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Thanks, and Suggestions 2020-08-01T14:00:10+00:00

Hello, everyone! Happy August! Hope you're all doing well, despite everything going on right now!

As always, I want to thank all of you for your support. It is very much appreciated!

If you have any suggestions for the Community Caption poll, be sure to reply to this post with them. The poll will go up for $5 and up tiers, on the 11th, so get your ideas in before then! Once the poll is up, I can't edit it, so anything after that will have to be resubmitted for next month.

I hope you all have a great August!

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #6067402 - 1 Aug 20 16:05
Continuation of a little R&R. I also love the idea of a new parent's counselor who shows parents how to take care of babies before they have one. She is a short young woman who is a secret adult baby and can stlll fit in baby diapers and baby clothing. She allows new mothers and fathers to come in and allow them to baby her only for one of the couples wanting more then just a regular baby.
user avatar
User #6091035 - 1 Aug 20 14:01
A scientist tests out her new time machine and inadvertently messes up her life and maybe The World!!
user avatar
User #5293631 - 1 Aug 20 14:07
I'd like Cosplay confusion from last months poll
user avatar
User #3261616 - 1 Aug 20 16:36
A continuation of the DnD story, Trapped? (coughs) "Determined to save their Halfling companion from the sinister yet unusual Wraith and it's trap, our heroes return to the mysterious dungeon. Will they be able to rescue poor Hana? Will the effects on her from the magical trap persist after being freed? Or will another member of the party fall victim to the Wraith's unusual powers and discover what has happened to Hana firsthand...?"
user avatar
User #7012618 - 1 Aug 20 14:24
A cruel camp leader is sabotaged by her campers and made to wet her bed every night until she needs diapers. They also dish out a bunch of humiliation
user avatar
User #111501 - 1 Aug 20 14:14
This might be too vague, but I'd love to see another heartwarming one like 'Mia's Baby Girl'
user avatar
User #3470398 - 1 Aug 20 15:39
After confessing to her girlfriend about her interest in diapers, Anna finds that her girlfriend is all too supportive of her suggestion to wear diapers around the house more. As her girlfriend quickly starts insisting she wear more and more until she can no longer recall the last time she’d been allowed to do anything but wet and mess herself at first thought. What started as hoping for an occasional way to mix up their love life ends up in a story of support but a development of a diaper dependence Anna hadn’t quite planned on.
A Learning Experience
A Learning Experiencemore_vert
A Learning Experience 2020-07-30T14:00:03+00:00close

Here's this month's Community Caption! Pictures property of ABDreams!

"But Mommmmmy," Emmy whined, squirming in place, hands clenched around the hem of her perfectly-sized pink dress, just long enough to keep her diaper hidden, yet still short enough to make her self-conscious about it. "I really hafta go..."

"I'm sure you do, dear," Cassie smiled at her, drinking in every moment of the girl's discomfort. "But we're on a walk, aren't we?"

It had been a mean trick... But that didn't make it any less entertaining to watch. A dose of a powerful, new laxative - put into some prune babyfood, so Emmy would blame it on that - and then a 'sudden' decision that they both needed to get some exercise had been all it took. Cassie had measured out the drug carefully, ensuring it was a safe amount for someone her baby girl's size, while still being very, very effective.

On the car ride over, Cassie had already seen Emmy fidgeting, although when she asked if everything was all right, the girl had said yes, probably assuming it wasn't that bad, that she'd be able to wait until they got back home, and could beg her Mommy to use her potty seat, since there was no way she'd be allowed to go into the bathrooms at the park. They'd only have toilets there, and Mommy had told her, in no uncertain terms, those were off-limits.

By the time Emmy had gotten desperate enough to say anything herself, it was too late. They were partway through their walk, in the middle of the woods, the public bathrooms much too far away for them to return to in time... Not that Emmy had known that.

"Just this once, Mommy," Emmy pleaded. "I-I've been a good girl lately, a-and I won't try to use the toilet any other time, a-and..."

Cassie saw her face go red in the middle of the sentence, watched her wriggling intensify, until, as she trailed away, there was no doubt what was happening. Of course, it was far more fun to play dumb, to ask, "What's wrong, sweetie?" and see her baby girl unable to answer, grunting and gritting her teeth. "Uh-oh," Cassie cooed. "What's going on, Emmy?"

There was little cuter than a big baby blushing, claiming they were doing, "N-Nothin'..." when that was very obviously not the case, as if they thought they were hiding it, or that everyone around them was just as small and silly as them, and didn't already know.

Cassie played along, for a moment. "Let's get going, then," she said. "The sooner we finish up, the sooner we can get home for dessert!" But, unsurprisingly, Emmy didn't budge. "What are you doing?" Cassie asked innocently. Finally, she sniffed the air. "Emmy... What are you doing?"

"I-I..." Emmy stammered, helpless to stop her Mommy from lifting her skirt, exposing her expanding diaper.

"Emmy!" Cassie scolded. "If you had to go this badly, why didn't you ask for your potty before we left?"

"I-I..." Emmy tried again, getting no further than last time. If she said she hadn't known she had to go, then wasn't that the same as admitting she needed her diapers? As much as she was messing now, and as quickly as the need had appeared, she was, essentially, saying she couldn't be trusted in big girl panties. If all it took was one little jar of pureed prunes, and the amount of time it had taken to get from the house to the park, and a little ways into one of the shorter walking paths there, to have this big of an accident, some amount of protection was definitely warranted...

"Well, young lady," Cassie shook her head. "You know the rules... Little babies who go poo-poo in their Pampers aren't big enough to walk, are they?"

"But.... Mommy!" Emmy gasped. "W-We're not at home!"

"I know that," Cassie told her. "Which makes you doing this here all the more embarrassing for me. But rules are rules... If you aren't a big enough girl to tell me you need the potty in time, then you can just crawl your way back to the car."

She stomped her little foot, but Cassie couldn't imagine how incredibly helpless she must feel after this, how tiny. Pouting, she got down onto her hands and knees in the grass, staring up at Cassie, as if asking if she were serious about this.

She was; why else would she have made the girl wear a dress the perfect length to put her diapered bottom on display when she was on all fours? "Come along," she ordered, walking ahead. "I can't wait to have my dessert, anyway... Once I get you tucked into your crib nice and early."

If anyone would enjoy that story, Cassie thought, it would be her Mommy friend, Portia. There weren't a ton of people into the fetish in their town, which had made it relatively easy for them to find one another, once they went looking. They'd exchanged some tips here and there, had some small get-togethers with people from surrounding areas, and promised to get their babies together for play-dates... Except, Portia still didn't have a full-time baby of her own.

She had a nursery of her own already, built by the same person who had made Emmy's, and hosted some visitors there, but none of the had ever clicked in the same way that Cassie and Emmy had. So, when Portia had invited her over to help her prepare for another, one that she told Cassie she had a feeling might be 'the one', Cassie had been happy to visit. She was glad for her friend, of course.... And to have the chance to tell the story in person.

"I have one really big favor to ask of you," Portia told her when she arrived. "You're going to think this is crazy, but..." She blushed. "I've actually... Not diapered anyone. Not an adult, anyway, and not anyone at all since I was a babysitter, years ago."

"Really?!" Cassie was shocked. "What about the ABs who have stayed in your nursery?"

Portia shrugged. "We were taking it slow... None of us were comfortable with jumping right to that, so they always changed themselves, and things just never got that far with any of them. I've been talking with this new girl for a while, though, and I think it might happen... But I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing or not."

"You should have had me bring Emmy over," Cassie said. "You could have practiced on her all day." The girl was at work, but if she'd known about this, Cassie would have found another time when she was available.

"I thought about that," Portia admitted. "I didn't want to risk doing it wrong on someone who might actually use it, though. So I was thinking... I know it's silly, but could we try? Maybe you could diaper me first, so I could get an idea of what it's like, from a first-person perspective, and then I'd try it on you."

Cassie paused, reluctant. She loved seeing other people in diapers, adored watching her baby toddle around in them, especially once she'd used them... She'd never been particularly interested in wearing them herself, however. For the sake of her friend, and in the hopes that she'd finally find someone to be her Emmy, she nodded. "Why not? If you think it'll help."

She was so used to diapering Emmy, it was strange doing it to someone taller than her, but, once Portia was on the table, not that different. She talked the woman through her process, then stripped down herself. It felt very odd, and strangely ominous, sliding out of her jeans and panties, setting them aside, knowing she was about to be put into a diaper, like little Emmy...

It was, it turned out, worthwhile. "Aww, don't you look cute?" Portia teased, helping Cassie up off the table.

"Not bad for a first try," Cassie blushed, ignoring the comment as she examined the diaper. Since she didn't wear them, it was hard to tell if it was on correctly by feel, but once she was standing, and could look down at it, she had a better idea of what needed to be fixed. "You could pull it up a bit more before fastening the tapes, though... And don't be afraid to make it nice and tight. That's what prevents leaks."

"I see," Portia nodded. "All right, baby Cassie, back onto the changing table! Let's get this right!"

A few more pointers, and Portia was diapering like a pro. "Maybe we can try again in a bit," she said, satisfied with the results. "For now, why don't we have something to drink?" She led Cassie to the kitchen, brewing a pot of tea.

"Can't we change first?" Cassie blushed.

"No point," Portia told her. "If we're going to practice more, we'd just have to take our clothes back off in a few minutes."

Cassie didn't love sitting around in a diaper, and it certainly made her story feel a bit different... But she'd already waited this long to tell it, so, once the tea was finished, and they were both seated and served, she let it all spill out.

Portia listened, calmly sipping her tea, then, at the end, asked, "And you did this in public?"

Cassie sighed, rolled her eyes; she should have known that would be the thing that stood out to Portia. She was constantly lecturing her about how they should be careful, and not inflict their fetishes on non-consenting randos.... But what did she know? She didn't have a baby herself yet, had no idea how tempting it was, how much fun it could be... She thought, because she was a few years older, that she knew better, even when she didn't have nearly the amount of real-world experience as Cassie.

"It was fine," she told Portia. "You're always so uptight about this... I've been to that park plenty of times... I know there's hardly ever anyone there that time of day. And if I'd seen someone, I'd have let her stand up." She left the 'probably' from the end of that sentence unspoken, although she suspected they both knew it was there.

"And you used that laxative on her without her knowledge?" Portia raised an eyebrow.

Cassie groaned. Portia was nice enough, but there were definitely days when she could be a real stick in the mud, and Cassie wished there were other Mommies around she could talk to in person. "It wasn't that much," she said. "I was careful with the dosage."

"I imagine it was the same one you showed me the other day," Portia mused.

Cassie had been so excited to find it... Tasteless, clear, fast-acting... It was perfect for things like... Well, what she'd done. She'd hesitated to show it off to Portia, but she'd had to let someone know. "It was," she answered. "I thought it was pretty clever, sneaking it into her prunes like that... Then she could blame any tummy troubles on them, and she had enough experience that she'd think she'd be all right, until it was too late."

To Cassie's surprise, Portia gave a nod, actually complimented her plan with a, "That was smart." Finally, she was acknowledging that, even though Cassie was younger, she could come up with good ideas on her own.

"I know," Cassie said smugly. "She never knew what hit her."

"It seems not," Portia replied. "You really can't notice it when it's in something else, can you?"

"I assume not," Cassie shrugged. "She already hates the taste of prunes, so I'm not sure she would have noticed any extra nasty flavors in there."

"But what about you?" Portia asked.

Cassie frowned, confused - of course she hadn't noticed it, she wasn't about to try the dosed prunes herself! - even as she felt a small rumble in her stomach.

"You didn't taste it in the tea?" Portia smirked. "I picked a strong flavor, just to be safe... I thought I noticed something off, but that's kind of cheating, since I knew it was there..."

"W-Wait... You're joking, right?" Cassie paled. "Th-That's not funny..."

"I thought it was a little amusing," Portia shrugged. "At least as funny as that little story of yours, and you seemed to be very pleased with yourself over it, so..."

"What the hell, Portia?!" Cassie jumped to her feet. "This is insane! Why would you drug me?!"

"Don't be so dramatic," Portia shook her head, reaching for the other woman's hand, having to try twice before grabbing it, Cassie pulling away the first time. "I didn't just drug you... I drugged both of us. Besides, it's only fair, don't you think? After you did it to your baby girl?"

"No!" Cassie stomped her foot. "This isn't the same at all, you didn't... I didn't..." She frowned, defeated her own arguments before she could make them. "I'm not a baby like her!"

"We'll see about that," Portia said, leading the younger woman away.

"Let me go!" Cassie whined, trying to pull free as they passed the bathroom.

"That would defeat the whole purpose of this," Portia chuckled. "You see, Cassie, that wasn't the first time I heard that story... Emmy told me all about what happened. Considering you'd just told me about the laxative a few days earlier, I knew what you'd done... And that you'd taken things too far. So I thought it would be a good idea to give you a taste of your own medicine."

Cassie gulped as she was pushed back into the nursery, the door closed behind them ominously, seeming to trap them inside. Suddenly, as she stood there, wearing her diaper, surrounded by oversized plushies, and giant baby furniture, knowing what was about to happen to her, it didn't look nearly as cute and sweet...

"Maybe it isn't completely fair," Portia continued, "since you didn't agree, but I decided on a little wager for us... Seeing as you didn't give Emmy a chance to agree to what you did to her, though, I figured you wouldn't mind too much. I know you think I'm a bit of a prude, so if I lose control first, I'll stop telling you to tone things down, or be careful... Clearly, you'll have demonstrated you're more mature than me."

"A-And... If I lose?" Cassie asked, squirming in place. She didn't want to accept that it was possible, that she might... But she was already feeling frantic, and Portia was talking calmly, giving no signs that she was bothered at all. Cassie had always found all the crinkling produced by her wiggly Emmy in these situations adorable... Now, each one reminded her she was coming closer and closer to disaster.

"Then, sweetie..." Portia grinned, "That's what this whole trip was for. I needed to make sure I knew how to diaper you properly, because you're going to be my baby girl."

"What?!" Cassie squealed. "No! I'm not a baby! I'm a Mommy! Y-You can't..." She blushed as her words turned into grunts, as she felt a warm, mushy bulge starting to form in her padding, her hands clamping to her diaper in disbelief.

"Oh, you are, are you?" Portia teased. "It doesn't seem like it... It seems like you already lost, almost before I could finish telling you the stakes. You must be a very, very little baby indeed, to need her diapers that badly..."

Just when Cassie was certain things couldn't get any worse, she heard the doorbell. "I'd better go get that!" Portia smirked. "That must be your sister."

"M-My...?" Cassie frowned.

"Well, I can't expect Emmy to take care of herself," Portia explained. "So I'll have to look after her, too, which means she's now your sister... From the look of things, your older sister."

"No!" Cassie whimpered, imagining the girl she'd spent so long diapering, and embarrassing, and loving, suddenly her equal - or, potentially, superior. "P-Portia, please... Y-You're not gonna let her see me like this, are you?"

"It's bound to happen eventually," Portia told her. "But I'll tell you what, Cassie... I'll let you be a big girl one, last time." She walked over to the changing table, picking up a fresh diaper, offering it to Cassie. "You can change yourself if you want. You did a good job with my diaper... Let's see how well you can do with your own."

Cassie didn't want to put on another diaper, didn't want to be in this situation at all... But this was obviously going to be the best option she was going to get. She reached for the diaper, only to have Portia pull it away.

"Am I going to have to teach you manners, too?" Portia mocked. "Only babies use their grabby hands without saying..."

"Th-Thank you," Cassie mumbled, finishing the sentence with a blush.

"Thank you, who?"

Cassie glared up at Portia, this whole nightmare feeling more and more real as the other woman twisted the knife further and further... Which was, no doubt, the point. "Th-Thank you, M-Mommy," she said, wincing, recalling all the times she'd made Emmy say those exact words.

"Much better," Portia nodded, handing the diaper over. "I'll give you a minute."

She left the room, and Cassie stared down at the diaper, heart racing. Was she actually going to do this?! Her real underwear, and pants, were on the other side of the room... She could change into them instead, make herself look normal by the time Emmy arrived, try to laugh this whole thing off... She stared over at them, thinking about how she could get away from Portia, put a stop to this...

But she could still feel her tummy grumbling, knew that there was a good chance she'd have another accident before she got home, maybe even before she got out of this house. The best she could hope for at the moment was a clean diaper. She opened it up, wrinkling her nose as she stared at the inside of it, at the thick, puffy padding, realizing that was what she was going to be wearing from now on...

And then it started again. She'd gotten so lost in her thoughts, she hadn't even made it over to the changing table! She sat down, quickly, trying to stop it, nose crinkling as her bottom sank into the mush already filling her pants, feeling it grow, unhindered... She probably didn't have a lot of time now, so she raised her backside, slipped the fresh diaper under it, ready to change herself as soon as she was finished...

Of course, she didn't even think about the fact that she didn't have any other supplies there, no wipes, no powder, nothing... She just sat in the middle of the new diaper, continuing to mess her old one, waiting...

"There she is!" Portia exclaimed, opening the door, exposing Cassie to Emmy, whose eyes widened, before she dissolved into giggles. "What are you doing, silly girl?" Portia asked, walking over, looking down at the former Mommy on the floor beneath her. "I thought you wanted to change. Did you already forget how to do that?"

Cassie pouted up at her, embarrassed, jealous that Portia didn't appear to be bothered by the laxative at all, horrified that Emmy was seeing her this way. "Or did you just want a double diaper?" Portia smirked. "Do you want a thicker diaper than your big sister, so everyone know you're the baby? Let me help you with that, sweetie... No, move your hands away, I don't need your help. Just let Mommy do this, so she can go take care of some things of her own, while Emmy looks after you."

Cassie couldn't help but feel suspicious, unsure how much of what Portia had told her was the truth. Was she really that much more susceptible to the laxative than her, that Portia was able to handle it so calmly, while Cassie had been helplessly pooping her pants within minutes? It really could only have been in the tea, though, and they'd both drank it.

It was hard to deny, after seeing their reactions, that, of the two, Cassie was the one who deserved to remain in the diapers they'd 'practiced' putting on each other. Had Portia really not known how to do it? Or had that been part of the act, a reason to get them both padded up before the fireworks, without raising Cassie's suspicions?

In the end, it didn't matter... Once Emmy had seen Cassie sitting there, in a thicker, messier diaper than any she'd ever been in herself, there was no way she was going to go back to letting the woman boss her around. She'd always been more into Pull-Ups and training panties, anyway, even though Cassie rarely let her wear them, so she was more than happy to be the older sister, one who now was allowed those things, while her baby sister was the one who spent all her time diapered.

Portia loved letting Emmy help out in taking care of her former Mommy, showering her with compliments on how big a girl she was whenever she assisted with diaper changes, or feedings, or keeping Cassie entertained while Portia made supper. If Mommy wasn't home, Emmy was in charge, and she had total authority over Cassie. She could decide when Cassie got changed, what she wore, if she deserved a punishment when Portia returned...

And, just to seal the deal, Portia decided all three of them ought to go to an ageplay party together the next weekend, Cassie's debut in her new role. Cassie wasn't excited; after spending so long being looked up to as one of the few caregivers with a full-time, live-in baby, and taking so much delight in teasing the littles, it was going to be extra embarrassing, letting them all see her this way.

Emmy, on the other hand, very much was, especially after Portia told her, "You can pick out your sister's outfit for her, if you want."

Of course she did! She loved nothing more than to dress Cassie up like a dolly. Cassie toddled along after her, trying to convince her to go with something more subtle, to be nice, but that only seemed to egg the girl on, and, in the end, she'd put Cassie into a pink and white striped shirt, thigh highs, shiny Mary Janes, a pacifier, and a backpack for her changing supplies. No pants, no skirt, nothing to cover her diaper whatsoever.

"All ready?" Portia asked, Emmy nodding, taking Cassie's hand, leading her towards the door.

Cassie whimpered, waddling beside her sister helplessly. Everyone was going to know, instantly, that she'd fallen from grace, that she'd been demoted from Mommy to baby, and there would be no hiding it... She could already imagine all the Mommies and Daddies who had been so jealous of her for so long, bouncing her on their knee, feeding her bottles, spanking her if they thought she was misbehaving... She'd always loved making a grand pronouncement that anyone there could do that to Emmy if they liked... And now it was going to be her on the receiving end.

"Wait a minute," Portia said. Cassie let out a sigh of relief as Mommy took her hand, leading her back into the nursery. Of course! She was so against exposing their fetish in public... The event was in a private space, where it was allowed, but what if they had to stop and get gas or something? That was the kind of thing Cassie wouldn't have cared about... Portia, however...

It was a small comfort, but a crucial one. If she could just get something to go over her diaper, then maybe she could find some way to pretend things weren't as bad as they were, that there was still some semblance of her former adulthood, and authority. She could make this work...

"Lean over," Mommy ordered, and Cassie rested her hands on the changing table, confused, bending forward, blushing as she felt the woman's fingers probe at her diaper, giving it a thorough check. "Soggy, of course," she declared, "but it should last until we get there. All right, hold your big sister's hand, Cassie! Let's go out to the car!"

"B-But..." Cassie stared up at her in shock. "Wh-What if someone sees?!"

Portia grinned down at her. "I think maybe you were right all along, Cassie," she said. "Maybe I was too uptight about some things... I guess we'll just see how we feel about it after today. Besides, your sister picked you out a very nice outfit, and I'd hate to ruin that. Now, take her hand, and let's get moving... We don't want to be late."

Mia's Baby Girl
Mia's Baby Girlmore_vert
Mia's Baby Girl 2020-07-29T14:01:02+00:00close

A multi-picture caption for an anonymous Patron. Pictures property of ABDreams.

Mia chuckled to herself as she glanced over the e-mail again, making sure she hadn't missed any important details as she considered how to answer. It wasn't that she was against it... She had colleagues who had talked about it, and told her they enjoyed it. She'd never really thought it was her style, however.

Looking at the name signed at the bottom, she couldn't help thinking this would be a good chance to give it a shot. Bambi... It was kind of the perfect sissy name, one that practically begged to be dominated by her. And, fortunately, that was her job... She'd been a pro-domme for a while now, and she had plenty of experience in many different areas, including toilet slavery, which was the closest thing she'd done to this.

She'd always considered this something a little softer, and nicer, and she was generally a harsher Mistress... Her friends had told her there could be shades of that in this kind of play, though, or that it could be exactly that, simply with a different outfit for her client. She wasn't sure how much she believed it, but it wasn't a bad idea to give it a try, see if it was something she could add to her repertoire.

Mia had to order a few things, although, since she didn't know if she was going to do any more than this one session, she didn't go too crazy. She found a sample pack of three for cheap, and a few other basic supplies, then had to wait for the appointment, wondering if she'd made a mistake, if she was going to end up ruining her client's experience, keeping them from finding and hiring a domme that was actually more in tune with what they wanted. Should she have recommended one of her friends, who had done this before?

She was feeling almost as nervous as her client surely was on the day, nearly jumping out of her skin when she heard the doorbell ring. She composed herself, putting on her game face, and strutted over to the door, only to find a little girl out there, in jeans and a baggy t-shirt. She came close to ignoring the bell, letting her move on to the next house, but she looked so small and helpless... It didn't feel right to leave her to fend for herself if something was wrong. Mia just hoped they could work this out before her client arrived, or else this would be awkward; her dungeon was no place for a kid.

"Is everything all right?" Mia asked, opening up the door. It didn't seem like it, from the way the girl was looking around, bouncing anxiously in place. "If you need to call someone, I..."

"Umm.. I-I..." the girl stammered.

"I'm happy to help you if you need it," Mia said. "If not, I don't need any Girl Scout cookies or anything, so..."

"I-I'm not a Girl Scout!" the girl blushed. "I'm... A-Are you Mia?"

Mia frowned, wrinkling her brow. "Yes," she replied cautiously.

"Oh, good!" the girl smiled. "I-I checked the number on the house, but I was still..."

"Where did you hear my name?" It was a small neighborhood, fairly spread out... Mia didn't really know anybody here, which was exactly the way she liked it. She didn't want anyone to ask what went on in this house.

"I-It's me!" the girl told her, fumbling in her purse, pulling out her driver's license. "Bambi... I-I'm here for my appointment."

"Oh." It took a lot to surprise Mia, though discovering that not only was her client not a sissy, but this nervous little girl - who was, she made sure to check, an adult after all, no matter how young she looked - was enough to do it. "Well," she continued after a moment, handing the license back to her. "Come on in, then."

She led Bambi into the house, closing the door behind her, taking her into the living room, where she had the girl's wardrobe set up, waiting for her. "I had a feeling you wouldn't show up properly attired. Do you really think I'm going to trust you to clean my house when you look like a slob? Go on, get undressed... Or do you need my help? And, for wasting my time, young lady, your little butt is going into diapers for the rest of the day. Do you understand?"

Mia had heard there was a lot of cross-over between sissies who were into diapers, and maid play, so that was what she'd prepared. She had a bit more experience with that, so she'd decided to base the scene around it... Once she'd seen Bambi, she worried she might have made a mistake, but the girl thankfully started fumbling with her clothes.

"Y-Yes, ma'am," she said.

Mia stepped over to her, pinching her cheeks between two fingers, lifting her face up to stare her in the eyes. "It's 'Mistress' to you," she told her. "Or do you want to go over my lap?"

"N-No, Mistress!" Bambi squealed, going limp as Mia began to undress the girl herself, taking over. Mia hoped she hadn't gone too far, but, when she got to Bambi's underwear and saw the wetness there, she knew she hadn't.

"Th-This uniform is so short, Mistress!" Bambi gulped, tugging at the skirt. In reality, it was a bit bigger on her than Mia had planned, although more than enough of her diaper was still on display. "Y-You really want me to clean like this?"

