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Announcement: Taking a break 2019-11-30T04:11:19+00:00

Important notice

I will be taking a 2 weeks break from translating from 2 Dec 2019 to 14 Dec 2019. There will be no posting of chapters during this period and will resume on 15 Dec 2019.

Thank you.

Translation noob.

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translationnoob - 18 Dec 19 02:08
Chapters have already been posted
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Been a little more then the 15th
Important notice: 2 weeks break 2019-11-26T07:30:04+00:00

Important notice

I will be taking a 2 weeks break from translating from 2 Dec 2019 to 14 Dec 2019. There will be no posting of chapters during this period and will resume on 15 Dec 2019.

There are some problems with my blogger site. I have been trying to fix it since early November. Therefore, I am taking a break to work on it.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the support you had given me.

Thank you.

Translation noob.

Power and Wealth Chapter 155 2019-11-24T01:04:43+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 155 – Invitation from Xie Huilan’s family!


Deputy Bureau Chief!

The next few days, Dong Xuebing had a smile on his face all the time. He was in a good mood and worked hard. Every day, he would be running from offices to offices to deliver documents to the leaders. When everybody saw Dong Xuebing’s enthusiasm, they start to wonder if there are any vacate positions in the higher-ups. Dong Xuebing wants a promotion? Impossible. He had only been promoted and can't move up in the next 3 years.

Dong Xuebing did not tell anyone about his request to be transferred. After all, this was not finalized. But he believes Xie Huilan would be able to help him. Leaders from the Central Government will not make promises easily. Since she said she will try, it will be more or less settled.


Saturday Morning.

Dong Xuebing woke up and looked at his phone. There were no missed calls. He did not switch his phone off these few days. He was afraid that he would miss Xie Huilan’s call. He was anxious but did not dare to call her. He cannot show that he was impatient as this will leave a bad impression with Sister Xie.

Please……. Please call me……. It’s been almost 8 days.

Which county will it be? Never mind. It does not matter if it is a wealth county or a poor county as long as I can be a Deputy Bureau Chief!

Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. He picked it up excitedly. Huh? It’s his mother.

“Hello, Xiao Bing? Have you wake up?”

“I just woke up and still have not to brush my teeth.”

“Are you busy with work recently? Take care of your health, and don’t fall sick.” After nagging for a while, Dong Xuebing’s mother, Luan Xiaoping, said proudly. “Xiao Bing. I told our relatives about your promotion, and all of them don’t believe me. They insist I am lying. Hahaha, only your 2nd Aunt’s family believes me. They even invited me over to their place for dinner. They even praise you.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “What’s there to be proud of?”

“You become a Deputy Section Chief at such a young age. Why shouldn’t you be proud?”

“Hehe, Mum. I might be getting promoted again.” Dong Xuebing had kept this secret to himself for days and dare not tell anyone. But after hearing his mother’s voice, he could not resist telling her this secret.


Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and said softly. “It is still not confirmed yet and is a secret. I will let you know once the official orders are out.”

“Ah…. What happened? Tell me. Why are you getting promoted again?”

“Because your son is capable. Hahaha…… I cannot say much now, but I should be going to the grassroots level. Everything is not confirmed yet, and I will call you once I got my posting.”

Dong Xuebing’s mother cried. “You are a good boy! You are terrific!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Mum, can you stop crying? I am afraid of you getting so emotional!”

After chatting for a few minutes, Dong Xuebing hang up the phone. He hummed a song as he went to wash up. He thought about how he would get credits when he was posted to the grassroots level. The work at a Public Security’s grassroots bureau is very different from the General Affairs Office. Although Dong Xuebing had many contributions in the Western District Branch, many of his credits cannot be documented in his personal files. For example, getting medications for Minister Lui and settling the wrongful arrest of Chief Jiang’s nephew. This was why he needs to get practical achievements when he is posted to a grassroots bureau.

Ring, ring, ring……. It was Dong Xuebing’s phone again.

Dong Xuebing wiped his face with a towel and ran out to get his phone. He looked at the caller ID and cleared his throat excitedly. “Hello, Sister Xie?”

“Haha, Xiao Dong, are you still sleeping?”

“No…… I am awake.”

“Ok. I hope I have not disturbed you. Haha, about your transfer…… actually, I am powerless to help. After all, this involves two agencies. The people I know might have the authority to help, but I cannot ask them for favors because of my family. It is too complicated. That’s why I asked my grandfather for help. Since you want to go to the grassroots level, your transfer must go through many departments and agencies. Only after my grandfather gives the green light, then I can use his connections to help you. Now……. Everything should be settled. Although my grandfather felt you are too young…… but he agreed.”

Alright! Deputy Bureau Chief!!!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. “Thank You! Sister Xie! Thank you so much!”

“Stop saying this. This is nothing compared to you saving my life. Haha, but my grandfather heard that you had saved my life, and he wants to meet you. Hmm…… I think this is also good for your career, so I help you agree. Alright. You should be off today? Wait for me at home. I will pick you up and go to my grandfather’s place, alright?”

Ah? Meet Xie Huilan’s grandfather?

Dong Xuebing panicked. “Huh? Sister Xie, I…… I…… should I wear a suit?”

“No need. Haha…… Casual wear is fine.”

Casual? What does casual means? Xie Hao had shouted “Do you know who my grandfather is?” before. Xie Huilan was able to enter the Central Government at her age and had the power to arrange for Dong Xuebing’s transfer to another agency. During their conversations, she also reveals some of her backgrounds. Even an idiot knows that her grandfather was not someone ordinary. He might be a former top government official or even the vice-premier. It would be a miracle for Dong Xuebing to be not nervous when meeting him. Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat off his forehead and ask cautiously: “Then…… do I need to bring some gifts?”

“My grandfather does not need any gifts. Hmmm…… Maybe you can get some fruits.”

“Huh? Fruits?”

“It’s fine. My grandfather will not be pleased if you bring anything expensive. Haha, do you know how to play chess? How good are you with chess?”

Dong Xuebing paused for a while. “I know chess…… My skills can be considered above average.”

“That will do it. My grandfather loves to play chess. If you are good at chess and can play with him, it will be much better than giving him gifts. Alright.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing’s heart was beating very fast. He ran to his closet and look through all his clothes. In the end, he wore a black suit. He then ran into the bathroom to shave and cut his fingernails. But he was still worried. He quickly washes his hair and tried to look as smart as possible. After he was satisfied with his looks, he went downstairs to buy some fruits.

North Heping Road.

Dong Xuebing did not wait for Xie Huilan’s call at home. This was too disrespectful. He carried a bag of fruits and waited by the side of the road, waiting for Xie Huilan’s Audi to appear. After a while, Xie Huilan’s Audi stopped by the road, and Dong Xuebing quickly boarded the front passenger seat.

“Sister Xie, I’m sorry that you have to pick me up…….” Dong Xuebing felt it’s time for him to buy a car.

“Don’t need to stand on ceremony. Stop treating me like your superior.” Xie Huilan was wearing a black suit. She smiled and played a classical CD. “Ok. Fasten your seatbelt.”

Xishan Villa.

This place was also known as the Imperial Gardens. It was beside some mountains and had beautiful sceneries. It is a tourist attraction and has a long history. The district here is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Beijing. Dong Xuebing was in awe as he looks at all the majestic villas along the roads. He wonders when he can afford a villa here. The few million he owns is not enough to buy a garden here.

After traveling for more than 10 minutes, a 3 stories villa appeared in front of Dong Xuebing.

This small villa was different from the other villas Dong Xuebing saw along the road. The most significant difference was the surroundings. There were no other properties within 1,000 meters from this villa. It was all greenery, and there was a wall around the villa. There should be a garden behind the walls. At the entrance, there were two armed police officers. The security here was tight.

Dong Xuebing was shocked by what he saw!

Armed guards? Guns? Who the hell was Xie Huilan’s grandfather?

Xie Huilan droved to a garage beside the villa. This garage was not linked to the villa. It was a separate building and was huge. However, there were not a lot of cars parked there. Other than two Hongqi vehicles, there was a Nissan minibus and an old Mercedes. Oh, there was a BMW 7 series parked in a corner. The lights of the BMW were still on, but there were seems to be no one inside.

Xie Huilan stopped her car. “Wei Nan’s car?”

Dong Xuebing asked. “He is also here?”

Xie Huilan smiled. “My grandfather likes him was not only because of Uncle Wei. Wei Nan had been studying Chess since young and is very good at it. My grandfather will call him over to have a game of chess occasionally. Hahaha. I know what you are thinking from your eyes. That’s right. You can’t judge him from his looks. I had played chess with him in the past, and he is much better than me.”

Suddenly, the BMW’s door opened, and Wei Nan alighted. “Huilan, why are you here today?”

Xie Huilan winded down the windows and unbuckled her seatbelt. “Grandfather wants to meet Xiao Dong. I brought him over.”

Wei Nan’s face changed when he saw Dong Xuebing sitting in the front passenger seat. Goddamn! Why is this person with Xie Huilan again? Senior Xie wants to meet him? What right does he have to meet Senior Xie? Wei Nan felt something was not right. He knew Xie Huilan does not like him and had purposely delay their engagement. However, Wei Nan was good at chess, and his father was good friends with Senior Xie. He believed that Xie Huilan would listen to her grandfather’s orders and will marry him. But Dong Xuebing’s appearance made Wei Nan uneasy. Xie Huilan treated him differently, and he had saved her life. He even kissed her before. Now, Xie Huilan even brought him to meet Senior Xie! What is the meaning of this? Xie Huilan likes Dong Xuebing? Impossible! This guy does not have looks nor status! He is even younger than Xie Huilan. How could Xie Huilan like him?

Wei Nan suppressed his anger and smiled. “Huilan, why does Grandfather Xie wants to meet Xiao Dong?”

Xie Huilan looked at him and laughed. “He wants to have a chat with Xiao Dong. What’s wrong?”

Wei Nan does not know how to reply. “Oh, nothing. I am just asking.” Xie Huilan did not tell him the reason, and it made him feel more uneasy. Even if Dong Xuebing had saved Xie Huilan’s life, Senior Xie would not meet him personally. Could this meeting arrange by Xie Huilan? Why did she bring Xiao Dong here? Just to repay him for saving her life? For Dong Xuebing’s career? Wei Nan knew he imagined things, but he can’t help it. His marriage with the Xie family was significant. Nothing must go wrong with this marriage!

Dong Xuebing quickly got off the car and ran over the other side to open the door for Sister Xie.

Wei Nan still thought if he should open the door for Xie Huilan when Dong Xuebing opened it.

Wei Nan stared at Dong Xuebing coldly. Dong Xuebing was officially his enemy.

“Sister Xie, please watch out.” Dong Xuebing opened the door with one hand, and the other was covering the top of the door, protecting her head.

Xie Huilan laughed. “How many times have I say this? We are friends. You don’t need to open doors for me, alright?”

Dong Xuebing smiled and hesitated.

After waiting for about 2 seconds, Dong Xuebing was still by the door. Xie Huilan laughed and shook her head. She stretched out one leg to alight. Dong Xuebing felt he might be leaving a wrong impression with Xie Huilan if he continues treating her as a leader. So, he moved a step back to let her alight. But Xie Huilan did not expect Dong Xuebing to move, and she lost her balance and accidentally stepped on Dong Xuebing’s foot with her high heels.

“Ah!” Dong Xuebing shouted in pain.

Xie Huilan fell to her side after losing her balance!

“Huilan!” Wei Nan ran forward to help her.

Oh, shit. A central government leader had a fall because of me? I will be in deep trouble. Dong Xuebing was just next to Xie Huilan and quickly bend forward to carry her, despite the pain in his foot. When Xie Huilan was about an arms length from hitting the ground, Dong Xuebing managed to get one arm around her neck and the other around her butt to carry her. But Xie Huilan’s momentum from the fall was too strong, and Dong Xuebing’s knee hit the floor. He gritted his teeth and asked. “Sister Xie, are you alright? It’s my fault for making you fall.”

Xie Huilan was in Dong Xuebing’s arms, and she smiled. “See? Stop opening doors for me in the future. Haha.”

Dong Xuebing was amazed by how calm she was. He remembered that one of his arms was still around her butt area and quickly move it to her legs, before helping her back to her feet. But when Xie Huilan and Dong Xuebing stood up, Wei Nan rushed forward and gave a kick to Dong Xuebing’s leg. “Get away from Huilan!”

Dong Xuebing did not expect Wei Nan to hit him suddenly and was not prepared. He shouted out in pain and fell to the ground!

Xie Huilan was stunned for a second and scolded. “Wei Nan! What are you doing?”

Dong Xuebing was sweating profusely from the pain. His leg seems to be fractured from Wei Nan’s kick.

Xie Huilan squat down and support Dong Xuebing’s head with one arm. Xiao Dong! Are you ok?” Seeing Dong Xuebing grimacing in pain, she turned and stared at Wei Nan. “What the hell are you doing?”

Wei Nan was full of hatred for Dong Xuebing. His date with Xie Huilan was interrupted by Dong Xuebing, and he even kissed her before. Now, Dong Xuebing even placed his hand on Xie Huilan’s butt. He could not tolerate any longer. His fiancée was lying in another man’s arms, and she was still joking with that man. Which man can tolerate this? Wei Nan nearly lost his mind when Xie Huilan scolded him for kicking Dong Xuebing now!

Dong Xuebing had never experienced such pain all his life. He could not move his leg, and it must be fractured! F**k You! I still have not settled the auction house score with you! Now you even dare to kick me?! You dare to kick me in front of Sister Xie? Dong Xuebing was furious. He was kicked for no reason, and he will not let Wei Nan off!



The scenes flashed!

Dong Xuebing could not feel the pain in his leg. He could only feel some pain in his knee, and he was still kneeling on one knee on the ground with Xie Huilan in his arms. She was smiling at him and said: “See? Stop opening doors for me in the future. Haha.”

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and helped Xie Huilan stand up. But all his attention was on his back.

Ta…… Ta…… Ta…… it was the sounds of footsteps running towards Dong Xuebing from his back.

Dong Xuebing calculated the time when he was kicked earlier and moved a step to his side suddenly!

“Get away from Huilan!” Swoosh! Wei Nan’s kick barely missed Dong Xuebing’s leg!

Wei Nan was shocked to see Dong Xuebing dodging his kick with his back against him.

Xie Huilan’s face changed and shouted: “Wei Nan! What are you doing?”

After dodging Wei Nan’s sneak attack, Dong Xuebing will not let him off lightly. Wei Nan had lost his balance after that kick, and Dong Xuebing clenched his fist and gave him a punch on the right side of his face. “F**k! Sneak attack?! Go to hell!”


Dong Xuebing did not hold back in this punch! He had used all his strength.

Wei Nan fell against Audi’s door from the impact!

Xie Huilan grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm to stop him. “Xiao Dong!”

Dong Xuebing still wanted to give Wei Nan a beating, but he had to listen to Sister Xie. He stood there, panting. “Sister Xie, you also saw it. I am not the one who started it. He is too despicable to try a sneak attack from my back! You saw the strength of that kick! If I did not react in time, my leg would have been broken!” Dong Xuebing stared at Wei Nan, who was covering his face in pain. “What the hell is wrong with you? I did not offend you! Why are you trying to hit me? Are you mad?”

Wei Nan got up and rushed towards Dong Xuebing. “Go to hell!”

Xie Huilan quickly steps in front of Dong Xuebing. “Wei Nan! What are you trying to do?! Stop!”

Wei Nan loses his mind when he saw his fiancée helping another man. “He took advantage of you, and you are still siding him? He hit me, and you are protecting him? Ah? Who is your fiancé?!”

Dong Xuebing shouted: “F**k you! You are the one who tried to kick me first! You think you are in the right?”

Xie Huilan replied coldly. “Xiao Dong was helping to stop my fall. How can you try to beat him up? Ah? Who do you think you are? Who gives you the authority to hit others? Xiao Dong is my lifesaver! He is my guest! You are too unreasonable, and I am very disappointed with you. Fiancé? Hmph! Don’t ever call me this again! I will tell you now. I will never be your fiancée!”

Wei Nan’s face turns pale. “Huilan! You are saying these because of an outsider?”

Xie Huilan looked at him. “Outsider? Xiao Dong risked his life to save me. When everyone thought I was dead, he was the only that did not give up and continue performing CPR on me! I am still alive because of him! You? You have a good family background and is close to my grandfather, you think you can treat my lifesaver this way? Outsider? Let me tell you now! I am closer to Xiao Dong than I am with you! You are the outsider in my eyes!”

“You two are closer, and I am an outsider?” Wei Nan laughed in disbelief. “Fine!” He turned and walked away.

Dong Xuebing did not expect Xie Huilan to say those things. He felt good in his heart. How can such a person be Sister Xie’s husband? Even if Sister Xie’s family forced her to marry him, she must not give in! If not, her life will be ruined. But that sentence “I am closer to Xiao Dong” had…… many meanings. From Wei Nan’s expression, he seemed to have misunderstood that sentence. Never mind. Who cares!

The garaged was quiet.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, Sister Xie. I was too rash earlier and should not have hit him.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “It was Wei Nan who tried to kick you from your back. It is not your fault. This Wei Nan was too much!”

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Huilan’s expression and could tell she did not blame him. “Sister Xie, Wei Nan is not good enough for you. He is too arrogant. When I met him for the first time at an auction, he and his friends arrived late and tried to chase me away from my seat. Who the hell will do such things?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “That’s why I dislike him. Alright. Stop talking about him. Let’s go.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and went to take out the fruits from the car. After that, he walked out of the garage with Xie Huilan.

Ring, ring, ring…… Xie Huilan’s phone rang, and she answered. “Xiao Hao. I am at grandfather’s place here. Where are you? You saw Wei Nan? You have reached?” Xie Huilan smiled and looked at Xiao Dong. “Yes. The injuries on his face are from your Brother Dong……. Yes…. Something happened here earlier…… Fine. Stop asking so many questions. Wait for us. We are reaching the villa!”

At the villa’s entrance.

A guard stopped Dong Xuebing and conducted a body search on him emotionlessly.

This procedure made Dong Xuebing nervous.

“Sis! Brother Dong!” Xie Hao ran out excitedly. He asked softly. “What happened? Tell me what happen earlier.”

Dong Xuebing did not reply to him.

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao and told him briefly what happened earlier.

After listening to the whole incident, Xie Hao laughed out loudly. “Brother Dong! Terrific! He deserved to be punched!”

“Behave yourself!” Xie Huilan scolded with a smile.

Xie Hao quickly quiets down, but he secretly gave Dong Xuebing a thumbs up and a wink. If it were not for his sister, he would have beaten up Wei Nan several times. After hearing the whole incident, he felt Wei Nan deserved it. Bastard! Sneak attack from the back? Why can’t Brother Dong help Sis to her feet? F**k! Wei Nan deserves more than a punch! Xie Hao’s admiration for Dong Xuebing increases after this incident. Not only he saved his sister’s life and knows magic tricks, he was also good at fighting. He knew where Wei Nan was kicking without even looking at him!

Xie Huilan leads the way. They did not enter the villa and went straight to the garden at the back.

Ta, ta, ta…… It was the sound of chess pieces on the chessboard. There was still laughter sounds of an old man.

Ah……. Dong Xuebing was finally able to meet Sister Xie’s grandfather!

Dong Xuebing reminder himself to put on his best performance to leave a good impression with him. He still needs Sister Xie’s grandfather's help for his transfer!

Dong Xuebing took a few deep breaths to compose himself as he walked along the pebbled path into the garden. His heart nearly stops beating when he saw Xie Huilan’s grandfather. He froze there, looking at that old man, who was playing chess.

Dong Xuebing was mentally prepared that Xie Huilan’s grandfather was a former high-ranking government official or even a Vice Premier. But when Dong Xuebing saw that frail-looking old man, he realized that he was not prepared at all!


High-ranking government officer?!


Sister Xie’s grandfather…… was the former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China!!!

Translator’s notes: Wow…… Grandfather was the head of the Communist Party!!!

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China


Power and Wealth Chapter 154 2019-11-22T00:22:24+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 154 – Xie Huilan’s promise!

News Department quarters.

After buying the electric heater from the supermarket, Dong Xuebing waited at a nearby 24hrs KFC. After waiting for a while, he received a call from Xie Huilan, telling him that her guests had left. He quickly picks up the electric heater and left for her house. When he reached Xie Huilan’s estate, he took a few deep breaths to compose himself before entering the unit number into the security gate. After Xie Huilan unlocked the gate, he slowly makes his way upstairs. He was worried if Xie Huilan would help him arrange the transfer.

Xie Huilan’s apartment.

Xie Huilan opened the door to let Dong Xuebing enter. “Haha, you looked tired. Thank you so much.”

“It’s fine.” Dong Xuebing placed the electric heater by the wall. “Is this model suitable?”

“Oh, this is an expensive brand. How much is it? I will pay for you.”

“Ah, it does not cost much. You don’t need to pay me.”

“The previous time you had bought the clothes for me. How can I let you pay this time?” Xie Huilan took out a few notes from her purse. “I don’t know how much this heater cost. Here, take it. Don’t make me repeat this, alright?”

After rejecting a few times, Dong Xuebing accepted the money. “Xiao Hao went back?”

Xie Huilan nodded. “I asked him to go back to do his homework. Come, have a seat.”

Dong Xuebing noticed Xie Huilan had changed her clothes. She was wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of casual pants. She was dressed casually and wore a pair of wool slippers. Dong Xuebing knew Xie Huilan should not be wearing this attire when she met Chief Wu and his wife. The fact that she was wearing this attire now tells him that Xie Huilan treated him as someone close. Dong Xuebing was relieved and confirmed that Sister Xie does not know about the stocking incident!

“Xiao Dong……”


Xie Huilan looked at him and laughed. “Haha, I heard a lot about you just now. You are so young and had achieved so many things. No wonder you are promoted so fast. My achievements cannot be compared to you when I joined government service. No…… I can’t even be compared to you now if I consider the problems you solved for your branch.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. Damn. Sister Xie also knows about the things I had done? Dong Xuebing was feeling overjoyed to be praised by a woman he likes. But he had to be humble. “No, no…… How can I be compared to you? You are solving problems for the nation. I am only……. The problems I solved are all trivial matters. This cannot be compared.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “We are all working for the people. Is there a need to differentiate whether if the problem is a big issue or a small issue?”

“Yes…… Yes……”

“Haha, you are looking for me to ask me something?”

Dong Xuebing looked at her expression and asked cautiously. “Errr…… I do need a favor from you. But it’s embarrassing to ask you.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “What is there to be embarrassed about? Tell me.”

Dong Xuebing organized his words in his mind and said. “Sister Xie. I had joined State Security for almost 5 months now. But…… I think that the environment does not suit me.” Dong Xuebing will not say that he wants a transfer because he can’t be promoted. “Errr…… if possible, can you help me get a transfer to Public Security? I personally prefer the environment there as I will be able to serve the public on the frontline. It is much better than when I am doing now.”

Xie Huilan frowned. “You want to go to Public Security?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I know it’s hard for this to be arranged. After all, it is an inter-agency transfer. Errr…… I also don’t need to be holding a leadership position. I am willing to be a Deputy Section Chief level police officer.” That was what Dong Xuebing wanted. It would be hard for him to get a leader’s role as there might not be any vacancies now. All he wanted was to enter the public security, and he will be able to move up the ranks with his own capability.

Xie Huilan did not say a word and continue sipping her tea.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. Was it too difficult? Sister Xie could not help him?

1-minute past…….

2-minute past……

Dong Xuebing had lost all hopes: “Sister Xie, if it is not possible, it’s alright. I will go back first.”

Xie Huilan massaged the center of her brows. “Xiao Dong, you had saved my life. It is not a problem for me to help you get this transfer. But this……”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Sister Xie, it’s alright. I am asking for too much.”

Xie Huilan was deep in thoughts and sighed. She looked at Dong Xuebing with a bitter smile. “I have been thinking of how to repay you for saving me. How can I reject your request? Haha, ok. I will try my best to help you. I will not let you be a Deputy Section Chief Rank Police Officer. Tell me, is there any department you wish to enter? I will see if there are any vacancies for a leadership role and help you make the arrangement.”

Leader role?!

I can get a Deputy Section Chief position?

Dong Xuebing was excited when he heard this. It was tough for him to be transferred out of State Security. He could still get a position with higher authority?

“Sister Xie. Thank you so much. I…… I am fine with any position.”

Xie Huilan smiled and shook her head. “Haha, since I am going to help you, I must do my best. Tell me, and I shall see what I can do.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Sister Xie and asked. “County Public Security Deputy Bureau’s Deputy Chief? Errr…… is it possible?”

Xie Huilan had a bitter smile on her face.

Dong Xuebing knew he was asking for too much and almost slapped himself. Dong Xuebing, you are too greedy. A leader position is good enough, and you still want to be so picky? He was afraid that Xie Huilan would not be happy and quickly say: “Actually, a deputy instructor position in Beijing will do.”

“Deputy instructor?” Xie Huilan paused for a few seconds. “Alright… County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau’s Deputy Chief will do. I will get back to you in a few days.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Sister Xie! I…… I…….”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and waved her hand. “Don’t thank me first. Go back and wait for my call, understand? Hahaha……”

“O…… Ok.” Dong Xuebing did not know what to say.

County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau’s Deputy Chief is a Deputy Section Chief position. But it is at the grassroots level, and the Deputy Bureau Chiefs there had more authority than the Deputy Bureau Chiefs in Beijing City! They had more powers than the investigation branch or any department head in the City Bureau! This was the best position Dong Xuebing wished for. A position with real powers! This is an upgrade from Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office to a County’s Public Security Deputy Chief.

Dong Xuebing will have much more authority than before!

To Dong Xuebing, this was like winning the top price in a lottery!!!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 153 – Chief Xiao Dong is famous!

Dong Xuebing’s ‘magic performance’ was outstanding. Although he had wasted a BACK, he had stored many BACKs since Chinese New Year and the trip to Zhejiang. He still has 10 BACKs remaining and does not mind using it once or twice to leave a good impression with Xie Huilan or piss Wei Nan off. This BACK was worth it. Dong Xuebing looked at Wei Nan and laughed in his heart. Wei Nan looked like he was about to skin Dong Xuebing alive.

Xie Huilan smiled and asked. “Xiao Dong, are you sitting in my car?”

Xie Hao secretly showed a thumbs up to Dong Xuebing and said: “Sis, can you give me a ride?”

Wei Nan knew he had no chance and said. “Huilan, we will go to the movies tomorrow. I will call……”

Xie Huilan shook her head. “Thank you for dinner today. I will be busy with work and do not have time tomorrow. Let’s meet another day, alright?”

Wei Nan was furious. This was a nice dinner date, and it was messed up by Dong Xuebing. Not only that, he found out that his future wife had been kissed by Dong Xuebing. He watched Xie Huilan boarded her Audi and drove away. It was all Dong Xuebing’s fault! He is only a lowly civil servant! Damn! I will settle this score with you another time!

In the Audi.

Xie Huilan was driving with a smile. “Xiao Dong, where do you want to go?”

Sister Xie had said she will follow the person with the best magic trick. Dong Xuebing did not expect to win and had not thought of where to go. But Dong Xuebing was still a civil servant after all. He will not speak his mind. “Sister Xie, sorry for interrupting your date. Actually, I did not expect to perform that magic trick. If you are busy, you can drop me off here. You don’t need to mind me.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “How can I go back on my words? Furthermore, your magic trick is the best. Show me more tricks in the future. I think you are an expert in magic tricks. Haha. We were discussing magic earlier, and you kept quiet all the while. But in the end, you are the real magician.”

Xie Hao laughed. “Brother Dong is being modest.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. What modest? All the leaders in my branch think I am always in the limelight.

Xie Huilan saw Dong Xuebing did not say where to go and knew that he should be embarrassed to say it out. She also knows that Dong Xuebing must have something to speak to her when Xie Hao asked her out for dinner together. She smiled and said. “My electric heater at home had broken down. How about accompanying me to the mall to get a new one and then go to my place?”

Dong Xuebing politely replied. “I am afraid of bothering you.”

“You are too polite to me. This is set.”

“Errr…… I will listen to you.”

To be invited to a Central Government Officer’s home was signs of being trusted. Dong Xuebing felt it is an excellent opportunity to ask her for help at her house later. He suddenly rubbed his temples and looked at her Xie Huilan’s expression. She seems to not mind about the stocking incident. Any woman would be furious if they found out a man had used their stockings to do that…… but Sister Xie was……

Dong Xuebing could only think of one possibility.

Dong Xuebing felt he might have overthought. He assumed that Xie Huilan knows what that stuff on her stockings was. But why would she know? She is from a good family and is a high-rank government officer. She will not watch those movies like Aunt Xuan in her free time. Since Sister Xie is still single, she might never have any relationships with men before and will not know what that sticky stuff on her stockings is. Spit, and that stuff looks similar! Dong Xuebing brightens up. That’s right. Sister Xie might not know what he did with her stockings. This will explain her reactions over the past few days!

Dong Xuebing was excited and relieved!

Dong Xuebing felt relaxed. Xie Huilan was too innocent to know about all these.

Ring, ring, ring. Sister Xie’s phone rang.

Xie Huilan was still driving along the main road, and the traffic was heavy. She could not park her car on the roadside. She smiled and looked into the rear-view mirror.

“Xiao Hao, phone.”

But Xie Hao could not reach her phone from his position. Dong Xuebing quickly bent forward from the backseat and opened her handbag in the front passenger seat. He took out her phone from the bag and near Xie Huilan’s ear. “You are driving, and it is not safe to use the phone. I will hold it for you.” After saying that, he pressed the answer button.

“Thank you.” Xie Huilan smiled. “Hello? ……. Oh, Chief Wu?”

Dong Xuebing was quite close to Sister Xie and could smell her fragrance. It was not her perfume. It was her womanly scent. She smells nice, and it was like a drug to Dong Xuebing, and he was addicted. He did not move and quietly enjoyed the smell. Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he saw the opening from the top of Xie Huilan’s blouse. She had taken off her jacket when she boarded the car, and her top button was undone. From Dong Xuebing’s position, he could see her cleavage clearly!

Xie Huilan was looking in front and talking on the phone. “There is no need for that, alright? I am outside now…… Hahaha. You ah…… Since when you learn all these things? Huh? Your wife is also here? Haha…… Fine…… You are at my place already? Ok…….” She looked at her watch and said. “Then wait for me with your wife. I will reach home in 20 minutes. Hahaha……. No problem.”

One glance…… two glances…… three glances……

Xie Huilan had ended her call, and Dong Xuebing dare not to continue peeping at her. He forced himself to look away and help her keep her phone into her bag.

Xie Huilan looked into the mirror and smiled. “Xiao Dong, do you still remember I told you that one of my colleague’s wife is from your branch? Haha, they had come over to my place for a visit. I can’t reject them. Why not you go to a coffeeshop with Xiao Hao first? You all can come up to my place after an hour.”

Dong Xuebing quickly replied: “Sister Xie, since you are busy, I will not bother you. I will go back first.”

Xie Huilan shook her head. “No. It’s only an hour, alright?”

Dong Xuebing hesitated. He knew Sister Xie knows he needed something from her. “How about I go to the mall to help you get an electric heater since you are busy? After you are done, you can ask Xiao Hao to give me a call, and I will send the heater up.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “How can I bother you? Xiao Hao can go.”

Xie Hao replied: “That’s right. I can go and buy a heater.”

Dong Xuebing still needed Xie Huilan’s help, but he did not prepare any gifts. “No, no. I am fine alone. Xiao Hao had been in school the whole day. Let him go back and rest.” Dong Xuebing pointed to a shopping mall in front. “Sister Xie, you can drop me off here. There is a supermarket inside.”

“Alright, then. Sorry to trouble you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

After alighting, Dong Xuebing did not leave immediately. This will be disrespecting the leader and is a taboo in the government service. He stood there with a smile, watching the Audi go. After the Audi had turned to a corner, he entered the shopping mall to buy the electric heater.


News Department employees’ quarters.

“Please come in. Sorry to keep you all waiting.” Xie Huilan opened the door to let a couple in their 40s enter.

“Chief Xie, we are sorry to bother you. This is after working hours and…….” Chief Wu was holding a few shopping bags, and all the bags were not transparent. These gifts should not be cheap. He entered Xie Huilan’s house with his wife and put down the bags, before looking at Xie Hao. “This is your brother? Heh, he is quite good looking. Are you in High School?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “He just entered Junior high. This kid never let me stop worrying about him. He caused lots of trouble for me.”

Xie Hao was not pleased, but he did not refute his sister.

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao. “Go and prepare tea for Chief Wu and his wife.”

Xie Hao looked at Mrs. Wu. He heard that she was working at the Western District Branch and was afraid that she would recognize him and tell his sister. But he was assured when he saw the look on her face. He acknowledged his sister and ran into the kitchen to make tea.

Chief Wu and his wife had come to visit Xie Huilan for a purpose. He had been in his current position, Deputy Chief for almost 8 years, and was not promoted. He found out that a Section Chief from the News Department will be retiring soon, and Chief Wu would like to take over that leader’s position. This was the reason for him to visit Xie Huilan with gifts today. He believed Xie Huilan was smart enough to guess the purpose of his visit today, and he does not need to mention it. He brought his wife along was to make this meeting more enjoyable. After all, Xie Huilan was also a woman, and they would have common topics to chat with.

Binging gifts to the leader’s place when asking for a favor is not enough. There are lots of preparation work to do. They need to know what the leader’s hobbies and interest are, what sort of gifts is suitable, what to say during the meeting and how to bring up the main subject while chatting. All these had to be planned. Chief Wu had thought it out over the past few days. After sitting down on the sofa, Chief Wu took special notice on Xie Huilan’s expressions while chatting. His wife would join in the conversation occasionally. They were glad to see Xie Huilan not showing signs of impatient or irritation. This was a good sign.

After listening to their conversation for a while, Xie Hao went to Xie Huilan’s room to play PC games.

In the living room, Xie Huilan took a sip of tea and asked. “Oh, Mrs. Wu, you are from the Western District State Security Branch? Is your work there busy?”

Mrs. Wu smiled and replied: “I am working in the confidential archive department, so it’s not that busy. Most of the time, I am doing sorting and filing confidential files.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “I have a friend working in your branch. Haha, do you know Xiao Dong from the General Affairs Office?”

Mrs. Wu was stunned. Before she replied, Chief Wu asked. “You are talking about Chief Xiao Dong?”

Xie Huilan was surprised by their reactions. “Chief Wu, you also heard of him?”

Chief Wu replied. “I heard about him from my wife. But her workplace has strict regulations on confidentiality, and she did not tell me about the details. Chief Xiao Dong is your friend?”

Xie Huilan nodded. “I would like to know more about his performance at work. Haha, but since you are not allowed to reveal much because of regulations, it’s fine.”

Chief Wu kept quiet for a moment and used his leg to nudge his wife. He could tell that Xie Huilan was interested in finding out more about Chief Xiao Dong. She said it’s okay, but what she meant was she really wanted to know. He quickly signaled to his wife to tell Xie Huilan about Xiao Dong. The regulations only restrict the State Security officers from revealing secrets to outsiders. But Xie Huilan and her family were closely tied to the government. They do not need to hide anything from her!

Xie Hao heard them talking about Brother Dong in the living room, and he quickly stops playing game. He moved closer to the door. He was also interested in finding out more about Dong Xuebing.

Mrs. Wu hesitated for a while. “Chief Xie, actually, I don’t need to hide anything from you.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “It’s fine. I know there are strict regulations in your agency. Haha, I am asking about Xiao Dong is because I know he had entered the government service for only a few months. How did he get promoted to Deputy Section Chief so fast? He did not tell me anything about this.” Xie Huilan does not know Dong Xuebing well. She only knows that he is working as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office and is holding a Deputy Section Chief rank. He does not have any backings and is just an ordinary civilian. She is just curious about Dong Xuebing.

Mrs. Wu laughed. “From what I see, there is no problem with Chief Xiao Dong’s promotion. Everyone in the branch knows who Chief Xiao Dong is. All the things he did for the branch can be written into a novel. A fantasy novel.”

Xie Huilan got interested. “Oh? Tell me about it.”

Mrs. Wu thought for a while and said. “There was once, the General Affairs Office Chief’s office caught fire, and there are several important documents in there. The fire spread very fast, and the whole office is engulfed in flames. No one would survive in that fire. But Chief Xiao Dong was the only one that dares to enter the office to retrieve the documents.”

Xie Huilan nodded. “He is brave.”

Mrs. Wu was full of admiration for Xiao Dong. “This incident can only show Chief Xiao Dong’s guts and bravery. But the things after the fire incident are unexplainable. Our agency has a soccer tournament. During a match, our opponents were awarded a penalty in the dying minutes. No one was confident of saving that penalty except for Chief Xiao Dong. He stepped forward and volunteered to be the goalkeeper. The ball was going to the top corner of the goal, and he managed to save it. The next day, during the final minutes of the soccer match, Chief Xiao Dong was substituted onto the field, and he scored the winning goal in the final second of the match.”

Xie Hao walked out of the room and asked. “Brother Dong also knows how to play soccer?”

Mrs. Wu looked at him and laughed. “Chief Xiao Dong knows more than playing soccer. An old leader from State Security came to our branch for a visit. On his way to our quarters, he got an asthma attack, which triggered a heart attack. His medication was not with him and could hardly make it out alive. But Chief Xiao Dong appeared and reached into his pocket and take out asthma and heart attack medications. Another time, our branch had arrested the wrong person, and the person arrested happened to be our City Bureau Leader’s nephew. This is a serious incident, and no one could pacify that leader. In the end, our branch leaders called Chief Xiao Dong for help, and he only took a few minutes to solve this problem.”

Chief Wu had not heard of all these stories from his wife. He felt the stories are unbelievable and gave his wife a nudge. “Don’t exaggerate the stories!”

Xie Huilan blinked. “It really sounds like stories from a fantasy novel.”

Mrs. Wu laughed. “But it is the truth. I had seen many of the incidents with my own eyes. I also don’t understand why Chief Xiao Dong is so capable. Now, whoever mentioned him in our branch, they will give him a thumbs up. All problems will be solved if Chief Xiao Dong shows up!”

Xie Huilan looked at her. “Xiao Dong can really solve all problems?”

Mrs. Wu replied firmly. “I am not lying. He really can solve any problems…… without any issues!”

Xie Hao asked with doubt. “Brother Dong is really so capable?”

Chief Wu also had doubts. “Is it true?”

“Of course.” Mrs. Wu replied. “If not, how can Chief Xiao Dong be promoted to Deputy Section Chief after a few months? He really has the capability. When he was promoted, many people were unhappy with this decision. But now, after Chief Xiao Dong save the branch a few times, no one dares to doubt him!” If Mrs. Wu had not seen what Dong Xuebing did with her own eyes, she would also not believe the stories about him. Even after seeing what Dong Xuebing did, she still felt it was unbelievable.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Haha, this is so interesting.”

After Chief Wu and his wife left, Xie Hao looked at his sister. “Sis, you believe what she said?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “I don’t think she dares to lie to me.”

“Wow, Brother Dong is so capable? I thought he is just an ordinary civil servant!” Xie Hao did not find anything special about Dong Xuebing. Errr……. Except for his magic trick.

Xie Huilan thought for a while and smiled. “Some people might look ordinary, but they can get extraordinary results. Do you still remember the incident when I fell into the river? Why Xiao Dong could suddenly appear out of nowhere? How come he has a fruit knife with him to cut the seaweeds? Haha……. The magic trick earlier. Do you really think that is magic?”

Xie Hao was dumbfounded.

Xie Huilan mumbled to herself. “Can solve all problems? Haha……. Can you solve my problem?”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 152 – Magic!

At 4 pm. Dong Xuebing report off earlier with his briefcase.

This was the first time Dong Xuebing going back early. He could not focus on his work as he was thinking about moving up the ranks.

Leaders in the government service have some special privileges, but the General Affairs Office’s leader is different. The General Affairs Office oversees the branch’s backend support and administrative work. The leaders of the branch might call anytime. If the Chief of the General Affairs Office is not around, who else can they find? The General Affairs Office is unlike the Political Section or the Commission for Discipline Inspection, where the leaders have nothing to do. No one from the General Affairs Office dares to report off early. This will leave a bad impression on the higher-ups. But the one who reported off early was Chief Xiao Dong. Even Chief Zhen might not say anything.

After reaching the bus stop, Dong Xuebing rubbed the bridge of his nose. It will not be easy to be transferred from State Security to Public Security. His relationship is close to the leaders of the branch and has many credits under his belt. But it was also because of his credits, Xu Yan and Zhen Anguo will not let him go. They will not help him to get the transfer. He needs to look for someone else to help him.

Who should he look for?

Who else? Xie Huilan was the only person whom he knew could help him.

That’s right. Other than Xie Huilan, no one else have the connections to help Dong Xuebing. This was not transferring from one department to another. This was moving from one agency to another agency. Even Chief Zhen and Xu Yan might not be able to do it. They do not have authority. During the lunch with Xie Huilan at Wang Fu Restaurant, the City’s Party and Standing Committee member and Public Security Chief, Feng Xueliang, spoke to Sister Xie. If Feng Xueliang was able to help, then there will be no problem for his transfer.

Dong Xuebing knew who to look for help, but how should he ask?

Dong Xuebing had saved Xie Huilan’s life, and if nothing else happened, he would have called her straight. But he was caught doing despicable things to her stockings. He was too embarrassed to ask her for help.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and called Xie Hao. “Hello, Xiao Hao, have you finish your class?”

Xie Hao, on the other line, replied excitedly. “Brother Dong, is there a fight, and you need my help? No problem! Where are you now? I will bring my men over!”

Dong Xuebing was dumbfounded. He had agreed casually and never expect Xie Hao to remember it. “What fight?! Stop thinking about fights! If your sister knows about this, she will beat you to death!” Xie Hao laughed, and Dong Xuebing continued. “I need to speak to you. If your classes have ended, let’s meet up.”

“No problem. Where are you now? I will go over!”

“Let’s meet at Bei Wei Road. It’s nearer to your school.”

After arranging the location, Dong Xuebing took a taxi over. Dong Xuebing did not tell Xie Huilan about Xie Hao creating trouble at the Western District branch, and Xie Hao called him several times to thank him. He even sends Lunar New Year greeting SMS on the last day of the Lunar New Year. After the Western District branch incident, they had gotten closer.

Bei Wei Road, T-junction.

Xie Hao, who was still in his uniform, was squatting by the roadside smoking.

Dong Xuebing alighted from the taxi and frowned when he saw Xie Hao smoking. But he did not scold him as he was not his family member. Also, Xie Hao would not listen to him. “Xiao Hao, have you waited long?”

“Oh, you are here.” Xie Hao stood up and snubbed the cigarette butt with his feet. “I just reached.”

“Did you skip school? I pass by your school just now, and there are no other students.”

Xue Hao smiled. “Brother Dong is looking for me, and I must be here early. Skipping one or two lessons is nothing.”

“You……” Dong Xuebing shook his head and laughed. “It’s not a big problem. I only want to ask you about your sister. Cough…… What’s with that look? Come, let’s talk on the way.” Dong Xuebing turned and walked towards the east direction. Xie Hao was looking at Dong Xuebing suspiciously, and Dong Xuebing asked. “Xiao Hao, Chief Xue…… is there anything she likes? Like a small present that will make her happy?” Dong Xuebing wanted to give Xie Huilan a gift and ask her for help. It will not be so awkward, but he does not know what Xie Huilan likes the gift must be worth less than 2,000 RMB.

Xie Hao thought for a while: “My sister likes to collect antiques.”

Dong Xuebing knows about this hobby of hers, but it is too expensive, and Sister Xie will not accept it. “Anything else?”

“Errr…… errr……” Xie Hao thought for a while. “Oh, recently, she likes to watch magic shows!”

Magic show? Damn! There will not be enough time for me to learn it. “Anything else?”

Xie Hao cursed. “Brother Dong, are you thinking of asking my Sister for help?”

Dong Xuebing nodded embarrassedly. “Yes.”

“Sigh…… you don’t need to overthink. You had saved my sister’s life and why do you still need to prepare gifts? She will surely help you.” Xie Hao took out his phone. “I will call sis now!”

Dong Xuebing quickly stops him. “No, no…… It’s hard for me to ask her. Never mind. I will speak to her another time.”

Xie Hao replied eagerly. “Brother Dong, what’s there to be shy? Fine. Why not I ask my sister out for dinner together? It’s almost dinnertime soon. You can see if you want to ask her over dinner. I will not interfere. Ok?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Fine. Thanks.”

“Hah, there is no need to thank me. I had said before. You had saved my sister, which means I owe you a debt too. I will treat you as real elder brother!” Xie Hao dialed his sister’s number on his phone. “Hello, Sis? I met Brother Dong just now. We are looking for a place to have dinner. You want to join us? …… What? He went to look for you again? …… no… I am with Brother Dong now…… He is meeting you for dinner? Ok. Where will you all be going? I will go over with Brother Dong…… I promise I will not cause any problems…… Fine….. Ok…… We will be there shortly. Bye.”

Dong Xuebing saw Xie Hao keeping his phone and asked. “Someone had invited Chief Xie for dinner?”

Xie Hao replied angrily. “It’s someone by the name of Wei Nan. His father is close to our family, and my grandfather wants to matchmake my sister and him. I have respect for Uncle We. His family is doing medical equipment business. But that Wei Nan…… Damn! I just hated him. He is not good enough for my sister, and my sister does not like him! Hmph! If it weren’t for my grandfather, I would have given him a kick to his face!”

Wei Nan? This name sounds familiar.

Dong Xuebing asked. “Your sister is in the government and is a Deputy Divisional Chief at her age. Even if she is looking for a partner, shouldn’t she look for someone in the government?”

Xie Hao replied: “That’s right. My sister also feels the same. But my grandfather does not like my sister to be in politics. He says my sister is a woman and should not be involved in politics. My grandfather is the head of the family, and everyone had to listen to him. That’s why it’s a miracle for my sister to remain single until now. But this time, my grandfather is serious. My sister might be forced to marry that Wei Nan! F**k!”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. Sister Xie is from an influential family, and her marriage have to be arranged by her family. No wonder she is still single now. She does not want to marry a businessman and prefers someone working in the government.

Dong Xuebing felt unhappy when he heard Xie Huilan might be getting married. He was unhappier after he met Wei Nan!

Make Ximu Restaurant.

Xie Hao greeted a long hair guy, unwillingly. “Sis, Brother Wei.” Xie Huilan was around, and he dare not to be rude.

Wei Nan smiled and nodded. “Xiao Hao, who is this?” He looked at Dong Xuebing and felt he seems familiar.

Dong Xuebing was someone who holds grudges. He recognized Wei Nan immediately. Wei Nan was the leader of that group of people who were late at Han Hai Auctions. He even tried to chase Dong Xuebing away from his seat, but Dong Xuebing did not agree. Sister Xie’s grandfather wants her to marry this person?

Dong Xuebing was furious. He secretly admires Xie Huilan and does not want her to be with another guy. But he cannot show his anger in front of Xie Huilan. He smiled at Wei Nan. “Hi, nice to meet you again. How is that pearl necklace?”

Wei Nan remembered where he met Dong Xuebing when he heard the pearl necklace. He laughed. “Oh, it’s you. No wonder I find you familiar.”

Xie Hao looked at the both of them curiously.

Xie Huilan had just finished work and was wearing a lady’s suit. She smiled. “Xiao Dong, Wei Nan, you all know each other?”

Wei Nan was standing very near to Xie Huilan. “Yes. We had auctioned for that necklace I gave to Aunty at the auction house.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “That’s right. We also fought over the seats.”

Wei Nan gave Dong Xuebing a look.

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and looked at both of them. “Let’s go in for dinner.”

Xie Hao could sense that Brother Dong and Wei Nan had something against each other. Before entering the restaurant, he whispered to Dong Xuebing. “Don’t you find him irritating? I feel like beating him up!”

Dong Xuebing laughed and entered the restaurant.

This was a high-class restaurant, and there were dress codes. Dong Xuebing was wearing a jacket, and he was fine. Xie Hao was still wearing his school uniform, but he did not care. He walked in front and pulled out two chairs. “Sis, Brother Dong, have a seat.”

Xie Huilan gave a cold look to Xie Hao.

Xie Hao unwillingly pulled out a chair for Wei Nan.

After ordering, Wei Nan asked with a smile. “Xiao Dong, on our way here, I heard from Huilan that you had saved her when she fell into the river? Thank you for saving her. If you arrived late, Huilan might be……”

Dong Xuebing was furious when he heard Wei Nan calling Xie Huilan so intimately. Wei Nan was about 30 years old and was much older than Dong Xuebing. But in his office, one of his subordinates was almost 60. Dong Xuebing treated people in their 30s as his peers. In the branch, other than the leaders, who else dares to address him as Xiao Dong. Even Political Section’s Chief Pang Bin called him Chief Dong. Who is this Wei Nan to call him Xiao Dong?

Xie Hao does not know why Dong Xuebing was angry. But he knew they had a common enemy. “You don’t need to thank him. My sister and I had thanked Brother Dong.” This sentence means ‘Who are you to thank Brother Dong on behalf of my sister?’

Wei Nan took a sip of his red wine. “I had to thank Xiao Dong. We will be getting engaged soon. If it’s wasn’t for Xiao Dong……”

Going to be engaged? Dong Xuebing was pissed!

Xie Hao almost cursed. He does not want Wei Nan to be his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law must be cultured and handsome. He must be holding at least a Divisional Chief rank. Xie Hao tried to piss him off. “Ah! Since you mentioned it, then you must thank Brother Dong properly. If Brother Dong had not given CPR to my sister, we would not be having dinner with her now.”

F**k! Dong Xuebing almost fainted. Why did you have to bring up about the CPR?!

Wei Nan’s hand shook, and his face turned black! CPR? His face looks like he had just swallowed 100 flies. When he gave the pearl necklace to Xie Huilan’s mother, she told him that Xie Huilan had never dated anyone in her life and told Wei Nan to cherish her. That means no men had touched her before, and she might still have her first kiss. This was also one of the reasons why he was determined to woo Xie Huilan. But now, he heard the words CPR! Even if it was to save her life, Dong Xuebing had kissed her!

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Xiao Hao, is your steak good?”

Xie Hao immediately knew his sister was angry, and he dare not to say a single word.

Dong Xuebing was also nervous. He also wanted to piss Wei Nan off, but he dares not mention anything about CPR. He must not say anything that would remind Sister Xie about the stocking incident. He still needed her help.

It was awkward.

A few seconds later, Xie Huilan took a sip of her wine and swirl the wine in the glass. “Chateau le pin. French 1990. I had seen this wine once at an auction. Did you bring this from home? Haha, this meal is cost around my 3 months salary. Wei Nan, don’t bring me to this fancy restaurant in the future. If not, I will not dare to dine with you. Do you understand?”

Wei Nan recomposed himself and nodded. “Ok. I will listen to you.” Xie Huilan’s tone was always so commanding, regardless she is speaking to her friends or colleagues. Wei Nan could not stand the way she speaks. He could only agree to her and had to accommodate her like her subordinates. Wei Nan likes everything about Xie Huilan, except for the way she speaks. He got no choice. His father might be a prominent businessman, but compared to Xie Huilan’s family, his father was too far apart. If it weren’t for Xie Huilan’s grandfather wanting Xie Huilan to get married to a businessman, he would never have the opportunity to meet her. Although he was unwilling, he had to give in to her.

With the change of the subject, the dinner was not so tense. Xie Huilan starts to talk about wine. She seems to be into red wine.

After the main course, the waiters started to serve desserts.

Xie Huilan wiped her mouth after dessert and looked at Dong Xuebing with a smile. “Xiao Dong, is there anything you want to ask me?”

Damn! I can’t hide anything from Sister Xie. This was not the right moment to ask her for a favour. Dong Xuebing could only shake his head.

Wei Nan glanced at Dong Xuebing coldly and then looked at Xie Huilan. “Huilan, I had booked a private room. Shall we go and watch a movie?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “It’s only a movie. You don’t need to call my mother for such a trivial matter in the future.”

Wei Nan smiled. He was afraid that Xie Huilan would reject him, so he called Xie Huilan’s mother before meeting her.

Xie Huilan looked at her watch and said. “Alright. I still have half an hour to spare. I will have work to do later. I will not be able to finish the movie and will have to leave halfway. It is nothing against you. Haha……”

Wei Nan replied: “It’s fine. Work is more important.”

Dong Xuebing was feeling jealous when he heard movies and a private room. But he was in no position to say anything.

“No, no…… I have something to say.” Xie Hao still remembers that he needs to help Brother Dong. “Sis, you must go back with me today. I have a few math problems which I don’t understand. You must help me.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Since when you changed for the better?”

Xie Hao replied: “Didn’t you ask me to study hard?”

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao and Dong Xuebing. “Another day, alright?”

Wei Nan interrupted. “Xiao Hao, you can ask Xiao Dong to help you. The movie is starting.”

Xie Hao replied angrily. “Is watching movies more important than my studies? My Brother Dong is not good with Math, and I want my sister to help me. Sister, can you help me?!”

Dong Xuebing nodded with approval in his heart. This Xie Hao is too adorable.

Xie Huilan shook her head with a smile. She did not say a word and seems to be troubled.

Wei Nan had prepared today for a long time. He was pissed when he heard that Xie Huilan tells him that Xie Hao and the person who saved her life will be joining them for dinner. But when Xie Hao goes against him a few times, he started to frown.

1 second……

2 seconds……

3 seconds……

Xie Huilan suddenly laughed. “How about this? I become interested in magic recently. I watched the magic show segment on the Spring Festival Gala Night program 3 times. Haha, Wei Nan, didn’t you say you prepared a magic trick for me over the phone? My brother also knows some magic tricks. Why not you two compete? I will follow the winner. Alright?” Sister Xie had agreed to go out with Wei Nan, and it was hard for her to reject him. But she still wants to go back with Xie Hao.

Wei Nan smiled: “No problem!”

Xie Hao was surprised. “Huh? Brother Wei also knows magic tricks? Wow…… I would like to see it.”

“Haha, you can go first.” Wei Nan had heard from Xie Huilan’s mother that Xie Huilan had become interested in magic recently. He purposely learned a magic trick and wanted to perform to her in the cinema. But since Xie Huilan will not be able to finish the movie, he does not have to wait any longer. He was very confident with this magic trick. He spent a lot of money to learn this trick from a magician.

“Ok. I will go first.” Xie Hao took out a pack of cards from his school bag. He smiled and started to shuffle the cards. “Sis, I learned this trick recently, and I am sure that you cannot see through it.” Xie Hao did not look at the cards and showed it to Xie Huilan. “Sis, pick one card and don’t show it to me.”

Xie Huilan laughed and pulled out 5 of Diamonds from the pack.

Xie Hao took the card from her. “Alright. This is the card? I do not know what this card is.” He placed the card back onto the pack and shuffles it, before passing it to Xie Huilan. “Sis, shuffle the cards.”

Xie Huilan shuffled the cards for a while. “Alright.”

“Ok. Now, I will pick out the card you picked just now from the pack. Haha, you don’t believe me, right? Watch carefully!” Xie Hao confidently picks up the pack of cards facing down, and start throwing the cards one by one on the table. Suddenly he stopped and flip the top card. “This is the card you picked!” It was that Diamond 5.

Dong Xuebing also hope Xie Hao would win. After all, he was helping him. He immediately cheered: “Good.”

But Wei Nan said. “Hahaha, you did not look at the card when you pick it from Huilan. But you used your fingernails to make a marking at the back of the card. Am I right?” He picked up that card, and there was a fingernail marking at the back. “This is how you pick out the earlier card, right?”

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. This guy knows his stuff.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Oh, I see…….”

After being exposed, Xie Hao got angry. “It’s your turn! Show me your trick!”

Wei Nan smiled confidently and turned his body slightly towards Xie Huilan. He then took out a black handkerchief from his suit’s pocket. “Watch carefully. I am only holding on to a handkerchief and nothing else.” He waved the handkerchief around and saw Xie Huilan nodding. Then he reached underneath the handkerchief and took out a rose from it!

Xie Huilan was surprised.

Xie Hao was also surprised. “Did you hide that flower somewhere?”

Dong Xuebing also knew that Wei Nan had hidden the flower somewhere on him. If not, it will not appear suddenly. But he does not know where he hid it.

Wei Nan smiled and held out the rose. “Huilan, this is for you.”

Xie Huilan laughed: “Interesting. I have seen it several times on TV but still have not figure out who this trick is performed. Haha, this is an eyeopener.” She paused for a while and said: “Xiao Hao, you should be satisfied now. Let’s go and watch the movie. But after the movie, you must tell me about your trick. Okay?”

Dong Xuebing took a glance at Wei Nan. Damn! This guy was able to show off. Sister Xie really seems to be interested in magic tricks!

“Wait!” Xie Hao was not willing to give up. “Sis, you said that you will follow whoever that has the best magic trick. Brother Dong still has not performed.” Xie Hao looked at Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong! Show us a trick!”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. He also wanted to perform something, but he does not know any tricks!

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan could tell from Dong Xuebing’s looks. They smiled and stood up, preparing to leave.

“Wait! Wait!” Xie Hao looked around and saw a couple in their 30s at a nearby table. They should be dating and had just finished their meals. There was a bouquet of flowers and a small box, wrapped nicely. “That box. If Brother Dong can guess what is in that box correctly, then Sis will leave with him!”

Wei Nan frowned. “Xiao Hao, you don’t need to let Xiao Dong guess, and I can tell you the answer now. There is a diamond ring in that box.”

Dong Xuebing also knows that Xie Hao was trying to make things difficult. But other than diamond ring, what else can that box contain? That man must be proposing to that woman.

Xie Huilan smiled. “There must be a diamond ring in that box. This is not called magic. It is common sense.”

Xie Hao rolled his eyes and kept quiet.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing smiled and said. “Actually, it is not a diamond ring. It is a 1 Yuan 1992 coin. Haha.”

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan thought nothing about it and laughed along with Dong Xuebing. They packed their things and were about to leave the restaurant.

Xia Hao whispered. “Brother Dong, I tried my best.”

Dong Xuebing patted his shoulder. “Thanks.”

All of them stood up and were about to leave. That man at the nearby table suddenly unwrap the small gift, and it was a small wooden box. He smiled at the woman and said: “Do you still remember how we met?” The woman looked at the man confused. The man continued: “A few years ago, I dropped something at the cross junction, and you helped me picked it up. That’s when we got to know each other. Without this thing, we will not be together. I had kept it with me for 5 years. Today, I will let you keep this item for me. This is a token of our love.”

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan looked over. Xie Hao also took a glance at that table.

Dong Xuebing was the only one who had a smile on his face and did not look over.

That man opened the box, and it contained a shiny silver colored item!

Under the chandelier’s lights, everyone could see what was in that box. It was not a diamond ring, necklace, or earrings. It contained…… a shiny silver 1 yuan coin!!!

Xie Huilan was stunned!

Wei Nan was stunned!

Xie Hao was also stunned!

Xie Hao could not believe what he had saw. He remembered Brother Dong saying it was a coin, and he sounded like he was joking. He froze for about 3 seconds before asking. “Which year is that coin?”

That man got a scare and noticed a group of people looking at him. “Why are you asking me that? I don’t remember.” He frowned and looked at the coin and said. “It was 1992. Why?”


This simple reply shocked Xie Hao, Wei Nan, and Xie Huilan!

Xie Hao exclaimed: “Damn! It’s really a 1992, 1-yuan coin!”

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan took in a deep breath and looked at Dong Xuebing!

Xie Hao was almost crazy. He grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Brother Dong! You are right!” Xie Huilan and Wei Nan could not believe what they saw. That box was wrapped up, and Dong Xuebing had not spoken with that man before. Xie Hao had mentioned it randomly, and even the owner of that box does not know the year of the coin. How did Dong Xuebing know it contains a 1-yuan coin, and he also knows it is a 1992 coin?!

This was ridiculous!

They left the restaurant in a daze, and at the entrance, Xie Hao quickly ask: “Brother Dong, tell me! How do you know what is in that box?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s magic. Some tricks cannot be revealed. I can’t tell you.”

Xie Huilan smiled. She really likes Dong Xuebing’s magic trick. “You also know magic tricks?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Errr……. I only know some tricks.”

“This is really an eye-opener. I had never seen such magic tricks in my life. This is even an impromptu performance. The magic show I watched on TV cannot be compared to your trick!” Xie Huilan laughed and turned to Wei Nan. “Sorry. I got to keep to my words. Xiao Dong’s magic trick is outstanding. Haha. I can only leave with Xiao Dong today.”

Wei Nan almost cursed out loud!

That is also considered a magic trick? Magic tricks are only tricks that could fool people!

But what Dong Xuebing did earlier……. How can that be considered a magic trick?!!

Dong Xuebing does not know magic. After Xie Hao pointed to that box, Dong Xuebing used BACK to look at the contents!!!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 151 – Future Career Path

A few days later, Dong Xuebing returned to work after the Zhejiang trip.

Dong Xuebing was exhausted. He did not visit any tourist attractions in Lin’an during the few days there. He spent the past few days going around the Chicken-Blood Stone mines, learning the ropes of mining, and the value of the uncut stones. He also had to apply for explosives from the local authorities. He had only returned to Beijing the day before and went straight to bed. He woke up at 7 am this morning and went to work. Seeing that all his staff members were not in, he played Minesweeper in his office.

Aunt Xuan did not return with him. She remained in Lin’an to supervise the mining.

Ring, ring, ring. It was about the time when the staff arrived at work when Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. He looked at the number. It was Qu Yunxuan.

“Hello, Xiao Bing. After preparing for a few days, we started mining this morning. One of the miners drilled a hole on the wall you instructed and……” The reception on the mountain was not good, and there were lots of interferences. “…… the explosives had been set. We will be blasting soon. Is there really no problem? We had spent tens of thousands on this mine. If there are no Chicken-Blood Stones, our 2.7 million will go down the drain.”

Dong Xuebing was also nervous. “Err…… There should be Chicken-Blood Stones.”

“You were still very confident yesterday. How come you don’t sound so confident today?”

“Huh? Errr…… there will be Chicken-Blood Stones in there.”

“Then…… I will set off the explosives?”

“Ok. Move further away and cover your eyes.”

Many miners, including the old villager and Old Ye, were standing outside the mines looking at them. They were talking among themselves. This was a new mine, and they had not found any valuable stones in there. Most of the people there were curious to see if there were any Chicken-Blood Stones.

“It’s starting!”

“Move back, everyone!”

It was quiet over the phone. Dong Xuebing cloud hear his heart beating. He closed the Minesweeper’s window and waited.


A loud blast was heard over the phone!

5 seconds later……

10 seconds……

15 seconds……

Dong Xuebing could only hear footsteps and echo over his iPhone4. It sounded like someone was walking in a cave.

Suddenly, there was a commotion. Qu Yunxuan shouted excitedly. “Xiao Bing! Xiao Bing! I can see the rocks from the blast!” It was the sound of panting. “Ahhh! Blood! The stones are all Chicken-Blood Stones! There are more at the back! The walls of the blasted part are all red! These are all raw Chicken-Blood Stones! You are terrific!”

Dong Xuebing could hear the background. “Wow! This loosens rock from the blast is worth at least 500,000 to 600,000 RMB!”

“Impossible! How is this possible?” It was Old Ye’s voice. He was frustrated. He had mined for a few months and did not discover even a single piece of Chicken-Blood Stone. He wanted to cut losses and rented out the mine. But after renting out the mine, the first blast they discover Chicken-Blood Stones and the whole wall of the mine were full of these stones!

Dong Xuebing exhaled and said: “Haha, Aunt Xuan, you should be assured now.”

“We manage to recover most of our cost on the first day. If this carries on, we should be able to double our investment in 2 months!” Qu Yunxuan’s voice was trembling from excitement. “Xiao Bing, I will not be coming back today. I need to stay here to watch over the mine. I don’t trust anyone else. Ok. That’s it. I still have lots of work. Just focus on your work and leave everything here to me.”

Dong Xuebing acknowledge. “You must watch out for your own safety. Don’t go up the mountain at night and stay away from the explosives.”

“I know. You must also take care of yourself in Beijing. Remember to off the stove after cooking and wash your underwear and socks.”

“Ah! Why do you have to say these?”

“If I go back and see all your dirty underwear and socks lying around, I will beat you to death. Hahaha.”

“I know what to do. Bye!”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing looked up at the ceiling and laughed. This Chicken-Blood Stone mine should be able to generate lots of money. He does not have any spare cash with him now and can stop thinking about making money for the time being. He should think about his career path. He had joined the Party, participated in the training course organized by the Party School, got promoted to Deputy Section Chief and gotten lots of credits. What should be his next short-term goal?

After thinking for a while, Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and walk out of his room to the main office to assign the work to the staff members.

After assigning the daily tasks, Tan Limei cheerfully said: “Chief Dong, Secretary Yan had quiet down when you are not around. He came by our office a few times, but other than work, he did not say anything else. Most of the time, he will just call us if there is any work for us. He seems to be avoiding coming to our office. Haha, this type of person should be taught a lesson before they know how to behave!”

Chang Juan added. “That’s right. Let’s see who else dares to bully the General Affairs Office!”

If this were another department, Tan Limei and Chang Juan would never say these things in front of everyone. But they know Chief Xiao Dong will protect them. He will not even scold them when they make mistakes.

Dong Xuebing held back his laughter: “Stop talking nonsense. It’s time to start work. Be more serious!”


“Yes, Sir!”

Wang Xin loves working in the General Affairs Office. It was not easy to meet a leader like Dong Xuebing.

At about 10 am, Dong Xuebing brought a document to Xu Yan’s office. On his way to her office, everyone he met greeted him. Even those who were of higher rank than him greeted him. After so many incidents, no one in the branch dares to go against Chief Xiao Dong. It was proven. Zhou Guoan, Guo Shunjie, Yan Lei……. Everyone that clashed with Chief Xiao Dong did not have a good ending.

Xu Yan’s office.

Dong Xuebing placed the document on Xu Yan’s desk. “Chief Xu, Director Li had asked me to pass this to you.”

Xu Yan nodded and continued her work without looking up. “Place it there. I will look at it later.” She suddenly remembered something and looked up at Dong Xuebing with a smile. “Oh, my son loves the Apple laptop you helped me pick. He even gave me a hug and a kiss. Haha, he spent the past two days at my place playing with the laptop. Thank You.”

Dong Xuebing quickly said: “Don’t mention it.”

Seeing Dong Xuebing did not leave her office, Xu Yan put down her pen and asked: “Is there anything you want to ask me? Have a seat.”

Dong Xuebing sat down with his back straighten and smiled embarrassedly. “Chief Xu, a few days ago…… I have been promoted to Deputy Section Chief…… Will my position move up?” Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office was a position for those without ranks. It’s a position without official title.

Xu Yan pointed at Dong Xuebing, slightly pissed. “You come here to ask for a better position?”

Dong Xuebing coughed embarrassedly. He only dares to mention this to Xu Yan and not other leaders. “No….. Errrr…… I am only asking…… Hahaha, it’s just a casual question.”

Xu Yan almost laughed. “You still dare to ask? Ask yourself, how long have you entered the Party? Ah? How long has it been since you become Deputy Section Chief? Ah? How long has it been since you entered the Party School? Ah? How long has it been since you become Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office? Ah? Almost all the leaders have been complaining to me. You are still not satisfied at the rate you are moving up? What do you want now? Thinking of a Deputy Section Chief’s position? I know you have made many contributions to the branch, but you must still abide by the rules.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and kept quiet.

“You…… Stop thinking about all these for the next 3 years. You need more experience. We will talk about this 3 years later.”

Dong Xuebing also know that he had moved up too fast, and his foundations were not strong. He had only entered the government service for 4 to 5 months and had been promoted from a staff member to a Deputy Section Chief. This was a first in the branch. There was no way for him to get promoted to Section Chief without 2 to 3 years of experience. All he could do now was to wait.

But……. 3 years!

The ambitious Dong Xuebing was not willing to wait even for one year!

After leaving Xu Yan’s office, Dong Xuebing was deep in thoughts. How can he get promoted fast? Does he really need to wait for 3 years?

Dong Xuebing walked backed to the General Affairs Office and stopped outside suddenly. His eyes brightened up and smacked his forehead!

Since I can’t be promoted in the State Security, why can’t I move to another agency?

Dong Xuebing suddenly sees a clear path in front of him. State Security is a specialized unit, and the career path is fixed. The chances of moving up the ranks are slim and do not have much authority. It is also not a mainstream government agency. It is almost impossible to enter the Central Government from State Security. But Public Security is different. Although it’s hard to be transferred from the State Security to Public Security, it’s still possible. After all, both agencies are from the same Police system, and Public Security has more options to move up. The departments in Public Security have more authority compared to State Security, and this was Dong Xuebing’s best option!

An idea formed in Dong Xuebing’s mind.

Transfer to Public Security system! Even if he could not get a leader’s role, he must also try to be transferred!

This will be Dong Xuebing’s future career path!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 150 – Blasting!

It was before 5 pm.

Dong Xuebing walked to the nearest bank to deposit his 700,000 RMB cheque. After leaving ICBC bank, he went to a random restaurant along the streets to have his dinner. After dinner, he called Qu Yunxuan. “Aunt Xuan, I have a piece of good news to tell you. I made 700,000 RMB from Chicken-Blood Stone gambling. We should have enough money to set up our auction company.”


“Aunt Xuan?”


“Xuan Xuan, can you say something?”

“What do you want me to say? I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Haha, I am still waiting for you to praise me.” Dong Xuebing was feeling good with the result. He had used 2 BACKs and still have 10 BACKs left. “We have enough money now. After the money is credited into my account tomorrow, I will transfer it to you. You can start thinking about where you want to register the company and who you want to hire. I will just provide you with the funds.”

“Xiao Bing, tell me honestly. Who did you learn antiques and stone gambling from?”

“Errr…… I worked part-time at the Antique Market in the past. I am a fast learner.”

“But all those experts are not as good as you. Which expert can make so much money like you? Did you rob the bank?! No, even robbing the bank might not even get you so much money! Stone gambling is very risky, and you can make 700,000 RMB easily? You can find real antiques in the past too. It’s been only a few hours since I talk to you about my plans. I feel you are much better than those experts. You seem to have changed. I…… I don’t even know what to say!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “What’s wrong with me making more money? Are you happy?”

“Of course, I feel happy for you.”

“Aunt Xuan, how about praising me a bit? Can you call me ‘that’ as praise?” Dong Xuebing was asking Qu Yunxuan to call him ‘hubby’ or ‘brother.’

“Go to hell! You want me to hit you?”

“Huh? I had contributed so much to our family. Shouldn’t I get some rewards?”

“Idiot. Who is your family? Haha.” Qu Yunxuan was in a good mood and kept laughing. “Idiot, since you are so capable, why do we still need to set up a company? You can just go stone gambling or go find real antiques in the antique markets. Money just seems to be flowing into your pocket.”

Dong Xuebing was speechless. He can’t be using all his powers to make money. “Errr…… we still need to set up a company. Furthermore, I can’t be so accurate every time. Finding antiques depends on luck.” What he said was true. If his luck was not good today, that top-grade Chick-Blood Stone might not be his. “After our auction company is set up, I will go and look for more antiques to let our company sell.”

“Hmm.” Dong Xuebing could tell Qu Yunxuan was looking forward to the opening of their auction company. “We have enough funds now. I will start researching the location of our company and look for antique experts. It should take at least 2 months. We do not need the money now. You can use the money to look for more antiques or rare stones first. It’s much better than leaving the money in the bank.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Ok. Let me think about what other ways I can increase our funds.” After chatting for a while, Dong Xuebing said. “Aunt Xuan, I got to go. My branch’s leader will be giving us a briefing for tomorrow’s exchange program.”

“How long will you be in Lin’an?”

“3 days. Why?”

“I will fly there to look for you tomorrow?”

“Oh…… you miss me?”

“I want to hit you! Who misses you?!”

“You don’t miss me? Then why do you want to come here to look for me?” Dong Xuebing knew Qu Yunxuan was shy to admit it, and he laughed. “Haha, I don’t care if you miss me or not. I just know that I miss you badly. Call me when you reach. I will be waiting for you.”


After keeping his phone, Dong Xuebing took a taxi back to the hotel. Along the way, he was thinking of what he should do with his 2.7 million. Buy a random share? No. what if the stock market collapse? The stock market had not been stable recently. Aunt Xuan had her savings trapped in the stock market. What about buying some financial products from the bank? But the interest for the short term is meager and it’s not worth it. Forget it. It’s only for 1 to 2 months. Just leave it in the bank.

Xiao Gao had returned with lots of shopping bags. He seems to have enjoyed himself.

“Chief Dong, how is your day?”

“It’s fine. Where did you all go today?”

“We went to Tianmu Mountain today.” Xiao Gao suddenly remembered something. “Oh, Chief Dong. The higher-ups said we will be visiting Lin’an State Security tomorrow at 8 am. The leader told us to wake up early, and we are not allowed to be late or take leave. After the visit, we can go wherever we want.”

“Ok. Thanks for telling me.”

Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It was Xu Yan.

“Hello, Xiao Dong. Come to my room now.”

Dong Xuebing acknowledged and quickly go out of his room. State Security had booked all the rooms on the same level. Dong Xuebing walked to the end of the corridor and knocked on the door. Xu Yan opened the door to let him in. She did not close the door and left it wide open. This was to prevent others from gossiping even when their age difference was more than 20 years. They were both in the same government agency and got to take note of this.

“Chief Xu, I am here.”

“Have a seat first.”

Dong Xuebing sat down on a chair.

Xu Yan sat on the bed and smiled. “It’s not about work. My son knows that I am in Zhejiang and want me to get him a present. But he did not say what he wants. Haha, I don’t know what to get him. Xiao Dong, you are only a few years older than my son. Can you give me some suggestions?” Xu Yan is a divorcee, and her son is staying with her ex-husband. Her son will only stay with her once or twice a month.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Your son should be still in school? Do you know what his hobby is or what he likes?”

Xu Yan thought for a while and smiled. “He likes to play PC games and online chatting. Kids nowadays are like this.”

Dong Xuebing suggested: “How about getting him a laptop? The new Apple 11inch laptop is very popular. It is light and thin. The specs might not be the best in the market, but it should be sufficient for him to play normal games on it. If your son plays the latest games, this mac-book air should suit him. The 64g version cost about 10,000 RMB.”

Xu Yan nodded. “He does not have a laptop. Ok. I will get this. But what’s the model again? What mac? 64g?” Xu Yan does not know English or the latest technology products. “Xiao Dong, can you accompany me to buy this laptop after the exchange program tomorrow? You know much more about computers than me.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.

The next morning.

Xu Yan led the team to the Lin’an State Security bureau. Everyone knows this was only a formality and it ended after an hour. After leaving the bureau, Xu Yan announced to the team that they are free to go wherever they want. Then she went to a nearby shopping mall with Dong Xuebing to buy the Apple laptop. There were still available stocks, and Xu Yan paid for it.

It was only 10.30 am.

Xu Yan asked. “Xiao Dong, where are you visiting today? Tianmu Mountain or Daming Mountain?”

“I still have not decided yet.”

