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Patreon is dying, grab what you can

013.jpg (43.0KiB, 680x510) save_alt

You heard that right. As of, patreon has a high chance of going bankrupt in the near future because they decided to be nosy pricks and trying to police users on what they did offsite.
This means that it might be the best interest of everyone here to leak absolutely everything that is possible, just pull the stops altogether and grab everything we can from the sinking ship while we still have time.
That includes using shared files too, you lazy bastards! I'm sick and tired of posts with just "sent files to discord!" all over these pages.

DangerousASMR and MizSpecific.

If anyone here is pledged to either of these two creators PLEASE for the love of God archive their content.
I live in a very shitty part of the world, I'd pledge myself and get the content if I could, but I can't.

I throw my bottled message in the sea...

Bruh...its really happening


>I'm sick and tired of posts with just "sent files to discord!" all over these pages.

Pfft, that shit is everywhere. As if people are actually gonna start learning how to do it right... Its easier to just keep doing it wrong and pleading ignorance. All the people reporting these "nothing but 'goto mailbox goto discord" users, but none of those users ever get fixed by using shared files... That tells me the people doing the importing wrong DGAF. They likely just import a few "dummy/placeholder posts", then probably never look at the page ever again. This is why the site NEEDS mods, it NEEDS them, but fuck that eh?

Don't panic too soon. Remember theres atleast 2 other shitty greed fuelling paysites ready and waiting for ex-Patreons to immediately jump ship to; that is, assuming they aren't already on each paysite simultaneously, pretending to be 2-4 different artists, or shamelessly listing as the same artist, on all sites, honestly it wouldn't surprise me.

It's already happening mate. I know an artist who paywalls different exclusive art on both Fanbox and Subscribestar.

For fucks sake...

>Yeah people should start importing those links, but i honestly wonder why would people use the discord link thing to hide Media links. like is it to counter sites like yiff ???

>why would people use the discord link thing to hide Media links. like is it to counter sites like yiff ???

I dont know but it probably is. And because most leakers don't use the "shared files" feature here, its stopping Yiff.Party in its tracks.

Patreon shark: "Guys, I've got it! Literally ALL we have to do to stop Yiff.Party is just not post directly to Patreon! Well THAT was easy!!!!"

Yiff.Pirates: "...!!!...?....???"