Mia could barely stop her giggle as she gave the girl a swat on the backside, the combination of the resulting squeak, the crinkling, and just how adorable her client looked in the outfit almost too much for her. "Unless you want a spanking, then yes, that's exactly what I want, little lady."

Mia watched her clumsily dust for a little while, her padded bottom wiggling as she waddled around the living room, before walking up behind her slipping a finger into the legband of her diaper. "Just as I thought," she declared. "You're awfully wet, young lady... But I don't think that's from an accident, is it?"

Bambi's whole face turned bright red. "I-I'm sorry, Mistress," she said. "I-I've been thinking about this for... W-Well, as long as I can remember. M-My family is really conservative, though, s-so I knew they'd never accept it, a-and I never thought I'd get the chance to do it... A-And then I went off to college, and it's still all I can think about... I-I just thought if I could come here, and do it once, I-I could get it out of the way, and go out on dates like a normal girl, w-without..."

Mia cut her off, which Bambi seemed grateful for, although only until she heard the next question. "And how is it going?" Bambi fidgeted, squeezing her legs together, clearly enjoying herself more than she'd expected, this experience not doing its apparent job of breaking her of this desire. "Why don't you sit down, and I'll get you something to drink?" Mia offered.

Bambi tried to protest, but Mia easily pulled her over to the sofa, sat her down, returned with a glass of water. The poor girl's hands were shaking so badly, she spilled half of it onto herself. "Bambi!" Mia scolded. "You're here to clean things up, not make more of a mess... I'm starting to think you really do need that spanking! Am I right?" Bambi nodded, apparently before she'd realized it, since she immediately started to blush.

"Pl-Please, punish me, Mistress," Bambi told her, confirming that her original plan wasn't working, that she thought that maybe this would help break her of this desire, if she could associate the pain with this experience.

Staring down at the tiny girl, Mia couldn't bring herself to do it. "I think I will," she mused. "Go stand in the corner, young lady."

"B-But, Mistress..." Bambi stared up at her with big eyes.

"That's right. I am the Mistress, and I'm in charge, and I say you're in time out. You're obviously too little of a baby to get a spanking... So I think this is a much more suitable punishment."

Mia wouldn't have thought she'd get anything out of it, but it was impossible to deny how adorable Bambi was, squirming boredly in the corner, then begging to be let out so she could go to the bathroom, and, especially, wetting herself, watching her diaper sag slightly. It was such a simple thing, and not her normal style at all... It definitely seemed like the correct course of action for Bambi, however.

At the end of the session, Mia sent Bambi home in a fresh diaper, positive that the girl had both enjoyed herself, and not accomplished what she'd apparently come to Mia hoping to do. It was obvious she'd loved the whole thing, even before she'd started to tear up when she hugged Mia goodbye. Mia felt a little bad, but it was just as clear that Bambi didn't really want to ignore this part of her, and that she shouldn't...

Mia couldn't help thinking about her, expanding her services to include more diaper play. That didn't help, though... The clients that did book her for that were boring compared to Bambi, and she was just imagining doing those things to the girl, instead. She half expected to get another e-mail from Bambi, looking to do it again, but she remembered the girl had told her she'd saved up for a while to afford it, and that it was a bit of a drive from her college.

So it was Mia who wrote the next e-mail, something she never did. "I actually have another location that's closer to you," she offered. "And sessions there are cheaper... If you're interested..."

Mia knew it was a bad idea... It was better to maintain a separate dungeon, away from your real life, and not give that address away to your clients, much less invite them over... But what was Bambi going to do?

She didn't tell Bambi it was her house, of course, just gave her the address, and started buying supplies. She had diapers she'd bought for her dungeon, yet they didn't seem good enough for Bambi... She needed something thicker, and cuter. And she needed clothes, too. Mia wouldn't have admitted it, but she'd Facebook-stalked the girl after the first session, and, from her pictures, it seemed like she always dressed the way she had for their first meeting, in big, baggy, shapeless clothes, no dresses or skirts, or anything like that.

There was nothing wrong with being a tomboy, but Mia suspected it was only because Bambi was so tiny and flat-chested, without the long legs or curves most of her classmates probably liked to show off. Mia didn't want to push her too hard... If she could show the girl she was cute just as she was, however, then she'd feel a little better about this whole thing.

"S-So I'm not your maid?" Bambi asked, after, of course, accepting the offer, and showing up for her next session, Mia not even giving her a chance to undress herself this time, simply stripping her down and putting her into a diaper and t-shirt.

"Nope," Mia shook her head. "You did such a bad job, you've been demoted down to a little diaper baby, and nothing else."

Bambi blushed, but it was obvious she didn't really mind. "I-I don't get anything to cover my diaper?" she tugged at her shirt.

"Well, if you insist," Mia smirked, producing a pair of ruffle-seated tights to slide up the girl's legs, completing the look with a bunny-ear headband. "You wait here, sweetie... I'll get you something to drink."

Of course, after what had happened last time, Bambi didn't get a glass... She got a sippy cup, one that Mia would hand over only after the girl had promised to use both hands.

Her doorbell rang, a little sooner than expected, and Bambi jumped. "It's okay," Mia promised. "We talked about this, remember? I want to show off my cute baby girl... Are you still all right with this?" Mia had wanted a bit more time to get Bambi used to this, but she had to take what she could get.

Bambi gulped, nodded. "Y-Yes, M-Mistress."

Mia shook her head. "No, that doesn't sound right. I think you should really call me Mommy, instead." Bambi's eyes lit up at that, and, although she was nervous at first, she did very well with Mia's friend, who was more than happy to tell the girl how adorable she was. Mia had felt like it would mean more coming from somebody else, and it seemed she was right.

"D-Does she do a lot of sessions like this?" Bambi asked, still blushing, but seemingly happy, once the other woman had left. Mia smiled, realizing Bambi must have thought this was another domme, someone used to this sort of thing, when, in reality, it was one of Mia's friends, one not into any of this at all... Mia knew she was very accepting, however, and had warned her about what it was going to be.

"Not exactly," Mia answered, deciding to keep it a secret, for now. She didn't tell Bambi the truth for several more sessions - each at a bigger discount than the last, to accommodate for a college student's budget - after she'd shown her off, with the same, positive reaction, a few more times.

"I-I'm not really cute, though," Bambi had said, after the last one. "They just know that's what I want to hear..."

"No," Mia had told her at last, "they don't. Those are just my friends, sweetie. I really did just want to show you off... And they really do think you're adorable."

Mia had already seen her experimenting with some tighter jeans, and even some shorts, liking to think that her habit of keeping the girl in only a diaper for her lower half - or sometimes altogether - during their sessions was helping her to get more comfortable with her petite body. After that revelation, on their next session, Bambi had actually asked her to take her shopping. At first, Mia had just picked out things for her to try on that looked cute with her diapers, which was very fun for both of them.

After a little while, however, as Mia was putting the latest outfit back on the hanger, the girl had spoken up. "A-Actually... I-I mean, I have liked this, too, but... I-I kinda..." She blushed, staring down at her feet. "I-I've always dressed like a tomboy, because I never thought I'd look cute in the kind of stuff other girls my age wore... B-But..."

Mia's heart melted; it looked like it had worked after all. She did like showing the girl off, but there had been an ulterior motive as well. "You look adorable no matter what you wear," Mia told her. "If you want me to help you find some more girly outfits to try out, though, for your everyday life, I'm more than happy to help."

It was a very different Bambi who rang the doorbell for the last time, the weekend before her graduation. There had been nothing wrong with the old one, obviously, but Mia still liked seeing her standing there, looking so confident, wearing her little sundress... It was almost hard to believe it was the same girl who had come to see her, four years ago.

"I'm really gonna miss you," Bambi told her, snuggling up next to her on the floor, wearing just her diaper and bonnet, as Mia set her bottle of milk down, seeing she was already getting full. "This has been so great... It's too bad my hometown is so far away. I know I'm not gonna find anyone there like you, or who's into all this..."

"You never know," Mia said gently, although, from everything she'd heard, she had a feeling that was true. The girl's hometown was small, and pretty straight-laced... There was a chance there were other people there who had these kinks, but finding them wouldn't be easy.

"This sucks!" Bambi pouted. "My mom is already talking about all these 'nice' boys she's going to set me up on dates with when I get back... And if my dad ever found out about this, he'd probably disown me. I know he definitely wouldn't approve..."

The answer was simple, of course... It would have been a lie for Mia to claim she hadn't thought of it before, but she'd never brought it up. There was a part of her that was afraid, that knew it was stupid to let herself get so attached to a client... But Bambi was more than a client, and had been for a long time now.

"Just stay with me," Mia said. It was hard to find a way to say it that didn't sound like an order, since she was so used to telling the girl what to do, like the helpless little baby she knew she was. This had to be her choice, though.

"I-I couldn't do that," Bambi shook her head. "Y-You need this nursery for your other clients..."

Mia chuckled, shaking her head. Bambi was a smart girl... About most things. Had she really not figured this out yet? "This isn't a dungeon, sweetie. This is my house... I don't bring anyone else here. I built that nursery for you... I suppose I could move it to my dungeon, if you don't want it, but..."

"I do!" Bambi exclaimed, blushing. "I-I mean, if you really want me..."

"Oh, baby girl," Mia smiled down at her. "Of course I do. Forever." They stayed there for a while, sitting on the floor, hugging, until, finally, Mia had to get up to start working on supper. When she returned, she found Bambi sprawled on the floor, fast asleep, already dreaming of her new life, and knew she'd made the right decision, as if there had ever, really, been any doubt.

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Such a nice story 😊
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That was so wholesome. Love it
America's Baby Sister
America's Baby Sistermore_vert
America's Baby Sister 2020-07-31T14:15:04+00:00close

Picture property of DiaperGal.

"Oh, wow, it really is you!"

Jenny was pretty used to that reaction by now. It didn't seem to matter what she did... She'd tried dyeing her hair, dressing up in different styles, wearing colored contact lenses, but, as soon as her date saw her, those were the first words out of their mouths.

In a way, it was a blessing... The reason they knew her was the same reason she was able to live as comfortably as she did now, even though she hadn't had a job in years. The residuals weren't enough to make her rich, exactly, but they paid her bills, since she shows she was in were constantly being re-run... Which made it so much easier for her to be recognized from them.

She'd learned there was no real point in denying it; if she did that, her date would spend at least half the date looking up pictures of her on their phone, comparing them to her, until she finally gave in and admitted the truth. It was always a toss-up from there which of the three sitcoms she'd been on they knew her from - or if it was all three - though it ultimately didn't matter. Her role had been pretty much the same on all of them, which was probably why she'd had so much trouble getting hired after the last one wrapped, and she was too old for it.

There was, after all, only so long that you could be the bratty little sister. She'd started out as a toddler, not really knowing what she was doing, but adorable in her frilly outfits and obvious diapers. She'd been a bit older in her next series, although the episode that most people seemed to remember from that was the one where her older brother's friend, who she had a crush on, was hired to babysit her without her knowledge, and found out she still wore diapers for bedwetting.

And then there was the last series... She'd probably been too old for it even then, as she was pushing twenty, and in her own apartment, before it started, but it was the only offer she'd gotten for quite a while. "It was written for someone a little younger," her agent had told her at the time, "They were willing to change it up, though, when I told them you were interested."

She looked young enough, and adults playing teens was common enough, that she'd accepted that. Clearly, they were familiar with her work, and wanted to capitalize on it, and, despite wanting to branch out, sticking with what she knew would be easier... Except it was even closer to her old roles than she'd expected. The writers hadn't been happy at her casting, and - in her eyes anyway - to punish her, they hadn't changed the scripts, keeping her written more as the younger teen they'd wanted.

Everyone had told her it was her imagination, but she knew better, especially once they'd written 'that' episode, which she assumed was a tribute of sorts to the bedwetting one. Her character couldn't drive - that had made more sense when she was meant to be fourteen, and now made her seem a bit lazy for not learning. Her older sister - played by a girl a year younger than her, who had been cast before her, who had been bumped up to a college student when the shuffling had begun - refused to drive her to a date, so Jenny's character had borrowed her car without asking, then accidentally drove it into a ditch. Their parents had left the punishment up to the older sister, who had chosen to make her sister her slave, including dressing her up in a humiliating outfit, complete with a diaper.

There were conspiracy theories online that the reason they kept coming up was that Jenny, herself, had never gotten out of them fully, so the writers had decided to use it. She'd refuted them, of course, but nobody would believe it was really her... So she'd brought it up during a talk show, only to get so heated up, talking about it, that she'd spilled her water on herself, which, obviously, fueled the flames of the theorists, who now claimed she'd done it on purpose to hide an accident.

As soon as she heard those six words, she knew how this was going to end. Man or woman, it was always the same... Sometimes they'd tease her, ask her if she'd stolen her sister's car to get there, a 'joke' that would keep up through every date, until they took her back to their place, and told her they knew she'd been naughty, and needed a punishment. Sometimes, they'd tell her they'd got her something, 'just in case'. And sometimes, usually with the women, they'd tell her they couldn't help themselves, they wanted to see what she looked like in them now.

There were times when they seemed genuinely shocked that she wasn't already wearing one, like they really believed that stupid conspiracy. Whether that happened or not, there was always that moment, once it was on, when she heard those words again. "Oh, wow... It really is you!" and she knew it was over. They didn't see her as the young woman she was now... All her years of growing up, of developing, didn't matter. Try as she she might, the best she was going to get was a chaste kiss on the forehead.

"Sorry, cutie," she'd heard so many times. "I just see you as a little sister."

But that wasn't entirely accurate... Back during the second show, she'd seen an article declaring her 'America's Baby Sister,' and she'd been thrilled. Everyone loved her, she'd thought... She made a wish, out into the cosmos, that it could be true forever... Even back then, she'd known it was silly... And yet, every time she went on a date, and she heard those words, and knew this relationship was only going to end one way, she couldn't help wondering if somehow, something out there had heard it, and made it true... And if there was any way she could put a stop to it, or if that was all she was going to be to anyone. Not a girlfriend, not a lover... Just a baby sister, one who needed, or at least deserved, her diapers, forever.

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Victoria's Secret - Chapter 7 2020-07-24T14:01:01+00:00

Victoria, somehow, survived the rest of the day, Sawyer and Taylor having seemingly grown bored with her after everything else, leaving her to color and suck her thumb while they scrolled through their phones, giggling on the sofa behind them. Thankfully, they'd been true to their word, letting her go to the bathroom when she asked, so she managed to make it through without any more accidents... Although, concentrating on that had made her coloring a bit messier than usual, missing the lines a few times as she was gathering her courage to ask.

The next morning, everything seemed fairly normal, other than the very fact that she had babysitters at all. They didn't try to put her into diapers, or treat her like a baby... Apparently, they'd gotten that out of their systems, likely helped by Taylor having blackmailed a new computer out of her. What more could they want from her?

They made her stay in the living room with them, in their sight, but they were happy to browse Insta, or flip through TV, rather than making life worse for their charge. They'd taught Vickie her lesson the day before... They didn't need to do any more, at least according to Vickie herself. If this was what the rest of her summer was going to be like, she could live with that. It would be so much easier when her parents went to get her stuff from college - including, she hoped, her purse, and the phone inside it - and life could go mostly back to normal. Maybe she'd be able to convince herself she was just hanging out with a couple old friends, not being babysat.

It was almost noon when things started to change. "Oh!" Taylor exclaimed, turning her phone to show Sawyer something. "Looks like it got delivered!"

"Great," Sawyer grinned. "Hey, Vickie... Why don't you go check the mail?"

"Okay..." Victoria agreed uncertainly, heading to the front door, sliding into a pair of flip-flops for the walk to the end of the driveway. The only thing she could think that might have made Taylor excited was the laptop, but hadn't she had that shipped to her own house? It wouldn't have fit into Vickie's mailbox, and nobody had knocked on the door... And why would Sawyer care, or know? She'd bought that thing to keep her naptime accident a secret... How would Taylor have told her about one without the other? Why else would Victoria have given her something so expensive?!

Vickie had no answer for any of it, but she'd been allowed to dress herself, so there was no reason not to head outside for a minute. Sure enough, the mail had gone, a bit earlier than usual, although not by much... And it was possible that Taylor had just been looking out the window at the right moment to know that, that this was all some mind game to make Vickie anxious.

There was, however, a package. It was a padded envelope, bulging with whatever was inside, addressed to Vickie herself, with no return address. She knew she hadn't ordered anything, not to be delivered here, since she'd had no devices to communicate with the outside world. It could have been from the school - though she wasn't sure what they'd have decided to send on its own, when her entire room was still there - or the police station, or... Well, anywhere!

She picked it up, gave it a squeeze, felt it squish beneath her fingers. From the outside, it was hard to tell if that was just the bubble wrap lining the inside of the envelope or not. It didn't entirely seem like it... If she'd had to guess - which, at the moment, she did - she'd say she could press in further than that, into whatever was inside, but, without opening it, she didn't know.

She considered opening it out there, where she had some semblance of privacy, until she heard a, "Hi, Vickie! Home for summer?" and realized she was, of course, not in private at all.

"Y-Yeah," she waved back at her neighbor, Mrs. Eakin, who had gone to check her own mail at the same time. If anything, that strengthened Victoria's theory that Taylor had seen the mail truck go by, and whatever she'd been looking at on her phone was unrelated, or to throw her off... Mrs. Eakin was constantly staring out her window, or so it seemed, and had gotten Vickie in trouble a few times when she'd tried to cut high school to hang out at home, or came in after curfew, the woman always spotting it, and asking Vickie's mother if everything was okay, if Vickie had been feeling sick, or had some car trouble that kept her out so late. In short, she was far from Victoria's favorite person. "I'm gonna go in," she called. "It's hot out here already!"

She tossed the rest of the mail, addressed to her parents, onto its usual table, looking at the package again. Before she could open it up, Sawyer poked her head out of the living room. "Well, come on," she urged. "Bring it in here."

Did they know what was in this? If Taylor was sitting at just the right angle, she might have seen what the postman had put into the box... That was far harder to do than simply spotting the truck itself. Sawyer seemed to have expected this, though, ready to pop up and make Vickie return to her sitters before she opened it. Or was that a coincidence? Was she being paranoid?

"Oh, did you get something?" Taylor grinned as Vickie shuffled into the room. "Why don't you go ahead and open it, sweetie?"

This was a trap. She wasn't sure how, or what kind, but the girl's words made her certain that's what was happening. Her heart began to pound, imagining all the worst things that could be inside this padded envelope, her palm starting to sweat, no matter how hard she tried to tell herself this might instead be what they wanted... They could be trying to get her nervous, and worked up, over something that they had nothing to do with...

"Open it," Sawyer repeated. "We have to make sure it's something appropriate for you to play with before we can let you have it."

Was it a toy of some kind? The first thing that came to mind was a rattle, but it felt too big for that... She hadn't heard any noise coming from it, either, although she'd been outside most of the time, so it might not have been loud enough to notice over all the other ambient sounds. There'd also been nothing when she was inside, however, she hadn't moved it around as much.

Anxiously, she slid her finger under the flap holding the envelope shut, sliding it along the glue line, ripping it open, the girls watching her, fascinated. She turned the package over, giving it a shake, the contents slipping out, landing on the coffee table between them, and, for a long moment, she was still confused.

It was wrapped in a plastic bag, so it stayed together, still mostly keeping the inner shape of the envelope. She thought, at first, it might be a blanket, folded up tightly, though she could see there were two different designs of fabric. It was hard to tell if they were separate or not, but the thickness of it, as a whole, made her uncertain of what else it could be.

"Doesn't that look cozy?" Taylor teased, seeming to confirm Vickie's suspicion.

Was that it? Victoria felt silly, getting all worked up about a blanket. It was childish, sure, one half of it pink and covered in butterflies, the other purple, with cartoon princesses, but if this really was from her sitters, it was perhaps the most innocuous thing they could have possibly found. Considering everything they'd done to her the day before, it was almost disappointing that they would think this would upset her... They'd been right, though only until she'd actually opened it.

"You know what?" she smirked, feeling like she had the leg up on them for once, "It does." Proudly, she reached into the plastic bag and pulled out its contents, ready to unfold the blanket with a dramatic flick of the wrist and cuddle up with it, even if it was almost summer, to prove to them that they hadn't gotten to her.

She couldn't do that, however, because, once it was free from the innermost packaging, it fell apart, revealing that the two different fabrics had, indeed, come from two separate things... And that neither was a blanket. She dropped them onto the table, cheeks darkening, seeing, now that they were out, the waistbands, the legholes... She would have thought they were underwear, if not for how thick they were...

"I'm glad you think so," Sawyer gave a slightly delayed reply with a grin, as Vickie finally realized what she'd gotten, what she'd agreed looked comfortable. "I was worried we might have trouble getting you to wear them."

"Y-You bought me training pants?!" Victoria squealed. They'd made her wear a diaper for a good part of the previous day, even after she'd messed it, and this was nowhere near as bad as that, but she'd been in that before they arrived... They'd had to actually find a place that sold these in her size, then order them for her.

"No," Taylor shook her head. "You bought them for you. You very helpfully let me use your credit card number... Remember?"

This hadn't been why, although Vickie wasn't sure how to point that out without having to reveal to Sawyer what the real reason was. Taylor must have saved her info in her phone... Until Victoria got her phone back - and the card itself, so she'd know what number she had to call to cancel it, and maybe dispute some charges, though the fact that at least this order had been sent to her address wasn't going to help her prove it hadn't been her who had placed it - the girl could use her card to order whatever she wanted.

"I-I didn't... I-I..." Vickie felt herself starting to sweat again, trying to find a way to voice her displeasure without leaving an opening for Sawyer to start questioning things.

"I know, you didn't expect them so soon, did you?" Taylor cut her off. "I figured I might as well pay for the fastest shipping... I knew your parents would be happy for that, so you weren't leaving puddles all over their floor."

"I wouldn't!" Victoria pouted. "I-I don't need these!"

"Oh, you don't?" Sawyer pounced, stepping over, unbuttoning the older girl's jeans before she could be stopped, and yanking them down. "Thought so," she said proudly. "What is that?"

Vickie didn't even know what she was talking about at first, although she was very glad she didn't mention that before she looked down at herself. Her shocked expression probably gave it away, but at least she hadn't made it worse by running her mouth, making it look like she hadn't known it had happened, whether that was the truth or not. "I-It's not that bad..." she mumbled, squirming.

It wasn't... If she'd had to guess, it had happened when the girls had been making her feel so nervous about the package. It couldn't have been more than a few drops, if that, barely enough to be seen from the outside... She wouldn't have been happy to see it, but she wouldn't make a big deal out of it if she'd caught a babysitting charge like this. Well, probably not, anyway....

"I thought you were an adult, Victoria," Sawyer rolled her eyes.

"I-I am!" Vickie insisted.

"Well," Sawyer grinned, "if that's true, then any accident is too much... I don't care how minor it is, young lady, if you're piddling in your pants, then you need some protection. Now, which do you want to wear first? The butterflies, or the princesses?"

"I don't want either!" Victoria whined, stomping her foot. "I don't need them!"

"Victoria," Sawyer glared down at her, the older girl shrinking before her, wishing she'd stayed quiet even before she said anything more. "If I hear you say that one more time, I'll take those panties of yours off and shove them into your mouth to shut you up, and then we'll see if you still think your accident is 'not that bad'... Is that what you want?"

Vickie gulped, shook her head, this time feeling the tiniest dribble of wetness into her panties. It was so small, another drop or two, nowhere near enough that it would have been noticeable if she were wearing her pants... But, of course, her sitters saw it right away.

"See?" Taylor sighed. "This is why we got you the trainers, remember? We can't trust you to control yourself!" Vickie wanted so badly to point out, again, how incredibly tiny it was, but she didn't dare. "Now, pick which ones you want to wear, or we'll do it for you."

Victoria grumbled, however, it was clear she didn't have a choice, other than the one she was being given now. "I'll wear the butterflies," she conceded, not sure it was the 'right' pick, if there even was one in this situation. They were both training pants, meant for toddlers who were being potty trained... She didn't need, or particularly want, either one. The princesses were a bit too cartoony for her, though, made them seem a little more childish; the trainers the butterflies were on were pink, on the other hand, and she considered that a slightly less mature color.

"Very good," Sawyer patted her on the head. "Can you put them on yourself, or do you need our help?"

Vickie rolled her eyes. "I can put them on," she told the girls, starting to walk out of the room, to her bedroom.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sawyer grabbed her by the arm. "You need to do it here, so we can keep an eye on you."

Sawyer had seen her naked, had changed her messy diaper, had bathed her... Taylor hadn't, although she had seen Victoria in both a messy diaper, and messy underwear. She didn't particularly want to strip down in front of her, but, in all honesty, it wasn't the worst thing that had happened to her in the past couple days. Sighing, she stepped out of her panties, pulling the trainers up her legs instead.

They weren't as thick as the diaper, but much closer to that than her normal underwear, layer upon layer of soft cotton held between her thighs, just waiting for her to slip up again. She genuinely hadn't thought she needed them, that their very presence in her house was ridiculous... As soon as they'd snapped into place around her waist, however, her confidence was shaken. She reached for her jeans, wanting to hide the padded panties, only to have Sawyer snatch them away.

"No need for these yet," Sawyer teased, draping them over the back of the sofa. "Pick up your other trainers, and your soaked panties, and come with me."

"Th-They aren't soaked!" Vickie insisted, knowing that everyone there was fully aware of that, but still mortified at the sound of the word, the implication that she'd earned her new underwear, such as they were.

"I warned you," Sawyer shook her head, reaching down, plucking the panties up, holding them gingerly between two fingers. "Open wide..."

