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Chapter 971 - Extraordinary Genius 2020-06-03T22:30:21+00:00

Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 971 – Marketing

After Lunar New Year, Liu Michael sent the amended design for Genie over personally to Feng Yu. When Feng Yu saw the new designs, he gave Liu Michael a thumbs up.

Liu Michael’s design team is capable. The design for this car is beautiful, and the boot size had been increased. The rear passenger seats can also be removed according to the owner’s preference.

Everyone in the meeting was satisfied with the design. They did not know that cars can be designed this way, and their confidence in this model increased. Their target of 150,0000 units this year should not be a problem!

“Wang Taiwei. Get ready to start our marketing!” Feng Yu said to the Chief of the Automobile marketing division.


When most people return to work after the New Year holidays, they are still in a festive mood, and not very efficient.

Most of the workers were drinking tea and reading papers at their workplaces. They noticed an advertisement, which only has a few sentences.

“Many people own cars. Do you want to own one?

“If your monthly salary is over 2,000 and can buy a car, will you buy one?”

“Do you believe that a car cost under 30,000?”

These few sentences sparked the curiosity of the readers. They quickly flip to the other pages of the papers but could not find anything else. What are these three questions? What do they mean?

A car that costs under 30,000? Only second-hand cars, which are several years old, will cost that price. You can own a car with a monthly salary of 2,000?! What a joke! Only people whose salaries are over 5,000 RMB can afford to own cars, and it’s the bosses or leaders that can afford it.

Government servants that are earning 2,000 RMB and above are at least a team leader. They are considered doing well if they can afford a motorcycle, let alone a car.

For one week, this ‘3 questions’ advertisement appeared in several major papers, and some readers called up the newspaper agencies to ask about it.

The agencies replied that the answer would be revealed in two days. Please wait for it.

After two days, the advertisement changed. It is a full-page advertisement, showing a picture of a car. This car is cute, beautiful, youthful, and vibrant, unlike the rest of the cars in the market.

On the first day, the picture is showing the front of the car. On the second day, it showed the side of the car. On the third day, it showed the back of the car, and from the fourth day onwards, the advertisement showed the interior.

The readers realized that it is a car advertisement. But which automobile company is so stupid? Why don’t they put all the pictures together in one advertisement? A picture a day is a waste of advertisement fees.

But the readers did not notice that they had been looking forward to looking at a new picture of the car every day. If the advertisement is showing the same picture every day, they will get bored after three days.

The readers found out that this car model is called “Genie,” and the logo is using its initials, ‘JL.’ It is not a beautiful logo but can be easily remembered.

After two more days, the readers knew this model is manufactured by Bing City Machinery Company. It is the company that produces Songjiang Motors’ cars. Before Lunar New Year, the news reported that they are the first Chinese automobile company to export their technologies to Russia.

This new model is produced by this company? No wonder it is so well-designed, and Only a company like Bing City Machinery Company can design this car. The rest of the automobile manufacturers’ cars look so dull.

Many readers start to go through their old newspapers. What did the first advertisement say? A car that costs under 30,000 RMB? Impossible!

The automobile companies also noticed this model. Competition is stiff in the automobile industry, and they must monitor their competitors closely.

At first, the other automobile companies thought nothing about the first advertisement. They felt it is only a marketing tactic to attract readers. They had to admit that the advertisement is quite successful in attracting the reader. Still, a car can't cost less than 30,000!

Soon, the advertisement showed the retail price for Genie. 29,900 RMB!

The price is less than 30,000, and everyone was shocked!

If this car is produced by a small factory in the countryside, it might still be possible. But this car is produced by Bing City Machinery Company, and Bing City Machinery Company is famous for its quality. They will not produce any inferior cars that will affect their reputation.

Is this car really being sold for 29,900 RMB?

How can a car cost so cheap, and how can the dealers make money? Bing City Machinery Company does not want to make money from this model? Is the cost of this car around 20,000 RMB?

Can a small car be produced with 20,000 RMB? The performance of this car must be lousy!

But when the specs of this car are revealed, the other automobile companies were stunned.

This model uses 1.0 Turbo engine, and the power is equivalent to a 1.3L car. It might be small, but the interior is spacious, and the top speed of this car is 125 mph. It uses a 5-gear Manual transmission, and it is fitted with an air conditioner!

The full specifications of Genie are on par or even better than FAW’s Xiali!

At this time, the TV stations start to show Genie’s advertisements. A young man and a young woman met at a parking space and exchanged looks, hinting at the start of a love story.

The advertisement’s message: Songjiang – Genie. The first choice for young adults. The first car in my life!

The sentence ‘The first car in my life’ hit the hearts of many people, especially the youngsters. Many of them wish to own a car, but the cheapest car in the market cost around 100,000 RMB. Most of them cannot afford it.

But this car cost less than 30,000 RMB. If they get a car loan, they can drive the car away immediately, and the monthly installments are less than 1,000 and can be repaid in two years. A monthly salary of 2,000 RMB is enough to buy this car.

Many young adults become interested and felt they would be popular with girls in this car!

This car might be cheap, but it is made by a reputable manufacturer. This is a brand under the Bing City Machinery Company and produced from Songjiang Motors’ factory.

Have you heard of Songjiang Rongyao? The retail price of this model is 1.8 million, and you must book in advance!

Furthermore, this company was exporting its cars and had set up a joint-venture factory in Russia. This is the top automobile manufacturer in China, and this Genie should not have any problems.

The advertisement had stated that this model could be sent to all Songjiang Motors dealers for after-sales services. That means the quality of this car is guaranteed.

Why did Feng Yu make this marketing campaign? First, it is because the factories are still calibrating their production lines for Genie. Another reason, he wants to create a hype, and let more people notice this car.

Feng Yu succeeded!

The 4S shops are receiving countless calls to make bookings to test drive Genie every day. On the first day of launch, the dealers sold a few dozen units. This model’s sales should surprise everyone this year!

Power and Wealth - Chapter 252 2020-05-24T01:37:34+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 252 – You dare to collect toll?

National Day holidays.

Red banners were hung everywhere in Beijing, and firecrackers can be heard now and then.

“Aunt Xuan, I will be going.”

“Ok. Your legs have just healed and must be careful while driving.”

“I know. Go back. I will return when I got the time.”

“Ok. Remember to give me a call when you reach Yan Tai County.”


Somewhere near Yun De Auction Company, Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan hugged and kissed for a while before separating. Before Dong Xuebing left, Qu Yunxuan helped him straighten his collar and tidy his hair. After that, Dong Xuebing boarded his Silver Mercedes Benz MPV, which was sent over by an officer from the Public Security Bureau when Dong Xuebing was hospitalized. Qu Yunxuan helped him closed the door and waved him goodbye. Dong Xuebing waved back and drove onto the road slowly.

Goodbye, Beijing.

Goodbye, Aunt Xuan.

After two months of rest, Dong Xuebing’s legs were almost healed. Although he cannot do any strenuous exercises, like running, jumping, he can still step on the accelerator and brakes. Dong Xuebing was bored to death after staying at home for so many days. That’s why after celebrating the National Day with Qu Yunxuan and her parents in the morning, he packed his stuff to return to Yan Tai County.

Five meters…

Ten meters…

Twenty meters…

Before the Mercedes moved more than thirty meters, Dong Xuebing saw a familiar face by the roadside.

It is that Wei Nan, and he is on his phone. He did not see Dong Xuebing and was walking towards the west. Wei Nan was Xie Huilan’s former fiancé and had several conflicts with Dong Xuebing in the past. They had met at the pearl necklace auction, during his dinner with Xie Huilan and Xie Hao, embarrassed him at Senior Xie’s mansion. There is no way they can settle their grudges peacefully.

Suddenly, Wei Nan noticed Dong Xuebing and gave him a cold smile.

Dong Xuebing returned a smile and continued his way.

After meeting Wei Nan, Dong Xuebing suddenly thought of Xie Huilan and Qu Yunxuan.

On his way to Yan Tai County, Dong Xuebing was thinking about his relationship problems. Aunt Xuan is virtuous and will be a good wife. On the other hand, Sister Xie is a career woman and can help him in his career if they get married. Although Dong Xuebing wants to make a decision, it is too hard for him to decide. He had slept with Aunt Xuan, and how can he dump her? It is the same for Sister Xie. They had kissed and hugged…

Slap! Dong Xuebing gave himself a slap to his forehead!

I am such a bastard. How can I fool around with so many women?!

If I had controlled myself and not go after Aunt Xuan, I would be dating Sister Xie now. If I had rejected Sister Xie in the first place, I might be getting married to Aunt Xuan now. Either way is the best ending. But now, two outstanding women are with me… and the outcome… might be a tragedy. Dong Xuebing shivered when he thought about it.

Not everyone can enjoy such luck with women!

Dong Xuebing was regretting. What should he do? How is he going to solve his relationship problems?

After driving for more than an hour, Dong Xuebing had entered the Hebei boundary. He had been thinking of a solution, but he is at his wit's end. He got frustrated and irritated as he reached the outskirts of Yan Tai County!

An accident had occurred on the main road towards the County town, and there was traffic congestion.

Dong Xuebing turned into a side road and wanted to take an alternative route back.

After driving for a while, Dong Xuebing arrived at a farming area. There were farming fields on both sides, and donkeys are pulling carts of corns along the road. Dong Xuebing had been in Yan Tai County for more than a year and had drove passed this road before. After several turns and bends, he is around one kilometer away from the main road.

Suddenly, five to six villagers walked onto the road from the cornfields.

Dong Xuebing was afraid he would knock into one of them and quickly pressed the horn.

Those villagers turned around slowly to look at Dong Xuebing and continued standing in the middle of the road. After that, a few men pushed an old tractor from the fields onto the road, blocking Dong Xuebing’s path. Other than people, no cars can get past them.

Dong Xuebing was in a bad mood, and when he saw what the villager was doing, his face changed. He stopped about seven to eight meters away from the ‘obstacles’ and sounded the horn!

Honk! Honk! Honk!

A middle-aged man, standing in front, took out a cigarette pipe and started smoking with the rest of the villagers in the middle of the road. They were chatting softly and had no intention of letting Dong Xuebing pass. From far, a van with local number plate drove over from the opposite direction, and the villagers moved the barricades aside for it to pass.

Dong Xuebing had wanted to alight from his car, but when he saw an opening, he stepped on the accelerator and wanted to drive through.

But after the van passed the barricades, the middle-aged man and other villagers quickly blocked the road again.

Dong Xuebing got furious and shouted out from his window. “Move aside!”

The villagers ignored him and continued chatting there.

“Mother F**kers!” Dong Xuebing unfastened his seat belt and got off the car. His legs are not fully healed and had to walk slowly, as he approaches the villagers. “What’s the meaning of this? Why are you all blocking the road?”

The middle-aged man looked at Dong Xuebing and extended his hand. “Pay toll!”

Dong Xuebing sneered. Toll? You think this is a highway?”

The old man shrugged his shoulders and said. “If you don’t want to pay up, you can wait here. Anyway, we got nothing to do.”

Dong Xuebing understood what was going on. Such incidents are common in rural places near villages. This is how the villagers get extra income from blocking the roads. Don’t think of getting past them without paying. But normally, they will not block cars with local number plates and will target outsiders.

Under normal circumstances, people will try to avoid trouble and just pay up. The local villagers know what those visitors are thinking and take advantage of it. It is the National Day Holidays now, and many people will be traveling along this road. This is their opportunity to make a quick buck.

But Dong Xuebing is not someone who will give in.

Dong Xuebing sneered. “How much?”

The middle-aged man took a puff and said. “… 2,000!”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes twitched. “So, you all are trying to rob me?”

At this moment, a Volkswagen Passat, with a Beijing number place, approaches the roadblock from the opposite direction. The driver frowned and spoke to one of the villagers. After that, he gave that villager 200 RMB, and that villager waved his hand to the rest. The rest of the villagers start to clear the barricades to let the car pass.

Dong Xuebing looked at that middle-aged villager. “Why is that car allowed to pass with 200 RMB?”

The middle-aged man did not reply to Dong Xuebing. They had been doing this for years and can recognize the logo of Mercedes and BMW. These cars are driven by rich people, and the villagers must take advantage of them. Another middle-aged man got impatient and shouted at Dong Xuebing. “Hurry and pay up! We will let you pass after you pay us! Stop wasting time! You cannot even afford 2,000?!”

Another young man added. “Hurry up! The traffic is congested on the main road. Even if you turn back from here, you will also not reach the County in the afternoon.”

A villager standing at the back raised the hoe in his hand in a threatening manner. “Hurry up!”

If it were Dong Xuebing in the past, he would have unleashed a kick. But now, Dong Xuebing is not in his best condition, and even walks with a limp. He does not want to be hospitalized again and make his mother and Sister Xie worry. Dong Xuebing looked at the group of villagers and took out a leather wallet from his pocket. He waved his police badge at them. “Do you all know what this is? Hurry up and get lost!”

But that group of villagers started laughing at Dong Xuebing.

The middle-aged man said. “Who are you trying to scare? Even Xiao Liu from our village has this type of wallet! You can buy them anywhere!”

Another middle-aged villager added. “Stop pretending to be police! Which Police Officer will drive Mercedes? You think we are idiots?”

Another man said. “My advice to you is to pay up now. Nothing good will come to you if you piss us off!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. He was furious. “Collecting tolls illegally. Fine! You all even dare to stop someone from Public Security? I had given you all a chance, and you all are asking for it! You all want money, right? 2,000?! I shall see who dares to collect fees from me!” Dong Xuebing turned and took his phone from his car. After that, he walked a few steps away from the villagers to call the County’s Public Security Bureau.

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing decided to wait there for the officers from the nearest police station to arrive.

But a loud hissing sound was heard behind him!

Dong Xuebing saw a young man hitting his Mercedes rear tire with a metal spade. A nail was position against the tire, and the hit from the spade pushes the nail into the tire, deflating it.

The young man cursed. “We had given you a chance!”

The middle-aged villager sneered. “You cannot leave now! Hmph!”

The few villagers were furious when they saw Dong Xuebing making that phone call. Although they don’t want to blow up this matter, they are not afraid of any trouble. All of them were foul-tempered, and when they saw Dong Xuebing is not willing to pay money and still called for help, they immediately ask that young man to blow up the tire!

Dong Xuebing saw his tire was punctured and was furious! F**k! You all are asking for it!

That young man waved his spade in the air. “If you have no money, don’t drive a Mercedes! You…”

Before that young man can finish what he wanted to say, Dong Xuebing had walked up to him and punched him in his face. The young man bends forward in pain and spat blood and a broken tooth on the floor. Dong Xuebing looked at him coldly and did not say a word. He grabbed that young man’s hair and kneeled suddenly, pushing that young man’s head into the ground. Bam! The young man was in a daze from the impact, and blood was flowing down from his brows!


The villagers shouted furiously!

“F**k! We will kill you!”

“Kill him!”

The first villager to reach Dong Xuebing was the middle-aged man with the cigarette pipe, and he swings his pipe at Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing’s legs are not fully healed, and he cannot dodge this attack. He can only stop his attack by grabbing that man’s hand. But that man is stronger. Dong Xuebing had to twist that man’s arm and push him aside. Bang! Another villager attacked with a wooden pole, and Dong Xuebing dodged that blow, and it landed on that middle-aged man’s back!

“Argghhh!” That middle-aged man shouted in pain and fell to the ground!

Dong Xuebing remembered this middle-aged man had tried to extort money from earlier, and he will not let him off lightly because of his age. Dong Xuebing bends forward with an elbow strike to that man’s back. That middle-aged man spat our something and collapsed to the ground. He had fainted from Dong Xuebing’s blow like that young man!

“Uncle! Arrgghhh! I will f**king kill you!”

Dong Xuebing felt a gust of wind on his back!

Without turning around, Dong Xuebing swings his fist upwards from his back. Bam! Dong Xuebing’s fist landed on the chin of the villager behind him. The punch was so powerful that a few teeth flew out from that villager’s mouth. Clang! That villager fell onto the ground and dropped the spade he was holding!

Within two minutes, six villagers had suffered a heavy injury and were groaning in pain on the ground.

Dong Xuebing lean against his Mercedes, panting. He can feel a sharp pain in his legs and knew he had exerted too much strength. Because of his leg injuries, he had to use BACK several times to avoid and dodge the attacks from the villagers. His mood got much better as he looked at the few villagers on the ground.

After a while, a few police cars arrived.

The first to alight was Deputy Team Leader Feng.

Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted. “Old Feng! How come you are here?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng laughed. “I just happened to be nearby and heard you encountered some troubles here. That’s why I brought my men over. Chief Dong, are you hurt?”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “These few people can hurt me?”

The villagers on the ground were stunned when they heard the Police Officer calling that young man, Chief Dong! Chief Dong?! That God of Plague?!

The middle-aged villager almost fainted again. They are finished!

All of them had heard of the infamous God of Plague!

But none of them had expected to block Chief Dong’s car! This is like digging their graves!

Dong Xuebing explained what happened to Deputy Team Leader Feng and said. “What is wrong with the security here? Block the road and rob people? Old Feng, you got to follow up on this and treat it as a criminal case. Those involved must be punished, and their fines must be heavy. If possible, sentence them to prison. Also, this area and the surrounding villages must be cleansed of such practice! Who will come to our County if this carries on?!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng is only an investigation Officer, and this area is not under his jurisdiction. But Dong Xuebing said this to him is for him to pass the message to the ones in charge of this place. These people had wanted to extort 2,000 RMB from Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing will make them pay.

The villagers’ faces turned green. “We did not block the roads or rob anyone. We are just collecting tolls!”

That young man and the other villagers were regretting their actions!

Deputy Team Leader Feng kicked that middle-aged villager’s shoulders. “Shut up!” He turns to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, I will speak to the local police station and will make sure these people will not be let off easily. Oh, your car is damaged? Pass me the keys. I will send it for repairs and get someone to deliver it to you later.” Deputy Team Leader Feng said and turned to the police cars. “Xiao Zheng! Xiao Zheng! Send Chief Dong back to the County!”

This incident was quickly settled.

Deputy Team Leader Feng and the other police officers looked at the police car, driving away and turn to the villagers on the ground. Chief Dong had fought against six opponents again, and his opponents are all badly injured. No wonder his nickname is God of Plague. He had just returned, and misfortune fell on the people standing in his way!

Deputy Team Leader Feng and the officers remembered that Dong Xuebing’s legs injuries were not fully healed.

When Dong Xuebing is not injured, he can fight against six, ten opponents. Now, his broken legs were not fully healed, and he still can beat up six opponents easily?!


How strong is Chief Dong?

An hour later, news of Dong Xuebing's fight against six villagers on the outskirts spreads throughout the Bureau.

Those that heard of what happened were speechless.

It is like Dong Xuebing announcing to the County that he is back!

The God of Plague is back!

Translator’s notes:

Hoe (tool)

Power and Wealth - Chapter 251 2020-05-22T01:15:05+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 251 – Marriage?

One day…

Two days…

Three days…

One month passed quickly.

Yun De Auction Company’s Jade Auction had started. A Hong Kong businessman won a pair of jade bracelets at 12.5 million RMB, and the other pair, which is of better quality, is won by a young man with a Beijing accent. The transacted price is slightly over 17 million RMB. Although there are taxes and other expenses, Yun De Auction Company’s asset exceeded the 30 million mark, and the company’s reputation in the industry raised.

Afternoon. Qu Yunxuan’s house.

It is Autumn, and white clouds hang in the blue skies.

The sun in Autumn is warm, and the cool breeze blew dry leaves off the branches.

Dong Xuebing did not attend the Jade Auction in the morning and remained in Qu Yunxuan’s home to wait for her. It’s not that he does not want to watch the auction with his own eyes, but he had attended one of the auctions in the past and purposely raise the bids on the wild ginseng and the Jade hairpin before. If he attended this auction and met someone who was at the previous auctions, he will be exposed. But Qu Yunxuan gave him a live update over the phone during the auction.

Dong Xuebing, who is still in his wheelchair, is cutting vegetables in the kitchen, preparing for their dinner. His legs are healing well, but he still cannot leave the wheelchair. The chopping board and the sink are high, and it is difficult to do these chores while sitting in a wheelchair.

Click! There were some movements in the living room, and the door opened.

Qu Yunxuan, who was in a business suit, entered. “Xiao Bing, I am back.”

“I am in the kitchen. Are you tired?”

The clicking sounds of heels got nearer, and Qu Yunxuan saw Dong Xuebing cutting vegetables with difficulties. She gave him a stare and scolded. “Are you looking for a beating? How are you going to cook in your condition? What if you get hurt? You are making me worry. Put down the knife and let me do it!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “This injury is nothing, and it is my pleasure to cook for you.”

Qu Yunxuan gave him a sideward glare and smiled. “You… are a sweet talker.”

“You know I am not good with words…” At work, Dong Xuebing is a good talker and can say all sorts of things to flatter his superiors. But in front of women, he will still stutter.

Qu Yunxuan reached over and pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks. “You are not good with words? You sweet-talked me into getting my first kiss, touched all over me, and even tricked me to… sleep with you. I can’t imagine what will happen to me if you are better with your words. You only know how to bully me!”

Dong Xuebing replied innocently. “When did I bully you?”

“What do you think?” Qu Yunxuan flicked Dong Xuebing’s forehead lightly. “You pervert! I will give you a good beating sooner or later!”

“Hehe… Xuanxuan… you are so pretty today.”

“Stop it!”

“I am serious. You look sexier than usual.”

“I will hit you if you carry on! Move aside! I will cook dinner tonight.”

As the Auction Company grows bigger, Qu Yunxuan has been in a good mood. Dong Xuebing could feel Aunt Xuan’s gentleness and sexiness, and he was attracted to it. She is the type of businesswoman who takes good care of her family.

During dinner, Qu Yunxuan took out a few small gift boxes from her bag, and place it on the table.

Dong Xuebing asked. “What are these?”

“Hehe… open up and see for yourself. These are for you.”

Dong Xuebing opened the black box, nearest to him, and there was a yellow silk cloth covering the items inside. He lifted the cloth and saw a Qilin pendant. The pendant is made from the Ice grade Jade from the Jadestone they bought a few weeks ago.

“Eh? Why didn’t you auction it off at the auction?”

“This pendant will also fetch a few hundred thousand at most, and we don’t lack money.”

“It will be a waste for me to carry it. You should wear it on your waist.”

“This type of pendant is for men, and it is useless for me to wear it. Furthermore, connections are very important in the Government sector. If you need to give gifts, this pendant will be useful. Hehe… don’t think that this Qilin pendant is not as valuable as Glass grade Jade. Ice grade Jade is also very rare in the market. Even if you are not giving it as gifts, you will also be outstanding if you wear it on your waist. This is more valuable than gold.” Qu Yunxuan said. She had planned for Dong Xuebing, and that’s why she did not sell these small jade pieces at the auctions. These leftover pieces of Jade were made into small jade jewelry and it doesn’t cost much.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “You think I am not outstanding now? My Mercedes is already over a million RMB. If I still wear this pendant, the Commission for Discipline Inspection will be inviting me to have tea with them.”

Qu Yunxuan looked at Dong Xuebing. “You are my nephew. What’s wrong with me giving some gifts to my nephew? The Commission for Discipline Inspection dares to say anything?”

“Huh? Who is your nephew?!”

“Haha… try it on.”

Dong Xuebing took out the Qilin Pendant and hung it on his waist. “Hmmm… not bad… Let me see what else do we have.” The other two boxes are also similar items. One of them is a Glass grade Jade necklace, and the other is a Platinum ring with a Glass grade Jade ring surface. These two items are small, and the green color is not deep. That’s why it is not as valuable as the Qilin pendant. But each one of them is worth tens of thousands.

There is only one box left. Dong Xuebing could tell it is a watch from the box.

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “You cannot give this watch to others. This is a gift from me. Patek Philippe. This is one of the most expensive watches in the world. It is not easy to get this model. I went to a few auctions before I get it. Hehe… try it.”

Dong Xuebing almost fainted. “Patek Philippe? You want the Commission for Discipline Inspection to look for me?”

“You don’t like it?” Qu Yunxuan was slightly disappointed.

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “I love it. Help me put it on.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “I am not asking you to wear it to work. You can always wear it at home.” Qu Yunxuan pulled Dong Xuebing’s hand over and slowly put on the watch for him. The model for this watch is Patek-Philippe-ref.5971p. It is a chronograph watch and has several diamonds on the dial. One look and you can tell it is a luxurious watch. Qu Yunxuan looked at Dong Xuebing and nodded with approval. “Look… it suits you well.”

“This watch cost over ten thousand?”


“Err… over a hundred thousand?”

“A little more than that.”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “1 million?”

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “Slightly more than that.”

“… 1.5 million?”

“You are almost there. It is slightly below 2 million.”

Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat on his forehead. “It is more expensive than my Mercedes Benz?”

But this watch is worth its price. Dong Xuebing like this watch. “Alright. Since it is waterproof, I will not take it off. I think people will think this is an imitation when they see it.” Although Patek Philippe does not have as many imitations as Rolex, you can still see them around on the streets. Even the experts will not know this is genuine unless they check the serial number.

Dong Xuebing suddenly felt his ego is inflated.

Dong Xuebing is hanging a jade pendant worth a few hundred thousand RMB on his waist and is wearing a watch worth almost 2 million. He looks more like a Nouveau riche now. But Dong Xuebing is indeed a Nouveau riche. Just a year ago, he did not even have 1,000 RMB in his body, and today, his asset is over 10 million.

After dinner, Qu Yunxuan switched off the lights and pushed Dong Xuebing to the living room to look at the moon.

It’s almost mid-autumn festive, and the moon is round and beautiful.

They admired the moon for a while, and Dong Xuebing starts to be naughty. His hand reached out to caress Qu Yunxuan’s thighs, enjoying the sensation of the stocking material rubbing against his palm. It’s been more than one month. Other than the first day at the hospital, Dong Xuebing had not touched her. Qu Yunxuan was afraid that vigorous movements might aggravate his legs’ injury. After holding back for so long, Dong Xuebing could not stand it anymore. Qu Yunxuan’s legs trembled and took a glance at him without saying a word. After that, she continues to look out of the window.

“Aunt Xuan, can I discuss something with you?”

“…… What naughty thoughts do you have in mind?”

“Errr… I… our company had made so much money this time, and without that Jadestone, our company will not grow so fast. I am considered the main contributor to this, right? Hehe… don’t you think I should be rewarded?” This had become a practice. Every time the company makes money, Dong Xuebing will shamelessly request something from Qu Yunxuan.

“Didn’t I give you a watch?”

“That is material goods. Err… I need something spiritual too.”

“I know you are up to no good!”

“Huh? I still have not to say what I want.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Other than ‘that,’ what else can you think of?”

“Ah… who says there is nothing else in my mind? I… fine… just say if you agree or not.”

“Agree to what? Your legs are not healed yet.”

“Then you can be on the top. Didn’t you enjoy yourself that day when you are sitting on me?”

Qu Yunxuan’s face turns red and pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Stop talking about that! If you say one more word, I will smack your butt! I was out of my mind that day and gave in to your demands because I pitied you. I will not do it again!” Qu Yunxuan paused for a while as she can’t stand Dong Xuebing’s puppy eyes. She added. “I had been busy with work recently, and my neck and back hurt. Didn’t you see me taking medication for the pain this morning?”

“Tsk… what should we do now?”


“Err… why not you… use your mouth?”

Qu Yunxuan immediately blushed and smacked Dong Xuebing on his head. “You don’t care how I feel!”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Who says I don’t care? I am just feeling uncomfortable. Ok?”

“What, ok?!”

“It’s not like you have never used your mouth before. What’s there to be shy?”

“You are the death of me!”

“Aunt Xuan, just twenty minutes, ok? If you are tired, I will give you a massage later.”


“Xiao Xuanxuan.”


In the end, Qu Yunxuan gave in to Dong Xuebing’s relentless persuasions.

Twenty minutes later…

Dong Xuebing finally relaxed and released his grip on Qu Yunxuan’s head.

Suddenly, there was a click, and the metal gates outside opened!

“Yunxuan.” It’s Qu Yunxuan’s mother!

Dong Xuebing was startled. Although Aunt Xuan’s parents knew about them, they must not see what they are doing now. Qu Yunxuan panicked and quickly closed her mouth and pull up Dong Xuebing’s zip.

“Why is this girl not back yet?” Qu Yunxuan’s mother grumbled.

Qu Yunxuan’s father said. “There is an auction at her company today, and she might be busy.”

Click… Qu Yunxuan’s mother switched on the lights of the living room and saw Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing there.

Qu Yunxuan’s father asked. “You all are at home, and why didn’t you all say anything? Why are all the lights off?”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “Aunty, Uncle… errm… we felt asleep earlier and just woke up.”

Qu Yunxuan’s father said. “Go and sleep in the room. Why are you sleeping on the sofa? It’s not good for your neck.”

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan’s faces are all red. Qu Yunxuan’s mouth was still shut, but she must say something now. She forced herself to swallow the ‘stuff’ in her mouth, held back the urged to vomit, and forced a smile. “Mum, Dad, didn’t you two days you will be coming over tomorrow? How come you two are here today?”

Qu Yunxuan’s father replied helplessly. “Your mother heard that your company had made a lot of money and can’t wait to come over.”

“Have you all taken dinner? I will go and prepare something.”

“No need. We come over after dinner.”

Qu Yunxuan’s father is a conservative and simple person. He could not tell what was going on, but Qu Yunxuan’s mother knew. She saw the lights were off, and they were behaving awkwardly. Her glance stopped at her daughter’s red glistering lips and was furious. She immediately gave Qu Yunxuan a stare.

Dong Xuebing was embarrassed.

Qu Yunxuan also felt guilty and cleared her throat.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother let out an angry ‘Hmph!” She had always been proud of her pretty daughter and had been teaching her to be a virtuous and gentle woman from young. She hopes Qu Yunxuan can find a rich husband in the future. But after Qu Yunxuan met Dong Xuebing, her reserves and restrained were all gone. Not only had they been sleeping together, and they are still doing such shameless things in the living room!

Qu Yunxuan tried to strike a conversation. “How is the traffic condition?”

“It’s fine.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother was not in the mood to speak to her daughter. She looked at Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, how are your legs?”

“I should be able to walk next month.”

“Will you have any side effects in the future? Like walking with a limp?”

“Huh? No…, the doctor said my injuries are no so serious.”

“Haha… that’s good.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother had heard from her daughter that the company had earned 30 million, and her impression of Dong Xuebing got better immediately. She held Dong Xuebing’s hand as she asked about his condition. At the same time, she also asked about his plans for the money. Dong Xuebing told Qu Yunxuan’s mother that he would let Qu Yunxuan decide on how they will use the money, and Qu Yunxuan’s mother was satisfied with this answer. Qu Yunxuan’s father still felt uncomfortable as his daughter is older than Dong Xuebing by a few years. He did not say a word, but he had accepted Dong Xuebing as his son-in-law.

As they chatted, Qu Yunxuan’s mother suddenly asked.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother patted Dong Xuebing’s hand and asked. “Xiao Bing… you are 24 this year?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “It’s not my birthday yet.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother nodded and smiles. “Yunxuan is going to be 30 soon. At her age, she should have children but look at her. She is not anxious at all. Sigh… she is not anxious, but as her parents, we are concern about her. Her father had brought up this subject to me several times. You are doing well in your career and is a Deputy Bureau Chief now. Your company had also earned so much money… Don’t you think it’s time to ask your mother to come to Beijing to discuss your marriage with Yunxuan?”

Marriage? Dong Xuebing could feel sweat forming on his forehead. “Err… this will depend on Aunt Xuan.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother said unhappily. “You still call her Aunt Xuan?!”

“Huh? This is up to Yunxuan to decide.”

Qu Yunxuan’s parents looked at Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan blushed. “We had just got together. How can we talk about marriage so soon? Let’s talk about this next year.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother got mad. “Damn brat! When it’s time for you to be reserved, you are not reserved. When it’s not the time for you to be reserved, you become reserved. Are you trying to make me mad?”

Dong Xuebing looked at the mother, and the daughter argued and rubbed his temples.

Marriage? Relationship?

Sister Xie? Aunt Xuan?

Dong Xuebing felt it’s time for him to make a decision and cannot drag this on further!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 250 – 30 million!


Yun De Auction Company's second-floor office.

That jadestone was carefully placed on the floor. It’s only now when Dong Xuebing has the chance to examine the raw jadestone up close. The surface of the stone is grey, and a few black line-markings are on it. On one side, there is some green color, and it is clear and translucent when you shine a torch on it. The whole jadestone looks like a big block of greyish ice. Some markings are indicating that the stone had been cut in the past, but no jade was exposed.

“Are we cutting it now?”

“We had already paid for it. Just cut it.”

“Manager Qu, we had borrowed a grinding machine.”

Everyone was nervous as they looked at the piece of stone.

Dong Xuebing is no exception. After all, he had not seen the Jade in the stone before and is not very sure.

In the room, Qu Yunxuan was holding on to Dong Xuebing’s wheelchair handles tightly. Her grip was so tight that her knuckles turn white. Xiao Tao had her palms placed together, mumbling under her breath, and seems like praying to the gods. Teacher Wei was sighing and didn’t think highly of this piece of jadestone.

One minute passed…

Two minutes passed…

Dong Xuebing said. “Teacher Wei, can I trouble you to cut the jadestone?”

Teacher Wei can’t bear to see this company destroyed in his hands and reminded Qu Yunxuan. “Manager Qu, it is not too late to regret now, as we can put up this raw stone for auction. Maybe we can sell it for 8 million and can cut some losses. But once we cut it, it will be too late. Please consider it carefully. Our Auction company is doing very well now and doesn’t need to take this risk!”

Dong Xuebing knew Teacher Wei was telling the truth and did not retort him.

Qu Yunxuan replied. “Just cut it. I know Xiao Bing will not be wrong.”

Teacher Wei exclaimed. “But how can you tell the quality of the Jade inside? Stone gambling is mainly based on luck!”

Qu Yunxuan smile wryly. “Teacher Wei, I know you are saying these for the good of our company. But things will not always go according to our plans in the business. Once in a while, we must take a gamble. I will have no complaints if there are no jade inside. But if there is a big piece of Ice grade Jade inside, we will have the capital to grow our company faster and don’t need to worry about others.”

Teacher Wei knows that he could not change Qu Yunxuan’s mind and said. “Where should I cut?”

Qu Yunxuan looked to her side. “… Let Xiao Bing decide.”

Dong Xuebing thinks for a while and said. “Start from the area near the window.”

“Ok.” Since the decision was made, Teacher Wei did not hesitate. He picked up the handheld grinding machine and carried it to the raw jadestone. Xiao Tao helped him to turn the stone and secured it to the table. Teacher Wei examined the stone carefully to see where he should make the first cut. After a while, Teacher Wei picks a spot a few centimeters to the left of the exposed Jade and position the grinding machine here. He turns to Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan took a deep breath and nodded slightly.

Teacher Wei switched on the grinding machine and slowly pushed it against the stone, making loud screeching noises!

The screeching noise is loud, and dust was flying all over the room. About twenty to thirty seconds later, no new jade surface was found in the newly cut area. Teacher Wei had expected this to happen and composed himself, before moving to a new position and start grinding the stone.

Screech… screech… screech….

They had started with the area near the exposed Jade was to see how far did the Ice grade Jade extent to in the stone. Jade are the same as other valuable stones. The bigger the Jade is, the more valuable it is. If the whole stone is full of Ice grade Jade, it will fetch an astronomical price. But if there is only a small piece of top-quality Ice grade Jade, it will not fetch high prices. It might not even worth one million.

One cut…

Five cuts…

Ten cuts…

When Teacher Wei switched off the grinding machine, everyone was disappointed!

Dong Xuebing, Qu Yunxuan, and the rest realized that there was nothing under the surface near the exposed Ice-grade Jade area. The grinding machine had cut the Ice grade Jade out and is holding it in his hands. The piece of Jade is not very big and is only slightly bigger than the exposed part. It is not enough to cut a bangle and can only make a few pendants and ring surface. It’s too small and is estimated to be worth a few hundred thousand at most!

Ten million had become a few hundred thousand in an instant?!

No one can accept this result!

Teacher Wei sighed… ‘That’s it! Our company is finished!’

Xiao Tao and Qu Yunxuan turn pale, and only Dong Xuebing has a glimmer of hope. Aunt Xuan had said that it is a piece of Glass grade Jade over the phone. How is this possible? Dong Xuebing was also not looking good. “Continue cutting the rest of the stone!”

Xiao Tao added. “That’s right. The remaining piece of stone is still very big. Maybe there is good Jade hidden in it.”

Teacher Wei knew it’s quite impossible, but he did not argue and continue to cut the stone.

One cut…

Ten cuts…

Twenty cuts…

As the remaining stone got smaller, everyone’s heart sunk deeper.

The stone is now smaller than one-third of its original size, but no jade was found!

Teacher Wei looked at Qu Yunxuan. “Manager Qu…”

Only Qu Yunxuan knows how much effort was put into setting up this auction company, and her mind is blank now. This raw jadestone is a wasted jade stone, and 10 million is gone like this. She couldn’t accept the fact that Xiao Bing and her must start from scratch again.

Dong Xuebing replied impatiently. “Continue cutting! I don’t believe that there is no jade inside it!”

Teacher Wei sighed and picked up the grinding machine again.

Screech… screech…

As time passed, Qu Yunxuan, Xiao Tao, and the rest were staring at the remaining piece of stone. The stone is now a quarter of its original size. Dong Xuebing clenched his fist tightly and prayed in his heart. Please… god… let there be Jade inside. I had bet all my fortune on this. Where can I find 10 million to set up a company again?

Teacher Wei starts to make a new cut with steady hands.

The grinding machine ground against the stone and dust flew into the air.

“Eh?!” Teacher Wei suddenly paused and looked at the newly cut area. “There is something here!”

It was tense!

Dong Xuebing’s eyes opened wide and push himself forward. Qu Yunxuan and Xiao Tao also moved forward to take a closer look. Teacher Wei used his hands to wipe the dust off the surface, and Xiao Tao passed a torch to him. Teacher Wei took the torch from her and shone on the stone. There was a speck of green color on the surface, and Teacher Wei’s face changed as he inspects the green speck!

Qu Yunxuan did not know a lot about Jade and asked. “What type of jade is it?”

Dong Xuebing could not see clearly from his angle and looked at Teacher Wei.

Teacher Wei took a deep breath and shouted. “It’s Glass grade Jade, and the color is dark green!”

“Hahaha….” Dong Xuebing hits the handle of his wheelchair excitedly. “I knew it!”

Qu Yunxuan asked excitedly. “Is it Glass grade Jade?”

Glass grade Jade is the highest grade of Jade!

Teacher Wei rubbed his hand on the cut surface. “By right, this should not happen. When the layer of Ice grade Jade stops, the chances of Jade appearing in the other parts of the stone is almost impossible. Even if Jade exists, it should be of a lower grade than Ice grade. How can it be Glass grade Jade? The possibility of this happening is too low. But it is too early for us to be happy. We still don’t know how big this piece of Jade is. Should I continue cutting it?”

Qu Yunxuan replied firmly. “We had already reached this stage! Just continue with it!”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his palms together as he stares at that piece of stone.

A few minutes later, the piece of Jade was cut out. Everyone could not believe their eyes as they looked at the greenish piece of Jade. Teacher Wei was the most shocked. He had been mumbling ‘how is this possible?’ over and over again while cutting the stone. Now, he is holding the piece of Jade in his trembling hands. All of them were thrilled and excited!

It is a piece of Glass grade Jade, and it’s not small!

This piece of Jade is enough to make two pairs of bracelets!

Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks excitedly. “Good job! It is a Glass grade jade!”

Dong Xuebing replied proudly. “Of course!”

Xiao Tao asked in a daze. “How much is this piece of jade worth?”

Among everyone in the meeting room, Teacher Wei is the best person to answer this question. “I am not sure about the market rate of Glass grade Jade now and dare not to make any conclusions. After all, it is rare to see Glass grade Jade items on auctions now, as very few people are willing to sell them. But from the grade and color of this piece of Jade, one of the two pairs of bracelets will be slightly lower in quality and should fetch around 10 million. The other pair has more green color and is estimated to be worth near to 20 million.”

Xiao Tao was shocked by the figures. “Ah?! That means this piece of Jade is worth around 30 million?”

Teacher Wei nodded. “If the green is Emperor Green, it will worth more. But the color is slightly off. However, this is still considered a piece of top-quality Jade.”

Ten million had become 30 million!

Qu Yunxuan immediately orders Xiao Tao to keep the Jade in the safe. She is afraid it will be stolen, and she can’t wait to bring it to the factory to cut two pairs of bracelets tomorrow. These pairs of bracelets will be the main focus of their Jade Auction next month. Qu Yunxuan also asked Xiao Tao to notify the rest of Yun De Auctions management staff to attend a celebration dinner at Shangri La Hotel this evening.

Now, Teacher Wei dares not belittle Dong Xuebing anymore. He even asked Dong Xuebing. “Mr. Dong, how do you know about the jade in the raw stone from the exterior?” There will always bee someone better than you in the world. Dong Xuebing had not even look at the raw stone clearly and dared to claim it contains high-grade Jade. This Dong Xuebing must know some techniques or methods to detect Jade, and Teacher Wei hopes to learn from him.

Dong Xuebing did not know anything about stone gambling and made up some stories to handle Teacher Wei’s queries.

After dinner, Qu Yunxuan asked Dong Xuebing. “Should we release news of us getting Glass grade jade?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Of course. We can attract more customers and, at the same time, piss that Feng Yi off.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and pinched Dong Xuebing’s nose lightly. “You are so capable!” She turned to Xiao Tao and asked her to put up a banner about their Glass grade Jade on their website. They don’t need to put up any pictures or lengthy articles about this announcement. They will only state that there will be two pairs of Glass grade Jade bracelets on auction for their up-coming Jade Auction. Just this sentence alone will attract people’s attention!

30 million RMB! This time, Yun De Auction Company will be under the spotlight!

Dong Xuebing felt that his hard work over the past few days was not in vain.

Beijing Party Committee’s family quarters.

Feng Yi had just finished his dinner at his uncle’s mansion on the western side of the estate.

Feng Yi is in a good mood, as his company is doing well, and their only hindrance, Yun De Auction Company, is in danger of collapsing. He was washing his hands in the bathroom when his handphone rang. He answered after drying his hands. “What is it?”

“Manager Feng, we are in trouble!”

“Calm down and tell me what happened?”

“Just a few minutes ago, Yun De Auction Company announced that they would be putting up two pairs of Glass grade Jade bracelets for auction on their website. If… if this is real, our Jade Auction will be affected. Even if we have acquired many Ice grade Jade jewelry, and a meter-tall Cloudy Ice grade Jade ornament, we still cannot compete with Glass grade Jade bracelets!”

Feng Yi’s face changed. “Jade bracelets? Where did they get the bracelets from?”

“I am not sure. But I heard it is from that piece of raw stone they bought in the morning.”

“What?” Feng Yi was stunned. “There is Glass grade Jade in that stone?”

“I think so, as this is the only explanation.”

After hanging up, Feng Yi’s face turned green. He had wanted to buy that jadestone but gave up after Dong Xuebing’s high bids. The Jade in that stone is big enough to cut two pairs of bracelets?! He is now regretting giving up bidding on that stone! If he raises the bid, that two pairs of bracelets will be his!

Dong Xuebing?!

Qu Yunxuan?!

Feng Yi had wanted to use his company to force Yun De Auction Company to change its Auction date. But who knows that it turns out to be shooting himself in his leg. Feng Yi closed his eyes… He will not take this lying down. It’s been a while since he suffered any setbacks in his business!

After coming out of the bathroom, Feng Yi is thinking of ways to deal with the Yun De Auction company.

Get someone from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to check on them?

Get the State Administration of Taxation to check on their tax?

Feng Yi has the backing of Feng Xueliang, and has many means, other than commercial activities, to deal with Yun De Auction Company.

In the living room, Beijing City Party Committee Member, and Public Security Bureau Chief, Feng Xueliang, was drinking tea, when he saw Feng Yi’s face. He smiled and asked. “What’s wrong? You are still smiling earlier.”

Feng Yi greeted his uncle and said. “It’s some problems at my company.”

“Oh? What’s wrong? You have operational issues?”

“No. There is a raw Jadestone auction this morning, and I almost won a piece of jadestone when someone named Dong Xuebing appeared and outbid me. It is a piece of high-grade Jade.”

Feng Xueliang felt this name was familiar. “Dong Xuebing? How does he look like?”

Feng Yi was surprised. “Nothing special and looks very ordinary. He got a common face, and I am not sure about his height. He was sitting in a wheelchair, and I think he had broken his legs.” After that, Feng Yi told his uncle what happened in the morning.

Feng Xueliang frowned. “Xiao Yi, don’t do anything to this person.”

Feng Yi was shocked. “Why? Do you know him?”

Feng Xueliang shook his hand. “Just do as I said. Don’t touch him!”

Feng Yi kept quiet.

After a while, Feng Xueliang could tell that his nephew is still unhappy over this incident and said. “You two don’t have any serious grudges, and you should not offend this person if possible. There is something you don’t know. Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan are very close. Xie Huilan is the No. 1 person in Xie family’s third generation. If not for her gender, she might have become the leader of their third generation.” Although Feng Xueliang is not on Xie Guobang’s faction, he is not stingy on praising Xie Huilan’s abilities.

Feng Yi was stunned. “Xie Huilan?”

Feng Yi is too familiar with this name. “They are close? What is their relationship?”

Feng Xueliang looked at his nephew and smiled. “Huilan had dined with him, helped him get a transfer, brought him home, and she chose to be transferred to Yan Tai County where Xiao Dong is located. How do you think they are related?”

Feng Yi’s jaw dropped. “Impossible… You are saying they are…”

“I did not say anything.” Feng Xueliang was also unsure about their relationship.

Feng Yi was shocked and felt this is impossible. He knows who Xie Huilan is. Her background, capabilities, beauty are all top-notched. How can she be in a relationship with Dong Xuebing? Is this a joke?!

After leaving Beijing Party Committee’s family quarters, Feng Yi’s phone rang. It was from his company.

“Manager Feng, should I contact Shanghai and see if they have any good jade…”

Feng Yi sighed and said. “Inform all the departments that our Jade Auction will be brought forward by two weeks.”

Feng Yi’s subordinate was shocked. “Ah?!” This is like slapping themselves in the face!

“Just follow my orders!” Feng Yi slammed down the phone.

Feng Yi does not believe something is going on between Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan. Even though he doesn’t believe Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan are in a relationship, he also doesn’t want to offend them. Xie Huilan is too influential, and Feng Yi had heard about what she is capable of. He does not have the power to go against her!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 249 – Buying raw jade stone at an Auction!

In the following ten days, Dong Xuebing was roaming around Beijing, looking for jade stones.

But the quality of jade stones in Beijing is too lousy. Dong Xuebing had combed the whole Panjiayuan and all the antique markets with stone gambling. But in the end, he can only find mid to low grade jade. Although these jades are considered good jades to the commoners and are expensive, they are useless to Dong Xuebing. Jades that are worth a few thousand to tens of thousand cannot even qualify to be auctioned. It must be those ice grades and above.

After ten days, Dong Xuebing still had not found the jade he is looking for.

As the Jade Auction is nearing, Dong Xuebing got anxious.

Early morning. Yun De Auction Company’s top floor.

The sky is still dark as dawn was breaking. It is at 5 am.

Qu Yunxuan, in silk lingerie, woke up and sat up on the bed. She looked at Dong Xuebing sleeping beside her and bend over to kiss him before getting dress. The past two days, Dong Xuebing and her were busy looking for jade stones and always spend their nights at their company. Qu Yunxuan has a guest room, equipped with a Queen-size bed, dressing table, fridge, closet, etc., behind her office. Normally, when Qu Yunxuan worked late at her office, she will sleep there. This room had become her second home.

Dong Xuebing rubbed his eyes and woke up.

“Did I wake you?” Qu Yunxuan looked at Dong Xuebing apologetically. “Sleep a while more.”

Dong Xuebing yawned. “I’m awake. Can you help me get a dress?”

Qu Yunxuan caressed Dong Xuebing’s face lovingly. “Don’t get anxious over the jade. Glass grade and Ice grade jades are not easy to come by. You must be tired from running around in the past few days. Sleep a while longer. We have a small-scale auction tomorrow, and I need to set up the premises tomorrow. Oh, is it fine if I will put up the wild ginseng you left with me for tomorrow’s auction?”

“I had given you the ginseng, and it’s up to you to decide.”

“Ok. I will go to work first and will wake you when I am back.”

After leaving her office, Qu Yunxuan sighed. How can she be not anxious to find good jade pieces? This will determine the fate of their Auction Company, but she does not want to give Xiao Bing stress, and she had pretended everything is fine. She had received news that Feng Yi’s Jia Xing Auction Company will be putting up a top Ice-grade Jadestone for auction and was very stressed.

Dong Xuebing did not return to sleep in the room. He tossed and turned on the bed, thinking where to find good jade stones.

Dong Xuebing had been to all the antique markets in Beijing but had not seen any good jade stones. Should he visit the antique markets again to try his luck? In the past, Dong Xuebing was lucky and gotten some treasures from the antique markets with his power. But now, there is nothing he can do. No matter how powerful his BACK is, it is useless if he did not find any jade. He can’t make a good jade stone appear out of nowhere.

Morning. Yun De Auction Company’s meeting room.

Qu Yunxuan had called for a meeting with her people in charge of the Jade Auction and the experts. Dong Xuebing was also pushed into the meeting room by her.

Everyone at the meeting was looking gloomy.

A man in his thirties said. “Manager Qu, we manage to collect all sorts of antiques for our past auctions, and even if we cross paths with Jia Xing Auction, it is fine. But the upcoming Jade Auction is on the same day as Jia Xing Auction, and until now, we only have a few pieces of jades. Most of the people preferred to put their jade up for auction with Jia Xing. We…”

Teacher Wei sighed. “I think we should postpone the auction two weeks later.”

Another middle-aged man added. “That’s right. We should wait after Jia Xing Auction completed their Jade Auction. Maybe we can acquire some good jades at that time.”

A woman replied angrily. “But Jia Xing Auction is doing this to provoke us. Are we going to hide from their provocations?” This woman seems to have some grudges with Jia Xing Auction.

Everyone at the meeting expressed their views, and it was a heated discussion.

Qu Yunxuan tapped on the table to get everyone to quiet down. “Xiao Bing, what do you think?”

Dong Xuebing raised his brows and said. “Give me a few more days. I don’t dare to say that I can get Glass grade jade, but Ice grade jade… is not a problem!” Glass grade jade ornaments can still be bought in the market, like the jewelry shops in the shopping malls, antique shops, etc. but it is very rare. Most of the shops will not even sell a Glass grade jade bracelet. These are for their collection, and it’s not easy to buy such jade items from the market.

Teacher Wei frowned. He does not believe Dong Xuebing’s words. “Mr. Dong, if it is Ice grade Jade ring surface…”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I understand. If it’s not a bracelet or some bigger pieces, it will be meaningless.”

Ice grade ring surfaces or smaller jewelry pieces can be found easily in the market. But these are too small and cost tens to hundreds of thousands, at most. It is pointless to put these items for auction. If they can’t get jade items worth more than a million RMB as the main attraction for their Jade Auction, they might as well don’t hold one. Or else, they will be a laughing stock in the industry.

The meeting ended, and everyone left with a heavy heart.

Qu Yunxuan brushed Dong Xuebing’s hair with her fingers and consoled him. “Don’t give yourself too much pressure. At most, we will cancel the auction.”

Dong Xuebing smiled helplessly. “I am the one who thinks lightly of this auction. In the past, I was lucky to find treasures from antique markets easily. To think about it, stone gambling is not as simple as it looks. If Ice grade jade can be found so easily, it will not be worth it so much. Sigh… a pair of Ice grade Jade bracelets cost at least 1 million now, right?”

“Around two million.”

“Ok. I… I will try my best.”

Qu Yunxuan said. “Take a rest this morning. I will be going to a nearby auction house to take a look. I heard they would be auctioning off some Jade raw stones.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “They are also holding a Jade auction?”

“This auction at Shi Hai Auction House cannot be considered a Jade auction. They are only selling raw uncut jade stones, and don’t sell finished products. This is like stone gambling.”

“Ok. You go attend this auction, and we will go to Panjiayuan again in the afternoon.”

Dong Xuebing had also seen a few auctions of raw uncut jade stones in the past few days. Most of the stones were acquired by the Auction Houses from Ruili and Myanmar and were not from individuals. Their customers will bid for the stones, and at the end of the auction, the Auction Houses will cut the stones for the highest bidders. Because such auctions will take a long time, Dong Xuebing’s powers are useless. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing felt the stones put up for auctions should not be of high quality.

After Qu Yunxuan left, Dong Xuebing lazed in his wheelchair in the office.

Jade! Where can I find jade?!

Ten minutes…

Half an hour…

One hour…

Dong Xuebing could not think of a solution. He looked at his watch, and it was 10 am.

Since he had nothing to do, Dong Xuebing called the staff to get two people to push him downstairs. He decided to go to Panjiayuan himself to try his luck. Although he had been to Panjiayuan several times and could not find any jade items, who knows if he might get lucky today.

Dong Xuebing was about to leave the company when his phone rang. It was Qu Yunxuan.

Dong Xuebing answered. “I was about to call you to tell you that I will go to Panjiayuan now.”

Qu Yunxuan sighed loudly and said. “Xiao Bing, let’s postpone our Jade Auction.”

“Huh?” Dong Xuebing was shocked. “Didn’t we discussed this? Why are you changing your mind suddenly? Don’t worry. I will find an Ice grade jade ornament back these few days.”

“It’s not I don’t believe you. It’s because… even if we have Ice grade Jade pieces now, it is also useless.”

“What happened?”

“I am at Shi Hai Auction House, and Feng Yi had won a bid of uncut raw jade stone, and after cutting, the jade inside the stone is Glass grade jade. The jade is still the dark green glass type and can make a few pairs of bracelets. Do you know the prices of glass grade jade bracelets? A pair of lower quality Glass grade jade bracelets cost at least 10 million, and the better ones cost more than 20 million. Feng Yi can cut at least two pairs of bracelets from the stone he won, and how are we going to compete with him?”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. Why is that bastard so lucky?

Dong Xuebing could hear a loud commotion in Qu Yunxuan’s background. The people there should be very excited as such jade is rare, even in Ruili.

Qu Yunxuan sighed. “Let’s talk when I get back.”

Dong Xuebing was frustrated. Just ten days ago, he claimed he would teach Feng Yi a lesson and make him postpone his auction. But ten days later, the other party even found Glass grade jade, the best and rarest jade on earth.

What should we do? Should we give in and change our dates?

Eh! Wait! Dong Xuebing asked Qu Yunxuan suddenly. “When did Feng Yi buy that stone?”

Qu Yunxuan replied. “At the auction.”

“I am asking the time!”

“About ten minutes ago. That stone is the last item in the auction, and after Feng Yi won, it was cut open immediately.”

Dong Xuebing immediately brightens up. Damn! I have been waiting for this opportunity! Lady luck is with me today!

BACK 20 minutes!

The next moment, Dong Xuebing felt his body swaying, and he looked around him. He had returned to the time when the two staff are carrying him down the stairs. Over the past few days, Dong Xuebing had not accumulated 20 minutes of BACK. But he had not to keep track of how much time he has, and he just shouted 20 minutes to return deeper into the past. He estimates time had returned to around 14 to 15 minutes ago!

In an instant, the wheelchair is carried down the stairs at the ground floor lobby.

Dong Xuebing quickly shouts. “Xiao Tao! Come here!”

Qu Yunxuan’s secretary, Xiao Tao, was speaking to someone in the lobby. She looked at Dong Xuebing and asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Quick! Push me to Shi Hai Auction House!” Dong Xuebing does not know if he can get there in time and be in a hurry. He could sense her confusion as she walked towards his wheelchair slowly. Dong Xuebing immediately pushes himself forward. “Quick, lead the way.”

Xiao Tao knows about Dong Xuebing is very close to Qu Yunxuan and did not ask any questions. She immediately pushes Dong Xuebing out of the company.

Dong Xuebing rubbed his hands and said. “Faster! Thank you! This is an emergency!”

Xiao Tao quickens her pace, and in the end, she was almost running.

Shi Hai Auction House is located at a street next to Yun De Auction and can be reached by cutting through the alley. On his way, Dong Xuebing tried calling Qu Yunxuan, but she did not answer as the auction should still be on-going now.


Dong Xuebing quickly shouted to Xiao Tao. “Push me in!”

Xiao Tao pushes Dong Xuebing through Shi Hai Auction’s main door.

These raw jade stones auctions are normally not held in hotel ballrooms and were held in the auction companies. Dong Xuebing could locate Shi Hai Auction House’s meeting room at one glance due to its small size. Xiao Tao knows Dong Xuebing is in a hurry and ignored the staff. She quickly pushes Dong Xuebing to the meeting room, where the auction is taking place.

A staff stopped them. “I’m sorry. An auction is taking place right now.”

Dong Xuebing quickly said to the staff. “Give me an auction number tag now!”

That staff replied. “The auction had already started, and you cannot enter now. if you want to buy raw jade stones, please come again.”

Dong Xuebing had no time to lose and turned to Xiao Tao. “Push me in!”

Xiao Tao hesitated for a second and pushed Dong Xuebing forward. That staff got mad and tried to stop them by grabbing the wheelchair. Dong Xuebing looked at him coldly, grabbed that staff’s wrist, twist it, and gave him a hard push. That staff was pushed back several steps. Even though Dong Xuebing is injured and cannot move his legs, but he is still stronger than the most working class.

The doors of the meeting room opened, and Xiao Tao barged in with Dong Xuebing.

The Auctioneer on the podium was saying something with a microphone, in front of many people.

Dong Xuebing's entrance to the meeting room attracted the attention of everyone. One staff member near the door quickly walks up to ask what was happening. The staff behind Dong Xuebing quickly explained and was staring at Dong Xuebing angrily. The person in charge of the auction frowned as interrupting auctions is against their regulations.

“Xiao Bing?” Qu Yunxuan saw Dong Xuebing and walked over from her seat.

The Jade stone expert, Teacher Wei, was with Qu Yunxuan, and he followed behind.

The person in charge knew Qu Yunxuan. “Manager Qu, he is…”

Qu Yunxuan looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “He is my friend and is here with me.”

The people from Shi Hai Auction House finally allowed Dong Xuebing to enter because of Qu Yunxuan, and he was seated together with them at the back of the meeting room.

Qu Yunxuan asked softly. “Xiao Bing, why are you here?”

Dong Xuebing was staring at the podium. “Let’s talk about this later. What item is being auctioned now?”

Qu Yunxuan explained. “It’s a raw jade stone with a small window cut opened. From the exterior, it should be an Ice grade jade stone. But we are not sure about the size and quality inside.”

“Is this the final item?”

“It should be. After this stone is sold, they will start cutting it.”

Dong Xuebing was relieved. He managed to get here on time!

After the brief interruption, the Auctioneer continued with the auction. “No. 22 bid 6.8 million… 6.8 million… are there any higher bids? … Ah… 7 million… No. 5 offered 7 million… is this the final price? 7 million… 7 million once…” It was Feng Yi who made the 7 million bid, and he was smiling proudly.

Teacher Wei frowned. “The price is too high.”

Qu Yunxuan nodded. “But this is not a surprise from the quality of this stone. Many people will like it.”

This partially cut raw stone allows people to see the jade inside through the small window, and it is not as risky as other uncut stones. Naturally, it will fetch higher prices, but there are still risks. For example, it might be only a thin layer of Ice grade jade near the surface, and nothing inside, or the rest of the jade have impurities or is of a lower grade.

“7 million twice…”

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan. “Aunt Xuan, how much money can we use?”

Qu Yunxuan hesitated. “We must keep 2 million for marketing and other expenses, and can use about 10 million. You are thinking of…”

Dong Xuebing replied firmly. “This is a good piece of jade. Give me the bidding card.”

Qu Yunxuan blinked and asked. “How good is this piece?”

“As good as Glass grade! We must get it!”

Teacher Wei looked at Dong Xuebing in disbelief. You had only arrived for less than a minute and did not even look at the stone carefully. How can you claim this stone is Glass grade jade? He does not believe Dong Xuebing is an expert in stone gambling. The real experts will use a torchlight to examine the stone before they can ascertain the quality of the stone. How can you claim that it is a good stone from so far away, and you want to buy it? This is ridiculous!

“Glass grade?” Qu Yunxuan asked. “Are you sure?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes. We must get it, even if the price reaches 10 million!”

Teacher Wei panicked. “Manager Qu! We must not do that!”

Xiao Tao, who was seated behind, heard what they were saying and was shocked. 10 million?

Qu Yunxuan took a deep breath. Although the company has 10 million to spare but to spend it all on this stone is not a good move. If the jade in the stone is not of high quality, the 10 million will go down the drain. The whole company will be done. That’s right. It will be impossible for them to make a comeback, and the company will be bankrupted! Feng Yi can bid 7 million for that stone is because his company is rich. A company that’s worth more than 100 million will not be affected by this small amount of money. But Yun De Auction Company is still a small company, and 10 million is equivalent to all its assets. One wrong move, and they will lose everything!

Teacher Wei persuaded. “Manager Qu! This stone is at most an Ice grade jade, and 7 million is already overpriced!” Every jade stone experts have their ways to grade the stones, and Teacher Wei can’t detect any indications that this stone is a Glass grade stone.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan exhaled and smiled wryly. “I will not interfere in this anymore. Here, I will let you handle this.” She passed the bidding card to Dong Xuebing.

Teacher Wei slapped his forehead and felt he is going to lose his job.

Dong Xuebing did not explain himself, because the Auctioneer had counted to the third count and had raised his hammer.

Dong Xuebing quickly raises his bidding card and shouts. “7.5 million!

The Auctioneer was about to drop his hammer when Dong Xuebing shouted his bid.

Feng Yi, who was seated in front, frowned and turned to look at Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan. Before the Auctioneer can say anything, Feng Yi raised his bidding card and said. “7.8 million!”

Dong Xuebing immediately raise. “8 million!”

Feng Yi hesitated for a second. “8.5 million!”

Dong Xuebing raised his card emotionlessly. “8.8 million!”

The few experts that had come with Feng Yi thought highly of this stone. As long as there is more jade inside, they will surely make money from it. But the price now is much higher than their expectations. If the jade inside is not of high quality, they might not recover their capital and will suffer a loss. An old man sitting beside Feng Yi signaled to him with his eyes. Another expert, sitting opposite Feng Yi, also shook his head, indicating him to stop bidding.

But Feng Yi is unwilling to give up.

“8.8 million… No. 18 offered 8.8 million… Once… are there any more bids…”

Feng Yi frowned and shouted again. “9 million!” He thought to himself that he should win with 9 million.

But Dong Xuebing upped Feng Yi’s bid. “9.2 million!”

Teacher Wei was speechless, and Qu Yunxuan was keeping quiet. She had given Dong Xuebing the authority to bid, and Xiao Tao also felt the company would be shutting down soon. She was nervous and worried as the company will have no more money if they win the bid!

Feng Yi’s face changed. He thought for a while and suddenly smiled. A small company with only around 10 million dares to spend so much on a piece of jade stone? They are putting their lives on the line. Feng Yi is waiting for Yun De Auction Company to become the laughingstock of the industry.

“9.2 million once… 9.2 million twice…”

Finally, the Auctioneer drops his hammer. “9.2 million! Sold!”

Dong Xuebing smiled and nodded to Aunt Xuan.

With the commission and other charges, Dong Xuebing still has to pay slightly more than 10 million to Shi Hai Auction House!

This is really make-or-break for Yun De Auction Company!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 248 – Jade!

Next day. Morning.

The Summer sun was shining brightly, and a few dragonflies were flying around the pond.

In the garden of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, the patients and nurses were envious and admiring a pretty woman pushing a wheelchair. She was wearing high heels and was strolling in the garden, pushing an ordinary-looking man in the wheelchair. They were chatting and joking happily, and these two people are Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing.

“Aunt Xuan, how was the Spring Auction?”

“Hehe, didn’t I tell you over the phone?”

“I am talking about the exact figures.”

“Yes. The standard practice is to make payments within one to two weeks after the auctions, and we had just collected our commission.”

“How much did we make?”

“Haha… Our Auction Company has around 9 million worth of assets, and then you bought a Mercedes Benz for me. After deducting some expenditures, our asset is around 7 million. But because of our successful first Auction, our company become famous in the industry, and many people approached us to sell their items for them in our Spring Auction. Now, our total asset is around 12 million.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “So much? That means we are now multi-millionaires?”

Qu Yunxuan smiled proudly. “That’s right. It feels like a dream. Hahaha.”

“Ah… I didn’t expect to be a multi-millionaire!”

Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing were still ordinary folks one year ago. Aunt Xuan’s family conditions are slightly better. She is an Office worker, getting a few thousand months. But Dong Xuebing and his mother were penniless, and for a while, they can’t even have enough for their meals. But one year later, Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing are a millionaire with over 10 million worth of assets.

Dong Xuebing proudly exclaimed. “This is not enough. Our next target is 20 million.”

Qu Yunxuan rolled her eyes. “You think it is so easy?”

“Did you forget that I know stone gambling? Let’s go to your office to discuss.”

Since Dong Xuebing had returned to Beijing and have two to three months of free time, his first thought is to make money. This will make Aunt Xuan happy, and he will have more spare cash to spend. Dong Xuebing still wanted to buy a big mansion in the future, and he might need money for him to progress in his career with the government.

Dong Xuebing will be bored to death if he doesn’t find something to do in the following months.

Yun De Auction Company.

Top floor. Qu Yunxuan’s office.

Qu Yunxuan announced. “Let me introduce. This is Mr. Dong Xuebing, and he will be in charge of the upcoming Jade Auction.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and nodded to the rest of the staff.

The staff consists of mostly middle-aged men, and there were looking at each other.

Qu Yunxuan had no intention of getting their opinions and had held this meeting to make this announcement.

Yun De Auction is still a small company, and all the staff had just joined. Most of them still do not know about the relationship in higher management. They were unhappy when Manager Qu appointed a newcomer to be their supervisor. But all of them could them Manager Qu is very close to that man in the wheelchair from the way they entered the room. That’s why no one raises any objections.

Dong Xuebing did not say anything.

In Yan Tai County, Dong Xuebing is a bigshot. But when he is with Aunt Xuan, he will tone down his imposing manner of a leader. Maybe it is because Qu Yunxuan had taken care of him for too long, and she is like an elder to him.

After the meeting, Qu Yunxuan called out to one of the staff to remain. It is an old man with lots of age spots on his face.

Qu Yunxuan introduced. “Xiao Bing, this is Teacher Wei. He is an expert on Jade stones.”

Dong Xuebing extended his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

Qu Yunxuan continued. “Xiao Bing is also very good in stone gambling.”

Teacher Wei shook Dong Xuebing’s hand politely, but he thought nothing about him. In China, seniority is important, and Dong Xuebing is very young. Stone gambling is mainly depending on luck, and no one can claim they are experts!

After introducing them, Qu Yunxuan smiled and said. “Alright. Let’s talk about your plans.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “The plan is nothing special. We will just go to Ruili for stone gambling. Let’s go together.”

Qu Yunxuan said without thinking. “No! How can you travel in your current condition? What if you encounter some mishap on the way? How am I going to answer to Sister Luan?”

“Eh, what can happen to me?”


Dong Xuebing shrugged his shoulders. “Then tell me what I should do?”

Qu Yunxuan thought for a while and turned to Teacher Wei. “Is there any stone gambling places in Beijing?”

Teacher Wei smiles awkwardly. “Yes, but the quality of the stones there is not good. Most of their stones are unwanted stones from Ruili and Myanmar. It will be a miracle if someone can find a piece of good jade out of ten stones. Manager Qu, the Jade Auction is nearing, and we don’t have time to acquire good jades from the people, not even the ice grade jade. Every year, there are many Jade Auctions in Beijing, and how many good pieces of jades have you seen? Even if there are good jades in Beijing, no one will sell them.” There’s something which Teacher Wei had not said. Even if someone wants to sell their ice grade jade, they will not choose Yun De Auction Company.

Qu Yunxuan picks up a cup of water and fed it to Dong Xuebing. “Do you have any ideas?”

Teacher Wei shook his head. “I had objected to holding a Jade Auction initially. Many people do not want to hold this type of Auction for a long time. Even those big Auction Houses in Shanghai and Hong Kong avoided this type of Auction. Why? Because good jades are rare, and very few people are willing to put their jades up for auctions. This is a very difficult market to enter.”

Qu Yunxuan used a handkerchief to wipe Dong Xuebing’s mouth and said. “Haha… That’s why we need to go for stone gambling.”

“But the risk…” Teacher Wei sighed. “The risk of stone gambling is high, and the whole company might close down because of it.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “That’s why I brought Xiao Bing over.”

Teacher Wei asked curiously. “Mr. Dong, how confident are you?”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Just call me Xiao Dong will do. Errr… how confident am I? I can just say that we will not suffer any losses.”

Teacher Wei shook his head in his heart. This young man is too boastful.

Qu Yunxuan kept her handkerchief and smiled. “We have already advertised, and everyone knows about it. But now, we have only a few low-grade jade ornaments, and should not fetch good prices. My initial plan is to ask Xiao Bing to get a few ice grade or glass grade jades for us. This way, we will not only earn money and also increase our reputation.”

Teacher Wei was speechless. Ice grade? Glass grade? You think it is so easy to find these jades?!

Qu Yunxuan paused for a while and said. “Xiao Bing, how about we check out the stone gambling places in Beijing first?”

“Ok.” Although the stones in Beijing might be lousier, there might be some good jades.

“Alright. Are you going to now?”

“Yes. Don’t forget to bring your checkbook.”


Panjiayuan Antique Market.

Under the scorching heat of the Summer sun, and the crowd, this place feels hotter compared to Yan Tai county.

But Dong Xuebing, who was in a wheelchair, was feeling relaxed. This place has no office politics, and beauty is pushing him around. This peacefulness is something Dong Xuebing likes. He wishes he can just spend the rest of his life with Aunt Xuan like this.

After a while, Dong Xuebing fell asleep.

When Dong Xuebing woke up, he heard someone talking to Aunt Xuan.

“Yes. Manager Feng is also here to look for antiques?” Aunt Xuan asked.

“That’s right. I need to prepare for my next Auction and is here to see if there are any good stuff.” A young man replied. “Who is this?”

“He is my friend. His legs are injured.”

“Oh, you all are also here to look for antiques? I heard your company is going to hold a Jade Auction.”

“Haha… We are here to look for raw jade stones.”

“What a coincidence. Our company is also going to hold a Jade Auction too.”


Panjiayuan is a crowded and noisy place, and when Dong Xuebing opens his eyes, he realized that he is in the center of the antique market. From Aunt Xuan’s conversation with that young man, Dong Xuebing understood what was going on. This Manager Feng, is also running an Auction House, and he is located not far away from Aunt Xuan’s company. Competition is tough in the Auction industry, and Aunt Xuan and Manager Feng might seem to be having a chat, but Dong Xuebing could tell they are not on friendly terms.

“Eh, you are awake?”

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing turned back to look at Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan smiled and said. “Let me introduce. This is Feng Yi. He is the boss of Jia Xin Auction Company. This is Dong Xuebing.”

Feng Yi thought Dong Xuebing is Qu Yunxuan’s relative and did not extend his hand for a handshake.

Dong Xuebing looked at Feng Yi and nodded.

Feng Yi is in his late twenties and is around Aunt Xuan’s age. He is tall, around 1.8 meters, and is carrying a bag under his arm. His hair is combed back, portraying himself as someone successful. Feng Yi ignored Dong Xuebing and chatted with Qu Yunxuan for a while. “Manager Qu, I have an appointment. Let’s catch up some other days.”

“Haha… no problems.”

Feng Yi looked at Qu Yunxuan, pushing the wheelchair away from him and frowned.

Feng Yi’s Auction House is located diagonally across Yun De Auction Company. Both companies are located very near to each other, and at the start, Feng Yi did not take note of Qu Yunxuan. In the auction industry, no auction house can last long if they do not have popularity and a steady flow of goods. Most auction houses will close within a year. But Yun De Auction Company had hosted a few successful auctions, and Feng Yi can feel the threat. He felt Qu Yunxuan is very capable and pretty. Since Yun De Auction Company opens for business, his business is affected. Although he can still survive, who will not want to make more money?

So, Feng Yi starts to think of ways to make Yun De Auction Company out of business. This is not the first time he does something like this.

After walking some distance, Qu Yunxuan also frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Qu Yunxuan took out her phone. “Let me make a phone call first.” She dialed a number and said. “Hello? Xiao Tao… Help me check Jia Xin Auction Company’s website, and see when their Jade Auction is… if it is not stated on their website, ask other people… that’s right. It is urgent, and I will not hang up. You go and find out now…” About five minutes later. “You found out? What? Is it on that day? Alright.”

Dong Xuebing blinked and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Qu Yunxuan rubbed the center of her brows. “That Feng Yi is holding his Jade Auction on the same day as us.”

“The same day?”

“That’s right. They had just announced it on their website.”

It’s hard to get jade, and it’s harder to get good jades. That’s why Jade Auctions are rare in Beijing. But now, two Auction Houses along a street in East Panjiayuan are holding Jade Auctions on the same day. Dong Xuebing frowned and asked. “Is he crazy? Why did he get to pick the same date?”

“He should be doing this on purpose.” Qu Yunxuan smiled. “I had not told you about this. Since the day we open for business, the few Auction Companies around us are unfriendly towards us. Also, our company is growing fast, and our first Auction’s success made those auction houses jealous. Now, they had declared war with us. I thought this would only happen next year.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “We can’t win against them?”

Qu Yunxuan shook her head. “Our foundations are weak and only has around 10 million RMB. Those Auction Houses have been in this long for a long time, and just their operation funds alone, are more than 100 million RMB. Feng Yi’s Auction House is an established brand in the market, and most people will pick them over us. Since we are both holding Jade Auction on the same day, most people will attend his Auction instead of ours. I got to admit that we will not win against him.”

“Since Feng Yi’s company is so successful, why is he trying to compete with us?”

“He is afraid we might grow bigger than him. Prevention is better than cure. Also, his business will be affected when we become more successful. After all, we are located on the same street.”

Dong Xuebing smacked his lips. Rivalry in the government sector… rivalry in the business sector… everywhere is the same!

Damn! Why can’t I get a few days of peace?!

Qu Yunxuan looked at Dong Xuebing. “Do you think we should change our date?”

Although Dong Xuebing does not like rivalry, his eyes opened wide when he heard Qu Yunxuan’s question. “Didn’t you announce the date of the Auction? In business, we must keep to our words, and the date must not be changed! Furthermore, we had set this date first.” Dong Xuebing had never given in to others in the government sector and had competed against many opponents to get to his current position. Xie Huilan might have criticized him on his conduct, but Dong Xuebing felt he had done nothing wrong.

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “I also think so. We will not postpone our Auction.”

“Huh? Really?” Dong Xuebing was stunned. He knows Aunt Xuan is not someone impulsive like him.

Qu Yunxuan explained. “This is bringing harm to both parties, and no one will gain anything from such competition. Feng Yi must have thought that we will change dates and can suppress us. We must not back off from his provocations, but we will not defeat him, and might even lose our company’s reputation overnight.”

Dong Xuebing let out a cold laughter. “He is a bastard!”

Qu Yunxuan raised her hand and pretended she is going to hit Dong Xuebing. “If I hear you swear again, I will hit you!”

“Ok… ok… please carry on.”

Qu Yunxuan lowered her hand and brushed Dong Xuebing’s hair gently. “I am new to this industry and is still unfamiliar with lots of things. But this incident reminded me not to set the date of our auctions so early.” Qu Yunxuan turned and looked at Feng Yi’s back view. “Since he is determined to compete with us, then we shall see who will have the last laugh. We will not postpone our Auction, and if we can get some top-quality jades, we will not be afraid of him.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan in surprise. “Aunt Xuan, you are looking more like a boss now.”

Qu Yunxuan took a glance at Dong Xuebing. “I might be a boss, but I am still working for you.” She paused for a while and said. “But I am worried about Feng Yi’s backing. I heard he is the nephew of the Beijing Public Security Bureau Chief.” Feng Xueliang, who is also Beijing City’s Party Committee Member and his rank, is Sub-Provincial (Ministerial) level.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Chief Feng’s nephew?”

This is Beijing, and if you drop a roof tile from the sky, it will hit a few officials.

Qu Yunxuan nodded. “I don’t want to offend people like him, but since he started it, we must retaliate.”

“You are right!”

Earlier, Feng Yi might have belittled Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing also does not care about him. But after hearing from Aunt Xuan, Dong Xuebing turned to look at Feng Yi. He is a relative of Chief Feng… no wonder he looks like a snob. When Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan were dining at Wang Fu, he had met Chief Feng once, and he thought Chief Feng is from Sister Xie’s father faction. It was later on when he found out that Chief Feng is from the City’s Mayor faction.

“Xiao Bing, we must not lose this time.”

“Don’t worry and leave everything to me. I will make sure Feng Yi will change his auction date!”

“Haha… I hope so. Let’s go. The stone gambling place is in front.”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 247 – Sleep!

The morning sun shone in brightly through the windows the next day.

A few sparrows were singing on the branches of the trees outside.

Dong Xuebing woke up and moved his shoulders. He felt much better compared to yesterday. But when he remembered he would have to spend the next three months in the bed, he is relaxed but bored. At this time, a young nurse entered the ward with a tray. She gave Dong Xuebing an injection, and Luan Xiaoping entered with breakfast after the nurse left. Dong Xuebing noticed his mother had dark rings around her eyes and looked exhausted.

“Mum, go back to Yan Tai County.”

“How can I leave you alone? I am fine.”

“I am alright now. You had been taking care of me for the past few days and should take a break.”

“How are you going to take care of yourself?”

“I am a grown-up. This minor injury is not a problem for me.” Dong Xuebing knew his mother is not healthy, and her blood pressure must have gone up over the past few days. “Don’t worry about me. The officer who sent me here is still around? I will ask him to send you back. I am fine now. If you are worried about me, I will call Aunt Xuan later and ask her to take care of me.”

“But you…”

“Listen to me.”

After persuading Luan Xiaoping for a long time, she finally agreed.

After changing his dressing in the morning, Dong Xuebing talked to his mother for a while more before she is willing to leave.

Dong Xuebing was finally alone in his ward. Leg injuries are different from arm injuries. Although Dong Xuebing’s arms had not fully healed, he can move and do lots of things, like holding a urinal and feed himself. He does not need someone to take care of him like that time when he injured his arms. That’s why Dong Xuebing did not want to trouble Qu Yunxuan. After all, if Qu Yunxuan knew he had almost died, she will get worried and will give him a scolding. Dong Xuebing was lectured by his mother and Xie Huilan yesterday and did not want to get another lecture again.

But it was not as what Dong Xuebing expected.

At 10 am, the ward door was push opened suddenly!

Dong Xuebing saw a woman with a pair of skinned-colored stockings in black high heel, sexy thighs, and dark brown skirt rushing into the ward. She was wearing a white blouse, had a long neck, pretty features, and her hair was tied into a bun. Dong Xuebing stared at her speechlessly for about a second. The beautiful woman in front of him is Qu Yunxuan. Tears had welled up in Qu Yunxuan’s eyes as she looked at Dong Xuebing.

“Errr… Why are you here?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Uh… I don’t want to worry you. Did my mother call you?”

Qu Yunxuan did not answer Dong Xuebing and walked up to him. She examined Dong Xuebing’s legs, and Dong Xuebing knew she is going to scold him. He closed his eyes as he waited for the scolding. But the ward was silent. The next moment, Dong Xuebing felt something ticklish on his arm. It felt like a drop of water, and Dong Xuebing opened his eyes. He got a shock and quickly said. “Ah… why are you crying? I am fine.”

Qu Yunxuan cried. “You call this fine?”

“It’s only fractured, and it will heal after two months.”

Qu Yunxuan wiped her tears. “Do you want to scare me to death? Huh?”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “No… No…”

Qu Yunxuan was agitated. When she knew Dong Xuebing was buried alive in a landslide and was in a coma for three days, she panicked. Dong Xuebing had not called her even after he woke up. If Luan Xiaoping did not call her to ask her to take care of Dong Xuebing, she was still unaware. Recently, she had been busy with the Auction Company in Beijing and did not read the Hebei newspaper.

Dong Xuebing spent the next few minutes coaxing Qu Yunxuan, comforting her.

After Qu Yunxuan composed herself, she touched Dong Xuebing’s face lovingly.

Dong Xuebing could feel Aunt Xuan was still worried about him and said. “Aunt Xuan, don’t be like this. I am lucky and will live until eighty years old. Hehe… We had not met for almost two months, and I miss you. Let’s have a chat.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “What’s there to talk about? I feel like giving you a beating now!”

“Huh? I am a patient now. How can you do this?”

“Who asked you to try to be a hero?!”

“Let’s talk about something else.”

Qu Yunxuan ignored Dong Xuebing, and although she looked angry, she did not stop caring for him. She took a clean towel into the bathroom and wet it with hot water. She used the towel to wipe Dong Xuebing’s face, arms, and body. After that, she took the hot water flask out to refill it with hot water. When she returns, she poured a cup of hot water and fed it to Dong Xuebing.

“I can move my hands. Let me hold it.”

“Open your mouth.”

“You don’t need to feed me.”

“You want me to give you a beating? Open up!”

Dong Xuebing opened his mouth helplessly and drank the water.

Qu Yunxuan has a beautiful face and might look unapproachable. But underneath her appearance, she is very homely, and she likes to do household chores like washing clothes, cooking, etc. She can take care of others better than Dong Xuebing’s mother.

Qu Yunxuan helped Dong Xuebing wash his socks, fed him medicine, clean him, etc.

Since Qu Yunxuan arrived, she had not stopped taking care of Dong Xuebing.

After Dong Xuebing injured his arms, he got to live like a king again. No words can describe this treatment. With Aunt Xuan around, Dong Xuebing does not even need to lift a finger. He laid on the bed and said. “Aunt Xuan, I want to smoke.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Smoke? You want me to give you a beating?!”

Dong Xuebing replied pitifully. “Just one cigarette, ok? Only one.”

“Not even a puff! The doctor said that you could not touch cigarettes and alcohol!” Qu Yunxuan stood up and hung the clean clothes and socks on a clothing line in the ward. She looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “Your mother had asked me to take care of you. Don’t even think of touching cigarettes and alcohol until you recover!”

Dong Xuebing smacked his lips. “Smoking has nothing to do with fractures.”

Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s nose. “Listen to me and get well soon.”

Dong Xuebing grabbed Qu Yunxuan’s hand from his nose and held it. “Aunt Xuan, why is your complexion getting fairer and smoother?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and smiled. “Nonsense.”

Dong Xuebing caressed Qu Yunxuan’s hand. “Really. Look, your hands are so smooth.”

“Hehe…” Qu Yunxuan pulled her hands back and poked Dong Xuebing’s head playfully. “You are saying this to make me happy. I am almost 30 years old, and I’m lucky not to have wrinkles. Good complexion? Haha… How come I can’t see it?” Qu Yunxuan had taken good care of her complexion, and her skin is fair and smooth.

Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “Save it. You don’t admit, but I know you must be jumping with joy in your heart.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Idiot!”

“Err… let me look at your leg’s complexion. I want to see if your complexion there is smooth too.” Dong Xuebing shamelessly reach out for Qu Yunxuan’s leg. It’s been a while since he had touched her legs. It’s still so soft and smooth.

Qu Yunxuan blushed. “Pervert! Stop it, or I will hit you!”

Dong Xuebing ignored her and continue caressing her legs.

Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s hand lightly. “Stop it, or I will get angry!”

“Uh… why are you always angry or wanting to hit me whenever you see me? Do I look like a bad person to you?”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and flicked Dong Xuebing’s nose. “What do you think? Your hands are all over me whenever you see me.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “But, I think you enjoy it.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a playful slap to the back of his head. “When did I enjoy it?!”

Dong Xuebing had not met Qu Yunxuan for a while. But Aunt Xuan is still the same. She still cares and dotes on Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing had been worried that someone might snatch Qu Yunxuan away from him. After all, Qu Yunxuan is very pretty and should have lots of suitors.

In the afternoon, Qu Yunxuan borrowed a wheelchair from the nurse station and pushed Dong Xuebing downstairs for an x-ray.

At night, Qu Yunxuan fed dinner to Dong Xuebing and helped him change.

Dong Xuebing said. “Xuanxuan, you should go back and rest. You don’t need to accompany me here.”

Qu Yunxuan straightened Dong Xuebing’s collar and smiled. “What happens if you want to go to the toilet at night? What if you are thirsty at night? You cannot move your legs, and it’s inconvenient for you to do anything. How can I leave you alone in the hospital? I will stay in the hospital these few days with you. Just let me know if you need anything.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “That makeshift bed in the ward is too small. How can you sleep on it?”

Qu Yunxuan brushed Dong Xuebing’s hair. “Why not? You want the hospital to provide you a queen size bed for you?”

“What about the company?”

“The Spring Auction had ended, and there is not much work in the company. I will just give them a call tomorrow.”

“Fine. But you cannot be accompanying me every day. My legs will need at least two months to heal, and you can’t be not returning to the company for two months.” Dong Xuebing said. “My legs are in the cast, and we have nothing to do in the hospital. How about pushing me in a wheelchair around Beijing tomorrow? We can go to the company, or even visit Ruili for stone gambling. The theme for our next auction is jade, right?”

Qu Yunxuan grumbled. “You have just been warded, and you are thinking of going out? We will talk about this another time.”

Dong Xuebing was bored of staying in the hospital. “I will be bored to death if you ask me to remain in the ward for so long.”

Qu Yunxuan ignored Dong Xuebing and pushed a piece of orange into his mouth.

At night, the Orthopedics ward quiets down, and the lights of all wards were switched off.

Dong Xuebing looked at the small and narrow foldable bed on the floor and was worried Qu Yunxuan might fall off the bed at night. He said. “Don’t sleep on that bed. My bed is more comfortable and is big enough for both of us if we squeeze a bit.”

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Idiot, are you up to something again?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “No… I just don’t want you to suffer. Come…”

“People might see us, and there will be gossips.”

“It’s so late at night, who can see us? Hurry up.”

Qu Yunxuan sighed and gave in to Dong Xuebing. she climbed onto Dong Xuebing’s bed and sat by the side. “Only for today. Tomorrow I will sleep over there, understand?”

“Fine. Help to move me to the side.”

After Dong Xuebing moved his body against the wall, he looked at the person lying beside him.

Under the dim moonlight, Qu Yunxuan slowly unbuttons the top two buttons of her blouse. She hesitated for a while and looked at Dong Xuebing. Indeed. Dong Xuebing was staring at her, and she could feel her face turning red. She covered her chest with her hands and gave Dong Xuebing a stare. She quickly turns her back against Dong Xuebing and unbuttons the rest of the buttons.

Dong Xuebing said disappointingly. “We are like married couples, and what’s there to be shy?”

“Rubbish. Who is your wife? You want to get a beating from me?”

“Hehe… who was the one who called me dear?”

Qu Yunxuan got mad. “I will tear your mouth if you dare to say another word! Idiot! You only know how to take advantage of me!”

Qu Yunxuan took off her blouse and started to take off her skirt. “Stop looking at me! Turn your head around.”

Dong Xuebing mumbled a reply. “Ok… I will not look at you.”

