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Porn Games That Include Futa

rDCTVHKEwNzCKxWCxBZ1B2l3vebzoQqnnUp3Zz1BH-w.jpg (83.7KiB, 850x839) save_alt

Hey guys. It's me again from that futa artists thread. Finding porn game creators is apparently much harder to do than finding normal porn creators. I am once again asking for your help.

"Finding porn game creators is apparently much harder to do than finding normal porn creators"

Not surprising really IMO!

Gosh, I keep hearing futa futa futa.

It's the best of both worlds. I totally understand if it isn't your thing though.

Exactly my thoughts.
It wouldn't bother me if the people that are into it just admitted they were gay/bi, but most just immediately get triggered and deny they like dicks. Same with traps. I don't have a problem with gay people, just closet gays.

Why do you have a problem with closet gays?

FUTA disgusting

Grimhelm's, AQE; though it's really only one enemy type, there are multiple animations for them.

Anon42's Crisis Point: Extinction; there are a few that are Futa and have multiple anims. Keep in mind it's a game in progress.*

ZXC's Latex Dungeon; Pretty much everywhere. Original art and animations also a work in progress.

KeyCock's Trixie's Treasures; it's the main focus as the main character is one. It's the creator's first game so it's a fun little campy game.

*can be a little arduous and too "try hard hentai" at times.
The phrase is "on the nose" but it's like they tried to punch you instead with their... Game. Once you get past that the gameplay is really it's saving grace, along with the debug that you can use, after finishing their demo.

>>88237 Its not my thing, I don't want to see "women" with dicks but I dont have anything against people that do like it, I'm not homophobic and have no beef with closet ones, they defo have their reasons; some people will disown family members, or end friendships, which is really gonna hurt, and is really unfair treatment. Its just that its getting harder and harder to sort the "straight people" hentai from the Futa & the traps & the femboys and stuff. Theres just so much of it now, and its practically taking over the straight stuff on all the big sites. If you remember years back it wasn't like this, it was a more even split. Its like not many people want to draw straight hentai anymore. Even presumably straight artists end up drawing futa because of people demanding it lol.

I mean, normal, straight sex = 2 boobs + 1 vagina + 1 penis + 2 nipples... we can therefore assume that the ratio of penis+nipple to pussy+boob that denotes straightness is 3:3
For gay dudes/gals it's obviously 6:0, ergo gay
However, for traps, you have 2 boobs and 1 penis which gives an output of 2:1... already we see that traps are twice as straight as they are gay, by virtue of 2 boobs to 1 feminine penis
Combining traps with women, you get an output of 5:1... which, superficially might appear almost gay, until you realize that traps are not women at all, which makes it impossible to be gay, unless you agree that traps are women (in which case the traps are gay argument is redundant). However, this matchup actually maximizes optimal straightness (most boob and pussy without being exclusively boob or pussy, and thus gay). From this, we can conclude that trap hentai is in fact the most straight of all hentai.
Compared to with straight porn, where perverted straights like staring at masculine penis and nipples who must make up half of the two individuals featuring. By minimizing male markers, while maximizing female ones, we can therefore conclusively determine that TRAP HENTAI IS NOT GAY, UNLESS STRAIGHT HENTAI IS. Checkmate straightfags.

LMAO this was pretty good, and I AM the Wanter of Straight Hentai, just to be clear. Definitely one of the funniest comments I've read in a while.

Quick maths! Now I gotta do some real science to get 6:9

Why not simply just watch lesbian porn then? Trying to mathematically justify your love for cock just sounds like homo-in-denial coping.

Yeah but that is gay. Like 100% gay. If you take the same scenario but the watcher of the porn is a woman, than your solution would be to watch 2 guys fucking, which is gay. Futa is the best option to be less gay in general, but if you want to be 100% straight then you could just watch porn with only one person in it.


Well, you're right about it being gay, since it is indeed two women.
>you could just watch porn with only one person in it.
This is my option right here, since I never liked dyke porn and am not attracted to dicks either. A lone nude girl is enough for me to fap to.

74 missing
34 5$ - 18 10$ - 2 1$ - 20 15$

Go fuck yourself. The only people who like reaction channels are people with the IQ of a fucking piss stain on a toilet.

>>89196 >>89082
Go fuck yourself. The only people who like zoo porn are people with the EQ of a fucking piss stain on a water hydrant by a dog

I made this thread for Futa porn games. Not specifically furry. Also zoo is 1000% different than furry.

apologies 4 spam

Bruh, >>89082 wasn't even in on it, and you assault the emotional quotient of an anonymous man and assume his preferences.
(Psst, >>89196, I woould agree, but hey, there's pro'lly some psychology on this, and those people help the archive with money while taking up low storage.)

Boobs? Yes.
Dicks? Yes.
Roast Beef? I'll Pass.

>Bruh, >>89082 wasn't even in on it, and you ... assume his preferences.

Games with futa.

i dont have a problem admitting i like dicks, but only when attached to a girl.
i mean, i think gay means attracted to the same sex, no to the same genitals.

what if they don't want the dicks in them in any way?
Yet genitals define sex, so your statement doesn't make sense.
There's a third option here. Since futanari must have both sets of reproductive organs, that means that they cannot be wholly classified as either sex, but our species only comes two sexes meaning we must use another metric, among other lifeforms on this planet there are those that have both male and female reproductive organs in the same organism. there is a term for this; Hermaphrodites. It cannot be a homosexual act for anyone other than another hermaphrodite to be attracted to a hermaphrodite. Is it weird? Hell yes. Gay? probably not (well maybe a little). Of course this only applies to futanari, all you faggots jerking off to shemales are gay as fuck and should admit it.

oh god

tf is this