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Progress continues on the BIG project.
Progress continues on the BIG project. more_vert
Post file flag
Progress continues on the BIG project. 2020-02-12T04:14:08+00:00close

Got more work done today, including most of the torso!

Next step will be finishing the shoulders, working on the backpack, and then starting the REAL fun... the arms!

Im looking forward to this project being done! But also excited to see prints of it and just how monsterous this mech will end up being!

Boss gets an upgrade!
Boss gets an upgrade!more_vert
Post file flag
Boss gets an upgrade! 2020-02-10T21:46:08+00:00close

Yet another figure gets the upgrade treatment, this time its the First of the Broozer bosses! The big changes include it now being a muti-part print, rather than the previous mono pose. I changed up the detail level on some of the parts that were very rough (Such as the Face, hands) and Fixed some of the other issues that were cropping up from various prints.

Pretty happy with this change, and a Welcome distraction from the BIG project that I've been working away at... which I still have oh so much more work to do on!

Media (3)

Claw_Boss_B_1.png (247.3KiB)
Claw_Boss_B_2.png (314.4KiB)
Claw_Boss_B_3.png (282.7KiB)

Post file flag
Progress! 2020-02-09T12:36:33+00:00close

This mech is proving to be the largest design I've created so far, with the total part count now well over 80! I'm still working my way over the torso, adding details, turrets and yet more plating to make it look "Right"

The legs/Hips have already been released as files, and The torso will be released Once I have enough of it ready!

Once the Torso is completed, the next step will be the head, followed by the shoulders, and all the fun heavy plating and gunz that the shoulders will carry!

Media (1)

Scale_31.png (207.6KiB)

A time of giants...
A time of giants... more_vert
Post file flag
A time of giants... 2020-02-04T15:32:08+00:00close

Bit of a progress update on the upcoming design, the... really... really big kind of design.

Working on the hips today, and will be starting the lower torso soon as well, this design is MASSIVE and is taking up a bit of time just to make it look right as I go through the various parts.

But Im excited to finish it, and to have a true monster completed!

Media (1)

Scale_21.png (262.4KiB)

Odd isn't it?
Odd isn't it? more_vert
Post file flag
Odd isn't it? 2020-01-29T13:29:30+00:00close

Finished work on a new Odd Broozer, this one is mid run, with a fancy hat! I Wanted to capture that esentric madness, so loose cables, tesla coils seemed to fit the bill.

This Odd Broozer is designed as 3 parts, letting you swap the arms with other equal sized models, and make your own custom characters.

Media (2)

Odd_2.png (509.3KiB)
Odd_3.png (185.0KiB)

Even the bosses Deserve an upgrade.
Even the bosses Deserve an upgrade. more_vert
Post file flag
Even the bosses Deserve an upgrade. 2020-01-26T15:35:19+00:00close

Fixing up one of my previous bosses, the new version of the Mechanic boss with Wormhole Cannon is now ready for printing, now as a multi-part kit for better building/painting options.

Media (4)

Mek_2_1.png (336.6KiB)
Mek_2_2.png (245.0KiB)
Mek_2_3.png (240.9KiB)
Mek_2_4.png (207.6KiB)

"We'z helpin!"
"We'z helpin!"more_vert
Post file flag
"We'z helpin!" 2020-01-22T14:13:38+00:00close

A quick little release, a set of Goblin Specalists, to assist their broozer bosses with mundane tasks, such as carrying ammo, or checking to see if their patient is still alive mid surgery.

Heavy Weapons Incoming
Heavy Weapons Incomingmore_vert
Post file flag
Heavy Weapons Incoming 2020-01-21T02:43:16+00:00close

A second wave of Gun nuts should be finished and released soon, Still need to do some final touch up s on their arms/weapons, but I like how these ammo loving Broozers have turned out.

Shock Troops ready to redeploy
Shock Troops ready to redeploymore_vert
Post file flag
Shock Troops ready to redeploy 2020-01-14T11:30:26+00:00close

The second set of shock troops, this one Is a bit different, following the style of the VEteran and Jump troops kits, these kit comes with the arms as seperate parts from the body, letting you customize how they are equipped.

I'm already planning to do more kits like this in the coming weeks, so happy printing till then!

