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Winick-Lim’s Google drive gallery link

A209484A-5296-43C7-B750-5898412A06FE.jpg (20.4KiB, 200x200) save_alt

I don’t know if he deleted/deactivated the drive or just changed the link.
Anyway, if someone in his discord server could repost the link (if it stills exists) here, it would be grate

My guess is he changed the link unfortunately.

Unfortunaly indeed...

We can only wait.

Really hope someone can get it. Also why do we constantly update Winick-Lim on yiff.party when he never even posts actual art anymore.

If not the link, at least good update in the share files.

Isn’t there a way of letting the guy who is updating his page know that the link changed ?

I don't know any real way to do that.

I know right, he should have linked the posts with the corresponding art, or at least update regularly the “share”


:( update plz!

At least the guy updating it is alive. We just have to wait



Maybe if the now 2000% useless "update button" actually did something, that would be one of its functions (not just notifying the importers that the page is outdated, but also notifying them if links have died).

Have you tried Kemono.Party? They support of a whole bunch of sites. Likely including SS.

Don't waste your time asking for other sites to be added here cos its obviously not gonna happen. EG It took 7+ months to "implement Fantia support" yet after all that time its not even in "beta stage" yet and is obviously completely abandoned.

Just use this site for Patreon leaks. For other sites, look elsewhere EG Kemono, E-Hentai, Ex-Hentai etc.

Seriously, what the fuck is going on? How has nobody been able to get the google drive yet, knowing people regularly update Winick-Lim's patreon page here.

I don’t know What is the process to upload content on this site, but I starting to think is automatic. I can’t believe the guy uploading this is that oblivious.


No link yet ?

Still nothing.

Everything I saw on kemono.party so far was censored.

Sharing explicit content through google drive is against google TOS, someone most likely reported it.
They've probably changed to a new cloud drive provider. Either way, whoever's submitting, just post the link please, can just be text in shared files...

Agreed, and it would be very hard to delete the drive and repost everything to discord so there must be some alternative. If the new thing has a password it means that he is cautious about leaks. Then it wold be preferable that instead posting the link and password here, someone got in charge of updating the share files, or create a copy drive and access it there.

Changing the subject, I just googled “winick-lim drive gallery” and found this forum, isn’t there a way to unlist forums from google? It gets easier to creators to notice.

Pfft... ;(

It’s gonna take a while

Nothing yet? I really hope someone will share this new link

Still on the wait

Well, at least is good to see that are other people looking for this

Seriously, does ANYONE have access to anything? I'm 2 months behind on his content and its seems he's drawn a lot of Pokemon content I was interested in.

Same here, tbh...
Has anyone actually obtained the access to his gallery link? (doesn't care if it's GDrive or anything)
Been a long time since his gallery has been updated here...

It's now a monthly move.

No more link that can be shared that is permanent. Changes every month.

Shit son, there's always the pay $1 option, but that's not possible for you eh?

According to what I saw in his Patreon advertisements in IB, the titles recently now includes "Fanbox" in it.
Does that mean he's using Fanbox now rather than GDrive?

I'm certain he did now, though...

That’s bad, but he could be using the name as a expression, there isn’t any post talking about a migration.
Oh, that’s also a good idea, if someone can get his hands on his content, making a clone G-drive would be nice.

Can anyone who has it please upload the last GDrive archive to shared files? This thread was made in July but I last downloaded their drive in Feb.

I don’t have it either D:

Confirmed: He does change the google drive every month. Starting to wonder if he has a drive for each tier. But I wonder if its possible to copy the drive without him finding out.

And new update: He seems to update the link every goddamn update. Also, I swear he used to release more level 2 and 3 content to level 1 subscribers.

So posting the link won’t help much, it is needed a regular update on the share feature

Pretty much. Might have to update shared files if anyone wants to see any of Winick-Lim's patreon content.

That's what the shared files are for after all

If someone could get the link at least 1 time now, it would be more then 3 months of content