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About request Button and threads

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Does request Button and threads are working or just a dummy.

Request button used to work before patreon adopted the care upfront payment system, request threads probably have helped someone in the past, but it's difficult to know, since there is no reply to the requests and no way of knowing who posted the content, but is better to try than to not do anything

Just spam the request threads anytime you're bored lol. I've seen triple posting the same request lol, so anything goes I guess. The more you post there the less likely your request will be skipped over. Then again, the likelihood of someone filling an update request there (unless the artist is ultra popular, which means they'd probably be upto date anyway) is probably close to 1 in 1000.

^^ I've seen *people

I think it's not working anymore
And people are spamming but they are not getting any updates

It seems to be pages have been updating without the button resetting, so it looks to me that the button still has a purpose.

Mine is resetting so for me it's not working I guess.

Can someone update this creater please? 16 posts are missing if possible please!!!

Artist: Desto(Parodie Paradise)

Breakdown of missing post tiers:

$2.00 - 1 post $5.00 - 8 posts
$10.00 - 7 posts



Last update was 2 months ago.

Thanks in advance.

Sucks but you've got it easy man, I've got one who's been out of date for over a year, and I saw another whose been out of date for literally over 2 years and 1400+ posts missing.

Literally it sucks 😭

>>89164 >>89166 >>89272
regardless of whether we request it properly or not it won't work (fetish dosen't matter)

You know what would grealy help? Request threads being sepparated by fetishes, like having a different request thread for giantess artists, futa artists, MLP artists, vore, scat, etc, etc...

Idk if anyone willing to pay would go through that atrocity of a request thread and decide to humour some random beggar on a whim
But if it was some new artist that he discovered that makes his favourite fetish...