Macro/Micro Thread #2

ilikebigwomen.png (956.5KiB, 800x764) save_alt

This thread is for the discussion of creators that focus on the giantess fetish.
If you want to request someone, please update someone else first. Your chance of getting your request listened to is higher if you actually contribute. We help each other out.
(We already know how this is gonna go but fuck it)

Stopped updating the ones these fucktards request every single day over and over. anyone that desperate should just buy it themself and shut the fuck up with the spam

What about the one that's not even added despite requesting for whole year and is purposely left singled out ignored

Anyone have a list of good creators perhaps?

Not a request but id like to know, whats everyones favorite creators?

Doujinsak, CG17, Fuyuno Mikan, Ochiko Terada, Tempuru.... and Marusyamo (from Fantia)

> (We already know how this is gonna go but fuck it)
Sounds right

I can update Ochiko Terada and Foooooly, I'm subscribed to them, however I've also been hoping someone could post some stuff from Angelthecatgirl in her shared files, she's aware of this site so she only posts content in her Discord server.

I was tempted to do this myself, but honestly, the thread is going to end up as the old one anyway ._.
Anyway, update Preesoul and Tens.
HOPEFULLY, this might possibly not just be a request thread spam again...

This is not a request: I'm just asking if anyone who is subscribed to Jenny Secret has seen that shrink high doujin? Is it good considering that it is not public?

its going to be another request thread because dumbfucks like this keep spamming requests for shit they couldve bought a fucking year ago

Hell yes so now please update gfsm since it's so old and there are so many dumbfucks here then the intelligent ones like you should help us dumbfucks๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I already update doujin, gio, and a few others ever other week. anyone updating this dumbfucks request for gfsm will stop all further updates in future. if anyone else wants to be a smart little fuck then youll stop getting regular updates across the board. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Smart little fuck๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ lol but you already said we are dumbfucks nooo..... don't abandon us lol

i feel like if you're going to repeatedly request you should at least return the favor in some form

thats what the dumbfuck didnt get. just spammed the rest of the thread that when we updated our posts got drowned out letting everyone know. no wonder he doesnt have a fucking job, just whinge and bitch for a year and bite the fucking hand that was going to help.

Fine i will stop it feels pointless to argue on a point where both sides have valid points depending on how you see it i don't want to spoil the thread any further i will occasionally drop update gfsm request message. If you don't want to update just ignore.

Go drop it in the fucking request thread...you know...the thread actually ment for requests

don't even bother to "occasionally" request if you're gonna be a bum that can't update or contribute anything yourself. either go tho the request thread or buy it yourself

hey can any of you update Waifu Giantess?
72 post are missing

www.patreon.com/teenytiny62 looks interesting

Can someone update nightmarexbx? The guy does great stuff
Last Updated: 4 Months Ago


>begging in the first thread and the second thread

Not a request, but doujinsak and CG17 need an updates. Those are the only ones that I know on yp that need updating.

MartyZ should get an update. He has a good artstyle and a alot of missing posts on yiff.

"not a request" bruh


Please update AyamiGTS


thank you

Man, I wish admin could make it so whoever make a new thread gets moderator rights to that thread so we could just remove all these fucking requests, jeesh

Any chance for this?


fuck this. Not updating shit anymore if its going to be just another request thread. noone gives a shit what you want so stop fucking asking unless asked. we dont need our posts flooded out and its a pain looking before updating someone else. fuck off with this spam request shit for fucks sake

the state of this thread cured my porn addiction and i no longer feel the need to fucking touch patreon again

The only 2 that matter.
KenCougr has 54 missing posts.

Beherit has 80 missing posts.

>"wow, this creator still doesn't have a yiff page"
>"hey look, this awesome creator is missing xx posts"
>as long as we don't type "please update", it's not a request
There are retards, in this very thread, that actually believe this.

its the same 2-3 dumbfucks repeatedly begging for the same shit and pretending to be someone different by rewording the same fucking shit. ive just stopped botheirng to update anyone till they learn to shut the fuck up and let us do our thing without the constant begging

Plus they drown out any actual conversation because when I check this thread and the most recent messages are begging shit I don't feel like checking any other messages..

harafung has 517โ€ฌ missing posts

fucking good on them, update it and let us know or fuck off.

this is why requests shouldn't be allowed outside of the request threads. Its all spam that contributes nothing to the thread and it makes people annoyed to such an extent that people dont want to contribute anymore.
Fuck, if I was a creator I'd go on these fucking threads and just spam requests, best way to prevent people updating...
At this point, this thread is just people begging for requests and people getting annoyed with em

I mean yeah if you do though this whole system will disappear anyway. Even the OP said it, we all knew how it'd go like this.



