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The End of Patreon?

Capture.PNG (45.2KiB, 921x348) save_alt

So, I've noticed a number of these particular journals popping up recently by artists scrambling for Subscribestar or any reputable alternatives to Patreon. Based on the various comment chains in these journals, Patreon is facing legal trouble with a banned creator and as a result is severely clamping down on NSFW content.

Could somebody give some more solid context on this situation? Based on the current hearsay, it sounds like Patreon may finally be nearing its end.

Patreon will soon(TM) ban Kesler Tran, Treats, NirvanaMagazine ... as well

Seems like their NSFW policy is about to change

Source: I have a close contact who works for them

And my uncle works at nintendo

At least 5 creators I know are planning to move to subscribestar pretty soon as well... I really hope either admin or creator will add subscribestart support asap.

My nephew... I don't work at Nintendo anymore, I RUN Nintendo. Which also brings to light an interesting fact.


Just saw two more journals about moving to Subscribestar. If Patreon does get shut down or decides to give erotic artists the shaft, we will definitely need to get SS and/or Fanbox support.

Apparently Patreon contacted Slugbox. They told him to remove some of the "inappropriate" content off his hentai foundry account(which wasn't even used in 6 years by the guy) as if they owned aforementioned content and possibly even other stuff he uploaded on Patreon. More and more people consider ditching Patreon in case same happens to them.

Didn't Kemono already have SubscribeStar on it?

Thats like managers or bosses or the brass at work spying on your Facebook or other shitty social media account and intimidating you into not doing or saying certain things, or associating with certain things, if you want to keep working here, as if what people do outside of work is any of their fucking business but I've heard more than one person complain about it happening to them. People want to expand their sphere of authority far outside of what is actually permitted IRL.

That's what I'm saying, mate. Like, wtf? Who do they think they are?

"Hurr hurr so uhhh we stalked your other platforms and uhhh we decided you should delete your other content on a site that has nothing to do with us. Durrrrrrrrr.“

The part about those creep ass monkey "managers" is fucking dumb.

why am i not surprised a big corporation like paytreon is virtue signaling now

why am i not surprised a big corporation like paytreon is virtue signaling now


While it's not right for them to do that, you gotta look at it from their point of view. If it's a massive company with billions of dollars to work with, then yeah, they're full of shit and need to fuck off as far as your personal life goes. If it's a small-time company that's barely staying afloat, well, all it would take is for one of their employee's shady personal life to be made public and that company would then face some kind of backlash that could ruin them. It's happened before. While managers have no business being nosy with their employees, they and their company have a lot to lose by not doing so, because *one* controversy is usually all it takes.

Patreon is becoming more like a hugbox and gestapo, actively hunting down any galleries artists have on other sites and examining them for unfavorable material. Species without breasts, short stack characters, queer characters. I've seen them also demand access to posting to artists' Pixiv(?), among other unreasonable demands. It's becoming exhausting and frankly unacceptable, so I can definitely see why people are moving and leaving.

Well in this example, we're talking corporations. Not mom and pop shops. Paytreon is getting out of hand.

>mom and pop shows never incorporate

Seconded. Seeing as patreon is making dumb as fuck decisions left and right, adding subscribestar support is a MAJOR priority.

Patreon is Chinese and gay


It's a LOT more nuanced than that. I've dug around and searched far and wide and I... I get where Patreon is coming from. I don't like it, but I GET IT.

Basically, Slugbox (and other artists) were told 'hey, stop linking to patreon from accounts hosting content that are against our TOS. If you don't remove the links or don't remove the rule-breaking content from those accounts, we can't let you continue making money on our website'.

This is basic Cover Your Ass legal shit. If someone is making loli-porn on hentaifoundry, they can't make a patreon account that says 'totallynotloliporn' and then generate funds from people looking to support loli porn. It's 'off-site' yes, but linking directly to that stuff or directly FROM those places is tacitly using patreon funds for the creation of content that, more than just Patreon, but MASTERCARD deems inappropriate. And if they lose mastercard support, they lose paypal. They lose paypal, their entire business model falls apart like a house of cards in a hurricane.

Slugbox is unique in that the reason for her getting slapped with this, is that Cteno, her character, doesn't have breasts. Patreon thinks no breasts = CHILD. So them assuming that cteno is a child is then triggering their whole 'hey, don't use money from patreon to fund the creation of loli porn' clause, no doubt because cteno is on hentaifoundry and hentaifoundry ALSO links to her patreon. Patreon wants those two things completely unlinked. Either remove the thing they see as loli porn, or remove the links to, or from those pages. Don't generate subscribers/support from accounts that post loli porn.


I don't think it's unreasonable for Patreon to say 'hey, don't link to accounts or link from accounts that host rule-breaking content' because if they DIDN'T have those rules, then they are giving tacit approval for users to circumvent their rules, which puts them in hot water with daddy mastercard. It's a shitty situation all round. Slugbox just got caught by accident in a dragnet Patreon is throwing out to stop users circumventing their rules by 'totally not using patreon for loli porn I swear' but then linking to and from accounts used for loli porn. Like, Aval0nyx raising funds 'totally just for my art bro' while working on Babysitting Cream or whatever. He's using those funds to support Babysitting Cream. His fans supporting him with money know they are giving money for Babysitting Cream. EVERYONE knows. And now patreon is saying 'we know you're using this patreon account for a loli porn game, fucking quit it'.