Xu Yan laughed. “Want to go to Changhua mines with me? I heard the scenery there is beautiful. I had come here once, but I did not have the time to visit Changhua.”

Dong Xuebing did not want to go. Aunt Xuan should be arriving in the afternoon. If he goes to Changhua, he might not be able to fetch Aunt Xuan. But he also does not want to reject Xu Yan. After all, she had helped him a lot. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and said: “Ok. I will be your bodyguard today. Haha, I also want to see how they mine Chicken-Blood Stones.”

Changhua county.

Guoshi village at the foot of Yuyan mountain was a wealthy village because of Chicken-Blood stones. All the villagers there lived in 4 story houses.

There were a lot of shops along the streets and alleys selling Chicken-Blood stones.

After they reached, Xu Yan and Dong Xuebing visited a few Chicken-Blood stone shops. There were a lot of high-quality stones there, and they were expensive. A Big Red Coat seal cost 1.5 million RMB. There was also a 2 meters wide Chicken-Blood stone artifact. The price of this artifact was 10 million RMB.

“Xiao Dong, let’s go up the mountains.”

“Ok. Please be careful.”

They walked on a trail towards Yuyan mountain. But after walking for a while, they were stopped by two villagers. “Outsiders cannot enter.”

Xu Yan smiled: “We are only going in to look at the mines.”

The older villager shook his head and pointed to a sign. “This place is dangerous.”

Dong Xuebing took out his work pass. “We are working for the government and will not give you all any trouble. We are here for sightseeing.”

The villagers exchanged looks and said. “Fine. I will show you all around.” Civil servants can still be trusted.

Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan walked up towards the mountain on the dirt trail.

After climbing up the stone steps, they reached the mines. It was shocking. The right side of the mountain had been dug away. On the other side, part of the mountain peak was gone. The miners must have used explosives to blast it away. The two villagers said that the empty plot of land in front of the mine used to be a mountain peak. But because they had mined that area and it was on the verge of collapsing. So, they used explosives to blast it away.

Around the mine, there was a metal fence with a blue color signboard. Danger! No entry!

But the villager still brought Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan in. “Our mine is in front.”

Xu Yan asks curiously: “Your mine?”

“Yes. Many of the mines in the mountain were leased by us and the few villages nearby. We pooled our money to lease it. Outsiders are not allowed to own the mines here. Only the locals can rent it from the government. But the locals can sub-let to other people.” No wonder all the villagers in this village are so wealthy.

Suddenly, Boom!!!! Boom!!! Boom!!! There were a few loud noises.

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes wide. “They are blasting the mine?”

“No. This is not the sound of blasting.” The villager looked towards the direction of the sound. “It’s just some kids playing with firecrackers.” He turned to the other villager and said: “Go and chase those kids away. How can they come here to play with firecrackers? It is too dangerous!” It was still considered Lunar New Year, and unlike Beijing, there were no restrictions on firecrackers here.

After a while, the older villager brought Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan to their mine. The entrance was a cave, about the height of a grown man. Standing at the entrance, they could hear lots of knocking sounds. There seems to have lots of people working inside. The air is filled with gasoline smell, and tools were left all over the floor.

The Villager said. “It is dangerous inside. There will be a blasting later. If you want to see how the inside of a mine looks like, you can go there.” He pointed to another entrance, not far away. “Come, I will show you the way.” That entrance was about the same. But the only difference is that mine is only 10 meters deep. They could see the end of the mining tunnel from the entrance.

Xu Yan asked. “This mine is abandoned?”

The villager explained: “Yes. This is the mine rented by Old Ye and some villagers from my village last year. But they had mined for a few months, but not a single Chicken-Blood Stone has been found. They lost a lot of money. This mine is some distance away from the main vein. Even if they dig deeper, they will not find any Chicken-Blood Stones. That’s why they decided to stop digging.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “There are no Chicken-Blood Stones in there?”

The villager replied: “Chicken-Blood Stone is not found everywhere. It still depends on luck. There are a lot of abandoned mines around the mountain. Errr…… These cannot be considered abandon mines. There is still a possibility of finding Chicken-Blood Stones inside. Those villagers who had rented these mines are still looking for people to take over them. If the price is right, they will transfer ownership immediately.”

They entered the mine with a torchlight. Dong Xuebing looked around, and he saw a pile of explosives in a corner. “Why are there explosives here?” The explosives were stacked in the innermost corner. The number of explosives is enough to blast a small hill away. Dong Xuebing immediately step in front of Xu Yan to protect her.

The villager calmly replied. “Don’t worry. These explosives have been modified and cannot be lit with fire. You must use a detonator to set them off. Our explosive storage is quite far from here. That’s why we will store all the explosives needed for the day here. Without the detonator, you will be safe even if you throw a cigarette butt there.”

“Oh, ok.” Dong Xuebing felt better.

Xu Yan was not worried at all. She seems to know about this.

The walls of the abandoned mine were ‘clean,’ and there was not a single strain of red color on it. Dong Xuebing touched the walls and thought to himself. Those villagers should have rented the mines for 1 year, and it cost at least a few million. It’s such a waste. The risk of renting mines is far higher than Chicken-Blood Stone gambling.

After staying in the mine for a while, the villager brought Xu Yan and Dong Xuebing out.

“Haha, I have learned a lot today.” Xu Yan said to the villager. “Thank you for bringing us around.”

The villager smiled. “You are welcome.”

Xu Yan’s curiosity was satisfied: “Xiao Dong, let’s go back.”


Xu Yan and Dong Xuebing walked towards the footpath leading down from the mountains. That villager also went to his mine.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing saw those kids lighting a firecracker nearby. Bam! It was a double-explosion firecracker. Those kids had placed the firecracker at an angle, and the firecracker did not fly towards the sky. Instead, it flew into the abandoned mine filled with explosives!

The next moment!


The whole mountain shook!

Dong Xuebing eardrums almost burst. He was shocked. “What happened?”

The people in the other mines were also shocked. “The explosives had gone off! It’s the explosives!”

“What happened? Who set off the detonator?”

“Is anyone hurt?!”

It was chaos on the mountain. Everyone was running towards the sound of explosion with their tools in hand. The villager who brought Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan around was one of them.

Dong Xuebing looked at Xu Yan and asked: “I thought flames will not set those explosives off?”

Xu Yan’s face had also changed. A few minutes ago, they were still inside that mine. It was a close shave. “It’s hard to set off the explosives with fire. But I know firecrackers are similar to a detonator. Although it’s hard, firecrackers should be able to set those explosives off.”

Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud. They narrowly escaped death! Those brats!

“Let’s go and take a look!” Xu Yan walked back towards that abandoned mine.

There was a crowd outside the mine. But no one dares to enter it as they were afraid there would be a second explosion.

“It’s those kids!”

“Firecrackers can set off explosives? Damn! If I know about this earlier, I would have chased them out of the mountains!”

“Yes. It’s too dangerous. Luckily no one is hurt!”

The kids were in shock. All of them were dumbfounded and sitting on the floor crying.

Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan stood behind the crowd and saw the villager who brought them around, shining his torch into the mine. “There should not be anyone inside. I had left this place with two government people just minutes ago. No one had entered after I left. We…… Huh? Ah…… This is……” The old villager’s voice started shaking. He stood outside the mine in a daze.

“What’s wrong?” The person beside him looked into the mine and was stunned.

Dong Xuebing also looked into the mine. Wow! Wow! Wow!


There was blood everywhere!

It was not a human’s blood! It was Chicken-Blood Stone’s blood!!!

There were too many explosives inside, and the explosion was too powerful. Part of the roof of the mine was blasted off. Pieces of rocks were everywhere. This was normal. But what was shocking was all the small pieces of stones were red in color! It’s Chicken-Blood Stones!

The old villager exclaimed: “This is not an abandoned mine! This mine is much better than my mine!”

“Oh! Old Ye’s losses are too big!”

“Such a waste! So many Chicken-Blood Stones are damaged!”

Dong Xuebing had learned how the miners mine Chicken-Blood Stones from the villager earlier. The miners do not use a large number of explosives to blast the mining cave. They must use mining picks to dig out a small hole around the Chicken-Blood Stones and use small amount of explosives to blast them. Chicken-Blood Stones are softer and will break easily. A 5kg Chicken-Blood Stone might worth 100,000 RMB, but 5kg of small Chicken-Blood Stone fragments are worth less than 1,000 RMB.

Everyone felt sorry for Old Ye. If there was no explosion and they carried on mining this mine…… they will be able to get lots of Chicken-Blood Stones!

But now…… everything is gone!

Dong Xuebing felt the blood rushing to his head. Opportunity! This is an opportunity to make money!



The scenes flashed before Dong Xuebing’s eyes! Time had returned to 3 minutes earlier!

“Haha, I have learned a lot today. Thank you for bringing us around.”

“You are welcome.”

“Xiao Dong, let’s go back.”

The moment Dong Xuebing returned back to his senses, he started running forward. Xu Yan and that old villager were stunned. They do not know what Dong Xuebing was doing. 5 steps…… 10 steps…… 15 steps! Dong Xuebing reached that group of kids. One of them was about to light a Double-Explosion firecracker. Dong Xuebing quickly kick the firecracker away. “What are you all doing? Do you all know what this place is? What happens if you all set off the explosives stored here? Ah?”

The group of kids was shocked.

Dong Xuebing stood there with a stern look on his face. “Go home now! Stop playing with firecrackers here!”

The old villager walked over. “Didn’t I tell you all to get away from here? Go home now!” The old villager said, but he did not think that firecrackers can set off the explosives.

The few kids started running down the mountain, and Dong Xuebing was relieved.

“Xiao Dong, let’s go back.” Xu Yan laughed.

Dong Xuebing turned and look at that abandoned mine, before walking down the mountain with Xu Yan. At the foot of the mountain, he told Xu Yan that he will be meeting a friend in a while. Xu Yan smiled and nodded. She told Dong Xuebing to go ahead, and she left in a taxi towards Daming Mountain.

After Xu Yan left, Dong Xuebing immediately call Qu Yunxuan. “Aunt Xuan, where are you now?”

“I just arrived and was about to call you. Where are you meeting me?”

“Come over to Changhua Guoshi Village now. Quick.”

“Why? Are you in a hurry?”

“Of course. Just get over here now. It’s urgent. I will be waiting at the foot of the mountain!”


Qu Yunxuan arrived at the foot of Yuyan mountain. Dong Xuebing had not seen Qu Yunxuan for a few days, and she looks prettier. When Qu Yunxuan saw Dong Xuebing, she gave him a slap to the back of his head. “What’s the rush? Is there a need to call me so many times? Don’t you know how far this place is from the airport?”

Dong Xuebing held her hand. “I don’t have much time. Let’s go up the mountain. There is an opportunity to make money!”

Qu Yunxuan looked at him puzzledly. “Tell me the details.”

“I saw a mine, and I need to take over it. I guarantee that we can make money from this mine.”

“How do you know?”

“I can tell. Just trust me.”

“But we still need to set up our company. If you take over this mine, how are we going to set up our company?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Let’s discuss with the owner first and see if we can rent it for 1 or 2 months. You also need some time to prepare for our company. When we make money from this mine, we can set up a bigger company.” Dong Xuebing does not know whether the deeper part of the mine has Chicken-Blood Stones. He only knows the area near to the explosives has lots of stones. That’s why he decided to rent the mine for 2 months.

West mining area.

Dong Xuebing and Aunt Xuan returned to the abandoned mine, and he showed her around.

Qu Yunxuan looked around the mine. “This is the mine you are talking about? Didn’t they stop mining?”

“Hey, who are you?” A middle-aged man asked as he shines his torch at Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan. “Why are you two in my mine? There are lots of explosives here, and it is dangerous. Get out of here now.” The man was in his 40s, and he should be “Old Ye’, the owner of this mine.

“This is your mine?” Dong Xuebing looked at him. “Can you make the decisions here?”

Old Ye frowned: “What do you want?”

“Let’s talk outside. It’s too dark here.”

After walking out of the mine, Dong Xuebing met that old villager. The old villager asked: “Why did you come back?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “It is about this mine. My friend is interested in renting it.”

The villager was confused. He had told Dong Xuebing that this was a useless mine, and there were no Chicken-Blood Stones. Why did he still ask his friend to rent it? But Old Ye was around, and he did not say much to Dong Xuebing. He just nodded and walk away. A few other villagers heard their conversations and shook their heads. Everyone there knows about this mine. They had tried mining for several months, but there was not a single Chick-Blood Stone.

Old Ye was the happiest. He had tried to look for someone to take over the mine for weeks, and he finally found someone who is interested!

“Young man, Miss, come over and have a seat.” Old Ye took out a few stools. “You all want to rent this mine?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “That’s right. But it still depends on the price. How long have you leased this mine? One year? Two years?”

Old Ye said. “I had leased this mine for a year, and there are still 5 months remaining. If you all are interested in renting it for 2 years, I can go and apply for an extension when my lease is up.”

Qu Yunxuan did not say anything as she did not know what was going on. She also did not know why Xiao Bing wants to rent that mine.

Dong Xuebing said. “We are thinking of renting it for 2 months. What is the price?”

Old Ye frowned. “2 months? It’s too short.” Normally people would rent the mines for years. The shortest he had seen was also 6 months. No one would rent it for 1 to 2 months. “If you all are renting it for 5 months, I can give you a good price. How about 4 million?”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “We do not have so much money. How about 1.5 million RMB for 2 months?”

“No way. It’s too low.”

“I heard about your mine. There is not a single Chick-Blood Stone found in the past 6 months. 1.5 million is a good price.”

“Even if there are no Chick-Blood Stones, there might still be some deeper inside. Also, you can sell other stones found in there.”

Dong Xuebing replied firmly. “I only want 2 months. If not, the deal is off.”

Old Ye also know that this mine was worthless. He could not even recover his losses if he carries on mining. He thought for a while and said. “Fine. 2 months. But 1.5 million is too low.” It’s not easy to find people to take over this useless mine. “2 million for 2 months. This is the best price I can give you.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “If this is a better mine, it will be worth 2 million. But this mine is……”

Old Ye interrupted him. “I will charge you lesser for the workers, machinery, and transportation. You all are not locals, and it’s hard for you all to hire workers here. I still have workers working for me. All you need to do is to hire someone to supervise them. I am well known around here, and you can rest assured.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan smiled. “You can decide. I don’t know anything about this.”

“Ok.” Dong Xuebing said. “2 million RMB for 2 months. When can we sign the contract?”

“I need to speak to the other villagers first. But it should not be a problem. We should be able to sign the contract tonight.”

Dong Xuebing did not need to wait until night. Later in the afternoon, Old Ye and another villager came to look for Dong Xuebing to sign the contract. They seem to be desperate to offload this mine. After signing the contract, they discussed the wages of the workers and rental of the machines, before leaving the mining mountain.

At the foot of the mountain.

Dong Xuebing said. “Aunt Xuan, hire someone to watch over the mine. We still have 700,000 RMB and should be enough for the workers, explosives, and transportation. Hahaha, we will be able to set up a big company after two months!”

Qu Yunxuan was still in doubt. “This is all our money. Are you really going to use it on this mine? That mine seemed to be……”

“You cannot judge the mine from the exterior. You will know after we start mining!” Dong Xuebing had seen lots of Chick-Blood Stones fragments with his eyes!

They will surely hit the jackpot this time!!!

Tianmu Mountain


Lin'an District


Power and Wealth Chapter 149 2019-11-12T23:51:11+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 149 – 2.7 million!

6 days later.

Zhejiang Province Lin’an District.

Branch Bureau Deputy Chief Xu Yan lead the team to Zhejiang Province. The group consists of another Branch Bureau Deputy Chief, Zhao Jingxi, a Deputy Director from the Finance Department, an old officer from the Sixth Bureau, a Section Chief, and a staff member, Xiao Gao from the Political Section and a few others. With Dong Xuebing, there were precisely 10 members. After alighting from the place, Xu Yan brought the team to check in to their hotel. The rooms were assigned, and after they kept their luggage, it was free and easy time. This “study” tour will last for 3 days. Other than visiting Lin’an District’s State Security, they were free to do whatever they want. If any members wish to stay outside of the hotel overnight, they have to inform the team leader first.

Hotel. Room 3026.

The room was nicely renovated, and the décor was elegant. This was not a cheap hotel.

Dong Xuebing and Political Section Xiao Gao were assigned to a room. Dong Xuebing still has not reached the rank where he could get his own room. But Xu Yan took special care of him and gave him the biggest room.

Xiao Gao looked around the spacious room. “Chief Dong, thank you. If it is not for you, I will not get to stay in this room.”

Dong Xuebing dropped his luggage by the bed. “Haha, where are you going later? Are there any famous attractions here in Lin’an?”

“Ah…… There are many interesting places like mountains and rivers here. I had read up a tourist brochure while on the flight. Errr…… if you don’t mind, can I follow you around in the afternoon?” Other government agencies could bring their family members along on official visits. But State Security was different. This trip was a bit boring. What can one do alone? That’s why Xiao Gao wishes to tag along with Chief Xiao Dong. At the same time, he hopes he would be able to foster a closer relationship with him.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I’m sorry. I still have something to do later.”

Xiao Gao quickly waves his hand. “It’s fine.”

After a while, Xiao Gao called that old officer from the Sixth Bureau and a few others to go out.

Dong Xuebing was alone in the room and went to take a shower. After drying his hair, he laid on his bed and called Qu Yunxuan. “Hello, Xiao Xuanxuan, I am in Lin’an now.”

“Call me, Aunt!”

“Ah, what’s wrong with you? Oh, where are you now?”

“I just arrived in Shanghai. I am asking one of my friends to teach me about business.”

“Huh? How long has it been? You still have not decided what business to do? Stop deliberating. Just pick the industry you like. It doesn’t matter even if you lose money!”

“How can you say that? The money is your hard-earned money. I must plan ahead and make preparations.”

“Errr……. Then what’s your plan?”

Qu Yunxuan paused for a while. “I will tell you my plan, and you see if it will work. Hehe, I think that since you are about to find treasures easily, how about we go into antiques and collection business? You can find precious ancient coins, pearl necklaces, ancient government kiln's bowl easily, and know about stone gambling. Also, there are more and more people going into this hobby. We will have many business opportunities. These few days, I have been reading up in this field.”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes brighten up. His BACK will be handy in this antique business and stone gambling. There was no way for him to make any losses. “Good idea! What are you going to do? Antique shop?”

“If we are going to set up an Antique shop, it will only be a small business. If we are going to do a rare stone business, a piece of high-grade jade stone will cost over a million RMB. If we are doing porcelain and ancient painting business, our cost will also be very high. Even ordinary paintings and porcelain cost a few hundred thousand. We only have 2 million, and it is not enough.”

Dong Xuebing also felt the same. “You have any solutions?”

“Yes. What do you think of setting up an auction house?”

Dong Xuebing paused for a second. “It’s a good idea. But our investment will be much higher.”

“High investment is a must. But it should not be higher than setting up a high-grade antique shop. Those antiques for going for auction are also not bought by the auction houses. The sellers only sign a contract and leave their antiques with the auction house. Even if the item is sold for a low price, there will not be any losses for the auction house. The auction house will still get a cut from the transaction. Of course, the cost of an auction house is also very high. In the initial stage, we have to think of ways to persuade people to sell their antiques through us. We need to market our services and rent venues for our auctions. The staff we hire must include experts, etc. But I still think that this business will work.”

“Is 2 million RMB enough?”

“It’s not enough for sure. I come to Shanghai to visit a friend to ask about this business. When I was working in a newspaper agency, I know a lot of people. One relative of this friend owns an antique business and understand this industry inside out. I had spoken briefly with him, and he said we need at least 3 million RMB to set up a small auction house in a second-tier city.”

“Then, we do not have enough funds.”

Qu Yunxuan paused for a while and said. “We are only a bit short. My friend might also be interested in working with us. If you decide to set up an auction house, I will speak to him.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Aunt Xuan, I disagree.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t mind setting up an auction house. This is a good idea and has a good prospect. But I do not want to partner with someone else. I want this business to belong to both of us only.” Dong Xuebing felt it would be troublesome if there were other partners. He knew that he would increase his investments in this company in the future. If there is one more partner, the share proportion will be complicated.

“Haha, ok. I will listen to you.”


“Then, should we set up a small antique shop with the 2 million?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and said. “We will set up an auction house. It is only about money, right? I am now in Lin’an. Changhua Chicken-Blood Stone and Field-yellow stone is found here. I can go stone gambling later in the afternoon. We are only short of a few hundred thousand to a million, right?”

“Stone gambling is too risky.”

“Aunt Xuan, I will not suggest this if I am not confident. Just listen to me.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing got off the bed and took out a bag from his luggage. Dong Xuebing did not come here for a holiday. It was not easy for him to go to Zhejiang Province again, and he must make full use of this trip to make some money. He had prepared 100,000 RMB for this trip. But because he was traveling with his colleagues, he dare not bring too much cash. If his money is not enough, he can call Aunt Xuan to transfer some over.

Dong Xuebing had accumulated 12 times of BACK, and it should be enough.

After leaving the hotel, Dong Xuebing walked around the City’s streets, asking people if there were any places for stone gambling. Although Chicken-Blood Stone was found in Lin’an, there were no places selling uncut stones. After asking many people, Dong Xuebing finally met an old man who gave him an address.

This was an old shop, and the signboard was faded.

Dong Xuebing stood in front of the shop and looked around, before entering the small shop. There were many Chicken-Blood Stone seals on display at the counter. The seals were bright red. On a shelf, there were 7 to 8 pieces of Chicken-Blood Stones and Field-yellow stone artifacts. However, there were no uncut stones.

“Boss” Dong Xuebing pointed to a seal on the counter. “How much is this?”

The boss of the shop was a middle-aged man with small eyes. “This seal is 70% red and is considered ‘Big Red Coat’. It is worth at least 800,000 RMB.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “What about this?”

“The red color for this seal is lesser. 150, 000 RMB.”

Chicken-Blood Stone’s value depends on the color. The size, weight, quality, and coloration will determine the value. Among the Chicken-Blood Stones, the most valuable is ‘Big Red Coat.’ If the red color was more than 90%, the stone is worth at least a few million. Chicken-Blood Stones were more valuable than crystals.

After checking the prices of the stones, Dong Xuebing asked. “Boss, is there any place nearby that has stone gambling?”

The boss looked at him and hesitated for a few seconds. “Chicken-Blood Stones are not allowed to sell directly according to the regulations. But if you want to gamble…… come with me.” The boss called one of his staff over and then brought Dong Xuebing to the backyard. It was noisy, and it sounded like someone was cutting stones. Dong Xuebing looked towards a corner and saw a crowd there.

Dong Xuebing brightened up. He finally found the place.

In that corner, 7 to 8 people were watching a man cutting an uncut Chicken-Blood Stone. The surface of the uncut Chicken-Blood Stones was not as smooth as crystal stones. They were rough and had odd shapes.

“Red! Red!”

“This stone should not have any problem! The red color had penetrated the insides!”

“Quick! Cut a bit more!”

Dong Xuebing walked over to the crowd. The stone weighed at least 10 kg, and on one corner, there were patches of red color. This stone must be expensive. If the red color on the surface could penetrate to the rest of the stone, it will be more valuable. But if the red color was only on the surface, it will be worthless.

Now, the shop assistant was using the grinding machine to cut the corners of the stone to see how far the red color had penetrated.

Screech……. Screech…….

The surface of the stone was slowly grinded away…….

Dong Xuebing looked at the grinding process. Chicken-Blood Stone was softer than other stones and can be easily cut. If he bought 7 to 8 pieces of Chicken-Blood Stones at once and cut the stones fast, he should be able to succeed. But after thinking for a while, he gave up this thought. He knows Chicken-Blood Stone is not a famous gambling stone. It is not like jade or Field-yellow stones. Why there are not many stone gambling places for Chicken-Blood Stones in Lin’an? It is because it is not worth gambling. The red patches can be seen from the surface of the stone, and it depends on the depth where the red color penetrates.

The raw Chicken-Blood Stone in front of Dong Xuebing cost more than 200,000 RMB. If the red color had penetrated into the stone, the value of the stone would increase to about 300,000 RMB. But if the color inside the stone is not as bright as the exterior, the value will drop to about 180,000. Very seldom there will be surprises like jade stone gambling. The chances were slim for someone to get rich from Chicken-Blood Stone gambling.

If Dong Xuebing used the same method as what he did for the crystal stone gambling, it would be wasting his BACK. Even if he won, he would only earn a few hundred thousand. Furthermore, he only has 100,000 RMB with him. He can’t buy many stones at once. If he used 1 BACK for 1 stone, it would be a waste.

What should he do?

“Eh! It’s cut open!”

“How is it?”

“It’s ordinary. The red color is about the same as the surface. There are no changes to the value.”

This was not a surprise to the crowd. This is Chicken-Blood Stone gambling. No one will win a large amount of money, but the losses are also not a lot.

“Bring me another stone! That’s right! That one!” The man who bought the stone refuses to give up. He spent another 80,000RMB on buying a smaller stone.

Screech……. Screech……. The shop assistant started to help him cut the stone.

Dong Xuebing was looking at them and thinking of ways to use BACK to earn several hundred thousand from Chicken-Blood Stone gambling. He needed money to set up his auction company. Yes. Since I cannot use the same method as crystal stone gambling, I can wait until others finish cutting the Chicken-Blood Stones, and if the red color had penetrated deep into the stone, ii would use BACK to buy that stone. But the only problem was the stone was purchased by others, and I have no control over time. They were careful when cutting the stones and took more than 20 minutes to finish cutting one stone. I only have 12 minutes of BACK. It will not be sufficient.

Dong Xuebing had no choice but to wait and see.

Half an hour passed……

An hour passed……

Two hours passed…….

The crowd around the cutting machine had changed thrice, and Chicken-Blood Stones had appeared 16 to 17 times. But the value of those stones was similar. The best stone was a stone bought by a woman. She spent 50,000 RMB on it, and the final value was 100,000 RMB. The worst was this man who was still cutting the stones. He had spent more than 110,000 RMB on the stones, but it was only worth 50,000 RMB. The value of the rest of the cut stones was about the same as their selling prices. The difference was less than 30,000 RMB.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch. It was almost dinnertime.

Dong Xuebing was getting impatient. Sighed…… It was not easy to get here, but Chicken-Blood Stone is too rare. There was not even a high-grade Chicken-Blood Stone in the whole afternoon. Dong Xuebing was disappointed. If a high-grade Chicken-Blood Stone appeared, his BACK and money might also not be enough. He thought about this for a while and decided to go for dinner after this stone was cut.

Screech…… screech……

The shop assistant was grinding a medium size stone. He was grinding off the areas beside the red color parts, hoping the red would spread more significantly into the interior of the stone. But the stone did not change color. It was still greyish black color!

“Ah! The red color did not penetrate into the stone!”

“Hah! The value will drop.”

A middle-aged man was staring at the stone, and he cursed. “Damn! This is my second stone!” He looked at his stone and knew this stone was a worthless piece. He turned to the crowd: “Anyone wants to buy this stone? The back of the stone is still not cut. You all can try your luck. I had paid 80,000 RMB for this stone, and I am selling it at 30,000 RMB now!”

“Just cut it yourself!”

“Hahaha, who will buy it?”

“If you are selling it for a few thousand, maybe you will get a buyer.”

The onlookers were not stupid. The part around the red color exterior was already wasted. Who would be so stupid to buy it?

Even Dong Xuebing felt this man was ridiculous. 30,000 RMB? No one will buy it at 3,000 RMB!

That man gave the crowd a stare and told the shop assistant: “I will keep it for myself! I can afford it!”

The shop assistant looked at that man and continued grinding the back of the stone. Screech……. Screech…….!

The crowd lost interest in that stone and left to pick the uncut stones. Some of them were chatting among themselves.

Suddenly, that was a loud gasp!

When the shop assistant made a few deep cuts, he let out a loud “Wow!” and attracted the people nearby. The crowd looked at the cut surface and exclaimed!


The inside of the stone was red!

It was bright red, and the density of the red color was dense. This was the highest-grade Chicken-Blood Stone, Big Red Coat!

Dong Xuebing was also stunned. Who would expect the part where there was almost no red color on the surface will be bright red inside? This stone was not a big piece, but the red color parts were enough to make a seal. A Chicken-Blood Stone Big Red Coat Seal!

That man started laughing! He would earn a few hundred thousand!

The color and density of the red were scarce!

Dong Xuebing finally got his chance. BACK! BACK! He used two BACKs in a row!


The scenes flashed before Dong Xuebing’s eyes!

It was two minutes ago!

“Damn! This is my second stone! Anyone wants to buy this stone? The back of the stone is still not cut. You all can try your luck. I had paid 80,000 RMB for this stone, and I am selling it at 30,000 RMB now!”

“Just cut it yourself!”

“Hahaha, who will buy it?”

“If you are selling it for a few thousand, maybe you will get a buyer.”

The man had given up hope on this stone. He was thinking of lowering his losses. But he knew the people there were not idiots. No one would want to buy this stone. He thought to himself. Since no one is willing to buy, he might as well keep it for himself. He turned to the shop assistant.

“Wait a minute.” Someone among the crowd said.

That man turned and asked. “What is it? You want to buy this stone?”

It was Dong Xuebing. “I am interested in this stone. But the price you asked for is ridiculous. I can buy an uncut stone with 30,000 RMB. Why should I buy this from you?”

That man looked at Dong Xuebing and knew he was a noob in stone gambling. However, he was overjoyed when he saw Dong Xuebing was interested in buying this stone. He asked. “Alright. Make an offer.” That man did not want to continue cutting the stone. He knew this stone would worth only a few thousand if he carries on cutting it. He might as well sell it.

Dong Xuebing was lazy to bargain with him. “10,000 RMB.”

The crowded was shocked. They thought this person was crazy. 10,000 RMB was enough to get a small uncut stone.

That man was laughing in his heart. “No. At least 25,000 RMB.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Forget it.”

“Wait!” That man tried to bargain a while more, but in the end, he sold the stone to Dong Xuebing at 10,000 RMB.

Dong Xuebing took out 10,000 RMB from his bag and gave it to that man. That man was overjoyed as he had minimalized his losses. The crowd looked at Dong Xuebing and shook their heads. This person must not know anything about stone gambling. He doesn’t even know the market price of Chicken-Blood Stone.

Dong Xuebing looked at that shop assistant. “Can you help me cut it?”

The shop assistant nodded. He also does not believe this stone would be red inside. He carried on cutting the stone from another angel.

1 cut……

2 cuts……

3 cuts…….

The shop assistant only made 3 simple cuts!

But after the third cut, everyone drew in a deep breath!

The whole surface area was bright red!

Sudden! This was too sudden! No one was prepared for this to happen!

1 second…… 2 seconds…… 3 seconds……

The crowd looked at each other and were speechless!

This was not a waste stone! This was the top-grade Chicken-Blood Stone!

The man, who sold this stone to Dong Xuebing, turned green! He hit himself on his lap in regret. Why did I sell it? Why didn’t I continue?!

This is stone gambling. No one knows what is inside an uncut stone.

“Young man, do you want to sell this Big Red Coat?” The shop assistant asked and then run out to get his boss.

A young man said: “I offer 400,000 RMB!”

A middle-aged man asked: “550,000 RMB! Are you selling? If you agree, I will write you a cheque now!”

“Sell it to me at 550,000 RMB!”

Big Red Coat was extremely rare, and the crowd started to make offers.

Dong Xuebing was not in a rush to sell it. He listened to the offers patiently.

The boss arrived at the backyard. “Big Red Coat? Where is it?” The boss saw the half-cut stone on the floor and squat down to get a closer look. He nodded: “This is a quality stone. Young man, this stone belongs to you? You are very lucky. I do not know about how much other people offered you, but I have a 700,000 RMB cheque with me. Do you want to sell it?

Everyone heard 700,000 RMB and stopped making offers.

Dong Xuebing was jumping with joy in his heart. He thought for a while and nodded.

With this 700,000 RMB, Dong Xuebing’s total assets had reached 2.7 million RMB!

It is sufficient to set up a small auction company!

Translator’s notes:

Field-yellow stone

Lin’an District


Changhua Chicken-Blood Stone


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 148 – Chief Xiao Dong demands an explanation!

Branch Bureau’s front yard.

There were dozens of people, including the leaders, standing near the entrance, staring at Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing felt uncomfortable from everyone’s looks and cleared his throat. He was in the limelight again. Another credit under his belt!

Ring, ring, ring. A phone rang, breaking the silence.

Zhen Anguo picked up his phone. “Hello, Chief Jiang.”

“Good job!” Chief Jiang only said two words and hang up.

Zhen Anguo laughed to himself. Chief Jiang was still shouting at him over the phone 20 minutes earlier, and he was telling him good job now?! Those kids must have called their relatives and stop pursuing the matter. Chief Jiang knew that the Western District branch had done nothing wrong, and since everything was settled, he was relieved.

Zhen Anguo kept his phone. That’s right. Good job!

Xu Yan looked at Dong Xuebing. Xiao Dong had made her proud again!

Pang Bin, Cheng Haimei, and the rest were speechless. Chief Xiao Dong! It was Chief Xiao Dong again! The whole branch cannot do without him! They had been in the government service for many years, and this was the first time they met someone like Dong Xuebing! No one could understand why Xiao Dong was so capable.

“Alright.” Zhen Anguo said: “Go back for lunch.”

How did Dong Xuebing do it? He got the credit again. Yan Lei was furious, but he was more worried about Xu Yan’s explanation of Dong Xuebing. It seems to involve him!

After entering the cafeteria, Dong Xuebing was surrounded by Guo Panwei, Chang Juan, and the rest.

Guo Panwei said: “Before you arrived, those students were very arrogant. But after you entered the room, they became docile immediately.”

Chang Juan added: “Chief Dong, you are terrific!”

Dong Xuebing was feeling pleased to be surrounded by so many people. He waved. “Enough, enough. Stop currying favor here and go have your lunch.” He was disgraced yesterday and made a comeback today. He kept thinking about what Xu Yan said. He does not want to see that Yan Lei being stepping all over him. He must get back to him yesterday!

After lunch, Dong Xuebing went up to Xu Yan’s office.

“Chief Xu, I am here to see you about Yan Lei……”

Xu Yan did not reply to him and laughed. She joked: “Xiao Dong, you managed to tame those arrogant kids. I think you also have some backgrounds or connections. Hahaha.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Stop poking fun at me. What background do I have?”

“Really?” Xu Yan did not continue to ask. “You have done a good job today. You can make use of this opportunity to explain yourself to Chief Zhen about what happened between Yan Lei and you.” Xu Yan had wanted to speak to Zhen Anguo. But after some thoughts, she felt she should not do it. Dong Xuebing should be the one clarifying the misunderstanding himself. “If Chief Zhen’s attitude is still…… Come and see me!” Xiao Dong had helped the branch solve another problem, and if Zhen Anguo is still biased and sided with Yan Lei, Xu Yan will act!

Giving Yan Lei the spot for the exchanging program was too much.

Oh, when there are problems, Xu Yan’s people will have to solve it, and when there are benefits, your people will get it? Why?! Xiao Dong had done so much for the branch, and he cannot be compared to that useless Secretary Yan? Xiao Dong does not deserve to be rewarded?

Dong Xuebing was still furious. He acknowledged and went upstairs to demand an explanation!

Everyone in the branch was talking about Chief Xiao Dong’s glorious feats, and they knew that this was not the end. The external problems were solved, and now, it’s time to settle the internal issues. It’s not a secret that Chief Xiao Dong and Secretary Yan could not get along with each other. Secretary Yan had claimed that Chief Xiao Dong was putting on airs earlier, and Chief Xiao Dong claimed that Secretary Yan had accused him. This…… had to be resolved. This will affect the relationship between Chief Zhen and Chief Xu. When news of Chief Xiao Dong went up to see Chief Zhen, everyone was waiting eagerly for the outcome.

Chief Zhen’s office.

After lunch, Zhen Anguo was back in his office deep in thoughts. He questioned Yan Lei again about the incident between him and Xiao Dong in the General Affairs Office. Yan Lei still insist that it was Dong Xuebing who scolded him because of his staff member. Zhen Anguo does not understand. Xiao Dong was the one at fault. Why was Xu Yan so firm about helping him? If Xu Yan was his political rival, he could understand. But Xu Yan was on his side. Zhen Anguo did not know that Yan Lei had lied to him. He thought that maybe Xiao Dong and Xu Yan had some ‘special’ relationship…….

Zhen Anguo picked up the phone and wanted to call someone to ask about yesterday’s incident.

Knock, knock, knock. Zhen Anguo put down the phone. “Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered the office. “Chief Zhen. I would like to speak to you.”

Zhen Anguo laughed. “Sure. Have a seat.” Zhen Anguo did not make Dong Xuebing stand in front of him like yesterday. This was the treatment Dong Xuebing deserved for helping the branch again. Furthermore, those kids were so respectful to Dong Xuebing, and Zhen Anguo felt it was weird. Xiao Dong might be capable, but there must be reasons why he could solve so many problems for the branch. Xiao Dong was able to solve this crisis for the branch today was too weird. Could Xiao Dong also have some backings? Could his backing strong enough to suppress those central government leaders?

Zhen Anguo smiled, but Dong Xuebing was still unhappy with him. He did not sit down and said: “I am a straightforward person. If I had said anything that offended you, please forgive me.”

Zhen Anguo could sense Dong Xuebing’s unhappiness. “Haha, sure.”

Dong Xuebing organized his thoughts and said: “Chief Zhen, I am not bragging. Since the day I joined the State Security, I had made significant contributions to the branch and helped the branch to avoid many crises. All of you can see it clearly. I…… Fine. Even if you think my contributions are too insignificant, but at least I worked hard to achieve it.”

Zhen Anguo laughed. “If your contributions are still considered insignificant, who else can perform better than you?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “But since you acknowledged my contributions, why am I left out for the Zhejiang Province’s exchange program?”

“You still dare to ask me?” Zhen Anguo replied in a joking manner. “It’s all because of your foul temper. How can you stare and scold your colleagues over some minor issues? No matter how significant your contributions are, you still have to take note of your conduct. You scolded and chased Xiao Yan out of the General Affairs Office. Have you thought about how this will affect others? How can I send you to the exchange program?”

Dong Xuebing heard that and explodes. “Then why is Yan Lei allowed to go? Chief Zhen, do you think I am the only at fault? Yan Lei came into the General Affairs Office and started scolding my staff. Wang Xin, a newly transferred young lady, was scolded until she cried. She was only transferred to our office for less than a few hours. But Yan Lei still thought nothing about it. He continued scolding her even after she started crying. He did it on purpose. What do you expect me to do? Shouldn’t I go out and stop him? Are you expecting me to hide in my office like a coward and listen to Secretary Yan scolding me indirectly?”

Zhen Anguo’s face changed when he heard this. “What actually happened?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Chief Zhen, Secretary Yan might have not told you everything. I will tell you the whole incident from the start. I swear I will not make up any stories. After hearing my side of the story, you can verify with those that were present. Yesterday, Secretary Yan came to the General Affairs Office and said you needed a document to be typed. He gave a document to Wang Xin and did not say when he needed it. He only says he needed it urgently and left. He returned 5 minutes later and demanded the document. When he saw Wang Xin still working on the document, he started scolding her at the top of his voice. I only came out of my room after Wang Xin started crying. I did bang the table and shouted at Secretary Yan during our argument. I admit I am rash. But Secretary Yan was purposely provoking me and wanted to create trouble in my office. If I keep quiet, how do you expect me to face my subordinates?”

Zhen Anguo’s face turns black. “Did he really shout in your office?”

“You can ask the people from the office next door. All of them heard it!”

Bang! Zhen Anguo hit his desk. “Nonsense!”

Dong Xuebing continued. “About the incident earlier, I was still squatting on the toilet bowl when Secretary Yan came to look for me. He ordered me to follow him, saying that the leaders were looking for me and asked me to stop wasting time. His attitude was like I am his grandson. I also want to hurry. But I was shitting and how can I leave like this? Guess what Secretary Yan said. He said ‘Even Chief Zhen also can’t ask to do something?’ and he left. I did not say I am not going out of the toilet. But what did he tell you? He said I am putting on airs and refuse to go and meet you. How am I supposed to go out of the toilet at that time? I still need to wipe my butt and put on my pants! Chief Zhen, you can be the judge. Is he framing me?”

Zhen Anguo was shaking from his anger. He grabbed the phone and dialed a number. “Come to my office immediately!”

Dong Xuebing knew Chief Zhen had called Yan Lei. “Chief Zhen. I will go back to work first?”

“Go back to work. Xiao Dong, I am not an unreasonable person. If what you said is true, I will give you an answer!” After Dong Xuebing left, Zhen Anguo made a few phone calls to ask about yesterday and today’s incidents. He almost threw the phone on the floor after he got the full account. Xiao Dong was not lying. Yan Lei was the one who created a scene at the General Affairs Office yesterday!

Knock, knock, knock. Yan Lei knocked on the door before entering the office.

Bang! Zhen Anguo banged on the table. “What have you done?! What did you do at the General Affairs Office yesterday?! Ah? You told me that you did not scold that staff member? If you did not scold her, can the people from other offices hear your voice? Will that staff member cry?”

Sweat starts to roll down from Yan Lei’s forehead. “Chief Zhen……. I…… I was not loud.”

“You still don’t want to tell me the truth?! What did I say before I transfer you over? Ah? Work is work! Don’t mix your emotions with work! But did you do that? You are not Xiao Dong’s superior and not one of the leaders in the General Affairs Office. You expect Xiao Dong to not stop you from scolding his staff in his office? Xiao Dong might be impulsive, but you are the one who started it! Fine! You know how to play with words in front of me now? Push all the blame to Xiao Dong and make yourself innocent?”

“Chief Zhen, I……”

Yan Lei had worked for Zhen Anguo for several years. Zhen Anguo trusted him fully. If not, he would not bring Yan Lei over to State Security with him. But this incident really pissed Zhen Anguo off. “Shut up and get out!”

Yan Lei looked at Zhen Anguo and dare not to say a word. He makes his way out of the office with his head bowed down. He knew that Chief Zhen would not trust him anymore.

Zhen Anguo was very angry. He finally understood why Xu Yan gave him that attitude. It was not Xiao Dong’s fault. Yan Lei was the one who caused all these, but he punished Xiao Dong and rewarded Yan Lei instead. No wonder Xu Yan and Xiao Dong were so mad. Zhen Anguo had only listened to one side of the whole incident and made the wrong decisions.

But why didn’t Xu Yan tell Zhen Anguo about this earlier?

Zhen Anguo thought for a while and knew the reason. He was newly transferred to the branch, and no one knew his character. They might feel that he was an unreasonable person who sided with his own people. That’s why when everyone saw Zhen Anguo included Yan Lei’s name into the list for the exchange program, no one voiced out this unfairness. They were afraid that Zhen Anguo would get back at them. Furthermore, the name list was confirmed, and it’s meaningless to say anything.

Sighed…… This Xiao Yan had almost created a big problem for me!

Zhen Anguo thought for a few minutes and called Xu Yan. He needs to clear up the misunderstanding. He had not handled this incident well. “Hello, Chief Xu. I had overlooked some details when I was handling the incident between Xiao Yan and Xiao Dong yesterday. Xiao Dong will replace Xiao Yan for the exchange program. This Xiao Yan is too much! He was at fault for what happened yesterday and this morning. I have already scolded him.”

Xu Yan heard what Zhen Anguo said and knew that he had found out the truth behind yesterday’s incident. She understood Chief Zhen’s character better. He was someone reasonable and would admit his mistakes. Xu Yan thought for a while. “Chief Zhen, if Xiao Yan is replaced so suddenly, it will not look good on him. I will give my spot to Xiao Dong.” Xu Yan had considered about Chief Zhen. Replacing Yan Lei was a small issue, but for Chief Zhen, it would affect his reputation. Xu Yan also does not want any unhappiness between them because of a secretary.

Zhen Anguo nodded. Xu Yan still has some respect for him. “Haha, Chief Xu, you must go for this trip. I am still thinking of letting you lead the team in Zhejiang. You should also know about Xiao Dong’s foul temper. You are the only one who can control him.”

“Yes. He does have a foul temper. I will talk to him tomorrow. Hahaha.”

“But Xiao Dong’s work performance is really outstanding. He can handle all sorts of situations. Sighed…… I am thinking of transferring Xiao Dong over to help me.” Zhen Anguo joked. He really wanted to appoint Xiao Dong as his assistant. No one in Beijing’s government agency is as capable as him.

“Chief Zhen, you cannot take him away from me.”

“Hahaha, I knew you can’t bear for him to leave you.”

Xu Yan and Zhen Anguo wanted to clear any misunderstandings between them. After talking for a while, they knew that this incident had not affected their relationship. It was only a small misunderstanding. They were both Divisional rank officers and knew what they were doing.

Before the end of the day, news of Dong Xuebing replacing Yan Lei for the exchange program spread throughout the branch!

Some people were surprised to see Chief Zhen admitting his mistakes!

Yan Lei’s reputation as someone untrustworthy also spread!

Many people laughed when they heard this piece of news. No one was surprised by Chief Zhen’s decision! Just look at what Chief Xiao Dong had done in the past. When Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie were fighting for the position of General Affairs Office’s Deputy Chief, Dong Xuebing was the one who got the position! When Guo Shunjie was supposed to be going for the Party’s school training, who was the one that replaced him? It’s Chief Xiao Dong! What’s there to be surprised when Chief Xiao Dong replaces Yan Lei for the exchange program?

This was not the first time Chief Xiao Dong replacing someone else!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 147 – Fire Fighter appears again!

Chief Zhen’s office.

After receiving the phone call from her former classmate, Xu Yan rushed to Zhen Anguo’s office. After a while, Cheng Haimei and Political Section’s Chief Pang Bin also arrived. The parents of those students must have gotten their connections to contact them. Yan Lei was the only non-leader in the office. This was like an emergency meeting. Hmmm…… This was really an emergency meeting, as many leaders from the City and Central Government were involved.

Zhen Anguo knew why the leaders had come to look for him. “I had asked the Sixth Bureau to release them.”

Pang Bin looked at Chief Zhen worryingly. “Chief, are the kids hurt?”

Zhen Anguo replied: “No. There are only handcuffed.”

Cheng Haimei, Xu Yan, and the rest of the leaders were relieved to hear that. If the kids were injured, there would be no way to resolve this incident.

Knock, knock, knock.

Director Jian from the Sixth Bureau entered the office, followed by an old officer. He was the one who leads the team to release the students.

Chief Zhen looked at them. “Have they left?”

The old officer wiped his sweat and replied: “I brought my men over, but those children refuse to leave. They demanded an explanation from us. They want to know why we arrested them. I wanted to uncuff them, but they refused and covered the keyhole of the handcuffs. They claimed the handcuffs are evidence and want to show it to their family members. We dare not to use force on them. Chief Zhen, what should we do not?”

Zhen Anguo’s face changed. “You all can’t even do a simple thing, right?”

Cheng Haimei, Pang Bin, and the rest panicked. The students want to leave the handcuffs on and wait for their family members? The branch bureau will be in deep trouble if this happens!

Cheng Haimei said with a straight face: “Remove the handcuffs first!”

“Political Commissar Cheng……” The old officer replied. “I had asked our officers to leave the handcuff keys on the floor. But they just refuse to leave. I also……”

Director Jian added: “These kids are stubborn and refuse to listen to us. If we use force to remove the handcuffs, they might be injured.”

Pang Bin frowned: “But we also cannot wait here like this. Do we really want their family members to come and fetch them?” If the family members of those students really come and fetch the students personally, Western District Branch will be famous.

“Then, let’s try to persuade them!” Zhen Anguo looked at Xu Yan. “Chief Xu, can you speak to them?”

Xu Yan nodded.

Cheng Haimei felt uneasy and stood up. “I will go too.”

Pang Bin also followed.

Zhen Anguo said. “Xiao Lei, go with them and try to persuade the students to leave. Remember, those students must leave our branch safely within half an hour. Also, make sure no one is rough to them.” After Yan Lei left, Zhen Anguo rubbed his temples. When he was in the investigation branch, he was also very busy. New cases were placed on his desk almost every hour. But despite being so busy, he did not face such headaches like what he was facing now. Since the day he was transferred to State Security, he had endless headaches and face countless problems.

Zhen Anguo looked out of his window at the branch’s main entrance. He knew this was a sensitive issue and must be settled as soon as possible!

Inside the small storage room at the main gate, the few students were smoking their free hand.

Xu Yan and Cheng Haimei covered their mouth and cough from the cigarette smoke. They looked at the students, and Xu Yan asked: “Who is Liu Zi?” Three students turned to look one boy in Shi Da uniform. Xu Yan said: “Liu Zi, I am classmates with your uncle. He had called me to bring you back. Hurry up and remove the handcuffs. What’s the point of staying here?” The handcuff keys were on the floor, and Xu Yan picked one key up.

That Liu Zi threw the cigarette butt and covered the handcuff keyhole. “Auntie, I have never been treated like this before in my life. No. I cannot leave just like this!”

Xu Yan frowned. “Be good! Don’t let your uncle be worried about you!”

Liu Zi turned his head away and kept quiet.

Cheng Haimei saw that and looked at the students. She noticed one student at the back. “You must be Xiao Qian? Hurry up and release those handcuffs. Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Tell your friends to leave too. Stop creating trouble here. Your family members are still waiting for you all to go back.”

That Xiao Qian refused to listen and shouted: “We are creating trouble? We are standing along the streets, waiting for someone. Is this illegal? Why are did you all arrest us? Why are we handcuffed? Are we some criminals? You all are the ones who started this! We are arrested by you all in the first place! Fine! We will not leave now! Are you all satisfied?”

Cheng Haimei also frowned: “It’s fine if you all wait outside other government agencies. But you all should know what State Security does. We cannot let people loiter outside.”

Another student rebutted: “Stop scaring us! I will wait here for my father to come and be the judge!”

Ring, ring, ring. One of the student’s phone rang.

A student reached into his pocket and took out his phone. “Hello? Dad? …… I am still being handcuffed and locked in a small dark room…….” The student exaggerated the whole incident. “We are only standing by the entrance for a while, and they rush out and arrest us. They even twisted my arm and almost broke my neck. My waist is also very painful……. Dad! No…… Do you even care about me? Ah? Then tell mum that I am being bullied by these people!” That student hanged up in anger.

Yan Lei felt this was an excellent opportunity to claim credit. If he could put out this fire, it would be all due to him. He stepped forward with a smile. “Students, it is almost lunchtime. Let’s go out for lunch together. You all can pick the place, and we can discuss over lunch. Ok?”

The students looked at their watches and then looked at that good-looking student. “Brother Hao……”

That good-looking student was sitting cross-legged arrogantly. “Are you all hungry? Anyway, I am not hungry!”

Liu Zi immediately said: “I am also not hungry!”

“That’s right! We can wait!”

Yan Lei could tell that the good-looking student was the leader of the students, and he turned to him. “How about I get you all some water?”

The good-looking student let out a “Hmph!”. He knew Yan Lei was not a leader in the branch and did not give him any respect. “Who do you think you are?! You think you can fool us?! Give us water to drink and want to make us go toilet?”

Another student scolded: “F**k! You are too evil!”

Xu Yan frowned and stared at Yan Lei.

Yan Lei immediately move to the back.

Pang Bin also found his friend’s relative. But the response he got from that student was the same as Xu Yan and Cheng Haimei. All these students were in their rebellious stage, and they have strong family backgrounds. They were stubborn and refuse to listen to others.


It was lunchtime, and the students still refuse to leave. Xu Yan immediately informs Zhen Anguo about the situation.

Many staff had come out for lunch and saw many leaders standing near the small storage room. They already knew what happened. Sighed…… Western District Branch was really unlucky this year. The previous time was the wrongful arrest of Chief Jiang’s nephew. Now, it was the wrongful arrest of many central government leaders’ relatives! This had serious consequences! It was too severe for Chief Zhen to bear!

Zhen Anguo could not sit still anymore. After hearing the report from Xu Yan, he walked over to the entrance. He had no choice but to try and settle this incident himself.

Outside of the storage room.

“Chief Zhen, they still refuse to leave……”

“Sighed…… They do not want to listen to us!”

Zhen Anguo took a deep breath and entered the room. He put on a gentle smile and said: “I am the Chief of the Western District Branch Bureau. Your relatives had called several times and are worried about you. Nothing will be solved if you all remain here. How about we find a nice place to have a discussion?”

One of the students replied: “Chief, it’s not we do not give you face. But we cannot be arrested like this. We are all law-abiding citizens! Why did your men arrest us? I have never been so humiliated all my life!”

Zhen Anguo smiled: “Yes. There are some problems with the way they handle this incident. I will punish them!”

Another student added: “Punishment is not enough. They have to apologize and bow to us. Also, ask that long hair sister to come out. Liu Zi wants to ask her out for dinner.”

Zhen Anguo knew he could not reason with these students and had wanted to persuade them nicely. But when he heard what the student said, he was furious. These brats were spoilt and unreasonable. But Zhen Anguo could not argue with them. The leaders of the branch had just been reshuffled due to the corruption case, and Chief Jiang’s nephew incident had only been resolved. He could not let the branch to get into any more trouble. If not for all these reasons, he would just ignore them and make their parents come over to fetch them. These brats were the ones who started this incident, and the branch was not at fault. They were the ones who refused to leave and had nothing to do with the branch.

Zhen Anguo cannot disappoint Chief Jiang further! He can’t wait for the parents and relatives of these students to come over! He had to resolve this incident and explain it to their parents and relatives!

After leaving the storage room, Zhen Anguo received a call from Chief Jiang.

“Why are the students not released yet! How long has it been?!”

“Chief Jiang, we wanted to let them go, but they refuse to leave. They even stop us from uncuffing them.”

“What the hell is your branch doing? Ah?! Why are you all giving me so many problems?! I don’t care what you do. This must be settled now! Release them immediately! I will give you all 20 minutes to resolve this!” Chief Jiang hanged up.

All the leaders and the staff members standing there looked at each other without saying a word.

Everyone knew they had to make these students leave. The branch cannot afford to have any more bad reputation. Who knows what would happen to the branch if this was not resolved. These brats refused to listen to anyone, and their family members were all higher-ranked than Chief Zhen. Force cannot be used on them. How can the branch make them leave under such circumstances?


No one wants dares to step forward as no one knows how to resolve this.

The branch was eerily quiet at this moment.

1 second……

2 seconds……

3 seconds……

Pang Bin cleared his throat to break the silence, and everyone, including Chief Zhen, Xu Yan, and Cheng Haimei looked at him. He paused for a while and mentioned a name. “How about we ask Chief Xiao Dong to come over for a while?”

Many people suddenly remembered Dong Xuebing.

That’s right! Western District branch still have Chief Xiao Dong!

Why did they forget about him earlier?!

But just when everyone remembered Chief Xiao Dong, they turned to look at Chief Zhen. Chief Zhen had only punished Chief Xiao Dong yesterday.

Zhen Anguo frowned. He does not believe that Xiao Dong would be able to resolve this issue. This was no longer about his ability. Xiao Dong, who does not have any background would be chased out of the room by the students. But Guo Anguo had no other choices. He turned and looked at his men: “Call Xiao Dong over!”

Xu Yan looked at Zhen Anguo. She did not call Xiao Dong. You only remember Xiao Dong when you encounter problems?

Someone called the General Affairs Office, but the staff members do not know where Chief Xiao Dong went. He is not in the office.

Zhen Anguo shouted to Yan Lei and the rest: “Go and find him! Go upstairs and find him now!”

Actually, Dong Xuebing had been watching from the toilet windows. He knew the branch was in trouble again. When he saw Yan Lei and a few other younger staff members running back to the building, he immediately took off his pants and squat down, pretending to be shitting.

5 minutes later, the toilet door was pushed open!

Yan Lei was panting and looking at him furiously. “Dong Xuebing! Why are you still here?! Come with me now! Chief Zhen is looking for you!”

Dong Xuebing stared at him: “Why are you shouting? Can’t you see I am shitting?”

Yan Lei did not want Dong Xuebing to go over, but this was Chief Zhen’s orders. Furthermore, he also believes that Dong Xuebing could not settle this. “Hurry up! The leaders are waiting for you! Stop wasting time!”

“What is wrong with your attitude?” Dong Xuebing was furious. “My stomach hurts, and I am still shitting! How can I hurry up?”

Yan Lei pointed at him: “Fine! You think you are so great?! Even Chief Zhen cannot call you over?!”

“F**k you! Stop using the leaders to scare me! Other than making use of the leaders’ name, what else do you know?”

Yan Lei shouted: “Fine!” He turned and stormed off.

Dong Xuebing was really furious now. Oh, I had put out so many fires for the branch, and just because I had some arguments with Yan Lei, all my contributions are forgotten? Not only Yan Lei is rewarded, I am also punished? This is too much! Damn! Now there is trouble, and you all think of me? What are all of you doing in the first place?! F**k! You all created this mess and want me to put out the fire? I got to help you all when the higher-ups are angry? No one remembers my contributions, and I am still being punished? You want me to save you all now? Forget it! I am not an idiot!

Dong Xuebing decided to ignore them. Whoever wants to go and put out this fire, just go ahead. Just don’t look for me!

Dong Xuebing did not want to help was due to his anger over Chief Zhen’s treatment towards him, and also, he did not know how to resolve this. Those students all had strong backgrounds. He does not know how to get them to leave.

But after thinking about this incident for a while, Dong Xuebing felt he should not be doing this. All the leaders of the branch were waiting for him outside, and if he still tries to hide, he would offend all the leaders. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing was only pissed with Chief Zhen’s decision.

Dong Xuebing quickly put on his pants and walk out of the toilet.

Yan Lei had already reached the entrance.

Chief Zhen and the rest looked at him. “Where is Xiao Dong? Have you found him?”

“I have found him.” Yan Lei replied furiously. “He is in the toilet. I told him that all the leaders are waiting for him, and there is something urgent for him to resolve. But he put on airs and refused to come out!”

Refuse to come out? Everyone’s face turned green.

Chief Xiao Dong must be throwing a tantrum over the exchange program’s name list. But…… But Dong Xuebing should think of the bigger picture. He should not disrespect all the leaders.

Xu Yan thought for a while and called Dong Xuebing on his handphone. But no one answered.

Xu Yan called 3 times, but no one was answering. Suddenly, she saw Dong Xuebing running out from the main building towards them.

Zhen Anguo was furious with Dong Xuebing’s attitude. “Chief Dong! You really know how to put on airs! We are all waiting for you.”

Dong Xuebing paused for a second and saw everyone staring at him. “Chief Zhen, what are you talking about?”

Xu Yan asked: “Why are you so late?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I have an upset stomach and is shitting in the toilet. When Secretary Yan came to look for me, I was shitting halfway. When I heard the leaders are looking for me, I immediately wipe my butt and wash my hands before running out. I did not even waste a single second. Chief Xu, you can’t be asking me to run out of the toilet without wearing my pants, do you?”

Xu Yan immediately turned to Yan Lei: “Secretary Yan! What are you trying to do? You are trying to make up stories?”

Yan Lei thought Dong Xuebing would come out after 5 to 6 minutes, or even don’t show up. He did not expect Dong Xuebing to come out of the toilet so fast. Since he had already said all those things, he had to stick to it. “When I saw Dong Xuebing earlier, he refused to come with me. He even scolded me!”

Dong Xuebing retorted: “I was shitting and did not even wipe my butt! You insisted me to leave the toilet immediately! Before I can even wipe my butt, you shouted. ‘even Chief Zhen cannot call you over?!’ You are putting words in my mouth! You stormed off before I can say anything! What do you want me to do? Walk out with you without my pants? Secretary Yan! You are setting me up!”

All the leaders knew they had wronged Chief Xiao Dong. How could someone just leave the toilet immediately when they were shitting halfway? This was too unreasonable.

Yan Lei panicked: “You said……”

Dong Xuebing interrupted him: “What did I say?”

“Enough!” Zhen Anguo shouted: “This is not the time for these nonsenses!”

Xu Yan was pissed when she saw Zhen Anguo still trying to help Yan Lei. She stared at Yan Lei for 3 to 4 seconds and then turned to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong, you should know what happened in the morning. If you can get those students out of the branch within 5 minutes and settle this problem amicably, I promise I will give you an explanation for everything that had happened yesterday and today!” Everyone understood what Xu Yan was saying. It was about the conflicts between Secretary Yan and Chief Xiao Dong.

Dong Xuebing was touched by Xu Yan’s words! He had been waiting for this.

Zhen Anguo was shocked to hear what Xu Yan said.

The other leaders were also surprised. What was Xu Yan trying to do? Going against Chief Zhen because of Chief Xiao Dong?

Didn’t Chief Zhen and Xu Yan become closer recently?

Xu Yan had joined Chief Zhen’s faction, but she did not abandon her dignity and honor. She still has her ego. Chief Zhen’s secretary had provoked Dong Xuebing over and over again, and Chief Zhen kept siding with Yan Lei. This pissed Xu Yan off. Oh, Xiao Dong had clashed with Yan Lei, and you pin the blame on Xiao Dong before you even investigate the whole incident. Now, the branch is in trouble, and you want Xiao Dong to save you?

But Xu Yan did not want to fall out with Zhen Anguo. She turned to him. “Chief Zhen, if Xiao Dong can resolve this incident, there is something I need to tell you.”

Zhen Anguo heard Xu Yan, and his first thought was he had not handled Xiao Dong and Yan Lei’s conflict well yesterday. Xu Yan was unhappy with the punishment imposed on Xiao Dong. But this was because Xiao Dong had scolded Yan Lei for no reason. Zhen Anguo felt he might have missed out something from the way Xu Yan acted. Zhen Anguo looked at Yan Lei and said: “We can talk later. Chief Jiang will be calling in another 5 minutes. Xiao Dong, can you settle this within 5 minutes?”

Dong Xuebing said in his heart. You all really think too highly of me. But since the leader had spoken, Dong Xuebing could only reply: “I will try my best.” In his heart, he said, ‘I am not doing this because of you. I am doing this for Chief Xu!’

“Good!” Zhen Anguo nodded. “Go!”

Xu Yan gave Dong Xuebing a pat on his back.

Cheng Haimei, Pang Bin, and the rest of the leaders and staff members looked at Dong Xuebing. Many people felt it was impossible for Dong Xuebing to resolve this. All those students were rebellious and had strong backgrounds. Unless it was their family members, if not, they will not listen to anyone else. Chief Xiao Dong will not be able to pacify them! But Chief Dong was someone who had save the branch several times. Whenever everyone had given up hope, he was the one who saves the day.

Stress. Dong Xuebing could feel the weight on his shoulders.

Dong Xuebing smiled wearily to himself and walked towards the storage room. He also wanted to resolve this. He was punished by Zhen Anguo, and Yan Lei had framed him several times. This was his chance for a comeback. But the condition was he must settle this incident successfully. He still has no idea how to resolve this.

Xu Yan, Cheng Haimei, and even Zhen Anguo had tried but failed.

Those students did not want to listen to anyone! There was nothing Dong Xuebing could do even if he enters that storage room.

When Dong Xuebing was nearing the door, he remembered he had not used his BACK since Lunar New Year. He thought hard and felt he should do something different. Since the students refuse to listen to any persuasions, he might as well use force. You brats dare to loiter in from of my workplace and created this mess? Arrogant brats!

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing overheard the conversation in the room.

“That State Security long hair sister, which Liu Zi likes, is really pretty. We must get her number today.”

“Damn. All of you don’t try to snatch her away from me. Huh…… Other than brother Hao.”

“Hmph! Brother Hao has some many women. You think he will care about this girl?”

Dong Xuebing had been in a very bad mood over the last two days. When he heard what the students were talking about in the room, he exploded.

You brats are still talking about getting to know girls now? F**k!

Dong Xuebing walked faster and stopped at the door. Everyone in the branch was wondering how Chief Xiao Dong was going to resolve this, and they saw him raising one leg. To everyone’s surprise, Dong Xuebing kicked the door opened. “This is State Security’s compound! What the hell are you all trying to do? Ah? Tell me!”

The people outside were stunned. Damn! This was adding fuel to the fire! What was Chief Xiao Dong thinking?

The students inside were also shocked. “Shit! You dare to scold us?! You are digging your own grave!”

Dong Xuebing had BACK and does not care about the consequences. He started scolding the students, venting all his anger from the past two days on them. “You all should be in school! Why are you all trying to know girls in State Security?! Are you all blind?! You all think you all can do whatever you want with your family backing you all? Fine! Since you all are not afraid of shaming yourselves, we are not afraid of offending them! Go on! Call them to come over to bring you all back! If they don’t come personally, we will not release you! Let’s see if your parents will feel ashamed to see their children behaving this way!”

Liu Zi had never been scolded like this in his life. He stood up and gave a kick to Dong Xuebing. But one of his hands was still handcuffed, and he could not reach Dong Xuebing. “Brothers! Kill him!”

The other students were furious!

Dong Xuebing looked at them coldly and suddenly noticed one of the students behaving differently. He was covering his face with his hand. Dong Xuebing felt that student…… looks familiar and pointed at him: “You! Why are you covering your face?!”

A No. 15 Middle School student, who was nearest to Dong Xuebing, shouted: “You dare to shout at Brother Hao?! I will kill you!” He rushed forward and tried to kick Dong Xuebing.

When Dong Xuebing was about to dodge that kick, a figure moved. It was that student who had covered his face earlier. He kicked that No. 15 Middle School’s student from his side. Everyone was stunned and wondered why Brother Hao had kicked him. Brother Hao looked at the rest of them and shouted: “Stop!” He pointed to Dong Xuebing. “Who are you all trying to kill? Ah? This is my big brother! He is my big brother, do you all understand?!”

This Brother Hao, the leader of these students, was Xie Huilan’s younger brother, Xie Hao!

The rest of the students stopped. “Oh, Brother Hao, we are sorry. We do not know.”

Xie Hao looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled embarrassedly: “Brother Dong, you are from the Western District? Errr…… This is a misunderstanding. I do not know you are working here. If I know, I will never come here.”

Dong Xuebing was also surprised to see Xie Hao. But he was still furious. “Damn! You are the one who brought them here? You have guts to create trouble in State Security. What are you trying to do? Are you crazy? What’s the point of your family sending all of you to school? Ah? Is this the way you all repay them? Fine! You all want to blow up this matter, right? Want your family members to come and fetch you all? Ok! I will help you all do that!” Dong Xuebing took out his phone from his pocket.

Xie Hao panicked. He quickly pulls Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Brother Dong, please don’t call my sister. Please.” Xie Hao had not called his family for help earlier. He thought his friends’ backings should be sufficient. More importantly, he cannot let his sister know that he had come to the State Security to woo girls!

Dong Xuebing shouted: “Stop calling my brother! Who is your brother?!”

Xie Hao pleaded. “Brother Dong, you are my brother.” He then turned to the rest. “All of you will call him Brother Dong from now onwards!”

Liu Zi and the rest of the students saw this person knew Xie Hao’s elder sister and immediately quiet down. They knew Xie Hao was from an influential family.

“Brother Dong…….”

“Brother Dong, I’m sorry for earlier……”

“Brother Dong, I was too impulsive earlier and shouldn’t have scolded you.”

Dong Xuebing felt strange. He did not expect all the students to listen to Xie Hao. He continued to put on a stern face: “Don’t want to let your sister know? You also know that what you did is wrong?! If you know it, then you should not do it in the first place! Do you know how much trouble you have cause for my branch? Ah?!”

Xie Hao smiled embarrassedly: “We also do not want to blow up this matter. We are only scaring them.”

Dong Xuebing banged on a table. “Do you know what agency this is? I am the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office here, and my department is in charge of clearing up the mess you all created! Are you trying to scare me?! Are you trying to get me in trouble?!”

“Brother Dong. I’m sorry.” Xie Hao was not afraid of anyone except for his sister. If his sister knows that he had gone to the workplace of the person who saved her life to create trouble, he will be in deep shit.

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and looked at Xie Hao, before keeping his phone.

Xie Hao immediately smiles. “Brother Dong, please keep this from my sister. Ok?”

Dong Xuebing did not reply to him and looked at his watch. “Uncuff yourselves!”

“Sure!” Xie Hao picked up the key from the floor and removed the handcuffs. He then turned to his friends. “What are you all waiting for? Hurry up and uncuff yourselves and leave. Stop giving Brother Dong problems!”

Xie Hao was the leader, and all of the students listened to him. They quickly pick up the keys from the ground.


Outside of the room. Everyone was waiting anxiously.

They were some distance from the storage room, and the door was closed. No one knew what was going on in that small room. They had only seen Chief Xiao Dong kicking the door opened and scolded those students. Everyone felt Chief Xiao Dong was not trying to resolve this issue. Instead, he was trying to make matters worse!

One minute passed…….

Two minutes passed……

Yan Lei moved closer to Zhen Anguo and whispered: “Chief Zhen. Xiao Dong is too aggressive! How can he scold those students? Scolding will not solve any issues.” Yan Lei was not the only one thinking like this. Everyone outside felt the same way too.

Zhen Anguo looked at his watch. The 20 minutes time limit given by Chief Jiang was almost up!

The door of the storage room was still closed!

Xiao Dong must have failed, and Chief Jiang will be punishing the Western District Branch.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Dong Xuebing walked out.

Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan, Cheng Haimei, Chang Juan, Tan Limei, and the rest looked over and saw Dong Xuebing was alone. Everyone sighed in disappointment. That’s right. Those students were too arrogant and unreasonable. They would not uncuff themselves and leave. This was impossible in the first place!

Yan Lei sneered in his heart. Firefighter? Solve all problems? You finally face something that you cannot resolve!

Everyone had pinned their hopes on Chief Xiao Dong and were disappointed: “Chief Dong…… The students……”

When everyone was about to say something, what they saw next made them speechless!

All the students walked out one after another. After a while, all 6 students had left the room, and they were not wearing any cuffs. Everyone could not believe what they saw. What happened next was more shocking!

Xie Hao smiled: “Brother Dong. We are sorry for causing so much trouble for you.”

Liu Zi added. “Brother Dong, can we leave now?”

Another student said. “Brother Dong. Please don’t walk us out. We will leave by ourselves.”

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. Who the hell is going to walk you all out?! He looked at the students and nodded. “Get back to school and stop loitering around! Study hard! Your studies are more important! Do you all understand?!”

Xie Hao looked at his friends: “Do you all hear what Brother Dong had said?! Brother Dong wants us to study hard! This afternoon, all of you must do your homework!”

Liu Zi smiled embarrassedly: “We will study hard.”

Another student added: “Yes. I will revise my schoolwork overnight.”

Xie Hao smiled: “I will also study hard every day.”

“Alright!” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Go back now and remember to call your family members to let them know you are safe.”

“Ok. We know what to do.”

“Bye, Brother Dong!”

“We are leaving now!”

The few students walked out of the branch obediently, and Dong Xuebing walked over to the leaders. “Chief Zhen, Chief Xu, Director Pang, and leaders. I had completed the task. Are there any other instructions?”


Everyone in the branch was dumbfounded!

Even Chief Zhen and other leaders could not persuade those brats. Chief Xiao Dong had only entered the room for a few minutes, and the students became so obedient. They even address Dong Xuebing as Brother Dong. They were still demanding to look for that long hair girl earlier……. And they want to study hard now?!

What the hell was going on?

Why did those brats change suddenly?

Everyone was staring at Dong Xuebing.

Miracle! This was a goddamn miracle!

No one knows what Chief Xiao Dong did or say in the room. Even the buddha could not change these hooligans within minutes!

Speechless, shocked, surprised, appalled……

This is Western District Branch Bureau’s, Chief Xiao Dong.

The omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!

Are there really any problems that Chief Xiao Dong cannot resolve?!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 146 – Another Fire!

The next day.

Dong Xuebing felt everyone was giving him weird looks when he arrived at the Western District Branch. Some people who were closer to Yan Lei were laughing at him. Everyone in the branch knew he was not selected for the exchange program despite his outstanding results. Instead, Dong Xuebing’s enemy, Yan Lei, who had no results at all was selected. It was apparent that Chief Zhen was punishing Chief Xiao Dong. Some people were laughing at him, and some people felt unjust for Chief Xiao Dong. Everyone in the bureau was discussing this.

Dong Xuebing was pissed as he entered the General Affairs Office.

“Chief Dong!” The newly transferred staff, Wang Xin, stood up. Her eyes were all red. “It’s all my fault. I……. I……”

Dong Xuebing calmed himself down and said gently. “It’s not your fault. Just focus on your work.”

“Chief Dong, I’m sorry. I will not create any problems for you in the future.” Wang Xin was feeling very guilty. If Chief Xiao Dong had not helped her, he would definitely be included in the exchange program. He would not be punished by Chief Zhen. She thought about the incident the whole night and felt it was all her fault.

Tan Limei said angrily: “The higher-ups are unreasonable. Yan Lei was the one who came here to create trouble, but he is selected to go for the holiday.”

Chang Juan added: “It’s too unfair! Chief Dong had so many contributions to the branch! How many problems have Chief Dong solved for the branch? Now, Chief Dong had solved all the problems, and the higher-ups just kick him aside, pretending not to see his past contributions? They cannot do as they please!”

Old Yan frowned and sighed. “This is really unfair.”

Everyone in the General Affairs Office was pissed.

By making this decision, Chief Zhen was indirectly punishing the General Affairs Office! He was telling everyone that the General Affairs Office is inefficient and did not provide the required administrative support for his secretary! All the staff in the office were wrongly accused! How can they provide the necessary support when Yan Lei did not say when he wanted that document?! He was the one who was being unreasonable and started scolding and shouting in the office! What’s wrong with Chief Dong shouting back at him? Just because Yan Lei was the Branch Bureau Chief’s secretary and he gets special privileges? He can be unreasonable? The ones in the General Affairs Office had witnessed the whole incident. Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest of the people in the branch had only heard about the incident from someone else. Chief Xiao Dong might be in the wrong, but Yan Lei was the one who started this.

Dong Xuebing knew how everyone feels. But as the leader, he cannot allow his staff to say such things. “Alright. The name list is already confirmed. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Get back to work.” The ‘number one’ of the branch had already decided, and Dong Xuebing could not change anything.

Yan Lei! This f**king bastard!

Dong Xuebing threw his briefcase on the table and stared at his monitor.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone rang. Dong Xuebing reached over and answered. “Hello.”

“Chief Dong, do you know that there is some trouble at the entrance?” It was Director Li Qing who called. “There is a group of students outside. They were also here yesterday evening and stood at the entrance looking inside. Chief Xu had asked me to chase them away, but they were gone before I reached. They are here again, and I heard they are looking for female staff with long hair. They want to get to know that staff……. What nonsense.”

These students are too daring. Going to the State Security to get to know girls?

When Dong Xuebing was still a student, he had seen many incidents like this before. But this was the first time he saw students coming to wait for a girl outside a government agency. “You want me, to……”

Li Qing also knew that Chief Xiao Dong was in a bad mood. “Ask Guo Panwei to wait for me downstairs.”

Dong Xuebing was not in the mood to work. Chief Zhen’s decision had disappointed him greatly. He acknowledged and called Guo Panwei to go downstairs. He checked his outstanding work and went to the toilet to have a smoke. He did not go upstairs to look for the leaders today. He was still pissed and did not want to do any work today. In the toilet, he lit a cigarette and coughed while smoking. At the same time, he was looking at the branch’s entrance through the toilet’s windows.