Media (5)

Broozer_Troop_1.png (177.1KiB)
Broozer_Troop_2.png (129.8KiB)
Broozer_Troop_3.png (133.2KiB)
Broozer_Troop_4.png (167.8KiB)
Broozer_Troop_5.png (147.2KiB)

Productive day!
Productive day!more_vert
Post file flag
Productive day! 2020-01-11T02:07:02+00:00close

To keep all these vehicles moving Mechanics are utilized to ensure that each vehicle is armed, and armored properly, As the latest release, the Shield Mechanic Boss is ready to assist with the repairs and protect his precious death machines with a scratch built force field.

Media (4)

Mek_1.png (214.7KiB)
Mek_2.png (267.6KiB)
Mek_3.png (173.5KiB)
Mek_4.png (168.2KiB)

Ready to Crush!
Ready to Crush!more_vert
Post file flag
Ready to Crush! 2020-01-10T17:54:43+00:00close

The Slaughter tank, Yet another huge Mobile Fortress of a tank, Armed with a hull mounted cannon,a Huge Turret mounted Main Cannon, three sets of twin Assault guns, and a pair of Exotic Energy weapons.

Im going to be working on additional options based on this Chassis, as I really like how Heavy it looks.

Media (2)

Big_Tank_11.png (283.7KiB)
Big_Tank_12.png (277.3KiB)

Explosive landing!
Explosive landing! more_vert
Post file flag
Explosive landing! 2020-01-05T00:57:08+00:00close

The Jump Broozers have landed, this set of 5 is now avalaible, each Broozer comes as 4 parts, Body, backpack, and each arm are seperate files, letting people mix and match their own Squads of these melee maniacs!

Media (3)

Jump_boyz_1.png (279.6KiB)
Jump_boyz_2.png (308.5KiB)
Jump_boyz_3.png (384.0KiB)

Jump Broozers have landed!
Jump Broozers have landed!more_vert
Post file flag
Jump Broozers have landed! 2020-01-03T19:47:03+00:00close

Equpped with short range rocket packs, these Jump Broozers are now ready to leap into the enemy lines. This is my second real experiment with more customizable units, but I do plan to slowly get better at making these guys more customizable with time.

Media (2)

Broken_bodies_1.png (286.7KiB)
Storm_11.png (293.9KiB)

Jumping forward with a new Preview
Jumping forward with a new Previewmore_vert
Post file flag
Jumping forward with a new Preview 2020-01-03T02:30:35+00:00close

Started to work on the first set of Jump pack Broozers, Still very much a work in progress, but Got the lot of them ready to charge forward... next step is making more sets of arms, and evnetually their rocket powered backpacks! I should have the design done sometime over the weekend and it will be released soon after!

Media (4)

Jump_Broozers_1.png (379.1KiB)
Jump_Broozers_2.png (223.2KiB)
Stormboy_Progress_2.png (251.5KiB)
Stormboy_Progress.png (325.0KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #21751721 - 4 Jan 20 10:32
Your a machine, you just keep pumping out better and better models all the time. Enjoying the journey with you.
Rolling out after the New year!
Rolling out after the New year!more_vert
Post file flag
Rolling out after the New year! 2020-01-01T20:51:26+00:00close

Happy Newyear Everyone! The first figure released this year is a new Looted Tank, an alternate design to the previous build, I wanted something that looked like its a midway between the previous looted tank, and the larger tracked vehicles I've designed.

Media (2)

Tank_11.png (183.1KiB)
Tank_12.png (157.2KiB)

Getting a bit Savage!
Getting a bit Savage!more_vert
Post file flag
Getting a bit Savage! 2019-12-29T21:43:36+00:00close

Broozers, though not the brightest, are always built for war, some however are... well a bit more simple than their kin, when these Savage Broozers grow large enough, they'll eventually lead their lesser kin into battle.

This Savage broozer boss will be avaliable shortly, and is a prime example of this, a hulking brute covered in Skulls and tusks of great beasts, and armored in well.. the luckiest kind of armor... the goblin kind!