Qu Yunxuan pushed her skirt to her knees with her back-facing Dong Xuebing and sat on the bed to slide her skirt off her long legs.

How can it be possible for Dong Xuebing to not look at this sexy scene?

Qu Yunxuan starts to take off her stockings. She stood up and pushed her stockings to her thigh level and sat down again to push it further down her legs. She bent her left leg and pulled her stockings out from the toes. After that, she did the same with her right leg and remove her stockings completely. Qu Yunxuan then folded her clothes neatly and placed it on a chair.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was pounding and quickly close his eyes to pretend to be sleeping.

After a while, Dong Xuebing felt his blanket was lifted, and a warm body got under it. “Sleep early.”

Dong Xuebing looked down, and his eyes opened wide. “Why are you still wearing your bra? Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“I was in a rush to come here and forgot to bring pajamas.” Qu Yunxuan’s back was facing Dong Xuebing.

“Just remove it then.”

“You think I am shameless like you?”

Dong Xuebing felt the time is ripe and moved his body closer. He buried his head in Qu Yunxuan’s hair and hugged her from her back.

Qu Yunxuan quickly held on to Dong Xuebing’s hand. “What are you doing?!”

Dong Xuebing whispered into Qu Yunxuan’s ears. “Xiao Xuanxuan… It’s been a while since we do ‘that.’”

“I knew you are up to something!” Qu Yunxuan turned to Dong Xuebing and gave him a stare. “You can’t move your legs, and how are you going to do ‘that’?”

“I can’t control it any longer.”

“No… Wait… until you are well.”

“Ah… Aunt Xuan… I don’t feel good.”

“Idiot! You think I will not beat you?” Qu Yunxuan made an angry face and pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm. “If you dare to take advantage of me again, I will get angry! Just concentrate on getting well and stop thinking of those things!”

Dong Xuebing was frustrated and closed his eyes, refusing to say a word.

“Xiao Bing?”


“I am talking to you!”


Qu Yunxuan pushed Dong Xuebing lightly. “Stop pretending. I am doing this for your good.”


“Xiao Bing!”


After a long pause, Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Fine! I will let you do whatever you want to me, ok?”

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and smiled. “You are the one who said it.”

“Pervert!” Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s arm again. Maybe she had owed Dong Xuebing a lot in her previous life, and she could not reject Dong Xuebing’s requests. She thought for a while and reached under the blankets to remove something. After that, she sat up and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan and asked. “Errr… how are we going to do it?”

“How should I know? You are the one who wanted it.”

Dong Xuebing is horny, but he cannot move his waist and legs. “Can you think of something?”

Qu Yunxuan smiled wryly. “You are embarrassing me” She hesitated for a while and moved the blanket aside, before moving her leg over to the other side. She is straddling Dong Xuebing and felt embarrassed in this position. She turned her head towards the window to avoid looking at Dong Xuebing.

“Can you don’t look at me?”


“This position is too…”

“This is quite good. Xuanxuan, you are so pretty.”


“Hurry up. I can’t wait!”

Qu Yunxuan is a conservative woman despite her age. She is still reserved and shy even though this is not her first time doing ‘that’ with Dong Xuebing.

“You… close your eyes first.”

“Ah… hurry up. Why must I close my eyes?”

“I feel uncomfortable when you look at me.”

Dong Xuebing can’t wait and said. “Alright… my eyes are closed now. Come on.”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and said. “If I know you open your eyes to look at me, I will hit you.”

“Just hurry up.”


Dong Xuebing groaned as Aunt Xuan lowered herself.

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Thirty minutes…

Qu Yunxuan collapsed on Dong Xuebing’s chest, panting. Dong Xuebing is not tired because it was Aunt Xuan doing all the work, and he did not even move an inch. It’s because he cannot move. After resting for a while, Qu Yunxuan pulled the blanket over to cover them. She gently stroke Dong Xuebing’s hair with a satisfied look on her face.

“Xuanxuan, is your waist, alright?”

“You almost tortured me to death.”

“Haha… you are the one torturing me. I did not do anything.”

After they finished doing ‘that,’ Qu Yunxuan was not so shy and reserved. She held Dong Xuebing’s face and kissed him. “Earlier, when we are doing that, I was afraid of hurting your legs. I will allow you this time only. Don’t ask for more tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and hugged Qu Yunxuan’s naked body.

Qu Yunxuan giggled and kissed Dong Xuebing’s forehead. “Goodnight, my precious baby.”

Dong Xuebing does not like Qu Yunxuan calling him this. “What did you call me?”

Qu Yunxuan knew Dong Xuebing likes to be called ‘Big Brother’ despite being much younger than her. She pushes Dong Xuebing’s hand away and whispered into his ears. “Hao Ge Ge (Brother)… can I sleep now?”

Dong Xuebing nodded with satisfaction. “Alright. Good night.

“You ah…” Qu Yunxuan laughed and pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks, before hugging him to sleep.

Translation notes: Hao Ge Ge is a term used by lovers, and translated to ‘Good Brother.’

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 246 – Hospitalize again!

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong!”

“Xiao Dong!”

Mud and debris are flying all over the place…

The landslide was like a huge wave of mud and debris, swallowing everything in its path!

After a while, it quiets down, and the torrential rain is easing. The mud and gravel became two meters thicker and had reached where the crowd was standing. But no one cares about it. Xie Huilan and Cao Xupeng were still staring at the spot where Dong Xuebing disappeared. Liang Chengpeng took off his raincoat and threw it on the ground in frustration. Chen Fa, the other officers, and the rescued passengers were crying and shouting Dong Xuebing’s name. All the trapped passengers were rescued, but Dong Xuebing is gone!

There was nothing on the thick mud and gravel!

A few Hui Tian Village Station Officers sat down on the ground helplessly. He is gone! He is gone forever!

Liu Dahai stood there looking at the spot where Dong Xuebing disappeared for a while. Suddenly, he looked around and grabbed a shovel before running forward!

“Chief Liu! What are you doing?” Two officers grabbed Liu Dahai.

Liu Dahai struggled. “I want to save him! Chief Dong is still under the mud!”

The officer said. “You cannot go! The layer of mud and debris is not stable! You might die!”

Liu Dahai gave them a stare. “Let go of me! Chief Dong had saved my life, and my life belongs to him! What’s there to be afraid?!” Another officer rolled up his sleeves and tried to rush forward. But he was stopped by the rest of the rescuers.

Liang Chengpeng roared. “Calm down!”

Xie Huilan shouted. “Why are the rescue vehicles not here yet?! Call them! Call them immediately!”

An officer from the Public Security wiped his tears and took out his phone and called the emergency services. “Hello? Where are you? Huh? At the south junction? The road condition is bad?” Before the officer can say anything, Cao Xupeng snatched the phone and roared. “Is this your efficiency? Ah? Stop finding excuses! If you all can’t reach the scene within 5 minutes, all of you will be fired! You hear me?!”

One minute…

Two minutes…

Liang Chengpeng was pacing up and down. “Send the injured away first!”

Chen Fa and the officers walked towards the passengers unwillingly.

But the rescued passengers shouted. “We will not leave until Chief Dong is rescued!”

The old lady wiped her tears. “I will not leave! Chief Dong will be fine! He will be fine!”

All the rescued passengers and their family members refused to leave and were staring at the spot where Dong Xuebing stood before he disappeared. All of them saw what Dong Xuebing did for them. Without Dong Xuebing, all of them will be dead on the tour bus! But all of them knew Dong Xuebing couldn’t survive!

Is Dong Xuebing still alive?

Dong Xuebing can be considered barely alive.

At the final moment, before the landslide reached Dong Xuebing, he used all his strength to move towards where the little girl was standing. It was where the tour bus door was located. Mud and gravel were seeping into the bus, and Dong Xuebing dive in headfirst, like a swimmer, through the bus door. But before he could get into the tour bus, the landslide reached him. The impact of the rocks, debris, mud, etc. broke both his legs before Dong Xuebing could get into the bus.

Mud is everywhere around Dong Xuebing, and more mud is seeping through the bus door. The space available for Dong Xuebing is getting lesser and lesser.

Dong Xuebing wanted to stand up, but his legs are broken, and he could only crawl towards the bus door. He used a passenger chair to block the door, slowing the amount of mud entering the bus. After that, he laid there in the darkness and sighed. He closed his eyes slowly, to wait for death to come.

The wet mud and gravel had reached Dong Xuebing’s chest, and there is not enough air on the tour bus.

10 minutes. Dong Xuebing should only have 10 minutes left! Even if there is the air on the bus, he will also be drowned by the mud!

Dong Xuebing was trying to lift his head and suddenly regretted his actions. He still has not accomplished many things in life. He still wants to be promoted to Section Chief. Is it worth exchanging his life for a few villagers? If a reporter were to interview him now, he would say it is worth it. Yes, Dong Xuebing felt it is not worth it now, as he is still young, not married, and still have a long way to go. It is not worth killing oneself for others!

Dong Xuebing felt he is too impulsive and rash.

But if given a chance, Dong Xuebing will still choose to save people.

Dong Xuebing is not the type of person who can think rationally. When he got carried away, he will not care about anything. When he was saving the passengers, he had not thought about the consequences and will regret afterward. If he sees any people in danger, he will still step forward, or he will still be regretting not saving others!

To a certain extent, Dong Xuebing is a contradicting person.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

That broken passenger seat cannot stop the two meters of mud and gravel from entering the bus. The mud on the bus had reached Dong Xuebing’s neck, and he is having difficulties breathing. His lungs were burning and tried standing up with his broken legs, despite the pain.

Six minutes…

Eight minutes…

Ten minutes…

Time passes slowly, and Dong Xuebing’s life is coming to an end.

When someone is dying, they will start to think about their lives. Dong Xuebing thinks that if given a chance, he will choose to be selfish, and just enjoy his life before he dies. Official? He must get promoted as fast as possible! Wealth? He must make as much money as possible! Wife? He must get as many wives… Errr… He cannot have too many wives, or it will get messy. Yes… Xie Huilan, Qu Yunxuan, and Yu Meixia. Three wives are enough. Dong Xuebing felt he is quite optimistic. He is dying and still has time to think about this nonsense!

Eleven minutes…

Twelve minutes…

The mud reached Dong Xuebing’s neck again and had almost flooded the bus.

Climb out through the bus door? There is a two meters thick layer of mud and gravel above the bus and Dong Xuebing will be killed!

Wait on the bus for help? There is no more air, and he will still die!

Dong Xuebing is starting to breath faster and is gasping for air. He could not feel any oxygen entering his lungs and start to feel giddy. He is losing focus, and he finally blackout. Dong Xuebing fell into darkness, and he had experienced this feeling during the traffic accident and getting shot in the head previously.

Am I dead?

Sigh… I should be dead.

Dong Xuebing does not know how long it was, and he suddenly heard shouts beside him.

“He is waking up!”

“Quick! Get the doctor! Get the doctor!”

“Xiao Bing!”

Dong Xuebing had no strength to open his eyes, and he felt soreness and pain all over his body. When he heard the shouting and cries, he was stunned. Eh? Am I still alive? After a while, Dong Xuebing finally mustered enough strength to open his eyes. He looked around him and saw he is in the hospital. Beside him are medical equipment, and his mother, Luan Xiaoping, is crying beside him. There are a few doctors and nurses around the bed, checking his vitals.

Luan Xiaoping cried. “Xiao Bing, can you hear me?”

Dong Xuebing forced a smile. “I…, I am not deaf.” He still could not find the strength to speak properly.

Luan Xiaoping covered her mouth and was sobbing.

Dong Xuebing said. “Mum… I said before… I am lucky… and will not die… easily…”

“You nearly scared me to death!”

After that, Dong Xuebing drifted back to sleep, and still have a few dreams. When he woke up again, the sky is dark. He opened his eyes and felt much better. At this time, Luan Xiaoping entered the ward with some fruits. Dong Xuebing weakly asked. “Mum, what hospital is this? This ward is quite spacious. Yan Tai County’s People Hospital does not have such good wards.”

Luan Xiaoping’s eyes turned red. “This is Beijing Jishuitan Hospital.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “How come I am in Beijing?”

“What do you think? You are in a coma at Yan Tai County’s People Hospital, and the hospital had even issued a notice of the critical condition. The doctors at the hospital suggest transferring you to Beijing’s hospitals for treatment.” Luan Xiaoping sniffled. When she signed the notice of the critical condition, she almost broke down. “You thought it happened this morning? You are in a coma for three days!”

Dong Xuebing was shocked. “So long?”

Luan Xiaoping replied. “The doctors said you are lucky to be alive. If it were someone else, they would have died.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Oh, how did I get out of the bus?”

The rain stopped after Dong Xuebing got trapped in the bus, and the rocks and debris stopped falling from the mountain. The rescue vehicles arrived and dug a path to the tour bus. The rescuers managed to pull Dong Xuebing out from the mud, and if they were later by one or two minutes, he would have died!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed!

“What injuries have I suffered? How come I cannot move my legs?”


“Huh? Will I suffer from any condition resulting from my injuries?”

“I don’t think so. The doctor says you will recover after two months of rest.”

“Oh… That’s great.” Dong Xuebing moved his arms, and they are fine. But now, it is his legs that can’t move.

Ring… ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone kept ringing.

Luan Xiaoping is used to it, and she answered. After telling the other party about Dong Xuebing’s condition, she hangs up. In the next hour, more than a dozen phone calls are asking about Dong Xuebing’s condition. The people in Yan Tai County should have received news that Dong Xuebing is out of danger and is calling to find out more.

Dong Xuebing did not answer any calls and asked his mother to thank them for their concerns.

Dong Xuebing saw a copy of the Provincial newspaper on the table beside him, and the headlines is an article about him. He reached out for it and started reading it. The report shared the details of how Dong Xuebing saved the trapped passengers with a shovel in the middle of a landslide.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s mother looked at him. “It’s Chief Liang.”

“I got to answer this call.” Dong Xuebing took the phone from his mother and answered. “Hello, Chief Liang. I am Xiao Dong.”

“You… had done a great job!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sorry to make you worry.”

Liang Chengpeng was relieved to hear Dong Xuebing’s voice. “It’s great that you are well. You had done well this time. It’s seven lives, and you saved them all. Do you know that what you did is published in our Provincial newspaper? Even the Provincial TV station reported about your deeds. It even made a special episode about you, detailing your contributions in the hostage case and saving the man jumping from the building.”

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. “That’s great.”

“You deserved this honor. Take care of yourself, and I will help you get the credit after you return!”

“Err… Is it second-class merit or first-class merit?”

“You… Hahahaha… The City Government had praised you, and it’s a first-class merit award!”

During this peaceful time, it’s extremely difficult to get a first-class merit award. Many people with significant contributions could not get this award, and this piece of news got Dong Xuebing in a good mood. His achievements consist of a first-class merit award, second-class merit, and third-class merit, and he is one step closer to getting nominated for promotion. “Thank you, Chief Liang. I will get well and return to work at the frontlines as soon as possible!”

Liang Chengpeng quickly stops Dong Xuebing. “Stop… The County Government had given you three months to recuperate and don’t think of coming back during this period!”

“Err… Yes. I understand.”

“Alright. I shall not disturb your rest. Hahaha… You have done our Public Security proud!”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang immediately. He looked at the number. It is Liu Dahai.

Dong Xuebing laughed and answered. “Old Liu, it’s me.”

Liu Dahai paused for a second and asked with a hoarse voice. “How are you now?”

“Haha… It’s just some minor injuries. My upper body is fine, and I had only broken my legs.”

“Chief Dong, I… I…”

“Stop beating around the bush and say what you want. I am waiting to hang up and eat fruits. Hahaha…”

Liu Dahai gritted and said. “Chief Dong, I owe you my life and let me know if you need me in anyways!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Alright… Stop talking about this. I might not be able to return to Yan Tai County these few months. You must work hard, and don’t mess up!”

“Don’t worry!”

After hanging up, Chen Fa, Deputy Team Leader Feng, Qin Yong, Tang Jin, Dong Xuebing’s relatives, and friends called. But Dong Xuebing did not answer all the calls as he was still very weak, and he asked his mother to help him answer the calls. He also wondered why Xie Huilan had not called him and did not even ask about him.

In the end, Dong Xuebing can only call Xie Huilan.

The line got through, but the other party did not say a word.

“Hello? Mayor Xie?”


“Errr… I am Xiao Dong. Ermmm… I am calling to report my condition to you. I am fine now.”


Dong Xuebing knew Sister Xie is angry with him and quickly said. “Sorry… I am sorry… this time… err… you are also at the scene, and if I don’t go and help them, they will all die. I… I promise I will stay away if I encounter such situations again, ok?”

Xie Huilan finally replied. “You are very capable now. Everyone in the County knows who Chief Dong is.”

“Sister Xie, I’m sorry. I will not do it again.”

“You are not in the wrong. I am the one who is in the wrong. I should not help you get a transfer here!”

“Ah… Don’t be angry, please… I am alright now.”

Xie Huilan smiled and replied. “Yes. You are alright. You had only broke both legs, scratches all over your body, got into a coma for three days, and almost died. Haha, you are alright… these are all minor injuries, right?”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “Sorry to let you get worried about me.”

“Haha, I am not worried. You are Chief Dong. Even ten armed convicts cannot beat you. Bullets will not hit you, rocks can’t hit you, and even landslides cannot do anything to you. Hahaha… why should I get worried about you? Even if you are thrown into the pacific ocean today, you will be alive and kicking in front of me tomorrow!”

Dong Xuebing’s face turns red. “Stop poking fun at me. This time is an accident.”

“Alright… I got to go to a meeting.”

“Don’t be angry with me, please. I will not fall asleep if I know you are angry with me.”

“I am not angry.”

“If you are not angry, you will not speak to me in this tone.”

“What do you want me to say? Do you want me to tell you that I barely ate anything because I am worried about you? Are you expecting me to tell you that I slept less than three hours over the last two days because of you? Are you expecting me to tell you that I called the hospital several times to ask about you?”

Dong Xuebing was touched to know Xie Huilan was so worried about him.

Xie Huilan calmed down slightly and said. “I need to go to a meeting. Take care of yourself.”

“Ok. You should also take care of yourself. I am fine.”

“Rest well. I will deal with you when you return to Yan Tai County!”

“Huh… You can do anything to me, but please don’t remove me from my position.” Xie Huilan had mentioned this previously.

“Hehe… You are still concerned about your title at this time?!”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing laid on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

It’s good to be alive!

Translator’s note:

Beijing Jishuitan Hospital

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 245 – Am I dying?

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong!”

“Watch out!”

Everyone was shouting at Dong Xuebing!

Tears welled up in Liu Dahai’s eyes. He might close to Dong Xuebing, but Dong Xuebing is still his superior and was transferred to the county for around six months. Even if they are close, they are not close enough to sacrifice for each other. Liu Dahai had not expected Dong Xuebing, his leader, to use his body to block that falling rock for him!

Liu Dahai helped Dong Xuebing up. “Chief Dong! Chief Dong! Are you ok?!”

Dong Xuebing coughed and could taste blood in his mouth. “I’m fine… let’s go!”

“You are hurt! I will help you!” The landslide had reached the mid-levels of the mountain, and it was extremely dangerous.

Dong Xuebing pushed Liu Dahai. “We cannot get out if you are holding me! You don’t need to care about me! Go!”

Liu Dahai looked at Dong Xuebing helplessly. “Chief Dong!”

“Just go!” Dong Xuebing was breathing hard as he pushed Liu Dahai.

Liu Dahai took a few steps back and looked at Dong Xuebing. He gritted and started running forward!

Liang Chengpeng shouted to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong! Get out of there! Hurry! The landslide is coming down! Hurry up!”

Dong Xuebing felt his body was going apart from the impact of that rock. He took a few deep breaths and walking quickly behind Liu Dahai. He looked up at the mountain, and the landslide had reached over the mid-levels. Trees were being uprooted, and it was crashing down fast. Within a few moments, it was around one hundred meters away from where Dong Xuebing was standing!

Run! Run! Run!

This is the only thing in Dong Xuebing’s mind!

But at this moment, a couple cried out.

“Where is Niuniu? Why is Niuniu not here?! Niuniu!”

“Have you all seen a girl around six years old? It’s my daughter, and she was trapped in the bus!”

The officer who had escaped replied. “It was too dark on the bus, and we did not notice her! When we climb out, we did not hear your daughter saying anything. She might be…”

The man roared. “Impossible! Niuniu must be still alive!”

The woman cried. “My daughter is still inside! Save her! Someone, please save her!”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “There is no more time! We will not make it back to the bus!”

The man shouted out. “Niuniu! Where are you? Come out!”

Boom… The landslide is nearing… One hundred meters! Eighty meters! Sixty meters! Liu Dahai had jumped down from the mud and debris pile and turned to help Dong Xuebing down. But before Dong Xuebing could reach the edge of the pile, a girl cried out from behind!

“Niuniu! It’s Niuniu!”

Dong Xuebing turned around. He thought there is no one else on the bus, but a six-year-old girl had climbed out of the bus and was standing by the bus door. She must have fainted from the lack of oxygen when Dong Xuebing was rescuing them. That’s why no one realized she was left on the bus. Niuniu looked at the mud, debris, and rocks tumbling down from the mountains, and was crying!

Liang Chengpeng and a few officers immediately grabbed the young couple to stop them from rushing forward. “There’s no more time!”

The woman cried out. “Niuniu! No! No!”

Niuniu wiped her tears. “Mum! Dad! Save me!”


Yes. It’s too late. The girl is too young, and she can’t run to safety by herself. Even if she can run, she will not make it before the debris and mud engulf her, let alone someone to run over to her and bring her to safety!

Niuniu’s mother cried. “Please… I beg you all! Please save my daughter!”

Niuniu’s father struggled. “Let go of me! Let me save her!”

Liu Dahai shouted. “Chief Dong! Come down! Hurry!”

Everyone knows it’s too late to save that girl, and even Niuniu’s parents realized this. They collapsed on the ground, crying. Everyone sighed as they looked at them. Even if deities or god appear now, it will still be too late.

But the next moment, something shocking happened!

Dong Xuebing did not jump down from the mud pile. He turned and started running back to the tour bus!

Xie Huilan was stunned!

Cao Xupeng was stunned!

Liang Chengpeng was stunned!

Niuniu’s parents and everyone there was stunned!

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong! Don’t go!”

“Come back! There’s no more time!”

Xie Huilan turned pale and shouted angrily. “Xiao Dong! Get back immediately!”

“Chief Dong!”

The landslide had covered half of the mountain and was about to reach the foot of the mountain! The area where Xie Huilan and the rest stood were safe. But the tour bus and that little girl is right in the path of the landslide!

Fifty meters!

Forty meters!

Thirty meters!

It’s too late!

“Chief Dong! Come back!”

Dong Xuebing ignored everyone and shouted to the little girl. “Hurry and run over here!”

Niuniu heard it and started running towards Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing bent over and carried Niuniu up. But when he was about to run back, he realized the landslide is only about twenty meters away from him!

That’s it!

It’s too late to do anything!

“Chief Dong!”


Ten meters…

Eight meters…

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. In his heart, he wonders if he had made the right decision, but it’s too late to regret it. Dong Xuebing used all his remaining strength to throw Niuniu towards the county’s leaders. “Catch her!”

Six meters…

Five meters…


The little girl landed near the edge of the mud pile, and Liu Dahai, who was the nearest, ran over and carried her to safety!

“Chief Dong!” Liu Dahai’s voice was hoarse from shouting.

Tears were flowing.

Liu Dahai, Chen Fa, the injured passengers, and even Liang Chengpeng were crying.

Dong Xuebing forced an ugly smile and waved at them. It’s too late to say anything.

Three meters...

Two meters…

The mud and debris had reached!

Everything was covered in an instant!

Translator’s notes: A very short chapter.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 244 – Severely injured!

Dong Xuebing pulled the trapped passengers out of the bus from the top.

At the same time, many people in the minibus saw what happened from a distance.

“They are getting out! Someone is getting out!”

“They are trapped passengers! Chief Dong had saved them!”

Everyone in the minibus was cheering, and Xie Huilan and Cao Xupeng were standing at the end of the bus looking at Dong Xuebing. Liang Chengpeng slapped his thigh excitedly. “Xiao Dong had saved them!”

“That is Xiao Juan! My wife is rescued!”

“Leilei! I see my Leilei! He is still alive!”

“Sob… My wife is alright!”

Xie Huilan immediately ordered. “Station Chief Chen! Turn the bus back to rescue them!”

Chen Fa was also excited to see Dong Xuebing alive, but he said. “Mayor Xie, Secretary Cao, you all should get off the bus here. It’s too dangerous there!”

Cao Xupeng scolded. “Shut up and drive back there!”

Chen Fa turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator!

Six people were rescued. Liu Dahai, an officer from Hui Tian Village Station, another rescuer from the rescue party, a young woman, a boy, and a middle-aged man. Everyone almost cried after they were rescued. But when they looked around and saw only Dong Xuebing standing there, they were shocked.

Liu Dahai asked. “Chief Dong, you are alone?”

The young woman asked. “Where is the rescue party? Why is there no one else?”


Before Dong Xuebing can say anything, a loud rumbling sound was heard, and the ground shook. A few large rocks rolled down the mountain and narrowly missed the young woman and the middle-aged man. One of the rocks almost hit the boy, but Dong Xuebing pulled him away from danger. Everyone turned pale and knew they were not out of danger!

They are still in a dangerous situation and might die any second!

Liu Dahai was stunned. “Chief Dong, you… how did you get over here?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I walked over.”

They looked at the muddy ground, the rocks rolling down from the mountain, and at Dong Xuebing in shock. Had you walked over? It may only be around twenty meters, but you might be killed by the falling rocks anytime! How did you get here alive? You risked your life just to save us?!

Dong Xuebing looked towards the mountain and said. “Let’s go before another major landslide happens!” He points in front. “See the uneven ground there? That’s the path I used to get here. Follow my path and run without stopping. Don’t look at the mountain and don’t be afraid. If there is danger, I will shout out to you all!”

The woman panicked. “There are still rocks falling! We will not make it out!”

Crash! Rocks and tree branches fell from the mountain!

The middle-aged man took a deep breath and said. “No! We will not make it over! Let us wait for the rescue party here!”

Dong Xuebing stared at that man. “F**k you! Cannot make it to safety? Then how did I get here? I also walked the path to get here! Wait?! If there is another landslide, we will all be dead! Stop saying these discouraging words! I say we can walk out safely! Hurry up and run as fast as you can! It’s only around twenty meters, and it will be over in a blink of an eye!” At this moment, they had to keep their morale up.

Liu Dahai also felt it was not possible to get to safety, but he still said. “Alright! Get ready and line up!”

No one dares to be the first.

Liu Dahai saw this and shouted. “Xiao An! You will go first!”

That officer from Hui Tian Village clenched his teeth and started running.

Dong Xuebing shouted behind him. “Don’t look back! Just focus on my footsteps and ignore the rest! You must not miss any steps! Quick!” But Xiao An had only move three meters, and a rock fell onto his shoulder. He screamed in pain and died on the spot!

Dong Xuebing cursed and shouted. BACK 5 seconds!

Time returned!

Dong Xuebing shouted at Xiao An. “Xiao An! Stop! Lie flat on the ground! Now!”

Xiao An immediately dived on the ground, and the next second, a rock brush passed his back, narrowly missing him.

Dong Xuebing shouted again. “Continue running! Hurry!”

Xiao An got up clumsily and started running forward!

Liu Dahai pushed the middle-aged man beside him. “You are next! Hurry up! Don’t need to be scared! Chief Dong is around!”

Dong Xuebing added. “You all only focus on running straight! I will keep a lookout for you all!”

Dong Xuebing is a celebrity in Yan Tai County, and those who read the news will know Chief Dong had made it out alive miraculously in two incidents. That’s why everyone trusted him and started running behind Xiao An!

Fragmented rocks were falling from the mountains and killed some of the rescued passengers.

“That woman! Duck! Lower your head!”

“Boy! Stop there! Stop!”

“That man! Lie down with your arms covering your head! Now!”

Dong Xuebing used BACK, again and again, to bring those people back from the dead! Liu Dahai was speechless as it was still pouring, and visibility is poor. The rocks are falling from the mountain at a fast speed and do not fall in a fixed path. He could not understand why Chief Dong can predict where the rocks will land!

“Old Liu! It’s your turn!” Dong Xuebing shouted.

Liu Dahai looked around, and only Chief Dong and he remains. “Chief Dong, you go first!”

Dong Xuebing pushed Liu Dahai. “Stop wasting time and run! I will be behind you!”

Liu Dahai’s eyes were red. “Chief Dong!”

“Hurry up!”

Now, lesser rocks are falling from above. Only small stones and debris are falling from the mountains, and since they will not do any serious injuries, Dong Xuebing did not use BACK. He had not to keep track of how much time is left and estimate to be less than twenty seconds left!

Suddenly, the sound of screeching tires was heard, as the minibus arrived!

Chen Fa and other officers jumped out. “Chief Dong! Station Chief Liu!”

Xie Huilan, Cao Xupeng, Liang Chengpeng, and the family members got off the bus. Everyone at the scene was excited and relieved. No one had expected Chief Dong to rescue everyone in that grim situation. Furthermore, Chief Dong is injured, and he managed to dig everyone out! This is a miracle!

“Xiao Juan!”

“Leilei! Sob… My Leilei!”

The young woman and the boy had run out through the mud, into the arms of their family members.

“Mum! Sob….”

“Da Yu! I was so scared!”

“It’s alright now! Everything is alright now!”

They were reunited with their family members and were crying in each other’s arms.

Xie Huilan shouted. “Hurry up! Quick!”

Liang Chengpeng rolled up his sleeves and rushed forward to help those trapped passengers get down from the mud and debris. Everyone had gotten to safety, and only Dong Xuebing and Liu Dahai are preparing to escape.

But at this moment, the earth shook more vigorously than before. Loud rumbling noises can be heard and sounded like the earth is tearing apart. Dong Xuebing and the rest turned pale and looked towards the mountain. They could see trees falling, and within a split second, the uprooted trees had reached the mid-levels of the mountain. For the trees to be uprooted, it must be another landslide!

Chen Fa shouted. “Chief Dong! Run!”

Everyone started shouting. “Hurry up! There’s no more time!”

“Chief Dong!”

This landslide is bigger than the ones before it. If anyone is caught in this landslide, they will die for sure!

Liu Dahai shouted anxiously. “Chief Dong! You go first!”

Dong Xuebing roared back at Liu Dahai. “Stop wasting time and run! If not, none of us can escape!”

“Chief Dong!”


Suddenly, a rock, about the size of a football, rolled down from the mountain and hit Liu Dahai’s chest! Liu Dahai could not even make a sound, and he collapsed!

“Old Liu!” Dong Xuebing screamed. “BACK 10 Seconds!”

The scenes changed!

Dong Xuebing wanted to remind Liu Dahai to dodge, but what he saw made him break out in cold sweat!

That rock is very near to them. Eight meters… six meters… four meters… It is about to crash into Liu Dahai!

Dong Xuebing knew that if it was ten seconds before, this rock should still be on the mountain, and he will have enough time to get Liu Dahai to avoid it. But now, the time had not returned to ten seconds before. It should be around three seconds, and the only explanation is Dong Xuebing had only three seconds of BACK left and does not have any more chance to use BACK now!

“Old Liu!”

“Chief Liu!”

Not far away, everyone saw the rock flying towards Liu Dahai and shouted out to him!

It’s too late for Liu Dahai to dodge, and he stood there helplessly.

Dong Xuebing had no time to think and pounce forward, pushing Liu Dahai to the ground!

A loud ‘thud’ was heard as the rock hit Dong Xuebing’s back!

Dong Xuebing out blood upon the impact. He had blocked the rock from hitting Liu Dahai with his back!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 243 – Save! Save! Save!

The rain was still pouring down relentlessly.

“Stop the car! Stop immediately!”

“What is Chief Dong doing? Is he trying to save the trapped passengers? Is he mad?”

“The side of the mountain is crumbling down! There is not enough time!”

“Chief Dong is still injured! How can he save others with his body?!”

Many people could not believe their eyes as they looked at Dong Xuebing’s back view. When Dong Xuebing ordered to evacuate everyone, some still thought he is scare of dying and is ignoring the trapped passengers for his and the County’s leaders’ safety. But when everyone saw Dong Xuebing did not board the vehicle and picked up a shovel, they knew what he is trying to do!

Dong Xuebing is going to save the passengers! He is going to save them himself!

It is Chief Xiao Dong again! Whenever the people are in trouble, Chief Xiao Dong is always the one stepping forward!

A few people started crying as they looked at Chief Xiao Dong from the rear windscreen of the vehicles. No one had expected Dong Xuebing to make such a decision. Rocks and debris are still falling from the mountains, and he is alone. The muddy ground is extremely unstable, and the situation is grim. There’s no hope for Dong Xuebing to return alive, and his arms are still covered in bandages. He still had not recovered from his injuries!

Everyone at the scene had boarded the vehicles and only Dong Xuebing, remained.

No words could describe the feelings of those in the vehicles.

Xie Huilan opened the windows and shouted angrily. “Xiao Dong! Get back here!”

Liang Chengpeng also shouted at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong! Come back now!”

Dong Xuebing heard their cries, but he did not turn around or say anything. Liu Dahai might still be on the tour bus with the other rescuers and passengers. How can he turn back? Dong Xuebing is the only one who has a slim chance to rescue everyone from the bus with his power. If he doesn’t rescue them, they will die.

Everyone can leave the scene except for Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing needs to save them! He must save as many people as possible!

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong, come back!”

Dong Xuebing saw the bus stop again and shouted furiously. “Chen Fa! Hurry up and drive!”

Crash! A tree had rolled down from the mountain and brushed against the back of the minibus!

“Chief Dong!”

“Xiao Dong!”

The rescue party and injured passengers cried out.

Dong Xuebing did not say a word and ran forward with his shovel. The rain had made the ground softer, and Dong Xuebing almost missed a step. He quickly used the shovel to support himself and continued his way forward with big strides. Every step he took, his feet will sink into the mud!


What Dong Xuebing needed the most is the time!

Dong Xuebing had no time to lose and must increase his speed!

Half a meter…

One meter…

Two meters…

Ah!!! Dong Xuebing stepped onto a hole!

Dong Xuebing felt everything becomes black, and the next moment, his whole body felt into a muddy hole!


“Chief Dong!”

The people on the bus gasped!

Dong Xuebing struggled and could not climb out. He is covered by mud and was suffocating. He knew he would not make it and held his breath as he screamed, “BACK 10 seconds!” in his heart. Dong Xuebing’s body returned to the ground and was about to take a step forward. He paused and changed direction to avoid that area where the hole was located!

It was only five to six meters, but it was extremely dangerous!

Dong Xuebing almost died three times, and the ground feels like a swamp, which can swallow him anytime!

Six meters! Dong Xuebing had moved 6 meters! He is nearing the buried tour bus!

But before Dong Xuebing can move further, danger befalls on him again. Dong Xuebing was wearing a raincoat, and the sides of his head are covered. He felt a gush of wind beside him and turned his body slightly to see what was happening. At the same time, he heard shouts behind him, and rock, the size of his forearm, fell and hit him on his waist!


Dong Xuebing shouted in pain and blacked out. He was unsure if he died or he had fainted!

Damn! BACK 8 seconds!

The scenes changed again!

Dong Xuebing regained his senses and quickly dived forward!

Crash! A rock had rolled down from the mountains and narrowly missed Dong Xuebing’s back!

Dong Xuebing was relieved and got up from the muddy ground. He continued forward, and this dangerous situation did not stop him. He is not afraid of the dangers and was determined to overcome it.

Everyone on the bus was shouting to get off, after seeing Dong Xuebing narrowly escaping death several times. The officers from Hui Tian Village Station shouted to Chen Fa. “Station Chief Chen! Let me go and bring Chief Dong back!” The other officers added. “I will go too! If Chief Dong is not leaving, I will stay to help him! We must not let Chief Dong face the dangers alone!”

“Chief Chen! Let me go too!”

“I will go too!”

The driver was looking at Chen Fa.

Chen Fa did not say a word.

Dong Xuebing suddenly turns around and saw the minibus still there. His lungs almost exploded from his anger. “Didn’t you hear what I said?! Get away from here!”

Chen Fa’s eyes were red. “But you…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted him. “Just ignore me and get lost!”

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong!”

More debris and chipped rocks were falling from the mountains. Crack! One of the rocks hit the minibus and shattered a window!

“Hurry and go!” Dong Xuebing shouted.

Chen Fa hit the minibus’s windscreen and shouted. “Drive! Let’s go!”

Tears were rolling down from the driver’s eyes as he steps on the accelerator!

Cao Xupeng shouted from the back of the bus. “Stop! Who allows you to drive?! Hurry and bring Chief Dong back!”

Liang Chengpeng shouted at his men. “Get two men and carry Xiao Dong back! He is still injured, and this is seeking death!”

Everyone was moved by Dong Xuebing’s fearless attitude. He was like this during the hostage situation at the school, and during the jumping incident at the County’s Party Committee building. Now, he is doing it again. How many government officials in the County, city, or even province, can do what he is doing?


Seeing the driver hesitating whether to stop, Chen Fa dragged him out of the driver seat and got in. He stepped on the accelerator, ignoring the leaders and his colleagues. He gripped on the steering wheel tightly and drove forward!

“Chief Dong!

“Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing was relieved when the cries got softer. He looked at the rocks and debris rolling down from the mountains and smiled wryly. The past few days, he had been resting at home and accumulated around 10 minutes of BACK. But just the short distance earlier, he had used almost 2 minutes. He is also not sure if he can make it out alive. This time, he might die.

But Dong Xuebing does not have time to think about all these!

Dong Xuebing continued forward! He must save everyone!

Eleven meters…

Twelve meters…

Thirteen meters…

The nearer Dong Xuebing got to the tour bus, the more dangerous it was.

Dong Xuebing had fallen into deep holes five or six times and used more than a minute of BACK, before reaching the spot where the tour bus was. The tour bus was buried under the mud and debris. There was an area in the mud which was sunken, and Dong Xuebing guessed the bus window or door is beneath it. Mud and debris will enter the tour bus through the windows or door, creating a shallow dent in the mud!

Dong Xuebing had no time to guess if this is the correct location and can only take a gamble!

Dong Xuebing picks up the shovel and starts digging!

Dong Xuebing’s arms had not recovered and should not do strenuous activities. Just moving his arms was painful, but he did not stop. He gritted his teeth and continued digging!


Five rocks fell from the mountains suddenly, and three of them hit Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing shouted in pain and noticed he could not move his right hand. His right hand was fractured!

BACK 5 seconds!

Time returned!

Dong Xuebing quickly lowered his body and used the shovel to block his side. Crash… Two of the rocks were blocked by the shovel, and Dong Xuebing dodged one more. The impact from the rocks hitting the shovel made his hands numb. He looked at his shovel, and there were two dents. If the rocks hit his head, he would have died!

Dong Xuebing did not care about the numbness in his hands and continued digging with all his strength!

I must save them!

One time…

Two times…

Three times…

Dong Xuebing could feel piercing pain from his arms, but he continued.

Fragments of rocks were flying over Dong Xuebing’s head, but he continues digging.

Everyone was watching Dong Xuebing a lonely figure from the minibus, which is moving further away. They could see Dong Xuebing digging nonstop with his heavily bandaged arms and were touched by him.

Many people started crying.

This might be the last time they saw Chief Dong alive.

Xie Huilan sat there quietly, looking in front. But Cao Xupeng noticed her eyelashes moving very fast and seems to be very emotional. Liang Chengpeng clenched his fist and felt terrible. He claimed to be a good official and had always wanted to do something for the people. But he got to admit that he is nothing compared to Dong Xuebing!

“Sob… Xiao Juan!”


The injured passengers were still shouting the names of their family members.

Liang Chengpeng looked at them and said. “Don’t worry. Chief Dong is rescuing them, and they will be fine!” Someone added. “That’s right. Nothing is impossible for Chief Dong. Chief Dong is the one who rescued all the hostages at Nan Liu Junior School. This time, it will be the same!”

But no matter how capable Chief Dong was, he is still alone, and it’s impossible to win against the landslide, mudflows, falling rocks, etc. All these are fatal, and even if he can avoid one or two falling rocks by luck, he cannot dodge the rest!

No one knows if Chief Dong can survive this calamity!

Even Dong Xuebing also doesn’t know if he can make it out alive!

Dong Xuebing was exhausted, but the mud seems to be endless. No matter how he digs, he still cannot reach the bottom. Although this is not considered mudflow or marsh, the mud will flow back into the hole Dong Xuebing was digging. After digging for so long, Dong Xuebing had dug only less than half a meter!

This cannot continue! Dong Xuebing must dig faster!

Dong Xuebing ignored the pain in his arms and dig harder and faster. He prayed for the ones trapped in the bus to hold on until he reached them!

It was pitch black on the tour bus.

Liu Dahai was lying on his side, gasping for air and could hear children crying near to him.

They were trapped in the tour bus for more than ten minutes, and the window at the back of the bus was shattered. Mud and debris had seeped in through the openings. There was only a small space at the front of the bus. If Liu Dahai and the other two rescuers had not used a seat cushion to block the bus door and a window, they would have been buried alive.

Now, the oxygen is running out, and everyone was in despair.

“I… can’t breathe!” A young woman cried.

Liu Dahai replied softly. “The rescue party will be here soon! Don’t give up!”

An officer from Hui Tian Village Station replied in despair. “Listen. There are still rocks falling on top. How are they going to rescue us in this situation? They might have given up on saving us.”

A child cried. “I don’t want to die! Sob… Mum! Dad! Come and save me!”

The child’s cries affected the rest. That young woman and another boy started crying. “Someone! Save us! Help!” Bang, bang, bang… They started banging on the sides of the bus, hoping for someone to hear them. “Come and save us! Help! We are running out of air!”

Someone said. “Stop shouting! They are gone, and no one will save us!”

Although everyone knows this is true, they continued to shout and bang against the bus!

Liu Dahai was getting dizzy, and this is a sign of lack of oxygen. He opened his mouth and tried to get as much air as possible. The people around him were in the same condition as him, and they stopped shouting. All of them closed their eyes and waited. They are going to die!

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

It felt like an eternity, and just when everyone thought they were about to die, they heard some sounds above them!

It sounds like digging!

Someone is trying to save them!

Liu Dahai mustered up all his strength and sat up. “Its… the bus door… Someone is trying to reach us there.”

All of them were weak and could only look towards the bus door.



The sounds were getting nearer!

Suddenly, there was a loud crash. The passenger seat used to block the door was pushed aside, and a light shone in. At the same time, fresh air entered the tour bus, and the trapped passengers were gasping for air. They felt their energy coming back to them, and it was like being reborn!


I am still alive!

A man shouted. “Is there anyone alive?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Save us!”

“Please save us!”

Only Liu Dahai recognized this voice. “Chief Dong!”

It was Dong Xuebing’s voice, and hearing the replies from inside the bus, Dong Xuebing shouted excitedly. “Old Liu! Are you all alright? That’s great! Hurry! Get everyone to climb out one after another! Quick!” Dong Xuebing’s BACK was almost used up, and without BACK, he can no longer revive himself. Every second count!

Liu Dahai almost cried when he heard Dong Xuebing’s voice.

“Everyone, hurry up!” Liu Dahai grabbed a child and pushed him upwards. “Don’t rush! Don’t rush! Let the children go first!”

The bus door was forced open, and mud started seeping into the bus. They don’t have much time left!

“Everyone move faster!”

Although Liu Dahai wanted to get out of the bus first, as a Police Officer, he got to remain until everyone gets to safety. He climbed out of the bus only after all the trapped passengers were rescued!

They are finally out!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 242 – Rescue!

Unexpected calamity!

No one had expected this to happen!

Dong Xuebing looked towards the buried tour bus and felt his head exploding. He cursed and ran towards the County’s leaders. The mud from the landslide had buried 3 to 4 tourists and several rescuers, which includes Hui Tian Village Station’s officers. Dong Xuebing is anxious, and one of his men was sacrificed. Public Security Bureau Chief Liang Chengpeng and the few team leaders of the rescue teams also ran towards Mayor Xie and Secretary Cao.

“Mayor Xie, what should we do now?”

“This place is too dangerous. You all should move to somewhere safer!”

“That’s right. There might be more landslides, and it is not safe here!”

The few accompanying officials suggested to Xie Huilan to evacuate the scene. During this time, the leaders must be protected, and nothing must happen to Mayor Xie. However, Xie Huilan was staring at the location where the bus was buried, and Cao Xupeng, also have not intentions of retreating. The ones trapped in the bus were not rescued, how can they leave now?

Liang Chengpeng sighed. “I’m afraid they cannot be rescued.”

A woman standing not far away was crying and pleading. “Please save my son! Someone… Please…”

A middle-aged couple was holding on to some rescuers’ arms. “My daughter is still inside! Hurry up and save her!”

“My husband is still on the bus!”

But no rescuers dare to go near, and if they want to dig a rescue tunnel to the bus, they will need heavy machinery or rescue vehicles. However, it will take time for the vehicles to arrive, and the road conditions are preventing them from reaching the accident site. The bus is now buried, and the air inside will not last until the rescue vehicles arrive. If they try to clear the mud with their bare hands, the falling rocks and mud might injure or even kill the rescuers. Everyone had rushed to the scene and had not brought any rescue equipment with them!

Furthermore, it was a massive landslide, and the people on the bus might have been killed from the impact.

Go and rescue them now? That will be risking your life!

Liang Chengpeng ordered his men to call for the rescue vehicles, and after he got the reply from them, he reported to Xie Huilan. “The rescue vehicles can only arrive in an hour.”

Xie Huilan replied with a straight face. “It will be too late!”

Cao Xupeng took a deep breath and added. “That’s right. Even if the air inside the bus can last for an hour, but the mud will be seeping through the windows, and there will be lesser air. They might not even last for 15 minutes. It will be too late by the time the rescue vehicles arrive!”

Liang Chengpeng asked. “Then… what should we do?”

The rain was still pouring, and the rescued passengers were crying and shouting.

Xie Huilan decided. “Rescue them! Continue with the rescue operations immediately!”

Liang Chengpeng’s eyes twitched. “Mayor Xie!” He also wanted to rescue the passengers, but he cannot put his men’s lives on the line. Rocks and mud are still falling from the mountains, and some rocks are the size of a football. It’s too dangerous to go into that area without protective gear!

Xie Huilan firmly replied. “I don’t care what you all do! Even if you all have to dig out the bus with bare hands, you all must also rescue everyone from the bus!”

Cao Xupeng gritted his teeth and said. “Save them!”

Liang Chengpeng had no choice but to obey to his leaders’ orders. He looked at his men and ordered them. “Get two officers with better fitness to rescue them!”

Dong Xuebing looked around. “Where is Liu Dahai?”

Chen Fa looked around. “Station Chief Liu was still here earlier.”

Everyone shouted for Liu Dahai, but there was no reply. Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “Old Liu is trapped in the bus? Damn!” It was too chaotic at the scene, and everyone was wearing raincoats. It’s hard to differentiate their identities, and they suddenly remembered Liu Dahai was helping with the rescue before the landslide. Dong Xuebing shouted. “Old Chen! Pick two men to rescue them! Hurry!”


Chen Fa shouted to two officers, and some villagers passed spades to the officers. The two officers were scared, and their hands were trembling. But when they thought of the ones trapped in the bus, they still pushed themselves to go forward.

This is not a mudslide, and the rocks and debris are from the surface of the mountains. One can still walk on it.

Although the mud is knee-high, the officers can still walk on it.

One officer stepped on the thick mud and made his way forward slowly.

At this moment, Dong Xuebing and the rest were looking at both officers nervously!

The rain was not stopping and was foggy. The mountainside is extremely unstable after the massive landslide earlier, and many rocks were exposed. With the rain washing down on the rocks, many of them tumbled down the mountain. If the rocks were tumbling down from 5 to 6 meters, it was still fine. But many of the rocks are tumbling down from dozens of meters, and even a few hundred meters high! The force from the rocks is unthinkable!

One step…

Three steps…

Five steps…

Before the officer can take eight steps towards the bus, an accident happened!

A chipped rock rolled down the mountain, and Bam! That officer shouted in pain and fell onto the mud, holding his leg. He started to sink into the mud. Some parts of that area are deeper, and when that officer tried to get up, his other leg sunk into the mud!

The officer behind him saw it and stepped forward to pull him up.

But at that moment, 4 to 5 rocks rolled down from the mountains!

One of the rocks hit the second officer on his ribs, and another hit his head. That officer immediately collapsed onto the ground motionlessly!

Dong Xuebing urgently cried out. “Bring them back! Quick!”

Liang Chengpeng shouted to his men. “Go!”

A few firemen and villagers walked over quickly with their arms covering their heads to rescue those two officers. Some did not even step onto the mud, as they were afraid of getting hit by the falling rocks. Only five of them reached the two officers and carried them back to safety. The officers had fractures but were still alive.

After what had happened, no one dares to go forward.

This is not risking lives. It’s suicide!

Xie Huilan’s face turns black and shouted. “Go again!”

Liang Chengpeng saw no one moving, and he shouted to his men. “Xiao Li! You go!”

The officer from the County’s Bureau jumped and turns pale, but he cannot go against Chief Liang’s orders. He is skinny and did not sink into the two meters thick mud when he was walking on it. One meter… five meters… eight meters… He was getting closer to where the bus was, but when he was about to reach that spot, Xiao Li disappeared into the mud!

“Xiao Li!”

Xiao Li had fallen into a hole!

Liang Chengpeng was anxious, and he saw two arms waving frantically, trying to climb out of that hole. But the ground was wet and slippery, and he couldn't climb out by himself. When Dong Xuebing and Liang Chengpeng shouted to the rest to rescue Xiao Li, Xiao Li’s arms stopped struggling and disappeared.

Another Public Security officer was sacrificed!

Liang Chengpeng’s eyes were red. He was the one who ordered Xiao Li, and if he did not ask him to go, he might not…

Someone from the rescue party shouted. “We must not go again!”

Someone added. “That’s right. The ones on the bus might be dead now!” Everyone was scared to be ordered to go to the bus.

Cao Xupeng had entered his car to call County’s Party Secretary Xiang Daofa to report on the situation. After he came out of the vehicle, he shouted. “Party Secretary Xiang had ordered to save the passengers at all costs!” He paused for a while and continued. “We cannot rush in, and the rescue vehicles will not be here in time! Hurry and think of other solutions!”

No one said a word.

What can they do? Other than walking across the mud and dig a hole to the tour bus, they have no other solutions!

But two men had died in the process, who dares to go near that area?

Liang Chengpeng, Dong Xuebing, and the rest looked at Xie Huilan. Xie Huilan thought for a while and said. “Evacuate the villagers to the County town and send the injured to the hospital. The rest will move towards the south, away from the mountains. I will remain here to wait for the rescue vehicles!”

Chen Fa interrupted. “I had received news that the road back to the County is blocked by a few fallen trees.”

Xie Huilan shouted. “Move the cars away from here! Before the rescue vehicles arrive, the roads must be cleared!”

Cao Xupeng stopped Xie Huilan. “Mayor Xie! You must not remain here! You should leave!”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “Stop! Secretary Cao, bring them away now!”

“Mayor Xie!”



Liang Chengpeng starts to evacuate the villagers and ordered the buses carrying the injured to move to a safer place. The road in front is blocked by a few uprooted trees and debris, and the buses can pass through. But that area is far away from the mountains and is temporarily safe. All the vehicles were moved there, and some villagers start to clear the road. Because a few tourists’ family members are still trapped in the bus, they refused to leave.

Liang Chengpeng, Cao Xupeng, and the other leaders remained at the scene as the Mayor is still there, and they cannot leave without her.

Xie Huilan ordered. “Old Cao, Old Liang! Bring the people away!”

Cao Xupeng and the rest of the leaders’ impression of Xie Huilan was pretty, graceful, and always smiling. But in this situation, they saw a different side of her. She is decisive and brave when facing dangers. She refused to leave before everyone is rescued, and not everyone is as fearless as her!


A few loud rumblings were heard, and the ground shook!

No one knows which side of the mountains is having a landslide again.

Everyone’s face changed as they heard the sounds, and some officials started retreating towards the buses. That area is considered safe from landslides.

Xie Huilan replied coldly. “Don’t make me repeat myself! Go now!”

An old woman staggered over. “Mayor Xie! My grandson is still on the bus! When the rock hit our tour bus, he was thrown to the back of the bus! Please… I beg you all to save him! He is only ten years old! Please save him!”

Xie Huilan consoled the old woman. “The rescue vehicles are on their way! I believe they will be fine!”

The middle-aged couple pleaded. “The rescue vehicles will not be here in time! Please get your men to save them! Don’t go! We beg you all…. Please!” The couple kneeled on the wet road and kowtowed to Xie Huilan. They kowtowed twice and were bleeding from their forehead!

“I will also kneel!” The old woman and a few other family members kneeled on the road to beg Xie Huilan!

“Save them! If anything happens to my daughter, I will join her!”

“Xiao Juan is still on the bus! Xiao Juan….”

“Mayor Xie! We beg you to save them!”

The injured passengers were on their knees, begging Xie Huilan to order the continuation of the rescue operations. But two officers were sacrificed, and rocks were still falling from the mountain. If the rescue party were to continue their way to the tour bus, more people would be sacrificed.

It was chaotic at the scene!

Xie Huilan is considering asking someone to drive a bus onto the mud near the foot of the mountain to block the falling rocks and debris. Although this maneuver is hard, at least they are tried. This is also the reason why Xie Huilan insists on staying there. But Xie Huilan did not move from the scene, and the rest of the leaders dare not to move and had to remain there to help. But the injured passengers can’t wait and wanted Xie Huilan to send people to dig an escape route for the people trapped in the tour bus. As they were begging Xie Huilan on their knees, loud rumblings can be heard from the mountains. Another massive landslide might happen anytime!


It was too chaotic!

Dong Xuebing was furious and shouted. “Everyone from Hui Tian Village Station! Come over!”

Chen Fa heard Dong Xuebing and led his officers over. “Chief Dong, what should we do now? Who should we listen to?” Mayor Xie had ordered them to retreat, the passengers were begging them to rescue their relatives, and Chief Liang is not allowing them to leave!

Dong Xuebing stared at Chen Fa. “Who do think?”

Chen Fa immediately replied. “We will listen to your orders!” All the officers replied.

“Good!” Dong Xuebing pointed to his side. “Those passengers are crying on the ground! Those from the rescue party! Those from the Bureau, including the leaders from the County government! I give you all 5 minutes to get them into their vehicles and bring them away from here! All of you must leave this place! Go and wait at the minibus there! Listen carefully! Every single one of them must leave this place!”

Chen Fa paused. “Mayor Xie and Party Secretary Cao…”

Dong Xuebing gave Chen Fa a stare. “You don’t understand my orders?! I want every one of them to leave this place!”

“Yes, Sir!”

After receiving orders from Dong Xuebing, the officers from Hui Tian Village Station moved. One of them boarded a minibus nearby and drove towards the County Leaders, and the rest of the officers start to grab and throw people into the bus. One of the passengers refused to move and tried to jump out of the minibus. But Chen Fa reacted fast and cuffed him to the bus!

Liang Chengpeng shouted furiously. “Chief Dong! What are you doing?!”

Dong Xuebing ignored him and roared to his men. “Get everyone onto the bus! I will take full responsibility!”

To everyone’s horror, Liang Chengpeng and Cao Xupeng were pinned down and carried onto the minibus by force!

In the past, Dong Xuebing treated his subordinates well, and whenever there are difficulties, he will be the one rushing in front of his men. Now, every officer from Hui Tian Village Station is loyal to Dong Xuebing and respected him more than Bureau Chief Liang and the leaders from the county government. This is why when Dong Xuebing ordered them to bring everyone away by force, they acted without hesitation. If it was the officers from other stations, they will not be so united and dare not to bring Liang Chengpeng and Cao Xupeng away by force.

They are Dong Xuebing’s soldiers!

This is Hui Tian Village Station!

Cries and pleads can be heard from the minibus!

“I don’t want to go! Xiao Juan!”

“My son is still in there! What are you all doing?! Leilei!!!”

“Rescue them! Please! I beg you all to save them! Don’t leave!”

“Oh, god! Someone, please save my grandson!”

In the end, even Xie Huilan was forced onto the bus by a female officer!

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Do you know what you are doing?”

Dong Xuebing firmly replied. “I know! Sorry for doing this to you all!” He turned to the driver and shouted. “Chen Fa! Drive!”

The minibus and a few other police cars started moving.

Chen Fa noticed Dong Xuebing had not boarded the police cars and stick his head out. “Chief Dong, hurry, and board!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and waved his hand. “Just go!”

Chen Fa and the other officers from Hui Tian Village Station were stunned. “Chief Dong, what are you doing?!”

Xie Huilan turned and stared at Dong Xuebing. Liang Chengpeng and Cao Xupeng could guess what Dong Xuebing was trying to do and were stunned. “Xiao Dong!”

Dong Xuebing looked at them emotionlessly. “Hurry up and go!”

Chen Fa gritted his teeth and cursed. “F**k! Let’s go!”

From inside their vehicles, everyone could see Dong Xuebing bending over to pick up a shovel with his bandaged arm and walked slowly towards the buried tour bus!

This scene was too shocking to everyone!

Translator’s notes: Why didn’t he turn back time to save those sacrificed officers?



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Power and Wealth

Chapter 241 – Sudden disaster!

One day…

Two days…

Three days…

Six days had passed.

This morning, dark clouds covered the skies, and it was raining heavily since midnight over the northwest region of the County, and the rainfall is the heaviest in ten years. Dong Xuebing’s injuries were almost recovered. Despite not fully recovered and the bad weather, Dong Xuebing still drove to the Bureau. Public Security is the busiest during such weather, and he was bored to tears at home. So, he decided to return to work earlier.

Pitter-patter… It’s the sound of raindrops falling on Dong Xuebing’s umbrella.

When Dong Xuebing was about to enter his office building, he met Gong Zhongwen.

“Chief Dong? You are back so soon? How are your injuries?”

“Haha… I’m fine.”

“Fine? But your arms are still covered in bandages. You call this fine?”

“I can move my arms now, and the bandages are for the abrasions.”

Both chatted as they walked into the building. Along the way, they met a few other leaders, and they are concerned about Dong Xuebing’s injuries. Dong Xuebing greeted them politely and went up to Bureau Chief’s office. He needs to inform Liang Chengpeng that he will be returning to work and get his third-tier merit award.

In the office, Liang Chengpeng is reading a document.

Dong Xuebing closed the door behind him and smiled. “Chief Liang, I am reporting back to work.”

Liang Chengpeng looks up and saw the bandages on Dong Xuebing’s arms. He frowned. “Go home and rest now! I will give you five more days to rest at home! You are not recovered yet, and why are you here? I know work is important, but before you are well, you are not allowed to return to work.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and moved his arms. “Chief Liang, look at me. I’m fine.”

Liang Chengpeng said. “Then remove the bandages and show me your arms!”

“Err…. To be honest, I’m bored at home. Is there any case in the Bureau that can be assigned to me?”

Liang Chengpeng laughed. “How can I assign work to you with your current condition?”

“Ah… I…”

“You… don’t need to say anymore. If you insist on returning to work, go back to your office and do the coordination work for Hui Tian Village. When you are fully recovered, I will give you more work than you can handle! Your job now is to recover!” Liang Chengpeng also told Dong Xuebing that his award would be issued to him in a ceremony next Monday.

After returning to his office, Dong Xuebing drank his tea slowly and called Hui Tian Village Station. “Hello, Old Liu. I’m Dong Xuebing.”

Liu Dahai was surprised. “Chief Dong, you are at the Bureau now? Have you recovered?”

“I’m fine. Is everything alright at Hui Tian Village?”

“It’s fine, but the rain had been pouring. Two mountain roads have some problems because of the rain. Our men had set up warning signs at certain sections of the road where the condition is not too serious. The sections that are severely damaged are closed. It is still raining, and the rain is getting heavier. I don’t think the rain will stop anytime soon, and more problems will arise.”

Dong Xuebing frowned and asked. “Do we have sufficient manpower?”

“We can still manage now.”

“Ok. Do your best to coordinate our officers. I will drive over now.”

“Chief Dong, it is raining heavily now. You must be careful.”


Dong Xuebing had returned to work because of this heavy rain. He did not remain in his office and left. On his way out of the Bureau, he met a Deputy Office Director and informed him that he would be going to the village.

Dong Xuebing drove his Mercedes MPV in the heavy rain.

Dong Xuebing’s current condition allows him to drive without any problems. But he still can’t do strenuous sports.

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Normally, the traffic in the County is smooth, but today, there are traffic jams everywhere. Dong Xuebing wasted half a day just to drive out of the County town. He chose to go to Hui Tian Village, not by the main road, to avoid heavy traffic. Instead, he drove through the mountain roads. But the road conditions are very bad, and once in a while, rocks fell onto the road from the mountains.

Dong Xuebing focused on driving and slowed down.

The rain had lowered visibility, and Dong Xuebing cannot see clearly.

Ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. He reached for his phone in his pocket and answered. “Hello, I’m driving. Who is this?”

“I am Liang Chengpeng. Are you going to the village?”

“Yes. I’m worried about the situation there and want to take a look.”

Liang Chengpeng sounds anxious. “There is a situation at Qingnan Road. If you are nearby, get over there immediately!”

Dong Xuebing was shocked. “What happened? The road collapsed?”

Bzzz… the phone signal is not good in the mountainous area. “… the mountains… I… over there now.” Duuu…. The line got cut off. Dong Xuebing tried to call back, but there was no signal. Dong Xuebing was worried. Qingnan Road? His location is just next to Qingnan Road. Did something happen there? What happened?

Just as Dong Xuebing was wondering what happened, there was a loud rumbling suddenly!

Mud, sand, rocks, etc. came crashing down onto the road in front of Dong Xuebing’s car suddenly!

Dong Xuebing got a fright and looked towards the mountain on his side. Mud and rocks are crashing down towards him from the mountains. Dong Xuebing immediately stepped on the brakes and swerved towards his left. Because he had swerved and stepped on the brakes too hard, his car skidded and turned 180 degrees!

Crash!! The mud and rocks fell onto the road and narrowly missed Dong Xuebing’s Mercedes!

Dong Xuebing broke out in cold sweat. He had almost died!

Dong Xuebing knows what the situation on Qingnan road was. It’s landslide! What happened earlier is considered mild. But further up the road, the mountain is steeper, and because of the mining activities in the mountains, the landslide might be serious. If cars or passersby got caught in the landslide, they would be dead!”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed when he thought about it!

What should I do now? It will be dangerous to continue moving forward! Should I make a detour, or should I go forward?

Dong Xuebing thought for a few seconds and decided to go forward. The more dire the situation is, the more he got to step forward. If he hides from danger, he might as well give up his position as the Deputy Public Security Bureau Chief. Dong Xuebing started his car to try to drive through the mud.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Finally, after some tries, Dong Xuebing managed to drive out of the mud. He drove by the rocks on the road and speed up.

Hurry up! Dong Xuebing prayed that there are no casualties from the landslides!

Because Dong Xuebing’s car was stuck in the mud, he wasted some time. When he reached the scene, Chief Liang had arrived. They had traveled through another road, and to Dong Xuebing’s surprise, he saw Mayor Xie Huilan and County’s Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xupeng there. Hu Silian was holding up an umbrella for Mayor Xie, and she was speaking to a few leaders. There are lots of people at the scene, and Liang Chengpeng was giving out instructions to his people. The fire department, police station, and local villagers are there.

Dong Xuebing’s heart sunk when he saw so many people and knew the situation must be serious.

Dong Xuebing saw what happened further up the road and was shocked!

A bus is lying on its side on the road beside a slope, and a gigantic rock is on the road not far from the bus. The rock seems to have rolled down from the mountain, and cries and screams from the injured passengers can be heard from the bus. The glasses on the bus are thick and had not shattered from the impact. The rescue party is helping the trapped passengers exit from the bus door.

“Xiao Dong!” Liang Chengpeng saw Dong Xuebing’s car and shouted.

This location is the border of Hui Tian Village, and Liu Dahai, Chen Fa, and the rest of the officers are there to help.

Dong Xuebing ran over without an umbrella. “Chief Liang, how can I help?”

Luan Xiaoping wiped the raindrops from his face and said. “You are still injured. Don’t be rash and wear a raincoat now. You will be in-charged of our officers’ rescue efforts. The rescue team is too slow. Hurry up! Break the windows and bring the passengers out. We must get everyone to safety within three minutes! We don’t know when there will be another massive landslide!”

Dong Xuebing acknowledged and ran over to organize his men.

Liang Chengpeng, Xie Huilan, and Cao Xuopeng were looking solemn.

Before they arrive, they had not expected the situation to be so serious. They were informed that a tour bus is trapped on Qingnan Road, with 30 to 40 passengers stuck inside. Recently, there are many minor landslides in the County, and the County Government leaders decided to go to the scene to lead the rescue efforts themselves. But when the moment they reached Qingnan Road, a massive boulder and mud, rolled down from the mountains and crashed into the tour bus!

Mayor Xie immediately orders the rescue operation to start, and the County’s Party Secretary Xiang Daofa is on his way over.

Dong Xuebing had arrived a few minutes after the accident, and it is a critical period now. He ignored his injuries and put on a raincoat before ordering the officers to get tools to break the windows. They must rescue the passengers as soon as possible. A few women and elderlies who were rescued were moved to a small bus among the rescue teams. Many of them were crying from the fright.

“Quick! Hurry up!”

“Here! Someone come over and help this person out!

“Don’t rush! Don’t rush! Climb out one after another!”

Xie Huilan finally notices Dong Xuebing, who was barking orders at the scene. Her eyes twitched and shouted to Hu Silian. “Get someone to drag Chief Dong back to the vehicle! Why is he here?” Cao Xupeng and the rest saw Chief Dong and the bandages on his arms.

Hu Silian ran over. “Chief Dong! Chief Dong!”

“Use rocks to smash the windows! Remember to watch out for the passengers inside!” Dong Xuebing shouted at his men and turned to Hu Silian. “Secretary Hu, what is it?”

Hu Silian quickly said. “Mayor Xie orders you to return to your car!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I don’t have the time now. Help me thank Mayor Xie for her concern. My injuries are fine… Hey! Come out one by one! Don’t panic! Let the women, children, and elderlies out first!”

Hu Silian shouted anxiously. “Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Go back! It is dangerous here! I am fine!”

Hu Silian had no choice but to return to Mayor Xie.

Before Hu Silian can say anything, Xie Huilan waved her hand. “I understand.”

Cao Xupeng smacked his lips. “This Xiao Dong does not take care of himself!”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Let him be! Let him do what he wants!” She seems to be mad.

Crash! A window was smashed near the front of the bus, and there’s one more exit for the trapped passengers. The passengers are climbing out from the bus door and windows one after another. Soon, around 30 passengers had escaped from the bus, and a few others are still climbing out. A few badly injured passengers were still on the bus and were shouting for help!

Liang Chengpeng shouted. “Go in and help them out!”

Dong Xuebing added. “Prepare the stretchers! Hurry!”

If not for his injuries, Dong Xuebing would have rushed in himself. Loose stones are rolling down from the mountains. Ta… ta… ta…. The small stones and rocks are falling on the bus, and two of the rescuers are hit by the stones. They had to be rescued by their colleagues and were stretched away with other injured passengers to a space near a forested area. There were many trees there, and the slope is not steep there.

One passenger….

Two passengers…

Three passengers…

Three more injured passengers were rescued from the bus.

Xie Huilan, Cao Xupeng, and the rest were relieved.

Dong Xuebing wiped the rain from his face and pant. Luckily, Xie Huilan, Liang Chengpeng, and the rest had arrived early. If the rescuers arrived slightly later, the trapped passengers would still be stuck inside. Only 3 or 4 passengers are still trapped, and after they are rescued, there are no more people on the bus.

But just when all passengers are about to get to safety in two minutes, something unexpected happened!

Thunderous rumbling sounds can be heard from the mountain!

To everyone’s horror, a large portion of the mountain starts to move, and the rumbling sounds got louder. Even Xie Huilan, Liang Chengpeng, and the others standing in the safe area could feel the ground shaking beneath them! It felt like an earthquake!

Xie Huilan’s face changed!

Cao Xupeng, Dong Xuebing, and the rest turns pale and felt their chest was hit by a hammer!

A large area of the mountain collapsed suddenly and is crashing down!


“The mountain is collapsing!”

“Come down! Hurry! Landslide!”


“Da Lei!”


Thick mud, rocks, and stones are crashing down from the mountain, and within a split second, it reached the foot of the mountain!

The rescuers were stunned, and the ones further away from the bus, started running towards the direction of the leaders. One young man, who was rescuing the passengers, knew he does not have enough time to escape from the mud and debris. He immediately jumps through the window into the bus. Another rescuer behind him followed. They stand no chance against nature, and there’s still a glimpse of hope if they hide in the bus!

The mud is too thick!

The thickness is almost as tall as a grown man!

Half a second…

One second…

The mud and rocks from the massive landslide engulfed the bus!

Dong Xuebing was standing not far away and had pulled a stunned officer and ran towards the leaders. The affected area of the mountain is in the section near to the bus. The other areas are still safe temporary, and most of the people there are not hurt.

But after the landslide stopped, everyone looked towards the bus…

All they saw were yellowish-brown mud!

There were rocks, sand, mud, grass…

But the tour bus… is nowhere in sight!

In front of them, a few hundred meters of the road was covered by a thick layer of mud and rocks. They could not see the tour bus!

A young man from the rescue party could not escape in time and was caught in the mud. Part of his head was not buried in the mud, and he had a shocked expression on his face. He had died from the impact.

Liu Dahai and Chen Fa’s eyes were red. “Xiao Sun!”

The young man who died was an officer from Hui Tian Village station!

The rescued passengers were shouting their relatives’ names and running towards where the tour bus was last seen!

“Oh no!”

“Niuniu! Ah! Niuniu!”

“Da Lei! Hurry up! Save my son! My son is still on the bus!”

Cries, shouts, screams, and the sounds of rolling rocks were mixed!

Liang Chengpeng clenched his fist. They are still late.

The tour bus is now covered with a thick layer of mud, and mud and rocks are still flowing down from the mountain. It’s almost impossible for the people in the bus to survive!

They were too late!

Everything happened too fast!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 240 – Buying an apartment for Tang Jin!

Afternoon. Hui Tian Village.

Outside of Luan’s family house.

Qin Yong called Dong Xuebing on his mobile phone, and the first thing Dong Xuebing heard when he answered was laughter.

Dong Xuebing asked. “Chief Qin, can you say something?”

“Brother Dong, you can’t even stop when you are injured? I heard about what happened earlier.”

“I also wanted to rest at home, but this matter involves my Sister, and I can’t pretend to see it.

“Don’t worry about this. I had instructed the officers in the station to teach them a lesson. Just recuperate at home, and don’t get angry over these people. Everyone in the Bureau is waiting for you to return. Haha.”

“Thank you for missing me. I should be back at work in another ten days.”

“Alright. Take care of yourself and don’t be rash.”

Qin Yong is in charge of Wu Tian Village Station, and his officers had told him about the incident. He was shocked to learn Dong Xuebing can even fight with both arms bandaged and did not act like a patient. Qin Yong laughed and shook his head when he thought about Lu Dafa. Why do you have to offend Dong Xuebing for no reason? You got nothing better to do?!

Yu Meixia hanged up the phone and asked. “Are you ok?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am fine. Help me inside.”

Yu Meixia nodded and helped Dong Xuebing towards the house.

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle, Second Aunt, and her family are in the house, and Tang Jin had returned with Dong Xuebing. Her parents are examining the wound on her head, but Tang Jin does not care about that. She was shouting excitedly. “You all did not see what Brother did. He shouted at that boss. ‘Who is the one that hit my sister?!’ But that boss did not reply to him. Guess what Brother did. He walked up and kicked him! Crash…. The glass display shelves shattered.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt gave Tang Jin a stare. “Idiot! You had caused trouble for your brother!”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt’s husband saw Dong Xuebing walking in and asked. “Xiao Bing, are you hurt?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am fine. Those two can’t hurt me.”

Tang Jin added excitedly. “That’s right! My brother is the best!”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt sighed. “Xiao Bing, you had spoiled this brat, and had offended a leader.”

Tang Jin remembered that cigarette shop’s boss has a strong backing. But Dong Xuebing did not care about him and even arrested both the boss and his young employee. Tang Jin is very grateful to Dong Xuebing. “Thank you!”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “It’s a small matter. Eh? Where is Liu Li?”

The second Aunt looked at Tang Jin, puzzled. “Who is Liu Li?”

Tang Jin blushed. “My boyfriend.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt’s husband frowned. “When did you have a boyfriend? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Tang Jin replied. “You did not ask. Mum, Dad, Liu Li, is in the car outside. Can I bring him in?”

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle’s wife laughed. “Xiao Jin has a boyfriend. It’s a good thing.”

Dong Xuebing’s grandmother said. “Ask him to come in. Why is he staying outside?”

After a while, Tang Jin returns with Liu Li. Liu Li had gone to buy gifts and was nervous when he met Tang Jin’s parents. Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt and her husband started questioning Liu Li on how he met Tang Jin, his family’s conditions, etc.

Dong Xuebing left the house with Yu Meixia. He does not want to interrupt his Second Aunt and her family.

Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia strolled along with the small village, and they could smell the rustic farmlands.

Half an hour…

One hour…

When Dong Xuebing returned to Luan Family’s house, he saw his mother, Luan Xiaoping, in the courtyard packing some stuff.

Luan Xiaoping saw her son and gave him a stare. “Why did you get into a fight again?”

“Mum, it is not fighting. I am enforcing the law.” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Where are Second Aunt and the rest?”

Luan Xiaoping points to the western room. “Your Second Aunt and Xiao Jin are in there. Liu Li had left.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Why did he leave? The second Aunt did not invite him to stay for dinner?”

“Your Second Aunt and her husband felt Liu Li’s family condition is not good. His parents are not healthy, and the village he is living in is famous for its poverty.” Luan Xiaoping sighed. “They felt Xiao Jin would suffer if she gets married to him, and don’t agree to their relationship.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing could hear Tang Jin crying from the western room.

Dong Xuebing, Luan Xiaoping, and Yu Meixia entered the room and saw Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt’s husband sitting there with a straight face. The second Aunt was holding Tang Jin’s hand and persuading her, but Tang Jin is stubborn. She cried. “I don’t care! I don’t care! I just want to be with Liu Li.”

The second Aunt scolded. “Xiao Jin!”

Tang Jin covered her ears. “I don’t want to hear!”

Dong Xuebing smiled wryly. If Liu Li had not stepped forward in front of him today, he would be injured. Dong Xuebing said. “I can tell Xiao Liu is a good man.”

Tang Jin finally found someone supporting her. “See! Even Brother says this!”

The second Aunt replied. “I did not say he is not a good man. But… his family… He still needs to take care of sick elders in his family, and his family is poor. The village he lived in is also poor, and you will suffer if you get married to him.” Because of Dong Xuebing, their lives had gotten better slightly, and Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt hopes her daughter will find someone with better conditions.

Tang Jin argued. “I said I am not afraid of suffering!”

Tang Jin’s father added. “We will not talk about this now. You are still young and are not in a hurry to get married.”

Tang Jin retorted. “You all had asked me to get married earlier! Now, I brought my boyfriend back, and you all are telling me not to hurry?!” Tang Jin paused for a while and continued. “Someone in Liu Li’s family is taking care of his sick parents, and if you all are worried that I will suffer, I… Liu Li and I will move to the County town and rent an apartment there. Liu Li’s parents also want us to live our own lives and not to worry about them.”

Tang Jin’s father asked. “What about your rental?”

Tang Jin’s mother asked. “What about your jobs?”

Tang Jin was frustrated and turned to Dong Xuebing. “Brother! They are bullying me! You must help me!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “What can I do? Your parents are doing these for your good.”

Tang Jin panics. “I just want to marry Liu Li and will not like someone else! Brother! Help me! Say something… please!” Dong Xuebing doesn’t know what to say, and Tang Jin ran over to hug Luan Xiaoping and cried on her shoulder. “Aunt! Help me speak to my parents, please!” Tang Jin knew Luan Xiaoping is softhearted and start begging her.

Luan Xiaoping looked at Xiao Jin’s parents and said. “Xiao Bing can help with Liu Li’s work transfer.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt hesitated. “This…”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “I can help, but it will not be some good positions. At most, I can help him get a transfer to the Traffic department or the investigation team.” He looked at Tang Jin and laughed. “As for Xiao Jin, I think I can help her find a job in the County town.”

Tang Jin shouted excitedly. “Mum! Dad! Our jobs’ issues are settled!”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt sighed. “Our family had never been wealthy, and Liu Li’s family is the same too. Even if you two move to the County town, your living expenses will be high, and your salaries might not be enough to cover it. What will you do in the future? What about your children? You are too impulsive and must plan carefully before you regret.”

Tang Jin retorted. “I will not regret my decision!”

Tang Jin’s parents did not reply to her.

Luan Xiaoping looked at Tang Jin and thought for a while, before taking out an ATM card. She gave it to Tang Jin and said. “Xiao Jin, your mother is right. You need money to survive. Here… there should be over a hundred thousand in this account and should be enough for a few years of rent. If Liu Li’s family can fork out a little more, you two can buy an apartment.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt quickly stopped Luan Xiaoping. “Sis, you cannot do this. How can we accept your money?”

Tang Jin pushed the ATM card back to Luan Xiaoping. “Aunt, I cannot accept it.”

Luan Xiaoping refused to take it back. “Just take it. This is a gift from me.” The money in this card is given to her from Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing had deposit 200,000 RMB into her account, and after these few months, she still has over 100,000 RMB in it.

Tang Jin refused to accept it and placed the card on the table.

Tang Jin’s father said. “Sis, we cannot accept your money. Keep it.”

Luan Xiaoping turned and looked at Dong Xuebing, who was smoking, and Yu Meixia was standing by his side with an ashtray. She got mad and scolded. “Smoke… smoke… smoke… why are you smoking all the time?! We are discussing a serious matter here, and you are smoking?! Look at your Sister. You… why are you not saying anything? Tell me, can you do something about Xiao Jin’s house?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “That will depend on Xiao Jin’s performance. Hahaha…”

Luan Xiaoping gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “What is it?”

Although Luan Xiaoping had never said anything, Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt and the rest knew Dong Xuebing is wealthy. He had bought an apartment for Yu Meixia, helped her pay her debts, and is driving a Mercedes Benz now. Luan Xiaoping secretly revealed that Dong Xuebing had made some money from reselling antiques and had set up a company with a friend.

Tang Jin heard what Dong Xuebing said and brightened up.

Tang Jin cannot accept money from Luan Xiaoping but does not mind asking her cousin for help.

Tang Jin turns to Dong Xuebing. “Brother… can I discuss something with you?”

“Hehe, what is it?”

“Can you lend me some money?”

Dong Xuebing teased Tang Jin. “Look at your tone. You are not sincere at all. Hahaha.”

“I am sincere!” Tang Jin grabbed the ashtray from Yu Meixia and held it up for him. “You bear to see your Sister suffer? Brother… I know you dote me.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt gave Tang Jin a stare. “You cannot accept your cousin’s money too!”

Tang Jin argued. “I will repay him in the future.”

“How much can you earn in money? How are you going to repay him?”

Dong Xuebing saw the mother and daughter are going to fight again, and he stop teasing her. “Alright… alright… Get ready to go out. We will go house viewing.”

Tang Jin heard Dong Xuebing and cheered. “Yay! Thank you!”

Tang Jin’s father quickly said. “Xiao Bing, it’s not easy for you to make money, and an apartment cost at least a few hundred thousand. We cannot let you spend this money.”

Luan Xiaoping interrupted him. “He is rich. Don’t help him save money.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt added. “No… This is not right.”

Luan Xiaoping said. “Xiao Bing is capable now, and buying an apartment for his Sister is fine. Ok. This matter is decided.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt sighed. “We…”

Tang Jin’s father said. “We still have some savings, and Xiao Jin should have some too. We cannot let Xiao Bing pay for everything.”

Dong Xuebing said. “Aunt, Uncle, before Xiao Jin dated Liu Li, I had decided to buy an apartment for her and will cover the renovation, furniture, and home appliances. This is the dowry I prepared for Xiao Jin. You two don’t need to use your savings. Oh… it is still up to you two whether to approve Xiao Jin and Liu Li’s relationship. I will not interfere with this.”

Tang Jin looked at her parents with puppy eyes. “Please allow us to be together. I like Liu Li!”

Luan Xiaoping and Dong Xuebing stood by the side without saying a word, as it’s not their family matters.

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt and her husband looked at each other and sighed. “You must be good to your cousin in the future, understand?”

Tang Jin knew her parents had approved and exclaimed excitedly. “Yes! Yes!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Since I am free today, let’s go and view houses together?”

Tang Jin, her parents and the rest, went out to take a taxi to the County town.

On the way, Dong Xuebing asked the driver if he knows any new real estate showrooms in the area. The driver could sense Dong Xuebing is a government official from his tone and brought him to a high-end housing estate. The apartments here are spacious and located in a good location, but it's more expensive than other places.

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt got worried when she entered the estate. “The apartments here should be expensive.”

Her husband added. “Let’s go to other places.”

Tang Jin was looking at the tall buildings around her. “Let’s take a look first, and we can decide if we want it or not. Oh, Brother, errr… how much are you going to spend on the apartment you are giving me?”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt slapped her daughter on her shoulder. “Brat! Don’t be too greedy!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “We will just buy the one you like. Don’t worry about the price.”

Tang Jin was only joking with Dong Xuebing, and a cheap and small one-bedroom apartment is good enough.

The sales representative brought them around the estate and showed them the available apartments.

Luan Xiaoping was satisfied and pulled Dong Xuebing aside. She asked softly. “How much money do you have? Is it enough to buy a 2-bedroom apartment here?”


“Then I will decide for you. Don’t regret it.”

“Hahaha… what’s there to regret? We will just buy the one Xiao Jin likes.”

After buying Yu Meixia’s apartment and his Mercedes, Dong Xuebing had used up all his money in his bank account. But his company had just completed the Spring Auctions, and he can ask Aunt Xuan to transfer money to him. Luan Xiaoping understood her son and walked over to Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt to speak to her. Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt kept shaking her hands, and her husband was also shaking his head.

The Sales representative continued to recommend the various features of the estate.

Tang Jin was listening attentively and looking at the surroundings. She likes this place and hopes she can live here in the future.

But the price…

Dong Xuebing asked. “Have you decided?”

Tang Jin hesitated. “This…”

“Just say what you think of this estate.”

“Errr… it’s fine… but it’s very expensive. A one-bedroom apartment costs 300,000 RMB.”

Luan Xiaoping turns to Tang Jin. “Why are you considering the one-bedroom apartment? You don’t want to have children in the future? Get the two-bedroom apartment.”

“Ah? Two bedrooms?”

Luan Xiaoping continued. “When you have children, two-bedroom apartments might be too small and not enough.”

“But…” Tang Jin felt sorry for making Dong Xuebing pay.

After some discussion, Luan Xiaoping made the final decision for Tang Jin and her parents and asked Dong Xuebing to pay the deposit for the apartment. As this estate is new, there are lots of available units, and they can choose the better ones. They chose a two-bedrooms 90 Sqm unit facing the south and cost slightly over 500,000 RMB.

After leaving the estate, Tang Jin starts to cry.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Haha… you are still crying at your age?!”

Tang Jin wiped her tears. “Brother…”

Dong Xuebing looked at her. “What?”

“Thank you!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Haha… Don’t mention it. We are a family, what’s there to thank?”

“Yes.” Tang Jin was overjoyed.

Power and Wealth - Chapter 239 2020-04-30T23:06:13+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 239 – Tang Jin was beaten up!


The air conditioner is on, and it’s cooling in the apartment.

Dong Xuebing, Yu Meixia, and Yu Qianqian had just finished lunch and was watching the afternoon news when Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. Without Dong Xuebing saying anything, Yu Meixia answered it. The past few days, Yu Meixia had been like Dong Xuebing’s secretary and had helped him answer most of his phone calls. If it is an important call, she will hold the phone against Dong Xuebing’s ears for him to answer. If the call is not important, she will tell the caller, ‘Chief Dong is not around.’

“Hello, good afternoon.”

“You are Xiao Yu? Is Xuebing around?”

“Oh, you are?” Yu Meixia felt the caller’s voice is familiar to her.

“I am Xiao Bing’s Second Aunt. Xiao Jin is beaten up by someone. Get him on the phone!”

Yu Meixia was shocked. She knew Dong Xuebing dotes on his cousin and quickly place the phone on Dong Xuebing’s ear. She whispered to him. “It’s your Second Aunt. She says Tang Jin was beaten up.”

“What?” Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “Second Aunt, what happened?”

“Xiao Bing, can you call Wu Tian Village Station? I am afraid Xiao Jin will be bullied!”

“What happened?”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt was not sure what happened as she is not with Tang Jin.

Dong Xuebing replied. “Second Aunt, don’t worry. I will go over now!”

“You… You are still injured…”

“I am fine. Don’t worry about it. I will take care of Tang Jin!”

Dong Xuebing was furious. Among his relatives, he is the closest to his Second Aunt’s family. Damn! Who dares to bully and hit my younger sister?! Dong Xuebing asked Yu Meixia to put on his shoes for him and walked out of the door. Yu Meixia was worried about him and asked Yu Qianqian to take an afternoon nap while she followed along. They got in a taxi and went straight to Wu Tian Village.

In an alley, three streets away from the Township office.

Dong Xuebing alighted from the Taxi in front of a shop selling cigarettes and saw Tang Jin and Liu Li. There are two police officers beside them too.

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Xiao Jin!”

Tang Jin turns around, and her eyes turned red. She ran over. “Brother! Aunt Yu!”

Dong Xuebing asked. “What happened? Who hit you? Are you ok?”

Tang Jin’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “It’s someone from that cigarette shop! I… I wanted to visit Liu Li’s parents today and had bought a carton of cigarettes from this shop. An old man at the end of the alley saw me and told me that this shop is selling counterfeit cigarettes. He examined the carton of cigarettes and told me that it is fake. I immediately return to the shop to ask for a refund, but they refused. They even pushed me, making me fall and hit my head. My head is bleeding.”

Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger and said. “Turn around and let me see your wound!”

Tang Jin sniffled and turned around, holding her hair up. The bleeding had stopped, but her white scalp was stained red.

Dong Xuebing felt his heart ached. “Is it painful?”

Tang Jin pouted. “Yes.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Liu Li coldly. “What the hell are you doing?! You can’t even protect a girl?!”

Liu Li kept quiet and did not say a word.

Tang Jin pulled Dong Xuebing. “Brother, it’s not Liu Li’s fault. He was not around when I bought the cigarettes. After he knows I was bullied by that shop, he immediately called two officers from their station to arrest the culprit. But… but that shop seems to have backings. It is owned by a relative of Deputy Bureau Chief Lu Dafa from the County’s Investment Promotion Agency. I heard from someone in the Police Station that Deputy Bureau Chief Lu is close to the newly appointed Publicity Department Chief. So…”

Dong Xuebing looked at Liu Li. “Is that person arrested?”

Liu Li replied. “Not yet. They say they will compensate us.”

Tang Jin said to Dong Xuebing. “Brother, let’s forget it.” Although she felt she had been treated unfairly, she does not want to bring trouble to Dong Xuebing. After all, this shop has got the backing of a County leader. Also, after the other party knows she is Dong Xuebing’s younger cousin, he is willing to pay her some money to let the matter rest.

