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Begrove page broken?

Screenshot_20200729-210644.png (315.1KiB, 658x625) save_alt

For about 8 days the page status bar has said "An update is currently in progress. Please check back in a few minutes." And the page hasn't had an update since

Is this a bug? Someone please help

I'm beginning to think it is.
They haven't TRULY updated their page for about a month.
So far they've been updating one free post at a time but never any of the ACTUAL content.
I've even asked for an update button on a few threads and NONE OF THEM have gotten one response.

Maybe stop spamming this request and we'll do something about it

You're not going to do anything about it anyway lol. That kind of psychology only works on gullible fools.

I'm not the ONLY person who requested for begrove you know! The OP of this thread should be living proof of that.
Now leave me alone!

You dense motherfucker, more than one person can be sick of your shit.

I don't see anyone else with YOUR attitude you leech!!!
You're nothing but a bully!!!

>You're not going to do anything about it anyway lol
That's not for you to decide.

>I'm not the ONLY person who requested for begrove you know!
Then you see the problem.

>The OP of this thread should be living proof of that.
Not at all, samefag.

>Not at all, samefag.
Ex-cuse me?

119948282471.gif (650.5KiB, 200x150) save_alt

>That's not for you to decide.
Oh but it is, because I just did :P

Shut up you annoying Chode!
If they say it's not for you to decide, then it's not for you to decide!
You don't get to tell other people what to do! You're not the boss!!!

1195250166264.gif (817.8KiB, 208x219) save_alt

Actually, I am the boss!!! Hahahahaaaaaaaa!!

You can decide whatever. Doesn't mean you have any business doing so.

In your dreams.

> In your dreams.


Now I'm convinced that whoever is "updating" begrove is only adding the latest FREE posts instead of the Tier ones that haven't been added for about a month.
It either HAS to be broken, or whoever IS updating it is trying to fuck with us.

Shouldn't be a mystery as to why this is happening.

Why are you tainting this thread with your trolling!?!?


Thread has outlived its purposes; but by all means, keep doing what you're doing. Just don't complain that you're not getting what you want.

And now in turn, you've outlived YOUR purposes, and should prepare to discover what it feels like to receive THE KARATE CHOPPING OF YOUR LIFE!!

Seriously, I've had MORE THAN ENOUGH of this Twat!


>This Twat!
You're one to talk, samefag.

Why do you hate begrove so much that whenever someone makes a NON-spam request, YOU still butt in!?
Don't you have anything better to do with your life!?

Whats cringey is that theres total mongoloids (like yourself) on this site who are so astoundingly gullible that an obvious AF joke goes straight over their completely empty skulls, you simple minded pillock. You basically just took the piss out of yourSELF because you apparently don't even have 2 brain cells to rub together LMAO.

>Why do you hate begrove so much that whenever someone makes a NON-spam request, YOU still butt in!?
>NON-spam request


> You're one to talk, samefag.

Why do you keep saying "samefag"!?

How is that even related to my comment you muppet? >>111691

You're not even trying to hide it anymore.

>how do i reply to comments

>You're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Trying to hide WHAT!?

First you say "samefag" a few times too many, NOW you call me a Muppet!?
Now you're just speaking nonsense!

I was talking to the guy saying "samefag" and who keeps saging his comments... I'm calling HIM a muppet.

1222741136859.jpg (11.3KiB, 306x227) save_alt

Same person here again, this is actually getting pretty funny at this point. First the sage boy accuses you of being me, and now YOU'RE confusing ME with HIM (the sage boy / samefag accuser).

Well we're ALL under "Anonymous", what'd you expect!?
You gotta admit that that's confusing.

judgejudy1.gif (637.2KiB, 320x240) save_alt


I think I'm starting to love it too.

Stop it!

db945967e90dd1af92e63eadf7ba6292.gif (187.9KiB, 115x91) save_alt

< Pic maybe related

I have no idea what that even means.
Also, I think we should be talking about BEGROVE, NOT about who can "outTroll" who!

Seriously, this is becoming less of a discussion thread about BEgrove's broken page and more like a yelling contest.

I don't know what it means either, and I'm the one who posted it, BUT... Actually thats all I got. Just trying to cheer you up :(


Please stop reacting with JUST source No.s
Nobody understand what you're trying to pull here.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Soccer!!!!!.gif (132.2KiB, 110x60) save_alt

Personally that annoys me too. Oh THATS it sage boy, this game is over! And now, you DIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Talk about bad reading comprehension.

>Oh THATS it sage boy, this game is over! And now, you DIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

GNNNNNH.jpg (7.5KiB, 150x200) save_alt

OK NOW you've done it! Now I'm REALLY mad! GET THE FUCK HERE!!



Stay mad.

>Talk about bad reading comprehension.


I'm not mad anymore, bitch ass cocksucking turn-tail cotton picking sucker ass pussylicking ass munching piece of shit.

You're getting BLEACH for dinner!


This has got to be the most troll-infested site I've ever been to.

1220586323123.gif (548.3KiB, 256x192) save_alt

You've got to be the most troll-infested site I've ever been to.

Can I have some more? Has anyone not finished all their bleach? I'll have it.

You'd be dead, and your innards would turn white.