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November Patreon Update 2020-10-14T07:46:04+00:00

Hey guys! Darius here.

Just letting you know that Because of the work i have to do, and schedule changes at work, I will be pausing my Patreon for November. So During the month of November, NO ONE will be charged.

The NEXT charge will be 12/1/2020. however for November, with the exception of Art benefits, You will continue to receive the art link/discord link to view wips and finished work!

Hope this puts people at ease and allows you guys to trust me!

Love you all!


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PATREON UPDATES + DISCORD SERVER UPDATES 2020-08-17T14:54:20+00:00close

(This is a public post, and can be viewed without the need to log onto Patreon. If you do choose to support me, thank you, however, it is not obligated, nor required.)

Hey guys! simple update!

$10 tier is being updated! You guys on this tier will now have the option between a monthly sticker, OR a full body sketch! this will be asked upon the new month (2nd of every month)

all refs for rewards must be in by the 10th, so i can get them out in a timely manner. if i dont have a ref, I sadly can not do the reward, and it cant roll over, so please make sure if you DO support you keep this in mind!

I will also be posting the Dropbox link of all my art for you to view IN my discord server! so no more mass messages here!

thats it! Thank you all for reading!

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IMG_20200504_133918.jpg (105.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #639095 - 24 Aug 20 09:20
Thank you, fren. For that marvelous announcement.
Dropbox Link Coming Tomorrow!
Dropbox Link Coming Tomorrow!more_vert
Post file flag
Dropbox Link Coming Tomorrow! 2020-07-02T04:17:08+00:00close

Hey guys! Just letting you know that Everyone has processed, and i will be getting the download link to you guys with the password after work! So Keep an eye on your message boxes!

and thank you all so much for your ever loving support. It really means so much to me!

(art shown is by Marlon Cores.)

Media (1)

IMG_20200504_133918.jpg (105.0KiB)

June Billing Paused 2020-05-29T10:13:14+00:00

Hey guys! How are yall doing?

Just wanting to inform you all that I've gone ahead and paused the payment cycle for June. This means anyone supporting my patreon right now will NOT be charged on June 1st.

The reason behind this is, is due to how quickly support came in may. I opened my patreon back on the 1st week of may, and finalized the tiers in the middle of the month. I did not expect the tiers to be fully filled up as fast as they did.

So, to make sure I don't fall behind, I will use the month of June to work on all of mays rewards. The next time you will be charged is 7/1. As for the dropbox link. You will STILL gain access to it, and ill send that link out 6/2. So no worries there.

So to sum it up.

- NO ONE is being charged on 6/1.
- May rewards will be done in June
- Next charge is 7/1.

If you end up getting charged in june, and you were ALREADY supporting me, please let me know. If you are JUST NOW supporting me, patreon WILL charge you. So id wait until July.

Thank you all so much and I hope you continue to support me in my endeavors!

Love uou all!

Monthly Dropbox Link now accessible! 2020-03-04T22:55:41+00:00

Hey guys! so from here on out, i will be sending a dropbox link to everyone whom is supporting me here on patreon! This is to add to the security and to make sure that stuff can not be shared on those phising websites, (you know which one)

with that said, If you continued to support me, i will send the links out to you tomorrow afternoon! make sure you are supporting me on my ONLY tier that is here! At the end of the month, i will be picking 5 random people for a free pin up of thier choice to be added into the april batch!

The link will contain the 4K images AND Alts of select art pieces that i draw on stream, all for you to enjoy 1 month before i upload it to the public. the public uploads will always be in smaller resolution and the alts will always be found on Patreon! I will also be hosting my first poll here on Patreon on Monday!

Hope to see you all here!

Darius LeoGators Roadmap for 2020.
Darius LeoGators Roadmap for 2020.more_vert
Post file flag
Darius LeoGators Roadmap for 2020. 2019-12-29T22:13:19+00:00close

Hey guys. Darius here.

Man. 2019 Has been one HELL of a year for me. I managed to get so much art done, but this year did come with some of its issues. lots of delays, working alot, and other personal things, But in the end, I managed to perservere, and make it through. I just want to thank everyone who has been watching me and keeping up to date with me through all my highs and lows. I couldnt have made it through 2019 without you guys.

But enough about 2019. Lets start talking about 2020 and whats going to be happening for me, My art, and You guys!

2020, I planning to bring a lot of things to the table, Regarding Scheduling, Streams, and Art. ive been talking with Jakob, Fringe, Libra, and others, and thanks to them, ive been able to organize and see how i will tackle this year. so with that said, Here is the official Roadmap of 2020. Now bare in mind, this will NOT replace my monthly Roadmaps. this is a simple blanket Roadmap that will lay out the future month by month roadmaps for me. you will, still see the monthly roadmaps. Here we go.

The Future of Patreon
To start things off, Patreon will be returning, however, I will be reducing it to 1 Tier. This tier will allow you access to the 4K images of my public Uploads. You will also see exclusive Patreon content and image packs. 4K Images will be placed in a dropbox folder that will be password protected. this will be to avoid people posting images and what have you on sites like yiff(dot)party. when/if you choose to support, you will be given a link to my content every month on the 5th, with a password to it. that password will change monthly on the 1st.

Once the month has expired, everything that i have finished in that month will then be uploaded the next month. So for example. All the art i upload in January in my patreon, will receive a public release in February. then February is released publically in March, March in april, Etc. etc. Images released in public will be in a lower resolution. only 4k images will be on patreon.

The Tier is accessible for $10 per month. This is a permanent change.