"Noo!" Vickie squealed, squirming in place, cheeks red even before she felt her nervous bladder let loose once more. It was very different this time, a full stream instead of a drop, as if it knew what it was wearing, and that it could take it. The trainers warmed up, growing slightly heavier as she almost instantly proved her need for the things.

If she'd still been in her panties, she would have been in big trouble. However, if she'd been wearing those... Would she have done it? It shouldn't have made a difference, and yet, somehow, she was certain it did. She'd had some scares before, and the result could barely be described as a dribble... This, as soon as she was in something thicker, and more absorbent, was closer to a full-fledged accident.

"Then are you going to do what I tell you?" Sawyer asked.

"Y-Yes, ma'am," Vickie replied quietly, her height compared to the girl, mixed with the now-damp trainers, and the sound of 'soaked panties' ringing in her ears, enough to chip away at the bit of confidence she'd gained, being allowed to dress herself that morning, and pretend things weren't going to be that bad today.

"Good," Sawyer handed them over, picking up the other trainers in their place, pushing them into Victoria's other hand. "And these, too. Now, come on."

Vickie trailed after Sawyer, Taylor following after her, perhaps just curious what was happening, although, sandwiched between them, the older girl felt like a prisoner, being marched off to her cell. She snuck a look at her underwear as she went, confirming it was nothing more than a few drops, already starting to dry... But now, in her wet training pants, that didn't feel like such a victory.

The first stop was the laundry room. Vickie had spent some time there the day before, washing her sheets, and, while she was there, the rest of the contents of the hamper. It was empty now, as Sawyer opened it up, standing aside. "In they go!" she ordered.

That was, of course, the logical place for her undies, though she couldn't help thinking about how they'd look, all alone, if her parents went to drop off their work clothes before Vickie could put anything else in there. The wet spot was definitely going to be gone by then... Right? But, even if it wasn't, would they assume something like that had happened, to lead her to put those in the wash, and none of the other clothes she'd been wearing that day? Especially since she'd been in a diaper when they'd picked her up at the police station, and her sitters might have told them about her other accidents...

"Vickie!" Sawyer snapped, breaking the girl out of her train of thought. She dropped the underwear into the hamper, immediately wishing she was alone so she could at least bend down and rearrange them, the slightly damp crotch having landed face-up, for anyone who opened the lid to see. "All right, now we'll go put your new panties where they belong, too."

They went to Victoria's room next, Sawyer opening up Vickie's underwear drawer, pushing them aside. "Right there!" she gestured.

There were a few newer pairs of panties in the drawer, some that were back-ups, that were too plain, or were starting to get holes around the elastic, that she hadn't felt right about throwing out, but hadn't felt worthy of taking to college with her. For the most part, they were older ones, from when she'd been a kid. She definitely should have gotten rid of them... Once she'd moved away to school, though, the chances of her doing that had plummeted to almost zero.

The majority of the year, she was away, so she didn't have to so much as think about them; when she was home on break, she generally just tossed the underwear she did wear, that she'd brought back with her, over top of them, and rarely got through them all before laundry day, so she likely wouldn't see the old ones until she was packing up, and, by then, thanks to her habit of procrastinating, there wasn't time to box up the old ones to have her mom donate them, or toss them into the garbage.

And now, her underwear drawer looked like it belong to some goofy little tween, or worse. There were so many pastels, and ribbons, and lace, nothing sleek or sexy... She wouldn't have been caught dead wearing any of these on a date. To add to all of that, to make the rest of the contents look even more immature by association, she had to put the purple, princess print, trainers next to them.

There was no way anybody, looking at that drawer, would guess it belonged to her, to a college girl who had just finished her junior year, a year away from graduating; they'd probably assume she was a kindergartener, one who was on the precipice of graduating to big girl panties once and for all... But not quite.

And, if they saw her, standing there, her soggy trainers rapidly growing cool between her legs, she doubted she'd change their mind. In fact, they'd probably take her over their lap, spank her for having another accident, for squandering all the work she'd clearly been doing to get this far, maybe give her a lecture about how she was too old for this...

"Earth to Vickie!" Taylor exclaimed, breaking the older girl out of her thoughts yet again.

"Oh, don't worry about her," Sawyer shrugged. "Her opinion doesn't really matter anyway. If we think it'll be cute, then it will be."

Victoria turned away from her underwear drawer to see her sitters standing at her closet, Taylor holding a denim skirtall, a heart embroidered onto the chest pocket. It looked small, and, sure enough, when it was tugged over her head, the hem of the skirt barely went past the crotch of her trainers, giving very little room to accommodate for any further accidents.

Vickie forced herself to calm down, to not fret over it. The more anxious she felt, the easier it would be for her to wet herself again... If the girls wanted to play dress-up, she'd just have to be their model. It wasn't a big deal.

When Sawyer pulled the pink, polka-dotted, knee socks from her drawer, however, she couldn't help herself. It could just be part of the outfit... Until Taylor coupled them with a pair of sneakers from the closet, of a slightly darker pink.

"Wh-What are those for?" she asked, nibbling at her lip as she sat on her bed, socked feet swinging.

"You know what they say," Sawyer smirked, taking the first shoe from her partner, sliding the first shoe onto Vickie's foot. "No shirt, no shoes, no service. And we'd hate for anyone to deny you service while we're out shopping."

Vickie gulped, suddenly far less pleased about the outfit, especially the training panties. "Wh-Why are we going shopping?! We don't need anything!"

"You can't stay cooped up here all summer," Sawyer told her, moving on to the second shoe. "It'll be fun!" She tied the final knot, lifted Vickie off the bed, setting her down on her feet. "Now... I expect you to tell us when you need to use the potty, or one of the things we're going to be buying is diapers. Do you understand?"

Victoria stared up at her, fidgeting, wondering if she knew the truth, if she was aware that Vickie had already failed at that, if the real point of this trip was exactly that... But, even if it was, she didn't really have a choice. If she said anything else, she'd be risking a spanking for disobedience, which, if Sawyer didn't already know the state of her trainers, would reveal it to her. So, like it or not, she swallowed, nodded, and said, "Y-Yes, ma'am," praying she hadn't just sealed her fate.

Throwback 2020-07-28T14:00:04+00:00

A short story commission from an anonymous Patron.

"You did offer to help with the yearbook," Maegan reminded him, rolling her eyes. "And you only came to one meeting."

Daniel fidgeted, feeling the heat spread across his face as he stared up at her, not wanting to tell her that he'd only volunteered in the first place because he thought it would be a good way to spend more time with her.... Only to realize, after a single meeting, that it would be way more work than he imagined, but that she was far more intimidating than she was in his fantasies. He'd known she was intense, and it was clear to everyone that she was taller than him - not that that was much of a feat - however that hadn't prepared him for what he'd seen during the yearbook committee meeting.

He'd thought it would be more relaxed, at least towards the beginning of the year, and he'd have a chance to just hang out, get to know her a little better, maybe, by the end of the year, be ready to ask her out. All it had taken was one meeting to let him know that was a silly pipe dream. This wasn't some extra-curricular activity for her, to make her college applications look good... She took this seriously, and there was no room for anyone who didn't.

"If you don't do something, I'm taking you off the team roster before we go to print," she shrugged. "And then what are you going to tell your parents about what you've been doing after school?"

"I haven't been doing anything," he said defensively. And it was true... He wasn't doing anything; he was hanging out with his friends, playing video games, smoking... None of which they would probably accept as a reason why he didn't have time for a part-time job, unlike the yearbook committee he'd been claiming to participate in. "How did you know about that?!"

"I know everything," Maegan smirked. "So, I'll see you here Sunday, right?"

Daniel sighed, gave in, silently vowing to figure out which of his friends the girl had talked to, who had clearly ratted him out. "All right, I can do that."

He considered pretending he'd forgotten, but she sent him a text Sunday morning to remind him, then another an hour before the time they'd agreed on, prompting him, 'Don't be late. We have a lot to do.' This was why he hadn't been involved the whole year, he told himself as he got ready, headed out. He could live with one day like this... The entire year, though? That would have been awful. He wondered how many of the other committee members had quit, and if that might be why she'd had to come to him for this.

"Oh, good, you did make it," she said, standing up from the step she'd been sitting on. "I was worried I'd have to come pick you up from your house."

"Do you even know where I live?" he asked, although he wasn't certain he wanted the answer. "What are we doing first?"

"Well, this is the Throwback section," Maegan explained to him, as if she hadn't already told him all about it just a few days before. "So I thought we'd go ahead and start here... Do you remember the first time you walked up these stairs?"

Daniel stared up them, for a moment not recalling it, that one experience washed away by the hundreds of times he'd made the climb since. He'd always considered counting them, just to know how many he'd had to scale every day, but had wound up giving up each time he made an attempt. There were three sets, with a small clearing between the first and second, and second and third, which made them a little more bearable, though not by much, especially this time of year, with summer looming.

He'd felt even worse for the few students who went there who needed wheelchairs, at least the first couple years, before the school system had finally caved in and built the ramp it should have had years ago, that hadn't been required way back when the building had been constructed, in the olden-times when apparently it was a good idea to put a school on the top of a veritable mountain. They'd had to take a long, circuitous sidewalk route to a side entrance. The ramp was nice, but it didn't like long before anyone who didn't actually need it was barred from using it, since they were clogging it up and making it impossible for the people it was designed for to get up it.

It hadn't been there the first time he'd gone up the steps, however. "Do you want me to, like, stare up them at the school with a sense of awe? Or do you want it to be more realistic?" He moved his gaze down to the stairs themselves, letting his jaw fall open, his eyes open wide in fake shock.

"I want you to do what I asked," she huffed. "Remember what happened your first time."

"It was probably some mix of those," he shrugged. "I guess I could..." But then, he really did recall it, cheeks darkening as he did. He'd been so excited to finally be starting high school, not to mention a bit scared, that he hadn't been able to take his eyes off the school building as he hurried upwards, only to fall and skin his knee. And, instead of handling it like the grown-up he felt like he must be now that he was in high school, he burst into tears, having to be helped the rest of the way up and escorted to the nurse by a teacher.

"There we go," Maegan nodded, seeing the embarrassment in his eyes. "That's what we want... Those real moments that everyone will be able to look at and be instantly transported back in time."

"But do they really need to be transported back there?" he pouted. She had her mind made up, though, so there wasn't much else for him to do except pretend he'd tripped and fallen down. He hated that, as he re-enacted it, his eyes started to water up, recalling the moment, how, for the rest of the day, he'd been mocked for the cartoon-character Band-Aid the nurse had used, the only kind she'd had on hand, asked about his boo-boo, and how long it had been since he'd learned how to walk.

"I knew you were the right person to ask!" Maegan gushed, looking back through the pictures she'd snapped. "You're such a good little actor! Now, come on, we have other things to do."

"O-Okay," he nodded, wiping his eyes as he stood, hoping they hadn't been noticeable in the photos, having been too afraid to do anything about it, and draw attention to the tears. "What's next?"

"We'll head inside," she said, already climbing the steps.

"You got permission to go in?" he raised an eyebrow, having expected to be stuck outside the whole day. He didn't see any extra cars in the parking lot, any signs that a teacher was there, supervising.

She looked back, rolled her eyes. "Of course I did. Who do you think I am?"

It was eerie, walking through the building with nobody else around, hearing their footsteps echoing through the long hallways as he tried to keep up with Maegan's longer legs. She knew exactly where she was going, leading him right to a classroom, ushering him inside, and into...

Middle school. The difference was subtle, yet definitely noticeable, Daniel recognizing it right away. It had been completely redecorated, the educational posters all replaced with slightly more immature versions, including one for the end of year dance that definitely wasn't the prom, the desks re-arranged, spread out a bit further. "Did you do this?" he asked, surprised.

"I wanted to get it right," she replied. "Hold still." She picked something up from the teacher's desk, knelt down, fastened it to his knee. He glanced down, blushing as he saw a Band-Aid there, Rapunzel staring up at him from it. He didn't think that had been the design that had been used on him on his first day, but he honestly didn't know for sure.

"You know I didn't actually fall, right?"

"Really?" she teased. "Then why were you crying like you did?" He blushed, no longer able to pretend she might not have seen. "We need this just to make sure everyone knows it's you... To kind of tie it all together."

"But this is supposed to be middle school, right? And the other was..." he frowned.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it," she gave it a pat. "You're just the talent, you don't have to think about anything, except doing what I tell you. Now, I just need to..."

"Hey!" he gasped, blushing even deeper as she grabbed a water bottle from the desk as well, pouring it onto the front of his shorts. "What the hell?!"

"Do you really need to ask?" she glanced over at the board. He'd seen there was something written on it, had been too busy with taking in everything else to read it... Now, he saw that it was announcing a Spelling Bee, many names written out underneath it, most crossed out, except for Daniel's, and one other.

"Seriously?!" he shook his head. "W-We don't really need to put this into the yearbook... Do we?!"

He wasn't the best at school, but one thing he was good at was spelling... He hadn't let himself get his hopes up too high about the bee, however, once it started, he knew he had a shot at winning, as he kept climbing higher and higher... He'd felt his bladder starting to fill, of course, had ignored it, afraid the teacher wouldn't wait for him to get back from the bathroom, that he'd end up forfeiting his spot if he left the room...

"I-It wasn't this big," he whined, staring down at his shorts. It had been small enough not everyone had noticed, and he'd tried to laugh it off when anyone brought it up, though the giggling he'd heard as some of his classmates did see had been enough to distract him, to make him choke and lose, and rush off to the restroom before it got any worse.

"Well, we want to make sure it shows up in the picture," she told him. "Besides, I bet that's how everybody remembers it... And that's what matters, isn't it?"

"N-Not everyone remembers," he mumbled, trying to convince himself of that.

"They will once they flip through the Throwback section and see this," she said, grabbing him by the shoulders, moving him in front of the board. He did his best to hide the wet spot with his hands before she could snap the picture, but, as she showed him on the preview screen, all that did was make it look more realistic, more like he was trying to keep anyone from noticing his accident.

"Why didn't you tell me to bring something to change into?" he sighed, looking down at himself, imagining having the wet spot visible for the rest of the pictures, as if this had been a regular occurrence.

"Don't worry, I have everything under control," she chuckled. "You won't be able to see them in the next one, I promise."

She led him into the cafeteria next. She had one table set up, in a corner where she'd taken down the posters congratulating the soon-to-be graduating class, and cheering on the sports teams, replacing them with more posters for the middle school's dance, and one spelling out the cafeteria rules, various cartoon-ized fruits in the margins, smiling out.

"Oh, come on," Daniel groaned, knowing, this time, exactly what was up, what was going to be inside the brown paper bag sitting in front of one of the seats. "There weren't that many people who saw this..."

"But we all heard about it," she smirked. "So it'll be nice for everyone else to get to see a version of it... It wasn't even your fault, right?"

It wasn't, as he'd spent most of his first year of middle school trying to convince his classmates. His little sister had still been a baby, then, and, since his father worked nights, his mother had to get up with her for late night feedings. It was only natural she'd get things mixed up now and then... And Daniel, himself, probably should have noticed his lunch bag felt much different that day. It wasn't until he was sitting down with his friends, and reached in to pull out the contents, however, that he realized his mom had put one of his sister's bottles in, instead of his usual sandwich and fruit.

He couldn't help himself, had to peek inside the bag. He heard the camera snap, capturing the moment of shock and disgust when he saw that, sure enough, there was a baby bottle inside, filled with milk. "Take it out," Maegan urged, and then, after he'd done so, continuing with, "Take a sip."

"No way!" he shook his head. "I didn't drink any then!"

"It'll be cute!" she said. "I probably won't even use it. I just want options."

He sighed, picking up the bottle, reluctantly slid the nipple into his mouth. As soon as the liquid inside touched his tongue, he felt his nose wrinkle, and a moment later, he was spitting it out. "Is that formula?!" he asked; it definitely wasn't milk, like he'd assumed. "Gross!"

"Adorable," Maegan giggled. "You are such a good model, Dan... We're going to be done it no time. We just need to take a little field trip..."

"W-Wait, we aren't going outside, are we?" he blushed, looking down at his wet shorts, and - less importantly now - the Disney Princess Band-Aid on his knee. "Y-You said you have everything under control, didn't you? S-So you have something else for me to wear?"

"I do," she grinned. "But we have to go get it."

She grabbed his hand, pulling him across the cafeteria, his sneakers squeaking on the floor as he tried in vain to stop her, to keep her from yanking him out the door and across the blessedly empty parking lot, to the other side of street and the public playground there.

It wasn't exactly like the one at the elementary school, but it was close enough that he knew that was what she was going for, well before she led him over to the slide, and he saw what was lying there beside it, spread out on an open blanket. "D-Do you want me to take this picture?" he asked hopefully.

"No, no," she shook her head, reaching for his shorts. "You're the star here, Danny."

"No," he put his foot down, at last. This was too far. "No way! I am not wearing..." He gasped as she yanked down his shorts and underwear in one fell swoop, leaving him scrambling to cover himself. "Maegan! What the hell?! We're in public! Anyone could show up here, a-and..."

"So you'd better hurry up and sit down," she ordered. "We aren't leaving until I have the shot."

He glared up at her, stomach churning as he realized he had no choice here. If she wanted to, she was big enough she could make him do just about anything... Including, clearly, sitting down on the blanket, watching helplessly as she slid the diaper beneath his bottom.

He knew what this picture was about, too... He'd been climbing up the ladder to the slide after Maegan one day when he noticed something peeking out of the top of her shorts. He'd excused himself for this long ago, telling himself he was just a kid, but it really had been a lousy thing to do, he knew... He'd been curious, though, and she was right there...

He hadn't intended to pull them down, just to poke at what he was seeing above them. She climbed up onto the top of the slide at the same time, however, and, without thinking, he grabbed on, yanking her shorts down, exposing the diaper beneath them. She'd felt it, of course, turned around, tears in her eyes, to see who had done it, only to slip and slide down on her stomach, diaper facing out for everyone to see.

"Y-You're not actually still mad about that, are you?" he gulped as she began to fasten the tapes. "I-I said I was sorry..."

"Yeah, when the teacher made you. People made fun of me for that for years! None of the other girls would invite me to their sleepovers because they said if I still needed diapers during the day, there was no way I wasn't a bedwetter, too."

"B-But nobody remembers it now," he pointed out. "A-All this is going to do is remind them of it..."

"Exactly," Maegan nodded. "They'll be reminded of it, but it was long enough ago that they won't be sure about the specifics of it... So, when they see the picture, they'll assume it must have been you all along. After all, you did all those other embarrassing things... It's hardly a surprise that you were still in diapers in second grade."

"B-But it wasn't!" he sniffled, watching her seal the final tape, trapping him into the crinkly, plastic prison. "I-I didn't!"

"Who do you think people are going to believe?" she asked, yanking his shorts the rest of the way off, his keys jingling in the pocket. "Someone who definitely did pee his pants and bring a bottle of milk to lunch in middle school, or the president of the yearbook committee?" She gave the shorts a shake, pulling them out of his reach when he grabbed for them. "Now, if you want to get these back, you're going to climb up that ladder and go for a little slide, and keep doing it until I get the perfect shot."

Daniel groaned, but he knew there wasn't much else he could do. "All right," he pouted, struggling to his feet, blushing at the crinkle of the diaper, following his every move, the feel of it bulging between his legs. "Fine, let's get it over with..."

"Good boy," she smiled, watching him toddle to the ladder. "Oh, and one more thing? I was wet when this happened, so, for the sake of realism..." He blushed, shaking his head. "I'm sure you can do it, Danny," she giggled. "Go on... Just pretend you're at the Spelling Bee."

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Anonymous Patron here. I don’t have any plans to take this story further, but any of y’all are welcome to play around with a sequel to it!
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Please make a part 2 of this! It’s way too short :(
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Sequel needed for sure. Its always the best ones that feel too short!
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Cute, but it felt too short. Though that seems to be the case with this kind of literature
The Nanny's Challenge - Chapter 14 & Epilogue 2020-07-18T14:00:03+00:00

"There she is!" Tracy exclaimed, jolting Lyra a bit. Lyra had nearly been falling asleep as she sat on the floor behind Tracy's desk, playing with some blocks the woman had given to her, and she tried to convince herself the surprise had been what made her diaper wet again, although, really, that squishy spot wasn't nearly warm enough for that to be true. "Are you ready to go home, sweetie?"

Before Lyra had a chance to answer, the Nanny had stepped around, into full view of her, staring down at her. Instinctively, Lyra attempted to tug her skirt down over her diaper, but she knew it would do her no good. "H-Hi, Nanny," she mumbled awkwardly, feeling self-conscious, though not so much about the state of her diaper; she was more worried about what her babysitter was going to tell the woman about their activities for the day.

"Hello, dear," the Nanny gave her a smile before turning her gaze to the secretary. "And how was she today?"

"I was really good!" Lyra insisted, fully expecting to be ignored.

The Nanny raised an eyebrow, kneeling down in front of her. "Were you now? And how many diapers did you go through?"

Lyra should have expected that question, and yet, somehow, it still took her by surprise. The day had felt so long... She tried to think back, counting the changes she remembered on her fingers, but she felt certain there was something she was forgetting. She realized, after a few moments of that, how silly she must look, like a little girl still learning her numbers, and struggling with it. "I-I dunno," she finally admitted.

"I have her chart in her bag," Tracy said, of course not knowing that the chart in Lyra's nursery was already updated, that the Nanny surely already knew, and was just trying to make the girl admit it. "I don't think you'll be pleased with it."

"I don't imagine so," the Nanny agreed. "But I also doubt I'll be surprised. Thank you very much for your help. Come along, Lyra." She took the diaper bag as the secretary offered it, holding her hand for Lyra to take, toddling along beside her out of the office.

"Bye-bye, Lyra!" Tracy waved as the regressed woman toddled away, nibbling on her pacifier.

"Well, Lyra?" the Nanny asked, pausing. "What do you say?"

Lyra stared up at her, brow furrowed, for a moment, before putting it together. "B-Bye, ma'am," she waved back to Tracy, freezing with a blush as, by raising her arm, she felt her shirt ride up, and realized her outfit had changed back. Her dress had shrunk back into a shirt, leaving her entire diaper exposed for the whole office to see - not that the dress had left much to the imagination, especially after she'd had her visits with all her workers - and her Mary Janes had switched back to the childish, Velcro-fastened sneakers. And why not? Work time was over... There was no reason for her to wear her 'uniform' anymore.

If she thought she was just going to be able to waddle her way out of this place and go home, she was very wrong. Her workers, apparently, hadn't seen enough of her today, many of them taking a break from packing up to leave themselves to tell her, "Goodbye!", or "Night-night, Lyra!", the Nanny expecting her to politely reply to each. Some even came over, gave her a hug.

One had the nerve, while in the midst of that embrace, to ask, "Uh-oh! Did you have another accident, Lyra?"

"N-No!" Lyra answered automatically.

"Really? Are you telling a fib?"

Lyra blushed as her diaper was given a squeeze. "N-No," she repeated, a little quieter, more embarrassed.

"Don't worry," the woman winked up at the Nanny, as if Lyra couldn't see. "I won't tattle on you."

Lyra made herself stay quiet until they'd gotten out of the building, past the receptionist, who insisted on giving her some more candy, sending her on her way with a pat on the bottom and an overly-loud offer of, "Do you want to change her before you head out? The bathroom's right over there!" to the Nanny.

"I'm sure she'll be fine," the Nanny told her. "Thank you."

As soon as they were outside, Lyra planted her feet - as well as she could, considering the Nanny could easily drag, or carry, her anywhere she wanted - and glared up at her, hoping her expression didn't just look like a pout. "Why did you do that to me?!" she demanded, tugging out her pacifier. "Now everyone's seen me in my diapers, a-and they'll never respect me again, and I'll pro'ly lose my job, and Hallie and me will be out on the street, a-and...!"

To the Nanny's credit, she didn't chuckle at this, although even Lyra knew she was being a bit silly, and over-reacting, likely not helped by the body she'd been stuck in for so long at this point. It was easy to act like a toddler when you hadn't physically been an adult for days. "That isn't going to happen, Lyra," she promised, giving her a hug.

"Y-Yes, it will!" the girl sniffled.

"No, it won't," the Nanny countered. "Nobody is going to remember this happened, except for you. There will be a part of them that knows you learned your lesson - and you did, didn't you?" Lyra nodded. "As long as you continue to demonstrate that, and don't backslide, that's all they'll ever have... A faint reason to know that you've proven you deserve a second chance, even if they don't know why."

"Y-You promise?" Lyra asked nervously.

"I do," the Nanny told her. "If you get back up to your old tricks, however..."

"I-I won't!" Lyra shook her head. She could think of few things more motivating to keep her from losing her temper than the thought of the person she was yelling at recalling this version of her, regressed to a toddler, running around the office in a dirty diaper.

The Nanny raised an eyebrow, but stood up, taking Lyra's hand again, plucking the paci from the other one and sliding it back into her mouth. They went to pick up Hallie, Lyra standing by, having to listen to the report on how well she'd done with her potty training. "Just one little accident," the worker told them, "She's still in the back-up undies you sent along, and they've been perfectly dry since we put her in them."

Lyra could already imagine what the charts looked like, the gulf between her and her daughter widening further. Hallie had been here before, of course, but normally, at this stage, she looked anxious, worried that she'd mess things up again at any moment... Now, she was standing there proudly as the worker told them about her day, confident... Was it because of the Nanny? She was so supportive, so kind to the girl... Was that what had made the difference? Lyra hated to think she was being anything different to her daughter, yet she knew that wasn't always the case when it came to this, to her expectations for someone her age and potty training...

That didn't mean she wouldn't have any more accidents in the future, obviously. Even if she had one per day, however - or, for that matter, two - she'd still be doing better than Lyra, by far. And Lyra had a feeling Hallie would be going a few days, at least, with none, possibly longer, given her usual pattern. It was clear, by this point, it would take Lyra more time to figure out how to correctly control her weakened muscles...