You fuck off, noisiest prick here. Bet you're just wanting to hoard, throw up one crap pic if that and then "now u fuckers"...

shut the fuck up keyboard warrior. if i wanted to hoard i wouldnt be one of the few who update so much shit and make it free for you lot in the first place shit for brains. when the fuck will you get it? most people update the ones they like and only a handful of us update the rest. posting the same request shit or links as if it means something isnt going to make us buy it if you cant fucking behave.

"shut the fuck up"

*Intimidation +100

That was funny

Can we like, stop with the flaming? >.>
Take the toxicity somewhere else, just gonna kill off the new thread.

Does Seo Tatsuya have a patreon or fantia? Some jp artists have multiple names, like Aonagi/Calmblue, so not sure there

somehow this thread is 10x worse than the last one which actually saw some updates in the first 10 messages...

difference between intimidate and slang dumbass

blame the idiots who kept requesting shit and put 3 of us off until we go a week without constant spam requests from the same ones

The level of control freak-out here makes me want to just request to be a dick dude. The amount of flex you're doing on a site made to rip off porn...


Imagine ignoring something you don't want to see... There, toxicity is gone for me.

Ok so I know people are going to complain about my request but I just saw that Ochiko released 5 posts in one day so an update would be appreciated.

sorry to ruin your party but am i the only real creatorfag here i really need to go back to patreon now before my VPN expires lol
also ive had lots of fun larping just for the sake off trolling others

is it me or ignorance is indeed bliss

i kinda feel guilty for simpfagging the other yiff list thread (add patreon furry name next to thot name)

Well somebody granted my request for the Ochiko update. Thank You.

Please update CycloneRed

if you plan on requesting thots add some furry links next to it most who see the thread won't notice it

Can someone reupdate eskoz. It was updated in early june.

"fucking good on them, update it and let us know or fuck off."

Updated basically all uschi3 stuff. Hope you have a good day and stop hating each other.

aaabbbzzz has 88 missing posts. :(

Don't ask us the impossible, you know better.

Any chance someone would be willing to upload the F/F comics from Volezor? (Malezor, from his other sites) (Really Hoping for "Camping With You" the Pokemon Sword and Shield Comic)

pls upload giantessroma content to shared files please

Does anyone still sub to Lien? https://yiff.party/patreon/10323266

I think Lien is primarily updated on the Fantia page.

Any chance for this?

I second the picojin request.

Someone please add GFsm

Don't know if anyone is interested, but Kibate seems to be returning.

I swear it's the same 3 fucking kids constantly begging and fucking the thread up

please update https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/323132

A request is at least relevant, the e-pissing contest you've been taking up half the thread with isn't. The OP already stated the chance of getting your request listened to is higher if you also update, but there is no rule or mod/ownership system based on that.

I don't see you offering trades for people to update first in exchange for granting theirs second, or even being civil much less helpful at all. You've just been constantly whining that no here one cares while demanding THEY update, as if that'll encourage anyone to stick their neck out in good faith. You can always just as well ignore requests, or are insults and hypocritical whining all you're capable of?

So apparently I'm half a dozen fuckwits in a dick measuring contest? Fuck off mate. I update a whole bunch regularly. But like the other guy with an anger management problem. He has a big fucking point, why the fuck would we want to update anybody if the new thread can't even be maintained properly because the same little shits keep requesting and spamming requests in different ways. If no ones going to be civil then until they learn this shit ain't a request thread then they can go update their own fucking shit. I want to start sharing and uploading again but the fucks the point when you don't even get a decent thank you anymore and come in here to post and see this shit. After your shit post, if you're going to target me for others shit then go update half the shit yourself for the next month.

can someone update these please

Kibate (deviantkibate):



Post 86977 and 87101. A request and even a thank you, and the ONLY instance close to this thread's original purpose taking place. Compared to that, you claiming you update "freqently" and etc. would take me weeks just to attempt and confirm even if it didn't seem like there was a widespread ragequit. It also wouldn't be a trade to begin with without an asker, and as I said there's zero discussion here from either side that even remotely tries to actually implement the system you're complaining about not maintaining. People are dicks I understand, but it will always be a two way street regardless.

If you do actual updating good on you, but I'm sorry to inform you there are are more than 3 kids on the internet and right now this thread looks like absolute trollbait on top of being on fire. Yes I'm still fairly new to the site, also longwinded, and inclined to wonder why I'm bothering to point out the mistake of thinking you can maintain anything by dousing it in flames. You and your very similar sounding "half dozen" fellows of the f-bomb club can retort "I update" all you want just like every other anon can, but if you can't put on a display in thread of negotiations and results of any sort, even between yourselves, do you honestly expect many of us to wander in and stick their neck out into this fire pit the way it is now?

