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Asmr is and isn't banned?

300px-DramaticQuestionMark.png (4.8KiB, 300x300) save_alt

So an asmr creator I liked was banned despite have video game and anime cosplay videos. I thought she was banned since there were relatively few of them since they were a newer thing for her. But I have seen some creators that are still up even though the post just regular asmr; there aren't any cosplays of video games, anime, or even fury content. I'm just confused about the rule enforcement.
Here are some examples. Please don't attack them.


Again these are just examples don't attack them, they aren't doing anything wrong. I would just like to know why the rules aren't equally enforced.
For anyone curious the creator that was banned was https://yiff.party/patreon/3280220 (ASMR PPOMO)

Because the enforcement was bullshit and biased that's why.
Like I dunno why CherryCrush's yiff page was banned, yeah she's a porn actress, but she never posted any porn or tits on her Patreon page, plus I never gave a shit about her porn, just her exclusive asmr which wasn't even sexy, but the girl knows how to make good tingles.

Plenty of lower ranking E-thots are still on Yiff, and even that gamer girl bathwater scamming bitch who disappeared long ago Belle Delphine, even got to keep her dead account on here, such a huge load of hypocritical bullshit.

IMHO just having cosplay content isn't enough if most of the post are about unrelated stuff

ASMR & cosplay isn't my thing but I feel u. Sounds like more hypocrisy & double standards :(

>even that gamer girl bathwater scamming bitch who disappeared long ago Belle Delphine, even got to keep her dead account on here,
Glad to know you at least bothered to report her but presumably with no new posts not enough people actually ended up searching for her page and flagging it...
Or wait, why exactly do you think she matches the exclusion policy? She did cosplay and even when she didn't her posts look close enough to anime cosplay that looking over them quickly you might not realize that.
>Again these are just examples don't attack them, they aren't doing anything wrong.
If they are breaking the rules "they"(their pages being here) are doing wrong.
>I would just like to know why the rules aren't equally enforced.
I'd assume because not everything that breaks the rules is flagged equally.

Same thing with one of my creators.. and what's really funny is that she makes furry related erotic audios aswell.
And SOMEHOW she still got banned. This site is utter trash unfortunately.

The creators aren't at fault since I doubt anyone on this site uploads their own content. It's more of the moderators fault for them still being up even though they go against the rules.

not-fair.jpg (107.7KiB, 472x400) save_alt

"Because the enforcement was bullshit and biased that's why."
Regardless of what you think the owner of the site can remove whatever content he deems as unfit.
Besides you got it twisted. He deleted all that stuff to bring down the cost of running the site.
If he hadn't we'd be paying $800 a month to get our precious porn.
Personally I think you owe him an apology.

"Personally I think you owe him an apology."


"He deleted all that stuff to bring down the cost of running the site"

Yeah, that's why he lets BellaDelphine stay on site. Even though she's the queen of E-Thots.. even though she clogs up the site with hundreds of GBs of data... Even though she hasn't uploaded any new content in over a year and is assumed retired. Sure thing, buddy. Keep riding his dick.

"Personally I think you owe him an apology."
The only thing I owe him is a bullet in the head.

So the problem with Belle Delphine is that her content takes up hundreds of GBs of data and that's why her page should be removed despite it not breaking any rules? I mean I suppose that makes sense if you're already convinced that the rule enforcement is totally biased and should be done just at a whim.

"Not breaking any rules"

What are you, fucking high?

Blame admin for making vague as fuck rules
He should have just banned all 3DPD

> vague as fuck
> 3DPD

What's the problem?

Anime cosplay isn't banned and her posts primarily seem to be that.


just want RoseAsmr back man why she get deleted

I stepped on a cookie next to your earhole. Are you feeling it?

Your dog accidentaly sniff that place. Are you feeling it?


Yea it was a bit mumbled but he said "Your dog accidentaly sniff that place. Are you feeling it?"


Please give her back. I'm begging you. Many users want ppomo's video.


IMG_20200324_123806.jpg (527.5KiB, 1666x1200) save_alt

People talking about ASMR and "tingles" make me sick.

It wasn't about if you liked it, it was about the creator being removed.

if a creator is removed/excluded can they get reinstated? Is their content permanently deleted or does it get restored?

When a creator is marked as "excluded" by yiff.party staff, they will be removed from yiff.party and will not be allowed to be imported again. Files, including shared files, will be deleted from the server, however may still be cached for a brief period of time after removal.

It would make sense if thy could get reinstated since they tell you to email them if you think the creator shouldn't have been removed.

I don't know when the policy was changed (maybe the 24th, as in the timestamp on the page), but now, anime cosplay is no longer exempt; also, the list of definite exemptions for ASMR exclusions consists of just furry content.

That's the answer, everyone. The same exclusions with the exemption of furry content are for cosplay, ASMR, etc. for the most part. No need to spell it out any further.

Still kinda weird even after the purge they are slowly deleting some other pages