Perhaps she'd get lucky, manage it in a week. Until then, her chart would be filling up far faster than Hallie's. Assuming Lyra didn't have any more accidents afterwards.... Well, it might not matter. Hallie might be so far in the lead that it would be impossible to catch up; that was certainly how it felt now, staring up at her in her big girl panties, while she was stuck in a soggy diaper.

She wasn't the only one who noticed, either. "I bet you're looking forward to when you can do the same," the worker winked down at Lyra. "Do you mind if I change her? I can put her into some of her big sister's extra diapers... I don't think she'll be needing them."

Lyra expected the Nanny to turn her down, like she had the receptionist, but the woman nodded instead. "If you'd like," she said. "We might as well use those up somehow."

Lyra was picked up, plopped down on the changing table, one of the diapers she'd bought for Hallie, and left here 'just in case', ages ago, set down beside her. "Isn't this fun?" the worker gushed. "Well, I bet you're used to wearing your big sister's hand-me-downs at this point, aren't you?"

Lyra sucked her paci and nodded her head, knowing that, if she really were Hallie's baby sister, that would probably be true... And she'd rather be seen as that at the moment than as her mother. "Don't worry, I bet you'll be in big girl panties like her eventually, too!"

Lyra blushed, wiggling as she was cleaned up, the fresh diaper slipped under her backside. "Looks like this is a little big," the worker commented. "But that's okay! We can still make it fit!"

Was she serious?! Was Lyra really too small for a diaper?! She knew diapers came in different sizes, of course, but she'd never thought about her needing a smaller size diaper than her own daughter, even knowing she was shorter than her... For whatever reason, that was what really hit it home for her, proved to her how tiny and helpless she was...

"Aww, it's okay, sweetie," the worker cooed, wiping her face, Lyra having not realized she was actually crying until then. "Like I said, we'll make it fit!"

"Here," the Nanny offered, handing over a booster pad.

"Look at that!" the worker beamed. "We'll just fill up the extra space with more padding!"

By the time she was done, the diaper was nearly as bulky as the doubled-up one she'd spent part of her day at the office in, the one she'd been wearing when she'd had her poopy accident, the memory making her quiet and blushy while the worker taped her snugly into it. Thankfully, the Nanny picked her up off the table, didn't expect her to walk home like this.

"Thank you," she told the worker. "What do you say, Lyra?"

"F-Fank you," she parroted from behind her paci.

"You're welcome!" the worker gave her tummy a tickle, and, to Lyra's horror, she felt herself giggling uncontrollably, dribbling into the diaper that had been on her barely a minute, earning herself yet another frowny face on the chart.

Hallie skipped all the way home, feeling rightfully proud of herself. "Can we play?" she asked the Nanny, once they were back in the living room.

"I think your sister is a little tired out," the Nanny said. "She needs a nap first."

"Aww," Hallie pouted. "But it's almost her bedtime! Is she just gonna sleep all day?"

The Nanny smiled, brushing the hair out of Lyra's face. "She's a baby, Hallie; that's what they do, I'm afraid."

"All right," Hallie sighed, cheering up as she asked, "Can I tuck her in?"

"Of course," the Nanny agreed, carrying Lyra into her room, setting her down on the changing table. Lyra didn't get a fresh diaper, however - it was barely damp, really, from her little accident with the tickling - she just had her shoes and socks removed, her shirt replaced with a PJ one before she was laid down in the crib.

Hallie helpfully pulled the covers over her, tucking them in under the mattress, trapping her mother beneath them. "Nighty-night!" she gave Lyra a kiss on the forehead, as Lyra squirmed, barely able to get an arm free to give her a hug.

"I-I'm really proud of you, Hallie," she said. It felt a bit silly, saying it now, when she was so much smaller than the girl, but she felt like she had to. "You're doing so good."

"Thank you!" Hallie beamed, kissing her again.

Lyra wanted to talk to the Nanny, but the woman turned off the light, switching on the mobile over her head - which Lyra didn't think she remembered being there before - and, by the time she'd pulled up the side of the crib, Lyra was fast asleep.

She had no real idea how long it was when she'd woken up, her only indication of time passing the increased wetness in her diaper. When she opened her eyes, however, the bars of the crib had been lowered again, allowing her to hop out, toddle across the floor of the nursery, diaper even thicker after absorbing all that liquid. Thankfully, the door had been left open a crack, so she could pull it open, since, otherwise, she wasn't positive she could reach the knob.

She heard the television on, in the living room, but instead of going there, she turned her head, saw that the door to the guest room was also open a tiny bit, and, in the darkness of the hallways, she spotted a hint of light coming from it. She waddled towards it, standing outside nervously for a few moments to gather her courage before reaching up one tiny, chubby hand, and knocking.

"Come in," the Nanny told her, not sounding surprised at all. Lyra pushed the door open, her eyes widening at the sight of the room within.

The guest room was, of course, the smallest bedroom in the house, since it was the one used the least often. Or it should have been, rather... The room Lyra was looking at now was gigantic, far bigger than her own, simply - but elegantly - decorated with furniture and pictures on the wall that she knew she'd never bought herself.

"Yes, dear?" the Nanny turned from the over-sized writing desk she was seated at, looking down at the toddler slowly making her way across the massive floor, which, at the moment, with her tiny legs and thick diaper, seemed just as wide as her entire house normally would.

"Umm..." Lyra looked around, feeling overwhelmed at the size of this place, and, by extension, the Nanny, who appeared to fit there perfectly, whereas Lyra, herself, felt like a miniscule intruder. "C-Can we talk?"

"You just did," the Nanny told her. "And I am right now, so it seems the answer is yes."

"Umm..." Lyra blushed, looking down at her bare feet, and getting a good view of the bulky diaper halfway down, reminding her why she needed to talk to the woman, and making her even more embarrassed about it. "I-I..."

"If you'd like a change, we'll have to return to your nursery," the woman said. "I'm afraid I don't have a changing table here."

"N-No, that's not it," Lyra shook her head, although she did want a dry diaper. "I-I, uh... I-I wanted to talk to you... about our bet."

"I did not bet," the Nanny replied, sounding almost offended at the word. "I merely offered you a challenge."

"O-Okay, that, then," Lyra sighed. "I-I'm.... I-I'm not going to win, am I?"

"That is not for me to say," the woman gave a shrug. "I cannot see the future, so..."

"I'm not!" Lyra stomped her bare foot. "Just... Just look at me!" She gestured down at her sodden diaper. "A-And look at my chart! I was wrong... It's so much harder than I thought, and Hallie is doing so, so good, and I... I..." She blushed, hating having to say this out loud, to admit it, not only to the Nanny, but to herself as well, having to fully accept it if she spoke the words out loud. No matter how much she'd been thinking it, it didn't feel real until now. "I c-can't do it."

"You can't do what, Lyra?" the Nanny asked, bending over, closer to Lyra.

Lyra whined, cheeks burning. Of course she wasn't going to make this easy... "I-I can't get potty trained again," she mumbled.

"You can't?" the Nanny smirked. "But it's so easy, Lyra... Toddlers all around the world can do it. Why can't you?"

Lyra squirmed, knowing she'd said very similar - or, knowing the Nanny, probably the exactly the same - words to Hallie in the past, when she was frustrated with her lack of progress, or her latest bout of backsliding.

"Are you saying you are more of a baby than those children?" the Nanny asked. "Than your own daughter?"

"Y-Yes," Lyra admitted, feeling a weight lift off her chest. "I'm never gonna be able to catch up with her at this rate. Y-You never really said what would happen if I lost, but... Th-There's no need to stretch it out, is there? To make me wait? I already know it isn't going to happen, so... Wh-Whatever punishment you think I deserve, you should just do it."

She gulped, closing her eyes, bracing herself for the worst, only to hear a chuckle. "What do you think is going to happen, Lyra?"

She opened her eyes, blushing, staring up at the woman. "I-I dunno..." she shrugged. "I-I thought... Well, I-I was afraid that maybe you'd keep me like this forever."

"And is that what you want?" the Nanny asked.

"N-No!" her cheeks warmed up even more. "I-I'm a grown-up! I-I just... I thought, since I couldn't do it..."

"I can hardly leave Hallie in charge of you forever," the Nanny said, "and there are other people who need my help, so I'm afraid I cannot stay here forever, either."

"Then... What?"

"Well, Lyra," the Nanny stood finally, towering over the tiny girl, "I suppose you'll simply have to wait and see."

Lyra did, anxiously expecting the other shoe to drop as she was fed her dinner, given a bath, put to bed for the night, well before Hallie. Nothing seemed any different, other than a sense of relief, knowing she didn't have to worry about trying to make it to the bathroom on time, of worrying about her chart - which, when Nanny took her to her room to change her after their talk, was gone completely - or if she was going to win.

"Good night, my dear," the Nanny told her, after tucking her in. There was something different to her tone, a slight sadness, almost, or perhaps a hint of finality.

The next morning, Lyra woke up in her old room, and her old body, the diaper and footed sleeper she'd been put to bed in vanished along with her crib, and any sign the Nanny's visit had ever happened. Lyra smiled, staring at herself in the mirror, happy to see everything back how it should be, although, like she thought she'd heard in the Nanny's voice the night before, she couldn't help feeling just a little sad.

She saw it in Hallie's face, too, as she rushed into the kitchen, finding her mother there instead of the Nanny, though some of it went away when Lyra set the plate of pancakes she'd been working on onto the dining room table.

"Chocolate chips?" Hallie's eyes lit up. "Is it a special occasion?"

"It is," Lyra smiled down at her, kissing the top of her head. It was silly, she'd decided earlier, as she'd started fixing breakfast, to relegate the girl's favorite kind of pancakes to a few days a year; a little chocolate never hurt anyone. "Any day I get to have you as my daughter is a special occasion."


"Have a good weekend," Lyra smiled at Tracy, giving her a wave as she walked by her desk.

"You, too," the woman waved back pleasantly. Lyra walked across the office, smiling at her employees, watching them packing up, only to pause as she saw one monitor still on, a spreadsheet still being frantically worked on.

"That's funny," she couldn't help herself from stopping and saying. "I could have sworn I got an e-mail from you saying you'd have that done an hour ago."

She could see her worker squirming, mouth opening, ready to spout out their reasoning... But, pinned to the side of the cubicle, she saw something else. There it was, the construction paper apology she'd written out, sitting there beside her secretary, in her diapers, hand aching, feeling so tiny, and powerless...

"We don't have to turn that report in until Tuesday morning," she reminded the employee, and herself, forcing herself to calm down, to remember that this was a person, one who probably felt similar to the way she had, that day. "It's the weekend... Get out of here. It will still be here on Monday."

She still felt a little self-conscious, walking into preschool to pick up Hallie, but, thankfully, the teacher who had changed her didn't recognize her as her daughter ran over and gave her a hug. "How did she do today?" Lyra smiled, hugging the girl back.

"Very well," the teacher replied. "Another completely dry day!"

"Great job, sweetie!" Lyra praised her. But it didn't stay that way....

"Mommy," Hallie whined at the first stop sign outside of the preschool. "I-I hafta go potty."

"Hallie," Lyra sighed, "why didn't you go at school?"

Hallie fidgeted in her seat, blushing. "I-I was playing with Kristy, a-and I forgot..."

"Do you want to stop somewhere?" Lyra asked her, "Or do you think you can wait until we get home?"

"I-I can make it home," Hallie said. And, technically, she was right, though she was wiggling pretty badly by the time they arrived. Lyra did her best, fumbling to get her key into the front door, but it wasn't fast enough.

She turned around, pulling the door open, to find her daughter standing behind her, face red, a wet patch already forming on the crotch of her pants, quickly growing, spreading down her legs. "It's okay," Lyra told her. "I should've just stopped... It's a long way back."

Hallie was still clearly upset with herself for breaking her dry streak, no matter how hard Lyra tried to be supportive, to tell her it was all right, that it happened to everyone. Lyra got her cleaned up, into fresh pants and panties, but it didn't seem to help much. Lyra knew what would, though... She blushed a little, thinking about it, but if that was what it took to cheer her daughter up...

"Hey," she suggested, giving the girl a smile, "why don't we play with the dollhouse a little before supper?"

Just as she'd expected, Hallie's eyes lit up. "Really?" Lyra nodded, watching the girl drag the dollhouse out of the corner and pull it open...

And, in a flash, they were inside, standing in the nursery. They weren't twins anymore, though, not like on their first visit... Lyra was very much the baby, staring up at her big, mature older sister, blushing as she felt her diaper growing warm and wet immediately.

"Lyra!" Hallie giggled, bending down and checking. "Do you need a change already?"

Lyra shrugged bashfully, knowing that it wasn't really up to her... Nothing was, here. It was all up to Hallie.

"I think you do!" Hallie cooed, picking her babified mother up and setting her down on the pink, plastic changing table. "I don't want you to get a rash!"

Lyra nodded, sucking peacefully on her pacifier. Of course Hallie had made the right choice... She always did. She'd really grown to love being this new position, during their time with the Nanny, and Lyra was happy to give her a chance to go back to it now and then, when she needed it. And, if she was being honest, she didn't mind being the baby sister all that much, either, not when she knew she could return to her adult self when they were done playing.

"Fank yew," she mumbled from behind her paci, once Hallie was all done, giving her a hug, thinking about how lucky she was to have her as her daughter... And, from time to time, her big sister.

The End

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Loved the arc of this.
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Aww, this was such a great story.
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The Flight - Chapter 3 2020-07-26T14:01:00+00:00

"Aunt Ronni!" Hillary pouted, looking at herself in the mirror, tugging at the skirt of her younger cousin's old dress, seeing the blaring white of the diaper peeking out, the crotch not hidden at all, even when she was standing perfectly still - or, at least, as perfectly still as she could bear to stand while imagining leaving the room like this. "I-I can't go out there like this!"

Ronni sighed, closing her eyes and massaging them for a moment. "Hillary," she said after a long moment, "that sounds an awful lot like you're saying 'no' to me..."

Hillary gasped, shaking her head quickly. "N-No, not at all!" she insisted. "I-I just..." She groaned, turning back to her reflection, barely stopping herself from stamping her foot. How could this be happening?! How could this be the choice she had to make?! Go along with this and march out into the church with her diaper visible, or submit to a spanking, after which she'd probably have to do the same thing anyway? As much as she hated it, it wasn't difficult to figure out the correct answer.

She could hear giggling as she trudged to the pew Wynter was waiting in, turning to see some of her Sunday School classmates snickering, knowing full well it was about her and her freshly padded bottom. She was very glad to get to her seat and sit, anxiously trying to arrange her skirt to hide her new undergarment, while hissing to Wynter, "You have to tell your mom what really happened!"

"Shh!" Wynter couldn't completely hide her smirk, although she quickly converted it to a smug, holier-than-thou look. "I'm trying to listen."

"Wynter!" Hillary grumbled, squirming in place. The diaper was so big, and bulky... It was probably more comfortable than the hard, wooden pew on its own, but she wasn't sure it was worth it, especially when it crinkled so loud with her every move, making more and more people turn back towards them... And who knew how many people behind them were staring, wondering what was wrong with her, if they hadn't noticed the bulk beneath her dress as she was marched down the aisle?

"Hillary," her aunt snapped. "Honestly, what has gotten into you today? Hush!"

"Tell her!" Hillary insisted, grabbing her cousin's arm and shaking it, only for Ronni to reach into her purse, pulling out the same pacifier Wynter had used on her in the airport, and shoving it into Hillary's mouth. Hillary's cheeks turned as pink as the paci, and she reached up to take it out, not needing one more thing to draw attention to herself, to get people looking at her, to confirm their suspicions when they spotted her diaper, but her aunt smacked her hand away, with a glare that made it clear worse was on the way if she didn't stop.

Thankfully, Ronni led the two girls straight out of church once the service was over, not stopping and talking to her friends for a while first, as Hillary had feared. She was less happy about that when they got home, however, and the woman ordered her daughter, "Normally, Wynter would have to fetch it, but since you know where the hairbrush is, and she might not, I'd like you to get it for her."

Hillary gasped, and, to her horror, she felt a spurt of warmth in her diaper, a fearful reaction, and memory of what the spanking she'd gotten the day before had been like... And that had been with only Ronni's hand! She'd threatened the hairbrush then, too, but, fortunately, hadn't used it... Perhaps she wouldn't this time, either, but Hillary had a bad feeling about it...

"Wynter, please!" Hillary toddled after her, feeling very much like a little kid, totally at the mercy of her cousin, running around in a now soggy diaper. "Y-You can't let her do this! You know I didn't do anything!"

But that didn't stop the girl, and, to Hillary's horror, she felt her diaper grow a little wetter as she watched her open up the medicine cabinet, pull out the large, wooden hairbrush. "Wynter!" she stomped her foot. "This is your fault! Y-You can't let me get spanked for something that's your fault! It's not fair!"

Wynter returned to her mother, Hillary nervously trailing after her, quietly begging her to do the right thing. "Thank you," Ronni told her daughter. "At least I have one good girl here... Now, come along, Hillary." She patted her lap, and Hillary nervously waddled over, giving Wynter one last, desperate look, wincing as she felt the back of her dress being lifted, starting to reveal the seat of her diaper...

"Wait," Wynter finally spoke up. "Mom... I'm sorry. I-I lied... Hillary didn't do anything."

"Thank you!" Hillary breathed a sigh of relief. It would have been nice if the girl hadn't waited this long, but, at the same time, it was far better now than a few minutes from now.

"Are you sure?" Ronni asked. "Or do you just feel sorry for her? I heard her begging you, and I know what a kind heart you have..."

Hillary looked up, seeing Wynter give a little shrug, staring down at the floor. "Tell her it's true!" she kicked her legs frantically, and helplessly, realizing she wasn't out of the woods yet after all. "Wynter!"

But the girl didn't say anything. For a long moment, Ronni held the older cousin on her lap, before, finally, she said, "All right, I'll take your word for it, Wynter." Hillary hated that her aunt wouldn't take hers, instead, since she was the older one - and telling the truth - though she wasn't about to complain. "I still have my eye on you, young..."

She gave Hillary a pat on the bottom, then froze. Hillary's cheeks started to heat up again, realizing her aunt's hand was right on the damp, squishy part of her diaper, knowing she must feel it, know what it was. "Are you wet, young lady? After all that fuss you made about not needing diapers?"

There was no denying this one, no getting out of it... So Hillary wasn't sure why she tried, with a weak, "N-No?" Perhaps, if she hadn't, she could have actually avoided the spanking she'd been so close to getting out of... But, in reality, she wasn't nearly that lucky.


"I can't believe I have to tell you this," Ronni told her sternly, kneeling down and glaring into her eyes, "but this is your last chance, young lady. Do not make me regret giving it to you."

"I-I won't, ma'am," Hillary promised, although she was already regretting this whole trip, and had been since she'd arrived. Her lost luggage still hadn't shown up, and, after what had happened at church, her aunt had decided it wasn't worth buying her new clothes if she was just going to ruin them. So, as they headed out on what was the main objective of this trip - other than getting to see her aunt and cousin, of course - her bag was filled not with her sexy bikinis, and cute sundresses, each chosen with care to attract the exact right amount of attention as she sunbathed, or lounged in the pool, but a bunch of Wynter's old clothes.

Even the bag itself reminded her of her situation, a pink, plastic abomination with a cartoon puppy on it, which matched the one on the panties she'd, after much begging, been allowed to wear, and that had been the cause of her aunt's latest lecture. The white sailor dress over them, much like the one she'd had to wear to church, barely kept them hidden.

But they were much better than the alternative, than the diapers she knew Ronni had packed for her, just in case. The cruise Ronni had booked for them was only two nights... If Hillary's run of bad luck continued, however, those could be a very long two nights, indeed.

Things were still awkward between her and Wynter, as they rode in the back seat together, Wynter looking very pretty in her far more mature looking sundress. Could Hillary trust her? She had tried to get her out of the spanking, sort of... But, at the same time, it was her fault she'd been in that situation in the first place. If she hadn't gone running off...

It was all very confusing, and Hillary was struggling to make heads or tails of it. Even if it wasn't going to be quite the way she'd imagined, she was glad for this cruise so she could relax, try to take her mind of the first couple disastrous days of this trip...

Wynter seemed innocent enough, for the most part. That morning, she'd even kindly asked, "Do you get seasick?"

"Umm... I-I don't think so," Hillary had answered uncertainly. She hadn't considered that, had heard that, with cruise ships, they were supposed to be big enough that it wasn't likely to be a problem... If Wynter was asking, though, there was probably a reason. She lived here, had gone on these sorts of things with her mom before... She definitely had more experience.

"It might just be an old wives' tale," Wynter told her, "but mom made me this before I went on my first one, and I never had any problems..." She offered a glass of some mysterious drink.

Immediately, Hillary had been suspicious... But she knew that, when she'd been younger, she'd sometimes get motion sick in the car. How much worse would that be on a boat? And Wynter had done her best to stop the spanking... It wasn't her fault Hillary had wet herself. She probably hadn't noticed that had happened, or known that it would be enough to make her mother spank the older girl anyway... Right? Besides, she'd reasoned with herself as she took the glass, what was the worst that could happen? It wasn't like Wynter was going to poison her.

She was pretty certain it was working, too, since she didn't feel anything as she stepped onto the ship, and got led down to their cabin. She might not have anyway, of course, but a little extra insurance never hurt... "All right, you two," Ronni told them, once they had everything situated, "I'll be out on Deck C if you need me... I trust you're both old enough now to be able to entertain yourselves, or you're welcome to come sit with me. It's up to you."

Finally... Hillary could hardly wait to get started, to go enjoy some of the activities she'd been reading about on the website since she'd found out about this trip. She started to head out, then paused, seeing Wynter still sitting on her bed, looking at her phone. "Is... everything okay?" she asked. "Aren't you coming?"

Was this the first time Ronni was trusting Wynter on her own? Was she only doing that because she knew Hillary would be there with her? Would she make Wynter feel bad if she went off by herself? Part of her didn't want to care, after everything that had happened, but she reminded herself she was giving the girl the benefit of the doubt.

"Maybe in a bit..." Wynter shrugged.

"Oh, come on," Hillary rolled her eyes, grabbing her cousin's hand and tugging her off the bed. "You didn't come here to stay cooped up in the cabin, did you?"

"All right, all right," Wynter smiled, picking up a surprisingly childish, pink backpack, which Hillary chose not to comment on, and following her out of the room. She came alive once they were out on the deck, in the sunshine. "Oh, I know where we should go first!" she exclaimed, leading Hillary expertly across the boat.

"Wynter!" an unfamiliar, slightly older girl exclaimed, hurrying over to give her a hug. "Hey, cutie! I was wondering if I was going to see you... I didn't see your name on the list this time around!"

"I aged out," Wynter shrugged.

"No way! You can't be that old already, can you?" she smiled. "Well, you can always come say hi."

"I will!" Wynter promised. "Actually... I'll probably be seeing you quite a bit anyway, since my little cousin is enrolled."

"Wh-What?" Hillary's eyes widened, knowing, from Sunday School, who Wynter was referring to, and not pleased about that happening again, or the idea of having been enrolled in something without her knowledge. "N-No, I..."

"Don't be shy, Hillary," Wynter grinned, pushing her cousin towards the girl. "Here's your stuff." She shoved the backpack into her hands. "Have fun! I'll see you later, Dawn!"

"Wynter!" Hillary stomped her foot, watching her run off, leaving her alone with the older, larger girl. She turned to her, trying to laugh it off. "Th-That's just a joke," she said. "I-I'm not really..."

"Hillary, of course," Dawn smiled. "I just got your registration a few minutes ago! Don't worry... You'll have lots of fun with the other kids."

"But I'm not a kid!" Hillary insisted. "I'm an adult! So I'm going to just..." She started to walk away, only to have Dawn grab her arm.

"Whoa! Sorry, sweetie, but you're signed up for my program, so you're my responsibility, and I can't just let you go wandering away..."

"I told you, I'm a grown-up!" Hillary fumed. Without her ID, however, there was no proving that, so she was led to the group of children, sitting down, making crafts, and set up with her own yarn, and dry macaroni, and markers, to craft a picture of the boat with while they waited for everyone enrolled in the program to show up.

This was very much not how Hillary had envisioned this cruise going... She was supposed to be lounging by the pool, or sipping on some drinks by the bar, maybe catching the eye of some cute boy... Now, when any cute boys her age walked by, they looked over her without a second thought, assuming she was no older than the rest of her childish companions.

And, just when she was certain things couldn't get any worse... She felt it. She groaned, wrinkling her nose, one hand moving away from her art project to her rumbling tummy. Hadn't the drink worked? Was she getting sick after all? But this didn't feel like the motion sickness she was used to... No, it was much more similar to another feeling, one she wasn't accustomed to happening so quickly, or escalating this much...

She gasped, feeling an involuntary push from within, and then a messy smear in the seat of her panties. Oh no... Ronni was going to be so mad at her, if she found out... Without thinking, she jumped to her feet, ready to make a mad dash for the nearest restroom, not realizing how much worse it would get, without the seat beneath her to help her stop the flow.

"No!" she squealed, trying with all her might to clench her muscles as the mush began to pour out, her poor, childish panties struggling to hold it all. She really wished she'd stayed quiet, and still, feeling the eyes of the kids on her, all so much younger than her, yet none of which seemed to have any problems at all with controlling themselves this way... She groaned, frozen in place, helplessly pooping her pants, completely blowing the last chance her aunt had given her.

She was sure this was it, that she was going to get another spanking that night... But that wasn't the worst of it. "Come on," Dawn told her gently, "let's go get you cleaned up."