Art and Gaming Streams
Streams WILL be coming back! Ive missed it so much, and Im very excited to be streaming again. I am currently preparing my streaming schedule which will be a permanent schedule for all of 2020. The times and such will be posted as a blanket. the reason for a blanket post, is in the event im scheduled to work at Gamestop, I can Inform everyone so that the days stream is cancelled, or postponed.

This is going to be for both Art Streams, which will be hosted on Picarto.tv ( https://picarto.tv/DariusLeoGator ) as well as my Gaming streams, which will be hosted on my Twitch channel ( https://twitch.tv/DariusLeoGator ).

My Art streams will happen every Monday to Thursday, and my Gaming streams will happen Friday to Sunday. times to come soon. The art streams will be to work on commissions, backlog, and other content for you guys, the Gaming streams will be to work on randomizers, Speedruns, and other games for your guys enjoyment. These Streams will start up on 1/20/2020. So be ready for those!

Art Upload Schedule
I will begin uploading Art and commissions ive done in 2018/2019 starting on 1/2/2020. I will be uploading 6 pieces daily until ive uploaded all of them. Once that is done, i will upload all of the monthly images i post on patreon on the 1st to 5th of every month. I will also upload commissions i do every day, at least 3 a day. so be prepared for some BEEFY galleries.

THIS... is gonna be a HUGE change for me. for those of you that have not known me, you guys will know that i havent changed the price of my commission in almost 5 years. This will be changing starting 1/1/2020. bu thats not the only thing thats changed. There is so much more that has changed. So lets get into it.

>> Commission Prices
I Have decided to add Inks to my commission options. During 2019 ive had so many people ask about me doing Inks, and i think after some consideration, this will be added to my 2020 List of options. Inks will be $40 Per Character with a maximum of 2 Characters.

Flat Color Commissions will have no change. they will remain $50 per character, however it will be a Maximum of 2 Characters instead of 3.

Cel Shade Commissions will NOW be $75 Per Character, which is a $10 Increase from the original $65. Maximum 2 Characters instead of 3.

Full Shade/Work Commissions will NOW be $100 Per Character, which is a $10 Increase from the Original $90. Maximum 2 Characters instead of 3.

Reference Sheets will be $175/Reference sheet, which is a $50 Decrease of the Original $225.

Badges will be $45 a pop. (originally $35). themed will be $50.
Stickers will be $10 a Sticker. there will be no bundles or packs.
Add-Ons, internal shots, and cutaways will be $15 each.

>> Payment
In an effort to try and be affordable to everyone whom wants commissions, I am going to be committing to some HUGE changes regarding how i handle commissions.

This is going to be a BIG change for me. I, Prior to 1/1/2020, have always been taking payment Up-Front. and i realize now that this has made more problems for me, than solutions. So to rectify this, and make it so anyone that commissions me is at ease, Payments will be made AFTER the initial sketch has been made. Money will NOT be exchanged until YOU have viewed the sketch, and have approved it to be inked. I will no longer accept up front payments.

For those who get my more higher quality OR Quantity commissions, I will also do Payment plans. Payment plans can be offered to anyone who will spend $150 or more. please note that depending on how much you plan to spend, an initial payment will be requested to make one happen. I will work on you within your budget. In the event that the commission is finished before payment is fully covered, I will retain the commission or commiissions until payment has be fully cared for. however, i will always provide a watermarked version for you to have until that payment is settled.

Please note, that this change is so that I can handle those whom have outstanding commissions with me, and so that I will work on them before the new ones. a waiting list and queue list will be made public. Old Commissions Will Come First

As always, a TL;DR:
--> Patreon only has 1 Tier to support. $10/Month. 100% 4K/Exclusive Gallery.
--> Patreon Gallery will be releaced publically in Lower Resolution, 1 Month later.
--> Art and Gaming Streams Return on 1/20/2020. Times to be announced soon.
--> 2018/2019 Art will be Uploaded Daily. 6 Pieces a Day.
--> 2020 Commissions/Backlog Commissions Will be Uploaded upon it imminent completion.
--> Commission prices have changed. An image to show the new prices will be posted soon.
--> Payments for Commissions will be accepted before the Inks begin. Once Inks begin. No more edits will be allowed.
--> Payment Plans will be arranged for purchases over $150. a initial payment may be required.
--> Paid Commissions/Backlog is Primary and priority. A Queue List and Waiting List will be made public.

Alright. I believe that is everything to cover. If i forgot anything, ill edit this post. If there happens to be any questions, please ask below, and i will do my best to answer them as best as i can! Here is to a happy, and successful 2020!

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Patreon_VIP_Icon.png (172.7KiB)

November Update: DropBox Link Created!
November Update: DropBox Link Created!more_vert
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November Update: DropBox Link Created! 2019-11-08T04:59:34+00:00close

Hey guys! So just letting you know that my Dropbox is NOW officially set up! So If you are interested in seeing my content AS i create it, be it completed pictures, WIPs, and other content IN FULL 4K resolution, You can now support me here on patreon.

in doing this, i will Private message you a link that will be password protected. in that folder will be uploads, done in real time of wips, completed works AND alts! the link password will expire the 1st of EVERY month. on the 5th, you will receive the new password as to the link!

this is to ensure that no Hi-Resolution content is leaked to sites like Yiff.Party, and other siphoning sites.

With that said, If you are supporting me, at the ONLY tier that is available here, Please PM me and i will provide you the link to my dropbox folder which already has LOADS of content inside it! Love you all!


