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"You came so early..."
"You came so early..."more_vert
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"You came so early..." 2020-02-13T21:39:04+00:00close

Happy Valentine's Day, guys!
Lora won't let you feel alone today. =)

Another postwork: DONWLOAD

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1.jpg (732.7KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #15564265 - 14 Feb 20 00:18
user avatar
User #25262701 - 14 Feb 20 06:14
God created the woman or TTLL?? 😍😍🤣
user avatar
User #11091343 - 14 Feb 20 07:37
I think they evolved from apes
user avatar
User #16019088 - 14 Feb 20 00:18
There will be sometimes a Kelly Pic? Possible that nobody loves her? :(
November thoughts. Delay. 2019-11-15T15:13:18+00:00

Hey there.

So, the good news, i get the new PC.

But the bad news - the update will probably be postponed for technical reasons (the new PC already had more than 10 BSODs and I'm still solving this problem) and because I came up with more scenes than I had planned in the first place, in the course of development.

And also I'm just slow in creating scenes because of my perfectionism and A LOT of work in ZBrush. Maybe one day I will do a series of articles "How I create render / scene / new character" so people can understand how much time it really takes.
But I can't blame anyone, more than year ago, I also thought it would be easier than it really is.

And in order not to upset myself, I'm gonna take extra time to make an update the way I want it to be.

And not to upset you too much, I will pause the patreon next month.

My first delay, yaaay! Hope not the last one, hah?

Just kidding, sorry. =)

I realize how lucky I am to have all of you and your support.

But also I realize how much work, effort and time I have invested at this moment.

And I do not want to ruin either one or the other.

I know that some people think developers are like, "Hmm, how do I get all the fans angry, lose trust and part of the support and whole income for next month? Oh, I know the solution, the delay!" But that's not how it works. =) I just want to make the update better than it is now. It will never be perfect, but...

Yes, a lot of people are waiting for an update, and this is also part of the problem.
I'm just as human as you are and I'm afraid of overestimating expectations.

I've seen cases where one update could make a part of the audience angry and distract, and I'm afraid it will happen to me. I'm trying to make the episode more intense, more extensive, and with more "content".

I know that somebody will write after update release that "not enough, and this I've been waiting for four months, meh, too short", but at least I'll know I've done everything I can.

So I'd rather lose part of my audience now than most or all of the time after a bad update.

Perhaps I should have done everything according to the original plan 2/3 in October and 3/3 in December, and not to try to chase the speed of updates, but... Next time i'll be smarter.

And the last thought, delay doesn't mean, "Well, now I'll create MEGA SUPER update!!11", nope, it's just "I'm gonna make it what it's supposed to be, in the way I see it."
Don't overstate your expectations.

I'm afraid to say new dates, so the update will be released when it's ready.

By the way, don't forget, that you can tell me how upset you are, personally at the discord chat.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #23394736 - 15 Nov 19 20:21
i have no idea what your workload/schedule is, but the best thing, the VERY best thing you can do is always be upfront and transparent - - a ton of "sex-game" creators try to hide delays and sugar-coat setbacks, and end up stringing fans for months, almost years; and then a wonderful, near-perfect game is hated for no reason other than the creator is a scumbag, it's a good move to put it all on the table
user avatar
User #23794498 - 17 Nov 19 07:42
No worries mate, delays and unexpected issues of all sorts will always happen. Point is how transparent and how vocal one is towards their fans. And your communication is top notch, so take your time to continue to focus on quality. We’ll be here, cheers
user avatar
User #2862115 - 16 Nov 19 01:46
I would love to see your game gets more updates but the quality and the details about your progress is more imortant for me. As much as i love a new update keep your time to do your game to your demand ;)
user avatar
User #10631228 - 15 Nov 19 19:09
Thanks for the update ttll I’m a passionate believer that supporting a developer is in accepting the style they create and their work represent. Please stay true to your heart: very grateful for your excellent work and congratulations on you new PC! 😁
user avatar
User #26689954 - 17 Nov 19 00:28
Take a breath man, keep up the quality tho.
user avatar
User #20501159 - 16 Nov 19 21:47
What kind of rig did you get?
user avatar
ttll - 16 Nov 19 22:08
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X BOX SRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming 32Gb DDR4 3200MHz G.Skill Trident Z (F4-3200C14D-32GTZ) (2x16Gb KIT) HDD 860 QVO 2 TB Noctua NH-U14S TR4 SP3 Thermaltake Core W200 CA-1F5-00F1WN-00 Black 250 ГБ SSD M.2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus [MZ-V7S250BW]
user avatar
User #4299758 - 1 Dec 19 19:41
Yep as a dev you have to decide make amazing renders all the time but suffer release schedules or make good renders and make more release schedules. Not easy decision.
user avatar
User #22873895 - 15 Nov 19 20:45
If the game is getting better, take your time, ttll. Keep up the good work and don't overthink it much. I am sure Chapter 2 will be great in its entirety.
Come Inside 0.2 Release 2019-08-27T14:47:36+00:00

Hey there.