Dawn led her into the bathroom, taking the backpack with her, opening it up to see if there was anything in there to change her into, Hillary promising, the whole time, that this never happened, that she didn't usually have accidents... And then Dawn found a diaper and wipes. "Sweetie," Dawn said, with surprising patience, "why would you be sent here to us with a diaper if this was so out of the ordinary?"

"Th-That's Wynter's backpack," Hillary protested. "Sh-She packed it. I-I..." But she was the one here, the one who had messed herself... So she was the one who ended up getting cleaned up and diapered by this stranger, terrified that she was going to have to spend the rest of the cruise - and, probably, her trip, once Ronni found out - in them, that there was no talking her way out of them again.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Hillary whimpered as Dawn pulled her dress off as well.

"Sorry, sweetie," Dawn said. "You got it dirty, too, so you need a clean outfit... Unfortunately, all you have is your swim suit, and I don't think these bottoms are going to fit over the diaper. Don't worry, I'll give your auntie a call and see if she can bring you something else."

"No!" Hillary gasped as the tankini top was tugged over her head, keeping her diaper fully exposed as she was led back out onto the deck of the ship, for everyone to see. "She can't know! I-I'll be in so much trouble!"

"Well, she's whose contact number I have, Hillary," Dawn explained. "And I'm sure your cousin is off enjoying herself... And I'm going to need someone to bring you some spare diapers."

"But I don't need them!" Hillary stomped her foot, stopped by a pat to her crinkly crotch, and an increasingly familiar damp sensation there. Her nerves at the idea of how Ronni was going to react must have gotten the better of her... And now, she'd already proven, once more, that she belonged in these things... She just hoped her aunt didn't decide she deserved another spanking, too... And that the rumbling in her tummy was just a residual effect of her first accident, and not a sign that she might have another before Aunt Ronni showed up.

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Yessss. The stepdaughter update, victorias secret and now this. Love it
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A handsome member of the crew should comment on how appropriate her Sailor style dress is for the cruise. Attention she would normally love, but not in her current situation.
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Good idea!
Tattoos - Chapter 1 2020-07-22T14:01:01+00:00

The first part of a new short story commission from an anonymous Patron.

"A-Are you sure this is okay, Daddy?" Dakota asked nervously, hand curling around her fiance's muscular arm, creeping up closer to him, regretting tapping the bell sitting on the counter, really wishing she could have worn at least her Pull-Ups.

Of course, it made sense that she couldn't, considering what was going to happen, and she knew, once this started - if they went through with it - she'd be grateful for her big girl panties... She was, in general, anyway, and usually would whine and throw tantrums if Daddy made her wear anything else in public. Seeing this place, however, she would have liked the security that would have come with a bit of padding.

"It's all right," Blake promised her, rubbing her back. "There's nothing to be afraid of. This is what tattoo parlors look like."

Dakota rolled her eyes, stuck her tongue out at him. "As if you know! You haven't been in any more of them than I have!"

He was just trying to make her feel better, but she couldn't help feeling uneasy. She wasn't sure what it was, exactly; she hadn't been in one of these places before, so she didn't know why this one seemed strange to her. Probably, it was only nerves, the idea of what was going to happen. She had considered getting a tattoo in the past, more than once, and backed out at the last minute. She'd never made it this far... Maybe she'd have gotten this feeling no matter where they went.

This place was brand new, with nobody they knew to recommend it, no Yelp reviews to look at to get a sense of what it was like. They'd been talked about the tattoos for a while now, in an abstract way, and, just the day before, they'd finally settled on designs for them. Neither of them had heard this place was opening up, but they'd both found out earlier today it existed, was the grand opening today, and that they were giving out huge discounts in honor of it.

It was Dakota who had said, "It must be a sign," and suggested they take advantage of it, never one to miss out on a good sale. Blake hadn't said no, however, had driven them there and led her inside, even though, from the outside, the long-abandoned building the parlor had moved into hardly looked any different from usual.

Dakota had always wanted to sneak inside and see what it looked like, but never had, so she didn't know if it had changed or not. It was very dark, almost as if they hadn't gotten the electricity on yet, if not for the faint whir of tattoo guns. After a few moments, Dakota did spot some faint lights here and there, proving further they did have power, although she still wasn't feeling overly confident about this place.

Her anxiety only increased when someone finally stepped up to the counter, after Daddy had let her ring the bell what felt like an hour earlier. He was tall, thin, smirking down at her as if he knew she was the one who had summoned him. "Hello, there," he said, practically oozing smarm. "Are you sure you're old enough to be here, dear?"

Dakota blushed, the worst of her fears coming true as she felt a trickle of wetness make its way into her panties. Daddy had been making her wear diapers more and more often lately, and it wasn't helping her already admittedly somewhat shaky bladder control, at least for someone her age. When she got scared, or too stressed out, she was absolutely hopeless...

"I have her license here," Blake said, thankfully drawing attention away from her, even though that didn't help her stop blushing, the idea - and truth, honestly - that she was too immature to keep track of her own driver's license. When she was going to work, or out as a big girl, she had a nice purse she kept it in... If she was going out as his little girl, she had a tiny, plastic one he'd given to her as a gift. She'd broken the snap on it long ago, so she didn't keep anything important in there, scared it would fall out, while she waited for him to decide she'd been a good enough girl to deserve a replacement. "Do we need appointments? We were going to call ahead to check, but we couldn't find your phone number anywhere."

"No, no," the man shook his head. "I think we have just enough room for you. What can we do for you?"

"We each want to get a tattoo," Blake explained, sliding his phone out of his pants pocket, unlocking it and spinning it around. "We've got this one," he showed the first picture, the word 'Daddy' in elegant cursive, a red heart at the end. "Around the bicep, I think. And then we have this one..."

Dakota blushed again - or, rather, she blushed deeper, since she didn't think her face had fully recovered from the last time - as her Daddy swiped to the next picture. This one was much more childish, two sets of colorful baby blocks spelling out 'Baby Girl', with a diaper pin at one end, between them. That was the one that had taken the longest for them to settle on... At first, he'd wanted her to write the words out herself, in crayon, but, in little mode - and, honestly, when she was big, too - her handwriting was pretty awful, and, try as she might, it was hard for her to get a version that was legible. Then, he'd wanted a pacifier instead of the pin, but she'd wanted something a tiny bit more subtle.

"Really?" he'd asked, chuckling. "You don't think people will know what that is, when it's right next to a bunch of baby blocks?"

"Maybe not!" she'd glared at him, sulking. "There aren't that many people who use cloth diapers anymore!"

"But what else could it mean?" he'd pointed out. It was a valid point, she had to admit, though she'd still held her ground anyway, insisting it was better. And, in the end, she'd won.

Now, standing in front of the counter, watching the man stare at it, she was questioning her decision. "This one," Blake announced, "will be a tramp stamp."

Dakota squealed as he gave the area the tattoo was about to go in a pat, feeling another dribble in her panties. "Daddy!" she complained, without thinking, even though he'd given her permission to call him Blake while they were doing this. She was probably going to get a spanking when she got home if she kept this up... Not to mention how humiliating it was going to be if she had to get a tattoo with a huge wet spot on her shorts.

"He needs to know, silly," Blake laughed. "I can e-mail these to you, if you need, but I couldn't find that anywhere, either..."

"I think we have everything we need," the man cut him off. "Thank you. Now, if you could come right this way..."

Dakota bit her bottom lip, staring up at Daddy as the man gestured for them to come further inside. "It's okay," Blake promised, squeezing her hand. "If you can be a brave girl for me, maybe you'll get a treat afterwards."

Dakota's eyes lit up at that, imagining the bakery they loved, that she knew was on the way home from here. They had such yummy cupcakes there, and cookies, and brownies... She wasn't even sure what she'd choose! Of course, considering the state of her panties, there was a decent chance she wouldn't get anything, but she had no idea how long this was going to take... Maybe they'd dry out before they left, and he'd be none the wiser.

The back room was just as dark as the lobby, perhaps even more so. Dakota had been worried she'd see the other people getting tattoos, and freak herself out, but it turned out she couldn't see anything, which was worse. All she could see was a series of small booths, curtains closed in front of each, blocking her view, making her assume the worst. She pressed closer to her Daddy, practically clinging to him and letting him drag her along, like a koala bear on an ent it had mistaken for a eucalyptus tree.

"Here you are," the man pulled one of the curtains aside, revealing a large chair that looked too similar to a dental chair for Dakota's liking. "Your artist will be with you in just a moment, sir."

"Wh-What about me?" Dakota asked in a tiny voice. There was barely room for the chair itself in the room, and the person doing the tattoo... There was no way she could stay there and keep him company, or for him to do the same for her when it was her turn, which was the more worrying part.

"I don't know how they'll be set up," he'd told her, "but if I can, I'll be there with you, holding your hand."

"If you come with me, I'll take you to your chair," the man said.

Dakota's eyes widened, her panties dampening again. She wasn't a little girl; she was a fully grown adult, who spent plenty of time, every day, away from her Daddy, while she was at work. Here, in this strange place, knowing she was about to get needles punched into her back, however... And having to walk away, alone, with this person who made her so uncomfortable, for reasons she didn't completely understand...

Blake noticed it, of course, gave her hand another squeeze. "Could she stay here?" he suggested. "I can go to the other chair."

"Are you sure?" the man smirked.

Blake smiled down at Dakota. "Yeah... I think her little legs are tired from walking all this way."

"Nuh-uh!" Dakota pouted, stomping her foot before she could help herself. She knew he could tell she didn't want to be alone with the man, though, and that he was doing this to help her, even if he was teasing her at the same time.

"Just sit and rest, sweetie," he ordered. "This will all be over before you know it."

She bit her bottom lip again as the curtain was closed, leaving her all alone, staring at the cloth for a moment or two, then turning around, planning on pacing, full of too much nervous energy to sit down sooner than necessary. Except...

"Are you ready?"

Dakota gasped, another squirt of urine escaping from her bladder. She hadn't heard the other person come in, had fully assumed she was on her own, still... And then, seeing who it was, she only got more flustered.

It was a woman, taller than Dakota - as most adults were - and covered in tattoos. She looked so cool, Dakota felt even more self conscious about the tattoo she was getting herself, and that this woman would be the one giving it to her. "Hi, there," the woman grinned, bending over, her tight shirt showing off the cleavage spilling out from the top. "Did you have a little accident?"

Dakota blushed, glancing down, seeing that, indeed, her panties had finally had too much, as if she needed any more help looking like a dorky little girl compared to this woman. "N-No," she squeaked.

"Hmm," the tattoo artist raised a pierced eyebrow. "If you say so. All right, into the chair with you."

Dakota was anxious about the chair, but more embarrassed about standing there in her wet shorts, so she climbed up, while the woman looked at her phone, trying to lie down on her stomach.

"What is this?" the artist chuckled. "Do you think you deserve a spanking for wetting yourself? You probably do, but that's not my job."

"N-No," Dakota shook her head. "I-I..."

"I see," the woman said, confusing Dakota until the smaller woman realized she'd been talking to herself, or, rather, what she was looking at on her phone. "Yes, I think this will definitely do you some good..." Dakota whimpered, hating that this super cool looking woman had already determined that she deserved the moniker that was about to be permanently etched onto her. "Come on, turn around."

"B-But..." Dakota frowned, though she did as she was told anyway. "A-Are you not ready yet? I-I'm not sure..." She shivered at the cool touch of the wipe the woman began rubbing onto her arm, cleaning a large swath of her bicep. "I-I think there's a mix-up here..." Dakota told her timidly, wishing Daddy was here to take care of this for her.

"Don't worry," the woman smiled, picking up her tattoo gun and turning it on, Dakota's eyes growing bigger and bigger as she watched the needle start to move, jabbing back and forth like a sewing machine, aimed right for her flesh, her mouth going dry, refusing to let her speak again, no matter how much she wanted to, "It'll sting a little, but you'll get used to it in no time..."

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I'm liking this so far. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.
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oh no! I hope Blake’s gonna come and save the day!
CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 18 (Poll) 2020-07-20T14:01:01+00:00

What does Janet say?

CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 18 (Story) 2020-07-20T14:01:00+00:00

Janet really wanted the training panties, but, as she stood there, squirming in place, feeling the mass in her diaper shift and squelch with each tiny movement, it was impossible for her to build up the courage to ask for them. She'd just proven she didn't really deserve them... Anyone who did that belonged in diapers, real, thick, bulky diapers...

Defeated, she pointed at the package Hazel had been pushing for. "Aww!" Kenzi pouted. "Don't you at least want to try these?" she asked, giving the Pampers a shake. "You'd look so cute in them!"

"She already made her choice, Kenzi," Zella rolled her eyes. "Sorry... Step-sister knows best."

"Is that right?" She shoved the Pampers back onto the shelf, squatting down onto the same eye level as Janet. "Do you do everything your big sister says, little Prissy?"

Janet swallowed, blushing, trying to look away from her former schoolmate, only to have her cheeks squeezed between the larger girl's fingers, held in place. She whimpered, feeling a fresh trickle of wetness start to make its way into her already filthy diaper, terrified that, if Kenzi looked too long, she'd realize who she actually was.

"Well?" Kenzi demanded.

Janet didn't really have an answer for her... Or, rather, she didn't know what Kenzi wanted. Was she supposed to say yes? Hazel would like that... But it sounded like Kenzi might prefer to hear she had a little more backbone than that - although choosing to wear Pampers hardly felt like a good demonstration - and she was right there, in her face...

Zella was close, too, however, could overhear it all... And she was the one Janet was going to be living with for the rest of the weekend. She didn't think she was going to impress either one with her answer, no matter how much she'd wanted, back in her high school days, to prove to them, or anyone, how cool she was, but she nodded her head. "Y-Yeah," she mumbled.

Kenzi smirked, chuckled, her other hand moving up, cupping the mushy seat of the girl's diaper, making her squeak and squirm as she gave it a squeeze. "Maybe that's why you ended up here like this," she told her, a little more quietly.

"Oh, good," Hazel declared, interrupting their moment. "They have more soakers, too... With enough of these, and the new overnights, I bet I could go a whole day without having to change you if I wanted."

"No!" Janet gasped. It would be bad enough toddling around in an even thicker diaper for a whole day... Having to do that while she was wet would be so much more humiliating, constantly surrounded by the squishiness, reminding her of how big a baby she really was... And if she messed again?! That was kind of the ultimate expression of her fall into babyhood, being in such a stinky, mucky diaper, and knowing that not only was she not allowed to change herself, she had to wait until her babysitter decided it was time, even if that was hours away...

And, she realized in horror, she was already there. It was up to Hazel when, or if, she got changed.... And this was happening out in public. She whimpered, staring up at Zella, trying to reconcile the reality she knew, that the girl was her step-daughter now, not her big sister, not a babysitter, but it was almost impossible, all things considered, especially with Kenzi's hand right on the seat of her lumpy diaper.

"I thought you did whatever she wanted," Kenzi teased. "That includes letting her diaper you up nice and extra thick and then not having to worry about changing you, doesn't it?"

"Y-Yeah," Janet admitted reluctantly.

Kenzi raised an eyebrow with a skeptical, "Hmm," clearly not convinced. She did let go of Janet, however, standing back up as Hazel walked over to them, shoving the package of diapers into Janet's hands, followed by a second, and a third, until it was all Janet could do to keep from dropping them

"There you go," she said. "Since those are yours, you might as well carry them."

"B-But..." Janet groaned. She felt ridiculous, holding them, toddling around with them when it was clear she was wearing them, too, or at least something very similar to them... Although, honestly, it wasn't like it really mattered. Any of the three could have had them, and it would be obvious they were hers, and that, if they had that many, she must really need them. There was just something about having to wrap her arms around them, carry them around, that made it extra embarrassing.

"And here's these, too," Zella set the soaker pads on top of the diapers, the plastic of the packages slippery enough that Janet had to push her chin down onto them, pinching them together, making it look even more as if she were giving them a pleasant hug. "Don't let them fall... We're getting them one way or the other. I don't mind marching back here to get another pack... Do you?"

"I-I'll keep track of them," Janet promised.

It took both arms for her to keep ahold of the diapers, so she didn't have to hold Hazel's hand... The bigger girl and her friend walked to either side of her, though, escorting her, keeping her moving with swats to her messy diaper if she started to slow down. It would have been nice to get out of the diaper aisle, were she not carrying what felt like half of the contents around with her... And if they hadn't went right for the baby food aisle next.

"I don't need baby food!" she hissed, not wanting anyone else to overhear her, even though she knew it was probably pretty obvious it was for her, considering her outfit, and the diapers. "I can eat real food!"

But they just kept giggling, sorting through the tiny jars and pouches, picking flavors out without asking Janet what she liked or wanted - although, to be fair, the answer would have been 'none of it'.

"Hmm," Kenzi mused, after a few, long minutes of Janet whining and looking around anxiously, hoping nobody she knew saw her here, like this. "I don't think she's going to be able to carry all of this."

"W-We don't really need the soakers," Janet helpfully suggested. "And we don't need that much baby food, so...."

"I'll go get us something to put it in," Hazel offered, cutting her off. "Can you watch her for a minute?"

"Of course!" Kenzi grinned. "She's like my niece now... I'll take very good care of her."

She kneeled down again, as Janet watched Zella walk off, wondering what she was going to get... She wasn't sure if a basket would be big enough for the diapers to fit into, though maybe she'd be able to off-load the soakers, at least. A cart would fit everything, easily... But then Hazel might make her sit in the front, and sitting anywhere at the moment didn't sound fun...

"Here," Kenzi gently took the diapers out of Janet's hands, setting them down on the floor beside her. "We'll be waiting for a sec."

Janet was grateful, for a split second, until she realized she was now more exposed, more easily recognized, without anything to block her. And, to make matters worse, Kenzi was taking out her phone, aiming it at her.

"N-No," she pouted, hands unsure what to do, reaching for the crotch of her onesie, as if she could use it to hide her bulky, messy diaper any better than it already was, then up to her face. "N-No pictures!"

"But sweetie," Kenzi told her in a sing-songy voice, "I hafta show off my precious little niece to all my friends!"

"No!" Janet whimpered, finally making a choice and covering her face. She didn't know how close Kenzi was to her high school friends, but she couldn't let any of them see her this way... The more people that spotted her, the bigger chance there would be that one of them would figure out the truth, and tell Kenzi. As much as she'd wanted Zella to figure it out the previous day, she wasn't sure she wanted Kenzi to know...

And, honestly, she wasn't positive about Hazel anymore, either. Things had gone too far now... Zella might feel bad for what she'd done, but Janet couldn't deny that she'd proven that the girl might not have been completely wrong... To have used diapers as much as she had, maybe she really did need them... For someone Prissy's age, whatever that really was, it was embarrassing, though not completely unusual... For an adult, like Janet?!

"Come on, hands down," Kenzi said, quietly at first, then more harshly. "Hands down, Prissy, or I'll tell Zella you tried to run away, and she'll finish what she started out by the entrance, and I'll still get my video!"

Janet quickly dropped her hands to her side, staring down at her feet helplessly, terrified of getting spanked here, like this. Kenzi stepped in closer, aiming her phone up at Janet's scared, sniffly face. "Why are you so cute, Prissy?" Kenzi asked.

Janet shook her head, trying not to answer, but Kenzi wasn't going to accept that. "I-I dunno," she shrugged, finally.

"I do!" Kenzi declared, spinning her around, and, with one, fateful tug, opening up the onesie, exposing the droopy diaper within to anyone and everyone looking.

"No!" Janet gasped, grabbing for the flaps of the onesie, trying to pull them down, to hide again, to no avail.

"Look at these sweet, pink diapers!" Kenzi narrated. "Aren't they just the most ador... Uh-oh!" She sniffed dramatically, giving the diaper's bottom a poke. "What happened here, Prissy?"

Janet had enough time to feel glad she was facing away from the camera before Kenzi turned her around again, capturing her humiliated expression. "What did you do, Prissy?"

"I-I..." Janet stammered, face beet red.

"Did you go poo-poo in your diapies?" Kenzi mocked.

"N-Nooo," Janet shook her head, squeaking when her tormentor reached down, gave them a pat.

"Are you sure?"

"N-No," Janet sighed.

"Why would you do that?" Kenzi asked. "Why didn't you wait for the bathroom, like a big girl? Is it because you aren't a big girl?"

"I-I am!" Janet insisted.

"You messed your diaper," Kenzi reminded her. "Does that make you a big girl? Or does that make you a baby?"

The question was so unfair, especially now, with her standing there, in her squishy diaper, a whole pile of fresh diapers sitting beside her, waiting... "I-I'm not..."

"I agree," Kenzi leapt on her opportunity. "You're not a big girl at all, are you? You're just a baby who needs her diapers, aren't you?"

Janet stomped her foot with a pout. "I'm not!"

"Tell me what you did, and why, or Auntie Kenzi is going to tell your big sister about what a bad baby you've been behaving like while she was gone."

Janet whimpered, looking around, blushing deeper as she accidentally caught the eye of more shoppers, positive they saw her diapers on display. Hazel was nowhere to be found... "I-I went poopy in my diapers," she said with a sigh. "B-Because I need them, 'cause I'm just a b-baby..."

"So clever!" Kenzi gushed, finally putting her phone away, tugging the flaps of the onesie down, snapping them back into place, hugging Janet's diaper closer to her bottom again, making her feel anything but clever.

Finally, Hazel returned, carrying a basket, which the bigger girls quickly filled with baby food, not even offering to put any of the things Janet was tasked with carrying in it as she struggled to pick them all up again. "Why did you even set them down?" Zella rolled her eyes, watching her. "I wasn't gone that long!"

Janet glared up at Kenzi, who only smirked, not bothering to point out that she'd suggested it. Finally, arms full once more, she toddled after them, even further away from the cash registers. She was in the midst of crafting a way to point that out without getting in trouble for 'complaining' when they stopped, and she saw that they were headed to the clothes.

She breathed a sigh of relief. This was, probably, the one place she was happy to end up in, knowing that it meant they were going to get her something else to wear, something that might hide her diaper... They'd even brought her to the Juniors' department. She liked dressing a bit more professionally than anything there, but it was worlds better than the kids' section, which was definitely what she was expecting.

"You go ahead and start looking," Hazel told Kenzi. "I'll get her set up."

There was no attendant outside the fitting rooms, nobody to enforce the posted rule asking them not to take any un-purchased merchandise other than clothes they were trying on inside the rooms, so Zella brought it all in, setting the basket down on the floor, letting Janet lay down her diapers. Instead of helping Janet get out of her onesie, however, she picked the girl up, setting her down on the bench, fully clothed.

Janet gasped, toes and nose curling up in disgust as her backside sank fully into the mushy mass in her pants, sending it squishing and rushing in every direction, spreading all the further throughout her diaper. It was incredibly mortifying, almost more than the messing itself had been, leaving her unable to do anything but sit and suck her pacifier for a few moments in stunned silence while Zella ordered, "Stay right there. If you've moved at all when I get back, you're going to regret it... And if I catch you even looking at the door..." The threat hung heavy in the air. "Understand?"

Janet, at first, shook her head, trying to signify that she wasn't going anywhere, before her brain caught up with her body and made her nod instead, to actually answer the question. "I-I understand," she mumbled from behind her paci, positive her voice sounded quieter and more babyish, too, to match how she was feeling.

She was definitely worried about what they were going to pick for her; she would have been happy to be out of the public's eye, if Hazel hadn't made her sit down. She wiggled, struggling frantically to find a comfortable position, quickly realizing that wasn't possible. No matter what she did, or how she sat, there was no escaping the truth of what she'd done to herself, of how much of a baby she was, just like Kenzi had made her say.

When Hazel returned, it was with one of the last things Janet would have expected - a bikini. It definitely wasn't going to help her hide her diaper, but it would be nice to get to dress up in it, to feel like an adult again...

But Zella didn't unsnap her onesie for her, or take it off... She started to undress herself, giving no thought to Janet sitting there, paying her no more mind than she would have any other toddler. In no time, she was stripped down to her bra and panties, trying the bikini on over top of it. She examined herself, began to turn to Janet, then, after a knock on the door, opened it and let Kenzi in.

"You look so hot!" Kenzi giggled, hanging up a bikini of her own, beginning to take off her own clothes. Janet blushed, nursing away on her pacifier, the sight of these girls mostly naked reminding her of how much they'd teased her for how small and undeveloped she'd been in high school... And how little she'd changed since then. If anything, right now, she felt tinier than ever.

This wasn't fair! Weren't they here to get her a new outfit? Why was she having to watch them flaunt their bodies, while she was still stuck here in her infantile onesie?! At the very least, this definitely felt like something they could have done after buying her at least one package of diapers and changing her, so she didn't have to be trapped in her messy pants.

"That's cute!" Hazel told her friend, when she was finished changing. "I think something with more red might be better, though... What do you think, Prissy?"

Janet looked up, shocked that they were asking her opinion. They definitely were, however, Zella slinking over, tugging the pacifier out of her mouth. Janet gulped, the loss of her one comfort making her all the more aware of the differences between her and the other two girls in this little room... And of the mush in her diaper.

"It's okay, Prissy," Kenzi giggled, bending over to boop the girl on the nose, showing off her impressive cleavage in the process in what hardly felt like an accident. "Tell us what you really think."

What she really thought... She knew that probably wasn't what they actually wanted, but it was hard to hold it back. She almost wasn't sure what was going to come out of her mouth as she opened it, saying...

"Can I try something on next? You promised me a new outfit!"

"Can you please, please change me? This diaper's so icky!"

"You both look really pretty! I hope I look like you two when I'm a big girl!"

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This story is so cute.
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Best part so far!
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I wonder how long Kenzie will be able to keep the act up. I get there feeling she's going to break character first.
Ladylike 2020-07-16T14:01:00+00:00

A short story commission from an anonymous Patron.