There are plenty of ways to lead by example besides freebies, I even stated one previously. I don't care if it's one of you or half a dozen, I'll say again that requests are doing more for the thread than you are as it stands. Prove me wrong and try using your brains instead of your compendium of f-word variations while you're at it, and before you even try it, I'm legitimately going to laugh if you reply "you first fuckwit".

Then as someone new, shut the fuck up when you're speaking to those who have been here since the near beginning of the site itself and the first version of the thread. If you have not been updating for years like some of us, and are not here to update with the rest of us then take your shitty opinion and fuck off else where. You don't deserve a voice here spewing your own pile of shit at us playing gatekeeper, especially from a freeloader.

If you stay here a while longer and actually pay attention, you'd get sick of the same 3 kids spamming every day to update the same person. When you're looking for new artists they come again next day by posting the yiff link only or some other way to spam the same shit just to get you to check it out again. You would be fucking sick of it too when you're trying to help out the community and spend half your fucking day uploading shit in the first place.

You want to spout nonsense and let the same shit go on and on and on when we finally have a new thread? Ok then as consequence do without a ton of updates, especially the ones that cost over $15 for new animations and the like. What a stupid little shit you are ain't ya?

What's next? Everyone posting Anonymously and swearing is the same person? This isn't Biko's thread where a half dozen idiots started thinking the actual creator came to the site and started posting to them. You want updates or you don't and we upload them because we choose to. Don't lecture me you little shit, use your fucking head instead. Because I'm using my wallet to lead by 'example'.

sequels are usually worse

Do you even get what I'm saying? Do you honestly intend to chase off everyone who doesn't make an offering to you? What Aztec gods are you guys RPing here? I didn't expect much at this point but still, if that's how you deal with new people, have fun finding any new company. Besides these requesters you hate so much, there's really no getting rid of them you know. Welcome to the internet.

As you say, you're the one who's invested here not me. New or old, I'm not a fool. Even if the idea sounds good, I haven't seen a single one of you practice what you preach, and you're all such lovely people...

i swear sometimes we actually update people! yeah, sometimes! check the old thread, 1000 replies and at least 1% of them are people actually updating stuff!

were does he looks like he wants an offering ?? shut up and stop fighiting each other. how stupid to fight uploader

can yall animals stop arguing for a while (this includes foxes and monkeys) im trying to archive this whole thread myself (even for just a minute)

Someone update my father's location please, he's been gone since 10 years ago and I can't find him :(

You are disowned son๐Ÿ˜‚

Can anyone update Kazokazokazo and onioniogre?

Anyone update Ochiko Terada?

May I request an update for tempuru there are 7 missing posts.

When they make more stuff I'll try to update onioniogre and herretik

I get what you mean OniOniOgre was just updated a few weeks ago. Herretik has more than a hundred missing posts though.

50 post are missing in here

Because 50 post are $20. If people are going to request and request then say the name of the person instead of forcing us to look.

Please update CycloneRed

Please update https://yiff.party/fantia/6891

Can anyone update Fuyuno Mikan ? TIA

just wanna say whoever updated jorabora, your pp is massive

Please update https://yiff.party/fantia/2006

Say the name of the artist instead of posting just the link or we won't even be bothered to fucking look if you can't either.

Updated Onioniogre, zetarok and Nightmarexxx

For anyone interested, Kazo was updated. Spokle was too, but hurry, access valid until today midnight.

Preesoul was also totally updated.
Thanks to all the contributors!

Guys we need a thread for this one,plz

We need a thread for this one guys,cmon....

wow somebody updated Kazokazokazo and Onioniogre. Thank you. Now is it okay if somebody updates Tempuru since their last fleret comic finished.

Anyone who's got Lien subbed, I know there's only 6 new posts but it'd be great to see an update if you have time

Is anyone subbing Jenny secret can someone update the narue doujin that she made.

If anyone can update Colossal Collages, even the latest post that would be awesome. Also swgtsdrawing, hasn't had an update in like ages.

If anyone has ashkiiwolf, does he state when his next animation is going to come out in his latest post?

Anyone update Ochiko?

Thanks to whoever updated eskoz. But eskoz does not put any work or art on patreon any more. So if possible for next time could you add his stuff or a link to it in the shared files. Thanks!

Can anyone update charlydibu?

Please update https://yiff.party/fantia/3429

Mousticus was updated again. TY

anyone wana update guierart10?

Anyone got the link to eskoz New stuff on mega?

Yeah can someone update Guireyart10? He did some crazy stuff!

Anyone know what eskoz said in his newest post.