Update already available for $30 tiers and higher.

Hope you all enjoy the update. I know I'm having trouble with the progress news, I'll take that into account and try to make it better.

August 28th for $10-15 tiers
August 31st for $5 tiers

Feel free to ask me anything in comments below or on discord server.


  • Portuguese, Dutch, German, Turkish translations are available for Episode I
  • 231 render (160 was planned) - this is 1/3 of Episode II

New features:

  • When a new memories is available, the sketchbook icon will flash.
  • New mini-game mechanic

Fixed bugs:

  • Some players with 120G hz monitors, and higher had problems with minigames, because of high FPS. Now FPS limited to 60.
  • Added extra time for the first game.
  • When you navigate through the Load or Save screen the current page is highlighted now.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #15564265 - 27 Aug 19 16:55
What a frabjous day callooh callay
user avatar
User #7186934 - 31 Aug 19 00:05
Omg I really dislike the mini games. Can it be removed please. Its a big big turnoff.
user avatar
User #8034553 - 29 Aug 19 15:41
The minigame mechanic needs something as the hit boxes for the outline are tiny, very tiny on a high resolution monitor. The level of frustration is high due to that. Maybe a zoom-in mechanic could be added to the sketchbook to help on that?
user avatar
ttll - 29 Aug 19 15:50
When I buy a monitor like that, I'll solve the problem. Now I don't know what the problem looks like, and I don't have time to add that kind of mechanics. =) For now, you can just press arrow up + enter in this game.
Come Inside Episode I 0.1b 2019-07-12T11:34:10+00:00

Windows/Linux and Mac
Hi, guys. I 'm sorry it took me a long time to release this version, but I really wanted to add some interesting features. Plus, I'm working on the second episode of the game at the same time.
Please write about all bugs, or mistakes in translation in the discord server.


  • Proofread English version.
  • Phone camera icon. (feature not available in this version)
  • New languages in the settings. (not available in this version)

    New features:
  • Relationship points animation.
  • Renaming the save slots.
  • Adjusting the background and text color of phone messages.
  • RMB and Escape open Save Screen.
  • Skip "Unseen, Transtions and After Choices" now available.

    Fixed bugs:
  • Kevin phone scene could have been skipped by pressing space button.
  • While "forced" texting, the phone could have been opened again, above SMS screen.
  • Russian language change problems.
  • "ignoring Kelly when she's texting you can lower Lindsay's points".
  • Boss-Jen scene path bug.
  • Typo in last sketchbook game.
  • Typo on last sketchbook page.
  • Icons order on the sketchbook help page.
Comments (10)
user avatar
User #10631228 - 12 Jul 19 12:10
You pay such attention to details and this is reflected fully in your amazing work 👏!
user avatar
User #5249273 - 14 Jul 19 08:47
When will the Arabic language be added?
user avatar
ttll - 14 Jul 19 13:11
user avatar
User #14600094 - 12 Sep 19 10:28
Ttll thx for this great game! I did not often play games like this, but this game the best, i think. Interesting story in which there are psychological issues of education and growing up. I hope that in the following chapters and memoirs the game will be a little more positive, since now it evokes too strong a feeling of loss, but if that was your idea, then we return with the first sentence - Great! Support u for sure dude. This game the best. And sorry for qustion, but - where are you from? ;D
user avatar
ttll - 12 Sep 19 12:10
Hey, thanks. Yeah, that was the idea. =) From Russia.
user avatar
User #14600094 - 12 Sep 19 13:18
I think communicating in Russian is not a good idea here, so greetings from Belarus :) honestly speaking I can't find the planning date of new upgrade. Can u tell me? :D
user avatar
ttll - 12 Sep 19 13:41
There is a Russian channel on my discord server. Updates will be every two months.
user avatar
User #12373102 - 8 Aug 19 13:26
will there be pregnancies in this awesome game?
user avatar
User #15564265 - 12 Jul 19 16:46
user avatar
User #4171981 - 12 Jul 19 11:53
Great :-) Keep up the good work :-D
Which character did you like the most? 2019-07-01T11:34:39+00:00