The Rebellion's reinforcements arrive!
The Rebellion's reinforcements arrive!more_vert
Post file flag
The Rebellion's reinforcements arrive! 2019-12-23T14:05:20+00:00close

This first set of goblin gunners are ready to support The existing rebellion, reforcing the Goblin Bot, with a set of 5 Goblin Gunners, and what better way to hone their skills then a pair of Unwilling Targets!

Media (8)

Goblin_Gunner_1.png (49.2KiB)
Goblin_Gunner_2.png (87.8KiB)
Goblin_Gunner_3.png (103.4KiB)
Goblin_Gunner_4.png (86.7KiB)
Goblin_Gunner_5.png (80.9KiB)
Goblin_target_2.png (51.8KiB)
Goblin_Target.png (143.7KiB)
Goblins.png (331.9KiB)

The Rebellion's heavy armor!
The Rebellion's heavy armor! more_vert
Post file flag
The Rebellion's heavy armor! 2019-12-23T03:07:29+00:00close

the hulking Goblin Bot is now released, this armored clad behemoth, might be small compared to the Naut or the Mek baby, but still stands considerably larger than any of the basic Broozers.

The design includes 32 different parts, letting you build a rather easily customized Goblin bot, with mutiple optional hands, armor plates,and the choice of two Torsos, either the armor clad version, or one where the trio of drivers can bicker over exactly who is going to get squished under their mech's metal boots!

Media (3)

Grot_bot_action_1.png (238.9KiB)
Grot_bot_action_2.png (225.2KiB)
Grot_Bot_armor_11.png (175.5KiB)

The Rebellion is Rising...
The Rebellion is Rising... more_vert
Post file flag
The Rebellion is Rising... 2019-12-20T21:15:00+00:00close

Stay tuned for more!

Media (1)

Guard_Duty.png (203.7KiB)

What is a boss without his bodyguard?
What is a boss without his bodyguard? more_vert
Post file flag
What is a boss without his bodyguard? 2019-12-19T00:43:09+00:00close

Following the massive Broozer bosses into battle, the likewise gigantic, though not quite as large Armored Broozers Ensure their lord remains standing. Armed with massive pinching claws, and rappid fire weapons, these armored Broozers can stride through small arms fire as if it was rain.

designed with a bit more customization, this set features 3 diffrent bodies, 3 Claws, and 3 Gun arms. letting you mix and match to create unique poses.

Media (3)

Broozer_set_1.png (316.3KiB)
Broozer_set_2.png (314.1KiB)
Broozer_set_3.png (156.9KiB)

Post file flag
Medic! 2019-12-17T17:44:07+00:00close

The Broozer medic is now released, This broozer fits the roll of Doctor, Dentist and Sometimes Chef within the horde. With Mutiple siringes of strange liquids, a huge Bone saw and the medical harness, the Medic is ready to put his tools to work keeping his kin Up and combat ready through even the worst injuries.

Media (3)

Broozer_Medic_2.png (196.9KiB)
Broozer_Medic_3.png (227.2KiB)
Broozer_Medic.png (164.6KiB)

The Breaker is on its way!
The Breaker is on its way! more_vert
Post file flag
The Breaker is on its way! 2019-12-17T00:48:33+00:00close

A new frontline tank, to sit between the massive Maw tank and the somewhat adroable Looted Tank, the Breaker is a heavily armred, and armored frontline war machine!

Armed with a pair of cannons on its main turret, and a hull mounted energy wapon, this Tank is ready to hunt down any armored foe the Broozers might come across!

Media (3)

Tank_11.png (199.8KiB)
Tank_12.png (203.0KiB)
Tank_13.png (180.1KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #2915932 - 17 Dec 19 00:49
What’s the new program you’re using? Looks like you’ve leveled up since you started!
user avatar
User #22302962 - 17 Dec 19 21:53
Any suggestions what to take it for in a game?
user avatar
Geargutz - 21 Dec 19 15:01
I'd sudjest say one of the Kill(ier) tanks, there are a few diffrent builds avaliable for Open play games, or big Apocalpytic games.
user avatar
Geargutz - 17 Dec 19 11:15
The Fleshy bitz are designed in Mudbox, while the mechanical parts are still Tinkercad, I'm using new redering options to make things look crisper, Though its also the natural progress of learning more depth to the programs and to working on the design concepts futher.
user avatar
User #2326032 - 16 Jan 20 04:33
Hold up. Tinkercad? You make these insane vehicle monsters in TINKERCAD!? You are insane. I cant possibly see doing anything beyond basic shapes or slicing with tinkercad.
user avatar
Geargutz - 16 Jan 20 15:07
You are correct, the vehicles are designed in Tinkercad!
user avatar
User #2326032 - 21 Jan 20 01:54
jesus way to put my foot in my mouth when i said to my friends "tinkercad is a great basic editor but you wont ever do anything detailed in it" lol
Armored Broozer boss
Armored Broozer bossmore_vert
Post file flag
Armored Broozer boss 2019-12-16T16:23:51+00:00close