There were a few students outside the main gate. He could not see their features, but he recognized their uniforms. They were from No.15 Middle School, Shi Da Fu Middle School, and No. 4 Middle School. Dong Xuebing wonders why these students from different schools were mixing together and had come to a government agency to wait for a girl.

After a while, Li Qing and Guo Panwei walked towards the entrance.

“Do you know what this place is?” Li Qing said sternly. “This is a government agency! Why are you all standing here?!”

A boy laughed and said: “So what? It is not against the law for us to stand outside.”

Guo Panwei shouted: “It is against the law! This place belongs to State Security! Hurry up and leave!” Although the Western District Branch Bureau did not have any signage, it’s an open secret that this place belongs to the State Security.

A boy from No. 15 Middle School said: “Oh, State Security? Hehe, Liu Kong, that girl you like is from the State Security.”

“Wow, it’s a good department. Hey, can you help me call that pretty sister out? She has long hair, big eyes, and thin lips.”

“There is no such person! Hurry up and go back to your schools!”

“Stop lying. I saw her in the compound yesterday.”

“Anyway, she will surely come out when she finishes work. Let’s just wait here.”

Li Qing patiently persuades these boys to leave. But these boys were stubborn and refused. Li Qing does not want to waste any more time with them and reported the situation to the higher-ups. Most of the staff members were looking out of their windows to look at the situation outside. They had noticed these students yesterday. This was not the first time such incident happening at the branch. In the past, people outside will leave after the people from the General Affairs Department went to speak to them.

Zhen Anguo shook his head after he received Li Qing’s report. He called Public Security Sixth Bureau to ask them to settle this.

A few moments later, 5 to 6 police officers arrived in their uniforms.

The leader of the officers pointed at the students: “You all dare to block the entrance of the State Security? Hurry up and leave, or you all will have to bear the consequences!”

The students were stunned when they saw the officers taking out their handcuffs. All of them turned and looked at a good-looking student. This student had been keeping quiet earlier and should be the leader. He glanced at the officers and said: “So what if you all have handcuffs? We stand wherever we want, and we are also not bothering anyone. Why? You all want to arrest us?”

The rest of the students joined in: “That’s right! We have not committed any crimes!”

“What’s wrong with us standing by the streets? Even if you all are from the State Security, you all also cannot stop us.”

The officers from the Public Security Sixth Bureau saw these students behaving so arrogantly and got mad. “I am asking you all to leave now!”

“We will not leave! What can you all do?!”

“That’s right! We will not leave until we see that pretty sister!” The rest of the students joined in.

The leader of the officers shouted: “Fine. You all are asking for it!” He turned to his men and said: “Cuff them!”

The Shi Da student shouts: “You all dare to arrest us?!”

Another student shouted: “Damn! Try to arrest us! I will make sure you all regret it!”

The officers from the Public Security Sixth Bureau did not care and ran forward to handcuff them. After a while, all 6 students were handcuffed and locked in a room behind the guardhouse. Once the students were in the place, they were handcuffed to a metal pipe. There were no lockups or holding cells in the Branch Bureau. This room was a storeroom to store water bottles and other miscellaneous items.

The leader of the officers looked at the students: “You all don’t want to leave, right? Fine! You all can stay here all you want!”

The students started cursing and swearing: “F**k! Release us now!”

“This is illegal confinement!”

The officers from the Public Security Sixth Bureau ignored them and returned back to the bureau.

The officers from the Public Security Sixth Bureau did not really want to arrest the students. They were only scaring the students. These arrogant students were a nuisance to others by standing outside the branch’s entrance. When these students were scared, they will be released. This way, the officers would be able to answer to Chief Zhen.

But no one expected this arrest…… caused a huge uproar!

A few minutes later.

The phone in Chief Zhen’s office rang.

Yan Lei answered the call, and his face changed. He quickly passes the phone to Zhen Anguo.

It was Chief Jiang from the City Bureau. “Chief Zhen, the leaders in the western district branch have just been replaced and what the branch needs is stability! Stability! Can you all stop creating trouble for me?! They are just kids! If there a need for you all to handcuff them? Release them immediately!”

Zhen Anguo was stunned. “……. Are you talking about the few students blocking our branch?”

Zhen Anguo felt there was nothing wrong with the way he handled the situation. This was different from the incident with Chief Jiang’s nephew. Chief Jiang also understands this and replied: “A leader from the Ministry of Land and Resources had called me. One of the students is that leader’s nephew!”

Zhen Anguo realized what was happening. “Yes…… I will release them immediately!” If the students were from ordinary households, it’s okay. But if it’s the relatives of a Central Government leader, this has to be handled differently. He has to release them immediately, as this would affect many people. If this dragged on, it would be more serious. After hanging up, Zhen Anguo shouted to Yan Lei. “Go to the Sixth Bureau and tell them to release the students immediately! One of those kids is the relative of a Central Government leader!”

Yan Lei jumped and ran out of the office.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone rang again. Zhen Anguo frowned and answered. “Hello?”

“I am calling from the City’s Ministry of Finance. I heard that your branch had arrested my son? Ah? What crime has my son committed? Why did you arrest him?” For someone who dares to say he is calling from the City’s Ministry of Finance, he must be holding a high rank. This person should be at least the Deputy Chief or one of the department heads!

At the other end.

Xu Yan received a call from her former Party School’s classmate.

“Chief Xu. I am Old Liu from the Audit Office. Why did your branch arrest, my nephew? I heard he was even handcuffed! He is only a kid. Even if he did something wrong, there is no need to arrest him like this.”

At the same time.

Political Commissar Cheng Haimei received a call from an old friend of hers.

“Sister Cheng. I heard the Western District Branch had arrested the youngest son of our Party Secretary. That group of kids has strong backings. You better release them and don’t blow up the matter! My Party Secretary’s son is still fine. I am quite close to him……. That’s all I can tell you! You better release them before it’s too late!”

Phone calls started coming in, and everyone in the branch panicked.

Dong Xuebing, who was smoking and watching from the toilet window, sense something was not right. The officers from the Sixth Bureau ran back to the room behind the guardhouse. Dong Xuebing wondered what happened when someone entered the toilet. Dong Xuebing looked at the person, and it was someone from the Political Section. He offered a cigarette to him and asked: “Did something happened?”

“Oh. Thank you, Chief Dong.” That man received the cigarette and smiled wearily. “It was an unlucky year for our branch last year. But luckily, you are around, and we managed to escape unscathed. I thought this year would be better. But……. We got into trouble again. Those students outside by the entrance have strong family backgrounds. They are either relative of some bureau chief or son of some Deputy Sub-provincial leader. Sighed…… My Deputy Chief is still monitoring the situation outside by his window. If this incident is not handled properly, the branch will be in deep trouble.”

Dong Xuebing was speechless. He turned and look at the small room through the toilet windows. Arrested the wrong person again?

The officers from the Sixth Bureau had entered the room.

The leader of the officers was relieved that he had not hit those students. If not, he would be in deeper trouble. He looked at the students. “Alright. All of you can go back now.” He turned to the other officers. “Release them!” The other officers took out the keys and walked over.

The student from No. 15 Middle School exploded: “Go back? F**k! You all are the ones who arrested us! You want me to go back now?”

The good-looking student holds on to the handcuffs tightly. “Brothers! Don’t let them release the handcuffs! This is the evidence! If they are unable to give us a good explanation, we will not go back!”

“That’s right! We will not go back! F**k!” The student from Shi Da pushes the officer who was trying to release the handcuffs away. He held on to his wrist: “Why did you all arrest us? Is it a crime to walk along the streets?”

The other students also followed suit and prevent the officers from releasing the handcuffs. “I will wait for my father to come! I will not let you all off just like this!”

“That’s right! My uncle is on his way here! I want to show my uncle how you all treat us!”

The few students sat on the water dispenser bottles and refuse to leave!

This matter had gotten out of control!!!

Translator’s notes: Next chapter will be a super long chapter. More than double the length of this chapter.

Power and Wealth Chapter 145 2019-11-06T00:58:31+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 145 – Provincial Exchange learning program place!


Dong Xuebing had just stepped out of his office to go to the cafeteria when he heard the news of the Provincial Exchange learning program being brought forward to February. This time, their bureau will be going to Zhejiang Province, and there were only 10 places. Actually, exchange program was all bullshit. It’s actually an excuse to go on holiday. The Western District Branch Bureau will organize this program annually. Because the State Security was a specialized agency, they could not go overseas like other government agencies. They could only pick other provinces.

“Sister Chang.” Dong Xuebing called Chang Juan. “How were the spots assign last year? Our General Affairs Office gets to participate?”

Chang Juan thought for a while and replied. “We have not participated before. Those who get the spots were leaders, someone who had significant contributions to the branch, or……” Chang Juan’s voice became softer. “…… someone with connections or backgrounds. Err…… Chief Dong, maybe you might get a spot this year.” Who else in the branch had more contributions than Dong Xuebing this year? Connections? Chief Xiao Dong is close to all the leaders. Rank? Chief Xiao Dong is also now Deputy Section Chief rank. That’s why Chang Juan felt Dong Xuebing would surely qualify to get a place.

Dong Xuebing also felt the same way. But when he thought about his argument with Yan Lei, he was not that confident.

After Lunch.

Dong Xuebing went to Deputy Branch Bureau Xu Yan’s office. “Chief Xu, I am here to admit my mistake.”

Xu Yan, who was at her desk, replied without even looking up. “Your mistake? What can you do wrong?”

Dong Xuebing could sense Xu Yan was angry. He cleared his throat and replied. “Chief Xu. It’s like this. Secretary Xu had come to the General Affairs Office this morning and instructed a new girl to do some work. He did not say when he need the task to be completed and just gave Xiao Wang a document for her to type. But after 5 minutes, he returned and saw the task was not completed. He started creating a scene in the General Affairs Office and even made our new staff member cry. The words he used were indirectly scolding you and me. I do not understand why the General Affairs Department staffs have to be disciplined by him.”

Xu Yan raised her head and looked at him. “This is called admitting your mistake?”

“Errr…… I am at fault too. I admit that I should not be rush and clashed with him.”

Xu Yan put down her pen and looked at Dong Xuebing: “What did I say during the previous time when you fight with Secretary Yan? Don’t you understand the meaning of staying low? You just got your promotion, and now you got into trouble again. When are you going to change that foul temper of yours? Ah?”

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly and helped Xu Yan pour a glass of water. “Yes, Mdm. You are right.”

Xu Yan knocked on her desk. “Is it that hard to get along with Secretary Yan? Even if you are unhappy with him, you should still give him face.” It’s because he was Dong Xuebing. If not, Xu Yan would not say so much.

Dong Xuebing felt being wrongly accused. “Chief Xu, I am not finding excuses. The fact is I also wanted to get along well with Secretary Yan. But this morning, when I am on my way to work, he came over and act like he is my leader, ordering me to do things. I can’t find words to describe his attitude. What did I do? I gave in and tolerated him. But he went to my office and started to shout at my subordinates. He is the one who did not give clear instructions. How can I let him do what he wants in my office? He is the one who did not give me face and wanted to find fault with me!”

Xu Yan stared him Dong Xuebing. “You are full of reasons!”

Dong Xuebing was groomed by Xu Yan and had helped Xu Yan complete many difficult tasks in return. He had made the General Affairs Department proud. Xu Yan trusted Dong Xuebing fully. What about Yan Lei? He was newly transferred to the branch and had no results at all. Furthermore, he clashed with Xiao Dong several times. It does not matter who was the right or wrong. Xu Yan already has a terrible impression of Yan Lei. Xiao Dong was young and immature. He was impulsive and rash. But Xiao Dong was capable. He could solve problems for the leaders. What about Yan Lei? No capabilities and immature. Everyone has biases. Xu Yan felt Yan Lei was too much in this incident. He was not suitable to be the leader’s secretary. He would offend all other leaders and will make his life difficult. No one would work with Yan Lei, and it will be difficult for Chief Zhen to lead the branch.

But Xu Yan still wanted to teach Dong Xuebing a lesson. “Stop talking about others. Why everyone else can get along well with Secretary Yan except for you? The problem lies in you too!”

“…… Yes. You are right.”

During the Branch’s Party Committee Meeting, Xu Yan had gone over to Zhen Anguo’s side. This was also Xiao Dong’s credit. During the calligraphy incident, Dong Xuebing had brought Xu Yan and Zhen Anguo closer to each other. This was also the reason why Xu Yan does not want to see Dong Xuebing fall out with Yan Lei. Dong Xuebing was her trusted aide, and Yan Lei was Chief Zhen’s, right-hand man. If they grudge between them was too big, both leaders will feel embarrassed. Just the incident in the morning was too hard for the leaders to accept. It’s unbecoming for them to bang tables and fight in front of the staff members.

“Think before you act in the future. Don’t be hot-headed and do whatever you like. You will regret if you are punished for this morning’s incident.” Xu Yan reached over and took a sip of the tea poured by Dong Xuebing. “Go back and reflect on your actions.”

Dong Xuebing was feeling uneasy. “Chief Xu, will Chief Zhen have a bad impression of me?”

Xu Yan replied: “You finally thought about this now? What were you thinking earlier? Chief Zhen’s secretary had clashed with you twice. You tell me, will he have a good impression of you?”

At the same time.

Yan Lei was in Zhen Anguo’s office.

“Chief Zhen. The General Affairs Office is too uncooperative. If this carries on, it will be hard for me to do my work.”

Zhen Anguo looked at Yan Lei: “What happened?” Zhen Guoan was newly transferred over and held the highest rank in the branch. That’s why he did not receive the news as fast as Xu Yan.

Yan Lei knew Zhen Anguo does not like to hear all these small matters. But he was too furious. “It’s that Chief Dong. Yes. I got to admit that he is capable and has outstanding results. But he has no respect for you and had ignored me. Earlier, I had asked staff at the General Affairs Office to type a document. They are too slow and could not even complete typing a simple document in half a day. I got mad and scolded that staff member. That Dong Xuebing suddenly came out of his office and started arguing with me. He says that this is the way they work, and I have no right to scold his people. He is unreasonable!”

Zhen Anguo frowned.

Yan Lei continued. “Chief Zhen, when have you seen me lose my temper? But that Dong Xuebing was too much. He does not have any respect for others just because he had achieved some results!”

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Yes. Many people saw what happened.”

This was the job of a secretary. A secretary might not be able to do his or her job well, but when it comes to creating trouble for someone else, it would be a piece of cake for them.

Zhen Anguo was a good leader. But no matter how good he was, he still has biases. Yan Lei also did not tell him the truth, and Zhen Anguo felt Dong Xuebing was too much. Yan Lei had worked for Zhen Anguo for years, and he had never seen Yan Lei losing his temper before. He thought Xiao Dong must have said something that pissed Yan Lei.

This Xiao Dong was too immature!

Zhen Anguo shook his head. He did not think too much this, as he still like Dong Xuebing’s capabilities. If not, he will also not support Xu Yan’s proposal to promote Dong Xuebing to Deputy Section Chief. Yan Lei told him this incident did not affect Zhen Anguo’s impression of Dong Xuebing much. Everyone has flaws. Young and impulsive? Just give him some punishments, and he will change for the better. Zhen Anguo also knew that Dong Xuebing had just started work, and that’s why he was rash and inexperience. He did not consider the impact of his actions. Zhen Anguo thought for a while and made up his mind in his heart.


Dong Xuebing was worried that he would leave a bad impression with Zhen Anguo. After leaving Xu Yan’s office, he went to Chief Zhen’s office.

Knock, knock. Dong Xuebing knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered the office with a sad face. “Chief Zhen. I am here to admit my wrong.”

Yan Lei was also in the office. He was sorting the documents for Zhen Anguo. When he saw Dong Xuebing, he sneered.

Zhen Anguo did not ask Dong Xuebing to sit down and ignored him. He took a look at Dong Xuebing and continued with his work.

When Dong Xuebing was at Xu Yan’s office earlier, she was also writing something. That was because she treated Dong Xuebing as her own people. But Zhen Anguo was purposely making things difficult for Dong Xuebing now. Dong Xuebing was furious and looked at Yan Lei. It was not hard to guess. This bastard must have complained to Chief Zhen and most likely exaggerated the story. If not, Chief Zhen would not treat someone who had to help him greatly like this!

Yan Lei! This is not the end between us!

Dong Xuebing could only stand there and wait.

About 5 to 6 minutes later, Zhen Anguo lifted his head. “Xiao Dong. What is it?”

Yan Lei was standing by the side, looking at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth. “Chief Zhen, I apologized for what happened between Secretary Yan and me earlier. I was too rash.” He did not know what Yan Lei said to Zhen Anguo. But Dong Xuebing could not give any explanation and could only apologize, even though he felt he had done nothing wrong.

Zhen Anguo nodded. “I think both of you are in the wrong. You all are colleagues, and if there are problems at work, you all should settle amicably.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Yes. You are right.”

Zhen Anguo said. “Ok. Go back to work.”

Dong Xuebing hesitated for a while and left. He thought the matter was over. But before the end of the day, Dong Xuebing received a piece of terrible news.

The “Exchange learning program” name list was released. Dong Xuebing was not on the list. Dong Xuebing was not very surprised by this. After all, he and Yan Lei had fought. So, it’s normal for him to be left out. But the next moment, Dong Xuebing heard that Yan Lei was included as one of the participants!


Dong Xuebing was furious. He banged his table in anger and went upstairs to look for Xu Yan in her office.

“Chief Xu, what does Chief Zhen mean by this?” Dong Xuebing did not beat around the bush. “He is doing this on purpose by not letting me go on this holiday. Even if this was because of the incident between Yan Lei and me, why is Yan Lei included? I am not the only one in the wrong this morning. I can’t be hiding in my office when Yan Lei is scolding me indirectly. This is not right! I will be in the wrong if I hide in my office when Yan Lei is scolding my people! He has no respect for me! What he did is not wrong? Chief Xu, I don’t mind being included in the list, but Yan Lei should not be included too. Why did Chief Zhen allow him to participate and not me? If you want to punish me by leaving me out, then Yan Lei should also not be included!”

Xu Yan looked at Dong Xuebing: “Sit down first.”

Dong Xuebing sat on the sofa panting. “Chief Xu, am I wrong for saying these?!”

If this were another incident, Xu Yan would surely reprimand Dong Xuebing. But she could not scold him now. When she heard Yan Lei was included as one of the participants, she frowned. She also felt Chief Zhen was too bias. Chief Zhen would not put in Yan Lei’s name, and all the participants were selected by the Party Committee. But Chief Zhen had the final say, and this was the problem.

Secretary Yan and Xiao Dong had just got into a conflict, and both should be punished. Xu Yan also felt Secretary Yan was being too much and should receive harsher punishment than Xiao Dong. But Chief Zhen did not punish Yan Lei and rewarded him instead. In this end, Dong Xuebing was the only one who got punished. Anyone in Dong Xuebing’s shoes would be furious!

Xu Yan felt Chief Zhen should not be so unreasonable. Why did he do this?

“Xiao Dong, did Yan Lei say anything to Chief Zhen?”

Dong Xuebing replied angrily: “He must have left out the part that he was shouting in my office and making my staff cry when he told Chief Zhen. I think he did not tell Chief Zhen the truth. When I went to look for Chief Zhen, Chief Zhen made me stand there for 5 to 6 minutes.”

Xu Yan frowned. This Yan Lei dares to play such tricks?!

“Chief Xu, I will go and look for Chief Zhen now! I want to explain it to him and let him be the judge!”

“Come back here!” Xu Yan stopped him. “This is already confirmed, and it’s useless no matter how you explain. Forget about this incident, and we will discuss this another time.”

Dong Xuebing was still mad. “Let him off like this? Chief Xu, don’t you think this is too much? You should also know about my contributions to the Branch over the past few months. I just want to ask, what had Yan Lei did to be included? Does he have any results? None! He only knows how to abuse his authority under Chief Zhen’s name! Now, he is allowed to go for this holiday, and I am left out? What would others think? Chief Zhen is too biased.”

Xu Yan also felt that Chief Zhen had only listened to one side of the story. But she could not say this. “Chief Zhen was the one who gave the approval for your promotion. What else do you want?”

Dong Xuebing was too angry and did not hold back his words: “My Deputy Section Chief rank is given by you. All Chief Zhen did was just nod. If it weren’t for you and Secretary Song helping me, I would not get my promotion even in 3 years. I only know you treated me well and not others.”

“Rubbish!” Xu Yan scolded, but she felt good. She and Song Shoujie had pushed for Dong Xuebing’s promotion. “Don’t be so calculative. Didn’t you just go to Zhejiang Province recently?”

Dong Xuebing replied angrily: “Going for a holiday myself is different from getting permission from the bureau to go for a holiday.”

Xu Yan gave Dong Xuebing a stare: “It’s exchange program! It’s not a holiday!”

“Yes. It’s exchange program. Those that are selected are the ones trusted by the bureau. How can someone without any contributions be selected, and someone like me, who had made significant contributions to the bureau, be left out? I am not trusted by the Bureau? Chief Xu, this is too disappointing!” Dong Xuebing was overcome by his anger. Zhen Anguo’s punishment to him was too harsh. A few days ago, he still thinks Chief Zhen was a nice person. But with Yan Lei sowing discontent, he hated him now.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone on the desk rang. Xu Yan waved her hand. “Ok. Just put aside this matter for the time being and go back to work.”

Dong Xuebing knew that after the list was confirmed by the Branch Bureau Chief, there will not be anymore changed. Xu Yan still has other matters to attend, and he left her office.

Xu Yan answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Chief Xu……” It was the guardhouse guard calling. “There is something I need to report to you. There are a few students outside our main gate blocking the entrance. They seem to be waiting for someone and are affecting people from entering and exiting the branch. I asked them to leave, but they ignored me.”

“Do they know what place this is?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Give a call to Director Li Qing and ask him to settle this!”

After hanging up, Xu Yan thought for a while before calling Zhen Anguo’s office. “Hello, Chief Zhen? I would like to speak to you about the Exchange program’s name list.”

Zhen Anguo replied: “Oh, what is it?”

Xu Yan paused for a while and said: “I think Chief Xiao Dong had made significant contributions for our branch. Shouldn’t someone like him be included in this program? We should not disappoint our staff! Chief Zhen, if there are no more spots left on the list, I don’t mind giving Xiao Dong my spot.” If it were someone else, Xu Yan would not bother to make this call. This is the government agency, and you must follow the orders of the higher-ups. But this concern Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan had to help.

Zhen Anguo was shocked to hear this. This Xu Yan treats Xiao Dong too well.

Zhen Anguo also has high hopes for Xiao Dong. If not, he would not punish him like this. He could have given a harsher punishment for banging table without reason at Yan Lei. “Chief Xu, Xiao Dong’s name was included in the initial list. But after some considerations, I took his name out. I know Xiao Dong is capable, but much other staff also wanted to participate in this program. Also, if there are any problems in the backend, someone had to solve it. Xiao Dong is capable and should do more. I think it would be best to let Xiao Dong remain in the bureau. He can settle any problems that arise in the backend.”

Xu Yan frowned when she heard this. The more capable you are, the more you should not be rewarded? People like Yan Lei, who had not made any contributions, should be rewarded? Capability and contributions should be rewarded! How can Xiao Dong do more just because he is capable?

Chief Zhen continued. “You should have heard about the incident in the morning. Xiao Dong is still too young and impulsive. This is a good chance to let him know that he should not bang tables at his colleagues.” This was the real reason why Chief Zhen did this. He wanted to nurture and discipline Dong Xuebing.

After putting down the phone, Xu Yan’s turned black. It takes two hands to clap. If Xiao Dong was immature, then Yan Lei is considered matured? He had scolded Xiao Dong’s staff in Xiao Dong’s office and is not regarded as impulsive? The one who is supposed to be included in the program is left out, and the one who is not supposed to be included will be going? Xu Yan was furious too. She thought even if Chief Zhen were biased towards Yan Lei, he would not do this. It must be Yan Lei who played some dirty tricks! Secretaries are the leaders’ mouthpiece and listening post. Yan Lei had twisted the facts for his own benefits!


Dong Xuebing stormed back to the ground floor and saw Yan Lei speaking to a few people.

“Brother Yan, congratulations.”

“Brother Yan, I heard the scenery at Zhejiang is beautiful. I didn’t have the chance to go there even once.”

“Secretary Yan, not anyone can participate in this annual exchange program.”

Yan Lei was smiling brightly: “It’s all because of the leaders thinking so highly of me.” Yan lei’s girlfriend is from Zhejiang province. Chief Zhen had wanted to omit Yan Lei’s name initially because of the incident between him and Dong Xuebing. But Yan Lei pleaded with him and told him about his girlfriend’s complains. In the end, Chief Zhen pitied him and included his name.

The group saw Dong Xuebing and looked at him with evil intentions.

Yan Lei was in a good mood as Chief Zhen had helped him get back at Dong Xuebing and removed Dong Xuebing’s name from the list. He had a smirk on his face as he looked at Dong Xuebing. Although he did not say a word, the smile on his face said everything!


Dong Xuebing was infuriated!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 144 – Chief Xiao Dong protecting his staff!

The Lunar New Year’s holidays had ended, and today was the official first day at work.

“Good morning Chief Dong.”

“Chief Dong, Happy New Year.”

“Chief Dong, congratulations on your promotion.”

Everyone who saw Dong Xuebing greeted and smiled at him, regardless of whether they knew him or not. In the past, there were still some people who doubt Chief Xiao Dong’s ability. They felt it was ridiculous to claim that Chief Xiao Dong could solve any problems. But after the calligraphy incident and his promotion, no one dares to doubt him. Even those that dislike Dong Xuebing had to accept the fact that Dong Xuebing was very capable!

Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted everyone. He felt everyone’s attitude towards him had changed after he was promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank.

“Xiao Dong!” Someone shouted from the back.

Now, no one in the branch would call Dong Xuebing as Xiao Dong. Even General Affairs Office’s Chief Li Qing called him Chef Dong. Those who call Dong Xuebing as Xiao Dong were the Branch Bureau’s Deputy Chiefs and above. So, when Dong Xuebing heard someone calling Xiao Dong, he immediately turns back. He thought it was one of the Deputy Branch Bureau Chiefs. But when he saw the one calling him, his face changed. F**k. It’s only Chief Zhen’s secretary, Yan Lei!

Yan Lei walked over and said emotionlessly: “Xiao Dong, there’s a meeting later in the branch. Go and prepare the materials.”

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. He was now the same rank as Yan Lei. No, in terms of position, he had more authority than Yan Lei. How come he was acting like he was Dong Xuebing’s superior? You dare to order me around? Also, what’s with your attitude?!

“What materials?”

Yan Lei frowned: “Didn’t I had faxed the materials to General Affairs Office before Lunar New Year?”

“Really?” Dong Xuebing replied. “I will look for it in the office.”

Yan Lei’s face turned black. “The documents are Chief Zhen’s plans for this year! Chief Dong! Don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

Dong Xuebing cursed again in his heart. Damn! You are only making use of Chief Zhen’s name to force people to do your bidding. “Ok. I know.”

Yan Lei was furious with Dong Xuebing’s attitude. He was Chief Zhen’s secretary, and everyone in the branch speaks to him politely. But only Dong Xuebing treated him differently. The first time they met, Dong Xuebing had not given him any face. At the restaurant with Chief Jiang, Dong Xuebing had made a fool out of him. Yan Lei knew Dong Xuebing had done a lot for the branch, but everyone knew they had a grudge against each other. There was no reason for Yan Lei to treat Dong Xuebing respectfully. Even if Dong Xuebing were close to the branch’s leaders, he would not be as close to Chief Zhen as Yan Lei. With Zhen Anguo backing Yan Lei, Yan Lei felt a Deputy Section Chief was a nobody to him. So what if he was capable? I represent the branch bureau’s top leader. You have to listen to me!

“Oh, Brother Yan. Good morning.”

Yan Lei turned and smile.

Dong Xuebing ignored him and returned to the General Affairs Office.

After the encounter with Yan Lei, Dong Xuebing’s good mood was all gone. He was pissed. He hated Yan Lei more. Look at the former Chief Yan’s secretary, Brother Lui. He treated everyone with respect and seldom abuse his position. He was also close to the various departments’ leaders. Secretaries should behave like him. But look at Yan Lei. Petty, small-minded, putting on airs every now and then. Dong Xuebing wonders why Zhen Anguo picks Yan Lei as his secretary.

“Chief Dong, you are here.”

“Good morning Chief Dong.”

“Chief Dong, what’s wrong?”

Tan Limei, Chang Juan, Guo Panwei, and Old Yan greeted Dong Xuebing. There was a new staff in the office.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand and instructed them to prepare the materials for Yan Lei, before entering his room. He disliked Yan Lei, but he cannot ignore Chief Zhen. That’s why Dong Xuebing will not clash with Yan Lei in public and will still do whatever he was supposed to do.

After all the work in the morning was completed, Tan Limei knocked on the door and entered Dong Xuebing’s office.

“Chief Dong, thank you for helping Sun Zhuang.” Tan Limei said gratefully.

Dong Xuebing had called Xu Yan last night to request for Sun Zhuang’s transfer. Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Xu did not promise him anything. She only says she will help him ask around. But this morning, Sun Zhuang was asked to report to the Political Section. Xu Yan treated Dong Xuebing very well. Dong Xuebing’s mood became better and laughed. “Don’t mention it. Oh, there is a new staff transferred here?”

Tan Limei replied: “Yes. She is transferred here from the Political Section. Her name is Wang Xin. She passed her Civil servant entry exams last year.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Ok. Can you ask her to come in for a while?”

Tan Limei left and closed the door behind her. She cheerfully walked over to Wang Xin’s desk. “Chief Dong wants to see you.”

Wang Xin had average looks and had delicate features. When she heard that Chief Dong wants to meet her, she panicked. She was transferred to the General Affairs Office was because she had offended a Deputy Section Chief in the Political Section due to her clumsiness. She could not complete the tasks assigned to her on time and often made mistakes. Due to all these reasons, she was scolded by her leaders frequently and had a phobia of meeting leaders. She had heard a lot about Chief Xiao Dong and panicked. “Sister Tan, errr…… errr…... Do you know why Chief Dong wants to meet me?”

“I am not sure.”

“Did I do something wrong? Is Chief Dong going to reprimand me?”

Tan Limei laughed. “No. Chief Dong treats us very well. I have never seen him get angry and scold anyone of us. Hehe, you are lucky to be transferred here. Although the work here is busy, the working environment here is good. There is no other leader in the branch that treats us better than Chief Dong.”

Chang Juan, who was beside Wang Xin, laughed. “Xiao Tan is right. Xiao Wang, you better go in now. Don’t let Chief Dong wait.”

“Oh, oh… ok.” Wang Xin quickly walks over to Dong Xuebing’s office and knock on the door.

Dong Xuebing: “Come in.”

Wang Xin asked softly: “Chief Dong, you want to see me?”

Dong Xuebing laughed and nodded. He points to the sofa. “Sit. Sit down first.”

Wang Xin dares not sit down. But Dong Xuebing repeated himself, and she sat down cautiously. She was nervous as she was afraid of getting scolded again.

Dong Xuebing calmly asked: “You are Xiao Wang? Hehe, don’t be so scared. Who is the one who guides you this morning?”

Wang Xin replied softly: “It’s Sister Tan.”

“Ok. Xiao Tan’s performance is good. You should learn from her. Actually, the work in the General Affairs Office is simple. You only need to be meticulous, and you will be fine.” Dong Xuebing was speechless when he saw Wang Xin’s sweat rolling down her forehead. What’s there to be so nervous? “How is your typing speed? Do you know how to write scripts for speeches?”

Wang Xin replied softly: “My typing speed…… is not very fast. I have never written any scripts before…… I don’t know if……”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “It’s fine. You can learn. No one knows everything. Haha, you can ask Xiao Tan, Chang Juan or the rest if you need help. You can also come and ask me.” Dong Xuebing paused for a while and looked at the nervous Wang Xin. “Ok. If there is nothing else, you can go back to work. Feel free to look for me if you need help.”

Wang Xin was relieved. “Thank you for your concern. I…… I will go back to work now?”


After leaving Dong Xuebing’s office, Wang Xin could feel her sweat on her back. She had heard how capable Chief Xiao Dong was. She never expects Dong Xuebing to be so friendly and did not act like a leader. This was quite surprising for Wang Xin. But she knows she cannot judge him just from this meeting. The Deputy Chief of the Political Section was also very friendly and approachable. But when she made a small mistake, he would stare and scold her. All leaders were like this.

Yan Lei suddenly barged into the General Affairs office.

Yan Lei saw Wang Xin and gave her a few pieces of A4 paper. “Type all these into a word document. I will come and get it later. It’s urgent.”

Wang Xin quickly replied: “Yes, Secretary Yan.”

Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest pretended not to see Yan Lei. They knew Chief Xiao Dong was not on good terms with Secretary Yan.

After Yan Lei left, Wang Xin started typing carefully. She even checked the dictionary for some characters to be sure.

After a while, Yan Lei returned. He walked over to Wang Xin: “Is the document ready? Give it to me now.”

Wang Xin panicked. “…… it’s not ready yet. I will finish it in 10 minutes.”

Yan Lei heard this and frowned. “Why is it not ready? How long has it been? Didn’t I tell you that I need this urgently?”

Wang Xin looked down timidly. She knows she was in trouble and was frightened. “Secretary Yan, I’m sorry. I…… I did not know you need it so urgently. I……” She knew who Secretary Yan was. He was Chief Zhen’s trusted aide and was someone she could not offend.

Yan Lei stared at her. “You are still finding excuses?! Are you deaf?! Didn’t I tell you to hurry up just now? Do I still need to tell you what time I will be coming back to collect it?” Yan Lei was pissed when he came to the General Affairs Office previous. This time, he exploded!

Wang Xin felt accused. If Yan Lei had told her that he will be collecting the document in 5 minutes, she would have asked Tan Limei for help. Her typing speed was not fast. Her eyes turned red, bite her lips, and started sobbing. She had entered the branch for several months and was almost scolded every day. She could not hold back her tears any longer.

Tan Limei was shocked and quickly go over. “Secretary Yan. I will help you type the document now.”

Yan Lei looked at Wang Xin and scolded: “You can’t even complete a simple task! Cry?! Is this the General Affairs Office’s efficiency?!”

Wang Xin covered her mouth and cried even louder.

Dong Xuebing heard the commotion outside and knew what was going on. He was furious. Yan Lei dares to shout in his turf? He totally has no respect for Dong Xuebing! What is he trying to do? Slapping me in the face? Scolding me indirectly? Dong Xuebing opened the door and stormed out. “Why are you shouting here?! What’s wrong with the General Affairs Office? Ah? What’s wrong with our efficiency?!”

It was tense. Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest held their breath.

Yan Lei looked at Dong Xuebing coldly: “What do you think? The document I want is still half finish after 5 minutes! Are you going to be responsible if Chief Zhen asks?”

F**k you! Other than making use of Chief Zhen’s name, what else do you know?

Dong Xuebing was pissed. Yan Lei had come to his office to create trouble, and this was slapping Dong Xuebing in his face and a challenge to his authority. Dong Xuebing will not tolerate this. Fine. Since you started this, I will not give you any look! He points at Yan Lei in his nose: “Then I will ask you now! Why didn’t you tell us exactly when you need this document?! Ah? You did not make yourself clear, and you want to blame Wang Xin? Are you here purposely to create trouble? This is your problem, not ours!”

Yan Lei’s face turned white from his anger. “You should find out what’s going on first! All of you should reflect on yourselves for your incapability! Now, you still dare to claim that I am here to create trouble? Chief Dong! You better watch your words!”

Dong Xuebing stared at Yan Lei. “This is the way I speak! You better not raise your voice at me here! Can’t you see the rest of them are working? Do you know what this place is? The General Affairs Office! We are providing support to the various departments in the branch! You are affecting the rest now! If they make any mistakes, are you going to be responsible?!”

Yan Lei was furious: “It’s your people that…….”

Dong Xuebing banged on the table: “I know how to manage my people! It is not up to you to lecture them!”

“Fine! Fine! I finally see the working attitude of the General Affairs Office!” Yan Lei turned and stormed out of the office.

Motherf**ker! Who the f**k do you think you are?! Dong Xuebing wanted to stay low, but these people just can’t leave him alone. Now, Dong Xuebing couldn’t care less. He had dared to go against and talk back to Zhou Guoan, the former Branch Bureau Chief. This was nothing. So what if you are the Branch Bureau Chief’s secretary? You think you can do whatever you want here? You want to lecture my people? It’s not up to you to discipline my staff! In the General Affairs Office, I am the leader! You are only holding the Deputy Section Chief rank. You do not have any position nor in charge of any department…… what right do you have to order people around?”

Of course, Dong Xuebing was furious was not because of himself only. There was one more reason. Dong Xuebing was overprotective of his people.

Dong Xuebing felt that leaders can look so grand was because of their subordinates. When they were outside, the subordinates will help the leaders carry their briefcases. In the workplace, they will help the leaders prepare hot tea. During festivals, the subordinates will give gifts to the leaders. In the General Affairs Office, the staff members had given Dong Xuebing face. During Lunar New Year, Tan Limei, Guo Panwei, and the rest had given Dong Xuebing face by going to his place to help him. His mother was overjoyed when she met them. Dong Xuebing was someone who would treat others the same way as they treated him. That’s why Dong Xuebing makes sure he takes care of his staff. He was furious when he saw Wang Xin crying because of Yan Lei.

Wang Xin was stunned by Dong Xuebing’s words.

Everyone knew who Yan Lei was. He was the Branch Bureau Chief’s trusted secretary! But Chief Xiao Dong banged the table in from of him because of a newly joined staff member. This……. This…… Wang Xin’s tears started flowing again. “Sob…… Chief Dong. I…… caused trouble for you…… Sob…… Please punish me!”

Dong Xuebing looked at her and comfort her. “Stop crying. Hmph! Some people just think they are somebody and goes around abusing his authority. Xiao Wang, you are not at fault. You are slow at typing is also not your fault. You have just been transferred over, and you are still not familiar with the work here. No one will blame you. Do you hear me? Stop crying and wipe your tears.”

Wang Xin cried even louder after Chief Dong comforts her.

Dong Xuebing let out a ‘huh’ and said: “Xiao Tan, you go and comfort her. Sister Chang, help her type out the document. We must not cause any delay to Chief Zhen.” After saying all these, Dong Xuebing returned to his office.

Tan Limei passed a piece of tissue to Wang Xin. “What did I say earlier? Chief Dong treats us well, right? Hehe, do you know about the meeting document incident when Chief Zhou was still around? Although we were framed by someone, Sister Chang and I were in-charge of preparing the documents. When Chief Zhou wanted to pursue the matter, Chief Dong shouldered all the responsibility and claims to be the one who prepared the meeting materials. Sister Chang and I were so moved, and we cried.”

Wang Xin believed what Tan Limei said was true. She nodded while wiping her tears. She had never met such a good leader before. “But…… But I had caused trouble for Chief Dong. Secretary Yan will……”

Chang Juan walked over with Yan Lei’s document and laughed. “This is only a small issue to Chief Dong.”

Guo Panwei also laughed. “That’s right. We shall wait and see how Yan Lei get into trouble.” Everything that happened in the past was enough to prove that it will not end up well with those who offended Chief Xiao Dong.

Noon. News of the clash between Chief Xiao Dong and Secretary Yan spread throughout the branch.

On one side, it was the newly promoted Chief Xiao Dong. On the other hand, it was the blue-eyed boy, Branch Bureau Chief’s secretary. Everyone thought both had clashed over some important matters. But when they found out the reason behind the argument, they were speechless.

An argument over such a trivial matter???

Under normal circumstances, it’s not a big deal for Secretary Yan to lecture a staff member. After all, he was working for Chief Zhen. Other leaders will pretend not to see even if they were unhappy with Secretary Yan. They still have to give the branch Chief face. They would not want to fall out with Secretary Yan over this small issue.

But of course. These were other leaders.

Everyone in the Western District Branch Bureau knows Chief Xiao Dong was not an ordinary person!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 143 – Two Million!

Afternoon, at 1.50 pm.

After leaving Wang Fu Hotel, Xie Huilan and Dong Xuebing boarded the Audi and drove out of the carpark.

Dong Xuebing was sitting in the front passenger seat nervously. He secretly peeps at Xie Huilan. She had a stern look on her beautiful face. She was not only a high-ranking leader in the Central Government, but she also has a powerful backing. Now, Dong Xuebing doesn’t even dare to smile in front of her. He was glad and worried at the same time. He was delighted that he had saved her life, but he was also concerned because he had used her stockings to do that shameless thing. What’s worst was she knew about it!

Dong Xuebing’s feelings were complicated!

It was quiet in the car, and Xie Huilan suddenly laughed. “Xiao Dong, do you have any hobbies?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Errr…… It’s not considered a hobby. But I like shopping around Antique markets and watch TV programs about antiques and collections.” He tried to make himself sound high class. He will not tell Xie Huilan that his hobbies were watching movies, online chatting, etc. These were all too ordinary.

“Oh. I also like to visit Liulichang when I am free.”

“You also like collecting stuff?”

“Yes. But I am only a beginner.”

“You are too modest. I can tell you must know a lot about antiques.”

“Is it written on my forehead? How can you tell? Hahaha…….” Xie Huilan was holding on to the steering wheel gracefully. She thought for a while and slowed down the car. “I am still thinking of buying two shirts for you as a gift. But since you like antiques, let’s go to Liulichang. The temple fair’s food street is moved to Taoranting Park, but Liulichang should still be open. You can choose an antique you like, and I will buy it as a gift for you. Ok?”

Dong Xuebing quick rejects her suggestion. “No need. No need. You have treated me to lunch, and it’s enough.”

“How can a meal be compared to life?” Xie Huilan replied firmly and drove towards the west. She did not give Dong Xuebing any choice. “Listen to me, you understand?”

Huh? I got no right to make any decision. Dong Xuebing could only smile and nod.

Two years ago, temple fair was held at Nan Xin Hua Street, and the whole street will be filled with people. All public transports were re-routed. Of course, anyone can still drive into the street if they want. But there were too many people there, and traffic will come to a standstill. It was so crowded that the distance between two people was less than the width of a palm. After the food street was shifted to Taoranting Park recently, it was not so crowded, and cars can enter that area.

West of Liulichang.

After the Audi stopped, Dong Xuebing unfastened his seatbelt and ran over to the driver’s door to open the door for Xie Huilan. He even learns from Guo Panwei to place his hand at the top of the vehicle to “protect” Xie Huilan.

Xie Huilan shook her head and smile. “You…….”

After these two days, Dong Xuebing noticed Xie Huilan likes to smile. She used different types of smiles to express her expressions. She looks like the Official ladies in Ancient times.

After entering an antique shop, Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing. “Look around and see if there’s anything you like.”

Dong Xuebing did not want to let her buy any gift for him. But if he did not choose anything, she would not agree. So, after walking around the shop, he stopped in front of a wooden shelf and pointed to a grasshopper gourd, made from rosewood. Dong Xuebing knew this was the cheapest item in the shop. Even the low-grade paintings, calligraphy, and pottery were more expensive. “Sister Xie. This is a good gourd.”

Xie Huilan laughed: “It’s almost the end of grasshopper rearing season. Pick something better, ok?”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly. “I like this.”

“Fine.” Xie Huilan asked the store assistant about the price of that gourd. It was 2,000 RMB, and she paid without saying a word. She than pass the gourd to Dong Xuebing. “Let’s look around. This gift is too cheap.”

“It’s fine. It’s fine.” Dong Xuebing held the grasshopper gourd. “This is good enough. Thank you, Sister Xie.”

Xie Huilan shook her head and laughed. “I knew you will not pick anything. Let’s walk around and see if there is anything better.” She saw Dong Xuebing still wanted to reject her, she immediately waved her hand to stop him. “I will not buy it for you, ok? I will pick something for myself. You can give me some suggestions.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Ok. But I do not know about antiques as well as you.”

“Hahaha, stop flattering me. Let’s go.”

A lot of shops in Liulichang were closed. After walking for a while, Xie Huilan did not see anything that caught her attention. They slowly walked to East Liulichang. Xie Huilan noticed a Yellow Stone seal in the first shop she enters in East Liulichang. But when she enquires about the price, it was more than 1 million RMB. Xie Huilan shook her head. She did not buy it. It was not because she does not like it. It was because she could not afford it. How much can a Deputy Director level earn monthly?

An hour later, Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan stood at the junction of East and West Liulichang.

Xie Huilan looked at her watch. “Let’s stop shopping. Come, I will send you back.”

“No need. You have already fetched me from my place this morning…… I can take a taxi back.”

“No…… Eh?” Xie Huilan suddenly looked at a few roadside stalls. The stalls were selling balloons and cotton candies. One of the stalls had displayed all sorts of porcelain items on its shelf. Kangxi porcelain, ancient commoner’s bowl, etc. Xie Huilan was interested in these items: “Xiao Dong, let’s take a look at this store.”

“Oh…. Ok.” Dong Xuebing followed her to the store.

The store owner was a young man around 30 years old. He was stunned by Xie Huilan’s beauty and kept looking at her. “Hi, what would you like to see?”

Xie Huilan looked at the shelves and saw a blue-colored small bowl. The bowl was painted with clouds, and the interior of the bowl had a golden dragon. Xie Huilan picked it up and examine the bottom of the bowl. There were some wordings engraved at the bottom of the bowl, stating that it was manufactured by the official kiln during Qian Long Emperor era. Usually, the antiques from these roadside stores were low-grade antiques. This bowl must also be either a counterfeit or a low-grade antique. This antique bowl was rare even in auctions, let alone by the streets. But there were still exceptions. If not, there will also not be so many stories about people finding real antiques on the streets.

The store owner looked at Xie Huilan and said: “This is from my hometown. It’s an antique produced by the ancient government’s kiln.”

Xie Huilan examined the bowl carefully and turned to Dong Xuebing and smiled: “Xiao Dong, take a look at this. What do you think?”

Dong Xuebing recognized this bowl. The name of this bowl was the Qing Dynasty Qian Long Emperor Dragon bowl. He knew about this bowl was because when he was working part-time in Pan Jia Yuan, the shop he worked for had a broken fragment of this type of bowl. That broken fragment was authentic. Although it was not worth anything, Dong Xuebing had scrutinized it several times. Seeing that Xie Huilan asking his opinion, he felt that he should show off his talent. He picked up the bowl with both hands and examined every detail of the bowl.

Hmmm…… this bowl looks similar to that broken fragment, but there seems to have some differences.

The color of this bowl was newer, and the paint was brighter. But the outlines of the designs look very similar to that fragment. The golden dragon was also more detailed.

Xie Huilan asked: “What do you think?”

Dong Xuebing jumped: “Errr…… this seems to be real, but some parts are suspicious. I am also not very sure.”

Xie Huilan turned towards the store owner. “How much are you selling?”

The store owner replied. “50,000 RMB.”

Xie Huilan shook her head and smiled: “If this is really from the government kiln, you will not sell it for 50,000 RMB. Make it cheaper.”

“This is really an antique. The ancestor of that man from my hometown was from Beijing……

Xie Huilan waved her hand to stop him. “Let’s talk about the price and not the story. Ok?”

The store owner smiled embarrassedly. “I got this bowl at 40,000 RMB. My profit is not a lot. I really can’t sell it to you lower than 50,000 RMB.”

“Never mind.”

If this bowl were real, it would be worth more than a few hundred thousand. This would be considered finding a treasure on the streets. If this bowl is selling for a few hundred or thousand, it’s not a problem to take a gamble. But 50,000 RMB is not a small amount. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan could not tell whether if this bowl was authentic. More than 70 to 80% of such bowls in the market were fakes. That’s why Xie Huilan decided not to buy it.

“Xiao Dong, let’s go.”

Dong Xuebing was disappointed for failing to impress Xie Huilan. This was the problem with antiques. Even if you had seen an authentic antique before and understand it well, but it's hard to tell the difference between a fake and the real item. This was because of how the antique was preserved. If it was well kept, the colors and paintings would be different from another antique, which was not maintained properly. Sigh…… if I can examine it from the broken section. He had examined the broken part of a fragment of that Qing Dynasty Qian Long Emperor Dragon bowl before. He would be able to tell whether if that bowl was real or fake by the broken section. No matter how real the exterior painting was, the fractured section…… Who would be able to tell? There were thousands of ways to authenticate an antique and no one in the world would smash an antique to authenticate it. If the antique were found to be real through this method, it would be meaningless. The bowl was already shattered and the value……


Dong Xuebing stopped in his tracks when he thought until here!

Damn! There’s someone who can authenticate an antique through this crazy method.

Dong Xuebing was the one who can do this!

The store owner saw the woman walking away, but this young man was still standing there. “Young man, please take a look carefully. This bowl is really from the government’s kiln.”

“Really?” Dong Xuebing picks up the bowl again. “Let me take a closer look.”

The store owner laughed. “Sure. Go ahead.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. He raised his arms suddenly and smashed the bowl on the floor in front of the shocked store owner. Smash! The bowl was shattered into pieces.

“What the f**k are you doing?!” The storeowner was furious.

Xie Huilan, who was a few steps away, was also stunned. “Xiao Dong! What’s wrong?”

Dong Xuebing calmly replies. “I want to look at the interior of the bowl.”

The store owner points at Dong Xuebing and shouts: “Everybody saw you breaking this bowl! 50,000 RMB! Pay up! Pay me now!”

Dong Xuebing ignored the storeowner’s screaming and the bystanders. He quickly picks up a broken piece of the bowl from the floor carefully and examines it. He also touched the broken section carefully to feel the texture.

After a while, Dong Xuebing’s face changed color. That’s right. Everything fits.

The thickness of the paint was the same, and the interior of the bowl was white and smooth. It’s not the same as the fake porcelain created by modern technology. The piece in his hand felt precisely the same as that broken fragment he has seen before!

This bowl was real!

It’s really from the Ancient Government Kilin!!!

Damn! BACK!


Dong Xuebing used the only BACK he had!

The scenes in front of him flashed! Time had turned back to the bargaining between Xie Huilan and the store owner!

“This is really an antique. The ancestor of that man from my hometown was from Beijing……

“Let’s talk about the price and not the story. Ok?”

“I got this bowl at 40,000 RMB. My profit is not a lot. I really can’t sell it to you lower than 50,000 RMB.”

“Never mind.” Xie Huilan put down the bowl lightly and said: “Xiao Dong, let’s go.”

The store owner did not stop them when they were about to leave. He had acquired this bowl from his hometown. But the ancestor of the person who sold this bowl to him was not some wealthy person in the olden days. The person who sold him this bowl was someone who collects waste products from the counties. He had gotten this bowl for 2,200 RMB from some village. Their hometown was famous for producing counterfeit antiques. There were many small factories there, and the store owner thought this bowl was also a counterfeit. He was only trying his luck to see if he could see this bowl for 50,000 RMB.

“Sister Xie, wait a while.” Dong Xuebing called Xie Huilan.

“Huh?” Xie Huilan turned around.

Dong Xuebing whispered to her softly: “That bowl is real. You should buy it now.”

Xie Huilan paused for a second and smiled: “Did you tell me you are not very sure? I think the bowl is not real. The color is too bright.”

“Sister Xie, just buy it. I will not lie to you.”

“Hahaha, nevermind. 50,000 RMB is too expensive.”

Dong Xuebing wants to return Xie Huilan favour and hope she will forget about the embarrassing incident. He smiled wearily when he sees Xie Huilan refusing to listen to him. He knew Xie Huilan have a strong personality and have her own views. Once she made a decision, she will stick to it and not listen to others. Dong Xuebing decided not to persuade her anymore. “…… If you don’t want to buy, then I will buy it.”

Xie Huilan looked at him: “You are confident?”

“Yes. I am very sure.”

Xie Huilan did not say anything and nodded.

Dong Xuebing firmly believes his judgment. Unless the person who made fake antiques could perfectly imitate even the interior of the porcelain. But no one would be so free to do that. He turned around and went back to the store and point to that bowl. “If you really want to sell, I will buy it for 40,000 RMB. That’s my highest offer. I do not have so much money with me.”

The store owner heard this and was overjoyed. “Ah…… 40,000 RMB is too little. 50,000 RMB is the lowest price.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I said I do not have so much money. If you really can’t sell this bowl to me at 40,000 RMB, I will leave.”

The store owner quickly stopped Dong Xuebing from leaving. “45,000 RMB. How about 45,000 RMB?” Dong Xuebing turned, and the store owner immediately shout. “42,000! This is the lowest!”

Dong Xuebing hesitated for a while. “Fine. I will give you the money in a while.”

There is an ICBC bank next to the store, and Dong Xuebing does not need to fix appointment with the bank to withdraw 40,000 RMB. He returned with the cash very soon and complete the transaction.

The storeowner was overjoyed as he counted the money. He wrapped the bowl nicely and gave it to Dong Xuebing. “The value of this bowl will increase further in a few years. You should keep it.” The store owner said, but this was not his real thoughts. The fake products from his hometown were usually shipped to Beijing. Why? This was because Beijing people are stupid. Hehe, look at this young man. He still thought he had gotten a treasure. Does he really believe that real antiques are all over the place?

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan left with the bowl.

“Xiao Dong, shall we look for a place to check the authenticity of this bowl?” Xie Huilan asked with a smile. “Haha, to be honest, I still don’t believe that this Qing Dynasty Qian Long Emperor Dragon bowl is real.”

Dong Xuebing hesitates. “This……” He was afraid that Xie Huilan would be embarrassed if the bowl was proven to be real. That’s why he does not want to send it to the experts in front of her.

But Xie Huilan did not give Dong Xuebing the chance to reject as usual. “Let’s go to Rong Bao Zhai. It’s reputable. Ok?”

Dong Xuebing had no choice but to reply: “Yes.”

Rong Bao Zhai was quiet, and there were not many customers around. It might because it was still the Lunar New Year. Dong Xuebing looked around and saw someone who looks like an expert. He went over and asked: “Do you all buy Qing Dynasty Qian Long Emperor Dragon bowl here?” Xie Huilan was standing beside quietly.

That old man looked at Dong Xuebing: “It depends on the item. Do you have it with you?”

Dong Xuebing placed the small bowl carefully on the table.

The old man looked at the porcelain bowl and carefully pick it up. He examined it carefully and asked: “Young man, are you in a hurry? I need some time to examine it.”

Dong Xuebing turned and looked at Xie Huilan.

Xie Huilan smiled. “No. We are not in a hurry.”

Dong Xuebing was afraid Xie Huilan would be tired from standing, he pulled a chair over for her. “Have a seat first. I will buy you a bottle of water.”

“No need.” Xie Huilan sat down and laughed. “Bring a chair over for yourself too. Stop standing there like a fool.”

The old man took out a big magnifying glass and much other equipment. He took his time to examine the bowl and after 5 minutes, he took off his glasses and called a middle-aged man down from upstairs. After that, both of them considered and discussed about the bowl for more than 10 minutes.

Dong Xuebing felt it was okay for him to wait so long, but time for a Central Government leader was precious. He asked: “Are you all done?”

The old man and the middle-aged man looked at each other, and that old man said. “How much do you want to sell this?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while: “1 million RMB.”

The middle-aged man shook his head. “It is too high. You won’t even get this amount at the auctions.”

The old man looked at Dong Xuebing. “This is a good piece, and it is well preserved. But it is definitely not worth 1 million. The highest I can offer is 600,000 RMB.”

Xie Huilan’s eyes narrowed and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. Hahaha, I’m right! It’s really from the ancient government kiln!

Dong Xuebing was only trying his luck when he said 1 million. He did not expect to sell the bowl at that price. Now, he knew this bowl is a real antique, he started to bargain. In the end, they finalized at 700,000 RMB. Dong Xuebing had not thought about making use of his power to sell this bowl at the auctions. After all, it was against the regulations for the owner of the product to interfere in auctions. It was coincident during the last auction when he sold his pearl necklace. It was Teacher Sun who used his own identification card to register for Dong Xuebing. After the auctions, he reprimanded Dong Xuebing for bidding on his own necklace. That’s why he was not allowed to do it again.

“Young man, how do you want us to pay you?”


“Ok. Please wait for a while.”

After getting the cheque, Dong Xuebing left Rong Bao Zhai in a good mood. But he remembered Xie Huilan was still beside him, and he quickly composed himself. “Sister Xie, let’s split the money. If you did not notice that bowl, I will also not buy it. The credit is all yours.” Dong Xuebing said. He also knew that Xie Huilan would not want his money.

Xie Huilan laughed: “Xiao Dong. I didn’t expect you to be so skillful. How long have you been collecting antiques?”

“Hah. I am only lucky.”

“Haha, stop flattering me. You bought that 42,000 RMB bowl without hesitation. You must be very confident that it is real. I am not as good as you.” Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled. “I think I must bring you along when I want to shop at the antique markets in the future.”

Dong Xuebing thought in his heart. As long as you don’t bring up the incident with your stockings, I will go wherever you want me to go.


At 4pm, Dong Xuebing deposit that 700,000 RMB cheque into his bank account and was surprised at his current savings. 2 million! It’s 2 million RMB!

Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat off his forehead and happily called Qu Yunxuan. “Aunt Xuan, I bought a porcelain bowl at a bargain in Liulichang earlier.”

Qu Yunxuan was surprised: “Huh? You found a treasure again? Why are you so lucky?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Hehe……. I made 700,000 RMB this time. We have 2 million in total now.”

Qu Yunxuan: “……”

“I think I should not keep so much money in my account. If my unit conducts checks on me…… I decided to transfer all my money to your account. In future, if I make any money, I will deposit into your account. You will manage my money for me. Just set up whatever company you want and make more money together. Ok?” Dong Xuebing was surprised that he was speaking like Xie Huilan unconsciously.

“You really make 700,000 RMB?

“Haha, you will know when you check your bank account later.”

“Idiot! You are so capable! I will be going back tomorrow. Let’s celebrate!”

“Huh? Will we be going back to the same cinema to celebrate?”

“Go to hell!”

Translator’s notes:



Taoranting Park


Pyrophyllite a.k.a. Yellow stone


Qing Dynasty Qian Long Emperor Dragon bowl


Rong Bao Zhai


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 141 –Embarrassing moment!


Dong Xuebing used glutinous rice and dates to cook porridge for dinner. After dinner, Xie Huilan’s fever subsided slightly. She took one more fever pill and went to rest in the bedroom. Dong Xuebing had nothing to do. So, he watched the re-run of the Spring Gala night on the TV. He was worried that he would disturb Xie Huilan and did not dare to turn up the volume. People were still setting off firecrackers outside, and he could not hear the TV at all. In the end, Dong Xuebing chose to look at Xie Huilan’s bra, which was hanging by the heater. He finds it more interesting than what was showing on the TV.

Ring, ring, ring, ring……. Xie Huilan’s phone was ringing.

Dong Xuebing quickly looks away from the bra and turns back to face the TV.

The phone rang for some time before Xie Huilan answer. “Hello? Xiao Hao?” It was Xie Huilan’s lazy voice. “What are you doing at my place? I am not at home……. Yes. I am at my friend’s place. Cough…… Ya…… I have a fever. It’s alright…… Why do you want to come over? I will be going back soon……. I am fine……. Cough……” There was a pause. “Fine…… fine…… if you want to come over, just come. You can also send me back…… North Heping Road estate. It’s the first block, unit 301……. Ok. Bye.”

Dong Xuebing blinked and poured a cup of warm water, before knocking on the door. “Sister Xie, can I enter?”

“Come in.” Xie Huilan was sitting up slightly on the bed. “Haha, this is your room. There is no need for you to knock.”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly and passed her the glass. “It’s warm. You will feel better.”

“Thank you.” Xie Huilan took the glass from him and yawned lazily. She took a sip of water and looked at Dong Xuebing. “My younger brother, Xie Hao, will be coming over in a while. Is it fine?”

“Of course.”

“Haha, I had troubled you a lot today.”

“It’s alright. I don’t feel troubled.” Dong Xuebing wished in his heart that she would stay in his place longer.

10 minutes later. Ding Dong, ding dong……. Someone was at the door.

Dong Xuebing grumbled in his heart. Why did he have to come so fast? He walked over and opened the door. There was a teenager, about 15 years old, standing outside. He was shorter than Dong Xuebing, and his features were not as sharp as Xie Huilan. But he still resembles her. Dong Xuebing opened the gate. “Xie Hao? Please come in.”

That boy saw Dong Xuebing and was shocked. His face changed and pushed Dong Xuebing aside and ran into the unit.

Dong Xuebing lost his balance and took two steps back. He was furious. F**k. What’s wrong with you?!

“Sis!” Bang. Xie Hao opened the bedroom door and saw the sickly Xie Huilan on the bed. “Sis! What happened? Who did this to you?” Before Xie Huilan could reply, Xie Hao turned and grabbed Dong Xuebing by his collar. “F**k! What did you do to my sister? I will kill you! Do you know who my grandfather is?! Ah?!”

Dong Xuebing was pissed. I had saved your sister’s life, and you still want to hit me? Who cares about your grandfather?!

“Xie Hao!” Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao coldly. “Get over here!”

Xie Hao gave Dong Xuebing a stare before letting go of him. He turned to his sister. “Sis, is he the one who bully you?”

Xie Huilan stared at Xie Hao in his eyes: “Who do you think you are? You dare to fight in front of me?!”

Xie Hao tried to explain himself: “No…… I…… you are on a man’s bed…… and I thought……”

“You thought? What are you thinking? Also, who is your grandfather? Ah? Tell me now! Who is your grandfather?!”

Xie Hao was stunned to see his sister so furious. He replied softly: “My grandfather is also your grandfather.”

“You still dare to talk back?!” Xie Huilan banged on the bedframe and pointed to Dong Xuebing. “I fell into the river and got entangled by the seaweeds today. I was almost drowned, and Xiao Dong had risked his life to save me. If it’s not for him, you will be at the mortuary collecting my body now! You are to grab Xiao Dong by his collar? What are you trying to do? Ah? Tell me!”

Xi Hao jumped up in fright. “Sis! You are almost……. Ah……”

Xie Huilan stared at him. “Apologize to your Brother Dong now!”

Xie Hao realized that he had misunderstood Dong Xuebing and quickly run over to Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong. You will be my elder brother from today onwards. You had saved my sister, and yet, I.......” Xie Hao slapped himself lightly on his face. “I am sorry. No……. Brother Dong, you must hit me today. Come. You must also grab me by my collar and give me a scolding.”

Dong Xuebing was no longer angry with Xia Hao. “Never mind. You are also concern about your sister.”

Xie Hao refused. “Brother Dong, you must hit me for being so rude to you! It’s a must!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. Damn. What is this request? “It’s just a small misunderstanding. It’s fine.”

“No. You have saved my sister’s life, and I still treated you like this. If you don’t hit me at least once, I will feel uncomfortable. Quick. Just hit me as hard as you want!” Xie Hao moved his face forward.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and laughed. He hit him lightly on this head. “Ok. I had hit you. Are you satisfied?”

Xie Hao laughed and turned to Xie Huilan. “Sis, Brother Dong had accepted my apologies.”

Xie Huilan looked at her brother: “Use your brain before you say or do anything in the future!”

“Yes, yes.” Xie Hao saw his sister was no longer angry, and he moved closer. “Sis, are you still having fever? Do you need medicine? Do you need me to help you get some water?”

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao and nodded. “Help your Brother Dong pour a glass of water too.”


Dong Xuebing said: “Let me do it.”

Xie Hao quickly stopped him. “No, no. Brother Dong, you sit here and wait. I will go and get the water.”

Xie Huilan shook her head and smiled at Dong Xuebing. “My brother is spoilt by my family since young. He is too impulsive and jumps to conclusion easily. But he has a good nature and knows how to care for others.”

“Sis, Brother Dong, water.”

Dong Xuebing could tell that Xie Hao was extremely afraid of Xie Huilan. He could not blame him for being so scared of his sister. Xie Huilan is older than him by more than 10 years. She is also a leader in the central government and has a strong character. It would be weird if Xie Hao is not afraid of her. Oh…… Why did Xie Hao mention about their grandfather just now? Xie Huilan’s grandfather? Is he also a leader in the Central Government?

After a while of chatting, Xie Huilan rubbed her temples. She seems to be unwell. Dong Xuebing told her to rest awhile more before leaving and left the room with Xie Hao.

“Xiao Hao, what school are you studying in?” Dong Xuebing tried to start a conversation.

Xie Hao replied with a smile. “Yu Cai. City’s best high school.”

“Wow…… that’s a good school.”

“Hah… I got in through connections. Oh, Brother Dong, tell me about this afternoon. How did you save my sister?”

Xie Hao was afraid of Xie Huilan since young. Whenever he saw his sister’s face, he would tremble. Xie Huilan was the only person he was scared of in his family. He was not even afraid of their grandfather. But despite being fearful of his sister, he was closest to her. He was closer to his sister than their parents. When he learned about his sister’s accident, his heart almost stopped.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and told Xie Hao what happened. But he only says that he had passed by that area during the accident. Oh, he also did not mention about the CPR.

“Ah…… That’s was so f**king dangerous!” Xie Hao cursed and quickly covered his mouth. His elder sister was still in the bedroom. “Brother Dong, you are the man! You are a real man! Give me a call if anyone bothers you. I can help you get as many people as I can! I am never afraid of fights.” Xie Hao picked up Dong Xuebing’s iPhone and exchanged numbers.

Fights? Dong Xuebing was speechless. “You should be studying. Do you always get into fights in school?”

Xie Hao quickly ‘Shhhh” and said: “Don’t let my sister hear this. If not, I will be in trouble.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Look at yourselves. You are even skinner than me. What fights can you win? You should focus on your studies!”

Xie Hao boasts. “Brother Dong, I am not talking big. I might not be tall, but I can easily fight one or two people at once. Damn! Why are you looking at me like this? I am telling the truth!”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. Bullshit. You can’t even win me with your frail body.

When it comes to boasting, very few people could win people from Beijing. Anyone on the streets of Beijing could boast until others faint. But they were not serious. They treated boasting as a joke. It’s like telling someone a joke, and no one will think much about it.

Dong Xuebing felt Xie Hao was interesting after chatting for a while. He had forgotten what happened earlier. Instead, they had become closer.

Suddenly, Xie Huilan shouted from the room. “Xiao Hao, it’s late. Let’s go back.”

“Ok!” Xie Hao replied and turned to Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong, remember to call me if you need any help.”

“Ok. I will.” Dong Xuebing laughed and walked to the bedroom. He knocked on the door and entered. “Sister Xie. You still have a fever. You will be sick if you walk out like this. Can I call a taxi for you first? You can wrap yourself in the blanket when you walk out.” Dong Xuebing could still joke and chat casually with Xie Hao. But in front of Xie Huilan, a leader in the Central Government, he cannot be so casual. Even when he had saved her life, he still has to treat her with respect.

Xie Huilan raised the corner of her lips: “Thank you. Xiao Hao can go out to get a taxi.”

Xie Hao quickly replied: “I will go, I will go……. Brother Dong, you have already taken care of my sister the whole day. Let me go and get a taxi.”

After Xie Hao went out, Dong Xuebing said: “Why not stay for the night? You can lock the bedroom, and I can sleep on the sofa. Oh, I can also sleepover at my neighbor’s place.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand slightly and got up from the bed. She laughed: “I will feel bad if I trouble you any further. You should be tired today. I will treat you to dinner after I recover. Ok?”

“Ok.” Dong Xuebing moved closer and help her up. She was covered in sweat.

Xie Huilan was still wearing Dong Xuebing’s white shirt and had nothing inside. With her sweat, the shirt had become translucent. Not only her breasts were exposed, but her flat tummy and collar bones could also be seen clearly. It so damn seductive…….

Dong Xuebing quickly shouted and avoided looking at her. “Don’t come out from the blankets. I will help you get your clothes!”

Xie Huilan did not blush and could still smile. “Ok. Sorry, your clothes are dirtied.”

“It’s fine. Wait for me here under the blankets.” Dong Xuebing ran out to the living room and took all of Xie Huilan’s clothing. The long johns were dried, but her underwear and coat were still damp. So, Dong Xuebing grabbed the set of clothes, he bought in the afternoon, with him to the room. “Some of your clothes are still damp. I will get you a bag for damp clothes.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

After closing the door, Dong Xuebing waited outside with a paper bag.

A few minutes later, the room’s door opened, and Xie Huilan walked out. She did not wear her bra and coat which were still damp. She was holding them in her arms. Dong Xuebing lowered his head to avoid looking for her and passed her the paper bag. As he was looking down, Dong Xuebing saw Xie Huilan wearing the high heels he bought. But her stockings…… Huh? That’s right. Her stockings were torn, and he had forgotten to buy it for her.

Xie Huilan should be feeling uncomfortable without stockings.

Xie Hao returned upstairs. “Sis, there is no taxi. I had called my friend to drive us back. He should be arriving in half an hour.”

Xie Huilan frowned. “Don’t bother your friend. We will take a taxi back ourselves.”

Xie Hao looked at her and nodded. “Ok. I will give him a call now.”

Xie Huilan turned and smile. She extended her hand: “Xiao Dong, I will not thank you anymore today. Let me thank you properly another day.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her hand and used both hands to shake it. “Don’t mention it.” This was how they shook their leaders’ hands.

Xie Huilan laughed. “We will be going off. You don’t need to walk us down.”

“No. I have to walk you down and will leave after you got in the taxi.”

“No need. Do you understand?”

“Errr…… Fine…… Be careful on your way back.”

Dong Xuebing returned home after watching Xie Huilan, and Xie Hao walked down the stairs. He closed the door and took a deep breath. Xie Huilan was still a high ranking officer in the government. When he was in front of her, he could feel the pressure. He wonders when he could enter the Central Government.

He thought back about the whole day’s events and what he had gained.

He had saved a woman he likes and became closer to a leader from the Central Government. These were his returns for risking his life.

Dong Xuebing was exhausted. He had run like crazy, dived into the river to save Xie Huilan, carried her up the stairs, wash and cooked for her……. Ah…… He could finally rest. He massaged his own shoulders and went back to his room. He dropped himself on the bed. A matured woman’s scent was still lingering on the bed. Dong Xuebing picked up the damp blanket and sniffed. Hmmm…… A leader from the Central Government is different. Her sweat smells good even after she had fallen into a smelly river!

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing saw something.

Dong Xuebing had a small bin in his room. A pair of skinned colored stockings were hanging by the side of the bin. It looks like Xie Huilan’s torn stockings. He quickly got up from the bed and to take a closer look. It was the pair of stockings he washed in the afternoon. Xie Huilan must have thrown it into the bin after noticing the tear at the bottom. Dong Xuebing bent over and picked up the pair of stockings and played around it in his hands. Smooth……

Dong Xuebing had put a plastic bag in his bin. He had just changed the plastic bag, and the bin was very clean.

Dong Xuebing played with the stockings for a while, and suddenly a dirty thought flashed across his mind. His face turned slightly red. Aunt Xuan had been away for several days and will return a few days later. After losing his virginity, Dong Xuebing had been feeling horny all the time. Coupled with what Xie Huilan’s body he saw in the afternoon, he could not hold back any longer.

What should he do?

After deliberating for 1 second, Dong Xuebing made his decision. He quickly switched on his PC and played a porn video. Then he grabbed Xie Huilan’s used stockings and start……. Sometimes, men had to settle their own problems. Dong Xuebing seldom do this, but today, he really cannot control himself.

1 minute……

2 minutes……

Maybe Xie Huilan’s status was too high, or she was too pretty, Dong Xuebing was very excited. He started fantasizing about her in her sexy black underwear under her business wear. He finished the deed in 3 minutes.

After switching off the PC, he threw the wet and sticky stockings into the bin.

But before he could pull up his pants, Ding Dong, Ding Dong…… The doorbell rang.

Dong Xuebing was stunned. Who is it so late at night? He quickly wore back his pants and went to open the door. “Huh? Sister Xie? Why did you come back? Where’s Xiao Hao?” Xie Huilan, who had left 5 minutes ago, was standing outside. Dong Xuebing did not dare to let her wait outside and quickly open the gate.

Xie Huilan smiled and walked into the apartment with a limp. “I asked Xiao Hao to wait for a taxi downstairs while I come up to get something.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Oh……. You have forgotten something? You can just give me a call, and I will bring it down for you. You don’t need to climb up the stairs again. You might fall.”

“It’s fine. I’m feeling much better now.” Xie Huilan smiled and entered.

Dong Xuebing closed the door and followed behind her. “What did you forget? I had passed your clothes and bag.”

Xie Huilan smiled: “I feel uncomfortable wearing heels without stockings. My feet hurt. Haha, the pair of stockings you washed for me might be torn, but I think I can still wear it. I will throw it after I returned home.” Xie Huilan walked into the room.

What did she say?!

She’s going to wear back that pair of stockings??

Dong Xuebing’s face turns green immediately. Damn! Damn! Damn! That pair of stockings still have my……!!!

Dong Xuebing first thought was to shout out in his heart. BACK! BACK! BACK! F**K!!! There’s no more BACK left!!

“Sister Xie! Sister Xie!” Dong Xuebing’s sweat was flowing down his forehead. He quickly chased after her. “No! Don’t wear those! I will get you a new pair! Those are torn!”

Xie Huilan waved her hand and looked at the plastic bin by the wall. “No need. I am just wearing it until I get home.”

Dong Xuebing panicked. His in deep shit. “Don’t pick it up! Don’t!”

“I said it’s fine. Do you understand?” Xie Huilan ignored him and reached into the bin.

“Ah! Sister Xie! You!”

That’s it. I’m finished!

Xie Huilan was already holding the pair of stockings in her hand. Huh? It’s wet? She remembered when she threw them into the bin, it was already dried. Also, the stockings seem to be heavier? Xie Huilan paused for a second and bring the stockings near to look at it. 1 second…… 2 seconds…… 3 seconds…… Xie Huilan turned and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing wished he could bury his head into the ground. He could feel the whole world crumbling down around him. “Sister Xie! It’s like this…… I…… I had spit into the bin!”

This was the lamest excuse he could come up with! Dong Xuebing believed that Xie Huilan knew what’s the stuff on her stockings.

Even morons could guess what that was!

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing for 3 to 4 seconds and smiled. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier. Fine. I will go back now.” She threw the stockings back into the bin and took a napkin to wipe her hands. After throwing the dirty napkin into the bin, she left.

Dong Xuebing was too ashamed to walk her to the door. He was too embarrassed to face her!

Xie Huilan knew what he did to her stockings! She must be furious now!


Translator’s notes: A funny chapter. Lesson learned. Don’t use the stockings thrown away by a woman immediately. Make sure she will not return before using it. Lol. I wonder if Xie Huilan was also interested in him. Anyway, he is a pervert.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 140 –Rescue!

Dong Xuebing immediately used all 7 BACKs without hesitation. These were all the BACKs he saved over the past few days.

“Why is the bus not here yet? Is there a traffic jam?”

“Who knows? I think 2 buses will arrive together later. We should be able to find a seat later.”

