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DRM artists.

communist old guy.jpg (102.0KiB, 792x1200) save_alt

Sooooooo, in light of all the recent events i wanted to go out there and make a thread for all the artists who use discord, email, or a drm like primeleap So that we can remind ourselves who likes to be a stingy shit to the consumer. I'll start us off with a few. Danza, who just locked everything behind emails EVEN AFTER the month ended, but luckily somebody is constantly updating what danza makes at the end of the month so to that anon/s Thank you very much. Dreamertooth, who pulled a bitchdrachen and locked his animations behind a paywall on his own website, Kayla-Na, that bitch is self explanatory, Crittermatic who uses primeleap. Dacad who also use to use primeleap but got booted out of their fanclub just like bitchdrachen did :). Luckily just like bitchdrachen once he got kicked off the images came rolling in all over again. Seferien and her frisky ferals stuff: Its a shame that after that comic with bird and wolf that everything has been quite shit, i wonder if thats because they shut out criticism. *thunks.* And i can go on and on about all the other artists. But the point was to list the ones who activly try to start a holier then thou crusade against pirating which goes as a middle finger to the customer at the end of the day having to jump through several hoops just to get to the content they where promised.

Here's one

Might as well add Faf to that list. "CATastrophe" is the biggest fuck you I have ever seen from an artist to his viewers. The scummiest DRM system and transaction method I've seen implemented on Patreon to date.

tumblr_m65tc5UqFX1qdrg5mo1_400.png (39.4KiB, 400x182) save_alt

This should ring a bell.


Damn, I know I've seen this thumbnail before. It's not Sif, is it?


Aaron is pretty bad about beimg over protective of his work. He locks a lot of his content behind a paywall, and even has gone as far as editing his art to include a marker that would tell him who leaked his art. A lot of what he does is through email.

Faf is among the absolute worst when it comes to artists who are overly protective of their work. His drm system is incredibly shitty and his methods are just ridiculous. He's gone as far as increasing the price and punishing his fans cause of it. When you do the things he does, you're just asking for people to leak your content and honesty, he deserves to have CATastrophy leaked.

Kayla-Na is another I can think of. Blitzdrachin is another. Winick-Lim isn't bad about their art, but they no longer do upload the actual pictures to their patreon. They post it to discord and on a google drive, though they stopped adding links to their posts. That is still accessible though, unless Winick-Lim get a new one.

SlipperyT just started hiding mega keys behind their patreon discord because someone leaked ONE day too early outside of YP. One other might be doing the same since someone was stupid enough to leak on Twitter and tagged them in the same post.

Opening YP to the public was a mistake.

VtalFluffy. A lot of users on U-18 chan commented on how "overdetailed" his or her artworks look, plus the "bonus" content that he posts on primeleap are very "post-added", like the Judy Hopps picture's explicit edit looks like the vagina was drawn by an AI and simply slapped in there.

Also a honorable mention is Tailzkim. Treats his fans like shit (unless you throw money at him), his arts are VERY questionable considering his popularity (different sized areolas, ridiculously bad proportions, bland poses and terrible context). Also, when he started doing exclusive edits/artworks on Patreon, his initial stuff was even worse (Areolas suffered the same thing as i mentioned with Vtal, with bad shading, also one of his exclusives has one of the worst faces i have ever seen a furry "artist" make), also his personality is comparable to a piece of cardboard with a obsession for tits.

If sites like these didn't exist those "hoops" wouldn't exist.

Keep that shit to one god damm thread ya prick.

Sorry ya don't like the truth there buddy

The truth is that this place exists because enough artists place those unnecessary hoops.

I've never seen or heard of an artist putting those kind of hoops in place without reason, reason usually being stolen or reposted content.