Lu Dafa? Deputy Bureau Chief Lu Dafa, from the County’s Investment Promotion Agency?

Dong Xuebing had never heard of this name before and is not interested in finding out who he is. “Follow me!”

Tang Jin and Yu Meixia were holding to Dong Xuebing’s arms, and Liu Li is following behind.

The two Police Officers recognized Dong Xuebing and immediately greeted him. A tall skinny middle-aged man is standing beside them and should be the boss of the shop. He heard the officers greeting Dong Xuebing and was shocked. Dong Xuebing is here?! A young man standing behind the boss of the shop was looking nervous. But when he thought about his boss’s backing, he straightens his back. This young man is the one who pushed Tang Jin and made her fall.

The boss walks forward with a fake smile. “Chief Dong… Nice to meet you.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the boss emotionlessly. “You are the one who sold the counterfeit cigarettes to my cousin?”

“It’s a misunderstanding. I don’t know she is your cousin and…” The boss had heard of Dong Xuebing’s nickname, God of Plague.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and shouted. “Don’t tell me that you don’t know that it is illegal to sell counterfeit cigarettes?! My sister is not allowed to ask for refunds?! You all still dare to hit my sister?!”

The boss replied unnaturally. “It’s only a push. This is a misunderstanding.” Ring… ring… ring… The boss’s phone rang, and he answered softly. After that, he passed the phone to Dong Xuebing. “It’s my elder cousin, Lu Dafa.”

Yu Meixia asked. “Chief Dong, you want to answer?”

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Yes.”

Yu Meixia took the phone from the boss and placed it on Dong Xuebing’s ear.

“Hello? Chief Dong? I’m Old Lu from the Investment Promotion Agency.”

“I heard about your cousin, and there might be a misunderstanding somewhere. I will ask him to pay some money and let the matter rest.” Lu Dafa and Dong Xuebing are both Deputy Section Chief rank. The Investment Promotion Agency is not as important as the Public Security, and because of the reshuffle of the County’s leaders, and Lu Dafa is very close to the County’s newly appointed Publicity Department Chief, he becomes big-headed, and Dong Xuebing should give in to him.

But Dong Xuebing replied. “Pay some money and let the matter rest?”

Lu Dafa frowned. “Chief Dong, give me some face, ok?”

If Lu Dafa had not made this call, Dong Xuebing might let the matter rest because of him. But the first thing Lu Dafa said over the phone is to let the matter rest. Dong Xuebing was furious because the cigarette shop’s boss is the same. They did not apologize and tried to use the money to settle this. Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Your men had injured my sister, and her head is bleeding. You want me to give you face and let the matter rest? Give us money? How about I beat your relative up and then pay you a sum of money? Can you accept it?”

Lu Dafa did not expect Dong Xuebing to be so aggressive. “What do you mean by this?”

Dong Xuebing retorted. “I should be the one asking this.” If this matter is settled like this, Dong Xuebing will lose face, and Tang Jin can’t address her grievances.

Lu Dafa got angry and roared over the phone, “Then just do whatever you want!” After that, he hangs up.

Dong Xuebing is about to explode. Do you dare to hang up on me?! You got no respect for me!

The cigarette shop’s boss knew the negotiations were off and frowned. He thought to himself. I am willing to pay money to settle this. What else do you want? That girl had only suffered a knock on her head and did not even require stitches. What’s the big deal? Even if she is Chief Dong’s sister, he does not need to stand up for her like this. Let alone that girl is only his cousin.

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes. “Who hit my sister earlier?!”

The boss did not reply to Dong Xuebing and felt he is unreasonable.

Dong Xuebing shouted again. “I am asking you a question!”

The boss’s face changed. “Chief Dong, if you want money, we are willing to pay you. If you want cigarettes, we can give you. This matter is…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted the boss. “What? You think you are in the right after selling counterfeit cigarettes and hitting others?!”

Tang Jin cried out to Dong Xuebing. “Brother.”

Yu Meixia also tried to persuade Dong Xuebing. “Xuebing, your injuries are not healed.”

Dong Xuebing was furious because his younger cousin was beaten up. “I ask you again! Who is the one that hit my sister?!”

The boss was pissed and refused to reply to Dong Xuebing.

“F**k you! You dare to show me your attitude?” Dong Xuebing raised his leg and kicked the boss!

The boss shouted in pain as he fell into his shop. His elbows hit the glass display shelves, and it shattered! He did not expect Dong Xuebing to kick him so suddenly!

The young man shouted at Dong Xuebing. “Why are you hitting others?! You are unreasonable!”

Tang Jin pointed to him. “He is the one who pushed me!”

Dong Xuebing looked at that young man. “Reason with you? When you hit my sister, did you reason with her? Ah?!” Dong Xuebing stepped forward and kicked that young man. Dong Xuebing cannot move his upper body because of his injuries, and can only use his leg to kick.

The young man dodged Dong Xuebing’s kick and rushed forward.

Yu Meixia gasped. “Watch out! Xuebing!”

Dong Xuebing could not avoid that young man, but someone beside him rushed forward. Tang Jin’s boyfriend, Liu Li!

Liu Li stood in front of Dong Xuebing and punched that young man. The young man tried to retaliate, but Liu Li had been working in the Police Station for years. His unarmed combat skills are good, and with one sweep of his leg, that young man fell onto the floor. Liu Li quickly bent over and gave that young man a punch to his face!

Dong Xuebing nodded and said. “Bring them back!”

The two officers from Wu Tian village hesitated and did not move.

Dong Xuebing looked at the officers and asked. “You want me to call Chief Qin?”

One of the officers pulled his partner and walked over to arrest that young man. They had heard about Chief Dong in the past, but now… indeed… he is exactly like the rumors. No wonder his nickname is God of Plague!

Translator notes:

China Investment Promotion Agency

Power and Wealth - Chapter 238 2020-04-29T01:16:11+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 238 – QnA again!

One day…

Two days…

Three days…

Dong Xuebing had been living at Hua Mei estate for four days.

It is a beautiful morning, and birds are chipping on the willow tree outside the windows.

“Xuebing, are you feeling better?”

“Thanks for taking care of me. I can move my arms now.”

“Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital for checks?”

“No need. The doctor told me to rest more, and my injuries will recover in a few days. You should be exhausted from taking care of me. It’s time for you to take a rest.”

In the living room, Yu Qianqian is resting her head on the table, playing with her new HTC mobile phone. She is swiping and tapping on the phone with her slim finger happily, while Yu Meixia is holding a crystal ashtray beside Dong Xuebing on the sofa. Once in a while, she will catch the cigarette ash with the ashtray, and when the cigarette is almost finishing, she will take it from Dong Xuebing’s lips and snub it.

“Qianqian.” Yu Meixia looked at her daughter. “Stop playing with your phone and rest your eyes.”

Yu Qianqian acknowledged. “Mum, I… can I play with it for a while more?”

Yu Meixia nodded. “Only five more minutes.”

“Ok! Thank you!” Yu Qianqian seems to be sending an SMS.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Just let her play with it. It’s the school holidays, and she doesn’t have anything to do. Let’s go to the room. I need to surf the net.”


After closing the door, Yu Meixia helped Dong Xuebing to the PC, and switch it on. She sat beside Dong Xuebing and used the mouse to click on whatever Dong Xuebing asked her to. They looked at some online news and checked on his emails. Although Sister Yu is not good with PC, after helping Dong Xuebing in the past few days, she learned how to type.

“Sister Yu.”


“Why are you avoiding me these few days?”

“No… I…, I did not.”

“Is it because of what happened that day?”

Dong Xuebing saw Sister Yu’s face turns red. After the QnA game four days ago, Dong Xuebing got to know some of Yu Meixia’s secrets. What Yu Meixia told Dong Xuebing was too shameful, and when Dong Xuebing recalls what she said, his heart was pumping fast. Aunt Xuan had never shared these things with him, and Sister Yu is the first woman who told him that. “Ahem… why not you share some more secrets with me? Anyway, we got nothing to do now.”

Yu Meixia turns her head away from Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing shamelessly asked. “Did you do ‘that’ today?”


“Errr… What about yesterday?”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and mumbled. “Yes.”

“Yesterday? How come I don’t know?”

“You… you are asleep at night… and I went to the bathroom…”

“What did you use?”

“My hands.”

“Didn’t you say it’s once a week? It’s only been three days…”

Yu Meixia was breathing faster and was squeezing her thighs tightly. “I… suddenly got the urge yesterday.”

“Then you…”

“Xuebing, stop asking… can you please stop asking? I…”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Alright. Just one last question, ok?”

Yu Meixia hesitated for a while and nodded.

“Are you thinking of doing ‘that’ now?”

“I…” Yu Meixia replied, without thinking. “Yes.” After she answered, she was too ashamed to look at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing could feel his body heating up. Sister Yu had answered him, and this is too exciting. “Sister Yu, how about I call Qianqian over, and you can go to the bathroom?”

Yu Meixia quickly replied. “No… No need. I don’t have the urge now.”

“Aren’t you thinking of ‘that’ now?”

“Please… stop mentioning that. I…”

“We had shared so many secrets, what’s there to be ashamed of? You had helped me two days ago, and I want to help you too. I will call Qianqian over?”

“But it’s still daytime. I…”

“What’s wrong with daytime? You must wait until I fall asleep?”

Yu Meixia covered her face with her hands and was squeezing her thighs tightly. “Please stop talking about this.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia. “I will call Qianqian over.” Yu Meixia did not reply, and Dong Xuebing shouted. “Qianqian! Come over for a while!”

The bedroom door opened, and Qianqian entered with her phone. “Big Brother, you are looking for me?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Hehe… your mother’s typing is too slow. Can you help me open two websites? I want to read the news.”

“Ok!” Yu Qianqian walked over. “Mum?”

Yu Meixia looked at her daughter and let her take her chair.

Dong Xuebing said to Yu Meixia. “Sister Yu, Qianqian can help me. You can go out to watch TV.”


“Just go.”

After Yu Meixia left the bedroom, Dong Xuebing listened carefully. About ten seconds later, he heard the bathroom’s door closing. The whole house is quiet, and around twenty minutes later, Dong Xuebing heard the bathroom door open. A while later, Yu Meixia returned with a cup of hot tea for Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia. “You finish watching TV?”

Yu Meixia blushed. “Yes.”

Dong Xuebing took a glance at Yu Meixia’s body, and she is flushed. When Sister Yu is feeding Dong Xuebing with the tea, Dong Xuebing could smell the scent of hand soap. She had just washed her hands, and Dong Xuebing imagined what how she looks like when using her hands.

Yu Meixia noticed Dong Xuebing was sniffing her hands and quickly take her right hand away.

Dong Xuebing immediately know she had used her right hand!

Yu Meixia embarrassedly fed Dong Xuebing with the tea and returned to the living room. She sat in front of the TV and switched channels. She wonders what had happened to her these few days. Her actions are weird and answered all of Dong Xuebing’s questions truthfully. She even did what she was told. Now, Yu Meixia is regretting her actions and blames herself for being so stupid. How can she tell Chief Dong all those things? What was she thinking?!

But it’s too later for Yu Meixia to regret.

Dong Xuebing knows everything about Yu Meixia now, and she was still the one who told him.

Yu Meixia covered her face and sighed.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 237 – QnA!


In the dark bedroom.

“Xuebing, is it still itchy?”

“Yes… Err… you can use more strength.”

“Like… like this?”

“Yes… increase your movement… Ahh…. That’s right!”

After Yu Meixia had used her thumb to rub a few times for Dong Xuebing, he does not feel the itch anymore. But he used this as an excuse to take advantage of her. He took a glance at Yu Meixia’s thighs and was getting hard. He pretended he was still feeling the itch and asked her to continue rubbing his d**k.

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and asked softly. “Are you alright now?”

“Ermmm… a bit more.”

Yu Meixia is not a kid and knew what Dong Xuebing was up to. She stopped and looked at Dong Xuebing before lowering her head. She thought for around ten seconds and continued. Her head was turned away from him, but her hand movements did not stop.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Yu Meixia did not ask if Dong Xuebing is done again, and her hand did not stop rubbing.

After a while, Dong Xuebing’s toes curled, and his body trembled a few times as he groans.

It’s been a while since Dong Xuebing met Aunt Xuan, and this feeling is terrific!

Yu Meixia took a glance at Dong Xuebing, and she knew she does not need to rub any longer. She silently pulled her hand out and went over to the desk to get a piece of tissue paper and wipe her hand. After that, she kneels over and pull-down Dong Xuebing’s briefs to clean him up.

Dong Xuebing was feeling blissful, but at the same time, embarrassed.

Yu Meixia was supposed to be scratching an itch for him, but it ended up doing this for him.

“Sister Yu, this… Err…”

“It’s alright.”

“I’m sorry. I should not ask you to do this.” Dong Xuebing’s face was red.

Yu Meixia’s face was as red as a tomato and quickly waved her hands. “I can understand. Your girlfriend is not by your side, and both your arms are injured. You are unable to… to do this, these feel days. I… I am fine. After all, I already have a daughter and have experience. You… if you need help… just let me know. You don’t need to hold back.”

“Err… how can I ask you to do this?”

“I am your helper, and it’s my job to take care of you.”

“This is not part of your job.”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing. “It’s fine with me.”


“Yes. I… I know how it feels too.”

But from Yu Meixia’s expression, she does not look like someone with ‘experiences.’ Dong Xuebing knows that it will take a lot of courage for someone like Yu Meixia to say these things. He was touched by Yu Meixia. “Thank you for everything. Get some rest, and remember to cover yourself with the blanket.”

“Ok. Good night.”

“Good night.”

The next morning, the dining table was full of food.

Dong Xuebing was looking much better today and was more energetic than before. If his arms are not covered in bandages, no one can tell he is injured. Dong Xuebing was feeling great. He had been holding back for too long, and it felt terrible. After the release last night, Dong Xuebing felt like he was reborn.


Yu Meixia was blowing a spoonful of porridge to cool it before feeding it to Dong Xuebing.

Yu Qianqian was in a good mood today and said to her mother. “Mum… I want you to feed me too.”

“You are so old and yet behaving like a child.” Yu Meixia doted her daughter and fed her with a piece of egg. “Here.”

Yu Qianqian chewed on the egg happily. “Delicious.”

“Eat more. You are growing up and should eat more.” Yu Meixia was afraid that her daughter would not be full, and she peeled another hardboiled egg for her.

After breakfast, Yu Meixia cleared the dishes.

Yu Qianqian suddenly hugged her mother’s arm. “Mum, life is so good now.”

Yes. Life is so good now… Yu Meixia remembered the days where she and her daughter had to beg and live along the streets. It was just a few months ago, and at that time, it was hard for her even to get leftovers from restaurants, let alone to eat an egg. Yu Meixia kissed Yu Qianqian’s forehead. “Our lives got better because we met someone nice. With Xuebing around, no one will bully you. After you graduate from University, you must remember to repay your Big Brother.”

Yu Qianqian nodded. “I know!”

Dong Xuebing was sitting on the sofa, not far away. He smiles and asked. “What are you two whispering?”

Yu Qianqian replied. “Big Brother, when I grow up, I will earn a lot of money and buy a lot of presents for you.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sure. You must study hard and set up a company and be your boss in the future. Your mother and I will depend on you at that time. Haha.”

“Ok! I will work hard!”

Yu Meixia laughed and patted her daughter on her head lovingly.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and said. “The shops should be open. Sister Yu, bring Yu Qianqian to buy a mobile phone.”

Yu Meixia replied, without thinking. “You will be alone at home. No. I will not go. Qianqian should have no problem going alone.” She turned to her daughter and took out the 5,000 given to her by Dong Xuebing yesterday and pass it to Yu Qianqian. “I have to stay at home to care for your Big Brother. Take this money and… it is not safe for you to go alone. You better call your classmates with you. Ask Chengcheng and Yueyue to accompany you to the shopping mall.”

Yu Qianqian held the stack of money with both hands. “I know!”

Yu Meixia reminded her. “Don’t spend all the money. Remember to give your Big Brother the change.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Don’t listen to your mother. Is that phone around 4,000 RMB? Use the remaining money to treat your classmates for lunch. Oh, you can also use it to buy some clothes. This is your reward, and you can do whatever you want with it.”

Yu Qianqian looked at her mother.

Yu Meixia replied helplessly. “Since your Big Brother says this, go ahead and spend the money.”

Yu Qianqian cheered excitedly. “Thank you, Big Brother. Thank you, Mum!”

The little girl was excited. She had never gotten so much money in her life. After buying the mobile phone, she will have 400 to 500 RMB left and can buy whatever she wants with it. She quickly used her mother’s mobile phone to call Yueyue and Chengcheng. They planned to meet at the bus stop, and Yu Qianqian left home eagerly.

After Yu Qianqian left the house, Yu Meixia said. “This child is getting more and more mischievous.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s a good thing.”

“Yes.” Yu Meixia picks up a cigarette and places it on Dong Xuebing’s lips before lighting it.

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…

There was an awkward silence in the house.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and said. “It is stuffy today, and you are sweating. Let’s switch on the air conditioner.”

“I… I will bath you?”

“Huh? You had been busy the whole morning and should take a break.”

“I am not tired. I… I will bring the cling wrap over to wrap your wounds first. You must not wet your wounds.”

Dong Xuebing knew he smells bad. After saving that worker yesterday, he had fainted and was sent to the hospital. Moreover, it is summer now, and he had been sweating since yesterday and should take a bath. He knows Yu Meixia does not want her daughter to see her bathing Dong Xuebing and purposely asked Yu Qianqian to buy the mobile phone herself. “Alright. Just use a wet cloth to wipe me will do.”

In the bathroom.

Yu Meixia helped to remove Dong Xuebing’s clothing with a red face.

After what happened last night, Dong Xuebing was more relaxed and sat on a plastic stool.

Yu Meixia was also not as shy as yesterday. She wrapped Dong Xuebing’s arms in cling wrap and took the shower head to wet him. Although Dong Xuebing told Yu Meixia to save the trouble, Yu Meixia still used a small towel to scrub his back. The water from the shower had wetted her clothes, and her slip dress had become translucent.

“Sister Yu, enough.”

“It’s not clean yet. Please wait a while.”

Yu Meixia continued to scrub Dong Xuebing’s chest, inner thighs, and even the bottom of his feet.

Dong Xuebing smiled as he looked at dirty water. “It’s hard to reach my back myself.”

Yu Meixia does not dare to look down and focuses her attention on the small towel. She replied softly. “I have nothing to do at home. If you feel like having your back scrubbed, let me know. Ok… It’s done. Is the water temperature alright?”


“Can you lift your arms higher?”

Splash… Yu Meixia rinsed the dirt off Dong Xuebing’s body.

Dong Xuebing exhaled in relief. “It feels so good. Sister Yu, did you bath your husband often in the past?”

“No. I had only bathe Qianqian.”

“Ah… after staying here for one day, I don’t feel like leaving.”

“Then you should come over often. Qianqian and I also… also…”

“What?” Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia through the mirror.

Yu Meixia looked away embarrassedly. “We also miss you.” Maybe it sounds awkward, and she quickly explains. “Qianqian had been asking about you every day. I am afraid I would disturb you, that’s why I did not call you.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Don’t worry about disturbing me. If you or Qianqian miss me in the future, just give me a call.”

Yu Meixia nodded and applied shower foam on Dong Xuebing’s body. “I will give you a massage later.”

“No need.”

“I had learned a few new moves and had also bought a bottle of massage oil.”

Dong Xuebing did not expect Yu Meixia to do this. “Sister Yu, you don’t need to do this. Err… do you know what I mean?”

Yu Meixia paused for a second and lowered her head. “You had treated my daughter and me so well, and I just want to repay you. But I learn massage is also not… because I want to repay your gratitude. I… I am not good with words and don’t know how to express my thoughts well. All I know is that I feel secure when you are at home. I had also treated you as my family and wants to treat you better.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Don’t be restraint when speaking to me. It feels weird.”

“Ok. I will take note of this.”

What Yu Meixia said made Dong Xuebing wonder if she is interested in him. If Yu Meixia is not interested in him, he will feel bad for touching her and even made her mas***bate him. This is taking advantage of her. But if Sister Yu is interested, err… I should stop daydreaming now.

After the shower, Yu Meixia helped Dong Xuebing to the bed in the guestroom naked.

“You… please wait. I will get the massage oil.”

“Ok. Thank you.” Dong Xuebing laid on the bed comfortably.

Yu Meixia returned to the room and closed the door behind her. She poured a few drops of massage oil on Dong Xuebing’s feet and started the massage. Her techniques and strength are just nice, and every inch of Dong Xuebing’s feet are massaged.

Dong Xuebing closed his eyes to enjoy the massage.

Toes, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, stomach, chest, were all covered in massage oil.

Yu Meixia used her forearms to wipe her sweat on her forehead and continued. “How are you feeling?”


Yu Meixia was satisfied that her hard work over the past few days is not wasted.

Dong Xuebing was feeling relaxed, and because of his injuries, it is hard for him to turn over. That’s why he did not ask Yu Meixia to massage his back. Yu Meixia’s used both her small hands to rubbed from Dong Xuebing’s stomach to his neck and from his neck to his feet. The feeling is fantastic. But after a while of massaging, Dong Xuebing’s body starts to react to her touches. He is still naked after the shower, and it was obvious.

Yu Meixia blushed and looked away.

“Errr… I’m sorry… Can you bring a towel over to cover it?”

“Xuebing… you…”


“If you want it, I… I can… can use my hand to help you…”

“Ah… Yesterday is an accident. I don’t need it.”

Yu Meixia knew Dong Xuebing was not telling the truth. “I am ten years older than you… You don’t need to worry about me, and I don’t mind helping you out.”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat again. “Errrm… sorry to trouble you.”

Yu Meixia nodded and bit her lower lips as she moves her hands up Dong Xuebing’s thighs.

Dong Xuebing groaned softly.

Yu Meixia had used only one hand yesterday, and today, she is using both hands. Her face was red as she looked away at the desk.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

The awkwardness starts to wear off.

Dong Xuebing was enjoying himself and chatted with Yu Meixia. “You had also helped your husband to do this in the past?”


“How about… I return the favor to you later?”

“Ah?! No need. I… I don’t need it.”

“Your husband had passed away for so long… You… don’t get horny?”

Yu Meixia did not reply, but her hands started moving faster.

“How did you satisfy your urge normally?”


“Do you touch yourself?”

Yu Meixia lowered her head. “I… I don’t know.”

“Huh? What do you mean by you don’t know? Tell me about it.”

Yu Meixia kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing knew Yu Meixia was shy, and the question he is asking is too much. But Yu Meixia is now stroking him, and asking such questions at this moment should be fine. “This is just a chat. You are already doing this to me, and what’s there to be shy? Ahhhh… what do you do when you have the urge?”

Yu Meixia kept quiet for a few seconds and replied softly. “I… I do it myself…”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was pounding. “Huh? How do you do it yourself?”

Yu Meixia looked away and replied. “With… with my hand.”

“Once every three days?”


“Every day?”

“It might be once a week… or once every five to six days.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was beating faster. He did not expect Sister Yu to be answering his questions. “Then… Ahhh… When you are doing that, who are you thinking?”

“My husband.”

“It’s your husband every time?”

Yu Meixia did not reply.

“Err… you… when is the last time you did it?”


“Today? When and where?”

Yu Meixia’s breathing was getting heavier. “This morning in the bathroom. You are still asleep.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and felt this QnA game is gun. “Hmmm… which part of your body is the most sensitive?”

“… My ears…”


“My back…”

“That’s all?”

“… and… between… between my legs….”

“Arrggh!” Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and groaned loudly.

One minute later.

Yu Meixia used a paper napkin to wipe Dong Xuebing’s body clean.

She threw the soiled napkin away and said. “Xuebing… I… I did not say anything earlier. I… I am going to the market now.”

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed after he had released. “Errr… Ok. Be back early.”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 236 – Bitten by a mosquito!

Evening, at 10 pm.

Yu Qianqian had gone to sleep in her room, and Yu Meixia is in the bathroom washing Dong Xuebing’s hair.

“You cannot get into the shower as you might wet your wounds. I will just wash your hair here.”

“Ok. Don’t tire yourself out.”

“It’s fine. I have nothing to do anyway. Errr… is this strength, alright?”

“It’s just nice. Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing was sitting in front of the mirror, and Yu Meixia is standing behind him, massaging his scalp with shampoo slowly. The few hours after Dong Xuebing returned, Yu Meixia was busy. She had to feed him, lit cigarettes, helped him change into slippers, wash his socks, etc. It was too uncomfortable in the Summer if he can’t wash his hair and had to trouble her again. Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia in the mirror and said. “After my arms recovered, I will help you with all the household chores, and you can take a break.”

Yu Meixia replied. “I am not tired, and I should take care of you.”

“What do you mean by ‘should’? No helpers will take care of anyone like this even if they are getting 8,000 a month.”

Yu Meixia did not reply to Dong Xuebing and continued to wash his hair slowly to prevent the shampoo from getting into his eyes.

Dong Xuebing asked. “Have you brought Qianqian out during the holidays?”

“No. Her Summer holidays had just started the day before yesterday.”

“What about you? Are you at home watching TV every day? You did not go out?”

“I… I didn’t know anyone here and did not go out.”

Dong Xuebing was worried Yu Meixia would get lonely. “Sister Yu, why don’t you get a driving license? I can buy you a car, and you can go out for a ride when you are free. Also, it will be convenient for you to send and fetch Qianqian to school in a car.”

Yu Meixia paused for a second and quickly said. “No need. I am stupid, and I don’t think I can learn how to drive.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Just go for some lessons, and I will ask the relevant department to give you the license.”

“No need. Chief Dong… Xuebing, we had owed you too much. Don’t…”

Dong Xuebing pretended to be angry. “We are a family and stop saying you owe me anything. I don’t like it.”

Yu Meixia bit her lips and kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing saw Yu Meixia’s expression and was worried about what he said will hurt her feelings. He added. “Sister Yu, I treat you and Qianqian as my family members. Money is not important, and family comes first. There is a saying ‘problems that can be solved with money are not problems.’ You should also know that I have money and let me know if you or Qianqian need anything. Stop thinking about how much you owe me unless you are treating me as an outsider.”

Yu Meixia shook her hands. “No… No… I also treated you as… my family.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “That’s right. So, stop saying all these again. Ok?”

Yu Meixia nodded. “Ok.”

After washing the hair, Yu Meixia used the hairdryer to dry Dong Xuebing’s hair. She had learned how to use common household appliances with the help of Yu Qianqian.

A while later, Yu Qianqian appeared outside of the bathroom in her pajamas.

Yu Meixia turned off the hairdryer and asked. “What’s wrong? Why are you not sleeping?”

Yu Qianqian’s face was red as she took a glance at Dong Xuebing shyly. “I… I need to use the bathroom.”

“My hair is dried. You can use it now.” Dong Xuebing laughed and stood up. “Sleep early, and your Mum will bring you out to buy a mobile phone tomorrow.”

Yu Qianqian heard this and replied excitedly. “Yes. Thank you, Big Brother.”

Yu Meixia helped Dong Xuebing walk out of the bathroom and turned to Yu Qianqian. “Is it alright for you to sleep with yourself? I need to stay with Xuebing and cannot sleep with you.”

Yu Qianqian nodded. “Yes! I don’t have nightmares now!”

Dong Xuebing heard her and frowned. “Sister Yu, why do you need to stay by my side? You should accompany Qianqian.”

“You cannot move your arms and shoulders, and it will be difficult for you to get on and off the bed. What if you are thirsty or need to use the bathroom at night? It will be more convenient if I am by your side. If not, how are you going to get off the bed and open the door?” Yu Meixia continued. “I will sleep on your desk, and you can call me if you need anything.” Earlier, Dong Xuebing had joked that he cannot move his arms and had rung the doorbell with his head.

Dong Xuebing said. “You had helped me the whole evening, and you don’t need to accompany me at night. I will be fine alone.”

Yu Meixia did not listen to Dong Xuebing, and after helping him back to the bedroom, she cleared the desk to make space for her head and changed the bedsheets, pillowcases, etc. After that, she walked over to Dong Xuebing shyly and helped him get undress to his underwear.

“I will help you with the bed.”

“Ah… you should return to your room. You don’t need to watch me by the bed.”

“It’s alright. When we are begging on the streets, Qianqian and I are always sleeping face down on tables.”

After helping Dong Xuebing to get into a comfortable position on the bed, Yu Meixia left the room to change into a slip silk nightdress. She returned with a small pillow and closed the door behind her. She sat down by the desk and switched off the table lamp. Click! The room is in total darkness.

One minute…

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Dong Xuebing listened to the sounds of Yu Meixia breathing and could not sleep.

Sister Yu is also not asleep, and Dong Xuebing could hear the rustling sounds of her Buckwheat husk pillow. She should be adjusting her position on the pillow.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Sister Yu?”

Click! The table lamp was switched on immediately. “What is it?”

“Err… nothing… I just want to know if you are asleep.”

Yu Meixia has some pillow creases on her face. “Not yet. I am not sleepy today.”

Dong Xuebing said. “Me too. There are too many things in my mind, and I can’t sleep. Let’s have a chat.”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing and stood up. “Since you are not sleepy, I…, I had learned how to dance from one woman in the Public Security Family Quarters. Can I… I dance for you? You might fall asleep after that.” Yu Meixia had been learning massage, dance, and cooking recently. She learned these to repay Dong Xuebing’s gratitude and hopes he will be happy.

Dong Xuebing smiled wryly. “Dancing is too tiring. You…”

Yu Meixia is already standing in the room. “I am not tired. In the past, I had been working in the fields, and I am very fit.”

Dong Xuebing knew Yu Meixia would not listen, and he smiled. “Alright. Show me your dance.”

Yu Meixia took out her mobile phone and searched for the song. After a while, a melody started, and she quickly put the phone on the bed. She stood there shyly and started dancing to the rhythm.

Dong Xuebing could tell Yu Meixia had learned this dance not long ago and was tensed. Her moves were not perfect, but Dong Xuebing was not watching her dance move. He was looking at her voluptuous body.

Dong Xuebing could not make out what kind of dance this was.

It looks like a combination of ballet and Chinese dance. The person who taught Sister Yu should also be a novice at dancing.

Yu Meixia danced and was looking at Dong Xuebing’s expression. She was delighted when she saw Dong Xuebing watching her attentively. She trained this dance for many days to show Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was feeling good looking at Yu Meixia.

Dong Xuebing felt like an Emperor with someone cooking, feeding, lighting his cigarette, wash his hair, and dance for him…

The song from the Nokia N8 ended with Yu Meixia's final dance move. The final move was a split, and it was a difficult move to many people. But Yu Meixia’s body is flexible and could achieve it easily.

Dong Xuebing’s eyes opened wide as Yu Meixia’s dress had been pulled up, exposing her thighs.

Yu Meixia was too focus on dancing and forgot she was not wearing pants. She panicked and tried to cover herself with her hands clumsily and tripped herself. After a few seconds, she managed to straighten her dress and stood up. She is sweating and looks tired.

Dong Xuebing pretended not to notice it. “Good. Your dance is perfect. You are a talented dancer.”

Yu Meixia replied shyly. “I…, I did not dance well today.”

Dong Xuebing continued with his praises. “You had danced well. Didn’t you just learn this dance? Haha… after I recover, you must teach me, and we can dance together.”

Yu Meixia lowered her head and nodded. “Are you going to sleep now?”

Dong Xuebing looked at the pillow on the desk and said. “Why don’t you sleep on the bed?”

“No… no…” Yu Meixia quickly shook her head.

Dong Xuebing continued. “It will be uncomfortable to sleep by the desk. It is either you get on the bed, or you go back to your room. Pick one.”

Yu Meixia gritted her teeth and looked at the bed. She hesitated for a while, and slowly walk over to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed cautiously. A few days ago, Yu Meixia and her daughter had shared a bed with Dong Xuebing, and she was touched all over by him. Furthermore, Yu Meixia had touched Dong Xuebing’s d**k when she was helping him to pee earlier, and now, she is not so shy. She is worried that Dong Xuebing might need help in the middle of the night and decided to stay by his side. She switched off the light and laid down beside Dong Xuebing lightly.

“Sis, what are your plans for your future?”

“Plans? I don’t know. Raise Qianqian, support her education to university?”

“I am talking about you. Do you have any goals?”

“Goals? I… I have not thought about that. My only wish is for Qianqian to live a good life and complete her university education. I will stay at home and cook for her after she graduates. If she got married and have children, I will help her take care of her children.” Yu Qianqian is the world to Yu Meixia, and all her plans revolve around her.

Dong Xuebing paused for a second and asked. “Other than this, you don’t have any other wishes?”

Yu Meixia thought for a while and said. “If possible, I…, I would like to look for my biological parents.”

Dong Xuebing was shocked. “Your parents…”

“Before my parents pass away, they accidentally revealed that I am not their biological child during a quarrel. Later, I asked my relatives and neighbors and found out that I was adopted.” Yu Meixia sighed. “I had not told Qianqian about this.”

Dong Xuebing was shocked, but not surprised because Yu Meixia is too pretty. It’s rare for villages to have such beautiful women. Once in a while, there might be pretty women appearing in the villages, but none of them are as beautiful as Yu Meixia. When Dong Xuebing was investigating Yu Meixia’s husband's case, he had seen Yu Meixia’s parents’ photographs in the files. Her parents are not good looking at all, and Dong Xuebing had not thought much about it. Now, he thought back and knew that that couple couldn’t have a beautiful daughter like Yu Meixia.

“Ok. I will try my best to look for them.”

“I don’t hold much hope on finding them. It is almost impossible to locate them now.”

“Don’t think too much. If you all are fated to meet, you will get to meet them eventually. It’s late. Good night.”


The moon was covered by the clouds, and it was dark.

Buzz… Buzz…. There are mosquitos in the room, and it was bothering Dong Xuebing.

About 15 minutes later, Dong Xuebing still could not fall asleep. He was afraid Yu Meixia would catch a cold and used his leg to kick the blanket over her legs. When he was kicking the blanket over, his feet accidentally brushed against her feet. Yu Meixia’s feet were smooth and soft, and Dong Xuebing did not move his feet away. He placed his feet under Yu Meixia’s feet and rubbed softly against it.

Yu Meixia was not moving and looks like she is sleeping soundly.

Dong Xuebing tried his best to turn his head towards Yu Meixia to look at her. Yu Meixia’s side view was beautiful, and Dong Xuebing could smell her scent faintly.

Buzzz… the mosquito was still bothering Dong Xuebing, and his legs, arms neck were bitten.

Scratched… Yu Meixia was scratching her legs.

“Sister Yu?”


“You are also bitten by mosquitos?”

“You are bitten too? Then… I will try to kill it.”

Clicked! Yu Meixia switched on the bedside lamp.

Yu Meixia sat up on the bed and scratched a red bump on her right thigh. She looked around to search for the mosquitoes and finally found one stopping by the bed. She quickly reaches over to smack it. She looked at her hand and noticed she missed it. She immediately scans around and saw the mosquito buzzing around. She quickly moves closer to smack it.

Dong Xuebing is injured and could not even get out of bed by himself. He could only lie on the bed, looking at Yu Meixia, trying to kill the mosquitos.

Yu Meixia was standing beside Dong Xuebing when she was killing the mosquito. Her movements are big, and Dong Xuebing could see all her legs as her dress was pulled higher. Yu Meixia seems to notice this and quickly close her thighs and press her dress down. She bit her lips and continue to look for that mosquito.

A few minutes later, Yu Meixia kneeled beside Dong Xuebing.

“What’s wrong? You killed that mosquito?”

Yu Meixia blushed. “The mosquito… had landed on your crotch.”

Dong Xuebing looked down but could not see anything from his angle. “Then, you chase it away before you smack it.”

Yu Meixia nodded and fanned the mosquito with her hand lightly. The mosquito flew, and she quickly smacks it. She opened her palms, and the mosquito is crushed. Her hand had some bloodstains and went to wash her hands. She returned with a small bottle of medicated oil. “Xuebing, I will help you apply some medicated oil on the mosquito bites.”

“Apply it to yourself first.”

“Ok. Please bear with it for a while.”

Yu Meixia poured a few drops of medicated oil on her thigh and rubbed it in.

“I’m done. Where are you, bitten?”

Dong Xuebing stretched out his leg. “I am bitten on my leg, my torso, and neck.”

Yu Meixia moved to the foot of the bed and looked for mosquito bites on Dong Xuebing’s legs. She carefully applies medicine on every bump she found as she moves up Dong Xuebing’s body. Soon, the whole room has a strong smell of medicated oil.

“I found four bumps. Err… is there anymore?”

“That should be all.”

“Then… I will switch off the lights?”

When Yu Meixia was about to switch off the lights, she saw Dong Xuebing’s face changed, and his brows raised.

Yu Meixia asked. “What’s wrong? Are your wounds hurting?”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “Err… I think there is still one mosquito bite. Hiss…” The itchy and painful sensation made Dong Xuebing take a deep breath in.

Yu Meixia looked down to look for the mosquito bite. “Where is it?”


“Where is the bump? I will help you apply medicated oil.”

“It’s… It’s…” Dong Xuebing shamefully said. “The mosquito had bitten me when it landed on my crotch.”

Yu Meixia gasped and looked at Dong Xuebing’s crotch. Is the bump there?

Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud. How did this damn mosquito bite him through his briefs? The itch is killing Dong Xuebing, and he crossed his legs and rubbed. But the itch was still there, and it was unbearable. He wants to scratch it, but he can’t move his arms.

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and asked. “I… I will apply the medicated oil for you?”

“Can medicated oil be applied to that part? Will it be too cooling?”

“I… I am not sure.” Yu Meixia stood up. “I will look for the medicated oil instruction manual.”

Dong Xuebing was in agony. “Please hurry… ah… It’s too itchy…” It’s a torture to be not able to scratch an itch.

Yu Meixia ran out of the room and returned one minute later. “I had thrown the medicated oil’s box away.”

“Bring a pillow over… Ah…” Dong Xuebing couldn’t care about disgracing himself anymore. “Put it in between my legs!”

Yu Meixia followed Dong Xuebing’s instructions and placed a pillow between his legs. Dong Xuebing squeezed the pillow with his thighs and rubbed against it. But it still cannot satisfy the itch.

It was too unbearable for Dong Xuebing!


“Huh? What?”

Yu Meixia took a glance at Dong Xuebing and said shyly. “If it’s too unbearable, I… I can help to scratch it for you.”

Dong Xuebing wanted to tell Yu Meixia that she does not need to do this. But since Yu Meixia had already touched his d**k when she was helping him pee, it’s not a big deal for her to touch it again. He said after a long pause. “Sorry to trouble you. Thank you.”

Yu Meixia looked away and slowly reached out.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath.

Yu Meixia was looking at the floor when she asked. “Is it here?”

“A bit lower.”


“Lower… that’s right! That’s the spot!”

Yu Meixia was using her hand to stop Dong Xuebing’s itch, but she dares not to use her nails as she is afraid of hurting Dong Xuebing. She used her fingers to rub gently. Dong Xuebing felt much better as the itch was going away, but he was getting aroused!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 235 – Wait upon


Hua Mei Estate was bustling with the sounds of crickets and other insects.

In the kitchen, Yu Meixia was cutting some fruits in a white dress, and Yu Qianqian was plating the fruits.

“Mum.” Yu Qianqian asked. “Big Brother had not visited us for many days. He… Is he not coming over in the future?”

Yu Meixia paused for a second and sighed. She passed the apple slices to her daughter and said. “No. Chief Dong is very busy. Didn’t you read the papers the other day that he had just solved a Jailbreaking case, and still got Second-class merit? He will visit us when he is not so busy. He had promised that he would get you a gift if you got good results.”

Yu Qianqian’s mood got better and nodded.

Yu Meixia cleaned her daughter’s hand lovingly. “Go and talk to your classmates.”

Yu Qianqian nodded and brought out the fruit platter to the living room. “Please… have some fruits.”

“Haha… I want a banana.” Yueyue grabbed a banana and took a bite.

“I want apples. Thank you, Qianqian.” Chengcheng took a slice of apple with a toothpick.

Yu Qianqian blushed and replied softly. “You… You are welcome. Liu Yang… have some fruits too.”

Liu Yang was on the sofa, playing with his phone. “I just had dinner and is still full.”

Yueyue giggled. “He loves to play with his phone. Since he doesn’t want to eat, we will finish everything.”

These two girls and one boy are Yu Qianqian’s classmates. Other than Dong Xuebing, Yu Qianqian is still timid to chat with boys. They had met Liu Yang on the way to Yu Qianqian’s house, and Yueyue dragged him along. Yu Qianqian had befriended Yueyue and Chengcheng recently. It’s the Summer holidays now, and they love doing homework together at each other’s house. They were at Chengcheng’s house the day before yesterday and Yueyue’s house yesterday. Today, it’s Yu Qianqian’s turn.

Yu Meixia poured tea for them and had treated them warmly.

Yueyue looked at Yu Meixia and enviously said. “Aunty, you are so pretty. You and Qianqian are from the same mold.”

Yu Meixia replied shyly. “No… your mother should be prettier.”

Yueyue mumbled. “My mum is not as pretty as you. Sigh… Why am I so ugly?!”

Chengcheng laughed. “You know yourself well.”

“Die!” Yueyue pounced onto Chengcheng to tickle her.

Liu Yang looked at Yu Qianqian’s mother and was memorized by her. When Yu Qianqian was transferred to the school, many people had looked down on her. She is a typical villager from the countryside who does not know about pop music and had not seen some technologies before. But now, Liu Yang’s impression of Yu Qianqian changed after seeing she is living in a nice apartment.

The few children were playing among themselves.

Yu Meixia looked at her daughter, smiling at her classmates and was happy. But when she remembers Dong Xuebing had not visited them for a while, and seems to have forgotten about them, she sighed. Her household registration, Qianqian’s school, money, and this apartment are all provided by Chief Dong. But now, there’s nothing she can do to repay him. Yu Meixia had wanted to call Dong Xuebing, but she is afraid that she will disturb him.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong…

The doorbell rang.

Yu Meixia was surprised as no one will visit her at this time. She hurried over to open the door. “Ah… Dong… Chief Dong.”

Yu Qianqian heard her mother and rushed to the door. “Big Brother!”

The next moment, the mother and daughter saw Dong Xuebing’s heavily bandaged arms and gasped. “What happened to your arms?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I got hurt while working, and I can’t move them for the next two weeks. Sister Yu, I might have to stay here for a few days.”

“Big Brother!” Yu Qianqian’s eyes were red and were about to cry.

Dong Xuebing quickly comfort her. “Ah… I am fine. Don’t cry… Eh? You have visitors?”

Yu Meixia kneels to help Dong Xuebing take off his shoes and change to slippers. “Qianqian’s classmates are here.”

Dong Xuebing smiles. It is good for Qianqian to have friends, and her timid character will change slowly.

Yueyue and Chengcheng stood up and greeted Dong Xuebing. They addressed him as Brother, like Qianqian.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Don’t stand. Sit… Qianqian, go and accompany your friends. Don’t cry… This is a minor injury, and I am fine. Go and pour some drinks for your classmates.” Dong Xuebing had been holding his pee since afternoon, and his bladder is about to burst.

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips as she looked at Dong Xuebing’s arms. “I… I… can help you change your dressing.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “No need. I had just discharged from the hospital. Oh… I have been very busy these few days and forgot to ask. Qianqian’s Summer holidays had started? How are her results?” Yu Qianqian had just been transferred to this school, and in the past few months, she had been begging along the streets with Yu Meixia and had not attended school. Dong Xuebing is afraid she cannot catch up with the rest.

Yueyue replied cheerfully. “Qianqian had gotten the fifth position in our class and is in the top 30 of our level.”

Yu Qianqian blushed and lowered her head. She is waiting for Dong Xuebing to praise her.

Dong Xuebing smiled and looked at Yu Qianqian. “Not bad. I can tell you had worked hard. Haha… I promised I would buy you anything you want if you get good results. Tell me, what do you want?”

Yu Qianqian quickly shook her head. “I… I don’t want anything.”

Chengcheng looked at Yu Qianqian and whispered. “MP4… Ask for an MP4!”

Yueyue laughed. “MP4 is nothing compared to a mobile phone. The latest model of the HTC smartphone is slightly pricy, and it cost around 4 to 5,000 RMB.”

Yu Qianqian looked at Liu Yang’s phone, enviously. When she is studying in the village, most of her friends are poor, and it’s rare to see any students using mobile phones. But after starting school in County First Junior High, Yu Qianqian noticed the difference between her and the rest. All of her classmates, like Liu Yang, Chengcheng, and Yueyue, own mobile phones.

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Qianqian and understood. “Ok. Let’s get a mobile phone.”

Yu Qianqian quickly rejects. “No need. I don’t need it. It’s too expensive.”

Yu Meixia added. “That’s right. She is still a kid and does not need that. You…”

“Sister Yu.” Dong Xuebing points to his pocket with his chin. “My wallet is in here. Help me take it out. Hmmm… there should be around 5,000 RMB in it. Take out all the money and bring Qianqian out to the mall to get a new phone. Let her pick the one she likes. If the money is not enough, use your first. I will return you when you return.” He saw Yu Meixia still standing there and gave her a stare. “Hurry up!”

Yu Meixia could only do as she was told. “Thank you.”

Yu Qianqian was excited. “Big Brother! I… I…”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Study hard, and if you can get into the top five of your level, I will give you more rewards..”

Yueyue saw Dong Xuebing taking out 5,000 RMB to buy a phone for Qianqian and exclaimed. “Qianqian, your brother is good for you!”

Chengcheng was also envious of Yu Qianqian. Her phone is not a smartphone and costs around 800 RMB.

Yu Qianqian blushed shyly and said. “Yes. My brother had also bought a computer for me.”

Liu Yang asked excitedly. “What computer?”

Yu Qianqian points to the white laptop on her desk in her room.

Yueyue screams out excitedly. “Is this Apple’s laptop?! OMG! This is my favorite laptop!”

Chengcheng was also staring at that laptop, which cost around 10,000. “Let’s go in to look at the laptop?”

Yueyue ran into the room. “Hahaha! I will go first!”

Chengcheng and Liu Yang followed behind and were admiring the laptop. Chengcheng said. “Qianqian, your brother dotes you. This laptop is very expensive. Yueyue had begged her parents for two months, but they did not buy one for her.” Liu Yang was impressed by Yu Qianqian now.

Yueyue shouted. “Ah… Qianqian… Can you lend it to me for a few days? Please…”

Yu Qianqian was feeling good, and she nodded. “Ok.”

Living room.

Yu Meixia saw the kids going into the bedroom, and she picks up a teacup and fed Dong Xuebing. Although Yu Meixia is clumsy at times, she is very caring towards Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing took a few sips, and his face changed!

Yu Meixia got a shock and panicked. “Is the tea too hot? I’m sorry…”

“It’s not that!” Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and said to Yu Meixia sternly. “Hurry! Come with me!”

Yu Meixia was puzzled and quickly followed Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing entered the bathroom, and she quickly followed inside. Inside the bathroom, she still could not understand why Dong Xuebing asked her to follow him. After a few seconds, she suddenly realized what Dong Xuebing wants. She blushed and glanced at Chief Dong’s pants without saying a word.

Dong Xuebing smiles embarrassedly. “Sister Yu, I cannot move my arms and need your help.”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing and quickly closed the bathroom door.

Dong Xuebing was embarrassed as he stood in front of the toilet bowl.

Yu Meixia is a conservative woman from her dressing. Other than sleeping, she had never worn any skirt or dress above her knees. She had a daughter, but she still behaves like a young girl. Now, she must help another man take off his pants … it was too awkward for her.

But Yu Meixia did not reject Dong Xuebing’s request. She gritted her teeth and bent forward to unzip Dong Xuebing.

Zippp…. Dong Xuebing’s fly was opened.

Yu Meixia lowered her head and asked. “Chief Dong… I… I will take it out?”

Dong Xuebing was sweating and thought to himself. Hurry up! I cannot hold on any longer. “Ok, ok…”

Yu Meixia could not look away as she got to help Chief Dong aim into the toilet bowl. Her face is red and bites her lips while adjusting the direction. “Ok… you… can start now.”

Dong Xuebing could finally relax.

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…

Twenty seconds…

Maybe Dong Xuebing had held back his pee for too long, and he could not pee now!

Yu Meixia did not say a word and dared not hurry him. She just stood beside Dong Xuebing, holding his d**k.

With a beautiful mature woman holding his d**k, Dong Xuebing noticed he is getting hard. He wanted to pee and quickly wear back his pants, but it’s out of his control.

Yu Meixia could also feel it, and her hands start trembling.

Dong Xuebing felt he had disgraced himself today.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Yu Meixia’s body was bending slightly forward, and her back was starting to ache.

Outside of the bathroom, Yu Qianqian shouted. “Mum? Mum? Big Brother? Where are you?”

Chengcheng said. “Did they go out?”

Yu Meixia panicked and didn’t know how to answer her daughter.

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “We are in the bathroom. Your mother is helping to change my bandages. You all go and watch TV. We will be done soon.”

Yu Qianqian acknowledged. “My friends are leaving. I will walk them out.”

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Ok. Be back early, and be careful. Ask your friends over when they are free.” Yueyue, Chengcheng, and Liu Yang bid their goodbyes to Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia from outside the bathroom. A while later, Dong Xuebing heard the sounds of the door closing and was relieved. He looked at Yu Meixia apologetically. “Sorry, Sister Yu. Please wait for a while more.”

Yu Meixia only nodded.

Dong Xuebing cursed himself in his heart. Hurry up, and Pee!

After a while, ‘Tsss……’ Dong Xuebing had finally peed.

Yu Meixia flushed the toilet and straightened her back. She tucked Dong Xuebing’s d**k back into his pants and quickly washed her hands with soap several times.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Thank you.”

Yu Meixia did not reply to him and helped him out to the sofa.

Dong Xuebing saw Yu Meixia keeping quiet and felt bad. Before his arms recover, this will happen many times, and he can’t even shit or dress. Even simple things like eating or wearing shoes, he will need Yu Meixia’s help. “Err… why not I go back?”

Yu Meixia paused for a second and asked. “Where are you going?”


“Then… then wait for me to get my clothes. I will stay in the hospital too. It will be more convenient to look after you.”

“Ah… I am afraid of troubling you… after all, you are a woman, and I am…”

Yu Meixia blushed. “I’m… I’m fine.”

“Huh? You are ok with this?”


Dong Xuebing replied. “Then, I will not leave, and I will have to trouble you for the next few days.”

Yu Meixia replied softly. “Chief Dong, you had treated my daughter and me so well. This is nothing… really. I am fine with it.”

“Why are you still calling me Chief Dong? You can call me Xiao Dong, Xuebing, or Xiao Bing.”

“Yes… Xue… Xuebing.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “That’s right. Sister Yu, sit down and take a break.”

Yu Meixia waved her hand. “I am not tired. Have some fruits.”

Dong Xuebing was hungry. “Thank you.”

Yu Meixia sat down beside Dong Xuebing and used a toothpick to feed him a piece of orange. After Dong Xuebing chewed on the orange, she cupped both hands in front of his mouth, waiting for him to spit the seeds out. Then, she fed Dong Xuebing with a piece of apple and wiped his mouth with a paper napkin. She then took out a cigarette and placed it on Dong Xuebing’s lips before lighting it for him. After the cigarette is lit, she held the ashtray beside Dong Xuebing to wait for the ash to drop.

Dong Xuebing was touched by how caring Yu Meixia was.

No one else will wait on him this way like Yu Meixia.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 234 – Hospitalized

County’s People’s Hospital.

Orthopedics, single ward.

When Dong Xuebing regained his senses, he realized he is in the hospital. He tried to sit upright, but when he pushes himself with his hands against the bed, he felt excruciating pain in both his hands and arms. He realized he could not move both arms from the shoulders, and it was heavily bandaged. It seems like he had been treated by the doctors.

“Eh, Chief Dong, you are awake?” The only person in the ward is a nurse.

Dong Xuebing looked at the nurse. “What is wrong with my arms? How come I can’t move them?”

The nurse laughed. “The doctor says it’s fine. You had pulled your muscles and have no fractures. You should be fine after a few days’ rests.”

Dong Xuebing was relieved. “Thank you.”

The nurse left, and people started coming in to visit him.

The leader of the fire brigade, the detectives from the Bureau, Qin Yong, Deputy Team Leader Feng, etc. had all come to visit.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Thank you for your concerns. Oh, what happened to that worker?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “You had saved his life, and he is fine. He only hurt his pelvis and leg. His right leg is fractured and is hospitalized.”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “After he is recovered, lock him up for 15 days first!”

At this moment, Liang Chengpeng arrived and saw Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, you are too reckless. You are lucky to move away in time… Sigh…” Liang Chengpeng looked at him. “But thanks to you, the worker is saved, and this matter did not blow up. Good job. The City’s newspaper had reported about this incident. Take a look.”

Chief Liang took out a copy of the newspaper from his bag.

The header of the article wrote: Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief caught a man who had jumped from a building with his bare hands!

Dong Xuebing smiled wryly. “I did not catch him. All I did was to break his fall.”

Liang Chengpeng points at Dong Xuebing angrily. “You… Do you still dare to laugh? Do you know how worried we were at the Bureau when we heard something had happened to you? I had asked the doctor earlier. Your injury needs at least two weeks of rest. Rest well, and I had put up a report on this incident. The City Government agreed to give you third-class merit, certificate of bravery, and a medal. After you recover, it will be issued to you.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Thank you, Chief Liang.”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “You had used your life and courage to get these. Don’t thank me.”

Liang Chengpeng, Qin Yong, and Deputy Team Leader Feng were curious about why Dong Xuebing had risked his life to save that worker? That man is just an ordinary worker, and he even tried to threaten the County Government with his life. Is it worth risking your life to save someone like that worker? But because of Chief Dong’s outstanding performance, the County Government had controlled the incident, and Yan Tai County’s Public Security Bureau become famous in the Province.

After Chief Liang, Chief Qin, and the rest left the ward, and Dong Xuebing closed his eyes to rest.

Third-class merit… This is another impressive result in Dong Xuebing’s file, and he is one step closer to getting nominated for promotion!

Squeak… The ward’s door opened suddenly, and sounds of high heels’ footsteps entered.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and was surprised for a second. He smiled. “Mayor Xie.”

Xie Huilan had returned from her inspection in the countryside, and her secretary Hu Silian was standing behind her. When Xie Huilan heard that Dong Xuebing was injured, she did not even return to the County Government. She immediately asks her driver to go straight to the County’s People Hospital. Xie Huilan stood at the door of the ward and signaled to Hu Silian to wait outside. After she closed the door, she walked to Dong Xuebing and stared at him with narrowed eyes.

“Sister Xie?”


Dong Xuebing mumbled softly. “I am not trying to be a hero this time. I did it because I know I can catch that man.”

Xie Huilan was still staring at him. “Because of me?”

Dong Xuebing had risked his left because of Xie Huilan. But when Xie Huilan asked this question, he was too shy to admit it. He cleared his throat and pretended. “No… You had said I need to accumulate more results before I can be promoted to Section Chief. I know that I will get third-class merit if I save that man, and this is the reason. Haha… Chief Liang told me that the City Government had approved, and I will get the award when I am discharged.”

Xie Huilan looks at Dong Xuebing. “You think I will believe this reason?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Sister Xie, this is an accident. I promise that I will hide when there is danger in the future.” He had promised Xie Huilan not to be reckless, but two days later, he risked his life again and is even hospitalized.

Xie Huilan sighed and stroke Dong Xuebing’s hair gently. “Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing mumbled. “I said I did not do this for you. What’s there to thank?”

Xie Huilan replied slowly as she combed Dong Xuebing’s hair with her fingers. “I am not blind and stupid. Secretary Huang had told me what happened at the scene, and I know what you had done for me.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s nothing.”

Xie Huilan held Dong Xuebing’s bandaged hand quietly.

Dong Xuebing said. “You better go back to the County Government. You still have lots of work, and I am fine.”

“I will accompany you a while more.”

Dong Xuebing felt warmed and nodded.

One minute…

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan held hands without saying a word.

After a while, Xie Huilan tucked her fringe behind her ear and said. “You had done so much for me, but I have not done anything for you. When I think back, I...”

Dong Xuebing interrupted Xie Huilan. “Stop talking about these. I can be transferred to Yan Tai County is because of your help. Furthermore, we are dating and should not be so calculative.”

Xie Huilan nodded. “Hehe… I will treat you better in the future.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. “How much better?”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and looked at him. “What do you think?”

“Errr… How about changing the way you call me? Xiao Dong, Xiao Dong… it sounds so awkward.”

“Really? I think it is intimate to call you Xiao Dong.” Xie Huilan thought for a while. “When no one is around, I will call you Xiao Bing?”

Dong Xuebing nodded, but his movements pulled his shoulders’ muscles. He gritted his teeth in pain and said. “Xiao Bing will do. When there are people around you, you can call me Xiao Dong. This is only a name, and you can call me whatever you want.” Dong Xuebing had wanted to ask Xie Huilan to call him ‘Dear’ or ‘Darling.’ But he dare not say it to Xie Huilan.

“Xiao Bing?”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“Hehe… nothing.”

“It’s time for you to leave? Go back, and don’t worry about me. I will be discharged these two days. You need to work.”

“Ok. I will visit you at night.”

“No…, you are the Mayor, and people might gossip if you are seen visiting me twice.”

Xie Huilan lowered her head and looked at Dong Xuebing with a smile. She sweeps the hair on Dong Xuebing’s forehead aside and kissed him. She slowly moves her sexy lips lower to kiss his nose, cheeks, and finally on his lips. Her tongue played with his lips, and they frenched for about two minutes. After that, Xie Huilan giggled and said. “Alright. I will be going.”

Dong Xuebing was still in a daze. “Ok…”

Xie Huilan laughed and patted Dong Xuebing on his leg.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan could hear a commotion outside of the ward.

“Xiao Bing is in this ward?”

“How is my cousin?”

“Chief Dong is alright, but Mayor Xie is inside. Can you all…”

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Huilan. “It’s my mother and my younger cousin.”

Xie Huilan turned towards the door. “Xiao Hu, let Xiao Dong’s family enter.”

The door opened, and a worried Luan Xiaoping entered. Behind her were Tang Jin, Second Aunt, Uncle, and his wife. When they saw the Mayor, Dong Xuebing’s Uncle and his wife went up to greet her politely. Tang Jin knew the beautiful woman in front of her is the Mayor and was nervous and reserved. Only Luan Xiaoping did not care about Xie Huilan and rushed to the bed to look at her precious son. Her tears were flowing when she saw the bandages on Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Mum, I’m alright. Why are you crying?”

Luan Xiaoping sobbed. “How many times have I told you not to be a hero? Why don’t you listen to me?!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I know what I am doing, and I am not trying to be a hero.”

“You will be the death of me!” Luan Xiaoping almost wanted to beat her son because of her anger but did not do so.

Xie Huilan walked over and extended her hand to Luan Xiaoping. “You are Xiao Dong’s mother? I am representing the County Government to thank Chief Dong for his contributions. During the hostage situation at Nan Liu Junior School, Dong Xuebing had saved those students and teachers. He is our Public Security’s hero and a role model of Yan Tai County.”

Luan Xiaoping had never met any bigshots in her life and shook her hand cautiously. “Mayor Xie, you… you are flattering him.”

With Xie Huilan around, Luan Xiaoping, Tang Jin, and the rest were nervous and was afraid of saying the wrong things.

Xie Huilan noticed they were uncomfortable and smiled at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, I will go back now. Take care of yourself and get well soon.”

Dong Xuebing replied respectfully. “Thank you, Mayor Xie. I will recover and return to work hard for the Party.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “What do you mean by the return to the Party? You are always a part of the Party.”

Dong Xuebing smiled.

Xie Huilan turned to Luan Xiaoping and patted her hand lightly. “Aunty, don’t worry. Xiao Dong’s injury is not serious and will recover in around ten days. After he recovers, he does not need to return to work immediately. I will give him a few more days off to spend time with you all.”

Luan Xiaoping replied nervously. “Thank you for your concern.”

Xie Huilan chatted with Luan Xiaoping a while more, before leaving.

Hu Silian had wanted to visit Dong Xuebing, but Xie Huilan did not let her in. Now, Xie Huilan is leaving, and Hu Silian cannot stay there any longer. She gave Dong Xuebing an apologetic look and saw Dong Xuebing smiling and nodding at her.

Inside the ward.

Tang Jin was relieved and patted her chest. “That is our Mayor? I don’t even dare to breathe loudly in front of her.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt and Uncle’s wife felt the same as Tang Jin. They could feel the pressure when they are standing near to Xie Huilan.

Luan Xiaoping asked. “Mayor Xie is very pretty and capable. She should not around five to six years older than Xiao Bing, right? How did she become the County’s Mayor at her age?”

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle replied softly. “I heard Mayor Xie has a strong backing.”

Dong Xuebing looked around and asked his mother. “Mum, who do you think is prettier? Mayor Xie or Aunt Xuan?”

Luan Xiaoping said. “They are both very pretty.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Luan Xiaoping. “Who do you think is better?”

Luan Xiaoping gave her son a stare. “Why are you asking? They have nothing to do with you anyway.”

“Ah… It’s just a casual question.” Dong Xuebing still does not want to let his mother know about his relationships. “Mum, can you peel an apple for me? I want to eat some fruits.”

Luan Xiaoping was still angry with her son. “Peel yourself!”

Dong Xuebing protested. “I can’t move both my arms. How am I going to peel?”

Luan Xiaoping chided Dong Xuebing. “Who asked you to be a hero?! Do you know how big the force of a man falling from seventh story is? Yet, you still dare to catch him with your bare hands?! Are you trying to kill yourself? Xiao Bing, why don’t you stop working for the government? I get to worry about you every day and can’t sleep well. I am afraid that you might…” Luan Xiaoping said, and tears start to well up in her eyes again.

Dong Xuebing was laden with guilt and said. “I’m sorry. Stop crying. I promise I will watch out for my safety in the future.”

Luan Xiaoping sat on the bed and started to peel an apple.

Dong Xuebing called out to the rest of his relatives. “Xiao Jin, Uncle, Second Aunt, sit…”

Tang Jin looked at her cousin’s arms. “Brother, our factory does not have any work these few days. How about I take a few days off work to care for you? You can’t move your arms, and it will be inconvenient if no one is taking care of you.”

Dong Xuebing’s Second Aunt said. “You can’t even take care of yourself, and you want to care for Xiao Bing? Xiao Bing, I will stay at the hospital to take care of you.”

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle’s wife quickly added. “Let me take care of him.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Don’t… Thank you for your offer. I am fine.”

“You call this fine?!” Luan Xiaoping looked at her son unhappily and used a toothpick to feed the apples to him. “You are so badly injured, and you can’t even feed yourself. If no one is taking care of you, how are you going to eat and drink? It’s school holidays now, and I can stay here to look after you.”

Dong Xuebing’s Aunt asked. “Sis, you have high blood pressure these few days.”

Luan Xiaoping waved her hand. “I’m fine after taking medicine.”

About 20 minutes later, Luan Xiaoping asked Tang Jin and the rest to return.

Other than going for some medical checks, Dong Xuebing spent the rest of the day chatting with visitors. The officers from Dong Xuebing’s station and Bureau, leaders like Huang Li, Cao Xupeng, etc. had come to visit him.


Luan Xiaoping was feeding dinner to her son. “Why do you have so many visitors? You can’t even rest.”

Dong Xuebing smiled wryly as he replied. “I can’t chase them away when they visit, right? It should be better tomorrow.”

“Sigh… How about tomorrow…” As Luan Xiaoping was speaking, she suddenly holds her head, and her body swayed. Dong Xuebing panicked and asked what’s wrong with her. Luan Xiaoping took out a tablet from her pocket and ate it. “It’s my high blood pressure.”

Dong Xuebing was anxious. “No… You must go back and rest now. If you are going to take care of me, your condition will get worse.”

Luan Xiaoping stubbornly refused. “I am fine!”

“Hurry up and go back!”

“What will happen to you if I am not around?”

“I…” Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “I will hire a caregiver to take care of me. Don’t worry.”

Luan Xiaoping sighed. “They will not take good care of you. Do you want me to call your Second Aunt over?”

“Don’t worry about these. Go back and rest now. Remember to call me if you need anything.”

In the end, Luan Xiaoping gave in to her son. She had been unwell these few days, and after some persuasions, she left the ward.

After Luan Xiaoping left, Dong Xuebing had a painful expression. He had been holding in his pee since afternoon. He is too embarrassed to ask his mother to take off his pants for him. Although many of his colleagues who had visited him in the afternoon are male, they are not close. Even if they are close, Dong Xuebing is embarrassed to ask them for help. He called the nurse and asked if there are any care workers around.

But the nurse told him that there are only two care workers, but they are both women.

Dong Xuebing was troubled. Damn! I can’t hold back any longer!

What should I do? I can’t be asking the nurse to help me, or should I hire a female care worker to help me?

Dong Xuebing was a proud Beijinger and was troubled over this issue. He asked to be discharged and got the nurse to help him wear his clothes and shoes and left the hospital.

A Taxi had just dropped off someone at the hospital, and Dong Xuebing got in.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and decided to live with Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian for the next few days. He has too many visitors, and he can hide from them, and Sister Yu had bathed him before, and it’s not that embarrassing to ask her for help.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 233 – Jumping Incident

Morning, at 6 am.

In the summer, dawn is earlier, and at this time, it is cooler and refreshing.

After breakfast, Dong Xuebing sneaked out of Xie Huilan’s house. He did not use the elevator as he might meet someone on his way down. He walked down the stairs quietly and left the quarters without being seen.

From far, Dong Xuebing could see his Mercedes Benz MPV covered in tree leaves, and water stains from the storm last night.

Dong Xuebing boarded his vehicle and drove to a car wash. After spending 5 RMB to wash his car, he drove back to the Public Security Bureau and entered his office. Dong Xuebing lit a cigarette and drank his tea, as he read some old unsolved case files. He wants to solve more cases and get more credits under his belt to get nominated for promotion.

But Dong Xuebing flipped through all the files and did not find any case that is prominent enough to give him credits.

Dong Xuebing was troubled. What should I do? Where can I find a case that will give me enough credits?

Maybe god had heard Dong Xuebing’s wish, and his phone on the desk rang. Dong Xuebing looked at the number, and it was from the Command Center. Normally, the Command Center will only call him when there is a new case, and it’s those emergency types. Dong Xuebing, who is only in charge of Hui Tian Village Station, will normally not receive new cases, as ordinary cases will be handled to the investigation team or Public Order section.

Dong Xuebing answered. “Hello?”

“Chief Dong, I’m Hao Shun.” Hao Shun is the newly appointed Office Director.

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Oh, Director Hao. What is it?”

Hao Shun replied. “Someone is going to jump from the County’s Party Committee building. Chief Liang asked me to inform you to go there immediately.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Jump from the building? Who is it? What’s going on?”

Hao Shun does not like Dong Xuebing, because during the meeting, Dong Xuebing had spoken up for Hu Silian and did not want her to be removed from her position. He had even argued with the other leaders, and it shows that he does not want Hao Shun to take over Hu Silian. Hao Shun felt he was not respected, but he is aware of what the notorious Chief Dong can do. That’s why he did not show his displeasure to Dong Xuebing. He does not want to offend the ‘God of Plague.’ “It’s like this. The person who wanted to jump off the building is an employee of the cotton apparel factory. Maybe he had been treated unfairly and went to the building’s rooftop to threaten the County’s leaders. He said he wanted to meet the Mayor and want the Mayor to settle his grievances. Sigh…”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “The County’s Party Committee Building? How did he enter?”

“He barged in, and the security officers failed to stop him, and managed to make his way to the rooftop.”

Dong Xuebing knew the severity of this case and immediately drove to the County’s Party Committee building.

Outside of the Party Committee building is crowded, and a group of people had gathered to watch the commotion. Some policemen are stopping them from going nearer to the building. In the front yard of the County’s most influential building, it is also crowded with Civil servants and County Leaders. Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong had arrived, and County Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xupeng and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Huang Li are also standing there looking at the seven-story building.

On the rooftop, a man in a blue uniform is standing on the edge of the building.

“I want to meet the Mayor! I want to meet Mayor Xie!”

“Calm down. We can talk after you come down.”

“Don’t come any nearer! If you all don’t remove the Factory Director today, I will jump down!”

“Come down first. We will help you after you tell us about your problem.”

“Where is Mayor Xie? I want to talk to here!”

Everyone at the foot of the building could hear that man. Some officers and firemen should be on the roof, trying to persuade him to get away from the edge. That worker is emotionally unstable and could jump anytime. This is the County’s Party Committee building, and it a place where the County Leaders work. If this worker jumps off the building and dies, it will look bad on the County Government. This must not happen, and all the leaders at the scene were not happy.

Dong Xuebing parked his car outside and asked a police officer. “Has the firemen reach?”

That officer saw Dong Xuebing and replied politely. “Chief Dong, the Firemen, had reached, but the inflatable cushion is still on the way.

At this time, the inflatable cushion is crucial to saving that man, and Dong Xuebing’s face changed when he heard this. “Why are they so slow?”

“When this incident happens, the firemen are changing shifts. So, there are some delays.”

Not far away, Cao Xupeng was scolding two security guards of the County Party Committee Building. He seems to be questioning why they had allowed this worker to enter the compound. Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong brought out an inflatable boat from somewhere and was instructing the firemen to place it at the foot of the building. But that inflatable boat is too small, and it is not thick enough. It will not help in breaking that man’s fall if he jumps.

The worker is still on the roof shouting, and what happened was not any big deal. For some reason, the worker was dismissed by his leaders, and he is unhappy with this decision. He had some alcohol in the morning and came to the County Party Committee Building to demand an explanation. The police officers tried to reason with him, but it’s impossible to reason with a drunk, uneducated man.

“Where is the Mayor?!”

“Mayor Xie is not in the building. Calm down and get off the roof. We can help you.”

“Call her here! If not, I will jump!”

Damn! Who do you think you are? You lost your job, and you come to the County Committee Party Building to create trouble? Do you still want to see Sister Xie? Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud.

In another building, Hu Silian walked out anxiously.

Hu Yiguo immediately asks. “Secretary Hu, where is Mayor Xie?”

Hu Silian replied. “The Mayor had gone to the countryside for an inspection. She is on her way back now. Chief Hu, how are the worker’s emotions?”

Hu Yiguo sighed. “He is very unstable and insisted on meeting the Mayor. He might jump down anytime.

At this moment, a fire engine entered the compound with the inflatable cushion, and the firemen immediately ran over to set up the inflatable cushion.

Huang Li shouted at the firemen. “Hurry up!”

Dong Xuebing looked at the tense situation and secretly went to a corner to call Xie Huilan. The first time he called was engaged, and Xie Huilan answered on his second call. Dong Xuebing quickly asked. “Mayor Xie, you should have heard about the situation here. What should we do?”

Xie Huilan replied. “that man must be saved!”

Dong Xuebing said. “But… if he did not see you, he might…”

“Chief Dong, if I meet him, it will set a precedent. In the future, there will be endless troubles in the County Party Committee building. We must not allow this to happen. Ok. I am rushing back now. Try your best to handle the situation, and remember, you must save that man at all cost.” Xie Huilan emphasized as she faces lots of troubles if this situation is not handled well.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Don’t worry. I promise I will save that man.”

“Good. I trust you.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing understood why Xie Huilan was troubled over this incident. This is not a major incident, and if Sister Xie gives in to the dismissed worker, and replaced a factory director, the County Government will lose its credibility and respect. What if other workers come over every day and threaten to kill themselves if the Government doesn’t give in to their demands? The County Government leaders will not need to work and have to stop people from jumping off buildings every day.

Sister Xie must not meet this worker.

But if this worker jumps off the building, the County Government and Sister Xie’s reputation will be affected. Regardless of the reason, people will be wondering why the Mayor refuses to meet that work when he is about to commit suicide? If the Mayor had met that worker, he might not jump off the building. Xie Huilan will be made responsible for that worker’s death.

This is Sister Xie’s first test after she came to Yan Tai County.

Dong Xuebing was feeling the pressure. He must settle this issue for Sister Xie.

County Party Secretary Xiang Daofa is sitting in his office having his tea. He frowned as he looks out of his windows. But he does not want to interfere with this incident. He wants to see how Xie Huilan will handle this situation. If she did not handle this incident well and that worker dies, he can also hit her when she’s down. After all, Xiang Daofa does not like her.

At the rooftop, the worker shouted. “Where is the Mayor?”

Huang Li knew this could not carry on and shouted at the worker. “We will investigate why you are dismissed. Come down and tell us what happened to us to help you.”

The worker saw the County Government leaders giving in slightly, and immediately ask for more. “You all must dismiss the factory director! I… I want to be the head of a workshop!”

Huang Li’s face changed, and Dong Xuebing was furious when he heard this. Damn! This bastard is too much!

The worker shouted at the top of his voice. “If you all don’t agree to my demands, I will jump!”

Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xupeng was furious too. “This man is drunk and is demanding too much!”

Hu Yiguo said. “The reporters are outside, and they seemed to be from the City. They are taking pictures too.”

Huang Li suppressed his anger. “Is the inflatable cushion ready?”

“Not yet… It will be ready soon.”

The worker shouted from the top of the building. “Why is the Mayor not here yet? If she is not here within one minute, I will jump!”

Dong Xuebing said furiously. “You dare to threaten the County Government? Do you know what crimes you are committing now?”

The worker stared at Dong Xuebing from the rooftop. “Don’t try to scare me! I had lost my job and cannot even take care of my family! This is worse than death! I am not afraid of anything.”

Hu Yiguo frowned and looked at Dong Xuebing. “What are you trying to do? Stop agitating him!”

But at this moment, something unexpected happens.

The weather in Yan Tai County had not been good for the past few days, and sudden gusts of winds will appear suddenly. A strong wind appeared and blew some dust into the worker’s eyes. The worker closed his eyes and rubbed his eyes with his hands subconsciously. With his eyes closed, he accidentally moved his leg and lost his balance. His body swayed… and to everyone’s horror, he fell off the edge of the roof.

“Ahhhh….” The worker shouted as he fell to the ground.

Everyone was shocked.

The inflatable cushion had just been inflated and was placed directly under the worker. But because of the strong wind, and the worker had kicked against the wall when he tried to regain his balance, his body moved slightly to the side. Everyone at the scene could see the worker is falling away from the inflatable cushion and will land around six to seven meters from it. The spot where the worker will land is concrete flooring.

A fall from the seventh story will kill the worker.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was left hanging in midair. Although he hated the worker, he does not want anything to happen to him. If the worker dies, his girlfriend’s reputation will be impacted. Xie Huilan is still new in the County, and this incident will affect her career progression. If Xiang Daofa or other despicable people make use of the media against Xie Huilan, her reputation will be gone.

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and prayed to himself. Please… don’t die…

“The cushion cannot reach him!”


Many people gasped.

Ten meters…

Eight meters…

Five meters…

Thud! A loud, dull ‘thud’ was heard.

The worker had fallen to the ground, and his head was smashed. Blood was flowing from his body. He had died on the spot.

One of the staff workers saw the body and vomited. Many people closed their eyes and turned away from the gruesome sight.

Dong Xuebing turns pale. Sister Xie is in trouble now. He still remembers what Xie Huilan had told him over the phone. “I trust you” and “save that man at all cost.” Dong Xuebing’s heart sunk and felt he had let Sister Xie’s trust down. Dong Xuebing is a prideful person, and this worker’s death will affect Sister Xie’s and his career. At this very moment, Dong Xuebing decided.

Dong Xuebing must not let this bastard die!

BACK 1 minute!


The scenes flashed before Dong Xuebing’s eyes.

“The reporters are outside, and they seemed to be from the City. They are taking pictures too.”

“Is the inflatable cushion ready?”

“Not yet… It will be ready soon.”

“Why is the Mayor not here yet? If she is not here within one minute, I will jump!”

Time had returned.

Dong Xuebing had wanted to go back further into the past, but he had almost used up all his BACK during the hostage situation and has less than 3 minutes left now. This is the best he can do. Dong Xuebing could feel a breeze on his checks, and this is the sign of the sudden gust of wind. The worker will lose his balance and fall from the roof soon.

Dong Xuebing must complete the task given to him by Sister Xie!

Dong Xuebing dashed forward towards the building.

Huang Li saw Dong Xuebing and shouted at him. “Chief Dong, where are you going? Don’t stand at the foot of the building! It is dangerous!”

No one was at the foot of the building, as everyone is afraid of the worker falling onto them. Dong Xuebing ignored Huang Li and looked at the inflatable cushion while running. The inflatable cushion is too big and thick, and it’s too late to get the firemen to carry it over to the spot where the worker will land. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing does not have a valid excuse to ask them to move the cushion. Dong Xuebing turns and saw the inflatable boat.

Although the inflatable boat is small and not thick enough, Dong Xuebing had no other choices.

A gust of wind appeared suddenly.

Many people behind Dong Xuebing gasped.

Dong Xuebing does not have time to look up and ran over to carry the inflatable boat to the spot where the worker will land.

One step… three steps… five steps… seven steps…


“He is falling!”

“Chief Dong, getaway!”

All the leaders and police officers at the scene were anxious and could not understand why Chief Dong ran over to the building. But now, everyone understood what Dong Xuebing was trying to do. They saw Dong Xuebing taking a glance up and threw the inflatable boat on the ground. But… but the boat is too small, and the chances of the worker landing on the boat are slim.

Ten meters…

Eight meters…

Five meters…

To everyone’s surprise, the worker was falling towards the inflatable boat! Everyone can see from the speed and angle of the worker falling, and he will land exactly on the inflatable boat! Chief Dong had predicted the exact spot where the worker will land!

This is unbelievable!

But now, there is another problem.

The inflatable boat is not thick enough to withstand the force of the worker falling from the seventh story, and he will still die from the impact.

The worker was screaming as he fell, and he was getting nearer and nearer to the inflatable boat on the ground.

Now, Dong Xuebing commands a lot of respect in the Public Security, and all the officers look up to him. When everyone sees Dong Xuebing is in danger, all of them got worried.

“Chief Dong, get away from there!”

“Yes! It’s too late to save him! Get away, and don’t let him fall on you!”

“Watch out!”

The officers are shouting out to Dong Xuebing at the same time, and in a split second, the worker is right before him.

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. Dodge? If he dodges, the worker will die for sure, and Sister Xie will be in trouble. Dong Xuebing does not know what the impact on Sister Xie’s reputation will be, but no matter what, he will risk everything to prevent this from happening. Dong Xuebing can only try his luck, and he still has slightly more than a minute of BACK left. To everyone’s surprise, Dong Xuebing stretched out both arms towards the sky. He needs to break the worker’s fall and reduce the force on the inflatable boat. This way, the boat can withstand the impact.

Everyone drew in a deep breath as they understood what Chief Dong was trying to do.

Does Chief Dong want to catch someone falling from the seventh story with his arms?! Is he crazy?!

Cao Xupeng and the other leaders were stunned. They wonder why Dong Xuebing is risking his life to do this. Is he doing this to score political points for himself? Indeed. If Dong Xuebing can save that man’s life, and helped the County Government and the Mayor settle this incident, it will be at least a third-class merit! But one mistake, you might be killed!

Chief Dong is a mad man!

Does the government service still have people who dare to risk their lives?!

Everyone knew Chief Dong is daring, but no one expected him to be so daring.

Only the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Huang Li knew Dong Xuebing’s relationship with Xie Huilan, and he can understand why he is doing this. Chief Dong is not doing this for political points or his reputation. He is risking his life to prevent Xie Huilan from getting into trouble, and Huang Li was touched by his actions. He felt Dong Xuebing was not worthy enough for Xie Huilan as the gap between both is too wide initially. But now, he changed his views on Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing is someone who dares to risk his life to protect his girlfriend, and Mayor Xie is the lucky one in this relationship.

One meter…

Half meter…

The worker had almost the ground.

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and caught the worker with both arms.

It was too fast, and Dong Xuebing had wanted to let go the moment he caught the worker. But before Dong Xuebing could even blink, the worker landed on Dong Xuebing’s arms, and the impact pulled Dong Xuebing along onto the inflatable boat. Boom! The inflatable boat could not withstand the G-force and burst. The worker’s head hit the ground and died on the spot again, and Dong Xuebing’s arms were crashed!

Dong Xuebing almost fainted from the pain. F**k! BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned.

One meter…

Half meter…

The worker’s body returned to midair.

Dong Xuebing took this opportunity to use his feet to adjust the position of the inflatable boat and lift his right arm slightly higher. This way, Dong Xuebing will be grabbing the worker’s leg first and changed the center of gravity towards the back to prevent his head from landing on the ground first. After that, Dong Xuebing’s left hand caught the worker’s back and shouted in pain. He is trying his best to slow the worker’s fall.


The inflatable boat burst again. The position is not correct.

Although the worker did not land head-first this time, after landing on his shoulders, his head still hit the ground and died again.

BACK 3 seconds!

One time, two times… three times… four times…

Dong Xuebing bears the pain, and he finally succeeds when he almost used up his BACK. He successfully adjusted the worker’s falling position and let his butt land on the inflatable boat first. Boom!! The inflatable boat burst, and Dong Xuebing quickly move backward, withdrawing his arms from under the worker, and fell on his back.


The worker screamed in pain!

The worker is not dead!

This time, the worker is still alive!

Dong Xuebing exhaled in relieved and fainted.

“Chief Dong!”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 232 – Got excited about nothing

Night. 10 pm.

County’s Party Committee Family quarters. Mayor’s apartment.

Dong Xuebing was in the bathroom, brushing his teeth with a new toothbrush. He rinsed his mouth and placed his toothbrush beside Xie Huilan’s purple toothbrush. After that, he turned on the heater and washed his face. Finally, it’s time to sleep.

In the bedroom, Xie Huilan was reading a book on the bed.

The dress Xie Huilan was wearing was on the chair, and she covered herself with a thin blanket.

Dong Xuebing entered the room shyly and asked. “Sister Xie, which blanket am I using?”

Xie Huilan looked at him and smile. “What blanket?”

Dong Xuebing points to the bed. “You only have a blanket. Do you have extra?”

“Hehe… you don’t stand on ceremony with me.” Xie Huilan closed her book and narrowed her eyes. “We are not married yet, and do you think it’s right for us to be sleeping on the same bed?”

Dong Xuebing mumbled. “Errr…. No… it’s not right…”

Xie Huilan laughed. “That’s right. You can sleep in the other bedroom, ok?”

Damn. I got excited about nothing. Dong Xuebing thought Sister Xie had asked him to stay for the night because she wants to sleep with him.

Xie Huilan covered her mouth as she yawns. “Hehe… go and sleep. I still have work tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing took one last glance at Xie Huilan’s slim body and saw her switching off her bedside lamp. Dong Xuebing hesitated for a moment and walked a few steps forward in the dark. He could see Xie Huilan turning towards him, and he cleared his throat. “When parting, couples usually kiss… err…. Should we…”

Xie Huilan did not say anything and continued staring at him.

Dong Xuebing leaned forward and kissed her softly on her lips.

After a while, Dong Xuebing lifted his head. “Sis… can’t you be… a bit responsive?”

“How should I respond?”

“You should kiss me back, and don’t let me do all the work.”

Xie Huilan giggled and sat up to kiss Dong Xuebing on his lips. She looked at him playfully. “Is this alright? Hehe… Goodnight?”

Dong Xuebing took off his clothes in the other room and laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Images of Xie Huilan’s smile, her figure, and lips were still fresh on his mind. He licked his lips and thought about the kisses. His ancestors must have done a lot of good deeds for him to have the luck to date this wonderful woman.

Dong Xuebing let his thoughts wander until he fell asleep.

The next morning, the sun shone on Dong Xuebing’s face.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and looked at the time. It’s 5.40 in the morning, and there should not be many people around the family quarters. This is the best time to leave without anyone noticing. He got off the bed and washed up and dressed. He did not wake Xie Huilan as he wanted her to sleep a while more. He went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and wrote a note for her before leaving.

Suddenly the bedroom door open. “Xiao Dong, you are awake?”

Dong Xuebing apologized. “Sorry to wake you up. It’s still very early, and you should sleep a while more. I am leaving now.”

“I’m awake.” Xie Huilan walked out of the bedroom. “Have you taken your breakfast? Leave after breakfast. There’s too much food, and I can’t finish everything.” Xie Huilan had just woke up, but she still looks so elegant as she walks towards the dining table. She looked at the note and smiles. “You even left a note for me? Let me see…. Sister Xie, warm up the food before eating. Don’t eat cold food as it is not good for your stomach. I am leaving and will come over when I have the chance. If you want to eat anything, just give me a call… Hehe…”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Why are you reading it?”

Xie Huilan laughed and tucked her hair behind her ears. “Thank you. Wait for me to brush my teeth.”

Dining table.

Xie Huilan chewed on a piece of fried egg slowly and smiled. “Xiao Dong, your cooking is so good that I don’t want you to leave.”

Dong Xuebing felt good. “I can come over to cook for you when I am free.”

Xie Huilan nodded. “Do you need any of my help at work?”

“No…” Dong Xuebing thought for a while and looked at Xie Huilan. “Errr… Do you think it’s time for me to be a Section Chief?” Dong Xuebing had solved a big case recently, and with Xie Huilan transferring over to be the Mayor, he starts to think of promotion.

Xie Huilan laughed and points at him. “You… stop thinking about running before you can walk. Section Chief? Do you think it is easy? You had only joined the government service for slightly more than a year, and you are already a Deputy Section Chief and a Deputy Bureau Chief in the Public Security. Yet, you are still not satisfied? Compared to others and me, you are moving up very fast. Stop thinking about promotions all the time.”

Dong Xuebing wet his lips and asked. “What else do I lack to be a Section Chief?”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing and put down her chopsticks. “You still lack a lot. Putting aside the situation in the Party Committee and not counting the people you had offended, just your length of service is not enough. How can a civil servant who had joined for slightly over a year be promoted so fast? Don’t tell me you don’t know about the normal procedures in the Government. Getting promoted in three years is considered very fast, and your promotion to Deputy Section Chief six months ago is an exceptional case. Now, you are still thinking of Section Chief? You think this is your private company?”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “I am just asking.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “I know what you did since you transferred here. You had done well, and your results are equivalent to what others did in two to three years. I got to admit that you are very capable, but to be promoted to Section Chief on an exceptional basis, this result is not enough. If you want me to nominate you for promotion, you must have outstanding results. If not, I will look bad on me to put you up for promotion. Which Civil servant have you met that got promoted several levels in a year?”

Dong Xuebing scratched his head. “I still need more results?”

Xie Huilan nodded. “Yes. In your situation, you must get second-class merit or first-class merit, at least. Of course, even if you had gotten the first-class merit, it will still be hard for you to get the approval from the Party Committee. Now, Party Secretary Xiang has more power than me, and you can’t even qualify to be nominated if you don’t have any outstanding results. Hehe… do you understand?”

“Yes. I will work harder.”

Xie Huilan replied. “It’s good to be motivated, but you must not be greedy.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Yes. I will remember it.”

Dong Xuebing said this, but in his heart, he did not think so. It might be hard for him to be promoted to Section Chief, but how do you know it will fail without trying? Dong Xuebing’s political wisdom is not as high as Xie Huilan and did not consider a lot of things. Once he decided on something, he will not think of the consequences and do his best. This is also the reason he got the position of Deputy Chief in the General Affairs office and his current rank of Deputy Section Chief.

Dong Xuebing had his thinking.

