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June 2020 donation thread

502CBB8A-6379-4F39-8B07-358C945E9D85.jpg (324.3KiB, 828x827) save_alt

It’s that time of the month again.

Shark week for yiff party

Except instead of sharks, the yiff party userbase just shits its panties repeatedly

We have about $169 to go.

>being this new

>being this full of dog cum


Waiting for everyone to try, too. If only everyone did little, it would still count, minimum being 34 users to donate $5, totaling to $170. I'm pretty sure most of it is going into scrapping, though the storage also needs attention.

id donate but i dont deal in bitcoin and never plan to untill it becomes more easily accessible to get into

what does this mean

crossposting the base is too powerful https://yiff.party/bbs/read/90025#90233

because you don't

It means, in this context I guess: "Taking peoples money" week.

I love the trolls who keep making baseless accusations like admin is stealing their money. :) Its funny to watch them squeal like the ignorant autists they are.

Say what you want stealing or not, this is what keeps the site alive, so just stfu and enjoy your free porn

Because you don't donate at all.

Converting to Bitcoin now was a little hastle. I suppose that the other importers have their own spendings set on the creators.

oh god oh fuck

Lolwut? Bitch, I got into bitcoin on accident. Doesn't get much easier than that.

im sorry admin. ill try to donate some next month. also pls consider using hcaptcha to get some extra sheckles aside from donations.

well, 33% ... bring back the thots for more donations.

Make a donation instead of asking others to donate, horsefucker

Maybe that degen isn't in much of a position to donate, the way I wasn't back when I discovered this site, before there was an easy way to get crypto-tokens in my area (and back when it was still worth saving); I only supported it indirectly, by subscribing to a bunch of 3DPD babes just so they would have entries in YP.

Now, only one of the creators I ever imported is still on, and that's only because it's a podcast (the podcast in question has been updated by others since I stopped subscribing), but surely some of the furries begging others to donate are also importing their own favorite creators, because it's easier to pay them with a bank account or credit card than to pay this site with any of the five supported crypto-tokens, unless you're already a degenerate HODLer.

Thank your for donating

Come on donate this is the last day!

Be ready for site’s end
Be strong people
Thats not tears , it’s just a rain

Tnx man really needed that in this bitter wasteland

Looks like the admin is gonna have to take down the site until someone donates.

Well I don’t like it but it gets people to donate pretty fast.

There're a few problems to be dealt with:
- smaller amount of users
- no advertisement
- donation driven only
- paranoia of donations
- BTC is a hastle to some users
- competition with kemono.party
Advertisement of the archive is risky but being discovered by more Patreon creators is inevitable, though I believe we have Patreon's unhelpfulness to the case they make on our side. We need more people to be aware of this site for support. Even I had a rare moment of knowing this site one day.

Lol, it's worse than that. This site has over its existence, only accrued enemies.
Firstly, the userbase behaves likes shits to eachother. It's mostly composed of entitled manbabies crying at other people to update stuff for them.
Secondly, the nature of the site makes enemies of the creators who are having their content stolen and uploaded here (yes, it is theft, yes, it is a crime, yes, if you get caught, you can be sued for every cent lost plus damages)
Thirdly, since this site offers paid content for free, it attracts users. This leads to a commensurate rise in server costs. It also means that the site eventually expands from furry-primary to ethot-primary. So, what happens when you remove ethots? You keep most of the server costs (because that shit has already been paid for) but anger what has become the majority of your userbase.

So, now you're hated by everyone, with the costs of a large userbase site, with the community of a small userbase site.

To top it all off, you're all assholes to eachother, so no one wants to donate first. The nature of bitcoin makes it hard to put up a subscription model, and there are other sites out there that do the same as this one.

Congrats, you played yourselves.

inb4 that one idiots types >>stolen

aaand archived 07/01/20(Wed)23:15:16 No.90833[R][D]
i see baleeted comments
did someone just get banned

We are 1/3 of the way there come on!

I don't get the people complaining about cryptocurrency. You have information on how to buy some on the donation page! If you don't like bitcoin, buy ethereum.

Like paypal is any different? It's all the same. You give your credit card info to an entity, you get a service, then you hope the entity doesn't leak your credit card info. The first time you used paypal what did you do? You trusted it! It's all the same. Do some research in google about a site you want to use and donate! The request threads get messages every five minutes, yet no donations! So ungrateful!

If it’s easy for you why don’t you donate?

yeah keep telling yourself that

And why do you assume I didn't

>being this new

by the way, I reported this message by mistake. I thought the [R] was for "reply", sorry xD.

archiver.exe has stopped

7BE7D374-70C0-4292-ACB2-FC5613D26A16.jpg (110.5KiB, 828x285) save_alt


Why don't you donate yourself? (why I'm personally not donating: no thots)

Then why are you still here?

it's a huge issue to buy bitcoin.... you have to provide identification, passport, proof of address, then wait 5 days before you can withdraw / send it and this is from Coinbase. Other exchanges require even more shit.

Why do people watch a church burn down? It's fun

They're putting their money to their vacation, I bet. Vacation in my house cause I'm in USA...

Why has no one donated yet we were able to reach the goal last month.

Bog3.jpg (54.8KiB, 1000x581) save_alt

dump eet

Thot-lovers keep it alive.
Site bans them.
Furry lovers gloat.
Furry lovers don't keep it alive.

I love to see it.

Anonymous 07/01/20(Wed)17:37:52 No.90628[R]
So today is the last day...
plz dont ban /\


We live another month

Why no THOTs??!!! Anyone that visits this site are mostly porn lovers, eventually all will seek THOTs. How to really Ban THOTs = Ban ALL Porn

My country did this. As a result, only people with money (buy VPN) and computer skills (hack) could still access porn.

I don't have the images or links with me, but sometime ago a poll was made about what type of content did people come here for, and from what remember, furry and anime r34 were the most popular, thors were 3rd

Also e-thos got removed because some of them kept sending DMCA claims to the site, making it hard to find a host for it, it wasn't really something that could have been avoided by admin

You were saying? hahaha. Another month without thots, another month where the site still lives with mostly furry content.