Young Lora










Comments (20)
user avatar
User #4171981 - 2 Jul 19 16:19
i voted Lora ... but its near to impossible to say cause all have something nice to offer ...
user avatar
User #23839213 - 4 Sep 19 13:26
Young Lora; Lora; Sheila the perv; I hope Lora will come out to be perv so much when she was with the son and to se uneashed perv from her in mature Lora… ah yes.. also plenty of milky and jiggling boobs and big willies
user avatar
User #9031677 - 2 Jul 19 01:34
Definitely Young Lora based on sheer amount of content, but Shelia was right up my alley as well, despite a limited amount of her in the game. But then I've always been partial to older women, so that's hardly a surprise xD A lot of the others, it's hard to comment, because many of them were sort of just minimal content. A single scene, a few lines of interaction, then done. Personally it's hard to get attached to someone that I interact with so little. They were all interesting, and showed promise for further development, but walk-on characters get a "walk-on" level of interest from me as a result. xD
user avatar
User #15564265 - 2 Jul 19 21:29
Decisions, decisions.
user avatar
User #10631228 - 1 Jul 19 12:38
Ttll would you put up a who’s who list please I’m too dazed by your beautiful models to remember half of these characters..
user avatar
ttll - 1 Jul 19 12:47
You can always open a game or an instagram. =) Or should I add a picture for each character?
user avatar
User #10631228 - 1 Jul 19 12:54
Picture please ttll if possible..and may attract others too (what brilliant excuse I come up with lol) !
user avatar
ttll - 1 Jul 19 13:00
I'll add screenshots from the game later. =)
user avatar
User #2862115 - 3 Jul 19 05:51
This is definitely a hard decision. But Lindsey is still my favorite.
user avatar
User #17921794 - 4 Jul 19 23:03
Everyone but Lindsey, absolutely trash character, too bad the beautiful model is wasted on her.
user avatar
User #4309815 - 1 Jul 19 21:27
The Pics were really helpfull. Thanks. Choosing is still difficult, because there is really no character I don't like at the moment.
user avatar
User #16330465 - 6 Jul 19 20:40
Definitely young Lora.
user avatar
User #4299758 - 1 Jul 19 12:05
I always hate polls like these, i know why but choosing is difficult...
user avatar
User #16936360 - 1 Jul 19 12:03
Нужен еще вариант - "пока еще не запускал"))
user avatar
User #663596 - 8 Jan 20 14:52
I want that bloody cougar :D
user avatar
User #837699 - 3 Jul 19 08:31
Young Lora EASILY more \\ss\\ content!!!
user avatar
User #9279745 - 2 Sep 19 23:14
Kelly <3
user avatar
User #22126029 - 12 Jul 19 13:10
Heh Shiela got 31 votes even though we haven't seen her face yet. The power of sexy lingerie!
user avatar
User #7074867 - 2 Jul 19 11:18
Where's the "all of the above" option?
user avatar
User #17159031 - 2 Jul 19 10:11
Young Lora, followed immediately after by Kelly ; of course actually all choices are influenced because it's only the first release and most of the characters have actually a small content
Hey there. 2019-06-19T16:10:18+00:00

Hi, guys. Hope you don't like my game. Because I don't really like some of the game parts too.

I want nice and smooth animations. More images per scene, per episode. More path's and choices. More characters, dialogs, freedom.

I want to reveal the relationship between the characters more deeply, but at the same time do not delay it. To tell an interesting story, which will be a lot of events.

I want every scene to be unique and the sex scenes to be original, exciting and interesting.

And I want to develop it all faster.

So if you don't like my game either, please, support me here.

And if you already like it, support me too, I'll keep trying to do the game better.