Dong Xuebing does not care if the Party Committee approves his promotion, as it is early to think about this. He needs to think of getting a few more credits under his belt. It would be best if he can solve another case like the jailbreaking case, and it will be good for her resume. With another credit like this, he can be nominated for promotion and will get a chance to be a Section Chief. If not, even if he is close to all ten members from the Party Committee, he will also not get their votes because of his length of service.

After breakfast, Dong Xuebing decided that he will think of ways to get promoted.

Political points and results. These are what Dong Xuebing must get before the end of the year. His target is to be nominated for promotion!

Dong Xuebing does not need to hold important positions like Executive Deputy Bureau Chief, or head of the Finance Department, etc. What’s important to him was to move up the ranks and not the department.




With a target, Dong Xuebing becomes motived and wants to return to work as soon as possible!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 231 – Do I have a chance?

Ding Dong, Ding Dong…

Dong Xuebing was still embarrassed when the doorbell rang.

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing. “Go and hide in my room first.”

“Huh? Ok.” Dong Xuebing quickly clear the candles on the table and enter the room with Xie Huilan’s stockings.

The moment Dong Xuebing closes the room’s door, he heard Xie Huilan opening the main door.

“Mayor Xie, sorry to bother you.”

“Haha… Director Sun, please come in. This is your wife?”


Dong Xuebing could hear footsteps entering the living room and sounds of paper bags. He immediately knew this person is here to send gifts, and maybe he is trying to join Xie Huilan’s faction. He can’t be bothered to listen to their conversation and sat on Sister Xie’s bed. His eyes shifted to the black plastic bag and felt his body heating up. Xie Huilan was not only beautiful and charming; even her clothes and everything she touches is attractive.

Since Dong Xuebing had nothing to do, and Sister Xie is not around, he started to play with her underwear and stockings.

Five minutes passed…

Ten minutes passed…

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing heard the man outside.

“Mayor Xie, we will be going.”

“Ok. Oh… bring these back with you.”

“No… no… these are for you. You…”

“Haha… Just take it… I will do my best to help you. You don’t need to give me any gifts, ok?”

“Err… errr…. Alright. Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing heard it and quickly stuffed the crumpled stockings, bra, and underwear back into the plastic bag. He took a book from the shelves and started to flip it. That man should have been gone, but Xie Huilan still has not entered the room. Dong Xuebing waited for a while and walked out of the room. Xie Huilan was still at the coffee table reading a document.

Dong Xuebing did not disturb her and top up her teacup with hot water.

Xie Huilan looked up at him. “Thank you.”

“What’s there to thank?”

“Haha… Sit beside me. I need to amend this document for tomorrow’s meeting.”

“Ok. Just do your work.”

Dong Xuebing felt his heart aching when he looked at Xie Huilan, working so hard. In Beijing, Sister Xie is also alone at home and does not have any recreation activities. She does not have anyone to chat with and spent her rest days at work. Dong Xuebing could not live like her. During rest days, he hates to receive calls from the Bureau.

Dong Xuebing walked behind the sofa and stood behind Xie Huilan. He kneaded her shoulders lightly.

Xie Huilan turned her head slightly and smiled. “No need.”

Dong Xuebing ignored her and continued to massage her shoulders. He just wants her to relax.

Xie Huilan smiled and continued with her work.

About 20 minutes later, Xie Huilan put down her pen and rotate her shoulders. “I’m done and is relaxed now. Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Just sit down and don’t move. I will massage you a while more.”

Xie Huilan nodded. “Haha… I won’t insist then. It felt good.”

Dong Xuebing felt motivated to hear this. He moved his hands down to the upper arms for a while. After that, he made her bend slightly forward to massage her back. He pressed against her back and suddenly remembered something. Xie Huilan had got to the bathroom to remove everything and should not be wearing anything under her dress. His throat became dry and bent forward, wrapping his arms around the waist.

Xie Huilan was still facing in front and laughed. “Haha… What’s wrong?”

Dong Xuebing buried his face into the back of her head to sniff her hair. “Your waist is so slim.”

“Really? How come I didn’t notice it?”

“Sister Xie…”


“Turn around.”

Today’s ambiance and settings are right, and Dong Xuebing decided to take this opportunity to do something. He knew it’s rare to get such chances in the future. He released his arms around Sister Xie’s waist and moved slightly backward.

Xie Huilan turned around and looked at Dong Xuebing, with her eyes narrowed.

Dong Xuebing mustered up his courage and leaned forward to kiss her lips. But he saw Sister Xie’s eyes twitched, and he quickly moves upwards to kiss her forehead.

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled. “Is there any dirt on my forehead this time?”

Dong Xuebing does not know if Sister Xie is angry with him or not, and he dare not move. His lips were still on her forehead.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Xie Huilan also did not move and was looking at Dong Xuebing with a smile.

Dong Xuebing swallowed his saliva and moved his lips lower and kissed her above her right eye. His lips could feel her long eyelashes, and it was ticklish. Xie Huilan’s eyes are the most attractive to Dong Xuebing and felt the need to kiss them. At the same time, he wants to see how she will react.

In this position, Dong Xuebing could not see Xie Huilan’s facial expression, and she just sat there without moving a muscle.

Dong Xuebing continued downwards and kissed the tip of her nose and cheeks. He slowly moves closer to her lips, and his heart was pounding. He could feel Xie Huilan’s dimples on his lips and knew she is smiling.

Is she not angry?

Does that mean I got a chance?!

Dong Xuebing felt this is the moment!

He moved closer to the lips!

He finally kissed Xie Huilan on her lips!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed and was excited. He is kissing the County’s Mayor on her lips!

At the same time, Dong Xuebing’s eyes met with Xie Huilan.

Xie Huilan had narrowed her eyes to a slit and was looking at him.

Dong Xuebing suddenly felt a chill and wonder if he should carry on. What if Sister Xie suddenly got mad? Can he handle her anger? But they had already kissed, and if she is angry, she would have stopped me. Dong Xuebing moved his lips and couldn’t care less.

Xie Huilan’s fluttered her eyelids without saying a word.

Dong Xuebing start to use all the tricks he knows to kiss her.

Xie Huilan just remained there and let him kiss. She did not even move an inch at all.

A few minutes later, Dong Xuebing stopped and looked at Xie Huilan. He wonders why she is not kissing him back.

Xie Huilan smiled. “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?”

Dong Xuebing was speechless. “Sister Xie… err…. Should you say something in this situation?”

“Hehe… what should I say?”

“Err… nothing. Pretend I did not ask that question.”

Xie Huilan was not blushing when she laughed. “Haha… this is the first time in my life to be kissed like this. You are daring.” She patted the empty seat on the sofa beside her. “Xiao Dong, sit beside me. My neck is aching from turning to my sides for more than 10 minutes.”

Dong Xuebing walked over and sat down and reached over for Xie Huilan’s hand.

Xie Huilan held his hand and played with his fingers lightly. “Now, it feels like we are dating, right?”

“Err… yes. I think so too.”

Xie Huilan lowered her head and looked at Dong Xuebing’s hand. “Your fingers are quite long and are suitable to play the piano.”

Dong Xuebing blushed and replied. “Play the piano? I don’t even know how to read musical notes.”

Xie Huilan laughed and pinched and rubbed Dong Xuebing’s index finger with her fingers.

Normally, when a couple holds hands, the woman will not have any small movements. But Xie Huilan is the opposite as her character is overbearing. Since the day both of them decided they will be dating, Dong Xuebing had a hunch that this relationship will be different. Now, Dong Xuebing’s intuition was right. They had kissed and held hands, but Xie Huilan was calm about it.

Dong Xuebing realized that it is her character that attracted him.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and wondered what time he should leave. Their relationship had just got a breakthrough, and he does not want to go.

Xie Huilan giggled and said. “Stay for the night.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned and pretended to ask. “Errr… is this alright with you?”

“Haha… just leave earlier in the morning. After all, no one had seen you entering my house, right?”

“… Ok.” Dong Xuebing’s heart started to beat faster. He will be spending the night with the County Mayor!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 230 – Rainy day

The Mayor’s office.

Huang Li was still shocked over Dong Xuebing, and Xie Huilan is dating.

He was so shocked until he didn’t know what to say, and it created an awkward silence in the office.

Xie Huilan looked at Huang Li and smiled. “Secretary Huang, other than my family members, no one else knows about my relationship with Xiao Dong. You should also know the rules in government service. Although I am not Xiao Dong’s direct supervisor, it good to avoid rumors and gossips. I am only letting you know this, and we will announce our relationship when we are engaged.”

Are you only telling me about this?

Huang Li was touched. This is the trust Mayor Xie had in him, and it means she had accepted him into her faction and did not treat him as an outsider. Huang Li knew this is one of the strategies used by the leaders to recruit people over to their side. He immediately knew what to do. This might not be against the regulations, but Huang Li knew this secret must be kept and will not even tell his wife and children.

After a while, Huang Li left.

Dong Xuebing smiled and asked. “Sister Xie, why did you tell Secretary Huang?”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes as she looked at Dong Xuebing. “Secretary Huang is my father’s former subordinate. He had supported Party Secretary Chang previous, and after Secretary Chang left, he had to join my side. Now, he is one of my men, and it’s fine to let him know. This will also let him know I trusted him, and he will give me his full support. Also, you are in the Public Security, and Huang Li is the County’s Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, which is your direct supervisor. It will be good for him to know you, in case you offended him with your foul temper.”

Dong Xuebing smacked his lips. “But I am not the one who offended others.”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing. “From the County’s Party Secretary to the Public Security Deputy Chiefs. Who else have you not offended?”

“They are the ones who tried to step all over me. They had harmed the interest of the people and me…”

Xie Huilan interrupted Dong Xuebing. “Hahaha. You always have your reasons.”

Ring… ring… ring… the phone on the table rang. Xie Huilan answered. “Hello? Oh… Xiao Hu… Who? Ok… alright… Fine… Ask him to wait five minutes before coming in.” After hanging up, Xie Huilan laughed. “Alright. You should leave now. I still have work to do.”

Dong Xuebing doesn’t want to leave. “Why don’t you ask that person to come back in half an hour?”

Xie Huilan laughed and glared at Dong Xuebing. “You think work can be postponed? Go back.”

Dong Xuebing was looking at Xie Huilan’s slim body and her pretty face. He wants to take a longer look at her, as the last time he returned to Beijing, it was to accompany Xie Huilan’s mother to the hospital and did not spend much time with her. He missed her badly and couldn’t understand why. Dong Xuebing guess it should be a while since he “released.”

Xie Huilan smiled and took out a bunch of keys from her drawer and passed it to him. “Here.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the keys. “What keys are these?”

“It’s the keys to my apartment in the family quarters.” Xie Huilan laughed. “If you are not worried about tarnishing my reputation, come over at night.”

Dong Xuebing hesitated for a while. “Err… I think not… It will not be good if other people see us.”

Xie Huilan pushed the keys forward. “Haha… take it. Just try to avoid others. I also want to have a chat with you. It’s been a while since we chatted.” She wrote her address on a piece of paper and gave it to Dong Xuebing. “The family quarters might be crowded at night, and you can go over earlier in the afternoon. I should reach around 7 pm. Wait for me for dinner, Ok?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Alright. I will see if I can sneak in without your neighbors noticing.”

After leaving the office, Dong Xuebing drove to the supermarket to buy groceries, like potatoes, carrots, poultry, wine, etc. Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan are separated most of the time, and they are finally together in Yan Tai County now. Dong Xuebing wants to prepare something special for their first dinner after so long. He thought for a while and went to buy some candles and a bunch of roses.

County Party Committee Family Quarters.

It was getting windy, and the sky is covered by dark clouds. A thunderstorm is brewing.

Dong Xuebing did not dare to drive into the estate because his Mercedes is too outstanding. He parked his car along the road outside of the estate and carried the groceries out. The roses are wrapped tightly and cannot be seen by others. If the other items were seen by other people, they could think Dong Xuebing is sending gifts to some leaders. But roses are unexplainable. Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and walked into the Family Quarters.

The guard did not stop him, and Dong Xuebing entered without any problems.

A few leaders’ family members walked past Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing didn’t know most of them. However, he noticed someone familiar in the distance. But no one will purposely greet each other when they see Dong Xuebing carrying so many things unless they bump into each other face to face.

A few moments later, Dong Xuebing found Xie Huilan’s apartment building.

This is a new building, and it’s about ten stories with an elevator.

“Eh? Chief Dong?” Someone called Dong Xuebing from behind.

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat and panicked, as he is guilty conscious. But when he turned around and saw who was calling him, he was relieved. “Xiao Hua?” Xiao Hua is the teenager Dong Xuebing was supposed to arrest for hacking into the Government websites. “Why are you not in school today?”

Xiao Hua replied softly. “It’s Summer Holidays.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Study hard and stop creating troubles.”

Xiao Hua nodded. “My parents had locked my PC, and I seldom touch it now.” He was grateful to Dong Xuebing, as he thought he would be going behind bars. But Chief Dong let him go, and from then on, he dare not to hack into any websites.

“Brother Dong, where are you going?” Xiao Hua asked.

Dong Xuebing replied. “Err… some work-related matters.”

Xiao Hua laughed. “You are sending gifts?”

Dong Xuebing gave him a stare. “Stop asking the obvious. Go… Go back home.”

After chasing Xiao Hua away, Dong Xuebing entered the lobby and took the elevator up. Ding! The elevator reached, and Dong Xuebing looked at the surroundings worriedly. He was afraid of the neighbors seeing him. Still, Sister Xie’s unit was just next to the elevator, and the unit on the right of the elevator is blocked by a wall. Even if the neighbors looked out of the door viewer, they would not see him. Dong Xuebing was relieved and entered Sister Xie’s apartment with the groceries.

The apartment was clean, and the fittings and furniture were better than Dong Xuebing’s unit.

Dong Xuebing had wanted to ‘explore’ Sister Xie’s bedroom, but he looked at the time. He did not have much time left and quickly put on the apron to prepare dinner. While he was cutting the ingredients, he suddenly realized that he was too weak in front of Sister Xie. He had washed her clothes and stockings before and is now cooking for her. He still has not held her hands before… Dong Xuebing felt he must take the initiative today.

At about 7 pm, it started pouring.

Not long after the rain started, the door opened, and Xie Huilan entered the living room, drenched.

Dong Xuebing walked out of the kitchen and was surprised. “Why are you wet?”

Xie Huilan took off her shoes and smiled. “I asked my driver to drop me off at the entrance, but it started pouring before I enter the building.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Oh, go and get a shower first. I will wait for you.”

Xie Huilan nodded and looked at the kitchen. “Thank you.”

“Hurry up before you get a cold.”

Xie Huilan’s pants were sticking to her slim legs, and her stockings and white blouse were soaked.

Dong Xuebing could feel his throat getting dry as he looked at Xie Huilan.

Xie Huilan looked at him and giggled, before going into the bathroom. A few minutes later, Dong Xuebing could hear her showering.”

Dong Xuebing quickly took out the bouquet of roses and lit the candles.

The water sounds from the bathroom stopped, and Xie Huilan shouted from inside. “Xiao Dong, help me get a set of clothes from my wardrobe. Pajamas or suits are fine. Oh, don’t forget my underwear too.”

“Ok. Please wait a while.”

“Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his palms excitedly and entered Sister Xie’s room. While choosing the clothing, Dong Xuebing remembered that he had never seen Xie Huilan wearing skirts. She is always in suits and looks like she does not have other clothing. He searched for her wardrobe and noticed there are five sets of suits and a few office dresses. Most of her clothes are either black, white, or dark colors.

This will do!

Dong Xuebing picked a dark brown dress and a set of black underwear and stockings.

“Sister Xie, I got your clothes. Please open the door.” Dong Xuebing stood outside the bathroom with the clothes.

The door opened, and Dong Xuebing could smell shampoo fragrance from inside. Xie Huilan was standing naked in front of him, without trying to cover herself up. She smiled and took the clothes from Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing was curious why Sister Xie is not shy like other women.

Dong Xuebing pretended not to look at her, but his heart was racing.

Very soon, Xie Huilan walked out of the bathroom in an office dress. “Hehe… it’s been a while since I wore a dress.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her in a daze. “Sister Xie… why… why are you so pretty?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Really?”

“Yes. You are beautiful beyond words.”

“Haha… Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing turned around and took out the bouquet of roses he had hidden. “This is for you.”

Xie Huilan was surprised as she looked at the roses and the candles on the table. She smiled and accepted it. “You prepared all these? Thank you.”

“I will start cooking?”

“Ok. Let me help you.”

“No need. You should be tired. Go and watch TV.”

About 20 minutes later, Dong Xuebing brought out a few plates of dishes from the kitchen, and he opened the bottle of red wine.

Xie Huilan had a smile on her face and was looking at Dong Xuebing. She seemed to be in a good mood and was swirling her wine.

Dong Xuebing raised his wineglass and said. “Let’s have a toast to celebrate… err… what should we celebrate? Let me think…”

Xie Huilan laughed and knocked his glass. “Celebrate, I have found a good man.”

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. “Sister Xie, stop poking fun at me. How can I be considered a good man?” In his heart, Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. All his efforts this afternoon was not wasted. After drinking the wine, Dong Xuebing start to put the food into her bowl. “I had wanted to prepare western cuisine for a candlelight dinner with you. But I don’t know how to cook that, and it’s inconvenient to order takeout. So, please bear with these few Chinese dishes.”

Xie Huilan ate a piece of meat and nodded. “Taste good.”

“Have more… here… try this…”

After dinner, both sat down on the leather sofa in the living room. The TV is showing a violin performance, and Xie Huilan was watching attentively. Dong Xuebing was not cultured like her, and it felt like he was listening to the leaders’ speech. The more he listened, he sleepier he got. Suddenly, he remembered that he must take the initiative today. That’s right. He must hold Sister Xie’s hand today.

Dong Xuebing! This is a test of your courage!

Dong Xuebing mustered up his courage and started moving his left hand slowly towards his left side.

But before Dong Xuebing’s hand could reach the target, a warm hand grabbed it suddenly. Dong Xuebing was shocked and realized Xie Huilan was holding his hand. Xie Huilan’s eyes were still glued to the TV and holding Dong Xuebing’s hand. Her fingers were caressing Dong Xuebing’s hand slowly.

They had finally held hands.

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed and tightened his grip on Xie Huilan’s hand.

Xie Huilan was playing with Dong Xuebing’s fingers at a rhythm. It’s like she is examining an antique.

Dong Xuebing got bolder after they held hands and was no longer satisfied with just holding hands. He released Xie Huilan’s hand and moved his hand towards her thigh.

Xie Huilan took a glance at Dong Xuebing and did not say a word.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and rested his palm on her thigh.

Xie Huilan smiled and continued watching TV.

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed and felt his relationship with Sister Xie had reached another level. This is the feeling of being in a relationship. He continued to rub his palm against her thigh.

Xie Huilan smiled and asked. “Hehe, is there anything dirty on my leg?”

Dong Xuebing was surprised and did not expect this question from her. “Nothing…”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing from the corner of her eyes. “Really? Why do you keep rubbing my thigh then?”

“Err… errr… nothing…”

“Haha… you…” Xie Huilan laughed and straightened her dress. “I am going to the bathroom.”

Dong Xuebing thought Xie Huilan was angry and quickly removed his hand from her leg.

After a while, Xie Huilan returned from the bathroom with a small black plastic bag. She sat beside Dong Xuebing and passed the plastic bag to him with a smile. “Throw it away after you use it, or you can return it to me after it is washed.”

Dong Xuebing doesn’t understand what Xie Huilan was talking about.

Use? Use what? Wash it?

Dong Xuebing looked inside the plastic bag and was stunned. No words could describe his facial expression. It’s the bra and stocking Dong Xuebing had picked for Xie Huilan earlier. She had taken it off and gave it to Dong Xuebing!


Dong Xuebing quickly returns the bag to Xie Huilan. “Sister Xie, why are you giving me this? Take it back…” He knew why Sister Xie had given him her worn stockings. It is because of that incident in Beijing!

Xie Huilan laughed. “Hahaha… it’s good that you don’t need it. The clothes I wore before will get dirty, and it’s not hygienic if you use it.”

“Ah…!” Dong Xuebing made a stop gesture. “Change to another topic!”

Dong Xuebing finally realized that Sister Xie has thicker skin than him!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 229 – The Mayor’s boyfriend

The next afternoon, Hu Silian called Dong Xuebing on his mobile phone.

“Hello, Chief Dong. Mayor Xie wants to see you in her office.”

“Did the Mayor say what it is regarding?”

“I think it is about the jailbreak case. She wants a report from you.”

“Ok. Thank you, Secretary Hu.”

“Haha… don’t mention it.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing stood up from the sofa and wanted to leave. But he looked at his clothes and quickly went back to his room. He changed into something more presentable and looked at himself in the mirror to comb his hair neatly. After that, he packed a few files and documents in his briefcase before driving to the County Government Office.

The front pouch of the County Government Building.

When Dong Xuebing alighted from his Mercedes Benz, he saw the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Huang Li, about to enter the building.

Huang Li saw Dong Xuebing and stopped. “Chief Dong, this is your car?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “It’s my friend’s, and I had borrowed it. I still need to return to my friend.”

“You are here for work? Come, let’s go up together.” Huang Li waved Dong Xuebing over and entered the building together. Huang Li was formerly Chang Lei’s right-hand man. After Chang Lei was chased out of the County by Dong Xuebing, Huang Li had some grudges with the latter. But his impression of Dong Xuebing changed during the hostage situation. He no longer bears grudges against Dong Xuebing and even likes him a lot.

Of course, Huang Li was willing to forgo all the previous grudges was also because of Xie Huilan.

In Yan Tai County, Huang Li was one of the few who knew about Xie Huilan’s background.

Huang Li was formerly the subordinate of Beijing’s Party Committee Secretary, Xie Guobang. Although he had not spoken to Xie Guobang for more than a few sentences, his direct supervisor at that time was from the Xie’s family faction. Huang Li was also considered one of Xie faction and had met Xie Huilan once. He could never forget Xie Huilan because of her beautiful looks, and he immediately recognizes her when she was transferred to Yan Tai County. After Zhang Lei was transferred away, Huang Li need to pick a faction, and he had offended Xiang Daofa previously. He can't join Xiang Daofa’s camp now, and his only choice is Xie Huilan.

To Huang Li, this is an opportunity for him.

Mayor Xie might be new to the County and does not have many supporters. But her backing is strong and has the potential to move up fast. Those who knew Xie Huilan’s background will normally give her face. Although, when it comes to political rivalries, the other party might not be afraid of Xie Huilan, they will seldom use despicable methods on her. Everyone is still afraid of the people behind Xie Huilan, and this is her biggest advantage.

This is the right time to join Xie Huilan’s faction in the County. Furthermore, Huang Li does not have other choices.

Dong Xuebing had forced Party Secretary Chang out of the County, but Mayor Xie was transferred over to the County. Once again, Huang Li will get a strong backing, and naturally, he does not have any hatred against Dong Xuebing now.

On the way upstairs, Huang Li smiled and asked. “Chief Dong, I heard you are not married?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Yes.”

Huang Li looked at Dong Xuebing. “You should be around 24 or 25? This is an important matter, and why are you not worried?”

Dong Xuebing sighed. “I was busy with work and didn’t have the time.”

Huang Li was only asking casually and suddenly had an idea. “Oh, my sister has a daughter around your age. She is also single. Hahaha…. My niece is very pretty and is capable too. She is only a department head in a private company. How about… I introduce her to you someday?” His niece was not very pretty, but compared to Dong Xuebing’s ordinary looks, her looks are much better. Huang Li felt both are compatible and wanted to match-make them.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Secretary Huang, thank you. But I have a girlfriend now.”

Huang Li glanced at Dong Xuebing and felt it was a pity. “Oh… ok.”

Dong Xuebing noticed that more and more people around him are concerned about his relationships.

At the end of the stairs, Huang Li patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder and laughed. “Alright. I got to go.”

Huang Li was walking towards the Mayor’s office, and Dong Xuebing knew he must be here to look for Xie Huilan. He hesitated for a while and did not follow him. After Huang Li entered the Mayor’s office, he entered the Mayor’s Secretary's office. Normally, when the lower-ranked staff wants to meet the leaders, they will have to go to the leader’s Secretary to ask if the leader has time for them. The higher ranked leaders and those who are close to the leaders can skip this procedure.

Secretary Office.

A young man was speaking to Hu Silian. “Secretary Hu is the Mayor…”

Hu Silian replied calmly. “Mayor Xie is in her office and does not have time to see you.”

“But the cotton factory’s employees…”

“If you have anything to report, please look for your direct supervisors and leaders first.”

The young man sighed and left the office.

After the door is closed, Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sister Hu, don’t chase me away too.”

Hu Silian laughed and put down the document in her hands. “I don’t dare to chase you away. Mayor Xie has high hopes for you.”

Dong Xuebing sat down in front of Hu Silian. “Secretary Huang had just entered Mayor Xie’s office. I will have a cup of tea here first.”

Hu Silian giggled. “It’s not I am stingy with my tea leaves. But Mayor Xie said that she wants to see you the moment you arrived.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a second. Sister Xie must have wanted to see him and Secretary Huang together. He stood up. “Ok. I will go over now.”

Hu Silian walked Dong Xuebing to the door, and at the door, she said softly. “Mayor Xie is in a good mood today.”

This is the advantage of knowing someone close to the leaders. You can get important information about the leader like their mood, their thinking, etc. Dong Xuebing nodded and walked over to knock on the Mayor’s office.

“Come in.” Xie Huilan said.

“Mayor Xie, Secretary Huang.” Dong Xuebing entered the office and smiled.

Xie Huilan and Huang Li were sitting down having tea.

Xie Huilan smiled and pointed to the seat with her chin. “Xiao Dong, pour yourself a cup of tea and have a seat.”

Dong Xuebing did not pour tea. He went over to the water dispenser and poured himself a cup of water. After that, he sat down and took a sip.

Huang Li was surprised by this. He wondered when did Chief Dong get so close to Mayor Xie, and why did Mayor Xie call Dong Xuebing over. “Haha… Chief Dong is young and capable and had solved all the cases handled to him. He had done especially well in the hostage case. No wonder he got promoted to Deputy Bureau Chief within a year.”

Xie Huilan smiled and said. “Yes. He is true, capable. He even dares to touch me in front of everyone.”

Dong Xuebing jumped. He thought to himself. Why are you mentioning about that incident again?

Huang Li knew Mayor Xie is talking about Dong Xuebing carrying up and throwing her into the car. He thought Mayor Xie is going to settle this score with Dong Xuebing now. “Chief Dong is also forced to do that because of your safety. Haha… It’s rare to see officers as capable as Chief Dong now. On our way here, I was still chatting with Xiao Dong. I was thinking of introducing my niece to him if he doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

Dong Xuebing almost fainted. Why are you mentioning this in front of Sister Xie?!

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Really? Secretary Huang, you are trying to steal him away.”

Huang Li was stunned. “Steal him away?” What does this mean?

Huang Li felt a chill when he heard what Xie Huilan says next. Xie Huilan put down her teacup and smiled. “Xiao Dong is my boyfriend, and you want to introduce your niece to him? Are you trying to steal him away from me? Haha…”

Huang Li was startled. “Your boyfriend? Xiao Dong?”

Dong Xuebing was also surprised. He did not expect Xie Huilan to tell Huang Li about their relationship.

Xie Huilan replied gracefully. “We know each other when we were in Beijing. We even got the approval from my grandfather.”

Even Senior Xie agreed? Huang Li was shocked. “This…”

It’s not that Huang Li refused to believe it, but it is too ridiculous. Who is Xie Huilan? She is Senior Xie’s granddaughter! She is Xie Guobang’s daughter! Who dares to claim that they are worthy of her with her looks? Chief Dong is too ordinary and does not have any background. The cases he solved are nothing, and the difference between both of them is too big. How can they be boyfriend and girlfriend?

Even Senior Xie approved of their relationship?!

Secretary Xie had also approved them?

But the most critical question is why Mayor Xie likes Xiao Dong?

A few seconds later, Huang Li looked at Xie Huilan and then looked at Dong Xuebing. Xie Huilan’s marriage is very sensitive to the higher-ups. Many higher-ups are monitoring her, and she should not be joking about this.

Dong Xuebing is the Mayor’s boyfriend???

Huang Li nearly slapped himself. Why did he try to introduce his niece to Dong Xuebing? This is asking for trouble! Regardless of how pretty and capable his niece is, she cannot be compared to Xie Huilan. Huang Li composed himself, ask laughed. “Mayor Xie, you are so lucky. You two are a match made in heavens!”

Xie Huilan smiled. “Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing blushed as he knew Huang Li was not telling the truth.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 228 – Mayor Xie’s new Secretary


It’s summer, and the air is dry and hot.

In the Mayor’s office, the air conditioner is blowing out cool air.

The County Government’s Office Director knocked on the door, and a soft voice said from inside. “Come in.” Yao Yi straightened her back and entered the room. He placed a file on Mayor Xie’s desk and looked at Xie Huilan, who was still reading a document. “Mayor, all the information of the candidates from the Secretary Department, are here. Let me know who you would like to meet, and I will call them over.”

Every time there is a change in the County’s leader, there will be a reshuffle of officials.

The Secretary of the Mayor played an important role, and many people were eyeing it.

Yao Yi also has his plan. Xiao Wang from the Secretary Department is close to his wife. Before Mayor Xie arrived in the County, Xiao Wang had visited Yao Yi’s house several times to send gifts. She hopes to get the position with Yao Yi’s help. As the Office Director, Yao Yi has the authority to make recommendations to the Mayor about the Secretary. Mayor Xie is new to the County and is not familiar with the officials there. So, Yao Yi purposely places Xiao Wang’s resume on the first page.

Xie Huilan put down her pen and start flipping the file.

Yao Yi said. “This is Xiao Wang. She is capable and hardworking. Although she is young, she is very mature.”

Xie Huilan scanned through Xiao Wang’s resume and smiled at Yao Yi.

Yao Yi was flustered and knew Mayor Xie had seen through him.

Xie Huilan continued to flip through the pages and then place the file on her desk. She tapped on her desk with her finger and asked. “The County’s Public Security Office Director Hu Silian had been suspended from her duties. Is her new work arrangement decided? Hmmm… get me a copy of her resume and ask her to see me.”

Yao Yi was stunned and immediately replied. “I will go and arrange the meeting now.”

After leaving the office, Yao Yi wondered. Why did Mayor Xie suddenly remember this person?

Yao Yi had only wondered for a moment. He had tried his best to help Xiao Wang, and there is nothing he can do. Yao Yi is now in an awkward position. In the past, he is on the former Mayor, Xiang Daofa, side. But after Xiang Daofa was promoted, he got to serve the new Mayor as the Office Director. Mayor Xie might feel uncomfortable and might transfer him away.

Public Security Family Quarter.

Hu Silian was sitting at home, listening to music. She wanted to dance to make herself feel better but was not in the mood.

Almost ten years of hard work had gone down the drain. Hu Silian sighed.

Hu Silian’s husband, Hu Ge, is in the kitchen preparing dinner. He felt his heart aching to see his wife losing weight over this incident. He knew his wife is unhappy with this outcome and wanted to console her. But he dare not to say anything. At home, Hu Silian is his superior, and Hu Ge must listen to her. If he consoled her and said something that made her worse, he will get a scolding from her.

Ring… ring… ring… the phone at home rang.

Hu Silian sat on the sofa and pretended not to hear it.

Hu Ge looked at Hu Silian and quickly wiped his hands and ran over to answer the call. “Hello?”

“I am calling from the County Government office. Can you get Hu Silian to the phone?”

Hu Ge was surprised and asked the other party to wait a while. He quickly waved to Hu Silian and points to the phone.

Hu Silian hesitated for a few seconds and answered. “Hello?” The other party immediately asked. “Is this Director Hu? I am Yao Yi.”

Hu Silian was surprised and replied in a softer tone. “Director Yao…”

Yao Yi said. “It’s like this. Mayor Xie wants to meet you. Come over now.”

The Mayor wanted to meet me? Hu Silian was stunned. “Director Yao, do you know why Mayor Xie wants…”

“Hahaha… It’s good news. Just go straight to the Mayor’s office.”

After hanging up, Hu Silian was still puzzled why the Mayor wants to see her. Her husband was beside her, looking at her. He is also curious about what was happening. “I also don’t know what is going on. The Mayor wants to meet me.” Hu Silian would not be surprised if Xie Huilan met her before. But she had only seen Xie Huilan from a distance and had not even spoken to her before. How come Mayor Xie wants to meet her now? This made Hu Silian worried.

Hu Ge was also nervous. “Then… are you going?”

Hu Silian gave her husband a stare. “The Mayor wants to meet you, can I choose not to go? Bring me my clothes. I will change to my suit!”

Hu Ge nodded and ran into the room to bring his wife her clothes and purse.

Hu Silian looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her clothing. She tried to make herself look as professional as possible.

County Government.

The County Government building and the County’s Party office are located in the same compound.

On the way, Hu Silian was covered in sweat. It was due to the hot weather, and she is also nervous.

Knock, knock, knock. Hu Silian stood outside the Mayor’s office and knocks on the door.

“Come in.”

Hu Silian pushed open the door and entered. “Mayor Xie.”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and looked at Hu Silian from top to toe. She nodded slightly. “Come in and have a seat.”

Hu Silian dare not to sit down and stood there nervously.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Don’t be so nervous. Come. Sit down first.”

Whatever is meant or predestined to happen will happen. Hu Silian had worked in the government service for many years and knew if she still behaves timidly, Mayor Xie will look down on her. So, she sat down with half her butt on the chair, and her back straightened.

Xie Huilan smiled. “I heard that you are removed from your position because of the jailbreak case. What do you think of your punishment?”

Hu Silian replied with a straight face. “Nothing. The blunder is caused by staff from the command center, and as the leader, I must take on this responsibility.”

Xie Huilan laughed and nodded. “Good.”

After chatting for a while, Xie Huilan suddenly asked. “Xiao Hu, did Director Yao told you why I want to meet you?”

Hu Silian blinked and replied. “No.”

Xie Huilan nodded and said something unexpected. “I need a secretary. Are you willing to come over to help me?”

What? Me? Secretary?

Hu Silian was shocked and couldn’t believe her ears. “You… you are… me?”

Xie Huilan crossed her legs gracefully and took a sip from her teacup. She laughed. “Haha… the title is Secretary, but it is a messenger, and there will not be an official title. If you are willing, I will give you a Deputy Office Director in the County Government. How is it? Are you willing?”

Hu Silian was stunned by this surprise. “I…, I am willing!”

Xie Huilan replied. “Alright. Report for work tomorrow morning, and the room outside my office will be your office. As for your transfer orders and other paperwork, there is no hurry. I have lots of work waiting for you. You must report for work immediately. Haha…”

Hu Silian was overjoyed. This was like striking a lottery, but she could not understand why Mayor Xie picked her. She does not have any background, didn’t send any gifts, and had even made a mistake. This was too weird! No… someone must have recommended her to Mayor Xie. If not, Mayor Xie might not even know who she is.

Who is it?

Who is the one who recommended me to Mayor Xie?

Hu Silian could not think of anyone who helped her. She immediately thanked Mayor Xie. “Thank you! I will work hard and not let you down!”

Xie Huilan waved her hand and smiled. “Don’t thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank Chief Dong.”

Hu Silian was stunned. “Chief Dong?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “This Chief Dong found out that I am looking for a secretary, and recommended you this afternoon. He had praised you to the skies and said you are capable, smart and matured. You are also familiar with Yan Tai County. Haha… Chief Dong had promised me. If I find that you are not as capable as what Xiao Dong says, I will look for him.”

Hu Silian’s eyes turned red. She did not expect Dong Xuebing was the one who recommended her to the Mayor!

This a big favor!

Hu Silian took a deep breath after she stepped out of the County’s Party Committee building. The skies seem bluer, and trees seem greener. Everything around her had changed. This morning, Hu Silian was still sighing and worried about her future. But in the afternoon, she becomes Mayor Xie’s Secretary. Her career has been revived.

Back at the Public Security Family Quarters, Hu Silian met a few Bureau leaders who had returned from work.

In government service, some staff has reliable information sources. The moment Hu Silian stepped out of the County’s Party Committee building, news of her becoming Mayor Xie’s Secretary spreads. Zhao Jingsong saw Hu Silian and quickly greeted her with a smile. “Director Hu… Oh, I should call you Secretary Hu. Congratulations.”

Hu Silian smiled. “The official orders are not out yet, and it is not confirmed.”

Qin Yong was returning home and saw Hu Silian. He also greeted her politely.

Although Zhao Jingsong had been trying to flirt with her and Qin Yong had not helped her, Hu Silian still treated them with respect and returned their greetings politely. This morning, people were still avoiding her, and some even do not want to have eye contact with her. But now, everyone in the estate greeted her warmly.

Hu Silian was feeling emotional.

The tides had changed too quickly. Many people still do not understand why Mayor Xie wanted Hu Silian to be her Secretary. She even gave Hu Silian the position of the Deputy Office Director of the County’s Government building. How did she get the backing of the Mayor? Secretary are the messengers for the leaders and cannot be offended. If not, the Secretary might talk bad about you in front of the leader. Hu Silian had returned, and those who ignored her these few days, are trying to make up with her.

Hu Ge, who was upstairs, heard his wife’s voice and looked down from the windows.

Hu Ge was shocked to see people surrounding Hu Silian. What’s wrong? Why is my wife so popular suddenly?


Hu Ge was waiting patiently for Hu Silian and went to open the door before Hu Silian took out her keys. After he closed the door, he asked. “Xiao Lian, what happened? Why are they so polite to you? Didn’t you got removed from your…”

Hu Silian turned and smiled seductively before hugging her husband. “I have something to tell you.”

Hu Ge felt weird. They were married for many years, and his wife seldom hugs him like this. “What is it?”

“I will be transferred to the County’s Government Office as the Deputy Office Director.”


“Also, I will start work tomorrow as Mayor Xie’s secretary!”

Hu Ge was surprised. “Really? Mayor Xie wants you to be her Secretary?”

“Of course.” Hu Silian smiled and kissed her husband. “Hurry… carry me to the room. I want…”

“It’s time for dinner.”

“Hurry up!”

An hour later, Hu Silian laid her head on Hu Ge’s chest, panting. She had never been so excited before. She had vented all her frustrations on her husband just now and had a satisfied smile now.

Hu Ge hugged his wife’s waist. “You still haven’t told me how you become the Mayor’s secretary suddenly.”

Hu Silian replied. “It’s Chief Dong who recommended me. You should know Chief Dong’s character. He dared to say anything and had recommended me to the Mayor when he was reporting to her about his work progress. Sigh… he didn’t even care if the leader will get angry or not. Maybe the Mayor has a good impression of Chief Dong because of yesterday’s case.”

Hu Ge was surprised. “Chief Dong?”

Hu Silian slapped her forehead suddenly. “Shit. I forgot.”

Hu Ge asked. “What?”

Hu Silian got up to look for her clothing. “I still have not thanked Chief Dong. I owe him too much.”

Hu Ge nodded. “That’s right. We must thank him. Errr… our house still has two cartons of Zhong Hwa cigarettes. Bring those along. What about liquor? We don’t have any good alcohol at home. You want me to go out and buy a few bottles?”

Hu Silian thought for a while. “Just bring the cigarettes will do. Chief Dong seldom drinks alcohol. Let’s go together.”

Dong Xuebing’s apartment.

In the smoky and oily kitchen, Dong Xuebing had prepared stir-fried mutton, braised chicken wings and deep-fried prawns himself. He walked out of the kitchen in his apron, with all the dishes, and sat at the dining table. He stared at the few meat dishes, suppressed his nausea feeling, and took a bite of the chicken wing.

Dong Xuebing had prepared all meat dishes was to overcome his overcome psychological barriers.

It would be too embarrassing if others knew he is afraid of eating meat after killing some criminals.

Gross? No matter how gross it is, I must eat it! I must overcome my fears!

Dong Xuebing start to stuff his mouth with meat when the doorbell rang.

Dong Xuebing went to the door and saw Hu Silian and Hu Ge standing outside with a carton of cigarettes wrapped in newspaper. Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Sister Hu, why are you two here? Come in.”

Hu Silian looked at the dishes on the table and asked. “You are having dinner? Am I disturbing you?”

“It’s fine. Have you two eaten? Do you want to join me?”

Hu Silian laughed. “We still have not taken our dinner and are hungry.”

Dong Xuebing brought them to the dining table. “Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Come and try my cooking. It’s still warm.”

Hu Ge put down the cigarettes and said. “Chief Dong, please seat. I will get the rice.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s been a while since anyone visited me. Let’s have some drinks. I will get it.”

After a while, Hu Ge got the rice, and alcohol is brought to the table. Dong Xuebing felt he had foresight. If he had only prepared a vegetable dish, it would not be enough for three people. Dong Xuebing felt the dishes are not enough and went to cook one more egg dish.

Hu Silian stood up and poured Dong Xuebing a glass of Baijiu. “Chief Dong, this is a toast from both of us. I…”

Hu Ge picked up his glass and stood up. “Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing stopped them. “Wait… I had only said a few words to support you during the meeting. Why are you still talking about it?”

Hu Silian smiled. “Mayor Xie had called me over to her office today and asked me to report to her tomorrow. I know you are the one who recommended me.”

Dong Xuebing felt good in his heart. “Hahaha… this is a good thing. Come… let’s not toast each other and drink over dinner. I did not do much and only suggested to Mayor Xie that you are suitable. It is up to her whether to hire you. Since she wants you to be her Secretary, that means you have the capability. This has gone nothing to do with me.”

Hu Silian still insists on giving Dong Xuebing a toast. “I will bottom up.” She finished her glass of Baijiu in one gulp.

Hu Ge gritted his teeth and finished his glass.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sister Hu, this is a big glass. Are you trying to kill me?”

Hu Silian suddenly remembers Chief Dong is not good at drinking. “You don’t need to finish it.”

Hu Silian was in a good mood and did not control the amount she drank. Her alcohol tolerance was not high in the first place, and she quickly got drunk. Very soon, she started crying. “Chief Dong… In the future… you… let me know when you need me… I… if I frown… I… will change my surname!”

Hu Ge knew his wife was getting too emotional and took a paper napkin to wipe her tears.

Dong Xuebing felt warm to hear what Hu Silian said. He was also in a good mood to know he had helped her.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 227 – Increased of reputation

The next day. Afternoon.

Dong Xuebing had returned to the Family Quarters from the Bureau. The weather is very hot, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

“Oh, Chief Dong, you are back so early?”

“Yes. I am not working these two days.”

“I heard you are given Second Class commendation. Congratulations.”

“Haha, thank you.”

On Dong Xuebing’s way back to his apartment, many family members of the Public Security stopped to congratulate him.

Dong Xuebing’s apartment was like an oven when he returned. He immediately took out the remote controller and switched on the air conditioner. He set the temperature at 22 degrees Celsius and took a bottle of beer from the fridge. He finished the beer and felt slightly cooler. Dong Xuebing sat on his sofa and took out a copy of the newspaper from his bag. There is a picture of him covered in blood, shaking hands with the old lady. Many other officers and villagers were clapping around him.

This report is on the third page of the Provincial Newspaper, and it describes what the County’s Party Secretary and the Public Security’s leaders did. The article did not read a lot on what Dong Xuebing did but gave an outline of the operation to save the hostages. In Dong Xuebing’s bag, there is another copy newspaper. It is the County’s newspaper, and yesterday’s incident was the headlines. The report had described how courageous Dong Xuebing was and how he saved all the hostages.

Dong Xuebing put down the newspaper and gulped beer.

Dong Xuebing had saved the hostages, gained fame and even got the credit. Nothing is better than this!

In the morning, the Bureau held a meeting to praise Dong Xuebing. Not only the County’s Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Huang Li, was at the meeting, but even the Provincial Public Security leader was also present at the meeting to give Dong Xuebing the Second-Class commendation award. “Due to Dong Xuebing’s outstanding performance in the hostage situation, he will be awarded the Second-class Commendation award.” After the wars, very few First-class commendation awards were given out. A personal Second-class award is already outstanding, honorable, and prestigious. This is the confirmation given by the Party, and it’s a significant achievement!

Considering Dong Xuebing had some light injuries during his fight with the escapees, Liang Chengpeng gave him two days to rest at home. Chief Dong’s achievement had made Liang Chengpeng and the County’s Public Security proud. But when asked about how he takes down the escapees, everyone was stunned. Chief Dong claimed he was lucky, but the rescued teachers and students said Chief Dong could dodge bullets. They couldn’t describe it properly. Anyway, Chief Dong had only tilted his head, moved his body sideways, lowered his shoulders, and not a single bullet hit him.

This was too weird, and no one believed it was possible. The only explanation is Dong Xuebing was lucky not to get shot.

But everyone agreed that Dong Xuebing had top-notched fighting skills. There’s no argument on this!

Living room.

Dong Xuebing had lost count on the number of times his phone rang.

Dong Xuebing answered his phone, and this time, it is the County’s Deputy Party Secretary, Cao Xupeng.

Dong Xuebing’s phone had been ringing nonstop since yesterday afternoon. Some calls were from the students’ parents, his colleagues, leaders, and his relatives. Everyone who heard of the incident called him to ask about it. His mother was shocked when she learned about the incident and called to remind him not to put himself in danger in the future.

Dong Xuebing was exhausted after the call with Deputy Secretary Cao.

Not only Dong Xuebing was physically tired, but he was also mentally exhausted. He had killed nine people and will not get over it in a day or two. Just this morning, he had cooked an egg for breakfast. But the smell reminded him of the blood yesterday, and he lost his appetite. Even during the lunch with the County’s leaders, Dong Xuebing did not eat a single piece of meat.

Sigh… he is mentally affected.

Dong Xuebing felt he should relax and laid down on his sofa, listening to some soothing music.

Half an hour had passed.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong. The doorbell rang.

Dong Xuebing stood up from the sofa and switched off the music, before opening the door. “Oh, Sister Hu.”

Standing at the door is Hu Silian, who was suspended from her duties. She was not in her Police uniform and was wearing a light-colored dress with white heels. “Hehe, Chief Dong. I heard you had just returned home, and I am here to congratulate you. Am I disturbing you?”

Dong Xuebing laughed and opened the gates. “No. Come in.”

Hu Silian entered Dong Xuebing’s apartment and laughed. “It’s a pity that I am not at the scene yesterday and couldn’t see your heroic pose.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand, and his face turned slightly red. “What heroic? I was just lucky. I had almost died yesterday.”

Hu Silian held back her laughter and looked at Dong Xuebing with her big eyes. “You are too humble. If it’s someone else, no… even an elite Armed Officer, cannot suppress nine criminals with both hands handcuffed. You are equivalent to a team of Armed Police Officers. I had read the papers this morning, and everyone in the family quarters is talking about you. Your reputation had increased.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and poured a cup of tea for Hu Silian. “Stop flattering me. I think I had become more notorious.”

Hu Silian took the cup of tea from him, and curiously asked. “Why?”

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “Nine people are dead after I entered school. My nickname, God of Plague, will be the talk of the town.”

Hu Silian laughed. “That’s everyone’s respect for you. Hahaha… Now, everyone in Yan Tai County will show a thumbs up when your name is mentioned. What the newspaper wrote is true. Courageous and fearless. You are placing the hostages' safety before oneself. I think all leaders should learn from you. Chief Dong, I am impressed by you. I even suspect you are one of the secret agents when you are with State Security.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Secret agent? My job there is to write speeches and deliver documents. It’s an administrative job.”

Hu Silian was not the only person who asked him this.

After some mindless chatting, Dong Xuebing asked. “Sister Hu, are you here to see me for anything?”

Hu Silian shook her head. “Nothing. I am just here to thank you. Because of the blunder by the Command Center, two lives were lost. I couldn’t sleep for the past two days. Sigh… now, the case is closed, and the criminals are all killed by you. I felt much better. Thank you.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “How’s your new job assignment?”

Hu Silian sighed when she heard this. “There is still no news. Maybe I will be transferred to other stations.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her. “Your position?”

Hu Silian smiled. “What position? At most, I will be getting the same treatment as the junior staff. I can never take on the leader role. Chief Dong, I am here also to bid farewell. I guess I will be transferred away these few days, and I am too embarrassed to stay in the Public Security’s Family Quarters.” Hu Silian is only 30 years old and still has a long way to go. But that mistake made by the Command Center had stopped her career advancement. Most likely, she will be wasting her life in a powerless department and will never have the chance to get promoted again.

Dong Xuebing felt this was a waste. “Do you want me to try helping you?”

Hu Silian sighed. “It’s the County Government who decided on my suspension. Even Chief Liang cannot do anything.”

Dong Xuebing patted Hu Silian’s shoulder. He doesn’t wish for her to leave. There were too few women in the government service, and smart women like Sister Hu was rare. Dong Xuebing had seen the danger of being in the government servant. One wrong move, and you lost everything. Sometimes, even when it’s not your fault, you will also get into trouble, and you can only consider yourself unlucky.

Maybe Hu Silian was trying to avoid gossips, and she left after 10 minutes.

After Hu Silian left, Dong Xuebing looked at his watch. He hesitated for a while and picked up his phone to call Xie Huilan. Since Xie Huilan come to Yan Tai County, both of them had not met privately. Dong Xuebing wanted to meet her. After yesterday’s events, he missed Xie Huilan and Qu Yunxuan badly. When the bullet hit him in his head, both their images appeared in his mind.

Ring… ring… ring… the phone rang for a while before it was picked up.

“Hello?” Xie Huilan’s sexy voice answered.

“Hello, Mayor Xie. I’m Xiao Dong from Public Security.”

“Haha… Chief Dong. What is it?”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his nose. “I want to report to you on my work progress. Will you be free in the afternoon?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “I have a meeting in the afternoon. How about tomorrow?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Sure. I will call you tomorrow.”

“No need. I will get my secretary to call you. Ok?” After Xie Huilan said this, she paused. “Oh, I forgot I still don’t have a secretary. The Office Director had recommended a few candidates, but I find them not suitable. Are you familiar with the people in the County Government? The candidate does not need to be from the Secretary department. Let me know if you have any recommendations. It must be a female, must not be too old, and must be smart.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. The secretary of the leader is an important position, let alone the secretary to the Mayor. Everyone will be fighting for this position. In the past, Dong Xuebing felt the role of a secretary is only a messenger. But now, he doesn’t think so. If you want to advance rapidly in government service, becoming a secretary is one of the better options. You can learn the work of a leader and how a leader should act and gain their trust after a few years. Soon, you will be deployed to the grassroots and become a district head or district’s Party Secretary!

Xie Huilan wants me to recommend someone for this crucial role? This is her trust in me.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. He is afraid that recommending the wrong person will bring trouble for Sister Xie. Furthermore, he does not know a lot of people in the County Government. The County’s Party Secretary Xiang Daofa was the former Mayor, and everyone in the Government might be his people. No wonder Sister Xie couldn’t make up her mind. First, she is too young, and having an older secretary will make her feel uncomfortable. Moreover, Sister Xie is a female, and a male secretary will invite gossips. This secretary candidate is too…


Wait a minute!

Female, not too old, must be smart?

A woman suddenly appears in Dong Xuebing’s head.

“Mayor Xie, what do you think about our Bureau’s former Office Director, Hu Silian?”

“Hu Silian? I remembered she was just removed from her position.”

“Yes. The mistake made by the Command Center had nothing to do with her, and she was only the scapegoat to shoulder the blame. Director Hu has a clean background and is familiar with Yan Tai County. She is also good with interpersonal relationships and is a smooth talker. She is not old and has a nice character. I think she fits your requirements.” Dong Xuebing wants to help Xie Huilan to find a good secretary and also help Hu Silian.

Xie Huilan paused for a while and said. “Ok. I will consider your suggestion.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Err… ok. Sorry to disturb you. I will hang up now?”

“……” Xie Huilan kept quiet.

“Mayor Xie?”

“Xiao Dong, I don’t wish to see another incident like yesterday afternoon. I don’t care how good you can fight, how much you care for the safety of the people, you must remember that there are a lot of people that care for you. If you dare to do such things again in the future, I will remove you from your position.” Xie Huilan’s tone was cold, but Dong Xuebing could feel she cares for him. There were too many people around yesterday, and she must have kept these words to herself. When she gave the orders for the Armed Police to storm the building, it should also because she wants to rescue him.

Dong Xuebing felt warm in his heart. “Yes… I understand.”


“Errr… Is it convenient for you to talk now?”

“Yes. What is it?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Errr… I want to see you.”

Xie Huilan smiled and replied. “Didn’t you see me yesterday? You even threw me into the car.”

Dong Xuebing heard this and quickly explained. “Ah… I was forced by the situation. I did it because I am afraid you might be hurt.”

“You are afraid I will be hurt, then I will not be afraid you will be injured?”

“Errr… let’s not talk about this. I promise I will take care of my safety in the future, ok?”

“You better keep to your words. You… once you get heated up, you don’t know what you are doing. But it is also because of this you jumped into the river to save me.”

“Why did you mention about that incident again? It’s all in the past, and let’s not talk about it.”


“You should have a lot of work, right? I will hang up now?”


“Sister Xie?”

“Hehe… do you miss me?”

Dong Xuebing paused for a second and replied. “Yes.”

“How much?”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly. “I…, I miss you badly.”

Xie Huilan giggled and was satisfied with his answer. “Alright. Let’s hang up.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Did you miss me?”

“What do you think?”

“Huh? How would I know? That’s why I am asking you.”

“Hahaha… Bye.” The line was cut.

Dong Xuebing smiled to himself as he looks at his phone.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 226 – Credit

Nan Liu Junior School.

Outside of the school gates.

Behind a row of police cars, the County’s Party Secretary Xiang Daofa, County’s Mayor Xie Huilan, Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xupeng, County’s Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Huang Li, Public Security Bureau Chief Liang Chengpeng were holding a meeting on how to handle this case. After knowing Chief Dong had entered the school building to replace Cao Xupeng as a hostage, Xie Huilan rushed back to the school. The officer driving the police car is not Dong Xuebing and dare not to go against the Mayor’s orders. He immediately turned the police car around and drove back to the school. But it was too late. Dong Xuebing had already entered the school building.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Continuous gunshots were heard. All the family members and officers panicked.

Liang Chengpeng’s face changed. “Shit! That might be Chief Dong!”

Xiang Daofa hit the police car’s windshield angrily. “This Xiao Dong! What the hell is he doing?! Can’t he wait a little longer?! There will be opportunities to save the hostages after they leave in the mini-bus! How can he act by himself? He will agitate the criminals, and the hostages will be in danger! Chief Dong is too rash!”

Although what Secretary Xiang said was right, Liang Chengpeng felt he was too much. Chief Dong had sacrificed himself as the hostage for the teachers and students. Just his courage alone is admirable. “Secretary Xiang, what should we do now?”

Xiang Daofa gave Liang Chengpeng a stare. “Are you the Public Security Chief?”

Liang Chengpeng took a deep breath. He could tell Xiang Daofa is trying to push the responsibility to him.

Huang Li gave the instructions. “Get the Armed officers ready! Be prepared to engage the escapees anytime!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! It was the sounds of gunshots again!

Everyone was worried. The situation is gloomy for them. There are nine escapees, and they are armed with guns and knives, and there are more than a dozen hostages. If the police rush in, no one knows what tragedy will happen. But if they don’t storm the building after the gunshots, Chief Dong and the hostages will be in danger.

Just when everyone was looking towards the school building, Mayor Xie said.

“Get the Armed Police to enter!”

Liang Chengpeng hesitated. “But… The situation inside…”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Storm the building! Rescue the hostages!”

When the situation is dire, people will hesitate to make any decisions, and it will cause a delay. Huang Li heard Xie Huilan and turned to look at Xiang Daofa. He was utterly disappointed with Xiang Daofa. Even now, the latter is still thinking of pushing the responsibility to others. Doesn’t he know that if anything happens to the hostages, everyone at the scene will be held responsible? It was the younger Xie Huilan that impressed him. She can still be so decisive and gave out such order under this circumstance.

Huang Li agreed with Xie Huilan, and this is not the time to hesitate. “Enter and rescue the hostages!”

Liang Chengpeng gritted his teeth and gave out the orders through his radio set.

The Armed Police started to move. A team rushed towards the school building’s main door, and another team surrounded the ground floor. They were preparing to enter the building through the windows. Some officers ran towards the back of the building to prevent the criminals from escaping. The onlookers were nervous. They were worried that the hostages might already be killed by the time the police enter. Many parents were crying and praying for their children’s safety. Deputy Team Leader Feng, Chu Feng, and the rest of the officers were worried about Chief Dong’s safety. The gunshots had stopped, and Chief Dong might be dead by now.

But when the Armed Police were about to break the front door open, something unexpected happened.

The school building’s main door was opened by someone inside!

Dong Xuebing, who had entered the building as hostage 5 to 6 minutes ago, walked out unscathed. His hands were still handcuffed, and his clothes and hands were covered in blood!

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong!”

The police officers at the door were shocked and did not understand what was going on. Is Chief Dong not dead? But how did he come out by himself?

The next moment, all the Armed Officers froze in their steps as they look behind Dong Xuebing. They looked like they had seen a ghost! A few seconds later, everyone outside of the school building and school gates saw one kid… two kids… three kids… four kids… five kids… walking out of the school building one after another. A few teachers also staggered out slowly into the school field!


“Teacher Chen!”


“Xiao Yu!”

The parents and relatives outside of the school rushed forward to look for their kids and family!



“Sob! Dad! Dad!”

It was a heartwarming sight in the school field. People were hugging, crying, kissing…

A few reporters took the opportunity to sneak in and start taking pictures of the touching moment. They even took pictures of Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing looked at them and felt satisfied. It was worth rescuing all the hostages even if he had lost an arm or leg in the process. He looked at the stunned police officers and smiled. He waved his hand. “Old Feng, what are you looking at? Hurry up and release the handcuffs. How can I let the reporters take photographs of me with these cuffs? People might think that I am one of the escapees. Hurry up!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng and a few officers ran forward. “Where are the escapees?”

Secretary Xiang, Mayor Xie, Chief Liang, and the rest of the leaders walked quickly to Dong Xuebing.

Liang Chengpeng asked urgently. “What’s the situation inside? How did the hostages escape?”

Dong Xuebing had only entered the building for 5 minutes, and he walked out with all the hostages. This was too weird.

Huang Li, Cao Xupeng, and the rest were staring at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing suddenly realized that he had killed several people earlier. He felt like vomiting and had goosebumps. His face turned pale and said. “I had killed the criminals.”

Liang Chengpeng paused for a second and asked. “How many?”


Xiang Dafa took a deep breath. Even Xie Huilan got shocked. “All the escapees are dead?”

“Yes. The situation was critical, and if I hold back and don’t kill them, the hostages will be in danger. So…”

Many people don’t believe what Dong Xuebing said and looked at him weirdly. They thought to themselves. It will be a miracle if one manages to escape from nine criminals. You are still considering if you want to hold back? A few seconds later, an Armed Officer, who had entered the building, came out. He looked at Dong Xuebing in shock and reported. “Sir! The bodies of the nine escapees are found on the second floor of the school building! They are all dead!”

The school field suddenly becomes quiet. Many parents and reporters looked over in shock!

All dead?

Nine of them?!

Huang Li and Cao Xupeng exchanged looks. In that instance, many people saw the handcuffs on Dong Xuebing’s hands. His hands were still cuffed tightly and were in the same position when Chief Dong entered the school building. Dong Xuebing had entered the building with no weapons and had his hands cuffed. His opponents are nine strong escapees armed with guns and knives. The escapees still have hostages. Did he manage to kill all the escapees under these circumstances and rescued all the hostages without getting hurt?

Damn! Your fighting skills are too ridiculous!

After a while, the policemen carried the bodies out. The bodies were covered with a white cloth.




There were nine bodies in total.

The scene of the bodies being carried out one after another was shocking. The Police officers were speechless. They had heard that Chief Dong is good at fighting and could fight against six opponents at once. He can fire four shots continuously and hit four criminals in their legs. But today, everyone finally understood the real power of Chief Dong. He should be unbeatable in the whole province! There can never be another officer who can fight as well as Chief Dong. Do you think you are better than Chief Dong? Fine. We will handcuff you and throw you in the middle of a bunch of criminals. We can don’t give the criminals hostages and guns. You just need to make it out alive!

Deputy Team Leader Feng was speechless as he released the handcuffs from Dong Xuebing’s hands. He wanted to ask, “Did you graduate from a normal university?” But he did not ask this question as everyone had seen Chief Dong’s resume before. He had graduated from a third-rate university in Beijing and is not from the Police School.

The students’ parents walked over and crowded around Dong Xuebing.

An old lady was crying as she held Dong Xuebing’s hand. “Thank you! My whole family thanked you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Dong Xuebing felt warmed and held the old lady’s hand.

Clap…… someone in the crowd started clapping and soon, the students’ family members, the teachers’ family members, the reporters, police officers, the onlookers, and even the leaders like Xiang Daofa, Xie Huilan, and Cao Xupeng started clapping.

Click! A reporter took a picture of this scene!

About 10 minutes later, the parents and family members left with their children.

Xie Huilan walked up to Dong Xuebing and looked at him. She nodded slightly and said. “Well done! You deserve the full credit in this incident!”

Dong Xuebing felt slightly embarrassed. “Mayor Xie, this is what I should do.”

Xie Huilan smiled and narrowed her eyes as she looked at him. “Very modest. Good.”

Laing Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing with approving looks. Chief Dong had done the Public Security proud.

The incident is over, and Secretary Xiang had left to settle the aftermath. Xie Huilan was also leaving, when a car suddenly stopped at the school’s gates. The Director of the County’s Ministry of Education, Yu Zhengzhi, alighted from the vehicle in a hurry and ran over. “Mayor Xie, I am late because of some problems at home.” He smells of alcohol and should be drinking earlier.

Xie Huilan looked at him. “The case is already over, and you just arrived? Where have you been?!”

Yu Zhengzhi wiped his sweat and replied nervously. “My house…”

Xie Huilan ignored him and entered her vehicle.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 225 – Dodging bullets

School building.

Level one, main lobby.

The moment Dong Xuebing entered the school building, the doors slammed shut behind him. He turned around and saw a skinny escapee locking the doors. After locking it, he searched Dong Xuebing’s body for weapons and handcuff keys. He pushed Dong Xuebing from his back to make up walk up the stairs. Dong Xuebing did not say a word and was looking at his surroundings through the corner of his eyes.

A tall and a short escapee were waiting for Dong Xuebing on the second floor.

“This is the government official? Why is he so young? Is he a government official?”

“He should not be fake. Old Xu had heard the people out there calling him as Chief Dong.”

“He is in his twenties and had become a Chief with the Ministry of Education? This young man should have some connections among the higher-ups. Our escape should be smooth.”

“Xiao Wang, bring him into the room and lock him up with the rest. You and Xiao Zhou will watch them closely and don’t let anyone of them escape.”

The skinny convict who had escorted Dong Xuebing upstairs nodded. He walked forward a few steps and opened the door to a classroom, with a sign ‘Year 5, Class 2’ hanging above it. He pushed Dong Xuebing inside, and he tripped and knocked into a desk. He held his stomach in pain and looked around. A few people were huddling in a corner. Three students, around ten years old, two female teachers, and a male teacher, were squatting there.

The skinny convict kicked Dong Xuebing and waved the knife in his hand. “Squat over there, and don’t move!”

Another convict entered the classroom. He was holding a police pistol and was there to guard the hostages with the skinny convict.

The few kids were crying and huddling around the teachers. The female teachers’ hands were tied using transparent tapes. The male teacher had his hands tied to a few desks with ropes. Dong Xuebing walked over to the hostages and sat down with them. He looked around, and the convict with the gun was standing at the far corner of the classroom. He was holding his gun tightly, preparing to shoot when anything happens. The skinny convict with the knife was walking around the classroom anxiously. Every once in awhile, he will peep outside at the armed police officers through the curtains.

Dong Xuebing asked softly. “Are you all the only hostages? Are there any more hostages?”

The male teacher was still composed, and only his hands were shaking. “Those criminals rushed in with guns and immediately tied us up. I am not sure if the rest of the teachers and students had escaped.”

Another female teacher cried and said. “Teacher Chen should be around. I heard her screaming earlier. She should be in another classroom.”

Are the hostages not held in the same place? Dong Xuebing frowned. The situation is worse than he expected.

The fat convict with the gun, point towards Dong Xuebing’s direction. “Stop talking among yourselves! Do you want to be killed?! Ah?! Shut up!”

The skinny convict took a glance at the hostages and asked. “Brother Pang, do you think we can escape?”

“Of course!” The fat convict spat on the ground. “We have so many hostages, and I don’t believe the Police will dare to do anything to us. If they don’t let us go, we will kill the kids first!”

The few children heard him and started crying louder.

The fat convict got angry and raised his gun. “Stop crying, or I will kill all of you! Shut up! All of you shut up!

A female teacher panicked and quickly pulled the few students nearer to her. She tried to stop them from crying, but the students were too young. Only one boy cried softer, and another student cried louder. The fat and skinny convicts frowned and cursed at them. They couldn’t be bothered with the children and were whispering to each other softly.

Dong Xuebing took this opportunity to whisper to the teachers. “We don’t have time. In a while, once I move, all of you get onto the ground.”

The male teacher was shocked. “There are too many of them, and they still have guns. You…”

The female teacher also panics. “Young man, you must not be rash.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “We cannot sit around and wait. Just do what I said. Try to press the students down on the floor.”

Another female teacher with long hair was shocked. “You are not the Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Education? You are…”

“I am Dong Xuebing.”

The long hair teacher gasped. “You are that Chief Xiao Dong? That Chief Dong?” The other two teachers looked at each other. Both of them had heard of Dong Xuebing before. In that instance, all the teachers saw a glimpse of hope.

Suddenly, the classroom’s door opened, and a pale looking man entered, dragging a woman. The woman was not wearing any pants.

The long hair teacher gasped. “Teacher Chen!”

“Teacher Chen!” The male teacher clenched his fist tightly.

Teacher Chen, who was not wearing anything below her waist, was thrown onto the floor. She laid there, staring at the ceiling and was not moving. Tears were flowing from her listless eyes. That pale-looking man laughed and kicked Teacher Chen a few times towards Dong Xuebing. “This woman is terrific despite her age. Fatty, Skinny, you two should have some fun with her.” That man laughed and walked out of the classroom.

The skinny convict looked at the private parts of Teacher Chen and was aroused.

The fat convict laughed. “If you want to have fun, go ahead. The mini-bus is not here yet.”

The male teacher cursed. “Bastards!”

The two female teachers were crying. Teacher Chen had a good reputation in school, and she is kindhearted and gentle. These bastards…

The skinny convict walked up to Teacher Chen and started taking off his pants.

Dong Xuebing’s face turned black and clenched his fist. When the skinny convict kneeled between Teacher Chen’s legs and spread her legs open, Dong Xuebing pounced on him like a leopard. The skinny convict was still holding on to his knife and sneered as he saw Dong Xuebing getting closer to him. He raised his dagger and stabbed forward!


The knife was impaled into Dong Xuebing’s stomach!

The two female teachers screamed. Teacher Chen, who was on the floor, closed her eyes.

BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned.

Dong Xuebing had returned to the position before he pounced forward. He had tried to grab the knife from that skinny convict as he tackles him down. But he failed in his previous attempt. This skinny convict was a thief and was very agile. He had a fast reaction, and Dong Xuebing had to change his strategy. He still rushed forward, but this time, he lowered both his hands slightly.

The skinny convict sneered and stabbed forward with his dagger!

Dong Xuebing already knew where the dagger would land. He shouted and grabbed the skinny convict’s wrist with both his hands. He twisted the convict’s hand with all his strength and nearly broke his wrist. The dagger changed direction, and Dong Xuebing pushed it back towards the skinny convict. The skinny convict looked at the dagger in shock as it was stabbed into his chest. He tried to say something but could not find the strength. He had died on the spot!

Eight convicts remains!

This was Dong Xuebing’s first time killing someone. But he does not have the time to think about it. He shouted. “Get onto the floor!”

The female teachers remembered what Chief Dong said earlier and quickly pushes the children onto the floor with her.

The fat convict, who was at the far end of the classroom, saw the skinny convict dies before his eyes. He couldn’t react in time and aimed his gun at Dong Xuebing. “Go to hell!”

Dong Xuebing rushed towards the fat convict fearlessly, without dodging or hiding. There’s no point in hiding, as no matter how fast Dong Xuebing was, he will not be faster than a bullet. His only option is to get as close as the fat convict to fight him. As long as Dong Xuebing was not killed instantly, he can always use BACK to turn back time!

However, Dong Xuebing had underestimated that fat convict’s marksmanship. He heard a loud bang and felt time stopped suddenly.

The teachers and students were shocked to see a bloody bullet wound on Dong Xuebing’s head!


“Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing could feel a burning sensation in his head and collapse onto the floor.

It was pitch black, and Dong Xuebing couldn’t hear a thing.

Dong Xuebing realized he had failed. He was handcuffed, and his opponent had a gun. The difference is too significant. He tried to shout out in anger, but no voice could come out of his throat. Dong Xuebing does not want to die, and he still has lots of unfinished tasks. He wants to be promoted to Section Chief and still had not sort out his complicated relationships. How can his life end so early? F**K!!!!

One second…

Two seconds…

Suddenly Dong Xuebing realized something. How come his encounter now is so familiar?

That’s right! Dong Xuebing remembered! When he saved Aunt Xuan and that old man, he was killed by that vehicle. It is the same surroundings at that time. After that accident, he got the ability BACK. At that time, he used BACK to revive himself, and he can do the same thing now.


BACK 30 Seconds!

The darkness in front of Dong Xuebing was gone!

The moment Dong Xuebing opens his eyes, he saw the light and that fat convict pointing his gun at him. His body was rushing towards the gun! He had returned! The time had returned to the moment before he was killed, and he was overjoyed! He had revived and is not dead!

But the next moment, Dong Xuebing heard a loud bang!

He felt a burning sensation in his head, and everything turned dark again!


BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned to 3 seconds ago!

Dong Xuebing did not have time to think. He used all his strength to move his head to the side. But bullets are too fast for his eyes. When Dong Xuebing just started to move, the bullet entered his head for the third time. The position of his wound had moved slightly to the side. Dong Xuebing is dead again.

BACK 4 seconds!

This time, Dong Xuebing twisted his neck in advance.

But that fat convict noticed it and moved his gun slightly. He shot Dong Xuebing in the head again!

BACK 4 Seconds!

Dong Xuebing knew he must get the timing right. He got to wait until the moment the fat convict squeezed the trigger and cannot change his aim before he dodges. That’s the only chance Dong Xuebing had. One time, two times, three times, four times… Dong Xuebing tried again and again! He is struggling to stay alive!


The fat convict had lost his senses after seeing his partner is killed. He raised his gun and aimed at Dong Xuebing.

The long hair female teacher and the male teacher’s hearts almost stopped as they looked at the gun.

Bang! The fat convict squeezed the trigger, and the bullet is moving directly towards Dong Xuebing’s head. But an unbelievable scene unfolded before their eyes. Dong Xuebing calmly moved his head sideways, and the bullet grazed passed him by his ear. Dong Xuebing could feel a burning pain on his ear. He had finally dodged the bullet! After about a dozen tries, Dong Xuebing had managed to avoid the bullet!

The fat convict was stunned and fired again! Bang!

The teachers saw Dong Xuebing lowered his head slightly, and the bullet whizzed passed his scalp! Dong Xuebing dodged another bullet!

The fat convict was shocked, and his mind stopped working. What’s going on? Can this man dodge bullets?

Dong Xuebing was in front of the fat convict in an instant. Both his hands were handcuffed and could not spread his hands. He can only hold the knife with both hands and slashed at the fat convict’s arm, which was holding the gun. The knife slashed through the flesh and hit the bone. Dong Xuebing could not slice his hand off, but the fat convict dropped his gun. Dong Xuebing saw it and swing the dagger upwards, slicing the fat convict’s throat. The fat convict used his hands to press against the wound on his throat, and blood was spurting through his fingers. Until the fat convict dies, he still does not understand how Dong Xuebing dodged the bullets!

Seven convicts remain!

The few teachers and students were stunned and were staring at Dong Xuebing in a daze.

Dong Xuebing knew the gunshots would attract the other convicts and picked up the gun from the floor immediately.

The classroom’s door was kicked open suddenly. Two convicts rushed in. One of them is holding a knife, and the other is holding a pole. They thought the hostages had resisted, and the fat convict opened fire. But the moment they entered the classroom, they saw the bodies of the fat and skinny convicts, and the self-proclaimed Chief of the County’s Ministry of Education young man is pointing a gun at them. Both the convicts panicked and tired, running out while shouting. “Someone! Fatty is dead!”

Dong Xuebing opened fire.

Bang! Bang!

Two shots! Dong Xuebing fired twice, and both convicts collapsed onto the floor! Both shots had hit them on their heads!

Five convicts remain!

Dong Xuebing’s aim was not that accurate. One of the two shots had missed, but he used BACK to shoot again. Dong Xuebing had less than 2 minutes of BACK remaining. To others, there is no second chance. But Dong Xuebing is different. He had BACK, the regret medicine. Even if he made a mistake, he could always undo the mistake with BACK. This is his biggest advantage.

The male teacher was stunned as he looked at the four dead bodies. “Dong… Chief Dong…”

Dong Xuebing turned and threw the knife over. “Stay in the room! Lock the door after I leave!”

After leaving the classroom, Dong Xuebing closed the door behind him and looked at the corridor.

In the classroom, next door, the Armed Robber and a few other convicts were alarmed from the gunshots. They were armed with guns and knives, and their two accomplices had not returned after going out to check on the hostages next door. All of them knew something must have happened.

“Brother, what should we do?” The Armed Robber asked a man with vitiligo.

The vitiligo man replied coldly. “Watch the hostages closely. If the other party dares to do anything, you just open fire. The rest will guard the entrance!”

The Armed Robber immediately points his gun at the two students and a teacher beside him. He also moved his finger to rest on the trigger.

The pale looking convict, who had dragged Teacher Chen to the next classroom, was also holding a gun and pointing towards the door. Two other convicts, who were holding on to knives, were moving forward slowly. Once the other party enters through the door, they will kill him immediately.

Suddenly, the door opened.

“It’s you?!”

The convicts realized the person outside is that Ministry of Education Chief!

But even an idiot will know that someone in the Ministry of Education can't kill 4 of their accomplices.

The pale-looking man was sent to prison for rape. But before entering the prison, he had trained with a gun and is an expert. He is confident in his shooting skills. The moment the door was opened, he adjusted his aim and fired three shots at Dong Xuebing. Bang! Bang! Bang! He didn’t even need to look and knew his target must be dead. This man is an idiot. How can someone just open the door and enter just like this? Doesn’t he know that we have guns?

But… the truth is not according to their expectations!

Dong Xuebing did not even try to find cover. He walked in with steady steps and moved his body slightly to aside. A bullet grazed past his chest, tearing his shirt and hitting the window panels on the corridor. Immediately after that, Dong Xuebing squat down slightly and tilted his head towards his right. One bullet narrowly missed Dong Xuebing’s shoulder, and the other missed him by his face.

Three bullets. Dong Xuebing had dodged three bullets!

All the escapees in the room were stunned! How can a person dodge bullet just like this?! This person had dodged all the bullets!

The pale-looking convict thought his eyes were playing tricks. How is this possible? He immediately wants to continue firing.

But Dong Xuebing did not give him a chance. The moment he opened the door, he had given the convicts their advantage. But after dodging the bullets, it’s his turn to retaliate. He continued walking into the room and fired four shots. The first convict that was killed was the Armed Robber. He was pointing his gun at the hostages and posed the highest threat. Dong Xuebing killed him with a shot between his brows, and the second convict killed by him was the rapist. A bullet hit him in his heart. The third and fourth convicts killed by Dong Xuebing were the two armed with knives. In an instant, only one out of the nine escapees were left.

That man with white patches on his face. It’s not that Dong Xuebing did not want to shoot him, but his gun ran out of ammunition.

Dong Xuebing rushed forward towards the last convict.

The vitiligo convict panicked and was about to stab a hostage with the knife he was holding. “Don’t come any closer!”

Dong Xuebing’s hands were still handcuffed and were not very agile. He saw the dagger was about to stab a little girl’s head, and he roared. “You dare?!” Dong Xuebing’s gun is out of bullets and had given the knife to the male teacher. Now, he does not have any weapons and is still a distance away. There was no way he could reach the convict and hostage in time. Dong Xuebing yelled and threw the gun forward with both his hands!

Crash! Dong Xuebing missed, and the gun smashed the window behind the vitiligo convict.

BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned to the moment before he threw his gun.

Dong Xuebing did not waste any time and threw his gun with all his strength!

This time, the gun hit the convict in his leg, and he staggered. But he still managed to plunge his dagger into the little girl’s shoulder!

Dong Xuebing’s turned red. BACK 4 seconds!

The scenes flashed!

Dong Xuebing looked at the vitiligo man and threw his gun again!

This time, the gun hit the convict’s hand, and he dropped the dagger!

Dong Xuebing seized the opportunity to pounce forward and hit the convict in the face with his elbow. The vitiligo convict screamed in pain, and his face was all bloodied. He lashed out a kick at Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing rolled to his side to avoid it. At the same time, he picked up the dagger dropped by the convict from the floor and pressed it against his neck.

The vitiligo convict was shocked and gritted his teeth. He finally stops resisting.

The teachers beside were crying with joy. They are saved! All of them are saved!

Dong Xuebing was finally relieved. He roared: “Bastard! You all dare to come and create trouble in Yan Tai county?!”

The vitiligo convict was also somebody. Even in his current situation, he could remain expressionless. He looked at Dong Xuebing and then at the handcuffs. He smiled. “You are terrific. You managed to kill 8 of us with no weapons and had both hands handcuffed. Other than my elder brother, I was never impressed by anyone else. I am impressed by you. Haha… I didn’t know the Police have someone as skillful as you. Are you an Armed Police?”

“Public Security.”

The convict asked. “Can you tell me how you avoided the bullets?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “What do you think?”

The vitiligo convict saw Dong Xuebing refusing to answer him, and he sighed. “Alright. Do what you want with me. Anyway, I will be executed after I get back.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “How many of you are here?” He was afraid that there would be other accomplices in the building.


“Where is your brother?” Dong Xuebing recognized this convict and knew one of the escapees is his elder brother. These two brothers are the most dangerous escapees among all. From their files, they had even built a bomb in the past.

The vitiligo convict replied. “We got separated during our escape. My brother is not with us, and he should be… Eh?!” He started laughing suddenly. “That means my brother is still not dead or arrested? He is still on the run?! Hahaha… that’s great. You all are in trouble. If my brother knows that I am killed by you all, he will surely get revenge for me.” But when he remembered this officer in front of him could dodge bullets, he kept quiet. He did not wish for his brother to get revenge for him. His brother might be killed if he met this person.

“Alright. Give me a swift death!” The vitiligo convict closed his eyes.

Dong Xuebing did not want to kill him as he had lost the ability to resist arrest, and if he kills him now, it will be considered a crime.

The vitiligo convict seems to know what Dong Xuebing was thinking. He grabbed Dong Xuebing’s hands suddenly and pushed the dagger into his throat!

Blood spurt out from his neck!

Dong Xuebing frowned and released his grip on the dagger. The vitiligo convict collapsed on the ground with his eyes opened, no longer breathing.

Dong Xuebing wiped his hands and turned to the hostages. “Don’t be scare. You all are safe now. Follow me out.”

Within a few minutes, all nine escapees were killed!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 224 – Stepping forward


Dong Xuebing, who had not slept last night, took a short nap in his car. After he woke up, he ate a takeaway given to him by Chu Feng. After that, he continued to oversee the roadblock and the inspections of all vehicles passing them. But after one night of checks, they still have not spotted the escapees. The rest of the main roads also have not discovered the criminals, and they should still be hiding in the County. So, Dong Xuebing ordered his officers from the villages to help the armed officers to search for the criminals in the County town.

The Police started to comb the county town, and no one should be able to escape.

At about 1.40 pm, Dong Xuebing was discussing something with Liu Dahai and Chen Fa, when they received an announcement over their radio sets.

“The escapees are located! The escapees are located!”

“Northern District South road 7! Nan Liu Junior School!”

The escapees had entered the school! They might be holding some hostages!”

Dong Xuebing, Liu Dahai, and the rest of the officers looked at each other. “Let’s go!”

Dong Xuebing, Liu Dahai, and the rest of the officers boarded the Mercedes MPV and rushed towards the Northern District. Dong Xuebing and all the officers were worried. That’s a junior school, and it’s not the school holidays. If those children were taken hostage, the consequences would be dire. Dong Xuebing noticed the officer sitting beside Chu Feng had turned pale and was anxious. Someone from his family must be in that school.

Nan Liu Junior School.

When Dong Xuebing arrived, the Armed Police had surrounded a two-story school building. Everyone was holding their guns. In an area further away, Dong Xuebing could see the County’s Party Secretary Xiang Daofa, Xie Huilan, and other County Government leaders. They seem to be having a meeting beside the playground. Liang Chengpeng, Hu Yiguo, and an Armed Police Officer were there too. It was tense.

After alighting, Dong Xuebing called Deputy Team Leader Feng. “Old Feng, how’s the situation?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng turned and quickly walked over. “Chief Dong, when we arrived, the escapees had entered the school building. Luckily there are no lessons in the afternoon, and only a few students and teachers are in there doing the graduation ceremony preparations. From the shouts and noises, they are being held hostage by the criminals. No one dares to rash in, as we are afraid the criminals might harm the hostages. Party Secretary Xiang, Mayor Xia, and the rest are discussing the next course of action.”

Dong Xuebing clenched his fist. “These bastards. How many of them are there?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “There should be 9 of them. Out of the ten escapees from the neighboring County, most of them had escaped to Yan Tai.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “What are the chances of us storming the building? Where are the snipers?”

Deputy Team Leader shook his head. “If there are only one or two criminals, we can still enter the building. Nine criminals are too many for us to storm the building. Some of them even got guns. The guns should be taken from the prison wardens while they escape. Two officers were injured during their pursuit.” He points to the second floor of the building. “The criminals are very cunning. They had covered up all the windows, and we don’t know which classroom they are in. Also, our snipers can’t shoot all 9 of them at once. If we missed one of them, the hostages would be in danger.”

Suddenly, cries were heard from the school building.

“Sob… Help!!! Sob…”

One of the windows opened, showing a little girl’s frightened face. This girl must be a student of Nan Liu Junior. A big hand is holding the girl by her neck, and a middle-aged man slowly sticks his head out of the windows. That man is bald and had a long scar on his head. Almost all the officers at the scene had seen the photograph of this man before. He is one of the escapees, an armed robber.

“Everyone out there listens up! Whoever that dares to enter this building, or open fire, I will kill this girl!”

Liang Chengpeng looked at that criminal and shouted through the loud hailer. “Don’t harm the hostage!”

That escapee smiled and shouted. “I can don’t harm her. Get your County’s leader to speak to me!”

Liang Chengpeng hesitated and passed the loudhailer to a fat man beside him. This person is Cao Xupeng, County’s Deputy Party Secretary, Yan Tai County’s Number Three.

The Armed Robber shouted. “You are the County’s leader? Good. We don’t have other requests. We only want a medium-sized bus. Before the bus arrive, you all must guarantee our safety. If anyone of you dares to open fire, don’t blame me. We will release the hostages after we leave the County.”

Cao Xupeng looked at Xiang Daofa and Xie Huilan. Both of them nodded, and he said. “We agree to your demand!”

Liang Chengpeng interrupted. “Let us look at the rest of the hostages! We want to make sure all the hostages are safe!”

The Armed Robber said. “Don’t try other tricks! We will not let you look at the hostages! Go and get the vehicle now!”

From the murder of the woman and boy last night, these criminals are ruthless and very cunning. Liang Chengpeng must calm them down first. He turned to an officer and told them to prepare a bus for the criminals, before using another loudhailer. “I had asked my men to bring the vehicle over.”

The Armed Robber nodded. “Good! I will give you all 10 minutes!”

Liang Chengpeng frowned. “10 minutes is not enough. We need to return to our garage to get the vehicle. To and fro…”

The Armed Robber interrupted him. “I don’t care what method you use. 10 minutes! If we don’t see the vehicle in 10 minutes, this girl will die! Think carefully!”

Suddenly, someone shouted from outside the school. “Honghong! Honghong!”

The little girl at the classroom window heard someone calling her and started waving her arms. She cried: “Mum! Dad! Save me!”

A woman at the school gates was trying to push herself through a few police officers. “Honghong!”

“Honghong! Dad will be coming to save you! Don’t be scare!”

A man with red eyes pushed an officer aside. “Go away! Let me enter!”

News of the escapees entering Nan Liu Junior and holding the students' hostage had spread. Many worried parents had rushed to the school to look for their children. Those that couldn’t find their children were crowding at the school’s main gate. Some of the teachers’ relatives were also there. It was chaotic, and everyone was shouting for their children or relatives. The hostages in the school building heard their parents calling for them and shouted.

“It’s my son’s voice! My son is inside!”

“Leilei! Mum is here!”

“Niuniu! Are you there?”

Liang Chengpeng was afraid the parents and relatives outside would agitate the criminals. “Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing immediately lead his officers to block the school’s entrance and stop everyone from entering. “Please calm down! I understand how you all feel, but this is an emergency. Please stop shouting, and the Police will try our best to save your children!”

A woman suddenly kneeled and cried. “Please… Please save my son!”

“Sob… My son is only ten years old!”

More than a dozen parents and family members were crying outside the school. Even old grandpas were weeping. Dong Xuebing could feel his heart aching.

The Armed Robber had moved away from the window and seemed to be discussing with someone behind him. After a while, he stuck his head out of the window again and shouted. “My brother says you Police cannot be trusted. You all must send a leader to be our hostage!” The Armed Robber looked at the crowd downstairs and suddenly shouted. “You! That fatty who spoke to me earlier. Come in!”

That Armed Robber was referring to the County’s Deputy Party Secretary, Cao Xupeng!

Cao Xupeng’s face changed. He did not expect the criminals to have this request!

Liang Chengpeng pulled Cao Xupeng. “Secretary Cao! You must not go!”

Cao Xupeng also did not want to go. He knew his chances of survival is low if he enters the school building. The criminals will hold him hostage until the last minute. Even if they managed to escape, they would also kill him. Liang Chengpeng pulling him back had saved him from embarrassment, and he was grateful. If he chickens out in front of everybody, the County Party Committee would be disgraced by him.

Xiang Daofa was angry. “Where is the vehicle? Give them a vehicle to calm them first!”

The Armed Robber upstairs was getting impatient, and tighten his grip on the little girl’s neck. “Hey, Fatty! Hurry up and get upstairs! I give you 3 minutes, or we will start killing the hostages!”

The woman at the school gates cried. “Honghong! Don’t kill my daughter! Please… I beg you!”

Honghong’s father looked at the County’s leaders and shouted. “Save my daughter!”

Cao Xupeng turned pale. At this time, he had to say something. “Let me go!”

Xie Huilan looked at the window upstairs coldly and narrowed her eyes.

Liang Chengpeng’s heart sank. These criminals were more cunning than he expected. If he knew they would make this demand, he will move the temporary command center behind the police vehicles and will never let the County leaders speak to the criminals. He was afraid matters will get worse and knew he had to protect Party Secretary Xiang, Deputy Party Secretary Cao, and Mayor Xie. “Chief Hu! Send Party Secretary Xiang and Mayor Xie out! Set up the command center outside!”

Hu Yiguo stepped forward. “Secretary Xiang, Mayor Xie.”