The traffic on the road was heavy, and many people at the bus stop were complaining about their wait for the buses. This was precisely 7 minutes ago. Dong Xuebing was thinking about many things. He saw Xie Huilan not too long ago when he was having lunch. Qiaobei’s river was not too far away, and that little girl should have just fallen into the river now. There’s still time!

Dong Xuebing immediately took out his phone can call Xie Huilan.

Ring…… ring…… ring…… ring……

Please answer…… Quick…… Don’t go into the water……

Xie Huilan did not answer his call. The phone had rung for quite long, but no one was answering. Shit! Shit! Shit! Sister Xie must have thrown her phone by the riverbank and entered the water to save that girl. No……. Maybe she saw that girl fell into the water from afar and was rushing to save her. That’s why she did not answer her phone.

What should I do? What should I do?

Dong Xuebing almost threw his phone on the floor from his anxiousness.

No. I cannot let Sister Xie die. I must save her!

Although Dong Xuebing did not want to face it, deep in his heart, he lusts after Xie Huilan. This had nothing to do with or without Aunt Xuan. All men have lusts. That’s why when Dong Xuebing heard that Xie Huilan will be leaving this world soon, he lost his mind. He could not keep calm. He started running towards the direction of the river while calling Xie Huilan again.

Ring……. Ring…… ring…… No one was answering.

F**k! Dong Xuebing cursed and ran as fast as he could towards the East.

Wait for me. I will be there soon. Hang on!

Dong Xuebing did not know he could reach in time. What he could do now was to run as fast as possible. 50m…… 100m…… 200m…… 300m…… Suddenly, the word ‘seaweeds’ appeared in his mind. That old man mentioned that all the onlookers did not enter the water to save Sister Xie was because of the seaweeds. Even if Dong Xuebing reaches there in time, he also could not save her. He might also be drowned. He immediately looked around and saw a small general store nearby. He dashed into the store.

“Boss!” Dong Xuebing threw a 100 RMB bill on the counter. “Give me a knife!”

That boss was shocked and did not move.

Dong Xuebing had no time to waste. He took out his work pass and slams it on the counter. “Police! Give me a knife!”

That boss saw Dong Xuebing’s identification card and quickly took out a fruit knife from under the counter. There was still a piece of apple peel on it. “We do not sell knives here. This is for our own use. You……”

Dong Xuebing grabbed his work pass and the small knife and ran out. He continued to run towards the river.

After making a turn into a corner, Dong Xuebing continued running forward. There were rows of houses by the side. The main road outside was bustling, but this place was formerly a village and was quite secluded. That small river on the east was not well maintained. There were all sorts of rubbish and was full of seaweeds. Sister Xie should be passing by that area to get to the food street on the opposite bank. Dong Xuebing quickly estimates the location where Xie Huilan drowned and planned the route in his mind.

I must get there in time!

500m…… 600m…… 700m……

Almost 3 minutes had passed. In another 3 minutes, that old man will be calling him to notify him about Xie Huilan’s death.

Hurry up! Dong Xuebing, why are you so slow? Run faster!

3 minutes and 15 seconds……

3 minutes and 30 seconds……

Suddenly Dong Xuebing could see the end of the row of houses. Dong Xuebing had gone to the food street here several times during his university’s days. He had walked on this route before and knew after these houses, he will reach the river. He used all his strength to run faster.

5 steps…….

10 steps……

15 steps……

20 steps……

Dong Xuebing finally got out of the alleyway.

He looked at the river. Where? Where is Xie Huilan?

The river was not frozen and was still flowing. At about 50 meters away, a young girl, covered in water, was lying by the riverbank coughing. There were 3 to 5 middle-aged men and an old man shouting towards the river anxiously. One of the men had one leg in the water and was poking around the water with a bamboo stick.

That’s the place!

Dong Xuebing could feel his blood rushing to his head and shouted: “Move aside!”

The people at the riverbank stopped moving and looked at Dong Xuebing, who was running towards them. “Young man, what are you doing? There are lots of seaweeds in the river. You will die if you enter the water.”

The man was using the bamboo pole to poke around in the water while shouting: “Grab onto the pole, quick!”

Dong Xuebing had reached those people. “Take that pole away and get out of my way!” Before all of them could react, Dong Xuebing had jumped into the water with his coat and shoes on. Everyone by the riverbank was shocked. That middle-aged man quickly moves aside with his pole. He shouted to Dong Xuebing that it’s dangerous in the water. But Dong Xuebing could no longer hear him.

Cold. The water was piercing cold!

The water was smelly, but it was not cloudy. Seaweeds had covered the bottom of the river.

Both Dong Xuebing’s legs landed into the seaweeds the moment he jumped in. But luckily, he reacted fast and tuck his legs up, preventing his legs from getting entangled in the seaweeds. He opened his eyes and ignored the stinging pain to search for Xie Huilan. He turned to his left, right, bottom…….

There she is!!!!

Dong Xuebing saw Xie Huilan 2 meters diagonally bottom from him. Her face was pale, and her lips had turned purple. Her long hair was messy, and her eyes were shut. She was no longer moving and seems to have lost consciousness. Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. I’m late? Am I too late? But Dong Xuebing had no time to waste. He swam towards her while praying in his heart. Sister Xie, you must not die. Hang on for a while more. I will bring you back to shore…….

Dong Xuebing, who had been sprinting all the way here, had used up all his stamina. What was supporting him was his determination to save Xie Huilan.

1 meter……

2 meters…….

Dong Xuebing swam over and grabbed Xie Huilan by her waist with his left hand. He started kicking and used his right hand to try to swim to the surface. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not pull Xie Huilan up. He looked down and saw a bunch of black colored seaweeds entangled on her right leg. Damn! Dong Xuebing quickly dived and took out the fruit knife to cut away the seaweeds on her leg.

The seaweeds were cut.

But just when Dong Xuebing was about to swim towards the shore, he felt something pulling him by his leg. One of his legs got entangled by the seaweed. The more he struggled, the tighter he got trapped. He could feel he was nearing his death. He had no more strength and could not hold his breath any longer.

Will I die here?

Dong Xuebing had used all his BACKs and had no other options. He gritted his teeth and summoned the last of his strength to cut the seaweeds on his leg.

Hang on for a while more……

Dong Xuebing kept telling himself to hang on for a while more, while he swam towards the surface with Xie Huilan’’s lifeless body in his arms.

1.5m to the surface……

1m to the surface……

0.5m more……

Har!!!! Dong Xuebing finally got to the surface and was gasping for air.

Alive! I am still alive.

Dong Xuebing turned and looked at Xie Huilan. He quickly swims towards the shore.

The people by the riverbank were stunned by Dong Xuebing’s bravery. No one ever expects Dong Xuebing to carry a fruit knife with him.

“How is the girl?”

“Save her! Save her quick! Is she still alive?”

The tired Dong Xuebing carried Xie Huilan onto the riverbank and lay her flat on the ground. He checked her breathing. 1 second, 2 seconds…… Dong Xuebing was shocked. He quickly checks her pulse. 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds…… Dong Xuebing was silent as he looked at Xie Huilan’s pale face.

No breathing and no pulse. Sister Xie is dead……

Dead? She is gone? I still did not get here on time?

The onlookers could tell from Dong Xuebing’s expression. Some of them sighed while others looked away.

Suddenly, the young girl, which Xie Huilan saved, shouted: “My teacher says you should do CPR during times like this. Hurry up and save her!”

Yes! That’s right! CPR!

There’s still a glimmer of hope left. Dong Xuebing immediately straddled Xie Huilan and start doing chest compressions. 1 press, 2 press, 3 press…... water began to flow out of her mouth. Dong Xuebing lowered his head. He hesitated for a moment and start blowing air into her mouth. 1 blow, 2 blows, 3 blows…… he got up and start the chest compressions again.

“Sister Xie, open your eyes! Don’t die!”

1 press, 2 press, 3 press…...

1 blow, 2 blows, 3 blows……

“Xie Huilan! Wake up! Do you hear me? Wake up now!”

After a few cycles, Xie Huilan was still lying there motionlessly.

An old man sighed and said: “Young man, you know this lady? I think you should contact her family.”

That little girl started crying. All the bystanders felt there was no way for Xie Huilan to return to life.

Dong Xuebing was furious when he heard this. “Contact her family? Who the f**k says she is dead? Ah?!” Whenever Dong Xuebing got agitated, he will start swearing. This was Beijing natives’ character. No matter whether if it is a quiet and shy woman or a little girl, they will curse. “Wake up now! Xie Huilan! Wake up!”

After some chest compressions, Dong Xuebing gave a few blows into her mouth again……

“Cough, cough……” It was a coughing sound.

Dong Xuebing felt Xie Huilan vomiting the river water into his mouth.

“Ah! She’s coughing!”

“She is still alive! She is alive!”


Dong Xuebing’s eyes were all red and continued with the chest compressions. He had revived Sister Xie.

Not long after, Xie Huilan vomited out more water and looked around her. She smiled weakly and asked: “What happened to me?”

Dong Xuebing stopped the CPR: “You still can smile? Do you know you almost died?”

Xie Huilan rubbed her face and suddenly remembered something: “How is the kid?”

“You saved her.” Dong Xuebing got off from Xie Huilan. “Just lay there. That little girl is fine.”

“Aunty…… I’m fine. Thank you for saving me.”

Xie Huilan smiled and nodded. But she was frail. She asked softly: “Xiao Dong, why are you here? I remembered I got entangled in the seaweeds. Cough…….” Xie Huilan coughed a few times. “I remembered I got not pull the seaweed off me, no matter how I tried. Cough…… Why am I still alive?”

Dong Xuebing was full of respect for Xie Huilan. She could still be so calm and think logically after she was almost drowned. “I just happen to pass by.”

“Young lady…...” The old man said. “You are fortunate to meet this young man. We tried to save you from the riverbank, but everywhere is seaweeds, and none of us dare to enter the water. This young man ran over from a distance and jumped into the water without any hesitation. We were all shocked. We thought he will be…… but who knows he had a fruit knife with him and used it to save you. But after he dragged you to shore, you have no heartbeats, and we thought you are gone. But this young man did not give up and performed CPR until you wake up.”

Another man added: “You own him your life.”

Someone said: “That’s right. Luckily, this young man is around. It’s rare to see such a brave and selfless young man at this age.” The crowd felt that when Xie Huilan went into the water to save the child, she did not know about the overgrown seaweeds in the river. She did not know about the danger. But when Dong Xuebing jumped into the river to save her, the crowd had told him about the threat. Even when he knew about the danger, he still jumps into the water without hesitation.

Xie Huilan heard what happened and looked at Dong Xuebing. “You…… What should I say?”

“All this does not matter as long as you are fine.” Dong Xuebing was exhausted. He was relieved and could no longer stand upright. He fell on the ground panting. Actually, Dong Xuebing was not as great as what the onlookers said. He only did not want a woman he likes to die before him.

Xie Huilan was touched. She does not know why Xiao Dong appeared here or why he was carrying a knife with him. She could not understand why someone who she had met a few times would risk his life to save her.

Xie Huilan could not express how grateful she was to Dong Xuebing.

Xie Huilan thanked him. “Xiao Dong. Thank you for saving me.”

After a while, the Police and Ambulance arrived.

Dong Xuebing recovered some of his strength and went over to help Xie Huilan up. “Sister Xie, I will help you to the Ambulance.”

Xie Huilan frowned and shook her head. She spoke with a shivering voice. “Can you tell them that I am not going to the hospital? Cough…... I am fine now. Furthermore, it is the Lunar New Year now. I should not let people visit me at the hospital. This is the bad thing about working in government service. Cough…… you should understand this too.” Although the temperature was not below 0 degrees, it was still winter. Xie Huilan, who was drenched, was shivering. Even the coat she got from one of the onlookers did not help. Her clothes were all wet, and she could not remove them in public.

Dong Xuebing replied: “You are coughing and shivering. You should go to the hospital. It will only be a temporary stay, and no one will know that you are hospitalized.” Dong Xuebing knew what Xie Huilan was worried about. If Dong Xuebing was hospitalized during Lunar New Year, he also does not want to tell his parents and colleagues. He will not be in the mood to entertain his colleagues and subordinates. “You can choose not to tell anyone.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “Listen to me. I cannot go to the hospital. I guarantee that within 5 minutes after I step foot into the hospital, my family and some people will know. I do not want them to visit a hospital during the new year.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Will they know if you don’t use your identification card to register?”

Xie Huilan smiled weakly. “I am also not sure. Help me back…… Cough……”

Dong Xuebing held her and said. “If you are worried that others will find out, you can come over to my place for a rest first. I am staying nearby.”

“It’s Lunar New Year now, and I will be disturbing your family. I…… I will go over to my brother’s place.”

“It’s fine. I am living alone.”

Xie Huilan looked at him and smiled. “Ok…… Sorry to bother you.”

Dong Xuebing spoke to the ambulance staff, and after they left, he went over to pick up Xie Huilan’s handbag, high heels, and phone. But one of her heels was missing. She might have dropped it in the river. Dong Xuebing helped Xie Huilan over to the police car and asked an officer, who was about his age. “Hi, can you send my leader and I to North Heping Road? It’s not far from here.”

That officer hesitated for a while: “…… I can help you all get a taxi.”

Dong Xuebing took out his wet work pass. “We are all from the same unit. Thank you.”

The officer saw Dong Xuebing’s work pass and laughed. “Sure, no problems.”

North Heping Road.

The police car stopped not far away from Dong Xuebing’s estate. After thanking the officer, Dong Xuebing helped the shivering Xie Huilan alight from the vehicle. Xie Huilan's stockings were drenched and had lost one of her heels. So, Dong Xuebing took off his shoes: “Wear my shoes first.”

Xie Huilan raised her arm to stop him, “I’m fine. It’s just a few steps.”

“There are firecrackers bits all over the place. You might hurt your foot.”

“You also cannot walk back barefooted.”

“Then…… Let me carry you up?”

Xie Huilan nodded slightly, and Dong Xuebing bend over to piggyback her. He could feel two soft mounds pressing against his back, and his heart starts beating faster. He used his hands to hold her thighs and begin to walk back to his building and up the stairs. He did not let her down until he entered his room. He carefully lowered her onto the bed. “You need to change out of your wet clothes and get a hot shower before you catch a cold.”

Xie Huilan replied weakly. “I am still feeling giddy. I will not take a shower. I need to lie down for a while first. You should take a shower first.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her worrying. But his eyes uncontrollably drifted to her sexy lips. During the CPR earlier, he had close contact with those lips. He blushed and took out some clothes from his wardrobe. “Ok…… let me know if you are feeling unwell. I will close the door you.” As he was leaving, he asked: “Do you want a glass of hot water to warm yourself up?”

“My stomach is full of that smelly river water. Cough…… I don’t feel like drinking anything.” Xie Huilan smiled. “Xiao Dong, you have saved my life, and you don’t need to treat me so politely. Haha, I am also not your leader.”

Dong Xuebing also knew that he will be closer to Xie Huilan after this incident. But he could not be casual with her immediately. Also, Xie Huilan had the air of a leader, and it was hard for him to act naturally in front of her. “Ok. Have a good rest.”

After closing the door, Dong Xuebing went to take a shower.

The hot water fell on his body and warmed him up. His blocked nose was also cleared. Xie Huilan, who was supposed to be dead, was saved by him with his powers. BACK was too powerful. His life had changed since he got BACK from that accident. His life had become smooth sailing.

After the shower, Dong Xuebing changed into clean clothes.

After blowing his hair dry, Dong Xuebing wanted to see how Xie Huilan was doing. But before he leaves the bathroom, he heard the sound of the bedroom door opening, and there were fast and heavy footsteps nearing the bathroom. The next moment, a naked Xie Huilan appeared at the bathroom door. She was covering her mouth and dashed in. She did not even look at the stunned Dong Xuebing and started vomiting into the toilet bowl.

Dong Xuebing was standing there looking at her slim naked body. She’s…… She’s…… Damn! Why was she not wearing anything?

Luckily Dong Xuebing was no longer a virgin and had seen Aunt Xuan’s body many times. He quickly covers his eyes and reaches over to pat Xie Huilan’s back. He also wanted to help her balance herself. Dong Xuebing could turn away or shut his eyes close, and he will not see Xie Huilan’s body. But this was not the issue of whether he had seen her body. He needs to let her know that he was not looking at her, that’s why he covered his eyes with one hand.

Xie Huilan’s back was damp and warm. Her complexion was very smooth, and Dong Xuebing could feel the outline of her bones. She was very slim.

After patting her back for a while, the vomiting sounds died down, and Xie Huilan said with a hoarse voice. “Thank you. Haha. I had embarrassed myself in front of you.”

Huh? You are still able to laugh now? “I will help you back to the room now?”

“Let me rinse my mouth first. Cough……” Xie Huilan still could not stand properly and was still feeling giddy.

“Don’t walk by yourself. You will fall.” Dong Xuebing replied with one hand, still covering his eyes. “Give me your hand. I will help you up.”

“Haha, it’s fine. You can open your eyes. I don’t mind.”

Dong Xuebing jumped. “Huh? How can I do that?” He could hear Xie Huilan trying to walk in front of him. He was afraid that she would fall. The bathroom’s floor was still wet after his shower. So, he mustered his courage and take his hand off his eyes. He narrowed his eyes and pulled Xie Huilan up and bring her closer to the basin.

Xie Huilan was not as shy as Aunt Xuan. She did not cover her chest or privates and did not blush. She opened the tap and washed her face. She rinsed her mouth a few times and then turned toward Dong Xuebing. She smiled: “I think I really need you to help me back to the room. I am feeling very giddy now.”

Dong Xuebing quickly covered his eyes again. “Ok. Be careful. Let’s walk slowly.”

“How can you walk with your eyes shut? I’m fine. You can open your eyes.”

“Errr……” She’s not shy about this, and why should I be feeling shy?

Dong Xuebing slowly opened his eyes, but he did not look down. If he looked down, he would see her whole naked body. He looked straight ahead and helped Xie Huilan walk back to the bedroom slowly. He only turns towards Xie Huilan after she got under the covers. He went over to his wardrobe and took out a white shirt and a pair of long pants. “Sister Xie, these are new clothes. If you don’t mind, you can wear them first. I will help you buy a set of new clothes in the afternoon.” She can’t be walking around his apartment naked.

“Haha. Thank you.”

After placing the clothes on the bed, Dong Xuebing saw the pile of wet clothes on the chair. He turned back and wanted to ask Xie Huilan, but she had fallen asleep. Dong Xuebing did not wake her up and went over to carry the pile of clothes out and closes the door. He brought the clothes into the bathroom and soak them in soap. He also separated the darker colored clothes into another pail.

Xie Huilan’s bra was black in color with a beautiful red flower embroidered on it. It was very sexy.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. He did not expect a leader in the Central Government would wear this type of sexy undergarments. His impression of high-ranking officers in the government was conservative. The higher the rank they are, the more conservative they are. But…… these were undergarments, and no one will know even if they were sexy.

Dong Xuebing swallowed his salvia and started to help her wash her clothes. He gently scrubbed the bra with his hands.

Hmmm…… Is Sister Xie married? She seems to be living alone and should be single. Ahhh……. If she can become my wife, it will be like a dream come true. I am not good at political wisdom, and Sister Xie is so smart. She can help me with my career. Furthermore, she is also a leader in government service. But…… Dong Xuebing was only fantasizing. Xie Huilan was so pretty and held a high position in the government. She was also older than him. There was no way for her to like him. Anyway, Dong Xuebing wanted to date Aunt Xuan. How can he be thinking of betraying Aunt Xuan?

Long johns…… shirt…… pants…... coat……

After washing all those clothing, Dong Xuebing threw them into the dryer. What’s left was Xie Huilan’s stockings. He started scrubbing her stockings.

The pair of stockings were slightly torn. There was no need to wash it. But Dong Xuebing still washed it cleanly. He seldom washes a woman’s clothing. It was not because he wanted to bootlick Xie Huilan. It was mainly because he wants to satisfy his own curiosity. If he missed this chance, he might never get to wash the bra and stockings of a female leader in the Central Government.

Dong Xuebing felt satisfied after all the clothes were washed. He hanged them by the heater in the living room for them to dry.

Dong Xuebing quietly walked back into the bedroom to look at Xie Huilan. What he saw was her naked back. She must have kicked the blanket off when she turns. He could see her whole back, from her neck to her feet. His heart started beating faster. He suppressed his desires and walked softly over to the bed. He covered his eyes slightly and pulled up the covers for her. Actually, it does not mind whether if he had covered his eyes or not. But who knows if Xie Huilan would wake up suddenly or not. This was showing his respect for her.

Wow……. I am so lucky today. I get to hug her in the river, kissed her on the lips during the CPR, carried her on my back, seen her naked in the bathroom, and still get to touch her bra and stockings…….

Dong Xuebing was reminiscing about what happened today. He looked at the time and went out to help Xie Huilan to buy some clothes and shoes. He brought along Xie Huilan’s heel with him to the nearby mall to get a pair of similar heels. Then he went to the women’s section to buy a set of woman’s clothing. After that, he dropped by a pharmacy to get some cold and fever medications.

Dong Xuebing had gone out for more than an hour and wonders if Sister Xie had woke up.

Dong Xuebing opened the door of his apartment with all the shopping bags in his hands. The moment he stepped into his unit, he heard Xie Huilan talking on the phone.

“Happy New Year to you too…… Hahaha…… you don’t need to visit me…… I’m…… Cough…… I am not with my family…… I am fine. I just caught a cold……. Yes….. Thank you……. There is no need for you to visit me……. That’s it.” Xie Huilan was leaning against the bathroom’s door frame. Her hair was still wet and had the fragrance of shampoo. She was wearing the set of clothes given to her by Dong Xuebing earlier. The clothes were slightly bigger, but it was still fitting. After hanging up the phone, she rubbed the center of her brows and looked at Dong Xuebing. She then looked at her bra and long johns hanging in the living room. “I’m sorry to let you wash my clothes for me.”

Dong Xuebing blushed and replied: “Your clothes still have the smelly river water smell. If it is not washed as soon as possible, the smell might remain. That’s why I washed them without your permission…… Errr…… I hang your clothes in the living room is because the heater is here. If you do not like it, I will hang them at the back. But it will dry slower.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “It’s alright. I told you that you do not need to be so polite to me.”

“Oh…… you have taken a shower? Are you feeling better?”

“Yes. But I am still feeling giddy. Maybe I have a fever.”

“Ah…… I had bought fever medications. Oh, I have bought a set of clothes and high heels for you. You can change into this. It’s not nice for you to…… wear my clothes.” Dong Xuebing waved the shopping bags in his hands. His eyes wandered to Xie Huilan’s shirt, and his heart started to beat faster. His shirt was white in color, and the material was thin. Xie Huilan was not wearing anything underneath his shirt, and he could see the outline of her nipples clearly.

Xie Huilan should have noticed it, but she still acted normally. She laughed: “Your shirt is fine. It’s quite comfortable. Haha, I will wear the clothes you bought when I am leaving. I am feeling very weak now. Cough…… Oh, how much are the clothes? I will pay you.”

Dong Xuebing walked over and supported her by her arm. “You don’t need to pay me anything. Let’s check your temperature first and get you recovered first.”

Dong Xuebing took out a thermometer from a drawer and passed it to Xie Huilan. He went to the kitchen and cook a pot of porridge from last night’s leftover rice. When he returned back to the living room with a bowl of porridge, Xie Huilan was done with her temperature reading. 38.9 degrees Celsius.

Dong Xuebing looked at the thermometer. “No wonder you are feeling dizzy. You are having high fever now. You should eat some porridge before you take medicines.” He passed the bowl of hot porridge to her carefully. “Be careful. It’s hot.” Dong Xuebing cared for her like a man caring for his girlfriend. But he cannot let Xie Huilan know about this feeling. If not, the relationship he built up would be over. That’s why Dong Xuebing acted like a subordinate caring for his leader.

After eating the porridge and medicines, Dong Xuebing helped Xie Huilan back into the bedroom.

Dong Xuebing had thought Xie Huilan had only choked on the in the water and should be fine. But now, she was running a fever and should visit the hospital. But Dong Xuebing did not suggest this to her. At the riverbank, Xie Huilan had refused to go to the hospital. If he asked her to go to the hospital now, she might think that he is trying to drive her away.

After getting under the blankets, Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing: “Not only you had saved my life, you even need to take care of me during Lunar New Year. Cough……”

Dong Xuebing helped her pull up the blanket. “It’s ok. I am very free these few days too. It’s not a problem even if I take care of you for another 3 to 5 days. Oh, do you need to inform your husband?” He was asking this just to find out if she was single.

Xie Huilan smiled and tucked her long hair behind her ears. “I am still single. What about you? Do you have a girlfriend?”

Not married yet? Dong Xuebing smiled shyly. “Huh? I…… I am considered single and don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Haha, you are so young and is already a Deputy Section Chief. Many people must be gossiping behind your back. It was the same for me back then. I have a suggestion for you. You should consider setting up a family now. At least there will be lesser people saying you are young and immature.” Xie Huilan laughed. “Hahaha, but I don’t have the right to say this. I am also…… Being single is also fun. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, Mdm. You are right.”

“You……” Xie Huilan shook her head and laughed. “Stop treating me as your leader. Do you understand?”

“Huh? Yes.” Dong Xuebing said in his heart. Look at your tone when you speak and the words you used. How can I don’t treat you as a leader? But this was not Xie Huilan’s fault. If Dong Xuebing were in her position, he would also be speaking like her tone after a few years. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes. My coughing had stopped.”

“That’s good. What would you like to have for dinner? Do you prefer bland food or heavy meals? I am not good at cooking. How about I go out and get dinner?”

“Don’t trouble yourself. I am fine with plain porridge.” Xie Huilan patted the side of the bed. “Xiao Dong. Come over and sit.”

Dong Xuebing hesitated for a while and sat down upright, with half of his butt touching the bed.

Suddenly, Xie Huilan reached over and held Dong Xuebing’s hand.

Dong Xuebing was shocked. WTF? What’s the meaning of this? Why are you holding my hands?

But Dong Xuebing had overthought. Xie Huilan smiled and patted the back of Dong Xuebing’s hand with her other hand. “Xiao Dong, I will remember what you did for me. Thank you. Haha, I know this might not sound right. But in Beijing, I still have some influence. If you encounter any problems in the future, you can just call me.

Dong Xuebing noticed that Xie Huilan mentioned Beijing and not the Central Publicity Department.

She has influence in Beijing? Isn’t she from the News department?

Translator’s notes: Another super long chapter. I hope you all enjoy it.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 139 –Xie Huilan is in danger!

It’s the 2nd day of Lunar New Year.

Luan Xiaoping had planned to return yesterday. But she was elated by the news of her son’s promotion and decided to stay one more day to accompany Dong Xuebing. This morning, Dong Xuebing sent her to the bus stop. Before she left, she cried. She felt Dong Xuebing had made her proud and want him to visit the village when he is free. Dong Xuebing was not close to his mother’s side of relatives and rarely go back. But seeing his mother’s tears, he promised he will visit her when he got the time.

Dong Xuebing returned back to his apartment alone.

Qu Yunxuan was still at her parents’ place. Chang Juan and the rest had also visited him yesterday. There should be no one visiting today.

Dong Xuebing felt bored. He went online to see if any of his former classmates were online for a chat. But all of them were offline. After switching off the PC, Dong Xuebing wondered if he should buy some gifts to his leaders. This was not bribery. It’s the Chinese culture to send gifts during festivals. Since it’s not convenient for him to visit the State Security Branch quarters, but it should be fine for him to visit Xie Huilan. Xie Huilan had helped him a lot with the incident at the Newspaper agency. He has to pay her a visit to thank her again.

That’s right. Visit Sister Xie. She is a leader in the Central Government. It will not be a bad thing to be close to her.

Dong Xuebing immediately went to the nearby shopping mall and bought a bottle of perfume worth over 1,000 RMB.

Giving gifts to leaders had lots of unspoken rules too. Firstly, Dong Xuebing cannot call up and tell the other party that he will be visiting them in advanced. He will be rejected. He will also not know if the other party was being courteous or really mean it. If he wants to give gifts, he had to visit the leaders’ straight or give them a call when he reached their place. The gift must also be specially selected. The leaders will not accept expensive presents and they will not be happy with him. If the gift were too cheap, the leaders would think that Dong Xuebing had no respect for him. That’s why Dong Xuebing picked this bottle of perfume. It’s not too expensive or cheap, and it’s suitable for female leaders.


This was the place when Dong Xuebing met Xie Huilan the first time. She mentioned that she was living in her department’s quarters nearby.

Dong Xuebing asked around and finally got the address of the Publicity Department, News division’s quarters. It was a small and old estate. There was a concrete wall surrounding the estate, and there were 3 to 4 grey apartment buildings. When the guards saw Dong Xuebing holding on to a gift, they knew he must be here to visit the leaders. They did not stop him and let him enter. The security guards there will not stop people who came here with gifts. They will only stop those who acted suspiciously.

It was quiet outside the estate, but when Dong Xuebing entered the estate, he got shocked. It was very crowded inside.

Some people were walking out empty handed, and some were walking up the stairs with lots of gifts in their hands. Outside of an apartment building, 3 people were carrying their gifts and waiting outside the gate. After someone had exit, one person outside will enter. The other two continued to remain there. They seem to be queuing up to send gifts.

Dong Xuebing was dumbfounded. The Central Government’s departments were different.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called Xie Huilan. He still does not know if she was at home.

The line got through. “Hello.”

Dong Xuebing quickly say: “Sister Xie, thank you for your help with the newspaper agency. I am at the News division quarters. I would like to pay you a visit. Errr…… is this a good time?” Before Dong Xuebing knew about Xie Huilan’s position, he did not speak politely with her. But after he found out that she was the Deputy Director of the News Division, Research Department, he changed the way he talks to her. He got no choice. Her rank was way higher than him.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Don’t be so courteous. I had owed you a favor in the past, and that’s returning your favor.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “How can your help be compared to my favor? I must thank you personally.”

“Fine. Since you are here, come up to my place. I am staying at block 6, unit 303. Come up 10 minutes later.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing realized that block 6 was the apartment building where all the leaders from the News Division were staying. Those people who were queuing up were waiting to enter block 6. There should be someone in Xie Huilan’s apartment now. If not, she will not ask him to wait for 10 minutes.

10 minutes later, it was almost lunchtime. The crowd in the quarters thinned.

Dong Xuebing walked up to the electronic gates of block 6 and pressed unit 303. “Sister Xie, it’s me.”

This was the intercom to Xie Huilan’s unit. Clicked. The electronic gate was opened, and Xie Huilan said over the intercom. “Come up.”

Dong Xuebing quickly entered the building. But before he could walk up the stairs, he heard someone talking upstairs.

“Director Xie, you don’t need to walk me out.”

“Old Xu, then I will not send you.”

“Yes. Please go back.”

When Dong Xuebing reached the second level, he walked past Old Xu. He was in his 40s, and they looked at each other without saying a word. Xie Huilan had not closed her doors and was waiting outside her unit. She smiled when she saw Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing quickly walks over. It’s not good to let a leader wait. “Sister Xie, Happy Lunar New Year.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “Happy New Year to you too. Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered her apartment and saw a cabinet full of gifts. There were cosmetics, wine, health supplements, fruit baskets, etc. Dong Xuebing looked at all those gifts and placed his perfume on the cabinet. After that, he chatted with Xie Huilan as they walked over to the living room. This was an old apartment, but it was well decorated.

“What tea would you prefer? Flower or red tea?”

“No need. Plain water will do. I will pour myself.”

“Hahaha. You are too courteous with me.”

Dong Xuebing poured a glass of water for himself and sat upright on the sofa.

Xie Huilan was wearing a white shirt and black pants. Her hair was tied up in a bun and had crossed her legs. She was wearing skin-colored stockings with a pair of black high heels. She was very sexy with a slim and tall figure, coupled with her beautiful features.

Dong Xuebing had a hard time controlling his eyes. His eyes kept drifting down to look at her body.

Damn! What am I thinking? Sister Xie is a bigshot! What am I looking at? I already have Aunt Xuan, and I am still not satisfied?

Dong Xuebing scolded himself in his heart and took a sip of water to hide his embarrassment.

Xie Huilan was looking at him with a smile. She gracefully picks up a piece of orange and eats it. She smiled and pushes the fruit platter towards Dong Xuebing. “Have some fruits. Oh, Xiao Dong, I still do not know what you are working as.”

Dong Xuebing straightened his back and replied. “I am also working for the government agency. I am working at Western District State Security’s General Affairs Office.”

“Oh…… State Security? One of my colleague’s partner is also from your branch. General Affairs Office’s job should be quite tiring. What do you handle?”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly. “Our Chief had delegated most of the work to us. I am in charge of most of the back-end support in the branch.”

Xie Huilan looked at him in surprise and laughed: “Deputy Chief?”

“Yes….” Dong Xuebing took another sip of water and secretly looked at her chest again.

Xie Huilan looked more surprised. “Not bad. You are about to reach this rank at your age is not easy. Do your best.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. You are also not much older than me, and you are already a Deputy Director of a big department. What am I compared to your rank? But Dong Xuebing knew that if they were to compare the speed of their promotions, he would win her. He was promoted to Deputy Section Chief in 4 months. How many people can be compared to him? Of course, those highly educated people who joined as Deputy Section Chief cannot be considered.

Both chatted for a few minutes. Dong Xuebing also wanted to be closer to a high-ranking leader like Xie Huilan. But they had only met each other a few times. They cannot be considered close.

After a while, Xie Huilan looked at her watch casually.

Dong Xuebing knew that this was a hint for him to leave. He quickly stood up and said. “Sister Xie, it’s almost twelve. I will not bother you anymore. I would like to thank you again for your help with the newspaper agency. If you need my help in the future, just let me know. I will do my best.” Dong Xuebing knew what he said was meaningless. Xie Huilan is a high-ranking leader and definitely will have some background. How can he offer any help to her?

Xie Huilan stood up slowly: “Ok. I will not keep you here. I still have a lunch appointment later.”

“I will be going then. Please stay here. I will walk myself out.”

After leaving Xie Huilan’s apartment, Dong Xuebing stood in the estate’s compound and took a deep breath. His performance earlier was not excellent. He had chatted with Xie Huilan for so long and could not find a topic that could interest her. This is not good. But at least she accepted his gift. There is still chance for him to get closer to her in the future.

After walking out of the estate, Dong Xuebing felt hungry. He looked around and saw a restaurant. He entered and ordered two dishes. In his mind, he was still thinking about Xie Huilan’s perfect looks and her sweet smile. He could feel his heart beating faster. Sigh……. The ancestors of the one who gets to marry Sister Xie would be dancing in their graves. Dong Xuebing wonders if Sister Xie was married or has any children. In the end, Dong Xuebing forced himself to stop thinking about Xie Huilan.

“Director Xie, Happy New Year. You are going out?”

“Happy New Year to you too. Yes. I’m going out for lunch.”

Dong Xuebing saw Xie Huilan walking out of the estate and spoke to a middle-aged man near the gates. A firecracker landed near her. That middle-aged man quickly stepped in front of Xie Huilan to protect her. “Director Xie, firecrackers are dangerous. You must be careful when you are outside.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Thank you. I will be safe.”

“Take care.”

Dong Xuebing felt the distance between him and Xie Huilan was too far apart. He is also a leader, but only the staff at the General Affairs Office gave him respect. Look at Sister Xie, anyone she met on the streets treated her respectfully. It was not only because of her rank and position. It was the temperament of a leader. Dong Xuebing felt he still does not have the experience and air of a leader.

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Huilan’s back view as she walked away. He was secretly learning from her.

After finishing his lunch, Dong Xuebing walked towards the bus stop slowly.

A few buses went past the bus stop, but the bus Dong Xuebing was waiting for had not arrived. He deliberates if he should walk home as it was not too far away from his house. Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s iPhone rang. He looked at the caller ID and was surprised. It was Xie Huilan’s number. Eh? This should not be possible. I am not that close with Sister Xie, and why is she calling me?

Dong Xuebing quickly answered the call.

He cleared his throat and said: “Hello, Sister Xie.”

But the voice of the caller was not Xie Huilan, and Dong Xuebing was shocked. It was an old man’s voice. “I saw your number on the phone, that’s why I called you. Are you this lady’s family? If not, can you inform her family?”

“What are you talking about?” Dong Xuebing sense something was not right. “What happened to Sister Xie?”

“A young girl had fallen into the water at the river east of Qiao Bei. This lady past by and saw it. She immediately drops her phone by the river bank and jumps into the water to save the girl. She managed to pull the girl to shore, but her legs got entangled with the seaweeds. I don’t know how to swim, and the rest of the onlookers dare not go into the water after seeing the seaweeds. Now…… now……”

Dong Xuebing turned pale immediately. “Hurry up and tell me.”

The old man continued: “Sighed…… she is dead. Her body is still in the water. We have called the police and are waiting for them to come and retrieve her body. Young man, can you notify her family?”

“Impossible…… This is impossible……”

“Sighed…… I’m sorry for your loss.”

Xie Huilan is dead?

Xie Huilan is dead?

Dong Xuebing hanged up in a daze. He could not believe what he heard. Was this a prank? Sister Xie was still chatting with him earlier, and now, she’s dead??

How was this possible?

1 second……

2 seconds……

Suddenly Dong Xuebing remembered something. He shouted at the top of his voice: “BACK!”

He can save her!

He must save her!

Translator’s notes: Lol. The author clearly has a fetish with stockings and older women. Whenever he describes a woman in this novel, he had to mention the color of their stockings.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 138 – Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year.

It’s Lunar New Year’s Eve today, and people in Beijing calls this day, the 30th.

Sounds of firecrackers can be heard everywhere. Everyone can feel the celebration vibes along the streets. Dong Xuebing’s mood was also excellent. He had received the official confirmation of his promotion to Deputy Section Chief from the higher-ups yesterday and was overjoyed. After pasting a pair of couplets and a “Fu” word on his front door, he returned to his apartment to start wrapping the chives and pork dumplings.

But Dong Xuebing’s only regret for this New Year was it was as quiet as before in his house.

Aunt Xuan is not married and had to return to her parents’ and grandparents’ house to celebrate. This was because she has a big family. She had left for her parents’ place yesterday morning and should return after the New Year holidays. Dong Xuebing’s mother was currently on the way back to Beijing, and Dong Xuebing could only knead the dough himself.

Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“Chief Xiao Dong, I’m Old Yan. Hahaha, I am calling you to wish you a happy new year.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised and replied: “Happy New Year to you too.”

Old Yan chatted with him for a while. Dong Xuebing remembered that he is different from before. Not only people will be calling him to wish him Happy New Year, he also has to send his greetings to his leaders. He cannot visit the State Security’s quarters to visit His leaders personally. His promotion was an exceptional case and if he visits the leaders, there will bound to have gossips and rumors. It would be worse if he brought New Year gifts for the leaders. State Security is different from other government agencies. So, after pondering for a while, Dong Xuebing start to call Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan, and other leaders to send his greetings.

“Chief Xu, I am calling you to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year. Thank you for taking care of me all this time. This coming year, I will continue to work hard and follow your footsteps…….”

“Chief Zhen, Happy Lunar New Year. I wish for you to have a prosperous year……”

Dong Xuebing even called Xie Huilan to wish her. No surprises, her number was the hardest to get through. Dong Xuebing had only called Chief Xu twice and Chief Zhen four times before the line got through. But he had to try dialing Xie Huilan’s number 18 times before he could reach her on the 19th call. He wonders how many people were calling her to send her Lunar New Year's wishes. This is the peak period for people to call their leaders.

After calling all the leaders, Dong Xuebing continued to knead the dumplings’ dough.

Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s phone rang again.

It was Tan Limei who called. “Hehe, Happy Lunar New Year, Chief Dong. I hope this coming year will be a good year for you.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Thank you. I also wish the best for you and Sun Zhuang.” She was one of his closest subordinates, and he could be more casual with him.

“Thank you. Eh? Why is your place so quiet? Are you alone?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Xiao Tan, stop adding salt to my wounds. Hahaha. My mother is on her way back. This year will still be both of us. If not, why would I be kneading the dough for dumplings myself.”

“Ahh…… This should not be happening. I will go over with Zhuang Zhi to help you.”

“It’s fine. Thank you.”

“My family has our reunion dinner at night, and I am quite free now. If it is convenient, I can go over now. Errr…… Actually, Zhuang Zhi and I have a small request. We had planned to go over to your place on the first day of New Year to speak to you.

Dong Xuebing heard what she said and did not stop her. “Ok, then. Come over for lunch.”

The doorbell rang when Dong Xuebing hangs up the call.

Dong Xuebing thought his mother had reached and went over to open the door.

But it was Guo Panwei. He had two big bags with him. “Chief Dong, Happy New Year. These are some gifts for you. Here. I will not bother you anymore.” The unspoken rule was to visit the leaders on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day of the Lunar New Year. But Guo Panwei knows about Chief Xiao Dong’s family background. He does not have many relatives, and Guo Panwei came over to see if he could help with anything.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Come in, come in. There is no need for gifts.”

Guo Panwei looked into Dong Xuebing’s apartment: “Errr…… is it convenient?”

“Of course. I am alone at home. My mother will be back later. Come in for a sit.”

“Thank you. Hope I had not bothered you.”


Outside of the apartment building.

Dong Xuebing’s mother, Luan Xiaoping, walked towards the building. She saw all households had hanged red lanterns outside of their windows and kids playing with firecrackers. Luan Xiaoping smiles to herself. Since her son had entered the Civil Service, she had not returned home. Now, she could finally see her son and was overjoyed. But she was also worried about her son. Luan Xiaoping knew she had a weak character and would cry easily. Dong Xuebing was matured and kept a lot of things from her to prevent her from getting worried. She wondered how Dong Xuebing was doing in the government agency. He kept telling her that everything was fine with his work and she wonders if he was telling her the truth.

“Eh, Sister Luan?” An old neighbor saw Luan Xiaoping and went over to greet her. “Happy New Year.”

Luan Xiaoping smiled: “Happy New year to you too. How is your kid? Has he graduated from University?”

That neighbor replied: “He had graduated and got a job. But his salary is just enough, unlike your son, Xiao Bing.”

Luan Xiaoping was feeling good in her heart, but she did not show her happiness on her face. “Xuebing’s salary if also not very high. How much can a staff member earn? At most, he is getting 3,000 RMB a month and getting some gifts from the government during festivals.”

That neighbor was surprised: “That’s not right. I thought Xiao Bing had been promoted?”

Luan Xiaoping paused for a while and laughed. “He is promoted? His probation is not over yet.”

That neighbor replied: “But everyone here is talking about this. Oh, maybe I had misheard. Hahaha, but your Xiao Bing is still very capable. Even that arrogant Section Chief Xu was driven away by him. His unit is now rented out to a couple who sells clothing at North Heping road.” Luan Xiaoping was stunned again. Section Chief Xu? That government officer staying upstairs? Xiao Bing had driven him away? What does this mean? How did Xiao Bing drive them away? But before she could ask any more details, that neighbor said: “Oh, my relatives are here. I need to fetch them at the entrance. Come over to my place for tea when you are free.”

The confused Luan Xiaoping continued her way back home. Along the way, she was scared by the loud firecrackers.

Clink, clank, clink, clank…… Luan Xiaoping opened the door with her keys. “Xuebing, I’m back.”

“Mum? Why are you so late? Traffic jams?”

“The bus got delayed.”

“You must be Aunty. Happy New Year.”

Luan Xiaoping was surprised to see there were two men in the apartment. Other than her son, there was another man in his early 30s. From one look, she knew this man must also be working with the government. Luan Xiaoping, hanged her coat and entered the unit. “You must be Xuebing’s colleague. Happy New Year to you too.” She was puzzled why would her son’s colleague came over to his apartment on New Year’s Eve. She saw there was not even a glass of water on the coffee table, and she stared at her son. “You don’t know how to prepare tea for your colleagues?”

Dong Xuebing laughed: “He had just arrived too.”

Guo Panwei quickly stood up: “Aunty, I can pour myself. Let me do it.”

Guo Panwei took the hot water flask and poured a glass of water for Luan Xiaoping and Dong Xuebing, followed by himself.

Luan Xiaoping was stunned. She thought to herself. You all are staff members in the same office, why are you pouring water for my son? You are also much older than my son. After thanking Guo Panwei, Luan Xiaoping looked at him: “…… Errr….. How do I address you?”

Guo Panwei was sitting upright, with 1/3 of his butt touching the sofa. He replied politely: “Guo Panwei. Aunty, you can call me Xiao Guo.”

“Oh, you are also from the General Affairs Office?”


Luan Xiaoping was speechless when she saw Guo Panwei being so uptight. She thought to herself. Am I that scary? All my students said I look gentle. Why was this man so nervous when he sees me? Luan Xiaoping sat down on the sofa. “Don’t stand on ceremony. Just treat this place as your own place. How is work? Are you all busy?” Luan Xiaoping was trying to strike a conversation.

Guo Panwei replied with his back straighten. “It’s festive seasons, and we are slightly busier than usual.”

Luan Xiaoping nodded. “How is our Xuebing’s performance at work? Did he get scolded by the leaders? This son of mine…… he always keeps everything to himself and did not tell me anything.”

Guo Panwei was stunned: “…… got scolded? Aunty, who dares to scold Chief Dong?” Guo Panwei said to himself. Someone did scold Chief Dong. Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie had scolded him before. But both of them were invited to have tea with the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and no one had seen them afterward. Since that incident, everyone will think twice if they want to scold Chief Dong.

It was Luan Xiaoping’s turn to be shocked. “Chief Dong? What Chief Dong?”

Guo Panwei was surprised. “You do not know?”

“What should I know?”

Dong Xuebing laughed and patted the back of his mother’s hand. “Mum, you have been working in the village and have not returned. That’s why I have not told you. I wanted to tell you about this when I see you. I am now the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office and joined the Party. Oh, my promotion to Deputy Section Chief was confirmed yesterday. I am now considered a government cadre.” He had not told his mother about his work was because he wanted to give her a surprise. He was overjoyed when he sees his mother’s facial expression now.

“Huh?” Luan Xiaoping was shocked. “You are promoted?”

Guo Panwei added: “Aunty, since the day Chief Dong joined the bureau, his performance cannot be compared. No one can achieve his results. He had completed impossible tasks and assignments. Even if Chief Dong is promoted to Section Chief…… no, even if he is promoted to Deputy Director, no one will say anything. It’s normal for him to be promoted.”

Luan Xiaoping was trying to digest what she heard. Results? She knows her son well. Since young, her son had been clumsy and not very smart. What results can he have? It would be a blessing if he did not get into trouble.

Dong Xuebing laughed: “Mum, there will be some more people coming over in a while. Let’s wrap dumplings. The dumplings I wrapped are too ugly.”

“Let me do it. Let me do it.” Guo Panwei volunteered and ran to the bathroom to wash his hands. After he washed his hands, he carried the dumpling dough and fillings to the kitchen. “Chief Dong, Aunty has not been back for a while. I’m sure you two have lots of things to say. I will not disturb you two. I will wrap the dumplings in the kitchen.”

Dong Xuebing stopped him. “Panwei, don’t need to do this. Sit down.”

“It’s fine. I am free today and had dropped by to see if there is anything I can help you with. But the dumplings I wrapped might not be as nice as yours or aunty.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Look at you. You came all over to my place and still have to do work for me.”

“It’s my duty.”

Luan Xiaoping grabbed her son’s hand and asked: “Xuebing, you are really promoted?”

“Of course.”

“Did you get his colleague to trick me?”

“Huh? What should I trick you?”

Luan Xiaoping still does not believe this. How is this possible? Her son should not be so capable. Just when she was able to ask Dong Xuebing for his identification pass, the doorbell rang. Luan Xiaoping was closer to the door, and she walked over to open it. There was a couple standing outside. The guy was tall and fat, and the girl was small in size.

“You all are?”

Tan Limei smiled: “Aunty, you must be Chief Dong’s mother. Hello. Happy New Year.”

Sun Zhuang also greeted: “Happy Lunar New Year, Aunty.”

Hearing this couple calling her son Chief Dong, Luan Xiaoping believed her son was not lying to her. She opened the door and invited them in.

After entering, Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang placed the gifts they bought by the side of the door. There were some red Chinese knots and fruits. There seem to be two cartons of Zhonghua cigarettes. Luan Xiaoping got a shock. Although she does not know much about cigarettes, she knew the prices of Zhonghua brand of cigarettes. This was an expensive brand. Tan Limei faced Dong Xuebing and smiled: “Chief Dong, I am here to help you wrap dumplings.”

Dong Xuebing laughed: “Panwei is wrapping the dumplings in the kitchen.”

Tan Limei gasped: “Brother Guo is here too? Then I will not have the chance to impress you. No. I must find something to do too.” She looked around and then held Luan Xiaoping’s hand. “Aunty, I have learned some massage from my mother. Let me massage your shoulders.”

Luan Xiaoping quickly waved her hands. “No need. No need.”

“Hehe, I am really good with my skills. I guarantee you will be impressed. Give me a chance to perform, please.” Sun Zhuang was not good with words, but Tan Limei have a sweet tongue. After a while, she made Luan Xiaoping sit down on the sofa and start massaging her shoulders like a daughter giving her mother massage. She continued: “Aunty, your complexion is perfect. Even youngsters like us cannot be compared to your complexion.”

Luan Xiaoping laughed. “Haha, I am almost 50. How can I be compared to you all?”

“Ah…… you are almost 50? You don’t look like your age. I still thought you are 40 years old.”

Luan Xiaoping had never experienced this type of treatment before. She smiled: “Girl, you must be tired. Sit down and have some water. I will brew some tea.”

Tan Limei replied: “I’m not tired. I still have to massage your legs.”

Sun Zhuang was also not idling. He took the broom and dustpan and start cleaning up the house.

Dong Xuebing wondered why these two were so trying so hard to please him today. Also, why did they get so many gifts? He remembered Tan Limei had mentioned she needed his help over the phone and decided to let them be. Anyway, his mother had worked hard for most of her life, and he could finally let her enjoy life.

Luan Xiaoping was feeling good by Tan Limei’s massage. Not only her shoulders felt good, but she also felt good inside. She finally believes her son had become a government officer. People are bringing him gifts and pouring water and tea. Someone is helping him wrap dumplings, massaging her shoulders and one of them is sweeping the floor. Their family had never experienced this type of treatment before. My son is capable now.

Half an hour later.

Guo Panwei walked out of the kitchen, smiling. “Chief Dong, Aunty, I have wrapped all the dumplings.”

Luan Xiaoping felt apologetic. “Thank you. Come over and have some fruits.” She looked at Tan Limei, who was still massaging her legs. “Girl, you must be tired. You can stop the massaging now. Come over and take a break. I will prepare lunch for all of you.”

Guo Panwei quickly replied: “No need. If there is nothing else for me to help, I will be going. Thank you for your offer.”

Tan Limei looked at Guo Panwei and said: “We will be going back soon.”

Luan Xiaoping was overjoyed to know her son was promoted and does not want to let them go back. “It is lunchtime soon. All of you stay here for lunch. I will just prepare a few dishes.”

Guo Panwei, Tan Limei, and Sun Zhuang looked at Dong Xuebing. All of them also wanted to stay longer. It was not about lunch. It was about attitude. Only the trusted aides of the leader can be invited to have meals with the leader’s family members. Furthermore, today was Lunar New Year Eve. If they could dine with their leader and his family today, that means they are his trusted subordinates.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “If you all have matters to attend at home, go ahead. It’s Lunar New Year, and family is more important. If you all do not have anything important, stay for lunch. We are all one family after all.” After saying this, Dong Xuebing felt great. He feels like he was becoming more and more like a leader.

Luan Xiaoping was feeling proud of her son when she saw her son behaving like some top leader.

Guo Panwei was ecstatic when he heard Dong Xuebing saying they are one family. He knew that Chief Xiao Dong no long has grudges with him. “Then……. Let me help Aunty wash the vegetables.”

Tan Limei also said: “I will help with the cooking.”

Sun Zhuang added: “I…… I will help too.”

The dumplings were for dinner, and they prepared some simple dishes for lunch.

After lunch, Guo Panwei helped Luan Xiaoping wash the dishes before he leaves. This time, Luan Xiaoping did not stop him from going. She knew that everyone should be busy during this period. But Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang did not leave. After Guo Panwei stepped out of the apartment, Sun Zhuang and Tan Limei seem to be holding back something. Tan Limei did not know how to say it, and she just continues her massage on Luan Xiaoping’s legs.

Luan Xiaoping could also tell they had something to say to Dong Xuebing. “Girl, both of you want to ask Xuebing something?”

Tan Limei cleared her throat embarrassedly: “Yes…. We…… We need a favor from Chief Dong, but it’s embarrassing to ask. We should not be talking about this during Lunar New Year.” During Lunar New Year, people will be exchanging gifts, and seldom will they ask for favors, unless it was very urgent.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “What is it?”

Tan Limei gave Sun Zhuang a look, and he blushed. He waited for a while but did not say anything. He signaled to Tan Limei with his eyes. Tan Limei stared at him angrily and told Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong. Sun Zhuang and I are dating, and we are not allowed to work in the same department. But due to manpower shortage some time ago, we are not separated. But Director Li Qing had looked for Sun Zhuang yesterday. He wants to transfer Sun Zhuang to the Commission for Discipline Inspection Department.”

Dong Xuebing heard this. Commission for Discipline Inspection? It’s good. At least it’s better than the Archive department.

Tan Limei looked at Dong Xuebing and said: “You should also know about the work at Commission for Discipline Inspection…… I am afraid……”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Ok. I know. Just say what department you want him to go.”

Luan Xiaoping was shocked. What does this mean? Her son can pick the department to transfer his subordinate? He has this authority?

Sun Zhuang finally opened his mouth. “I think the Political Section’s work…… Errr…… If possible……” The Political Section is a popular department in the branch. Their job was to observe and monitor the performance of the staff in the branch. Everyone wants to be transferred there. But it’s tough to enter.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and replied: “Ok. I will help you ask around after Lunar New Year. This should not be a problem.” He was quite close to the leaders now, and this was only a small issue.

Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang were elated. They quickly thanked Dong Xuebing.

Before they leave, Dong Xuebing looks through the gifts they bought and said: “I will keep the fruits and Chinese knots. Take the cigarettes back.”

Tan Limei quickly said: “Chief Dong, you have helped Sun Zhuang a lot. We……”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “This is only a small matter. I also do not smoke. Bring these cigarettes back for the elders in your families. Oh, wait a while.” Dong Xuebing opened a cabinet and took out a bottle of Maotai. He smiled and gave it to Sun Zhuang. “This is a gift from others. I am also a non-drinker. Take this back with you all.” When Dong Xuebing was not a leader, he looked forward to being receiving gifts. But after he had become a leader, he started to wonder what to do with all the gifts he received.

Tan Limei replied: “Chief Dong……”

“Just take it. Go back and enjoy the holiday.”

Luan Xiaoping looked at that bottle of Maotai. Although she could not bear to give that bottle of Maotai away, she added: “Just take it. Xuebing does not drink.”

“Errr…… Thank you, Chief Dong.” Both of them took the bottle from Dong Xuebing and left.

After leaving Dong Xuebing’s apartment building, Tan Limei looked at the bottle of Maotai and said: “We are here to ask Chief Xiao Dong for favors. But he did not accept our gifts. Instead, we are the ones going back with his gift……”

Sun Zhuang said: “Bing Zhi is a good man.”

Tan Limei sighed. “Yes. I have never met such a good leader. I don’t know how he treats others, but he really takes care of his subordinates. Remember that time when Guo Shunjie framed Chief Xiao Dong, Chang Juan, and I? If Chief Xiao Dong did not accept the full responsibility for that incident, Chang Juan and I would be in trouble. Where else can we find such a good leader?”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 137 – Deputy Section Chief!


North Heping Road, Qu Yunxuan’s apartment.

Qu Yunxuan was putting up a pair of couplets on the wall. There were some red and gold Lunar New Year decorations in the living room. On the coffee table, there were some packets of sweets, nuts, and seeds. There were also some chocolates and gummy candies in a glass bowl. This year’s Lunar New Year was slightly earlier. In a few more days, it will be Lunar New Year's eve. This was the time when everyone in China starts to decorate their houses.

The door opened, and someone entered the house.

Qu Yunxuan knew who had come in without even raising her head. “You had dinner with your leaders? Are you still hungry?”

“Yes. I want to eat you.”

“Eat your head! Stop talking nonsenses! Are you asking for a beating?”

“Hahaha……” Dong Xuebing did not care what Qu Yunxuan was doing and went over to carry her up to the sofa. He even spins around with her in his arms. Dong Xuebing could not show his happiness too openly at his unit, as he was afraid others might gossip about him. Now, he had returned home and could openly show his joy and excitement. “Aunt Xuan, I had gotten some credits when I was dining with the leaders. This is a great credit. I think someone from the Political Section will look for me within these few days.”

Qu Yunxuan was holding on to Dong Xuebing around his neck as she was being carried by Dong Xuebing. “Why will they be looking for you?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It is about my promotion. I will be getting my promotion to Deputy Section Chief rank!”

Qu Yunxuan was surprised. She pinched Dong Xuebing lightly: “Don’t try to trick me. You are really going to be promoted?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “If it is this morning, I only stand a 50% chance of getting this promotion. But now, I am sure! Hahaha, you might not know. Although there are strict regulations on promotions, like minimum number of years, probations, or two years observations, etc. but it will all depend on the leaders. Oh, I did not tell you about what I had done since I entered the government sector. I can’t even count the number of times I got credit with one hand. Why will they not promote me? No one will say anything, even if I am promoted based on an exceptional basis.”


“Of course. Why should I lie?”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Qu Yunxuan got up from Dong Xuebing’s arms and kissed him on his forehead. “You are terrific. This calls for a celebration. I will go and buy some alcohol.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “You want me to break the rules? Our department forbids us to drink too much alcohol. I also cannot drink. I will be drunk even if it is a small glass.”

“Then…… Let’s go to the restaurant.”

“Huh? I just had my dinner. Didn’t I SMS you?”

Qu Yunxuan grumbled. “That Section Chief Xu, who was driven out by you, got his Deputy Chief Rank when he was almost 40. He only got Section Chief Rank when he is 50. How old are you now? How long have you joined your agency? Shouldn’t we celebrate? We did not even celebrate when you become the Deputy Chief of your office.”

Dong Xuebing also felt this promotion was a significant leap in his career. He was only receiving Deputy Section Chief’s benefits but did not have the rank. With this promotion, he will be considered a real government official. This really calls for a celebration. “Errr…… I am still full. Why not we have dinner at Wang Fu after work tomorrow? Wait. The excitement will die off if we wait until tomorrow. Let’s go shopping and then watch a movie today.”

Qu Yunxuan playfully pinched his nose. “Ok. I will listen to everything you say today.”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes fluttered and looked at Qu Yunxuan, who was in her long johns. “I can also decide what you wear today?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and quickly covered her chest. She stared at Dong Xuebing and scolded. “You pervert. Are you trying to bully me again?” She reached over to hold Dong Xuebing’s hand and led him to her bedroom. She switched on the lights and draw up the curtains. She then walked over to her wardrobe: “I am in a good mood today, and I will listen to you this time. But this is the only time. If you have any weird requests in the future, I will beat you up! There. All my clothes are there. You can pick what you want me to wear.”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his hands excitedly. Everyone has their own preferences, and preferences change over time. For example, when Dong Xuebing was in Junior High, he likes to see his female classmates in short skirts. But his classmates had to wear uniforms in school. It was only on school outings or tuition classes on weeks ends when they wear dresses. But now, Dong Xuebing prefers mature and smart dressing. He felt women in such dressing were more feminine and attractive. That’s why Dong Xuebing was very excited to pick the clothes for Qu Yunxuan.

Dong Xuebing decided to start picking the clothes from the inside. He bent over and opened the drawer containing Qu Yunxuan’s bras and panties.

Qu Yunxuan immediately blushed and reached over to pull Dong Xuebing’s ear. “You cannot pick those. I…… I had just changed this morning.”

Dong Xuebing turned and looked at her. “Didn’t you say you will listen to me today?”

“……. You cannot choose my inner wear.”

“Ah…… why are you still so shy? Look at you. You are blushing.”

“You want me to tear your mouth?”

Dong Xuebing love to tease Qu Yunxuan. No matter how much she objected, he started search through the drawer, looking for the bra and panties he likes. Qu Yunxuan hit him a few times on his back and saw he still was continuing, she gave up.

“Oh.” Dong Xuebing suddenly stopped and asked: “Aunt Xuan, what is the color of your bra now?”

Qu Yunxuan stared at him angrily. “White!”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly. “Can you let me take a look?”

“You want to die?!”

“Errr…… Just one look. If I don’t know what you are wearing now, how can I choose your outfit today?”

After bargaining for some time, Qu Yunxuan finally gave in. She hit him a few times and then lift up her top for one second. She blushed and quickly covered herself up. “Are you satisfied now?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. Actually, he does not care what Qu Yunxuan was wearing. He only wants to see her change. After searching through the drawer for a while, he took out a pair of matching lacy bra and panties and gave it to her.

Qu Yunxuan quickly snatched it from him and said: “I will change after you go out.”

Dong Xuebing will never do that. “Change now. I will not peep.”

“Who would believe you?”

“Didn’t you say you will listen to me? Why did you change so fast?”

“……” After hesitating for one minute, Qu Yunxuan took off her clothes when Dong Xuebing turned back to choose her clothes.

Dong Xuebing was peeping through the corner of his eyes. He then continued to choose the stockings. He picked a pair of skin-colored stockings. “Wear this too.”

Qu Yunxuan, who was only in her bra and panties, covered her chest with her arms and stared at him: “You want me to wear a skirt in Winter?”

“What skirt are you talking about?”

“Then why are you asking me to wear stockings?”

Dong Xuebing blushed. “Errr…… It’s my personal preference.” Dong Xuebing loves the smooth feeling of stockings. He felt stockings were a must for a mature and beautiful woman like Qu Yunxuan. Although black stockings were sexier, it does not suit a virtuous woman like Qu Yunxuan. Skin-colored stockings feel more homely and gentle.

Qu Yunxuan gritted her teeth and sat down on the bed to put on the stockings. She pretended to not see Dong Xuebing peeping at her.

After a while, the perfectly dressed up Qu Yunxuan appeared in front of Dong Xuebing.

Qu Yunxuan’s hair was tied up in a bun with a clip and had light makeup. She was wearing a white shirt with tight black pants. She looked more mature than usual. Dong Xuebing walked around her a few times admiring her and nodded.

“Am I beautiful?”

“Yes. You are the prettiest woman I had ever seen.”

Qu Yunxuan smiled and rolled her eyes. “You are just saying this to make me happy.”

Dong Xuebing swallowed his saliva and said: “Seeing you like this makes me feel like staying at home. Why not we celebrate in bed?”

Qu Yunxuan slapped the back of Dong Xuebing’s head and grabbed her coat. “Stop your nonsense. Let’s go.”

On the way out, they met their neighbor, Aunt Liu walking up the stairs with a bottle of peanut oil. She saw Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing and smiled: “Xuebing, Xiao Qu, you two are going out?”

Qu Yunxuan quietly moved slightly away from Dong Xuebing and replied. “Yes. It’s almost New Year. I am going to the supermarket to buy a packet of rice. It’s too heavy, and I can’t carry it myself. So, I got Xiao Bing to come with me. Hahaha.”

Aunt Liu laughed: “That’s right. You should get a husband. It is inconvenient to not have a man around.”

Qu Yunxuan nodded. “I am still looking for one too.”

After both of them walked out of their estate, Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “You really know how to lie. Buy rice?”

Qu Yunxuan saw it was already dark and there was no one around. She moved closer and held Dong Xuebing’s hand lightly: “Then what should I say?”

“Just say we are going out for a date.”

“Go to hell! I still have not agreed to be your girlfriend.”

Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing strolled along shopping street slowly. Almost everyone, regardless of old and young, will turn back to look at Qu Yunxuan. Dong Xuebing felt proud to be walking alongside with her. In Beijing, almost everyone wants to stand out among the rest. If you ask any guys on the streets of Beijing, what type of girlfriend are they looking for, their answer will most likely be “someone whom I can bring out.” There are two meanings to this answer. One is about the woman’s look. The prettier their girlfriends are, the more they will want to bring them out. Another type is the woman’s character. The woman must not throw a tantrum or talk back to her boyfriend in front of his friends. Qu Yunxuan is a beautiful and matured woman. She was the perfect combination of both types.

As it was getting late, Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan did not go the Cinema in the central part of Beijing. They went to a small cinema nearby.

After getting the tickets, they went to a café for a drink to wait for the movie. They were watching an overseas romance movie, and there were not many people in the cinema. At most, there were only about a dozen people in the cinema, and they were seated in the center and near the front. Dong Xuebing had naughty thoughts when they enter the cinema. He pulled Qu Yunxuan to the corner in the last row. This was not the right spot to watch the movie, but it was quiet, and no one was seated nearby.

Qu Yunxuan put on a straight face: “Idiot! Are you thinking of doing something to me again?”

Dong Xuebing laughed: “Absolutely not.”

“We are in public. You better behave yourself. If not, I will hit you.” Qu Yunxuan took off her coat and sat down with a box of popcorns beside Dong Xuebing. She picked up popcorn and was about to put it into her mouth when she saw Dong Xuebing move nearer with his mouth opened. Qu Yunxuan could only put the popcorn into his mouth. “Behave yourself.”

The movies started. The plot of the film was the same as all romance movies.

Dong Xuebing was not even looking at the screen. He saw Qu Yunxuan watching the movie attentively and secretly moved his hand over to her thighs. He was feeling her up. Qu Yunxuan felt Dong Xuebing’s hand and quickly looked around before she gave him a stare. She did not say anything and continued watching the movie. But she was not as focused as before.

“Xuan Xuan, sit on my lap.”

“What for?”

“I want to hold you while I watch the movie.”


“Quick. I still have something to discuss with you.”


Qu Yunxuan did not reply, and Dong Xuebing just bent over to carry her up. Qu Yunxuan was tall and with her voluptuous figure, her weight was about the same as Dong Xuebing. It was hard for him to carry her to his lap in this position. Dong Xuebing was panting when he placed her on his lap and start hugging her around her waist.

“Stop it.” Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s thigh. “What is it you want to discuss with me?”

Dong Xuebing rested his chin on her shoulders and asked. “You said earlier that you will listen to me today?”

“I did not say that.”

“You did.”

“Tell me what you want to do first.”

Dong Xuebing was looking at Qu Yunxuan’s thick red lips and whispered something shyly to her.

Qu Yunxuan immediately blushed and pinched his thigh. “You…… You…… you want me to use…… what sort of celebration is this? You pervert. I will kill you.” Dong Xuebing was still staring at her lips, and she got mad. “Stop looking at me like this, or I will dig your eyes out!”

“Really cannot?”

“Absolutely no!”

“We have already done that, what’s the difference? It’s all the same.”

“…… the same? My mouth and……. How can it be the same?”

“I think it is the same.” Dong Xuebing also did not expect he will succeed. He was only trying his luck. After all, Qu Yunxuan was very shy. “Errr…… forget it. Just treat it as I did not say anything. Let’s carry on with the movie.” Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. Qu Yunxuan must be thinking that he was a pervert.

Qu Yunxuan kept quiet and sat on his lap, watching the movie.

Dong Xuebing took a quick glance at her. He does not know whether if she was angry or not. “Aunt Xuan, I am only joking with you. Really. Don’t take it so seriously. Errr…… if you are angry, I will let you pinch me. Here, I offer this leg for you to pinch.”

Qu Yunxuan was still ignoring him.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Dong Xuebing was afraid he would affect the rest, he quickly answers his phone. “Hello?”

“Xuebing.” It was Dong Xuebing’s mother, Luan Xiaoping. “Where are you now? What is your background so loud?”

“Oh, I am watching a movie in the cinema.”

“You are alone?”

Dong Xuebing suddenly noticed Qu Yunxuan had got off his lap as he was replying to his mother: “Yes. I am alone. I am bored at home, so I came out for a walk.” Dong Xuebing was stunned when he saw Qu Yunxuan squat down facing him. He wanted to ask her want was she doing, but he was still on the phone with his mother.

“It will be Lunar New Year soon. I will be going back to see you in a few days.”

A pair was small hands moved to Dong Xuebing’s belt and start to unbuckle it slowly. Dong Xuebing was stunned. Damn! What are you trying to do? Didn’t you say no? Why are you taking off my belt?

Qu Yunxuan looked up at Dong Xuebing and then continue to remove his belt.

Dong Xuebing’s mother asked: “Xuebing, I am talking to you. I will be going back during Lunar New Year.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Come back. Ok. Just come back.”

“I will only be back for 2 days. I should be back on Eve and will return on the first day of New Year.”

A moment later, Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath. He could feel his blood boiling. “Yes. Yes. I…… I will prepare the dumplings.”

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you sound so weird today?”

“Nothing. It’s an exciting part of the movie.” Dong Xuebing was breathing rapidly.

“Oh, then you go and watch your movie. I will hang up now. Remember to work hard and don’t make mistakes. Your probation is one year. Once you can last until your probation is over, you will have an iron rice bowl. You might not be able to be a leader, but what I wish for is for you to have a secure job.”

“Ok, ok…… Bye…… Let’s talk again when you are back.”

10 minutes later.

Qu Yunxuan stood up with one hand covering her mouth and ran towards the toilet in the cinema.

Dong Xuebing’s face was red as he waited for Qu Yunxuan outside the toilet. When he saw Qu Yunxuan staring at him when she came out, he immediately asked. “Err…… have you decided on our company? What will you be doing? Do you have any plans?” He was afraid she would be angry and tried to divert her attention.

Qu Yunxuan stared at Dong Xuebing angrily and replied: “I have not decided yet.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “That’s right. We should not rush. You can speak to your friends first. Errr…… how is the movie? It should be ending in 30 minutes.”

Qu Yunxuan took out a napkin and wiped her mouth. Her face was still red when she threw the napkin into the bin. “What are you looking at? You pervert! I am warning you. This is the only and last time. Do not ask me to do this again! If you still make these weird demands, give me back my keys. I will not let you step a foot into my apartment again! Do you hear me?”

“Yes…… yes…” Dong Xuebing laughed: “I hear you loud and clear.”

Qu Yunxuan gave him an angry look: “Idiot. Let’s go back.”

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan walked back, hand in hand, to North Heping Road.

Dong Xuebing’s promotion celebration was officially over.


A few days later.

Pang Bin, the Chief of the Political Section, lead a team, consisting of a leader from the cadre section and two staff members, to have an official talk with Dong Xuebing. After that, they interviewed the staff from the General Affairs Office to find out their views of Dong Xuebing. At the same time, they also consulted the Chief of the General Affairs office, Li Qing, and other leaders. Finally, they consolidate a report and submit it to the branch’s Party Committee. The Party Committee announced that Dong Xuebing has high aspirations and is a loyal follower of the party. He also showed excellent results and had outstanding work performance. Therefore, he is officially promoted to Deputy Section Chief. The nature of his work will not be changed.

Many people were shocked to find out that Dong Xuebing was promoted.

Everyone knows Chief Xiao Dong had only entered the bureau for 4 months, and his civil servant’s probation was not over yet.

When everyone thinks back about Dong Xuebing’s progression, they were shocked. Application to enter the Party will take at least 3 to 4 years for others. But Chief Xiao Dong got the approval in just 3 to 4 days. Ordinary staff members will need at least 2 to 3 years to be the Deputy Chief of a section. But Chief Xiao Dong took only 2 to 3 months. He even got the chance to attend the training course held at the Party School. This was reserved for people who were holding Deputy Section Chief rank. Other people need at least 3 to 4 years to get the Deputy Section Chief rank. But Chief Xiao Dong took only 3 to 4 months.

Exceptional case.

Exceptional case again.

Why Chief Xiao Dong can move up the ranks so fast?

The speed of Chief Xiao Dong moving up the ranks was like sitting on a rocket to space!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 136 – This is his capability!

Kang De Restaurant’s entrance.

There were strict restrictions on State Security on drinking. This was why the dinner ended quite early.

Dong Xuebing opened the car door for Chief Jiang and his nephew. Chief Jiang smiled and gave Dong Xuebing some words of encouragement before leaving. Dong Xuebing, Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest stood there watching Chief Jiang go. Dong Xuebing had wanted to ask for a piece of calligraphy from Chief Jiang, but he knew that within the same organization, the top leader cannot give his calligraphy to anyone he likes. If he gave Dong Xuebing a piece of calligraphy, the calligraphy would be Dong Xuebing’s safety talisman. Dong Xuebing felt Chief Jiang still did not like him that much to give him a piece of calligraphy.

After Chief Jiang left, Dong Xuebing started explaining to his leaders.

He turned to all the leaders and said: “Chief Zhen, Chief Xu and leaders, I apologize for my actions. Please punish me.”

Zhen Anguo looked at Dong Xuebing: “Why should we punish you?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I had talked back at Chief Jiang and nearly made him angry.”

Zhen Anguo laughed and pointed at him: “You are not asking for our forgiveness. Hahaha, I think you are asking for rewards.” This was the first time Zhen Anguo saw with his own eyes on Dong Xuebing performing miracles. It was more miraculous than what Xu Yan described. Zhen Anguo wonders why there is such a capable person in a small office.

Xu Yan put on a stern face: “You gave all of us a fright when you said all those things.” Although Xu Yan was criticizing Dong Xuebing, she was overjoyed in her heart. Dong Xuebing was her subordinate and was someone she valued a lot. He had helped the whole branch settled a difficult problem, and she felt proud. “Hmmm, how do you know that calligraphy is written by Chief Jiang?”

“I guess it.” Dong Xuebing still had a “guilty” look on his face. “Actually when Chief Jiang asked to remove that calligraphy, I had the feeling that it might be written by Chief Zhen. But Chief Zhen was sitting right in front of us, and I did not have the chance to tell you all. I can only secretly wink at you. I had said all those things without permission and I…… Errr….. I’m sorry.”

Yan Lei heard this and was furious. Why didn’t you give me a signal?

Zhen Anguo laughed and waved his hand: “You are right. You do not have the chance to explain during that situation.”

If Dong Xuebing had not secretly winked at them, Zhen Anguo and the rest of the leaders would not feel comfortable. Oh, you know that calligraphy is written by Chief Jiang and is trying to hide it from us? But with those few winks, things were different. Dong Xuebing had hinted to them and had no chance to explain. It was their fault that they did not realize it. Damn. Who would have thought that the calligraphy was written by Chief Jiang? There were no clues at all.

This Chief Xiao Dong was extraordinary.

After this issue was settled, Chief Zhen was also in a good mood. “Let’s go back to the branch.”

Xu Yan gave Dong Xuebing a pat on his back. “Well done.”

After all the leaders boarded their vehicles, the Deputy Director from the Sixth bureau went up to Dong Xuebing and shook his hand. “Chief Xiao Dong, please forgive me. At the start, I still thought you are…… that’s why I had raised my voice at you. Please don’t mind me. Sigh…… in the future, let me know if you need any help.” He had sat together with Chief Zhen and Xu Yan at the table and had seen Dong Xuebing signaling to them. But he did not know what Dong Xuebing meant. Instead, he still raised his voice and scolded Dong Xuebing.

