October 2020's donation goal has been met. Thank you for your support!
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We hope you enjoy using it. yiff.party operates on a non-profit basis, and as such, all the server expenses are paid by our users. We don't want to run ads or infect you with crypto miners. We depend on users like you to keep the site running, and to preserve years and terabytes of amazing content—some of which is no longer available from its original creators!

Because of the nature of the site, many users are reluctant to donate. That's OK! yiff.party was created so everyone can enjoy the content we host without any restrictions or paywalls. But if you value the service we provide, and are able to, we—and our users—would be tremendously grateful if you considered making a donation.

Donation progress for October 2020

So far, approximately $400.00 has been raised out of our target of $400.00. We're about 100% of the way there! Please note: this tracker is updated manually—don't worry if your donation doesn't show up immediately!

yiff.party's server costs are due on the last day of each month. So, we need to meet this goal before 31 October!

How to donate?

At this time, yiff.party can only accept donations in numerous cryptocurrencies. Please select a currency below to display the relevant donation address.

Bitcoin (BTC)
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Why can't I donate through other means (eg. PayPal)?

Due to the nature of sites like yiff.party, it is very difficult to find payment processors who will accept clients like us. If we were to accept donations via PayPal, it wouldn't take more than a day for someone to submit an abuse report and get our account frozen. Until a viable way of accepting monetary donations becomes available, cryptocurrency will remain the only option.

There are many resources available on how to purchase crypto. For Bitcoin, check out bitcoin.org's page on buying Bitcoin for a list of methods. For beginner Bitcoin users, yiff.party recommends using an escrow service such as LocalBitcoins.

Exclusions policy

Welcome to yiff.party! Our exclusions policy details the types of creators that are forbidden from being uploaded to the site. If you discover a creator that is in violation of this policy, please click the "Flag Creator" button on their yiff.party page to inform site staff.

The exclusions policy applies to both existing creators and creators being added to yiff.party for the first time, so please refrain from using the importer if you are only pledged to creators who violate the policy. Because the importer currently does not have a feature to exclude particular creators, it's still acceptable to import if you are pledged to at least one creator who does not violate the policy.

When a creator is marked as "excluded" by yiff.party staff, they will be removed from yiff.party and will not be allowed to be imported again. Files, including shared files, will be deleted from the server, however may still be cached for a brief period of time after removal.

It is possible for a creator who violates the policy to request instant removal from the site. Please send an email to support@yiff.party if this applies to you.

Exclusions list

Creators who primarily create the following kinds of content will be excluded from yiff.party:

  • real life photography/videography, EXCEPT photography/videography of yiff.party-relevant themes, including but not limited to: furry cosplay, fursuits, sculpts of furry characters;
  • vlog channels, instructional/how-to channels, political channels, EXCEPT channels of yiff.party-relevant themes, including but not limited to: furry channels
  • ASMR/voiceover channels, EXCEPT ASMR/voiceover channels of yiff.party-relevant themes, including but not limited to: furry ASMR/voiceover;
  • bloggers, EXCEPT blogs of yiff.party-relevant themes, including but not limited to: furry bloggers;
  • computer generated imagery of real life persons;
  • non-artistic software

The following kinds of content are permitted regardless of relevance to yiff.party themes: art, music, "reaction" channels, written fiction, podcasts

(Last updated: 2020-06-24T12:32:20Z)

Please note that this list is subject to change, and yiff.party reserves the right to include or exclude any creator for any or no reason. While we strive to follow these guidelines as objectively as possible, there are sometimes factors that require us to derivate from the policy.

If you have any questions or feedback about the policy, please email us at support@yiff.party.