1. You're not owed shit, you seem like the same kind of dumbfuck who voices the "customer is always right" when it's a sale tactic.
2. You're not a customer if you're pirating shit in the first place.
3. No one is trying to be a white knight creator. Just if you went out of mama's basement lately then you'd see there's a whole fucking virus that made a lot of artists rely on this for income.
4. Keep bitching and telling yourself whatever sad excuse to not feel guilty. The reason DRM exists and why it's so fucking a bitch for us to get through is because of pirates. Hypocritical ain't it?

a waste of time - the inhabitants of mama's basement are usually still not able to distinguish between cause and effect. They are poor and greedy precisely for this reason - because of problems with logic and common sense.

The fact that this is being discussed on a site dedicated to piracy, and that the named artists have by and large been successful in keeping their work off here, should be heartening to the artists

probably. the law of physics - the force of action is equal to the strength of the reaction. The eternal race of shield and weapons of attack.

Mama always told you bby deserves the world on a silver platter, hu?

White knight somewhere else whaling faggot.

Or they just don't know what they're doing.

>implying Patreon is a marketplace
MissMaverick's been hosting shit on discord since 2018.
Zingiber's started hiding away just last year.

Hmmmm all these artists sound like prime canidits for some fine pirating :). Maybe show em its the internet and you cant control what you put on their once its uploaded.

You can repeat it a thousand times, but the fact is a fact - you sit here and cry that someone dared not to give you fresh porn.

Not our fault these artists needlessly take up these measures.

File-sharers aren't the main reason for DRM. It's mainly to fuck with the used game market. Which is why game companies started just selling Steam codes at physical retailers instead of a disc that you can own, play, and then resell on the used game market. In the old days, Japanese computer game creators didn't have the budget to follow Western game companies with their fancy protection schemes, so instead of having stuff like 'Dial-a-Pirate', they have a cute anime girl in their manuals telling the buyer not to install the game on their computer and then resell the floppies immediately afterward.

The other reason for DRM is China. Chinese bootleggers will copy and then try to resell a game to unsuspecting youngsters who didn't know any better. Why buy an official Famicon and Mario Bros, when you can buy a crappy bootleg console that doesn't have a working 2nd player controller and the latest copy of Super Mario World 14 (which is really Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, but with the sprite for the heroes changed into Mario)?

These Patreon artists that are using DRM to prevent or punish file-sharing strikes me as fishy. Unlike Japanese artists who are more than willing to showcase what they're doing so I don't feel like I'm getting scammed, practically each and every one of these western artists give me the impression they're aiming to deceive me with crap hidden behind the payment processor. Not once have I felt satisfied with a purchase from any of these people. Which is why they use DRM; if regular people found out how crappy and worthless their art actually is, they wouldn't make the same mistake I did by throwing these assholes a little money. Filesharing protects potential customers from these snakes, so of course they'll throw a temper-tantrum and try to stop the truth about their crappy wares from spreading.

why so many words and hypocrisy ... in the short version your thesis is: "price annoys me, but I want this product ... and I will try a little looting." After all, if all the DRM-crap was crap ... there wouldn’t be so many crying children, is it logical?

Update: Eipril Uses another site other then patreon to show exclusives. So basicly not using paytreon like she advertises :p

Mrsafetylion also posts animations then immediatly removes after a while. It shows in his Yiff party page him exclusivly pming and emailing vids to people.

Sefeiren who is still somehow in the primeleap fuck club. Definitly should take a crack as a community to pirate over her newest comic

>they'll throw a tantrum.
Pictured: Aforementioned tantrum.

Nice argument.

It wasn't an argument dipshit, he was pointing out how the person he mentioned talked about crying and whining whilst doing the same thing himself. God reading comprehension is low on this website

>It wasn't an argument dipshit, he was pointing out how the person he mentioned talked about crying and whining whilst doing the same thing himself

Fuck. Looks like Winick-Lim must have removed the google drive. Anyone who follows him have a new link? posts on discord

Warfaremachine is a good example. He is locking up the files with passwords and tracking the leakers. If anyone wants to start a forum for cracking all of the passwords with Hashcat, I will be happy to provide some hashes. Seriously, fuck DRM.


Because paying for virtually nothing each month doesn't already feel like servitiude, let's defend and enable the entire totalitarian experience while we're at it.

