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I was totally wrong.

4B4EE80E-1366-439F-808C-439DE307B378.jpg (58.1KiB, 435x187) save_alt

I take back everything I’ve said thus far about this site not dying, it’s probably gonna fucking die, lmao

why the fuck did this upload twice?

Because it was so based that the server duplicated it

Yep, people only donated for the big thots (armouranth ect) not worthless $1 fury patreons.

People said the same thing last month

unnamed.jpg (4.9KiB, 100x100) save_alt

Another month, same drama.

Either you're new or just want attention... or starting drama.

pay up faggots!! i need my updates!

He has a point though, there’s like 2 days left at this point and only 33% of the goal has been reached.

Really bold of you to assume all of that tbh, been around here for 2 or so years, and it wasn’t for the e-girl shit. Not trying to cause drama, just stating an opinion that a lot of us could probably agree on, as there aren’t that many days left, lmao

the yiffpocalypse is upon us

I'm pretty sure that the donation goal from last was exactly like this; Around 80$ in the 3 day "countdown", $130 around the the end of the period and the rest of the donations came on the site block

True, you got a point. We can only hope that a similar outcome occurs again.

Once they realize they are gated out the rich furfags will bail us out.

9e462ce243ca86e219f64df24fb78531.jpg (192.3KiB, 1280x1015) save_alt


some neckbeard literally donates at the last day, thus website never dies and never will. so I suggest you to stop worrying and PLEASE cease to misinform everyone

Hey, neckbeard who donates. These assholes don’t appreciate you. Just let it die.

>>He has a point though, there’s like 2 days left at this point and only 33% of the goal has been reached.
>being this new

I have a good feeling that this will work out. Excluding most of the cosplay & strange ASMR channels and limiting it to furry stuff will undoubtedly release massive data from the archive's storage. I believe one week wouldn't make a big impact on their storage with their new exclusion policy.

Nigga you aint been here long, have you? It's the same every fucking month. Donations don't come until the last day of the month.

Let it dieeeeeee

Are you new here or something?
This literally happens EVERY month and it also happened last month when the thots were purged from the site.

Someone is always kind enough to donate at the last minute, like it happened last month, and the previous one, and the previous one before that, etc...

Even when the thots were around the site still had these donation problems, so?

it always comes down to the last minute

This is the crowd effect; everyone expects someone else to do it, so no-one does it, easily solved if only everyone donates a small portion of it.

nice bait retarded new fag.

i hope i don't get banned for this http://archive.is/dSmSQ#selection-3787.0-3787.86

At the start of the pandemic, I was one of those people who donate at the end of the month. I can no longer do so. I'm glad someone else picked up my slack. Thank you.

Left this thread for a bit to simmer, then I come back and read this shit. Quite frankly, I think the gauntlet has been thrown down at this point. Now is the time you can ask if I’m mad. Once again, don’t know why people keep saying I’m new when I’ve been here for two fucking years. Yeah, the same shit has happened before, some random person donates at the last possible minute and the website continues running, I’ve seen it multiple times. Sure, it could happen again, but do you see the problem? A lot of people were literally driven out of this website due to the new exclusion policies, and with that, a lot of donators were probably driven out along with them. I could totally be wrong, and I hope I’m wrong, but there is a possibility that this website could die. Someone does typically donate last minute, and I hope that happens again. Only time will tell as there’s only 2 days left. Really don’t know if I’m being baited, but don’t fucking label me as a “newfag”, I’ve been on here as long as you have, if not longer.


Probably fell for bait now that I think about it. Anyways, I’m a fucking idiot and call me one when I’m proven wrong. As I said, I hope I’m wrong.

Hi wrong, I'm dad

B63D2AA4-F3FF-4348-99F1-68E0DCAFD9F0.jpg (76.1KiB, 1029x599) save_alt

lmao, nice

where the fuck are we going to post if this shithole board close again?

nowhere, and the world will be a better place

Have you guys ever considered that the counter is probably fake and manually updated? The low number at the end is to scare people into frantically throwing money at the last moment in hopes their porn will live on?

*low number at the end of the month

Have you ever considered that the blockchain is public and you can prove for yourself that the donations so far are real?

*low number at the end of the month

Hi what happens if you flag a page by mistake?

so are there any other websites like this just in case ?