The latest character released, this one based on one of the Tinboss requested files, a huge armored boss with a massive customzied gauntlet and shoulder mounted cannon.

This Armored broozer boss comes scaled to the same level as teh other broozer bosses, so massive beyond compare, and is ready to lead an army of his lesser kin into battle!

Media (4)

Armored_boss_9.png (181.7KiB)
Armored_boss_10.png (326.2KiB)
Armored_boss_11.png (219.6KiB)
Armored_boss_12.png (183.3KiB)

Broozer Captain has landed!
Broozer Captain has landed!more_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Captain has landed! 2019-12-13T02:17:14+00:00close

A new Boss has arrived, the Captain! A massive boss carring an even more MASSIVE gun. Covered in Trophies, And nautical themed gear, this boss is ready to lead any Broozer force on the hunt for Loot!

Media (3)

Captain_1.png (336.9KiB)
Captain_2.png (236.5KiB)
Captain_3.png (339.4KiB)

Broozer Tank Hunters released!
Broozer Tank Hunters released!more_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Tank Hunters released! 2019-12-11T16:15:08+00:00close

These explosive loving Broozers have been released, along with their super angry and... hightly Volitle pet
This is the frst set of these rocket loving Broozers, I do plan to make more sets of 5, though I'm pretty happy with how this first set came out.

Broozer Biker Boss Test print completed
Broozer Biker Boss Test print completedmore_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Biker Boss Test print completed 2019-12-10T20:47:02+00:00close

Rather impressed with how this came out on an FDM printer, resin will push it to the next level, but still rather pleased with how big and brutal this has turned out.

also, for those who have missed it, there is a small poll on the Discord server about which Design should be worked on next, Tank hunting Broozers, of the true Gun Nuts, those wayward souls who sail, loot and of course... shoot.

Media (3)

20191210_151622.jpg (1.4MiB)
20191210_151637.jpg (1.2MiB)
20191210_151730.jpg (1.7MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #27678731 - 11 Dec 19 22:09
I just finished printing this mini in resin.... it looks amazing!
Broozer Biker Boss Released
Broozer Biker Boss Releasedmore_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Biker Boss Released 2019-12-09T13:34:00+00:00close

This absolutly MASSIVE bike and rider are now ready to be released, and I do mean massive. the Rider is scaled to be the same size as the previous bosses, so expect him to look Very large, and very much in charge compared to other bikers.

The STL has been made avaliable to the Tinboyz and Tinboss Rank, Happy Printing!

Media (5)

Biker_boss_11.png (189.2KiB)
Biker_Boss_12.png (201.4KiB)
Biker_boss_13.png (197.2KiB)
Biker_Boss_14.png (266.0KiB)
Biker_Boss_15.png (292.3KiB)

Biker Boss on its way!
Biker Boss on its way!more_vert
Post file flag
Biker Boss on its way! 2019-12-08T17:09:40+00:00close

Currently working on the next Character, a Broozer Biker boss, This broozer loves to go fast, so its ride, a massive bike with Excessivly dangerous treads and a HUGe front wheel is ready to crush anything its its path to get where he needs to be.

Still very much a WIP, as I have to finish detailing the Front section, give it some ranged weapons and just... add a bit more fun stuff.

Broozer Prime Test print completed!
Broozer Prime Test print completed!more_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Prime Test print completed! 2019-12-05T20:29:53+00:00close

Had lots of fun with the early elements of this project, and I'm already scheming about what versions I'll do next.