Yan Lei felt frustrated. He had embarrassed himself earlier when he scolded Dong Xuebing that he did not know anything about calligraphy. But in the end, Yan Lei made a fool out of himself.

Dong Xuebing felt he was walking on clouds. He knew he had settled this problem nicely. But when he thought about the time before he used BACK, he broke out in cold sweat. You all only see me resolving this issue, but my future was almost destroyed by all of you. Dong Xuebing had criticized that calligraphy, and if he did not use BACK, he would be in deep trouble now.

Western District Branch Bureau.

Tan Limei, Sun Zhuang and Old Yan were still in the office when Dong Xuebing, Guo Panwei, and Chang Juan returned. When Dong Xuebing returned, even Old Yan, who does not care about work, gave a questioning look to Dong Xuebing. He was also curious about the result. Dong Xuebing had wanted to brag about what he had done, but he was still the leader of this office. He got to humble, and somethings cannot be said by himself. Dong Xuebing just returned back to his own room to pack his bag, leaving Chang Juan and Guo Panwei the chance to tell what happened at the restaurant to the rest.

Tan Limei’s heart skipped a beat when she says Dong Xuebing returning back to his office without saying a word. “Sister Chang, Brother Guo, is the problem settled?”

Sun Zhuang asked: “Is Chief Jiang still angry? Who is he going to hold responsible for this incident?”

Guo Panwei rolled his eyes and said loudly: “How is that possible? Didn’t you see who had gone to save the day? Is there anything our Chief Dong that can’t settle?” Guo Panwei was so loud that even Dong Xuebing could hear him in his room.

Old Yan excitedly said: “Quick, tell us what happened.”

Tan Limei also added: “Sister Chang, quick tell us.”

Chang Juan took a deep breath first before saying: “I am impressed with our Chief Xiao Dong. You all did not see what happened today. It’s like…… like……”

Guo Panwei added: “It’s like we have seen a ghost.”

Chang Juan laughed: “That’s right. It’s like we have seen a ghost. It’s too unbelievable.” Tan Limei, Sun Zhuang and the rest were looking at her, and she continued. “I shall tell you all from the start. Chief Jiang was furious and had banged the table in the restaurant. He said he wanted to hold our branch responsible for this incident. At this moment, Chief Jiang noticed calligraphy hung in the private room and ordered the waitress to remove it. But the waitress dares not to remove. Chief Jiang got mad and insist the calligraphy be thrown out of the room. Haha…… Do you all know the reason?”

Tan Limei quickly replied: “Chief Jiang likes calligraphy and must think that piece of work is ugly and will affect his appetite.”

Sun Zhuang also nodded.

Guo Panwei smiled. “All of us also thought the same way at that moment. But make a guess. What did our Chief Dong say?”

Old Yan asked: “What did he say?”

“No one could ever guess what Chief Dong had said. Even all the leaders were shocked.” Chang Juan continued. “Chief Dong openly opposed Chief Jiang’s orders and said that the calligraphy cannot be removed.”

Sun Zhuang was stunned. “Really? Why did Chief Dong say that?”

Old Yan also could not believe his ears and laughed. “Chief Dong is still in his room. You two better not make up stories.” Everyone knows Chief Xiao Dong does not have high political wisdom. But no one feels he is an idiot. Openly oppose the No.1 man of the City’s bureau? Rubbish.

Chang Juan and Guo Panwei looked at each other and smiles. “Don’t doubt us. We are not joking. Chief Dong really did say that.” Chang Juan laughed when she saw the rest staring at her with their mouths opened. “That’s right. Everyone in the private room had the same expression as all of you now. All of us were stunned. Who would expect Chief Dong to say this? What happens next was more shocking. Chief Dong ignored Chief Jiang’s furious expression and start to praise that calligraphy. He still claims that this calligraphy was written by Master Tian and as a calligraphy lover, Chief Dong will not allow anyone to disrespect this masterpiece. That’s why he doesn’t allow Chief Jiang to remove it.”

“Chief Dong is a calligraphy lover?” Tan Limei and the rest almost fell off their chairs.

All of them had seen Chief Dong’s handwriting. Calligraphy lover? Bullshit!

Old Yan asked: “Chief Jiang got angrier? This is not settling the problem. It is totally the opposite.”

Chang Juan replied. “We all have the same expression as all of you now. We thought Chief Jiang would blow his top, but guess what? Chief Jiang did not lose his temper. Instead, he laughed loudly.” Chang Juan paused for a while and continued. “Chief Jiang said that he was the one who wrote this calligraphy few years back. He had given it to the boss of the restaurant then. Yes. That was Chief Jiang’s writings.”


“Really? Are you serious?” Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang’s eyes nearly popped out. “This is coincident?”

Chang Juan smiled: “Even when I think back at what happened at the restaurant, I still get shivers. I can tell all of you that this is not coincident. Chief Dong knew that calligraphy is written by Chief Jiang before he said those things. Don’t ask me how he knows that. But what Chief Dong said appeased Chief Jiang and Chief Dong took the opportunity to ask for forgiveness, and Chief Jiang said he will not pursue the matter.”

Tan Limei, Sun Zhuang, and Old Yan were stunned.

Guo Panwei sighed. “Our Chief Dong is too capable. It seems that he could settle all sorts of problems easily.” Guo Panwei was not bootlicking. This was his real feelings.

“That’s right. It’s too unbelievable.”

Dong Xuebing walked out of his office and cleared his throat. He had waited for Chang Juan and Guo Panwei to finish telling the story to the rest purposely. “It’s almost the New Year, and there is a lot of work. All of you have worked hard. Pack up and go back.” Dong Xuebing was overjoyed to see so many people praising him.

Tan Limei looked at Dong Xuebing: “Chief Dong, if there are such incidents again in the future, you must bring me along.”

Dong Xuebing stared at her: “Just focus on your work and stop thinking about all these.” Dong Xuebing said in his heart. Are you cursing me? Such incidents in the future? I do not want to experience this again. My future is almost gone. “Oh, don’t spread about the calligraphy. Keep it to yourselves.” Dong Xuebing does not want Chief Jiang to know about this.

At the same time.

Because of this incident, most of the staff in the Western District branch were still in their offices. Everyone was worried that Chief Jiang would hold the branch responsible and the leaders will be transferred away. There would be a significant impact if this happened. What will happen next? Who would Chief Jiang blame? The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau? Director Jiang or someone higher than him?

Suddenly, everyone received the news they were waiting for.

Other than the two officers who hit Chief Jiang’s nephew, no one else will be punished. This incident was over.

What was this possible?

Chief Jiang should be furious over this incident.

The following news they received made everyone speechless. Damn! It’s Chief Xiao Dong again!

The news those people received does not contain the details. They only knew that when all the leaders were helpless, Chief Xiao Dong was summoned over to put out the fire. Chief Xiao Dong reached the restaurant and then praised calligraphy there. This calligraphy was later found out that it was written by Chief Jiang and Chief Jiang’s anger was appeased. Chief Xiao Dong solved this issue within 10 minutes.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What else can they say? This was Chief Xiao Dong’s capability.

As everyone was going back, they were still discussing this incident.

“Look, what did I say this afternoon? I said this incident can only be handled by Chief Xiao Dong. No one else can settle it.”

“Don’t you think it’s weird? How come Chief Xiao Dong can just settle this issue so easily?”

“That’s because he is Chief Xiao Dong.”

“Hahaha, Xiao Liu, you sound like you are worshiping him.”

In the branch, the most surprised person was Chief Zhen’s secretary, Yan Lei. Yan Lei felt what Dong Xuebing did was too unbelievable. Everyone in the branch should be shocked. What was more incredible was the attitude of the rest of the people in the branch. They were only surprised for a while and then continued with their work. It seems like Dong Xuebing had only gone to the market…… and then got a KG of cabbage at 1 cent. People were only surprised but not shocked.

Yan Lei started to ask around about Dong Xuebing and found out about Dong Xuebing’s miraculous feats.

Yan Lei almost vomit blood when he heard it.

Saving documents…… penalty kick…… scoring the goal in the final seconds…… giving Minister Lu medication…… Zhou Guoan’s corruption case……

Yan Lei finally understood why everyone was not shocked to find out Dong Xuebing had settled this issue. He finally understood why the leaders in the branch trusted Dong Xuebing so much.

Dong Xuebing could put out any fire.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 135 – Firefighter arrives!

After receiving the call from Xu Yan, Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud.

Chief Jiang was furious now. Chief Zhen and Director Jian had no other solutions and want me to save the situation by putting out the fire? F**k! One of you is the head of this branch, and the other is the head of a department. Both of you are powerless to do anything, what can I do? Who is Chief Jiang? He is the head of the Beijing City State Security Bureau. He is the boss of all State Security officers in Beijing. Are you all trying to get me killed? What has this got to do with me? It’s the Sixth Bureau who had beat up Chief Jiang’s relative.

“Chief Xu.” Dong Xuebing was anxious. “This mess is created by the Sixth Bureau, right?”

Xu Yan replied: “Helping the leaders to solve headaches is also the General Affairs Office’s duties. It’s your job!”

Dong Xuebing was dumbfounded. “But…… But even if I go there, I also cannot do anything.”

Xu Yan walked further away from the rest with her phone. She lowered her voice to prevent Zhen Anguo and the rest from hearing. “I know you can do it. Don’t be humble. I know more about your capabilities than the others. Director Jian and the rest also know what you can achieve. This is our trust in you. Do you know how many people wish for this opportunity? Ok. Even Chief Zhen wanted you to be here. Come over now. If you can solve this issue perfectly, I will give you your promotion within these 2 weeks.” Xu Yan also felt Xiao Dong was being used. But she could only promise his promotion in return.

Dong Xuebing knew he could not hide from this and replied: “Then…… Then I will go over now.”

“Ok. Bring along two staff members with you. It’s almost dinner time. Later, maybe we will be having dinner with Chief Jiang.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing was not excited at all, despite being promised his promotion within these two weeks. Excited? What’s there to be excited? He knew that he would definitely be promoted if he could solve this incident. But the problem is how is he going to do that? How can he ask Chief Jiang to stop pursuing the responsibility on the Western District? How can he appease Chief Jiang’s anger and make him change his opinion of the Western District? Damn! If Dong Xuebing could do all these, he will not be struggling in this district branch. He would be inside the Central Government.

Dong Xuebing stormed out of his office.

Chang Juan smiled seductively: “Chief Dong, are you going back?”

“Go back?” Dong Xuebing looked at his staffs. “Chang Juan, put aside your work and follow me out. Panwei, get a car from Director Li Qing. Tell him that we have received a last-minute mission from Chief Zhen.” Dong Xuebing knew he would offend the leaders if he could not achieve this task. That’s why he tried to protect his close friends, Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang. He only asked Chang Juan and Guo Panwei to follow him.

Guo Panwei immediately knew what was going on, and quickly ran out to get a car.

Chang Juan did not have any worries. She smiled and asked: “Chief Dong, is it that Chief Zhen could not handle that incident and asked you, the firefighter, to put out the fire?”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. You still can laugh now? “Yes.”

Chang Juan replied: “If you are there, you will definitely solve it.”

Tan Limei also laughed and said: “That’s right. Chief Dong, you entered the bureau for 3 months, and there is nothing you cannot solve.”

Almost everyone in the General Affairs Office trusted Dong Xuebing blindly. It was all because he had always achieved the impossible.

Dong Xuebing can't be bothered to say anything. You all are too optimistic. If I can’t solve this problem, can I still maintain my position? I don’t even know when I can get my promotion if I screw this up. Damn. Why do I have to be dragged into this? Chief Zhen and Director Jian can’t handle this, what can I do? You all really think I can save any situation?

Not long later, Guo Panwei was waiting at the front of the building with an old Volkswagen Jetta.

Dong Xuebing listlessly walked over. Guo Panwei saw him walking over and quickly opened the passenger door for him. He covered the top of the door to prevent Dong Xuebing from knocking his head as he boards. After that, he closed the door and went back to the driver seat. Chang Juan sat on the front passenger seat.

“Chief Dong, where are we going?”

“Xuan Yu Hospital.”

Dong Xuebing knew himself well. He really felt he could not do anything in this incident. But he had no choice. If not, he will leave a bad impression with Chief Zhen and Chief Xu. On the way, Dong Xuebing asked Chang Juan about Chief Jiang. Chang Juan told him that Chief Jiang does not have any bad habits. He does not smoke or drink. His only hobbies were gardening and collecting calligraphies and paintings. He was a quiet person and seldom flare-up. But when these types of people got angry, they will become terrifying.

Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s iPhone 4 rang. He looked at the phone. It was an unknown number.


“Hello, is this Chief Dong? I’m Yan Lei.”

Dong Xuebing’s eye twitched. Why was this moron calling me? “It’s you? What is it?”

Yan Lei was pissed with Dong Xuebing’s attitude. But all the leaders of the branch were beside him, and he could only bear with it. “You don’t need to come to Xuan Wu Hospital. Just go straight to the Hu Tong opposite the hospital. There is a Kang De restaurant. The leaders will be going there for dinner.” Dong Xuebing understood why Yan Lei called him. No matter how close he was with Chief Xu, she was still his superior. She had called him once to go over, and if she called the second time, it would be lowering her status. That’s why Yan Lei was calling Dong Xuebing.

“Ok. I will be there.” Dong Xuebing hanged up. “Panwei, go to Kang De Restaurant now. Hurry.”

“Yes.” Guo Panwei replied. “Hold on tight.”

Kang De Restaurant.

It might be Chief Jiang who picks this place. This restaurant has 3 levels. It is not majestic, but the renovations have an elegant feel to it. When Dong Xuebing reached the entrance, he noticed Chief Jiang, Chief Zhen, and other leaders’ vehicles were not there. Dong Xuebing immediately entered the restaurant to book the best private room, while Guo Panwei and Chang Juan waited outside, looking towards the hospital’s direction.

A few minutes later, a few cars stopped at the entrance.

Dong Xuebing and Guo Panwei quickly walked over to open the doors for the leaders. This was the first time Dong Xuebing met Chief Jiang. There was a young man around Dong Xuebing’s age sitting beside Chief Jiang in the car. This young man had some bruises at the corner of his eyes, and his forearm was bandaged. The injuries do not seem to be severe. After both men alighted, Dong Xuebing said politely: “Chief Jiang, a private room is booked. It’s on……”

Chief Jiang could guess that Dong Xuebing was from the Western District. He did not even look at him and entered the restaurant with his nephew.

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. He saw Chief Zhen and the rest and quickly walked over to greet the leaders. “Chief Zhen, Chief Xu, Director Jian……”

Chief Zhen nodded. “Let’s go in.” He quickly followed Chief Jiang into the restaurant.

Xu Yan patted Dong Xuebing on his back. “Make me proud.”

The Deputy Director whispered: “Chief Dong, it’s all up to you now. You must put out this fire no matter what. I, your older brother, will treat you to dinner when this is over.”

Dong Xuebing almost gave him a kick. What older brother? How can I put out this fire?

Yan Lei, who was following Chief Zhen closely, turned and looked at Dong Xuebing. He also wanted to see what Dong Xuebing can do. Why all the leaders thought so highly of him? It was too weird. What’s so special about him?

In the restaurant lobby, Chief Jiang told the receptionist. “Ask your boss to open up the “tranquillity” private room.” Then he walked up the stairs to the 3rd level. His nephew opened the door of the private room for him. After that, Chief Jiang’s nephew turned and looked at Chief Zhen and the rest with a long face, before entering the room.

This “tranquillity” private room was not opened to the public. But the staffs at the restaurant knew this person was their boss’s friend and did not stop him. The manager even got the prettiest waitress to serve this customer while she went to the office to inform her boss.

This private room was elegant and quiet. All the tables, chairs, plates, etc. in the room were specially picked. The colors were, and designs gave the room a tranquillity feel. Classy calligraphy was hanged on the wall. The frame was made of old redwood with gold-colored finishing. There were 4 Chinese words written. ‘Tranquility yields transcendence’ The overall ambiance in this private room does give people the feeling of tranquillity…… Huh? There will not be any tranquillity later…….

That young man was arrested for no reason.

Chief Jiang’s relative was beaten up by his subordinates.

The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau will soon be fired.

Chief Zhen got to shoulder the full responsibility for this incident.

Can all of them be calm?

Dong Xuebing was also not calm. He still did not know what he could do to complete this mission given to him by the leaders.

The waitress could tell who had the highest status at the table. She placed the menu in front of Chief Jiang, who was sitting at the Seat of Honor. Chief Jiang pushed the menu away from him and looked at his nephew: “Xiao Yu, just order whatever you want. But before your injuries heal, don’t eat any food which will worsen your injuries.”

The young man nodded and start ordering.

After ordering the food, tea was also served. Chief Zhen stood up and raised his teacup. He lowered his status and said: “Xiao Yu, this incident is a misunderstanding, and it is also our fault. I represent our branch’s Party Committee members to apologize to you formally. The two officers who injured you will be punished. I will definitely give you and your family an answer.” Xu Yan, Dong Xuebing and the rest saw Chief Zhen was apologizing and they quickly stood up and raised their teacup. Of course, Yan Lei, Chang Juan, and Guo Panwei did not raise their cups. They were not even seated at the table. They could only stand behind the leaders to top up the leaders’ glasses.

The Chief of a branch bureau was apologizing to him, and no matter how angry Xiao Yu was, he had to accept the apology. He took a sip of his tea. But when Chief Zhen and the rest offered tea to Chief Jiang, Chief Jiang did not give any face. He just sat there without touching his teacup. Everyone could tell that Xiao Yu was okay now. After all, his injuries were not serious. But now, they had to pacify Chief Jiang.

It was awkward, and no one said anything for a long time.

It was until Chief Zhen offered tea again and Chief Jiang hit the table lightly. “Stop doing all these unnecessary things. You think everything will be over just by punishing those two officers? Ah? Have you all reflected on this incident? How did this incident happen? Who should be responsible for it?”

“Chief Jiang……” Zhen Anguo and the rest could feel a cold shiver. Chief Jiang wants to hold them accountable for this incident.

“I had spent most of my life in State Security. Now, my own nephew is arrested and beaten up by my subordinates? Why is this happening? Tell me!”

Knock, knock, knock. The waitress knocked on the door and entered with the dishes.

With outsiders around, Chief Jiang did not continue to scold them. He took a sip of his tea and saw that calligraphy from the corner of his eyes. He frowned and then shouted. “Waitress, take that calligraphy away.”

Remove that calligraphy? What does he mean? Dong Xuebing, Zhen Anguo and the rest were stunned.

The waitress was also shocked. She was new here, but she knew that this calligraphy is her boss’s favorite treasure. Take it away? The waitress did not even dare to touch it. “Sir, this only is a decoration. I……” Chief Jiang stared at her, and the waitress panicked. “Our boss is away and will be back soon. Can I ask him when he returns? I really cannot make a decision.”

Zhen Anguo looked at that calligraphy and understood. They might not be experts in calligraphy but could tell that this piece of work had no seal or names. It looks like some work from a roadside stall. It should not be in this room. Chief Jiang loves collecting calligraphies and books and was an expert. He was also furious over his nephew’s incident. His mood got worse when he saw this ordinary piece of calligraphy.

Yan Lei turned and stared at that waitress: “Just hurry up and remove it.”

The waitress was also slightly angry with these unreasonable customers. “What’s wrong with this calligraphy?”

Dong Xuebing was still bothered for not being able to speak to Chief Jiang. This was an excellent opportunity, and he did not want Yan Lei to be ahead of him. He stepped forward: “What’s wrong? Even I can tell that this is a piece of lousy work, let alone an expert like Chief Jiang. ‘Tranquility yields transcendence’? The strokes of these characters do not even show any hints of tranquillity.” Dong Xuebing used this opportunity to bootlick Chief Jiang. “Don’t think no one knows about calligraphy here. Our Chief Jiang is an expert in this. If Chief Jiang thinks this is not a good piece of work, then it is a piece of lousy work! Take it away. Put in in some other room.”

Xu Yan and Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau nodded. Chief Xiao Dong reacted fast. If he could appease Chief Jiang slightly, then things might change.

The waitress replied: “Can we…… can we wait for our boss to return? Please bear with it for a while.”

Chief Jiang suddenly got mad: “Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Zhen Anguo was also furious. Was this waitress new? How come she could not see that the customers were getting angry.

Yan Lei saw Chief Jiang was furious and went over to try to remove that calligraphy.

Dong Xuebing was smart too. He will not give others the opportunity to perform in front of the leaders. He reached out before Yan Lei and grabbed that calligraphy. Then he walked out of the room and threw it in the corridor, before returning back to the private room. Dong Xuebing saw Chief Jiang was still furious and said: “Chief Jiang, don’t be angry. I had thrown that calligraphy outside. That is really some lousy writing. I wonder what the boss of this restaurant thought when he hangs this in the room. It will affect customers’ appetite.”

Yan Lei stared at Dong Xuebing coldly. He was pissed for not missing the opportunity to perform in front of the leaders. Dong Xuebing was much faster than him.

Dong Xuebing also felt his performance was perfect. This should calm Chief Jiang down slightly. It will be easier for them ask for forgiveness now. Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest were also thinking the same. But Chief Jiang…… huh? He seems to be angrier. Even Zhen Anguo who had been in the investigation branch did not know what was happening. This was the only a piece of calligraphy. Even if the writings were not nice, there was no need to be so angry. Could it be that Chief Jiang loves calligraphy so much that he cannot tolerate lousy works to be around him?

Everyone was at a loss of words.

At this moment, a middle-aged man entered the room with that calligraphy. From his dressing, he should be the boss of this restaurant.

Dong Xuebing was irritated. “What are you all trying to do? Don’t you know customers are always right? Why did you bring in that calligraphy again? Are you trying to provoke us and make us lose our appetites?”

“Enough!” Chief Jiang banged the table suddenly.

The boss of the restaurant had never seen Chief Jiang so angry before. He was also shocked. He thought Chief Jiang was mad at him for hanging his calligraphy in this room. He quickly explained: “Chief Jiang, your calligraphy is supposed to be hanged in my office. But we are having renovations there, and I am afraid that your masterpiece will be damaged. So, I brought it to this room. I…… I will take it back now.”

What? What did he say?

Everyone from the Western District branch was stunned.

Your masterpiece? These words were written by Chief Jiang? It was Chief Jiang that gave this calligraphy to the boss of this restaurant? Damn it! This was really written by Chief Jiang?

No one had expected this to happen.

Dong Xuebing’s face turned green. F**k. Is this a joke? This calligraphy turned out to be written by Chief Jiang? Why did he got mad and asked the waitress to take it away? Dong Xuebing, Zhen Anguo and the rest understood why Chief Jiang got angrier. It must be that he does not like others to discuss his calligraphy. That’s why he did not allow the boss of this restaurant to hang in outside. When he saw his calligraphy was hanged in this private room, he asked the waitress to take it away. Of course, he got more furious after he heard Dong Xuebing criticizing his work.

Oh shit!

Dong Xuebing wanted to bang his head against the wall. Why did he have to criticize those words? This was like scolding Chief Jiang in front of everyone. This was more than giving Chief Jiang a slap across his face. It was many slaps!

That’s right!

There is still a chance to salvage the situation.

Dong Xuebing brighten up suddenly. BACK!

Dong Xuebing had accumulated 4 days of BACK, and he immediately uses 3 BACKs.



Time returned.

Scenes flashed three times in front of Dong Xuebing.

The first thing Dong Xuebing saw was a teacup. It was still hot with steam rising. Dong Xuebing quickly scanned the surroundings to confirm the timing. If necessary, he will use BACK one more time. He looked around and saw Xu Yan, Zhen Anguo and the rest lowering their head, looking at the teacup and plates in front of them. Dong Xuebing immediately hear Chief Jiang scolding. “I had spent most of my life with State Security. Now, my own nephew is arrested and beaten up by my subordinates? Why is this happening? Tell me!”

This timing was just nice, and Dong Xuebing still had 1 more BACK as spare.

Knock, knock, knock. The waitress entered with a dish. “Your sauté corn with pine nuts is ready.”

Chief Jiang took a deep breath and stop his scolding. He then took a sip of tea and turned to the calligraphy and frowned. “Waitress, take that calligraphy away.”

Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest were stunned.

The waitress paused and replied with a distressed look. “Sir, this only is a decoration. I…… Our boss is away and will be back soon. Can I ask him when he returns? I really cannot make a decision.”

Yan Lei immediately stepped forward. “Just hurry up and remove it.”

The waitress replied: “What’s wrong with this calligraphy?”

Yan Lei replied angrily: “Can’t you see that our Chief Jiang does not like it? Take it away.” Because Dong Xuebing did not interrupt Yan Lei, this was different from earlier.

“Can you all bear with it for a while? Our boss……”

Chief Jiang stared at the waitress: “Didn’t you hear what I said? Take it away. If your boss is unhappy, ask him to see me.”

The waitress was frustrated. She thought to herself. What’s wrong with all these people? It’s just calligraphy.

Chief Jiang saw the waitress was still not moving and looked at the people from the Western District. “Remove it.”

Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest could also tell that these words were not written nicely. It does not have any artistic value at all. Zhen Anguo gave Yan Lei a look. Yan Lei was overjoyed. He quickly walked over and reached out for that calligraphy.

But at this moment, Chief Xiao Dong, whom everyone had almost forgotten about him, said something shocking. “Chief Jiang, this calligraphy cannot be removed.”


Why did Chief Xiao Dong say such things?

Zhen Anguo, Director Jian, Yan Lei, Xiao Yu, and even Chief Jiang were stunned.

Cannot be removed? Chief Xiao Dong says this calligraphy cannot be removed? Chang Juan and Guo Panwei looked at each other.

Chief Jiang paused for a few seconds and flared up. Cannot be removed? You don’t even listen to my orders? Who is the leader here? You or me?

Xu Yan’s face changed. “Xiao Dong, what are you saying?”

Dong Xuebing pretended to rub his eyebrows and blocked Chief Jiang’s view, while he gave Xu Yan and the rest a look.

The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau was stunned. He was hoping for Xiao Dong to save him. But instead of putting out the fire, he was adding oil to it. Chief Jiang does want to see that calligraphy, you should go along with him and criticize those words. But you stopped everyone from removing it now? What are you trying to do? Making Chief Jiang angrier? The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau shouted: “Xiao Dong. Stop your nonsense.”

Yan Lei also could not believe what he had heard. Did I hear wrongly? What is this person trying to do?

What Dong Xuebing said later was more shocking.

Dong Xuebing pointed to the calligraphy on the wall and said: “Chief Jiang, can I put in a few words for this calligraphy? From the moment I saw this masterpiece when I entered the room, no words can describe my feelings. This is too well written. ‘Tranquillity yields transcendence’ Having tranquillity will not let our minds wander and make us reflect on our actions. This will help us achieve our goals. This calligraphy has deep meanings. From the strokes of the characters……. This must be written by a master.”

Everyone from the Western District branch jaws dropped. What was Xiao Dong saying? Masterpiece? Bullshit. This was just an ordinary piece of calligraphy. Anyone on the streets can write better than this.

Chief Jiang was stunned.

Zhen Anguo saw that Chief Jiang was stunned, and was furious. He turned and look at Xu Yan. Xu Yan, is this the firefighter you praised to the skies?

Xu Yan’s face turned pale when she saw Chief Zhen staring at her. But the next second, she saw Dong Xuebing secretly winking at her. It was like earlier. He seems to be signaling something. Xu Yan thought about Dong Xuebing’s actions. She knew Dong Xuebing was not someone so immature. He must have said those things for a purpose. Xu Yan trusted Dong Xuebing fully and did not stop him. She saw everyone else was distracted by Dong Xuebing and whispered to Zhen Anguo: “Chief Zhen since we asked Xiao Dong over to save the situation, I think…… I think we should let him handle this.”

Zhen Anguo looked at Xu Yan weirdly. Let him handle this? Let him stir up more problems? This is called putting out the fire? It’s more like lighting fire!

Xu Yan smiled: “I believe Xiao Dong did not say those things for no reason.”

Zhen Anguo frowned. Under this circumstance, Xu Yan still trust Dong Xuebing so much?

Yan Lei did not get Dong Xuebing’s signal and stared at him. “Chief Jiang is an expert in calligraphies. Stop talking nonsense!”

“Secretary Yan, you are the one who doesn’t know anything about calligraphies.” Dong Xuebing purposely said this to Yan Lei. He continued: “Chief Jiang, although this piece of work does not have any seal indicating the master who wrote these words, I am sure the one who wrote these 4 characters must be a master in calligraphy. The strokes are so swift, powerful, and smooth. This is…… no words can descript the skills of this master. This is really a terrific masterpiece! I feel that as someone who loves calligraphy must respect such masterpiece. Errr…… I hope you will forgive me for speaking my mind.” Actually, Dong Xuebing know nuts about calligraphy. Even if you give him a brush now, he can’t also hold it properly.

Yan Lei only have one thought in his mind. Dong Xuebing is crazy!

Chief Jiang looked at Dong Xuebing in his eyes: “Calligraphy master?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I think this must be Master Tian’s work.”

Chief Jiang laughed. But no one could tell if he was laughing in jest or really happy.

Chang Juan was panicking. What was Chief Xiao Dong saying? Can’t he tell that Chief Jiang was furious?

Guo Panwei was also trying to signal to Dong Xuebing to stop with his eyes. He did not know what Chief Dong was up to today. Dong Xuebing did not drink any alcohol today. Why was he praising this calligraphy non-stop? What was he trying to do? Also, these characters were not as well written as what Dong Xuebing claims.

Suddenly, the door of the room opened, and the restaurant’s boss entered.

The boss could feel the tension in the room and be shocked. “Chief Jiang, you are here? Do you need anything? I will bring it to you personally.” The boss does not know that Chief Jiang wanted the calligraphy to be removed from the room.

Dong Xuebing looked at the boss and grabbed his arm. “You are the boss of this restaurant?”

The Boss was surprised. ‘Huh? Yes, I am.”

“Ah…… you are finally here.” Dong Xuebing quickly pointed to the calligraphy on the wall. “Which master wrote these words? Is this Master Tian’s masterpiece?”

The boss was shocked and secretly looked at Chief Jiang before replying: “No.”

Dong Xuebing pretended to not believe him. “Boss, if this is really Master Tian’s work, you can just admit it. We will also not steal this masterpiece from you. We just want to learn more about calligraphy. Stop trying to hide it.”

The Boss replied: “No. It’s really not Master Tian’s work. It’s…… it’s a gift from someone special.”

Dong Xuebing continued to act surprised. “It’s not Master Tian’s masterpiece? Impossible…...” Dong Xuebing paused for a while and asked: “Boss, I really love this masterpiece. Can you let me bring it back? Just name a price.”

“Oh, I can’t let you have it. If it wasn’t for my office’s renovation, I will also not hang this calligraphy here. I still want to keep it in my office.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “You are right. These words are priceless, and it’s worth cannot be determined with money. Errr…… Boss, can you help me get a masterpiece from this master?”

Chang Juan and Guo Panwei could already see Chief Xiao Dong getting punished and fired.

Zhen Anguo could not stand it any longer. He looked at Xu Yan again and thought to himself. You still don’t feel that this Xiao Dong had gone crazy?

Xu Yan sighed helplessly. She also did not know what Xiao Dong is up to. Why was he getting so worked up over such a lousy piece of calligraphy?

If no leaders from the Western District come out to stop Dong Xuebing, it would make the matter worse. Zhen Anguo said apologetically. “Chief Jiang, I am really sorry. This Xiao Dong had just joined our branch and is not good with his words.” He then turned to Dong Xuebing with a long face: “Sit down!”

The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau had lost all hope. Chief Jiang should be furious, and he will be sacked. Chief Xiao Dong, what the hell are you doing?

Director Jian and the rest were also thinking that they will be dead. Who will bear Chief Jiang’s fury?

Yan Lei was worried for Chief Zhen, and at the same time, he was also laughing in his heart. Dong Xuebing is finished! What Master Tian’s masterpiece? Anyone who knows calligraphy can write better characters than this. Even Chief Jiang could see it, and you still try to go against him? Crazy!

But 2 seconds later, something more shocking happened.

Chief Jiang, who had been pulling a long face the whole day, suddenly laughed loudly. He took a sip of tea and said: “Who says this Xiao Dong is not good with words? Hahaha, from what I see, he is much better than all of you!”

Chief Zhen and the rest were shocked. What does Chief Jiang mean?

Chief Jiang laughed and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Young man, you also like calligraphies? You say this is Master Tian’s masterpiece? Hahaha, you should train your eyesight more.” He turned to the restaurant’s boss and said. “This is not some masterpiece from any masters. I had written these words a few years ago, and Old Zheng here saw it and ask me for this. I thought he had thrown it away long time ago. I did not expect him to even frame it up. Hahaha.”

Not only Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest from the Western district branch were shocked. Even Chief Jiang’s nephew was shocked.

Chief Jiang was the one who wrote those words?

These words were all written by him?

Everyone could not believe their ears. But when they saw the smiles on Chief Jiang and the boss’s face, no one could say anything. Everyone turned to look at Chief Xiao Dong as if they had seen a ghost. This was too unbelievable.

Xu Yan took in a deep breath. She finally understood what Dong Xuebing meant when he signaled to her. Dong Xuebing was bootlicking indirectly!

Dong Xuebing pretended to be surprised: “Chief Jiang, are you serious? This masterpiece is written by you?”

Chief Jiang laughed.

The restaurant’s boss said: “Chief Jiang’s skills are only slightly behind Master Tian.”

“What slightly behind?” Dong Xuebing stared with his eyes wide opened. “They are on the same level! If no one tells me the truth, I also can’t recognize it.”

Yan Lei was cursing in his heart. On the same level? Bullshit!

Another dish was served.

Chief Jiang waved his hand. “Ok, ok. Sit down and eat.”

Dong Xuebing did not sit. “Chief Jiang, I dare not to sit down. Ah…… Look at me, I really thought that this masterpiece is written by Master Tian or other Masters. I really love calligraphies. To me, Master Tian is one of the top calligraphers. That’s why I got so excited. I……. Chief Jiang, I’m sorry.”

Chief Jiang waved. “It’s fine. Have a sit.” Chief Jiang anger had subsided a lot.

Dong Xuebing sat down cautiously.

Only Chief Jiang and the restaurant boss knows about this calligraphy. Chief Jiang knew it was impossible for Dong Xuebing to know that he was the one who wrote those words beforehand. He thought Dong Xuebing was only a fresh graduate who loves calligraphy and respected this piece of work. That’s why he dares to disobey his instructions. Yes. Protecting this piece of work was a good thing and made him happy. Dong Xuebing even though this was written by Master Tian? This was the perfect compliment. “Xiao Dong, it’s rare to see young men like you who loves calligraphies.”

Guo Panwei and Chang Juang almost fainted when they heard this.

Chief Xiao Dong loves calligraphies? Bullshit! Chief Dong knows nothing about calligraphies!

Chief Jiang had never met Dong Xuebing before and did not know him well. But Guo Panwei and Chang Juang knew what Dong Xuebing was doing every day. Chief Xiao Dong rarely uses pen. He only used PC to type everything. Guo Panwei also knows that Chief Xiao Dong’s Chinese was not very good too. Whenever Chief Xiao Dong wrote something, there will be lots of wrong words. This was because he had used PC too much. Also, Chief Xiao Dong’s handwriting……. was too ugly. Even Guo Panwei’s writing was nicer than his.

Chief Xiao Dong loves calligraphies?

That’s bullshit. He might never even hold a brush.

Guo Panwei dares to confirm that Chief Xiao Dong knew this was written by Chief Jiang. If not, he would not dare to say such things and claims he loves calligraphy. But……. Even Chief Zhen, who had done investigation work before did not know, how did Chief Xiao Dong know that this was written by Chief Jiang? Also, Chief Xiao Dong seems to be very confident. This was impossible. It should be Chief Xiao Dong’s first time here.

Guo Panwei and the rest could not understand why.

Dong Xuebing felt this was the right time and he raised his teacup: “Chief Jiang, our branch had created this trouble for you and your relatives. I had also offended you earlier. I…… I…… I will punish myself by drinking three cups. I hope to seek your forgiveness.” By right, Dong Xuebing’s status was too low to raise his cup. But the situation now was different.

Chief Jiang frowned when Dong Xuebing mentioned about his nephew’s incident. He looked at Chief Zhen and the rest and waved his hand. “Fine. In the future, make sure to investigate thoroughly before making any arrest. Do you all understand? Ok. Let’s eat.” Chief Jiang had decided to forgive them and will not pursue this matter anymore.

It’s settled!

This big headache of all the leaders from the Western District Branch had been solved!

Everyone was relieved and turned to look at Dong Xuebing. They did not know what to say.

Who would expect this ugly calligraphy hanged in a private room of a restaurant was written by Chief Jiang?

Chief Xiao Dong!

It’s this god damn Chief Xiao Dong again!

Guo Panwei and Chang Juan had full respect for Chief Xiao Dong. He had saved the day again!

Director Jian knocked his head a few times. They had apologized and bow down to Chief Jiang for almost half a day. But Chief Jiang did not forgive them. This Chief Xiao Dong just came over to the restaurant and settled the problem within a few minutes by talking about calligraphy? We are all humans, why is there such a big difference?

Xu Yan smiled and shook her head. This Xiao Dong is full of surprises.

The Deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau, who had narrowly escaped death, was excited and speechless. He could not understand why Chief Xiao Dong was so capable.

Those who were from the Western District for some time had seen the miraculous feats of Dong Xuebing many times and were not very surprised. But this was the first time for Zhen Anguo and Yan Lei. If they had never seen it with their own eyes, they would never believe a Deputy Chief of a small office can solve the branch’s biggest headache just like that.

If you say Chief Xiao Dong did not know that calligraphy was written by Chief Jiang and it was all luck, why would he signal and winked towards the Western District’s leaders when he was praising those words? But it should be impossible for Chief Xiao Dong to know it was Chief Jiang’s writings beforehand. No one in the room knew and how can Chief Xiao Dong know about this?

This was too weird.

But all these do not matter. Chief Xiao Dong had saved the day again.

This is Dong Xuebing’s capability.

No one can doubt it!

Translator’s notes: This is the longest chapter I had ever translated for this novel.

Volkswagen Jetta


Sitting arrangements for a Chinese banquet.


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 134 – Call Chief Xiao Dong to come over!


Zhen Anguo was still considering whether if he should promote Dong Xuebing.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone on the desk rang. Zhen Anguo answered, and the other party immediately shouts into the phone. Zhen Anguo was shocked. “Western district again! Why is it the Western district again?! What are you all trying to do? Ah? Tell me!”

Yan Lei, who was standing near to Zhen Anguo, could hear everything clearly. Who was this person? How come he dare to shout at Chief Zhen?

Zhen Anguo recognized the voice and immediately asked: “Chief Jiang, what happened?”

Yan Lei got shocked. Chief Jiang? Could it be that Chief Jiang? How is this possible? Why did Chief Jiang call Chief Zhen’s office?

5 minutes later.

Dong Xuebing was in his own office waiting for the news of his promotion. He felt Zhen Anguo should agree to his promotion, but he was still uneasy. Xu Yan had promised to promote him, and this should bot be a problem. But there was still a difference between promoting this week and promoting next year. Dong Xuebing wished his promotion would be within this week…… no. It would be best if he could get his promotion today.

Tan Limei knocked on the door and entered suddenly. “Chief Bing Zhi.”

Dong Xuebing laughed: “It’s ok. There are no outsiders around. Don’t give me such weird titles. Just Bing Zhi will do.”

Tan Limei continued: “Bing Zhi, I think something had happened in our branch. I heard Chief Zhen had called for an emergency meeting with all the heads. Something big must have happened. It felt tense.” Emergency meeting? This was uncommon in Western District branch. It only happens when there was some emergency.

Dong Xuebing asked: “What happened?” He had been upstairs earlier, and how come he did not notice it?

“I also don’t know. I just heard about the emergency meeting and quickly came back to tell you.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “You call Panwei to ask around and let me know.” Dong Xuebing was about to be promoted, and he needs to know what was happening with the higher-ups.

“Ok.” Tan Limei left.

Guo Panwei knows a lot of people in the branch, and within minutes, he entered Dong Xuebing’s office. “Chief Dong. I found out the reason for the emergency meeting. The Sixth Bureau had arrested the wrong person.”

General Affairs Office, Political Section, Finance Department, Commission for Discipline Inspection, etc. were all administrative departments. These departments only handle the matters within the bureau and do not investigate the cases concerning about State security. Only the sixth bureau would investigate these cases. Of course, those big cases were not handled by them. Those bigger cases were handled by the City Bureau or higher level bureaus. The Sixth Bureau only handles minor incidents, like taking pictures of government buildings, spreading malicious rumors about the government, etc. Their work might seem to be same as Public Security, but actually, these cases were all handled by the Sixth Bureau.

Dong Xuebing paused for a while and did not understand. “Be more specific. What happened?”

Guo Panwei continued: “I have just heard this news from others. Do you know about the rumor about earthquake on the internet? This morning, the Sixth Bureau received information about a man using his laptop spreading this rumor in a café. The Sixth Bureau immediately send their men over to make arrest. That man resisted, and the officers from the Sixth Bureau injured that man during the arrest. They checked his laptop, and in the chat records, there was picture similar to the picture in the rumor. The fonts of the wordings were similar, but the contents were different. The wordings beneath the picture was saying if anyone sees this picture, he or she must share with 100 other people if not, something bad will happen. This was only a prank.”

Arrested the wrong person? The State Security depends typically on their informants for information. The information received might not be accurate, and Dong Xuebing knew that the Sixth Bureau had arrested the wrong people before. Even if they had arrested the wrong person, they could just release him. If he was injured, just pay some compensations. Why was Chief Zhen creating such a big fuss?

Guo Panwei could tell what Dong Xuebing was thinking. He explained. “The Sixth Bureau had hit someone related to our agency.”

“What is his background?”

Guo Panwei lowered his voice and said: “The father of that person, who got beaten up, is a relative of Beijing City’s State Security Bureau. They all have the same surname, Jiang. They should be close.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. The No.1 man in the City’s State Security? Chief Jiang? Damn! He is a big shot!

“Now, Chief Jiang is furious, and he demands an explanation from the Western District. Why did the Western District Branch arrest his relative?” Guo Panwei continued. “That’s why Chief Zhen called for an emergency meeting to discuss this incident. They need to think of an explanation and who should be responsible. Most importantly, how should they appease Chief Jiang. You should also know that we had a case of corruption and bribery in our branch last week. The City Bureau is already unhappy with our branch. Now, with this incident, it will make matter worst.”

Dong Xuebing understood what happened. No wonder Zhen Anguo and the rest of the leaders had such big reactions. This incident was serious. If it were Dong Xuebing’s mother who was arrested and beaten up, Dong Xuebing would also go crazy. No one could blame Chief Jiang for getting angry.

Not long later, news of this incident had spread throughout the branch.

Everyone was discussing this incident. This was an unlucky year for the bureau. City Bureau’s Chief Jiang controls the City’s Party Committee. He could kick the leaders of the branch bureaus out if he wants. Who dares to offend Chief Jiang? It seems like someone would have to go.

Branch Bureau Chief office.

Zhen Anguo did not even go to the meeting room. He called all the leaders to his office for a meeting. Zhen Anguo did not know what happened when Chief Jiang called. After getting his head chewed off, he found out what happened. It was that document from the Sixth bureau, he signed in the morning. They had arrested the wrong person and even beat up a relative of the City Bureau Chief. This was no longer a small case. This was like challenging the City bureau’s authority. This was like a slap to the City Bureau Chief’s face.

“Are his injuries serious?” Chief Zhen did not beat around the bush and asked.

A deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau replied: “No. There are only some bruises near the eye and his wrist. There are no fractures.”

Zhen Anguo nodded. “Where is the officer who hit him?”

That Deputy Director sighed. “In my office.”

Yan Lei was standing behind Chief Zhen. He felt sorry for Chief Zhen. Zhen Anguo had only been transferred here for a few days and got to clear up this mess. This was too unlucky.

The Director of the Sixth Bureau, Director Jian, was wearing his State Security uniform. He was in his 40s but was still very fit. Director Jian was the person in charge of this incident. Seeing that Chief Zhen might be pursuing this matter, he immediately said: “Chief Zhen, all along, the intel we received have been very vague and cannot be 100% accurate. No one had waned this to happen. I admit that my men might be wrong, but it is the other party who started to fight back first. He……”

Zhen Anguo knew what he was about to say and interrupted him. “We should be discussing the solution now and not trying to push the blame. Chief Jiang is on his way to the hospital. We do not have time to discuss anymore. Zhen Anguo looked at Xu Yan and Director Jian. “Ok. Chief Xu and Director Jian will come with me to the hospital. We will discuss the solution on our way there.”

This meeting ended very fast. It was only about 4 to 5 minutes.

The rest of the leaders also got into their cars and went to the hospital. Although the injuries were not serious, they had to put up a show for Chief Jiang.

Dong Xuebing, who was standing in the corridor, was looking at the leaders rushing out. From the leaders’ reactions, he knew this incident should be quite severe. Even if the officer who hit that man was punished, who knows what Chief Jiang would do. Will he continue to pursue this matter?

Xuan Wu Hospital.

Zhen Anguo and the rest entered the hospital’s carpark. When they were about to enter the hospital, the Deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau saw Chief Jiang’s car entering. Zhen Anguo and the rest quickly walk over to that vehicle. It was not sure if the driver did it purposely or failed to see them. The car did not stop and drove past Zhen Anguo and the rest, and stopped at a parking lot.

Zhen Anguo did not dare to lose his temper. He turned and walked back towards the parking lot.

The car door opened and a man in his 50s alighted. He was not tall but had the air of a leader. This person was Chief Jiang. The No. 1 man in the City Bureau. Many people knew Chief Jiang was a quiet person. He loves calligraphy and gardening. He was also health-conscious and seldom got angry. But today, Chief Jiang pulled a long face. He stared coldly at Zhen Anguo, who was walking towards him. He was furious. No one could blame him for being so mad. His nephew had been beaten up for no reason, and the ones who beat him were from the State Security. His subordinates!

“Chief Jiang.” Zhen Anguo had discussed with the other leaders on their way to the hospital. He immediately apologizes: “This incident is entirely our fault. We are very sorry. I promise those involved will be punished. Especially the two officers who hit your relative.”

Chief Jiang stared at Zhen Anguo in his eyes: “It is too late for anything. What have you been doing?”

Zhen Anguo replied: “I swear this will not happen again.”

Chief Jiang: “Hmph!” and walked towards the hospital. Zhen Anguo and the rest were about to follow him to visit the injured and try to calm him down. But Chief Jiang turned back suddenly: “All of you wait here!” Zhen Anguo and the rest stopped immediately as Chief Jiang entered the hospital.

Outside of the hospital.

Xu Yan worrying said: “Chief Jiang is furious. I’m afraid…….”

Everyone could tell that Chief Jiang would not let this matter rest. Punishing two State Security Officers should not be enough. But the top leaders in the branch had been changed twice recently. If Chief Jiang really wants to pursue this matter, who will he target? The Deputy Director who leads the operation? Director Jian? The Deputy Branch Chiefs? This will be a hit to their reputation, especially Zhen Anguo’s reputation. He had offended the Chief of the City Bureau within days of becoming the head of the branch. Zhen Anguo’s future looks dim.

Sigh…… Why that person has to be Chief Jiang’s relative?

Damn it!

Xu Yan and the rest of the leaders were standing outside the hospital. They did not even move a step.

The Deputy Director from the Sixth Bureau was the most nervous. He should be first that will be punished first. He was rubbing his hands nervously, thinking of a solution. Suddenly, a name appeared in his mind. No one in the branch is unaware of this name. If he can come over…… then……. The Deputy Director found his last hope. He quickly turned to Xu Yan. “Chief Xu, Chief Xiao Dong should still be at work, right? Can you call him over?”

Xu Yan frowned.

Director Jian, who was seldom at the branch, had also heard of the miraculous deeds by Dong Xuebing. He thought for a while and agreed: “We also have no other ways. Just let Chief Xiao Dong try. Maybe he can save the situation.”

Yan Lei heard everything. What are they talking about? Call that person here? These few leaders seem to trust Dong Xuebing a lot. Isn’t him just the Chief of a General Affairs Office? He is still the deputy. What right does he have for so many leaders to talk about him? Yan Lei was shocked by the conversation between the leaders. He realized that he had made a mistake. This Dong Xuebing…… was not an ordinary Deputy Chief of a small office.

Zhen Anguo also could not believe Xiao Dong was able to solve this incident. But he remembered what Xu Yan told him. “Look for Xiao Dong if you got any trouble.” Zhen Anguo had no other options now. He could only try his luck.

Xu Yan did not want to drag Dong Xuebing into this. It was not because she does not trust Dong Xuebing’s abilities. She just does not wish to get Dong Xuebing involved. This incident had nothing to do with the General Affairs Department and General Affairs Office in the first place. But when she saw Zhen Anguo nodding at her, Xu Yan got no choice. She took out her phone and walked aside to call the General Affairs Office. “Hello, Xiao Dong. Come to Xuan Wu Hospital now.”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 133 – Bad mouthed!

The next morning.

Xu Yan arrived at work and was about to go upstairs to her office when she met Zhen Anguo.

“Chief Zhen.” Xu Yan slowed down and walk slightly behind Chief Zhen. “How is your apartment? I had asked my people to prepare it for you. If you find anything lacking, let me know. I will ask them to prepare it for you. Haha, our branch’s quarter is quite old. When Chief Yan was around, he had proposed to the higher-ups to rebuild it. But it is not approved. We can only do some simple renovations.”

Zhen Anguo smiled: “Thanks for preparing the apartment for me. It is quite good and is much better than my previous lodging.”

Xu Yan maintained her speed to be slightly behind Zhen Anguo. “I’m glad you are satisfied.”

Zhen Anguo immediately noticed her movements and knew she had something to talk to her.

When Xu Yan reaches her office’s floor, she did not turn into the corridor. “Chief Zhen, I remembered something suddenly.”

Zhen Anguo looked at her. “Let’s talk in my office?”


By right, the secretary of the leader must clean up the office before the leader arrives. But Yan Lei was not considered Chief Zhen’s secretary. Zhen Anguo also did not give Yan Lei his office’s keys due to the regulations. State Security was a department which handles lots of confidential information. Zhen Anguo got to be careful. The past two days, Yan Lei could only wait patiently outside the office for Zhen Anguo to arrive, before going in to clean up the office. But today was different. Yan Lei saw Xu Yan walking with Zhen Anguo to the office, and he just greeted both of them, before returning back to the General Affairs Department. He knew these two leaders must have some important discussions.

After they entered the office, Zhen Anguo smiled and asked Xu Yan to sit.

They discussed some unimportant issues about work as they waited for the water dispenser to boil the water.

When they saw the water had been heated up, Xu Yan walked over and poured a cup of water for Zhen Anguo. Zhen Anguo did not wait for Xu Yan to place the cup of water on his desk. He knew Xu Yan’s friction was influential in the branch, and he stood up to take the cup from her. “Hahaha, Chief Xu had poured a cup of water for me. I am flattered.”

“It’s my job. Before you are transferred here, the city bureau is not quite happy with the performance of the Western District Branch. Hahaha, we hope you can lead us to achieve and improve our performance. All of us are depending on your leadership.” Xu Yan said as she poured herself a cup of water. She had lowered herself to pour water for Zhen Anguo. This gesture was to show her decision to be on Zhen Anguo’s side, but at the same time, she did not lower her status too low. All of Xu Yan’s movements had meaning.

Zhen Anguo understood what Xu Yan was trying to convey through her actions. He knew that Xu Yan wanted to stand on his side.

However, Zhen Anguo did not accept her offer immediately. This was only his third day at the bureau and still did not understand the power struggle in the branch well. He changed his tone and smile. He was showing some signs of accepting her offer, but at the same time, he was showing that he was wary of her. “Chief Xu, you are giving me a lot of pressure with your words. Improving the branch’s performance should be an overall effort. You also play an important part.” The timing, method, and the vary of degree, of standing with one side is very complicated. Xu Yan had not shown enough determination of joining Zhen Anguo’s side, and Zhen Anguo only expressed slight interest in welcoming her.

After some casual talk, Xu Yan and Zhen Anguo got along well.

This was a good start for both, but no one knows what would happen in the future.

In the end, Xu Yan felt it was the right time to talk about Dong Xuebing. She thought for a while and asked: “Chief Zhen, have you met Chief Xiao Dong from our General Affairs Office? This young man is competent and works hard. Young men like him should be groomed. I am thinking of promoting his rank to Deputy Section Chief.”

Zhen Anguo remembered Dong Xuebing’s information he had read from the files and frowned. He did not understand why Xu Yan made such a proposal. Chief Dong? That young man who claims to be from the same hometown as him? His probation period should not be over. It was already weird for him to be the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. Why does Xu Yan want to promote him now? Zhen Anguo thought for a while but did not reject Xu Yan directly. After all, Xu Yan was offering to stand on his side, and he should not disappoint her. “I met Chief Dong yesterday. Yes. He is indeed meticulous in his work. But…… he is too young. He does not have enough experience.”

Xu Yan smiled: “If the experiences you are talking about is his performance, then I think Xiao Dong is more than qualified. He has only entered the branch for less than 4 months, but had achieved the results equivalent to 4 years work of most people here.” Xu Yan knew Zhen Anguo would not believe her. Zhen Anguo might still have not heard of Dong Xuebing’s achievements. So, she told him about Dong Xuebing’s amazing feats over the past few months. “There was one time when the office of the Chief of the General Affairs Office caught fire. The fire was raging, and everything in the office was burning. But there are a few important documents in the office which needs to be saved. During that situation, who would dare to enter the office? It was life-threatening. But Xiao Dong ran in without any hesitations…….”

Xu Yan also told Zhen Anguo about the soccer matches and the incident when Dong Xuebing miraculously took out asthma and heart attack medications at the critical moment.

The more Zhen Anguo heard about the fantastic stories about Dong Xuebing, the more he was interested in this young man. This is an amazing young man. How come everything he does seems to be out of some novels. Were all this real? Zhen Anguo knew that Xu Yan does not need to lie to him, and it should be right. However, he did not see those incidents with his own eyes, and it was too hard to believe. After Xu Yan finished, he laughed: “This Chief Xiao Dong really have some amazing achievements.”

Xu Yan continued. “That’s right. The General Affairs Office’s work is to assist the leaders. This is the most suitable role for Xiao Dong. Although he might be young, it was also because he is young, I proposed to promote him. We can use him to set an example to others. Those who work hard will be rewarded and those who skive at work…… will be removed from their position. This will motivate everyone in the branch. Oh, Chief Xiao Dong had just returned from the Section Chief Training course at the Party School. It is only a matter of time before he gets promoted.”

Zhen Anguo just smiles.

Xu Yan knew Zhen Anguo would not agree so quickly. They chatted for a while more, and Xu Yan left. Promoting someone was not easily done with Xu Yan’s efforts alone. It must be a decision proposed by the Branch’s No. 1 or No. 2. Xu Yan was not close with Political Commissar Cheng Haimei. Also, Cheng Haimei had opposed Xiao Dong to be the General Affairs Office’s Deputy Chief during the Committee Meeting. She would not propose Xiao Dong’s promotion. So, Xu Yan could only look for Zhen Anguo. If Zhen Anguo agrees to this, then no one would oppose Dong Xuebing’s promotion.

Back at the office, Xu Yan called Dong Xuebing to her office.

“Chief Xu, are you looking for me?”

“Xiao Dong, I had discussed your promotion with Chief Zhen earlier this morning. I am still not sure about Chief Zhen’s decision. I will give you the same advice. Do your best during these few days, and show some results. I had praised you to the skies in front of Chief Zhen. Don’t let me down.”

“Yes, Mdm. Rest assured I will do my best. Thank you.” Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. He had conversed well with Chief Zhen yesterday, and Chief Zhen should have no problems promoting him.

At the same time, Branch Bureau’s Chief office.

Yan Lei was cleaning up the office with a rag.

Zhen Anguo was sitting in his leather chair, signing a document. Suddenly, he put down his pen and looked at Yan Lei. “Xiao Yan, are you getting used to working here?”

Yan Lei put down his rag and stood at attention. “Yes, Sir. As soon as I am with you, I will get use to whatever environment.”

Zhen Anguo laughed. “Actually, I wanted you to remain in the Public Security for a few more years, before transferring you to a county Public Security branch as the Deputy Chief there. But my transfer was too sudden. Even I did not expect it. That’s why I drag you along with me. Hahaha, do you hate me for this decision?”

Yan Lei immediately replied: “Of course not. I am glad to be able to learn from you.”

Zhen Anguo nodded. “Wait for a while more. When the time is right, I will transfer you to the lower levels to gain some experience.”

Yan Lei also wanted to be transferred to the lower levels as a Deputy Branch Chief with authority. That will be much better than being an unofficial secretary. Also, there were too many restrictions in the State Security. He did not have many career paths like Public Security. But even if he thinks this way, he could not tell Chief Zhen about it.

“Oh.” Zhen Anguo suddenly remembered about his discussion with Xu Yan in the morning. “Do you know Chief Xiao Dong from the General Affairs Office?”

Yan Lei was stunned. He thought Zhen Anguo had heard about what happened and quickly tried to explain himself: “Chief Zhen, it’s him……”

“Chief Xu had spoken to me about Chief Xiao Dong this morning. She is proposing to promote Xiao Dong to Deputy Section Chief.” Zhen Anguo still has not made his decision. He asked: “I would like to hear your opinions. I heard that this Xiao Dong is very capable.”

“Promote to Deputy Section Chief?” Yan Lei was surprised. He looked at Zhen Anguo’s facial expression and then replied: “Chief Zhen, I had met Xiao Dong yesterday. He is too young and is a Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office at age 23. How can he be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank? This is not right.” Yan Lei had conducted a background check on Dong Xuebing. He knew Dong Xuebing had just graduated from University. He did not have any experience at all.

“Chief Xu was thinking of granting an exception for him and use him as an example for others. What do you think?”

Yan Lei had been thinking for getting back at Dong Xuebing. Now, this is the best opportunity. “I will be honest with you. Yesterday, I had gone to the General Affairs Office to ask Chief Dong for some help with your matters. I asked him to help me carry some stuff. This is supposed to be the General Affairs Office’s job. But he ignored me. I called him twice, and maybe he thinks to carry some stuff for you will affect his status. He is too immature and did not think of the big picture. He also disrespected you. How can such person be promoted?” Yan Lei purposely skipped the parts that he was the one who caused this conflict.

Zhen Anguo heard this and laughed. “It’s only a small matter. You don’t need to mind this.”

Yan Lei frowned and replied. “This is not a joking matter. He has no respect for you.”

“Fine. I know.” Zhen Anguo knew Yan Lei might have some unpleasant clash with Chief Xiao Dong, and that’s why he was biased. As a leader for so many years, he could sense it, and will not trust his words entirely.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 132 – Deputy Section Chief

Since 10 am, Dong Xuebing had been running around the whole branch. He was working hard and delivered documents personally to most departments. He even helped two leaders write a speech and a report. Of course, some minor tasks were delegated to his staffs. Dong Xuebing only serve the leaders above him.

Noon, Dong Xuebing returned from lunch at the cafeteria.

Chang Juan smiles seductively at Dong Xuebing the moment he stepped in. “Chief Dong, Chief Xu just called. She wants to see you.”

“Ok.” Dong Xuebing immediately went upstairs to Xu Yan’s office. “Chief Xu, are you looking for me?”

Xu Yan looked up at him and pointed to the chair in front of her.

Dong Xuebing sat down respectfully on the chair. “Is there any task for me?”

“You have just returned to work, and you start to create trouble for me? What is it now? I heard you clashed with Secretary Yan?” If this had happened to other people, news of this incident would not spread. But who is Chief Xiao Dong? He is the legendary Chief of the Western District. Who is Secretary Yan? He is the trusted aide of Chief Zhen.

Dong Xuebing heard this. He wondered how come Xu Yan knew about this. He immediately stands at attention. “Chief Xu, you should know me well. I have been working hard and spent all my energy on my work. I had never started any conflicts with others.” Dong Xuebing face turned slightly red when he said he was working hard at work. But he was telling the truth when he said he had never started any conflicts at work. He always sticks to his own business until others come and offend him. “That Yan Lei is too much. You be the judge. I am assigning tasks to the other staff members in the office. That Yan Lei just barged in and ordered me to carry things for him. I asked Guo Panwei to help him, but Yan Lei refused. He insists that I have to help him. He did not give me any face. How can I give in? If I followed his orders, I will not only lose respect. Your authority will also be affected.”

After 3 months in the government sector, Dong Xuebing’s political wisdom might not have increased much, but he became better at talking.

“You ah…… Even Chief Zhen cannot order you?”

“If this was Chief Zhen’s orders, I will follow. But that Yan Lei asked me to carry things for him. He was just abusing his authority.”

Xu Yan shook her head. “You should change your foul temper. Secretary Yan had been Chief Zhen’s trusted aide for years. He has some say in front of Chief Yan. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing knew Yan Lei would speak badly about him in front of Chief Zhen, and Chief Zhen would see him in a different light. But Dong Xuebing could not swallow his pride and let Yan Lei order him around.

Xu Yan smiled. From Dong Xuebing’s facial expression, she knew he did not understand. She did not want to say much and took out a small brown envelope from her drawer and placed it on the table. Cling, cling…... it sounded like a few bunches of keys. “Chief Zhen’s lodging is ready. I had asked someone to clean it. Help me bring the keys to Chief Zhen.” Xu Yan wants to let Dong Xuebing leave a good impression with Chief Zhen first, before putting up his promotion.

Dong Xuebing replied excitedly. “Yes. I will complete this task.”

Xu Yan laughed. “Hahaha, if you can’t even deliver some keys, you better pack your bags and get lost.”

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly and picked up that envelope. “Chief Xu, I will go now.”

Branch Bureau Chief’s office.

A middle-aged man in his 40s, with a crew cut, was sitting behind his desk. He looked smart, and his eyes were sharp. It was 20 minutes more before the lunch break ends. Zhen Anguo was writing a letter. It was a simple letter to his ex-wife, telling her about his transfer. When he was still in the investigation branch of the Public Security, his wife had divorced him. He had spent too much time at work and neglected his family. So, after his wife left him, he still misses his wife very much. He would send his ex-wife a letter every week. Even if his wife did not return his letter, but he did this for the past 10 years without fail.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone was knocking on the door.

Zhen Anguo put down his pen and looked up. “Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered and closes the door. “Chief Zhen.

Zhen Anguo looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled. “Chief Dong from the General Affairs Office? Haha, sit. Sit down first.” He had never met Dong Xuebing or heard about what he had done. On his first day, Zhen Anguo had asked for the organization charts and pictures of all the department leaders. He memorized all the names and faces. This was his habit since his days in the investigation branch of the Public Security.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. He did not expect Zhen Anguo to know him. He was overjoyed but still stood upright. “Thank You, Chief Zhen. I am tasked by Chief Xu to deliver your keys to your lodging at the quarters. Your apartment is already cleaned, and you can move in anytime.” Zhen Anguo was like what Guo Panwei said. This new Bureau’s chief was very easy going and had no airs. He was much better than that old man, Zhou Guoan. Hmmm, but why did he pick that Yan Lei as his secretary?

Zhou Anguo smiles and kept his keys. He looked at Dong Xuebing and asked. “If your job at the General Affairs Office tough?”

Dong Xuebing straightened his back and replied: “No sir. We are just doing the backend work for the leaders. Our work cannot be compared to yours. Your job is many times tougher than us.” Suddenly, Dong Xuebing noticed Chief Zhen’s accent. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and then asked: “Chief Zhen, can I ask you something? Is your hometown from Fenzhou City?

Zhen Anguo paused for a while: “That’s right.”

“Ah, such a coincident.” Dong Xuebing replied. “My hometown is also in Fenzhou, Yantai county, Huitian village.”

Zhen Anguo smiled and thought to himself. Your Beijing accent is so strong and doesn’t sound like you are from Fenzhou. But he still laughed and asked: “This is really coincident. Come, have a sit. I have not been to Yantai county for many years. How is the stability there?”

Chief Zhen had asked Dong Xuebing to sit down twice. The first time, he might be courteous. But when he asked the second time, it would be rude for Dong Xuebing to not sit down. He immediately sat down with half of his butt touching the chair. Dong Xuebing had grown up in Beijing, but his mother was from Fenzhou city. So, Dong Xuebing was not wrong to say Fenzhou as his hometown.

Zhen Anguo was nice to Dong Xuebing was not because they were from the same hometown. It was because of his character and the work of General Affairs Office. The General Affairs Office had to deal with all the leaders in the branch, and many relevant documents had to go through this department. Zhen Anguo, as the new Chief of the branch, had to understand the current situation to better manage the branch.

Both chatted for about 6-7 minute.

Dong Xuebing walked out from Chief Zhen’s office with a good mood. He never expects to chat with Chief Zhen for so long in their first meeting. Yes! I should have left a good impression with Chief Zhen. There should not be any problems with my promotion.

But after walking for a few steps, Dong Xuebing saw Yan Lei walking towards his direction from the opposite end of the corridor.

Yan Lei was carrying a stack of files, and he paused for a second when he saw Dong Xuebing. He gave him a cold stare and then carried on walking. He treated Dong Xuebing as a nobody. This Deputy Section Chief did not even have the rank. He will definitely get back at Dong Xuebing for disrespecting him this morning. But he could not do it now. On Chief Zhen’s first day, he had instructed Yan Lei to observe the situation at the branch first.

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. I can tell from one look that you did not have any authority before coming here. Now, you have a bit of authority, and you become arrogant? You are just a secretary and what right do you have to look down on others? If you are given the role of a Section Chief in some departments, are you going to go crazy? Furthermore, Branch Bureau Chiefs are not allowed to have secretaries. At most, you are just a messenger for the Chief.

Back at the General Affairs Office, Dong Xuebing calmed himself down and forgot about Yan Lei.

His top priority now was to get his Deputy Section Chief rank first.

The whole afternoon, Dong Xuebing was busy traveling to various departments. He needs to show all the leaders how hardworking he was. He hopes to let everyone in the branch to forget about his involvement in the Zhou Guoan’s incident.

Political Section, Finance Department, Archive Room, Political Commissar office, etc.

Dong Xuebing would appear in front of the leaders whenever they have any tasks for the General Affairs Office. He tried his best to complete all the tasks given by the leaders. Even if it were a minor task, Dong Xuebing would also put in his 100% to prevent any mistakes.

Everyone saw Chief Xiao Dong working hard and were puzzled. Is there any higher position up for grabs, and Chief Xiao Dong wanted it? But Chief Xiao Dong had just got his position as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office and entered the Party School for training. How come he is thinking of getting promoted again?

Everyone was speechless. If you are promoted again, your promotions will not be considered sitting on a rocket. Even a spaceship is not as fast as your promotions.

Although many people felt Dong Xuebing would not be promoted so fast, they got to admit one thing. Nothing is impossible for Chief Xiao Dong. If not, where did his nickname ‘Omnipotent’ comes from?

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 130 – Company!


Dong Xuebing was humming a song excitedly as he returned to Heping North street. He had just returned from Han Hai Auctions. He was late because he wanted to give Aunt Xuan a surprise. That Wei Nan had paid for the necklace with a credit card in the afternoon. By right, Dong Xuebing would get the money one week later. But he went to Han Hai Auctions to wait for them to transfer 1.32 million RMB into his account.

Qu Yunxuan’s unit.

Qu Yunxuan and her mother had brought out the dishes from the kitchen.

Dong Xuebing, who had just entered the apartment, laughed: “Aunt Xuan, Aunty, I am here for dinner.”

“Xiao Bing, you are back at the right time. I did not see you for some time, and you look brighter. Are you dating someone now?” Qu Yunxuan’s mother said.

Dong Xuebing secretly looked at Qu Yunxuan and cleared his throat. “No. Who would want to date someone like me?”

Qu Yunxuan set the chopsticks and bowls on the table and knocked Dong Xuebing’s head. “Can’t you give other replies? What’s wrong with you? Although your salary is not high, at least you are getting the benefits of a Deputy Section Chief. You are still very young. I had the farewell dinner with my colleagues yesterday, and an older sister of mine kept asking me about you. She says she wants to introduce her niece to you.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother laughed. “Good. Yunxuan, you must help Xiao Bing keep a lookout.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed: “I must see what Xiao Bing thinks. If he is interested, I will introduce someone to him.”

“Errr…… Never mind. I am not in a hurry.” Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes and thought to himself. Aunt Xuan is good at pretending.

During dinner, Qu Yunxuan’s mother kept adding food to Dong Xuebing’s bowl. “Xiao Bing, I have heard what happened at the news agency. I really want to thank you. You have saved Yunxuan’s life before, and you have helped her again this time. Here…… eat more……” Qu Yunxuan’s mother kept saying beautiful things to Dong Xuebing and suddenly asked: “Xiao Bing, I heard that you know a leader at the Central Publicity department?”

Dong Xuebing swallowed his food and replied: “Yes. I know her, but we are not very close.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother looked at Dong Xuebing and put down her chopsticks. “Can you ask that leader if she can help your Aunt Xuan get a job?”

“Mum!” Qu Yunxuan frowned. “Xiao Bing had helped me a lot. We cannot bother him anymore.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and rubbed his nose. “This…… should not be a problem. Aunt Xuan, you still want to work in the media industry? If you want, I can ask for you. But I thought you want to set up a company and be a general manager?”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother smiled when he heard Dong Xuebing was willing to help. “Come, try this braised pork. Hahaha. Don’t listen to your Aunt Xuan. Who would want her to be a General Manager? Didn’t the stock market crash recently? All her savings are trapped inside. It will take at least 1 year before she can take out her savings. How can she set up a company without money? She can’t even afford the rent of a roadside stall.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Ah? You lost money in the stock market? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Qu Yunxuan smiled wearily. “It’s not a lot of money.”

“Aiyo…… if you need money, I can give you some.” Qu Yunxuan should be feeling the strain after losing her savings and job.

Qu Yunxuan rolled her eyes. “Save it. Your salary is not high too. I can manage on my own.”

“Oh, ok.”

Dong Xuebing noticed that Qu Yunxuan might have bathed when he was out. Her dressing and makeup were not the same as the morning. She was now wearing a white knitted sweater and a pair of tight black pants. He could see the outlines of her shapely legs. Dong Xuebing continued eating and secretly took off his slippers under the table. He used his feet and toes to rub against Aunt Xuan’s legs.

Qu Yunxuan immediately blushed and avoided looking at Dong Xuebing. She just lowered her head and continue eating.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother did not notice anything wrong and was still talking. “Among the few youngsters in the neighborhood, only Xiao Bing stand out. I was chatting with some neighbors in the afternoon, and they were still talking about that Section Chief Xu incident. Sigh…... Just look at our Yunxuan. She tried to set up a company with her friends after graduation, but the company failed. Now? She lost her job and savings. If this carries on, when will I get to carry a grandson? Xiao Bing, you must help me persuade your Aunt Xuan. It is not practical to set up a company and do business. She should just get a husband…….”

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly. “Ok. I will try to talk to her.” As he was replying, he raised his feet upwards to caress Aunt Xuan’s thighs under the table.

Qu Yunxuan was fidgeting, and she lowered one hand to stop Dong Xuebing’s feet in between her legs. “Don’t try to persuade me. I will stop dreaming about owning a business. I also did not say I need a partner to set up a business. But now, even I want to set up a business or get into a partnership with someone else, is also impossible.”

Qu Yunxuan was pressing down on Dong Xuebing’s ankle to stop his leg from moving, but he could still move his toes. His toes were moving up and down, feeling her thighs through the smooth fabric of her pants.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother was oblivious to what was happening under the table. She smiled when she heard what her daughter said. “That’s right. You should get a husband as soon as possible and have a grandson for me to take care.”

Qu Yunxuan’s breathing was getting faster and then said: “Let me…… get a job first. I can get a job myself and don’t need Xiao Bing’s help.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother grumbled. “It is better to work for the government. What job can you get? Private companies? Foreign companies?”

“Just let me handle this.” Qu Yunxuan closed her legs tightly and was trying to push Dong Xuebing’s leg away under the table.

“Eh, why is your face red?” Qu Yunxuan’s mother frowned. “Are you having a fever? Come over and let me take a look.”

“Nothing. I just feel a bit warm.”

Dong Xuebing stopped teasing her and retract his leg and wear back his slippers. He continued with his dinner heartily. Tight pants feel the best. It was smooth, elastic, and feel like he was touching her legs directly.

After dinner, Qu Yunxuan said: “Mum, you go back and rest early. I will wash the dishes.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother nodded: “You better get a job soon. Xiao Bing, I will go back now. Come over to my place when you are free.”

“Ok. Bye.”

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan walked Qu Yunxuan’s mother to the door and watch her walked down the stairs. After Qu Yunxuan closed the door, she immediately hit Dong Xuebing a few times on his arm. “You pervert. My mother is around, and you still dare to touch me? Are you itching for a beating?” Slap, slap, slap. “Do you still dare to touch me again?”

Touch you?

Dong Xuebing heard the word ‘touch’ and got excited. “Xuan Xuan, then can I touch you now?”

“What are you talking about?” Qu Yunxuan immediately takes one step back. “Shameless. You cannot touch me today.”

Dong Xuebing selectively choose to not hear that, and move forward and pinned both of her hands against the door.

Qu Yunxuan was against the door and could not move away. “You hooligan! Stop disturbing me. I still have not wash the dishes…… Ah…. Don’t touch there…… No…… it is still daylight now. Let’s wait until night…… Ah…… Noooo…… We cannot do this in the day…… stop taking off my clothes…… you…… stop! You will be the death of me…… you…… go to the room! If we do it here, the neighbors will hear us.”

Dong Xuebing stopped kissing her neck and then carried her up.

Qu Yunxuan blushed and hugged him around his neck. Her face was all red as she stares at him. “I should not let you do it last night. I should have known after the first time, you will keep wanting it…… Why did I have to get involved with you? You are a hooligan, pervert!”

Dong Xuebing carried her and walked quickly into her room and threw her onto the bed. “Am I really that bad?”

“What do you think?” Qu Yunxuan immediately pulled up her pants, which was around her knees. “Other than bullying me, what else can you do? You are just a hooligan.” Although Qu Yunxuan was scolding Dong Xuebing, she was still looking very feminine and sexy.

“Then I will show you what is bad!” Dong Xuebing took off all his clothes in a few seconds and jumped onto the bed. “What’s wrong?”

Qu Yunxuan was staring at him angrily for a few seconds, and then she slowly pulled up her sweater. “Switch off the lights and pull up the curtains.” After she stripped, she moved over and opened the bottom drawer of her bedside drawers. She took out a small box and threw it at Dong Xuebing. “Wear this!”

Dong Xuebing picked up that small box. Everything on the box was written in English. “What is this?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed. “I also don’t know.”

“Huh? You don’t know what this is, and you want me to wear it?” Dong Xuebing looked at the back of the box and realized what this item was. It was a box of condoms. “You bought this during the day?”