"Would you like some more tea, Mr. Huggles?" Sofia asked politely, giving a nod to the giant teddy bear in a tutu sitting in the chair next to her.

"Why, yes, thank you, Sofia," he answered back in his usual high, squeaky voice. He always sounded very silly, and sometimes it was hard to keep from giggling at it, but Sofia knew that she shouldn't... That wouldn't be very polite at all!

"Of course!" Sofia stood up with a crinkle, leaning over to grab the plastic teapot from the middle of the table, the skirt of her princess dress riding up over the plastic, showing off the seat of her diaper. "I'm sure you want sugar, too?"

"Always!" he chuckled. Sofia nodded, pouring the invisible tea into his cup, then picking up the sugar bowl and carefully plucking two transparent cubes of sugar off of it, plopping them down into his drink, almost able to see them start to bob up and down, starting to dissolve.

She smiled, sitting back down in her plastic chair, looking to the seat on her other side. "What about you, Mrs. Fluffybottom?" she asked, immediately having to switch her voice.

Mrs. Fluffybottom was, of course, very dignified, which was why she kept her ears tied together with one of Sofia's old hair ribbons, instead of letting them flop around wildly like the bunnies she'd seen other littles carrying around on the playground. Sofia always did her best to make her sound like Mommy and her friends, but she knew she wasn't very good at it.

"I think I've had enough for now, dear," Mrs. Fluffybottom told her. "I must say, Kristine, that dress looks quite pretty on you."

"Oh!" Sofia's friend looked over at the bunny in surprise, then down at herself, and the sailor dress her Mommy had dressed her in that day, adjusting the ribbon, and then the skirt, although there was no way for her to possibly make it cover any of the bulky diaper peeking out from beneath it. "Thank you, Mrs. Fluffybottom! I think it's pretty, too!"

Sofia daintily picked up her own teacup, making sure she popped her pinkie out, lifting it almost to her lips and pretending to take a sip. "I must say," she declared. "I've been so busy serving anyone, I haven't gotten to try it myself yet! Not to brag, but it turned out very nicely today, didn't it? Your recommendations worked beautifully, Kristine!"

Kristine giggled bashfully. "I just told you how my Mommy makes her tea," she shrugged. "I didn't do anything."

"Ooh, is this Mommy tea?" Sofia perked up. She'd never gotten to try that before, not really... She hadn't liked tea, at least not the warm kind served out of pots like this, back before Mommy had adopted her, and anytime Sofia was around when Mommy had it with her friends, she was always given a bottle of milk instead. Mommy said she put a little tea into it so Sofia could get used to the taste, but Sofia had her doubts about that.

As if the word had summoned her, the door to the playroom opened up, Sofia's Mommy poking her head inside. "How are things going, girls? Sofia, are you behaving yourself?"

"Yes, Mommy!" Sofia glared up at her. "I always behave myself!"

"That attitude doesn't sound like it..." her Mommy said warningly, taking a step into the room. "Kristine, has she been nice?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Kristine chirped back pleasantly. "Do you want some tea?" She offered one of the spare teacups from Sofia's playset.

Mommy smiled, waving it away. "No, thank you, dear," she told her. Like with anything made for littles, it would have looked ridiculously small in her Amazonian hands anyway. And there definitely wouldn't be enough tea in it to satisfy her thirst. "Just let me know if she gets cranky."

"I don't get cranky!" Sofia huffed, crossing her arms, kicking her legs uselessly, wishing her chair was a little shorter so she could stomp her feet. "She always says that!" she complained to her friend, once Mommy had ducked back out of the room.

"You wouldn't believe what my Mommy said about me," Kristine replied. "She told me that I was acting unladylike the other day!"

"Nuh-uh!" Sofia gasped. "My Mommy said the same thing about me!" The pair of them stared at one another in disbelief, Sofia grabbing a cookie from her plate and starting to nibble on it. "They don't know what they're talking about! Look at you! Your hair is so pretty, and curly, and you picked the perfect color of ribbon for it!"

Kristine giggled and blushed. "Well, Mommy picked it out... And she brushed my hair."

"Duh!" Sofia laughed, spraying cookie crumbs. "That's what Mommies are for! You still look very grown-up!"

That was, of course, disregarding the diaper around her waist. Kristine was very pretty.... Sofia had always thought so. In fact, back before their Mommies had found them and adopted them, Sofia remembered that both of them would go in and get their pictures taken for magazines and things, and get paid for it! They always got to wear such cool clothes... Or sometimes, barely any at all!

"You look like a princess!" Kristine exclaimed. "That dress is so nice, and..." She paused for a moment, lifting herself out of the chair, grunting softly, then giggling at the faint sound of a toot coming from her padded bottom. "And it makes you look like a big girl! And definitely ladylike!"

"That's because I am!" Sofia shook her head. "How does Mommy not see it? She's so silly!"

"Mommies are silly-heads," Kristine agreed. "What do they even know about being ladylike?"

"Nothing!" Sofia declared. "They just think because they're so big, they know everything, but they don't! They don't even..." She paused for a moment, shifting in her seat, confused for a moment as she noticed a strange feeling. She wiped her hands on the front of her dress, grabbing the hem of it and lifting it up. Sure enough, she was wetting herself. With a giggle, she gave the dampening, increasingly squishy, padding a squeeze before letting her dress fall again, returning to her point. "They don't even know how nice our tea parties are, because they never want to play!"

"They don't know what they're missing!" Kristine nodded, grabbing for her bottle of milk, beside her teacup, giving it a big slurp, not paying any mind to the rivulet of white that dribbled down her chin after trying to drink too fast. "We have the best parties, and theirs are dumb! Their tea is gross!"

Sofia stared at her friend in wonder. "She lets you have their tea?"

"Once," Kristine admitted. "It was real yucky... I spit it out, and Mommy sent me to my room."

"But you had some!" Sofia pointed out. "That means you hafta be ladylike! Only pretty, grown-up ladies have tea!"

"Oh, yeah!" Kristine's eyes lit up. "You're right! And since we're having a tea party, that means we're ladylike!"

Sofia could see her face getting a bit red as she spoke, and, right on schedule, as she finished, she raised her bottom out of the chair again, gave another toot... But, this time, something more happened. Sofia watched her diaper starting to droop as her friend slid all the way off the seat, standing with her legs spread as she squatted down, the lump in her diaper quickly growing and spreading.

Like the polite little lady she was, Sofia knew she should wait until her friend was finished, so she grabbed her own bottle, sucking away at it. She was pretty close to being done, so she drained it, tossing it aside once it was empty so it wouldn't be in the way of the tea party. She was taken by surprise as her body let out a belch after finishing up all her milk at once like that, but it just made her giggle again, grabbing for another cookie, clumsily knocking the rest of them off the plate in her greedy rush.

Kristine gave a tiny sigh of relief and satisfaction, plopping down in her chair again, squirming for a moment to get comfy before grabbing Mr. Huggles. He was so big, he practically hid her completely as she set him down in her lap, making his head bob up and down as he declared, "You two are right! You're the most ladylike ladies I've ever met!"

"I knew it!" Sofia grinned.

Kristine went to put the bear back in his seat, but, unable to see what she was doing, swung him too close to the table, his arm sweeping half of the tea seat off the table, onto the floor. She blushed, looking over at her friend nervously.

"This tea party was getting boring, anyway!" Sofia told her. "Let's play Monsters!" She stood up, making herself as big as possible as she stomped around, pushing the rest of the contents of the table onto the floor. Kristine gladly joined in, giggling as she hopped up and down on the fallen cookies, crumbling them into the floor beneath her, while Sofia began digging toys out of her box to toss around the room wildly.

Sofia knew her Mommy wasn't going to be happy, and she was going to have to clean this up, and then probably sit in the corner for a while, once Kristine went home, but it was hard to care too much when she was having this much fun! She laughed happily, shoving the table over, Mrs. Fluffybottom's chair getting hit by it and falling over, spilling the prim and proper bunny onto the floor with the rest of Sofia's toys.

It took much longer for them to get bored with that, or, at least, to tire themselves out. Kristine sat down on her stinky bottom, trying to catch her breath, toys and teacups scattered all around her. "So..." she panted, "What do we do now?"

"Hmm..." Sofia mused. Their Mommies were definitely going to be mad at them for making a mess... "I know! Let's clean up!"

"Nooo!" Kristine whined, bouncing up and down poutily. "I hate cleaning up!"

"No, it's fun!" Sofia promised. "Have you seen that funny chair Mommy sits on sometimes? It has water in it, so we can use that to wash up the tea set!"

"Ooo," Kristine's attitude quickly shifted at the thought of having water to play in. "Let's do it!"

"Okay!" Sofia grabbed an armful of plastic dishes, waddling away with her very ladylike friend to have some more fun... At least, until their Mommies caught them.

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User #5343121 - 16 Jul 20 14:09
Aww, this one is cute!
Valerie's Education - Chapter 27 2020-07-10T14:00:03+00:00

It had been a long time since Valerie had felt shorter than Summer; she had been, all of her life, but after that summer, all those years ago, physical size hadn't seemed to matter as much. Now, however, as she scrambled to her feet, the bulky diaper around her waist throwing off her balance, her hand aching from all the lines she'd been writing the whole morning, and now into the afternoon, there was no mistaking that she was the little sister, in all senses of the word... And, honestly, she felt like the difference was bigger than ever.

"Wow," Summer sniffed the air. "Are you actually still clean? It's been more than a couple hours... I'm impressed."

Val blushed, hiding her face in her hands, reliving the memory of being woken up by Nanny, of being asked, "How did you possibly fill your diapers this much, after how much you used them before I put you to bed? Surely you knew you had to go more... Why didn't you say something, you silly girl?" before getting marched out, forced to sit in her high chair and eat breakfast in front of her family before her change, while she squirmed and blushed in her yucky, mushy diaper.

"It's okay," Summer grabbed her hands gently, pulling them away from her, making the younger girl look her in the eye. "That's what babies like you do, Val... There's no need to be embarrassed."

"I'm not a baby!" Valerie insisted, crossing her arms. "I'm...!" Her protest was frozen by her sister sliding a hand between the layers of her diaper, giving the inner-most one a squeeze. "Y-You're wet, too," she mumbled limply.

"Yeah, but I've been in diapers for ten years," Summer reminded her. "You've been wearing them for, what, a week? If that?" She chuckled as Valerie whined, trying in vain to tug her shirt down far enough to hide her diaper. "Fun as this is, I doubt it's why you called me in here... What do you want, soggy-pants?"

Val blushed at the infantile - but accurate, she had to admit - nickname, hoping it didn't stick. The whole day, as long as it had sounded like the 'grown-ups' were in other parts of the house, she'd been gently calling out for Summer, in case she was playing in Valerie's room. It had started to feel like a pointless task... Until now. "Umm... I-I have a favor to ask."

"A favor?" Summer raised an eyebrow. "Finding your dumb little ring wasn't enough of a favor?"

"N-No," Valerie shook her head. It was partially about that, though. "If it didn't get packed or thrown away yesterday, I need you to bring me my phone charger from my desk."

Summer grinned. "Oh, do you? Now, what use would you have for that, unless you had your phone here somewhere? Do you think that's something a baby should be playing with?"

Val whimpered, wondering if this had been a mistake. Nanny had stuck with her every moment she'd been out of the nursery that room, so there had been no time for her to slip into her own room and do it herself... And she was terrified of what would happen if she was caught away from her task before it was finished. Summer was really her only hope... If she wasn't about to betray her. "Summer, please," she sniffed. "It's all I have..."

"Don't cry," Summer sighed. "I might be able to help... But, since this is a whole new favor, I need a whole new payment."

Valerie had been expecting this, although she'd hoped Summer would take pity on her. She still did; who knew what she wanted? "Please don't make me go on the horse again," she begged.

"Aww, didn't you have fun?" Summer mocked, laughing as she watched Val's cheeks turn red. It was true, Valerie had never experienced anything quite like that before, and it was impossible to say it hadn't felt good, despite how utterly humiliating it was... Nanny would be punishing her for the next year, at least, if she caught her on there not even a full 24 hours after the first time, however. "That's okay, Val, you don't have to... Not that part, anyway."

Val was confused for a second, then squeaked, "No! Summer, please... I-I don't even think I can right now, after yesterday..."

"Give it your best shot," Summer smirked. "I believe in you."

Valerie sighed, knowing it was unlikely her breakfast could have digested that quickly, but, for the sake of showing she was doing her best to hold up her end of the bargain, she squatted down, blushingly giving a push, grunting out loud to demonstrate what she was doing...

"N-No way!" she gasped, feeling a rush of squishy mess begin to creep out into her diaper, seemingly from out of nowhere. Frantically, she fought to stop it, only to find it was too late... Nanny was going to find her in a dirty diaper yet again. Hopefully, it would be worth it to be able to use her phone again... Right now, however, in the midst of pooping her pants, she wasn't certain.

"There you go!" Summer exclaimed, reaching down, giving the growing lump in her step-sister's diaper a pat, giggling as she felt the mass squelch around her formerly damp, but clean, bottom, watching the girl blush and squirm, taking that as incentive to push harder, squishing it around. "I knew you could do it! Just keep working at it... I'll go get you your charger, sweetie."

She marched out, beaming, leaving Valerie behind, the rear of her diaper continuing to swell and droop. This was crazy... She knew she'd been forced by her pacifier to eat some oatmeal the night before, but there was no way she should have to go this much again... And yet, her tummy just kept pushing, and her diaper kept growing.

Thankfully, she finished before Summer returned, although she wasn't certain what to do with herself. Sitting wasn't an option, obviously, and even starting to stand made her blush, feeling the mass shift. She wound up staying squatted down, anxiously awaiting her step-sister, hoping she wasn't going to betray her and bring Nanny along. Nanny was going to find out eventually, and not be pleased... It would really suck if that happened, and Valerie didn't even get her phone out of it.

Finally, she heard the door open again, eyes darting upwards to see Summer, all by herself, the desired cargo in hand. "C-Can I have it now?" Val sniffed, reaching out for the charger. "I-I did what you wanted..."

Summer grinned, spinning the girl around, giving the drooping seat of her diaper a hard pat. "You certainly did! Where did all that come from?"

Valerie whimpered and blushed, looking embarrassed and uncertain, and not at all like she had any idea what the answer to that was. When Summer let her go, and she stumbled forward, she stared up at the girl, and couldn't quite shake the feeling that something was wrong... Was she crazy? Was Summer taller than usual? She looked at her feet, but she was wearing booties, as usual, not any shoes with heels, or platforms...

"You've definitely earned this," Summer giggled, handing over the charger with another pat to her bulging diaper. "Now, sit yourself down and get back to work, or Nanny will be even more upset at you." Valerie gulped, nodded, starting to gingerly lie down on her tummy. "I said sit, didn't I?" Summer asked her sternly.

Val huffed, wanting very badly to stomp her foot and throw a tantrum, but didn't dare, not when Nanny might overhear and burst in to see what was going on. "Come on, Summer!" she whined, pouting and bouncing in place, wrinkling her nose as even that made the contents of her diaper shift around her bottom. The girl didn't budge, however.

"Just give it!" Valerie snatched at the charger, Summer easily keeping it out of her reach, and giving her a reminder of who the big sister was with one more firm swat to the smaller girl's padded rear.

"I will take you over my knee, Val," Summer threatened.

"Nuh-uh!" Valerie shook her head. "If Nanny caught you..."

"What would she do?" Summer asked. "I'd tell her I caught you on the horsie again. Who do you think she'll believe?"

Not that long ago, the answer would have been obvious; now, Valerie wasn't sure. In Nanny's eyes, Summer had always been a big baby... Now, compared to Val, she was probably looking pretty grown-up, relatively speaking... Maybe the woman would take her side, but Val wasn't confident enough in that to risk it.

"Fine!" she sighed, wincing, bracing herself as she lowered herself down onto the floor, the warm mush spreading further throughout her diaper as her weight pushed down on it. Thankfully, Summer was satisfied with that, handing over the charger and heading out with a satisfied grin.

Valerie watched Summer saunter away, then immediately scrambled to her feet, terrified the girl was going to double-cross her and go fetch Nanny. She stashed the charger under the crib's pillow, with her dead phone, then raced back to her lines, scrawling out a couple more before realizing nothing was going to happen.

Once she was confident she was safe, she went to the crib again, plugging in the charger. Her phone wouldn't start back up right away, but that was okay; she needed to finish writing anyway. By the time she was done, her hands were aching, and Nanny had already come in, found her messy for the third time in less than a day, and told her, "You must be doing this on purpose. Honestly, Valerie..."

To Val's surprise, her potty training privileges still didn't get revoked. It was strange of Nanny not to follow through like that, to keep dangling the punishment over her head, although she was hardly going to complain about it. It was just so unlike her usual style of discipline... Almost as if she wasn't completely herself.

Her phone was almost up to a hundred percent before she was done with her lines, and could just curl up in the crib and relax. She didn't even bother to open Instagram, didn't want to see the pictures from prom night, especially those from Anita. She'd already seen more than enough of her... And she had more important things to do.

While she'd been tossing and turning the night before, waiting to be able to finally fall asleep in her messy, increasingly soggy, diaper, and again during her line-writing that day, she'd been trying to remember something she'd heard, something that might explain all of this. She still suspected Anita was behind it all, somehow, considering what had happened with her phone, but, since the ring was dead, there was nothing she could do about that...

There was, on the other hand, a saying. She couldn't recall it exactly, although she knew it had to do with magic, so, of course, she'd disregarded it. Magic wasn't real, after all.... She was intelligent enough to know that, to have been convinced, by the time she came across the words, that her experiences as a child had been exaggerations, at best, of something much more reasonable, even if she didn't know what, or maybe just dreams.

Now, however, she wasn't so sure anymore, and that phrase had been haunting her as she tried to remember how it went. It took a little while, since she didn't know quite what to search for, but, with a little luck, she stumbled across it again.

'Ever mind the Rule Of Three,' the page read, 'Three times your acts return to thee. This lesson well, thou must learn: Thou only gets what thee dost earn.'

Valerie gulped, reading the words over, and over, trying to convince herself it didn't apply to her, somehow. But she knew now she'd used that ring, had used magic... And now, she was finding herself in the same situation as her victim. Was this all her fault? Was all of this some grand cosmic balancing of scales, giving her what she'd 'earned' all those years ago?

The more she looked at it, the more she knew that must be the case... And the more she hoped that it was only going to make things three times worse for her than she had for Summer... And not three times longer.


"Here you are," Nanny told her, letting go of Valerie's hand. "You're going to behave yourself for once, aren't you?"

Val gulped and nodded, blushing as she heard her diaper crinkling beneath her shorts. "Y-Yes, ma'am," she agreed.

Nanny nodded back, but didn't sound convinced; honestly, Val could hardly blame her. "We'll see," she said. "Here you are," she told the secretary, sitting behind the desk. "I'll leave her in your hands now."

Valerie blushed, realizing she remembered the secretary from when she'd gone to elementary school the first time, hardly able to believe she was back here again. "H-Hi," she waved bashfully, hoping the woman didn't recognize her.

"Hello, Valerie," she beamed. "I knew that was your name I saw on the forms! You've barely grown at all, have you?"

"Yes, I have!" Val whined, stomping her foot childishly, trying to hold onto whatever vestiges of her adult life she could.

The secretary chuckled. "Sorry, I was just joking... Now, we'd better get you to class."

Class... Valerie groaned. She hadn't been told anything... "Wh-Who's my teacher?" she asked nervously. "N-Not Mrs. Dennis again, is it?" She'd been nice, but it would be too much, getting sent back to elementary school, and landing back with the same teacher she'd had as a child. Then again, she'd always heard that Mr. White was mean and scary, so she didn't want him, either. It had been elementary schoolers who had started those rumors, so their definitions of what those words meant probably weren't entirely accurate... She didn't want to find out, however.

"No, it's not her," the woman shook her head, standing up and stepping out from behind her desk, taking Valerie's hand. "Now, dear, I don't want you to be upset...."

"Upset about what?" Val sighed, already imagining the worst.

"Well, the nurse from your old school sent your records over," the secretary explained.

"I know, I know," Valerie blushed, tugging at her shirt. "I hafta go to the nurse for changes..." She hated how used to that she was now, but it was better to get it out of the way, rather than having it explained to her like she was a little kid, like she belonged here.

"That's true," the woman agreed, "although I'm sure the classroom assistant will take you." Of course they would... She was in elementary school now. She wasn't allowed to go wandering the halls on her own anymore. "That isn't quite what I meant..."

Valerie frowned as she was led past the big staircase, leading up to the second floor of the building. Had things changed that much since she'd gone here? She could clearly remember her first year here, in kindergarten, watching the 'big kids' go up those stairs to their classrooms, dreaming of the day when she'd be big enough for that... The first floor was all of the special classrooms, the ones for music, and art, and all that, along with the gym, and the kindergarten classrooms...

So why weren't they going upstairs?! Val's stomach churned the further she was taken from them, trying to convince herself they must have switched things up...

"Your file had some rather troubling things to say about your... Well, your potty training, dear," the woman looked a bit embarrassed for Valerie's sake. "And I'm afraid we have a rule here about that..."

Valerie's eyes were already widening, her mind putting together the pieces, before the secretary opened the door, and the girl saw inside her new classroom. There were brightly colored posters adorning the walls, telling its occupants about the numbers, and letters, decorated with cartoon characters that seemed too immature for even elementary schoolers...

Which, of course, made sense, because Val wasn't even one of those now. She was a kindergartener, barely a step above being stuck in daycare, being forced to learn the very basics... And, based on how things had gone in her other schools, not able to get those right when asked, no matter how hard she tried.

"Nooo!" she wailed, hiding behind the secretary, feeling the eyes of her new classmates on her. "I-I don't belong here!"

"Of course you do, sweetie," a young woman, barely any older than Val, said, approaching carefully. "We're all going to be best friends here... My name is Miss Clara! I'm the assistant, which means I'm here to help you with whatever you need! What's your name, sweetie?"

Valerie clutched at the secretary's shirt, whimpering, heart thumping loudly in her chest... Until, finally, she gave in. What did it matter? She'd earned this for herself, after all... There was no escaping it. "V-Valerie," she said quietly, stepping around the taller woman.

"It's very nice to meet you," Miss Clara beamed. "Why don't you come sit over here, and meet your new friends?"

It was, of course, humiliating, having to introduce herself to a bunch of toddlers, like she was their equal, sitting beside them as they gathered around the teacher for a story. In some ways, she knew she was so much bigger, and smarter than them... But she was pretty sure she was still the only person in her class that was wearing a diaper.

That was emphasized when, after the story, the teacher declared it was bathroom time, all of the kids immediately lining up. Valerie had forgotten what this was like, that, instead of being excused from class for this, everyone went together... And, after what had happened to her when she tried to go to the bathroom at her other schools, she didn't like it one bit.

"Valerie, sweetie," Miss Clara told her, kneeling down, "I'm sorry, I should have explained. When it's time for the bathroom, we all line up, okay? See, like all your friends are doing? We can't go until everyone is in place, so I need you to join in, all right?"

"B-But..." Val blushed, staring up at the assistant nervously. She did know about her diapers... Didn't she? "I-I.... Umm... I-I'm...."

"That's okay," Miss Clara thankfully cut her off before she had to confess. "You can still give it a try, though! You have some potty training, don't you?"

Valerie nodded quickly, wanting to tell her she had lots of it, although she knew she wouldn't be able to prove it.

"Wonderful!" Miss Clara replied. "You can do your best, then! It's one of those things you're going to have to learn before you can move upstairs. Can you do that for me?"

Valerie didn't really have a choice, the girl taking her hand and leading her over to the end of the line before she could respond, all of the kids getting marched down the hall. Just like in middle school, Val had walked right past the bathrooms on her way here, and hadn't seen them, which made her all the more certain things weren't going to go well for her, no matter how empty her tummy felt.

"C-Can't I wait outside?" she begged Miss Clara, who took her hand, stepping into the bathroom with her... And, sure enough, Valerie felt her hand clench tighter around the assistant's, her legs bending as she started to helplessly use her diaper, right there in the middle of the bathroom, the other little girls giggling before Miss Clara could fix them with a harsh glare that sent them scrambling to the toilets, or sinks.

"It's okay," Miss Clara gave Val a hug, although that did nothing to make Val feel any less tiny and infantile... She squirmed, that first word seeming especially true as she stared up at the assistant, eyes shining with tears. She'd just met her... She must have misjudged how tall she was, because it definitely felt like she was now a little bigger in comparison to Val... But that was silly; Valerie was just upset, and embarrassed. "We'll try again later, all right? And once everyone else is done, I'll take you to the nurse..."

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Amazing chapter. Cant wait for more!
Thanks, and Suggestions 2020-07-01T14:52:27+00:00

Hello, everyone! Happy July to all of you!

My apologies, this is going up a bit later than usual... I almost forgot it was time to make a new one. But it is!

Of course, I want to thank all of you for your support. I really do appreciate it. You are all the best, and I wouldn't be able to do this, certainly to this extent, without you all!

If you have any suggestions for the Community Caption poll, please reply to this post with them. As always, the poll itself will be going up on the 11th for those giving $5 or more, so be sure to get your ideas in before then!

I hope you all have a great month, and stay healthy. If you're in America, have a safe and happy Independence Day in a few days!