Pretty happy with how the print turned out, with mimilar Layer lines overall, though Resin versions will be the "next" level.

Media (3)

20191205_151315.jpg (2.3MiB)
20191205_151323.jpg (2.0MiB)
20191205_151356.jpg (2.4MiB)

Broozer Gun Nuts released!
Broozer Gun Nuts released!more_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Gun Nuts released! 2019-12-05T17:02:49+00:00close

To support their close ranged breathern, the Gun Nuts Stand at long range, useing their heavily customised weapons to blast away at their foes with excessive firepower.

This 5 model set is teh first of the Gun Nuts, though I plan to make more sets in the future with even more outlandish giant long ranged weapons.

Media (1)

Broozer_Gun_Nuts.png (516.4KiB)

Broozer Assault gunners released
Broozer Assault gunners releasedmore_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Assault gunners released 2019-12-05T00:29:42+00:00close

The first set of Broozers with assault weapons have been released, armed with short range, but high firepower weapons, they are ready to assist the Shock Troops charges.

I will be making more sets of these in the future, with additional weapons and fancy bits!

Media (3)

Assault_Gunners_1.png (473.6KiB)
Assault_Gunners_2.png (597.2KiB)
Assault_Gunners_3.png (509.1KiB)

Crew Ready to deploy.
Crew Ready to deploy. more_vert
Post file flag
Crew Ready to deploy. 2019-12-04T16:26:38+00:00close

Easily combined with any exsiting Broozer Kit, or your own creations, these broozers are ready to take to the wastelands and roads on any vehicle they can get their hands on.

The design is already released to the patreons at Tinboy/Tinboss Rank. though I do plan to do more versions of the crew, with more poses and options in the future!

Media (2)

Broozer_Crew_2.png (268.7KiB)
Broozer_Crew_1.png (237.0KiB)

The 2nd Behemoth walks forward!
The 2nd Behemoth walks forward!more_vert
Post file flag
The 2nd Behemoth walks forward! 2019-12-04T11:49:31+00:00close

Armed with massive Gravity defying weapons, gigantic cannons, and a brtual Crushing fist, the second version of the Behemoth walker is ready and released!

I'll be painting up my own version later this week!

Media (3)

Mek_Toddler_1.png (415.5KiB)
Mek_Toddler_2.png (282.0KiB)
Mek_Toddler_3.png (529.2KiB)

Broozer Prime "Wrecker" Released!
Broozer Prime "Wrecker" Released!more_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Prime "Wrecker" Released! 2019-12-02T03:37:32+00:00close

Doing lots of experiments with this design, but rather happy with how it turned out, the files have already been uploaded to the Patreon for Tinboy/Tinboss Ranks!

I'm aiming to have futher options and poses avaliable later in the weeks ahead, along with futher upgrading my design choices, learned a fair bit during this project that I hope to use for the next one!

November comes to an end! 2019-12-01T00:00:14+00:00

Please remember to download all the files you are after! Many will be disapearing tomorrow, as is the norm for the beginning of each month! There will still be a few files avaliable, and Early in the month I'll be adding in new projects and designs!

Progress On the Broozer Prime!
Progress On the Broozer Prime!more_vert
Post file flag
Progress On the Broozer Prime! 2019-11-27T03:21:35+00:00close

Spent some Free time today working on the Broozer prime, worked on the torso a bit more, making it so that it now has three optional heads, with ball socket style conections, though the posing will be limited due to how bulky the actual jawline is.

The legs are still blocked out, with most of the upper thigh being completed, the shins/feet are very much work in progress, and I still plan to add more knicks and small bits of damage to the edges of the plates.

once I've finished the Torso and legs, I'll start into the fun part of the project, designing all of the arms and weapons!

Media (5)

Prime_Ork_22.png (205.5KiB)
Prime_Ork_23.png (170.5KiB)
Prime_Ork_24.png (112.9KiB)
Prime_Ork_25.png (204.7KiB)
Prime_Ork_31.png (531.8KiB)

Broozer Prime on its way.
Broozer Prime on its way. more_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Prime on its way. 2019-11-25T15:54:58+00:00close

While waiting on test prints of the 2nd Mek Baby design, I've started work on another project that well... I'm really enjoying.