The closest thing is kemono dot party but it is also restricted to furry content only; it is based on an open-source project at GitHub (OpenYiff/Kemono) but I'm not aware of any other Kemono instances.

There's only one creator I really follow (but I haven't pledged in a while) who hasn't been purged yet, so I've stopped caring about whether this site lives or dies.

Pbbbt!! That downgraded online archive of yiff.party, kemono.party, is filled to the brim with weebs just as this site when it began. Navigating is a big pain, too. Atleast more people are there to support the site, so I don't mind too much, except the storage.

how many users does this site have? 100? it feels very low now

I like this site :)

51CE9022-109D-47BB-8D29-A373486C6237.jpg (77.3KiB, 750x211) save_alt

Well, fuck. Still hoping I’m wrong, but shit.

killing thots killed that site

I agree; also, they got rid of all of the good stuff, and I don't care about whether the trash rots away.

>run a site for people who don't want to pay for shit
>expect to get paid

There were enough yiffy supporters in the early months (when the site wasn't widely known about and so wasn't a major target) with only a few lockdown periods, and then after the site was opened to actual good content, the higher hosting costs were met with more support from its new fanbase and fewer lockdown periods (I remember two in two years); those who wish harm on this site haven't given up now that they've been alerted, so hosting costs won't substantially go down, while the goodwill of non-furries has vanished and whether the degens this site was originally made for will continue to keep it alive remains to be seen.

''kemono dot party but it is also restricted to furry content only'' damnit, i want my e-thots :'<

It's fun seeing the poeple who won't ever donate debating shit about how this shite will die and blaming each other while they still...not doing anything

While the one who always donate prob just waiting and watching this drama until this shite get locked before donating and saving this shite

>aCtuAl gOoD cOnTeNt

Oh go fuck yourself with an iron stick, you thotslobberer.

Is that the only insult you can think of?

>>90644 >>90642 (both of you are faggotz)
IS iNsUltINg OtHerS wItH aN iROn stICk tHe OnlY tHiNG yOu aRe cApaBle oF

except that the donation goals were and still are often not met in time, dumb fucks
don't act like the thots were keeping the bills paid

Hey admin
Maybe consider adding Monero as a donation option (a cryptocurrency with REAL privacy).

O great sage

Save this site


>what is pornhub

site will just "suspended" that month until someone generous enough to pay it

look at it. 3 days later and still noone donated a cent. No thots = no money for retards.

Never started this thread in favor of the thotslobbers, just to make that clear. Although I do feel that removing their content may have killed the site in a way, idk.

So basically what happened last month when the thots were already banned and it still met the donation goal.

HAHAHAHHAHA I told you but no one wanted to listen, glad that we have been vindicated!!

Let me watch them salty tears now :D :D :D


gee, i wonder if removing 90% of the patreons people followed here was the reason for nobody paying for this crap...

i wouldnt give a shit if the site dies, the server is running on a fucking potato, you get more error 504s than porn on here

what was even that donation for again?

I donated before because ethots are accepted. Not doing now. Your problem now. I just want ethots.

The animese and fursons are two sides of a coin, but they willn't cooperate because of their conflicting differences. This probably upset the admin. After all, some animese swore to close the website and archive and sent anti-furson propaganda rants (basically), and since this site was created to archive furson content, most of the admins are fursons. With that said and the archive's low storage in mind, I wouldn't blame them for making exclusions in favor of the site's original purpose, though it was only a lost opportunity. All this talk about ruling the site, come on. Even if there are low donations, it won't shut down the site for good. This would merely slow progress of imports.

Go to ThotHub then lol, (or if you want something 10x better, a porn site) why do you even come here if all you want are camwhores? The site doesn't host camwhores anymore so I don't get where you're coming from, still posting here so long after thots were excluded. Its not like this happened yesterday so what keeps bringing you back!?

Celebrating the death of this site

Lol, you have too much free time on your hands then, or just nothing better to do.

>>90796 >>90808 >>90811
lol, you have too much free time celebrating the death of this community go back to (((furaffinity))) or something where your kind will be accepted

It's as simple as that anon

Still here I come out of curiosity to see these same topics. I even sent updates to the site and donated for the sense of thinking that if I used other posts from other creators, I had to offer something in return. Now I no longer use it because they removed these creators, I have no reason to donate. Now I only come here to come to the board and not to the creators tab.