Comments (33)
user avatar
User #17982316 - 21 Jun 19 07:03
No, light ntr makes the plot more "spicy"
user avatar
User #15571372 - 20 Jun 19 01:27
i do like your game brother or i wouldnt be giving my money towards it.
user avatar
User #7558080 - 19 Jun 19 18:17
Поздравляю с изданием первой версии!
user avatar
User #5045315 - 20 Jun 19 12:06
Ага, хорошее начало :) Шикарные рендеры, приятная музыка, интригующая история с хорошими диалогами <3 Пожалуй единственный минус - не очевидность, и стандартная проблема многих игр - логика разработчика, без прохождения можно пропустить кучу контента :( з.ы. Надеюсь разработчик не реинкарнация печально известного Аоррты...
user avatar
User #19768576 - 20 Jun 19 05:36
Great game!Where is mc’s F?Will we see ntr with landlady?
user avatar
User #10919016 - 20 Jun 19 04:03
This game is awesome for a start, a lot of potecial, hope u guys do great ; )
user avatar
User #13768302 - 20 Jun 19 20:19
user avatar
User #13781816 - 20 Jun 19 00:11
The game is off to a very good start, it has lots of potential. The art is beautiful, models are amazing, and story is also interesting and captivating, so keep up the great work you've done so far! :)
user avatar
User #19768576 - 21 Jun 19 00:20
Landlady as a milf should be with stockings.
user avatar
User #21079432 - 24 Jun 19 13:08
If, as implied, choosing the Dom route over the Romance route for Lindsay closes down any future chance with Lori & Landlady, that kind of sucks. Such major content loss penalty makes "enslaving" an un-pickable option IMO.
user avatar
User #17982316 - 21 Jun 19 02:10
ntr it is best thing in the world
user avatar
User #6489589 - 20 Jun 19 08:46
i smell Aorrta bullshit , i hope im wrong.
user avatar
User #4639606 - 20 Jun 19 13:05
Do not tell me it's aorrta, for pity's sake. TT
user avatar
User #9329598 - 20 Jun 19 06:07
Great !! I love this kind of game. keep it up.
user avatar
User #5045315 - 20 Jun 19 10:57
There is no such things in this game.
user avatar
User #17102176 - 20 Jun 19 10:59
What are you talking about?
user avatar
User #4908017 - 20 Jun 19 11:13
There is noting about that, here.
user avatar
User #9329598 - 20 Jun 19 16:10
The sketchbook is a minigame, there are some drawings. You have to complete every one of them to show you the scenes. Sorry for my English.
user avatar
User #21079432 - 20 Jun 19 19:03
Heh. Patreon. (So he was just thinking about "landlady" during the Kelly BJ I guess.)
user avatar
User #14515013 - 21 Jun 19 03:29
Yeah if you're a self loathing mouth breather.
user avatar
User #9279745 - 23 Jun 19 17:10
user avatar
User #15564265 - 30 Jun 19 01:29
Original sex scenes sound very appealing. Especially when a lot of people like to cookie cutter this stuff. Excelsior
user avatar
User #20439384 - 20 Jun 19 06:15
hopefully you will be able to get a beast pc soon
user avatar
User #4908017 - 20 Jun 19 11:12
Fantastic renders, just too much brightness in some renders.
user avatar
User #14072862 - 23 Jun 19 16:43
отличное начало , игра красивая и интересная.Удачи тебе.
user avatar
User #17102176 - 20 Jun 19 02:29
this game will definitely be great and I'm proud to be there from the start!!
user avatar
User #21649228 - 28 Jun 19 20:18
Please don't add ntr
user avatar
User #2677906 - 20 Jun 19 12:42
Hope to see some cheating/ntr from the female npcs, harem only is boring
user avatar
User #17635072 - 20 Jun 19 13:39
I hope we will not see cheating/ntr from the female npcs i hate that shit. Harem or nah be with just 1 girl i don't want that.
user avatar
User #21079432 - 20 Jun 19 16:14
NTR in a game is like being the guy with the arrow in the knee rather than the adventurer in an RPG or playing a racing game not as the driver but as a spectator while somebody else rides your car instead. It needs to be done carefully to not ruin the "game" element.
user avatar
User #21079432 - 20 Jun 19 17:51
That said, based on the convo with Kelly, the option of putting your buddy with Stacy, the old boss scene etc. this game is certainly going to allow for "sharing" and H-scenes not involving the MC.
user avatar
User #14515013 - 20 Jun 19 21:48
Welp if " this game is certainly going to allow for "sharing" and H-scenes not involving the MC." I just wont play then.
user avatar
User #7033367 - 21 Jun 19 00:35
Personally I hate NTR but in this game it's avoidable (at least in this version (0.1)). The only thing that was not avoidable was that 2 of the 3 scenes/girls Kelly can talk about involve another guy. But I just took them as a preamble to netori by the MC (which implies scenes that do include the MC).

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