Aiming for something more advanced looking than my previous works, a true monster that would be gigantic compared to the other bruisers.

A Broozer Prime, This Armored clad monster Will stand taller than the average frontline battle tank, and be armed with exotic weapons far beyond its lesser kin.

This will end up being a massive Resin print, aiming to have mutiple Optional parts, such as torsos, weapons and what not. Soon as I finish the Design, and Get my printed copies I'll post up some painted images.

Media (3)

Prime_Ork_Alt_head_1.png (246.7KiB)
Prime_Ork_WIP_2.png (181.8KiB)
Primork_1.png (230.1KiB)

Scouting forward
Scouting forwardmore_vert
Post file flag
Scouting forward 2019-11-22T22:49:12+00:00close

Assisting in directing the greater Bruiser horde, the Scout Kopta leads to the way, armed with either twin assault guns, or twin Rocket pods, the lightly armored kopta flies forward at high speed, scouting out pockets of resistance, or shiny looking scrap.

This file is now released to the Tinboys and Tinboss Rank. Happy Printing!

Media (4)

Kopta_v2_1.png (203.4KiB)
Kopta_v2_2.png (218.4KiB)
Kopta_v2_3.png (217.9KiB)
Kopta_v2_4.png (187.6KiB)

Steady Progress!
Steady Progress!more_vert
Post file flag
Steady Progress! 2019-11-20T17:42:53+00:00close

Still working on the next BIG model, this one being an upgaded version of the Mek Baby, (Behemoth Walker) so far armed with a massive Gravity cannon, Its shoulder mounted Seige cannons, and Soon it will have a vicious melee weapon to go alongside it.

I'm hoping to have the full design done over the weekend, with the print taking... well a while, I should have the full figure avaliable for the Tinboy rank hopefully midweek.

Media (5)

Stompa_v2_23.png (215.2KiB)
Stompa_v2_24.png (197.0KiB)
Stompa_v2_25.png (199.2KiB)
Stompa_v2_21.png (141.1KiB)
Stompa_v2_22.png (167.6KiB)

Broozer Boss in Resin!
Broozer Boss in Resin!more_vert
Post file flag
Broozer Boss in Resin! 2019-11-20T00:05:23+00:00close

I received one of the store copies of the Broozer boss with Claw, and really have to say... well.. How amazed I am with the quality that resin printers can put out.

I have to say I will need to invest in one myself and am a bit jealous of those who already have one set up!

Media (1)

20191119_183752.jpg (1.9MiB)

The Big Guns March Forward!
The Big Guns March Forward!more_vert
Post file flag
The Big Guns March Forward! 2019-11-18T22:40:10+00:00close

Started work on the next big walker, this one will be... a tad larger than the Baby Mech( Behemoth Walker), With a fair bit of its mass allocated to two gigantic cannons that rest in its shoulders.

Still pretty early in the design, but I have the majority of the leg/hip sections already completed!

I am hoping to finish this design before the end of the week, and have it released hopefully sometime over the weekend.

Media (3)

Stompa_v2_11.png (253.0KiB)
Stompa_v2_12.png (247.2KiB)
Stompa_v2_13.png (301.9KiB)

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User #21723836 - 2 Dec 19 03:55
This is amazing!! Any progress on it or did I miss it?
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User #3529878 - 20 Nov 19 03:59
This looks beautiful.
Sneaky Bruisers released!
Sneaky Bruisers released!more_vert
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Sneaky Bruisers released! 2019-11-18T13:34:16+00:00close

The first set of 5 Sneaky Bruisers are ready to make their way into the enemy backlines, armed with "Stealthy" weapons and wargear, the Sneaky Bruisers excell at close quarter combat, though won't shy away from some high yield explosives to delay an enemy convoy... or if they are just bored.

Media (1)

Kommando_set.png (389.4KiB)

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User #9517284 - 18 Nov 19 18:53
Somehow those remind me of the A-Team!
Back to work! 2019-11-17T13:21:41+00:00

After a week away, I'm back at the design game! Looking to finish a few sneaky Bruisers in the next few days before starting a new BIG project!

Update! 2019-11-08T22:32:55+00:00

Just so that there is no confusion or concern, I will be away from my computer from November 9th till the 16th, meaning that I won't really be able to work on any new designs, apart from maybe doing some concept sketches.