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Patreon_VIP_Icon.png (172.7KiB)

November RoadMap
November RoadMapmore_vert
Post file flag
November RoadMap 2019-11-04T02:13:31+00:00close

Hey guys! So. October was a bit of a flop when it came to the road map. With shift covering, work picking up and overall me just being busy with life, it left me little time to draw. So hopefully November will see that things get better. I will forewarn tho. I have ALOT to upload. So get ready to see some new stuff.

With that said, here is a roadmap of what to expect in November.

• No Themed commissions this month.
• Commissions are Closed.

Upload Schedule
• One a day.

Upcoming Events
• A new set of Adopts will be released.
• A new YCH will be released.

Patreon News
Starting 11/1 There will be only 1 Tier. $10 Tier that Grant's you access to my dropbox folder which contains All my wips as I do them, as well as completed commissions, All in 4K resolution.

Patreon Exclusive
• Koopalings Grown Up Adult Image pack.

Any questions. Hit me up! Thanks for following along and thanks for your support!

November Roadmap
November Roadmapmore_vert
Post file flag
November Roadmap 2019-10-28T08:52:27+00:00close

Hey guys! So. October was a bit of a flop when it came to the road map. With shift covering, work picking up and overall me just being busy with life, it left me little time to draw. So hopefully November will see that things get better. I will forewarn tho. I have ALOT to upload. So get ready to see some new stuff.

With that said, here is a roadmap of what to expect in November.

• No Themed commissions this month.
• Commissions are Closed.

Upload Schedule
• One a day.

Upcoming Events
• A new set of Adopts will be released.
• A new YCH will be released.

Patreon News
Starting 11/1 There will be only 1 Tier. $10 Tier that Grant's you access to my dropbox folder which contains All my wips as I do them, as well as completed commissions, All in 4K resolution.

Patreon Exclusive
• Koopalings Grown Up Adult Image pack.

Any questions. Hit me up! Thanks for following along and thanks for your support!

October Roadmap
October Roadmapmore_vert
Post file flag
October Roadmap 2019-09-30T00:31:04+00:00close

Hey guys! Hope you all have been doing well!

Seeing as October is just a couple days away, i would fill you in on what that month will bring when it regards arts, streams, and updates! so with that said, here is Octobers Roadmap!

2nd Annual Jocktober Commissions are Open!

Starting on 10/1 until 10/31, Jocktober commissions will return! If you would like to get a picture of your character, or A character done up in a jockstrap, this would be the chance to do it. it could be your own fursona, a friend, or even rule 34 characters. wanna see them in jocks, specific kind of jocks, or jocks i create, hit me up!

Jocktober Pin ups are considered 1 Character, No BG, Simple pose idea. usually knee high, but can be head to toe. Each will be $45 starting. price increases depending on complexity of the character.

I am hoping to do 1 per day, for a total 31 pieces, but my main goal is 15.

October Art Streams

Streams will be returning once again! during these streams I will be working on BACKLOG commissions. I.E. Commissions that are owed. these streams will NOT be for Jocktober commissions, OR taking in new commissions. I will be using my camera time to work on wips, and commissions that are outstanding. these streams start on 10/1, anytime after 5pm. Days i do NOT stream, will be due to work at gamestop. if i work at gamestop, that day is considered a double, as i work there, and my courier job, either before OR after. I will make sure to note accordingly.

October Upload Schedule

As people have noticed, My uploads have been scarce, usually due to me working on wips that are not ready for upload, or due to me being quite busy as of late. 10/1, that changes. I will be uploading 3 pieces onto FA every day in 6 hour intervals, like i did before until my gallery has been TOTALLY uploaded. NEW pieces will also be uploaded to Patreon AND FA at the same time. Patreon will retain the 4k Image exclusively, as well as any alts that come of an image, should it gain any, and the MAIN, smaller image will be uploaded to FA, the SAME day. there will be no "Supporters get early access".

Patreon Content

As stated above. starting 10/1, What i upload to patreon, will be JUST 4K images. the smaller files will find themselves in FA at the same time i upload a 4K image to Patreon. so the 4k images AND 4k Alts will remain exlcusive to Patreon supporters, while the public gain the lower resolution images, and alts in a Imgur or similar link.

Also, I will be creating my very first Image pack for Patreon this month. I will be starting the works on it on 10/1, and have it finished, and prepared for the public by 10/31. it will have Multiple Multiple alts. more than 10. this will be my first patreon exclusive image pack. it will be made public to everyone come 11/15 when i upload it to gumroad.

Tiers will remain the same. $5 gets you access to my gallery and image packs. $10 gets you the Image packs, and the 4k Images to go with it, and $25 gets you a 20% off commissions, and the Sai/PSD files and WIPS that came with the imagepack for your own studious purposes.

As the month progresses, i will provide updates should they come up. thank you all! Lets make October a Fantastically spoopy month!

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Patreon_VIP_Icon.png (172.7KiB)

Patreon Update (9/8/2019)
Patreon Update (9/8/2019)more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Update (9/8/2019) 2019-09-08T13:28:51+00:00close

Hey guys. Been a while. hasnt it.

I think whats been going on, is i needed a break to assess how my patreon has been doing, and seeing as it was stagnating, and i wasnt getting enough people to support me, it meant i was doing something wrong. from offering things, to making promises i couldnt keep, ive learned it was a multitude of things that kept me down. so. Ive decided after much time, and careful consideration, after having stepped back so long, and thinking of what to do, Ive decided to try one final time. So. here is whats going on.

