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Question about Shinason

3womens_noysca_finish1.jpg (307.7KiB, 1754x1240) save_alt

Since he is no longer active on patreon and the mediafire links on his yiff lead to file not found (which I'm assuming he removed those files himself), do I ask for link updates in updates thread (in case my assumption is wrong) or do I request (using a separate thread or in requests thread?) someone and hope they saved the files before the links were taken down (if my assumption is correct) and can upload them?

I kinda like what I see in the pic, so I'll second this.

After some digging, I found that the artists shinason, noysca and raikageart all have the same art style. Wonder if they (shinason and raikageart) comission work to the same artist (noysca I'm guessing, since shinason had and raikageart still has a patreon) or if they are all the same person. Check out the similarity in their art styles: https://i.imgur.com/4oZHjmh.jpg

Looks like they must be the same person IMO. Some or many of those pics are like edits of each other, but these kind of edits would require the original project files, so if its not the same person, they're almost definitely working together like you said (sharing project files for edits). Nice dick hardening detective work anyway :P

I appreciate the compliment XD. It appears raikageart also goes by the name of si-chan and he has confirmed in one of his posts that he is working in a partnership with his "friend" who didn't want his involvement to be known. I don't like guro but shinason had some non guro doujins that I wanted to see ;-; and it appears it's just the two of us talking (assuming you're the same anon as the previous one) and I won't get around to knowing if those files can be retrieved :-(

Yea just us 2 :(

Keep asking around here and other places, somebody must have those old packs from before the links died. Sadly I'm not sure where else its safe to ask about Patreon piracy. There could be some Subreddits for art paysite leaks, and the E-Hentai site hosts some Patreon leaks so maybe their forums allow asking about leaks, but check before you ask there, just incase its "forbidden". Anyway good luck, if you find anything, post a heads up over here!

I did some more research and it appears at least 3 people who were shinason's patreons before are now patreons to raikageart as well. 2 of them have their emails in one of shinason's post. Do you think it would be wise to contact them through email and ask if they would be ok with sharing those artworks in case they still have it?

It might be worth a shot, I suppose theres no harm in asking. If people can't get those pics "legally" now anyway, they hopefully wont be able to say "but thats piracy!" and they'd just be helping out a fellow fan. Hopefully they're reasonable about it, fingers crossed!

How should I approach this? They'll be sceptical of how I got their emails, do I tell them I got it through a patreon piracy site (which might not sit well with them since they still are actively supporting some artists) or do I pose as a former patron of shinason who happened to save the links to the files on his cloud storage and lost the actual files which were stored on a hard drive that failed and now has to go around asking other patrons of shinason for help. The only thing I see fishy here is, that still doesn't explain why I would save their mail addresses back then, unless shinason's patreon page can still be viewed.

So did anyone find the removed posts from his/her patreon? Why did they scrub their patreon and yiff.party of all their files? Hopefully we can find them soon or ask him/her to reupload them if possible

This reminds me of the artists that make 500+ variations, of the same pose, with hardly any differences.

Ok guys, I have some information, although I do not know if it would be useful, or if anyone would even read it. Let me break it down into parts because it will be a long read, so bear with me. Let's start

Q Does Raikageart know shinason/noysca/si-chan?
I tried asking raikageart if they know noysca/shinason/si-chan on their curiouscat page where you can ask them questions anonymously but they chose not to reply to it, maybe because I connected the dots too well (speculation) and they didn't like it . Somehow, a few days after me, someone else asked them if they knew noysca but they just straight up denied .You can check it out on their curiouscat page (https://curiouscat.qa/RaikageArt).

Q Who is Raikageart?
Going by their twitter handle (https://twitter.com/sisichanlog?lang=en), raikageart themself seems to be si-chan who used to do narutopixxx and other naruto edits back in 2015. You can check them out on erojarvis blog (http://erojarvis.blogspot.com/p/si-chan.html) or si-chan's own blog (http://sichanedits.blogspot.com/?zx=390c803e5dbb797f) or on sankaku (https://beta.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=si-chan). Si-chan announced that he'll be retiring from the editing scene back in 2015 (http://erojarvis.blogspot.com/2015/05/new-bad.html) so it seems plausible that they don't want it to be known that they're back which makes the choice of name for their twitter handle even more confusing. Also, someone asked who raikageart's favorite naruto character/girl is and they replied tsunade (you can check this on their curiouscat page linked above), which also happens to be the same character si-chan liked back in 2015 from their bio on erojarvis blog (http://erojarvis.blogspot.com/p/si-chan.html). I think their pixiv was named si-chan before too (link on their twitter handle) but they changed it, although I do not know whether they changed it after I asked them that question on curiouscat or if I'm misremembering altogether because my memory is a bit foggy.

Q Do I think raikageart knows shinason/noysca?
Highly likely, but they don't want anyone else to know probably. Why do I say this? Other than the ample evidence for identical art styles provided in the photo by the OP in their 2nd post (or the 3rd post of this thread), you can go to yiff pages of (WARNING: SHINASON AND KUSHINAXXX YIFF CONTAINS GURO/GORE PICS, ENTER AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION) shinason (https://yiff.party/patreon/8758075), kushinaxxx (https://yiff.party/patreon/3795426) and the pixiv page of noysca (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/394647/artworks). In case you don't have a pixiv account to view the nsfw images from noysca, just take a look at this doujinshi they did (https://comics.8muses.com/comics/album/Various-Authors/Noysca) and compare it to the raikageart's yiff (https://yiff.party/patreon/8522310). These sources will help you reach a conclusion on the similarity of art styles reported by the OP. This level of similarity in art styles isn't possible unless they are all either the same person or get their art done from the same person. Raikageart has said on his patreon/yiff that they are collaborating with a FRIEND who didn't want their identity to be known when other people accused raikageart of copying other people's artwork. Raikageart's denial of knowing noysca is probably them either trying to hide/protect the identity of their FRIEND they are collaborating with or hiding their own identity.

Q Wait, who is this kushinaxxx guy?
Can't say for sure, but it seems to be someone who subscribed to multiple patreons doing kushina nfsw art, including shinason and then uploaded it on their own patreon to make money off the work of others, so kinda leeching kushina art in short. They have some more Kushina art from shinason that you won't find on shinason's yiff, but do be warned, both of them have guro/gore stuff too.

Q Any more evidence?
Check the results for the tag raikageart on sankaku (https://beta.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=raikageart)
and for the tag noysca (https://beta.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=noysca)
You'll see the same images on both except raikageart solely focuses on the character raikage with other girls, whereas noysca has the same images of the girls with characters other than raikage in addition to having his own watermark, original art: noysca as opposed to raikageart's watermark: patreon.com/raikageart

So, that's all I know folks. If you managed to get through all this, I hope you found some valuable piece of info, if not, I hope the naruto hentai made up for it. As for Shinason's art, I don't think we'll ever manage to get all of it. Thanks for reading!