Qu Yunxuan seems to remember something and hit him. “You still dare to mention this? I am so embarrassed today. That look from the cashier is so……”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You are just feeling guilty, and that’s the reason why you feel other people are giving you weird looks.”

“You are the guilty one. It’s all your fault!”

“Fine, fine, fine…… Everything is my fault.” Dong Xuebing opened the box and took out everything from the box. He then tears open one and examines it. “Errr…… Aunt Xuan, this……. How do I use this? Do you know?”

“How would I know? You are asking for a beating?!”

“I also don’t know how to use it. Huh, there are instructions. Wait a while.”

5 minutes passed……

10 minutes passed……

After experimenting and wasting two condoms, Dong Xuebing finally knew how to wear it. He saw Qu Yunxuan looking at him and felt he was belittled. “The instructions are not clear. It’s too vague. I…… “Qu Yunxuan rolled her eyes, and Dong Xuebing stopped explaining. He jumped on top of her and start their ‘wrestling’ session.

Time passes.

The skies had turned dark, and the curtains had blocked most of the moonlight. The room was very dark.

Both their breathing slowly calmed down. After a while, Qu Yunxuan said in the darkness. She sounded tired. “You got what you want now. You are not allowed to ask for more tonight. I whole body is aching.”

“Hmmm…… Let’s talk about it later at night.”

Slap! Dong Xuebing got a slap on his arm. “I still have not agreed to be your girlfriend. What is this?” Dong Xuebing felt Qu Yunxuan hugging him around his waist. “If your mother and my mother find out about our relationship, there will be an uproar.”

Dong Xuebing held her hand, which was hugging him. “Stop being so negative. What uproar? My mother would be overjoyed to have a daughter-in-law like you. Your mother also likes me a lot. I think they will not mind.”

“My mother is……” Aunt Xuan stopped halfway.

Dong Xuebing knew what she wanted to say. Her mother does not speak her mind and thinks different from the way she acts. “Let’s stop thinking about these. Xuan Xuan, I want to ask you something.”

“Call me, Aunt Xuan!”

“Aunt Xuan, I want to ask you something.”


“Do you really want to start your own business?”

“Not anymore.”


“…… Yes……”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I thought I can surprise with a gift. Never mind. Seems like my gift is useless now.”

“Surprise? What surprise?”

“Never mind. Just pretend I never say anything.”

Dong Xuebing felt a pinch on his tummy. “You cannot do this. Quick tell me about this surprise.”

“Call me ‘Dear hubby’ and I will tell you.”

“You…… you are making fun of me. I will not call you that.”

“Then forget it.”

One minute later. “…… Can I just call you, dear?”


“You…… It’s fine even if you do not want to tell me. You must have bought some cosmetics for me, right?” After a while, Qu Yunxuan asked. “Xiao Bing, is it cosmetics? Or……. Perfume? It must be perfume. What brand is it?” Qu Yunxuan was a bit mad when she saw Dong Xuebing ignoring her. She hit him twice on his back and hesitated for a long time. Finally, she moved closer to Dong Xuebing’s ear and bit it lightly. She said softly into his ears: “Dear hubby, dear Xiao Bing Xiao Bing Gege.…… are you satisfy now?”

Dong Xuebing could feel his body melting. “Yes…... yes…… Xiao Bing Gege sounds nice. You will call me this in the future.”

“Why don’t you go to hell?” Qu Yunxuan felt embarrassing to call someone much younger than her as an older brother. Her face was already as red as a tomato. “Hurry up and tell me. What surprises do you have for me? Did you spend money on some expensive items again? If you do that, I will hit you with a feather duster.”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and got up from the bed. He put on his slippers and switch on the lights. Qu Yunxuan immediately covers herself up with the blankets. Dong Xuebing laughed and walked naked to his clothes on the chair. He took out a bank book from his pocket. It was an ICBC bank book. This saving account is linked to an ATM card in his wallet. A few years ago, ICBC bank had issued ATM cards which were linked directly to savings accounts. But this was stopped because of security issues. Now, not a lot of people owns ATM cards with full access to their savings account.

“Bank book?” Qu Yunxuan’s eyes opened wide. She was older than Dong Xuebing and had more pride. “Didn’t I say I still have enough money? I don’t need to use your money.”

Dong Xuebing passed the bank book to her: “Eh, I did not say I am lending you money. Take a look at first.”

Qu Yunxuan snatched the bank book from and threw it on the bed. “I am not looking, and I don’t need your money.”

“Just one look.” Dong Xuebing opened up the bank book and showed it to Qu Yunxuan. “Here. Look here.”

Qu Yunxuan gave him a stare and then took a glance at the bank book. “Ok. I have seen it. What do you want?” Qu Yunxuan finished saying and then froze suddenly. She looked at the bank book again. “1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 7 zeros? 1.32 million?”

Dong Xuebing nodded and was waiting for Qu Yunxuan to praise him. How many people can raise 1 million in 3 months? Dong Xuebing felt proud of this achievement.

But Qu Yunxuan did not praise him. Instead, her face turned black with anger and pointed at him in his face. She then grabbed a pillow and start hitting him. “You brat! What did I tell you before you enter the government service? You must not accept any money from others. Why you did not listen to me? 1 million? Are you crazy?”

Dong Xuebing quickly raised his hand to shield himself. “Aunt Xuan, Xuan Xuan, wait. Listen to me first.”

“What do you want to say? Hurry and return the money. Do you want to go to jail?”

“Huh? This is my hard-earned money and is not from bribes.” Dong Xuebing was speechless. He grabbed Qu Yunxuan and explained: “Just think about it. I am only a deputy Chief of a General Affairs Office. What authority do I have? Who is willing to spend so much money to bribe me? Are they idiots?” Qu Yunxuan stopped, and Dong Xuebing continued. “I got this money legally. I traded shares once, found an ancient coin once, stone and pearl gambling. Here, I still have a contract with me. This morning, I sold a golden pearl necklace at Han Hai Auctions and got 1.32 million RMB.”

Qu Yunxuan asked: “Really?”

“Of course. I will not lie to you.”

Qu Yunxuan opened the bank book and looked at all the transactions. “What about all these transactions? Explain all these transactions to me.”

Dong Xuebing briefly explained to her, and he claims it was all due to his luck.

After hearing Dong Xuebing’s explanations, Qu Yunxuan took a deep breath. “Wow…… you got 1.3 million just like this?” Qu Yunxuan was happy for Dong Xuebing and gave him a playful pinched on his nose. “You are really capable. Now, you do not need to rent an apartment here. Hurry and buy a two-bedroom unit. You should not be renting apartment forever. Hmmmm…… 1.3 million should be able to get a small 2-bedrooms apartment outside of the fourth ring. When are you going to view houses? I can help to give you some suggestions.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and put the bank book into Qu Yunxuan’s hand.

Qu Yunxuan was stunned. “What are you going to?”

“What am I doing?” Dong Xuebing laughed and said: “This is for you to set up your own business.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and gave him a stare: “Stop joking, or I will really take this bank book away.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I am serious. This money if for you. Didn’t I say I am giving you a surprise? Here. This is a surprise.”

“For me?” Qu Yunxuan paused for a while, before throwing the bank book back at him. “I cannot accept your money.”

Dong Xuebing pushed the bank book back to her. “Why not? Don’t you want to start your own business? 1.3 million should be enough.”

Qu Yunxuan’s eyes were teary and said: “How can I use your money? No.”

“Eh, is there still a need to differentiate what’s mine and yours? I have thought about this before. Buying a house can wait. When the company can make money, we will be able to afford a new house easily. Let’s split this money equally. The company will be registered under your name, and you will manage it. I will just get 50% of shares of the company and wait for my share of the profits. Ok?”

“Of course not. The money belongs to you, why are you only getting 50%?”

“Then I get 60% shares.”

Qu Yunxuan thought for a while and said. “Xiao Bing…… Thank you. Thank you so much. It has been my dream to set up my own business, but I cannot use your many. If you really care for me and wants to set up a business, then I can register the company under my name. But you own all the shares of the company. I will only help you manage the company. Just give me some salary after the company is set up. If the business fails, then…… Forget it. Let’s forget it. I do not have confidence to make this work. I am afraid of your money……”

“It’s our money.”

“It’s yours.”

“It’s ours.”


Dong Xuebing continued: “Stop thinking about the profits and losses. What matter most is you are happy. Just do whatever business you like and don’t give yourself too much pressure. It’s fine even if you lose money.” Dong Xuebing hugged her and planted a kiss on her chest. “I am happy when you are happy.”

Qu Yunxuan’s tears were able to fall. She hugged Dong Xuebing and asked: “Why do you treat me so well?”

“Because I like you.”

“This is more than 1 million, and you are just leaving so much money with me? You don’t even care about what business I will be doing, and don’t care about the profits and losses?”

“Hahaha, I just care about you. Since you want to start your own business, then we will start it.”

Qu Yunxuan tightens her hug: “Thank you…… Thank you very much. This is really a surprise. I……”

Dong Xuebing interrupted her: “To be honest, you are the one who had given me a bigger surprise. I never expected to be able to sleep with you.”

“You are talking nonsense.” Qu Yunxuan rolled her eyes. “I am very touched, and you just blurt out such vulgar words. You want me to hit you?”

Dong Xuebing exclaimed: “Sleeping with you is vulgar?”


“Then let’s talk about something which is not vulgar.”

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan held hands and sat on the bed. They were discussing happily and while holding on to the bank book. They were looking forward to the future and feels like a married couple. In the end, Qu Yunxuan decided to look around first before deciding what business to go into. She was considering the industry of their business and whether if they should set up the business in Beijing. These were all not decided. She also refused to own any shares of this company, despite Dong Xuebing persuasions. Dong Xuebing also gave up. Anyway, both of them were already in a relationship, and it doesn’t matter who owns more shares. They just want to work hard together and make this company a success.

Translator’s notes: Ge Ge (哥哥) = older brother. In China, some women would call their boyfriends Ge Ge.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 128 – Pushing Xuan Xuan down

Translator’s notes: Warning! This chapter contains some sexual contents. If such material offends you or you are underage to read these materials, please skip this chapter.

“Eh, Yunxuan, why did you close your door? The warm air from the air conditioner will not enter your room.”

“Mum, I’m not cold.”

“Then I will switch the air conditioner off. Don’t waste electricity. Sleep early.”

“Ok. Goodnight.”

After Qu Yunxuan finishes talking to her mother from her room, she switches off the lights. She sat down in her skinned-colored long johns and took off her socks. She turned to look at Dong Xuebing and then got under her pink blanket. She laid on her pillow and moved to the right side of her small double bed.

Dong Xuebing stood beside the bed and called out softly: “Aunt Xuan.”


“Let’s surf the net for a while. I’m not sleepy yet.”


“How about playing some cards?”


Dong Xuebing was disappointed when he saw Qu Yunxuan was ignoring him. He could only take off his clothes and place his coat and pants neatly on the nightstand. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and then take off his long johns. Wearing only his underpants, he got under the new blanket. It was cold.

Qu Yunxuan, who was back facing him, stirred: “Why are you shivering?”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his hands under the blanket. “It’s too cold. Your heater is even worse than my unit. Those heating companies are so stingy. How much more does it cost if they turn up the heat slightly? We are paying them for heating services.”

Qu Yunxuan turned slowly and faced Dong Xuebing. “It is the same every year.”

Faint moonlight was coming through the windows, and Dong Xuebing was looking at her. “Aunt Xuan, why are you so beautiful?”

“Shut up…….” Qu Yunxuan was smiling. “You are just saying this to make me happy.”

“Huh? Didn’t you say I only know how to make you mad? When did this change?”

Qu Yunxuan got her hand out from her blanket and hit his thighs.

Dong Xuebing grumbled softly: “Aunt Xuan, I am also a small leader now. Can you stop hitting me like this? It’s embarrassing.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed, but she felt she was too loud and quickly covered her mouth with her hand. “Who ask you to keep touching me?”

“That’s because I like you.” Dong Xuebing blinked and asked: “Do you like me?

“Nonsense. I will tear your mouth.” Qu Yunxuan stared at him.

“Why do you always stare at me like this when I mention this? Xuan Xuan, we have held hands and kissed. Now we are even sleeping on the same bed. Are we in a relationship?” Dong Xuebing’s hand reached under Qu Yunxuan’s blanket and held her hand. “Be my girlfriend. Don’t let me wait any longer. My mum had called to ask me to look for a girlfriend.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed: “Go and look for someone else.”

Dong Xuebing replied unhappily: “If you say this, I will go and look for a girlfriend. I will really look for someone else.”

“……” Qu Yunxuan did not say anything and slapped Dong Xuebing’s hand away. She then hugged her blanket and turned away from him.

“Aunt Xuan, say something.” Dong Xuebing pushes Qu Yunxuan’s back lightly. “Give me an answer.”

Qu Yunxuan seems to be deliberating about something. She tosses and turns for a while and then looked at Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, give me some time to consider can? To me, getting into a relationship is not a joking matter. I need to consider this seriously. I will only get into a relationship for marriage. If I agree to be with you, do you think we will get married? Even if we got married, I am so much older than you. Your colleagues and leaders at your workplace will know and gossip behind your back.”

Dong Xuebing opened his eyes wide: “I shall see who dares to talk behind my back.”

“Look at yourself.” Qu Yunxuan pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks. “You think you can stop everyone from gossiping about you?”

“Let them gossip. I don’t care. Errr……. Will you be bothered by this?”

“……. I…… don’t care.”

“That’s it. This will not be a problem. Be my girlfriend, ok?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed slightly and then cleared her throat. “Hmmm…… Let me think about it.”

“What’s there to think? Although I have ordinary looks, height, character, family backgrounds and does not have high IQ or EQ, but…… but I am still good in many areas, like…… like…… Damn. What am I talking about? No…… What I want to say is that there are still some good points about me. Right? Right? You know, right?” Dong Xuebing said so much but could not come up with any good points about himself.

Qu Yunxuan laughed and poked his head with his fingers. “Stupid.”

“See, you are doing this again. I’m stupid? I just can’t articulate well and not smart enough. But my IQ should be around the national average, and definitely not below it. Stop calling me stupid. You make me feel like an idiot in front of you.” This was something Dong Xuebing could not change. But he knew his EQ had increased a lot after he entered the workforce. He was much better than before.

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “You…… I am praising you when I call you stupid. I don’t like those people who are smooth-talking.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her: “Then you like me?”

“I did not say that.”

Dong Xuebing felt he stands a chance. He kicks his blanket away and quickly got under Qu Yunxuan’s blanket. “Give me an answer now. Are you willing to be my girlfriend?”

“What are you doing? I told you not to touch me.” Qu Yunxuan pushes him angrily. “Get out of my blanket, or I will hit you.”

“You promise to be my girlfriend, and I will get out.”

“Let me think about it. Why are you so anxious?”

“Ah? You ask me why I am anxious? I am already in my twenties and have never dated before. Now, I finally found someone I like, and this person I like still let me hold her hands, kiss her, and she even show some interest in me. Tell me, why shouldn’t I be anxious? Let me have a feel of being in a relationship, ok?”

Qu Yunxuan heard what Dong Xuebing and stop pushing him out of her blanket. “I have also never dated anyone before. Why am I not anxious?”

“Balls! You are almost 30, and you are not anxious? Who would believe you?”

Slap. Qu Yunxuan hit his arms. “Stop swearing.”

Both argued on the topic of being anxious for several minutes when Dong Xuebing felt this was a meaningless argument. He rolled his eyes and stopped. Then he hugged Aunt Xuan’s curvy body from her back and pulled her back against his chest. His hand on her tummy pinched her fats lightly. “I don’t care whether if you are anxious or not. I only know that I am anxious. If you refuse to give me an answer, then I……. I will touch you.”

Qu Yunxuan used her head to push back against Dong Xuebing, hitting him on his chin lightly. “What are you saying? I will kill you!”

Dong Xuebing replied: “You will also agree to be my girlfriend eventually. Just let me touch you in advance. Furthermore, I have also touched you before.”

“Who will agree to you? Fat hope!” Qu Yunxuan pinched the hand on her tummy and kept quiet for a long time. She turned her head slightly towards Dong Xuebing and covered her chest area with her left hand and covered her bottom part with her right. “Don’t be too much, or I will not allow you to touch me. Do you understand?”

Dong Xuebing got excited and nodded.

“Pervert!” Qu Yunxuan scolded and then closes her eyes.

Dong Xuebing could felt his throat feeling dry from the excitement. He moved his hand down to Qu Yunxuan’s butt and squeezed outside her long johns. He lowered his head and kissed her ear lightly. He could feel her jumped slightly and he continued to kiss her ear lobes. Dong Xuebing had touched her thighs and legs before and thought he should try some other places. This time, he decided to try the upper body. He moved his hand around her waist and found the opening of her long john top. He immediately put his cold hand under it.

“It’s cold! Take it out!”

“Hehe, it will warm up soon.”

“…… You can only touch me outside my clothes. Do you hear me?”

“Hah, it’s the same inside and outside. My hands are cold. You can help me warm it.”

“Then you are not allowed to move upwards! Stop! This is the furthest you can touch! Don’t move upwards anymore, or I will hit you.”

“Eh, this is only your tummy. I will just move upwards slightly. Hmmm…… 5 cm ok?”

“At most 1 cm.”

“How about 4 cm? 1 cm is too little.” Dong Xuebing bargained.

“2 cm. If you move any higher, you will touch my…… You can take your hand out if you think it’s too little.”

“Ok. 2 cm will do. Release my hand.”

Dong Xuebing moved his hand higher and at the same time, pulled up her top slightly.

A few seconds later, Qu Yunxuan panicked. “Idiot! I told you not to be too much! Is this 2 cm? It is more than 6 cm! Stop fooling around! No! You cannot touch there!”

“Just for 1 minute. I will take my hands away after 1 minute.”

“Eh….. you are being……”

“Only 1 minute, ok? Please……”

“You think you are allowed to touch anywhere you like? You will be the death of me! You…… At most 10 seconds. I will count for you. 1……. 2…… 3……” After counting 10 seconds, “Your 10 seconds is up. Move your hand away!”

“A while more. Give me a few more minutes.”

“You don’t want to listen to me, is it? I am getting mad! Are you going to move your hand away?”

“Aiya, just give me 1 more minute. Only 1 minute……” Dong Xuebing continued to bargain.

5 minutes passed……

10 minutes passed……

Qu Yunxuan’s top was crumpled and pushed up all the way to her armpits. Her bottom was much better. Only the area around her butt was crumpled. Her long johns looked like it was just taken out from the washing machine.

At this moment, Dong Xuebing was supporting himself with his arms above Qu Yunxuan. He was sweating. “Aunt Xuan, can I?”

“What can?” Qu Yunxuan was blushing. Both her hands were covering the part between her legs. She opened her eyes wide and scolded: “I already let you touch all over my upper body. Now you want more? No! Absolutely no!”

Dong Xuebing knew this will end up in a debate again. He decided to save his breath and reach over to pull her pants.

“Do you believe that I will bite you to death?”

“……. No.”

“You…… stop. How can you…… Wait! Stop! Wait, wait, wait……”

“Huh? How long do I have to wait?”

“Let me consider about our relationship first. We cannot do this now!”

“Then you can consider now and tell me.”

“Let’s talk about this a few days later. How can I…… Eh! I told you to stop! Why are you so anxious? You will tear my pants……. You…… no…… how about I show you that part, but you are not allowed to touch. This is the furthest I will go. Ok?” Qu Yunxuan gave in slightly.

Seeing Qu Yunxuan giving in, Dong Xuebing took the chance. “We are already like this, what’s the difference with me looking and doing it?” Actually, he did not expect Qu Yunxuan to give in to him. After all, they are still not considered lovers. He was only trying his luck.

“Of course. There is a big difference. You don’t…… Wait…… Errr…… I…… will let you touch that part, but we cannot do it, ok? You……. Why are you still pulling my pants down? Stop it……” Both of them wrestled under the blanket for a while, and Qu Yunxuan gave up. She hit him on his arm. “Ok! Fine! Let go! I will take it off myself!”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing and let go of his hand.

Qu Yunxuan gave him a stare and pulled down her long john pants slowly. She was so slow that she took 1 minute to take it off.

Dong Xuebing swallowed his saliva and asked: “Can we do it now?”

“Let me think about it.” Qu Yunxuan took in a deep breath and exhaled. “You really want to do it?”


“But.….. that……”

“What’s wrong?”

Qu Yunxuan looked at him and then relaxed. “……. Nothing. Then you…… you……”

She agreed? Dong Xuebing was excited and pressed down on her.

“Stop…… wait a while. Let me think about it. Stop first. I need to consider this.” Qu Yunxuan curled up and covered all her important areas.

“What’s wrong?”

Qu Yunxuan tapped her face with both her hands to calm herself down. She looked at him and then looked at the door. Qu Yunxuan covered her chest and sat up, pushing Dong Xuebing away. “Move aside. I will go and hear if my Mum is asleep or not.” She got off the bed, tip-toed to the door and pressed her ear against the door for a few minutes. She could hear faint snoring sounds in her living room and returned back under the blanket.

“Ok now?” Dong Xuebing asked eagerly.

Qu Yunxuan rubbed her face and asked: “Are we really going to do it? How did things end up like this? I am not prepared at all……. Xiao Bing, can we do this tomorrow? Give me some time to prepare myself. My mother is still outside, and if we are too loud, she might hear us. Be a good boy and listen to me. Tomorrow. I promise to do that with you tomorrow. I will let you do whatever you want, ok?”

“Is there any difference between today and tomorrow?” Dong Xuebing had been waiting for this for a long time. “I can’t even wait a single minute.”

Qu Yunxuan hesitated and said: “Then…… then……”

“Then what?” Dong Xuebing grabbed her hand, who was covering her lower body and lift it up above her pillow. He lowered himself and kissed her on her lips.

Qu Yunxuan looked at him and returned the kisses. “…… let’s do it then…… you only know how to take advantage of me. You know that I can’t bear to hit you for real.”

Dong Xuebing was afraid that she will shout out “wait” at the final minute. “I am going to do that now.”


“You cannot ask me to stop now, ok?”


Hahaha. Success!

Dong Xuebing was looking forward to this day. He was more excited now than he got the results of the civil servant exams and his promotion. The woman lying on the bed beneath him was Aunt Xuan. A woman he secretly admired for years. She was his goddess, the perfect goddess!

Now, Aunt Xuan had agreed to let him do that with her? Dong Xuebing felt he was dreaming.

“What are you thinking?” Qu Yunxuan gave him a stare. “Are you going to do it? If you are not going to do it, I will sleep.”

“No, no, no…….”

Dong Xuebing was afraid that they would be too loud, he used the blanket to cover both of them. It was dark inside, but Dong Xuebing could feel and found the right places. The wriggled inside the blanket for a while, and then a corner of the blanket was lifted up, and long john pants were thrown out. After a while, a skinned-colored panty was thrown out.

About a minute later, Qu Yunxuan shouted out in pain.

Qu Yunxuan’s mother asked: “Yunxuan, why are you shouting? What happened?”

Dong Xuebing froze in his tracks. He dares not move.

Qu Yunxuan was in pain and was covering her mouth. She heard her mother asking and quickly stick her head out of the blanket and took a deep breath, before saying: “I accidentally touched my wound when I turned. I’m fine.”

“I thought something had happened. Go back to sleep.” After saying that she yawned and outside became quiet again.

Qu Yunxuan whispered in pain. “Wait for my Mum to sleep first. Can we stop now?”

Dong Xuebing, who was overcome with lust, did not want to wait a single second more. He immediately starts to move again.

“I told you to wait a while……. Ahhh…….”

10 minutes……

15 minutes……

The blanket was moving up and down, and the bed was shaking with a steady rhythm. This was the first time Dong Xuebing touched a woman. He also did not know what to do. He just moved based on his feelings. Up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right…… This feeling was terrific!!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 127 – Under the bed

8 pm.

Qu Yunxuan’s unit.

It was getting colder as winter approaches. The heating in this estate was not very powerful, and Dong Xuebing could only sit near the heater in the living room watching the news on TV. He knows after the mess he created at the newspaper agency, Qu Yunxuan, who had resumed her position, will have many works to do. She won’t be able to return home at about 7pm. But Dong Xuebing waited until 8pm. Aunt Xuan was still not back yet. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and sent her an SMS asking where she was. Then he went to the bathroom to cut his nails.

Sounds of keys rattling could be heard outside the door, and after a while, the door opens.

“Mum, I have already submitted my resignation letter. Let’s stop talking about this.” Qu Yunxuan walked in with her phone. She hanged her bag on a hook and looked towards the bathroom. “I can just look for another job……. Don’t worry about me. I am fine. You don’t need to come over……. No need…… Yes…… I am really fine. Let’s talk again, tomorrow…… Ok. Bye.”

Dong Xuebing heard the conversation, put down the nail clipper, and walked out of the bathroom. “What resignation letter?”

Qu Yunxuan kept her iPhone 4 and smiles: “I resigned this afternoon. Make a guess, what did I write in my resignation letter? I only wrote two words. I quit. Hahaha. I am back late is because of a farewell dinner with my colleagues.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while: “Is it because of the trouble I created?” He knew that the head of the news agency and the rest had agreed to reinstate Qu Yunxuan’s position was due to the pressure from the Central Publicity Department. But there will definitely rumors, and gossip about Qu Yunxuan and the leaders will look at her differently. It was not easy to face these.

“What are you talking about?! If it wasn’t for you, I would still be accused and got to resign with humiliation. But you have help me get back at them and that Gong Wei still had to operate the elevators. What’s the big deal with resigning?” Qu Yunxuan laughed as she said this. “My colleagues at the agency are still talking about this. Some people who hated that Gong Wei did not do any work in the afternoon. They spent the whole afternoon taking the elevators up and down.”

Dong Xuebing also felt this was a good thing for Qu Yunxuan. He rather Qu Yunxuan to resign with her head held high than to leave after being humiliated.

“Oh, your friend seems to be somebody. After you leave, the higher-ups withdraw the order to stop publications.”

“Ah…… I am also not sure about this. Her position should not be so influential.” Dong Xuebing felt Xue Huilan must have asked someone to help her. The State Publicity Department’s research division should not have the authority to give such orders. Sighed…… I had only helped her get back her wallet from that thief, and she returned such a big favor. Now, I am the one owing her a favour. Hmmm……. I must return her the favour in the future.

Qu Yunxuan took off her leather shoes and changed to slippers. She sat on the sofa and took a sip of hot tea. She looked at Dong Xuebing without blinking.

Dong Xuebing felt uncomfortable: “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me this way?”

Qu Yunxuan replied in a serious tone: “Xiao Bing, do you still remember about the traffic accident near our estate? If you did not save me from that truck, I would have died. Also, I can’t imagine how badly beaten up I will be if you arrived a few minutes late in Hangzhou. Plus, this time, you…… you have helped me a lot…… I can’t……” Qu Yunxuan touched Dong Xuebing’s face lightly. “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Dong Xuebing coughed embarrassedly: “What are you talking about? We are already in that sort of relationship and what’s there to be thankful about?”

“Rubbish! Who is in a relationship with you?” Qu Yunxuan flicked his forehead and laughed. “I will go take a shower now. You rest early tonight.”

“Errr…… the heating system in our building is not warm. Can I sleep at your place tonight?”

“……. What do you think?”

“I can sleep on the sofa.”

“Even if you sleep on the floor is also not allowed.”

“Ah…… just for this one time…… Please…….”

“Go away! Or I will hit you!” Qu Yunxuan was feeling angry and funny at the same time. She slapped Dong Xuebing’s hand, which was about to grope her butt. Then she stood up and went back to her room to get a set of long johns. She brought the long johns into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. “If you are not in a hurry to go back, then watch TV by yourself. I might need your help later.”


Although Aunt Xuan was acting the same as before, Dong Xuebing knew that they had gotten closer after everything that had happened. Dong Xuebing could not concentrate on the TV after he heard some movements in the bathroom. He looked towards the direction of the toilet for a long time. He mustered up his courage and carried a chair softly towards the bathroom door. He placed the chair outside the bathroom door and looked at the frosted glass door. Nothing can be seen through the frosted glass door. He could only see some shadows. But at least this was better than watching the TV.

Swish, tap – this sounds like Aunt Xuan taking off her clothes and placing them in the washing machine.

Flip flop, flip flops – It was the sound of rubber slippers.

Shhhh……. The water for the shower head was turned on.

Splatter…… Aunt Xuan should be washing her hair or cleaning her body with shower foam.

Dong Xuebing felt he could see what Aunt Xuan was doing behind the door.

The water sound stopped, and after a while, the bathroom door opened slightly. “Xiao Bing, help me……. Huh? What are you doing here?” Qu Yunxuan saw Dong Xuebing through the small crack of the door and immediately slam the door shut. “Pervert! Why are you peeping? You want a beating by me?”

Dong Xuebing sweated. “I did not see anything. Really. This place is warmer, so I sat here for a while. Err…… why did you call out to me?”

Qu Yunxuan paused for a while. “I forgot to bring my underwear. It is in the bottom drawer of my closet. Can you bring it to me?”

Dong Xuebing became excited when he heard this ‘mission.’ “Ok! Be right back!”

“Don’t go through all my things!”

“I know.” Dong Xuebing quickly entered Qu Yunxuan’s room and opened the bottom drawer. He could smell a lovely fragrance as he opened the drawer. The drawer was full of woman’s underwear and bra. There was a red-colored piece, some were lacy, and some were skinned colored. Dong Xuebing shouted: “What color do you want? Do you want those thicker type or the thin type? Also, what designs do you need? Lacy or non-lacy?”

“Do you believe that I will kill you when I come out?”

“Huh? I just want to get the right piece for you. You want me to choose for you?”

“Just hurry up and don’t go through my stuff.”

“Ok.” Qu Yunxuan’s underwear was big. It was bigger than his underwear. Dong Xuebing chose a matching set he likes. It was lacy and very sexy. But he thought for a while and felt it does not suit Aunt Xuan. So, he picked another set which was skinned colored. The material felt soft and smooth. This should suit her well. “Oh, do you need me to bring you a pair of stockings?”

Aunt Xuan paused for a while and replied: “Bring me a pair.”

“You want the thin types or the thicker ones? White or red color?”

“Are you done with your questions? Just hurry up!”

Dong Xuebing swung her panties with his fingers and walked to the bathroom. He knocked on the door. “Here….”

The person outside the frosted glass door could not see clearly if the person inside stands away from the door. But if the person inside moved nearer to the door, the one outside will be able to see the inside clearer. Aunt Xuan was pressing against the door to avoid Dong Xuebing from getting a glimpse of her naked body when she opens the door slightly. She opened the door slightly and extended her hand out. “Where is it?”

Qu Yunxuan was leaning against the glass door, and Dong Xuebing could see her breast clearly!

“Pass it to me. What are you waiting for?”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. He had always wanted to see this part of Qu Yunxuan.

A few seconds later, Aunt Xuan realized what was happening and quickly step away from the frosted glass door. But the two round watermarks were still on the door.

Dong Xuebing swallowed his saliva: “Here……. Take it.”

That fair smooth hand snatched the underwear from Dong Xuebing, and her fingernails even scratched his arm. “Sooner or later, I will die from anger! Go and switch on the air conditioner! Go and warm up the house now!”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. ‘When did I piss you off?’ He returned to the living and switch on the air conditioner. Warm air started to flow out after a while. At the same time, Qu Yunxuan also walks into the living room in her long johns and dripping hair. She looked beautiful as usual, and her body-hugging long johns showed her voluptuous figure.

Dong Xuebing could not take his eyes off her and extended his arms to hug her. “Xuan Xuan.”

“Stop fooling around.” Qu Yunxuan rolled her eyes. “Help me first. I have some scratches which I can’t reach. These scratches should be from Hangzhou. Can you apply some anti-inflammation cream for me?” She picked up a tube of medicine and passed it to Dong Xuebing. “Let’s go to the room.”

Dong Xuebing heard that and felt his heart ached. “You should have told me earlier. Quick, show me the wound. If it is serious, you should go and see a doctor.”

“I will be fine after applying some medicine.” After entering the bedroom, Qu Yunxuan sat on the bed and hesitated. Her face was red as she turned away from Dong Xuebing. She slowly lifts her long johns to show her fair and smooth back. “Can you see it?”

Dong Xuebing controlled himself and replied. “I can’t see it.”

Qu Yunxuan lifted her top higher, and her bra and the whole lower back was showing. “How about now?”

“There are no wounds at all.”

“You want me to hit you with a broom?”

Dong Xuebing replied innocently. “I am not lying. There are really no wounds. Errr…… I can only see a little mole on your back.”

Qu Yunxuan turned and stared at him. She hesitated and slowly removed her top. After removing her top, she quickly covers her chest with her clothes. “How about now?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Aunt Xuan, do you want me to bring a mirror for you? There are no wounds on your back.”

“Oh…… my bra strap must be covering the scratches. You…… Errrr……” Qu Yunxuan did not continue and only show him her exposed back.

Dong Xuebing immediately understood what she wants. “You want me to unhook your bra?” Seeing no reply from her, Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and rubbed his hands. He carefully reached over with his fingers and fumble with the hook. He finally manages to unhook her bra after a long time. Aunt Xuan’s back was fully exposed to him.

“Don’t look at other places. Can you see the scratches?”

Dong Xuebing saw some scratches in the center of her back and quickly applied some medication evenly on the wound. “The wound is not very big and should heal soon. Is it painful?”

“No. It just feels itchy.”

“Then, it must be healing. Be careful when you wear your bra these few days. Avoid touching the wound.” After applying the medicine, Dong Xuebing lowered his head and blew on her wound lightly.

Qu Yunxuan shivered. “It’s ticklish. Stop fooling around.” She looked at the time. “It’s already 9 pm. Go back and sleep.”

Dong Xuebing was unwilling to leave. “I really cannot sleep here with you?”

“Nonsense. How can we sleep together?” Qu Yunxuan turned around and looked at him. She lowered her head and give him a peck on his checks. “Go back. I still need to wear my clothes.”

Dong Xuebing blinked and said: “One more kiss.”

Qu Yunxuan used her legs and knees to prevent Dong Xuebing from moving closer to her and gave him a light kiss on his lips.

Although it was not enough, Dong Xuebing was satisfied. “Wear your clothes now and don’t catch a cold. I will go……”

Clicked, clicked! Someone was opening the gates of Qu Yunxuan’s unit. Before both of them could react, the main door opened, and someone shouted. “Yunxuan, why did you resign? Hurry up and tell me what happened.” It was Qu Yunxuan’s mother. “Even if they transfer you to another department, you also do not have to resign. Did something happen at work?”

Qu Yunxuan panicked and tried to wear back her bra and top. However, she could not find the opening of her top in her rush. Instead, she exposed her breast to Dong Xuebing.

But Dong Xuebing was not in the mood to enjoy the view. He quickly stood up and looked at Qu Yunxuan, asking her what he should do now.

“Yunxuan, are you sleeping?”

Qu Yunxuan had no time to wear back her clothes and grabbed Dong Xuebing. She pushes him down, asking him to hide under the bed first. If she were caught in her current state with Xiao Bing by her mother, her mother would surely misunderstand them were doing something in the room. “Mum…… didn’t I tell you not to go out so late at night? It is almost new year, and it is not safe outside!”

Dong Xuebing knew what Aunt Xuan meant and quickly lifted the sheets and hid under the bed.

“I am concern about you. You just keep everything to yourself!” Qu Yunxuan’s mother had walked to the bedroom and entered!

Qu Yunxuan immediately moved forward to block her mother.

Dong Xuebing knew both his legs were still outside and quickly moved his legs under the bed.

“Eh, why are you not wearing anything? What are you doing?”

“I have some scratches on my back, and I am applying medicine. Let’s go to the living room. I had switched on the air conditioner. Let’s talk in the living room.”

“Where is the wound? Let me see.”

Dong Xuebing, who was under the bed, could hear the door of the bedroom closing, and the mother and daughter’s voices getting softer. He looked around him and was speechless. How did such a ridiculous thing happen to him? He could faintly hear Qu Yunxuan telling her mother what happened at the newspaper agency. 5 minutes…… 10 minutes…… 15 minutes……

After a while. “Mum, you better go back now.”

“Didn’t you say it is dangerous outside? It is almost 9.30 pm. How can I go back now?”

“Then…… you…… Errr……”

“Ok. I am feeling more assured now. It’s also good you resign from that place. Those people should be taught a lesson. That Dong Xuebing brat is really capable now. He even knows people in the Central Publicity Department?”

Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes when he heard it. In front of me, you call me Xiao Bing, when I am not around, you call me a brat?

“Ok. Let stop talking and sleep. Yunxuan, get me a blanket. We will sleep together tonight.”


“What is wrong with you today? What do you want to say?”

“Nothing. Why not you sleep on the sofa tonight?”

“Huh? I raise you up for almost 30 years, and you are telling me to sleep on the sofa?”

“That’s not I meant. Look at my hands and here. These are the injuries I got from Hangzhou. If we slept on a bed together, you might touch my wounds. I also have some scratches on my back. It will be painful if you accidentally touch it and I won't be able to sleep well.”

“You are so pampered?”


“Fine. Go and get me a blanket. I will sleep on the sofa tonight! Hmph!”

The bedroom door opened and Dong Xuebing could see Qu Yunxuan’s feet. She took a blanket from her closet and passed to her mother. She then chatted with her mother for a while before returning to her room. She closes the door softly and locked it.

“Eh, come out.” Qu Yunxuan kicked her bed and said softly.

Dong Xuebing slowly crawled out from under the bed. “What should we do now? Wait for Aunty to sleep first?”

Qu Yunxuan sat on the bed helplessly. “She will hear us opening the door even when she sleeps.”

Dong Xuebing blinked: “Then……”

Qu Yunxuan sat there for a while and then walked over to the closet. She looked around in her closet and took out a thick blanket. She threw it on her bed. “You are not allowed to speak in your dreams, and you are not allowed to touch me, Do you understand?”


Dong Xuebing brightens up. “I can sleep here? Both of us in one bed?”

Qu Yunxuan stares at him. “If you want, you can sleep on the floor! I will not care if you caught a cold!”

Hahaha. Being trap inside the room by Qu Yunxuan’s mother was not a bad thing at all!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 125 – Creating Havoc at the Newspaper Agency!

The next morning.

Teacher Sun from Hanhai Auction called Dong Xuebing, telling him that the pearl necklace had been restrung. They will be exhibiting the necklace in the morning. He asked if Dong Xuebing wants to go to their venue to take a look. The next auction was not considered a small event. Those small events will not exhibit the items. Dong Xuebing does not want to go. He only asked Teacher Sun to help him get an entrance ticket for tomorrow’s auction as he does not have any money to get the tickets.

7.30 am. Dong Xuebing washed up and went over to Qu Yunxuan’s unit.

Qu Yunxuan carried her bag and was about to leave for work. “I thought you are still sleeping. Why are you up so early?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Yesterday I told you. I will go to the newspaper agency with you! I want to see what that idiot is up to!” Qu Yunxuan put up a fierce expression and said: “Xiao Bing. I will settle this myself. You just stay at home.”

“What can you settle? That fellow had already tormented you until like this. What does he want by asking his brother to come over to your place so late at night? Ah? What’s the meaning of this? Come over here for a chat? Damn!” Dong Xuebing was furious. “If it weren’t for you stopping me last night, I would have beat him up! Bastard! He thinks he is the deputy editor and can do whatever he wants? Who does he think he is?!”

Qu Yunxuan stared at him and said: “You are not allowed to go there. Listen to me and stay at home!” After arguing for a while, Qu Yunxuan forcefully pushes Dong Xuebing on the couch. “I will go to work now. At most, I will just resign from there. You don’t follow me to work. Listen to me. Just stay at home and watch TV or play some games. You are on break from work. Stop running about and rest at home.” She nagged at Dong Xuebing and left.

But Dong Xuebing did not listen to her. He left home 10 minutes later. Aunt Xuan was being accused, demoted, and got beaten up. That Gong fellow had bullied his precious Aunt Xuan, and she can only swallow her pride and resign? Damn! He remembered the scene of Qu Yunxuan being dragged about by her hair at Hangzhou and his anger rises again. He cannot just let this carry-on! He got to settle this score!

Beijing Times News Agency.

Employees of the news agency, reporters, were slowly walking through the main entrance.

Dong Xuebing, who had arrived at the entrance of the news agency, looked around. He was not stupid to just rush in and teach that Gong fellow a lesson. He knows Aunt Xuan was shy and does not want many people to know that Deputy Editor was forcing her to date his younger brother. Dong Xuebing was here to reason with the leaders at the news agency. He believes that there must be some reasonable leaders in the agency. As long as they investigate that canceled advertising deal, they would know Aunt Xuan was innocent and expose the true colors of that bastard. If this got that bastard demoted, it would be better.

Just when Dong Xuebing was about to enter the news agency, he saw a familiar face. This man had some resemblances with that person looking for Aunt Xuan with roses. But his man was slightly older and had some wrinkles on his forehead. This must be that Deputy Editor Gong!

“Editor Gong.”

“Good morning, Editor Gong.”

Deputy Editor Gong smiled and nodded to the ones who greeted him. He carried his briefcase and walked quickly into the news agency building.

Dong Xuebing controlled his anger and did not run up to bash him up. After the incident with Zhou Guoan, he knows the importance of controlling his temper. Beating others up was not the best solution. It might let him vent his anger, but he would also get into trouble. After all, Dong Xuebing was also a government servant. It’s okay if this person was some hooligan on the streets. But this place was Beijing Times news agency, a newspaper under Beijing Daily Group. Beijing Daily Group was a unit under the Beijing Municipal Publicity Department. This was why Dong Xuebing cannot be impulsive.

After Deputy Editor Gong entered the building and disappeared from his sights, Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and walked into the building.

The security at the door saw Dong Xuebing but did not stop him.

Dong Xuebing thought the security officer was stunned by his “Government Official’s Aura” and did not stop him. But actually, the security officer saw him walking in openly and felt he should be here for business. That’s why he did not stop him.

“Eh, Chief Xiao Dong?” Someone called out from behind. “Why are you here?”

Dong Xuebing turned around, and it was Cao Ping. “Oh, I am here to look for someone.”

“Looking for Yunxuan? No? Who are you looking for? I can show you the way.” Cao Ping had a good impression of Dong Xuebing. After she knew Dong Xuebing was a leader from a government agency, she addressed him as Chief Xiao Dong.

Dong Xuebing was still wondering how to look for the leaders’ offices. He replied: “Thank you. I am here because of Aunt Xuan. She told me everything yesterday.” Dong Xuebing saw Cao Ping was surprised and he continued. “I am here to reason with your leaders. Can you tell me where is your Chief Editor or Division heads’ office? Anyone will do.”

Cao Ping said: “I will be honest with you. Yunxuan had already spoken to the higher-ups, but nothing had changed.”

“Sister Cao, just tell me.”

“Ok. There…… you see that 6 stories white-colored building? Our reporter department is on the second floor. You go to the top floor, and the first office on your left after exiting from the lift is our Chief Editor’s office. But it is useless even if you know where his office is. You do not have any appointments, and you are not an employee of the news agency. They will not let you enter.”

Indeed. Dong Xuebing was stopped by the security guards at the lift lobby. He needs to register at the receptionist counter first.

At the receptionist counter, Dong Xuebing told the receptionist: “I am here to meet your Chief Editor.”

“Do you have any appointments?”


“How do I address you?”


“May I ask what’s the reason for you to meet our Chief Editor?”

“I need to reflect something to him.”

“What are…….”

After a series of questions, Dong Xuebing was still not allowed to go upstairs. The receptionist told him that the Chief Editor was in a meeting and does not have time to meet him. Who are you trying to fool? Dong Xuebing was about to explode, but he told himself to calm down. He took a few deep breaths and said that receptionist. “Then I want to meet Qu Yunxuan. She is from the Reporter Department.”

The receptionist made a phone call and then nodded to the security officer standing by the lift.

Dong Xuebing entered the lift, and the elevator stopped on the second floor. Someone from the reporter department walked out. But Dong Xuebing remained in the lift and pressed the sixth floor. Ding! The elevator opened. There was a counter at the lift lobby, and there was a frosted glass partition separating the lift lobby and the offices. The Chief Editor’s office was behind the frosted glass partition. Without the news agency employees’ access card, no one could enter. Visitors could only register at the counter first.

“Sir, who are you looking for?”

“I want to meet your Chief Editor.”

“Do you have any appointments?”

It was another series of questionings. In the end, the receptionist used the excuse of meeting to reject Dong Xuebing. Just when Dong Xuebing wants to ask what time will the meeting ends, there was a beep. A man in his fifties walked out from the glass door. The receptionist saw that man and greeted him as Chief Editor. She then pointed to Dong Xuebing. “Sir, someone is here looking for you. He said he wants to reflect something.”

Dong Xuebing quickly walked forward. “Good morning. I just need a moment of your time. I want to…….”

The Chief Editor pressed the lift and interrupted Dong Xuebing. “Can you wait here? I will come back to you after I finished my work.”

Dong Xuebing frowned but still agreed.

This wait was two hours. It was almost lunchtime when the doors of the elevator opened and the Chief Editor appears.

Damn! Did you go and lay eggs? Dong Xuebing controlled his tempered and stood up from the rest area. He said: “I would like to feedback on your agency’s Deputy Editor Gong’s actions. Some time ago, he was in cahoots with a client and asked that client to complain about the Advertising Division’s Qu Yunxuan on her attitude. Deputy Editor Gong used this as an excuse to demote her and transfer her to the reporter department. He even……” Dong Xuebing lowered his voice and continued. “force her to dare his younger brother. Qu Yunxuan refused, and she was sent on a dangerous undercover investigation at Hangzhou. Is your agency going to sit by and not do anything about this?”

The Chief Editor thought Dong Xuebing wanted to tell him something important. But when he heard it was about this, he got irritated: “I don’t care about this. You go and look for the ones that are in charge of this.”

“Which leader is in charge of this?”

The Chief Editor ignored Dong Xuebing and took a brown envelope from the receptionist, before entering the elevator again.

Dong Xuebing was furious. F**k! I waited two hours for you, and you just brush me off like this? Dong Xuebing took a deep breath to calm himself. He told himself: I am here to reason with them and not to create trouble! Bear with it!

Dong Xuebing calmed himself and entered the elevator with the Chief Editor. “Chief Editor, that Deputy Editor Gong used his authority to threaten his subordinates. Don’t you think this is not right? Shouldn’t you do something about these actions? You might not know. Because of Deputy Editor Gong, Qu Yunxuan and a female reporter were sent to Hangzhou, and they were beaten up by the illegal tour guides. If it wasn’t for me saving them, who knows what would happen?”

The Chief Editor frowned and replied: “This is our agency’s internal affairs. We will settle this ourselves. You don’t need to interfere.”

“But someone must conduct investigations.”

Ding! The lift reached the second floor, and the Chief Editor walked out towards the Report Department.

Dong Xuebing tried his best to be patient and followed him. “Chief Editor, this incident……”

“What the hell are you all doing?! Ah?” A middle-aged man was shouting at the top of his voice. Dong Xuebing looked over and saw 3 people standing behind a row of desks. One of them was that Deputy Editor Gong and the other two were Qu Yunxuan and Cao Ping. Dong Xuebing saw Deputy Editor Gong pointing at Qu Yunxuan in her face, scolding: “Why did I send you to Hangzhou? You can even screw up such a simple undercover assignment?! You two are beaten up, and the camera is smashed? Useless!”

Deputy Editor Gong only has a younger brother, and they were very close. His brother was in his 30s and did not even have a girlfriend. He was worried about his brother’s future and tried to introduce Qu Yunxuan to him. His brother was attracted to Qu Yunxuan after meeting her and refused to meet other women. Deputy Editor Gong was also happy for his brother and wanted both of them to be together. But Qu Yunxuan refused and even argued with him. After their argument, Qu Yunxuan did not answer any of his brother’s calls. This action pissed Deputy Editor Gong and coupled with his younger brother’s eagerness to date Qu Yunxuan, he got no choice but to use force. He demoted Qu Yunxuan and sent her out on an assignment. He just wanted to teach her a lesson. But last night phone call, he knew Qu Yunxuan still refuse to give in. There was also a man scolding him over the phone. His brother also came back to complain to him. Now, Deputy Editor Gong was really furious. Bitch! My brother’s salary is several times of yours, and it’s your fortune for him to like you. You still dare to reject him? Fine! I will make sure you will not be able to work peacefully here!

Qu Yunxuan pulled a long face. “Deputy Editor Gong, we also do not want to be beaten or let them snatch away our camera. But that is an accident. No one could expect that. This is the risk of being a reporter. Furthermore, I am from the advertising division. I had worked there for 4 years. How can you expect me to be a top reporter overnight? I think you have overestimated my abilities.”

Deputy Editor Gong got even more furious after Qu Yunxuan talks back at him. “You can’t do a proper job at the Advertising Division, and you also cannot do a reporter’s job well. Fine! Since you are not good at anything…… you know how to operate an elevator? Do you know how? Great. That lift operator had resigned last week. You will be her temporary replacement!” Deputy Editor Gong could only demote Qu Yunxuan to the lowest rank in the office. He could not transfer her to operate the lifts. But he could still use the excuse of temporary replacement to transfer her.

“Operate the elevators?” Qu Yunxuan’s face changed!

The Chief Editor frowned and shouted: “Quiet down!”

Deputy Editor Gong turned and saw the Chief Editor. He explained: “Chief Editor, this Qu Yunxuan have a bad work attitude. She had just returned from an assignment from Zhejiang Province and did not even have a picture.”

Bear with it! Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He turned to the Chief Editor: “You have seen everything, right? He is trying to transfer someone who had worked for 4 years in the agency to operate the lift? Isn’t this abusing his authority? How can such a person be a Deputy Editor?”

“Xiao Bing!” Qu Yunxuan panicked.

Deputy Editor Gong was stunned. He recognized this voice. It was that man who scolded him over the phone. His face turned black and shouted: “Who are you? Outsiders are not allowed to be here! Get out!”

Dong Xuebing looked at the Chef Editor: “Chief Editor! We must be reasonable. He kept abusing his authority……”

“Enough!” The Chief Editor turns to someone by his side: “Call the security to chase him out! Trouble maker! Tell the receptionist downstairs to stop letting this type of people in!”

Deputy Editor Gong glanced at Dong Xuebing coldly and thought to himself. Who do you think you are? Who are you to come and create trouble here?

Dong Xuebing had been tolerating all these until now. He could not take it anymore!

Watch out for the consequences?

F**k with the consequences!


The furious Dong Xuebing kicked an empty desk in front of him over!

“F**k! You want to chase me away? If all of you don’t give me an answer today, I will not leave!”

Everyone in the office were shocked. Everyone in the reporter department turned and looked at Dong Xuebing!

The Chief Editor did not expect this person to act this way and was stunned.

Dong Xuebing saw the Chief Editor looking at him, and he scolded: “What are you looking at?! You just keep asking me to wait. Do you know how long I waited? I have waited 2 hours for you on the sixth floor! I have tolerated you for 2 hours! I called you Chief Editor, and you think you are somebody? You refuse to get involved with everything and only know how to brush me aside?! How did you get to this position? Bullshit!”

The Chief Editor’s face turned green and shouts: “Call the security!”

Dong Xuebing points at the main culprit, Deputy Editor Gong. “You! Old bastard! Ask your brother to look at himself in the mirror and see if he is good enough for my Aunt Xuan! You used your authority to suppress my Aunt Xuan? Because of your ridiculous undercover investigations, she was beaten up! F**k! You still ask a client to frame her? You are really daring!”

Everyone in the reporter section looked at each other. They did not know about all these.

Deputy Editor Gong turned pale: “Stop talking nonsenses here! Get out!”

Qu Yunxuan was worried things will get out of hand, and quickly went over to stop Dong Xuebing: “Xiao Bing!”

Dong Xuebing was too furious to listen to her. “Aunt Xuan, don’t stop me. I must make things clear today. How can they just abuse their authority like this?”

The lift’s door opened, and two security guards ran over!

Deputy Editor Gong points at Dong Xuebing: “It’s him! Get him out of here! Yes! Call the police too!”

The two security guards rushed forward.

“I shall see who dares to touch me!” Dong Xuebing reached into his pocket and took out his work pass and threw it on the desk in front of him. His work pass did not state State Security. There were only a Police logo and the word Police on it. Dong Xuebing also knew what he did was not right. He also did not want to let others know which unit he was working at. With the police logo, everyone’s first thought was Public Security Bureau.

The two security guards stopped when they saw Dong Xuebing’s ID. They looked at Deputy Editor Gong. They do not want to be charged for assaulting a police officer.

Dong Xuebing furiously points at Deputy Editor Gong: “Don’t think you are a Deputy Editor and you can do whatever you want. Don’t think you are close to the leaders at the agency and no one can touch you!” Dong Xuebing also did not want things to turn out like this. But these people were too much. Qu Yunxuan did not make any mistakes at work. He must get an answer from them. Of course, Dong Xuebing did not let his anger cloud his mind. If this were a different place, he would not dare to blow up too. Because this was a newspaper agency and it’s under China’s Publicity Department. Xie Huilan, who owes him a favor, told him to call her if he needed help. She is a leader in the China Publicity Department. “Fine! No one in this agency wants to interfere with this or give me an answer? Ok. Then I will give all of you an answer!”

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called Xie Huilan!

Translator’s notes:

Beijing Daily


Power and Wealth Chapter 124 2019-09-30T00:25:07+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 124 – Aunt Xuan’s troubles

Dong Xuebing reached Heping North Street at about 4.05 pm.

He went straight to Qu Yunxuan’s unit and pressed the doorbell. Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong…… no one answered. Dong Xuebing was frustrated. He had SMS Aunt Xuan while he was on the train and she said she had arrived home. Why was she not in? Bathing? Went out to buy something? Or…… she was doing what she did the last time? He got excited as he remembered what happened that day. He pressed the doorbell a few more times and then took out his keys for his own apartment to return home.

“You are back.” A woman’s voice sounded in Dong Xuebing’s living room as he opens the door.

Dong Xuebing got a shock. “Ah……. Aunt Xuan, you scared me. I thought you went back to work at the newspaper agency.”

“I will start work tomorrow. You got shocked by this? How useless.”

“I am not prepared. Eh? Why are you at my place?”

Qu Yunxuan was standing behind the couch. She was wearing a small yellow sweater and holding a pile of dirty socks and clothes in her left hand. “I am not back for 2 weeks, and your place is in a mess. I had come over to clean up for you. Have you just got off from the train? Hurry up and get changed. Pass me all your dirty socks and underwear. I will wash for you.”

Dong Xuebing grumbled in his heart. “No…. no need. I will wash my laundry myself.”

“Hurry up and take it off.”

“Ah…… no need.”

Qu Yunxuan had a stern look on her face and raised her hand: “I will hit you! Are you going to take those off?”

Dong Xuebing was used to having Aunt Xuan washing his dirty laundry for him. But to handover his underwear and socks he was wearing now made him embarrassed. It felt weird. But he remembered that they had even kissed before and why should he feel shy about this? So, Dong Xuebing went to his room to change. He took off his long john and briefs. But he still feels weird, and he wrapped his long johns around his briefs before leaving the room and passing it to Aunt Xuan.

“Where are your socks?”

“Ermmm…… wrapped in the long johns.”

Qu Yunxuan rolled her eyes and unfolded the long johns. She used the tips of her fingers to pick up Dong Xuebing’s dirty socks and underwear. “It stinks. You are so dirty.”

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. It was too damaging to his image.

“Ok. Go and watch TV. I will wash your clothes for you.” Qu Yunxuan walked into the bathroom with a pile of dirty clothing.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan’s sexy back view. He had planned to give her a hug or kiss when he comes back to show how much he misses her. But his plans were disrupted. “Your hands are injured. Will your wounds get wet? Why not I wash the clothes myself?”

Aunt Xuan said from inside the bathroom. “There are no open wounds. So, it’s fine.”

Dong Xuebing was bored. He wanted to chat with Aunt Xuan. He noticed that Aunt Xuan had never mentioned anything about him touching her legs and kissing her. She acted as if nothing had happened before. Dong Xuebing does not want to wait any longer. He walked over to the bathroom and looked inside. “Aunt Xuan, I need to use the toilet.”

“Oh…… come in then.” Qu Yunxuan withdrew her hands from a plastic pail full of dirty clothes soaked in detergent.

Dong Xuebing saw the washing basin. Other than his underwear, there was a skin-colored panties in there. His socks and Aunt Xuan’s socks were soaking in the plastic pail. This discovery let Dong Xuebing felt relieved. When a woman was willing to mix her interior wear with another man’s underwear in the laundry, it means a lot.

That’s it.

Aunt Xuan must be embarrassed to mention what happened that day.

Dong Xuebing felt he should take some initiative and cannot just wait for Aunt Xuan to make the first move. He mustered up his courage and stepped forward to hug Aunt Xuan.

Qu Yunxuan immediately blushed: “What are you doing?! Are you asking for a beating? Let go of me. There are still bubbles on my hands.”

Dong Xuebing ignored her and asked. “Yunxuan, did you miss me?”

“Gross.” Qu Yunxuan stared at him angrily and raised her hands. “If you don’t let me go, I will wipe all these bubbles on your face.”

Dong Xuebing moved his face closer to her: “Then you……. Kiss me, and I will let you go.”

“Go to hell. Hooligan!” Qu Yunxuan scolded softly.

Dong Xuebing hugged tighter. “Then, I will not let you go.” This was the first time Dong Xuebing hugged Qu Yunxuan from the front. He could feel her breasts pushing into his chest and got excited. His right hand on her back started to move downwards towards her butt.

Qu Yunxuan lifted her hands in the air, trying her best to not let the soapy water drip on Dong Xuebing’s clothes. “Idiot! Stop fooling around! I am getting angry.”

“Then, you kiss me first.”


“We have kissed before. The last time, you are the one suddenly hugging my head kissing me…….”

Qu Yunxuan’s face turns redder. She used her elbow to push against Dong Xuebing: “Don’t mention that! You are not allowed to talk about that!”

“I will stop if you kiss me.”

“You are driving me nuts!” Qu Yunxuan stared at Dong Xuebing angrily and hesitated. She looked at his face and then kissed him on his right cheeks. “Is this ok? Go and use the toilet now! I still need to wash the laundry.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “I am talking about kissing me on the lips and not the face.”

Qu Yunxuan had an angry expression on her face.

Dong Xuebing understands Aunt Xuan well. This was not her real angry expression. He ignored her and continued touching her.

Both stood there for several minutes. Qu Yunxuan could not take it and scold. “Idiot! You just wait! I will make sure you get it from me!” Qu Yunxuan’s head moved closer and gave Dong Xuebing a wet kiss on his lips.

Hahaha. It works. Dong Xuebing quickly opened his mouth slightly to try and kiss her back.

But Qu Yunxuan was not as passionate as that day. She quickly moves back after touching his lips and then she kissed him again, and again, and again. Her kisses were getting faster and faster. Dong Xuebing could not get her rhythm and misses some of her kisses. This continued for a 2 to 3 minutes before Dong Xuebing could match her kisses.

Suddenly, Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a hard stare, and her left hand reached to her back and grabbed Dong Xuebing’s hand. His hand had already entered under her pants, and his fingers were on her panties. “Where do you think you are touching?”

Dong Xuebing smiles and retracts his hand. “Errr……. I am going to the toilet.”

“You are asking for a beating! Where is your respect for your elders?”

After dinner.

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan held hands and stood at the window to admire the moon.

“I will say this one more time. You are not allowed to tell others. You hear me?” Qu Yunxuan had her “angry” look on as she said. “If not, I will tear your mouth open.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.

“You hooligan. You only know how to bully me!” Qu Yunxuan reached over to pinch his face. “I need to go back to organize my notes on the illegal tour guide investigations. I need to submit them tomorrow morning.” Qu Yunxuan let go of Dong Xuebing’s hand and was about to walk off.

“Wait!” When Dong Xuebing heard what she said and looked at the bruises on her hands. He got furious. “At Hangzhou, you promised to tell me everything when we come back. You can tell me what happened now. How did you offend your leader? Who is this leader, and what is he in charge of?”

Qu Yunxuan sighed. “Let’s talk about this tomorrow.”

“No. Tell me everything now.”

Qu Yunxuan sat down on the couch after hesitating for a while. “I have mentioned to you about this person before. He is our deputy editor. His surname is Gong. He is in charge of the Reporter Department.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “He is the one who tries to matchmake you with his younger brother?” Dong Xuebing had met that person’s brother at the foot of their building. He was still dressed up and holding a bouquet of roses in his hands when they met.

“Yes. That’s him. I feel very wronged when I think about this. I did not offend anyone at work. Sighed…… about 10 days earlier, Deputy Editor Gong tried to ask me to dine with his brother and tried to matchmake us again. But I had dinner with his brother twice before and did not have any feelings for him. So, I rejected him. Furthermore, I still need to have lunch with a client that day. This was a big deal. But Deputy Editor Gong does not listen. He said his brother was waiting for me at the entrance and insisted me to have lunch with his brother. We argued for a while, and my client kept calling me to rush me. Deputy Editor Gong refused to let me go, and I got anxious and talked back to him.”

Dong Xuebing asked: “Then he transferred you to the reporter department as a backend admin staff?”

“…… Yes.”

“There must be a reason. He can’t remove you from your position just like this.”

Qu Yunxuan sighed again. “I have a client who was introduced to me by Deputy Editor Gong. I clinched the deal with this client after that. But many it was because Deputy Editor Gong said something to the client and the client withdrew from the deal. He even complains to the newspaper agency about me. He claims that I am not serious in my work and had a bad attitude. How is this possible? I treat all my customers well. How is it possible that I mistreat him? This must be Deputy Editor Gong’s doing, and he used this and an excused to demote me.”

“Motherf**ker!” Dong Xuebing was furious and banged the table. Accusations again! It’s accusations again!

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing a light pinched on the back of his hand. “Stop swearing. Be more civilize.”

“What’s the reason for him to do that? Getting back at you?”

“Probably he was too worried about his younger brother’s future. He seems determine to set us up. That’s why he made used his authority to force me. He came to me once and told me that if I agree to be his younger brother’s girlfriend, he will transfer me back to the advertising department. I rejected him on the spot. I told him it was impossible between his brother and me. Then…… this undercover investigation at Hangzhou came in. Basically, our newspaper agency does not report all news outside of Beijing, unless it was a major case. We do not send people out to the fields to do undercover investigations. But this undercover investigation of illegal tour guide..... seems to be targeting me.”

Dong Xuebing furiously said: “He is abusing his powers! Threatening his subordinates! Who the hell does he think he is!”

“He had a bad reputation in our newspaper agency. He is known as a petty person here. But no one could do anything to him. He had connections with someone in the higher-ups.”

“What are you going to do?”

“On my way back to Beijing, I thought of resigning if I can’t take it anymore. It’s fine if he was targeting me alone. I can bear with it. But you also know from the Hangzhou incident, Deputy Editor Gong had also put Cao Ping in danger with me. He sent us to such a faraway place. It was my fault that I dragged Cao Ping down with me. I felt really…….”

Dong Xuebing shouted: “This is too much!”

“Sighed…… Just take one step at a time. If he wants to send me to another province next time, I will just resign.”

Dong Xuebing remembered the pain when he saw Aunt Xuan being dragged around by her hair. He was furious when he thought about it. Now, Dong Xuebing found the cause of all these. This bastard Deputy Editor Gong was the culprit! Motherf***er! You want my Xuan Xuan with that useless brother of yours? You get someone to accuse her of something she never did? You even send Aunt Xuan on such a dangerous mission? Damn! You think you can do whatever you want?

Ring, ring, ring! Aunt Xuan’s phone rang.

Qu Yunxuan looked at her phone and frowned as she answered: “Hello, Editor Gong?”

Dong Xuebing immediately moved his head closer to her phone. He could hear a middle-aged man’s voice: “My brother is outside your house. If you are outside, get home immediately.”

Qu Yunxuan’s face changed. “He is outside my place? Why is he coming over at this time?”

“You two should have a chat. If we are one family, everything at work can be arranged. XX Department has a vacancy for their deputy head.”

It was almost 9 pm! What’s there to talk about at night?

Before Qu Yunxuan said anything, Dong Xuebing snatched the phone: “Chat your head! You bastard! I will not let you off! You just wait!”

Dong Xuebing could not suppress his anger. Bastard! He must teach this bastard a lesson!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 123 – Auction Company

The next day.


Although Dong Xuebing had a lot to ask Qu Yunxuan about her transfer, he did not return back to Heping Road first. He wanted to auction off his pearl necklace first. He felt uncomfortable to carry it with him. He was afraid that someone might steal it. After alighting from the train and eat some lunch, he boarded a bus to Nan Xing Hua Road. He asked around for directions and then walked towards Liu Li Chang East Street.

Hanhai Auction.

This was not a big company, and there were a few people there chatting softly among themselves. One man was carrying a porcelain item, and another man was holding on to a bronze funnel. An expert was there appraising their items. These items had to be valued before it could be put up for auction. This place was not the location where the auction company auctions the things. The auctions would typically take place at a hotel ballroom or conference room. This place was only for collecting items.

Dong Xuebing walked to the counter and said to a female staff: “I want to put up something up for sales at the auction.”

The female staff looked at him: “Hi sir, what item do you want to put up for auction?”

“Jewellery.” Dong Xuebing said. “A pearl necklaces.”

“Ok. Please wait here for a while.” The staff made a call and said something. After she hangs up, she turned to Dong Xuebing and smiles. “Teacher Sun will be coming down. Please wait for a while.”


The rest area has a water dispenser. Dong Xuebing helped himself to the water. He poured himself a cup of warm water and finishes in one gulp.

A man in his 30s walked downstairs after a while. The female staff pointed to Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing walked over. Teacher Sun looked at the locked money case in Dong Xuebing’s hands and smiled. “Can I take a look at the item?”

Dong Xuebing was worried others might see it: “Can I show you in private?”

Teacher Sun hesitated for a few seconds and nodded: “Ok. Come with me.”

A small office on the second floor.

“Haha, there is no one to disturb us here.” Teacher Sun sat down with Dong Xuebing on the leather sofa. “This is a pearl necklace? Where did you get it from? Have you apprised it before?”

“Not yet. I got it from Zhuji.”


Dong Xuebing enter the pin to unlock his money case. “Can you take a look for me?”

Actually, Dong Xuebing does not even need to ask. He had seen the pearls coming out from the pearl mussels with his own eyes. These pearls can’t be fakes.

Teacher Sun was an expert in appraising jewelry. He had seen countless of jewelleries and more than 95% of them were not worth putting up for auctions. Most of these jewellery were bought from malls. There was no need to auction them. When Teacher Sun was called to appraise this pearl necklace, his first thought was a standard necklace with pearls smaller than 1 cm. But when he saw the shiny golden pearl necklace with pearls more than 1.5 cm, he was stunned. “Pearl Necklace? Such big pearls? Wow…… This is a rare find.”

“Are there any big auctions upcoming?”

“Let me take a look first.” Teacher Sun looked at Dong Xuebing. He did not expect an ordinary-looking young man to own such a treasure. He took out the necklace carefully and examine it with a magnifying glass. He scrutinized every pearl for a while and sighed. “These are top tier pearls! But it’s a pity that the chain stringing the pearls…… does not match. The chain is slightly thick, but it’s still fine. It will not affect the value much.”

At Zhuji, Dong Xuebing was in a rush to process and string the pearls. The factory might have cut corners.

After making a phone call, Teacher Sun said: “Let’s sign an agreement. You can leave this necklace with us, and if you agree, I would like to change the chain for you. This will make the necklace nicer and might fetch a higher price. What do you think?”

This person was an expert in this field. Dong Xuebing trusted him. “Ok. I will listen to your advice.”

Teacher Sun continued. “When do you want to auction off your item? The Autumn auction had just ended. Spring Auction is still a few months away, and there are no big auctions coming up. My suggestion is to wait a while. The next big auction is in 1 to 2 months. If possible, wait for the spring auctions…….”

Dong Xuebing interrupted: “I can’t wait that long.” He also knows that Spring and Autumn's auctions are the biggest auctions in China. Most items could fetch reasonable prices in these auctions. But Aunt Xuan had some problems at her workplace. She had offended her leaders and must be facing all sorts of difficulties. Maybe she might resign anytime. That’s why Dong Xuebing must raise a sum of money as soon as possible. “Is there any way to auction off earlier? How about the next auction?”

Teacher Sun smiled. “I made this suggestion is because I think this necklace can fetch a good price. If you are in a hurry, fine. I will make the arrangements.” Dong Xuebing nodded. Teacher Sun could tell Dong Xuebing needed money, and he added. “There will be a small auction two days later. Tomorrow we will exhibit the items, and the auction will start the next day. If the buyer payment is fast, you will get the money in 4 to 5 days.”

That’s fast. “Ok. This auction will do.”

“You sure?”

Dong Xuebing paused and asked: “Errr…… will this necklace fetch less than 1 million in a small auction?”

“Hahaha, no. This is a good necklace. It should fetch at least 1.2 million.”

1.2 million RMB. After deducting the commission, taxes and all other charges, Dong Xuebing should get about 1 million RMB. This was his target. Hmmm…… even it this necklace was auctioned at the Spring Auctions, the price should be about the same. There was no need to wait a few months for an extra 10 – 20 thousand. He does not have time. “Ok. Then I will put this up for the next auction. Errr…… How much should I set as the starting bid?”

Teacher Sun thought for a while. “Set a lower starting bid. I think 500,000 RMB is a good price. The price will rise slowly, and more people will join in to bid. The final transacted price might be higher. Of course, this is my personal opinion. If you…….”

Dong Xuebing replied without thinking: “I will listen to you. 500,000 RMB starting bid.”

After finalizing some minor details, Dong Xuebing signed the agreement. He will leave the necklace with the auction house to change the chain and left for home with an empty money box.

2 to 3 more days…….

I just have to wait for the auction to end and I will be able to get the money!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 122 – Beat you up again!

Dong Xuebing’s fight with the driver only lasted less than 20 seconds.


It was too fast!

Many people did not even see what happened clearly, and the driver was already on the floor. He was hit by a stone and can’t get up anymore.

“Old Zheng!” The dark complexion female tour guide looked at the driver. She could not accept that her driver was beaten. As illegal tour guides, they had gotten into fights often. Old Zheng had never disappointed her in the past. He had fought 3 men in the past and won. What’s wrong with him today? Old Zheng lost to a skinny young man?

When everyone got over their shock, Sister Cao was the first to shout: “Good! Beat him to death!”

Dong Xuebing dis not stop. He ran forward and gave a hard kick on the driver’s injured leg.

The driver shouted out in pain on the ground and tried to kick Dong Xuebing back with his other leg.

Dong Xuebing stepped back and stomp on the driver’s ankle. Crack! He almost broke the driver’s ankle.

“Ah!!!!” The driver shouted at the top of his voice.

One kick!

Two kicks!

Three kicks!

Dong Xuebing was cursing and swearing as he kicked the driver: “You think you are great? You think you can grab Aunt Xuan by her hair?! You are asking for it! You dare to stare at me? F**k you! I will kill you!” Dong Xuebing unleashed all his anger, and most of his kicks were on his hand which had grabbed Qu Yunxuan earlier. After stomping for a few times, he stepped on the driver’s left hand and remained there.

The driver’s thumb and ring fingers were bent at a weird angle. His fingers were fractured.

Qu Yunxuan worrying said: “Xiao Bing. Just teach him a lesson will do. Don’t kill him.”

Dong Xuebing did not listen and continued to kick and stomp the driver with all his strength.

“Old Zheng!” The tour guide was panicking. She knew when she and the driver were hitting the two reporters, someone should have called the police. If they were delayed by this young man, then they will not be able to escape. This was why the tour guide ran up to Dong Xuebing and to hit him. She needs to rescue Old Zheng.

“Careful!” Qu Yunxuan shouted.

Dong Xuebing saw the tour guide from the corner of his eyes. This tour guide had also hit Qu Yunxuan and her colleague. He did not care whether if she was a woman. He turned and threw a backfist. It landed on the tour guide’s face, and she flew one meter away.

The illegal tour guide fainted on the spot.

The driver shouted: “Xiao Hong!!!!!”

Sister Cao felt better after seeing Dong Xuebing beating up these two. She got up and ran over to Qu Yunxuan. “Yunxuan, are you ok? Are you hurt anyway?” She saw Qu Yunxuan was fine except for her messy hair and was relieved. “Your friend can really fight! Is he trained in martial arts? Even that big size driver is no match for him!”

Qu Yunxuan also did not know when did Xiao Bing become such a good fighter.

Suddenly there were sounds of police sirens approaching them.

Qu Yunxuan quickly ran over to stop Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing. Stop. The police are here.”

Dong Xuebing looked back and cursed. He gave one more kick to the driver and stopped unwillingly. He still has not vented his anger. He had to be careful when he touched Qu Yunxuan’s fingers. But this bastard dare to grab her by her hair! How can this bastard be let off so lightly?

About one minute later, two police cars stopped beside the minibus.

3 policemen alighted and saw the two people lying on the ground. They were shocked: “Who called the police?”

“I am the one who called.” Dong Xuebing stepped forward and pointed to the two people lying on the ground: “These two are operating an illegal tour agency. Not only they force the tourist to buy stuff, they also broke my friend’s camera. They also hit my friends. There! All those people on the minibus had seen the whole incident. If I arrive any later, my friends will be injured severely. I am only trying to defend ourselves.” Dong Xuebing pushes all the blame to the illegal tour guide and driver.

The policeman looked at the driver on the floor and then looked at Dong Xuebing: “You are the one who beat him up?”


This was too ruthless. The policeman frowned and wanted to question Dong Xuebing more about the incident.

But the driver, who knew he can’t escape, start scolding. “Bastard! Didn’t you want to beat me to death? Come on! What are you waiting for? Come and hit me!” The driver knew that the young man could not do anything to him after the police arrived.

“F**k! You are asking for it!” Dong Xuebing was still furious, and after hearing what the driver said, he exploded.

“Wait! What are you trying to do?” A policeman in his 40s grabbed Dong Xuebing by his arm. “Follow us back for statements.”

The driver wiped the blood off the corner of his lips and laughed: “Come on! I’m waiting for you to hit me!”

“You are the one asking for it.” Dong Xuebing reached into his pocket and took out his work pass. He turned to the older policeman and said: “Give me 30 seconds.”

The policeman took a glanced at Dong Xuebing work pass and was stunned.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and repeated himself. “Just half a minute will do.”

The older policeman thought for a while and let go of Dong Xuebing’s arm. He waved for the two younger officers over and gave them a cigarette each.

The driver was stunned. “Ah?” What’s happening? Why were the policemen letting that young man go?

The two young officers were also shocked. “Sir, this…….”

The older police officer whispered softly. “He is our comrade from the same ministry.”

A young officer asked: “He is also from Public Security?”

“State Security.” The older policeman paused for a while and added: “He is the Deputy Chief of an office under State Security.”

The two young officers were surprised. They looked at Dong Xuebing’s back. “How old is he? How come he can be an officer at such young age? Eh? I remembered the offices under State Security are all “administrative” staffs. They are not involved in criminal cases investigations. Even I and Xiao Zhao cannot beat that man on the ground. How can he beat him up? How is it possible that an administrative officer is so good at fighting?”