This also means that I will be unable to do the Draw for the monthly Raffle till after I get back. Patreons have till the 16th to sign up in the Discord Prize channel!

Once I get back, my first goal is to finish the Sneaky bruiser set, so that the unit is ready asap.

Afterwards, there is a few different designs I want to work on, namely, Single Bruiser Helicopters, Bruisers with long ranged weapons, and Tank Hunting Bruisers.

I am hoping to finish that list before the end of November, and start into Dakkacember with new bosses and a maybe a big project!

Sneaky Bruisers on the way..
Sneaky Bruisers on the way.. more_vert
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Sneaky Bruisers on the way.. 2019-11-08T19:08:28+00:00close

Still a WIP, but I've been working on a new unit, the Sneaky Bruisers, long range recon units carrying Brutal weapons and armed wtih well.. bad addititudes. These are still a Work in progress, but I should have them up within a day or two once I get back from my holiday away!

Media (9)

Kommando_boss_1.png (264.9KiB)
Kommando_boss_2.png (241.7KiB)
Kommando_boss_3.png (212.5KiB)
Kommando_boss_4.png (204.6KiB)
Kommado_1.png (258.3KiB)
Kommado_2.png (339.3KiB)
Kommando_3.png (318.7KiB)
Kommando_4.png (313.5KiB)
Kommandoz_2.png (698.8KiB)

Second Boss showing up!
Second Boss showing up!more_vert
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Second Boss showing up! 2019-11-06T18:56:28+00:00close

Got the 2nd of the Bruiser bosses completed and ready for test printing. the Tinboss Rank already have access to this design, and I'll be releasing It to the Tinboyz rank later on today!

Really happy with how these characters have been looking so far, And I'm still planning more options.

Media (4)

Big_boss_2_2.png (341.2KiB)
Big_boss_2_3.png (253.0KiB)
Big_boss_2_4.png (286.8KiB)
Big_boss_2.png (319.9KiB)

Getting bit Weird in here!
Getting bit Weird in here!more_vert
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Getting bit Weird in here! 2019-11-05T00:11:35+00:00close

Every so often a Bruiser will be born into this world a bit... different than his kin, sometimes this takes the place of Mechanical genius, other times it might just be the knowledge of the inner workings of the bruisers.... Yet all the more rare, sometimes they just come out... Weird.

Media (3)

Weird_3.png (259.6KiB)
Weird_4.png (317.1KiB)
Weird_5.png (396.3KiB)

Air Support Inbound!
Air Support Inbound! more_vert
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Air Support Inbound! 2019-11-04T13:16:31+00:00close

Starting the test prints of this shortly, the Tinboss rank will gain access to the design within the next hour or two as I've only got a few parts to complete. Soon as the test prints are completed the Tinboyz will gain access!

Rather happy with how scrapped together the design looks, the engines and worky bits, the excessive blades, and the pair of cannons hanging below that would rattle away!

Media (4)

Kopta_6.png (186.0KiB)
Kopta_7.png (238.5KiB)
Kopta_8.png (163.4KiB)
Kopta_9.png (220.2KiB)

Lots of teeth and little brain.
Lots of teeth and little brain. more_vert
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Lots of teeth and little brain. 2019-11-03T20:50:13+00:00close

Along with the Goblins I've been tinkering around with these little beasties, They will be released once I have my test print completed, but I'm pretty happy with how they look... especially how adorable the ones wearing goggles turned out.

Media (1)

Squigly_beasts.png (623.4KiB)

Beasts great and small!
Beasts great and small!more_vert
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Beasts great and small! 2019-11-03T15:53:01+00:00close

Just released as of this morning the first set of Goblin Crew, these pint sized monsters are ready, though slightly unwilling to set to work reparining and matianing the various vehciles of the Bruisers!

The first set is of 7 different goblins, all in rags, carring limited gear or ammo, along with a massive bruiser charged with keeping the lil guys in line.

Media (4)

Goblins_1.png (420.1KiB)
Goblins_2.png (497.2KiB)
Goblins_3.png (416.4KiB)
Goblins_4.png (439.0KiB)


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