I do love me some internet arms race.
Spoiler; the copycuck ALWAYS loses. If there's enough desire to want it and enough autism to crack it, piracy is unstoppable.

>people pirating your work because of low accessibility
>respond by making your work even harder to access
For how much they talk themselves up, internet artists aren't very smart, are they?

Funny how they cry when their artwork is pirated but have no issue when other companies artwork is pirated AKA fanart. In fact I have seen a number of artists do nothing but fanart and ask for patreon, kofi, commissions and sell merchandise, but God forbid someone steal their work, then it's time for anger and retribution. They don't mind stealing if there is a benefit for them, just screw everyone else. Next time someone shills for artists, ask them if they are so against pirating, they will go against fanart. lol

You forgot to add "punish everyone who even bothered to pay for it in the first place," it better explains the context of what you're talking about.

Oh Yeah Dradmon and deciding to just go full on paywall. Barely uploads any of his work to his FA any more and has simply just kept it to his fanbase. Should definitly leak his newest stuff

>no mention about Onta
I know that he have a separate website but is a prime example in the theme.

>complains about drm and how he thinks everything should be given to him.
Kek the ultimate form of hypocrisy.

So DRMs are keeping the trash out? Good.


You motherfuckers couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

ss (2020-07-25 at 04.49.37).jpg (147.8KiB, 596x1022) save_alt
Remanedur just found out about this place. You guys are getting sloppy.

Whoever is in charge of scraping these artist's patreons seriously needs to step up their game and make use of the shared files already. Too many people are starting to host their work offsite.
You have artists who are being scraped, but all YP gets is a $30 post saying "hey guys, just sent files to emails, discord, and an un-listed MEGA drive :3"
Fuck sake, use the goddamn file sharing.

Ah, but that takes effort... and, as the interactions on here prove, y'all are your own worst enemies.

I'm doing my part and posting shared files whenever I can. I've already done so about five times up to now. What's your excuse?

external-content.duckduckgo.jpg (58.3KiB, 568x335) save_alt


How do the OG's uploading this stuff NOT realise? Do they never check what they're doing? I'm not a fan of this artist (luckily, because the page is 100% redundant) but if you look at pages like Liang Xing, you'll see that even tho its updated almost daily; virtually EVERY, SINGLE, post (and theres hundreds FFS, not just a bakers dozen), is just a placeholder or a "dummy post" for NSFW art that is where? WHERE!?. Other artists are nothing but Discord/Filehost/Mailbox notice boards with zero actual content.

Maybe you should teach all the other people sourcing these images how to actually source images then. Does this website not make it clear how to USE this website, in regards to uploading & maintaining artists pages? To quote Cat from Red Dwarf: "IF not, then WHY not, DAMN IT!?".

Whisperingfornothing started posting half their content on their discors server. I tagged the page, their discodd page is in one of their posts

ss (2020-07-26 at 01.53.15).png (68.6KiB, 530x541) save_alt

Oh, would you look at that. That's a fair handful of posts down the drain already.

Whispering's been posting stuff to discord mostly because Patreon's being a faggot and deleting all their nintendo shit. Same thing's been happening for Burgerkiss, possibly R-MK as well. I'm not sure if any of them are aware of YP so far.

>>96478 "because Patreon's being a faggot and deleting all their nintendo shit"

In an ideal world this could've been a blessing in disguise, in terms of encouraging porn artists to use their imagination a bit more.


It's moreso about the demand from bandwagons rather than the creativity of the artist. Many drawfags complain that nobody cares about their original work, so they have to rely on exploiting fandoms for clout and pocket change.
It just so happens that one of the biggest franchise holders is mega autistic about some random small-fry faggots across the globe making a quick buck from the very intellectual properties that they'd be all too happy to butcher and leave to collect dust in a shallow grave, despite their customers' cries to have more content for.

Update: Jagon completely paywalls off their high rez files and has extra posts that are DNP about there comic that apparently matter? So, actualy they are extra comic pages that are hidden behind a permenant paywall. I don't know why they aren't imported to yet but somebody should really get onto that because the amount that is paywalled and DNP is absuredly high for a measly 10 dolons.

jesus so many virgins complaining about art they can't pay for. What losers lol

but look at you aggressively defending and most likely paying for shit that's a bum deal anyways 😂😂😂😂😂

Not my fault kiddies cant pay for the content they stomp their foot for.