My Patreon is now open, with the idea to make it a monthly tip jar. I will upload the 4K versions and Alts to commissions here, the SAME TIME i upload a commission publically. be it on FA, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, whatever. If i make a smaller resolution commission public, the 4K/4KAlts will be here, exclusively. This is to ensure that you have the OPTION to support. I wont paywall anything. Hi-Res or 4K images will be Here, while Low-Res/Smaller Images will be public. This is Accessible at the Lowest tier.

I will also be releasing 1 Monthly Image pack at the end of every month. Depending on the tier you support on, It will feature Many things.

At the $10 Tier
> Multiple Alternate Versions.
> 4K Images

At the $25 Tier
> PSD or SAI Files
> Sketches and WIPs.

What the Pack will be geared to, will be determined via A Poll ill host here, and on Twitter Every 5th of the month, that ends 3 days later.

The Pack will be released to Patrons on the last day of the month, and then will be released on GumRoad on the 10th of the next month for the public to purchase at thier own leisure. (note that the 4K images and PSD/Sai Files will remain exclusive for patrons.)

And if you so much as consider supporting me on my VIP Tier, I will be more than happy to offer you guys 20% off your TOTAL commission order. Furthermore, when i DO open for commissions, I will ALSO prioritize you to the front if your on this tier. Im also considering keeping commissions perpetually open for you lot specifically. so simply ask.

and thats it. these are the changes going forward. short, sweet, simple. The changes will take effect immediately. so if you stuck around and were charged for this month, let me know which tier you were charged for, Ill verify, and you will qualify for the rewards on that tier.

Hopefully you guys will like the changes, and i look forward to hearing your responses, and i also look forward to reply to them!

Thank you all. Be Good People!
-Darius LeoGator

Media (1)

Patreon_VIP_Icon.png (172.7KiB)

May Theme Image Pack 2019-03-20T02:42:41+00:00

Alright! So, with April approaching it's time I prepare my first ever image pack! So with that said, here are the 5 themes! Everyone is free to vote! Voting is open for the public. Those on respective tiers gets additional votes added to what they chose. Just make sure you PM me in private! The choices are...

Patreon Tier Reward Changes 2019-03-11T22:24:11+00:00

Yep. took the time to assess my capabilities and my time, and after some talking with you guys on my discord, and mulling things over, I have decided to make the following changes to my Tiers.

New Tier Names!
Ive changed the $5 and $10 Tiers from Art Lovers/Enthusiasts to Bar Hoppers/Loungers. The reward for those ALSO have changed.

Bar Hoppers ($5)
You will Have Full access to my Gallery here as i post. All posts on patreon will be made public 1 Month later. this means that posts made in April on patreon, will be posted publically on May. You will ALSO have full access to my Discord.

Bar Loungers ($10)
You will be able to see all alts to posts that have alts. you will also get to see WIPs of future projects, commissions, and pieces that i am working on, allowing you to critique on them!

NEW TIERS Have been Added!
The NEXT update to my tierlist will be more in the productive standards, and will offer a bit more intimacy when it comes to rewards and art! listed below are the rewards, and what they will offer in depth.

Bartenders ($25)
You guys will have access to 100% of the HIGH RESOLUTION art that i upload. those will be uploaded with "HR" in the title. That signifies, those are for you!

I will also be releasing Monthly Themed image Packs which will have NUMEROUS alts for your viewing pleasure. those will be sent on the FINAL day of the month. Those will be chose by you via polls that i put up on month ahead of time. So April will have a poll for mays image pack. Mays Image pack gets uploaded on the last day, while Junes Poll is done in the middle of May. etc.

I will also be doing at least 4 Monthly Patreon Only Streams for this tier and better. and those that do attend will get small bust sketch icons of thier characters as a thank you for attending and supporting. These will generally last about 4 hours.

High Rollers ($40)
Alongside the applicable rewards listed above, you guys will also be secured a Flat color Pin up of an OC of yours, or your choosing. this is guaranteed for you every month. no need to wait. I will contact you on the 5th of every month to get your references. If you do not respond with a reference, by the 15th (10 Days from the prior message) You will lose that pin up for the month. These will NOT stack. furthermore, When voting for Monthly Image Pack themes, Your votes Count as 3. only 8 on this slot. so once all 8 spots are taken, thats it.

Co-Owners ($60)
This is the BIGGEST tier, here and therefore will have super small limits in spots. specifically 3. But for this tier, You get ALL applicable rewards from prior tiers. However, Instead of a Secured pin up, you will get a Monthly 1 on 1 Discord Stream with me, in which for a minimum of 4 hours, I will draw for you whatever you desire, so long as it is within my "Will Draw" List. that list will be posted soon.

These Updates and the charges for them will take effect STARTING APRIL! So. i will continue to upload AS NORMAL until april, in which everything will take effect then. should anything happen that will delay rewards, I will post a public post stating what is going on.

If there are any questions, Please leave a comment below, or message me on my discord server, WHICH you are all welcome to!

You can join the server by Clicking HERE

Thank you all for the time! Be Good people!


Darius Dakimakura Front
Darius Dakimakura Frontmore_vert
Darius Dakimakura Front 2019-03-10T22:14:39+00:00close

Its happening! Im making a Daki of Darius that will be available for purchase VERY soon!

Hope you will all like it!

Art and Darius is (c) Myself.