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User #33536767 - 10 Jul 20 01:10
How about a dystopian future in which a church emphases the idea that girls shouldn't grow up.
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User #5340634 - 1 Jul 20 20:38
A young, immature student moves into an empty room belonging to a landlady. The student starts having nighttime accidents and/or some other type of babyish problem, and the landlady tries to solve it with the student as a mature participant in the solution, but the student thinks the landlady is unfair and is noncompliant. This continues with the landlady being increasingly infantilizing of the student, as this is the only working solution, also with the landlady little by little thinking of the student as a small child rather than a young adult.
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User #34363670 - 1 Jul 20 20:49
I don’t know if this would work with this concept, maybe there are two students that become roommates. One room mate creates a program to slowly regress their more immature roommate. The land lady tries helping, but ends up being forced to increasingly infantilize the student. In the end the other student “accidentally” uses the program on themselves and both students become the landlady’s adult babies. The landlady could even discover the program in the process and be the reason that both of them become regressed.
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User #29765555 - 1 Jul 20 22:33
I’d still like to see Gap Year!
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User #3302655 - 1 Jul 20 23:44
Gap Year
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Gap Year, would be neat.
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Bit of a throwback but I'd love to see a continuation to the story "Try it." It would be great to see how Claire is adjusting to her life being the baby instead of the babysitter.
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I would love another part to the “old times” short story. Feel it wasn’t fully concluded and the story left some loose ends.
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User #3926807 - 1 Jul 20 19:12
A woman doing cosplay finds her schoolgirl costume is a bit too convincing as she answers the door to a strict nanny that has the wrong address.
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User #9352149 - 1 Jul 20 16:57
I always like when a mommy is outmaneuvered by another mommy and ends up as a AB. bonus if she becomes the sister of her AB.
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This is a great idea I agree. 😀
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It's not Halloween, but will we ever see a follow-up to scavengers? That's an all time favorite of mine.
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do either another chapter for 'learning his numbers' or 'the swimming school'
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User #7012618 - 2 Jul 20 20:19
A girl accidentally walks into an auto-nursery and is tormented by her younger cousin
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User #3261616 - 2 Jul 20 04:52
A continuation of the DnD story, Trapped? (coughs) "Determined to save their Halfling companion from the sinister yet unusual Wraith and it's trap, our heroes return to the mysterious dungeon. Will they be able to rescue poor Hana? Will the effects on her from the magical trap persist after being freed? Or will another member of the party fall victim to the Wraith's unusual powers and discover what has happened to Hana firsthand...?"
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User #6091035 - 1 Jul 20 14:53
A bully either swaps bodies or lives with her favorite victim who is a Little
The Plan - Part 3
The Plan - Part 3more_vert
The Plan - Part 3 2020-07-14T14:01:00+00:00close

Picture property of Shu, from Fantia.

Things could not have gone better with Evelyn, who she had, indeed, gotten to watch get spanked, and who had still been in diapers the last time their Mommies met up so the girls could have a play-date in the park, the poor little nerd asking her how much longer it was going to take her to finish up the plan.

Emboldened by her victory, Bella decided to think a little bigger... Starting with Rebecca. Bella had been quite popular in school, but not everyone had loved her. Rebecca had been one of the people who hadn't been a fan, who had seen through Bella's off-hand comments and 'jokes' about adoption, had loved to call Bella a diaper baby. Bella would never have dignified her antagonism by calling the girl her rival... In all honesty, though, Becca was probably the closest to that Bella had ever had.

She had to agree to let Rebecca bring some of her other friends with her, but that was okay; surely, she could handle a few extra people, maybe ensnare all of them at once. That would definitely be hot... She wasn't going to be as easy to fool as Evelyn, however, so she was going to have to make some changes.

She loved her diapers, but those weren't going to help her this time around. Fortunately, Bella had many fantasies for herself... And one of them was the simple act of being put back into diapers. She told her Mommy that she wanted to try potty training during the day, and had gotten herself back up to Pull-Ups, with the promise of real panties the next day, when she had her visitors. That would be key... Rebecca and her little friends could just concentrate on the nice house Bella got to live in, the pool, the beach, everything... And, once she had them interested, and willing to admit that letting themselves get adopted for all that, especially if they didn't have to wear diapers, she'd hook them up with Amazons who would definitely be infantilizing them right out of the gate. Or, if it didn't look like that was going to happen... Well, she had some alternative ideas, too.

After that, she could fulfill another of her own fantasies, and start having accidents again. She wouldn't have minded ending up in Pull-Ups ultimately, since she'd decided her little age was around potty training age, and that she'd prefer to stick with those during the day, and diapers at night, but for the sake of this, she wanted to have Mommy take away her panties, make her go back to diapers after she'd failed her potty training, and proved she wasn't ready for big girl panties after all.

And it was all going to start the next day... She squirmed in place, unable to help herself, imagining Rebecca and her cronies ending up in diapers unwillingly, and then her manipulating Mommy into doing the same for her... She bounced in her crib, listening to the crinkling of her overnight diaper, her hand sliding inside it, moaning as she started to rub...

"Bella! What do you think you're doing?!"

Bella gasped, eyes popping open at the sound of Mommy's voice. "Wh-What do you mean, Mommy?" she asked, pulling her hand out quickly. "I-I wasn't doing anything, I swear!" She turned around, eyes big and wide and innocent as she stared up at the Amazon.

"That's the third time I've caught you doing 'nothing', young lady," Mommy shook her head, starting to lower the side of the crib. "I'm sorry, sweetie, but I'm not buying it."

Bella's heart began to flutter, realizing this was it - she was about to get punished. This had never happened before, never like this.... She'd always manipulated the situation when she felt like she wanted to experience a spanking, had set things up so that she could experience certain things... Mommy was doing this all on her own.

"Mommy, I'm too tired to do lines!" she whined.

"Good thing that's not what's happening, then," Mommy told her, pulling the girl out of her crib... And over her lap.

"W-Wait!" Bella squirmed, eyes widening as she felt her diaper being slid down. "M-Mommy, no!" Spanking was a big part of this whole kink... But it was the one thing Bella wasn't interested in, at least not for herself. She'd loved watching Evelyn get one, and imagining Rebecca's new Mommy giving her one... She just didn't feel any desire to receive one first-hand. "I-I'm sorry, Mommy!" she squealed, wincing, then yelping in pain as she felt Mommy's hand smack down onto her bare, wiggling backside. "Oww! Mommy, no!"


But Mommy hadn't stopped... Bella's bottom was still sore the next morning, still throbbing as she tried to rub it through the layers of diaper now fastened around her backside. More than that, however, she was still blushing over her corner time - another punishment she wasn't fond of - after Mommy had pinned layer after layer of cloth diaper over her overnight one, too bulky for her to feel anything from the outside, topping them with a tight, snap-on diaper cover to keep her hands from sneaking in, making her stand there in time-out for what felt like hours in just that and her short, frilly PJ shirt.

She'd discovered, after being put back to bed, getting snapped into a onesie over it all, that the snaps on the onesie, and presumably the cover as wekk were little-proof, so there really was no way for her to enjoy herself, to try to take the edge off of her punishments. All she could do was toss and turn in her new diaper - which was so much bigger than her usual bedtime one on its own - until she was finally able to fall asleep.

"I'm really sorry about last night, Mommy," Bella exclaimed, as soon as the Amazon walked into the room. "I-I promise, it won't happen again!"

"I know it won't, sweetie," Mommy told her, bustling over to the closet, getting things ready for the day.

"D-Do... Do I still get to try panties for today?" Bella asked hopefully, only for Mommy to open up the crib and carry her over to the changing table... Where the same thing she was currently wearing was already laid out for her. A fresh, thick, overnight diaper, multiple layers of cloth diapers, and a snap-on diaper cover, a snug onesie sitting to one side. She swallowed anxiously. "B-But Mommy... I-If I'm good, can I wear panties later?"

"We'll see," Mommy replied, changing her baby.

It was one thing to have to wear that huge diaper to bed... Wearing it during the day, trying to toddle to the dining room for breakfast in it, was something else entirely, especially when she'd gotten used to Pull-Ups. She liked diapers, but she wasn't quite sure she wanted any this big... Not for herself, anyway.

Mommy took her back to her nursery after she'd eaten, and, since she hadn't complained, Bella hoped for panties; instead, she was put into an elegant, frilly, pink baby dress - one that didn't nearly cover her diaper - with a pair of pristine, white knee socks, and shiny, black Mary Jane shoes. Mommy completed the outfit with a ribbon in her hair, and a pacifier in her mouth, and instructions to, "Sit tight and play with your teddy."

"Yes, Mommy," Bella mumbled, glad the woman hadn't locked the paci in, though she wasn't certain her words were understandable. Sure enough, now that it was free from the onesie, she was able to confirm that she couldn't get the diaper cover off on her own, either.

She sighed, playing with her toy, trying to convince herself this was fine. She hadn't made it to panties first, but this was still a much bigger demotion than she ever could have dreamed... Maybe more than she'd actually want. The diaper was cute, of course, paired with her outfit.... She just knew it would look better on someone else.

She glanced up from her play at the sound of a doorbell, Mommy yelling at her to go answer it a moment later. This must be why Mommy had kept her in this diaper, Bella mused... This was probably one of the neighbors, likely the one who always told Mommy she was too lenient. Mommy wanted to show off that she could be more strict - and how pretty her baby looked - and then, once that was done, she'd let Bella have the panties she'd earned. That was fine... All Amazons would ever see her as was a big baby anyway, so why not embrace it?

She waddled her way up to the door, debating whether she should be smiling or pouting when she answered the door, how best to present herself as a meek, thoroughly punished little, not having quite decided before she reached her destination, and had to open it up....

Bella gasped, pacifier dropping out of her mouth and onto the floor, stomach twisting beneath her tiny dress. "Hi, Bella," Rebecca smirked, giggling, the only one of the trio of girls standing there that was able to speak, or do much of anything other than stare in a mixture of surprise and horror.

Now, too late, Bella recalled that Rebecca had messaged her, asked if they could come over a little earlier than their original plan. In the 'excitement' of the previous night, she'd forgotten all about it... And now, she was standing there in front of them, not the cool, confident young woman she'd planned to present herself as to entice them all into joining her in this lifestyle, but a full-blown baby.

She been very careful what she posted on her Instagram, only showing the more glamorous parts of her life, for situations like this, where she could try to lure in her former 'friends' with shots of the private beach, and giant house... They knew she'd moved out of her parents' house, but, without saying it directly, she'd implied that she'd moved in with a rich boyfriend or something. In one careless action, she'd blown all that work.

"Oh, my God," Becca giggled, reaching down, grabbing the hem of Bella's dress, lifting it up. "I don't think I've ever seen a diaper that big! And this dress..." She let it go, the fabric fluttering back down, although it only barely obscured their view of her diaper. "This is nothing like your prom dress," she teased. "It's much more adorable, though! Give us a twirl! I want to see the back!"

Obediently, Bella turned around, keeping her skirt pulled down, wishing these girls weren't wearing their heels, like they always did... She felt so much smaller than them, in her Mary Janes - not that Mommy would ever let her wear heels herself - and not at all in control, the way she'd wanted to be for this encounter. She squeaked, feeling Rebecca snatch the skirt out of her grip, pull it aside, fully exposing the wide rear of her diapers to her, and her friends.

"Uh-oh!" she exclaimed. "Is that some pink I see? Was someone bad?" Bella whimpered, yanking her dress back down, but she knew it wasn't long enough to hide any marks of her spanking that her diaper wasn't already covering, that Becca's friends had probably seen it by then anyway. Now they knew that she was not only dressed like a toddler, she'd been disciplined like one, too.

"Such a naughty girl," she smirked, patting Bella on the head condescendingly, bending over and picking up the pacifier, wiping it off on her own dress, pushing it into Bella's mouth and giving it a twist. Bella gasped, feeling the nipple grow, silencing her... Not that it made much of a difference. She hadn't been able to say a word this whole time, hadn't figured out how she was going to spin this, to make her plan work now... Becca had swooped in and taken complete control, and now Bella was helpless to do anything about it. "I have to say, this really does suit you much better than those slutty clothes you liked to wear at school. I bet the boys wouldn't look at you twice if they saw you wearing this... Unless they wanted to check to see if you needed a change!"

Bella groaned behind her paci, blushing as Rebecca gave her diaper a pat. Thankfully, Mommy appeared in the doorway then, putting Becca on her best behavior instantly. "Bella, why haven't you invited your friends in? Surely I've taught you to be more polite than that!"

"Thank you, Miss," Rebecca nodded politely. Her friends looked at one another, unsure if it was really safe, seeing who the house belonged to now. "It's fine," Rebecca told them with a shrug, grabbing Bella's hand and taking a confident step inside. "Thank you very much for having us," she told Bella's Mommy. "You have a lovely home!"

"Thank you, dear," Mommy smiled. "Bella, why don't you give them a nice tour of the house?" Bella grunted, pointing up at her pacifier. "Bella! Were you playing with this again? Silly girl!" She unlocked the paci.

"N-No, I d-didn..." Bella tried to explain, now that she could speak again.

"Bella, be a good girl and show them the house," Mommy 'suggested' again, a pat on the back of the diaper making it clear it was a little more than that. "You invited them here, now be a good hostess."

"Y-Yes, Mommy," Bella nodded, turning to start... Only to feel her tummy rumble. She blushed, wondering if Mommy had added something to the bottles of formula she'd fed her for breakfast. Through all these layers of padding, she doubted anyone would notice if she had an accident... Even so, she hoped she could find a way to get the girls to leave early. As much as she loved her plot for them, it was starting to seem like things weren't going to go quite according to plan this time...

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User #12289859 - 16 Jul 20 15:03
I'm glad her plan got disrupted.
Gap Year - Chapter 2 2020-07-12T14:00:02+00:00

"Are you ready for daycare, Dani?" Tessa exclaimed excitedly, bounding into the kitchen.

It was a question she'd been asking pretty much every weekday morning since Tessa's summer vacation had begun, so, really, Danielle should have expected it, should have known she was going to have to do something about it, but she'd been surprised, too, to head into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and find her mother still there, having been asked to cover a friend's later shift at the last minute instead of her own usual one.

She was grateful she'd slept in today, or else she might have marched into the room dressed for daycare, in one of the childish outfits she'd gone and bought for herself so she'd blend in better, and a diaper. She definitely felt like she needed the latter, after the shock of her mother's presence made her dribble into her panties, making her quickly check to ensure she hadn't leaked through her pajama shorts.

She was already nervous enough about her parents somehow discovering her new wardrobe - and, especially, the pack of diapers in the back of her closet - and asking her why she had them, where she'd gotten the money for them. Her plan had been to use her graduation money for textbooks in the fall, but she didn't want to make the workers suspicious of her. She'd always had trouble finding grown-up clothes in her size; intentionally buying kids' clothes that fit her was a snap, no matter how silly she felt spending the money she'd earned for finally finishing high school on them.

Danielle gulped, forcing a laugh as her eyes flicked over towards her mom, terrified that she would somehow be able to figure out what her younger daughter meant by that, would use those words, along with the fact that Dani still hadn't found a job after supposedly searching for two weeks, to know that Danielle was spending her days in diapers. "Y-Yeah," she said through a dry mouth, "I-I'll be ready to take you in just a minute, sweetie."

"You know what?" their mother asked, setting down her own cup of coffee. "I could take you! You get to ride with your sister all the time! Wouldn't that be fun? And then Dani can get to applying for jobs sooner... She wouldn't even have to get out of her PJs!"

Was this it? Dani wondered, stomach twisting, feeling surprisingly upset at the idea. She'd had so much fun, these past two weeks... She kept telling herself she needed to stop, to actually look for a job. Maybe this was a sign it was time to do that, and stop procrastinating. She knew it was the smart thing to do... And yet, the very idea made her want to burst into tears, although she could blame that partially on spending so much time around kids who cried at the drop of a pin, and trying to blend in with them.

"No, Mommy!" Tessa pouted, shuffling over to her 'big' sister and grabbing her free hand. "Dani takes me!"

"All right, all right," their mom chuckled. "Far be it from me to interrupt your routine."

"I-I'd better go get dressed, then," Danielle drained her coffee, setting the cup into the sink. "Are you sure you have everything, Tessa?"

Tessa thought for a moment, nibbling her bottom lip, then shook her head, the two of them leaving the kitchen together, Dani hardly able to wait until they were out of sight of their mother to give her sister a big hug. "Good job," she whispered. "That was some quick thinking!"

She pulled on some cute, brightly colored shorts and a t-shirt, and the Velcro, light-up shoes she'd bought for herself, but she couldn't bring herself to change into a diaper, not when she knew her mom was in the other room, that she might be seen before they left. She should have known the shoes would be the more obvious thing to get spotted, however.

"Those are some cute shoes," her mother pointed out as her daughters hurried through the house, out to the car.

"Y-Yeah," Danielle blushed. "You know how it is... They were on clearance, and they fit me... I-I was just trying to be frugal, so I can buy nice shoes for myself if I need them when I get that job."

"Very smart," the older woman nodded. "Well, good luck with that! I'll probably be gone by the time you get back from daycare, so have a good day, both of you!"

They stood by, holding hands, as she walked over, kissing both of them on the forehead, which only made Dani feel all the more like she was more of an equal to her baby sister than anything else as they bustled out the door.

Of course, once they got to the daycare, things shifted again, as Miss Katie greeted them with a hug, and a quick check. "Still dry!" she smiled at Tessa after examining her Pull-Ups. "You're just about ready for big girl panties, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh!" the girl beamed.

"You're almost all grown up," Miss Katie said playfully. "Now, how are you do...? Dani? Why aren't you wearing a diaper?"

"I-I don't..." Danielle started to protest, but, obviously, there wasn't much she could do, especially since she'd stupidly forgotten to change out of her damp panties before she left home.

"Dani!" Miss Katie scolded. "Do I have to send a note home with you?"

"N-No, ma'am!" Danielle squeaked, cheeks burning at the idea of having the show her parents a note from the daycare, one telling them that they needed to make sure they sent their daughter in diapered every day... But not their younger daughter, the one who was still being potty trained; their older one, the one who was heading to college in a couple months.

"I'm not mad at you, sweetie," Miss Katie assured her, leading her over to the changing tables, "but your chart proves you just aren't ready for those... I don't know why your mommy and daddy keep trying, unless you're actually trying for them, and not for me."

"No," Dani shook her head. "I-I put them on myself... I was just playing, a-and I forgot to have mommy put my diaper back on after." She blushed, imagining having done that, asking her mother to diaper her up before sending her away to the daycare... That would have been a much different morning.

"I see," Miss Katie nodded. "Well, your mommy should have checked before she brought you here, but I'm sure she has a lot on her mind, raising the two of you. And just so you know, you can play dress-up in your big girl panties without having to worry that you're going to have an accident. Just pull them up over your diaper!"

Danielle had to act impressed, like she'd never thought of that... Which, she supposed, she hadn't, though that was mostly because she only played dress-up here, at daycare. "Th-That's a good idea," she told Miss Katie. "You're smart!" The worker chuckled, helping Dani off the table, where Tessa was waiting to grab her hand and pull her away so they could get to playing.

It was another fun day, with lots of finger-painting and naps, but, at the end, as Miss Katie was getting her ready to leave with one, final diaper change, she handed her a note. "You're not in trouble," she promised, "I just want you to have your mommy or daddy sign this for me, okay? Can I trust you to give it to them, or do I need to come out to pick-up with you and hand it to them myself?"

"I-I'll do it," Dani promised. She didn't, of course, which made her feel very naughty... But how could she explain this?! It was exactly what she'd worried it would be, a plea to ensure she was diapered before daycare every day. She signed it herself, blushing the whole time she was reading it, and writing out her mother's name, wondering if this whole thing was going too far.

It didn't stop her from putting a diaper onto herself the next day, however, and hanging the note back to Miss Katie, eyes fixed firmly on the carpet in front of herself, feet shuffling, terrified she was going to get in trouble. She was still in diapers; she was too little for them to think she could have signed it herself... Right?

Thankfully, that seemed to be the case, with Miss Katie smiling, hugging her, and taking her for her first diaper change of the day, Dani having been too nervous about the note to remember to use the bathroom before diapering up.

She hated to say it, or even think it, but diapers really were convenient... It was nice, knowing she could just pee whenever. She hadn't had to pull over at a gas station and drag Tessa inside when she'd realized she wasn't going to be able to make it all the way to daycare without an accident... She'd simply tinkled in her pants, without a care in the world.

It was nice at daycare, too. She was still worried that her injecting herself into the potty line would take the place of someone who didn't know what they were doing, who was actually learning to use it, so she could just keep coloring, or playing, instead, and know that, no matter how bad her chart got, she'd just sign off on it herself.

She had, of course, heard the phrase 'time flies when you're having fun', but it had never felt more true than the day when, at supper, she'd launched into her usual spiel about how nobody would call her back after the phone interview, because she had no experience, and her father had told her, "Well, that's all right. I'd say at this point, there's not much of a point, is there?"

"Th-There's not?" Dani frowned, squirming in her seat, blushing as she felt a wetness in her panties from her anxiety over what he could possibly mean with that. Had they found out how she was really spending her days?!

"By the time you get your first paycheck now, classes will be starting," he said. "Were you planning on trying to work and go to school at the same time?"

Danielle shook her head. "N-No," she told him. "I-I want to concentrate on my grades." That had been the plan all along... But was she really that close to the beginning of the semester? As soon as she was done with supper - and after she'd changed her panties - she checked the calendar and saw that, sure enough, there were less than two weeks left in summer vacation. Where had the time gone?!

She felt awful the next day, and even Miss Katie picked up on it. "What's wrong, sweetie?" she asked, after Dani - who was normally very good at sharing her toys - had gotten into a shouting match with another little girl who wanted one of the dolls out of the dollhouse she and Tessa were playing with. "This isn't like you."

"I-I'm sorry," Dani sniffled, feeling ashamed of herself... And embarrassed that she was about to get sent to the corner, like the bad kids she'd always watch misbehaving and shake her head. "I-I just..."

But what could she say?! She couldn't exactly tell Miss Katie that she was upset this was all about to end, that, after getting to experience this total lack of stress for a couple months, she wasn't quite ready to give it up. "I dunno," she shrugged.

"Everybody's grumpy sometimes," Miss Katie told her. "I think some time alone would be good, don't you?"

"Nooo!" Dani stomped her foot, pouting, knowing what that meant, but that didn't stop her from being pulled over to the corner and sat on the naughty stool. While she was there, she did think - there wasn't much else to do - although it was less about her behavior that day, and more about her future.

Would it really be that big a deal, she pondered, if she held off on school for a semester? It was just a few classes... She could fit those in over the course of the next three and a half years, probably, and still graduate on time with nobody the wiser. Besides, at this point, she was going to have to ask her parents for money for her textbooks, since her graduation money was running thin. If she skipped this semester, she'd have her birthday and Christmas before the next, and she'd definitely get some money from both of them...

And why not? She'd been able to go this whole time without her parents suspecting anything... If she could make up stories about job hunting, she could make up some others about going to classes. At least with that, she had experience, even if she knew college wouldn't be exactly the same as high school.

That night, she looked up the school's classes, mapped out a schedule for herself, making sure that, every morning, she had a class at just the right time, and that none of them went too late. Some of her friends had already posted their schedules online, so it was simple enough to use those as a template and create a fake one for herself to show to her parents.

"You know what?" she told them. "I think it would be easier if I kept taking Tessa to daycare... It's not too far out of my way, and my classes line up pretty well with her drop-off and pick-up times."

"That would be a huge help!" her mother said. "You are becoming such a helpful, responsible young lady, Danielle."

Dani blushed, certain her mom wouldn't say that if she knew how her daughter truly intended to spend her first semester... Or how she'd really spent her summer break. It was too late to back out, though; she'd already missed the registration date at college now. The only school she could go to this semester was daycare... And she couldn't be happier about it.

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User #30193827 - 16 Jul 20 17:03
I look forward to this backfiring so much!
Juiced 2020-06-28T14:00:02+00:00close

Pictures property of ABDreams.

Florence had never cared much for fireworks, and nobody she knew was having any big barbecues for the holiday, so it only made sense that she'd decide to take whatever extra work she could that day... And yet, she'd never imagined she'd somehow end up here, like this.

"Are you done with this?" she sighed, kicking her bootied feet in boredom, blushing as she heard the diaper that had been haphazardly taped onto her crinkle. "Can you let me out?"

There were a lot of things, looking back now, Flora felt like she probably should have done... Agreeing to babysit for a new family wasn't that unusual, and, considering the amount of money they'd been offering, it had been hard to say no. She'd assumed they were just rich, or they were overpaying because it was July 4th, and they thought people would need the extra incentive to give up whatever celebrating they might want to do for the sake of looking after a kid.

When she'd called and asked how old that kid was, however, and hadn't gotten a concrete answer, that should have been a red flag; when she'd gotten there and seen that Adelia was the same age as her, if not older, she should have asked some more questions, especially when she'd walked past framed pictures of what looked like the same girl graduating from high school, and then college, looking smart and mature and grown-up. When Addy had insisted they play dress-up almost as soon as her parents were gone, Florence should have taken more charge, instead of letting herself get overwhelmed by the strangeness of the whole situation, and she definitely shouldn't have allowed the girl to put her into one of her diapers, or make her sit in the high chair in her nursery.

Now she was stuck there, at the mercy of Adelia, who, nearly at the same moment Flora was in place, seemed to have lost interest in her, taking her sippy cup of juice and finding other toys to play with, toddling around the nursery happily, while Florence tried her best to figure out how to get the high chair's tray off, and failing.

Flora still hadn't worked out what Addy's deal was, why she was so happy to toddle around like this, bulky diaper almost entirely visible beneath something that may have been originally intended as either a shirt or a very short dress. Had something happened to the girl after her graduation? Or was she doing this because she liked it? Ever since she'd arrived, the girl had been acting like a toddler, with no sign, other than her size, that she was anything else, but, at the same time, other than the way she was behaving, there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about her.

It was a mystery Florence might have dived into, were she not trapped in a high chair, dressed the same way as the girl, if not even more immaturely. She hadn't even been given a shirt to replace the dress she'd worn here, that Adelia had deemed too grown-up for the game, just a bib, a bonnet, mittens, and her booties, along with, of course, the diaper.