The older police officer was also puzzled. “Who knows? Xiao Zhao, go and wake that illegal tour guide. After our comrade from State Security settled his score, we will go back.” Public Security and State Security were under the same system. They were considered under the same family, despite both departments seldom work together. But the top leaders from the Public Security and State Security had been transferred between both ministries. Compared to other government agencies, these two ministries were closer. Also, Dong Xuebing’s work pass indicates that he was from the Beijing branch, and this was why the older officer decided to close one eye.

Dong Xuebing walked closer to the driver.

The driver panics. “Police! Stop him! He is going to hit me!”

The few police officers were standing there smoking and looking up at the skies. They pretended not to hear or see anything.

“You are the one who asked me to come over to hit you.” Dong Xuebing walked up to the driver and squat down. He grabbed the driver by his hair like how he grabbed onto Qu Yunxuan earlier. Although the driver got short hair, Dong Xuebing was still able to catch and yank it!


Dong Xuebing forcefully grabbed and tugged hard. The driver could feel his hair was pulled out by Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing opened up his hand and blew the strands of hairs away.



Beijing people were used to calling Public Security Police Stations as “Ju Zhi.”

Dong Xuebing, Qu Yunxuan, and Sister Cao spent two hours recording statements at the station. Luckily Dong Xuebing had his work pass with him, and the policemen there treated them well. They also closed one eye on the driver and the tour guide’s injuries. If not, Dong Xuebing would not be able to leave the station. The driver was severely injured, and it can’t be considered as self-defense.

Outside of the station.

“Aunt Xuan, let me see where you are hurt. Show me.”

“I am fine. It’s only some bruises, and it will recover in two days.”

“Aiya…… Show me now. We should go to the hospital for an X-ray.” Dong Xuebing had no chance to speak to Aunt Xuan earlier, and he was holding her hands examining the bruises. Dong Xuebing could feel her pain and do not care about his image in front of Qu Yunxuan. He scolded: “Those two bastards. Don’t let me see them again. Don’t worry. The police officers told me that they had been tasked by their higher-ups to investigate these illegal tour guides. Those two bastards will not have a good ending.”

Qu Yunxuan smiles, sweetly: “Yes. Serve them right.”

Dong Xuebing nodded in agreement and touched her hands lightly. “Is it still painful?”


“If you do not want to go to the hospital, then I will buy some medications for you.”

“No need. These are only some bruises.”

Sister Cao, who was looking at both of them, coughed loudly.

Qu Yunxuan blushed and quickly pull back her hands from Dong Xuebing.

Sister Cao laughed and looked at Qu Yunxuan. “Yunxuan, Sister Qu, Team Leader Qu, you two…… have something going on.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. Of course, we have something going on. We even kissed before.

Qu Yunxuan stared at Sister Cao. “Don’t talk nonsense. Oh, I still have not introduced. This is Dong Xuebing. My……. Neighbour. He is working for the government. This is my colleague, Cao Ping. She is a reporter.:

Dong Xuebing shook her hands: “Sister Cao, how are your injuries?”

“I am fine.” Cao Ping grabbed his hand and thanked him. “Thank goodness you arrived just in time. If you arrive any later, we will be beaten up badly. This is the first time I encounter danger after working as a reporter for 2 years.”

Qu Yunxuan sighed. “It’s all my fault. If it wasn’t for me, you also do not need to come to Zhejiang Province and will not……”

Cao Ping consoled her: “Don’t talk about all these. We are good friends.”

Dong Xuebing could tell something was off from their conversation: “Aunt Xuan, yesterday you refuse to tell me over the phone. Did you offend any leaders, and this is why you are assigned with this dangerous task?”

Qu Yunxuan did not reply.

“Tell me quickly.”

Qu Yunxuan replied unwillingly: “I will tell you back in Beijing.”

Cao Ping changed the subject. “Oh Xuebing, you are working for the government? No wonder those officers treated you friendlier in the station. You are a leader in your agency?”

Dong Xuebing stopped questioning Qu Yunxuan and replied casually: “I am only a Deputy Chief at a small office. I am not considered a leader.”

Cao Ping had only wanted to say something beautiful and never expect Dong Xuebing to be a leader. She was surprised and asked: “You…… You should not be older than me…… Deputy Chief? Ahh…… you are capable.”

The 3 of them were chatting when a van suddenly stopped in front of them.

4 men alighted from the van: “The car broke down on the way here. Sorry, we are late. Team Leader Qu, Cao Ping, are you all hurt?” These people were also from the newspaper agency and had been to another province for work. They were supposed to fetch Qu Yunxuan and Cao Ping on their way back to Beijing. They received a call from Cao Ping two hours ago and knew what happened.

Cao Ping replied: “We are fine. Luckily Yunxuan’s friend came to our rescue.”

All of them chatted for a while, and Qu Yunxuan looked at Dong Xuebing before turning to a middle-aged man: “Old Qian, is there any space in the van? Can we give my friend a ride?”

Old Qian looked at the van: “Ah…… I’m afraid there is no more space. We can only fetch the both of you.” The back of the van was filled with equipment and space was tight even for two people.


Dong Xuebing was okay with this and said: “You all go back first. I can take the train.”

Qu Yunxuan thought for a while: “Sigh…… Then…… be careful on your way back.” Dong Xuebing nodded, and Qu Yunxuan looked at the locked money box he was holding. “I had wanted to ask you. What is in that box?”

Dong Xuebing did not answer her. “I will let you know some other days. This is a surprise.” He had planned to tell Qu Yunxuan after he sold the pearl necklace. “Oh…… after you are back in Beijing, return back to Heping Road. Don’t hide at your mother’s place. You still have to tell me what happened at your work.”

Qu Yunxuan nodded: “Ok. I will tell you tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing stood there looking at Aunt Xuan, and her colleagues board the van. Before they close the doors, he could still hear Cao Ping telling the rest what happened excitedly.

“You all were not there. Yunxuan’s friend can fight really well. That kick was right on target……”

Dong Xuebing laughed and shook his head. He thought to himself. I can fight well? Anyone on the streets can knock me out with a punch. If Dong Xuebing did not have BACK, he would have been beaten up. So, BACK could also be used this way? He had learned something new. In the future, he could predict where his opponents would hit and not afraid of getting into fights.

Translator’s notes: ‘Ju Zhi’ is a Chinese short form for the police station. Some sort of local slang in Beijing.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 121 – Dong Xuebing’s fury!

The taxi was speeding down the road towards the south!

A minute passed……

2 minutes passed…….

Dong Xuebing almost smashed his phone from his anger. Suddenly, he noticed a minibus parked in a secluded spot of the road in front. That minibus was not those proper tour coach. From Dong Xuebing’s position, he could not see what was happening clearly. But he could see some people pushing and shoving beside the vehicle. Dong Xuebing sat upright and pointed to that direction: “There! Go over there now! Quick!”

50 meters……

40 meters……

30 meters……

The driver was nervous. He applied the brakes and stop his vehicle. He dares not to stop too near to those people. Dong Xuebing also did not ask the driver to get closer. He opened the door and jump out. The driver saw Dong Xuebing had alighted from his taxi and quickly reverse his taxi and drive off. He does not want to get involved. Robbers were dangerous.

20 meters……

10 meters……

The minibus was right in front of Dong Xuebing, and he could see the passengers in the vehicle looking at the other side. The shouting got louder as Dong Xuebing got nearer. He recognized the voice. It was Sister Cao. She was shouting: “Yunxuan! Run!” Dong Xuebing felt his blood rushing to his head and ran faster. He ran to the other side of the minibus from the back and what he saw made him furious!

A woman, about 26 years old, was kneeling on the floor hugging her tummy. She should be Sister Cao. There was a red mark on her face, and she seems to be slapped by someone. All her belongings were scattered on the floor in front of her. There were small cosmetic boxes, small mirror, wallets, etc. There was also a smashed digital camera and a torn-up notebook.

Dong Xuebing’s precious Aunt Xuan was not far away. A man, about Zhuang Zhi’s size, was grabbing Qu Yunxian by her hair. A dark complexion female tour guide was trying to snatch Qu Yunxian’s handbag. Qu Yunxuan was in pain, and there were lots of bruises on her hands.

“Yunxuan! Give them the bag. Give it to them first!” Sister Cao was shouting.

Qu Yunxuan refuses to let go of her handbag: “Let me go! You are all criminal!”

That driver used more strength to yank Qu Yunxuan back. “F*** you! Xiao Hong! Check if she has any other cameras in her bag! Check her phone too! We cannot let her report us in the papers!”

That tour guide scold: “F**king bitch! Let go! Give me your bag!”

“Aunt Xuan!” Dong Xuebing had lost all his cool at this moment. He felt he had gone crazy and could feel his blood boiling. “You are to touch her one more time! I will kill you!”

Sister Cao, who was still on the floor, was stunned: “Dong Xuebing?”

Qu Yunxuan panics, and quickly shouted: “Xiao Bing! Don’t come over! Call the police quick! You are no match for them!”

Dong Xuebing could not hear a thing. He threw his locked money box aside and rushed forward towards that driver. He only had one thing in his mind. He must kill this mother f**ker!

The female tour guide saw Qu Yunxuan was districted and quickly snatched her handbag from her. She did not even look at Dong Xuebing.

The driver can’t be bothered with this young man. He was 1.9 m tall and was very fit. Although he was not trained in martial arts, his size made up for that. He had never lost in a fight. Dong Xuebing? He was not as tall or heavy as the tour guide. He was also not fit at all and had seldom got into fights with others. Even if he had fought, he had never won once before.

The difference was too obvious! These two were not on the same level!

Dong Xuebing also know he will not beat that tour guide. But when he saw Qu Yunxuan being grabbed by the hair, he lost his senses!

2 meters…….

1 meter……

Dong Xuebing ran like a mad man and clenches his fist. He swung his fist at that driver. “Let go of her!”

It was a straight punch towards the face! Dong Xuebing had used all his strength in this punch.

The driver was grabbing Qu Yunxuan’s long hair with his hand and sneered. He did not try to dodge Dong Xuebing’s punch. He waited as Dong Xuebing’s fist become closer to him and raises his feet and kicked Dong Xuebing in his stomach. Dong Xuebing’s arm was not as long as his leg. In the end, Dong Xuebing’s punch did not even touch him!


“Xiao Bing!” Qu Yunxuan’s eyes were red!

Dong Xuebing flew back about 2 meters and lie flat on the floor and could not get up.

The driver laughed and yanked Qu Yunxuan’s hair: “This is your nephew? He is too weak. He can’t even take 1 kick from me!”

“Found it!” The tour guide threw Qu Yunxuan’s handbag aside and torn a notebook into pieces. “They have recorded what we did in this notebook too! Stupid bitches! You all are from Beijing? Why are you all here for?”

There were a lot of people on board the minibus looking at them, but all of them kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing who was on the floor was screaming as he saw the driver still grabbing Qu Yunxuan by the hair. He wanted to save her, but his body could not move. He could feel the pain the moment when he moved and could not stand up!

“Xiao Bing! Are you ok?”

Anger! Regrets! Fury! Helplessness! These were all Dong Xuebing’s thoughts at the moment!

Useless! So damn useless!

“Xiao Bing! Ah! Let go of me!”

Qu Yunxuan was shouting in pain. Dong Xuebing’s eyes were bloodshot as he stares at the big sized driver. Suddenly he remembered that he still has not used his BACK today!


The scenes changed, and time was reversed!

The pain in his stomach was gone. Dong Xuebing could feel his body leaning forward, and his arm raised up. His fist was in the air and in front of him was that driver. He was about to hit him, and that driver was not trying to dodge. He was still sneering at him and grabbing onto Qu Yunxuan’s hair!

Dong Xuebing was still about 80 cm away from that driver’s face!

This was what happened 1 minute ago!

The driver can’t be bothered with Dong Xuebing. He was very confident of himself, and he could easily beat 4 of this skinny young man! It was like a child trying to fight an adult. The driver could tell Dong Xuebing had never fought before from this punch. He prepared himself to give Dong Xuebing a kick with his full strength!

Dong Xuebing, who had just regained control over his body, knew his punch would not connect. He quickly shifted his body weight to his left leg and did not pull back his punch. He knew it was too late to pull back his punch. He raised his right foot and kicked forward at the driver.

The driver also raised his leg at the same moment!

Everything happened too fast, and something unbelievable happened!

Everyone on board the minibus, Sister Cao and Qu Yunxuan were shocked. Dong Xuebing had kicked towards the air. There was nothing in front of him, and everyone was confused by his actions. But the next moment, the driver’s kicked out towards the empty space in front of Dong Xuebing!

The angle of the driver’s kick was very accurate. If his kick had moved slightly forward, it would hit Dong Xuebing’s stomach.

But when everyone saw the angle and height of Dong Xuebing’s kick, no one felt the driver’s kick was accurate!

The driver’s leg looks like it was rushing forward to receive Dong Xuebing’s kick. Bang! Dong Xuebing’s kick had hit the driver!

This kick landed on the driver’s calf!

The driver fell backward. He could not believe his eyes! What happened? How come this young man knew where he was going to kick? Impossible! He was about to punch me! Why did he change to kick suddenly? Damn! This young man was a martial arts expert?!

The driver was not about to give up. The second before he fell, he swung his leg and tried to sweep Dong Xuebing’s legs!

Dong Xuebing almost fell.

The driver tried to stand up immediately. But his injured leg gave way, and he almost kneeled down!

Dong Xuebing who had regained his balance, quickly look around him. He knew he would not win if he tried to fight the driver in close combat. Dong Xuebing saw a round stone about the size of a basketball 2 meters away from him. He moved forward and picked up that 5 Kg stone. He then turned towards the driver and cursed: “F**k you!” He raised the stone and threw it at the driver!

After injuring his leg, the driver could not dodge the stone!

The stone hit the driver’s right waist and caused a deep cut!

“Ahhhh!!!!” The driver fell onto the ground again, and he was holding onto his waist screaming in pain. Blood was gushing out from the wound on his waist, and his orange jacket quickly became red!

Qu Yunxuan, Sister Cao, the female tour guide and all the tourists on the minibus were shocked.

The driver was so strong and fit. He looks like he could smash a big rock with his fist. He was muscular…… but he was beaten up by a skinny Dong Xuebing? He could not even fight back!


Those muscles were for scaring others?

You can’t even fight back with all those muscles?!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 120 – Aunt Xuan in Trouble!

9 pm.

A hotel along Cheng Shun Road North/

Dong Xuebing locked the door of his room the moment he enters it. He also checked the windows and pulled the curtains. After that, he placed his precious pearl necklace at a spot where he could see it, before taking off his shoes and getting on his bed. He was smiling to himself while he stares at the ceiling. He was in a great mood. After he got back to Beijing, he will put his necklace up for auction, and he will have the money to set up a company. He will also put in his best performance at work for his promotion.

Oh, have Aunt Xuan finished her work?

Dong Xuebing wanted to share his happiness with someone and grabbed his phone to call Qu Yunxuan.

The phone rang for quite sometime before it was answered. “Hello…….” It was not Aunt Xuan’s voice.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Eh? Did I call the wrong number? Is this Qu Yunxuan’s phone?”

The girl who answered laughed. “You are Dong Xuebing? Yunxuan is in the bathroom. I am her colleague. You can call me Sister Cao. You want me to pass her a message?”

“Oh…… It’s nothing important. Are you all still in Hangzhou? When are you all returning back to Beijing?”

“We are planning to return tomorrow afternoon. We are following an unlicensed tour, and there will be a car to fetch us after we submitted the picture of the illegal tour guides and report.” Sister Cao was a chatty person. “This group of illegal tour guides is too much. They kept forcing their tourist to buy things and charge ridiculous fees. They charge 100 to 200 RMB more for a ticket to a tourist attraction……”

Dong Xuebing was confused by her. “Wait…… What illegal tour guide? Isn’t Aunt Xuan on her work trip?”

Sister Cao replied: “Yes. She is on a work trip, and this is her assignment…….”

“Aunt Xuan is from the advertising department. Why is she conducting uncover operations? She is not even a reporter……”

The other party on the phone kept quiet for a while. “Errr…… Aunt Xuan did not tell you what happened?”

“What is it?” Dong Xuebing asked anxiously. “Sister Cao, tell me what happened?”

“Ok. I am also not sure about the details and reason. But Yunxuan was transferred from the advertising department to our Reporter department as a backend staff. She was demoted from her position as Team leader. Now she is several ranks lower than before…….”

“What? Demoted? How come?”

“Errr…… you better ask her for the details. Ah, she came out of the bathroom. I will pass her the phone.”

After a while, Aunt Xuan’s voice sounded over the phone. “Xiao Bing, are you looking for me?”

Sister Cao’s words let Dong Xuebing realized why Aunt Xuan had not to return back to Heping Street when she was supposed to be back a week ago. She was facing a big problem at work. She was also demoted and did not want to let Dong Xuebing worry about her. So, she hides at her mother’s place. Dong Xuebing immediately says: “Aunt Xuan, I am in Zhejiang Province, Zhuji. I am not far from Hangzhou City.”

“Huh? Why are you here?”

“I am here to look for you. Didn’t I tell you that I am having a few days off from work? Nevermind. What happened to you at your job? Who demoted you……” Aunt Xuan kept quiet, and Dong Xuebing continued: “You have been working in the advertising department and why are you transferred to the Reporter Department? You are transferred there to be a backend staff? You are still being sent to Zhejiang for work? The Beijing Daily cannot even cover all the news in Beijing, and yet they want to meddle with Zhejiang illegal tour guides case? Do they think they are People’s daily? Aunt Xuan, tell me honestly. Did you offend any leaders?”

It was strange for Qu Yunxuan to be transferred to the reporter department or being sent to Zhejiang for undercover investigations!

“Hahaha, Xiao Cao is lying to you. I am doing fine.”

“Fine your head! Tell me the truth!”

“It’s nothing really…… I had only made a small mistake at work…..”

“A small mistake? A small mistake and you are transferred to be a backend staff? You still even must conduct undercover investigations? Those illegal tour guides are all hooligans. It was reported in the news a few months ago! What happens if you meet danger? I will go and look for you now……”

“I will hit you. It’s too late now. How are you going to come over? I am fine here……”

Qu Yunxuan was right. There were no buses or public transport so late at night. “Ok. I will go to Hangzhou tomorrow morning. I will call you when I reach.”

“You just don’t listen!”

“My phone is running out of battery. I will call you again tomorrow.”

“Sigh…… Ok then. Sleep early.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing charges his phone and laid on the bed, thinking about Aunt Xuan before falling asleep.

The next day.

After packing his luggage, Dong Xuebing boarded a long-distance bus to Hangzhou City. He changed bus to get to the Hongdu Hotel. This place was not considered the heart of Hangzhou City. The Zhejiang province famous tourism spot Daming Mountain was just next to the hotel. There were lots of tourist walking around there. Dong Xuebing had messaged Qu Yunxuan in the morning. She had almost finished her investigation and one of the stops of the tour group in the afternoon was a Daming Mountains. Both Qu Yunxuan and Sister Cao planned to leave the tour group here and meet Dong Xuebing at Hongdu Hotel entrance. Also, there will be a van from the news agency coming here to pick them up. Aunt Xuan wants to see if there were empty space in the van and hope to let Dong Xuebing hitch a ride back to Beijing.

It was almost noon. Dong Xuebing looked around and did not see Qu Yunxuan.

Traffic jam? There was not much traffic on this road.

After 10 minutes, Dong Xuebing got impatient and dialed Aunt Xuan’s number. “Hello? Where are you?”

“On the tour bus……” It was very noisy on Qu Yunxuan side. There was the sound of engine roaring. From the engine sounds, the tour bus does not seem to be a proper tour bus. “The tour guide and driver did not bring us to Daming Mountains. They stopped nearby and insisted us to climb a hill in front. All the tourists were unhappy, and we are arguing with them now. Wait for me. This place is not far from Daming Mountain. I think if we go along the road towards the northern direction, we will reach Daming Mountain. I will go and find you later…….”

Shouting could be heard in the background.

“I have come to Hangzhou before. This is not Daming Mountain!”

“We have already paid. If you are not bringing us to Daming Mountain, then refund us!”

“That right! Refund! Refund! What type of tour agency is this?”

“Shut up! Shut up!” Stop shouting……” This loud voice should be that female tour guide. “Who says this is not Daming Mountain? Ah? Who says that? Our Hangzhou city’s Daming Mountain is here! Hurry up and get off the bus! There are a restaurant and shop on the mountain! The minimum spending there is 500 RMB. All of you must spend at least 500!” This illegal tour guide must be getting kickbacks from the shop up in the mountain.

“Why is there a minimum spending again?” Qu Yunxuan shouted. “You all are forcing us to spend!”

“Hurry up and get off. We still have another attraction to go in the afternoon…….” It was a threatening male voice. It should be the driver.

Dong Xuebing could hear everything on the phone, and he cursed in his heart. Damn it! These illegal tour guides! He then told Aunt Xuan: “If you are unable to come over, then wait for me. I will follow the road south to look for you all. I should be able to reach where you all are……”

Qu Yunxuan replied: “Ok.”

Suddenly that tour guide shouted: “Why are you pointing your camera at me? Ah? Give me that camera! Now!”

“F**k! Who is taking pictures?” It was the driver. “You are asking for it!”

“What are you doing? I am not taking your pictures! I am taking the scenery……” It was Sister Cao’s voice!

Qu Yunxuan was also shouting: “You all are snatching our stuff!”

That tour guide shouts: “What is written in that notebook? Give it to me!”

Dong Xuebing panicked. “Aunt Xuan! What happened?”

Qu Yunxuan did not reply. There were lots of shouting, and it seems the tour guide and driver were snatching Sister Cao’s stuff. After a while, the tour guide shouted: “Old Zheng! They had recorded everything about us in this notebook! These two bitches are reporters…….”

The driver scolded furiously: “F**K! Get them off the bus!”

“What are you doing?! Let go! Let go of us!” Qu Yunxuan shouted. There were lots of knocking sounds, and then the line was cut.

Dong Xuebing was furious! If anything happens to Aunt Xuan, I will kill you!

Dong Xuebing immediately ran over to a taxi in front of the hotel. He entered the front passenger seat before the two passengers at the back alighted. “Quick! Drive towards the south! Now!”

The taxi driver was shocked to see Dong Xuebing. “Sorry. It’s my lunchtime and I am not taking passengers……”

Lunch your head! Dong Xuebing took out his work pass from his pocket “State Security! Drive now!”

The driver was stunned for a few seconds and then stepped on the accelerator. “Where to in the south?”

“Just drive along the main road towards the south! There is a place there where there are a restaurant and shop on a hill!” Dong Xuebing did not bother whether if the driver knew where to go. He picked up his phone and dialed Qu Yunxuan’s number. But she did not answer. He cursed under his breath and then called the police. He did not mention anything about the tour group. He only told the operator that there was a robbery along the main road south of Daming Mountain! Dong Xuebing was worried that the illegal tour guides had connections with the local authorities. If the local police force had some links with those illegal tour groups, then they will not send their officers.

The taxi was speeding down the main road and was overtaking all the cars.

But Dong Xuebing felt it was too slow. “Can you drive faster?”

“It is already very fast…….” The driver was sweating. He had heard Dong Xuebing’s call to the police and knew this was about a robbery.

Dong Xuebing was restless, and he tried to call Qu Yunxuan again. But she still did not answer!

Aunt Xuan! Please be safe!

Wait for me! I am reaching you soon!

Wait for me!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 119 – A Pearl Necklace!

15 big pearls from 11 pearl mussels. This trip to Zhejiang was worth it.

At the lake, Dong Xuebing, who had no more BACK, was no longer looking at the boss and workers opening the mussels. He was arranging his pearl mussels in the small net. The net was too small, and he asked for a bigger one from the worker. He packed his mussels carefully in the net and then look at the boss and workers. He was in no hurry to leave the place. He was waiting patiently for them to finish opening all the mussels. His target was to collect enough pearls to make a pearl necklace and put it up for auction. This way, he could maximize his profits. If not, just the 15 pearls, he will not earn much and will not be able to hit his target of 1 million RMB.

After a while, the boss was tired and took a break.

Dong Xuebing noticed the small bag keeping the high-grade golden pearls was almost full.

“Young man.” The boss took a sip of water from a bottle. “Shouldn’t you pay up now?” The boss was not in a good mood as his golden pearl harvest was not up to his expectations. By right, there should be more 1.4 cm golden pearls. Could all those bigger golden pearls be hiding in those mussels this young man bought? But this should not be possible. Even all the locals in this trade could not tell the difference from the exterior of the mussels. How can an outsider like this young man know?

Dong Xuebing was also about to tell the boss that he wants to make payments. “I had counted the mussels. 11 mussels. 66,000 RMB. Oh, I still want some pearls from that bag.” Dong Xuebing pointed at that small bag. “How much are you selling for 1.5 cm golden pearls?”

The boss put down his bottle. “Other than the size, we still need to look at the quality and roundness.”

Dong Xuebing walked over and pick up a 1.5 cm pearl. “What about this?”

“This will fetch 40,000 RMB in the market. But we do not have middleman and rental fees here. I will sell it to you, at…… 35,000 RMB.”

“Ok. I will pick a few more.”

Dong Xuebing only had 440,000 RMB in total, and he had brought all his money with him. Other than the 66,000 RMB mussels, he still has 370,000 RMB available. He picked the pearls and bargained with the boss. In the end, he picked 10 1.5cm pearls, and 5 1.4 cm pearls. With the pearls in his mussels, he had a total of 30 pearls. It was just enough to form a pearl necklace.

The boss calculated the total. “The total is 441,000 RMB.”

Dong Xuebing said: “Round it off.”

“No. 441,000 RMB!”

You don’t even want to give me a discount of 1,000 RMB? Dong Xuebing glanced at him and then took out his money box from his bag. He also took out 1,000 from his wallet. “There is 440,000 RMB in this box, and this is 1,000.” Dong Xuebing had used up all his money and had only 2,000 RMB left in his wallet. He had also used up his last month’s salary and did not have much money in his account. This necklace was all his assets.

The boss brought Dong Xuebing back to his office to use the counting machine.

After the transaction was completed, Dong Xuebing took a taxi to a hotel with an empty money box and mussels.

Dong Xuebing did not look for a high-class hotel because he did not have much money left. He needs to spend his money wisely. Also, the net was still dripping muddy water, and the pearl mussels were full of mud. Those high-class hotels will not allow him to enter. So, Dong Xuebing picked a small 3 stories hotel. Even the paint on the hotel signage was peeling off. Despite this torn down hotel, the staffs inside were still rolling their eyes when Dong Xuebing step in.

Dong Xuebing got a room with bathroom, and immediately pour his mussels into the basin.

He did not waste time to buy a knife and used his hands to open the mussels. After trying for a while, Crack! He finally opened the first mussels. There was a 1.6 cm pearl, a 1.1 cm pearl, 2 x 1 cm pearls, and 5 x 0.7 pearls. Dong Xuebing kept the 1.6 cm pearl and place the rest inferior pearls aside.

He then starts to open the next mussel…….

The third mussel……

The fifth mussel……

After a while, Dong Xuebing got all the 15 golden pearls out from the mussels. He happily walked out of the bathroom and placed all his high-grade pearls together to form a circle. If these were regular pearls, even 60 of them will not be enough to create a necklace. These pearls were all above 1.4 cm, and 30 of them were enough.

Dong Xuebing sat there looking at his pearls, but he felt something was off. He could not bring himself to use the word “beautiful” to describe his pearls.

These pearls…… were not very pretty. There seems to be a thin layer of skin covering them.

Oh! That’s it! Dong Xuebing slapped his forehead as he remembered something. These pearls were still not considered finished products. These pearls still need to undergo a polishing process to bring out the natural shine and color. That’s right. After polishing, the pearls have to be string together to form a necklace, and it will be ready to be put on auction.

Dong Xuebing kept his pearls in his money box and went out of the hotel.

Zhuji was the hometown of freshwater pearls. There were a lot of pearl processing factories there. Dong Xuebing immediately found one after walking out of his hotel.

In a small 2 stories building, Dong Xuebing was brought by the receptionist to meet with the person-in-charge. He did not waste any time and opened up his money box. “I want to polish all these and make them into a necklace. How much do you charge and how long will it take?”

That person-in-charge was shocked. “Ahhh…… these are all top-grade pearls. You should have spent at least 1 million RMB for these?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Around that amount.”

“Hahaha. I am in this business for so long, and this is the first time I saw so many 1.5 cm pearls. Hmmm…… the polishing will be slightly expensive.” The person-in-charge thought for a while and said. “You still want to make it into a necklace……. The total will be 5,000, and it will take about 3 to 4 days.”

Dong Xuebing did not have so much money or time. He thought for a while and took out a bag of pearls. “I still have 100 pearls. These pearls are not as good as those 30 pearls and should be worth about 15,000 RMB. I will pay the processing fees with these pearls. But I have a condition. I know to polish and stringing the pearls will not take 3 days. I need you to hurry up, and I want to see the necklace tonight.”

After some bargainings, Dong Xuebing paid the person-in-charge and even topped up 1,000 RMB in cash.

Dong Xuebing waited and waited……


A shiny golden necklace was placed in front of Dong Xueing.


It was too beautiful!

Before coming to Zhuji, Dong Xuebing saw the pearl necklace sold for over 900,000 RMB in an auction. But that necklace was made from white pearls. It was one grade lower than his pearls. Also, his pearls were bigger than that necklace!

1 million!

This time, Dong Xuebing will surely make 1 million RMB!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 118 – Pearl Gambling!

Time returns back to a moment ago!

“Xiao Er, how are the pearls on your side?”

“Boss, the few mussels I opened do not have any pearls bigger than 1.4. The biggest is only 1.3 cm.”

“Ok. 1.3 cm is good enough. Anything more than 1.4 cm is luck.”

The boss and his worker were chatting while harvesting the pearls. That darker worker passed a mussel he opened to his colleague to do the sorting. He then picked up a thick pearl mussel. This should be the mussel he opened before Dong Xuebing used BACK. Dong Xuebing immediately walked forward and stop him. “Wait…. Wait! Don’t open that first! How much is that mussel? I want it!”

The boss looks at Dong Xuebing and then look at that mussel. “You want this mussel?”

Dong Xuebing nodded: “I want that mussel. I will pick the rest later.”

The boss thought for a while and stopped working. He shook his head and said: “This mussel is quite fat. These types of mussels will produce good pearls. If you just want this mussel, I will not sell to you.” ‘Fat’ was their jargon. It means the thickness of the mussel. The thicker the mussel was, the bigger the pearl. “Xiao Er, carry on working.”

“Wait…….!” Dong Xuebing stopped him. “I offer 5,000 RMB.”

This was a reasonable price, but the boss still shook his head.

Dong Xuebing frowned and hesitated. “6,000. This is my highest offer!”

The darker worker looked at his boss. He felt this was a reasonable price. Even if one of the pearls inside was 1.1 cm, it could also not fetch 6,000 RMB. The value of 1.1cm pearls can never reach 6,000 RMB. But if they were fortunate and one of the pearls is bigger than 1.5 cm, than the value will multiply by almost 20 times. But the chances of pearls bigger than 1.4 cm were very low.

The boss was also thinking like this. He had breed pearl mussels for many years, and with his experience, he also could not tell the size of the pearls from the exterior. He knew that this young man was just guessing. He hesitated for a while and replied. “Fine. 6,000 RMB.” He would be a fool to give up this deal. If this young man buys his mussels at 6,000 RMB per piece, then it will reduce his cost. This was a good thing for him.

Dong Xuebing said: “I will be picking a few more. I will pay you after I picked the ones I want. Ok?” The boss nodded. “Ok. Do you want me to open the mussel for you now?”

“No need. I will bring it back and open myself. You all carry on.” Dong Xuebing will not let them see the pearls in the mussels. It will be too suspicious. He took the mussel from that darker worker and held it in his hands. Then, he happily asks for a net from the other worker for his mussel.

Dong Xuebing had gotten one of the pearls for his pearl necklace. But he still needs a few more pearls to form his necklace, and he only has 9 minutes left. Will his BACK be enough?

Just when Dong Xuebing was still thinking, he heard the farm boss shouted: “Ah. I got a big one!”

Dong Xuebing immediately moved over and saw the boss holding on to an opened greyish white colored mussel. The size of the pearl was about the same as the one he bought earlier. The boss took out his device and measured the pearl. 1.7 cm. This was a big pearl. A pearl of this size might not even appear in 100 mussels!

The boss laughed loudly. “I am damn lucky! This is a rare find!”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath.


There was a flash, and the surroundings changed slightly.

The boss of the farm smiles and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Ok. Do you want me to open the mussel for you now?”

It was the moment after Dong Xuebing bought the mussel. “No need. I will bring it back and open myself.” Dong Xuebing quickly put the mussel in his net and before the boss, and the worker continues working, he said. “Wait. That one. The mussel beside your leg. I want that too. This is also 6,000 RMB right?” Dong Xuebing points to that greyish white colored mussel.

The boss bends over and picks it up. “This?”

Dong Xueing replied: “Yes.” He took the mussel from him and put it into his net.

The boss was curious but did not say anything. He signaled to his worker, and they continue working.



The plastic pail was almost filled by pearls of various sizes.

Among these mussels, there were about four 1.4 and 1.5 cm pearls. But Dong Xuebing did not use BACK. Maybe it was because of some reasons, but three pearls were white in color. It was different from the golden pearls he bought. His target was to have a perfect pearl necklace. That’s why he gave up on those pearls. The other pearl was gold in color, and the size was 1.4 cm. But the shape was not perfect. It was not very round.



Almost an hour had passed. The boss threw away the mussel shells he was holding and said: “We have opened quite a lot. The white pearls’ quality is quite good. But how come 1.4 cm good quality golden pearl did not appear? Even if we are unlucky, at least one should appear by now.”

That worker said: “There are still a lot of mussels left. It should appear soon.”

The boss frowned and picked up a mussel and used his kitchen chopper to crack the shell open. He dug the flesh and then his eyes opened wide: “It’s here! Hah! I was just talking about this, and it really appeared!” The golden pearl was about 1.5 cm in size.

Dong Xuebing saw it and immediately wanted to shout BACK.

But when Dong Xuebing was about to shout, he heard the boss shouting excitedly: “Ah! There is one more. There is one more big one inside!” Dong Xuebing immediately paused and looked over. It was rare to find a big pearl inside, let alone two. The probability was too low!

“Hahaha…… This is also about 1.4 cm!”

Dong Xuebing saw the two flawless pearls and quickly shouts BACK!

The time was reversed.

“We have opened quite a lot. The white pearls’ quality is quite good. But how come 1.4 cm good quality golden pearl did not appear? Even if we are unlucky, at least one should appear by now.”

“There are still a lot of mussels left. It should appear soon.”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and walked over. He bent over and picked up the mussel before the boss. “Boss, I want this too. This is also 6,000?”

The boss looked at Dong Xuebing and nodded. He grabbed another pearl mussel and breaks It open. The pearls inside were ordinary golden pearls. What was wrong today? How come all the pearls are so average? Was there something wrong with my methods? Cannot be…… The previous batch also used the same method, and there were several high-grade pearls!

The following hour…….


“Boss, I want this one.”


“Give me this. Not that one. It’s this one. Yes……”


“This is also 6,000? Fine. I will pay you later.”


“Ah! I want this too.”

Dong Xuebing used up 9 BACKs, and he only has 1 more BACK left. His net had 9 mussels. All the golden pearls in his mussels were between 1.4 cm to 1.7 cm. There were a total of 11 pearls in the mussels he chose. Two of the mussels had two pearls above 1.4 cm each. He only has one BACK left, and he was in no hurry to use it. He wants to wait for a big pearl above 1.7 cm or two big pearls in one mussel.

He waited…….

A 1.5 cm golden pearl appears. Dong Xuebing did not buy it.

A 1.6 cm golden pearl appears. Dong Xuebing still did not act.

A 1.3 cm and 1.5 cm pearls appeared in one mussel. Dong Xuebing hesitated for a moment but chose not to buy it.

This was also a good thing. He left some good pearls for the boss if not, the boss would get suspicious.

200 mussels…….

The boss and his workers had filled 4 pails of pearls. The worker went out and brought two more containers back. Of course, the good pearls were not mixed with other pearls in those plastic pails. Those were kept in a small bag.

It was already 2.40 pm in the afternoon. Dong Xuebing thought if he should just buy the next 1.6 cm pearl and leave that place when he heard the working shouting with excitement.

That darker complexion worker was shouting excitedly: “Boss! This mussel has 3 big pearls!”

“3?!” Dong Xuebing and the boss were stunned. “How big is it?”

“One of them is 1.6 cm, and the other two are 1.5 cm!” That worker raised the pearls for them to see. “They are all round and flawless!”

It was already rare to find a pearl above 1.5 cm, let alone 3. The boss put down his knife and wanted to go over to take a closer look. But suddenly he felt something in the opened mussel he was holding. He stopped and dug into the flesh of the mussel. A 1.5 cm pearl pop up. “Hah! This mussel is good too.”

Dong Xuebing saw this and got excited!

He immediately shouts BACK!

The scenes in front of him changed!

The next moment, Dong Xuebing was looking at the boss and worker holding their kitchen choppers, about to open the mussels.

Dong Xuebing face changes and quickly reach out: “Wait! Don’t open it first! Wait a minute!”

The boss and worker were interrupted. Both looked up at Dong Xuebing. “What is it?”

Just in time. “Ah…… This mussel and the one you are holding. Yes. I want these two.” Before both of them could say anything, Dong Xuebing reached over and took the mussels from them!


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 117 – Pearls, Opening Mussel!

Zhejiang Province, Zhuji City.

It was a rainy day and drizzling. But the rain seems to be stopping soon.

Dong Xuebing alighted from Zhuji train station with a big Merry Supermarket bag. He was walking fast and keep adjusting his clothes. He felt very uncomfortable. The humidity at Zhuji was very high and cold. Dong Xuebing was used to the cold and dry weather in the North. He was walking along the road and quickly found a small restaurant by the roadside.

“Boss, give me the menu.” Dong Xuebing sat down at an empty table.

“Coming.” A fat middle-aged woman walked over with the menu.

Dong Xuebing picked two dishes and said: “Give me a local soup too. It’s too cold.”

10 minutes later, all the dishes were served.

The soup was clam soup. Although Beijing people called these as clams, it was actually mussel. Pearl mussels. Other than a palm-size mussel, there was nothing else in the soup. Dong Xuebing was curious. He used his chopsticks to open the mussel. The mussel was full of peals. Dong Xuebing took a bite of the mussel flesh and then spit it out. It was too tough. How can anyone eat this shit?

The lady boss who was sitting at her counter saw him, and laughed. “That mussel is not for eating. You just drink the soup.”

Dong Xuebing’s face was red with embarrassment. “What about the pearls?”

“Are you here for a holiday? You can pay people to string the pearls for you and bring it back as a souvenir.”

“Oh, then this soup is also considered a form of pearl gambling?”

“You can say that. If you are lucky, you might be able to find some good pearls. You want me to serve another bowl of soup?”

“No. This is enough for me.” Dong Xuebing knew this person was talking nonsense. He was reading up on pearl gambling on his more than 10 hours train ride. He knows that these mussels are low-grade mussels. One would be considered damn lucky if pearls worth 20 RMB were found in it. These mussels produce worthless pears. “Boss, can I ask you something? Do you know any pearl gambling places near here? How much will it cost to gamble pearl?”

The female boss looked at him: “There should be a pushcart two streets away from here. The price is about 200 to 300.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Is there any places that sell better mussels? Like those 2,000 to 3,000 RMB types?”

“Oh, then you have to go to the Pearl breeding farms. But they don’t do pearl gambling there. They will open up the mussels themselves and then sell the pearls according to grades. Pearl gambling here is mainly small roadside stalls. The grades are not high.”

Dong Xuebing chatted with the female boss for a while and got a better understanding of Zhuji’s pearl gambling.

The rain had stopped, and Dong Xuebing left the restaurant and got into a taxi.

The driver asked: “Where to?”

Dong Xuebing said: “Bring me to the nearest pearl breeding farm.”

The driver sped up and asked: “You are from Beijing? Are you here for a holiday?”

“Yes. I am here to buy some pearl mussels to try my luck.”

“Oh, you want to buy mussels .” The driver thought for a while. “Then we should go towards the west. The two pearl farms nearby are not in season yet. Their mussels are not ready for harvest. The breeding farm on the west side might be further away. I was staying nearby the farm and saw them preparing to harvest the pearls a few days ago.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Ok. Let’s go to the west side then. Thank you.”

About 20 minutes later, Dong Xuebing reached his destination. He paid the fare and quickly alight. He looked around and carried his bag tightly. His bag looks ordinary and old fashioned. But Dong Xuebing purpose picks this bag. There was a password box which contains 440,000 RMB, in the bag. Dong Xuebing was determined to raise 1 million on this trip. This was why he withdraws all his savings.

There were a few white-colored buildings in the distance. As Dong Xuebing got closer, he saw 5 to 6 breeding farms.

Dong Xuebing walked up to the metal gates. There was no one there, and he continued into the compound.

“Hey! What are you doing?” A man, covered in mud, stood up from the breeding farm. He shouted at Dong Xuebing: “Who allows you to enter?”

“I am here to buy pearls!” Dong Xuebing frowned as he looked at that man. “Where is the boss?”

“Buy pearls?” That man looked at Dong Xuebing from top to toe. “I am the boss here. What pearls do you want? Pearl powder?”

You are the boss of this farm? Dong Xuebing was surprised. He knew the owners of pearl farms were earning more than 1 million RMB annually. They should be either in suits and ties or at least look like a boss. But this person in front of Dong Xuebing looks like a hill billy. Even the roadside food seller in Beijing looks more like a boss than him.

At this time, 3 workers walked over from the northwest farm. “Boss, everything is ready. Are we opening the mussels now?”

Dong Xuebing finally believed this person is the boss of this farm. He asked: “Do you sell pearl mussels here? How much are you selling?”

The boss shakes the mud off his gloves. “We don’t sell mussels. If you want to buy pearls, come back the day after tomorrow. We still have not open mussels .”

What I wanted are unopened mussels. Dong Xuebing followed the boss and asked: “What color is this batch of mussels?”

That boss replied impatiently. “I already said we don’t sell the mussels. Get out of here!”

“If the color of this batch of the mussel is good, money is not a problem.” Dong Xuebing does not like this boss’s attitude. He knew that he looks too young and doesn’t look like a wealthy person. That’s why he was treated this way. If it were a middle-aged man with a bulging tummy, the boss attitude would be different. Dong Xuebing looked at the boss and opened his bag to show the boss his password box. “Even if you don’t want to sell, there is no harm for me to take a look, right? As for the prices……. We can discuss that later?”

That boss was surprised, and he frowned. “Come with me.”

Dong Xuebing followed the boss. There were rows of buoys from the shore to the center of the lake. The buoys were close to each other and covered the whole area. Along the coast, there were two small boats. On the boats, there were nets of mussels. From the pile of mussels on the shore, those nets should be able to hold at least 100 mussels each. There were at least 1,000 mussels. These mussels were bigger than they one at the restaurant. He could tell that these freshwater pearl mussels were of better grades.

After they got closer, the boss told one of his worker: “Open up one and see.”

That worker nodded and took out a smaller mussel from the net. He then picked up a kitchen chopper from the mud. He inserted the chopper into the small opening of the mussel and then twist it. Crack! The mussel was opened, and Dong Xuebing could see the mussel flesh and parts of a gold color pearl. The worker reached into the meat and dug out 9 pearls of different shapes and sizes. He placed the pearls in a plastic pail. Freshwater pearls are different from seawater pearls. Seawater mussels can only produce one or two pearls.

This was pearl gambling?! Dong Xuebing got excited. It was fascinating.

That boss walked over and took out the biggest pearl. He placed the pearl in a device to measure it. “Hmmm…… Not bad.” This device was designed to measure the diameter of the pearl. There was a handle for the user to grip, and with one button, it will secure and measure the pearl. “Half of these can be used to make jewelry, and the remaining can be made into pearl powder. Xiao Er. We will open the mussels, and Xiao Liu will do the sorting.”

Fullness, roundness, brightness, and size will determine the grade of the pearl. Although golden pearls were considered top grade pearls, the small pearls or out of shape pearls were also worthless. Just like the mussel that was just opened. More than half of the pearls in it cannot be used to make jewelry.

“Oh.” The boss turns and looks at Dong Xuebing. “How many mussels do you want?”

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Let me look around first.” Although these pearls were valuable, Dong Xuebing was not tempted. He was calculating in his mind. He had used 8 BACK at Zhou Guoan’s house that day and still have 2 times left. He had also saved up all his BACK these few days, and there were still 10 times left.

The boss and his worker start to open the mussels with choppers.

Crack! A palm-sized mussel was opened, and there were 11 white pearls in it. The value of an mussel was not based on the number of pearls. It depends on the size of the biggest pearl and whether if the pearl was round and bright. The biggest pearl will fetch the highest prices. That’s why this mussel was not considered good as the biggest pearl was less than 10mm.

Crack! Another one……

Another one……

The fifth one……

The eighth one……

10 minutes had passed, and many mussels were opened. Not a single pearl was more than 10mm!

It was not because this batch of mussels was not good. It was because it was rare to find pearls above the size of 10mm. It was like finding acicular in crystals.

The ninth mussel …… The biggest pearl was close to 1.3 cm.

Tenth mussel …… These were all tiny pearls.

On the 11th pearl……

“Eh! Boss! This pearl is big!” The worker shouted.

Dong Xuebing and the boss looks over. They saw the worker digging out a big golden pearl. “This pearl is at least 1.5 cm. The quality is good.” The pearl was measured using the device. It was flawless. It was a top-grade golden pearl!

That boss smiles. “Good……. Good……”

That’s it!

The prized pearl had finally appeared. Dong Xuebing immediately shouts BACK!

Translator’s notes:

Zhuji City


Freshwater pearls


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 116 – Promotion to Deputy Section Chief rank!

A few days later.

Dong Xuebing completed his course at the Party School. He had got this qualification under his belt.

On his way home, Dong Xuebing’s handphone rang. It was a number from Beihe Province. It should be his mother calling from a public phone. “Hello? Mum?”

“Xuebing, I am quite busy with my work. My students will be having their exams soon, and I might not be back for the Lunar New Year!”

“Oh. Then you must take care of yourself.”

“How’s your work? Did you make any mistakes? How is the General Affairs Office Chief’s impression of you?”

Dong Xuebing had wanted to give his mother a surprise when she returns during the Lunar New Year. He had wanted to tell her that he had become the Deputy Chief of his office. But now, Dong Xuebing was forced to stepdown, and he did not tell his mother. Dong Xuebing was the type where he would rather suffer alone than to let his loved ones worried for him. “It’s fine. I am doing well at work and the leaders like me. Ha ha….”

“That’s good then.”

After his mother hangs up, Dong Xuebing sighed and went to the bank to transfer some money to his mother. He had money now and wanted to send his mother tens of thousand RMB for her to enjoy herself. But after some considerations, he did not transfer so much to her. He does not want his mother to think that he had received bribes and let her worry. So, he only transfers a few thousands RMB to her. It should be enough.

The time now was not even 5 pm.

Qu Yunxuan still has not returned from her mother’s place, and Dong Xuebing was lazy to eat at home. He was about to go to a small restaurant near his house for dinner when he received a call from Xu Yan. He was excited when saw Xu Yan’s number. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself before answering the call. “Hello, Chief Xu!” After Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie were brought back by the City Commission for Discipline Inspection officer, he still had not received the news he wished for. He had been thinking about it for the past few days at the Party School.

It’s here?

Is it really the news I have been waiting for?

“Hahaha……” Xu Yan was in a good mood as she seldom laughs like this. “Xiao Dong, I represent the Branch Party Committee to inform you that because Zhou Guoan had received bribes, his order of replacing the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office will be void. The committee had decided that you will resume your duties as the Deputy Chief!”

Hahaha. It’s really a piece of good news!!!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed, and he thanked gratefully. “Thank you, Chief Xu!”

“Don’t thank me. You are the one who had done a good job. You deserve it!” Xu Yan laughed. “Kid, you didn’t disappoint me!” Xu Yan had thought for the past few days and still could not figure out how Dong Xuebing got the evidence. That afternoon, when the Commission for Discipline Inspection officers went to search Zhou Guoan’s house, they found the bank book under the mattress. There were 1.75 million RMB in that account. The ledger book contents were exactly the same as what Dong Xuebing told them. Even the officers conducting the search were speechless. They had conducted investigations for years, and this was the first time they felt…… it was Zhou Guoan who had reported himself! It was too weird!

“This case involves too many people, and the amount is huge. The higher-ups are still investigating. Those who are involved will be suspended from their duties. Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie will never be able to work in government agencies!”

Dong Xuebing was pleased with this ending. They deserve it!

Xu Yan continued: “Now, everyone at the branch bureau is discussing this incident. To prevent any negative impact, I will give you a few days off from work for you to rest at home. Stay away from the branch these few days.” Xu Yan was trying to protect Dong Xuebing. After all, people at the branch were still talking about Dong Xuebing bringing down the Branch Bureau Chief. This rumor was not very good for him as all other leaders will be wary of him. Luckily the rumor was only spread among the lower rank staffs. The heads of departments like Political Section Chief Pang Bin, Political Commissar Cheng Haimei, etc. don’t think it was Dong Xuebing who got the evidence against Zhou Guoan. They felt Dong Xuebing was not that capable. All of them also knew about the informant letter and knew it was not Dong Xuebing who wrote it. That’s why they were not very wary of him. Xu Yan wanted to wait until the new Branch Bureau Chief was appointed and things to settle down, before letting Dong Xuebing return to work. “Oh….. there is still one more thing.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “What is it?”

“Haha…… You have graduated from the Party School’s training course. It will be weird if we don’t promote you to Deputy Section Chief rank. When you come back, work hard, and I will fight for your promotion!” Dong Xuebing had only entered the branch for slightly more than 3 months. For him to become the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office was already an exceptional case. It was almost impossible for Dong Xuebing to be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank now. But Xu Yan had promised him, and he really got the evidence to bring down Zhou Guoan. Xu Yan had to deliver her promise to help Dong Xuebing get promoted.

Ah? Promotion? Hahaha! I am going to be promoted?

Dong Xuebing was ecstatic. “Thank you! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!”

Dong Xuebing had joined the Party, then become the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office, and now, he is going to be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank. Dong Xuebing progression was too fast!

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing stretched and could finally relax. He had got rid of Guo Shunjie, and the Chief who had been targeting him will be behind bars soon. He was also able to resume his duties and will be promoted soon. Now all his troubles were over. He could also take a rest. It was tiring for the past few weeks.

Ah……. What should I do these few days?

The first-person Dong Xuebing thought of was Qu Yunxuan. He wanted to be with her during his break from work.

With a good mood, Dong Xuebing finished 4 donkey burgers. He wiped his mouth, called Qu Yunxuan. She answered, and Dong Xuebing asked: “When are you coming back? The last time I called you, you said tomorrow. How many tomorrows has it been?!” Dong Xuebing had be troubled with Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie issues for the past few days and did not contact Qu Yunxuan much. He also did not tell her about his troubles at work.

“I am busy with my work!”

“Even if you are busy, you can still come home.” Dong Xuebing mustered up his courage and said: “Yunxuan, I miss you!”

Qu Yunxuan’s replied: “Stop it! Is this the way you call me? You want me to give you a slap?!”

Dong Xuebing could sense Qu Yunxuan blushing. “When are you coming back? I will be taking a break from work for a few days. I am thinking of going to the movies with you!”

“3 days later. I am also not sure. I still have to go to Zhejiang Province for work.”

“Eh? You are from the advertising department? Why do you have to go to Zhejiang? You have clients there?”

“Yes. I will return back to Beikou to see you after my work trip.”

Dong Xuebing chatted with her for a while. Qu Yunxuan was very busy with her work, and Dong Xuebing had to hang up.

After returning home, Dong Xuebing laid down on his sofa and start to plan what he should do during this break. Suddenly, Dong Xuebing remembered something. He got up and went to his PC in his room. He used internet banking to check his account. He had 440,000 RMB in his account. He was still short from his target of 1 million RMB. He should take this opportunity to make money.

Dong Xuebing wanted to make enough money for Qu Yunxuan to set up her trading company. This was not only because he wished Qu Yunxuan’s mother to accept him.

Dong Xuebing also want to have his own company. He wanted to be the boss behind the curtains!

He thought about all these and then quickly called his bank to fix an appointment for large amount withdrawals.

Zhou Guoan’s incident reminded him. He was a civil servant now and should be careful with his money. If not, someone might report against him to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, or the officers from the Commission for Discipline Inspection did a random check on his bank account. Dong Xuebing was not afraid of getting investigated as he could explain where he got his money from. Selling antiques is not against the law. Finding treasures at antique shops is not against the law. Stone gambling is not against the law. Dong Xuebing was confident that he will not get into trouble!

Hmmm…... How should he make money this time?

Stone gambling at Panjiayuan? Look for treasures at the old antique market? Shares trading?

Dong Xuebing was surfing the news on the internet. He could not decide how he should make money.

Suddenly, he noticed an article on the homepage of an antique website.

The article was about a recent auction. A natural pearl necklace of 30 Beikuo pearls, was auctioned off at 920,000 RMB. The article stated that these pearls were bought by a businessman at a pearl breeding farm in Zhejiang Province. The biggest pearl was from the mussel he purchased! He had only spent a few thousand RMB for the pearls.

Opening oysters? Pearls? Pearls can also be gambled?

Dong Xuebing became interested and start to read up on pearl gambling.

Pearl gambling is similar to stone gambling. To know the size and number of pearls in oysters, they need to open the mussel shells. Many businessmen saw this as a business opportunity and came up with this pearl gambling business!

Dong Xuebing laughed as he learned more about this pearl gambling. If he could collect enough pearls to form a necklace, then he would be able to reach his target of 1 million RMB!

Dong Xuebing banged his desk and made a decision in his mind! Book the train tickets! Pearl Gambling at Zhejiang Province!

Qu Yunxuan will also be going to Zhejiang for work. Dong Xuebing could make some money there and then go visit the places of interest with Aunt Xuan there.

Killing 2 birds with one stone!!

Translator’s notes:

Donkey burger


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 114 – Evidence!

3.30 pm.

Dong Xuebing had left for about 30 minutes.

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie were still in Xu Yan’s office discussing how they should deal with Zhou Guoan.

“Cheng Haimei had been promoted to Political Commissar. She might be close to Zhou Guoan in the past. But now, she is the no. 2 figure in the branch. She will not be so close to Zhou Guoan anymore. I can go and speak to her and hope for her to come over to our side.” Xu Yan said. “Old Song, what about Chief Yang Yizhong?”

“I will speak to him.” Song Shoujie frowned. “Sighed……. What Dong Xuebing said earlier is still the best way to deal with Zhou Guoan.” Xu Yan interrupted him. “That is not practical. Zhou Guoan is very cunning. He will never let anyone get hold of evidence against him. He will surely hide any evidence in a secure place. No one can get a search warrant to search his house without any strong clues. That’s why it is impossible to get any strong evidence.” Song Shoujie smiled. “Then why did you promise Xiao Dong the rank of Deputy Chief just now?” Xu Yan also smiles. “You should know how miraculous Xiao Dong is.” Knock, knock, knock…… Someone knocks on the door.

Xu Yan said: “Come in.” She frowned when she saw Dong Xuebing. “Why are you here again? Didn’t I tell you to go back to the Party School?” Song Shoujie was also surprised to see Dong Xuebing coming back.

But what Dong Xuebing said almost made Song Shoujie spit out his tea.

Dong Xuebing looked around secretively and whispered. “Chief Xu, Secretary Song, I found the evidence.” Huh? Song Shoujie’s eyes nearly popped out. “What did you find?!”

Dong Xuebing firmly replied: “I found evidence against Chief Zhou.”

Xu Yan looked at Dong Xuebing. She wanted to laugh, but when she saw the look in Dong Xuebing’s eyes, she knew Dong Xuebing was not lying. Did he really get the evidence?

Ah? Song Shoujie could not believe what he heard. Dong Xuebing had only left the office for a short time.

Xu Yan frowned and thought for a while. She then turned to look at Song Shoujie, before walking over to lock the door to her office.

“Come in and speak.” Xu Yan let Dong Xuebing into the office. Song Shoujie and Xu Yan were looking at Dong Xuebing. “Where is the evidence?”

Dong Xuebing took out a piece of paper from his pocket carefully. He had thought of a story on his way over. “This information is provided to me by someone. However, I cannot reveal the identity of this person. But the information is accurate. There is an ICBC bank passbook in Chief Zhou’s house, and there are 1.75 million RMB in that account.” Dong Xuebing could not explain how he got the evidence. So, he made up a story of getting the information from an informant.

When Song Shoujie heard the amount in the account, he was shocked.

Xu Yan took a deep breath. “More than 1 million? Are you sure?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I am very sure. But the account is not under Zhou Guoan’s name. It belongs to someone by the name of Li Yan. I don’t know if this person is his relative or friend. Chief Zhou must be afraid that his account will be checked and that’s why he used someone’s bank account. The money inside should be the bribes he received. This paper is a list of names and numbers. Many of the names are from our branch. Look, what is written behind Guo Shunjie. It must mean 60,000 RMB followed by the date…… The date is a few days before the Party Committee meeting, where the candidate of Deputy Chief is discussed. Also, this Deputy Chief Gao from the Political Section. He should have given Chief Zhou a sum of money on 2nd June last year.” Song Shoujie slapped his lap lightly. “Deputy Chief Gao? He is promoted mid of last year. Xu Yan, can you still remember what happened during that Party Committee meeting?”

“I remembered he is nominated by Chief Zhou.” Xu Yan took the piece of paper from Dong Xuebing. “Liu Fengjiang, Xu Chaoyang? Where are these two people? Xiao Dong, is this list accurate?” Dong Xuebing replied: “It is very accurate. But the person who provided me with this list could not remember all the names. There is a small black colored notebook that records all these transactions in Chief Zhou’s house. The notebook and bank book are kept under Chief Zhou’s mattress in the master bedroom. The names in the list are from the last two pages of the notebook? There are at least 5 to 6 pages more. I think there should be at least 20 names in the notebook.” Dong Xuebing saw the frown on Xu Yan’s face, and he continued. “Chief Xu, this list includes the dates of the transactions. If the Commission for Discipline Inspection really wants to investigate, they will surely be able to find something against Chief Zhou. They will surely find a way to let these people testify against Chief Zhou. Furthermore, the rest of the evidence is in Chief Zhou’s house. I swear the evidence are still there, as long as the news is not leaked. You all can send people to search for his house.” Xu Yan stares at the piece of paper.

Song Shoujie could also sense the seriousness of this matter. This amount was almost 2 million. Dong Xuebing quickly adds: “Chief Xu, is this evidence enough?” Dong Xuebing had wanted to run away with that notebook earlier. However, he will be arrested for trespassing.

Xu Yan was deep in thoughts. After a while, her eyes regained focuses and kept the paper. “This evidence is enough. Xiao Dong, you have done a good job. Leave this list with me. Don’t let anyone else know about this.”

Dong Xuebing brightens up. “Yes.”

Xu Yan nodded. “You go back and wait for our news. Try to keep low for these few days.”

After Dong Xuebing left, Song Shoujie rubbed his forehead. “Xu Yan, are you really going to submit this piece of evidence to the higher-ups? We will be in trouble if this evidence is not accurate.”

Xu Yan shook her head and replied: “This evidence should be accurate. I believe in Xiao Dong. This is not a joking matter. Furthermore, this matter concerns Xiao Dong the most. He will not make up some fake evidence.” Xu Yan took out the paper again and unfolds it. She stares at the list and sighs. “He is good……”

Song Shoujie said. “That’s right. There are just 6 people listed here, and the total amount is almost 100,000 RMB. He is selling government positions like this. He is too daring.”

“I am not talking about Chief Zhou. I am talking about Chief Xiao Dong.” Xu Yan smiles. “Remember how hard we tried to get evidence of Chief Zhou receiving bribes? How long did we investigate?”

“We had tried our best, but, in the end, we could not get any clues, and we even let Chief Zhou knows about the investigation. Look at Dong Xuebing.” Xue Yan sighed again. “He had just left my office for a while and returns with evidence. Old Song, why is Xiao Dong is so capable?” Song Shoujie replied: “If I know, I will not be so frustrated. He even knows the notebook and bankbook are kept under Chief Zhou’s master bedroom mattress. Who is the person that provided the evidence? Chief Zhou’s wife or relative? Is that even possible?” Xu Yan also could not understand how Dong Xuebing got this evidence. It was too weird. Both of them would never guess the reason, as no one would ever expect that there is someone who can control time.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 113 – Searching the house!

News of Dong Xuebing’s clash with Branch Bureau Chief Zhou spread throughout the branch.

Everyone was surprised by this piece of news. They were speechless and felt Chief Xiao Dong was too daring!

Whistleblowing against his top superior? Is there anything else he does not dare to do?

Clashing with Zhou Guoan was Dong Xuebing’s last straw. He had offended the Branch’s no. 1 man and loses his position as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. His enemy, Guo Shunjie, had replaced him and become his direct supervisor. But the furious Dong Xuebing could see the whole picture now. It does not matter if Guo Shunjie was the person that had framed him. As long as Zhou Guoan was the Chief of the branch, it will be the end of his career. There was no way for him to survive at this place. If Dong Xuebing could drag Zhou Guoan down from his position as the Branch Bureau’s Chief, all problems will be solved. He might even be reinstated as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office.

Dong Xuebing had only one choice left!

Xu Yan’s office.

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie were drinking tea in the office. Xu Yan received a phone call and knew about what Dong Xuebing did. After hanging up, she shook her head. “This Xiao Dong is too impulsive!”

Song Shoujie asked: “What’s wrong?”

“He argued with Chief Zhou and was chased out of his office.”

“He is not to blame. After Xiao Dong entered the General Affairs Office, he had made significant contributions and performed extremely well. But now, he caught in this situation, and anyone in his position will also be pissed!” Song Shoujie sighed. “Old Zhou is going to deal with Xiao Dong harshly. What should we do?” At the Committee Meeting, Song Shoujie and Xu Yan had lost to Zhou Guoan. The whole branch was looking at them.

“We cannot do anything!” Xu Yan sipped on her tea and frowned. “Can’t you tell from the meeting? Pang Bin had already gone over to Zhou Guoan’s side. The rest of the people are on Zhou Guoan’s side too. They are all making eye signals with each other and even Cheng Haimei……. Now, the power is thrown off-balance. Our days here will not be peaceful in the future!”


Xu Yan and Song Shoujie had thought of leaning over to Zhou Guoan’s side. But this was impossible. It was because of an incident which happened a few years ago. Not many people knew about this incident. Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Song Shoujie had received an anonymous letter from a whistleblower. The letter states that Zhou Guoan had accepted bribes and provided some shreds of evidence. At that time, Song Shoujie and Zhou Guoan had no grudges but were also not close. Because of his duties, Song Shoujie and Xu Yan had to conduct an investigation secretly. But in the end, they could not find concrete evidence. News of this investigation was leaked, and Zhou Guoan knew about it. Although Zhou Guoan did not show any unhappiness, Xu Yan and Song Shoujie could tell he still remembered this incident and was waiting for a chance to get back at them. After this incident, both sides could no longer work peacefully with each other.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone was at the door.

Xu Yan shouted: “Come in!”

Dong Xuebing entered the office with a furious expression. “Chief Xu, Secretary Song!”

Xu Yan looked at him. “Did you go and look for Chief Zhou just now? Didn’t I tell you to stay low for the time being? Go back to the Party School now! Complete your training course first and don’t come back to the branch before your course end!”

I had lost my position! Do I still have the mood to attend the course? Dong Xuebing controlled his anger and asked: “Chief Xu, I only want to ask something. I will leave after I get an answer!”

Xu Yan put down her teacup. “What is it?”

Dong Xuebing’s following question stunned Xu Yan and Song Shoujie.

“If I can get evidence of Chief Zhou receiving bribes, can he be brought down?!” Dong Xuebing was too direct. But he did not have any other solution. “I am talking about concrete evidence!”

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie looked at each other without saying anything. Evidence? Xu Yan and Song Shoujie also wanted to get proof and bring Zhou Guoan down. This way, they would have a breather. But both had investigated Zhou Guoan for a long time and could not find anything. A junior staff member, who had joined the bureau for a few months, can find the evidences? This matter was very sensitive, and Xu Yan wanted to tell Dong Xuebing to handover any evidences he has on hand immediately. But both of them do not think that Dong Xuebing have any evidence on hand.

Dong Xuebing got the answer from Xu Yan’s expression. “Can you tell me Chief Zhou address at the Branch quarters?!”

Xu Yan was stunned. You want his address? What are you trying to do? Go to his house and steal the evidence? How can this be possible?!

Song Shoujie was also shocked. “Xiao Dong. Don’t be impulsive!”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I understand, but his address……”

Xu Yan kept quiet.

“Chief Xu……!”

Xu Yan stared into Dong Xuebing’s eyes for a long time and then took a sip of tea. “Old Yan in your office is going to retire?”

Dong Xuebing was confused and did not understand what she meant. “I think so. What’s wrong?”

Xu Yan replied: “Nothing. I am just asking. Oh, yes. Your rank is Deputy Section Chief benefits now?”

Dong Xuebing was still confused. Why was she asking the obvious? “Yes. I am still not promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank.”

Xu Yan nodded and said: “That’s all. Go back now.”

What does she mean? What about the address? Without the address, how can I get the evidence? Deputy Section Chief benefits? Why was she asking about this now? Dong Xuebing left Xu Yan’s office reluctantly. He thought about what Xu Yan said to him as he walked along the corridor towards the stairs. Suddenly his eyes brighten up and smacked his forehead!

Old Yan?

Deputy Section Chief benefits?

Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Xu was hinting to him that Old Yan knew Zhou Guoan’s address and was implying that if he could get the evidence to bring Zhou Guoan down, then he will…… be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank! This was what Xu Yan wanted to tell him!

Dong Xuebing quickly walk back to the General Affairs Office.

“Old Yan!” Dong Xuebing went up to Old Yan after he entered the office.

Old Yan put down his newspaper and raise his head: “Oh, Chief Xiao Dong.”

Dong Xuebing waved to Tan Limei and the rest to carry on with their work. He looked over to the small office door, and it was closed. He asked in a soft voice: “I need to find out something from you. Which block and is Zhou Guoan staying?!”

Old Yan was stunned: “I don’t know!”

Dong Xuebing looked at him in the eyes: “Which unit and which floor?!”

Old Yan forced a smile. He knew where Zhou Guoan was staying. Many years ago, Old Yan also had backings and had visited all the leaders during Lunar New Year to give them gifts. He had gone to the Branch Bureau’s quarters several times, and Zhou Guoan was staying near his former leader. Old Yan thought for a while and poured some water from his cup onto his desk. He wet his finger and wrote on his desk with his finger. ‘Red bricked building 2nd floor, Unit 5.’ He saw Dong Xuebing saw his writings and quickly wiped the water stains off.

“Thanks!” Dong Xuebing remembered the address and quickly left the Branch Bureau.

Actually, everyone knows that if someone were corrupted, there would surely be evidence like large amount of cash, expensive antiques, etc. in their homes. Dong Xuebing was not sure how many houses Zhou Guoan have. But he thought about it and the State Security Quarters was the best location to hide his spoils as it was heavily guarded. It was the best place to hide large amounts of cash and antiques. Without concrete evidence, the higher-ups will not issue any search permits and authorizations. No one would be able to enter his home to search for evidence, especially in the State Security branch quarters. It was the safest place in Beijing.

But that’s what others think.

If there was someone in the world that could enter Zhou Guoan’s house to search for evidence without anyone knowing, that someone would be Dong Xuebing!

He has BACK. He still has 10 minutes left. It was enough for him to do a lot of things!

Must get the evidence! Dong Xuebing was determined to get back at Zhou Guoan! Not only he can get his position again, but he can also still move up the ranks!!

Dong Xuebing walked along the path he had walked with Minister Lui and Chief Yan. He entered a Hutong and made many turns through the alleyways. Then Dong Xuebing saw a small estate not far away. Although there was only one building, it was still considered an estate. There was a guardhouse at the main gate, and there was a small side gate. There were no signs or guards at the side gate. From outside, the building looks like a typical state-owned enterprise’s quarters. But Dong Xuebing had had that there was another guardroom at the foot of the building and the guards were patrolling 24 hours. It was impossible for anyone to sneak into the building.

Dong Xuebing pretended to be a passer-by and walked past the main gate. From the corner of his eyes, he could see the unit number of the building.

The unit nearest to him was unit 6. That means Zhou Guoan, who was staying in Unit 5, was next to that unit. The first floor of the red-bricked building had metal fences. It was not the newer type of fences where there were sharp pointed edges. The fences were installed when the building was built. Most of them were rusty. There were no fences from the second floor onwards. There were only glass windows. It should be easy and fast for anyone to climb up from the first floor using the fences. This will take lesser time than kicking down the door.

After confirming his way of entrance, Dong Xuebing bent over and picked up a rock and kept it into his pocket. He looked around the surroundings and saw there were no one. He walked back towards the branch quarters’ gates.

One step…….

Five steps……

Ten steps……

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and then at the plainclothes security guards in the guardhouse. He suddenly started running, pretending to be anxious. He took out his work pass and knocked on the guardhouse windows. “I am from the Branch Bureau’s General Affairs Office. Chief Zhou’s wife is sick and had asked me to bring her to the hospital. You can check my identity! This is a matter of life and death! I will go first!” Dong Xuebing threw his work pass on the counter and started running towards the building.

The two guards in the guardhouse were stunned. “Eh! Wait! Stop there!”

Dong Xuebing ignored their cries and ran to the foot of unit 5.

There were 9 minutes 44 seconds left……

No intrusions or break-ins had ever happened at this quarters, and the guards did not felt anything was wrong. The taller guard looked at Dong Xuebing’s work pass. He confirmed Dong Xuebing was really the Deputy Section Chief of the General Affairs Office and nodded to his partner. The shorter guard could tell Dong Xuebing was in a hurry, and he quickly found Zhou Guoan’s home number and called. He wants to see if there were anything they could help, and also there was a regulation at the quarters. Even if the visitor was working in the State Security, they were also not allowed to enter the compounds unless permission was granted from the resident. The guards need to call the resident and let the resident come out to escort the visitor in. But it was an emergency now. If Chief Zhou’s wife were really sick, she would not be able to come out to fetch Dong Xuebing.

No one answered.

“Hey! Hey! What are you doing?! Come down now! Come down at once!”

A guard who was patrolling the compounds shouted.

The two guards in the guardhouse did not know what happened and quickly ran out.

Crash! Dong Xuebing, who had climbed onto 2nd floor, Unit 5, had smashed the windows with a piece of rock and entered the house. After entering the unit through the windows, he still shouted at the 3 security guards: “Chief Zhou had forgotten to pass me his keys, and I can’t open the door. So I can only enter the unit this way!” Dong Xuebing pretended to look into the unit and then shouted out of the windows: “Mrs. Zhou had fainted! You all hurry, get a car or ambulance! Quick! It is an emergency!”

There were many loopholes in Dong Xuebing’s lies. But the guards never expected Dong Xuebing to be so daring to break into Chief Zhou’s unit in broad daylight. So the guards looked at each other and then one of them started to call for an ambulance. An older guard felt something was off and ran up the stairs to Unit 5. He shouted to Dong Xuebing from outside the door: “Open the door from inside! I will carry her down!”

There was 8 minute 51 seconds left!

There was no one in the bedroom. From the items in the room, Dong Xuebing could conclude that it was Zhou Guoan son’s room. He gave up searching this room and ran out to the living room. There were no antiques around, and the paintings on the walls were at most 20 to 30 RMB!

That’s right. Would Zhou Guoan dare to display expensive paintings in his living room like this?

Knock! Knock! Knock! “Open the door! How is Mrs. Zhou?”

Dong Xuebing shouted: “I am pressing her acupuncture points now! I will open the door in a while! You all hurry up and call for an ambulance!”

After that, Dong Xuebing ignored the knockings and shouting. He started to ransack all the drawers and cabinets. He could not find anything. There were only some DVDs, teacups, etc. Dong Xuebing stood up and smashed the TV on the floor. There was nothing inside and behind the TV.

He only had 6 minutes and 27 seconds left!

Bang! Bang! Bang! “Open the door now! Hurry up!”

Dong Xuebing did not reply to him and entered the master bedroom. He locked the door behind him!

This place should be the easiest to get evidence again Zhou Guoan!

Please! There must be some evidence! I am betting my career and future on this!

The master bedroom was simple. There was no expensive furniture. There was an old white wardrobe, a queen-size bed, and a small bedside table. Other than this furniture, there was nothing else! But Dong Xuebing felt this was too suspicious. A Divisional Chief Rank officer can’t even afford to change the wardrobe? He must be hiding something!

Dong Xuebing opened the wardrobe and started throwing all the clothes out. He also touched the pockets to see if there were anything inside.

After that, Dong Xuebing stood on a chair and searched the higher compartments of the wardrobe.


He could not find anything!

There were only 4 minutes left!

Dong Xuebing could hear some commotion outside the unit. A woman living on the second floor asked: “What are you all doing?”

That older security guard, who was still knocking on the door, turned and replied: “Mrs. Zhou had fainted at home. I think she is sick!”

The woman asked curiously: “No. Sis Liu had gone to her son’s place this afternoon. She will be back later in the evenings. She is sick? How come?”

The older guard realized what was happening. He shouted towards downstairs: “Xiao Sun! Quick! Climb up through the fence and see what is happening!”

Dong Xuebing heard their shouting and knew that his lies were exposed. He did not have much time left. He must hurry!

Dong Xuebing kicked the bedside table hard and broke the drawers’ lock. A few documents were scattered on the floor. These were unimportant documents. There was a bank book, and the amount in there was only 85,000 RMB!

There were only 3 minutes and 22 seconds left!

Crashed! It was the sounds of someone breaking the windows. Someone had climbed into the unit through the windows!

There’s no more time! Dong Xuebing still have not searched under the bed and the balcony!

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. He threw the pillows off the bed and pulled the covers off. There was nothing!

Bang! Someone was hit the bedroom’s door. “Open up! Open the door now!”

Dong Xuebing cursed under his breath and pulled the queen-sized mattress off the bed with all his strength!

There were a red ICBC bank book and a small black colored notebook. Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat and dashed forward to open up the bank book. 1.75 million RMB! There was 1.75 million in this account! But this account was not under Zhou Guoan’s name. It belongs to someone by the name of Li Yan!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed with this finding. He quickly opened up the small notebook.

Bang! The people outside were trying to kick open the door! The door was almost kicked down!

“Shit!” Dong Xuebing knew the person outside will be giving the door a second kick. He rushed over and pushed against the door with his back!

Bang! It was the second kick!

The bedroom door shook from the impact. The door could not hold on any longer!