Attachments (12)

DariDaki 2 alt-s.png (1.5MiB)
DariDaki 4 alt-s.png (1.3MiB)
DariDaki 3 alt-s.png (1.6MiB)
DariDaki alt-s.png (307.0KiB)
DariDaki-s.png (297.1KiB)
DariDaki 5 alt-s.png (1.3MiB)
DariDaki 2 alt.png (1.5MiB)
DariDaki 4 alt.png (1.3MiB)
DariDaki 3 alt.png (1.5MiB)
DariDaki 5 alt.png (1.2MiB)
DariDaki.png (1.5MiB)
DariDaki alt.png (1.6MiB)

Commission Shaun
Commission Shaunmore_vert
Commission Shaun 2019-03-10T22:11:38+00:00close

A Commission for ShaunMMX of his big Dragon dad in his uniform...and with quite the problem.

Art (c) Myself
Tova (c) ShaunMMX


Kenjin the Cat
Kenjin the Catmore_vert
Kenjin the Cat 2019-02-26T22:04:02+00:00close

Kenjin is not only one of THE HOTTEST cats ive got to meet, and talk to, but he is an amazing artist as well! and he allowed me to draw him something, and this was one of my favorite pieces to do. I decided to do some experimentation on this, and i am really happy with its result.

you may see some pin ups like this in the future!

Kenjin is (c) Himself.
Art is (c) Me.

Attachments (2)

Kenjin Pin up-s.png (474.4KiB)
Kenjin Pin up.png (939.7KiB)

Lack of Updates. 2019-02-25T04:31:59+00:00

Hey guys! Sorey for my lack of updates for February. Been busy trying to prepare for a move and so I have been super occupied.

We got served a notice for non renewal of the lease and had to leave in 60 days. We are leaving a month early. We found a fantastic place and I'll be showing pics soon.

I was also at FurSquared in Brookfield, WI this past weekend. I do have art to upload.

But forMarch, to make up for the lack of updates, I'll be pausing my patreon for the month, which will make aure you guys arent charged for the month. My patreon WILL STILL BE RUNNING, you just get the March rewards for free.

See yall tomorrow with uploads

Faust Raccoon Reference Sheet
Faust Raccoon Reference Sheetmore_vert
Faust Raccoon Reference Sheet 2019-02-09T22:03:41+00:00close

A Refernece Sheet for a really close friend of mine! commissioned a ref of him, showing off his new look, as well as him being proud to be a cuntstud! And he looks really good in every aspect!

Faust is (c) Himself.
Art is (c) Myself.


Attachments (2)

Faust Raccoon Ref-s.png (5.1MiB)
Faust Raccoon Ref.png (19.1MiB)

a Barista Breeding
a Barista Breedingmore_vert
a Barista Breeding 2019-02-08T16:00:54+00:00close

I came in to get my usual caffiene fix. Met this stud of a barista... Decided to give me another kinna fix.. And i will say. thats just the start of his climax.. word of warning, im STILL sloshing around that belly... oh. and Im pregnant now XD.

Arik is (c) ArikVulpes
Art and Darius is (c) Myself.


Rewards being prepared 2019-02-04T15:58:31+00:00

Hey guys. Letting you all know that the rewards will be sent ot tonight, now that patreon has fixed the payment issue.

Last Patreon Streams for January 2019-01-27T22:35:09+00:00

Hey guys! just letting you all know that the Last 2 Patreon streams for January will be on Tuesday and Wednesday! they will be at 10am and will be 2 hours long. make sure you are there so that you get a bust icon for being a supporter!

I've already got the monthly image pack for this month put together, and will be ready to distribute it on the 1st of February. and then for those on my $10 tier, I have the recordings set up and ready for you guys!

thank you for all the love and support! <3

Azula Tonkotsu
Azula Tonkotsumore_vert
Azula Tonkotsu 2019-01-24T09:22:07+00:00close

This was quite the piece i done. Possibly one of my favorites of the year. I dont get to do many females, Especially big girls. and so when Azune came to me about his daughter that was created by him, I absolutely took off!

She is So beautiful too! I do hope you all feel the same!

Azula is (c) AzuneTonkotsu
Art is (c) Myself.



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User #17026309 - 2 Feb 19 12:18
Jakob's First Time.
Jakob's First Time. more_vert
Jakob's First Time. 2019-01-23T01:53:16+00:00close

Oh yeah. Big Bad Blue Deathclaw decided to let one of his close friends be the one to take the biggest thing the Deathclaw has.

Just check out the alts to see what he indeed finally gave up.

Jakob is (c) MechanicalDClaw on Twitter
Commission for ScrublordMan
Art is (c) Myself.


Aurora Bust Icon 2
Aurora Bust Icon 2more_vert
Aurora Bust Icon 2 2019-01-17T21:25:52+00:00close

Shes been such a blast in my streams, and seeing as she always shows up, she is snagging these and giving me much to test, and i think by far, this is the best woman ive ever drawn. thank you so much Aurora.

Aurora is (c) Herself.
Art is (c) Myself.


Join My Discord! >> https://discord.gg/rGSKTen <<

Attachments (2)

Aurora Bust Sketch 2-s.png (801.0KiB)
Aurora Bust Sketch 2.png (1.1MiB)

Janine the Deathclaw
Janine the Deathclawmore_vert
Janine the Deathclaw 2019-01-17T21:23:53+00:00close

So. Jakob, the Moderator in my streams decided that he wanted to see the sketch that GBG got all colored, and well, here she is.

This is Janine. the sister to Jakob. a Matriarch Deathclaw. and she looks amazing!