Xiang Daofa turned and gave Liang Chengpeng a stare. “The hostages are not saved yet! I am not leaving!”

Liang Chengpeng is not sure if Secretary Xiang is saying this from the bottom of his heart, or is he pretending. He only knows that if the criminals changed their minds and wanted the County’s Party Secretary to be the hostage and he refused, the hostages might be harmed. It will not be good for the County’s reputation. This must not happen. That’s why Secretary Xiang and Mayor Xie must leave the scene. “Chief Hu! Hurry up!”

Hu Yiguo opened the car door and wanted to invite Secretary Xiang to board. But Xiang Daofa pushed him away!

Hu Yiguo thought to himself. Stop pretending and leave. But because of Xiang Daofa’s rank, he dare not use force to make him leave.

Xiang Daofa was in a dilemma. Xie Huilan was still standing there firmly and had no intention to leave the scene.

Liang Chengpeng was furious. “Chief Dong! Bring them away!”

Dong Xuebing, who was maintaining crowd control, heard Liang Chengpeng and looked at Sister Xie. He then turned to Xiang Daofa and said. “Secretary Xiang! It is too dangerous here! You must leave immediately!”

Xiang Daofa replied with a stern look. “The hostages are still…”

Dong Xuebing ignored him and opened the car door. He grabbed Xiang Daofa by the back of his collar and pushed him into the rear passenger seat, ignoring Xiang Daofa’s scolds and closed the door. He then opened the front passenger seat’s door and said. “Mayor Xie!”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing and narrowed her eyes. “Send Secretary Xiang away! I will remain here to oversee!”

Dong Xuebing grabbed Xie Huilan by her arm, without saying a word.

Xie Huilan’s face changed. “Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Dong Xuebing paused for a second, but he doesn’t have time to think anymore. He tried to pull Xie Huilan, but she dodged and pulled her arm away. Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and held Xie Huilan’s waist and carried her up. He kicked the door to open it wider and threw Xie Huilan into the front passenger seat. Everyone was shocked by his actions, and Dong Xuebing closed the door. “Go!”

The police car drove out of the school gates!

Liang Chengpeng nodded. During critical times like this, Chief Dong is still decisive. He had called Dong Xuebing because he is the only one who is not afraid of offending the leaders. Someone must forcibly bring the leaders away in case they got into any trouble.

“1 minute left!” Armed Robber laughed. “Fatty! Are you not coming up?”

“Honghong! Honghong!”

“Mum! I’m scared!”

The little girl, Honghong, was almost carried out of the window and could fall anytime.

Cao Xupeng gritted his teeth for a few seconds and said. “I will come over now! Don’t harm the hostage!”

“Secretary Cao!” Liang Chengpeng grabbed onto Secretary Cao’s arm.

Cao Xupeng sighed and shook his head. “Let me go. Their lives are the top priority.” He looked at the window and sighed. “She is just a kid. My granddaughter is around her age.” Cao Xupeng was forced to make this decision and had no other choices.

Cao Xupeng looked at the sky and knew he might not return after he enters the school building.

Cao Xupeng walked forward slowly with heavy footsteps.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed him by his arm. It was Dong Xuebing. “Secretary Cao, if you go, you will be killed, and it is meaningless.”

Cao Xupeng was agitated. “But what about that child? What about the rest of the students in the classroom?”

Dong Xuebing hesitated for a while and said. “I will go.”

Cao Xupeng was stunned. Liang Chengpeng and the rest of the officers there were shocked by Dong Xuebing’s decision.

Dong Xuebing did not look at them and walked forward. He grabbed the loudhailer from Cao Xupeng and said. “Listen up. You all should have seen Secretary Cao’s size. If you bring him along as you all escape, he might struggle and dragged you all down. Let me go with you all instead.”

The Armed Robber looked at Dong Xuebing and asked. “What rank are you?”

Dong Xuebing replied without thinking. “I am the Head of the Country's Ministry of Education!”

Dong Xuebing doesn’t like to wear his uniform, and he is in civilian clothes now. No one would think of him as an officer from the Public Security with his skinny figure. The criminals had heard the others calling him Chief Dong earlier and knew he is also a government officer. Dong Xuebing's size is safer than the fatty, and even if Dong Xuebing retaliates, he will be too weak to do anything. The Armed Robber thought for a while and said. “Get a police officer to handcuff you before coming up!”

Dong Xuebing calmly replied. “I can leave with you all, but you all must release the kids first!”

The Armed Robber frowned. “Why do you have so many demands? Do you believe that I will throw this girl out of the window?”

Dong Xuebing is good with words. “I am thinking for all of you. Think about this. You all are holding so many children as hostages, and do you think the Police will let you all off? Impossible! The public will not let you all off! The Police will get snipers to shoot you all! But if you all release the children, this will not be as serious. With hostages, the Police will not do anything to you unless they have no choice. Furthermore, those children do not know anything and will cry and shout. With the teachers and me, you all will have enough hostages.”

This was the truth. The few escapees were irritated by the children’s crying.

But the Armed Robber did not fall for it. “Fat hope! Don’t need to say anymore. If we have not reached a safe place, none of these children can leave!”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and said. “At least release that little girl in your hand. We need to see your sincerity.”

The Armed Robber was furious. “Stop wasting time! Are you entering the building or not?!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “You all don’t even have the sincerity of releasing one hostage. How do we know if you all will release the rest after you all escape? If that’s the case, we will never give you the mini-bus!”

The Armed Robber was about to scold something when someone behind him pulled him inside.

A few seconds later, the Armed Robber carried Honghong down from the window. “Fine! We will let you all see our sincerity!”

After a while, the main door of the school building opened, and Honghong ran out. “Mum! Dad!”

The couple broke through the Police barrier and hugged their daughter. “Honghong!”

Honghong’s father looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong! Thank you! Thank you very much!”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Bring the kid to somewhere safer.”

The Armed Robber upstairs shouted. “Chief Dong! Hurry up and put on a pair of handcuffs!”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes turned cold and walked towards Liang Chengpeng and Cao Xupeng. He put out both hands. “Handcuff me!”

Liang Chengpeng stared at Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong! What are you doing?!”

Cao Xupeng was moved. “Let me go instead! You… you… Sighed…”

The Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Huang Li, had just arrived at the scene after deploying the snipers outside and saw what was happening. Huang Li and Cao Xupeng were formerly Chang Lei’s subordinates. Chang Lei’s downfall was caused by Dong Xuebing, and both of them dislike him. But at this critical moment, Dong Xuebing had offered to replaced Cao Xupeng as the hostage for the escapees. They were shocked by his actions.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Secretary Cao, don’t say anything else. I still know some martial arts, at least.”

Everyone knows that no matter how good Dong Xuebing is good at fighting, it will be impossible for him to get out alive. There are nine escapees inside, and they are armed with guns and still have hostages. Dong Xuebing is also handcuffed. At this moment, everyone there, including the officers, family members of the hostages, Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong, who had grudges with him, were all full of respect for him.

Not anyone dares to step forward with it comes to a situation of life and death like this.

But Dong Xuebing was not prepared to die like this. Although he does not have lots of BACK left, he still has around 5 minutes. He could still do something with his powers. But the criminals have guns, and it is very dangerous. Dong Xuebing was not confident that he could get out alive. But when he thought about the two lives lost last night and the teachers and students in the school, Dong Xuebing felt he must give it a try.

“Handcuffs! Quick!” Dong Xuebing shouted.

None of the Police officers stepped forward. They clenched their fist, and some female officers were weeping.

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Team Leader Feng!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng looked at Dong Xuebing and walked up to him slowly. “Chief Dong, I…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted him. “Hurry up! Don’t agitate those criminals!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng took out his handcuffs and cuffed Dong Xuebing. He secretly took a glance at the window upstairs and wanted to stuff the keys into Dong Xuebing’s pocket. But the Armed Robber upstairs shouted at him to throw the handcuff keys on the floor. Deputy Team Leader Feng had no choice but to follow what he said. His last hope was gone.

Dong Xuebing forced a smile. “Don’t give me this expression. I am not dead yet. I will try to rescue the hostages.”

Liang Chengpeng sighed and patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder. “Be careful. You must be careful.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Chief Liang, if anything happens to me… Hmm… If… If I am killed, please help to take care of my mother. Thank you.”

Liang Chengpeng stared at him. “Don’t say such things!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng forced a smile, but it was an ugly smile. “You will be fine! Nothing will happen to you!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I hope so. Thank you.”

Cao Xupeng’s eyes were tearing up. He held Dong Xuebing’s hands and said. “You must return in one piece! I will have a drink with you after your return!”

Dong Xuebing nodded and joked. “I am not good at drinking. Secretary Cao, you must give in a little to me. Haha.”

Cao Xupeng couldn’t find the words to express his gratitude, and only held Dong Xuebing’s hands tightly. Dong Xuebing is replacing him as the hostage. If Dong Xuebing had not stepped forward, he would have become one of the hostages now. Cao Xupeng had owed Dong Xuebing a great favor.

Dong Xuebing turned towards the entrance of the school, hoping to see Xie Huilan one last time. But the Police car carrying Sister Xie and Secretary Xiang had left the school’s compound. Dong Xuebing could not see her, and he calms himself down. He took a deep breath and walked towards the school building. In his mind, he was thinking of how he can rescue the teachers and students.

Dong Xuebing is no longer alone. If he failed, not only will he be killed. The other hostages might also be killed.

Dong Xuebing must succeed! The mini-bus should be arriving soon, and he got less than 5 minutes left!

Dong Xuebing’s eyes slowly turned cold!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 223 – The Jailbreak Case

Late Afternoon.

The sun is setting, and the sky turned bright orange.

In the Public Security Quarters, Dong Xuebing’s stomach is growling. He is hungry and went downstairs to buy dinner. Dong Xuebing had thought of having dinner with Xie Huilan but changed his mind. In the afternoon, during the meeting with the County’s leaders, she had pretended not to know him, and she should have her considerations. She should not want others to know that Dong Xuebing is her boyfriend, and Dong Xuebing will not be so stupid to visit her as her boyfriend. Also, Sister Xie had just arrived in the County and needed time to familiarize herself with the work here. She should be very busy these two days and have no time for Dong Xuebing.

In the front yard, Dong Xuebing met Hu Silian, who had just returned home from work.

Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted her. “Director Hu, you just finish work?”

“Yes. I just went to buy some groceries on my way back. Where are you going?” Hu Silian’s electric bicycle’s basket is filled with potatoes and chicken breasts.

“Oh, I don’t have food anymore at home and is about to go out for dinner.”

“Eh? Sister Yu is not at home?”

“She had moved out. Qianqian’s final semester exams are around the corner, and I asked Sister Yu not to come back.”

Hu Silian smiled. “My husband is working late today, and I will be having dinner alone. If you don’t mind, I can prepare dinner for you too.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “No… That will be troubling you.”

Hu Silian laughed. “I am the Office Director, and it’s my responsibility to take care of the welfare of our officers.” As they were chatting, the wind got stronger, and the air becomes dusty. Hu Silian quickly pushes her bicycle. “It is getting windy and is about to rain soon. You better not go out. I had bought enough ingredients to make two dishes. I can go over to your place to cook.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the sky and nodded.” Sorry to trouble you.”

“Hehe, don’t mention it.” Hu Silian parked her bicycle and carried her groceries upstairs.

Dong Xuebing’s apartment.

Hu Silian changed to slippers when she entered the apartment. After that, she wore an apron and a pair of sleeves and entered the kitchen to prepare dinner. She was still wearing her Police Uniform and should look valiant. But now, she looks sexy and gentle. Dong Xuebing could not help looking at her.

“I didn’t know Sister Hu is also a virtuous housewife.”

“Haha… Chief Dong, I’m embarrassed to let you know that at home, it’s my husband who does all the cooking and cleaning.”

“Really? Brother Hu is a good man.”

“What good man? He is just a simple man who knows how to cook.”

About 15 minutes later, Hu Silian finished cooking. “I am not sure if my cooking suits your taste buds. It’s been a while since I cook.”

Dong Xuebing picked up a piece of meat and tasted it. “Hmmm… Taste good. It’s better than Sister Yu.”

Hu Silian sat down with a bowl of rice and giggled. “If you like it, I can drop by to cook for you every day. Haha.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sure. But I am afraid Brother Hu will get jealous.”

They joked and chatted over dinner. Dong Xuebing’s impression of Hu Silian got better. He does not know how Hu Silian acts in front of other leaders, but he had never heard of Hu Silian cooking for the leaders before. Also, since the day he was transferred to Yan Tai County, Hu Silian had helped him a lot. Although she could not help with bigger problems, she helped Dong Xuebing with lots of trivial tasks.

After dinner, Hu Silian offered to do the dishes and even clean up the kitchen.

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. “Sister Hu, thank you for today’s dinner. I will treat you and Brother Hu some other day.”

Hu Silian smiled and was about to say something when her phone rang. She looked at the number, and her face changed. “Hello? Yes… yes… I will go back now!” She hung up the phone and was about to explain to Dong Xuebing when Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s Liang Chengpeng calling him and ordered him to return to the Bureau immediately. From his tone, Dong Xuebing knew there should be a severe problem.

Dong Xuebing did not say anything and grabbed his bag. “Sister Hu, let’s go. I will drive.”

As Dong Xuebing and Hu Silian reached downstairs, they saw Qin Yong and Zhao Jingsong walking out of their building. They saw Dong Xuebing, and Qin Yong walked over to get a ride from him. Zhao Jingsong hesitated and did not walk over. Dong Xuebing saw him and waved his hand. “Chief Zhao, let’s go together.” Dong Xuebing’s political wisdom had improved. He knew when to put his grudges aside when it comes to major problems. The Bureau had called for an emergency meeting, and something serious must have happened. This is not the time to settle their scores.

Zhao Jingsong and Qin Yong looked at Dong Xuebing with surprise. Zhao Jingsong hesitated for a second and boarded the Mercedes MPV.

10 minutes later. Command Center’s meeting room.

Not only Liang Chengpeng, Hu Yiguo, and the rest of the Bureau Chiefs were at this meeting. Even the County’s Party Committee Member, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Wang Li, is around.

Huang Li is a middle-aged man with small eyes and thick brows. He started the meeting directly. “We had just received news that prison in our neighboring province had a jailbreak. Twenty-eight convicts had escaped, and 11 of them were arrested and seven killed. 10 convicts are still on the run and had escaped towards our County. These are the information about the ten convicts.”

Robbers, rapists, etc. All the escaped convicts had committed serious crimes.

Huang Li was troubled. After the jailbreak happened, the City Government was furious. Even before all the escapees were arrested, the head of the prison was removed from his position. This action showed the anger and determination of the City Government. Huang Li believes that even after the escapees were arrested, the City Government will pursue the responsibilities of the leaders and people involved. Now, the top priority is to capture the escapees. The City’s Public Security had given orders that, if necessary, officers can open fire at the convicts, and must protect the safety of the people at all cost.

After a brief explanation of the situation, Huang Li said. “Old Liang, you can assign the tasks.”

Liang Chengpeng nodded and said. “Chief Qin, seal up all the major junctions in the County and give out the photographs of the convicts. All vehicles must be check. Chief Hu, contact the Armed Police and tell them to standby. Director Hu, inform me immediately if the Command Center received any news. Chief Zhao…” even Dong Xuebing, who was supposed to be on leave, is assigned with a task. He is in charge of Hui Tian Village and a security checkpoint on the main road leading to the neighboring County.

This is an emergency, and all officers are deployed.

The meeting ended, and Dong Xuebing, Qin Yong, Hu Silian, and the rest left the meeting room.

Qin Yong looked at Dong Xuebing and patted him on his back. “Watch out for your safety.”

“You too.” Dong Xuebing went downstairs and drove directly to Hui Tian Village. He also called Liu Dahai on his way.

When Dong Xuebing reached Hui Tian Village Station, he immediately gave out the photographs of the ten escaped convicts. Each officer is in charge of a village, and Dong Xuebing ordered them to check every household to see if the villagers had seen any suspicious characters. After that, Dong Xuebing, Liu Dahai, Chen Fa, and some officers, armed themselves and rushed to the junction of their County and the neighboring County. The station does not have enough manpower, and they had to watch the junction personally.

It’s dark and windy. A thunderstorm is brewing.

When Dong Xuebing waved his hand to allow a vehicle to pass, he received a piece of news from his radio set. A few escapees were seen in the northern district of the County. It’s a resident who called the Police. He saw a few bald men climbing over the fence of a house in the outskirts. He could tell those men are not good people and thought they are stealing or robbing the house. He immediately called the Police, and from his description, they are the escaped convicts!

But the northern district is too far from Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and did not go over.

More news came over through the radio set. Hu Yiguo, who was the nearest to the Northern district, had rushed over with a team of officers.

To Hu Yiguo’s surprise, the address given does not fit the description. The caller had said it’s a one-story house, but when Hu Yiguo arrived at the location, it was a double story building. Hu Silian immediately checked the call recording again, and the caller had said the western district and not the northern district! The phone operator had recorded the wrong address. Both districts have roads called Chang Shun Road, and the operator made this mistake!


Hu Silian’s face turns pale. She didn’t have time to reprimand that operator and immediately changed the address.

Dong Xuebing is in the western district and is only 5 minutes away from Chang Shun Road. When Dong Xuebing received the news, he was stunned. He cursed the telephone operator. Damn! This is a matter of life and death, and you still can make such mistakes? Dong Xuebing immediately got into his Mercedes MPV and called Liu Dahai and the rest of the officers to get in as he sped towards the location, the rest of the officers, load, and clocked their guns.

At the front door of a one-story house.

Dong Xuebing gave a hand signal, and Chu Feng kicked open the door!

Liu Dahai, Dong Xuebing, and the rest of the officers rushed in with their guns. There was no one in the front yard. The lights of a room are on.

Dong Xuebing ran over towards the room. The room is quiet, and Dong Xuebing frowned. Liu Dahai and Dong Xuebing spread out at the door of the room. One, two, three… Dong Xuebing kicked the door opened and pointed his gun inside.

“Ah!” An officer behind Dong Xuebing shouted.

The escapees were not in the room, but a pair of woman’s legs were sticking out from under a bed. There were bloodstains on the legs.

Dong Xuebing’s first thought was they were late!

Liu Dahai gritted his teeth and called an officer over to push the bed aside.

A woman’s body was under the bed, and a knife is stuck on her head. Her face was covered in blood and couldn’t tell her age, and her top was pushed up and was not wearing anything any pants or skirt. She must have been raped before she was murdered. A young boy’s body was also under the bed. His stomach had been stabbed several times, and it was a gruesome sight!

Dong Xuebing was furious. “F**k! Secure the scene and search the whole place! See if there are any clues!”

At this moment, Hu Yiguo, Qin Yong, and other officers arrived!

When they saw the two bodies, Hu Yiguo’s face changed. “The bodies are still bleeding, and they should not have been killed too long ago. Search every household! They should be nearby!”

Qin Yong was moody. Two lives had been gone just like this!

The crime scene was too gruesome. Dong Xuebing had only entered the Public Security not long and seldom saw such scenes. He did not remain at the scene and called Liu Dahai and his men to a nearby main road to search for the criminals.

A few minutes later, the County Party Secretary, County Mayor, and other leaders arrived at the scene.

Xiang Daofa was furious when he learned about the Command Center’s mistake. He pointed at Liang Chengpeng and scolded. If the Command Center had not made that mistake, the Police would arrive in time and might prevent the woman and boy from being killed. Liang Chengpeng kept quiet and accepted the scolding. This is his responsibility, and it’s his department that made this mistake.

The Police searched the area like crazy throughout the night. The criminals should have found a secluded hiding place and did not appear.

The next morning, Hu Silian was holding her head with both hands. Her eyes were all bloodshot and looking tired.

Her officer saw her and persuaded. “Director Hu, you had not closed your eyes the whole night. Why don’t you…”

Hu Silian looked at him and asked. “Are there any clues?”

“The criminals are very cunning. We still have not received any sightings of them.”

Hu Silian waved her subordinate to go out and sighed. She made her way upstairs to look for Chief Liang. She knew the Command Center had made a huge blunder this time. Although it was the telephone operator who made this mistake, Hu Silian, the leader of the Command Center, had to bear the responsibility. If the higher-ups were to pursue this matter, she might lose her job. No. The County’s Party Secretary had directly scolded the Command Center, and she will lose her job.

On her way upstairs, Hu Silian noticed the change in the attitude of her former colleagues. In the past, her colleagues would greet her politely. But now, everyone pretended not to see her. Some people were even gloating at her downfall. A few Deputy Directors even start to visit the leaders to see if they can replace her.

Hu Silian smiled weary to herself and was not surprised by this.

Hu Silian went to look for Chief Liang, Qin Yong, and other leaders who were on good terms with her in the past. But all of them tried to avoid her. Not one of them was willing to plead on her behalf. After all, this is a sensitive period, and no one is willing to stand up for her. Hu Silian was disappointed. She knew she would not keep her position for sure. This is how government service operates. When nothing happens, and you are of some use to the other party, they will treat you well. But once you are in trouble, other people will not be bothered with you.

Hu Silian is not a kid. She had been with the government service for almost ten years and knew the leaders inside out. Despite knowing how the leaders would treat her, she was still disappointed with them. She almost cried on her way back to her office. She decided not to ask anyone for help, as she knew no one would be bothered with her.

10 am. An emergency meeting was held at the Command Center again. Most of the leaders in the Bureau arrived.

The job of recording the meeting minutes was given to the Deputy Office Director, Hao. This is an obvious sign. When Hu Yiguo entered the meeting room, he smiled at Deputy Office Director Hao and didn’t even look at Hu Silian.

Liang Chengpeng started the meeting by giving an update on the progress of the case. After that, he conveyed the orders from the County’s Party Committee and the City’s Public Security. All escapees must be arrested within two days. This is the order from the higher-ups. The deadline given was tighter than other cases in the past. The City Government and the County’s Party Committee are furious. They don’t want this case to tarnish the reputation of the province and don’t want any more victims to appear in Yan Tai County. Hence, the higher-ups had only given them two days to arrest all the escapees!

Everyone in the meeting was worried and could felt the urgency.

Liang Chengpeng continued with the meeting and asked. “What is everyone’s view on the error caused by the Command Center last night?”

Hu Yiguo was the first to open his mouth. “The mistake committed by the Command Center was too severe. Not only we lost the chance to arrest the escapees, but two lives were also lost. I suggest holding the leader responsible!”

Zhao Jingsong looked at Hu Silian and said. “I agree.”

The City Police Station Chief, Wan Tao, also nodded.

Liang Chengpeng continued. “The County leaders are taking a serious view on this incident, and my suggestion is to suspend Hu Silian and let Director Hao take over her duties.”

Two lives were lost, and someone must take responsibility for it. It was impossible to hold Chief Liang and Chief Hu responsible, and Hu Silian is the best candidate. Hu Silian looked at Qin Yong and Sun Changhong. In the past few years, Hu Silian had been close to both and had helped them a lot by giving them lots of information. But now, Qin Yong and Sun Changhong were only looking at Chief Liang. They had no intention of speaking up for her.

Hu Silian knew she had no chance and lowered her head.

Liang Chengpeng continued. “If everyone agrees, then…”

“I disagree!”

Hu Silian was shocked and turned her head to see who had spoken up for her.

Liang Chengpeng frowned and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was slightly pissed. “No one wants this to happen. Furthermore, it’s the phone operator who had made a mistake. What’s there got to do with Director Hu? If you say she got to be held responsible for this mistake, then which of us here are not responsible? Chief Liang, Director Hu, had been working hard in the Bureau for many years, and it will be disheartening if she is punished for this! My suggestion is to give her a warning first. We will discuss the rest after the escapees are arrested!”

Wan Tao looked at Dong Xuebing. “Two lives are lost, and you are suggesting only a warning?”

Dong Xuebing looked at Wan Tao coldly. “Station Chief Wan, the crime had happened in the area under your City Police Station jurisdiction, and the Command Center had given out the orders based on the information given by your station. Your station also has the records. If based on what you said, should you be held responsible too?” Dong Xuebing saw Wan Tao’s face changed, and he continued. “What we need to do now is to solve the case and not to waste time to see who is at fault!”

Hu Silian’s tears almost flowed down. Qin Yong and Sun Changhong had not to stand up for her. But it was this new Deputy Bureau Chief who had helped her. Other than some conversations and cooking a meal for Dong Xuebing, Hu Silian does not have much interaction with him!

Hu Yiguo knocked on the table. “The County’s leaders had given out the orders, and Party Secretary Xiang is furious. If we don’t…” After Chang Lei was transferred out, Hu Yiguo had quite down a lot. But now, he seems to be leaning towards Xiang Daofa.

Dong Xuebing interrupted him. “I only know that this case is not solved yet, and it’s useless to talk about other things. It’s a taboo to change the leader last minute. Everyone here knows Director Hu’s abilities, and we cannot wipe her off like this over a minor mistake. This will disappoint a lot of people. Chief Liang, I suggest giving Director Hu a chance to make up for her mistake. It’s not late to discuss this after the case is solved.”

Liang Chengpeng had already decided, and the County’s leaders had expressed that someone must be held responsible. Even if Liang Chengpeng and Dong Xuebing are close, he will also not allow Dong Xuebing to do anything. “No need to say anymore. The Command Center had made a serious blunder, and the direct supervisor must be held responsible. Ok. Hu Silian will be suspended from work until new orders are issued.” Everyone knew that even if there are new orders, Hu Silian will be transferred to a department without authority. She will have no chance to make a comeback for the rest of her life.

Dong Xuebing tried to retort. “Chief Liang, over the years, Director Hu…”

Liang Chengpeng knew Dong Xuebing is good at arguing and could come up with all sorts of reasons. He waved him off and said. “This case must be solved as soon as possible. Meeting dismissed!”

If it was someone else talking back at Liang Chengpeng, he would have lost his temper and scolded that person. But Liang Chengpeng could tell that Dong Xuebing was not speaking up for Hu Silian for political reasons. Dong Xuebing was helping her because he valued their friendship. Although Dong Xuebing might be rash at times, he had a good heart. Even an idiot knows there is no chance for Hu Silian, and despite this, Dong Xuebing is still willing to offend the leaders for her. Liang Chengpeng had a better understanding of Dong Xuebing after this meeting. In government service, Xiao Dong’s character is rare.

Dong Xuebing walked out of the meeting room in anger.

Hu Silian ran after Dong Xuebing and caught up with him. “Chief Dong.”

Dong Xuebing turned and said apologetically. “I’m sorry. I am powerless to help you.”

Hu Silian shook her head. “Chief Dong, you don’t need to apologize. I will remember what you said in the meeting for the rest of my life. Thank you!” The meeting today had let Hu Silian seen the true colors of many people. Despite knowing it’s impossible to change the outcome, Dong Xuebing still offended Director Hao, talk back at Chief Liang, offended Station Chief Wan and the rest, to speak up for her. Hu Silian was deeply moved by Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing did not think so much because he had offended too many people. He does not mind offending a few more people. To Dong Xuebing, Hu Silian had helped him a lot and even cooked dinner for him. No matter what the outcome was, Dong Xuebing felt he must speak up for her. Furthermore, he felt Hu Silian is capable… and it’s a pity for her to be transferred out.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 222 – County Mayor

It was after midnight.

Dong Xuebing looked at Xiang Chengdong in the interrogation room of Hui Tian Village Station. “Harassing women, assault, and extortion. I believe you don’t need me to explain the definitions of these charges, right? I don’t want to waste time. All of you better compensate Da Leng’s sister and her family medical bills. Hmmm… with other compensations, I think 50,000 RMB is enough. All of you can leave after paying up, and I will treat this case as you all settled it privately.”

Xiang Chengdong stared at Dong Xuebing. “You just wait!”

Dong Xuebing looked at him. “You don’t want to pay the compensation?”

Xiang Chengdong gave Dong Xuebing a stare and took out his phone.

Dong Xuebing said. “You all will remain here until the compensation is paid up. It is useless no matter who comes to beg for you!”

After a while, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. He looked at the caller display, and it’s Secretary Zhou again. Dong Xuebing walked out of the interrogation room and answered.

Secretary Zhou roared into the phone. “Dong Xuebing! What are you trying to do?! Ah?!”

Dong Xuebing was disgusted by him and said. “Stop shouting at me! You are the one who woke me up in the middle of the night to solve this problem. Now, the one who does not want to solve this problem is also you. If you had persuaded Xiang Chengdong and his friends to leave, everything would be over. Do you think I will listen to a drunken person? Does he think he owns the Police Station? Fine! Now, even if he wants to leave, it is too late. The victims are in the hospital getting treated and is preparing to sue them in courts.”

Secretary Zhou screamed. “Release them immediately!”

Dong Xuebing replied furiously: “Secretary Zhou, are you trying to get me into trouble? The victims are badly injured by Xiang Chengdong, and if I don’t give the family members of the victims a satisfying answer, how will my colleagues look at me? Which villager will respect me? Are you asking me to disregard my honor? I had told you to mediate this incident, and this will not happen. Fine. It’s useless to say anything now. I can only follow the proper procedures.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing did not return to the interrogation room. He waited outside.

Ring… ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang as expected. It is Liang Chengpeng calling this time. “You had arrested Party Secretary’s relative?”

Dong Xuebing firmly replied. “He had harassed women, assaulted others, and tried to extort money. I got no choice but to arrest him.”

Liang Chengpeng frowned. “How did it turn out this way?”

Dong Xuebing explained. “Chief Liang, I am not speaking behind others’ back. The whole incident had disgusted me. Secretary Zhou had called me in the middle of the night and asked me to handle this case. He told me that Party Secretary Xiang’s relative is beaten up. But when I reach there, it is not what Secretary Zhou said. Xiang Chengdong and his friends had beaten up the relatives of an officer from our Station. One of them is disfigured, and another had a broken leg. All of them are badly injured. I gave Secretary Zhou's face and decided not to pursue this matter. I told Xiang Chengdong to leave, but he refused. He refused to let the injured to go to the hospital and even demanded compensations.”

“But you also don’t need to arrest them.”

“Yes. That’s why I called Secretary Zhou and asked him to persuade Xiang Chengdong not to blow up this incident. But Secretary Zhou accused me of not handling this incident well, and insisted the victims to compensate Xiang Chengdong! Chief Liang, don’t you think Secretary Zhou is doing this on purpose? If I follow what he says, everyone in the County will be scolding me!”

Liang Chengpeng sighed. “Secretary Zhou… is still too young.”

Dong Xuebing continued. “I am doing this with consideration for Party Secretary Xiang. If I don’t arrest Xiang Chengdong and let him continue with his ways, Party Secretary Xiang’s reputation will be tarnished. I had asked Xiang Chengdong to compensate the victims a sum of money, and this way, we can give both sides an answer, and we can also release them.”

Liang Chengpeng knew Dong Xuebing had not done anything wrong. The problem lies with Secretary Zhou. He is too arrogant and had not considered the consequences. He only thinks for the Party Secretary Xiang and his relatives. Even if he wants to bootlick, this is not the right way. If Dong Xuebing made the victims compensate Xiang Chengdong, Party Secretary Xiang would also be furious.

God of Plague Xiao Dong. This nickname suits him well.

Liang Chengpeng shook his head. When Dong Xuebing gets involved, there will be endless trouble. This incident, for instance. Although Dong Xuebing had handled it well, Party Secretary Xiang will not appreciate what he had done. Regardless of Dong Xuebing arresting Xiang Chengdong, or releasing him, Party Secretary Xiang will still hold him responsible. It is just as unreasonable as it seems.

The following two hours, no one else called Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing crossed his legs and smoked in the interrogation room. Once in a while, he will look at his watch.

Xiang Chengdong had sobered up and became anxious when his cousin, Xiang Daofa and Secretary Zhou, didn’t appear to help him.

Dong Xuebing looked at Xiang Chengdong and asked. “Have you finish considering? All your friends had agreed to compensate the other party, and you are the only one left.”

At 3 am, Xiang Chengdong could not stand it. He called his family to bring money over.

Dong Xuebing did not hold Xiang Chengdong back and released him after he paid the compensations. Er Leng had accompanied his Second Uncle and Sister to the hospital, and Da Leng is still waiting at the Station. Dong Xuebing found him and passed him 80,000 RMB. “This sum of money is from them. Keep it for your family’s hospital bills.”

Da Leng looked at the stack of notes and thanked Dong Xuebing. “Thank you!”

Dong Xuebing patted him on his back. “Go back and have a good rest.”

Da Leng is not good with words, but he will remember what Dong Xuebing did for him in his heart.

The rest of the officers in the Station were deeply touched by this incident. Everyone noticed Chief Dong is different from the rest of the leaders. If it were someone else, they would never offend the Party Secretary’s relative for a subordinate. But Chief Dong did this, and this incident gave all the officers assurance.

The next day’s afternoon.

The sun is up, and the weather is dry and warm.

Dong Xuebing had returned home late last night and slept until noon. He got up and looked at his phone. There were two missed calls, which were from Qin Yong. Dong Xuebing returned the call. He needs to know about the impact of yesterday’s incident. Qin Yong told him that everything is normal at the Bureau, and there is no news from the County’s Party Committee. But Dong Xuebing knew that even if nothing happened now, Xiang Daofa would revenge on him in the future.

Dong Xuebing can only take a step at a time.

Dong Xuebing was rejected by Xiang Daofa in the afternoon, and at night, he got back at him. Regardless of the consequences, Dong Xuebing was still feeling great. He hummed a tune as he left his house with his bag.

At the front yard of the Quarters, Dong Xuebing overheard some people chatting.

“Have you heard it? The new Mayor had arrived.”

“What’s there to hear about? I had already seen them. The City Government’s Organization Affairs Head had sent the new Mayor personally. Their cars had just passed our main gate.”

“The new Mayor is from the Central Publicity Department? Is the Mayor a woman?”

“Yes. The person sitting at the rear passenger seat is Mayor Xie. Her looks…”

The two family members stopped chatting when they saw Chief Dong walking towards them. They pretended to be chatting about something else. Dong Xuebing had heard them from a distance and was excited. He had wanted to go over to ask them, but he is not familiar with those two people. At the time, Hu Silian walked out of a building next to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Director Hu, you are not working today?”

Hu Silian smiled. “No. I came back for lunch, and I am returning to the Bureau now.”

“Oh. I will drive you back.”

Hu Silian smiled. “Thank you.”

When Hu Silian saw Dong Xuebing getting into the Mercedes MPV parked at the parking lot, she was stunned. She got into the front passenger seat and admired the interior fittings of the car. “Last night, my husband was still asking me whose Mercedes is this. You bought this?” Hu Silian was impressed by Dong Xuebing, as this car cost over a million RMB.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “I cannot afford it. This is my friend’s car, and I had borrowed it.”

Hu Silian just smiled and did not say anything. This is a lie.

Dong Xuebing stepped on the accelerator and asked. “I heard the new Mayor had arrived.”

Hu Silian had lots of information sources compared to Dong Xuebing. She laughed. “She arrived about one hour ago. I and Chief Liang had gone over to the County’s Party Committee earlier. Now, Mayor Xie and the other leaders from the County’s Party Committee should be having a welcome lunch. My rank is not high enough to join them, and I returned home for lunch. Oh, Chief Liang asked me to inform you that there will be a Countywide meeting at 3 pm to announce the appointment of the new Mayor.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am still in trouble, and I think I should not attend.”

Hu Silian had also heard about last night’s incident. She knew Chief Xiao Dong had offended Party Secretary Xiang. She could not even remember how many County leaders Dong Xuebing had offended since he was transferred over. Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, Yu Zhengchi, Qian Shen, Chang Lei… She laughed when she heard what Dong Xuebing said. “To be honest, you are the most special leader I had ever met. You are also the one whom I respected most.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Haha… stop flattering me.”

Hu Silian replied seriously. “Many officers in the Bureau had been praising you. It’s rare to find any leaders not bowing down to authority nowadays.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “This is not called refusing to bow down to authority. It is called having too little political wisdom. I think if this carries on, I will offend all the leaders in the whole province.”

Hu Silian laughed, and she knew what Chief Dong said is true. But Dong Xuebing had offended leaders from the County’s Party Committee to the Public Security Bureau leaders, and he is still sitting comfortably in his position as a Deputy Bureau Chief. This had also reflected his capabilities. If someone else had offended so many leaders, he or she would be forced to step down or transferred out of County.

After sending Hu Silian back to the Bureau, Dong Xuebing went to a restaurant to have his lunch.

After lunch, Dong Xuebing called Xie Huilan. The phone rang twice and she hanged up.

Dong Xuebing knew Sister Xie must be having lunch or discussing with someone else, and it is not convenient for her to answer his calls.

Afternoon, 2.40pm.

The County Government’s grand meeting hall.

All the government service leaders in Yan Tai County had arrived at the meeting hall. Other than the leaders in the Public Security Bureau, Dong Xuebing does not know anyone from the other departments. But Dong Xuebing noticed that lots of people recognized him. Some of them were stealing glances at him, and some were whispering and pointing at him. However, no one went up to him to greet him. Maybe it’s because of his ‘God of Plague’ nickname.

Dong Xuebing knew he was not well received by others and went to sit in a corner.

About 10 minutes later, the City’s Organization Department’s Head, Director Ci, and the County’s Party Secretary, Xiang Daofa, entered and sat in the first row. Many of the leaders there had not met Mayor Xie before and were stretching their necks to look for her. There were no female leaders in the County’s Party Committee, and soon everyone noticed an unfamiliar face. Many people gasped, and a few older leaders frowned.

How come she is so pretty?

This is the first thing that comes to their minds!

Mayor Xie had tied her hair up in a bun and was wearing a white shirt, black pants, with a pair of black high heels. Many people were stunned by her beautiful looks. She had an aura around her and just sitting there at her seat, gave many leaders pressure. Her stern expressions and ordinary clothing shouted out feminine attractiveness and attracted the attention of everyone.

This is the new County Mayor?

Everyone looked at Xie Huilan in disbelieved and don’t know what to say.

In China, there are very few female government officials, let alone pretty ones. Even Hu Silian is considered above average in the government service. But compared to Mayor Xie, Hu Silian’s looks are far behind. This new Mayor is too pretty.

Xiang Daofa heard the whispering behind him and frowned. He doesn’t understand why the higher-ups assigned someone like Xie Huilan to be the Mayor. Although he is impressed with her pretty looks, he doesn’t like her. If possible, Xiang Daofa would prefer an experience old leader to be the Number Two of the County Government.

The meeting started.

First, the City’s Organization Department Head, Director Ci, read out the appointment of Xie Huilan. Starting from today, Xie Huilan will take over the role of Temporary Mayor in Yan Tai County. The word ‘Temporary’ will be removed after Xie Huilan gets the appointment orders from the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and the earliest will be tomorrow. After that, Director Ci started his speech. His speech is nothing new and revolves around the usual things. Unity, be inline with the Central Government’s orders, etc.

After Director Ci’s boring speech, it’s Xie Huilan's turn.

Xie Huilan walked up to the podium and smiled. She thanked the trust given to her by the County’s Party Committee, thanked the leaders in Yan Tai County Government for the warm welcome, and said she would unit everyone to develop Yan Tai County. With the leadership of the Party Secretary and all the support of all the leaders present, she does her best, etc. It’s all the usual boring stuff. The contents of her speech might be boring, but her sweet voice makes up for it. With her pretty looks and perfect figure, everyone in the meeting hall was listening attentively. There was a great difference when Director Ci was giving his speech earlier.

After Xie Huilan finished her speech, the crowd clapped. Dong Xuebing also clapped loudly until his palms turned red.

Twenty minutes later, the meeting ended. There seems to be a County Party Committee Meeting later.

All the leaders left and were discussing among themselves softly. Qin Yong found Dong Xuebing and walked out of the hall with him. As Dong Xuebing was walking out, he saw Xie Huilan chatting with Xiang Daofa. Dong Xuebing paused unconsciously and looked at Sister Xie. It’s been a while since they met, but Xie Huilan did not look at him. She turned and spoke to other leaders.

Qin Yong laughed and gave Dong Xuebing a light push. “Going?”

Dong Xuebing regained his senses.

After leaving the County Government building, Qin Yong laughed and said. “I took a Taxi over and did not drive. If it is convenient, can you give me a ride back?”


From a distance, Qin Yong saw Dong Xuebing’s Mercedes MPV. It stands out among the other cars. Even the County’s Party Secretary’s car cannot be compared, and a few older leaders were looking at Dong Xuebing’s Mercedes with frowns. Qin Yong thought Dong Xuebing had driven the Bureau’s Buick MPV and looked at him. He rubbed his temples and thought to himself. There should be no one more daring than Chief Dong in the County.

In front of everyone, Dong Xuebing nonchalantly entered his car.

Qin Yong gritted his teeth and got into the front passenger seat.

After the car is out of the County Government compound, Qin Yong said. “Mayor Xie is very beautiful. I think only your helper can complete with her.”

Dong Xuebing was in a good mood to hear someone praising Sister Xie. “Sister Yu cannot be compared to Mayor Xie. Their dispositions are too different.”

“Right.” Qin Yong lowered his voice and asked. “Does Mayor Xie have strong connections?”

During last evening’s dinner at Qin Yong’s apartment, Dong Xuebing had mentioned Xie Huilan’s name, and Qin Yong thought Dong Xuebing might know her background. He wants to find out more about Xie Huilan. But Dong Xuebing did not reveal anything. “I am not very sure. But for someone at her age to reach Divisional Chief rank, and to be posted to the grassroots level as the Mayor, she must have connections with the higher-ups.” Who doesn’t know people in the higher-ups? It’s a matter of how ‘high’ are the higher-ups.

Not only Qin Yong, Xiang Daofa, and the rest of the leaders in the County Government are curious about Xie Huilan. If she is from the City Government or the Provincial Government, they could find out easily. But she is from the Central Government, and it is too far away for them to gather information about her. Furthermore, Xie Huilan had been keeping a low profile in the Central Publicity Department. Other than Dong Xuebing, no one in Yan Tai County Government, or even the City Government, knows that Xie Huilan is the daughter of Beijing City Party Secretary, Xie Guobang.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 221 – Arrest them!

That night, Dong Xuebing got into bed and slept.

But not long after he fell asleep, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. He had a few drinks with Qin Yong during dinner and was still feeling giddy. He reached out for his phone, but could not find it. He had to get up and look for his phone. It’s almost 11 pm, and he wondered who is calling at this hour. It’s an unknown number, and Dong Xuebing answered.

“Chief Dong, I am Party Secretary Xiang’s secretary!”

“Oh, you have anything for me?”

“What is wrong with Hui Tian Village’s security? Ah?”

“Security? What do you mean?”

“Party Secretary’s relative was beaten up in Hui Tian Village! Go and handle it immediately!”

Dong Xuebing no longer felt sleepy. Is this person Xiang Daofa’s secretary? Xiang Daofa’s relative was beaten up by someone? This is not a small incident, but what’s with your attitude? Does a secretary dare to be so commanding? Do you think I am your subordinate? No need to ask. It must be Xiang Daofa who got his secretary to call. If not, this secretary will not dare to order him. Dong Xuebing’s impression of Xiang Daofa got worse. “I will call the Village Station and ask Station Chief Liu to handle it.”

Secretary Zhou frowned and said. “If they can handle it, Party Secretary Xiang will not ask me to call you!”

Dong Xuebing was getting irritated. It’s just a fight, and the other party will get slap with a fine. What’s the big deal?

“Chief Dong, you must go and arrest the culprit now. I am waiting to report to Party Secretary Xiang!” Secretary Zhou hangs up the phone. It’s not that he wants to give attitude to Dong Xuebing. It’s because Xiang Daofa is furious over this incident.

Dong Xuebing immediately cursed after the line was cut. Xiang Daofa, I helped you become the County’s Party Secretary and had expressed interest in joining your faction. Not only you ignore me and don’t even want to meet me, and you still want me to help your relative? Also, what’s wrong with your secretary’s tone? Dong Xuebing remembered that when Xiang Daofa was still the Mayor, he was quite friendly. But he changed after he becomes the County’s number one!

But no matter how unwilling Dong Xuebing is, he still needs to do what is required of him. If Party Secretary Xiang’s relative is badly injured the area under Dong Xuebing, he also got to bear the responsibility. From Secretary Zhou’s attitude, this should not be a small incident. Maybe Xiang Daofa’s relative is badly injured.

On the way to Hui Tian Village, Dong Xuebing called Liu Dahai. “Old Liu, how’s the situation?”

Liu Dahai knew what Chief Dong was asking, and he sighed. “I was just about to call you. I had just received a call about Party Secretary Xiang’s relative getting beaten up. I am not sure what happened, but the attacker seems to be a relative of our Station’s Police Officer.”

Dong Xuebing understands why he was ordered to handle this incident. “Where is the location?”

“It’s in a restaurant at the village’s west entrance. I am on my way over.”

“Ok. I will reach in a while. Control the situation when you reached.” After hanging up, Dong Xuebing speeds up. Dong Xuebing is unwilling to handle cases that involve relatives of leaders, especially Xiang Daofa. Even if he handled it well, no one would appreciate his efforts. If the incident is not handled well, Dong Xuebing will be blamed and penalized.

Hui Tian Village.

West Entrance.

From far, Dong Xuebing could see a few police cars with blinkers on. He drove over and alighted.

“What’s going on?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Chu Feng and a few other officers saw Chief Dong and rushed over. “Chief Dong, Station Chief Liu is inside speaking to the other party. Their leader is called Xiang Chengdong, and he is a distant relative of Party Secretary Xiang.”

Dong Xuebing scolded. “Who is the one that attacked him?”

Chu Feng hesitated. “It’s Da Leng, Er Leng, and their family members.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Call them over! What are they thinking?”

After a while, Da Leng and his brother were brought over by Chu Feng. Dong Xuebing saw them and started scolding. “Do you know who you all are?! Auxiliary Police! Your job is to maintain law and order and not create trouble! As a law enforcer, you all should set an example for others! How can you hit people? Ah? Who gives you all the permission to do this? Look at yourselves! You all have got no discipline at all!”

Da Leng clenched his fist and his brother, Er Leng, eyes had turned red, like an angry lion.

Dong Xuebing turned to Chu Feng. “Where is Xiang Chengdong’s injury? How bad is it?”

Chu Feng replied. “It is not serious. He just got punched in the face and is not badly injured.”

Dong Xuebing was relieved to hear the injuries are not serious. If Xiang Chengdong is missing a hand or leg, he would not be able to answer to Party Secretary Xiang. “Party Secretary Xiang had ordered to punish the attacker severely. Bring all the attackers back to the station for investigation.” Dong Xuebing points to Da Leng and Er Leng. “I will settle the score with you two when we get back!”

Er Leng gritted his teeth. “I had done nothing wrong! That person should be beaten up!”

Da Leng did not say a word, but from his angry expression, he agreed with his brother.

Chu Feng quickly tugged the two brothers’ arms and said to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, it’s not what you think it is.”

Dong Xuebing frowned and waited for Chu Feng to carry on. He also knows that Da Leng and his brother are simple villagers, and will not beat other people up for anything. There must be a reason behind this.

Chu Feng looked at the entrance of the restaurant and said. “The whole incident is like this. Da Leng and Er Leng’s younger sister had returned home from her University and was having dinner with her family here. They happened to meet Xiang Chengdong and his drunk friends. Xiang Chengdong and his friends start to harass Da Leng’s younger sister and even touched her. Da Leng’s family members tried to stop them but were beaten up by Xiang Chengdong and his friends as they were outnumbered. Da Leng and Er Leng heard what happened and rushed over. Both sides fought again, and the other party called the police. We only know Xiang Chengdong was Party Secretary’s relative when we arrived.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “It’s Xiang Chengdong and his friends who started the fight?”

Chu Feng nodded. “Also, other than Xiang Chengdong, who was punched, the rest of his friends were not injured. They are the ones who had beat others up. You did not see it. Da Leng’s sister was badly beaten up, and her face is swollen. Da Leng’s second uncle is also…”

Dong Xuebing stopped Chu Feng. “Bring me over!”

Chu Feng and the other officers entered the restaurant.

The restaurant is almost empty. Other than some passersby watching the commotion, there were four middle-aged men drinking beer and joking among themselves. Station Chief Liu Dahai and Deputy Station Chief Chen Fa are talking to them. This group of men should be Xiang Chengdong. But Dong Xuebing stood there and observed them for a while. None of them seems to be beaten up. They were still drinking and smoking happily!

When Dong Xuebing turns to the other side of the restaurant, his face changed.

At a table near to the windows, a middle-aged man, a young man, and a young girl were sitting there. That middle-aged man should be Da Leng’s Second Uncle, and he was holding on to his arm, and blood was still flowing out from his nose. The young man was also the same. Bruises can be seen on his face, and there were bald patches on his head. His hair must have been pulled out by Xiang Chengdong and his friends. Dong Xuebing looked at that young girl. She should be Da Leng’s sister. She was crying, and the left side of her face is swelled. One of her eyes is bruised, and she is missing one of her front teeth.

After Da Leng returned to the restaurant, he ran over to console his sister.

Er Leng was staring at Xiang Chengdong angrily and might rush over to beat them up anytime.

Chu Feng sighed. “These people are too ruthless. How can they beat up a girl like this?”

Dong Xuebing was furious. Secretary Zhou had called him to tell him that Party Secretary Xiang’s relative was beaten up, and ordered him to come over immediately. Dong Xuebing thought the injuries were serious, and that’s why he scolded Da Leng and Er Leng when he arrived. But the truth is not what he expected. Xiang Chengdong is beaten up? He is still drinking beer happily. It’s them who beat others up! Damn! What the f**k is Xiang Daofa up to?!

Dong Xuebing walked over and asked. “Are there any fractures?”

Er Leng gritted his teeth. “This is Chief Dong.”

That female student looked at Dong Xuebing. She is missing one front tooth, and her gums were still bleeding. “My Second Uncle’s leg is broken. I don’t have any fractures.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Er Leng. “You don’t need to say anything. Just bring your relatives to the hospital now.”

Someone from the other group heard it and stood up. “No one is allowed to leave! Do you think you all can leave after beating us? This incident is not settled yet!” This man had a bit of bruise on his face and should be Xiang Chengdong. He is behaving like a hooligan.

Liu Dahai suppressed his anger and said. “Mr. Xiang. You all did not suffer any injuries. Just let this matter rest.”

Xiang Chengdong sneered. “Not injured? Who gave me the bruises on my face? I am telling you now! This incident is not over! You are the Station Chief, right? Your men had beaten me up, and you think I will let it off so easily?” He pointed to Er Leng and his family. “The ones who hit us must all be arrested! Those two auxiliary officers must be fired! I also want 10,000 RMB for my medical compensations!”

Chen Fa knew Xiang Chengdong had drunk a lot. But what he said was too much.

Da Leng roared. “You had beaten up my Second Uncle and my sister! Why should we compensate for you?!”

A middle-aged man beside Xiang Chengdong laughed. “It’s that girl who scolded us first. Serve her right for getting beaten up. Hurry up! Arrest them and give us compensation, and we will let this matter rest. You all want to drag this out? Fine. We will wait until your leader is here!” This man is Xiang Chengdong’s childhood friend. When Xiang Daofa was still the Mayor, and Chang Lei was the Party Secretary, they restrained themselves. But now, Xiang Daofa had become the County’s Party Secretary, and this group of friends behaved differently. With Xiang Chengdong, a relative of the County’s Party Secretary around, all of them became arrogant.

Xiang Chengdong cursed and took out his phone to call Secretary Zhou.

Dong Xuebing stared at them. “Stop calling. If you all have anything to say, speak to me.”

Xiang Chengdong glared at Dong Xuebing. “Who are you?”

Liu Dahai replied. “This is our Bureau Chief Dong.”

“Oh, you are Chief Dong?” Xiang Chengdong laughed. “Fine. I will give you face today. You don’t need to fire those two Auxiliary Police, but they need to compensate for our medical fees. The compensations must not be less than 10,000.” Xiang Chengdong burped and continued. “Also, those people must apologize to us.”

Da Leng and his family were furious. They were beaten up and still must compensate the other party? Ridiculous! Furthermore, their family is poor. Da Leng still has to borrow money from friends and relatives for his sister’s school fees. Also, his Second Uncle’s leg is fractured, and his sister is disfigured. They can’t even afford the hospital bills now!

Dong Xuebing frowned. “I am here to settle this problem. Mr. Xiang, I believe you also don’t want to blow up this matter, right? Let’s not talk about the medical fees now. We should send the injured to the hospital first. As for the rest, we can discuss tomorrow.” Dong Xuebing wants to wait until Xiang Chengdong sober up first.

Xiang Chengdong’s face changed. “What happened today must be settled today! Why must I wait until tomorrow? If you all don’t give me a satisfying answer, no one is allowed to leave!”

Xiang Chengdong’s friends laughed and cheered. “That’s right! Pay up! Pay up!”

One of the parties involved in the relative of the County’s Party Secretary and everyone knows they will not be reasonable. The priority now is to calm Xiang Chengdong and settle this amicably. Dong Xuebing does not want to the County’s Party Secretary to go after his Auxiliary Police.

Chen Fa thought for a while and said. “Our Auxiliary Officers might have some issues when handling this incident. We will punish them when we get back. But 10,000 RMB medical fees is too…”

Xiang Chengdong looked at Dong Xuebing impatiently. “You can’t settle this too? Fine! Then I will speak to your Bureau Chief! I don’t believe no one can give me a satisfying answer today!” He took out his phone while grumbling. “What the f**k is wrong with this place! I am only here for dinner and got to face these sickening people! Oh, Hello? Secretary Zhou? I am Xiang Chengdong… Yes. That Chief Dong is here, and he refuses to settle my problems for me… That’s right… the ones who beat us up is their station’s Auxiliary Officers. They are biased when handling this incident… I did not ask for more, but they should at least compensate my medical bills, right? … That’s right… Hahaha…”

After Xiang Chengdong ended his call, he cheerfully told his friends. “Come… let’s continue drinking. Oh, help me watch them. If they don’t compensate us, no one is allowed to leave!” He pointed to Da Leng and his family.

All the officers there were angered by Xiang Chengdong’s attitude. He is too arrogant!

Dong Xuebing wanted to rush over and kill him with one kick. But Xiang Chengdong had Xiang Daofa backing him, and no matter how angry Dong Xuebing is, he got to bear with it.

Liu Dahai walked over and whispered. “Chief Dong, why not we just compensate them. This will not end well if it blows up.”

Dong Xuebing frowned and did not say a word.

Chen Fa added. “We cannot afford to offend these people. I know Da Leng and his family do not have money. Can we use our station’s fund to help him pay this sum of money first?”

Dong Xuebing looked at them. “They had beaten others up, and we still have to compensate them?”

Chen Fa sighed. “We got no choice. If they refuse to leave, Party Secretary Xiang…”

Ring, ring, ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s Secretary Zhou calling him. Dong Xuebing is deliberating if he should answer this call.

Xiang Chengdong laughed and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Hurry up and answer your phone! We can all go home after this problem is settled! If not, you also can’t leave!”

Dong Xuebing’s anger is building up. He walked out of the restaurant and answered the call. “Hello.”

“Chief Dong! Can’t you even settle such a small issue? Ah? How am I going to report Secretary Xiang?!” Secretary Zhou is furious. The relative of the Party Secretary is beaten up, and Dong Xuebing is not arresting the other party. What is he thinking?!

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Secretary Zhou, you don’t know what happened here. It’s not Xiang Chengdong who was beaten up. I am now at the scene. Xiang Chengdong was only punched once, and he is perfectly alright. The other party consists of one old man, one young man, and a girl. They are the ones who are badly beaten up. One of them even had a fractured leg, and the girl is disfigured. The conflict started because Xiang Chengdong harassed that girl. Xiang Chengdong is the one who started this incident. If I am going to handle this…”

Secretary Zhou interrupted impatiently. “You can’t handle this? Fine! I will get someone else!”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “It’s not I can’t handle this. I am only afraid that this incident will affect Party Secretary Xiang, and I think he also doesn’t want to see this. Secretary Zhou, my suggestion is you speak to Xiang Chengdong not to pursue this further. He is not badly injured at all. If this incident blows up, it will not be good for everyone.”

“What is so difficult?! Just give Xiang Chengdong his compensation!”

Dong Xuebing exploded. “Secretary Zhou, are you kidding me?! You called me in the middle of the night and asked me to settle this incident. You still claim that the Party Secretary’s relative is beaten up. But when I reached here, he is perfectly fine! He can still joke and drink beer with his friends! Are you trying to make things difficult for me? I had given you and Party Secretary Xiang's face and rushed over to help you settle this problem. Is this the right tone to speak to me? You are disrespecting me!”

Secretary Zhou did not expect Dong Xuebing to dare to speak to him this way. “Fine! I will repeat everything you said to Party Secretary Xiang, word by word!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Don’t try to scare me with this! I had never been afraid of anyone all my life!”


Dong Xuebing hanged up the phone. He is irritated and frustrated. He knows that even if he handled this incident according to what Secretary Zhou wants, he will also not get any benefits. The attitude of these people made him sick! They are just using him as their servant! Do you think you can just use me and scold me whenever you want?!

Dong Xuebing returned into the restaurant.

Xiang Chengdong and his friends were still drinking, and they looked at Dong Xuebing. “So, do you know how to handle this incident now?”

Everyone knows someone had called Dong Xuebing to pressurize him. All the officers and Da Leng were looking at him.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Yes. We can settle this now. Chu Feng, arrest them!”

Xiang Chengdong nodded with satisfaction. “You should have done this earlier. Don’t forget about our medical compensations.”

Da Leng took in a deep breath and shouted. “Chief Dong! My Second Uncle and sister are injured! I am the one who hit them! If you want to arrest, arrest me!” Er Leng grabbed an empty beer bottle and stood in front of his younger sister. He is prepared to fight anyone who dares to arrest his sister. His sister quickly holds on to his arm to stop him, while sobbing.

Chu Feng sighed as he knew Chief Dong also had no choice. He walked towards Da Leng with a few other officers.

Dong Xuebing gave them a stare. “Who the hell are you going to arrest?!”

“Ah?” Chu Feng, Liu Dahai, and the rest were stunned. “Didn’t you ordered us to arrest them?”

Dong Xuebing pointed to Xiang Chengdong. “What are you all thinking?! Da Leng and Er Leng had acted due to self-defense. This group of people had harassed that girl and even beat her and her family up! They are the ones who should be arrested!” Dong Xuebing looked at the stunned officers and shouted. “What are you all waiting for?! Handcuff them and bring them back! I will bear full responsibility! Bring all these f**kers back!”

Xiang Chengdong smashed an empty beer bottle and stood up. “You all dare to touch me?”

Dong Xuebing had been tolerating him for a long time. He rushed over and kicked him. Crash… Xiang Chengdong fell on his back. “Who do you think you are? Do you think you are my leader?! You are asking for it! Do you still dare to be arrogant after beating others up? I am arresting you now!”

No one expected Chief Dong to arrest Xiang Chengdong!

Chu Feng saw this and was overjoyed. All his frustrations were gone in an instant. He immediately ran over and handcuffed Xiang Chengdong.

Xiang Chengdong roared: “You all dare to arrest me?!”

The few other officers also rushed forward to arrest the rest of Xiang Chengdong’s friends. What Chief Dong said had given them the courage to arrest these people. Earlier, all the officers were holding back their anger. Furthermore, the victims are the relatives of their colleagues. Punches and kicks landed on those who tried to resist arrest, and they were pinned down and handcuffed. Everyone was glad to work under Chief Dong!

Da Leng’s eyes had turned red and were about to burst into tears. “Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Let’s go back to the station!”

Liu Dahai and Chen Fa looked at each other. They could see the helplessness in each other’s eyes. Both remembered the past few occasions when Chief Dong led the officers. The first time was to arrest the relative of the Ministry of Education’s Chief. The second time was to arrest the relative of a leader in the Finance department. The third time is to arrest the relative of the Publicity Department’s Head. This keeps escalating. This time, it’s the relative of the County’s Party Secretary’s turn???

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 220 – Xie Huilan is coming

Two days later.

The rain had finally stopped in the morning, and a rainbow appeared among the clouds.

Dong Xuebing had returned to the Public Security Family Quarters yesterday. Some of the home appliances he ordered were still not delivered, and Yu Qianqian is preparing for her final exams. So, he did not ask Yu Meixia to come over to cook for him. He made her stay at Hua Mei Estate for a few days to receive the deliveries and supervisor Yu Qianqian’s revision. It’s noon, and Dong Xuebing went to the fridge to see what ingredients are left. He just wants to fill his stomach and watch TV on the sofa.

Beep… Beep… It’s the notification for SMS.

Dong Xuebing picked up his phone and was surprised. It’s an SMS from Xie Huilan. Sister Xie always calls him and had never sent SMS to him. He read the contents and was stunned. ‘God of Plague Xiao Dong. This nickname is awesome!’

Dong Xuebing knew this SMS is not sent by Xie Huilan, and he replied. “Xiao Hao?”

The other party immediately reply. “Hehe… Brother-in-law, how do you know it’s me?”

Dong Xuebing speechlessly typed a string of words. “When did you see your sister speaks like this? Where did you hear of God of Plague?”

Xie Hao: “Hehehe. From my Sister, of course. My Sister told me that you stirred up lots of troubles in your County.”

Dong Xuebing slapped his forehead. Damn! Bad news spread faster. Even Sister Xie and Xiao Hao know about this. “Where is your Sister?”

Xie Hao: “She is upstairs. Oh, she told me to inform you that she will be going over to your County these two days.”

Dong Xuebing: “Ah? Is she here for a holiday? There is nothing here. Who else is coming with her?”

Xie Hao: “Just my Sister alone.”

Dong Xuebing: “Is she here for work?”

Xie Hao: “Secret. Hehe. You will know when my Sister got there.” He ended the SMS with a smiley face.

Xie Huilan is coming over? Dong Xuebing was glad that he had bought a new apartment. If Sister Xie comes over and sees the beautiful mother and daughter, Dong Xuebing can’t imagine how she will react. Now, Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian had moved out, and he got nothing to worry about. Holiday? Work? Never mind. He is currently on leave from work and can accompany her around.

When Dong Xuebing thinks about Xie Huilan, he remembered what he had done to her stockings.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s Qu Yunxuan’s secretary, Xiao Tao.

“Hello, Brother Dong, I had arrived in your car.”

“Ah… that’s fast. Sorry to trouble you. Thank you.”

“It’s not troublesome. I am now at the commercial street junction. Where should I go?”

“Alright. Just wait there for me. I will go over now.”

Dong Xuebing grabbed his wallet and phone and took a Taxi to commercial Street.

Xiao Tao was on the phone when Dong Xuebing reached. She saw Dong Xuebing and passed him the keys and some documents, before leaving for the Provincial City. She was going there for work and got to rush back to Beijing at night. Dong Xuebing knew Yun De Auction’s Spring Auction would be starting soon, and this is their busiest period and did not stop her. After Xiao Tao left, Dong Xuebing stood there to admire the Silver White Mercedes Benz R500L.

The design of the car is sleek and luxurious.

After a while, many passersby noticed this car and started gathering to admire it.

Dong Xuebing knew there are not many good cars in Yan Tai County, and driving this Mercedes around will stand out. He got into the vehicle, grabbed the steering wheel, and admire the interior fittings. After a while, he started the engine and drove to the outskirts of the County’s town. There are not many cars around and Dong Xuebing speed along the roads. He felt this Mercedes MPV’s performance is on par with Aunt Xuan’s S class and is much better than the rest of the MPVs.

Feels good!

Dong Xuebing drove to the County’s Management of Motor Vehicles Office to register a local number plate.

Dong Xuebing is also in the government service and had no trouble with the application. Even the Department head came out to receive him personally. Dong Xuebing had nothing to do and chatted with him for a while. They talked about the shuffling of the County Government’s Leaders. After the County’s Party Secretary is transferred away, the Publicity Department Head gone, everyone is guessing who will be taking over these positions. The City Government has a Party Committee meeting to discuss this.

These transfers and appointments are sensitive, as it will affect many people, including Dong Xuebing.

On the way home, Dong Xuebing thought about the days he was in Yan Tai County. Since the day he was transferred here, his work was not smooth sailing. Although nothing happened to him in the end, and he even dragged the Publicity Department Head and the County’s Party Secretary off their seats, Dong Xuebing knew the importance of having a strong backing. Without strong backing, he will be restricted in a lot of things.

Backings? Where should he find the backing he needs?

Dong Xuebing is close to Liang Chengpeng recently, but Liang Chengpeng is not in the County’s Party Committee. He is not powerful enough to be his backing.

Oh, Chief Liang’s backing is the County’s Mayor Xiang Daofa. He should be getting promoted to be the County’s Party Secretary now. His coming promotion is all because of Dong Xuebing’s credit. Without Dong Xuebing investigating Jin Di Mansion and getting those photographs and other evidence, Chang Lei will not be forced to step down. Xiang Daofa should be grateful to him, and with his help, Dong Xuebing’s prospect in the County should be better.

Dong Xuebing felt his political wisdom had increased slightly. This is a great opportunity for him!

Dong Xuebing parked his car by the roadside and gave Liang Chengpeng a call.

“Chief Liang, I’m Xiao Dong.”

“Oh, Xuebing.”

“Err… when will you be free? If you are free, can I meet the Mayor to report on the progress of my work?”

Who is Liang Chengpeng? He immediately understood what Dong Xuebing wants. This is trying to get connected with the higher-ups. “Haha, let me ask for you.” Liang Chengpeng has a good impression of Dong Xuebing. When his mother was admitted to Beijing Hospital, it was Dong Xuebing who helped him. Even if Dong Xuebing did not bring up this matter, Liang Chengpeng also wanted to introduce Dong Xuebing to the County’s Mayor. In the past, he does not have an excuse. But now, after the County’s Party Secretary is transferred out, it will be easier.

After hanging up the phone, Dong Xuebing waited nervously. If Mayor Xiang is willing to meet him, he will express his intentions to join his faction.

At the same time, Liang Chengpeng is speaking to Xiang Daofa over the phone.

Liang Chengpeng speaks directly. “Mayor Xiang, our Bureau’s Chief Dong, had contributed significantly to the Jin Di Mansion case. He had almost single-handedly raided the Casino there and got all the evidence. I heard the City Government is very concerned about this case and felt Xiao Dong should report the details of this case to you personally.” Liang Chengpeng did not mention that Dong Xuebing had expressed interest in joining the Mayor’s faction. He is only creating an opportunity for both to meet. It is up to Dong Xuebing to leave a good impression with the Mayor.

Xiang Daofa frowned. “Xiao Dong? He is the one who started the investigation?”

Liang Chengpeng replied. “Yes. He is the one who got all the evidence.”

Xiang Daofa shook his head. “I heard he is also the one who solved the case of our government’s website being hacked.”

Xiang Daofa thought for a while and said. “The Jin Di Mansion case is over. He doesn’t need to make any reports to me.”

Liang Chengpeng was stunned. “That Xiao Dong… You…”

Xiang Daofa interrupted Liang Chengpeng. “I am not meeting him now. Maybe there will be a chance for us to meet in the future.”

Liang Chengpeng could tell the although Dong Xuebing had helped to bring the downfall of the Party’s Secretary, Xiang Daofa does not have a good impression of him. Liang Chengpeng did not continue with the conversation and called Dong Xuebing after hanging up. “Xuebing, Mayor Xiang, is busy recently and does not have time for you.”

Dong Xuebing was still waiting eagerly for Liang Chengpeng’s good news, but after hearing what he said, he sighed. “I understand.”

Liang Chengpeng was afraid that Dong Xuebing might have other thoughts and said. “This is the critical period for the higher-ups because of the manpower appointments. I will try to arrange a meeting for you in the future.”

Dong Xuebing replied emotionlessly. “Thank you, Chief Liang. No need.”

Liang Chengpeng knew Dong Xuebing’s temper and sighed. He felt Xiang Daofa had not handled this matter well. How can he reject someone willing to join his faction? This will dampen Dong Xuebing’s spirits. Maybe Mayor Xiang thinks that he is going to be the County’s number one and does not need subordinates like Dong Xuebing. But Liang Chengpeng knew Chief Dong is not any ordinary subordinates. He is capable and has connections in Beijing. The nickname God of Plague appeared for nothing.

After keeping his phone, Dong Xuebing’s face turned black. Xiang Daofa looks down on me? Dong Xuebing knew he is young and impulsive. But he had done Xiang Daofa a favor by forcing the County’s Party Secretary out of the local government. If not, Xiang Daofa might have to wait 5 to 6 years before he got a chance to become the County’s number one! Fine! Now, you are not even grateful for my help, and you don’t even want to meet me? What sort of person are you?!

Dong Xuebing is someone who gives respect to the people who respected him. Since Xiang Daofa had shown this attitude, Dong Xuebing will not try to get close to him in the future. His foul temper does not allow him to bow his head. Dong Xuebing is someone who bears grudges. He will ignore Xiang Daofa if the latter wants to meet him or pull him over to his side in the future. Who doesn’t have pride? Even without your protection, I will not die. Do you think you are somebody?!

After driving the car back to the Family Quarters, Dong Xuebing thought hard on where to find a suitable backing.

But Dong Xuebing does not know anyone in the County’s Party Committee, and also does have the chance to know them. He cannot choose sides blindly as he might get into trouble.

Backing… who should I look for?

“Oh, Chief Dong?” Qin Yong and his wife walked over.

Dong Xuebing smiled and alighted from his car. “Chief Qin, Sister-in-law, you all had finished work?”

Qin Yong looked at that Mercedes MPV in shocked. “I am not working today. Hah, you bought a new car?”

Qin Yong’s wife was also shocked by Dong Xuebing’s car. Although she does not know a lot about cars, she knew this car cost at least 1 million RMB because of the brand. Qin Yong’s wife was surprised. Her husband is only earning less than 5,000 RMB a month, and how long do they need to save to buy this Mercedes?

Dong Xuebing replied. “It’s my friend’s car. I borrowed it.”

Qin Yong gasped. “This is a beautiful car. Does it cost 1 million?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “It should be around that price. I am not very sure.”

Qin Yong looked at Dong Xuebing and reevaluated his judgment of him in his heart. He does not know how Dong Xuebing got his hands on this car, but he is impressed with Dong Xuebing’s guts. Even if Qin Yong can afford to buy this Mercedes Benz, he will not dare to buy it. This is too outstanding. Look at all the officers returning from work. Everyone is staring at this car, curiously.

Qin Yong found himself liking Dong Xuebing’s daring character. He grabbed Dong Xuebing by his arms. “Chief Dong, you cannot escape today. Hahaha… Come over my place and try your sister-in-law’s cooking. I am not boosting. Even the chefs in the five stars restaurants can’t cook better than her.”

Qin Yong’s wife smiled embarrassedly. “I’m not that good.”

Dong Xuebing couldn’t reject Qin Yong’s invitation. “Then I will trouble both of you. Let me go back and get a bottle of Maotai first. I still need to thank Brother Qin for his help yesterday.” There was no one around, and Dong Xuebing did not hold back his words. If not, he had to watch his words. After all, they are in the government service and should not talk about these sensitive matters at home.

Qin Yong knew Dong Xuebing is referring to helping Liu Li gets promoted to a Police Officer. “Hah… It’s only a small matter.”

Qin Yong’s apartment.

Qin Yong’s wife had gone to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Qin Yong and Dong Xuebing were sitting in the living room smoking.

“Have you heard the news?” Qin Yong lowered his voice and said. “The City Government had held a Party Committee meeting. Our County’s Publicity Department’s Head is appointed. A non-party committee Deputy Mayor will be taking over that position. He had got the experience, and it’s not surprising.” Qin Yong was transferred from the Provincial Public Security and knew a lot of people in the City Government. His information is faster and more accurate than other people.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and asked. “What about the Party Secretary?”

Even when no one is around, it is a taboo to discuss such sensitive topics. That’s why Qin Yong lowered his voice and said. “Mayor Xiang will be taking over.”

Dong Xuebing felt frustrated. Damn. This old bastard still gets to become the County’s number one!

Qin Yong looked at Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Dong Xuebing was too embarrassed to tell Qin Yong about him getting rejected by Xiang Daofa.

Qin Yong flicked his cigarette ash and continued. “There will be a chain reaction, and many people stand to gain from it. Hahaha… All of them should thank you.” Chief Dong’s raid on Jin Di Mansion had brought the downfall of Qian Shen and got rid of Chang Lei. This is considered a legend.

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. Thank me? It would be a blessing if Xiang Daofa did not hate me.

Dong Xuebing asked. “What about the Mayor?”

Qin Yong’s face changed. “The previous few appointments are normal. But the appointment for our County’s Mayor is weird.”

Dong Xuebing has been thinking of getting a backing. Since the County’s Party Secretary is ignoring him, then the new Mayor will be his best option. This is why Dong Xuebing is curious to know who the next Mayor will be. “Weird? Why is it weird? The new Mayor is not a from our County Government?”

Qin Yong nodded. “The higher-ups might not be pleased with our County, and this time, they arranged someone to be transferred over as our new Mayor.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Qin Yong puzzledly. What’s so weird about transferring someone into the County? When Dong Xuebing was with the State Security, Bureau Chief Zhen is also transferred in from other places.

Qin Yong explained. “The new Mayor is not transferred from the City Government, and not from the Provincial Government. It is from… the higher levels.”

Dong Xuebing was shocked. “Central Government?”

Qin Yong smiled and nodded.

“Which department?”

“I still don’t know the details.”

Dong Xuebing was worried. The people from the Central Government were proud. Will the new Mayor accept him if he offered to stand by his side? Dong Xuebing thought about it and shook his head. Taking sides need opportunity and strategies. Even if the new Mayor accepts him, he will also not think highly of Dong Xuebing. What Dong Xuebing needed is a strong backing that will protect him even when he made mistakes. Hmm… this should be impossible. Why would the new Mayor help him? Even Xiang Daofa, who Dong Xuebing had helped, had ignored him.

Dong Xuebing sighed in his heart. He would rather give up looking for backing if his backing did not support him wholeheartedly.

Ring… ring… ring… Qin Yong’s phone rang.

“Brother Dong, have some tea first. I need to answer a call.” Qin Yong went into his room to take the call.

About 10 minutes later, Qin Yong returned. His wife had also finished cooking, and all her dishes were laid on the dining table. They started drinking Dong Xuebing’s Moutai and had dinner.

“Sister-in-law’s cooking is 100 times better than me.” Dong Xuebing praised.

Qin Yong’s wife laughed. “Thanks for your compliments. These are just simple home-cooked dishes.”

Qin Yong asked. “Chief Dong, you know how to cook?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I cooked for myself in Beijing every day. It’s edible but does not taste good. Haha… I must learn from Sister-in-law.”

Qin Yong’s wife laughed. “I only know how to cook and do household chores. As a woman, what else can I do?”

Qin Yong shook his head. “You are wrong. What’s wrong with being a woman? Some women are very capable.”

Dong Xuebing nodded in agreement.

Qin Yong drank a few mouthfuls of Maotai and started chatting. “Brother Dong, someone called me earlier and told me that our new mayor is a woman.”

“Oh?” Dong Xuebing was surprised. It’s rare for women to climb to the ranks of Divisional Chief.

Qin Yong smiled. “Can you all guess how old is our new Mayor?”

Qin Yong’s wife guessed. “50?”

Qin Yong shook his head.

Dong Xuebing guessed. “40?”

“Let me reveal the answer.” Qin Yong put up three fingers. “She is only 30. I was shocked when I heard this. A 30-year-old holding a Divisional Chief rank, and she is still a woman… Hahaha… I dare not say the whole country, but in the whole province, she must be the youngest Divisional Chief Rank officer. She is not going to be the head of a department in the Provincial Government or City Government. She is going to be a Mayor of a county at the grassroots level. I wonder what the higher-ups are thinking.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. A 30-year-old County Mayor? This is quite absurd.

Qin Yong’s wife interrupted. “I think Xuebing can also get to Divisional Chief rank when he is 30.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Sister-in-law, don’t flatter me. My position as Deputy Bureau Chief is still not stable and was almost demoted recently. Oh, Brother Qin, do you know which Central Government’s Department is our new Mayor from?”

Qin Yong replied. “I think she is from the Central Publicity Department.”

“Ah?” Dong Xuebing felt something is wrong. “Do you know her name?”

Qin Yong thought for a while. “I forgot her full name. I recall her surname is… Xie… something… Lan.”

Dong Xuebing gasped. “Xie Huilan?”

Qin Yong was startled and jumped. “Right… This is her name. You know her?”

Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud. Of course, he knows her. That is his girlfriend. But Dong Xuebing was not drunk and knew somethings could not be revealed. There might be a conflict of interest, although he is not in the Finance Department or the Commission for the Discipline Inspection. If other people got to know Xie Huilan is his girlfriend, he might be transferred away.

Dong Xuebing quickly said. “I don’t know her. I had only heard of her before.”

Qin Yong exclaimed. “Ah… I forgot you are from Beijing. Is Mayor Xie very famous in Beijing?”

“You can say so…” Dong Xuebing wanted to tell Qin Yong that Xie Huilan is very famous. Her father is a Politburo Committee member, and her grandfather is the former CPC Chief Secretary. Before the age of 30, she is holding the position of the Central Publicity Department Deputy Chief. How can she not be famous? But Sister Xie had kept a low profile, and not many people know she is from the Xie family.

After dinner, Dong Xuebing walked home quickly. He laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling.


Why is Sister Xie transferred to Yan Tai County as the Mayor? This is too sudden!

Dong Xuebing realized what Xie Hao meant in his SMS. Xie Huilan will be coming to Yan Tai County these two days. She is not here for a holiday or outstation. She is appointed here to be the Mayor! Dong Xuebing was still regretting giving that ungrateful Xiang Daofa evidence against the former County’s Party Secretary. But now, Xie Huilan will be transferred here, and his mood got better.

Dong Xuebing’s girlfriend is going to be the County’s Mayor, and he does not need to consider looking for a strong backing!

Xie Huilan will be his strongest backing!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 219 – Notorious Reputation

The next morning, dark clouds covered the skies. The weather forecast says there might be a thunderstorm.

After breakfast, Dong Xuebing, Yu Meixia, and Yu Qianqian sat in front of the PC to discuss on which car to buy.

“Big Brother! This car is nice!”

“BMW? Will it stand out too much? What do you think, Sister Yu?”

“I still feel the car you are looking at earlier suits you better, and the price is reasonable.”

“Accord? It is rare in Yan Tai County, but in Beijing, you can hit an Accord just by throwing a brick out of your windows. It is too common there.”

“You… you should decide for yourself. I don’t know about cars.”

Dong Xuebing leaned back on his chair and put his hands around Yu Meixia and her daughter’s shoulders naturally. He thought about what type of car to buy. A family saloon car? An off-road car? An MPV? Dong Xuebing was used to his unit’s Buick MPV and felt a 7-seater is more convenient. At least, he can ferry more people. But a Buick MPV or a Honda MPV cost slightly over 200,000 RMB. Dong Xuebing is thinking of getting a more expensive car.

Dong Xuebing continued to surf the websites, and Yu Qianqian suddenly shouted. “A big Mercedes Benz!”

Yu Meixia looked at the monitor. “This looks similar to that Buick.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the picture. This 6-seater Mercedes Benz is this year’s latest model, and the exterior looks grander than the Buick and Honda MPV. This is one of the top tier MPV car. Dong Xuebing’s eyes sparkled and felt this car is too beautiful. Both the exterior and interior are classy, and he checked at the price. An R Class 300L cost around 700,000 RMB. The R350L is around 800,000 RMB, and the most expensive R500L, 5.5L, is around 1.3 million RMB.

Dong Xuebing looked at the specifications and decided to buy this car!

Huh, but the price is ridiculously high. If he drives this car, will there be gossips?

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and called Qu Yunxuan. To prevent getting into trouble for driving this car, Dong Xuebing come up with a solution. He will get Aunt Xuan to buy this car and register it under their Auction Company. After that, he will drive the car to Yan Tai County for his personal use. If anyone wants to investigate him, he can claim that this vehicle belongs to his friend, and he had borrowed it. This way, he will save a lot of explanation on where he got his money from. Dong Xuebing wants to buy the most expensive model, R500L, costing 1.3 million. After buying the apartment, he still has around 1.4 million RMB. This amount is enough. After discussing with Qu Yunxuan, Dong Xuebing transferred his money to her.

Settled! In two or three days, the car should arrive!

Dong Xuebing sat down on the sofa, satisfied. He felt he is a spendthrift, as he spent almost 2 million RMB in two days.

Ring… ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s handphone on the side table rang. Dong Xuebing thought it was the delivery for his home appliances. His refrigerator and TV will be delivered today, and the air conditioner will be installed tomorrow. He picked up the phone and saw it’s his cousin, Tang Jin.

“Hello? Xiao Jing?”

“Hehe… Brother, do you know what day is today?”

“What’s the special occasion? Army’s Day? It’s still early. The Party’s anniversary? It should be over.”

“No wonder you are in the Government service. All you think is Army’s Day and Party anniversary. Hahaha… it’s my birthday today!”

“Ah… I forgot about it. Where are you now? How are you celebrating?”

“Birthday is just another day. But… Brother, are you at home? Can I bring someone along to look for you?”

“Who are you bringing? My Second Aunt?”

“Ah… I am not letting you know now. Just tell me if you are free.”

“So, secretive? Alright. Do you know where Hua Mei Estate is? Just come over.” After hanging up, Dong Xuebing smiled and turned to Yu Meixia. “Sister Yu, prepare more food for lunch. My sister is coming over. Oh, if you are free, help me get a birthday cake downstairs. Thanks.”

Yu Meixia quickly grabbed her purse and went downstairs.

About an hour later.

Hua Mei Estate, Block 1.

Tang Jin was holding a young man’s hand. “Hey, Liu Li, remember to watch your words when you meet my brother later.”

Liu Li had got clean looks and looked like a student. He scratched his head and asked. “Why are we here to meet your brother first? What about your parents?”

Tang Jin gave Liu Li an angry stare. “What do you know? Now, it’s my brother who decides our family. If he agrees to let us be together, no one else will object. Ah… stop scratching your head. You look like a fool. What’s there to be nervous about? My brother dotes me, and if you don’t make him angry, he will agree to our relationship. Liu Li! Do you want me as your bride? Ah?!”

Liu Li replied with an agonized look. “Of course.”

Tang Jin let out a ‘Hmph’ and continued. “Then, you better put on your best performance in front of my brother.”

Liu Li scratched the back of his head. “Err… What is your brother working as? How come he has the final say in your family?”

Tang Jin heard this and had a proud smile on her face. “You will know later!”

Liu Li lives in Wu Tian Village and is Tang Jin’s High School classmate. During their school days, Liu Li fell in love with Tang Jin and always hung around her. After graduation, he started working and did not keep in touch with her until a class gathering some time ago. Liu Li did not forget about his feelings for Tang Jin and confessed to her after some drinks. To his surprise, Tang Jin accepted him, and they started dating.

Liu Li’s family is not well to do. He works as an Auxiliary Police Officer in Wu Tian Village Station. He is still not qualified to be an official Police Officer. Tang Jin and Liu Li are in their twenties, and this is the right age for them to get married. But Liu Li is poor and does not have a good career. He is afraid Tang Jin’s family will object. That’s why they decided to prepare in advance by visiting Tang Jin’s family first. But Tang Jin thought for a while and did not bring him to visit her parents first. Instead, she brought him to visit his older cousin. Liu Li is curious, but Tang Jin is too overbearing, and he dares not to ask too many questions.

“I am going to press the doorbell. You better prepare yourself!” Tang Jin gave Liu Li a kick to his feet.

“Yes.” Liu Li straighten his back nervously.

Ding Dong… ding dong… The door opened, and a cute little girl opened the door shyly. “Sister Tang?”

Tang Jin smiled. “Xiao Qianqian! Hurry and let me in! Where’s my brother?”

Yu Qianqian had met Tang Jin during Luan Ying’s wedding, but other than with Dong Xuebing and her mother, she is shy towards others. “Big Brother is using his computer in his room.” Clack! Yu Qianqian opened the metal gates, and she saw Liu Li. She quickly turned and ran away, as she is afraid of meeting strangers.

Liu Li was stunned by this little girl’s pretty looks. After he entered the house, he was stunned again by a pretty woman in the kitchen.

Tang Jin waved towards the kitchen. “Aunt Yu, I’m here for a visit. Are you preparing for lunch?”

Yu Meixia heard Tang Jin and quickly replied. “Xiao Jin, have a seat. I will prepare tea for you all.”

Tang Jin said. “No need. I will pour myself.”

At this time, Dong Xuebing walked out of his room and was surprised to see Liu Li.

Tang Jin laughed and greeted Dong Xuebing first, before introducing Liu Li. “This is my brother Dong Xuebing. This is Liu Li.”

Liu Li felt this name is familiar and went up to shake Dong Xuebing’s hand. “Brother.”

Dong Xuebing finally understand and laughed. “No wonder you are so secretive. You got a boyfriend?”

Liu Li blushed and didn’t know how to reply.

Dong Xuebing sat down on the sofa and started chatting with them. Dong Xuebing was surprised to know Tang Jin is dating someone. Her character is bold and overbearing. It is not easy to find a man that is willing to accommodate her. But from what he saw, Liu Li is giving in to Tang Jin, and he could tell Liu Li likes her.

After chatting for a while, Tang Jin suddenly remembered something. “Hey, Liu Li, you still don’t know who my brother is?”

Liu Li scratched the back of his head, embarrassedly. “Your brother is…”

Dong Xuebing slapped the back of Tang Jin’s head lightly. “Why do you think everyone must know me? Am I that notorious?”

Tang Jin laughed. “I forgot to tell you that Liu Li is an Auxiliary Office at Wu Tian Village Station.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and looked at Liu Li. “Is your work tiring? Working at the Police Station is not easy.”

Liu Li replied cautiously. “It’s alright. My job is to handle some minor disputes between the villagers. Other than working overtime, it is not very tiring.”

Dong Xuebing patted his shoulder. “Work hard and watch out for your safety.”

After a while, Liu Li went to the toilet. Tang Jin pushed Dong Xuebing with her shoulder and whispered. “What do you think of Liu Li?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Not bad. He looks like a righteous man.”

Tang Jin gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “What do you mean by he looks righteous? He is a righteous man. When we were still in school, the teachers seldom scold him even though his grades are not good. There is one time during a school outing. He found 500 RMB and gave it to the teachers. Another time…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted her. “What matters most is you like him.”

Tang Jin asked excitedly. “That means you agree to us dating?”

Dong Xuebing picked up his teacup and took a sip. “You are not my daughter. What’s the use of me agreeing? Has Second Aunt and the rest met him?”

Tang Jin crossed her legs and said, worrying. “I still have not told them. I’m afraid my parents will look down on him. Liu Li’s family’s financial condition is worse than our family.”

Tang Jin stopped talking after Liu Li came back from the toilet. Dong Xuebing asked Yu Meixia if lunch is ready and brought Tang Jin and Liu Li to the dining table. He took out the birthday cake and lit the candles.

After lunch, Tang Jin patted her tummy and whined. “I’m so full!”

Yu Qianqian loves to eat cakes, and she had also stuffed herself. After lunched, Yu Meixia chased her back to her room to do her revision.

Tang Jin saw only Dong Xuebing and Liu Li were in the living room, and she kept looking at Dong Xuebing’s face. Dong Xuebing knew she must have some requests from him when she comes over. He smiled and did not say anything. He offered Liu Li a cigarette, but the latter does not smoke.

Tang Jin quickly moves closer and picks up the lighter from the table to help Dong Xuebing lit his cigarette.

Dong Xuebing took a puff and asked. “Look at you… Tell me, what do you want from me?”