I'd stomp my foot too if I were being ripped off.

Not paying money to someone who offers little to nothing in return, and that’s why I check this site because it proves my point that there’s no Patreon that will ever exist that I might even consider giving to despite the fact I can pay for them many times the world over, to contradict your baseless assumption.

of course bro. this is a site for secret millionaires. And everyone here has at least a couple tons of money. He just doesn't want to waste them, yes;)


Dude runs a paywall behind his paywall, where you get basically access to zero porn until you contribute $50 to him either in one payment or over time. So if ya join his five dollar tier you get to wait ten months getting the same content as following his twitter for free. Figure I'd post 'em here cause I highly doubt he's well known at all.


Unless an artist is drawing something specifically for ME (a commission, or a work contract) then I'm not gonna pay their cost of living. It isn't my responsibility, even as a fan, and I think its greedy, spoilt and unreasonable to expect it to be. I'd happily pay £30-40 for a comm from my fave scribblas, but I'm not going to "invest" in "a person". Imagine how broke you'd be if you wanted to see 5 different artists work, then times that by 5, now you're £200 or more overdraft every single month. Fuck that. I love art and always will, but I hate greed, and the way Patreon has corrupted so many artists.

The 1st time I ever heard about Patreon was on a webpage where everyone was hating on a "famous" furry artist for basically acting like this:-
"You so called loyal fans aren't paying as much as before, maybe I should just stop drawing then! Would you like that? That'll teach you disloyal bastards. BTW please donate money ASAP money money money, I love your money!"

Jesus Christ... This is EXACTLY what I'm saying when it comes to Patreon turning artists into greedy sharks. Funny, his artist name is just as egotistical as his policy. I just had a look at his page, and while I'm strongly against insulting other artists, how can this guy charge SO much for such basic looking cartoony art!? It beggars belief!!

Compared to other artists EG ArcturusX1 & AtomCyber, Mr5Stars art is just kiddy scribbles yet you can get ALL X1s & Atoms art (including REAL paintings) which is 10x higher detailed and higher level, for free FFS!

Under this logic, you should only see: 1.- Drawings you commissioned and 2.- Free drawings.
The rest are still poor excuses.

>Under this logic, you should only see: 1.- Drawings you commissioned and 2.- Free drawings.

Yet under the rent-seeker's logic, if you were to commission them they double-dip and charge you that month just to view your own commission and everyone else subscribed where you are not getting any sort of cut from them using your character(s).

Well thats how it worked before Patreon changed everything. Whether you agree with the logic or not is irrelevant, because that is how it worked, but to correct you on a misconception: 1. You wouldn't only see drawings YOU commissioned, you'd see drawings anyone commissioned unless they expressly stated for it to be private. Have you ever browsed sites like Deviantart back in the day, or Hentai Foundry, or Pixiv, or wherever [insert fave art site]? You'd have noticed that a lot of pics said "a commission from" or "commissioned by".

On your 2nd point: Of course I should only see free drawings, because all the drawings uploaded WERE free drawings.

New Canvas.png (132.8KiB, 614x774) save_alt

Oh god imagine being this guy

>someone complains about your shitty puppet tool animation being 1$
>I could reply to them and dont make too much noise about it
>NO let's show this to my fans and complain about how ungrateful everyone is, and that i post "more than you guys deserve" because complaining about my "income" is a big nO NO, especially since i'm using property from other companies to earn my dough lol

good lord i cant wait to see a update on him. All of this because of some shitty vaporeon animation lol

So your anger is because the artists do not give you the drawings you need to jerk off for free?

Think about it a bit, most of the artists when they started were just students. At this time they are already old and have obligations or less time. They can't give you your masturbations. For this there are new artists who are just starting out and possibly have more time to spend on hobbies.

Everything else is excuses.