Slugbox getting caught is 100% bullshit. But for all the other artists drawing loli porn and using patreon to generate funds for their art... I mean, no matter what angle you come at it from, patreon has a point.

tl;dr Cteno isn't a child; and don't use patreon for loli porn.


This, considering Master Card's role on online transactions, I worry that subscribestar will go down the same route, leading people to move to a new site and start the cycle again supports subscribestar as well as many other platforms like pixivfanbox and gumroad

But has all the artists mixed together into one big mixed up gallery :*(

I love seeing more sites pirating from art paysites (Why TF aren't more sites doing this!?) but that needs fixing ASAP so the site can shine, godspeed!

It seems fine to me. You input names/filter by service and gives you regular artists. The real problem is the lack of artists, and that's more the problem of people not importing.

>>96475 Turns out it is fine and already kind of work as I expected, I just had to press search without typing anything first! Is there a way to truly see all artists though? It could just be my Android Firefox not displaying properly but the page says "leave search blank to display all artists" but when I searched for artists containing the word "art" I got way more artists listed than when leaving the search blank.

Anyway thats a lot better, heres hoping more people import more artists soon!

Kemono needs some way to flag creators in need of an update like this site has. Other than that, and the lack of content due to people not importing, the site is pretty much better than this in every way. Presumably if patreon cracks down hard, more traffic will go over there, though

Don't loli, be jolly.
I think eigaka got slapped for a Midna shortstack?

sluggy still hasnt put out the receipts yet, so i take their word with a bag of salt. something doesnt add up

As with all things regarding artists, bans, etc, you have to gather all the evidence and read between the lines.

A lot of people keep throwing out the shit 'Patreon wants to interfere with our accounts! they want full control of what we post!' but when you read between the lines, it's as above. They just want to ensure that people aren't circumventing their rules by raising funds for rule-breaking content but just keeping their patreon 'clean' but still having links to and from rulebeaking content. In one of Slugbox's own posts she says

>Last year they flagged Cteno, my own OC, as inappropriate because she doesn’t have any breasts.

Slugbox is claiming 'they want to own everything I do anywhere on the internet' but really, what Patreon is saying is 'if you link to your patreon account for somewhere, that place has to follow our rules as well'. All of the other artists I've found getting slapped with this either outright draw loli content, or draw something patreon is MISTAKING for loli content. When the artists actually post the emails, it becomes painfully obvious that Patreon is just cleaning up those accounts that are 'totally not for the loli' and the people who are innocent of this are victims of over-zealous rule-upholding which Patreon has been known for for years now. Werewolves are bestiality, hypnotism is rape, and other retardation.


Basically, the lesson here is don't link your public accounts to Patreon. Give all your regulars in Discord the link and any newcomers will just have to hunt you down or jerk it to your cropped/censored previews... or come to

if werewolves are bestiality, why isn't patreon zero furries by virtue? Animal dix, animal dix everywhere

> subscribestar
So KemonoParty can finally shine?

Who even fucking knows!

The basic way I've got it in my mind is this: There are humans, anthros, and ferals.

Humans can fuck humans. Anthros can fuck anthros. Ferals can fuck ferals. Patreon is all fine with that. But once you start mixing humans and anthros, or anthros and ferals, or, god forbid, humans and ferals, Patreon starts to get a little bit Hitler-y.

StudioFOW was banned from patreon for 'bestiality' for doing a movie of a human chick getting gangbanged by werewolves.

Kabier was forced to change her comic, Bareback Valley, to anthro-on-anthro because the humans-fucking-anthros things was too bestiality and made Patreon's inner-hitler come to the surface. THE RACES SHALL NOT BE MIXED.

Kabier apparently confirmed, later, that anthro x human is fine. But then, why was studioFOW banned for bestiality with no chance to correct their page/submissions? So humans x anthros is EXTREMELY at risk. Anthro x anthro is perfectly fine. Anthro x feral will get you banned. Feral x feral is fine. Human x feral will get you banned insanely fast.

Hell, even Crittermatic was told that his horse model was TOO much of an animal and he had to make it more mythical (Adding wings to make it a pegasus, etc) or patreon wouldn't be cool with showing it get fucked by a dragon. Their rules are ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE.

waitwaitwait holup

accoording to some boorus, fow did some dogfucking and horsefucking but it took werewolves to get them banned?


Maybe patreon considered the werewolves too animalistic in behavior to be considered "true anthros" and tought of them as bipedal ferals instead. It's hard to know with patreon.

I've seen the vid. all voice acted and made red riding hood puns. The most animalistic thing about them were their dicks. Compared to harley quinn getting beaten about with fully-horse dicks, the werewolf shit was tame.

Well them,I guess this is just patreon being patreon

IIRC, the policy updates awhile ago that added bestiality and rape to Patreon's ToS was added right about the same time that werewolf video was put up.

So it was less "banned for the werewolf video" and more "banned because the werewolf video made them look at their backlog right after making their backlog against ToS".

maybe if their UI/search wasn't absolute fucking buggy garbage. for all that this website is a laggy mess, it still is leagues better than kemono's software.