Tang Jin smiled embarrassedly and took a glance at Liu Li. “Brother… let me tell you about what Liu Li had done at his station. He may only be an Auxiliary officer, but he is very capable. There was once a robbery case, and the robber has got a knife with him. The other two officers dare not to stop that robber, and it’s Liu Li who pinned down the robber from the back. Another time, Liu Li single-handedly arrested two car thieves…”

Liu Li quickly interrupted. “One of the two car thieves is arrested by a group of officers.”

Tang Jin gave Liu Li an angry stare. “Shut up and drink your tea!”

Liu Li kept quiet embarrassedly. He was puzzled why Tang Jin is telling her cousin about his work.

Dong Xuebing understood what Tang Jin wants and smiled. “Not bad. As an officer, you should not step back when facing criminals…”

Tang Jin saw Dong Xuebing is going to start his speech and quickly interrupted him. “That’s right. Liu Li is a good officer, right? With all his credits, even if he is not promoted to be the Station Chief, he should at least be promoted from an Auxiliary Officer to a Police Officer, right? In his station, only he is capable. The rest of the officers cannot be compared to him.

Dong Xuebing laughed. Arresting two thieves is considered a big achievement? You still want him to be the Station Chief?

Liu Li blushed. He wanted to say something but dare not.

Tang Jin saw Dong Xuebing not replying and moved closer to hold his arms. She swung his arm and asked childishly. “Brother, I know you treat me well. Liu Li will be your brother-in-law soon. Can you help him convert to a Police Officer? Please…” Tang Jin was afraid that her parents would object to their relationship and wanted to help Liu Li get promoted to a Police Officer. There’s a huge difference between an Auxiliary Officer and a Police Officer. If Liu Li becomes a Police Officer, her parents will have no objections.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and did not say a word.

Tang Jin saw this and start swinging Dong Xuebing’s arm harder. “Brother… Just treat this as my birthday present, ok?”

Dong Xuebing gave Tang Jin a light knock on her head. “Alright… alright… stop swinging my arm.”

Tang Jin smiled.” That means you agree?”

Dong Xuebing turned to Liu Li and asked. “Who is in charge of your station?”

Liu Li blinked. “It’s Bureau Chief Qin.”

“Qin Yong?”

Liu Li was surprised. “You know Chief Qin?”

Tang Jin starts to bootlick. “Of course. My brother knows everyone.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Alright. Just sit here. I will call and ask. It’s not easy for an Auxiliary Officer to be converted to a Police Officer. You need experience and results. Have you just joined the Auxiliary Officer for not long, right? I will try it.”

Tang Jin laughed. “Brother, how can there be anything you can’t achieve? With your help, this is not a problem!”

Dong Xuebing entered his room and called Qin Yong. “Hello, Brother Qin. Have you taken your lunch?”

Qin Yong laughed. “I just finished my lunch. Brother Dong, are you asking me out for a drink?”

“Hold on… even three of me is no match to you when it comes to drinking… Hahaha.” After chatting for a while, Dong Xuebing said. “Oh, I have a friend working as an Auxiliary Officer at Wu Tian Village Station. His name is Liu Li. This young man is quite hardworking. Do you think he can be converted to a Police Officer?”

Qin Yong laughed and replied. “Since you, Chief Dong, is asking, how can I reject you? Liu Li? Hmm… I had not heard of this name before. Let me ask around first. If he has no problems, I will settle it for you.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Thank you. I will treat you to dinner some other day.”

“Hah… It’s only a small matter.”

After coming out of the room, Tang Jin looked at Dong Xuebing. “How is it?”

Dong Xuebing did not give her an answer. “Wait. I also don’t know the result.”

About 10 minutes later, Liu Li’s phone rang. Liu Li saw the number and was surprised. He said it’s his Station Chief and quickly answered. “Hello, Chief Li… Yes… yes… Identification Card and fill-up the form? You mean… Ah… Thank you… Yes… I will… Thank you, Chief Li.” After hanging up the phone, Liu Li said in a daze. “My Station Chief told me to fill up a form tomorrow. I will be transferred to Public Security as a Police Officer.”

Tang Jin hugged Dong Xuebing by his neck. “Thank you, Brother! I love you!”

Liu Li also thanked Dong Xuebing excitedly. “Thank you!” Liu Li had never thought he would be promoted to be a Police Officer. He is not good at interacting with others and is not very fit. He also does not have any outstanding achievements. But to his surprise, a phone call from Tang Jin’s cousin and his promotion is settled.

Tang Jin poked Liu Li’s side and proudly asked. “Now, you know who my cousin is?”

Liu Li paused and asked: “Who?”

Tang Jin rolled her eyes. “Stupid! You are working at the County’s Police Station, and you never heard of Chief Dong?”

Chief Dong?

Liu Li was shocked and blurted out. “It’s God of plague…” He realized what he said was rude and quickly shut up.

Tang Jin stared at Liu Li angrily. “What did you say?!” She had also heard of Dong Xuebing’s nickname.

Dong Xuebing was frustrated. “Am I that famous? Who is the one who gave me this nickname? How come everyone knows about it?”

Liu Li thought to himself. How can you not be famous? In Da Wang Village, you fought against seven men. Three of the seven men are disfigured, and 2 of them are still in the hospital. The four suspects in the abduction case were all shot in the legs, and all of them were crippled. Qian Fei, Qian Shen, and the former County’s Party Secretary Chang Lei… all those who had grudges with you do not have any good endings. Under such circumstances, how can you not be famous?!

Liu Li was panicking and didn’t know what to do. He had never expected Tang Jin’s cousin is the infamous God of Plague Chief Xiao Dong~

Dong Xuebing saw Liu Li’s reaction and sighed…

Damn! I am notorious now…

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 218 – Buying a car and apartment

It’s a bright summer day, and the sun is shining brightly.

Dong Xuebing ate two dough sticks from the breakfast shop while on his way to ICBC bank to transfer the 5 million RMB back to Qu Yunxuan. The company still needs this amount to operate, and Dong Xuebing only kept the 1.8 million he earned from the stock market. This amount is sufficient for him to buy a new car and an apartment. The remainder is enough for him to spend for a long time.

On the way back to the Public Security Family Quarters, Dong Xuebing met Yu Meixia, who was coming back from the market.

Yu Meixia did not see Dong Xuebing and was using her phone. Her voice was soft and shy. “I… I am already home… how about another day? I am busy today… I need to cook for Chief Dong…. Yes… sorry… Next time… Ok…” Yu Meixia was speaking softly and seemed to be afraid others might hear her. After hanging up, she sighed.

Dong Xuebing walked over. “Sister Yu, who are you talking to?”

Yu Meixia got a fright and quickly waved her hands. “No one…”

Dong Xuebing felt jealous, but still, maintain a smile on his face. “A guy?”

Yu Meixia lowered her head.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and asked. “He is after you and wants to date you?”

Yu Meixia lowered her head lower and blushed. “He is a Police officer, whom I got to know when doing the transfer of my household registration. He… these few days… he kept calling to ask me out. But Chief Dong, I did not agree to meet him… I only had a meal with him on the day he helped me complete the registration. He had helped me, and I couldn’t reject his invitation. If not, I will never have lunch with him… really…”

Dong Xuebing was pissed. “It’s fine. If he asked you out again, go ahead. You don’t need to worry about me.”

Yu Meixia panicked. “I… I will delete his number now and will not contact him in the future.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “You no need to delete his number. Let’s go. If you are not going out on a date with him, we will go home now.”

Yu Meixia looked at Chief Dong’s face secretly. She could not tell if Dong Xuebing is angry or not.

Dong Xuebing was not very angry with Yu Meixia. Yu Meixia should have her circle of friends. Furthermore, she is not young and still has a daughter. Even if she wants to find a new partner, Dong Xuebing also has no reason to stop her. But no matter what, Dong Xuebing still felt jealous as he does have some feelings for her.

After entering the house, Yu Meixia asked Yu Qianqian. “Sister Luan had left?”

Yu Qianqian put down her book and nodded. “Teacher Lian had gone to school. Big Brother, you are back!”

Dong Xuebing smiled and patted Yu Qianqian’s head. “Why are you not in school today?”

“It’s almost the end semester exams, and our teacher let us revise our school work at home.”

“Ok. Go and prepare for your exams. You must do your best.” Dong Xuebing promised. “If you are in the top few students at your school, I would buy you anything you want.”

Yu Qianqian jumped up excitedly and got back to her room to study.

After the bedroom door is closed, Dong Xuebing smiled and asked. “My mum is here earlier?”

Yu Meixia nodded. “Sister Luan brought some fruits over.”

After a while, Yu Meixia went to the kitchen to wash the fruits.

Beep, beep, beep. It’s the notification for SMS. Dong Xuebing, who was sitting in the living room watch TV, saw Yu Meixia looking out of the kitchen secretively from the corner of his eyes. She took out her phone and read the SMS. After that, she wiped her hands and started tapping on her phone. She seems to be typing a reply, but she is very slow. She took about 10 minutes to type a response.

Dong Xuebing felt jealous again and went into Yu Qianqian’s room.

“Big Brother.” Yu Qianqian looked up at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing closed the door behind him and asked softly. “Is your mother dating someone?”

Yu Qianqian blushed. “I… I don’t know. But these few days, someone had been calling her. I asked her who that was, and she says it’s a Police officer from the household registration department.”

Dong Xuebing continued asking. “Have you met him? How does he look like?”

“No. I had not met him.”

“Ok. It’s fine. Carry on with your revision.” Dong Xuebing left the room and went to the kitchen.

Yu Meixia, who was still trying to reply to the SMS, quickly put down her phone. “The fruits will be ready soon. Please give me a minute.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Sister Yu, just carry on with your SMS. I am not in a hurry. Oh, is it that man from the Household Registration? How is his character?”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing and replied softly. “I think his character is quite good.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “What about his family’s condition? How many people are there in his family?”

“He is the only son, and his family’s condition is considered good. He is living with his parents.” Yu Meixia replied and quickly explained. “I did not ask him about these. He is the one who told me about his family. Chief Dong… Actually… I….” Yu Meixia stuttered. “Chief Dong, can I discuss something with you? I… I would like to move out with Yu Qianqian.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised, and his mood got worse.

Yu Meixia quickly explained. “I don’t mean anything. I just feel that staying here will… bother you.”

Dong Xuebing sighed in his heart. “When are you leaving?”

“I will look for an apartment nearby in the afternoon.” Yu Meixia continued. “I will still come back every day to prepare your meals.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Just leave the fruits there and bring your identification card and household register with you.”

Yu Meixia was stunned but dared not ask where they are going. She went to her room to changed and brought her identification card with her. They walked out of the family quarters, and she asked. “Chief Dong, we… are we going to rent an apartment?”


Hua Mei estate. This is a one-year-old mid-level estate nearby and is in a convenient area. There are shops and food nearby. The taxi stopped in front of the estate, and Dong Xuebing entered the estate with Yu Meixia behind him. Yu Meixia was feeling uneasy and didn’t understand why Chief Dong had brought her here. The rent for this place is expensive. Furthermore, this is a new estate. Will there be units for rent?

The showroom for this estate was removed, and it’s the building management who is handling the sales now.

Dong Xuebing looked around and knew most of the units are taken up. He entered the building management office and asked. “Are there any new units available?”

Yu Meixia was stunned. “Chief Dong, you are…”

A woman, in a business suit, replied. “All the units are sold, and we only have one showroom unit left.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Alright. Show me that unit.”

The showroom unit is to cater to buyers to view the actual apartment. The partitions and layout of the unit are the same as the rest of the apartments in the building. But usually, they are located on the ground floor. These units are fully renovated and slightly cheaper.

This showroom unit is located in Apartment building 1, unit 101, and is fully furnished.

Dong Xuebing looked around and was satisfied with it. “How big is this unit, and how much is it?”

The woman replied. “This is a two-bedroom unit, and the floor area is around 80 sqm. The total is about 300,000 RMB, and it’s 4,100 RMB per sqm.” This apartment is considered expensive in Yan Tai County. But compared to Beijing, where per sqm cost tens of thousands, this is nothing.

Dong Xuebing asked a few more details and walked around the unit.

Yu Meixia also liked this unit, and she was also looking around.

Dong Xuebing knows what Sister Yu’s feelings. A few years ago, after Dong Xuebing’s family sold their house, his mother and he kept thinking of getting their own home again. It’s different from renting a house to live in as no matter how grand the rented house is, it still does not belong to them.

After an hour later, Dong Xuebing told the female staff. “Thank you. We will look around first.”

After that woman left, Yu Meixia asked. “Why are you viewing this apartment?”

Dong Xuebing did not say much and took out a bank card and passed it to Yu Meixia. “The pin is my birthdate. I am a civil servant, and it is not suitable to use my name. You will buy this apartment under your name and make full payments for it. If the building management cannot process the transaction today, then you place a deposit first.”

Yu Meixia gasped. “You… You want to buy this apartment?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I will wait here for you.”

Yu Meixia knows Chief Dong is wealthy, and when he helped her pay her debts, he took out 200,000 RMB at once. Yu Meixia does not know where Chief Dong got his money from, and even wonder if he had received bribes. But until she saw Dong Xuebing trade shares the day before, she understood. Yu Meixia saw Chief Dong keeping quiet, and she dares not ask anything. She took the bank card with her and walked to the Building Management office.

Yu Meixia returned after about an hour and returned the bank card and receipt to Dong Xuebing. “The transaction is completed.”

Dong Xuebing took the bank card from her and asked. “Is it fully paid?”

“Yes. They say we can move in today. But there is still some paperwork which we need to complete a few days later.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Let’s go.”

Yu Meixia pushed the receipt to Dong Xuebing. “This is the receipt. You…”

“Leave it with you first.”

It was about noon when they got home. Yu Qianqian is in the living room, drinking a can of Coke. “Mum, Big Brother, where did you all go? I am hungry.”

Dong Xuebing replied with a heavy heart. “We went to buy an apartment.”

Yu Qianqian’s eyes got bigger. “Buy an apartment? Big Brother, don’t you have an apartment now?”

Yu Meixia wiped her daughter’s face gently. “The apartment your Big Brother is living now belongs to his unit.”

Dong Xuebing sat down on the sofa and waved them over. “Qianqian, Sister Yu, come over. I have something to speak to you all.” The mother and daughter pair walked over, and Dong Xuebing continued. “You all go and pack your things, and you two will move to Hua Mei estate today.”

Yu Meixia was shocked. “How can we do this?! We… renting a room is enough!”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Sister Yu, I will give you this apartment, and this is also the last time I help you.”

Yu Meixia shook her hands. “No… no… we cannot accept any more things from you. That apartment is almost 400,000 RMB. I…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted her. “Sit down and listen to me. Sister Yu, I am much younger than you, and I should not be telling you this. But… at your age, and Qianqian is still young. It’s not easy to bring her up alone. You should also find a partner. Erm… that Officer from the household registration department is on good terms with you, right? You should decide for yourself. If you think that man is good to you and Qianqian, you two should be together.”

Yu Meixia was about to burst into tears. “No… Chief Dong… it’s not like this!”

Dong Xuebing interrupted her again. “Being my helper is not a long term solution, and you should live your own life. That man is still living with his parents and doesn’t have his own house? If you two decided to be together, you all could live there after you all got married. Just treat that apartment as a wedding gift from me. Oh, I will help you find another job sometime later. If you got married, you should stop working as a helper.”

Although Dong Xuebing was not willing, he still respected Yu Meixia’s decision. Everyone who knew Dong Xuebing knows that he treats his friends and relatives well, even better than treating himself. He had considered about Yu Meixia’s future. With an apartment, a husband, and a new job, she should not be suffering in the future.

Yu Qianqian’s eyes turned red. “Mum! Do we have to go?”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and was holding back her tears.

Yu Qianqian looked at Dong Xuebing and held her mother’s arm. “Mum! I… I don’t want to go! Can we stay here?” Yu Qianqian had not met that Officer from the household registration department, but she knew that no one would treat her better than Chief Dong. She loves this place and likes this Big Brother.

Yu Meixia gritted her teeth and said. “Chief Dong, I don’t want other jobs. I… I will be your helper for the rest of my life.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “How can you say this? How can you still be my helper after you get married? This is not right.”

“I… I will not get married again! That officer and I… we are not together! Really!”

“Then what if you find yourself a man in the future? Listen to me and accept that apartment. Anyway, that house is under your name, and you can stay there after you get married.” Dong Xuebing was afraid he might stop her from leaving. “Alright. Go and pack your things.”

Yu Qianqian panicked. “Mum! Mum!”

Dong Xuebing patted Yu Qianqian’s head. “Qianqian, be good. I will visit you when I am free.”

Yu Meixia could not hold back her tears any longer and cried!

Dong Xuebing could feel her heartache. “Sister Yu, don’t be like this. It’s not that we are bidding farewell forever.”

Yu Meixia cried even louder. “Chief Dong… Sob… That officer and I are not together… Sob… I don’t feel anything towards him… he is the one courting me… I… Sob… I don’t know how to reject him… Sob… I don’t have any intentions to get married again… I had never even thought about this… Sob… I don’t want that apartment… I don’t want anything…”

Dong Xuebing quickly wiped the tears off Yu Meixia’s face. “Don’t cry… It’s my fault… I apologize, ok?”

Yu Meixia wiped her tears and said. “Please believe me… I don’t have anything to do with him!”

Dong Xuebing was feeling troubled. He smiled. “Alright… I believe you. Stop crying. Don’t let your daughter laugh at you.”

“Sob… I want to rent a room outside is… is because Sister Luan told me… Sob… told me that you are involved in a lot of troubles… and you even force the County’s Party Secretary to leave. Sister Luan is afraid that… Sob… someone might use Qianqian and me as an excuse to spread rumors about you… and it might affect your career… She wants us to move over to her apartment… Sob… I know you offended a lot of people because of me… and I don’t want to create any more problems for you… that’s why I want to rent a room outside… Sob… I don’t want to move out… I want to stay here!”

Dong Xuebing realized that he had misunderstood Yu Meixia. Yu Meixia did not want to move out because she wants more privacy. It’s his mother who is afraid he might get into more trouble. After the incident where Dong Xuebing smashed the Mercedes during his cousin's wedding, his mother was worried he would get into more trouble. That’s why she wants Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian to move in with her!

Ah! What a blunder!

Dong Xuebing used his sleeves to wipe Yu Meixia’s tears and console her. “Alright. If you don’t want to leave, just stay. You can stay as long as you want.”

Yu Meixia shook her head. “I cannot give you more problems. Sob… I rent a room and live with Qianqian. But I will still work for you.”

Dong Xuebing stroked Yu Meixia’s long hair. “Alright, alright… just do what you want. Can you stop crying?”

Yu Meixia’s stopped sobbing after hearing Dong Xuebing’s reply. “Then I will come over every day to cook and clean up the house for you, and will return to the rented room at night.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.

Yu Meixia finally stopped crying and wiped her tears with a paper napkin.

Dong Xuebing shook his head helplessly. Crying, throwing tantrums are women’s weapons against men. He had finally experienced it today. After Yu Meixia calms down, Dong Xuebing said. “Sister Yu, we had paid for the apartment, and we can’t ask for a refund. Let’s move to Hua Mei Estate together. We will still be living together, and no one will gossip about me there. I return to this apartment to stay once in a while. What do you think of this?”

Yu Meixia blushed. “I…, I will listen to you.”

Yu Qianqian cheered and hugged her mother.

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing. “But that apartment must be under your name.”

“I said that is my present to you. If you get married in the future, the apartment…” Dong Xuebing stopped when he saw Yu Meixia’s eyes turning red again. “We should also think about Qianqian. Even if you don’t want it, you can keep it as Qianqian’s dowry.”

Yu Qianqian lowered her head shyly and mumbled something.

Yu Meixia looked at her daughter and wiped her tears gratefully. “Thank you. I will earn money to repay you.”

“What’s there to repay? That apartment is my gift to Qianqian, and it’s not for you. Hahaha.”

Yu Meixia is already homeless, and her biggest worry is her daughter. She could no longer refuse Dong Xuebing’s apartment as she needs to consider for her daughter’s future. After Qianqian grows up, she will also get married and need her own house.

Dong Xuebing was satisfied with this outcome. He smiled and said. “Let’s pack up and move to our new apartment!”

Yu Qianqian ran back to her room, excitedly to pack.

As Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian were packing, Dong Xuebing walked to the balcony and called his mother. “Mum, I just bought an apartment for Sister Yu. It’s at Hua Mei Estate. Errr… but Yu Qianqian misses me, and I might stay there for a few days when I am free.” He is the one who misses them and doesn’t want them to leave. But he cannot tell his mother this.


Hua Mei Estate.

Yu Qianqian was still excited about the new apartment. She had been going in and out of every room since the afternoon.

Yu Meixia was also in a good mood. After being homeless for so long, she finally got her place.

Dong Xuebing had thought of buying an apartment for Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian sometime ago. He is still confused about whether Qu Yunxuan or Xie Huilan is his girlfriend, but he knows that if either one of them comes to visit him, Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian cannot be at his family quarters apartment. He will be seeking death if he let them remain there. In other words, this mother and daughter pair are time bombs, and Qu Yunxuan and Xie Huilan must not meet them. Now, with the new apartment for them, Dong Xuebing felt safer.

With it comes to relationships, Dong Xuebing is troubled and doesn’t know what to do. Since he doesn’t know what to do, he decided to stop thinking about it and enjoy his life now.

“Big Brother, where should I place this vase?” Yu Qianqian carried a big vase over.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You are the owner of this apartment. You can decide for yourself.”

“Oh… Then I will place it beside the TV console!”

Yu Meixia was afraid her daughter might break the vase and went over to help her. “Be careful.”

Dong Xuebing also rolled up his sleeves and went over to help.

The apartment is fully equipped with furniture, but the home appliances will only be delivered tomorrow. Now, they can only shift the furniture around to their liking. After a while, all 3 of them sat on the sofa, panting. Yu Meixia took out her handkerchief to wipe the sweat on Dong Xuebing’s forehead, and Yu Qianqian is hugging Dong Xuebing’s arm.

Dong Xuebing smiled blissfully and wrapped his arms around Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s waists. He stood up and brought them to the room. “I have bought an apartment, and now, I still need a car. Help me choose a car that suits me.”

Yu Meixia felt Dong Xuebing’s arm around her waist, and she blushed. She could feel Dong Xuebing is treating her as his family member, and she did not stop him. Since her parents’ death and after her husband got addicted to gambling, she does not have this warm feeling again.

Dong Xuebing had a grin on his face. His Auction Company’s total assets are worth close to 10 million, and he can be considered a millionaire. But all this while, he couldn’t feel any changes. Having an apartment and a car will be a significant change in his lifestyle. After all, these are the things Dong Xuebing dreamed about four years ago.

A family, a house, a car, money, a good career…

Dong Xuebing felt his life had been fulfilled!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 217 – Big Profits


The air is fresh and cooling after a light shower last night. Outside of the windows, it is slightly foggy.

Knock, knock, knock… someone knocked on Dong Xuebing’s bedroom. “Chief Dong, it’s time to wake up.” Yu Meixia said.

Dong Xuebing got up from his bed and rubbed his eyes. He yawned and said. “OK. Help me get a glass of water. I’m thirsty.”

Dong Xuebing could hear footsteps walking away from the bedroom door. After a while, Yu Meixia, in her white sleep gown, entered the room with a glass of water. She still looked sleepy and seemed to have wake up not long ago. Yu Meixia saw Chief Dong, who was topless and blushed. She passed the glass of water to Dong Xuebing shyly and went to the closet to get a set of clothes for him. She laid the set of clothes, including socks, on the bed and tidied up the bed after Dong Xuebing got up. She asked as she folds the blanket. “Are you bringing breakfast to work, or will you have it at home?”

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia’s legs and smiled. “I am not working today. Chief Liang had given me one week off.”

Yu Meixia straightened her dress and said. “Chief Dong, I... I still have not thanked you. Thank you for helping my husband get revenge.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “What’s there to thank? Moreover, it’s my duty.”

Yu Meixia released her hands on her dress and said gratefully. “I know you were under tremendous pressure and almost lost your job. I… I…, other than cooking and doing household chores, I don’t know anything. I… I will do anything for you to repay you.”

Dong Xuebing patted Yu Meixia’s hand. “Don’t mention it and go prepare breakfast. I will go for a run.”

Yu Meixia nodded and left the room.

After getting dressed, Dong Xuebing went downstairs for some exercise. He started jogging out of the Public Security Family Quarters into nearby streets and alleys.

As Dong Xuebing ran pass a breakfast shop, he saw a few hooligans paying for their breakfast. One of the hooligans saw Dong Xuebing, and his face changed. He turned to his friends and whispered to them. Dong Xuebing could faintly hear the words ‘God of Plague’ and saw all the hooligans’ face changed. They did not even collect their change from the shop owner and ran off.

Dong Xuebing had become famous in the County, and many people knew his nickname.

Dong Xuebing was mad. He was the one who caused the downfall of Jin Di Mansion and Qian Fei. At most, Qian Shen is included. But the transfer of the former County Party Secretary Chang Lei is none of his business. The evidence he found could not affect Chang Lei. It must be the County’s Mayor who used the evidence, coupled with other means to force Chang Lei out of the County Government. There should be other City Government’s leaders getting involved in this.

But now, everyone thinks it’s the God of Plague who forced the County’s Party Secretary away.

Who the hell did I offend?!

Dong Xuebing was frustrated. The Jin Di Mansion case is officially closed, but this case had lots of implications. Even the County’s Party Secretary was implicated in it. Because of this incident, Liang Chengpeng gave Dong Xuebing one week off. Firstly, Dong Xuebing had worked too hard over the past few days. Secondly, he wants to keep Dong Xuebing away until the impact of this case is over. This is also a way to protect Dong Xuebing.

As Dong Xuebing was running, his phone rang.”

Dong Xuebing did not see who the caller was and answered. “Hello? Who is it?”

“It’s me. What are you doing?” Qu Yunxuan asked.

“Huh? I’m jogging.” Dong Xuebing asked. “When are you coming to Yan Tai County? I miss you and want to do naughty things with you.”

“Idiot! You want to get beaten up by me?”

“Hahaha. When are you coming? I thought you said you are going to Ruili to buy uncut raw jade stones?”

“I don’t have the time. I had read up books on jade and the classification weeks ago, but I am busy because of the Spring Auction. The last auction’s transacted price had increased our company’s reputation, and lots of people had come to us to auction their items. Therefore, I didn’t get to go to Ruili. I planned to hold a jade auction the Spring Auction. I will buy the uncut jade stones and let you evaluate them first. After that, we will put them up for auction. It will be more attractive than Spring Auction.”

Dong Xuebing wiped his sweat and stopped jogging. “Alright. You can make the decision.”

“The Spring Auction is starting next week. Are you attending?”

“Maybe not. I got to work next week. I will let you know if I can attend. Eh? It’s already Summer now. How come you are still holding a Spring Auction?”

“Haha… Spring Auctions, Autumn Auctions are normally held at the end of the season. Many of the Spring Auctions are held in June or July, and Autumn Auctions are held in December or January. It doesn’t matter if we are slightly late. There is too many auction house in Beijing, and we can’t compete with them. So, we can avoid having auctions on the same date as them.”

“That’s right. Oh, I remembered something suddenly.”


“Err… I am thinking if I should get a car.”

“Yes. It’s more convenient to have a car. You should buy one.”

“Err… Can you transfer some money to me? My bank account only has a few thousand RMB.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “You ah… why didn’t you tell me earlier? Our company still has 5 million in cash. How much do you need?” It’s rare for a 10 million company to have 5 million cash. Only companies like Auction Companies or companies in particular trades can have so much cash. Typically, 2 million cash is considered a lot of ordinary companies.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Why don’t you transfer all the money to me? I will use it to make more.”

“Stone gambling? Or are you going to use it for other things?”

“I still have not thought about it. Yan Tai doesn’t have stone gambling places.”

“Alright. I will transfer it to you now. But you need to hurry. The company still needs money for our next phase of marketing and need some money as emergency funds. If I don’t have a few million with me, I will get nervous. After all, the Spring Auctions is starting.”

“Don’t worry. I promise to return 5 million to the company within this week.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing returned home to have his breakfast.

Yu Meixia had gone out to send Yu Qianqian to school, and Dong Xuebing laid down on the leather sofa. He had thought of buying a car but felt it would attract too much attention. After the Jin Di Mansion case, Dong Xuebing had become a well-known figure in the County. Since he had already attracted so much attention, buying a new car does not matter much. Dong Xuebing’s character is also not the type where he will remain low-profile, and having his car is more convenient.

How much is needed to buy a car?

Hmmm… let’s stop thinking about getting a car now. I need to make money first!

Dong Xuebing thought deeply. He had accumulated quite a lot of BACKs during this period. Although he had used it recently, there should be around 20 minutes left. Should I go and look for authentic antiques? That requires luck and cannot be accomplished within 1 or 2 days. Stone Gambling? There are no stone gambling places nearby. Trade commodities? I am not good at trading, and I might lose money if I am not careful. Hmmm… what’s left is only stocks. Dong Xuebing is familiar with shares trading, and he made his first pot of gold through the stock market. At that time, he only got 1 minute of BACK and had lots of limitations. But now, he has around 20 minutes. He will have more opportunities to make money.

The door opened.

Yu Meixia had returned home after sending her daughter to school. She wore clothes that covered up most of her body.

Dong Xuebing saw her and laughed. “Sister Yu, it’s summer, and you are still wearing long sleeves and pants? You are not hot?”

Yu Meixia lowered her head and said softly. “I… I will change to a slip dress.”

Dong Xuebing heard her and said. “Errr… I don’t mean anything. You just wear what you want.”

Yu Meixia still remembers Chief Dong mentioning that she looks sexy in a short slip dress. She bit her lips and returned to her bedroom. About 10 minutes later, she came out of her room in a short silky slip dress. This dress is not the usual dress she wore for sleeping. It’s a sexy black silk dress.

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “You just bought this?”

Yu Meixia quickly replied. “You are not around that day, and a neighbor brought me out to a shopping mall. She said I look good in it and I bought it for… I… I am not sure if I look good in it.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Of course! You are stunning.”

Yu Meixia blushed. “No… I feel… I look ordinary…”

If someone else said this, Dong Xuebing would think that a person is modest. But when Sister Yu said this, it is because she has low self-esteem. “Sister Yu, I need to tell you something which you might not like. Your character is too soft and has low self-esteem. You need to have more confidence in yourself. All of us are humans, and you don’t need to think so lowly of yourself. You are so pretty and have a good figure. If you don’t believe it, you can ask around. If you can find someone as pretty as you in the whole Yan Tai County… no… the whole Fen Zhou, I will follow your surname!”

Yu Meixia smiled embarrassedly. “Thanks for the compliments. I am not as pretty as what you said.”

Dong Xuebing could tell Yu Meixia is feeling happy. After all, everyone likes to be complimented. “You should start learning dancing. I heard dancing can make one more graceful and cultivate self-confidence.”

Yu Meixia replied softly. “Our neighbor also said the same things. But I don’t know the basics and dance lessons are… too expensive.”

“You can use my money first. How much is it?”

“No… No…” Yu Meixia refused. “You had helped us a lot, and I cannot keep getting money from you.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her. “Hahaha. Alright. Come to my room. I will trade shares and make some money for you.”

Yu Meixia got a fright and quickly waved her hands. “It’s too risky. My husband had played with shares in the past and lost a lot.”

Every time Dong Xuebing heard Yu Meixia mentioning her husband, he felt uncomfortable. He glanced at her and said. “You just need to buy the shares I bought. Do you think I will let you lose money? I know you don’t have a trading account, but you should have a few thousand RMB, right? You can use my account first, and I will pass you your profits.”

Yu Meixia nodded and didn’t say a word.

“Let’s go and look at the recent stock market. It’s been a while since I monitor the stock market.”

In the bedroom, Dong Xuebing sat down in front of his PC with Yu Meixia. They were looking at the stock market index graph.

After not following the market for about a year, the market index had dropped to a new low. About six months ago, the market was not doing well, and it fluctuated for a while before crashing two months ago. The line graph of the market almost looks like a playground’s slide, and almost all the shares in different sectors had dropped. The average drop of the shares is around 3%.

Yu Meixia saw the graphs and looked at Dong Xuebing. “I think… I think we should not buy shares.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the list of companies and frowned. “One of these shares will rise. With fluctuations means we will have a chance to make a profit.”

Yu Meixia did not know much about the stock market and kept quiet. She took out a cigarette for Dong Xuebing and lit it for him. She saw Dong Xuebing staring at the monitor, and she starts peeling melon seeds for him.

Dong Xuebing noticed what Yu Meixia was doing and just opened his mouth to wait for her to feed him.

Yu Meixia blushed and placed the peeled melon seeds one into Dong Xuebing’s mouth.

Dong Xuebing swallowed the seed and opened his mouth again.

Yu Meixia fed Dong Xuebing the second melon seed. This is a top-class service!

After eating more than a dozen melon seeds fed by Yu Meixia, Dong Xuebing became lazier. He doesn’t even want to pick up his glass of water himself. He made Yu Meixia hold his glass and few him water.

After a while, Dong Xuebing said. “Sister Yu, rest for a while and stop peeling.”

Yu Meixia put down the packet of melon seeds and picks up a paper fan to start fanning him. She was afraid Dong Xuebing would feel warm in the room.

Dong Xuebing could sense Yu Meixia’s thoughtfulness and said. “Stop fanning. There is air condition in the room. Come closer and look at the stocks together.”

Yu Meixia stop fanning and said. “I don’t know about stocks.”

“I will teach you. You know how to tell if the share prices rise or fall?”

“I know a bit.”

Dong Xuebing shamelessly said. “Can you see it from so far? Why do you sit on my lap?”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and whispered. “I… I can see it from here.”

“Cough… OK. I will teach you the basics of share trading. Do you see this? This means the prices are falling. The line is moving downwards. The fluctuations for all shares have a limit of 10%.”

Yu Meixia points to a share on the screen. “Why is this share dropping so much? It’s more than 10%.”

The code for this share is 002603, Yi Ling Medical. It should be a pharmaceutical share, and the current price is around 30 RMB.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “This is a new share, which means today is the first day of listing on the stock market. On the first day, there are no limits on the rise and fall of the prices. From the second day onwards, the 10% limitations will be imposed on it.” Nowadays, new listings cannot make money like before. That’s why Dong Xuebing was not surprised to see new shares’ prices plummet. After all, the overall market is not doing well.

Dong Xuebing patiently explained the stock market to Yu Meixia for the next few hours, while observing the fluctuations of the shares.

The market today was doing very poorly. The majority of the shares continued to fall slowly. This is not a good sign. Only a handful of shares rise, but the increase is only around 1 to 2 %. Dong Xuebing hesitated for a long time but did not use his BACK, as the profits are too little.

Around 2.30 pm.

“Sister Yu, help me monitor the market to see if any shares have high fluctuations.”

Yu Meixia gave Dong Xuebing a ‘not very confident’ reply. “… OK.”

There are only around 30 minutes before the market closed, and Dong Xuebing was bored. He went to the toilet, and when he came out, he looked at the clock in the living room. There’s still 10 minutes before 3 pm. He returned to the bedroom and saw Yu Meixia’s eyes glued to the monitor. She was moving the mouse around clumsily. Dong Xuebing laughed. “Are there any shares that shot up?”

Yu Meixia embarrassedly replied. “I… I don’t know how to use the mouse.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “It’s alright. Take your time. Let me see.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned when he looked at the list of shares. Eh, how come so many of the shares which had stopped trading from reaching the 10% limit resume trading? Dong Xuebing checked the index graph and understood what happened. A large number of funds had entered the market, and the index is on the rise. All the shares are also moving upwards slowly. Dong Xuebing felt his opportunity is here. He opened a new window to show the top winners and losers list. When Dong Xuebing clicked on the various shares to look at their price charts, a share caught his eyes!

Yi Ling Medical. This new share had jumped from having 20% losses to become one of the top winners today!

Dong Xuebing remembered this company’s share price was at around 30 RMB, and it’s more than 40 RMB now!

Dong Xuebing paused for a while. He never expects to get such an excellent opportunity. Under normal circumstances, the maximum fluctuation a share has in a day is around 20% because of the higher and lower limits. But because this company is a new listing, there are no limitations, and that’s why Yi Ling Medical has such high fluctuations today. Such opportunities are too rare.

OK! This is the share!

BACK 20 minutes!

Everything in front of Dong Xuebing’s eyes flashed!

Dong Xuebing appeared in the toilet and was about to remove his pants.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and rushed back into the bedroom. “Sister Yu, move aside, please!”

Yu Meixia got shocked and quickly let Dong Xuebing sit down in front of the PC.

Dong Xuebing quickly click on Yi Ling Medical to look at the graph. The share price of this company is still around 30 RMB. Dong Xuebing quickly opened up the trading software and transferred the 5 million in his bank account into his trading account. After that, he used all his money to buy Yi Ling Medical shares. Five million is not a small amount, and after using all 5 million to buy Yi Ling Medical shares, the price rose by 10 cents.

Yu Meixia gasped. “You… bought the shares?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “I had included your money too. Err… I will let you have 10,000 RMB.”

Yu Meixia turned pale and looked at the monitor. “Isn’t this share falling? You… you…”

“Don’t worry.” Dong Xuebing stood up and stretched. “We can stop monitoring the market now. We also cannot sell the shares today. We will continue tomorrow. Let’s go and watch TV.”

Yu Meixia frowned. “I… I still want to look at the stock market for a while.”

Dong Xuebing knew 10,000 RMB is a lot to Yu Meixia. He rubbed his nose and sat beside her.

Yi Ling Medical – 30.32 RMB.

1 second… 5 seconds… 10 seconds… the share price remained the same.

Suddenly, a transaction of a few thousand lots came in, and the share price shot up to 32 RMB. A few thousand lots are considered a high transaction because the share prices are considered high for these small companies.

Yu Meixia cheered. “It’s up! The share prices had gone up!”

Dong Xuebing smiled as he felt good to see Yu Meixia so happy. He seldom sees her so cheerful.

32 RMB…

34 RMB…

36 RMB…

In the following 10 minutes, the share price shot up, and when it almost reached 40 RMB, it dropped slightly. But after a while, a few more transactions came in, and the price exceeded 40 RMB!

In the end, Yi Ling Medical share price stopped at more than 40 RMB when the market closed.

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing excitedly. “Chief Dong, how did you know this share’s price will go up?”

Dong Xuebing lied. “Through analysis.”

“You… you are so smart.” Yu Meixia believed Dong Xuebing.

The next morning, Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia sat in front of the PC, waiting for the market to start trading.

Trading starts, but Yi Ling Medical share prices did not continue to rise. The current price is about the same as yesterday. Dong Xuebing does not have enough BACK to use and did not choose to hold on to the shares. When the market starts, he sold his 5 million worth of shares. After that, he checked his account, and his 5 million RMB had become 6.8 million!

1.8 million RMB of profits!!!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. This time, his returns are much higher than he went treasure hunting. But such opportunities are rare and uses a lot of his power. If not, Dong Xuebing will sit in front of the monitor every day.

Dong Xuebing shut down his PC and gave 4,000 RMB to Yu Meixia. “This is your profit from that 10,000 RMB.”

Yu Meixia looked at the stacks of money and hesitated. “I… I did not come out with any money. You should keep it.”

Dong Xuebing gave her a stare. “We agreed that you would invest 10,000 RMB, and these are the returns!”

Yu Meixia knew Chief Dong is using this as an excuse to give her money, and she is very grateful. “Thank you.”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 216 – God of Plague Xiao Dong

“Ah! Someone is dead! Someone is dead!”

“I said, putting flowerpots on the windowsill is dangerous! Look! Someone is hit by it!”

“The flowerpot had fallen from so high! I think that man is dead! He is so unlucky!”

“That’s right. Of all places, he went to stand underneath this family’s house. Sigh…”

Residents of the housing estate started to gather and looked at the bleeding Qian Fei. Dong Xuebing stood beside Qian Fei, looking at him coldly. He slowly took out his phone to call for an ambulance and reported this incident to the Public Security Bureau. He had to make these calls as many people were looking at him.

After a while, the Ambulance and police came.

The paramedics carried Qian Fei into the Ambulance, and some leaders from the Bureau alighted from the Police cars.

“Chief Dong! What’s going on?” Liang Chengpeng had come with Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong. Deputy Team Leader Feng and the rest alighted from another police car. Liang Chengpeng was shocked when he heard about this incident. How is it possible? Is this a coincidence? The Bureau was forced by the County’s Party Committee Secretary to release Qian Fei, and the next moment he is hit by a flowerpot?

After dealing with Qian Fei, Dong Xuebing was feeling much better. He explained. “Chief Liang, the whole incident is like this. I passed by here earlier and met Qian Fei. He insisted on chatting with me, and we took a stroll around this estate. When we are talking, there is a gust of strong wind and a loud crash. Before I could react, the flowerpot had landed on Qian Fei’s head. It’s the wind… Sighed…”

Deputy Team Leader Feng was stunned. Is this possible?

Hu Yiguo stared at Dong Xuebing. He does not believe what Dong Xuebing said and ordered two men to go upstairs to check.

Zhao Jingsong was also staring at Dong Xuebing. If this is planned, then Dong Xuebing is too stupid.

Liang Chengpeng and the rest of the officers were looking at Dong Xuebing with a heavy heart. Everyone suspects this incident is related to Chief Dong, as the grudge between both of them is not a secret in the Bureau. When the officers saw Qian Fei being carried into the Ambulance, they were cheering in their hearts. This person should just die. But if this is planned by Chief Dong, he will be in deep trouble.

Deputy Team Leader Feng walked over to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, you…”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “What? You think I hired someone to throw the flowerpot down?”

“Huh? No…” Deputy Team Leader Feng looked at Dong Xuebing’s expression and was not sure if this was planned.

About half an hour later, the investigation result was revealed.

Although Hu Yiguo does not believe, he had to admit this incident is an accident. The person living on the 8th story is an old jobless hooligan, and he had left the flowerpot on the windowsill two years ago. At first, there was only one flowerpot. An older man who often walks his dog near here saw it and went up to tell the old hooligan off. But the old hooligan refused to listen and even argued with him. After that, the old hooligan placed three flowerpots on his windowsill to spite the older man.

So, this flowerpot is not placed on the windowsill today. It was placed there before Dong Xuebing was even transferred to Yan Tai County. Also, the residents at the estate can verify the sudden gust of strong wind. Now, it can confirm Dong Xuebing had nothing to do with this incident. This is purely an accident.

Liang Chengpeng was relieved. In his heart, he knew Dong Xuebing might be rash, but he will not do something like this.

Deputy Team Leader Feng was thrilled to hear Chief Dong is cleared of suspicion. This is coincident! Hahaha… Serve him, right! This is called Karma! Other than Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong, no one at the scene pitied Qian Fei, as Qian Fei is the mastermind behind Jin Di Mansion. This is retribution! Even if you escape from the law, heavens will take care of you!

The next day, Dong Xuebing did not go to work in the morning. He went to the County’s People’s Hospital.

Dong Xuebing had gone to visit Qian Fei with ill intentions. Nothing much was heard after Qian Fei was carried into the Ambulance. Dong Xuebing only knew that Qian Fei had undergone emergency surgery and was unconscious after that. He is still in critical condition, and Dong Xuebing knew if Qian Fei is not dead, his family members will be in danger. Another reason why Dong Xuebing wants to visit Qian Fei is to see the attitude of his family. He needs to know if they blame him for what happened to Qian Fei, and get prepared for any revenge.

Dong Xuebing went upstairs and asked a nurse about Qian Fei’s ward.

The door of the ward is opened, and Publicity Department’s Head, Qian Shen, was sitting at his unconscious son’s bed, looking at him.

“Director Qian.” Dong Xuebing entered the ward with a bag of fruits. “How’s Xiao Qian?”

Qian Shen saw Dong Xuebing and pointed at him. “Get out!”

Dong Xuebing shook his head and put down the bag of fruits. He took a glance at Qian Fei before he left.

Qian Shen did blame Dong Xuebing for what happened. If Dong Xuebing did not investigate Jin Di Mansion, his son will not be arrested, will not appear at the foot of the building with Dong Xuebing, and will not be hit by the flowerpot! Everything happened because of Dong Xuebing! Qian Shen swore that if anything happens to his son, he will not let Dong Xuebing off!

In the corridor, Dong Xuebing could tell what Qian Shen was thinking, and he frowned. He needs to prepare himself against Qian Shen’s revenge.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing heard Qian Shen’s cries behind him. “He’s awake! Xiao Fei is awake! Doctor! Where is the Doctor?!”

Dong Xuebing turned back. Is he awake? Qian Fei is alright? Damn! What is his head made of? How can he still be fine after this accident?

A few doctors and nurses ran into the ward. Even the hospital’s director also came down from upstairs.

Dong Xuebing did not enter the ward, as Qian Shen does not welcome him. But he did not leave the hospital either. Dong Xuebing needs to know Qian Fei’s condition, and he went to the lobby to wait. After about 1 hour, Dong Xuebing returned to outside of Qian Fei’s ward. Dong Xuebing saw a doctor coming out of the ward, and he stopped him.

“Is Qian Fei, alright?”

“You are?”

“I am from Public Security. How is Qian Fei’s condition now?”

The doctor hesitated and did not reveal Qian Fei’s condition. “You will know when you see him.”

Dong Xuebing walked to the entrance of the ward and took a glance at Qian Fei. The next moment, Dong Xuebing saw something shocking. Qian Fei was sitting on the bed, smiling at Qian Shen. His eyes were hollow and were drooling. The ward also had a strong urine smell. Dong Xuebing looked at Qian Fei’s bed, and there was a wet patch. Qian Fei should have peed in the bed!

Qian Shen was crying. “Xiao Fei! I’m your father!”

Qian Fei was still smiling like a fool and pulled the hospital equipment around him.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and left for the doctor station. “Doctor, Qian Fei…”

A doctor in his white gown sighed. “You are his family member? Qian Fei’s brain had suffered serious injuries, and we had informed the family members to be prepared for this to happen before the surgery. We had tried our best. At least, his life is saved.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “What are the chances of recovery?”

The doctor shook his head. “It’s impossible for him to recover fully. He might be like this for the rest of his life…”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Thank you.”

After leaving the hospital, Dong Xuebing looked at the sky and stretched. An idiot will not pose any danger to his family members. Qian Fei’s current condition should be worse than death. This is his retribution! But it’s not the heavens who did this. It was Dong Xuebing who used his powers to serve Qian Fei his retribution!

Dong Xuebing smiled and reminded himself that Qian Shen would take revenge for his son…

Back at the Bureau, Dong Xuebing continued to think of strategies to deal with the coming revenge.

Dong Xuebing did not expect revenge to start so soon!

At around noon, almost all the internet forums in Yan Tai County and Fen Zhou City published an article <Public Security Deputy Chief smashing up a Mercedes Benz>. The article even states the names of the people involved. Yan Tai County’s Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief had smashed a Mercedes Benz in front of the wedding convoy. The article described how Dong Xuebing disregarded the law and abused his powers. A few pictures of Dong Xuebing in front of his mother’s house were posted. Luckily, the pictures only showed the damaged Mercedes Benz and not showing Dong Xuebing’s men bashing up the vehicle.

Dong Xuebing’s face changed and clicked open a Yan Tai County’s online forum. There were all sorts of replies.

“The policemen now… Sighed…”

“Government officials like this must be terminated! He is a menace to society!”

“I know Chief Dong. He had done a lot for the people. He dares to arrest the people with backings and has a good reputation.”

“You won’t know what he is thinking inside!”

Dong Xuebing looked at the time of posting. It’s been half an hour, but the related department still did not remove these articles, which will tarnish the County’s image. Dong Xuebing immediately knew this must be the work of Qian Shen! This is his revenge. During a county government meeting in the afternoon, the County’s Party Committee Secretary even mentioned Dong Xuebing’s name and reprimanded him! This is the start of a storm!

Ring, ring, ring… Liang Chengpeng called Dong Xuebing.

“Xiao Dong, you must be prepared to be transferred. Sigh…”

Dong Xuebing was not surprised. “The Party Secretary is going to deal with me?”

“The orders will be out soon, and you might be demoted.” Liang Chengpeng knew the smashing of the Mercedes is only an excuse. Qian Shen is determined to take revenge for his son. Liang Chengpeng does not know how Qian Shen persuaded the County’s Party Secretary, Chang Lei, and why Chang Lei stood by Qian Shen. Chang Lei had ignored how others looked at him and helped Qian Shen with his revenge. No one dares to go against Chang Lei to protect Dong Xuebing! Liang Chengpeng was puzzled why Chang Lei helped Qian Shen to release Qian Fei when he was arrested and now, helped Qian Shen to deal with Dong Xuebing. Why is he doing all these? Could it be that he is also involved with Jin Di Mansion?

Dong Xuebing smiled to himself in his chair. Even the County’s Party Committee Secretary wants to deal with him?!

The next moment, everyone in the Public Security Bureau is talking about this.

Too many things had happened these few days. Just when everyone heard about Qian Fei becoming an idiot, news of Chief Dong getting transferred had spread. Many officers, especially Deputy Team Leader Feng, felt unjust. Everyone knew who was the one who cracked the Jin Di Mansion case. Now, not only the person who solved the case was not rewarded; he was even demoted and transferred? Compared to solving the murder cases and getting evidence of the Casino, the Mercedes incident is only a small matter. Furthermore, it’s the people from Jin Di Mansion who tried to find trouble by blocking the wedding convoy with that Mercedes. Now, Chief Dong is going to get demoted because of this?! This is so disappointing!

But the County’s Party Secretary had given out the order, and no one can do anything.

Dong Xuebing also felt this way. It might not be a problem to deal with Qian Shen. But if Secretary Chang got involved, there is no way he can escape. It’s useless even if he sought help from Xie Huilan. This is out of reach from Sister Xie, but Dong Xuebing did not regret what he had done. He did not do anything wrong. Jin Di Mansion must be shut down, and Qian Fei must be punished. Dong Xuebing does not have any regrets!

Just when everyone thought Dong Xuebing’s career was finished, something unexpected happened!

Ma Dakai reversed his confession! He heard Qian Fei had become an idiot and had no chance of recovery, and Ma Dakai changed his statement!

Maybe Ma Dakai was threatened by Qian Fei, and he dare not testified against him. But once Ma Dakai heard about Qian Fei, he immediately spilled everything out. He admitted Qian Fei is the owner of Jin Di Mansion, and everything, including the murders and Casino, was ordered by him. He was only acting under Qian Fei’s instructions. All the earnings from Jin Di Mansion were taken by Qian Fei, and he had only taken a small portion. He requested for leniency as he is not the mastermind and promised he would assist the police to get more evidence.

Deputy Team Leader Feng’s man was the one who had interrogated Ma Dakai. He knew Ma Dakai’s confession had an impact on the outcome of the case, and immediately reported to Deputy Team Leader Feng.

Old Feng was troubled when he heard from his subordinate. Qian Fei had become an idiot, and the County’s Party Secretary had ordered to close this case. Now… can they still carry on with the investigation?

Deputy Team Leader Feng could not make the decision and called Dong Xuebing to discussed it with him.

Dong Xuebing said. “Old Feng, I am going to be transferred. You should report this to Chief Liang.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng seriously replied. “Chief Dong, as long as you are still around, you will always be my leader! I will only follow your orders!” Deputy Team Leader Feng was not saying this to make Dong Xuebing feel better. This was from the bottom of his heart. Not only him, the rest of the detectives, felt the same after working with Dong Xuebing on the Jin Di Mansion case. Dong Xuebing had shown his character, abilities, and capabilities, especially his guts, to stand up against those higher than him! This was what impressed Deputy Team Leader Feng the most!

Chief Dong had clashed with Hu Yiguo more than once…

Chief Dong had clashed with Yu Zhengzhi…

Chief Dong had clashed with Publicity Department’s head, Qian Shen…

These three people are of higher rank than Chief Dong, and all of them had strong backings and powerful connections.

Anyone who wants to go against these people must think twice. But Chief Dong did not even bat an eyelid! He did not care who his opponents are!

Dong Xuebing laughed. What Old Feng said had warmed his heart. “What do you think we should do?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng hesitated for a moment and said. “I want to carry on with the investigation! The person responsible must be held responsible!”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Then let’s investigate! We will get to the bottom of this! But you must not get involved as this is too sensitive. I will investigate this myself!”

“Chief Dong, I…”

Dong Xuebing laughed and interrupted Deputy Team Leader Feng. “I am going to transfer out anyway. I am not afraid of offending others!”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing went to see Ma Dakai. When he reached, Ma Dakai had confessed a lot to add on to Qian Fei’s crimes. At the end of his confession, Ma Dakai gave Dong Xuebing an address. It’s the address of Qian Fei’s mistress, and she is Qian Fei’s most trusted woman. The police had only recovered a small sum of money from Ma Dakai, and most of Qian Fei’s money is kept with this woman. This woman might have more evidence.

So, Dong Xuebing brought two men with him to that woman’s house.

Qian Fei’s mistress, in her thirties, might have gotten news of what’s happening and was packing her belongings to escape. But her plans to escape was foiled by Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing did not care about the search warrant and start searching for her apartment!

The evidence found in the apartment shocked Dong Xuebing!

They found a bank book with more than 20 million RMB in it. Besides the bank book, there was an envelope containing a few photographs of a couple. All the photographs were showing the couple hugging, and hugging and the man were wearing sunglasses in every photo. But when looked closer, that man is the County’s Party Secretary Chang Lei!

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. No wonder Chang Lei helped Qian Shen against him. Qian Shen had a hold on Chang Lei! Other than these photographs, Qian Fei and Qian Shen might have other evidence, like giving money to Chang Lei, to threaten him. Secretary Chang should be afraid of Qian Shen, exposing him to his current state of mind and helped them? Or are there other things which Dong Xuebing still had not found out?

Dong Xuebing slowed down his breathing and knew the seriousness of this situation. This had gone beyond his power.

Dong Xuebing called Liang Chengpeng immediately and told him about the evidence he found.

Liang Chengpeng thought for a while and said. “Don’t let anyone know about this and wait for my call.”

About 15 minutes later, Liang Chengpeng called. “Xiao Dong, I will bring someone with me over now. Let me handle this!”

Dong Xuebing could tell the County’s Mayor behind Liang Chengpeng, is going to act.

Dong Xuebing is too low level to interfere with the politics of the higher-ups. He gave the evidence and Qian Fei’s mistress to Liang Chengpeng and returned home. He still felt uneasy and wondered how many people will be implicated by the evidence he found. Will the evidence unseat Chang Lei? If Chang Lei is removed from his position, will I get to keep my rank?

Dong Xuebing’s guess was right!

Yan Tai County Government is in an uproar!

The next day, the Head of Publicity Department, Qian Shen, was taken away from the Commission for Discipline Inspection for corruption. Dong Xuebing guessed it must be the transaction recorded from that bank account found in Qian Fei’s mistress house. Every transaction will leave trails, and Chief Liang must have used these clues to get Qian Shen. The following day, County’s Party Secretary Chang Lei was transferred to the Provincial Museum.

Everything happened so suddenly!

County Mayor Xiang had been tolerating Chang Lei and reserving his strength since the day he was transferred here. Now, he finally got the chance to get rid of his opponent in one deadly blow!

But in the County Public Security Bureau, there was more discussion about Chief Dong than the changes in the County Party Committee.

“I heard Chief Dong is not leaving and is still rewarded with credit.”

“Eh, Secretary Chang had just wanted to transfer Chief Dong away, why did he got transferred himself?”

“Isn’t Director Qian the same? He had just tried to revenge for Qian Fei and in the end… he is arrested for corruption.”

“That Qian Fei is unlucky. He had just left the Bureau for slightly more than an hour, and he met Chief Dong. Both were just chatting, and a flowerpot fell on his head, and he becomes an idiot.”

“I heard the Jin Di Mansion’s case’s investigation had implicated Chief Hu, and he was given a warning from the higher-ups.”

The officers suddenly stopped chatting and took a deep breath!

They were shocked when they think back about what happened!

Those who had gone against Chief Dong had all gotten themselves into trouble.

Everyone knew about the clashes between Dong Xuebing and Hu Yiguo. Since the start of their rivalry, Hu Yiguo had never won against Chief Dong. He even received a warning because of Dong Xuebing. Qian Fei also had grudges with Chief Dong, and what happened in the end? Jin Di Mansion was shut down, and Qian Fei became an idiot. The former County Party Secretary Chang Lei and Qian Shen wanted to demote and transfer Chief Dong. But less than a day later, one of them is arrested for corruption, and the other was transferred to a powerless position!


Everyone was shocked by the outcome of those who had gone against Dong Xuebing. Is Chief Dong the reincarnation of the disaster star? Everyone who had gone against Chief Dong suffered.

The most miraculous was the flowerpot incident. Of all places, it landed directly on Qian Fei’s head!

Soon, Fire Fighter Dong Xuebing had a new nickname in Tai Yan County. God of Plague Xiao Dong!

After work, Dong Xuebing noticed everyone in the Bureau looking at him differently and hiding from him. He thought to himself. What is wrong with everyone? Do I look so scary? When Dong Xuebing heard of his latest nickname from Qin Yong, he cursed! God of Plague?! What the hell is this nickname?! It’s too degrading!

Dong Xuebing did not feel that he had brought misfortune to others. God of Plague?! Who did I harm to get this nickname?!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 215 – The Flowerpot from above

A few days later, Dong Xuebing met the Deputy Team Leader Feng outside of the Bureau’s main gate.

“Old Feng, how’s the progress on Jin Di Mansion’s case?”

“Thanks to you, all of them, except for Qian Fei and Ma Dakai, confessed.”

“Them? What can they do with all the evidence pointing to them?”

“That’s right. I think this case can be close soon.”

The day after the body was discovered, this case was no longer under Dong Xuebing. Jin Di Mansion is involved in 2 death cases, and things had got out of proportion. The higher-ups had imposed lots of pressure on the Bureau, and Liang Chengpeng had to take over this case. The Prosecutor Office also got involved with the investigation. Dong Xuebing was the most junior among the County Public Security’s Deputy Chiefs, and he is not suitable to lead such a significant case. However, Dong Xuebing will still get the credit he deserves in this case. Since that day, all the officers in the Bureau looked at Dong Xuebing differently.

After walking up the stairs, Dong Xuebing met Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong. They looked exhausted as if they had worked on Jin Di Mansion’s case for countless nights. But Dong Xuebing guessed they should be finding ways to help Qian Fei clear his name. They are close to Qian Fei, and no one will believe they do not have any monetary dealings with Qian Fei. Qian Fei’s primary income source is from Jin Di Mansion. If the investigators found out, Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and Qian Fei’s father, Qian Shen, will not escape.

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Chief Hu, Chief Zhao, what are you two busy with? Haha.”

Hu Yiguo looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong? How come you are so early?”

Zhao Jingsong also gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “Chief Dong, you had contributed a lot to Jin Di Mansion’s case.”

Dong Xuebing pretended to be modest. “Oh… I’m just lucky. I will go upstairs now.”

After Dong Xuebing left, Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong looked at each other and smiled.

Dong Xuebing stepped into his office and frowned. He sensed something was off as Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong, had a worried look over the past few days. But today, they seem different and still have time to speak with Dong Xuebing. Did they confirm that Jin Di Mansion’s cases will not implicate them? But Qian Fei is still in custody, and who will know what he will say? What if Qian Fei decided to drag everyone down with him and spill the beans on Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong?

Wait. Something is not right!

Dong Xuebing did not expect this incident to drag Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and the rest in, as it is not possible. Now, Jin Di Mansion is shut down, and everyone directly involved is arrested. At least, Dong Xuebing can answer to the villagers and victims like Yu Meixia and Zhou Mei. But now, things might not go according to his plans.

Dong Xuebing immediately calls the Bureau’s Office. “Hello, Director Hu? I’m Dong Xuebing.”

Hu Silian laughed. “Chief Dong? What are your orders?”

“Haha, what orders? Sister Hu, stop joking with me. I just want to know if Qian Fei had confessed.”

Hu Silian paused for a while. “The case is handled by the investigation team, and I am not sure about the details. But on my way to work, I heard that Ma Dakai had confessed last night. He admitted that he is the one behind the Casino, death cases, and prostitution and Qian Fei is not involved. He claims that Qian Fei is only a regular at Jin Di Mansion and is his friend.”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “He dares to lie?!”

“But…” Hu Silian continued. “The evidence did not show Qian Fei is directly involved. Qian Fei might have prepared for this when he set up Jin Di Mansion. The person in charge, Manager, accounts, etc. had nothing to do with Qian Fei. After Ma Dakai confessed, he took out an ATM card, which has more than 10 million in the account. It’s the Casino’s earnings. He had taken over the full responsibility for this case.”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath in. “That means Qian Fei will go scot-free?”

Hu Silian Sighed. “I’m afraid so. Although many of the arrested said Qian Fei is a regular of Jin Di Mansion and is the boss behind the curtains, there is no evidence to prove it. Qian Fei had never admitted he is the boss, and he is meticulous not to leave any trails.”

Dong Xuebing was furious. “Ma Dakai wants to die? It’s two lives! Can he shoulder everything upon himself?”

Hu Silian said softly. “There… might be other matters.”

Other matters? Dong Xuebing understood what was going on. Qian Fei must have promised Ma Dakai a sum of money to his family or had threatened him with his family! Damn! Dong Xuebing was furious. He had put in so much effort, but still can’t put Qian Fei behind bars! Dong Xuebing knew Qian Fei is the mastermind behind the death cases and the rape case. If Qian Fei gets to escape, all his efforts will be wasted!

Ring, ring, ring… Hu Silian’s office phone rang.

Hu Silian said. “Chief Dong, please wait a while. I need to answer a call first.”

“Hello, Command Centre… What? Ok… I know.”

Hu Silian sighed and said to Dong Xuebing. “I need to tell you something. Qian Fei might be released soon.”

Dong Xuebing heard this and was about to explode. Even if they have no evidence against Qian Fei now, he also should not be released now. What is the F**k going on?

After hanging up the phone, Dong Xuebing went upstairs to the Bureau Chief’s office. Deputy Chief Gong Zhongwen, Deputy Chief Qin Yong, Deputy Chief Sun Changhong are all there. When Lian Chengpeng saw Dong Xuebing, he knew Dong Xuebing must have heard the news too. He gestured to Dong Xuebing to sit.

Dong Xuebing did not sit down. “Chief Liang, I heard we are going to release Qian Fei?”

“This is the decision made by the higher-ups.” Liang Chengpeng replied, and his eyes were spewing fire. He was also not satisfied with the orders from the higher-ups.

Sun Changhong frowned and said. “The higher-ups are taking this too lightly. No evidence? Even if we have no evidence now, but we can look for it.”

Qin Yong suppressed his anger and added. “That’s right. Many people had testified against Qian Fei, especially Ma San. How can the witnesses’ statements not be taken into consideration?! This is also evidence! As long as Qian Fei is involved with the death cases, there must be clues! If we release him now, he will get the opportunity to destroy all evidence, and we will miss the change to catch him again!”

Dong Xuebing said. “Chief Liang, I will get the evidence. We cannot release him now!:

Gong Zhongwen and Sun Changhong were involved in Liang Chengpeng’s previous raids on Jin Di Mansion. They could not get any evidence on their previous two raids and felt bitter. That’s why they paid close attention to the Jin Di Mansion case. But Jin Di Mansion was shut down now and found evidence linking them to two death cases and other related cases. But in the end, the main mastermind, Qian Fei, will be released because of ‘lack of evidence’?

Even the low-profile Gong Zhongwen also added. “On my way here, I heard that the investigators for this case are gloomy. Everyone had wanted to continue to investigate this case. Chief Liang, can we delay the release of Qian Fei? I believe no one will doubt Chief Dong’s investigation skills here. Let him go and gather the evidence.”

Liang Chengpeng replied angrily. “You all think I don’t want to pursue this case? It’s two death cases! Also, how many families suffered because of that Casino? But now, it’s the higher-ups who gave the order to release him immediately!” Liang Chengpeng also felt unjust. Although he is the one leading the investigation, the people from the prosecutor's office refused to cooperate with him, and the higher-ups had given the order! Liang Chengpeng is powerless against them!

Gong Zhongwen, Sun Changhong, and the rest sighed.

All these must be the works of Qian Shen. To save his son, Qian Shen had sought help from his connections in the higher-ups. Liang Chengpeng’s backing was not as powerful as the people behind Qian Shen. Lack of evidence is only an excuse. The real reason why Qian Fei can getaway is that his father is the Head of the Publicity Department!

Liang Chengpeng said. “There’s no point discussing this. Jin Di Mansion case is closed.”

Gong Zhongwen, Qin Yong, and the rest knew they were powerless to do anything and left.

“Chief Dong, please stay for a moment.” Liang Chengpeng called Dong Xuebing.

After the rest left, Liang Chengpeng rubbed his temples. “Xuebing, you had investigated this case from the start, and your helper is also involved. I know you will not accept this outcome. I feel the same too. But sometimes, giving in does not mean defeat. We still have other opportunities. Do you understand?” Gong Zhongwen and the rest are all senior officers, and Liang Chengpeng knew they would not create trouble. His only worry is Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing had a foul temper, and Liang Chengpeng is worried he might do something rash.

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Chief Liang, I will never give in as this is a matter of principle!”

Liang Chengpeng shook his head helplessly. “What do you want to do?”

Dong Xuebing replied firmly. “I will carry on with the investigation!”

“The higher-ups had given the orders to close this case. If you insist on investigating this case, you will be defying the County Government Leaders’ instructions.

Dong Xuebing replied firmly. “Who is bigger? The County’s leaders or our country’s law? Director Qian is bigger than the Party? I am doing the right thing now! I will investigate Qian Fei and give the people an answer! You want me to give in? How can I do that? County Government’s leaders? Even if the City’s Leaders, Provincial Leaders, or even the Central Government leaders are here, they also have to be reasonable and abide by the law! Just because he is the son of a County’s Party Committee member, he can be released and is above the law? Impossible!”

Liang Chengpeng points at Dong Xuebing. “You… Fine… you are right.”

Dong Xuebing replied angrily. “Chief Liang. I am not against you. I am talking about this case. If it’s only a case of injuring someone, it’s fine. But now, someone is killed in Jin Di Mansion! If we stop investigating just because a leader says so, does that mean their children can go around killing others? What’s the point of having Public Security?!” Dong Xuebing knew it’s pointless to say anything now. Liang Chengpeng also had his difficulties, and Qian Fei did not leave any concrete evidence.

Dong Xuebing thought by shutting Jin Di Mansion down, Qian Fei will be implicated and sentenced behind bars. Who would expect this to be so difficult!

Back in his office, Dong Xuebing thinks about what he should do. He must not let Qian Fei off! First, Dong Xuebing had a strong sense of justice, and secondly, it is his responsibility and duty to apprehend criminals. Thirdly, he had promised Yu Meixia. Lastly, which is also the most critical reason, Qian Fei will seek revenge! He even dares to murder someone, what else he doesn’t dare to do? Dong Xuebing’s mother, relatives, and friends will be in danger!

Dong Xuebing does not have enough time and could sense danger!

Qian Fei was released.

Lots of officers were upset when they heard about this. Even an idiot will know Qian Fei is the mastermind behind Jin Di Mansion. But now, the Bureau released him, and everyone was furious. No one had expected Yan Tai County to be so corrupted until they dare to cover up the law!

Deputy Team Leader Feng called Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, the officers who were involved in this case with you, are all furious. We had arrested them and gathered the evidence. But now… Chief Dong, what should we do now? We will follow your orders!”

A badly decomposed body, women forced into prostitution… as Deputy Team Leader Feng investigated further into Jin Di Mansion, he was outraged. One of the women forced into prostitution is his acquittances. She is from his hometown, and her husband was forced to use her to repay his gambling debts. Now, Deputy Team Leader Feng heard Qian Fei would be released, and he exploded!

Deputy Team Leader Feng did not call Chief Liang, as he knew Chief Liang would not step forward. Not everyone can withstand the pressure imposed by the County’s Party Committee. If there is someone in the Public Security Bureau that does not care about all these and dares to stand up against the County Leaders, it will be Chief Dong. After a few days of interaction, Deputy Team Leader Feng’s impression of Dong Xuebing is he is fearless. If not, he would not infiltrate into Jin Di Mansion with another officer. This is why when news of Qian Fei will be released, and he called Dong Xuebing first.

Dong Xuebing asked over the phone. “You all also want to carry on with the investigation?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “Yes. Should we carry on looking for evidence in secret or follow Qian Fei and see if he leads us to the evidence?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Qian Fei might look ordinary, but he is a cautious person. He should not leave any evidence behind.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng gritted his teeth. “Chief Dong, what should we do? We cannot let him go scot-free.”

Dong Xuebing felt better to receive Deputy Team Leader Feng’s call. But he does not want Deputy Team Leader Feng and the other officers to get into trouble. There are still some difficulties if the higher-ups want to deal with Dong Xuebing or Chief Liang. But if the leaders can deal with Deputy Team Leader Feng anytime. “ Old Feng, I am glad that you called. But you all should not get involved in this. Let me do it. Just let me know where Qian Fei is now.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng was moved. “Chief Dong, I’m not afraid!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Old Feng, listen to me!”

“I… I… sighed… Qian Fei should be at Chun Jiang Road. My men saw him entering a restaurant there.”

Dong Xuebing immediately went downstairs to look for Hu Silian to get the keys to the Buick and drove to Chun Jiang Road. Before he reached the restaurant, Dong Xuebing saw a parked Buick Regal. This should be Qian Fei’s vehicle. Dong Xuebing slowed down and saw Qian Fei using his phone there.

“Dad, don’t worry. I will not create trouble.” Qian Fei smiled and said.

Qian Shen, on the other side of the line, said. “This time, I begged all my connections to save you. In the future, you must stay away from those people.”

Qian Fei replied nonchalantly. “I know… Thank you, Dad.”

After hanging up the phone, Qian Fei had a cold smile on his face. His father mentioned ‘those people’ is referring to the hooligans and criminals. But Qian Fei can’t sever ties with them. Jin Di Mansion was shut down, and tens of millions are gone. How can he let this off so quickly? Qian Fei can’t wait to get back at Dong Xuebing. If he did not prepare in advance and found a scapegoat, he might have to spend the rest of his life in prison or face the firing squad!

Dong Xuebing! Just wait! After this period is over, I will deal with you!

Qian Fei had already targeted a few people in his mind. Luan Xiaoping, Yu Meixia, Yu Qianqian, Tang Jin, Luan Ying, and all other relatives of Dong Xuebing. An evil plan was formed in his heart to make Dong Xuebing suffer for the rest of his life!

Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocks on Qian Fei’s windows.

Qian Fei turns, and his face changed. “Dong Xuebing?”

Dong Xuebing stared at Qian Fei. “Qian Fei, don’t think everything is over.”

Qian Fei laughed and rolled down the window. “This is what I want to tell you. Don’t think everything is over.”

Dong Xuebing had thought of using BACK to interrogate Qian Fei and find out where are the evidence. But he felt it’s impossible. Even if he beat Qian Fei to death, he might not reveal anything. What to do? Dong Xuebing was at his wit's end.

Qian Fei laughed. “Chief Dong, we didn’t have the chance to chat during the last time we met. I always wanted to speak to you. Come, let’s take a walk.” Qian Fei was in a good mood to see Dong Xuebing so helpless. He alighted from his car and walked along the streets. “Oh, the air is so fresh. Chief Dong, I heard your mother is teaching at the County’s First Middle School. Is her name Luan Xiaoping? Haha, how’s her health?”

Dong Xuebing was getting pissed as he could tell what Qian Fei was hinting.

Qian Fei smiled. “You have to take good care of her. When people age, there might be problems with their health, right?”

Dong Xuebing was furious. “What are you trying to say?”

Qian Fei’s mood got better when he saw Dong Xuebing’s expression. He decided when everything calms down, and he will start his revenge with Luan Xiaoping first. “Hahaha… I just want to remind you to take care of your mother’s health.”

The sky is gloomy, and it’s about to rain.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind, and a loud crash was heard just in front of them!

Dong Xuebing and Qian Fei looked in front. Somebody’s flowerpot had fallen from the 8th story’s windowsill. The flowerpot shattered upon impact, and luckily, no passerby was hit. An older man, who was walking his dog, pointed to the 8th floor and scolded. The flowerpot had scared his dog.

Qian Fei turned back to Dong Xuebing and said. “I heard you have a younger cousin called Tang Jin? Is she pretty? Can you introduce her to me?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and suddenly had an idea!

“Qian Fei, you think you are going to be fine?” Dong Xuebing looked at Qian Fei.

Qian Fei shrugged his shoulders. “I am not going to be fine? What can happen to me? You all are the ones who accused me and should be glad that I did not sue you all! Hahaha…”

Dong Xuebing knew he must be decisive and should not be softhearted now. From what Qian Fei said, he might be planning to take revenge on Dong Xuebing’s family members. If Dong Xuebing misses this opportunity, it will be too difficult to deal with him!


This bastard should die!

Dong Xuebing’s face changed and shouted: “BACK 3 minutes!”

Time returned!

Dark clouds are still in the sky and are about to rain!

“Chief Dong, we didn’t have the chance to chat during the last time we met. I always wanted to speak to you. Come, let’s take a walk. Oh, the air is so fresh. Chief Dong, I heard your mother is teaching at the County’s First Middle School. Is her name Luan Xiaoping? Haha, how’s her health?” Qian Fei smiled and walked forward.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qian Fei and followed. “You better worried about your health first.”

Qian Fei laughed. “Haha… me? I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.”

Dong Xuebing suddenly changed his pace. “Walk this way. I want to talk to you.”

Qian Fei was surprised and thought nothing about it.

As they walked nearer to the red building, Dong Xuebing secretly looked up and walked across the lawn. He stood under the building, and Qian Fei walked towards him. Dong Xuebing looked at Qian Fei and waved to him. “Come, nearer.”

Qian Fei did not move. “I don’t want to be near you. What do you want to say?”

Dong Xuebing took out a cigarette and offered to Qian Fei. He then took out a lighter and offered to light the cigarette for him.

“What?” Qian Fei was surprised by Dong Xuebing’s actions. He did not smoke Dong Xuebing’s cigarette and threw it on the floor. After that, he took out his own Zhong Hua Cigarettes. The lighter was some distance from him, and Qian Fei walked four steps forward to light his cigarette.

At this moment, there was a gust of strong wind!

Swoosh! A flowerpot fell from the windowsill!

10 meters…

5 meters…

3 meters…

Crash! The flowerpot landed directly on Qian Fei’s head!

Qian Fei did not even have time to shout, and he collapsed on the ground!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 214 – Jin Di Mansion close down

From outside of Jin Di Mansion, several armed Police officers rushed in. Dong Xuebing asked Deputy Team Leader Feng and Chu Feng to lead them to arrest Ma Dakai, Ma San, the mid to high-level staff, and the ones who had gambled in the Casino earlier. Almost 30 people were arrested. Qian Fei is in the shadows, and currently, there is no evidence pointing to him. The staff, who were not in Jin Di Mansion, were arrested in their homes.

Now, Jin Di Mansion is in a mess, and everyone involved was scared.

Qian Fei, who was having dinner with a friend, received news of the gambling raid in Jin Di Mansion. Dong Xuebing had found evidence of Casino there. Crash!!! Qian Fei flipped the table in anger. Plates and bowls of food were thrown all over the place. Dong Xuebing! I will kill you!

About 20 minutes later, a few vehicles arrived at the entrance of Jin Di Mansion.

Liang Chengpeng had called for a meeting at the crime scene, and Hu Yiguo, Qin Yong, Zhao Jingsong, Hu Silian, and the rest had arrived.

In an office located in Jin Di Mansion. Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing. “How’s the situation now?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “We have arrested about 30 people involved, and we are questioning them separately to gather more evidence.”

Hu Yiguo said with an angry expression. “It’s only a gambling raid. Do you need to arrest so many people? You are making a big fuss over a minor issue!”

Dong Xuebing stared at Hu Yiguo. “Chief Hu, if it is only related to gambling, it is a big fuss. But you should know about the reports filed by the villagers. Jin Di Mansion’s Casino is related to several cases of death and rape. In the past, we don’t have evidence. Now, we have evidence that Jin Di Mansion is operating an illegal Casino. Of course, we must investigate all these reports thoroughly. If these cases are considered minor issues, what are the serious cases? Am I making a big fuss?”

Other than a few people, the rest of the leaders in the Public Security only heard about the gambling raid. They don’t know about the details, and Qin Yong was one of them. He asked. “Chief Dong, what’s the progress of this case? Have you recovered the gambling tools and how much gambling money is seized?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “3.5 million.”

Zhao Jingsong took a deep breath, and his face changed.

Hu Silian and Qin Yong were stunned. So much money is seized? Jin Di Mansion had always been cautious, and Chief Liang had searched here twice with no results. How did Chief Dong get these pieces of evidence? How come Chief Dong can solve any case?

Liang Chengpeng was in a good mood, but he maintained his composure. “Let me tell you all the details. In the afternoon, Chief Dong and an officer entered Jin Di Mansion to gather evidence. Chief Dong had put himself in danger to enter the Casino and won 3.5 million cash there. At the same time, he found the location where the Casino hides their gambling tools. These are critical evidence in this case.”

Won 3.5 million?

The gambling money is won by Chief Dong through gambling?

Qin Yong and Hu Silian looked at each other. The first thought that came to their minds is Dong Xuebing is too capable. Other than him, who can win so much money through gambling? It’s almost impossible. But Chief Dong managed to pull it off. How did he win so much money?

Hu Yiguo knew the Casino had tight security, and even if the Police conducted a surprise check, they would not find the money. When he heard Dong Xuebing had seized the gambling money, he doesn’t believe it. But after hearing from Liang Chengpeng, he finally understood how Dong Xuebing got his hands on the gambling money. This is too despicable. “As a leader with the Public Security, how can you participate in gambling? Chief Dong! This is entrapment! According to the law, the evidence acquired through this method cannot be used in court!”

Dong Xuebing sneered. “What is the definition of entrapment? It is when a law enforcer lured someone, who had no intention of breaking the law, to commit a crime. When I enter Jin Di Mansion, they are already engaging in illegal activities. I am only preventing Jin Di Mansion’s staff from removing the evidence. How can this be considered entrapment?”

Hu Yiguo replied coldly. “We are law enforcers, and we should not gamble! Nonsense!”

Dong Xuebing was not afraid of getting in arguments. “Are you telling me that there is no Casino in Jin Di Mansion, and we should release everyone?”

Hu Yiguo gave Dong Xuebing a stare. “When did I say I want to release them? I only want to remind you of how you should act!”

Dong Xuebing looked at Hu Yiguo. “Be it a black cat or a white cat; it's a good cat as long as it can catch mice. The extraordinary case requires extreme measures! If I did not use this method, I would not have control over Jin Di Mansion’s gambling money. We will not find a single cent in the Casino, and who will help the villagers air their grievances? When can we solve these cases?”

Hu Yiguo was furious. “You…”

“Enough!” Liang Chengpeng banged on the table. “Chief Dong had done a good job!”

One sentence from Chief Liang ended the argument, and Hu Yiguo can only clench his fist silently.

Liang Chengpeng announced. “Chief Dong, you are the one who got the evidence, you will continue to follow up on this case. You will head the investigation team and gather information on all the cases related to Jin Di Mansion!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Thank you for your trust. I will complete this mission!”

Liang Chengpeng nodded. Xiao Dong is different from others. When other people take over a case, they will think of excuses in the event of failing to solve the case first. No one will dare to claim they will solve it. But Chief Dong’s reply is the same every time. “I will complete this mission!” This showed his confidence and feels good to hear it. The result? All the tasks given to him were completed! What is this called? Capability!

After leaving the room, the rest of the leaders left Jin Di Mansion, except for Hu Silian and Qin Yong.

Qin Yong went up to Dong Xuebing with a smile. “Chief Dong, I was still thinking of playing mahjong with you during the Labor Day holidays. Luckily you went to Beijing. Hahaha… I will not dare to play mahjong with you in the future.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am lucky today.”

Hu Silian asked curiously. “What did you play in the Casino?”


Roulette seems to have nothing to do with skills or techniques. Qin Yong paused for a few seconds and asked softly: “Are there any techniques to win?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s just some small tricks.”

Qin Yong points at Dong Xuebing. “You… you are always so humble. I heard you are a marksman. Let’s practice together someday. Haha…”


On the side, Hu Yiguo is on the phone with Qian Fei.

Hu Yiguo suppressed his anger and said. “Chief Liang had let Dong Xuebing handle this case. I cannot interfere.”

Qian Fei asked. “What did they find?”

“They found 3.5 million of gambling money and gambling tools. The death cases are still under investigation, but they don’t have any evidence yet.” Hu Yiguo paused for a while and said. “You better go into hiding for now. I can tell Chief Liang wants to get to the bottom of these cases. They might find some evidence against you…”

Qian Fei snorted. “Don’t worry. My men’s lips are tight, and they will not find out anything.” Qian Fei trusted his men and knew they would never betray him. His men are worried about their family members’ safety. Even without Jin Di Mansion, one word from Qian Fei can let their family members disappear.

But things did not go according to Qian Fei’s expectation.


“Team Leader Feng, what have you find out?” Dong Xuebing walked over to Deputy Team Leader Feng.

Deputy Team Leader Feng frowned. “We had questioned all of them, and no one revealed anything. They even denied the Casino, let alone the death cases. Sigh… these people’s lips are tight. I think they had received instructions not to reveal anything to the Police by someone.”

Dong Xuebing rubbed the center of his brows. “What else did we find in Jin Di Mansion?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “On the second floor, we found a group of prostitutes. Most of them are locals in Yan Tai County, and two of them claimed to be forced into prostitution by Jin Di Mansion’s people to repay their husbands’ debts.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. There’s enough evidence for the gambling and prostitution charges. Even if these people don’t say anything, they will still be charged. But the charges are too light. Dong Xuebing wants to solve those death cases, and he might find clues linking Qian Fei, Hu Yiguo, and the rest to those cases.

“I will interrogate them.” Dong Xuebing decided to interrogate the arrested suspects personally.

“Who do you want to question?”

“Ma San. This person is close to Qian Fei and should know a lot of things.”

“Ok. I will make the arrangements.”

“Oh, after I enter the room, don’t let anyone interrupt me. No matter what happens, don’t enter the room.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng’s heart skipped a beat and nodded. What is Chief Dong going to do? Force a confession through torture?

In a small room, Dong Xuebing met Ma San, who was handcuffed. He was sitting down with a laid-back attitude, humming a tune. But if you observe him, you could tell he was panicking from his eyes. His reaction was only a cover-up. Dong Xuebing smiled and locked the door behind him.

Ma San looked up. “Oh, Chief Dong.”

Dong Xuebing sat down in front of him. “Tell me everything. Do you know Yu Zhuang? How did he die?”

Ma San asked with a blank expression. “Who is Yu Zhuang? I don’t know him.”

Yu Zhuang is Yu Meixia’s husband. Dong Xuebing continued. “About half a year ago, Yu Zhuang was lured to the Casino and lost a lot of money. The last time he left home, he said he is going to Jin Di Mansion. That was the last time he was seen, and his body is found beside a river. You don’t know him?”

Ma San replied. “Oh, it’s him? The Police had investigated and concluded he had committed suicide.”

Dong Xuebing said coldly. “Since you refuse to admit, then don’t blame me.”

Ma San was stunned and moved his body backward. “What are you going to do?”

Extreme measures must be used on these thugs. Dong Xuebing stood up and walked over to the desk to pick up a fountain pen. He removed the pen’s cover and walked over to Ma San. He pulled his chair closer and sat down. “My patience is limited. I will ask you again. How did Yu Zhuang die?”

Ma San looked at the pointed part of the fountain pen. “I don’t know!”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Fine.”

Ma San doesn’t believe Dong Xuebing will torture him. At most, Dong Xuebing would only punch him a few times, but to stab him with a fountain pen? Impossible! He is the County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief, and he will be in trouble if he dares to hurt a suspect. That’s why Ma San continued to feign ignorance.

But some things didn’t go according to his expectations.

Dong Xuebing did not say anything and used the fountain pen to stab Ma San’s thighs!

Ma San screamed in pain and pressed on his wound with his handcuffed hands. “Ah! Are you crazy?! What are you doing?!

Dong Xuebing asked calmly. “How did Yu Zhuang die?”

Ma San screamed. “Help! Help! Save me!”

Dong Xuebing looked at Ma San coldly and stabbed him on his shoulder with the fountain pen. Blood starts to flow out from his wounds.

“You are mad! Ah! You are crazy!” Ma San screamed. He is terrified now. “I will say! I will tell you everything I know! Yu Zhuang is beaten to death in Jin Di Mansion! Ah!” Ma San panted and continued. “It’s my 3rd Uncle, Ma Dakai, who ordered people to beat him up! We didn’t want to kill him. Yu Zhuang had owed us a lot of money, and my Uncle wants him to bring his wife and daughter over. But Yu Zhuang refused, and, in the end, he was beaten to death!”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Is Qian Fei related to this?”

Ma San was sweating from the pain. “Yes. But I don’t know the details as I am not at the scene. When Yu Zhuang was beaten to death, Qian Fei and my Uncle were there. After that, they called me, and another man by the name of An Zi, to dump the body by the riverside. Ah! I had told you everything I know! Hurry and stop the bleeding! Ah… Call the ambulance!”

Dong Xuebing looked at him coldly. “What about the other cases?”

Ma San replied. “That’s all I know!”

Dong Xuebing raised his hand the third time and stabbed the fountain pen into Ma San’s other leg. “Speak!”

“Ah!” Ma San screamed. “Stop! Please stop! I will tell you everything! There is another death case! Ah… it was about a year ago. He is not a local and had won over a million from the Casino. After he left, Manager Qian and my 3rd Uncle ordered us to snatch his winnings. But that man retaliated and still wanted to report us to the Police… in the end, my Uncle and his men beat him to death.”

Dong Xuebing did not know about this case. “What about the body?”

Ma San replied. “It’s… it’s… buried at the back of Jin Di Mansion.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Why didn’t you all bury Yu Zhuang’s body?”

“Because… he is a local. Many people know he is at Jin Di Mansion, and my Uncle says to make it look like he had committed suicide. That man is not a local, and no one knows he had been to Jin Di Mansion. That’s why we buried him!”

“Continue! What else do you know?”

“That’s all! Really! I had told you everything I know!”

Dong Xuebing looked at Ma San and said. “BACK, 3 minutes!”

The screams stopped!

Dong Xuebing felt giddy, and after he regained his senses, Ma San was sitting in front of him.

“Who is Yu Zhuang? I don’t know him.” Ma San refused to admit.

Time had returned to 3 minutes ago!

Dong Xuebing smiled coldly and lit a cigarette. “Ma San. Do you think I dare to arrest people without evidence? Ah? About half a year ago, your 3rd Uncle, Ma Dakai and Qian Fei were interested in Yu Zhuang’s wife and daughter. They tried to force Yu Zhuang to use his wife and daughter to repay his debts, but he refused and was beaten to death by you all. To make him look like he had killed himself, your Uncle asked you to dump his body by the riverside. Oh… someone by the name of An Zi was ordered to dump the body with you. Am I right?”

Ma San was stunned!

Dong Xuebing stared at him. “What else do you have to say?”

Ma San stood up and shouted. “No! It’s not what you said!”

Dong Xuebing slowly continued. “There is another case which happened about a year ago. A man from other provinces had won money in Jin Di Mansion. But in the end, you all killed him to snatch his winnings. After he was killed, you and your men buried him in the mountains behind Jin Di Mansion. Did this happen?”