Can anyone add content to Lien's posts?

https://yiff.party/patreon/22477239 update please charon2

CG17 low tier was updated. TY

not an update or request, just a comment
i just checked giorunog and apparently the mofo is posting the commission comic for Nightingale (Pecorine's snack), which is already posted by Nightingale himself for free, as $10 tier rewards... and this isn't even the first time (same with Leon comic)
never ever support this greedy cunt and his alt account doujinsak

What you're saying is already known. But it's not removing the fact he have some interesting projects. Sorry to tell you, but pledgers are attracted by his content, not his ethics.

Tens(Teniko) low tier was updated, Fuyuno_mikan & LuckyB were totally updated. Big thanks.

Uru also was totally updated. Picojin was added to Yiff with his lowest tier. Thanksโ€‹ for all.

Some of us allow him to post our finished comics for his higher tiers because that was our agreement with him to doing it in the first place.

Allowing him to post is not a bad thing in itself, the problem is him using that as a reward which means the actual number of exclusive drawings his patrons get for that month is significantly lowered. I am not saying the commissioners shouldn't post the pictures themselves as that would be worse, but if you're running a patreon and still doing commissions at the same time, your supporters will get fewer rewards while they still pay you the same amount. You're effectively using their money to serve someone else, unless they're cool with it that's scummy practice.
Just my 2 cents, please please please don't start a war over this.

Just noticed someone uploaded some femaleteeth videos. Can you upload more please? Thank you so much!!!!

https://yiff.party/patreon/30808263 update please

Not fighting, just explaining. Some artists don't do commissions or aren't as inclined to because they have to look after their own Patreon. I've had several done by him but mentioning that they can share it on one of their higher paid tiers means you can get the comic made. But I couldn't afford anymore because some asshole here keeps uploading my entire Patreon and Gumroad to shared files. Wasn't worth the hassle when it took double the time to get back what they cost me. Real pity as he was one of the few artists who does vore and scat comics. Now I can't afford to get the next ones made or finish off the other Alicia 22 page comic or Lara sequel.

Screenshot_20200705_002442.jpg (497.4KiB, 1080x1546) save_alt

Anyone have this comic ?
Or do you know where I can read it?

Is anyone able to import XryEcho's patreon? There is a couple Patreon exclusive games there


YourVoreZone requires an update

So his term is that he can use your commission as reward for his own patreon? IMO that's just ripping off his patrons as he's working for someone else's money instead of his own patrons' money.

Secondly, do you have any proof as to the actual amount yiff.party has cost you? People here are already not willing to pay for anyone (let alone you in specific), so even if this site didn't exist, these people would still most likely not pledge to you, not saying there's absolutely no loss in income, but it's usually very small (I've been here for 2 years and I never noticed a drop in income for newly imported creators, I usually check every few months after the initial import too). However, I'm not a scientist who really researches this, all I know is tons of creators get imported regularly and they still make big banks.

I honestly don't think Yiff can cause major losses to Patreon artists. One, this site isn't so known. Two, to arrive here you need to intensively search for a way to not pay, a mentality that in itself is very unlikely to bring a client.

Are you both idiots or something? If you want to try justify shit for your own sexual gratification then it doesn't matter what he's going to tell you. You pirate content that costs $1-25 on average a month and that's money that doesn't go towards the creator. It's not that fuckin hard to work out. All you need to do is google their patreon name and if they're on yiff then their result shows above or below their patreon link. This is how alot of us even got here, are they going to pull money out of thin air? As much as I upload content, not everyone is worth the amount they want you to sign up for. Some of those big creators only get what they do by blocking it behind other sources like discord or gumroad.
Sorry to hear that, not everyone tries to make content so everyone can see better stuff. I don't sub for comic material so it wasn't me but are you going to do comics again if you get more patreons??

oh my fucking god here we go. may god have mercy on our souls

No it was taking too long to get the money back to get the next one made and with this virus it really isn't worth trying again as it'll be even worse. It was bound to happen anyway and I'm here for content to

Can whoever uploaded the femaleteeth videos upload the more recent ones too?

I pirate contents thats worth way more than $1-25 a month, jesh. If I could afford to throw around dem big bucks every month I would , but here we are.

Please update https://www.patreon.com/AyamiGTS

is 1y old has great giantess stuff!!

where can i find the smallest find by micromike10?

someone has also skinwalkers 16 to 19?

Some add https://www.patreon.com/NyaGato $2 tier, for the game?

Decided I'd finally contribute after so many years of only lurking. Updating Lien's latest posts on Fantia right now as well as the ones from 05/2020 and the bundle from 04/2019-08/2019, since some of them are missing. I could buy another month or two of his works but which ones should I go for? Which ones are entirely or almost missing?