Art is (c) Myself.
Janine is (c) GBG and JakobTheDeathclaw


Join My Discord! >> https://discord.gg/rGSKTen <<

Attachments (2)

GBG Commission-s.png (453.1KiB)
GBG Commission.png (996.1KiB)

PATREON STREAM 1/17/2019more_vert
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PATREON STREAM 1/17/2019 2019-01-17T17:35:03+00:00close

Hey guys! Stream is about to begin! Super happy to be at it with our 2nd patreon stream of the week. ill be trying to do 2 a week for you guys here on out! so yeah! Lets begin!

remember! if you are a supporter, AND have not gotten a bust icon, simply tune into my patreon stream, and you will get one!

See you in mere moments!


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DariusLeoGator - Picarto

DariusLeoGator is live on Picarto.tv! Watch our streamer do Adult stuff and chat with likeminded people. 2874 have watched DariusLeoGator's stream!



Patreon Stream today! 2019-01-17T16:33:33+00:00

Hey guys! within the hour I'll be doing a patreon only stream for you guys! those who attend will get a bust icon from me! come have a chance to watch me work, and learn about me!

as always if you cant be there, dont fret! the streams are always recorded! they will be in the monthly pack alongside all the art I do in the month.

link will be posted soon!

Aurora Bust Sketch
Aurora Bust Sketchmore_vert
Aurora Bust Sketch 2019-01-15T18:53:59+00:00close

A Bust sketch icon for my beautiful supporter Aurora!

if you want these, make sure you tune into my patreon streams when i announce them! anyone that tunes in will get one!

Mikael is (c) AuroraLovecraft
Art is (c) Myself.


Join My Discord! >> https://discord.gg/rGSKTen <

Attachments (2)

Aurora Bust Sketch-s.png (257.5KiB)
Aurora Bust Sketch.png (709.1KiB)

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STREAMING LIVE NOW! 2019-01-15T16:00:24+00:00close

Ill be starting up my stream in mere moments for you guys! come on in! those that show up will get some bust icons from me for a warm up today!

Stream time: 2-3 Hours!

COME ON IN!!! >> https://picarto.tv/DariusLeoGator/495d280d190e5135825379258d9927d8

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DariusLeoGator - Picarto

DariusLeoGator is live on Picarto.tv! Watch our streamer do Adult stuff and chat with likeminded people. 2795 have watched DariusLeoGator's stream!



BrandonFolf Commission
BrandonFolf Commissionmore_vert
BrandonFolf Commission 2019-01-12T23:12:56+00:00close

Brandon here, showing off what he is made of! and if i may say, He is packing quite the tool. Makes me.. Whooooo... Shiver with such need! haha.

Brandon is (c) His Player
Art is (c) Myself.


Join My Discord! >> https://discord.gg/rGSKTen <

Sketchmission Drap
Sketchmission Drapmore_vert
Sketchmission Drap 2019-01-12T23:09:58+00:00close

a Sketchmission for a stud of a man named Drap. a Dragon-Raptor Hybrid. and he is quite hot! Like.. VERY hot! You may see more of him! haha.

Drap is (c) His Player
Art is (c) Myself.


Join my Discord! >> https://discord.gg/rGSKTen <

Attachments (2)

Draptor SketchMission-s.png (488.0KiB)
Draptor SketchMission.png (1.1MiB)

Sketchmission GBG
Sketchmission GBGmore_vert
Sketchmission GBG 2019-01-10T01:31:41+00:00close

So. Jakob and GBG have been talking alot. and they have become very close friends. So close, in fact, that GBG has decided to become the sister of Jakob.

So here is Janine The Deathclaw. The younger, more rambunctious sister of Jakob. She works in the shop as a receptionist, and mechanic as well. She also has the same mindset of a breeder, like her brother, and she makes sure to tease the FUCK out of him for that!

Janine is (c) GBG and Jakob The Deathclaw
Art is (c) Myself.
Deathclaws are (c) Bethesda


Attachments (2)

GBG Sketchmission-s.png (524.5KiB)
GBG Sketchmission.png (1.3MiB)

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User #681000 - 10 Jan 19 01:34
She looks amazing! ^__^
user avatar
User #924660 - 10 Jan 19 13:40
AAAA! she's so pretty! (i love the little plush xD) It's funny looking back, Jakob is how I found you in the first place, such a friendly big guy <3
Sketchmission Specter
Sketchmission Spectermore_vert
Sketchmission Specter 2019-01-10T01:26:40+00:00close

Not many Amalj'aa ever roam in public, and if they are like this big dude, I can see why! I dont think people would ever keep thier hands off!

Character is (c) His Owner.
Art is (c) Myself.
Amalj'aa are (c) Square Enix


Attachments (2)

Specter Sketchmission-s.png (692.0KiB)
Specter Sketchmission.png (1.5MiB)

Sketchmission Scales
Sketchmission Scalesmore_vert
Sketchmission Scales 2019-01-10T01:18:33+00:00close

heckin big dragon... with a HECKIN big pole... Lord! thats what we call a womb breaker!

Character is (c) His owner.
Art is (c) Myself.


Attachments (2)

Scales Sketchmission-s.png (519.0KiB)
Scales Sketchmission.png (1.1MiB)

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User #924660 - 10 Jan 19 01:23
PATREON STREAM IN 10 MINUTES! 2019-01-09T15:48:49+00:00

the stream is open to ALL supporters of my patreon. I'll be fixing the tiers to reflect that. with that said, See you all in 10 minutes!