Pretty much every month since the site's inception:
>wE'lL nEvEr mAkE tHe dOnAtIoN gOaL!
And yet, we do. Every. Fucking. Time.

Are you people incapable of seeing a pattern or something?



Accepted? You got it backwards; this is our land

Hi guys, I'm new and had a question, were there lots of growing missing posts even though the creator page is still active? Thx

You remember native american?

What was the benefit of removing a ton of content again? The donation goal is the exact same as it was before removing a ton of content and traffic and potential donators... The only reason I saw was "DMCA's", but then just remove the ones that are an issue with filing DMCA claims. That also doesn't make much sense, since there are lots of furry artists that are upset about this site as well.

Side note to people that keep saying "just watch porn". As someone that likes real people as well as other content on here, I can tell you that's a really pointless argument. That's no different than telling anyone on here for furry stuff "just go to the zoo or watch Tom and Jerry!". You want specific artists' stuff, or specific characters or whatever. Just like people want to see a specific person's porn. If you're into Lola Bunny, someone saying "just look at whatever you can find of another character instead!" is just a meaningless suggestion. You sound like the people that say things like "LOL ur a furri?! Bet u wnt to fuk that horse ovr ther!!!!!".

Something about some colonists making the natives go west because the colonists had diseases; I can see the disease part, nothing else. World's changed.

>The only reason I saw was "DMCA's", but then just remove the ones that are an issue with filing DMCA claims. That also doesn't make much sense, since there are lots of furry artists that are upset about this site as well.
How many of them do you think have standing to send takedown notices?

>As someone that likes real people as well as other content on here, I can tell you that's a really pointless argument. That's no different than telling anyone on here for furry stuff "just go to the zoo or watch Tom and Jerry!". You want specific artists' stuff, or specific characters or whatever.
The problem is that what thots have behind their paywall isn't much different than what they offer publicly (and to the extent that's not true, equal or better content is available for free elsewhere).

1E474EE9-F4AB-437F-BF87-A2CD79CA2151.jpg (76.1KiB, 658x183) save_alt


June 2020 donation progress: $81.37/$250 (33%). -1 days left

guess the oilprince thotslobber is gone, well fuck

Why aren't furries paying to keep their home up after taking it back ?

Once the admin takes the servers offline donation start coming in pretty fast.

Why do they need to wait till the server is offline?

This is like receiving an eviction notice from your landlord from unpaid rent, scraping together said rent while the landlord takes you to court, paying said rent, then pretending to be a responsible and capable adult rather than a depraved dogfucking furry.

Here we go again, another mad hater.

where is the money dog fuckers? u wanted this site thot free and now no one pays for it lmao

You were right, this site isn't done yet

You were saying? haha suck it retard.

When the fuck will people accept this site is never dying anytime soon? Every month it's the same thread.

Ikr? I can already tell we'll reach the end of the year and there'll still be thotlovers making the same repetitive pointless threads. Give up

meme is true
there're suspiciously rich as fuck furries


have you failed to noticed that death timer already reset?

Some one just shoved tons of money in just a few minutes. There’s are rich people here

Still has missing posts though, wonder when will the update come

After you posted your request 69 times in 69 different threads

Wrong: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF?page=1

I'd like to see you try

On the final transaction, that's the admin spending money on somethin

Hey look, I was right, again.

Its called withdrawing the money you received, you can see the same transactions on previous pages.

Well in any case, the armagedon is stopped and all is fine. Happy browsing :)

B9D8E29C-F579-46F4-B335-62D539A54643.jpg (46.0KiB, 750x130) save_alt

You guys can call me mr. wrong now, glad the site is still up. GG

I bet ya a signed dollar this time the ship will sink

the donation counter is updated manually, the only reason it always seems low at the end of the month is because admin is purposefully not updating it. when it looks hopeless, the furry whales will throw a bunch of money at him (if I don't give him $100 the site's gonna die!), then he pockets all the extra money he gets. easy money

I bet you think the same thing too about your goverment

IDK the government is more than okay with shutting itself down

You can easily check the transactions here: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF?page=1 No need for dumb conspiracy theories.

I need my nappy changing.

>dumb conspiracy theories
imagine what if the site only costed $100 to operate and admin pockets the other 150 every month


>150 every month
so 20 hours of minimum wage?
not exactly the greatest side hustle tbh fam

IDK $150 for next to nothing seems pretty good