Ma San’s face turned green. He couldn’t understand how Dong Xuebing got to know about this!

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You think we do not have evidence against you all? You think everything will be fine as long as you keep quiet?” Dong Xuebing stopped smiling and gave Ma San a kick to his stomach suddenly. “That’s two lives! You had taken away two lives!”

Ma San’s face was pale. He knew someone from Jin Di Mansion had leaked this information to the Police. But only a handful of people knows about these incidents. Even the other top management leaders do not know about this. Who is the betrayer?

Dong Xuebing continued. “Ma San. This are two murder cases. The body in the back mountains will be retrieved soon. If you want to atone your crimes, you better tell us everything you know. You should know what’s the punishment for murder! Death sentence! From the evidence we gathered, you will not see the sun for the rest of your life.”

Ma San panics. “No! It’s not me! Chief Dong! I did not kill them!”

Dong Xuebing banged the table. “If it’s not you, who is the murder?!”

Ma San quickly shouted. “It’s Da Tou! He is the one who killed the man buried at the back of Jin Di Mansion! He is not a staff of Jin Di Mansion! He is Qian Fei’s subordinate! I know where he lives, and I know where the body is buried. Can I get a lighter sentence? I did not kill anyone!”

Da Tou? Dong Xuebing had heard of this name more than once. Scarface had mentioned this name before. It’s this person who told him about Yu Meixia. So, Yu Meixia’s abduction is planned by Qian Fei!

Dong Xuebing was furious. “Stand up and come with me!”

After exiting from the room, Deputy Team Leader Feng, who was waiting outside, went up to Dong Xuebing. “Ma San…”

Dong Xuebing said. “He confessed.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng was stunned. “He confessed? What did he say?”

Dong Xuebing gave Ma San a piece of paper and got him to write down an address. He passed the address to Deputy Team Leader Feng and said. “A man by the name of Da Tou is living in this address. He is the main suspect of a murder case. You must arrest him before morning. Also, don’t let anyone know about this. You must bring one or two trusted men with you to arrest him. News of his arrest must not be leaked! Da Tou should not know we are going to arrest him yet, so you must act fast!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng nodded. “Don’t worry! I will not let him escape!”

Dong Xuebing paused for a while and lowered his voice. “Also, arrest Qian Fei secretly.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng was shocked. “Arrest him.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Only both of us know about this. Don’t tell anybody, including Chief Liang. Ma San had confessed that Qian Fei is involved in the murder cases. Just go ahead and arrest him. I will answer if anything happens! You must not let him escape!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng gritted his teeth and nodded.

Dong Xuebing had gotten Deputy Team Leader Feng’s respect now. Deputy Team Leader Feng had interrogated Ma San and the rest and did not get any useful information. But Chief Dong took less than 5 minutes to make Ma San confess! Sigh… Deputy Team Leader Feng was ashamed of himself. Maybe this is the reason why Dong Xuebing is a Deputy Bureau Chief, and he is only a Deputy Team Leader!

After Deputy Team Leader Feng left to arrest Da Tou and Qian Fei, Dong Xuebing locked Ma San in a room. He got Chu Feng and two officers to follow him to the back mountains. The location where the body was buried.

First shoveled…

Second, shoveled…

Third Shoveled…

After digging for a while, a badly decomposed body was exposed.

Dong Xuebing almost vomited and took a few steps back. His phone rang, and it was Chief Liang.

“What’s going on?” Liang Chengpeng’s tone was angry. “I heard you had arrested Qian Fei? You are too rash!”

Dong Xuebing replied slowly. “Chief Liang, Ma San had confessed and Qian Fei in involved. We found a body buried behind Jin Di Mansion and is related to a murder case that happened one year ago. The mastermind is also Qian Fei and Ma Dakai. We got both the witness and evidence. I think this is the right time to act.”

Liang Chengpeng paused for a few seconds. “So fast? You got the witness and the evidence?”


Liang Chengpeng laughed to himself. The investigation team was only set up a few hours ago. While everyone is prepared for a prolonged battle, you suddenly solved the case? You are too fast. “Good job! I will inform the higher-ups to give you credits! Cordon the area around the body! I will go over now!”

The body was dug out, and all the leaders in the County Government were alarmed. A Deputy County Mayor and the County’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission’s Secretary arrived at the crime scene!

Everyone knew that from this day onwards, Jin Di Mansion would be gone!

Jin Di Mansion had closed down!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 213 – God of Gamblers Xiao Dong

After dinner in the evening, Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng returned to their room.

The moment they entered the room, the phone rang.

“Good evening Sir. Are you ready?” It’s the female croupier in the afternoon.

Dong Xuebing snubbed his cigarette. “Yes. When is it starting?”

“The games had started. Please wait. I will bring you there.”

After a while, the female staff knocked on Dong Xuebing’s door and brought them deeper into Jin Di Mansion. After a series of turns and walking past a courtyard, they stopped in front of a massive door. It looks like the entrance of a high-end conference hall and two men in suits was standing guard outside. The female staff spoke to the men, and they started to search Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng’s body. Maybe they are worried that guests would bring recording devices or cheating devices into the Casino. They don’t even allow mobile phones.

After a while, one of the men nodded. “You can enter.”

The other man who was searching Chu Feng said. “He is fine.”

The door opened, and it was bustling with activities inside. Dong Xuebing entered and saw men and women crowding at a small table, staring at three dices. The dices jumped and knocked against each other before stopping, showing the number. Some of the people at the table laughed excitedly, and some slapped their foreheads in frustration. On the other side of the hall, there are several smaller rooms. It should be a place for people to play Mahjong or Three-card Brag. The bets here should be much higher than the rooms outside.

The hall was noisy, and Dong Xuebing could hear shouts, cheers, cursing, etc.

Chu Feng swallowed his saliva. “Boss, what are we going to play?”

Dong Xuebing has not decided and looked around. “Hmmm… let’s play roulette first.”

Chu Feng was nervous. Chief Dong only has slightly more than 20,000 RMB, and he only has a few thousand with him. Can they win a few hundred thousand with their capital? From the Three-card brag game earlier, Chief Dong’s gambling skills are not as excellent as he claims. Will this be a wasted trip? Chu Feng knew Chief Dong’s plan might work. But the problem is how are they going to win so much money from the Casino? This might be difficult even for an expert!

Roulette is common in Casinos.

Dong Xuebing had never played roulette before and didn’t know this is the US version, or the European version is. There are many sections on the wheel, and there are more than 30 numbers. Every number is either red or black. Dong Xuebing knew he could bet on the color or the numbers. The payouts for odd/even, red/black should be 1:1. Payouts for the numbers are higher. He can choose to bet on a single number, two numbers, or rows of numbers. As long as the small ball lands on the number which you bet, you win.

The roulette dealer is standing at the table with his hands on his stomach. He was waiting for the players to place their bets.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and asked. “Are there any limits? What’s the maximum bet?”

The dealer smiled. “Sir, we don’t have limits here. You can bet as much as you want.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the payout table. Hmmm…. The smallest payout 1:1 is the colors and odd/even. The biggest payout is a single number, and it’s 1:35. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and threw 5,000 RMB on the table. “Number 5.” This Casino is not like those legal Casinos where players use chips. They only accept cash.

The players around looked at Dong Xuebing as it’s rare to see people betting on single numbers.

Chu Feng was panicking. 5,000 RMB on the first bet, and it’s still on a single number? Is Chief Dong here to give the Casino money?

Even the craziest gambler seldom bet on a single number. There are more than 30 numbers on the wheel, and it’s almost impossible for the ball to land on the number you bet. If not, the payouts will not be 1:35. Most people will bet on odd/even, colors, for multiple numbers.

After everyone had placed their bets, the dealer spins the wheel.

After a few seconds, the dealer dropped the ball. Ta… ta… ta… The small ball jumped around on the wheel as the wheel spins. The wheel slowed down to a stop, and the ball rolled to number 13.

“Ah… Lost again!”

“Hahaha… I won!”

The dealer starts to collect money and issue the payouts to the winners.

Chu Feng moved closer. “Boss…”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand and took a deep breath. It’s time to start.

The players were throwing their money on the table, placing their bets.

The dealer smiled. “Are there any more bets? If not, I will start the wheel.”

“Wait.” Dong Xuebing thought for a while and threw 10,000RMB on the table. “Number 7. 10,000 RMB.”

Chu Feng sighed in his heart. He is betting on a single number again. What are the chances of winning? What is Chief Dong thinking?

The roulette wheel spins…

5 seconds…

10 seconds…

20 seconds…

Under the watchful eyes of the players, the small ball landed on 32 first, before jumping to the number 15 beside it!

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes. BACK 2 minutes!

Everything flashed!

The roulette wheel is stationary, and the players are placing their bets.

The dealer looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled. “Are there any more bets? If not, I will start the wheel.”

“Wait.” Dong Xuebing tried his best to use the same expression and tone and threw 10,000 RMB on the table. “Number 15, 10,000 RMB.” Because of the probability of the Butterfly effect, Dong Xuebing maintained the same movements and expressions. He does not want to influence the dealer and change his strength when he spins the wheel. If that happens, BACK will be useless.

The dealer spins the wheel.

30 seconds…

60 seconds…

80 seconds…

The wheel slowed down, and the small ball landed on number 17 and jumped to number 32. Dong Xuebing did feel some difference from before, and the ball bounced from number 32 to 15 and stopped. Dong Xuebing was relieved. That’s a small butterfly effect, but it did not change the result.

The dealer was stunned to see the ball stop on number 15.

The surrounding players looked at Dong Xuebing, thinking to themselves what a lucky man.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and clenched his fist tightly. 15! It’s number 15! This is winning the top prize!

Dong Xuebing smiled. “I won, right?”

“Congratulations. Please wait for a moment.” The dealer looked at Dong Xuebing and walked to a box not far away. He took out 350,000 RMB from the box and passed it to Dong Xuebing.

Chu Feng did not expect Chief Dong to be so lucky to pick the winning number from over 30 numbers. 350,000 RMB! They had accomplished their mission with this amount. Based on their plans, they should inform Chief Liang to send his men to raid this place. He waited for Dong Xuebing to give him the signal, but Chief Dong did not even look at him. He was continuing to gamble!

Chu Feng was stunned. What is Chief Dong doing?

Dong Xuebing wants to continue. 350,000 RMB is not sufficient to bring down Jin Di Mansion. Since he is here, he must make sure he shut down Jin Di Mansion with a heavy blow! Dong Xuebing wants to settle the score for Yu Meixia, Zhou Mei, and the villagers!

“Please place your bets.” The dealer smiled.

Dong Xuebing threw a stack of notes without thinking. “50,000 RMB on number 14.”

Dong Xuebing did not use BACK for the following few rounds and lost 5 to 6 times. He only has 100,000 left! It’s not that Dong Xuebing doesn’t want to win, but people will get suspicious if he wins every round.

The 7th round.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and pushed all his money forward. “100,000 RMB on number 8!”

The dealer and other players are used to Dong Xuebing’s crazy antics, and they continued with their bets.

The wheel starts spinning!

The small ball is moving along the wheel.

After about 1 minute, the wheel starts to slow down, and the ball stopped on number 33!

BACK 2 minutes!

Time returned to 2 minutes ago!

“Please place your bets.” The dealer had a smile on his face.

Dong Xuebing pushed his money forward. “100,000 RMB on number 33.”

But this time, the result is different from before. Maybe the dealer had used more strength. After around 1 minute, the ball did not stop on number 33. It stopped on number 17, and the number beside it is 33.

Dong Xuebing did not waste a second and mumbled: “BACK 2 minutes!”

Time returned to 2 minutes ago, again!

“Please place your bets.” The dealer said.

Dong Xuebing had hesitations in his heart as he pushed his money forward. “100,000 RMB… on number 17!”

The wheel starts spinning.

Chu Feng was staring at the small ball, and sweat was rolling down from his forehead. That’s all the money they have. If they lose, the plan to take down Jin Di Mansion will fail. What is Chief Dong thinking? How can he depend on luck to carry out this plan? It’s too risky!

When the ball stops, Chu Feng could not believe his eyes!


It’s number 17!

The dealer’s face changed and looked at Dong Xuebing!

“Dong Xuebing laughed. “I won… 3.5 million? It’s a big win!”

3.5 million??

The surrounding players were stunned when they heard Dong Xuebing! They started whispering among themselves. Since this Casino is opened, some people won more than 1 million RMB. But no one had ever heard of anyone winning 3.5 million! This amount is almost the Casino’s one-day takings!

Dong Xuebing looked at the dealer. “Are you going to give me my money?”

“Sorry. We need some time to prepare.” The dealer paused for a while and went to make a phone call on a counter beside.

Chu Feng looked at Chief Dong’s relaxed look and drew in a deep breath. Luck? Coincidental? Chu Feng felt roulette was a game of chance, but now, he doesn’t believe it. How can someone bet on the winning number twice? This is impossible! The probability is lesser than 1/1000! Chu Feng noticed both times Chief Dong bet on the winning number were when he does not have any money left. Coupled with what Chief Dong said before coming to Jin Di Mansion, Chu Feng has reasons to believe Chief Dong knew the winning number!!

But is this possible?

Chu Feng doesn’t believe it, but this is the fact! He was shocked. The more he followed Chief Dong, the more he discovers how miraculous Chief Dong is. Is there anything Chief Dong is not good at? He is an expert in unarmed combat! He is a marksman! Now, he proved himself to be an expert in gambling…

At the same time.

Ma Dakai, the ‘boss’ of Jin Di Mansion, and also the person in charge of Casino, is in his office talking to Qian Fei over the phone. They are discussing how to deal with the newly posted Deputy Bureau Chief Dong. Ma Dakai knew Jin Di Mansion is not clean, and he is eager to get rid of Chief Dong. If any Public Security leaders are going to pursue the murder case or other related cases, Jin Di Mansion will have to take precautions, and their businesses will be affected.

“We cannot be heavy-handed and blow up this matter.” Qian Fei grumbled.

Ma Dakai asked. “Yu Meixia’s incident should have given Dong Xuebing a warning, and I think he should not come after us anymore, right?”

Qian Fei replied. “Not necessary. We need to prepare against him. If he still wants to find trouble with us, then don’t blame me!” Qian Fei paused for a while and asked. “How’s the mansion? Are there any problems with the Casino?”

Ma Dakai laughed. “How can there be problems with the Casino?”

“It’s better to be careful. The other cases can be easily deal with as all the evidence had been destroyed. Even if anyone wants to touch us, they cannot do anything. But the Casino is the mansion’s weak point, and nothing must happen to it. If the Casino is caught, the mansion will be gone, and even my father cannot do anything. Understand?”

“Don’t worry. I am here.”

Ma Dakai and Qian Fei knew the Casino is Jin Di Mansion’s lifeline. Jin Di Mansion’s annual profits are not even the Casino’s one-week earnings. That’s why Ma Dakai took pains to set the location of the Casino in Jin Di Mansion. Also, if the Police are at the main entrance of Jin Di Mansion, Ma Dakai will still have a few minutes to move the gambling tools and money away. The Police will not get any evidence of the Casino.

Ring, ring… The phone on the desk rang.

Ma Dakai hung up with Qian Fei and answered the phone. “Hello.”

“Manager Ma, someone had just bet on a single number and won 3.5 million at the roulette table.”

Ma Dakai’s face changed. “3.5 million? How did he place his bets? Did he cheat?”

The dealer quickly replied. “I don’t think so. He bet on a single number every time, and I think he might be just lucky. Errr… should we pay him the money?”

Ma Dakai thought for a while. “Get his room number and pay him his winnings. But the roulette table must be close today. Tell the players that there is some problem with the roulette wheel and get someone to check it.” Ma Dakai must uphold the reputation of the Casino. If the Casino refuses to pay out the winnings, no one will come again. But Ma Dakai will not just payout 3.5 million like this. He plans to get the money back after this guest leaves!

Casino’s main hall.

The dealer carried a big box to Dong Xuebing. “This is 3.5 million. Please check.” The Casino has cash for its operations. But after paying out so much money, the Casino does not have much left.

Dong Xuebing nodded and looked at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng understood and went to check the amount.

After a while, Chu Feng said. “Boss, the amount is correct.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Can we continue?”

The dealer smiled. “Sorry. The roulette wheel has some problems, and someone will be coming over to repair it.”

The other players grumbled, but everyone knew what was going on. The Casino is afraid this man will continue winning.

Dong Xuebing shrugged his shoulders and pushed his sunglasses twice.

Chu Feng narrowed his eyes. This was the signal they had discussed before. After Dong Xuebing went to play at the dice table, Chu Feng made an excuse and left the Casino. He returned to their room and secretly made a phone call in the toilet.

“Hello, Chief Liang? I’m Xiao Chu from Hui Tian Village Station.”

Liang Chengpeng had just finished dinner and was surprised. Why is an officer calling him on his phone?

Chu Feng quickly said. “It’s like this. Chief Dong and I are at Jin Di Mansion now. Chief Dong wants me to tell you to bring some people here to raid the Casino.”

“Gambling raid? Xiao Dong is ready?”

“Yes. Everything is ready.”

“The gambling money?”

“The gambling money is in our hands!”

Liang Chengpeng paused for a second. “Alright. I will get people there!” He doesn’t know how Dong Xuebing gets the gambling money from Jin Di Mansion, but he should not lie about this. That’s why Liang Chengpeng did not ask for more details and called someone to bring a team of officers to Jin Di Mansion!

The person in charge of this raid is Deputy Team Leader Feng. From the phone call, he could tell Chief Liang is treating this raid seriously, and he immediately calls more than a dozen officers he trusted to go with him. He will not call the officers who had dealings with Chief Hu, Chief Zhao, and Jin Di Mansion. With his team, Deputy Team Leader arrived at the entrance of Jin Di Mansion within 30 minutes.

The captain at Jin Di Mansion saw the Police and quickly ran in to inform the Casino.

Team Leader Feng did not waste any time outside. He ordered: “Rush in! If anyone dares to stop us, you all can open fire!”

A group of officers took out their guns and ran into Jin Di Mansion. At the lobby, Chu Feng, who had washed his hair and removed his disguise, walked over to Deputy Team Leader Feng. Chief Liang told Deputy Team Leader Feng about Chu Feng, and after confirming Chu Feng’s identity, he ordered his men to follow Chu Feng to the Casino.

The Casino was in chaos.

“The Police are here! Get out of the back door! Quick!” A few Jin Di Mansion staff quickly open a back door and blocked the main entrance. Although the staff is in a hurry, they are not panicking as this is not the first time.

Within a minute, the gamblers had all left.

At the same time, a few men in suits carried the gambling tools away, and the dealers went to move the cash. The gambling tools like the roulette wheel, and the money was carried away in small trolleys. These people were well trained, and soon, no one is left in the Casino.

About 2 minutes later, Crash!!! The door of the Casino was kicked opened by Deputy Team Leader Feng and Chu Feng!

Not a single soul is inside! There are only a few tables and chairs!

“Search!” Deputy Team Leader Feng’s face turned black. Damn! He knew he couldn’t get anything again!

The officers spread out to search for evidence. Some even went out of the back door.

At the back, Ma Dakai entered the hall. “Team Leader Feng, what are you doing? Ah?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng replied. “Gambling raid!”

Ma Dakai sneered. “We are running a resort, and it’s a legitimate business. Can you don’t accuse me? Gambling raid? Who is gambling? Where?”

After a while, a few officers returned. “Team Leader Feng, we can’t find any gambling tools and money.”

Ma Dakai sneered. All the money had been carried away, and the gambling tools are hidden. No one can find anything. The few minutes since Police arrived at the main entrance was enough for the staff to clear everything. Before the Casino was opened, he and Qian Fei had trained the staff personally. All of them can run faster than a rabbit!

Deputy Team Leader Feng stared at Chu Feng. “Xiao Chu!”

Chu Feng was troubled and thought, where did Chief Dong go?

Ma Dakai waved his hand. “Everyone! There is no Casino here! Please go back!”

“Haha… Who says there is no Casino here?” Suddenly, a young man with yellow hair entered through the back door. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and smiling happily.

Ma Dakai was stunned. “Who are you?”

Other than Chu Feng, no one recognize Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing felt good. “Who am I? Are you asking me? I am gambling here earlier.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng and the rest of the officers were dumbfounded. Damn! This is the first time they had met someone so honest. This young man had gambled and did not run away from the Police? Why did he come back? Is he crazy? Deputy Team Leader Feng had met all sorts of people over the years, but he had never seen anyone surrendering to the Police with a smile on his face!

Ma Dakai stared at Dong Xuebing. “Young Man! Watch your words!”

Deputy Team Leader Feng asked. “Are you gambling here earlier? Where are the rest of the people?”

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “They got away.”

Deputy Team Leader Feng frowned. Even with a witness, they couldn’t do anything if they don’t have any evidence.

Ma Dakai gave Dong Xuebing a threatening stare.

Dong Xuebing pretended to be puzzled. “Eh? Manager Ma? Why are you staring at me?”

Ma Dakai roared. “Our Jin Di Mansion doesn’t have Casino! Where did you gamble? Ah? Young Man, you better watch your words, or I will sue you!”

Dong Xuebing smacked his lips. “Manager Ma, this is not right. We should all be honest. I had just gambled at the roulette table. Why are you lying? You are also in your forties. Telling lies is not a good comrade.”

Chu Feng almost laughs out when he heard Dong Xuebing making fun of Ma Dakai.

Ma Dakai was furious. Since when did anyone dare to make fun of him?!

Deputy Team Leader Feng felt the young man in sunglasses is mad. Why is he so happy when he is about to get arrested for gambling?

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and laughed. “Alright. It’s about time, and I will not joke with you all. Old Feng, arrest them!”

Old Feng???

Deputy Team Leader Feng almost vomit blood. Old Feng? Who are you to call me that?

Dong Xuebing saw no one moving, and he removed his sunglasses. He brushed his hair and asked. “What’s wrong? You all don’t recognize me after I dyed my hair?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng gasped. “Chief Dong?!”

All the officers were stunned, and Ma Dakai’s face changed.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Old Feng, go ahead and arrest them. I had contacted the higher-ups, and the whole mansion is surrounded. No one can escape today!”

Ma Dakai shouted. “Arrest us? There is no Casino here! Who gives you the right to arrest us? Ah?”

Dong Xuebing looked at him. “Manager Ma, you are so dishonest. No Casino? Come and see for yourself what this is.” Dong Xuebing, who was standing at the backdoor, reached outside and threw a roulette wheel and poker cards into the hall. “Are these things called gambling tools?”

Earlier, when the Casino’s staff and guests are retreating, Dong Xuebing followed them secretly. Amid the chaos, no one noticed Dong Xuebing as he blends in with the other gamblers. In the end, Dong Xuebing saw where the staff hides gambling tools. It was a secluded room. The door of the room is hidden underneath the carpet, and there are more gambling tools inside. Dong Xuebing had used BACK to knock out two men in suits to get these tools. If not, the Police will not find the hidden door.

Ma Dakai turns pale. “Those… those are what we rented out to our guest. It’s for family entertainment!”

Dong Xuebing can’t be bothered to argue with him. He walked out of the backdoor and carried a big box in. He threw the box on the floor, and bundles of cash dropped out. “There are 3.5 million here. It’s what I won from your Casino. Don’t tell me you don’t know what this is called. Hahaha…. This is gambling money!”

MA Dakai was shocked. That person who won 3.5 million is Dong Xuebing?!

Ma Dakai immediately retorted. “That is not our money! You are lying!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Stop struggling. There are fingerprints on the notes and the box. We can easily find out where the money comes from. Team Leader Feng, we got gambling tools and money. Later, let Xiao Chu bring you to identify the staff and gamblers. Maybe you can find more money!”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 212 – Gambling raid plan

In the afternoon, after the wedding ceremony is over, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It was Liang Chengpeng calling.

“Hello, Chief Liang.”

“I heard it’s your cousin’s wedding, and you smashed a car blocking the road?”

“That car did it on purpose. We had given him red packets twice, and he still refuses to move off. Also, the driver is from Jin Di Mansion.”

Liang Chengpeng kept quiet for a few seconds. “These bastards just won’t stop. About two days earlier, a case was brought up to my attention. One of the villagers is brought to Jin Di Mansion’s Casino and loses all his money. He also borrowed from the loan sharks there. After the villager returns home, he hangs himself. The people from Jin Di Mansion heard the man had killed himself and tried to collect back the debt from that villager’s wife. They said that if the widow let them ‘serve’ them for one month, they will write off the debt. Sigh… They are too much, but we don’t have evidence against them.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Chief Liang, if such places remain, it’s only a matter of time something serious happens.”

“I know.” Liang Chengpeng replied. “You mentioned you want to conduct a gambling raid at Jin Di Mansion. How confident are you?”

“…… 90%.”

“Alright. As long as you arrest someone and got evidence against Jin Di Mansion, I will let you handle this case!”

Dong Xuebing paused for a second and brightened up. “Yes, Sir! I will not let you down!”

“It’s all up to you now. You must confiscate the gambling equipment and money. It’s useless if it is only tens of thousands. There must be at least hundreds of thousands to a million before we can get a valid reason to shut that place. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Alright. Take care of your safety.” Liang Chengpeng doesn’t know why Dong Xuebing is so confident. But what Jin Di Mansion did recently had angered Liang Chengpeng. If Dong Xuebing can find a valid reason to arrest those people, Liang Chengpeng doesn’t mind giving Dong Xuebing a helping hand. If Dong Xuebing couldn’t get any evidence, Liang Chengpeng also has nothing to lose.

Liang Chengpeng’s change of attitude had given Dong Xuebing more confidence. After hanging up the phone, he brought Chu Feng to his car.

“How’s the investigation?” Dong Xuebing asked when both are in the car.

Chu Feng replied. “Chief Dong, I had checked all the case files. Over the past few years, our station had received a lot of reports from the villagers on Jin Di Mansion. But after we submitted the reports to the County Bureau, there is no more news. I remember Chief Liang had sent people to investigate on Jin Di Mansion, but… but they did not get evidence.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Chu Feng. “Everyone knows there is an illegal casino in Jin Di Mansion. How come there is no evidence?”

Chu Feng replied. “First, someone from our side might leak the news to Jin Di Mansion. Secondly, Jin Di Mansion is huge and the Casino is deep inside. When the police arrive, the people at the entrance will notify the people inside to escape. Even if the police found poker cards and dices, it’s useless. After all, it’s an entertainment outlet, and their customers can buy poker cards inside. So, it can’t be used as evidence.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Do you know who the person in charge of the casino and Jin Di Mansion is?”

Chu Feng nodded. “Yes. I got the information.”

“Ok. Let’s go.”

Chu Feng was surprised. “Where are we going?”


An hour later, Dong Xuebing ordered Chu Feng to buy two sets of clothes, sunglasses, and hair dye, from a shopping mall. Dong Xuebing sprayed the hair dye on his hair. It’s a spray-on non-permanent hair dye, and the color will fade when it’s washed. Dong Xuebing changed his hair color to yellow and used hair gel to comb it back. After that, he switched to a set of a Hawaiian shirt and wore a pair of big sunglasses.

“Xiao Chu, how is it? Can you recognize me?”

Chu Feng smiled. “No.”

Dong Xuebing looked at himself in the mirror and nodded. “You should also change now.”

The sunglasses covered half of Dong Xuebing’s face, and after changing his hairstyle and clothes, Dong Xuebing looks like a hooligan. Dong Xuebing felt that even his mother would not recognize him if she met him on the streets.

After a while, Chu Feng changed his clothes and hairstyle. His dressing is similar to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and nodded. “Alright. You look different. It’s time to act. Leave your identification cards and personal items in my car. Don’t bring anything that will expose your identity.” Dong Xuebing said and threw his work pass and other items on the back seat. He only has money and a wallet with him. After that, Dong Xuebing parked the Buick in an underground carpark and left with Chu Feng.

Chu Feng asked puzzledly. “Chief Dong…”

“Call me boss.”

“Boss, where are we going?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “We are going to conduct a gambling raid at Jin Di Mansion.”

Huh?! Chu Feng was shocked. “Just… just the two of us?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Jin Di Mansion’s location is under the jurisdiction of the County-City. I can’t bring the officers from our station as it is out of our boundaries. Also, our officers might have dealings with the people from Jin Di Mansion. The people from the Bureau is also not safe. That’s why it’s only the both of us.”

Chu Feng was touched because Chief Dong did not even call Liu Dahai and Chen Fa, and only brought him along. He is only a small police officer, and Chief Dong trusted him more than the Station Chief. Chu Feng was scared when he found out only two of them are going to Jin Di Mansion. But now, he was excited.

Chu Feng asked. “Boss, do you have a plan? If not, we will not be able to catch them with just the both of us.” Chu Feng knew Chief Dong is capable, but how can they raid the gambling den with only two people? Jin Di Mansion has more than a dozen people. They can escape with gambling tools and money in different directions. Even if Chief Dong can stop 3 of them, can he stop the rest?

Dong Xuebing laughed and looked at Chu Feng. “Xiao Chu, what is most critical in a gambling raid?”

Chu Feng thought for a while. “Catch the gamblers? No… the people at the Casino are not that important. The evidence is the most important. It’s gambling tools and money. In the past, when Chief Liang went to raid Jin Di Mansion, he could not find the gambling money, and that’s why he could not do anything to them. If we can find more than a few hundred thousand of gambling money, Jin Di Mansion will have no way to escape even with their backing.” The leaders in Yan Tai County are not united. None of them have the power to cover up Jin Di Mansion if there is concrete evidence. The people who are protecting Jin Di Mansion will not dare to interfere and will think of ways to cut ties with them.

Dong Xuebing replied. “You are right. Our target this time is gambling money.”

Chu Feng doesn’t understand what Dong Xuebing is saying. “Jin Di Mansion is considered a resort. They only need to move their money to another place, and they can claim the money is from the resort and not from gambling.”

Dong Xuebing said. “Then, we just have to hold on to the money, and they can’t take it to other places.”

Chu Feng’s heart skipped a beat. “You are going…”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Let’s go. We will gamble and win their money.”

Is Chief Dong going to gamble? Chu Feng was stunned. “This… is this alright? If we gamble…”

“What’s wrong? This is called giving them a taste of their own medicine. Are you afraid of the repercussions? It got nothing to do with it. Our Public Security’s undercover officers are all over China. They even must help the drug lords to trafficked drugs to arrest them. Did they break the law? No. This is only one of their strategies.” Dong Xuebing had planned this gambling raid for a while and had thought about all the possibilities.

Dong Xuebing only has one chance to raid Jin Di Mansion’s Casino.

If Dong Xuebing fails, the other party will be alarmed and stop their operations. In the future, Dong Xuebing will have no chance to catch them. That’s why Dong Xuebing cannot afford to fail this time. His target is to win as much money as possible, and the more money he has with him, the more serious the crime is. Dong Xuebing must get rid of them in one blow!

Chu Feng was worried. Chief Dong is not an average person. Use gambling to take down a gambling den? How did he think of this idea? But if Chief Dong did not use this method, they will not gather enough evidence. Using extraordinary methods will get exceptional results!

“But… what if we lose?” Chu Feng asked.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “How is that possible? You just help me collect my winnings and don’t need to care about the rest.”

Huh? What does Chief Dong mean? Is he good at gambling? But no matter how good he is, he can only win ten or twenty thousand at most. How is it possible to take down Jin Di Mansion with that amount? This idea is not reliable!

Jin Di Mansion.

This is a beautiful place, but compared to the holiday resort in the 1st tier cities, this place is still lacking. However, this resort is the best recreation resort in Yan Tai County. In the carpark, there are lots of expensive cars, and staff in Cheongsam are receiving guests at the entrance. Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng entered and registered at the front desk.

“Sir, how many people?” The receptionist at the counter smiled.

Chu Feng said. “Two. Give us a big room.”

The receptionist nodded. “Ok. Can I have your identification card? I need to register.”

Chu Feng replied coldly. “We didn’t bring!”

The receptionist was stunned but did not say a word. She quickly registered a room for Chu Feng. This place is not a proper hotel or resort, and guests can still even when they don’t have their identification cards with them.

In the room, Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng did not visit the facilities like regular guests. They stayed in the room and smoke. From Chu Feng’s investigation, Jin Di Mansion’s Casino is very strict. Strangers will not be allowed to enter the main Casino and can only make small bets around the resort. It’s only when the staff felt the guest is not suspicious, then they will bring the guest to the real Casino. The bets in the real Casino are high, and that’s Dong Xuebing’s target. But he needs to find a way to enter.

After thinking for a while, Dong Xuebing snubbed his cigarette and said. “Call the front desk…”

Chu Feng picked up the phone in the room and called for staff.

A female staff entered and smiles. “Sir, do you need anything?”

Chu Feng looked at her. “We want to play cards. Bring us there.”

The female staff looked at them. “Ok. May I know what do you want to play? Mahjong? Pai gow? Three-card brag?”

Chu Feng looked at Dong Xuebing. He forgot to ask Chief Dong which game he is good at. But Dong Xuebing’s answer shocked him. He said. “Anything.” Chu Feng could feel sweat rolling down his forehead. Anything? Are you confident of winning at any game? Chu Feng quickly says. “Three-card brag.” Chu Feng knows how to play Chinese Poker, and if Chief Dong can’t win, he can take over.

The female staff walks out to make the arrangements. After a while, another staff entered the room.

“Sir, this way please.”

On the way to the room, Dong Xuebing had seen a Cards and chess room. But that place is for the guests to play cards, and not the Casino. The staff did not bring Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng to the Cards and Chess room. Instead, they walked along the corridor to a place with carpeted floors. Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng were brought to a bigger room filled with second-hand cigarette smoke. Four men are sitting at a table, and a croupier is standing beside them.

Chu Feng’s heart starts beating faster. He knew they are in the right place. This is one of the games outside of the Casino.

A young man at the table stood up angrily. “You all can take my place. I had lost everything.” He said, and left.

The other three players looked at Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng. They seem to be waiting for Dong Xuebing to join in. These three men are either tourists or gamblers, and Jin Di Mansion’s staff will arrange for people who want to gamble to play together. Jin Di Mansion will then collect ‘rental fees’ from the players.

The female croupier looked at Dong Xuebing. “Do you want to join in?”

Chu Feng asked. “What are the rules, and how much is the charges?”

The girl replied. “The charges for this room are 500 RMB per hour, and drinks and beer are provided. I believe you all should know the rules of Three-card brag. Three cards of the same rank are Three of a kind, and it’s the highest rank, followed by a flush, straight, and pair. 2,3,5 is the smallest hand of cards, but it will win Three of a kind. Oh, the bets are decided among the players.

An old man at the table said. “We are playing minimum bet 50 and maximum 1000.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and sat down. “Alright. Then I will just follow your rules.”

The croupier looked at Chu Feng. “Are you playing?”

“Let me take a look first.”

“Please follow me.”

The female staff knew Chu Feng and Dong Xuebing knows each other, and to prevent cheating, she brought Chu Feng somewhere further from the table.

At the table, a new game started. The female croupier shuffled and gave out the cards to the four players. Chu Feng was staring at Chief Dong’s back, curious to know why he is so confident.

The first round, Dong Xuebing folded and threw his cards towards the croupier.

The second game, Dong Xuebing, got a pair, and only one player followed. So, Dong Xuebing raised the bets to the maximum, 1,000 RMB. The old man immediately followed. Dong Xuebing bet another 1,000, and the old man followed. A few rounds later, the old man request Dong Xuebing to show his cards. The old man got a pair of A and won the round.

In the third game, after Dong Xuebing looked at his cards, he bet 1,000. One of the other three players folded, and the rest followed. After one round of betting, another player folded. Only the young man continued. In the end, Dong Xuebing lost as he only got three eights, and the young man got 3 Jacks.

The fourth game…

The fifth game…

Soon, the three players looked at Dong Xuebing as if he’s a sheep ready to be slaughtered by them.

But no matter how much Dong Xuebing lost, he didn’t bat an eyelid and continue to throw money into the pot.

Although Dong Xuebing had won some games, he still lost more than 30,000 RMB, which is equivalent to months of his salary.

Chu Feng can’t stand it. What’s going on? Didn’t Chief Dong say he is good at gambling? Why is he losing money? Damn! This is called good at gaming? Chu Feng knew Dong Xuebing had brought 50,000 RMB with him, and now, he had lost more than half of it. How are they going to gather enough evidence? Chu Feng went forward. “Boss, your luck is not good today. Do you want me to play for you?”

Dong Xuebing shook his head and threw his cards on the table. “I quit.”

The rest of the players don’t want him to leave. “Let’s play a few more games.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand and waved the female staff over. “Come here.”

The staff walked out of the room with Dong Xuebing. “How can I help?”

Dong Xuebing asked. “The bets are too small, and it’s not fun. Are there any rooms with higher bets?”

The female staff looked at Dong Xuebing and thought for a while. “There is no higher limits table now. You got to wait until night. Let me know your room number, and I will call you when the higher limit games start.” If it’s other people, the staff will not bring them to the real Casino, as it’s perilous. But this person in front of her is wealthy, and the Casino needs customers like him. That’s why the staff decided to recommend Dong Xuebing to participate in the high rollers games at night, and she will get a cut from Dong Xuebing’s losses.

“Ok. I will wait for your call.” After that, Dong Xuebing and Chu Feng left.

In the corridor, Chu Feng asked. “Boss, you… how did you lose so much?”

Dong Xuebing whispered. “The money on the table earlier is not from Jin Di Mansion. Furthermore, the amount is too little, and it’s meaningless to win them.”

Chu Feng finally understood Dong Xuebing’s plan. He had lost money purposely to get into the real Casino. But… But you can’t even win those small-time players, how are you going to win in the Casino?

Translator’s notes: This is not the first time I read about three-card brag in Chinese novels, but I still don’t get the rules. This game seems to be popular in China. One of the Chinese novels I read, which mentioned a lot about this game is < 我的老千生涯> (‘My life as a conman’) by 黑色枷锁 (Blacklock). Not sure if it’s translated, but it’s an exciting novel which I will recommend to readers who likes suspense, violence, and gambling.

Three-card brag

Pai Gow

Power and Wealth - Chapter 211 2020-03-12T23:25:16+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 211 – Smash it up!

About a dozen days later.

It is almost Summer, and the weather is getting warmer.

Dong Xuebing had accumulated 23 minutes of BACK. Because he had been using only a few seconds of BACK every time, he could only have a rough estimate of the time remaining. In the evening, after he returned home, he starts to think about his plan. Several days had passed, and Jin Di Mansion should lower their guard. So, Dong Xuebing called Chu Feng and asked him to get someone trustworthy to infiltrate into Jin Di Mansion to see if they had reopened the casino and find out what’s the situation there. Dong Xuebing is going to move.

After dinner, Yu Qianqian has some homework that needed help from Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing went into her room to teach her.

Ding Dong… someone rang the doorbell. Dong Xuebing can hear Yu Meixia asking. “Who are you looking for?”

“Is Xuebing at home?” It’s a woman’s voice.

“Oh, Chief Dong is at home. Please come in. I will prepare tea now.”

“Sister, we will help ourselves.” This time it’s a man’s voice.

After so many days, Yu Meixia had learned who to refuse entry and who to allow in. If the visitor is holding gifts and speaking politely when he asked for Chief Dong, Yu Meixia will try to stop him. Even when Dong Xuebing is at home, she will say he is not around. If the visitor did not bring any gifts and speak openly, she would allow him to enter. If Chief Dong is not at home, she will ask for his name. These two visitors had addressed Chief Dong as Xuebing directly, and Yu Meixia doesn’t dare to stop them at the doorsteps.

Dong Xuebing, who was still in the bedroom, could not tell who the visitors were. “Qianqian, you practice by yourself. I will go out for a while.”

Yu Qianqian nodded. “Big Brother, you go and do your work. I can do the next question by myself.”

“Good girl.” Dong Xuebing patted Yu Qianqian’s head and left the room.

Outside, Yu Meixia brought the man and woman to the sofa. They were around 26 or 27, and the man had ordinary looks. The woman looks above average, but she is not considered pretty. The woman saw Dong Xuebing walking out, and she smiled, “Xuebing.”

Dong Xuebing felt the woman looks familiar but could not remember who she was. “You are…”

The woman said. “I’m Luan Ying. This is Chen Daqing.”

Dong Xuebing slapped his forehead. “You are my elder cousin. I couldn’t recognize you. You become so pretty now.”

The woman laughed. “You also look better now. I might not recognize you if I meet you on the streets.”

“You are my cousin in law?” Dong Xuebing extended his hand for a handshake. “When I returned to Yan Tai, I heard you two are working in the city. You two are back for?”

Chen Daqing shook Dong Xuebing’s hand. “We just registered our marriage, and we came back to hold our wedding ceremony.”

Dong Xuebing remembered his mother telling him a few days ago. “Oh… Congratulations. Have a seat. Sister Yu, bring some fruit over. Ah… Bring a carton of cigarettes over too.” Luan Ying is Dong Xuebing’s uncle’s daughter. She had been working in the city, and the last time Dong Xuebing met her was many years ago. Although Dong Xuebing was unhappy with his uncle and his uncle’s wife because of his father, it had nothing to do with Luan Ying. At that time, Luan Ying was looking for a job, and Dong Xuebing did not bear any grudges with her.

Luan Ying thought Dong Xuebing dislike her family and was worried when she comes over to visit him.

Chen Daqing had heard from his wife about what happened when Dong Xuebing’s father was sick several years ago and was also worried. He even thought of passing the wedding invitation to Dong Xuebing’s mother and ask her to give it to Dong Xuebing. Usually, wedding invitations are sent to friends, and family members are invited over the phone. But Chen Daqing thought about this and still drag Luan Ying to visit Dong Xuebing. They can don’t give out invitations to the rest of the family except for Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing is not the County’s Public Security Deputy Chief. Just this position alone, Chen Daqing got to invite him personally.

Dong Xuebing welcomed them warmly and offered cigarettes to Chen Daqing and fruits to Luan Ying.

Luan Ying was afraid to speak to Dong Xuebing because of what happened in their parents’ generation.

Chen Daqing used his leg to give his wife a nudged. Luan Ying looked up and took out an invitation card from her bag. “Xuebing, we are holding our wedding ceremony this Saturday. Please come over if you have the time.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the invitation card and laughed. “You are getting married, and I must make time no matter what. I will surely be there.”

Luan Ying was relieved. Before coming here, she was afraid of Dong Xuebing being sarcastic to her.

“Please stay here for a while. I need to go back to my room.” After returning to his room, Dong Xuebing found a red packet in one of his drawers and then took out 5,000 RMB of new notes from another drawer. This is like helping to contribute to the wedding and distance relatives and friends will give red packets on the day. But close relatives can give it before the day.

After coming out of the room, Dong Xuebing overheard Luan Ying speaking to Yu Meixia. “Sister, what beauty products do you use? Your complexion is so good.”

Yu Meixia blushed. “I… I don’t use beauty products.

Luan Ying envied Yu Meixia’s looks. She had heard from her family members that Dong Xuebing had hired a beautiful helper and had thought nothing about it until she met her today.

Dong Xuebing walked over and passed the red packet to Luan Ying. “I wish you a harmonious union lasting a hundred years and have a lovely baby early!”

Luan Ying saw the thick red packet and knew there must be at least 5,000 RMB inside. She quickly pushes it back to Dong Xuebing. “No need. Xuebing, your mother had given me a red packet. You don’t need to give me.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “That’s from my mum. This is from me. Take it…”

Luan Ying did not expect Dong Xuebing to not bear any grudges against her and still gave her so much money. Luan Xiaoping had given her 5,000 RMB, and with Dong Xuebing’s red packet, the total is 10,000 RMB. No one in the whole family gave her so much money. She tried to reject it, but Dong Xuebing insisted her to accept it. “Thank you. Xuebing, when you get married, I will give you a big red packet too.”

“Haha… Ok.”


Hui Tian Village. Luan family house.

It’s Dong Xuebing’s cousin’s wedding today, and people are setting off firecrackers.

Dong Xuebing drove his Buick into an alley. The area is full of cars, and some of them had red balloons. Dong Xuebing did not go any further as he was afraid it will be difficult for him to drive out. He parked his car by the side and walked forward. But after a few steps, he noticed it was quiet behind him and turned around. He saw Yu Meixia still in the Buick pushing against the door panicky.

Dong Xuebing quickly walked back to his car and opened the door for Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian.

Yu Meixia blushed. “Sorry. I… I… don’t know how to open the door.”

“It’s fine.” Dong Xuebing pointed to a lever. “Next time, just pull this lever.”

Yu Meixia looked in front. “Chief Dong, I… I will not go in with you. I am afraid I will disgrace you.” Yu Qianqian was holding to her mother’s hand tightly. There are lots of people in the house, and she felt uncomfortable. They had begged along the streets and had low self-esteemed.

Dong Xuebing looked at her. “You are so pretty, and I brought you here to show off. What do you mean by disgracing me? Stop hesitating and follow me. Let’s go.” Dong Xuebing had brought Yu Meixia, and Yu Qianqian, along with him, was because Luan Xiaoping had invited them. Since the abduction case, Luan Xiaoping was worried about the mother and daughter’s safety and asked Dong Xuebing to bring them along to attend the wedding.

“Chief Dong.”

“Chief Dong, you are here?”

“Chief Dong.”

Lots of Hui Tian Village Station were there to attend the wedding and greeted Dong Xuebing when he stepped in. Dong Xuebing smiled. He had not told anyone about his elder cousin’s wedding because he was afraid people will bring gifts. But Hui Tian Village is a small village, and the local officers knew about it. They should be coming over to help out on their own accord. Dong Xuebing saw Chu Feng and Deputy Station Chief Chen Fa hanging firecrackers, Da Leng and Er Leng, helping to carry stuff.

“Thank you, everyone. Stop working and come in. Old Chen, Xiao Chu, come in for a cup of tea.”

Chen Fa laughed. “We are not thirsty. Chief Dong, what do you think of these firecrackers?”

“Thank you.”

At this moment, Dong Xuebing’s Uncle’s wife walked out with a tray of teacups. “Chief Chen, please stop. How can I let you do all these? Come and drink some water.” She gave out water to the officers. Uncle’s wife whispered to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, help me persuade Chief Chen and the rest to go in. The weather is too hot.”

A distance away, Station Chief Liu Dahai also drove over.

Dong Xuebing saw him and pulled him, Chen Fa and the rest of the officers to enter the house.

All the guests at the wedding today are relatives and close friends. In terms of status, Liu Dahai and the officers are the highest, and Dong Xuebing’s uncle and his wife dare not to neglect them. They went out with a few relatives to welcome them into the house. The wedding candies and cigarettes are prepared. As a family member of the bride’s side, Dong Xuebing did not behave like a leader. He also joined in with his relatives to receive guests.

Among the crowd, Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian attracted the most attention. Everyone who saw them was captivated by their beauty. The guests, especially the police officers, envied Chief Dong’s luck to get such a pretty helper. All the female guests and relatives were outshone by the mother and daughter pair. Even the most beautiful female guest was nowhere near Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s beauty.

The mother and daughter pair felt awkward and were at a loss. They don’t know what to do and just followed behind Dong Xuebing. When Dong Xuebing went to pour water, they will follow behind him. When Dong Xuebing gave out Wedding candies to the guests, they will stand behind him quietly. They were not doing anything and just followed Dong Xuebing around without saying a word. Luan Xiaoping saw them and wanted to laugh. She quickly calls Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian over and pulled them to the eastern room.

After thanking all the officers, Dong Xuebing, walked out to the yard to have a smoke.

Clink. It’s the sound of the lighter, and Tang Jin appeared with a lighter. “Cousin, let me light for you.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and leaned forward to light his cigarette. “Where have you been earlier? I did not see you around.”

Tang Jin replied cheerfully. “I went to set off firecrackers. I didn’t play enough during Lunar New Year.”

“The groom’s convoy is not here yet, and you had already started playing with the firecrackers. What if we run out of firecrackers when the groom arrives?” Dong Xuebing knocked her head lightly. “Second Aunt grumbled to me about that day. You are grown up and still behaving like a kid. I want to see which man will want to take you in as a bride!”

Tang Jin laughed. “You are my elder brother. If no one wants to marry me, you must find someone for me!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I don’t even have a partner myself, and you want me to help you find?!”

Tang Jin remembered something and said. “I saw your helper just now. She is stunning. I had never met any woman as pretty as her. Qianqian looks like Aunty Yu and is also very pretty. I am so jealous of their looks. Brother, my future sister-in-law must be prettier than them.”

Suddenly someone outside shouted. “They are here! The Groom convoy is here!”

Dong Xuebing patted Tang Jin’s back. “Hurry and set off the firecrackers!”

Tang Jin giggled. “I had played enough firecrackers today. Haha… I will go and close the door to stop them from entering!”

Crackle… Crackle… the firecrackers are loud.

A crowd starts to form in the front yard, and some children went to block the door. They will only open the door after the groom gives out red packers. Although Dong Xuebing is considered the younger generation, he is a Deputy Bureau Chief and can’t behave like Tang Jin. He returned to the north room and entered the bride’s room.

Dong Xuebing’s uncle and uncle’s wife were overjoyed. Their daughter, Luan Ying, is also in a good mood. In the past, they can only look up to Liu Dahai and Chen Fa, and their status was too far apart. But now, Chen Fa and the officers from the local station had come to help out in her wedding and made Dong Xuebing’s Uncle proud.

Luan Ying, in her wedding dress, smiled when she saw Dong Xuebing entering the room. “Xuebing, seat over here and have a cigarette.”

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle’s wife added. “That’s right. You looked tired. Hurry and sit down.”

After a while, the groom, Chen Daqing cleared the stages at the main gate by giving out many red packets, and finally entered the bride’s room to complete the customs. After that, he carried Luan Ying and walked back to his wedding car. It is a rented BMW 5 series. Although it might not be a good car in Beijing, in this rural countryside, it is considered one of the best cars around.

Tang Jin ran over to Dong Xuebing. “Brother, I want to ride in your car!”

“Ok. Get in.” Dong Xuebing called Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian to get in too. In the end, Luan Xiaoping and her friend, Teacher Zhou Mei, also got into the Buick.

Jin Di Mansion is not far from Hui Tian Village, and Qian Fei is going there to settle some matters today. But on his way to Jin Di Mansion, he heard the firecrackers in the village. He asked his men and knew it’s Dong Xuebing’s relative getting married today. Qian Fei’s face turns dark when he heard this. He did not hate Dong Xuebing so much at first. But the incident of the newspaper article in the Province and County papers sometime earlier had disgraced his father. Qian Fei is not to give up despite Qian Shen asking him to wait and see. Qian Shen felt Dong Xuebing might have some backings in the Provincial government, but Qian Fei does not want to let Dong Xuebing off so easily.

“Ma San.” Qian Fei, who was riding in a Mercedes, points to an alley in the village. “Drive my car over to gross them out!”

The driver, Ma San, paused for a while and asked. “How do I gross them out?”

Qian Fei scolded. “How long have you been working for me? You still need me to teach you how to find trouble with others?”

Ma San immediately understood.

But Qian Fei remembered what his father told him, and he added. “Don’t go overboard.” After saying that, Qian Fei alighted from his car with a smirk on his face. He looked at the wedding convoy from a distance.

The wedding convoy was on their way to the groom’s house when they stopped suddenly. A Mercedes was blocking their path horizontally in a narrow alley. There was some space at the front and back, but it’s not enough for a car to pass through.

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle was used to these and alighted. “Bro, please let us pass.”

Ma San alighted from the Mercedes with a cheeky smile. “It’s your family’s big day. Give me a red packet, and I will move.”

It’s common in villages for people to block the wedding convey and ask for a red packet. Dong Xuebing’s Uncle smiled helplessly and passed a red packet to Ma San.

In the Buick, Yu Meixia suddenly gasped. “It’s him!”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Him? Who?”

Yu Qianqian was shivering in her mother’s arms. “After my father passes away, I… My mother and I went to Jin Di Mansion to look for them. That man is the one who chased us away.”

Zhou Mei, who was in the rear passenger seat, turns pale. “I think I had met him in Jin Di Mansion.”

Dong Xuebing's face changed. “He is from Jin Di Mansion?”

Luan Xiaoping was afraid her son will be rash and quickly pulled him. “It’s your elder cousin’s wedding day. Let’s wait until the wedding is over first.”

Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger and nodded as he looks at Ma San in the distance.

Ma San accepted the red packet and thanked Dong Xuebing’s Uncle. He got back to the Mercedes and drove off. The wedding convoy started to move, but around 10 seconds later, the Mercedes turned suddenly and blocked the middle of the road again. Ma San alighted and waved the red packet. “200 RMB is too little. Do I look like a beggar to you? Give me two more red packets, and I will leave.”

Under normal circumstances, everyone will avoid getting angry at a wedding.

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle gritted his teeth and took out 2 more red packets. “Bro, can you let us pass now?”

Ma San nodded and boarded the Mercedes to drive forward.

The wedding convoy continued moving forward, but after about 10 to 20 meters, the Mercedes blocked the road again.

Ma San alighted and shouted angrily. “Why is there only 100 in one of the red packets? Are you trying to fool me? Give me 2 more red packets!”

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle’s face changed, but he forced a smile when he alights from his car. “Bro, it’s my daughter’s wedding today. Please let us pass. You are driving a Mercedes, and I think one or two more red packets is nothing to you.”

Ma San extended his hand. “I need money to maintain the car and petrol, and just happen I need money today. Just give me 2 more red packets, and I will leave.” Ma San felt to proceed with the wedding smoothly, they will give him the red packets. He decided that this will be the final time he blocks them.

Qian Fei, who was watching from a distance, was laughing. He was pleased with Ma San’s performance.

Dong Xuebing’s uncle did not want trouble and reached into his pocket. He only has one red packet left. He smiled at Ma San. “I only have 1 left.”

Ma San shamelessly rejected. “No! 2 red packets or I will not leave.”

The convoy was stopped by him, and even if they gave him 3 more red packets, he might still block the road in front!

Dong Xuebing’s mother seldom scolds people, but today, she could not stand it. “This hooligan!”

Yu Meixia and Zhou Mei had been hurt by the people in Jin Di Mansion, and they were staring at Ma San with hatred.

Dong Xuebing’s blood starts to boil, and he alighted. “Old Liu! Old Chen!”

“Liu Dahai and Chen Fa alighted from their vehicles. The rest of the police officers also come out of their cars. Dong Xuebing’s Uncle and the rest of the relatives were looking at Dong Xuebing, and waiting for him to make the decision if they should continue giving red packets.

Chu Feng ran forward and said. “Chief Dong, I will go and talk to him. I promise I will make him leave within 3 minutes.”

“What’s there to talk about?!” Dong Xuebing walked over to the Mercedes. “Smash it up!”

Everyone was shocked!

Smash it up? Smash this car?

That is a Mercedes Benz!

Chu Feng was the first to react. He did not stop Chief Dong and did not say anything else. Chief Dong wants this car to be smashed, then I will smash. This is an opportunity to shine, and Chu Feng will not give this opportunity to others. He picked up a brick from the roadside and threw it at the Mercedes. Smash! The side window was shattered.

Ma San shouted in shock. “What are you all doing?!”

Dong Xuebing stood there and looked at Ma San coldly. “What do you think? Don’t you want to block the road and not let us pass?”

Ma San panicked. “I will leave. I will leave immediately. Stop smashing my car!” Although this is not an S class Mercedes Benz, it cost a few hundred thousand. Ma San cannot afford the repairs if it’s damaged. This is Qian Fei’s car!

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “You want to leave now? It’s too late!”

Chu Feng heard Dong Xuebing and picks up another brick to throw at the Mercedes. Crack! The Mercedes’s windscreen was cracked!

Qian Fei, who was in a distanced, was stunned. He did not expect Dong Xuebing to smash his car, and his face turned gloomy! Ma San suddenly remembered the rumors about Chief Dong. He heard that Chief Dong had fought against 6 to 7 opponents single-handedly in Da Wang Village. Until today, half of them are still lying in the hospital. When Chief Dong went to the neighboring province to investigate the abduction case, he opened fired and hit all 4 suspects in their legs. This Chief Dong dares to do anything!

After Chu Feng started, the rest of the officers also start smashing the Mercedes!

Chief Dong’s influence in the station is greater than Liu Dahai now. After the incidents where he fought against 7 hooligans and showed his superb marksmanship in the neighboring province, he got the respect of everyone in the station. Also, Chief Dong treated all the officers well. The officers got extra bonuses almost every month after he was posted here. Now, Chief Dong had ordered to smash that car. Which officer will dare to hesitate?

The brothers, Da Leng and Er Leng, ran forward and started kicking at the Mercedes doors. They are very strong, and very soon, the doors are full of dents. While kicking, they were also scolding. “Block the road?! Try blocking our roads?!”

The rest of the officers picked up poles and bricks and start to smash the car.

“F**k! You dare to block Chief Dong’s car? Go to hell!”

“F**king idiot!”

Ma San stepped away from the Mercedes. He was regretting his heart. He should have left after receiving the red packets. Why did he try his luck for the third time?!

Liu Dahai and Chen Fa looked at each other and did not stop the officers. Everyone knows Chief Dong had a foul temper.

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle looked at him. “Xuebing, this…”

Uncle’s wife was feeling pleased in her heart, but she was also afraid. “This is a Mercedes. We…”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “I will bear full responsibility.” Dong Xuebing shouted to the officers. “Continue to smash it!”

What Ma San did had grossed Dong Xuebing out. Dong Xuebing can let it go if he did it once or twice. Yet he tried for the third time? Dong Xuebing’s Uncle had given him red packets, and he still doesn’t leave? This is too much. If Ma San tried doing this to a good-tempered person, he would get away with it. But he is unlucky to meet Dong Xuebing! Furthermore, Ma San is related to Jin Di Mansion, and Dong Xuebing has reasons to believe he is carrying out Qian Fei’s instructions.




Most of the guests and onlookers were laughing and cheering!

In about 5 to 6 minutes, the Mercedes is a pile of wrecked metals. Even the doors cannot be opened.

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Push it aside!”

Chu Feng and the rest of the officers went to the back of the Mercedes and start pushing it. Half meter… 1 meter… Crash! The front of the Mercedes crashed into a wall! The bumper and headlights were smashed!

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Thank you, everyone! Let’s go!”

In the Buick, Tang Jin cheered. “Brother… you are so impressive!”

Yu Meixia, Yu Qianqian, and Zhou Mei were feeling overjoyed.

Luan Xiaoping was worried. “Xiao Bing. It’s your cousin’s wedding today. Why did you…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted. “They are the ones who started it first. This is the best way to deal with these people. Hahaha… It’s fine.”

Everyone got back to their vehicles, and the wedding convoy moves off. What remained on the side of the road is a wrecked Mercedes!

Qian Fei watched the wedding convoy drove off and threw his phone on the ground!

Qian Fei had thought of calling the Police and call Hu Yiguo. But he knows it’s useless!

Dong Xuebing! I will kill you!

Power and Wealth - Chapter 210 2020-03-10T23:22:38+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 210 – Jin Di Mansion again

Morning, 7 am.

A hearty breakfast prepared by Dong Xuebing was laid on the dining table. “Sister Yu, Qianqian, come out for breakfast.”

Yu Qianqian was brushing her teeth, and Yu Meixia was folding her blanket when they heard Dong Xuebing. Yu Meixia placed the pillows nicely on the bed and closed the door to change. But the moment she closed the door, it was opened from outside.

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia and said. “Don’t change your clothes. You look sexy in it.”

Yu Meixia replied shyly. “This is my sleeping gown. It’s too revealing…”

Dong Xuebing said. “Just wear it. I like to see you in it.”

Yu Meixia bit her lips and looked at her gown. “I… I… Can I wear a pair of leggings?” Yu Meixia is a shy and conservative woman and feels uncomfortable to wear a skimpy sleep gown outside of her room. Other than sleeping, she will not wear short dresses. All her life, she had never worn dresses or skirts above her knees. Even in the sweltering summer, she did not change this habit.

Dong Xuebing laughed and nodded. “Buy more short dresses in the future. Your legs are so beautiful, and it’s a pity to cover them up.”

Yu Meixia unconsciously covered her thighs with her hands and replied shyly. “It’s not beautiful. You are flattering me.”

“Flattering? You are telling me that you don’t know how pretty you are?” Yu Meixia lowered her head and did not reply. “Alright. Wear your leggings. I will heat up the milk.” Dong Xuebing walked out of the room and close the door behind him.

After a while, the 3 of them were sitting at the dining table.

Yu Qianqian looked at her mother. “Mum, why are you still wearing this?”

Yu Meixia blushed and passed a piece of toast to Dong Xuebing. “Oh, today… errr… the weather is hot today.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Come… try my cooking.”

Yu Meixia placed a sausage on her daughter’s plate, and Yu Qianqian took a bite. Her eyes immediately brighten up. “Hmm… it’s so delicious. Mum, try this. It’s good.”

Yu Meixia was afraid Chief Dong will get angry and quickly says: “Qianqian, don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Yu Qianqian nodded and quickly eats her breakfast.

Yu Meixia used a paper napkin to wipe her daughter’s mouth.

Dong Xuebing laughed and place a toast on Yu Meixia’s plate. “Sister Yu, have some.”

Yu Meixia picks up the toast. “Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing felt slightly guilty for touching her over the past two days and want to make up for her. After breakfast, Dong Xuebing made Yu Qianqian and Yu Meixia watch TV on the sofa, while he cleared the dishes. After he comes out of the kitchen, he saw Yu Meixia sweeping the floor. He went up and snatched the broom from her. “I said you don’t need to do anything today. Go and accompany Qianqian.”

Yu Meixia panicked. “Chief Dong… This…”

Dong Xuebing gave her a stare. “Just go!”

Yu Meixia felt touched and knew Chief Dong is doing this because he cares for her. It’s been a while since she was treated this way. At around 8 am, Yu Meixia asked Yu Qianqian to go into the room to do her homework, while she sat on the sofa and look at Chief Dong. She saw Chief Dong sweating and quickly used her handkerchief to wipe his sweat and poured a cup of tea for him.

Dong Xuebing cleaned up the whole house in the morning.

Yu Meixia wiped his sweat with her handkerchief. “Take a break. I will massage your back.”

Dong Xuebing swings his arms. “I’m fine. This feels like a workout, and it felt good.” If it was in the past, Dong Xuebing would be exhausted after all these household chores. But after he entered the government service, he started jogging and exercising every evening. His stamina and strength are much better than before.

“Sister Yu, what are you doing earlier?”

“Reading. I bought a book about massage.”

“Sigh… you don’t need to read that. You are very good at massage, and there’s no need to read about it.”

Yu Meixia shook her head. Chief Dong treated her very well. He had given her shelter, salary, changed her household registration to the County-City, saved her life, and get a place in school for her daughter. In her mind, she only wants to repay him by giving him a good massage every day.

Dong Xuebing saw Yu Meixia not listening to him and stopped persuading her. “I thought you don’t recognize a lot of words? How do you read it?”

Yu Meixia replied. “There are pictures and I… I still can understand it.”

“Oh… let’s go. Bring your book to my room. I will teach you the words.”

Yu Meixia paused for a second and shook her hands. “It’s too troublesome. You don’t need to do this.”

“I’m free anyway. Hurry up.” Dong Xuebing returned to his room.

Yu Meixia thought and closed the door behind her after she entered the room with her book.

Yu Meixia sat beside Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and patted his thighs. “Come over and sit on my lap.”

Yu Meixia lowered her head and blushed. She struggled in her heart, and in the end, she still sat down on Dong Xuebing’s lap with her book.

Yu Meixia flipped her book. “This… I don’t know this word.”

Dong Xuebing hugged her waist and pressed his chest against her back. He rested his chin on Yu Meixia’s shoulders and said. “Let me see. Oh… this word is “Chi.” It’s the word for “Chi Shui” (Pond water) and combined with the word in front, it’s “Feng Chi.” This is an acupuncture point, and it’s located behind the neck.”

Actually, Yu Meixia knew this word. But she was too nervous and just pointed to a random character in the book.

“Then… Then… what is this word?”

“This character is “Shen.” “Ren Shen” (Ginseng).”

While teaching Yu Meixia, Dong Xuebing’s hands start to move around.

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing with watery eyes. “Chief Dong… Stop… Qianqian is outside.”

Dong Xuebing saw Yu Meixia was not willing, and he held her hands and played with her fingers.

1 hour…

2 hours…

“Chief Dong… I should… I should prepare lunch now.” Yu Meixia was breathing heavily.

Dong Xuebing let go of her unwillingly. “Ok. I will cook lunch today. What do you want for lunch?”

Yu Meixia got up from Dong Xuebing’s lap and quickly straighten her dress. “I’m fine with anything. I… I will help you.”


It’s been a while since Dong Xuebing cooks, and his food taste ordinary.

After lunch, Yu Qianqian yawned. “Mum… I’m sleepy.”

Yu Meixia stroked her daughter’s hair. “Have you finish your homework? Go take a nap.” She turned and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Are you going to take a nap? I will make up your bed for you.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “No need. Go and take a nap with Qianqian. Oh, can you sleep alone?”

Yu Meixia blushed. She did not sleep well over the past few days and was troubled with all sorts of weird nightmares. It was until Chief Dong held her hand and sleep beside her when she can relax and feel secure. “I… I don’t know.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Then I will sit beside you until you fall asleep.”

Yu Meixia quickly says. “No need… It’s too troublesome for you. I…”

Dong Xuebing ignored her and followed them into their room. He sat on a chair beside the bed.

“Alright. Get some rest.”

Yu Meixia gritted her teeth and said. “It’s too troublesome. You are so busy, how can I ask you to sit beside me while I sleep. Errr… Chief Dong, why don’t you…” Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing. “Why don’t you… we… together…” Yu Meixia was too embarrassed to say it.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and asked. “Is it alright?”

Yu Meixia nodded and asked her daughter, who was blushing, to move towards the edge of the bed. She also climbed up the bed, beside Yu Qianqian and gave Dong Xuebing a big space. Dong Xuebing was slightly disappointed as he shamelessly wants to sleep in between the mother and daughter. But now, Yu Meixia had taken up the center part of the bed, and he had no choice but to lay down on the other side. He took off his shirt and went under the blanket.

“Sister Yu, if you are scare, you can hold my arms.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

Although Yu Qianqian is young, she knows it’s not right to be sleeping together. However, her mother had agreed, and she did not object.

Yu Meixia also does not want this to happen. But Chief Dong had treated her well, and she can’t let him wait beside her while she sleeps. Furthermore, they had slept together last night.

This bed is a queen-size bed. But there is enough space as Yu Qianqian is skinny, and Dong Xuebing is slim. The mother and daughter pair were also sleeping on their sides to make space for Dong Xuebing. This time, Yu Meixia did not hold Dong Xuebing’s hand. About 10 minutes later, Yu Meixia held her daughter and felt asleep. Dong Xuebing’s sleeping habit is hugging something to sleep. He could not rest until he turned towards Yu Meixia and hugged her waist.

10 minutes…

Half an hour…

1 hour…

In his sleep, Dong Xuebing heard someone opening the doors.

Outside of the room, Luan Xiaoping had entered the house, using the spare keys given to her by her son. She walked into the living room and to look for her son. The living room is empty, and she thought her son was taking a nap. She went to the master bedroom, but it was empty too. Luan Xiaoping sighed and regretted not calling Dong Xuebing before coming over. She used the phone in the bedroom to call her son’s number.

Ring… ring… ring… the phone rang.

Luan Xiaoping was surprised to hear the phone ringing from Xiao Yu’s room.

Dong Xuebing was sleeping soundly and answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Xiao Bing? Are you at home?”

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and saw Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian awake. He smiled apologetically at them. Yu Qianqian can’t see it, but Dong Xuebing’s arm is around Yu Meixia’s slim waist. “I’m sleeping. Are you looking for me?”

Luan Xiaoping gasped. “Sleeping?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

Du… du… du…. Luan Xiaoping hangs up the call!

Dong Xuebing was puzzled. I’m only taking a nap. What’s there to be angry and hang up the phone?

Yu Meixia was afraid her daughter might discover and quickly pushed Dong Xuebing’s arm aside. “Is it Sister Luan?”

“Yes. Maybe the signal is not good, and the line got cut.”

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing heard footsteps outside of the bedroom, and before Yu Meixia could react, Luan Xiaoping opened the bedroom door.

Dong Xuebing was stunned!

Yu Meixia was stunned!

Luan Xiaoping was stunned!

Luan Xiaoping took a deep breath and pointed at Dong Xuebing. “Why are you all sleeping together?!”

Yu Meixia blushed. “Sister Yu… It’s not… I… I…”

Dong Xuebing cursed and immediately shouted. BACK 1 minute!

The surroundings changed!

The moment Dong Xuebing returned to 1 minute ago, he quickly got up. He looked around and saw Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian still sleeping soundly. He could hear footsteps in the living room, and he promptly got up and wear back his shirt.

Yu Meixia woke up and looked at him. “Chief Dong, you are going out?”

Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat on his forehead. “My Mum is here.”

Yu Meixia nodded. But she suddenly remembered that they were in her room and she sat up immediately. “Sister Luan is here? I… I…” Yu Meixia was at a loss and quickly woke Yu Qianqian. “Wake up and get dressed.” Yu Meixia knew Sister Luan must not see the 3 of them on the same bed.

Ring… ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Dong Xuebing did not answer and walked out of the room. “Eh, Mum? No wonder I feel this number is familiar.”

Luan Xiaoping, who was in the master bedroom, looked at her son and hangs up. “I thought you are not at home.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am teaching Sister Yu and Yu Qianqian how to use her laptop.” It’s a close shave…

Inside the bedroom, Yu Meixia whispered to her daughter. “Qianqian, you are not allowed to tell anyone Chief Dong slept with us. You understand?”

Yu Qianqian blushed and nodded. “Mum… I… You…”

Yu Meixia kissed her daughter on her forehead. “Chief Dong treats us as family members. Don’t let your thoughts run wild.”

Yu Qianqian nodded.

After taking a deep breath, Yu Meixia walked out of the bedroom. Her face was pale, and she said. “Sister Luan, you are here? What tea would you like? I will prepare it now.”

Luan Xiaoping laughed. “It’s fine. I will be leaving in a while.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “You just arrived, and you are leaving? Stay for dinner first.”

“You have to come with me.” Luan Xiaoping said softly. “I need you to come over to First Middle School’s hostel.”

Dong Xuebing asked puzzledly. “What’s wrong?”

“You will know when you reach there.” From Luan Xiaoping’s expression, Dong Xuebing knew it’s a serious matter. She turned to Yu Meixia. “Xiao Yu, don’t wait for Xiao Bing. You two have dinner alone tonight. He will have dinner at my place.”

Yu Meixia nodded. “Yes. Please be careful.”

Luan Xiaoping likes Yu Meixia, and she patted her hand. “I heard about your husband from Xiao Bing. Your abduction is also by the people from Jin Di Mansion? Those people are too much. Don’t worry. Xiao Bing will help you.”

Yu Meixia’s eyes turned red and replied softly. “Although Chief Dong did not say anything, I know I had created troubles for him. One of the neighbors here told me that the higher-ups had given Chief Dong a lot of pressure. If… if it’s not possible, forget it. I will not pursue this matter.”

Dong Xuebing said. “Since I had promised you, I will do my best. The pressure by the higher-ups is nothing.”

Dong Xuebing replied casually, but Yu Meixia knew he was under tremendous pressure.

Out of the family quarters, Dong Xuebing asked. “Mum, what’s going on? Can you let me get prepared first?”

Luan Xiaoping looked around and moved closer. “Zhou Mei had looked for me. She wants to tell you something.”

Zhou Mei? That Hui Tian Village Middle School’s team leader? Dong Xuebing had met her once when he went to Hui Tian Village, and she was very close to his mother. But there are rumors that she had been raped by the Ministry of Education Director Yu Zhengzhi, and she got her promotion because of this incident. She is here to look for me?

County First Middle School’s family quarters.

Luan Xiaoping opened the door for Dong Xuebing and said. “Teacher Zhou wants to speak to you privately. I will go and buy some groceries now.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and closed the door after his mother left.

The bedroom door opened, and Zhou Mei, in her early forties, walked out. She seems to have just woke up, and she looked at Dong Xuebing. She brushed her hair and forced a smile. “Chief Dong.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Sister Zhou, what do you want to tell me? You want to lodge report?”

Zhou Mei sighed. “I am not making any reports. I just want to provide some information for you.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “What information?”

Zhou Mei and Dong Xuebing sat on the sofa, and she sighed. “A long time ago, when I was still an ordinary teacher, the school leader called me suddenly to ask me to attend a dinner organized by the County’s Ministry of Education. I thought this was an opportunity to speak to the higher-ups and might be promoted if the leaders remembered me. So, I rushed over and drank with them. There were a lot of people at dinner, and I don’t know some of them. I only know who they are after the incident. Public Security’s Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, a detective, and a few others are at the dinner. There is still a young man who was treated with respect by the leaders. I heard them calling him Xiao Fei.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Qian Fei? County Publicity Department’s head, Director Qian’s son?”

Zhou Mei lowered her head. “I think so. I was the only woman at the table and during dinner, some of them… had their hands all over me. I know they are all high ranked government officials and dare not say anything. I pretended nothing had happened and continue to drink with them. After that, they forced me to drink and made me drunk. I can’t remember how much I drank that day and when I woke up, I...” Zhou Mei’s tears start to flow.

Dong Xuebing passed a paper napkin to her.

Zhou Mei blew her nose and continued. “When I opened my eyes, it was bright, and I was lying on a bed. My clothes are thrown all over the room. I was naked and alone in the room, but I know I was raped by not one person. I was raped by at least 3 or 4 people.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Are you asleep when it happened? Did you see anyone?”

Zhou Mei shook her head. “I was blackout from the alcohol. But on my body and my private parts… there are a lot of… A man can’t have so much volume. After that, Yu Zhengzhi called me and tell me that he is promoting me to be the team leader for the level I am teaching. I knew what was happening. To them, this is a transaction. I gave them my body in exchange for promotion. I know it’s useless to report to the police as Chief Hu and Chief Zhao might be one of those who had also raped me that night. Furthermore, I am married and still have a child. How can I tell others about this? I will bring shame to my husband and children!”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Why are you telling me this?”

Zhou Mei wiped her tears. “I heard from Teacher Luan that you are going to deal with Jin Di Mansion, and I’m afraid you are not aware of its backing. That’s why I need to tell you this. Those people I mentioned are all related to Jin Di Mansion because I woke up in the best suite of Jin Di Mansion that day.”

Dong Xuebing was furious.

Zhou Mei smiled bitterly. “I had kept this secret in my heart all these while. Now, I felt better after telling you this. Chief Dong, I hope what I told you is helpful when you deal with Jin Di Mansion.”

Why is it Jin Di Mansion again?!

Why is it this group of bastards again?!

Dong Xuebing banged on the table and was determined to get rid of Jin Di Mansion and the people behind!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 209 – Good night

It’s a starry night.

After settling the newspaper articles saga, Dong Xuebing returned to the family quarters with a good mood.

The moment Dong Xuebing stepped into his house, he smelled the fragrance of chicken wings. Dong Xuebing took a whiff and saw Yu Meixia cooking in the kitchen. He changed into his slippers and saw dark rings around Yu Meixia’s eyes as he got closer. She must be up all night. After suffering such a big shock, anyone will also not sleep peacefully. “Sister Yu, where is Qianqian?”

Yu Meixia quickly turns around. “You are back? Qianqian is in the room, doing her homework. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and laughed. “Have an early rest after dinner. I will do the dishes.”

“I’m fine.” Yu Meixia waved her hands. “I’m not tired. Err… Chief Dong, I… I… Should I continue to make police reports about my husband’s case?”

“Stop for the time being. The commotion these two days is too big. Let’s wait for a few more days.”


Dong Xuebing does not want to let Yu Meixia be in danger again. Furthermore, he doesn’t have evidence. He decides to investigate from another direction, like the underground casino. But after these two days, Jin Di Mansion should stay low, and Dong Xuebing chose to wait for a few more days before giving them a deadly blow.

Yu Meixia is wearing a pair of jeans and a long sleeves casual shirt, covering most of her body. Dong Xuebing thought that it might be because he had touched her a few days ago, and she is taking precautions against him.

After dinner, Yu Meixia cleaned the table and was about to give Dong Xuebing his massage. This had been the routine for the past few days.

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Never mind. I can tell you did not sleep well last night. Go and rest.”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and said. “Let me massage you before I sleep.”

Yu Qianqian walked out of the room suddenly and blushed. “Mum, you go and rest first. I will give Big Brother a massage.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Qianqian is so obedient. Sister Yu, don’t let your daughter worry about you. Just go and get some rest.”

Yu Meixia helped Dong Xuebing top up his teacup before returning to her room. She covered herself with her blanket, but could not sleep. The moment she closes her eyes, she saw the scene of her getting abducted.

Outside of the bedroom, Yu Qianqian stood behind the sofa and massaged Dong Xuebing’s head.

Dong Xuebing lowered the volume of the TV. “Hey, why are your eyes bloodshot? You didn’t sleep well last night?”

Yu Qianqian replied softly. “Yes. I… I am scared and can’t sleep.”

“What’s there to be scare of? Sister Yu is back, and I am around. No one will dare to bully you and your mother in the future.”

Yu Qianqian nodded. “Thank you, Big Brother. You are so nice to us.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and turned to pinch Yu Qianqian’s cheeks. “Alright. You don’t need to massage me. Go in and accompany your mother.”

After Yu Qianqian left, Dong Xuebing looked at the clock. He has nothing to do and went to wash up before going to bed. When he closes his eyes, he saw Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s beautiful figure… he quickly shook his head to get these images out of his mind and sleep.

1 hour…

2 hours…

Dong Xuebing slept for a few hours when he heard a woman screaming.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and rushed to Yu Meixia’s room. Yu Qianqian was crying and hugging her mother, and Yu Meixia was panting and covered in sweat. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, and she seems to have a nightmare.

Dong Xuebing asked worriedly. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and shook her head.

Yu Qianqian was sobbing. “Mum… Don’t be afraid. Big Brother is around.”

“That’s right. I am around.” Dong Xuebing sat down on the edge of the bed and patted Yu Meixia’s head. “Stop crying, and don’t be scare. Everything will be fine after a good night's sleep.” Dong Xuebing sighed in his heart. This abduction had hurt Yu Meixia more than he expected.

Yu Meixia can’t sleep and kept thinking about her nightmare.

Dong Xuebing looked at her and said. “Qianqian, go and sleep first. Sister Yu, let’s go to my room.”

The master bedroom.

Dong Xuebing closed the door and asked Yu Meixia to sit on his bed. “What did you dream of?”

Yu Meixia replied softly. “I… I… dreamt of the person who killed my husband, tired to kill Qianqian and even… even…” Yu Meixia grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm tightly and was shaking.

Dong Xuebing sat down beside her and slowly stroked her long hair. “It’s just a dream. Don’t worry. I will catch your husband’s murderer. Don’t be scare. I am around to protect you.”

Yu Meixia calmed down.

Dong Xuebing said gently. “Sister, you are in your 30s, and you are still behaving like a crybaby. You are not afraid your daughter will laugh at you? Be strong. Your daughter still needs you. What will happen to Qianqian if you continue to be like this every day?”

Yu Meixia nodded but did not release her grip on Dong Xuebing’s arm.

Dong Xuebing said. “Go back to sleep.”

Yu Meixia looked at him and blushed.

“What’s wrong? You want to say something?”

“I…” Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing apologetically. “Can you… can you leave after we fall asleep? I… Qianqian and I are scared to sleep.” Dong Xuebing had cleared Yu Meixia’s debt for her, provide her with shelter, and saved her after she was abducted. Subconsciously, she treated Dong Xuebing as her support and felt secured when he is beside her.

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “Alright. Let’s go to your room. I will wait until you two fall asleep before I leave.”

Yu Meixia thanked gratefully. “Thank you. Sorry to disrupt your rest. I… I…”

“It’s fine.”

Yu Qianqian was still awake when they returned to the room, and She looked at her mother and Dong Xuebing with her big eyes. Yu Meixia explained to Yu Qianqian, and she nodded. Yu Qianqian looked at Dong Xuebing shyly and moved to her side of the bed. Yu Meixia also straightens her dress, and laid down on the bed, before covering her legs with the blanket. Dong Xuebing sat on the edge of the bed. “Ok. I will stay here. Go and sleep.”

Yu Qianqian held her mother’s hand, and Yu Meixia hugged her, and they slowly close their eyes.

Dong Xuebing was touched to see this mother and daughter pair, and his desire to hug and protect them increases. Suddenly, he saw Yu Meixia’s eyelid fluttering, and her hands start to grab her blanket tightly. Dong Xuebing quickly reach over to hold Yu Meixia’s hand and said. “Relax. Stop thinking about all those bad things. If you want to think about somethings, think about the things that will cheer you up.”

Yu Meixia nodded and held Dong Xuebing’s hand.

10 minutes…

20 minutes…

Dong Xuebing looked at the clock. It’s after midnight, and Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian look like they are sleeping. Their breathing is even and no longer frowning. Dong Xuebing yawned. He is very sleepy, but Yu Meixia is still grabbing on to him tightly, and he is afraid of waking Yu Meixia up if he moved his hand away. He saw the empty space on the bed beside Yu Meixia and laid down beside her with his head resting on a corner of her pillow. It’s not the best position, but it’s better than none.

The moment Dong Xuebing laid down, he fell asleep.

Dong Xuebing suddenly woke up. He could not tell how long he had slept. It feels like it’s a few hours.

It was still dark, and the moonlight was shining on his face. Dong Xuebing looked around him and noticed he was lying on his back with his hands and legs stretched outwards. He had occupied more than half of the bed. On his left, Yu Qianqian is still sleeping soundly, but Yu Meixia is not around. Dong Xuebing panicked and knew he must have woken sister Yu up when he tosses and turn on the bed.

Swish! It’s the sounds of the toilet flushing.

After a while, the bedroom door opened, and Yu Meixia entered the room.

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. After all, he should not be sleeping on Yu Meixia’s bed. Although they did not do anything, they had close body contact. He quickly shut his eyes and pretended to sleep. Suddenly, Yu Qianqian hears the door opening, and she moved. She reached out and grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm and rested her head on his shoulders. She had a sweet smile on her face and should be having a sweet dream.

Dong Xuebing was surprised and opened his eyes slightly to look at Yu Meixia.

Yu Meixia moved forward and pushed her daughter lightly. “Qianqian… Qianqian…”

Yu Qianqian mumbled something in her sleep and did not wake up.

Yu Meixia bit her lips and slowly removed her daughter’s hand on Dong Xuebing’s arm. After that, she looked at Dong Xuebing’s face and tapped him lightly on his shoulder. “Chief Dong, Chief Dong… you… can you…”

Dong Xuebing pretended to be sleeping and did not move.

Yu Meixia doesn’t dare to wake Dong Xuebing up loudly and stood there hesitating. She walked over to her drawer and took out a blanket before going out to the living room.

Dong Xuebing waited for around 10 minutes and felt he should leave Yu Meixia’s room.

But before Dong Xuebing got up, the bedroom door opened, and Yu Meixia entered. Her face is pale and should have a nightmare again. She closed the door behind her and looked at Dong Xuebing. After a while, she blushed and climbed up the bed softly to lie down beside Dong Xuebing and grabbed his arms, as she felt secured this way.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. On his left, it’s the daughter, and on his right, it’s the mother. All 3 of them are sleeping on a bed. Dong Xuebing was losing control and could feel himself heating up. He turned his body slightly towards Yu Meixia, and his left hand reached over for Yu Meixia’s thighs under the blanket.

Yu Meixia’s body stiffened and thought Dong Xuebing was unintentional. She quickly pushes Dong Xuebing’s hand away, but within 2 seconds, Dong Xuebing’s hand is on her thighs again. Yu Meixia’s face is as red as a tomato and knew Chief Dong is awake and is touching her purposely. She lowered her head and don’t dare to make any noise.

Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia’s timid look and whispered. “Sister Yu, can I touch you?”

Yu Meixia stuttered softly. “Qianqian is in the room… can we… can we go outside?”

“She is sleeping soundly and will not wake up.”

Yu Meixia lowered her head shyly and did not reply.

Dong Xuebing could see Yu Meixia’s beautiful features under the moonlight, and his hand started to move upwards from her waist…

“Sister Yu, if you are not willing… if you don’t say anything, I will take it as you agree.”

Yu Meixia did not make any sound and buried her face in the pillow.

5 minutes…

10 minutes…

Dong Xuebing had touched enough and hugged Yu Meixia from her back. He asked. “Err… is my image in your heart ruined?”

“No.” Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and shook her head. “You… you are a good man.”

Dong Xuebing was speechless. “Huh? I am a good man after I treated you like this?”

Yu Meixia whispered. “I know you are a good person. You have… you have always treated me with respect.”

Dong Xuebing blushed. After he heard what Yu Meixia said, he is too embarrassed to continue to touch her. “It’s almost morning. Hurry up and get some sleep. If you are still afraid, you can hold me.”

Dong Xuebing opened his palm, and Yu Meixia reached over to hold his hand tightly. She adjusted the strapped of her sleep gown and closed her eyes.

Dong Xuebing gave her a kiss on her forehead and fell asleep.

Morning. The birds are chirping, and the sun shone through the windows into the bedroom.

Dong Xuebing yawned and opened his eyes. He remembered he was sleeping on Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s bed. He looked around and saw the mother and daughter were still sleeping. Yu Qianqian was drooling and hugging Dong Xuebing’s left arm. Once a while, she will mumble something in her sleep. Yu Meixia is hugging Dong Xuebing’s right arm on the other side, and the blanket was kicked aside by her.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and smiled.

Suddenly, Yu Qianqian woke up. She rubbed her eyes and wiped her drool on Dong Xuebing’s arm unconsciously. But after Yu Qianqian regained her senses, her face turned red and gasped in shock. “Big Brother! Why are you sleeping here?” She looked around and saw Yu Meixia sleeping soundly and hugging Dong Xuebing’s arm.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and replied embarrassedly. “Your mother fell asleep while grabbing my hand last night, and I was afraid to wake her up. So, I slept here.

Yu Qianqian nodded and pulled the corner of the blanket at a loss.

Dong Xuebing patted Yu Qianqian’s head. “You don’t have school today. If you are tired, sleep a while more.”

“Yes.” Yu Qianqian laid back on the back stiffly and secretly peeped at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing and Yu Qianqian’s conversation woke Yu Meixia, and she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was her daughter looking at her shyly. Yu Meixia was stunned and lower her head. she saw she was still hugging Dong Xuebing’s arm, and her face immediately turns red. She quickly let go of Dong Xuebing and straighten her sleep gown. “Chief Dong, Qianqian, you all are awake?”

Yu Qianqian nodded and did not say anything.

Dong Xuebing smiled and cleared his throat. The situation is quite awkward as all of them are still in the same bed. Dong Xuebing said. “You two did not sleep well for the past few days. What do you want for breakfast? I will prepare it now.”

Yu Meixia quickly got up. “No need. I will cook breakfast now. Is it still fried eggs and deep-fried buns?”

Dong Xuebing turned to his left and asked. “Qianqian, what do you want to eat?”

Yu Qianqian replied softly. “I… I… I want to eat sausage and toast.”

“Ok. Both of you rest a while longer. I will let you all try my cooking today.”

The 3 of them talked about breakfast on the same bed, under a blanket. It felt like a family, and it’s been a while since Dong Xuebing had this blissful feeling. Dong Xuebing patted Yu Qianqian’s head and stroked Yu Meixia’s hair, before climbing out of the blanket to prepare breakfast.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 208 – Slap to the face!