PATREON STREAM IN 1 HOUR! 2019-01-09T14:53:15+00:00

Yep! First patreon stream will be in 1 hour. (10AM CST).

I'll be on voice for the stream, and I'll be talking with you guys as I work on some stuff, this would be a great time to ask questions, get to know me, and ask me for some tips on what you can do for your art!

link will be posted 15 minutes before showtime!

Hey Everyone! Bit of an Update. --PUBLIC UPDATE-- 2018-12-27T21:02:02+00:00

Alright. so i took some time to organize things. this includes the layout of my rewards and such, and what i plan to do going forward.

THIS WILL BE A PUBLIC POST! This means you do NOT need a Patreon Account to View this. You do NOT need to be supporting the channel. ANYONE Can Comment, and View this post!

So. here is whats gonna happen.

Starting in January of 2019. I am planning to start uploading again. but instead of it being 3 to 4 pics a day, like i had ambitiously stated, Ill be managing my time a bit more carefully, now that i have 3 jobs.

So. you will see me try for at least 1 Upload a day. if i dont upload, it was probably do to my jobs being one after the other. so there is that. If i can manage it, I MAY upload a 2nd piece if i am able to.

Reward tiers will be dramatically changed. I saw that me trying to offer rewards was a bit daunting on me, and it was taking up most of my time, not to mention the heavy amounts of procrastination i was doing, due to trying to bounce back and forth between many projects. to solve this, i have decided to fully remove the art based rewards and tiers. what this means is, at least for now, those tiers where you would get an art piece from me, will no longer exist until further notice. There will only be 2 tiers now.

Art Lovers & Art Enthusiasts.

I do understand if that is a reason why you cut your support, and i am ok with that. It WILL come back eventually, but i have to finish what is on my plate first!

Finally, I have made a FurryNetwork Account. so i will be posting there more often. I will continue to post on telegram, and Sofurry, as well as my Discord, and twitter, but do know that i will be posting BASE images there, this means alts and such will be tied to this page here, as to avoid spam on other sites.

Dont worry tho. the lowest tier setting STILL gives access to 100% of my gallery. that wont change.

And thats it for now. if i have any more updates, I will post them when they pop up. In the mean time, I welcome you all to converse with me in the comments below! I will be reading and responding to questions, comments, and concerns as they come! I would really love to see and hear what you guys all have to say about the changes, as well as your opinions as to what i could do to better make you guys happy, and make this page grow!

Love you guys! and until next time!

-Darius LeoGator

Reigniting my Patreon 2018-11-11T05:16:16+00:00

Sorry its been so slow as of late. it's been due to my working 3 jobs. things have calmed down and I'm getting ready to upload some more art here soon. please be aware that you DONT have to support here.

exclusively here are free sketches that my supporters get, as well as hi res images of all the art i upload publically on my Twitter (@LeoGatorArts), my SoFurry (DariusLeoGator) and my tumblr (TheLeoGatorsLounge)

thank you all for the continued support.

-Darius LeoGator

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User #14889568 - 5 Dec 18 17:33
Ok =)
Jocktober Pin up for Spell900
Jocktober Pin up for Spell900more_vert
Jocktober Pin up for Spell900 2018-10-15T09:31:51+00:00close

This one was rather fun! a Jocktober piece with a bit of added Leather Pride to it for Feran! And this was A LOT of fun to do. VERY proud of the look here!


Feran is (c) himself.
art is (c) LeoGatorArts

Patreon Reward: Slobbermaw
Patreon Reward: Slobbermawmore_vert
Patreon Reward: Slobbermaw 2018-10-12T00:27:10+00:00close

Ive owed this dude 4 months of rewards...and after talking with him, this was the result! And he was VERY happy with it. As am i. Love the angling, and love that this pic shows.

Art is (c) Myself
Characters are (c) Their Owners.


Attachments (2)

Slobbermaw Patreon-s.png (602.7KiB)
Slobbermaw Patreon.png (1.3MiB)

Commission for Serith
Commission for Serithmore_vert
Commission for Serith 2018-10-11T04:20:07+00:00close

I will say. this has to be one of the more hotter commissions ive ever done. Something about ass being more prominent in jocks, is a MASSIVE turn on for me! And he looks GOOD!


Art is (c) Myself.
Serith is (c) CodArk2

Daimyon the Invisible
Daimyon the Invisiblemore_vert
Daimyon the Invisible 2018-10-11T03:42:52+00:00close

Been meaning to really draw my Invisible after having gotten art of him a bit ago. And after talking with Koro about him, and possible art, i got inspired, and here is the end result! And i am VERY happy with his look!


Art and Daimyon is (c) Myself.
Invisible and Heartless Logo is (c) SquEnix and Disney

Commission: CodArk2
Commission: CodArk2more_vert
Commission: CodArk2 2018-10-11T03:34:05+00:00close

A Commission for Codark2 of his Big wolf, Bruce Lifting some weight, and excited for his workout!


Art is (c) Myself
Bruce is (c) CodArk2

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STREAMING NOW! 2018-09-26T22:36:27+00:00close


Got lots of art to finish up, AND I'll be workin on patreon images! come on in, and enjoy the beef! I'll be streaming alongside BlankShot!


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DariusLeoGator - Picarto

DariusLeoGator is live on Picarto.tv! Watch our streamer do Adult stuff and chat with likeminded people. 1897 have watched DariusLeoGator's stream!



Dont you touch yourself now!
Dont you touch yourself now!more_vert
Dont you touch yourself now! 2018-09-21T06:15:53+00:00close

Just let the vibrators do thier job. Dont give in. let them milk you of the essence you are willing to give! Such a good gator!