Dong Xuebing quickly opened up the notebook and saw a few familiar names. One of it was a Deputy Chief from the Political Section, Guo Shunjie, and a staff member from the Finance Department. There were numbers behind the names. The number behind the Political Section staff’s name was 9. Guo Shunjie was 6, and that guy from the Finance Department was 2. Behind those numbers, there were more numbers which resemble date and year!

This was a ledger book?

A ledger book recording all the bribes he received?!

“Open up! If not, I will shoot!” The guard outside gave the door another hard kick!

Dong Xuebing had no time to be shocked or excited. He was focusing all his attention to memorize the contents of that ledger. His memory training for his civil servant exam came into good use now. He immediately memorizes the names and numbers written in the notebook!

3 seconds……

5 seconds……


The door was kicked open! Dong Xuebing, who was leaning against the door, fell forward!

When Dong Xuebing turns around, a black gun barrel was pointing to his head. He immediately shouts: “BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK!......”

The surrounding flashes! It flashed 8 times!

The branch bureau quarters’ entrance.

Dong Xuebing was standing outside the main gate and felt a cold breeze against his face.

It was peaceful and breezy. Birds were chirping, and the two guards in the guardhouse were chatting happily with each other.

Dong Xuebing let out a sigh of relieved and walked towards an alleyway. He took out his pen and notebook while walking, to jolt down the contents he memorized. There were too many dates, and he did not have enough time. He could only remember 6 to 7 names and dates. But it should be enough!


I got the evidence!!!

Translator’s notes: This chapter is double the length of other chapters. I hope you all like it.

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 112 – Evidence? Fine! I will give you evidence!


The scenes flashed, and the small office became quiet again.

Guo Shunjie picked up the phone: “Hello, ask Guo Panwei to bring the broom and dustpan into my office now!”

Dong Xuebing points at him. “Guo Shunjie! I will remember this! This is not over yet!”

Guo Shunjie looked at him with a smirk. “Fine. I want to see what you can do to me. I will wait for you!”

After beating Guo Shunjie up, Dong Xuebing felt much better. However, he was still furious. He was being accused, and Zhou Guoan replaced him for no reason. Even if he beat both of them up 5 times or 10 times, it will not change the fact. This was why Dong Xuebing left the office after vending his frustrations. He waved his hand to stop Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest from speaking and left. He went upstairs.

Along the way, people were avoiding Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing arrived at Zhou Guoan’s new office and knocked on the door.

Zhou Guoan’s cold voice sounded: “Come in.”

Zhou Guoan was now the Branch Bureau’s Chief and was different from Guo Shunjie. Even though Dong Xuebing hated him for removing him from his position, but he still got to follow the rules. Dong Xuebing closes the door behind him after he entered the office and stood there looking at the stern-looking Zhou Guoan. “Chief Zhou, there is something I need to report!”

Zhou Guoan put down the file he was holding and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Get out!”

Dong Xuebing controlled his anger and said: “I will leave after I finish!”

“I am asking you to get out!” Zhou Guoan can’t be bothered with Dong Xuebing. “Can’t you hear me!?”

Damn! I am just not leaving!

Dong Xuebing could feel his blood boiling again and said: “If it is because about the informant letter, I think I need to give you an explanation. I will start with the meeting documents incident two weeks ago. You should have read the report I submitted. But on the third day after I submitted the report, I noticed something suspicious. On the day of the incident, all the meeting documents were checked by Chang Juan and Tan Limei. One person might make a mistake, but what about two people? I heard that Guo Shunjie was alone in the office during lunchtime that day. You should know he is unhappy with me and that very afternoon, the meeting documents incident happened. Is there still a need to ask who is playing tricks? I can swear that before that incident, I don’t even know you are suffering from diabetes. How can I purposely print those pictures and put it among the documents? This is all done by Guo Shunjie!”

Zhou Guoan saw Dong Xuebing ignoring his orders, and his face turns black.

Dong Xuebing continued: “Do you really think I am the one who wrote the letter to whistleblow on you? If I dare to report you to the higher-ups, why didn’t I just submit a handwritten letter? Do I still need to type and print out the letter? I am afraid of letting others recognize my handwriting? But the letter had included my name. Why should I be afraid of getting my handwriting recognized? Someone is trying to frame me! Who? Guo Shunjie is the biggest suspect! No! This must be done by him!”

Zhou Guoan does not know about all these? He knows.

Leaving the meeting incident aside. This informant letter was very suspicious like what Dong Xuebing had said. But Zhou Guoan doesn’t think it was Guo Shunjie who had sent the letter. He felt Guo Shunjie did not have the guts to do that. He suspects that it had something to do with Xu Yan and Song Shoujie. He suspects that someone wants to let him start a war with Xu Yan and her fiction from this incident. Dong Xuebing was groomed by Xu Yan, and if he were to touch Dong Xuebing, that means he will be waging war on Xu Yan. Someone else will stand to benefit if this happens. His second suspect was Dong Xuebing. This young man dares to fight for the training course spot with him and dare to go against him. A young man like him…… would dare to do stupid things. The letter might really be written by him!

But no matter who was behind this and who wrote the letter, the news had spread. Zhou Guoan cannot sit around and do nothing. If not, he will lose respect from others. So, he pinned all the responsibility on Dong Xuebing and removed Dong Xuebing from his position during the morning meeting. He could also establish his authority at the same time and suppress Xu Yan!

“Are you done?”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “Yes!”

Zhou Guoan stared at Dong Xuebing: “Are you trying to say that I am purposely picking on you?”

Pretend! Carry on with your pretense! Dong Xuebing replied: “I did not say that. I only want to explain myself.”

Zhou Guoan righteously said: “Everyone has the authority to whistle blow. I don’t care who is it. As long as there is evidence, anyone can report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection. I, Zhou Guoan, is a righteous person. I am not afraid of anyone reporting against me and will not pick on anyone over this letter. Your internal transfer is the organization’s decision, and it has been gone through a discussion and voting during the Party Committee meeting. It is not because I am picking on you. Do you understand?”

Dong Xuebing felt disgusted to hear Zhou Guoan’s “Official replies.” He asked: “Since I did not do anything wrong, why am I being replaced? Just because I am attending a training course at the Party School? Just because I can’t take care of the office when I am at the course? My course is ending in 5 more days! Since 10 days have passed, why can’t you wait for another 5 days? If the organization thinks that I can’t cope with the course and managing the office, then I will quit the training course!”

Zhou Guoan banged on his desk. “Watch your attitude! What do you think the Party School is? It is a place to groom officers! You think you can just quit like this? You think that place is a market?!”

Dong Xuebing stared back at Zhou Guoan into his eyes. “You also say that the Party School is to groom officers. But I am now in the Party School course. Not only I am not groomed, I still lost my position! What’s the reason? Is this how the organization groom me?”

Zhou Guoan was so furious until he turned pale. He never expects Dong Xuebing would dare to speak to him this way. “Get out of my office now!”

Dong Xuebing knew it was useless to argue with him. He looked at Zhou Guoan and left.

Zhou Guoan was furious with Dong Xuebing. Lose your position? I will make sure you can’t even be a staff member!

Before Dong Xuebing opened the door and left, Zhou Guoan said: “Let me remind you. If you want to report against me, remember to provide evidence. If not, the Commission for Discipline Inspection will not act on it!”

Dong Xuebing felt his blood rushing to his head again after he heard what Zhou Guoan said!

I had explained to you for so long, and you still insist I am the one who wrote the letter!?

Damn! What a moron!


You insist I am the one who reported against you? You want me to provide evidence?

I will get the evidence!!!!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 111 – Beating him up!

Dong Xuebing did not care about his afternoon lessons at the Party School. He flagged a taxi and returned back to the West District Branch Bureau. At the compound of the branch, people saw Dong Xuebing and start to whisper and discussed him.

“Look, it’s Chief Xiao Dong.”

“He is in trouble now. He went for the training at the Party School, but he still lost his position.”

“That’s right. He had gone against Chief Zhou and still write a letter to report against him. This should be the end of his career.”

“We still don’t know what will happen. Chief Dong also performs miracles at the final minute. If not, why does he have the nickname Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong? All of you should have seen how many times he saves the day. He had even saved Minister Lui’s life two weeks ago. I think he will be able to pull this off again.”

“This time is different. No matter how capable Chief Xiao Dong is, he also cannot change the Party Committee decision. He is already replaced, and this will not be the end of it. Chief Zhou will not let him off so easily.”

“Huh…… You are right.”

“Hey, he is walking over. Let’s go!”

After so many incidents, there was no one in the Western District Branch Bureau that did not know Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing clenched his teeth harder as he saw everyone hiding away from him. Although he could not hear what they were talking about, he knows it should not be anything good. He looked around at all those people and then continued his way towards the grey building. He went straight to the General Affairs Office. In the office, Tan Limei, Chang Juan, Guo Panwei, and the rest were all worried. The office door suddenly opens, and Dong Xuebing stepped in.

Chang Juan stood up: “Chief Dong, you are back?” Guo Panwei also said: “Chief Dong, earlier at the Committee Party……” Guo Shunjie had become their leader out of a sudden, and all of them did not know what would happen to them. If this is true, then they will not have a good life in the future.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand: “I know. Where is Guo Shunjie? Where is he?”

“He……” Everyone in the office did not know what Chief Dong wanted to do. They were worried. After looking at each other for a moment, Tan Limei pointed to Dong Xuebing’s small office. “He is inside there. After the Party Committee meeting ended, he brought all his stuff in.”

Dong Xuebing turned and enter the small office, and he shut the door behind him.

Guo Shunjie had heard Dong Xuebing and the rest talking outside. He sneered and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Don’t you know how to knock on the door before entering your leader’s office? I will let you off this time. If you do this again, I will ask you to practice knocking the door at home. You can only return to work after you learned how to knock!” Guo Shunjie hates Dong Xuebing. If it was not because of Dong Xuebing, he would be attending the training now and will be promoted to a Section Chief when he returns. He will be able to replace Li Qing as the Chief of the General Affairs Office!

Dong Xuebing was furious, but he smiled. “Knock? This is my office!”

Guo Shunjie laughed. “I’m sorry to tell you that this office is mine now. Oh, you are here at the right time. Hand over your work pass. I will change it to a staff member work pass for you.”

Guo Shunjie, who was sitting in the office chair, bends over and pushed some teacups, tea leaves, files, etc. on the desk, towards Dong Xuebing. “Carry your stuff away! I am not free to pack for you! Hurry up!” Dong Xuebing was staring at Guo Shunjie in his eyes. “Guo Shunjie, you are too much. I will not talk about you switching the meeting documents. This time you dare to use my name to send an informant letter to report against Chief Zhou? You think it is funny?” Dong Xuebing pointed to Guo Shunjie and shouted: “Don’t think everyone are fools. Everyone can tell that you are the one playing tricks!” Guo Shunjie smiles with a smirk: “You should know if you have sent the letter! Why? Are you trying to accuse me? I think you are sick! You sent the letter, and you don’t dare to admit it? Are you a man? You got the balls to send it, yet you don’t dare to admit it?!” Dong Xuebing could feel his blood rushing to his head!

Guo Shunjie was feeling great to see Dong Xuebing’s reaction. “I will say it once more. Hand over your work pass and bring your things out. The desk near the door is your new work desk. Hurry up! Don’t let me repeat for the 3rd time! There is still a lot of work for me to do. I don’t have time to entertain you!” “What if I refuse?” “Refuse?” Guo Shunjie looked at him and pushed Dong Xuebing’s stuff off the desk. Some of the items fell into the bin, and some fell onto the floor. The teacups shattered as it landed onto the floor. The files and documents were all over the place. “You don’t want all these? Fine. Since these are all rubbish, then I will treat them as rubbish!” Guo Shunjie smiles and picked up the phone to call outside. “Hello, ask Guo Panwei to bring the broom and dustpan into my office now!” “Fuck you!”

Dong Xuebing exploded. He raised his fist and punched Guo Shunjie on the right side of his face!

Bang! It was the sound of Dong Xuebing’s fist hitting his face!

Guo Shunjie could not believe what had happened. He fell from his chair and covered his face: “Are you crazy?!” Hitting a superior was a more serious offense than getting reported to the Disciplinary Inspection department. Dong Xuebing might lose his job and even be arrested and charged in courts. This was why Guo Shunjie never expects Dong Xuebing to hit him.

Dong Xuebing looked at Guo Shunjie’s swollen face, and he was still not satisfied. He raised his leg and stomped on Guo Shunjie’s stomach!

“Ah!” Guo Shunjie shouted in pain. “Help! Help!” He was stunned from Dong Xuebing’s punched and could not retaliate. He could only call for help!

Dong Xuebing had gone all out. He continued to stomp Guo Shunjie’s stomach and gave a hard kick on his face!

This kick was hard. Guo Shunjie screamed in pain and then spit out a mouthful of blood and a few teeth!

Bang! The small office’s door opened. Tan Limei, Zhuang Zhi and the rest came running in!

“Chief Dong! Stop! Stop hitting him!” “Bing Zhi. Stop!” Dong Xuebing ignored theirs pleads and continue kicking Guo Shunjie. “Accuse me? Frame me? Smash my cups? Pretending to be a leader in front of me?! Who do you think you are?!”

1 kick!

2 kicks!

3 kicks!

“Ah! This…… This……” “Hurry, call an ambulance! Don’t let him die!” Guo Shunjie’s cries were getting softer……. After Zhuang Zhi grabbed Dong Xuebing and stopped him, Dong Xuebing felt much better!

Power and Wealth Chapter 110 2019-09-06T00:23:00+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 110 – Got framed again!

Monday morning. Qu Yunxuan and her mother had returned to her mother’s place and will be back after one week. After the incident with Qu Yunxuan, Dong Xuebing was in a good mood. He sent the mother and daughter to their taxi and watches them leave. He was still thinking about last evening as he makes his way to the Party School. He already has money and a good career. Now, he was in a relationship. Tsk, tsk…… His life had become better…… But when Dong Xuebing remembered that Zhou Guoan would be taking over as the Chief of the branch bureau officially today, he became nervous again. He wonders how Zhou Guoan would deal with him after his training.

1 day……. 2 days…… 3 days…… Time flies, and it was Dong Xuebing’s 10th day at the Party School. He had also accumulated 11 minutes of BACK. It was a Tuesday.

After the lecture on Sociology ended, Dong Xuebing kept his notes and left his class. He saw some Section Chief Officers gathering around chatting. Dong Xuebing smiled to himself and went to have lunch alone. It was not that he did not want to foster a better relationship with his classmates. He really wanted to blend in with them. But this group of Section Chiefs was all from the Organization Department or Ministry of Supervision. The lowest rank among them was a Deputy Chief from the District’s Auditing Bureau. On the first day, they had a self-introduction session. When Dong Xuebing introduces his department, State Security, and he was only receiving the Deputy Section Chief benefits, the rest of his classmates were not interested in interacting with him. It was not because they looked down on him. They were jealous to see someone receiving the benefits of a Deputy Section Chief at his age. Furthermore, State Security was a standalone department and seldom have any dealings with other government agencies.

Dong Xuebing finishes his lunch and still have time before his next class.

He went to a small garden outside of the Party School for a walk. He sat on a bench and took out his phone to SMS Aunt Xuan. “What did you have for lunch?” A minute later. Beep, beep. Qu Yunxuan replied. “I’m to busy to have lunch.” Dong Xuebing blinked and replied: “Have Auntie completed her treatment? When will you return to Beikou? I miss you.” Qu Yunxuan’s reply was “……”

“I am asking you when you will be back?” “Should be the day after tomorrow.” “Ok. I will wait for you.” After some thoughts, Dong Xuebing send two more words to Qu Yunxuan. “Love you.” Beep, beep. “……” It was another reply of dots.

Dong Xuebing laughed and happily kept his phone. He took out his notes to prepare for the afternoon’s lesson. He needs to upgrade himself for his promotion. These few days, Dong Xuebing had been listening attentively in class. But he did not have a strong foundation, and he would take notes on the parts he did not understand.

Ring ring ring…… Ring ring ring……. Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone, and it was Chang Juan, who called. “Sis Chang, what is it?” Chang Juan’s voice sounded quite urgent. “Chief Dong, where are you? I have been calling you the whole morning!” “I am at the Party School. We can’t use our phones during lessons. I had just switched on my phone during lunch. What’s wrong?” Dong Xuebing frowned as he could feel the urgency in Chang Juan’s voice. He kept his notebook back into his bag.

“Something happened! You…… You……”

“Just tell me what happened. Why are you stuttering?”

Chang Juan paused for 2 seconds and said quickly: “Chief Dong, I have a classmate in State Security City Bureau’s Discipline Inspection Section. This morning, she gave me a call and asked if Dong Xuebing was my leader. I replied yes and asked why she was asking about you. Guess what she said? She told me that the City Bureau received an informant letter last night. It was to report about Political Commissar Zhou…… no. It is to report about Branch Bureau Chief Zhou receiving bribes. But the letter did not include any evidence and only states how Zhou Guoan received the bribes.”

Dong Xuebing was confused. “So, someone was reporting against Zhou Guoan. What has it got to do with me?”

Zhou Guoan was different from Yan Liang. He did not have a good reputation. There were rumors that when his son got married, all the departments and sections in the branch gave cash as gifts. Zhou Guoan just accepted it. A Deputy Director did not send any gifts and the following week, Zhou Guoan start to create trouble for that Deputy Director. He transferred him to the filing office. Of course, these were all rumors Tan Limei heard. Dong Xuebing was also not sure if these rumors were true. But from Zhou Guoan’s attitude towards him in the last two weeks, Dong Xuebing also felt that he is clean. It should be normal for people to report against him. But without evidence, the City Bureau’s Discipline Inspection Section will also not investigate the Chief of a Branch Bureau. They will only throw the letter aside. This report was useless.

“Chief Dong, you…… you really do not know about this?”

“What should I know?”

Chang Juan replied: “I know it is not you. Seems like it is someone……”

Dong Xuebing interrupted: “Wait! What do you mean by it’s not me?”

Chang Juan took a deep breath and said something alarming: “My classmate told me that the informant letter was printed, and it was signed off by you!”

“What?!” Dong Xuebing’s mind was blank. “Me? Are you sure I am the one who sent the letter?!”

“Yes. By right, the Discipline Inspection Section should be keeping this confidential. But after I received the call in the morning, rumors had spread throughout the branch. Now, almost everyone in the branch bureau knows about his. Chief Zhou should also……. Chief Dong, I also believe that you are not the one who sent the letter. But…… But everyone else believes you are the one because you have some conflicts with Chief Zhou!”

Dong Xuebing cursed: “What the fuck is happening? I write that informant letter? It’s bullshit!”

If the letter were anonymous, no one would know the identity of the informant. But now, a name was stated in the letter……. And it was still a subordinate reporting against his superior. This was a taboo in all government agencies. Even if there were concrete evidence, very few subordinates would whistleblow their superiors.

This was too obvious. Someone was trying to frame Dong Xuebing.

Who the hell would be so evil? Did I offend you in any way? Why did you sign off the letter with my name?!

“Chief Dong, don’t be rush.” Chang Juan whispered into the phone. “Xiao Tan, Panwei and I had discussed this, and all of us felt it should be Guo Shunjie that sent the letter. He should be trying to create more grudges between you and Chief Zhou, and make use of Chief Zhou to…… Errr…… This is only our guess. But Guo Shunjie had been very quiet the whole morning. He just starts typing his documents the moment he stepped into the office and did not say a word. This was unusual.” Dong Xuebing was furious.

Dong Xuebing had only offended two people in the branch bureau. Guo Shunjie and Zhou Guoan. Zhou Guoan would not report on himself. It was obvious who was trying to frame Dong Xuebing. It must be Guo Shunjie! Sending this letter will have no impact on Zhou Guoan’s career. But it will increase Zhou Guoan’s grudges against Dong Xuebing. This way, Zhou Guoan will take revenge, and the person who would benefit from all these was Guo Shunjie!

This bastard!

Are you addicted to framing me?!

Dong Xuebing took a few deep breaths to calm himself and asked: “Sis Chang, what are Chief Zhou and Chief Xu’s reaction? They also believe it was me?” Chang Juan replied: “I am not sure. But today is the monthly Party Committee meeting. The meeting still has not ended.” “Sis Chang, thank you for telling me all these.” “Don’t thank me. I will give you updates once I got any news.” After hanging up, Dong Xuebing immediately call Xu Yan’s mobile phone. If her phone was off, then it means she was still in the meeting. Dong Xuebing was furious. He held onto his phone and paced around the garden in circles. He was calling Xu Yan every 10 seconds. But her phone was off!!

What should I do? The impact of this matter is too big! If I don’t get to explain myself, then…… Dong Xuebing hated being accused of something he didn’t do. To be framed twice in two weeks was too much for him to handle. He was furious!

Dong Xuebing returned to the bench and dialed Xu Yan’s number again. Ring, ring….. The line got through.

“Hello, Chief Xu? I am Dong Xuebing.” Dong Xuebing quickly explained himself after he heard Xu Yan’s voice. “I did not write that informant letter. If I want to report about Chief Zhou, I would not be so stupid to sign off my name in the letter. This letter must be written by Guo Shunjie. He is also the one who switched the meeting documents. He is trying to frame me.” “Sighed…… I also know it is not you. But this is not important anymore.” “What do you mean?” Xu Yan replied: “During the Committee meeting just now, Chief Zhou proposed an internal transfer. Although Old Song and I had objected to it, but……” Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Internal transfer?” “He appointed Guo Shunjie to be the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. You have been replaced by him.” “What?” Dong Xuebing was shocked.

Xu Yan sounded dejected. “Xiao Dong. I am the one who groomed you, and I will not beat around the bush. Chief Zhou used the excuse of the heavy workload in the General Affairs Office, and you are attending the training. There must be someone leading the office. So, he appointed Guo Shunjie to take over you. You…… He said that he will reassign you to a new department, but this will not happen. After you return from your course, you will continue to work in the General Affairs Office. You will still be receiving Deputy Section Chief’s benefits, but you will no longer be a leader. You will be the same as other staff members.” Dong Xuebing sat there listening and did not say a word.

A newly appointed leader will try to show their authorities. Xu Yan also never expect Zhou Guoan to start from Dong Xuebing. He was too overbearing. During the meeting, Xu Yan had tried to fight for Dong Xuebing. She was the one who helped Dong Xuebing get this position. Treating Dong Xuebing like this was equivalent to slapping her face. But Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Song Shoujie and her had limited powers. They could only see this proposal getting approved.

Got replaced?

Become a staff member again?

From today onwards, I got to address Guo Shunjie as my leader?!

Dong Xuebing clenches his fist! He was overcome with his anger. Guo Shunjie! Zhou Guoan! I will kill both of you!

Want to replace me?!

It’s not so easy!!!

Translator’s notes:

Organization Department of the Communist Party of China


Ministry of Supervision of the People's Republic of China


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 109 – Legs!

That night, Dong Xuebing dreamt of all sorts of legs. There were slim legs, fair legs, meaty legs, long legs, etc. At least 20 to 30 pairs of legs appeared in his dream. At the end of this dream, Dong Xuebing was crushed by all the legs and woke up. He looked out of his windows. It was still dark, and he realized it was a dream. He rubbed his eyes and went to wash up before leaving home.

The West District Party School was located near Xin Kai Hu Tong, opposite Guanying Gardens.

When Dong Xuebing entered the compound of the Party School, he saw a banner asking all the participants to attend the opening ceremony at the hall. Dong Xuebing was excited as he walked towards the hall. Along the way, there were a few more banners. He realized that there were other training courses other than Section Chief training course. There was a Youth Officers training course, Divisional Chief Training course, Management, and Development course, etc. The hall was half-filled and everyone there was holding higher ranks than Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was nervous and pick a seat at the back. He kept quiet as he was afraid of saying the wrong things.

The opening ceremony started, and it was speeches after speeches. Among all the speakers, the District Deputy Party Secretary, cum Principal of the Party School could speak the most. He spoke about the importance of training and learning, mindset, motivation, etc.

Dong Xuebing almost fell asleep, but he saw all other trainees were sitting upright and listening attentively. He also tried his best to stay awake.

After the opening ceremony, Dong Xuebing followed his fellow course mates back to his classroom. There were about 40 people in his course, and the majority were men. All the participants were much older than Dong Xuebing. The oldest participant was about middle age and had white hair. The youngest was at least in his 30s. Dong Xuebing was feeling proud as he was the youngest in the course.

In the morning, there was someone from the district’s General Administration of Sport of China to teach them on the analysis of a health report and teach them how to train their bodies.

In the afternoon, they learned about political economics and national economics. Dong Xuebing found it hard to understand, but he still took notes.

After the day’s lessons were over, Dong Xuebing dragged his tired body back home. When he reaches back at his residential building, he started to think about Qu Yunxuan. Both had just met yesterday, and he was missing her badly. Dong Xuebing did not return home but went to Qu Yunxuan’s unit instead. He pressed the doorbell and waited.

The door opens. “Xiao Bing, you are back?”

Dong Xuebing smiles and nodded. He entered her unit and immediately reach over to hold her hand.

Qu Yunxuan jumped and brushes his hand off. She whispered: “Stop fooling around. My mum is here.”

Huh? Dong Xuebing froze and looked towards the kitchen. “Then…… I will go back first?”

“My mum is cooking dinner.” Qu Yunxuan whispered. “Have dinner first.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing as they whispered to each other. At that moment, Qu Yunxuan’s mother walked out of the kitchen, and Dong Xuebing immediately greeted her. “Hi, Auntie. Are you feeling better?”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother laughed: “I am fine. The doctor asks me to exercise more. I got nothing to do in the afternoon and come over to Yunxuan’s place. Tomorrow, we will be going back to my place.”

Dong Xuebing was reluctant to see Qu Yunxuan leave. “You all are not coming back next week?”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and replied. “My mother misses me and insist I stay with her for a few days.”

“Miss you for what? I just want a grandchild to keep me occupied.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother grumbled and stared at her daughter. “You are not worried and still don’t let me help you look for a partner? I had to make arrangements with Old Wang. I think his son is not bad. He owns a boutique in the Western District and has good business. When you go over to my place, you must take time to meet him.”

Qu Yunxuan glanced at Dong Xuebing and mumbled. “Mum, can you don’t talk about these? Let’s start at dinner.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother let out a “Hmph!” and turned to Dong Xuebing: “Look at your Aunt Xuan. She is almost 30, and I still have to worry about getting a boyfriend for her.”

Qu Yunxuan replied helplessly: “I said I will take care of this. You don’t need to worry about me.”

“Hmph! How many times have you told me this? But did you do it?”

During dinner, Qu Yunxuan’s mother switched the subject to Dong Xuebing and started to praise him. “Xiao Bing, you are doing great now. You have become a civil servant, joined the party, and become deputy chief. Now, you are even training at the party school. Haha, your mother should be very proud of you……” Qu Yunxuan’s mother carried on for a while before she suddenly popped a question. “Eh, Xiao Bing, is there any staff members under you that are still single and have a good family background? If there is any, introduce them to your Aunt.”

Dong Xuebing, who was stuffing his face with food, replied weakly. “No. All of them are married.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother asked: “What about other sections?”

Qu Yunxuan quickly picks up a chicken wing and put it into her mother’s bowl. “Stop talking during meals.”

Dong Xuebing really wish he could tell Qu Yunxuan’s mother that he wants to be Qu Yunxuan’s boyfriend. But this was not the right time. He still has not saved enough to set up a company for her, and he was not successful enough to impress her mother.

After dinner, Qu Yunxuan was sick of her mother’s nagging and dragged Dong Xuebing to her bedroom.

Dong Xuebing immediately ask Qu Yunxuan the moment they stepped into the room: “Are you going to a matchmaking session tomorrow?”

“I am too busy with my work and have no time for all these nonsenses.” Qu Yunxuan kneeled on her bed and brushed the dust off her covers with a small brush. “My mother is always like this. I had told her several times that I will only date after I have set up my own small trading company. I don’t have the time now.”

Dong Xuebing, who was sitting at the end of her bed, looking at her: “Then do you have anyone you like now?”

Qu Yunxuan did not look at him and replied. “Why are you so nosy?”

“Huh? Why do you think I want to know?” Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes and continue looking at Qu Yunxuan’s butt swaying as she brushed her covers. He reached over slowly and touched her left butt. It was meaty and felt good. “Aunt Xuan, what do you think of me? Will you consider me after you save enough to set up a trading business?”

Qu Yunxuan froze for a few seconds and continued to brush her covers. “No.”

Dong Xuebing squeezed her butt softly and asked: “Why?”

“I am older than you. Our age is not suitable for each other.” Qu Yunxuan replied. She acted as if she did not feel Dong Xuebing’s hand on her butt and continued folding the cover. “Also, civil servants, especially state security officers, have many restrictions. If I go into business, it will have a negative influence on you. You have become a deputy section chief at a young age. You will have a bright future. So, for your sake, I am not suitable for you.”

“Ah…… What has this got to do with doing business? What matter most is you like me.”

Qu Yunxuan turned around and stared at him: “Who says I like you? Are you asking for a beating?”

Dong Xuebing squeezed her butt harder: “If you don’t like me, why will you let me touch your butt?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and raised her fist, pretending to hit him. “You hooligan! You are the one that touched me, and I did not allow you to touch. You…… How can you say I am letting you touch?” Maybe it was because Qu Yunxuan felt she was too loud, and she suddenly lowered her voice. She pushes Dong Xuebing’s hand away from her butt. “Don’t touch me. Get away from me! If you dare to touch me again, I…… I will use this brush to hit you! Try me!”

Dong Xuebing blinked and then reached over to touch her thighs.

Qu Yunxuan was pissed and used the small brush to hit Dong Xuebing’s legs several times. “How dare you touch me? I will hit you! Hit you! Hit you!”

Dong Xuebing let her hit a few times and then suddenly hugged her.

Qu Yunxuan was shocked and quickly pushed Dong Xuebing: “What are you doing? I will hit you.”

Dong Xuebing could not control himself and lowered his head and kissed Qu Yunxuan on her lips.

“Huh…… Huh…..” Qu Yunxuan pushes him with all her might. “…… Don’t……”

Dong Xuebing did not know how to kiss. He just sucked on her soft lips and refuses to let go.

“Don’t…… Huh…… Let go……” Qu Yunxuan was hitting him.

It was unsure how long had passed, and Qu Yunxuan stopped hitting.

1 second……

2 seconds……

3 seconds……

Dong Xuebing nervously opened his eyes and looked at Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan was looking at him with teary eyes.

“Huh? Sorry.” Dong Xuebing dare not to continue kissing Qu Yunxuan after seeing her on the verge of crying. He knocked himself on his head. “I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault…… You can scold me or hit me all you want…….”

Qu Yunxuan looked at him expressionlessly without saying a word.

I’m dead. Aunt Xuan is really pissed this time.

Dong Xuebing felt guilty and said. “Aunt Xuan…… Don’t be like this…… You…. I…… Can you say something?”

Qu Yunxuan replied calmly: “That is my first kiss.”

“Ah! First kiss?!” Dong Xuebing was stunned. He thought a woman as pretty as Aunt Xuan should have dated during her school days. She might have done more than kissing. But…… first, kiss? Aunt Xuan does not need to lie to him. That means she had never kissed or slept with anyone before? Dong Xuebing was overjoyed, but he suddenly remembered the awkward situation he was in now. He cleared his throat: “Aunt Xuan. I do not know. No, no…… I…… It is also my first kiss. I…… I don’t know what to say... You…… you should just give me a beating.”

Dong Xuebing really hope Aunt Xuan would give him a slap and he might feel better.

10 seconds……

20 seconds……

30 seconds……

Suddenly, the moment Dong Xuebing had been waiting for had arrived.

Qu Yunxuan opened up her arms and pounced on him.

Dong Xuebing was prepared to sacrifice himself to appease her anger. He closes his eyes. Hit me. Just hit me as hard as you can, but don’t kill me.

The next moment, Dong Xuebing could feel Qu Yunxuan grabbing his head with both her hands.

Dong Xuebing clenched his teeth and shut his eyes harder. What move is this? She wants to grab my head and bash it against the wall? She wanted to pull my head off? Does she need to be so ruthless? Never mind. I deserve it. I had hurt her and deserve this type of punishment.

But Dong Xuebing did not feel any pain or impact on his head. Instead, he felt many warm and ticklish sensations on his face, nose, cheeks, and chin. It felt like…… Aunt Xuan’s lips.

Ah? Dong Xuebing opened his eyes.

He could feel goosebumps and his heart racing from what he saw.

Qu Yunxuan did not hit nor scold him. She was holding on to his head, with her hands in his hair, kissing all over his face and neck. She was sucking on his lips aggressively.

“Aunt Xuan, you are……”

Qu Yunxuan kissed Dong Xuebing on his lips and did not let him speak. Her hands were still caressing his hair: “Huuu…… You hooligan…… you only know how to take advantage of me…… only know how to bully me…… Huuu…… Now I will let you take advantage of me…… Quick…... Huuu…… kiss me…… faster……”

Dong Xuebing could not resist any longer. He immediately hugged her, and their lips touched.

She was kissing his lips.

He was sucking on her tongue.

Their tongues were entwined, and they were moaning……

5 minutes later, Qu Yunxuan’s mother shouted from the living room: “Yunxuan, the stocks market report is starting. Come and watch it with me.”

Qu Yunxuan quickly moved away from Dong Xuebing and replied: “Ok. I will come out now.” After replying to her mother, she looked at Dong Xuebing. Her face was still flushed, and she whispered: “We did not say anything or do anything just now. Ok?” After that, she raised her hand and stared at Dong Xuebing. “If you dare to tell anyone, I will kill you.”

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed, and he nodded: “Yes, yes.”

“Hooligan.” Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing on his arm. She quickly tidied up her hair and wiped her face before walking out of the room.

“You two are using the computer?” Qu Yunxuan’s mother asked.

“Yes. We played some games.” Qu Yunxuan replied. “Turn up the volume. I want to see if the stocks I bought is featured in this report.”

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 107 – Got the spot for the Party School Training course!

In the General Affairs Office, Chang Juan, Tan Limei, Old Yan and the rest were happy for Dong Xuebing. When Zhou Guoan tries to find trouble with them, it was Chief Xiao Dong who had stood in front of them to protect them. If not, Zhou Guoan would have unleashed his anger on Chang Juan and Tan Limei. He will not target Chief Xiao Dong so fast. Everyone in the office knew that Zhou Guoan was trying to suppress Dong Xuebing by letting Guo Shunjie go for the training at the District Party School. This was the result of Dong Xuebing covering up for them. Although they did not say anything, they were very grateful to him.

Where can you find a leader who takes cares of his men like this?

“Chief Dong, congratulations. The training is starting tomorrow?” Chang Juan smiles, seductively at Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing was still trying to digest the latest news. “Yes. Tomorrow is the day to report, and the course will start on Sunday.”

Tan Limei cheerfully said: “Chief Dong, you have a new nickname. I went to the ladies earlier and heard many people calling you the Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!”

“Omnipotent?” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Who is the one that spread this?”

“I also don’t know. Hahaha, everyone is calling you this name.” Actually, Tan Limei was the one who gave this nickname and spread it throughout the branch. Guo Panwei also tried to curry favor: “Chief Dong, you are fortunate. When Minister Lui did not bring his medications, you just happen to have the medicines with you. Even heaven is helping you. This opening for the training course is supposed to be yours from the start. How can Guo Shunjie qualify for it?” Guo Panwei should have started to bootlick Guo Shunjie because he was someone who always sits on the fence. But he was moved by Dong Xuebing when he covered up for his subordinates. Also, when they were fighting for the position of Deputy Chief, Guo Panwei had fallen out with Guo Shunjie. He knows that even if he went over to Guo Shunjie’s camp, Guo Shunjie would also not accept him. He might as well take a gamble and place his bets with Dong Xuebing. After all, Chief Xiao Dong always stages a comeback at the last minute. He just hopes that Dong Xuebing would be able to survive this crisis.

Dong Xuebing laughed and shook his head. He looks around the office: “Where is Guo Shunjie?”

Zhuang Zhi replied: “When he learned about his name was withdrawn from the training, he ran out.”

Tan Limei, a busybody, added: “He must be at Political Commissar’s office making some reports.”

“This type of despicable person…… Sighed…….” Old Yan was not afraid of offending anyone.

At that moment, there were sounds of heavy footsteps, and a furious Guo Shunjie stormed into the office. He had gone to Zhou Guoan’s office after he heard that he was being replaced by Dong Xuebing for the training course. But Zhou Guoan was fuming, and when he heard Guo Shunjie questioning him, he chased him out of his office.

Guo Shunjie was about to enter the Party School and will be promoted to Deputy Section Chief after the training. But suddenly he was being replaced. He was furious, and was cursing Zhou Guoan and Dong Xuebing’s ancestors in his heart!

Dong Xuebing looked at him and said: “Guo Shunjie, your leave application is not approved. Come back to work on Monday as usual.”

Guo Shunjie stared at Dong Xuebing. I will not let you off!

Actually, even Dong Xuebing had not expected to get the spot for the training course. His intent was only to stop Guo Shunjie from attending the training. He does not want to let Guo Shunjie have the opportunity to overtake him. As an ordinary staff member, it will be hard for him to be the Chief of the General Affairs Office. But unexpectedly, Guo Shunjie was replaced by him for the training. With the experience of attending this training, Dong Xuebing will be in line to be promoted to the Deputy Section Chief rank. Only one word from the higher-ups, he will be promoted from just getting Deputy Section Chief’s benefits to become a real Deputy Section Chief rank!

Back at his own office, Dong Xuebing called Director Li Qing to take 2 weeks off. A few days ago, Li Qing was considering to give up his position of the Chief of the General Affairs Office to Guo Shunjie, and only keep his position as the Deputy Director of the General Affairs Department. He was also unhappy with Dong Xuebing who had got into trouble. But when he heard of what happened earlier, he banged his table and praised Dong Xuebing for doing a good job! Li Qing praises Dong Xuebing over the phone and granted his leave application. After hanging up, Xu Yan called Dong Xuebing. She did not say much but reminded Dong Xuebing to keep a low profile.

Dong Xuebing felt comforted. Seems like Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Xu was still concern about him.

It was the end of the day.

Dong Xuebing slowly walked out of the branch bureau with a smile on his face.

On his way out, Dong Xuebing, who had made a significant contribution to the branch, did not get the treatment he deserved. All the staff members and leaders hide away from him. Chief Xiao Dong was in the limelight again for saving Chief Yan’s career and Old Minister Lui’s life. He also got to enter the District Party School. But this was not a matter of the credit he got. Chief Xiao Dong had slapped Zhou Guoan’s face by snatching away the training course’s spot. This grudge will never be resolved. Chief Yan Liang will be transferred away on Monday. After that, will Zhou Guoan let Chief Xiao Dong off? Impossible!

Dong Xuebing also knew Zhou Guoan will take revenge soon. But he couldn’t care less.

Oh, your trusted aide Guo Shunjie had purposely switched the meeting materials and provoked you. But you vent your anger on me? You find trouble with me and still stupidly try to help Guo Shunjie get his promotion? Are you dumb? Both of you are in cahoots, and I got implicated in it? Getting accused for something not done by me? Damn! Why should I be blamed for all these? Since you, Zhou Guoan started this, then it’s okay for me to snatch the training course opening from you! Who ask you to be so unreasonable? Who ask you to force me to take responsibility before you even investigate the incident thoroughly? Who can you blame? Dong Xuebing was someone who hates being accused. He was really pissed by Guo Shunjie and Zhou Gouan. He doesn’t care about what others think. He just wants to get the experience of attending the training first. As for the rest…… He will only take appropriate measures as the situation calls for in the future!

A staff member ranked with Deputy Section Chief treatment going against a Divisional Chief?

This was a joke!

But…… it was not that funny!

During the selection of the Deputy Section Chief position in the Party Committee Meeting, it was Dong Xuebing going against Zhou Guoan alone. He pulled Xu Yan, Yang Yizhong and Liu Hua over to his side, and won in the end. This time, it was also Dong Xuebing going against Zhou Guoan for the District Party School training course opening. Dong Xuebing had saved Chief Yan’s career, and Chief Yan had to help him. In the end, Dong Xuebing won against Zhou Guoan again.

Dong Xuebing, this small Deputy Chief had already won against a Divisional Chief level official twice!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 106 – The Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!

After taking the two medicines, Minister Lui’s face slowly regains normal color.

Yan Liang was still holding on to Minister Lui: “How are you feeling?”

“Much better.” Minister Lui looked towards Dong Xuebing’s direction and smiles.

Yan Liang, who had narrowly escaped, guiltily said: “It’s all because of me. I nearly…… I……”

“Haha, it’s ok.” Minister Lui was joyful. “It’s normal for people to go when the time is up. Furthermore, I am fine now.”

After this incident, no one had the mood to go visit the bureau’s quarters. When Yan Liang’s driver and Minister Lui’s driver arrives in their cars, Minister Lui left with his guard. Yan Liang looked at Dong Xuebing. He felt grateful, lucky, and a bit shocked. He had only seen Dong Xuebing running into a burning room to retrieve some documents and had heard of what Dong Xuebing had done by others. He did not think much of it. Firefighter? A lifesaver for any situation? Bullshit. But today, he experienced Xiao Dong’s miracles first hand. Yan Liang really believed Dong Xuebing could help the leaders in any situation. If it weren’t for taking out the asthma medicine out of nowhere, Yan Liang’s future would be gone……

Everyone at the scene was staring at Dong Xuebing. It was as if he was a god.

Yan Liang waved to Dong Xuebing, asking him to go over. “Good job. You got all the credit for saving Minister Lui’s life. How come you carry so many medicines with you?”

Dong Xuebing made up a story: “Oh, my neighbor also has this illness, and these medicines are for him.”

Was this really a coincidence? Yan Liang suspects that Dong Xuebing had noticed he had forgotten Minister Lui’s bag and purposely went to buy these medications to perform in front of the leaders. But he thought about it and felt it was not possible. Even himself, Minister Lui’s student, did not know that Minister Lui had gotten asthma recently. How would Xiao Dong know? Yan Liang could not understand why and decided to just stop thinking about this. He nodded at Dong Xuebing and said: “Come, ride the car with me back to the branch.”

Dong Xuebing was flattered and boarded the car with Yan Liang. The rest had to walk back to the branch.

In the car, Dong Xuebing, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, felt it was the right time. He turned and said: “Chief Yan, tomorrow is the registration for the District Party School Training Course. I still feel that Guo Shunjie is not qualified to participate. The incident about the meeting notes must be done by him……”

Yan Liang interrupted him: “Ok. Go back and wait for the news.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was beating rapidly. Chief Yan…… agrees??

The car arrived at the Branch Bureau compound.

Back at the office, Yan Liang picked up the phone and called Political Commissar Zhou. “Political Commissar Zhou? The Party School Training course spot is given to the General Affairs Office’s Guo Shunjie? I don’t think it is suitable. He is still not a Section level officer. How can he attend the training course meant for Section level officers? The other staffs will be unhappy.”

Zhou Guoan was stunned and could not react.

Yan Liang did not give him any chance to retort. “I think Chief Dong from the General Affairs Office is a good candidate. This type of people should be groomed. Let him attend the course.”

Zhou Guoan’s face changed: “Chief Yan, didn’t we agree about this?”

“This is my decision, and it’s final.” Yan Liang did not care what Zhou Guoan thinks. He owes Xiao Dong favor. If he did not help Dong Xuebing settle this Party School training course and transferred away, what would others think of him?

Zhou Guoan turns pale when he heard the line was cut abruptly. He threw the phone on the table and then grabbed the teacup and threw it against the wall.

Dong Xuebing, someone who entered the branch for less than 3 months, had disrupted his plans twice! Zhou Guoan had already spread the news about Guo Shunjie attending the training at the Party School, and now he had to withdraw his name? He even had to put up Dong Xuebing’s name for the course? He was someone who had purposely provoke him by putting dessert pictures in his meeting notes! What was Yan Liang thinking? He decided to fall out on his last day? This was like a slap to Zhou Guoan’s face!

After thinking for a while, Zhou Guoan picked up the phone: “Hello? Chief Yan is supposed to accompany Minister Lui to the branch bureau quarters. Why is he back suddenly? Help me find out what happened.” Zhou Guoan knew there must be a reason why Yan Liang changed his mind last mind.

At the same time, news of Dong Xuebing replacing Guo Shunjie to attend the training course at the district party school spreads throughout the branch. Everyone was shocked when they heard of this.

Was this real? In the morning, everyone was still discussing the end of Dong Xuebing’s career. But in the afternoon, everything had changed. Furthermore, even if Dong Xuebing did not offend Political Commissar Zhou, Dong Xuebing was just promoted to Deputy Chief, and it should not be his turn. How come Dong Xuebing had all the luck?

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie were having a discussion in the office when they heard about this piece of news. They were also shocked. What happened? The reactions of Yang Yizhong, Pang Bin, Liu Hua, and the rest were the same as Xu Yan and Song Shoujie. They immediately picked up the phone to call the staff members who had accompanied Chief Yan and Minister Lui to the quarters. Something must have happened there.

When everyone heard of what happened on the way to the quarters, they understood why…… and they were stunned.

On the way to the quarters, Minister Lui had an asthma attack and a heart attack. But Chief Yan had forgotten to bring Minister Lui’s bag, which contains all the medicines. When Minister Lui was in grave danger, Dong Xuebing just happens to have asthma medicine with him. He also just happens to have Nitroglycerin tablets with him. And he just happens to save Minister Lui’s life.

Everyone was looking at each other speechless.


There were too many coincidences until they want to curse!

No one would ever expect Dong Xuebing to help Chief Yan to put out his fire. He also helped himself to put out his own fire.

When Chief Xiao Dong had rushed into a burning room to retrieve documents, he had shocked many people.

When Chief Xiao Dong dived to save the penalty, he had also shocked many people.

When Chief Xiao Dong scored that goal in the final seconds of the soccer match, he had shocked many people.

When Chief Xiao Dong was promoted to the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office, many people were shocked.

But this time, the word “shocked” could no longer be expressed how they feel about Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing could save a penalty, scored a winning goal, and run into a burning office and jump out through the windows on the second floor.

Chief Xiao Dong couldn't be suffering from asthma and heart attacks. When Minister Lui needed these medicines, Chief Xiao Dong could take it our from his pockets like magic.

Which leader does not like this type of godlike staff?

It would be weird if the branch did not put up the name of this godlike staff for the training course.

Firefighter? How can he be called a firefighter?

Slowly, Dong Xuebing had a new nickname. The Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 105 – Reversal!

Dong Xuebing had not used his BACK from Monday to Friday. Without hesitations, he used up all 5 BACK at once!



“Hahaha, this estate is still the same as before.” Minister Lui reminisces about the time when he was living around this area. He points to a part of the estate a distance away. “When I was not assigned with quarters, I had rented a place over there. Can you see that Chinese Mahogany tree? It was not so tall back then. Every year, Old Xu and I will climb up the roof to help others pluck the leaves. Sighed…… so many years have passed. The estate and the tree are still around, but all of us are old.”

Everyone from the branch bureau was following behind Minister Lui.

Yan Liang laughed and said: “You are not that old. I think you are healthier than me.”

Minister Lui laughed and waved his hand: “I am not that healthy anymore.”

Time had returned! Now it was precisely 5 minutes ago!

Dong Xuebing was also not sure if 5 minutes was enough. But he had no other choices. He looked around urgently and stopped in the southwest direction. He remembers seeing a Golden Elephant Pharmacy at the end of the street. After confirming the direction, Dong Xuebing immediately ran without saying a word. He did not care whether his image as a leader. He ran as fast as he could.

Minister Lui and Yan Liang did not notice Dong Xuebing running off to another direction. But Tan Limei, Changjuan and the rest were shocked.

Where is Chief Dong going? Why is he running off in a rush? Rushing to the toilet? Even if he needs the bathroom urgently, he also does not need to run so fast.

Guo Shunjie sneered as he looked at Dong Xuebing’s back view. This behavior was not what a leader should have.

Run! Faster! Run!

Dong Xuebing ran down the alley towards the street. How far is it? Still have not reached? Faster! Run faster! There is not enough time!

Dong Xuebing was one of the fastest sprinters in his class when he was still studying. He was weak in mid to long distance. He could only run 100 to 200 meters at most. But today, he broke his personal records. He sprinted more than 300 to 400 meters without signs of slowing down. He needs to save his career. He must not let Guo Shunjie be promoted! This was his only hope!

1 minute passed……

2 minutes passed……

I see it! That’s the pharmacy!

Dong Xuebing was exhausted. 30 meters more…… 20 meters…… 10 meters……

Bang! Dong Xuebing pushes a young man, who was walking out of the Pharmacy, aside and dash into the Golden Elephant Pharmacy. He does not know if asthma medication was a prescribed drug and was not sure if the pharmacist would sell the medicine to him. He does not have the time to explain. He immediately took out his work pass and banged the counter. “State Security! I need the medication for asthma and heart attack! Now!”

The cashier behind the counter was shocked, and she looked at Dong Xuebing’s identification.

Dong Xuebing shouted at her: “Hurry up! It is a matter of life and death!”

The staffs in the pharmacy were stunned for a while, and one staff in white coat quickly ran to the back to get the medicines.

That staff was quite fast, and she returns with a small box of medicine and a bottle of Nitroglycerin tablets and Instant-effect Jiuxin Pills. Dong Xuebing grabbed the medicines and threw 300 RMB on the counter before running out. “Thank you!”

“Hey, the medicines do not cost so much. Your change!”

Dong Xuebing did not turn back and ran back the same way into the alleyways!

He had no more stamina and was much slower on his way back!

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and ran with all his might. Run faster!

It’s been 5 minutes since he used BACK and Minister Lui should be having his asthma attack now! Is there enough time?

5 seconds passed……

10 seconds passed……

After turning at a Hutong, Dong Xuebing could see the people from the Bureau panicking in the distance!

I reached! I had finally reached!

Yan Liang, who was panicking, was looking at Minister Lui, gasping for air. He had to bear full responsibility. If he knew that Minister Lui had Asthma and had kept his medication in his bag, Yan Liang would never forget to bring that bag along. It was because he did not know about Minister Lui’s condition and forgot about it and created this mess! Everything was too late now. If anything happens to Minister Lui, then…… Yan Liang doesn’t even dare to think what would happen! It will definitely not a matter from getting fired from his job!

Minister Lui’s eyes were rolled up, and only the whites were showing. He could not make it!

“Sir! Hang in there! Just hang on for a bit more!” Yan Liang shouted: “Where is the ambulance? Why is the ambulance not here yet?!”

They were inside a Hutong and the road conditions there were poor with many turns. It will take at least 20 minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the scene. There was also not enough time for anyone to come over from the branch bureau with the medicine. There were too many turns and narrow roads. Even if anyone were to fly from the branch……, they could not reach here in 10 minutes! The pharmacy was the only hope. But all the pharmacies were located along the streets outside of the Hutong. It will take at least 6 to 7 minutes. Minister Lui now…… might not even last more than a minute!

Tan Limei, Zhuang Zhi and others from the various departments were panicking! There was nothing they could do!

That’s it! Yan Liang’s mind was blank! He is finished!

“Chief Dong! Chief Dong is back!” Chang Juan saw Dong Xuebing running back and she shouted. She immediately explained what happened to Dong Xuebing: “Minister Lui is having an asthma attack! Chief Dong, what shall we do?”

Guo Shunjie heard this and shouted: “What can he do? Hurry up and call the ambulance to chase them!”

The other two young staffs from the 6th Bureau shook their heads when they heard what Chang Juan said. They thought to themselves. Even if your Chief’s nickname was Firefighter, and dares to run into a burning room and save penalty kicks, but what can he do in this emergency? This is an asthma attack. What can this Chief Dong do?

Yan Liang looked at Dong Xuebing’s direction and thought nothing about him. He shouted to Guo Shunjie and the others: “Medicine! Go and get medicine!”

Guo Shunjie wiped the sweat on his forehead: “They had just left to get the medicine. They need at least 5 to 6 minutes!:

Yan Liang looked at the dying Minister Lui. “There is no more time!”

“Minister Lui!”

Everyone there had given up!

Dong Xuebing, who was panting hard, reached in front of everyone: “Haa……. Med…… Haaa…... I have the med…… Haa…… medicine!”

You have?!

Everyone was shocked when they heard what Dong Xuebing said!!!

“Where is it? Where is medicine?” Yan Liang immediately stand up!

Everyone turns to look at Dong Xuebing!

On his way back, Dong Xuebing had torn open the packaging. He reached into his pocket and took out an inhaler with medicine.

Oh god! This is really the medicine for asthma?!

Yan Liang paused for a sec, snatched the bottle of medicine from Dong Xuebing and gave it to Minister Lui: “Hurry, take the medicine! Quick!”

The weak Minister Lui place the plastic mouthpiece in his mouth and inhale deeply. He stopped for a few seconds before inhaling again. Slowly, Minister Lui’s breathing slowed down and was back to normal. But his expression was still in pain. He was sweating, and his hand was gripping his chest.

Yan Liang and the rest, who had just relaxed, panicked again. “Oh, no! He has a heart attack!”

One thing after another!

Heart attacks were also fatal!

Tan Limei, Chang Juan and other female staffs were mumbling to themselves: “Oh no…… That’s it!”

Yan Liang was cursing in his heart! “Hurry and call those buying medicine to get heart attack medication too! Quick!”

“Haaaa……. It’s ok……” Dong Xuebing reached out to stop someone who was about to make the phone call. He was still panting, and he reached into his pocket: “I have the medicine…… Quick-Acting Heart Reliever pills.”

“Ah?!” Everyone was stunned again.

Yan Liang was also shocked. But he did not have time to wait any longer. He quickly grabbed the Quick-Acting Heart Reliever pills and fed it to Minister Lui.

But Minister Lui slowly shook his head and said with difficulty: “Quick-Acting…… Heart Reliever pills…… is not effective for me…… I need…… Muxiang…… Baoxin Pills…… or Nitroglycerin tablets……”


Everyone panicked again!

Yan Liang was about to go crazy

But Dong Xuebing reached into his pocket again: “…… I also have Nitroglycerin tablets. Here…… here……”

Guo Oanwei, Tan Limei, Chang Juan and the other staffs from various departments nearly fainted on the spot!

Asthma medicine, Quick-Acting Heart Reliever pills, Nitroglycerin tablets…… How come this Chief Dong has everything in his pockets?!

Yan Liang was also speechless!

Guo Shunjie nearly cursed out loud. You are not suffering from asthma or heart attacks! Why are you carrying these medications around? Are you a fucking Doraemon?!

Translator’s notes:

Nitroglycerin (medication)


Jiuxin Pills or Quick-Acting Heart Reliever pills is one of the blood-quickening stasis-transforming medicinals to relieve angina. It is a type of Chinese traditional medicine.

Muxiang Baoxin Pills is another type of Chinese medicine for heart attacks.



Traditional Chinese Medicine/Usage Of Prescriptions


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Power and Wealth

Chapter 104 –Unexpected Incident!

Yan Liang does have the authority to withdraw Guo Shunjie from the Party School’s training. As long as he was still the Branch Bureau’s Chief, he could still make the final decision on such matters. Yan Liang had heard a lot about Dong Xuebing. But he did not think Dong Xuebing was capable. He had voted for Dong Xuebing during the Party Committee meeting was because he had no choice. This was why he refused to help Dong Xuebing.

Furthermore, he also does not think that Guo Shunjie would be so daring to frame his direct supervisor. Xu Yan did not become the next Political Commissar. Now, the situation had changed for Song Shoujie, Yang Yizhong, and the rest. They might not even be able to save themselves and will have no time to help Dong Xuebing with this incident. Even if they wanted to help Dong Xuebing, they also could not do so.

That’s why Dong Xuebing was alone to handle this crisis.

The front compound of the Western Branch Bureau.

Yan Liang, Zhou Guoan, Xu Yan and all the top leaders of the branch were standing at attention in front. Dong Xuebing, Tan Limei, Guo Shunjie, and the rest were standing at the back. All of them were there to welcome Minister Lui, from the National State Security. Minister Lui was very old and had retired from the State Security many years back. Although he was no longer holding any portfolio, he still has an influence over the State Security. Many of the Bureau Directors were his former subordinates and students. Yan Liang was one of them.

The metal gates opened, and an ordinary old model Audi entered the Branch’s compound.

The car stopped, and there was an old man around his sixties or seventies sitting at the back. His hair was almost all white, but he still appears to be in good health.

Yan Liang’s promotion was actually because of his connection with Minister Lui. That’s why Yan Liang was very respectful of him. He immediately walks forward to open the car’s door for Minister Lui. Then, he helped Minister Lui alight from the vehicle. “Minister Lui, I represent the Branch Bureau to welcome you. Thank you for coming over to inspect and guide us.” Yan Liang knew that Minister Lui do not like grand welcomes. But he still has to show his respect for him.

Minister Lui looked at the people standing behind Yan Liang and laughed: “You…… since when did you learn all these? Everyone get back to work. I am retired, and what’s there for me to inspect? I was also from the Western District Branch. I am just coming back for a visit today.” Minister Lui casually passed his bag to his driver and guard.

Yan Liang immediately moved over and grabbed the bag. “Let me carry it.”

Minister Lui laughed and did not say anything. Many years ago, Yan Liang was the one who carried his bag for him.

Zhou Guoan, Xu Yan and the rest walked over and greeted Minister Lui politely. After everyone had greeted Minister Lui, Yan Liang asked everyone to disperse. Only the members of the General Affairs Office and a few young personnel from the other departments remained. Yan Liang accompanied Minister Lui for a stroll around the branch.

Minister Lui looked around and sighed. “That Chinese date tree is still there? Eh? The cafeteria is still the same? Nothing had changed. Xiao Yan, is the Political Section still in that corner on level 3?” Minister Lui asks when he walked around. Once in a while, he will speak to the young staffs. He did not have the air of a leader. Guo Shunjie, Guo Panwei and two members of the Public Security Sixth Bureau silently moved behind Minister Lui, hoping he would speak to them and leave an impression with him.

Dong Xuebing was not interested in this. He was the last person at the back and was staring at Guo Shunjie. He really wished he could give him a kick on his face.

Guo Shunjie could feel someone was staring at him from behind. He turned and gave Dong Xuebing a cold smile.

Actually, when Dong Xuebing was promoted to become the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office, many younger staffs were unhappy. How can someone who had joined the bureau for less than 2 months be promoted? They had been working there for 2 to 3 years, and it was not their turn. This was why when Dong Xuebing’s career was coming to an end, they were gloating.

Not long later, Minister Lui entered Yan Liang’s office. The rest of them waited outside.

Guo Shunjie looked around and walked over to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Xiao Dong, my training course at the Party is starting next week. I will be applying for two weeks of leave from work.” He purposely emphasis on the words, Party School to spite Dong Xuebing. Even the leader could not get to attend the training, and his staff member will be participating. This was like a slap to Dong Xuebing’s face.

Tan Limei, who was standing by the side, knew that it was Guo Shunjie who switched the documents and could not stand it: “Guo Shunjie! You are despicable!”

Chang Juan and Zhuang Zhi were also furious. This person could switch documents to frame his superior and colleagues! He was really a scum!

Guo Shunjie stared at Tan Limei in her eyes: “Who do you think you are scolding? Ah?”

The other people who were not from the General Affairs Department were watching this free show.

Suddenly, Yan Liang office’s door opens. Guo Shunjie just let out a ‘Hmph!’ and looks away. Respect for Dong Xuebing? Guo Shunjie does not care about this anymore. He was not willing to show any respect to Dong Xuebing. He now has Zhou Guoan backing him. Once he attended the training course, he will be promoted to Dong Xuebing’s supervisor!

Yan Liang walked out with Minister Lui.

Minister Lui laughed and said: “Let’s go and visit the bureau’s quarters. I had lived there for several years. I really miss that place.”

Yan Liang smiled and replied: “Ok. Can I drive you there?”

“Let’s take a walk. It is not far from here. We can also exercise.”

After leaving the branch, they walked for about 100 meters and turned into a small alley.

Dong Xuebing followed behind with his fist clenched. He was thinking about what else he could do to stop Guo Shunjie from entering the Party School and his promotion.

After walking for about 10 minutes, there was a commotion in front.

“Minister Lui, how are you feeling?”

“Minister Lui, are you ok?”

Dong Xuebing, who was walking with Tan Limei and Zhuang Zhi at the back of the group, looked over. They saw Minister Lui panting heavily, but he was still smiling to Yan Liang. “Asthma. I got this condition about 2 years ago. It’s ok. I have my inhaler with me. The inhaler is in my bag.

Everyone was relieved when they heard it was asthma.

But Yan Liang’s following words shocked everyone. “Ah! Your bag is left in my office!” Yan Liang was used to be the leader for years. He had forgotten the habit of carrying someone else’s bag. He was also troubled by his family problems recently and had forgotten about Minister Lui’s bag. Although he had noticed that he had forgotten about Minister Lui’s bag after leaving the branch, he thought nothing about it, as he did not know that Minister Lui had asthma and his medication was in his bag.

Minister Lui’s breathing became faster when he heard Yan Liang. He grabs his chest and starts to gasp for air. His sweat was pouring down his face.

Yan Liang panicked. “Damn! Medicine! Who has medicine for asthma? Heart attack medication is also fine! Who have it?”

All the people there were below 30 years old. All of them were healthy, and who would bring these medicines around? The guard, who was following Minister Lui, was only his bodyguard. He did not bring any spare medicine!

Guo Shunjie was in a rush to impress the leaders: “I will call for an ambulance!” He shouted and immediately start dialing the number.

Yan Liang was holding on to Minister Lui with one hand, and the other was holding his phone, calling the branch. “Go to my office and bring me that brown colored leather bag! The second Hutong! Drive! I need it now! Hurry up!”

Minister Lui was struggling to breathe, and he was spasming!

Goddamn! The branch bureau was too far from here, and the ambulance will not be on time!

Yan Liang was panicking. “Sir! Hang in there! The medicine will be here!” Yan Liang then turned to the others and shouted: “Go and buy medicine from the nearest pharmacy! Go now!”

Dong Xuebing was also panicking. Pharmacy? The nearest pharmacy is also a distance from here. It was obvious that Minister Lui could not even last a minute! There will not be enough time!


Wait a minute!

Dong Xuebing stopped suddenly and could feel his whole body getting heated up!


This is my chance to save myself!


Power and Wealth Chapter 103 2019-08-25T02:34:09+00:00

Power and Wealth

Chapter 103 – End of his career?!

Friday morning.

The furious Dong Xuebing had just entered the Branch Bureau and saw Guo Shunjie walking in front of him.”

“Brother Guo, congratulations.” A young man from Public Security Sixth Bureau was congratulating Guo Shunjie.

Guo Shunjie smiles: “What’s there to congratulate? I am only going to attend a training course.”

A few other people from the Political Section and the Finance department walked past and greeted Guo Shunjie. “Shunjie, not anyone can attend the training course at the Party School. Hahaha. You will be promoted soon. When are you giving us a treat?” The leaders in the Bureau will change soon, and everyone knew Zhou Guoan favors Guo Shunjie. He even let Guo Shunjie have the precious spot of the training course. Any smart people will understand that Zhou Guoan wants to promote Guo Shunjie to be the Chief of the General Affairs Department. That’s why everyone changed their attitude towards him and start to suck up to him.

Guo Shunjie enjoyed this feeling and even start to behave like a leader. He smiled and chatted with them.

Dong Xuebing, on the other hand, was feeling what Zhou Changchun had gone through when he was retiring early. As Dong Xuebing had offended Zhou Guoan, everyone in the branch was avoiding him like the plague. The football players who were very close to Dong Xuebing stopped interacting with him. They only nodded to Dong Xuebing as a form of greetings and quickly walk away. They did not even address him as Chief Dong. No one wants to have anything to do with Dong Xuebing.

Guo Shunjie turned and saw everyone was ignoring Dong Xuebing and gave a smirk. Serve you, right!

Dong Xuebing’s anger had reached a boiling point. The moment he arrived back in his office, he called Guo Shunjie into his room.

“What is it?” In the past, Guo Shunjie would still address Dong Xuebing as Chief unwillingly. But today, he did not even greet him. He looked at Dong Xuebing straight into the eyes with his head held high. His tone was like someone superior, like Dong Xuebing’s leader!

“What’s with this attitude? Do you know who you are speaking to?” Dong Xuebing frowned. “Guo Shunjie don’t think I don’t know what you are doing. I have been closing one eye when you create some minor problems for me. But you are too daring. You even dare to switch the meeting documents and frame your leader?”

Guo Shunjie stared at Dong Xuebing and replied coldly: “Don’t accuse me!”

“You know well what you had done!”

“You need evidence. Where is the proof? Show me!”

Dong Xuebing had tried to look for evidence yesterday after everyone had left. But the photocopier machine in the office does not have the function to keep records. Those few pictures might not be printed in the office, and Guo Shunjie might have brought them from home. He could not find any proof. That’s why even when Dong Xuebing knew that it was Guo Shunjie who had framed him, he could not do anything to him. Also, if he went to the top leaders, no one will believe him!

“Don’t accuse me if you do not have evidence!” Guo Shunjie had a mocking smile on his face. “You are making false accusations!” Guo Shunjie had been waiting for this day. He was feeling terrific. He thought to himself, Dong Xuebing…… serve you right! Just wait and see how I will deal with you after I have been promoted to the Chief! If I don’t end your career, I will change my name!

“It’s too early for you to celebrate!” Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and said: “You will pay for what you did. Let’s wait and see!”

Guo Shunjie smiles: “That’s right. Let’s wait and see. If there is nothing else, I will go out. Oh, get someone else to type the document you for me. Political Commissar Zhou wants to see me. I am busy.” After saying that, Guo Shunjie walked out of Dong Xuebing’s room smiling. Pay for what I did? Hahaha. Let’s see who will pay!

Damn! Dong Xuebing banged his desk!

Not only Dong Xuebing was framed, the culprit still benefited from it. He was furious! No! Guo Shunjie must not enter the Party School! If he did not attend the training course, then it will be difficult for him to be promoted from a staff member to a Section Chief. No matter what, he will still have to be promoted to a Deputy Section Chief first. Dong Xuebing’s only way of surviving was to stop Guo Shunjie from attending the training!

After making a call, Dong Xuebing found out that the training course will start tomorrow. It was impossible to ask Political Commissar Zhou to withdraw Guo Shunjie from the course. Dong Xuebing could only pin all his hopes on Branch Bureau Chief Yan Liang. But today was Yan Liang’s last day as the Chief. That means…… He had only one day to stop Guo Shunjie! Dong Xuebing must remove Guo Shunjie’s name from this course today! If not, it will be the end of his career!

Dong Xuebing, who had no other choices, went straight to Yan Liang’s office.

Today, there’s a leader from the National State Security coming to the Western District Branch Bureau for an inspection. The whole branch bureau was busy cleaning up the compound.

Knock, knock knock. Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and knocked on Yan Liang’s office.

“Come in.”

Yan Liang was going to be promoted, and he should be in a good mood. But his relationship with his wife was not very good. When he heard that he will be transferred to a province in the southern region, and his whole family had to move with him, Yan Liang’s wife starts to quarrel with him. She insisted on staying in Beijing with their children and refusing to be relocated. This was why Yan Liang was in a bad mood these few days.

“Chief Yan, I want to report something to you.” Dong Xuebing said directly.

Yan Liang raised his head and looked at Dong Xuebing. “What is it?”

Dong Xuebing said: “It is about that the incident of Political Commissar Zhou’s meeting documents. I……”

Yan Liang interrupted him: “Go and tell this to Political Commissar Zhou.”

“Chief Yan, there are some problems.” Dong Xuebing did not care and continued. “The mistake is not caused by printing and sorting. Guo Shunjie was the one who purposely framed me. You should also know that he had been unhappy with me all this while. On the day of the meeting, he sneaked into my office and switched the documents for Political Commissar Zhou during lunchtime.”

Yan Liang frowned: “Do you have evidence?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Someone can prove that Guo Shunjie was alone in the office for a long time during lunch. As for other evidence…… I am still looking for it. Those few pictures of the cakes are still with me. If we can check for fingerprints or……”

Yan Liang shook his head. “Come to me again when you have concrete evidence.”

Dong Xuebing was not willing to give up. “The Party School’s training course spot was given to Guo Shunjie. How can someone of his character be allowed to go for this training? Chief Yan, I hope he will be withdrawn from the course until the investigation for this incident is over!”

This was Yan Liang’s last day at Western District Branch. He does not want to meddle with these matters. “I want evidence. Without evidence, everything will be useless. You can go and speak to Political Commissar Zhou about this.” Ring, ring, ring. The phone on Yan Liang’s desk rang. Yan Liang answered, and he immediately brightens up. After hanging up the call, he made another call. “Minister Lui is arriving. Is everything ready?”

Dong Xuebing could only leave Yan Liang’s office dejected.

That’s it?

Everything’s over?

My career in government service had reached the end?!

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Power and Wealth

Chapter 102 – Got framed!

Back at the General Affairs Office.

Dong Xuebing entered his office without saying a word and threw the documents he was holding on his desk. He sat down and cursed while massaging his temples. He had shouldered all the blame. To others, this might not be a wise decision and will feel that Dong Xuebing was too inexperienced at work. But Dong Xuebing had his own thinking. As the supervisor, he had the responsibility to check on his subordinates’ work. This was his job, and it was apparent Zhou Guoan wanted to pin all the blame on him. Even if he told Zhou Guoan that it was Chang Juan and Tan Limei who had prepared the documents, it would be useless. They will only be implicated. What’s the point of getting two more people into trouble?

Knock, knock, knock. Someone was at the door.

“Come in.”

It was Chang Juan and Tan Limei. After closing the office door, Tan Limei’s tears start flowing. She stood there and cried. Chang Juan’s eyes were also red, and she said: “Chief Dong, Xiao Tan and I had made such a big mistake and you helped us shouldered all the blame. We……”

Dong Xuebing forced a smile and said: “Sis Chang, it’s alright. I know you both did not make this mistake on purpose. Everyone makes mistakes. Xiao Tan, stop crying.”

Chang Juan wiped off the tears welling in her eyes: “But I…… But……”

Tan Limei was still sobbing: “Wooo, wooo….. I’m sorry……”

Dong Xuebing now speaks like a real leader. “Don’t take it to heart. It’s not a big deal. Go back to work.”

Tan Limei cried for a while more and then left with Chang Juan.

Outside, in the main office. Old Yan said: “The both of you had met a good leader. This is our Chief Xiao Dong. If it is other leaders……” He did not continue.

Zhuang Zhi quickly went over to comfort Tan Limei.

Chang Juan sighed. “I am feeling bad. It was not Chief Dong’s fault, but because of us……”

Old Yan interrupted her: “Our Chief Dong’s nickname is Firefighter. If he can help the leaders put out fires, he will have no problems putting out the fire in his own backyard.”

Chang Juan nodded. She really hopes everything will be fine for Dong Xuebing,

Guo Shunjie continued to type on his keyboard as if these were not of his concern. He raised his head and looked at everyone in the office with a smirk secretly.


3 days later.


Dong Xuebing had been waiting for the punishment from Political Commissar Zhou. But after so many days, nothing was heard from him. Dong Xuebing thought if Political Commissar Zhou had forgotten about this incident or he realized that this was a genuine mistake and it was not meant to provoke him. Huh? This should not be possible. When it was almost time to go back, Dong Xuebing started to get ready to go home. He packed his stuff, and before he even stepped out of his small office, he received a piece of shocking news!

Zhou Guoan will be taking over the Branch Bureau official, and this piece of news was confirmed.

The new Political Commissar was not the favored candidates Xu Yan or Pang Bin. It was Cheng Haimei, who was close to Zhou Guoan. It was not sure what connections she used to get this position!

The top officials in the branch were changed, and Dong Xuebing felt his position was in danger!

The more shocking news was the District Party Training course’s spot, which was sought after by all the section chief staffs, was given to an unexpected person. Guo Shunjie!

When Dong Xuebing heard this, he almost could not believe his ears. Why was the spot given to him?

Dong Xuebing sat down in his office and thought about what happened. Suddenly, he could feel a chill down his spine. That’s it. Zhou Guoan wanted to pursue that incident and then let Guo Shunjie get the spot to attend the training course. This way, he could easily promote Guo Shunjie. Zhou Guoan will be the head of the branch and the Branch Bureau Party Committee will be under his control. This way, he can easily transfer Director Li Qing to other positions and let Guo Shunjie take over as the Chief of the General Affairs Office. If that happens, Guo Shunjie will have direct control over the General Affairs Office, and Dong Xuebing will be under him!


This was the worst situation!

Dong Xuebing was lost. He does not know what to do. He could feel the danger approaching him.

Guo Shunjie was going to be the Chief of the General Affairs Office and will be his direct supervisor.

When people are forced into a corner, their minds start to think fast. Dong Xuebing was such people. He thought hard on what he should do and suddenly realized something. He immediately picked up the phone and called the outside office. “Xiao Tan! Call Chang Juan too. I want to see both of you in my office!”

10 seconds later, Chang Juan and Tan Limei entered the small office. “Chief Dong.” Both of them had heard that Guo Shunjie will be going for the training course at the District Party School. They were worried and knew that Chief Dong’s career might come to an end soon. When Zhou Guoan becomes the Branch Bureau’s Chief, he will push Guo Shunjie to become the Chief of the General Affairs Office. Dong Xuebing, who had offended the Branch Bureau Chief and the Chief of the General Affairs Office, will not have a good life!

“Xiao Tan, Chang Juan. I want you all to tell me the truth.” Dong Xuebing asked seriously.

Chang Juan immediately replied: “You are the one who saved our jobs. We will not hide anything from you.”

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and asked: “3 days ago, who made the mistake with the meeting documents for Political Commissar Zhou?”

Chang Juan and Tan Limei looked at each other, and it was Tan Limei who replied: “I might sound like I am shirking responsibility, but I swear that we have checked all the documents before we pass it to you. We had checked every single page. Those pictures are not there!”

Chang Juan added: “That’s right. We also don’t know how did those pictures get mixed into the documents!”

Dong Xuebing paused for a while. “We kept those 13 sets of documents in my office, and we went to lunch. I came back later after you two. Which one of you arrived back at the office first?”

Chang Juan thought for a while and replied: “I came back earlier than Xiao Tan.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her: “Who is in the office when you came back?”

“Ah? Are you suspecting someone is trying to frame us?” Chang Juan was shocked. “I remembered…… Guo Shunjie, Guo Panwei, and Old Yan are in the office.”

“Ok. Call old Yan in.”

Chang Juan went out to call him.

After Old Yan entered the small office, Dong Xuebing immediately ask: “Old Yan, can you recall on the day of the incident where the error in meeting documents happens, did someone enter my office when I am not around?”

Old Yan frowned. “Monday? No. When I return from lunch, Guo Shunjie was working on his computer.”

Dong Xuebing asked: “He is alone?”


“Ok. I understand. All of you can go now.”

Tan Limei asked furiously: “Are you suspecting…… Guo Shunjie was the one who switched the documents?!”

Chang Juan and Old Yan were shocked. If this was true, that Guo Shunjie was really daring!

Dong Xuebing do suspect Guo Shunjie. No. It’s not suspect. He was sure it was Guo Shunjie who framed him!

Guo Shunjie was the only one who benefited from this incident!

This bastard! He was too scheming!


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