Neighboring Province, County’s Second People’s Hospital.

Scarface had finished an operation, and the bullethead was removed from his leg. Dong Xuebing stood in his ward, staring at him. “Scarface. To be honest, I respect your courage. Let’s talk. Who is the behind the scenes?” Scarface laid on the hospital bed and said. “What do you think?” Dong Xuebing frowned. “No one else is involved? This is impossible. If no one had given you orders, you dare to abduct someone from public security? Ah?”

Scarface was stunned. “What… what do you mean?”

Dong Xuebing looked at him and said. “The woman you abducted this morning is my helper. She lives in the County’s Public Security Family Quarters!”

Scarface took a deep breath in and finally understood why the Police officers were so aggressive and why there were so many roadblocks in the morning. He had touched someone he is not supposed to. He starts to panic and angrily said. I have nothing to do with this... No… I should say your helper’s incident has nothing to do with me. Last night, I received a call and was told to wait along this street. The caller said to me that there will be a pretty woman passing by there and she will surely fetch high prices. Therefore, I waited there… Damn! Someone tried to frame me!”

Dong Xuebing asked coldly. “Who is this person?”

Scarface quickly said. “I don’t know his real name and only know his nickname. Da Tou! He is someone I know from some time back.”

Dong Xuebing continued asking. “What is Da Tao doing now? Where does he live?”

“I don’t know where he lived. He used to be a loan shark, but I think he is doing something else now.”

“Have you heard of Jin Di Mansion?”

Scarface shook his head. “I am not from your province.”

Dong Xuebing asked a few more questions and left the ward. He lit a cigarette in the hospital front yard. It’s what he had expected. Someone knew Yu Meixia’s usual route to the supermarket and made use of someone else to abduct her. Once Yu Meixia is not around, not one will bring up that murder case and, at the same time, give Dong Xuebing a warning. Dong Xuebing can already confirm Jin Di Mansion is behind all these. These bastards are much! You all want to step all over me? Fine! I will settle the score with you all after I get back! If I don’t wipe out you all, I will change my surname!

Qian Sheng, Qian Fei, Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong… Dong Xuebing recited these names in his heart again!

Ring… ring… ring… it was Liang Chengpeng.

“Chief Dong, how is the case?”

“I am just about to report to you. The case is solved. All 4 suspects are arrested, and we rescued the women and children, who were abducted earlier.”

Liang Chengpeng paused for a while and said. “Good job.”

Dong Xuebing suppressed his anger and said. “I also found out that Yu Meixia’s abduction is not a coincidence. Someone had called Scarface to inform him of Yu Meixia’s whereabouts. Someone is purposely trying to harm me, Sister Yu and stop her from reopening her husband’s death case.”

Liang Chengpeng muttered to himself and said. “I know. Bring those criminals back.”

“During the arrest of the criminals, I fired a few shots, and the few criminals were all injured. They had just undergone to remove the bullet heads. Should we bring them back tomorrow?”

“Today. I had contacted the local police, and they will send the criminals back in their vehicles.”


After hanging up, Liang Chengpeng smiled to himself. Hu Yiguo had handled this case for more than 2 weeks, and there’s no progress at all. After letting Dong Xuebing take over this case in the morning, he solved it in the afternoon. The suspect, Chen Hailiang, in their custody, had not revealed anything, and Dong Xuebing managed to find out where the criminals’ transaction will take place. He even rescued all the victims. No one else in the Bureau has this efficiency and capability!

In the afternoon, a few police cars drove Scarface and his men, along with the victims, to Yan Tai County.

Dong Xuebing had ordered Chu Feng and the 3 officers to escort Scarface and his men in the police vehicles, and only Yu Meixia and himself are traveling in the Buicks. Yu Meixia still has not recovered from her fright and was still trembling as she hugged herself in the front passenger seat.

Dong Xuebing took a glance at her and reached over to hold her hand. “Don’t be afraid. I am around.”

Yu Meixia nodded and wiped her tears.

Dong Xuebing made a promise. “It’s my fault for you to go through this. After we go back, I will arrest the people behind this event. You can rest assured.” The person behind had successfully made Dong Xuebing furious. It’s time to settle the score with Jin Di Mansion!

Yan Tai County, Public Security Family Quarters.

Yu Qianqian cried and ran into Yu Meixia’s arms, the moment she stepped into the house. “Mum! Mum!”

Yu Meixia also burst out crying and hugged her daughter tightly. “Qianqian!”

Yu Meixia had called Yu Qianqian using Dong Xuebing’s phone, and Yu Qianqian had been waiting for her at home. Her mother had finally returned, and she refused to let go of her. “I… Sob… sob… I thought I will not see you again… Sob…sob…”

Yu Meixia wiped her tears. “I am back! I will not leave you again.”

Dong Xuebing had a warm feeling in his heart, and he patted Yu Qianqian’s head. “Let your mother rest early today. She got a fright and needs some rest.”

Yu Qianqian cried. “Big Brother! Thank you!”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, thank you! Thank you!” She can’t imagine what would happen to her now without Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Alright. Sleep early.”

The next morning.

Dong Xuebing met Hu Silian when he arrived at the Public Security Bureau.

Hu Silian laughed and said. “Chief Dong, congratulations. You solved the case.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s all luck. Oh, how are the victims?”

Hu Silian said. “They are alright and were sent home last night. Scarface and his men are now under interrogation in the Detention Cells.” News of Chief Dong solving the women and children abduction case had spread in the bureau. Along with this case, everyone in the bureau is also talking about Dong Xuebing’s marksmanship. Hu Silian was deeply impressed with Dong Xuebing now. It seems that he can solve all cases.

Dong Xuebing nodded and was about to enter the building when he heard someone shouting behind him.

“Chief Dong! Chief Dong!” Dong Xuebing turned around and saw an old lady at the bureau’s main entrance. Besides the old lady, it was the student who was rescued yesterday. The old lady was stopped by the guards at the gate and was holding up a banner. “Thank you for saving my daughter! Thank you!”

Dong Xuebing was surprised and walked over quickly. “Don’t mention it. It’s our duties.”

The old lady was crying and kept thanking Dong Xuebing. After passing the banner to Dong Xuebing, she and her daughter kneeled to kowtow.

Dong Xuebing hurriedly helped them up. “Please don’t do this.”

Hu Yiguo arrived at the Bureau and saw Dong Xuebing when he alighted from his car. His face turned black. He had not expected Dong Xuebing to solve this case. When he heard about this yesterday, he was stunned for a few minutes. He wondered what happened. Chen Hailiang did not reveal anything useful, and other than him, there are no other clues. How did Dong Xuebing arrest these criminals?

Back in the office, Hu Yiguo called Qian Fei.

Qian Fei asked in a deep voice. “Chief Hu, where did Dong Xuebing get his information from?”

Hu Yiguo sighed. “I also don’t know. But Scarface had admitted that someone had called him to ask him to abduct Yu Meixia. Dong Xuebing is not an idiot and should suspect you now. I think you should let Jin Di Mansions stop their activities for these few days. At least, the casino must be stopped.”

Qian Fei replied coldly. “Don’t say he does not have evidence. Even if he has evidence, I am not afraid of him. Since Yu Meixia is back, let her be. Let this be a lesson for her and Dong Xuebing. If Dong Xuebing still tries to play other tricks, I will take care of him! Chief Hu, thank you for your help.”

Hu Yiguo narrowed his eyes. “Don’t mention it. Err… this case… how will Director Qian….”

Qian Fei laughed. “I had told my father, and it was settled last night. Just buy a copy of the newspaper later.”

Hu Yiguo smiled. Credit and results are what he needed the most now.

Bureau Chief Office.

Liang Chengpeng called Dong Xuebing into his office. “Haha… I heard the victim’s family member had come to the bureau to give you a banner?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. This is the first time he received a banner.

Liang Chengpeng nodded with approval. “You had done well. Give me a detail report before noon, and I will inform the Publicity Department in the afternoon. You will be in the news soon. Hahaha…” The hacker case Dong Xuebing solved was too sensitive as it concerns the County Government Website, and no one was arrested. That’s why the news did not report on it. But this time is different. What Dong Xuebing did was enough to be the headlines in the County’s newspapers.

Dong Xuebing took out a document. “Chief Liang, the report is ready.”

“Ok. Let me see.”

Dong Xuebing knew Liang Chengpeng will ask him for a detailed report, and he wrote it last night. In the story, Dong Xuebing pointed out his contributions to solving the case. He does not have lots of opportunities to be featured in the papers, and this is not the time to be modest. He needs results, and if his name appeared in the papers, the County Government leaders and Provincial Government leaders might notice him.

After reading the report, Liang Chengpeng nodded. “Alright. I will send this report to the Publicity Department. They will write a newspaper article base on this report.” Most of the time, reporters will go to the Public Security Bureau, or the Public Security leaders send the case files over to the Publicity Department. It’s different if Liang Chengpeng sends this report over personally. This is telling the people at the newspaper agency that this case is of great importance, and the article should be on the front few pages.

Dong Xuebing thanked Liang Chengpeng.

Liang Chengpeng placed the report aside and saw today’s Yan Tai County’s newspaper on his desk. He saw a few words, and he grabbed the papers over. His face changed as he read the article, and he threw it on the desk. “What the hell are the people at the newspaper agency doing?! We still have not sent our report over, and they published this article?!”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “What happened?”

Liang Chengpeng pushed the newspaper forward. “Read it yourself!”

Dong Xuebing picked up the newspaper. On the second page, there is an article with the header, “Women and Children abduction case.” He started reading it, and his face changed too. The report states that County Public Security Executive Deputy Bureau Chief Hu Yiguo had solved this case and arrested 5 suspects and rescued all 5 victims.

At the end of the article, it also listed out all the significant cases Hu Yiguo handled in the past. Dong Xuebing’s name was not mentioned in the article at all!

Dong Xuebing almost tore the newspaper into pieces. Snatching credit! Hu Yiguo is snatching his credit again!

Hu Yiguo oversees the investigation department, and even when Dong Xuebing had taken over this case, Hu Yiguo is still considered the overall in charge. To have his name in the article is still fine, but the report did not mention Dong Xuebing’s name. Dong Xuebing is the one who cracked this case. Why was he not included in this article? Hu Yiguo wants to claim all the credit for himself!

Liang Chengpeng called the newspaper agency, and the Chief Editor said that it’s the higher-ups who had ordered him to publish this article. Liang Chenpeng knew it must be the Head of the County’s Publicity Department, Director Qian Shen, behind this article. Dong Xuebing is helping Yu Meixia to reopen her husband’s case and is going against Qian Fei’s Jin Di Mansion. This is a warning to Dong Xuebing, but by doing this, Qian Shen had shown no respect for Liang Chengpeng.

Liang Chengpeng called Qian Shen’s office.

Qian Shen laughed. “Bureau Chief Liang? You are looking for me?”

Liang Chengpeng asked. “Director Qian, what is going on with the article in this morning’s papers? We had not even sent the case report over, and why is this article published?”

Qian Shen laughed. “Oh, you don’t need to send the report over. The reporters had gotten the details of this case.”

“They have the details of the case? What do they know? This case had been handed over to Chief Dong, and he is the one who solved this case. Why is he not mentioned in the article?”

“Really? I remember Chief Hu is investigating this abduction case. Maybe it’s an overlook by the reporters. Chief Liang, the newspaper had been published, and it’s too late to make changes. Anyway, Chief Hu is in charge of the investigation, and the article is not wrong too.” Qian Shen continued. “I still have some matters to attend to. Bye.”

Liang Chengpeng knew Qian Shen will not admit his mistake, and he had done this purposely!

Liang Chengpeng suppressed his anger and said. “Director Qian says he can’t change the article!”

Dong Xuebing’s blood began to boil. Qian Shen! Your son almost causes Sister Yu to be raped, and I still have not settled the score with you! Now, you want to find trouble with me? You don’t know about that murder case? You and your son are involved in Jin Di Mansion, and you can’t escape! Hu Yiguo is a member of Qian Shen’s faction, and Dong Xuebing does not have any good impression of Qian Shen. Now, this article had ignited the fire in Dong Xuebing!

Liang Chengpeng does not look good. He had just told Dong Xuebing that he will give him credit. But now, there’s nothing he can do. Liang Chengpeng had not thought that Hu Yiguo and Qian Shen will be so despicable to snatch this credit from Dong Xuebing. However, Liang Chengpeng is not a member of the County Government’s Party Committee, and there’s nothing he can do.

“Chief Liang, I will go back to work first.” Dong Xuebing stood up with blackface.

Liang Chengpeng sighed. “Jin Di Mansion is very sensitive. You need to watch out.”

You want me to stop now? Impossible!

Any government officials will stop when they receive hints from their superiors. But Dong Xuebing will not stop investigating about Jin Di Mansion. Those who knew Dong Xuebing well will know Dong Xuebing is a stubborn and foul-tempered person. Once he set his mind on something, he will not stop. At Senior Xie’s house, he even dares to bang tables and stare at Senior Xie. Now, his opponent is only the County’s Head of Publicity Department, and he is not afraid. He will get back at him!

Qian Shen! You just wait! You think I will stop? Not so easy!

Dong Xuebing returned to his office, and Qin Yong came to look for him with a copy of the morning papers. “Xuebing, have you seen this article?”

Dong Xuebing replied emotionlessly. “Yes.”

“What the hell are they thinking?” Qin Yong threw the papers on the desk. “Hu Yiguo had not contributed anything in the investigation and arrest of those criminals. Now, he dares to claim he is the one who solved this case? What is the Publicity Department doing?! Hu Yiguo is too much this time, and everyone in the Bureau is talking about this!” Qin Yong knew this is because Dong Xuebing had offended Qian Shen, and he also has a grudge with Hu Yiguo. His credit for solving a drug trafficking case is also snatched by Hu Yiguo.

Not only Hu Yiguo had not contributed to this case, he even tried to hinder Dong Xuebing from his investigation. Now, the case was solved, and he appeared out of nowhere to claim the credit. Dong Xuebing will not take this lying down. After Qin Yong left, Dong Xuebing called Xie Huilan. “Sister Xie, are you busy?” Sister Xie is from the Central Government’s Publicity Department, and she is the best person to handle this.

Xie Huilan giggled and asked. “What is it?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and said. “I cracked an abduction case yesterday, but the local newspaper did not mention my name in their article. They even put in someone else’s name to snatch my credit. Sister Xie, I don’t mind being mentioned in the papers, but this credit is mine, and how can I let someone else take it away after working so hard? My Bureau Chief called up the local Publicity Department, and the Director said there’s nothing he can do. This is too much.”

“Hahaha… you are outraged. Alright. Tell me everything in detail.”

Dong Xuebing told Xie Huilan everything that had happened.

After a while, Xie Huilan laughed and said. “Ok. I know.”

In the afternoon, another family member of the abduction case’s victim came to the Bureau. It’s the father of an 8-year-old boy. But this time, the father is thanking Hu Yiguo and not Dong Xuebing. This is because he read in the papers that Hu Yiguo was the one who solved this case. Many officers shook their heads when they saw the father of the victim thanking Hu Yiguo. Most of the officers at the Bureau felt Hu Yiguo is too shameless, but they dare not say anything as he is a leader, and he still has a strong backing. It’s Chief Dong loss this time.

After sending the victim’s family member away, Hu Yiguo was in a good mood. He knows this credit will be recorded in his personal files instead of Dong Xuebing’s. Back at his office, he gave Qian Shen a call. “Director Qian, thank you for your help.”

Qian Shen laughed. “This is your department, and this credit is yours in the first place.”

Hu Yiguo laughed. “If it’s not for you, Dong Xuebing might have snatched my credit.”

“Let’s stop talking about this case. Hahaha… Xiao Fei keeps getting into trouble. Please help me take care of him in the future.”

“I know.”

10 minutes later, someone entered the office door suddenly!

This person is Hu Yiguo’s trusted aide. “What’s wrong with you?”

That man quickly passes a copy of the newspaper to Hu Yiguo. “This is the Provincial’s newspaper. Look on page 3!”

Provincial newspaper? Hu Yiguo flipped the paper and saw an article about Yan Tai County’s women and children's abduction case. His heart starts to beat faster. He had never expected to be featured in the Province’s Newspaper. This is not the County’s or the City’s newspaper. It’s the Province’s newspaper, and it is more influential.

But Hu Yiguo’s happiness was short-lived because the next few sentences of the article shocked him!

The article wrote: County Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief Dong Xuebing had solved this case and arrested 5 suspects and rescued all 5 victims……

It’s the same! This article is exactly the same as the article in the County’s paper!

The only difference is Hu Yiguo’s name is changed to Dong Xuebing!

How is this possible? Hu Yiguo was dumbfounded!

At the same time, County’s Publicity Department’s Head, Director Qian Shen, is also reading the Province’s newspaper, given to him by his secretary. At first, he thought nothing about it, but when he read that article, his face turned pale and threw the papers on his desk. Suddenly, he remembered something and took out the County’s newspapers to compare both articles. He was stunned!

Other than the person in charge of the case is different, the rest of the articles are the same. Even the punctuations are the same as the County’s article! It is an exact copy of the report! What’s the meaning of this? Qian Shen took a deep breath. He knew the reporters can't do this. The only explanation is the Provincial Newspaper agency, or the Provincial Publicity Department is giving Tai Yan County a warning! They don’t even bother to change single punctuation. This is like giving him a slap on his face.

Qian Shen felt he had offended the wrong person. This had never happened before, and even the Province’s newspaper is alarmed and gave him a warning this way. Who the hell is Dong Xuebing?

But it’s too late to say anything now. The Province’s newspaper had published this article, and Qian Shen must go along with them. He immediately makes a call. “Hello? Is the evening paper printed? Stop it right away and gather all the information about the abduction case. Get Chief Dong’s information from the Public Security and prepare a special report about him. You must emphasize Chief Dong’s contributions in solving this case!”

The person from the newspaper agency had not received any news and don’t understand what was going on. Why is Director Qian slapping his own face? The earlier article had stated it was Chief Hu’s credit. He said. “Director Qian, the evening papers are about to be printed…”

Qian Shen quickly said. “Just listen to me and add this article in. I give you 20 minutes!”


After hanging up the phone, Qian Shen wiped the sweat off his forehead. He was getting uneasy about this.

News of Chief Dong being featured in the Province’s newspaper spread.

In the office, Qin Yong was the province’s newspaper and saw the article. Why is this article the same as the one in the County’s newspaper? He started reading it carefully and noticed Hu Yiguo’s name is changed to Dong Xuebing. He immediately understood what the province’s newspaper is trying to do. They are trying to disgust the County’s Publicity Department!

Qin Yong burst out laughing! This is a powerful slap to their face!

At the same time, Liang Chengpeng was also smiling in front of the Province’s newspaper. Xiao Dong is really influential and can even get the provincial newspaper agency to help him. This time, Qian Shen and Hu Yiguo did not get the credit and still got themselves into trouble. This move by Xiao Dong really hits the spot!

Once again, Dong Xuebing comes under the spotlight in the County’s Public Security Bureau.

Hu Silian, Gong Zhongwen, Sun Changhong, Zhao Jingsong, and the rest of the leaders all knew about this. Sun Changhong is gloating, Zhao Jingsong is troubled, and Hong Zhongwen is staring at Dong Xuebing’s name in the article. Qin Yong laughed and read the article several times.

The County’s evening newspaper was published before the workday ends.

The evening papers followed the direction set by the Province’s newspaper and even wrote ab article about Chief Dong, other than the abduction case. The reports described how Chief Dong helped the villagers and how he fought against the criminals. Hu Yiguo was not mentioned at all in the evening papers!

Yes. Qian Shen is slapping himself!

Hu Yiguo was the most furious. Not only did he not get the credit, but he also embarrassed himself. Every word in the morning’s article is like slapping Hu Yiguo’s face. Hu Yiguo tore the newspapers into pieces. Dong Xuebing! Let’s see who will have the last laugh!

Dong Xuebing did not expect Sister Xie to blow up this matter. Using the Province’s newspaper to get revenge for him? Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut? To him, the City’s newspaper is sufficient. But when he thought about Xie Huilan’s position, he smiled. Sister Xie is from the Central Publicity Department and only deals with the people from the Provincial Government’s Publicity Department and National level newspaper agencies. She does not know anyone from City Publicity Department.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 207 – Marksman Xiao Dong!

County’s Public Security Bureau.

Chu Feng and 3 other officers stood in front of Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, we are here to report.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Alright. Let’s go!”

“Where are we going?” Chu Feng asked.

Dong Xuebing did not answer him. “You all will know when we get there. Let’s go!”

Dong Xuebing did not tell anyone about the transaction location of the criminals. Hu Yiguo is worried and called Zhao Jingsong to his office to discuss Dong Xuebing’s action. They felt Dong Xuebing was bluffing. They asked the people at the detention cells, and Chen Hailiang did not say anything useful. How can Dong Xuebing know where the criminals are? Qin Yong and Hu Silian also do not know Dong Xuebing had led a team of officers out. Is Dong Xuebing so powerful that he managed to get something useful from Chen Hailiang after questioning him for a few minutes?

Chu Feng was driving the Buick MPV towards the west.

Dong Xuebing sat at the rear passenger seat and took a few deep breaths. “Chu Feng, hurry up. Go as fast as possible!”

Chu Feng knew Chief Dong was furious and knew the person abducted was Chief Dong’s helper. He thought about Dong Xuebing’s instructions and decided to ignore all traffic rules. He stepped on the accelerator and sped towards the neighboring province. “Chief Dong, do we need to inform the local authorities?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “No need. We will inform them when we get there.”

Chu Feng understood Dong Xuebing’s meaning. “You are afraid…”

Dong Xuebing nodded and did not say a word. Now, the whole bureau does not know where he is going. If Jin Di Mansion and Hu Yiguo really have anything to do with Yu Meixia’s abduction, the local authorities will get information and inform the criminals to leave. It will be harder to rescue Yu Meixia if this happens.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch. Yu Meixia had been abducted for about 3 hours. No. From the time Yu Meixia left the family quarters, it should be slightly more than 2 hours. To escape the roadblocks, which were set up in the past 2 hours, their speed should not be fast. Also, the criminals might choose the minor roads to avoid the police. Yes! There’s still time!

Sister Yu! Wait for me!

At about 1pm, the Buick MPV entered a mountainous region of the neighboring province.

The mountain roads are narrow, and Chu Feng drove carefully. “Gao Family Village should be in front. I had asked earlier, and we can’t enter this road. We must make a detour and enter from the other side of the mountain. Also, this place is too rural, and lots of crimes happened here. But the villagers are united and unreasonable. Even the local police can’t do anything to them. Chief Dong, we only have 5 people. Should we…”

Dong Xuebing interrupted Chu Feng. “5 people are not enough?”

Chu Feng and the other officers think back. Chief Dong is right. He had fought 7 opponents at once.

Chu Feng slowed down. “Should we enter from the foot of the mountain?”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “Go straight and see if we can find that van. Based on the timing, the criminals should have just arrived here, and their vehicle should be parked around here.” Dong Xuebing was anxious. Although he knew the location of where the criminals will transact, but who knows if they will bring Yu Meixia here? What if…

5 minutes…

8 minutes…

10 minutes…

Finally, they saw an old van parked behind some trees in front!

“It’s there! The criminals are here!” Chu Feng said excitedly. This is a major case and an opportunity for him and the other 3 officers to get credit!

Dong Xuebing clenched his fist. “Alright! Prepare your guns! Anything might happen later!”

There is no one in the parked van. The number plate of the van is covered with mud, and the license plate number is not clear. But this was the same vehicle Dong Xuebing saw on the Traffic CCTV footage. Dong Xuebing can confirm this is the vehicle used in Yu Meixia’s abduction. After Chu Feng and the officers alighted, Dong Xuebing ordered them to puncture all 4 tires of the van. This is to prevent any criminals to escape. After piercing the tires, they entered the woods and walked towards the foot of the mountain!

10 minutes later, Dong Xuebing and his officers saw the village in front of them.

Dong Xuebing was breathing heavily and suppressed his urge to rush in. “Chu Feng, you can inform the local police.”

“Yes.” Chu Feng took out his phone.

At this time, a villager, wearing a bamboo hat, walked out of the village. He was carrying something and looks like he was leaving the village. The villager is walking along a mountain trail, and Dong Xuebing and his men were hiding in the woods. Dong Xuebing saw the villager and signaled to one of his officers. That officer quickly walked out of the woods and stopped that villager.

“Hi, can I ask you something?” The officer asked.

The officer was wearing plain clothes, and the villager does not know he is a police officer. “What?”

The officer showed his identity card and said. “We are investigating a case. There should be some outsiders entering your villager earlier and should be the owner of that van parked outside. They might have abducted a woman. Do you know where those people are?”

The villager was shocked and move one step back. “What do you all want?”

The officer frowned. “We are investigating this case. Just tell me where they are.”

The villager suddenly turned around and ran towards the village. He should be going back to inform the criminals. The officer was shocked and realized this villager might be one of the accomplices, or all the villagers in the village are too united. The officer did not let the villager escape and rushed forward to pin him down!

The villager started shouting at the top of his voice. “Help! Police are beating me up!”

Dong Xuebing can’t be bothered to waste time on the villager and ran out of the woods. He clocked his gun and fired a shot at the villager. But Dong Xuebing missed and hit the ground beside the villager!

The villager was stunned!

Chu Feng and the other 3 officers were also shocked!

Dong Xuebing asked in a cold voice. “I will ask you again. Where are they?”

The villager pointed to the villager and stuttered. “They… they are in the villager… the biggest house in the village. You all…. You all can see the house once you enter the village!”

BACK 90 seconds!

The scenes in front of Dong Xuebing flashed!

The villager was walking slowly out of the village towards the mountain.

“Chief Dong, should we stop him for questioning?” An officer asked.

Dong Xuebing points towards the village. “No need. There… The biggest house near the entrance of the village. The criminals are in there.”

The few officers were shocked. How did Chief Dong know where the criminals are?

Dong Xuebing did not explain himself. He was too worried about Yu Meixia. “Get ready! We will go in to arrest them! We are not allowed to fail!”

In the biggest house of Gao Family Village.

Yu Meixia was tied up with ropes in a sack, and only her head was outside. The few criminals were looking at her with lust. Yu Meixia didn’t dare to look at them and was sobbing and shivering.

Besides Yu Meixia, two villagers are arguing.

“I had told Scarface! This woman belongs to me! I want to see who dare to vie with me!”

“Er Bangzi! You only offered 50,000 RMB. Can’t you see how pretty this woman is?! You think you can afford it?”

“Then how much are you offering?”

“Me? I offer 100,000 RMB!”

“Then, I will offer 200,000 RMB!”

The abducted women and children were usually sold for tens of thousands. Very seldom, they will fetch more than 100,000RMB. But Yu Meixia was too beautiful, and even the kidnappers were thinking of bringing her back to be their wife.

After arguing for a while, the two villagers looked at a bald man. “Scarface, what do you say?”

Scarface took a cigarette from one of his followers and said. “I will sell her to the one who offered the highest price.”

One of the villagers stared at him. “What do you mean? We had finalized the price earlier. Why are you going back on your words?”

Scarface laughed. “That’s the price of the women earlier. Can’t you all tell the difference between her and those women?” He turned and looked at Yu Meixia. “Raise your head and look at them!” Yu Meixia did not move, and Scarface walked over and grabbed her hair to raise her head. “You want to buy her at a few hundred thousand RMB? If you all don’t make any higher offers, I will look for other buyers!”

The villager frowned. “Let go of your hand, and don’t hurt her.”

The other villager said. “150,000! This is my highest offer!”

These two villagers are the wealthiest people in the village. If not, Scarface will also not look for them.

Yu Meixia was feeling hopeless after she heard their conversations. If she was sold to them, she would never leave this mountain. Not only will she be raped and forced to bear children for this man, but she also will not see Qianqian again. She started sobbing loudly and pleaded. “Please… I beg you… Please let me go…”

Scarface gave Yu Meixia a stare. “Stop crying!”

Yu Meixia’s distressed look made one of the villagers excited. “200,000! That’s all I will offer!”

Scarface looked at the other villager and saw him keeping quiet. “Fine. She is yours! Enjoy yourself! Hahaha…”

That villager laughed and walked over to bring Yu Meixia back.

“No! Please…...” Yu Meixia cried. “I still have a daughter… Please let me go!”

That villager frowned. “She had given birth before?”

Scarface laughed. “What’s wrong? Women who had given birth before feels the best!” Scarface’s followers laughed. That villager nodded and untied the sack to bring Yu Meixia out. “Follow me! Scarface! You also follow me back to get your money!”

Yu Meixia curled up on the floor, helplessly.

Crashed! Suddenly, the main gate of the house is kicked open!

“Police! Get on the floor!” Yu Meixia heard Dong Xuebing shouted from outside.

The two villagers and Scarface were shocked. Police? Why are the police here?

The moment Yu Meixia saw Dong Xuebing entering the house, her tears started to flow non-stop. Chief Dong is here! Chief Dong is here to save me!

Scarface’s followers looked at each other. “What should we do?”

Dong Xuebing ignored everyone and walked towards Yu Meixia. He was furious to see a villager trying to drag her, and gave that villager a kick to his stomach. “Get away from her!” He held Yu Meixia and asked. “Did they do anything to you?”

Yu Meixia cried. “No… I’m fine…”

Dong Xuebing was relieved when he saw Yu Meixia’s clothes still intact. “I’m sorry for being late.” Yu Meixia shook her head and refuses to let go of Dong Xuebing’s hand. She was still in fright and trembling.

Dong Xuebing ordered. “Chu Feng! Arrest all of them!”

“Yes, Sir!” Chu Feng and the other officers pointed their guns at Scarface and took out their handcuffs!

Scarface panicked and shouted to the villager. “What are you waiting for?! Hurry and get help! Your village had bought so many women and children! They are here to bring them back! All of us will not be spared!” His followers added. “That’s right! All of us will be jailed if we are arrested! We must retaliate! Kill them!”

The commotion in the house attracted some villagers. They heard the police are here and are going to bring the women and children they bought back. The police are also going to arrest them. The villagers outside started to call for backups. A crowd was formed quickly, and they were armed with poles and metal rods. Soon, there are dozens of people standing outside, staring at Dong Xuebing and his men.

“Police?! They don’t dare to shoot!”

“That’s right! Chase them out! They have no right to meddle with Gao Family Village’s affairs!”

“Kill them!”

The crowd was agitated, and very soon, the house was surrounded by an angry mob.

Chu Feng and the officers knew the situation is grave, and they don’t dare to handcuff anyone. They do not want to anger the mob and quickly moved towards Dong Xuebing, with their guns pointing towards the crowd.

Dong Xuebing looked at the villagers coldly. “Do you all know what you are doing? Ah? Kill us? Who said this?!”

Scarface and his men took the opportunity to mix into the crowd. “Don’t be afraid of him! They don’t dare to open fire! Let’s beat them up together!”

“That’s right! Let’s go!”

“Kill them!”

Those armed with poles started to move closer towards Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing pointed his gun upwards and fired a warning shot. “Don’t dare to shoot?! What a joke! You all covered up for these criminals? Raping women and abducting kids?! Assaulting police?! Every one of these crimes is enough to put you all in jail! What now? Still, want to kill us? Fine! Try and kill us! I want to see who dares to move?!”

The warning shot stopped the villagers on their track!

Scarface roared. “He is just bluffing! We have so many people, and we don’t need to be afraid of him! Let’s go!”

Chu Feng and the other 3 offers were nervous and do not know what to do. They were significantly outnumbered.

The villagers stopped for a few seconds, and suddenly, the villager who bought Yu Meixia threw the wooden pole he was holding at Dong Xuebing. Thud!!! The pole narrowly missed Dong Xuebing. “Gao Family Village’s internal affairs don’t need police to interfere! Kill them!” He had been captivated by Yu Meixia’s beauty and will not tolerate anyone bringing her away.

After one person threw the wooden pole, the rest of the villagers started throwing bricks and poles!

“Ah!” Chu Feng was hit on his arm by a brick!

After that, a pole hit Dong Xuebing’s leg.

Scarface laughed. “See that?! That don’t dare to open fire! Let’s go! Kill them!”

The villagers start to stir and moved closer!

One of the officers held his injured hand and asked nervously. “Chief Dong! What should we do now?”

Dong Xuebing was feeling very frustrated today. Yu Meixia was abducted, and Hu Yiguo purposely delayed his time. Now, the villagers are creating troubles for him, and they thought Dong Xuebing and his officers don’t dare to open fire. Dong Xuebing looked at the villager who tried to buy Yu Meixia, charging forward with a brick. Dong Xuebing cursed, “F**K You!” and opened fire.


That villager dropped onto the ground, staring his own leg in shock. He realized he was shot when his mind registered the pain. Blood was oozing out from the wound, and he shouted in pain!

Scarface was stunned. He did not expect Dong Xuebing to really open fire. “Police is killing people! Let’s fight it out with them!”

The rest of the villagers rushed forward immediately!

Scarface had successfully agitated the mob, and he signaled to his followers to escape.

Dong Xuebing stared at Scarface and aimed his gun towards him, who was trying to escape. Bang! Dong Xuebing fired another round! Although Dong Xuebing had firearms training when he was in State Security Party Training School, he did not fire any guns after that. If it was still a short distance, his aim was still okay. But he is not accurate at a further distance, and his shot had missed Scarface!

BACK 3 Seconds!

Time returned back to before Dong Xuebing squeeze the trigger.

Dong Xuebing moved his gun slightly and adjust his aim, before squeezing the trigger again. Bang! But he missed it again!

BACK 3 Seconds!

Dong Xuebing adjusted his position and fired again!

Bang! Scarface screamed in pain as he rolled onto the ground holding his knee. He landed face first when he fell, and his face was covered in blood!

“Big Brother!”


Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes and repositioned his gun before firing at one of Scarface’s followers. Bang! This time, Dong Xuebing was lucky as that follower did not move, and he hit him on his thigh. Another person is down! These people were the ones who abducted Yu Meixia, and Dong Xuebing had to get even with them! You all dare to run after I fired a warning shot? You all dare to instigate the villagers to kill us?! F**k!

The villagers stopped in their tracks and stop attacking Dong Xuebing and his men.

Dong Xuebing ignored the villagers and looked at the remaining two followers of Scarface. They were running away in two different directions. Dong Xuebing raised his gun again and fired. Bang! He missed! BACK 4 seconds! Bang! Missed again! BACK 3 seconds! Bang! Bang! Bang! With the help of BACK, Dong Xuebing fired more than a dozen rounds! Finally, those two followers were down!

Dong Xuebing was in a good mood. With BACK, he had become a sharpshooter, and the feeling of having unlimited bullets is terrific!

Everyone, including Chu Feng and the 3 officers, there were stunned! The villagers were stunned because this officer dares to open fire, and Chu Feng and the officers were stunned because of Chief Dong’s marksmanship. To Dong Xuebing, his shooting is way too bad. But to Chu Feng and the rest, Chief Dong is really a sharpshooter. All they saw was Chief Dong raising his gun and fired 4 shots continuously. After that, Scarface and his men were all hit in their legs. Not a single shot was missed!

Incredible! Even the top marksman in the Police force might not be as excellent as Chief Dong!

Chu Feng and the officers looked at each other and could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

WTF! Who says Chief Dong is only a graduate from a regular university? Who says Chief Dong is an administrative staff? At Da Wang Village, Chief Dong fought 7 people at once. Now, he only fired a few rounds and dropped all the criminals. His marksmanship is superb! How can someone like Chief Dong be a graduate from a regular university? No one could be more accurate than Chief Dong even if he was trained in the Police School for 20 years!

Chu Feng and the officers were thoroughly impressed!

The rest of the villagers don’t dare to take a step forward and started backing away.

Dong Xuebing looked at the villagers calmly and said. “Who else wants to kill us? Come forward!”

No one said a word, and many of the villagers dropped their weapons and ran.

Dong Xuebing turned: “Chu Feng, go and cuff Scarface and his men.”

“Yes!” This time, no villagers dare to stop them. No one wants to be the 6th person to be shot.

After a while, the local police arrived. With the help of the locals, they found 2 abducted children and 2 women. One of the two rescued women is a university student, and after she found out it was Dong Xuebing who led the team to save her, she cried and kneeled in front of him to thank him. But Dong Xuebing was not in a good mood. The two children are fine, but these two women were raped.

This case was solved, and Chu Feng and the officers were overjoyed.

Dong Xuebing called them over and said. “Bring Scarface and his men to the hospital for treatment first. You all remain here, and after the bullet head is removed, bring them back to Yan Tai County Bureau directly. Get someone to send the women and children home after their statements are recorded.”

The local police’s Deputy Team leader walked over. “Chief Dong, these people must be detained in our county first. We need to conduct some investigations.”

Chu Feng and the officers’ face changed. They are trying to claim credit for this case!

Dong Xuebing sneered. “You are telling me a joke? The victims are all from our Yan Tai County. We are the ones who arrested Scarface and his men. You want to bring them back?”

The Deputy Team Leader replied sternly. “We are also involved in this case.”

Dong Xuebing said. “You are right. If it wasn’t for you all not maintaining law and order, our Yan Tai County’s people will also not be abducted and sold to your county, and you all are not aware of this! What are you all doing? Ah? How come you all don’t know anything about all these abductions?!” Dong Xuebing was in a foul mood as two women were raped, and Yu Meixia was almost the next victim.

That Deputy Team Leader’s face turned black.

Dong Xuebing ignored him and said. “Chu Feng, bring these criminals back to Yan Tai tomorrow. I want to see who dare to stop you!”

“Yes, Sir!”

That Deputy Team Leader kept quiet as he had seen the wounds on Scarface, his men, and one of the villagers, and he knew how overbearing Dong Xuebing was.

Bamboo Hat

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 206 – Anger!

County’s Public Security Bureau.

Command Center Office.

After receiving Hu Silian’s call, Dong Xuebing rushed to the Command Center Office. He entered without knocking and saw Qin Yong, Hu Silian, and a few other officers from the traffic and investigation departments in a discussion. A lot of people knew Chief Xiao Dong’s helper was kidnapped. This is not a small incident because Yu Meixia is living in the Public Security Family Quarters and is considered a family member of a Public Security Officer. These criminals even dare to kidnap someone from the Public Security on the streets just outside of the quarters? This is an insult to the County’s Public Security, and they have no respect for the law! Liang Chengpeng is furious. He immediately calls the command center and asked Qin Yong to take charge of this case personally!

Dong Xuebing asked furiously. “Director Hu, are there any clues?”

Qin Yong replied. “Chief Dong, don’t be anxious. We had set up roadblocks on all major junctions and had informed the City’s Public Security. The criminals will not escape if they did not leave Yan Tai County within the past 2 hours!” Now, everyone in the Bureau was not looking good. The patrol officers, traffic officers, and detectives are out on the streets searching for the kidnappers. Almost half of the County’s Public Security strength is in this case.

Dong Xuebing replied: “2 hours is enough for them to escape. Do you have any new clues?”

Hu Silian said. “The eyewitnesses had identified a few criminals, and we can confirm that they are members of the gang of kidnappers that abduct women and children. From our CCTV, the vehicle was traveling to the western direction. We suspect all the kidnappers are keeping the people they abducted in the mountainous area in the west region.

Damn! These people dare to abduct my helper?

Dong Xuebing knew these criminals will not stay in the County after abducting Yu Meixia. They should have escaped by now, and it’s useless to search in the County. The County does not have enough officers to extend the search to the western district. By now, Yu Meixia should be sent to the ‘client’ in the mountainous region. She is a pretty woman, and she will face more than being kidnap. She might be raped and even beaten up. Wait? Her situation will worsen with every minute!

Qin Yong also knew they do not have time. Everyone in the family quarters knew how pretty Yu Meixia is and who knows if the criminals will rape her along the way? Qin Yong frowned and said. “The criminals are very cunning. Chief Hu had been investigating this case for more than 2 weeks and could not get any clues. Conducting searches in the County is not the best solution. We should start from the roots. If we know who these criminals are and where they are going to sell the people they abduct, it will be easier to arrest them!”

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth. “Chief Qin, Director Hu, please take care of the situation here. I will go to the Detection Cells!”

Hu Silian replied. “Don’t worry. We will do our best!”

Dong Xuebing has feelings for Yu Meixia and could not keep his composure when he heard she is in danger. Also, this incident happened right after Yu Meixia tried to reopen her husband’s death case, and Dong Xuebing started to target Jin Di Mansion. Dong Xuebing is suspicious. If Yu Meixia disappears forever, her husband’s death case will not be reopened. Could it be the people from Jin Di Mansion? Is it Qian Fei? Are these criminals acting under the instructions of Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and their gang? Dong Xuebing does not have evidence and is not interested in getting evidence. He just wants to rescue Yu Meixia and not let her be harmed!

Dong Xuebing called the detention cells. “Hello, I’m Dong Xuebing. I want to interrogate the child abduction case’s suspect, you all arrested yesterday!” Although that suspect refused to reveal anything yesterday, he is the only clue Dong Xuebing has now.

The officer replied. “Chief Dong, I’m afraid I can’t let you interrogate him. Chief Hu had instructed that other than him, no one is allowed to be in touch with the suspect.”

Dong Xuebing asked furiously. “I also cannot interrogate him?”

“I’m sorry, Chief Dong. We are only following orders from our direct leader. Why don’t you speak to Chief Hu first?”

Dong Xuebing hanged up the phone and went upstairs!

Hu Yiguo’s office.

Hu Yiguo was relaxing in his office, sipping his tea.

Dong Xuebing entered his office and stared at him. “Chief Hu, I want the information about the child abduction case. I also want to interrogate the suspect you all arrested yesterday!”

Hu Yiguo coldly replied. “Chief Dong, when are you in charge of the investigation?”

Dong Xuebing stared at him in his eyes. “One of my family members is kidnapped!”

“Chief Qin is tracking the suspects’ vehicle now. You should wait for the information there.” Hu Yiguo sneered. “I am in charge of this case. Even if your family member is involved, the rules cannot be changed. Chief Dong, just do your job and look after Hui Tian Village Station. Don’t interfere in this case.” Hu Yiguo is pleased to see Dong Xuebing so furious.

Dong Xuebing is about to explode. “I can’t even look at the information?”

Hu Yiguo laughed. “I said you are not in charge of this case. I know what I should do.”

“It’s been 2 weeks, and you don’t any progress! This is called knowing what to do? The 5th and 6th victims had appeared, and you still have time to laugh and drink tea here?!” Kidnapping Yu Meixia had touched Dong Xuebing’s bottom line. There’s no time to waste. Sister Yu might be getting rape now, and Hu Yiguo is refusing to cooperate. Instead, he is sitting comfortably in his office drinking tea and refuse to let other people look at the investigation files. What’s the meaning of this? He does not want to investigate and wants Yu Meixia to fend for herself!

Hu Yiguo banged his desk and stared at Dong Xuebing. “Watch your tone! I don’t need you to teach me how to investigate this case! Get out!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “I am asking you the last time. Are you willing to give me the case file and the suspect?”

Hu Yiguo laughed. “Just take care of your station!” It’s not the first time Hu Yiguo mention Hui Tian Village Station, and it showed how revengeful he is.

Dong Xuebing had fallen out with Hu Yiguo several times, and he pointed at him. “Fine. Remember what you said!” Hu Yiguo is purposely hindering Dong Xuebing, and this made Dong Xuebing more suspicious that Hu Yiguo had something to do with this case. If not, why is Hu Yiguo afraid of letting Dong Xuebing look at the case file and interrogate the suspect? Just because they are rivals?

After Dong Xuebing left, Hu Yiguo called the detention cells. “Don’t let Chief Dong speak to any of the suspects in the detention cells. Other than Chief Liang, get my permission first if anyone wants to interrogate the child abduction case’s suspect!” Hu Yiguo is in charge of this case. According to the regulations, his permission is required before anyone can meet the suspect.

There’s no more time!

After leaving Hu Yiguo’s office, Dong Xuebing did not wait any longer. He suppressed his anger and called Liang Chengpeng’s phone. “Chief Liang…”

5 minutes later, Liang Chengpeng arrived at the command center and called for an emergency meeting.

In the command center meeting room, Executive Deputy Bureau Chief Hu Yiguo, Deputy Bureau Chief Gong Zhongwen, Deputy Bureau Chief Zhao Jingsong, Deputy Bureau Chief Qin Yong, City Police Station Chief Chang Wantao, Deputy Bureau Chief Dong Xuebing, and Office Director Hu Silian are present. Many people do not know what’s the purpose of this meeting. Could it be the case of Chief Dong’s helper being kidnapped? Although this is a serious case, there’s no need for Chief Liang to call everyone in for this meeting. Could it be that there is a more serious case?

Liang Chengpeng’s first sentence in the meeting shocked everyone!

“This meeting is about the child abduction case.” Liang Chengpeng looked at Hu Yiguo. “Chief Hu, you do not need to follow in this case.”

Hu Yiguo was stunned. What? I don’t need to follow up on this case?

Everyone turned their heads to look at Hu Yiguo.

Before Hu Yiguo could say anything, Liang Chengpeng continued. “Chief Dong, you will take over this case!”

Dong Xuebing replied without hesitation. “Yes!”

Zhao Jingsong took a deep breath and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Qin Yong and Hu Silian also turned and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Hu Yiguo was still in shock. What’s happening? Why did Chief Liang letting Dong Xuebing take over this case?

Gong Zhongwen frowned and looked at Dong Xuebing and Liang Chengpeng. He did not say a word and continue to look at the documents in front of him.

Bureau Chief Liang had let Dong Xuebing take over this case. But it’s only a case, and it will not affect Hu Yiguo’s influence in the Bureau. At the same time, Dong Xuebing’s authority did not increase. But everyone present knew this is not about their authority or power. They are more concerned about why Chief Liang is so close to Chief Dong?

Hu Yiguo remembered what Dong Xuebing said before he left. “Remember what you said!” Hu Yiguo had refused Dong Xuebing to look at the investigation reports and interrogate the suspect. Now, this case is transferred to Dong Xuebing. This is a slap to his face. Hu Yiguo will not tolerate this. “Chief Liang, I had been following on this case, and we had arrested one suspect. We will crack this case soon. If you change the person in charge of this case now, the progress will…”

Liang Chengpeng interrupted him. “Soon? It will soon be 1 month! Why is this case not solved yet?”

Hu Yiguo tried to argue: “This time we will….”

Liang Chengpeng interrupted him again. “That’s it. Even a family member of our Public Security Officer is kidnapped now. This case must be solved immediately. Everyone here must support Chief Dong in this case.” Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, it’s up to you now!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes, Sir! I will solve this case!”

Liang Chengpeng nodded. “Good! Meeting dismissed!”

Hu Yiguo had been slapped in his face by Dong Xuebing, and his authority had been challenged again. He does not understand why Chief Liang is helping Dong Xuebing as both had no dealings in the past. Why is he showing his support for Dong Xuebing now? Hu Yiguo and everyone at the meeting was puzzled as this is too sudden!

Zhao Jingsong and Wan Tao were in a bad mood and followed Hu Yiguo out of the meeting room.

Qin Yong is in a good mood as Hu Yiguo was reprimanded by Chief Liang. Once again, he had to reassess Dong Xuebing’s power.

Dong Xuebing walked out of the Command Center and went to withdraw his gun from the armory, before going to the detention cells.

In Hu Yiguo’s office.

Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jingsong, and Wan Tao entered Hu Yiguo’s office.

Zhao Jingsong asked. “Old Wan, what do you think?”

Wan Tao frowned. “This should not be happening. What is Chief Liang thinking? Showing his support for Dong Xuebing? Since when they are on such good terms?”

Hu Yiguo was also frowning. “Never mind. It’s also a good thing for someone to take over this case. The suspect had been questioned since yesterday, and he refused to reveal anything. We also have no concrete evidence to show his involvement in the case, and he is in detention because of another theft case. We had put in so much effort and time to interrogate him and could not get any useful information. Dong Xuebing will also not get anything out of him. If he cannot crack this case, it will be his responsibility.” Hu Yiguo is someone who just wants credits and pushes responsibility, and this is the excuse he gave himself.

Zhao Jingsong nodded. “You are right. This suspect’s lips are tight.”

Hu Yiguo thought for a while and looked at Zhao Jingsong.

Zhao Jingsong got his meaning and said. “I still have something on.”

Wan Tao looked at them and knew they are hiding something from him. But he did not ask anything.

Detention Cells.

Dong Xuebing walked in. Sister Yu, you will be safe. Wait for me! I am going to save you!

“Chief Dong.” The person in charge of the detention cells greeted him.

Dong Xuebing immediately ordered. “Bring Chen Hailiang out!”

The person in charge had received news that Dong Xuebing will be taking over this case. He turned to an officer and gave the instructions, before turning back to Dong Xuebing. “I will bring you to the interrogation room.” Dong Xuebing sat at the back of the room and start reading the case files and Chen Hailiang’s statements.

To Dong Xuebing, every second count!

Dong Xuebing needs to get a breakthrough as soon as possible! He needs to know what Yu Meixia is kept captive!

At the end of the corridor, Chen Hailiang was being escorted to the interrogation room. A guard walking behind him said. “Watch your words. The police have no evidence against you. Don’t say anything, and you will be released in a few days. Understand?”

Chen Hailiang was stunned and wanted to turn his head to see who had said those things. But his head was pressed down by the person behind, and he nodded. Although he doesn’t know why someone is helping him, that mystery person’s words made him more determined to keep his mouth shut. Since someone is protecting him, what else is he afraid of?

Interrogation room.

Dong Xuebing ordered. “No one is allowed to enter other than Chen Hailiang!”

After the escort officers left, Dong Xuebing walked over to lock the door and looked at the suspect.

Chen Hailiang is around 40 years old, and the mysterious person earlier had given him hope and made him more determined to keep his mouth shut. He smiled cheekily and said. “My name is Chen Hailiang. I am 38 years old this year. My address is Liu Hu Western Village…”

Dong Xuebing looked at him coldly. “Stop your nonsense!”

Chen Hailiang laughed. “Mr. Police Officer, these are the questions you all ask every time. I am only trying to save your time.”

Dong Xuebing replied in a low voice. “Chen Hailiang. I don’t have time to play with you. You only have one option now. Tell us who are your accomplices. Who else is involved in the child and women abduction case, and where are you all going to sell them? If you tell us, I promise you will get a lighter sentence!”

Chen Hailiang denied. “I said many times. I am not the person you all are looking for. That day, I went to the village to buy something and happened to see the person your officers want to arrest. I don’t even know him. What do you want me to say? I really have nothing to do with this case!”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “You are asking for it!”

Chen Hailiang laughed. “I had said what I know. There is nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.”

“If the suspect is caught and he reveals you are his accomplice, you will be charged with more than this offense! You better think twice!”

Chen Hailiang refused to admit. “I did not abduct any women or children! I have nothing to do with this case!”

Dong Xuebing knew it’s not easy to break through this person’s defense. From the bruises on his face, the officers who interrogated him must have use force on him. If Chen Hailiang did not say anything useful even after being beaten up, then it should be impossible for Dong Xuebing to open his mouth! It’s almost 2 hours, and Dong Xuebing had no more time!

Dong Xuebing asked a few more questions, and Chen Hailiang still refuses to admit.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s a call from a public phone. He answered. “Hello?”

“Sobbing… Big brother…” It’s Yu Qianqian. “My mother… sob… sob…. Please save my mother… Sob… Please…”

Dong Xuebing was shocked. He did not expect Yu Qianqian to know her mother was abducted. “Qianqian… stop crying. I will bring your mother back!”


“I promise! When did I ever lie to you?”

Yu Qianqian’s cries were softer.

Dong Xuebing gently said. “Be a good girl. Don’t go back to class and look for my mother. She will bring you home after school and don’t go back to the quarters today.” Dong Xuebing suspect Jin Di Mansion is involved in this case and dares not to let Yu Qianqian move around alone.

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing felt his heart had sunk to the bottom.

The more Dong Xuebing was in despair, the faster his brains worked. He suddenly had a bold idea!

Dong Xuebing looked at Chen Hailiang. “You have been in custody for two days and might not know what had happened. To be honest with you, one of my relatives is abducted by your accomplices this morning.”

Chen Hailiang was shocked and knew he is in a grave situation.

Dong Xuebing reached for his gun and withdrew it from the holster. “I am willing to give up my position for her.”

Chen Hailiang looked at Dong Xuebing’s gun and panicked. But he thought for a while and composed himself. This is the detention cells, and only Dong Xuebing is inside the interrogation room with him. A lot of officers know about this, and he does not believe Dong Xuebing will dare to shoot him. Dong Xuebing is only scaring him. He laughed and looked at Dong Xuebing. “You are forcing me to admit? I already said I have nothing to do with this case. Even if you shoot me, I also have nothing to do with this case!”



Chen Hailiang thought to himself. You are only trying to scare me!

Dong Xuebing smiled as he clocked his gun and aimed at Chen Hailiang. “There is a limit to my patience. I am asking you one last time. Are you going to tell me or not?”

Chen Hailiang turned his head away from Dong Xuebing.

“Fine! You have guts!” Dong Xuebing looked at Chen Hailiang. Bang! He had squeezed the trigger!

“Ah!!!!!!!” Chen Hailiang shouted in pain and held his leg on the ground. Blood was oozing out the wound on his leg!

He fired! He really shot me!

Chen Hailiang stared at Dong Xuebing with his eyes wide open. He doesn’t believe this is true! He really dares to shoot me! Why?

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and aimed his gun at Chen Hailiang again. “I am asking you one more time. Where are your accomplices?!”

Chen Hailiang first thought is this person is crazy!

Dong Xuebing continued. “I will count to three. One… Two… Three…”

“Wait! I will tell you!” Chen Hailiang gritted his teeth in pain and shouted. “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot me!” He is scared. This person dares to shoot him in broad daylight in the detention cells! What else he doesn’t dare to do? Chen Hailiang finally understood the importance of that person who was abducted this morning. He quickly said: “I am not close to those people. I only know one of the leaders in that gang. His name is Scarface. He is bald and has a scar on his face. I don’t know the rest of his gang. Oh… they will bring the goods… no… the people they abducted to Gao Village in the western outskirts!”

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes. “Continue!”

The gunshot wound on Chen Hailiang’s leg was becoming unbearable. “That’s all I know! Really! I swear I had told you everything I know! Call the ambulance now!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath… BACK 50 seconds!

The scene in front of Dong Xuebing flashed!

“You are forcing me to admit? I already said I have nothing to do with this case. Even if you shoot me, I also have nothing to do with this case!”

Chen Hailiang does not believe Dong Xuebing will open fire and replied confidently.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and quickly kept his gun and took out his phone to call Liu Dahai. “Hello, get your men ready and ask Chu Feng to bring them over to the County Bureau now. Remember, bring their guns along. We have an important mission… Yes. It’s the children's and women's abduction case! We know where their transaction will take place!” Dong Xuebing did not get the officers from the County Bureau. Although Liang Chengpeng had ordered the rest of the Deputy Chiefs to assist Dong Xuebing, Dong Xuebing did not ask them for help. He is afraid someone will leak this information and screw up his plans. Dong Xuebing had controlled Hui Tian Village Station’s officers and felt safer to use his own men!

Chen Hailiang sneered when he heard what Dong Xuebing said.

Chen Hailiang thought to himself. Who do you think you are?! You know where they will transact? Bullshit!

After leaving the detention cells, Dong Xuebing went to meet up with Chu Feng and his men.

In the meantime, many people had heard of Dong Xuebing’s actions, and there are rumors that Dong Xuebing had found out where the criminals are hiding.

Hu Yiguo was surprised when he heard about this. He immediately calls Dong Xuebing to ask him about this. “Chief Dong, what have you found out?”

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Chief Hu, I am in charge of this cause, and I know what to do. You don’t need to worry about me!”

This was what Hu Yiguo said to Dong Xuebing in his office!

Hu Yiguo was furious and almost threw his phone on the floor!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 205 – Yu Meixia is in trouble!

Next morning.

Yu Meixia made a report to the Public Security over the phone. Her husband’s body was discovered in the County’s outskirts near to Jin Di Mansion. So, Yu Meixia called the City Police Station first. As expected, the officers there refused to accept this case as they had already closed the files. After that, Yu Meixia called the County’s Public Security Bureau. The officer who asked her call noticed Yu Meixia’s number was from their family quarters and accepted her report before reporting to the higher-ups.

“Alright. I will go to work.” Dong Xuebing grabbed his bag.

Yu Meixia immediately brings Dong Xuebing’s shoes over. “Should I continue to call?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes. Continue to call them. If they want you to go over to record statements, go ahead and tell them whatever you know.”

Yu Meixia nodded. With Chief Dong backing her, she becomes braver. She had been thinking of revenge for too long, and she finally saw a glimpse of hope. She was excited, but at the same time, she was worried. “Chief Dong, if… if this matter blows up, there might be trouble for you.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I want this incident to blow out of proportion. Just do what I say.”

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing gratefully. “Thank you.”

County’s Public Security Bureau.

Dong Xuebing arrived in this office and start going through the case files. Under normal circumstances, the leaders not involved in investigations, like the Bureau’s Commission for Discipline Inspection’s Secretary, Union Chairman, etc. will not know about the cases in the County. But Yu Meixia’s case had alarmed everyone. Everyone in the Bureau knew Chief Dong had hired a helper named Yu Meixia, and the calls to the Public Security Bureau and stations are from the Public Security Bureau’s Family Quarters. This is very sensitive. Many people think it was Chief Dong who asked her to make reports. That means the person making this police report is Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief. Within 2 hours, the whole County Public Security Bureau heard about this case.

Chief Dong is going to touch Jin Di Mansion?

The ones who knew about Jin Di Mansion were shocked!

The phone in Dong Xuebing’s office rang. It’s Hu Silian, the Bureau’s Office Director!

Hu Silian is close to everyone. Her relationships with the County’s Bureau leaders are good, and she is close to Chief Dong recently. When she heard Chief Dong’s helper had made a report on the death case 6 months ago, she immediately called Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, Jin Di Mansion cannot be touched.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Why?”

Hu Silian explained. “Too many people are involved with that place. Even Chief Liang could not do anything to them.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Sister Hu, thank you for telling me. I know what I should do.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing’s office line rang again.

It’s Deputy Bureau Chief Qin Yong. “Brother, what are you doing? Jin Di Mansion… Sigh….” Since Dong Xuebing entered the Bureau and showed his capabilities in fending off his rivals and case-solving skills, Qin Yong starts to admire him. It’s hard to get an ally in the government sector, and he does not want to see Dong Xuebing get into trouble. “The investigation department is under Hu Yiguo, and the City’s Police Station is under Wan Tao. You… You will not be able to interfere. Listen to me. Just wait and see what Chief Liang is going to do.”

Dong Xuebing understood what Qin Yong meant. He said to wait for Chief Liang, but he is trying to ask Dong Xuebing to wait for the person behind Chief Liang to act first. But Chief Liang had failed in his previous attempt, and it should be almost impossible for him to try again. Also, who knows when that day will come. That’s why Dong Xuebing decided to act first. He will ignite the fire and see if any leaders from the County Government is willing to interfere.

The third person who called up was Hui Tian Village Station Chief Liu Dahai. He also said the same things.

The fourth caller is someone Dong Xuebing least expected. Hu Yiguo.

Hu Yiguo said in a low voice. “Chief Dong, do you know about your helper’s case? I had gone through the case file, and it’s a suicide case. This case is closed, and why is she trying to bring it up again? The Bureau will not entertain such cases. It is a waste of resources.”

Dong Xuebing sneered. “My helper’s case? What happened? I don’t know anything about this.”

Hu Yiguo’s tone changed. “You don’t know about this? Never mind. Just speak to your helper. She is calling every hour, and she even called the City Public Security Bureau. This case had been closed, and the person cremated. What is she trying to do? This is harassment. She wants to be arrested?” Hu Yiguo’s attitude confirmed Dong Xuebing’s suspicions. This guy is involved with Jin Di Mansion.

Dong Xuebing replied fearlessly. “Chief Hu, what you said is not right. If there are doubts about the case, we should investigate it. We cannot ignore it just because the case is closed. What if there are errors in the autopsy report? If we don’t even investigate, how are we going to answer to the public? You still want to arrest her? Are you trying to threaten the commoners?”

Hu Yiguo’s face changed. “That’s all I have to say. If your helper continues to call in, don’t blame me for not giving you face!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You don’t need to give me face. If my helper really commits any crimes, go ahead and arrest her. We are living in a country under the rule of law. Even the relative of the leader commits a crime, he or she will still have to be punished by the law!” Dong Xuebing does not believe Hu Yiguo dares to arrest Yu Meixia. The Jin Di Mansion case is very sensitive, and Hu Yiguo will not want to blow up things. If he really arrests Yu Meixia, it will show that he is trying to cover up something.

At about 11 am, Dong Xuebing finally got the call he was waiting for.

Liang Chengpeng had returned to the County from Beijing this morning. “Chief Dong, come to my office.”

Dong Xuebing acknowledge and composed himself before going upstairs to the Bureau Chief’s office.

“Chief Liang, how is your mother?”

“After you left, she suddenly got a fever, and Hospital Director Qin and his team conducted checks. Luckily, she is fine and is recovering well now. my wife is still accompanying her at 305 Hospital, and she should be discharged in a few days.” Liang Chengpeng was reading some documents when Dong Xuebing entered his office. He immediately gestures to Dong Xuebing to sit and took a glass to pour water for him.

Dong Xuebing doesn’t dare to let the Bureau Chief pour water for him. He immediately stood up and said. “No… Chief Liang, I will pour the water myself.”

Liang Chengpeng was polite to Dong Xuebing because of his background in Beijing, and also, he had helped in getting treatment for his mother.

Dong Xuebing poured a glass of water for himself and sat down.

Liang Chengpeng looked at him. “I heard you are going to touch Jin Di Mansion. That place is not as simple as you think.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I know. But regardless of the reason, a life is lost there. That might be a murder case, and it still involves gambling and other crimes. Although we still need to gather more facts, more than one person had told me this Jin Di Mansion has problems. We should not allow any places to do what they want just because they have strong backings. This is not a lawless society, and we must abide by the law. Just because they have backings, we ignore the fact that they might have murdered someone? Then what cases should we investigate? We don’t investigate the cases of those with backings? What’s the purpose of our Public Security?”

Liang Chengpeng smiled helplessly. He was impressed with Dong Xuebing’s way with words. He is always able to give all sorts of righteous reasons to support himself. “Do you have evidence?”

Dong Xuebing paused and said. “No. But once the investigation starts, we will surely find evidence.”

Liang Chengpeng looked at Dong Xuebing. “How are you going to investigate?”

“Find an excuse to shut down Jin Di Mansion first and investigate from there. We can use gambling, vice, as excuses.”

Liang Chengpeng shook his head. “If it is so simple, I would have shut down that place a long time ago. Vice? Gambling? You will not catch anyone. I had led a team twice to that place and got nothing. All we find there are poker cards and dices. Your idea will not work.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “They have people in our Bureau, and they will be notified beforehand. I believe if I bring my men there, I will surely get evidence.” Hu Yiguo must be on good terms with Publicity Department Head Qian Sheng’s son. With an Executive Deputy Bureau Chief helping them, it will be a miracle if you manage to arrest anyone.

Liang Chengpeng waved his hand. “It’s not as simple as you think. Jin Di Mansion is more powerful than you think. Xiao Dong, just put this aside for the time being. The time is not ripe yet.” Liang Chengpeng also wants to shut down Jin Di Mansion. But he still has not entered the County Government’s Party Committee. There are lots of things he cannot do as the higher-ups are involved in Jin Di Mansions.

Dong Xuebing said. “Chief Liang, this is a person’s life. How can we just put it aside?”

Liang Chengpeng sighed. “Just forget it. We still have a long way to go.” Liang Chengpeng knew how significant Jin Di Mansion’s influence is, and he does not want Dong Xuebing to get into trouble.

Dong Xuebing replied firmly. “I have reservations about what you said.”

Liang Chengpeng just smiled and did not say a word.

Liang Chengpeng did not agree to Dong Xuebing’s plan, and the people behind him will not interfere. Dong Xuebing had prepared for this, but he will not give up on shutting down Jin Di Mansion. Firstly, it is for Yu Meixia, and secondly, a man is killed there. If Dong Xuebing does not know who the suspect is, it’s alright. But the suspect might be the people in Jin Di Mansion, and the authorities do not even want to investigate and even tried to help the suspect secretly. This is why Dong Xuebing was so furious!


No one is willing to help? What should I do?!

I will not give up! Even if I have to investigate alone, I will also get the suspect!

Dong Xuebing immediately call Yu Meixia. “Sister Yu, continue to call the police stations!” Dong Xuebing needs a breakthrough now. He needs his opponents to show a loophole!

At noon, Dong Xuebing noticed everyone is looking at him weirdly.

Yes. The whole Bureau knew about what Dong Xuebing did and was impressed with his courage. This new Deputy Bureau Chief is very aggressive. He had offended Hu Yiguo within days after being posted here and also gone against the Head of the County’s Education Ministry. After that, he has gone against all the leaders in the Finance Department. Now, he is going against the forces behind Jin Di Mansion? Damn! He is really a troublemaker!

Throughout the day, Dong Xuebing could feel the pressure on him. But he had promised Yu Meixia to get justice for her, he doesn’t care about the pressure.

After work, Dong Xuebing walked back to the Bureau’s Family Quarters.

Suddenly, a Buick Regal stopped in front of him. The rear passenger door opens, and a man in early thirties alighted. This man is very fair. His face, hands, neck are fair and smooth, like a woman. He gave out an eerie feeling. “Chief Dong. Nice to meet you.” He called out to Dong Xuebing with a smile and extended his hand for a handshake.

Dong Xuebing shook his hand and asked. “You are?”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Qian Fei, and Qian Sheng is my father.” Qian Fei said and looked at Dong Xuebing’s reaction.

Dong Xuebing was shocked. The son of the County’s Publicity Department Head? The person behind Jin Di Mansion? Fine. You all had come to me before I even go after you? Dong Xuebing pretended to be surprised. “Oh… you are Chief Qian’s son? Nice to meet you. You are… waiting for someone?”

Qian Fei laughed. “I am waiting for you.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Huh? You need anything from me?”

Qian Fei glanced at Dong Xuebing. He was cursing at Dong Xuebing for his pretenses in his heart, but he kept a smile on his face. “Oh, it’s nothing. I just want to invite you to dinner. We can talk over dinner.”

Dong Xuebing did not give him any face. “Oh, if it’s nothing, then forget it. I still have something on.”

The corner of Qian Fei’s lips twitched and said patiently. “Chief Dong, it will not take long.”

Dong Xuebing knew what Qian Fei is up to. Qian Fei should be going to give some gifts or money to shut him up and stop him from investigating the murder case. He might also invite Dong Xuebing to join him in his illicit activities. This person even dares to kill someone. What else he dare not to do? Dong Xuebing will not accept his invitation. “Xiao Qian, if you have anything to say, say it here.”

Xiao Qian? You dare to call me Xiao Qian? Qian Fei stared at Dong Xuebing for a few seconds and nodded. “Fine! Let’s have dinner another day!” He turned and walked away.

Dong Xuebing did not look at him and continued walking home.

In the Buick Regal, Qian Fei stared at Dong Xuebing’s back view. “You are only a County’s Deputy Bureau Chief. If I don’t teach you a lesson, you will not know who I am! Dong Xuebing, you are asking for it! Hmph! Go back to Jin Di Mansion!” The driver starts driving, and Qian Fei took out his phone to make a few calls.

The next morning.

Dong Xuebing woke up early and sat in the living room, drinking his tea, before 6 am.

The other bedroom door opened, and Yu Meixia walked out in her sleep gown. She should be going to the toilet and got a fright to see someone in the living room. “Chief Dong? You are up so early?”

“Yes. I can’t sleep.”

“Please a while. I will prepare breakfast now.”

Yu Meixia blushed and pulled the helm of her short gown down. But the gown was too short, and the top exposed more cleavage. Yu Meixia quickly covered her chest with her hand and enter the bathroom. When she came out, she immediately returns to her room to get changed.

Dong Xuebing smiled as he looked at Yu Meixia’s actions. If Yu Meixia did not have a daughter, he would not believe she is in her 30s. Her face looks younger than her age and does not have any wrinkles. Her character is also shy and conservative, like a high school student.

After a while, Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian walked out of their room.

Yu Meixia said. “Please wait a while. We have run out of eggs. I will go to the mini supermarket to buy some now.”

Dong Xuebing was not hungry and nodded.

Yu Meixia took a basket from the kitchen and topped up Dong Xuebing’s teacup, before leaving.

After the door is closed, Yu Qianqian walked over to Dong Xuebing. “Big Brother, my father… He…” She is also very concerned about her father’s case.

“Don’t worry. I will take care of it.” Dong Xuebing patted her head.

Yu Qianqian nodded. “Thank you. You treated us really well.”

Dong Xuebing blushed. Yes. He treated them well. Too well until he felt it was getting overboard. Dong Xuebing had to admit that he does not only pity them. In his heart, he started to have feelings for them. Of course, having feelings is merely an excellent way to put it. In reality, he lusts after them. Dong Xuebing scolded himself in his heart. You bastard! You only think about those things!

20 minutes passed.

Yu Qianqian asked curiously. “Why is Mum not back yet?”

Dong Xuebing thought nothing of it. “Maybe the supermarket is not open yet.”

Another 20 minutes passed.

“Big Brother, can you call my Mum?” Yu Qianqian got worried.

Dong Xuebing called Yu Meixia, and her phone rang from the room. She did not bring her phone with her. It’s almost an hour. Why is she not back yet? Where has she gone to buy eggs? Dong Xuebing stood up and said. “Maybe your mother had gone to the supermarket on the northside to buy eggs. You go to school first. I will go and look for your mother.”

Dong Xuebing walked Yu Qianqian to the main gate of the compound and went to the nearby markets.

He searched for Yu Meixia for more than an hour but did not see her!

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat and sense something was wrong.

Ring… ring… ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang, and he answered quickly. It was Hu Silian.

“Chief Dong, is your helper at home?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I am also looking for her. She had gone out to buy eggs in the morning, and it’s been almost 2 hours. Why are you asking?”

Hu Silian took a deep breath and said. “It must be her. The Bureau just received a call. Someone had seen a few men forcing a pretty woman into a van near to our quarters. The description of the woman sounds like your helper, and although the caller did not take down the number plate, the description of the vehicle is similar to the case of children and women abduction.”

Women abduction?

Yu Meixia was kidnapped?

Dong Xuebing’s anger rose!!!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 204 – Chain Reaction

The next morning.

Dong Xuebing woke up and looked at the time. It was not even 6 am, and he decided to snooze a while more. But he suddenly remembered he had taken advantage of Yu Meixia while teaching her how to use handphones. From his blurry memories, he remembered that he had his hands all over her. He immediately regretted and gave himself a slap on his forehead. You hooligan! How can you harass Sister Yu after a few drinks?!

Dong Xuebing really regretted his actions. His excellent image in front of Sister Yu is all gone!

Dong Xuebing wondered how Yu Meixia will see him after last night's incident!

Dong Xuebing climbed out of bed and got dressed, before walking out of his room embarrassedly. He looked at the room door opposite, and it was closed. Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian should still be sleeping. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and quickly wash up. He left a note saying that he had gone to work and rushed out of the house. It was about 6.30 am, and the Public Security Family Quarters is almost empty.

In the lobby of the Public Security Burea, Dong Xuebing met Executive Deputy Bureau Chief Hu Yiguo.

Hu Yiguo was surprised to see Dong Xuebing and looked at him coldly. “Good morning, Chief Dong.”

Dong Xuebing smiled faintly and said. “I am not as early as you. You are really hardworking.”

Hu Yiguo looked at Dong Xuebing and walked away without saying a word. Hu Yiguo’s direction should be going towards the investigation department.

Hu Yiguo was Dong Xuebing’s biggest rival in the Bureau. Deputy Bureau Chief Zhao Jingsong and City Police Station’s Chief Chang Wantao are in Hu Yiguo’s faction. Hu Yiguo also had the support of the Head of the Publicity Department, Qian Sheng, and it’s not easy for Dong Xuebing to deal with him. During the hacker incident, Dong Xuebing snatched back his credit from Hu Yiguo, their enmity had worsened. After that, the Yan Tai County’s Ministry of Education Director’s incident and the Finance department tried to create trouble for Dong Xuebing, and that’s why Dong Xuebing doesn’t feel the need to show any respect for him.

Back at his office, Dong Xuebing start reading the papers.

After the staff of the Bureau arrived at work, Dong Xuebing overheard something and understood why Hu Yiguo is at the Bureau so early. The child abduction case before the Labor Day Holidays had a breakthrough and the detectives and arrested a suspect. The investigation department is under Hu Yiguo’s jurisdiction, and he had arrived early to try to claim the credit. After all, this case is considered a major case.

1 hour…

5 hours…

8 hours…

When it was almost time to get off work, Dong Xuebing did not get any updates on the child abduction case. He asked around and found out that the suspect refused to reveal anything. No matter how the detectives question the suspect, they could not get any useful information. He kept insisting he is innocent and had nothing to do with this case. Although the detectives knew this suspect is involved in this case, they do not have concrete evidence.

Dong Xuebing packed his things and walked out of the Bureau. But when he thought of facing Yu Meixia at home, he got scared.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called home.

“Hello?” A soft voice answered. It was Yu Qianqian.

Dong Xuebing said. “You finish school? It’s me. Errr… what is your mother doing?”

“Brother!” Yu Qianqian said excitedly. “My mother is in the bathroom. I will get her to answer!”

Dong Xuebing quickly says. “No need… Errr… Is your mother alright?”

“My mother? She is fine.”

“Ok. Help me tell Sister Yu that I will not be going back for dinner. I have a dinner appointment.

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing felt relieved and walked to a small restaurant along the street to have noodles. While eating, he thought about how he is going to face Yu Meixia but came to no conclusion. After finishing his dinner, Dong Xuebing settled the bill and returned home.

When Dong Xuebing enters his apartment, he noticed the TV was on, but there is no one in the living room.

Dong Xuebing looked at the bedroom and saw Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian sitting in front of the laptop, through the half-closed bedroom door. The laptop was playing a pop song. Dong Xuebing hesitated for a while and gritted his teeth as he walked into the room. “Downloading songs? Hu Silian had set up the internet?” Dong Xuebing had asked Hu Silian to set up the wireless router at his home this morning.

Yu Qianqian turned and said. “Brother! You are back! Aunty Hu had just set up the internet and taught me how to download songs.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You know how to download songs now?”

Yu Qianqian replied softly. “Not… not yet. But I will master it now. Really…”

Dong Xuebing patted her head. “Clever girl. Just try to download and ask me if you are unsure.”

Yu Meixia was blushing beside and dare not look at Dong Xuebing or say anything.

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed when he saw Yu Meixia. He tried to strike a conversation to ease the awkwardness. “Err… Sister Yu, what did you all have for dinner?”

Yu Meixia looked down and replied. “I… I cooked two dishes and made bean porridge. Chief Dong, there is some porridge left. I… I will heat it up for you?” Yu Meixia was still wearing yesterday’s dark green dress.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Ok. Thank you.”

Dong Xuebing couldn’t help himself and sneaked a peep at Yu Meixia as she walked out to the kitchen. After she left, Dong Xuebing moved his chair closer to Yu Qianqian and taught her how to use some of the basic functions of the laptop. Yu Qianqian was still excited since yesterday, and she looked more cheerful than before. Dong Xuebing was happy for her and went back to his room to change his clothes and lay on the bed to wait for his porridge.

The bedroom door was open, and Yu Meixia saw Dong Xuebing’s eyes are closed. She knocked and entered the room.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes and smiles. “Thank you.”

“It’s alright.” Yu Meixia passed the bowl of porridge to Dong Xuebing carefully. “It’s hot. Please be careful.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and took a sip of the porridge. Hmm… it’s fragrant and tastes good.

“Chief Dong.” Yu Meixia looked at him shyly. “Are you going to soak in the bath today? Should I prepare the water for you?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “No need.”

“Oh… Then…” Yu Meixia took the empty bowl from Dong Xuebing. “Can I give you a foot massage?”

Dong Xuebing had wanted to reject her because of what happened yesterday. But he still nodded unknowingly as he could not resist the temptation of foot massage.

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and brought the empty bowl out of the room. She returns after a while and closes the room door behind her, to prevent her daughter from seeing her giving Dong Xuebing a massage. She took a glance at Dong Xuebing and took off her shoes to get on the bed. She kneeled beside Dong Xuebing and start massaging his legs. “I… I had gone to a bookshop to read up on massage techniques. I am not sure if it’s effective.”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and replied. “It’s comfortable. Thank you.”

“Let me know if it’s painful.”

“Ok.” Dong Xuebing was moved. He had mistreated her yesterday, and instead of getting angry, she even went to the bookshop to look for books on massage. Dong Xuebing knew Yu Meixia’s education level is not high and does not see a lot of characters. It should be hard for her to read a book at a bookshop. “Sister Yu, when you are free, you can do what you want or go out with your friends. You don’t need to spend time on these.”

Yu Meixia just shook her head.

Dong Xuebing did not try to persuade her and glanced at her long dress and the opening of her collar.

Yu Meixia noticed it, and her body stiffens. Her movements on Dong Xuebing’s leg and slowed down.

Last night, Dong Xuebing was drunk and took a step too far. He had decided not to harass Yu Meixia again, but when he saw her again, he knew he could not reverse her impression of him. Since his good-boy image is ruined and she did not mention anything about it, then… Anyway, Dong Xuebing had already touched her yesterday, and he decided to do it again.

When Yu Meixia was pressing Dong Xuebing’s left leg, Dong Xuebing purposely moved his right leg and positioned it in front of her dress. He slowly inched his leg in between her thighs into her dress and used his foot to caress her inner thighs.

Yu Meixia was stunned and don’t know what to do.

Yu Meixia had wanted to stop Dong Xuebing when he took advantage of her last night, but she was scared. Now, Chief Dong is getting bolder, and she doesn’t know how to react. “Chief… Chief Dong, you… you…”

Dong Xuebing looked at her. “You want to say something?”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and shook her head. “No…”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and brushed his foot against her thighs. “Sister Yu, I’m sorry.”

Yu Meixia shook her head and gritted her teeth. She moved her hand, which was pressing her dress down and continued with the massage.

After a while, Dong Xuebing moved his foot from under her dress and said. “Can you massage my head?”

“Yes.” Yu Meixia straightened her skirt and moved to Dong Xuebing’s side to face him. She placed her hands in Dong Xuebing’s hair and start massaging his scalp and pressed on some acupuncture points.

“Your technique is almost on par with professionals.” Dong Xuebing said.

“Thank you. I just learned a few tricks.”

Dong Xuebing’s hands could not stay still again. Yu Meixia was very close to him, and he could smell her body scent. He rested his hand on her leg back and moved upwards slowly, pushing her dress up. He saw Yu Meixia did not stop him, and he started to stroke and grab her thighs through her stockings. After a while, he moved his hand to her butt.

Yu Meixia can no longer pretend not to know. She grabbed Dong Xuebing’s hand. “Chief Dong, don’t…”

Dong Xuebing smiled and moved his hand to hug her waist.

This time, Yu Meixia did not stop him and continued her massage with a red face.

After a while, Dong Xuebing starts to move his hands upwards along Yu Meixia’s waist. When he reached her armpits, Dong Xuebing’s wrist turned and cupped her soft left breast in his hand. Yu Meixia immediately froze and covered her chest with her arms. But Dong Xuebing’s hand was sandwiched between her arms, pressing against her breast.

“Please… Don’t…” Yu Meixia pleaded weakly.

Dong Xuebing felt terrible. He saw Yu Meixia was not willing and did not force her. He retracted his hand and said. “Sorry.”

Yu Meixia shook her head, and her tears started flowing.

Damn! What’s wrong with her? Dong Xuebing was shocked. If he knew touching Yu Meixia will make her cry, he would not do that. He sits up from the bed and apologizes. “Sister Yu, I’m sorry. Can you stop crying? I… I am not myself these few days. Errr… if you are unwilling, I will not do this again. Ok? Please stop crying… It’s all my fault.”

Yu Meixia was sobbing softly.

Dong Xuebing regretted. “I am really sorry. Sister Yu, I will let you beat me up and will not retaliate.”

“It’s not your fault.” Yu Meixia sobbed. “I… I remembered my husband suddenly, and it has nothing to do with you.”

Dong Xuebing doesn’t believe he had nothing to do with her crying. He apologized again and wiped her tears. “Stop crying. Didn’t you say your husband often beat you? Why do you think about him?”

Yu Meixia cried. “It’s not his fault. He is just… He is set up by others, and because of me and Qianqian, he….”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “What happened?”

“Chief Dong, I know I said it was the last time I beg you for help to let Qianqian go to school. But…… But my husband’s death had been buried in mine and Qianqian’s heart for too long.” Yu Meixia wiped his tears and climbed off the bed. She kneeled in front of the bed. “Can you please help me one last time? I know my husband is killed by someone else, and I only hope you can help me catch the murderer. Please… I know you are a good man.

I am a good man?

Dong Xuebing had just took touched all over her, and he blushed. “Err… Sister Yu, get up first.” Dong Xuebing helped her up and grabbed a towel for her to wipe her tears. “Tell me slowly. What happened?”

Yu Meixia blew her nose and said. “My husband did not commit suicide.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. He thought Yu Meixia’s husband had killed himself because of his debts. “Then?”

Yu Meixia got agitated. “It must be the people from Jin Di Mansion. They had brought my husband to the casino there, and he lost a lot of money. But he refused to stop gambling, and he sold the house and everything valuable to try to recoup his losses. In the end, he lost and end up owing Jin Di Mansion a lot of money. But he still refuses to stop gambling. Every time my husband returns home, he had bruises on his face. He told me he was beaten up by the people at Jin Di Mansion, and then he borrowed money from his bosses. On the night when I last saw him, he called Qianqian and me over. He said this is his final chance, and this will be the last time he gamble. But… but…”

Dong Xuebing asked. “What happened?”

Yu Meixia cried louder. “But that is the last time I saw him. He went missing for many days, and his body was found in a lake. The police autopsy report said he committed suicide. I don’t believe the police. I know my husband will not leave Qianqian and me behind. I cried and begged the police to investigate Jin Di Mansion. They must be the ones who killed my husband. But after the police investigation, the police told me that there is no casino in Jin Di Mansion. How can this be possible? My husband had told me he gambled there, and many people know that it is a place for gambling. But the police insisted there is no casino…”

Dong Xuebing felt something was off. “What sort of place is Jin Di Mansion?”

Yu Meixia replied. “It is like a vacation resort and provides entertainment.”

This place has backing? They even manage to stop the police from investigating? Other than this explanation, Dong Xuebing cannot think of other reasons. “Where is your husband’s body.”

Yu Meixia said. “It’s been half a year, and his body had been cremated.”

“That means there is no evidence? Other than you and Qianqian, is there any witness or evidence?” Yu Meixia shook her head. Dong Xuebing thought to himself. Without the body, there will be no clues, even if this case is reopened. Also, it’s been so long, and it is almost impossible for the police to start the investigation again.

Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, please help me. I beg you.”

Dong Xuebing sighed. “From what you told me, Jin Di Mansion is suspicious. But this incident had been over for almost half a year. It’s quite difficult to reopen this case now.”

Yu Meixia cried louder. Actually, she also knew it was impossible to get revenge for her husband.

Dong Xuebing can tell Yu Meixia still loves her husband. Before meeting Dong Xuebing, she had to bring her daughter along to beg and was burdened with debt. She had been suppressing the thoughts of getting revenge. Dong Xuebing did not stop her from crying. Just let it all out. She might feel better after crying.

The door suddenly opens. Yu Qianqian ran into her mother’s arms and cried. “Mum, you still have me… stop crying…” Yu Qianqian had heard her mother crying and overheard the conversation between Dong Xuebing and her mother.

Yu Meixia hugged her daughter, and both cried louder.

Dong Xuebing was touched and felt guilty for taking advantage of Yu Meixia earlier. “Alright. I will help you ask around.” He took out his handphone and walked out of the room. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and called Qin Yong. “Hello, Chief Qin? Are you resting?”

“Not yet. What’s wrong?”

“Err… I would like to ask you about Jin Di Mansion.”

Qin Yong was surprised and took a deep breath. “The Jin Di Mansion at the County’s outskirts? The one near to your Hui Tian Village?”


“Brother Dong, why are you asking?”

Dong Xuebing heard Qin Yong asked this question and knew this Jin Di Mansion is not simple. “Haha… I heard there is a casino there?”

“Sigh…… actually I heard a lot about that place. That place does have lots of illegal activities, and I even heard someone was killed there.” Qin Yong paused for a second and continued. “Brother Dong, don’t touch that place. When I was newly transferred here, Chief Liang had wanted to close that place down. But in the end, he couldn’t do anything. I heard that place had the backings of the higher-ups, and lots of County leaders pressurized Chief Liang to stop his investigations.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Higher-ups? Who?”

After a long pause, Qin Yong said. “There are rumors that the boss of Jin Di Mansion is the son of the County’s Publicity Department’s head, Qian Sheng.”

Dong Xuebing finally understood why the public security did not act against Jin Di Mansion even when people made police reports. Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong are under Qian Sheng’s faction, and even Chief Liang could not do anything against them. One Qian Sheng might not be powerful enough to stop Chief Liang. There should be power struggles among the higher-ups when Chief Liang wants to investigate Jin Di Mansion. The two factions of the higher-ups should be the County Government’s Party Secretary and the County’s Mayor, and it’s apparent Chief Liang’s faction had lost.

Damn! This is too complicated. Even Chief Liang could not do anything?

Jin Di Mansion… Qian Sheng… Hu Yiguo… Zhao Jingsong… Wan Tao… Dong Xuebing list out all these names in his heart.

At this moment, Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian walked out of the bedroom and looked at Dong Xuebing eagerly.

Currently, Dong Xuebing is still not powerful enough to deal with these people. But he gave in when he saw Yu Meixia’s eyes. He felt he cannot refuse her request. “Sister Yu. Don’t be anxious. I need some time to deal with this. But I promise you I will catch the murderer if your husband is really killed by the people at Jin Di Mansion.” Since the day Dong Xuebing was posted to Tai Yan County, Dong Xuebing had decided to help the people here. Jin Di Mansion must be shut down!

Yu Meixia’s tears started flowing again and kneeled down in front of Dong Xuebing with Yu Qianqian.

Yu Meixia knew Jin Di Mansion has strong backings, and she did not expect Chief Dong is willing to get justice for her. Chief Dong will surely offend the people behind Jin Di Mansion because of her.

Dong Xuebing stepped forward and helped them up. “Are you two praying to me? Get up.”

After helping them up, Yu Meixia turned to her daughter. “Qianqian, go back to the room first.” She does not want her daughter to get involved.

After Yu Qianqian returned to the room, Dong Xuebing said. “I am not in charge of the investigation and public security, and without a valid reason, I cannot interfere in this case. Sister Yu, I want you to lodge a report at the Public Security again. If the officers there tells you that this case is closed and they will not investigate, you continue to make reports at other stations. If the County’s Public Security refuses to accept your reports, go to the Provincial Public Security Bureau to make reports.” Dong Xuebing wants Yu Meixia to make some commotions and observe how Hu Yiguo and his gang will react. Of course, he also wants to see what Chief Liang’s faction will do.

Yu Meixia nodded. “I… I know… Chief Dong, regardless of the outcome, I will be grateful for your help. Thank you. I will never forget what you have done for me.”


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