Seems like Tank is truly testing his capabilities to hold back orgasms... though it looks like he has more to offer!

Tanks is (c) His Player
Art is (c) Myself.

Attachments (1)

Tanks Commission-s.png (453.8KiB)

Team LittleBig!
Team LittleBig!more_vert
Team LittleBig! 2018-09-21T06:04:14+00:00close

A Commission for BlyZeraz whom was absolutely patient, and has been awesome in my evolution as an artist! Thank you and I hope you guys enjoy!

Follow him on FA!

Art and Darius is (c) Myself.
Bly is (c) Himself.


Attachments (1)

BlyZeras Commission 2-s.png (886.6KiB)

Hekar and Jakob
Hekar and Jakobmore_vert
Hekar and Jakob 2018-09-19T20:37:54+00:00close

A Commission for Hekar and My Boyf, Jakob. as many know, Jakob loves his ass being played with and ate. And Hekar was more than happy to make that a thing! and dont get it twisted. Small men like Hekar can find those spots of his easily, Look at Jakob and how he is responding!

Jakob is (c) MechanicalDClaw on twitter
Hekar is (c) Himself


Attachments (1)

Hekar Commission-s.png (477.1KiB)

Sal Pan Pride Commission
Sal Pan Pride Commissionmore_vert
Sal Pan Pride Commission 2018-09-19T16:59:13+00:00close

A Commission for Kazuma of his Daddy Character Showing off some pansexual pride! And might i say, it looks amazing!

Sal is (c) Kazuma
Art is (c) myself.


Attachments (1)

Kazuma Commission-s.png (404.7KiB)

Massive Update 2018-09-11T23:40:26+00:00

Massive Update Good Afternoon everyone! So. Some BIG changes are happening! I have finally cleaned up my Trello! Ive updated it with what i know i owe in backlog and commissions! I will be posting it publically! So please make sure you give it a check, and notify me if you do not see your name on the list, OR if your name has inaccurate information! The Trello is posted below! it will be consistently updated, as information is changed and pieces are finished. https://trello.com/b/lQhBZA8I/darius-leogators-commission-board NEXT! I have Purged BOTH my twitter accounts. You will notice that @LeoGatorArts AND @LionDragonsDen is empty. I intentionally did this. @LeoGatorArts will now be PRIMARLY focused on art, while @LionGatorGames (Formally @LionGatorsDen) will PRIMARILY Focus on Gaming and Twitch! Make sure you are following BOTH Twitters! NEXT! Alongside me having a Tumblr (https://theleogatorslounge.tumblr.com/) and a Patreon (https://patreon.com/DariusLeoGator)... I NOW HAVE A SOFURRY! I will be posting there frequently. as i post there, My tumblr, and twitter will be updated in sucession. My patreon will be updated alongside, WHILE having some extras added to it! exclusives, if you may! here is the link to my SoFurry >> https://darius-leogator.sofurry.com So make sure you are following me on all fronts so you can keep up to date with me! AND FINALLY! STREAM SCHEDULE!! Starting next week, My Stream schedule will be as follows. ART STREAM - Monday-Friday - 6PM Start time. Ends anytime after 11PM GAME STREAM - Saturday-Sun - 4PM Start Time. Ends anytime after 9PM So. to sum it all up. - Trello is Updated. Message me if your missing/inaccurate - Twitter is now Art/Gaming Focused! @LeoGatorArts/@LionGatorGames -Tumblr & Patreon will now be updated alongside my NEW SoFurry - Art Streams M-F at 6PM - Gaming Streams Sat-Sun at 4PM Thank you all for the wonderful support! Love you all!

A Question about Content 2018-08-25T08:01:03+00:00

Hey guys! I hope you have been awesome! So. as August is drawing to a close I have been thinking of ways to be able to give more back to you guys. and whilst I was mulling things over, one of the ideas that came to me was to offer 1 or 2 monthly themed packages. effectively, I would draw a theme for each package, and include many alts, and then depending in the tiers, offer the sai files for learning purposes and tutorials to give you guys a more step by step on how I do things. It would be offered at the end of every month, and then put on a site where it could be purchased by the open public. 2 weeks later. What do you guys think? any input would help and would be appreciated! if you guys think I should push for it, I have an idea for the first couple packages which I'll work on immediately entering September! Share this post around as I would like input from everyone. this will help make my page grow ans get closer to you guys as I learn. this IS a FREE post, so there should be no need to have a patreon account unless you want to comment. otherwise, you can reply to the Twitter post this will be linked upon! thanks guys!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #924660 - 7 Sep 18 10:49
That is a very good idea! Take care not to overwork yourself, but you know your limits. It's really good because people can still purchase your work if they cant do subs! As far as getting closer to us, I'm not super well versed in the whole artist/client kinda relationship, but having a discord works wonders. It's a great place to share updates, irl stuff (if thats a route you wanna go), and just get some immediate feed back from your followers. It seems, at least from my point of view, that you have a lot of this up and running as is, it just takes time and patience. easier said then done haha. I hope you find a nice balance ^^
user avatar
User #2663103 - 25 Aug 18 16:22
That sounds like a great idea! Just make a schedule to pick days to create those picture and have more days to finish the backtrack. That way, you can have a system to focus on what that day.
user avatar
User #4554655 - 25 Aug 18 10:52
Honestly, if you have the time and the drive? Go for it! It'll help in bringing in new Patrons and keeping the ones you've got happy!

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