The girl's 'parents' - if that was even what they were - hadn't given Flora any special instructions, told her that Addy needed any kind of medication or anything, which led her to believe this was more of a choice, but she knew she could easily be wrong about that. Realizing that Addy wasn't going to bother to let her out of the high chair, Florence sighed, decided that perhaps she should try to get some answers from the girl herself, instead of assuming things.

"So," she said, leaning forward, looking past the tray, to where her charge was on the floor, playing with a stuffed dolphin. "How long have you been, uh... in...?"

Florence stopped, not necessarily because she was too embarrassed to mention the girl's diapers - although she was, especially when she was wearing one herself - but because she recognized the girl's stance, had seen it countless times, on other babysitting jobs. She was on all fours, backside pointed slightly upwards... She could really be about to do what Flora thought she was... Right?!

"Umm... Addy?" Florence blushed on behalf of the girl, hearing soft grunts starting to interrupt the baby babble Adelia was speaking to her toy, seeing the rear of her diaper starting to bloom outwards, a very familiar scent starting to waft upwards. She'd been right after all... And, it seemed, Addy either didn't notice, or care, what was going on.

Florence's cheeks burned, watching her charge - or, she realized, what looked more like her compatriot, to anyone looking from the outside - fill her diaper, right in front of her, without a care in the world. She'd known that Addy used her diapers, had changed her out of a wet one almost as soon as she arrived, but it had never even occurred to her that the woman might do that...

Just seeing it, being so close to it, made her far more aware of her own diaper, bulging and crinkling beneath her thighs. She'd never dream of peeing in it, much less doing anything else, yet the simple fact she was wearing it, in such close proximity as someone who was, made her feel more babyish by association. If someone were to walk in, right then, and smell Addy's accident, they could easily assume it was either one of them, might even check Flora first, since her outfit was more infantile...

"A-Addy?" Flora tried again, once it seemed like she was finished, "I bet that feels icky, doesn't it? If you let me out of this high chair, then..."

She froze, unable to disguise a gasp, at the sight of Adelia happily sitting back, right on the lumpy seat of her diaper. It was probably her imagination, but Florence was almost certain she could hear the mass squelching beneath the girl's bottom as she bounced happily in place, continuing to play as if nothing had happened.

That could be her, a tiny voice from the back of Florence's mind pointed out, ignoring her attempts to quash it by pointing out that, whether she wanted to or not, it might happen. Her bladder wasn't going to hold out forever, and, for the life of her, she couldn't work out how the latch on the tray released. The mittens didn't help, but even without them, Flora didn't know if she could make it work. If Adelia didn't help her, she might be trapped here until the girl's parents returned, and by then... Well, they weren't planning on being back until pretty late, after the fireworks. Flora would definitely have wet herself, and, no matter how much she wanted to deny it, there was a good chance she'd be in just as messy a diaper as Addy.

"Addy, please, w-will you let me out of this?" Florence begged, blushing at the idea of having to face the people who had hired her that way. "Y-You don't want to get a rash, do you?"

In response, Adelia simply giggled, wiggled her bottom some more. Not only did she not seem to mind the dirty diaper, she actually appeared to like it. It was hard for Flora to reconcile the pictures she'd seen on her way through the house with the girl she was seeing beneath her right now... It was possible that hadn't been her in the photos, that she had a sister, but the more she looked at her, the more certain this was the same girl... And yet, the more unlikely it was that it could be her.

"What happened to you?" Flora asked quietly, more to herself than the other girl.

That was finally what Adelia heard, or at least paid attention to. She popped up to her feet, pointing at the sippy cup in her hand, even as she raised it to her lips to begin sucking on it again. It looked like simple apple juice, and that was what Florence had assumed it might be... The almost immediate answer, however, made her wonder if she was wrong.

Was she being drugged? Had her parents put something into the juice that had turned their college graduate young woman of a daughter into a diaper-filling infant?! Was that what she was trying to tell Florence?!

"I'm sorry, Addy," she said gently. "If you let me out of this chair, I can try to help you..." Adelia gave her a confused look. "Take the tray off," Flora urged, giving it a shake with her mittened hands.

There was a flash of recognition through the girl's eyes, and she waited a moment, thinking... Then, the finger that had pointed at her sippy cup turned, pointing instead to the bottle she'd plopped down on the tray, that Florence hadn't even thought about drinking, and definitely wasn't going to after what she was starting to suspect.

"I-Is that the same stuff?" she asked. "I-I could take that, if you want, and we could get it tested, and see if there's a way to reverse the effects, and..."

Adelia whined, bouncing in place, jabbing her finger at the bottle again, then pointing at her own cup, still in her mouth. "W-Wait," Flora's eyes widened. "Y-You want me to... drink it?!"

With Addy standing up, closer to Flora's nose, the scent of her accident was even more pungent, making the restrained girl all the more determined not to end up like her... Unfortunately, Adelia was nodding, grinning, seemingly pleased that Florence had worked out what she was trying to tell her.

"B-But, Addy," Florence gulped. "Y-You said that turned you into..." She blushed, shaking her head. "A-Addy, I-I don't wanna be..."

Faster than Flora would have expected the girl to be capable of, Adelia set her sippy cup down, letting her stuffed dolphin fall to the floor, snatching up the bottle from the tray and pushing it into her babysitter's open, protesting mouth.

Florence gasped, eyes widening, hands reaching up to try to push the bottle away, but, almost at the same instant the first drop of liquid dribbled onto her tongue, she could feel her resistance slipping, her mittened hands dropping back down to the tray awkwardly, unsure of what to do with themselves. She tapped the high chair with them a time or two, squirming in her seat and mumbling behind the bottle's nipple, then crossed them uselessly beneath her bib as her body continued gulping down the juice more enthusiastically with each swallow.

What was this doing to her?! Was it going to turn her into an overgrown baby, like Addy?! That was impossible... She was an adult... But, from those pictures, it had looked like Adelia had been one, too, once upon a time... And Flora had already allowed herself to get dressed up like an infant, barely fighting Addy when it came to her choice of game, or the role she wanted Flora to play, or the outfit she'd chosen to help her portray it...

Had Adelia been planning this all along?! She'd had that bottle ready to go, waiting for Flora... Florence just hadn't voluntarily drank from it. If she'd been thirstier, would the transformation have happened without her even knowing why? She groaned, juice bubbling in the bottle, making her giggle despite herself, imagining sitting there, unknowingly turning herself into more and more of a baby, not knowing why the idea of drinking from a baby bottle wasn't embarrassing her anymore, not realizing what was going on as her diaper warmed up beneath her...

But... That was happening now! She whimpered, wriggling in the high chair, realizing there was a wet patch forming in the padding of her diaper, one that she couldn't stop, try as she might. She was peeing her pants! She shook her head, reaching her hands up again to try to push the bottle away, to make it stop...

Instead, she felt them clumsily grasp at it, closing around it, taking it from Adelia. Instead of pulling it out of her mouth, tossing it aside, however, they held it in place, letting her continue to suckle at it, pulling in more and more of the juice, melting away anything that might have been left of her adulthood...

And there was nothing she could do about it! Addy wasn't forcing her to do it anymore, had stepped back, grinning, as she picked up her sippy cup again, had another drink herself. Theoretically, there was nothing stopping Flora from stopping... And yet, she couldn't. She was already too far gone.

What was wrong with her?! Every swallow brought her closer to being like Addy, to blissfully pooping her pants, just as easily as she'd wet them... She didn't want that! She couldn't! She was a grown-up! She had to stop this... She couldn't let herself be reduced to that...

But she just kept drinking.

True to her word, once Flora had drained her bottle, Adelia let her out of the high chair. By then, of course, it was far too late. Florence blushed as it was pulled aside, revealing the soggy padding between her legs, but she knew she was just a baby now, and she didn't have full control over her hands, so they just tugged at her bib anxiously rather than trying to cover herself.

Adelia giggled, poking at her babysitter's diaper, then helped her down off the high chair. Florence's legs held her up for a moment, but she was sure she could feel them wobbling, so she knelt down before they could make her fall, blushing as she stared up at Adelia, still standing, making her taller than her for the first time, and, despite the load in the seat of her pants, more mature.

Why had it turned her into even more of a baby than her charge?! Addy could walk... Why was she stuck crawling around on her hands and knees, not even big enough to toddle around yet?! It wasn't fair! She was supposed to be the big girl here, and now she was completely helpless, forced to crawl along after Adelia over to the changing table.

Once she was there, though, she still couldn't do much of anything, her legs feeling too weak to allow her to stand, much less climb up onto it. Eventually, Addy had to unfold a changing pad, clean her soggy-diapered babysitter on that instead. Florence wanted to protest, to tell her she didn't need a new diaper, but she wasn't sure if that was true or not... She hadn't been able to stop herself from wetting last time; why would she be capable of it now, even further under the thrall of the juice?

Besides, when she tried to speak, she realized she wasn't capable of that anymore, either, a string of nonsense baby babble escaping her mouth instead. She couldn't do anything anymore, apparently... She wasn't even able to do what she'd promised, and changed Adelia's diaper for her. The poor girl had to do it herself, after Flora couldn't work out how to so much as untape the thing, her brain too regressed to consider that the mittens might be the problem.

Flora spent far too long as a silly little baby, mindlessly sucking on whatever baby toys Addy gave her, incapable of much else, other than worrying that this was permanent, that she'd never be able to grow up again. Thankfully, after a while, she worked up the courage to try, to attempt to stand back up, and, to her surprise, it worked. Gradually, she felt her other abilities returning, until, at last, she was strong enough to make a simple lunch of sandwiches and bananas for the two of them, and put Addy down for her nap.

She still wasn't overly confident in herself, however, after seeing how quickly, and how thoroughly, she could be turned into a baby. She'd wet herself again, while she was regressed, and two pants-peeings were enough to keep her nervous, unwilling to switch back to her big girl panties when she dressed herself in the dress she'd worn in. She considered leaving her pantyhose off, too, before deciding it might help disguise what she was wearing beneath them, even as she blushed, feeling them squeezing the diaper's padding closer to her, reminding her of it all the more with every movement.

She had to get help... She had no idea what to do herself, if there was going to be some kind of a relapse in the juice's effects. She didn't know who to call, either, which of her friends would be able to help her - and not laugh at her if she told them the full story - and wouldn't be out partying today. As much as she disliked the thought of leaving her charge alone, she was going to have to.

She didn't trust herself to drive, so her only real option was the next-door neighbor, who was already a bit of a walk away. She'd seen them out in the yard on her way in, and hoped they'd still be there now, and by the time she got to them.

The diaper definitely didn't help her speed, forcing her to waddle slightly, blushing as she heard it crackling between her thighs, reminding her of how she'd spent her morning, making her feel more and more like she might be about to slip back into that if she wasn't careful. She gulped, shaking her head, trying to block it out, to make sure she was still a relatively coherent adult by the time she reached her destination.

The front yard was empty, unfortunately, when she got there. She groaned, worried she was going to have to deal with this alone, but she decided to go knock on the door anyway. Thankfully, someone answered, although, as soon as she saw someone close to her own age, and not in baby clothes, she felt herself blushing, stammering. "H-Hi," she said. "I-I know you don't know me, b-but I need your help, a-and..."

"Are you one of Addy's friends?" the woman who had opened the door asked.

That was a weird question... Had this happened before?! "I-I wouldn't say that, exactly," Flora told her. "I-I'm..."

"Yes, you are," the woman smirked.

"Nuh-uh!" Florence stomped her foot with a pout. She squealed as the woman grabbed her by the wrist, tugging her inside, spinning her around, pushing her up against the wall, and, to the girl's horror, hiking up the back of her dress.

"Just as I thought," she said, giving the puffy diaper a swat. "I'll be back in a bit, honey!" she called out. "I have to take another baby back!"

"N-No!" Flora shook her head as the woman grabbed her hand. "I-I'm not a baby!"

"Sure, you aren't," the woman chuckled. "That's why you showed up on my doorstep in a soggy diaper."

"I'm not wet!" Florence insisted, but, even as she said it, she began to doubt herself, and, by the time the woman had lifted her skirt and given her diaper another poke, there was no doubt. She'd peed her pants yet again, without realizing it... It was a good thing she'd kept her diaper on, if nothing else.

"Pl-Please," she tried instead, "d-don't take me back there..." She'd been there only a few hours, and look at what had become of her... Would there be anything of her maturity left if she stayed there until Addy's parents returned?

"Sorry, sweetie," the woman shrugged. "I don't have any spare diapers for you, and I know you friend has plenty... She's going to have to take care of you."

That was, of course, impossible; Adelia was too big of a baby to look after herself, much less anyone else. That was why her parents had hired her a babysitter. Florence wasn't sure how to explain that to the woman, however, how to tell her all of that without admitting that she was an even bigger baby than the other girl, so she was dragged back, feeling smaller and more helpless each step closer to the house she got until, as she was ushered inside, she felt her knees buckle again, dropping her back onto all fours.

"And you said you weren't a baby," the woman teased, leading her, crawling, to the nursery. Everything looked so big and intimidating, and Flora felt so tiny... She didn't even think to look in the crib, where she'd left Addy, she just obediently followed the woman to the changing mat, still out from earlier, where the stranger changed her diaper as if it was nothing, like she really was just a baby.

"Here," the woman said, heading to the closet and returning with a pink onesie, "this is much more appropriate for you." Flora's dress was taken away, replaced with that infantile article of clothing, and she was set up with some baby toys to amuse her.

It worked, too. Florence knew they were too simple for her, that she should get bored of them in no time, but, as she sat there in her diaper and onesie, she found herself getting engrossed in them, losing herself in them, slipping back into babyhood again.

She had no real sense of time, or anything else... When she heard someone approaching from behind her, she almost thought nothing of it, until some nervous instinct in the back of her mind reminded her that it could be the people who had hired her.

Blushing, she turned around, wondering if she was going to be able to speak enough to try to explain this, if she was going to be able to convince them to reverse this, if they could, to let her go and be a grown-up again.... She whimpered, seeing a pair of heels, a set of long legs, an apron, all things that reminded her of how any of those could have belonged to her, if she hadn't let herself get turned into this.

Why would they let her go? Any supposed babysitter who wound up like this hardly deserved the second half of their title... She wasn't even close to being on the same level as the person she was looking at, and she could tell by the sight of nothing more than her feet. She was wearing booties herself, and there was no need for anything else, not when she was too small and clumsy to walk.

There was a small comfort in not seeing the feet of the woman's husband, too, in knowing he wasn't witnessing this. She was pretty certain she'd seen him checking her out when she arrived, and, while that had been a bit creepy at the time, she would have almost welcomed it now. The only part of her that was going to get checked out now was her diaper, right before it got changed.

Of course, he was going to see her sooner or later, discover what the young woman he'd thought was cute in her short dress had been turned into. Even if they didn't keep her here, if the wife took her back to her own home, he'd see her come crawling out of the nursery, thickly diapered backside wiggling behind her... But were they really going to let her leave?! Flora knew she couldn't take care of herself, and that her roommate wasn't capable of it, either... She was going to need someone else to look after her, and these people clearly knew how...

Was that what they wanted?! Had they brought her here so that their daughter could turn her into this?! That juice was awfully dangerous... Why would they just let Addy have access to it? Why wouldn't they have warned her about it?! Maybe they knew they were going to come back and find her this way... She wasn't sure if that made it any less humiliating, though, knowing she'd fallen straight into their trap.

The woman stepped closer to her, and Flora grabbed at her apron, trying to compose herself, to force her mouth to produce more than baby babble and drool, as she stared up at the woman... Only to gasp in shock at what she saw loomed above her.

It wasn't the woman who had hired her at all. No, the person smiling down at her, whose very feet had been enough to make Flora question her own maturity, belonged to Adelia herself.

Gone was her tiny dress, or shirt, or whatever it was, gone was her diaper, her stuffed animals... Looking at her now, there was no doubt that she was the older of the two, and had been all along. She had on a new dress now - one that would have been more than long enough to hide her diaper, although, from her position on the floor, Flora had the perfect view to see that she didn't have one on anymore - and an apron, signifying that she was now the adult here, the one in charge. And she looked far more grown-up and prepared than Flora ever had.

"Are you ready for your snack, Flora?" she asked.

It was, Flora realized, the first time she'd heard her speak in more than a word or two at a time. When Florence had first arrived, the girl hadn't said more than a polite, "Hi," when her Mommy ordered it, or "House!" when her sitter asked what she wanted to play, and, otherwise, she'd been mostly non-verbal.

Now, she was speaking clearly, in full sentences, while Flora was stuck crawling around on the floor in diapers, hardly able to say so much as, "Goo-goo ga-ga," much less anything else. Her stomach churned as she watched Adelia reach into the pocket of her apron, pulling out a fresh baby bottle, filled to the brim with more of the juice that had made her this way.

Flora squeaked, shook her head, but there was really nothing she could do about it; Addy was bigger than her, and stronger than her, and smarter than her... All things Florence never would have guessed after witnessing the girl blissfully pooping her Pampers earlier that day, yet here she was.

"Come on, Flora," Adelia coaxed, lifting the girl's chin upwards to meet the nipple she was aiming towards her mouth. "This is going to make you feel so much better..."

Flora whimpered, feeling the bottle slip between her lips. Instinct took over, and, before she could stop it, she'd started to suck, filling her mouth with the cool juice, feeling it trickle down her throat, each drop making it harder for her to resist, making her want to drink more.

"There we go!" Adelia grinned, watching Flora nursing enthusiastically. "That's just what you needed, isn't it?"

After what the first bottle had done to her, Flora had no idea what the second would do... How much further back could it take her?! Was it just going to make it harder for her to escape the effects of the first?! Seeing Adelia up and walking around, acting like a grown-up, did make it more confusing, but the girl had told her it was the juice that made her act like a baby... And now she saw that Adelia was a big girl, so she couldn't have been lying... This bottle was definitely going to make things worse for her, somehow.

There was, of course, one last thing, one threshold she hadn't crossed last time... Her cheeks flushed at the thought of it, and yet, by considering it for a moment, it became all she could imagine. Her tummy was definitely feeling full, too... But there was no way it would only take two bottles of juice to make her do that...

All it would take, however, was a push... One little push... She sucked harder on the bottle, the action of it calming her slightly, even as the increased flow of liquid brought her closer and closer, frantically waiting for the moment she was now certain was coming...

And then, of course, it did. She'd gotten herself so mixed up, she didn't know what to do. Her body wanted to push, but she shouldn't... Except, that was what she was supposed to do, wasn't it? Was there any point in fighting it? Obviously! She couldn't let herself mess her diaper!

But, by then, it was too late. She gasped at the sound of crinkling coming from behind her, felt the warm mush slowly oozing out of her bottom, realized, like with her wetting earlier, that it had already begun while she was fretting over how she couldn't allow it. And, just like then, her attempts to stop it did her no good, her diaper gradually filling, expanding, as she grunted into her bottle.

"Good girl," Adelia praised her, patting her on the head. "Let it all out..."

That was it, Flora thought to herself as Adelia slid the empty bottle out of her mouth, leaving her kneeling there in a full diaper, tummy full of juice, stunned. She'd been turned into a baby, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"All right, sweetie," Addy giggled. "Do you want a change?"

Flora opened her mouth to say yes, but anyone little enough to poop her pants was too little to speak, so she babbled instead, Adelia shrugging in response. "If you say so!" she teased, booping the pouting girl on the nose, slipping a pacifier into her mouth. "You can play for a while, then!"

Flora whined, watching her step out of the room, sinking down in disappointment, not thinking about the consequences until her bottom squished against the contents of her diaper, squishing it further around her messy backside. She squealed in helpless humiliation, knowing now that this was it.... This was the tiniest she could be. Nobody with even a shred of maturity would do that... So, she must be completely infantilized.

This was it for her; she'd come here to avoid fireworks, to avoid having to celebrate Independence Day, and now she'd lost every bit of independence she'd ever had. She was a little baby, totally dependent on other people for everything, unable to even keep her diaper clean.

Once she'd accepted that, it was oddly peaceful. All she had to worry about now, in that case, was crawling around, playing with her toys... Addy was there to look after her, to feed her if she got hungry, to change her diaper, to take care of her... Flora wasn't capable of doing anything, so she wasn't expected to do anything.

"All right, sweetie," Addy told her after feeding her supper in her high chair. "What do you think? If you go to bed now, you might be asleep before the fireworks start... I don't want you to get scared by them..."

Flora knew it was early, that the sun shining in through the nursery's windows was still bright, but if a grown-up had suggested something, it was probably the right thing to do... She sucked on her paci, staring up blankly at Adelia, knowing it was really her decision to make, anyway.

"Or you can be big again," she shrugged. "This has been fun, but if you're done playing house, we can stop."

Flora frowned, confused, the words not making complete sense. What did she mean?! She couldn't just stop being a baby... It was all up to the juice whether she got to grow up again, and, at this rate, it didn't seem like it was going to happen.

"I guess you're not ready," Addy shrugged. "That's okay! Come on.... Up you go!" She helped Flora into the crib, giving her a teddy bear to cuddle with before tugging the bars up, snapping them into place. "Night-night, cutie!"

Flora watched her go, ruminating hazily over her words. It was a weird thing to say... It was almost like she was suggesting this whole thing had been part of the game of house. Except... That juice had definitely done something to her... Flora wouldn't have done all that babyish stuff if it hadn't...

Right? She didn't want this! She wanted to be a big girl! Although... Maybe it was strange that the juice had always affected her exactly like she'd thought it would, like she'd been afraid it was going to.... And it wasn't like she'd based it off of what Addy had told her; Adelia hadn't said anything about it. She hadn't even really told her it would do anything at all, simply implied it, in the middle of what could have been a game of make-believe.

Was this some weird thing of mind over matter? Had her expectations of what she'd convinced herself the juice was capable of made them happen? Was there some part of her that had seen Addy and been almost jealous at how innocent and carefree she'd seemed, and was ready to jump on any opportunity to experience it herself?

Or... Was the juice more insidious than that? She'd never had any thoughts like this before... Was that because she'd never come across anyone like Adelia? Or had the juice inserted these doubts into her mind, making her think that they'd been there all along? Had she awoken something, deep inside her bran, or was this all new, designed to feel like they'd always been there?

She didn't know, wasn't sure there was any way to know for sure... And trying to think about it was far too difficult. The fact she could think about anything as complicated as that at all made her wonder if this was all in her head, though, as soon as she considered that, it started to get fuzzier, like it should have been, and she was happy to let it fade away as she cuddled up with her teddy bear, sucking away on her paci, and drifting off, sleeping like a baby straight through the fireworks.

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The Chart - Part 3
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Pictures property of Pampered Penny and Little Sophie Studios.

Sophie, of course, knew what that could mean... She'd been around enough littles to be aware of the way this sort of thing usually went. For them, it had always seemed appropriate... But she wasn't a little!

"I-I'll do better!" she promised. "I swear!"

"It isn't your fault," Penny told her gently. "It's happening while you're asleep; what are you going to do? Listen, I know this is embarrassing, but nobody needs to know except for you and me and your mom. You can just put them on before bed, and they'll keep you nice and dry, and you won't have to do as much laundry... It's just better this way, for all of us."

Sophie gulped, heart pumping as she listened to the words, hearing exactly what she'd been afraid of. "P-Put... what on?" she had to ask anyway, had to hear for sure, even though she doubted she was going to like the answer.

"That's up to you," Penny said. "I haven't bought anything yet, because I wanted to get your opinion first. You know that I'm aware of what's going on now, and you're the one who will have to wash your bedding, like always, if you try to lie about this... So, I want you to be honest. How bad is it?"

The younger girl frowned, confused. "I-I mean, I know it isn't good, b-but like you said, I can't help it... I-I really don't think I should be punished too much..." Was that the wrong answer? She felt like, no matter what Penny said, there was a right one, and, probably, begging for mercy wasn't it. How could she do anything else, though?!

Penny stared at her for a moment, long enough to make Sophie squirm, and blush, and nearly revise her words, before chuckling. "No, silly girl," she shook her head. "This isn't about punishment, it's about prevention; how bad is your bedwetting? Do you think you need full-blown diapers, or trainers?"

"Oh," Sophie's cheeks warmed. Of course... That's what she got for assuming the worst. "Umm..." She fidgeted, nibbling her bottom lip. That was an even more difficult question, especially considering the truth about her bedwetting was that it was nonexistent. Only now, thinking about this, did she realize what a mess she'd gotten herself into, feeding into Penny's misunderstanding... She could easily keep whichever she chose dry through the night; it was the day that she worried about. Would Penny stop paying attention to the hamper after this, or would she notice the wet panties kept showing up?

Should she break down, tell the woman the truth? She'd always heard that honesty was the best policy - she'd also seen plenty of littles get their bottoms spanked and diapered when they tried to go with it, however - but she might be too deep in already. "T-Trainers should be more than enough," she mumbled, blushing, still finding it hard to accept that she was willingly saying that, willingly telling her mom's fiance to buy her training panties.

They were the better option, though, by far. She didn't trust Penny to go with a thinner, more subtle diaper - they were for overnight, after all - and, if she had trainers, perhaps they'd be small enough she could wear them under her clothes without them being noticed, get some protection when and where she actually needed it.

"Are you sure?" Penny asked, and Sophie nodded. Once the Amazon was out of her room, however, she couldn't help wondering if this was a mistake. Was she really going to consider wearing training panties during the day, voluntarily? What had happened to her in the short amount of time since Penny had moved in?!

The question was even more relevant the next day, when Penny surprised her, after school, with a pair of cloth trainers, and Sophie felt a sense of real relief, and gratefulness as she exclaimed, "Thank you!" She was an adult... She shouldn't be glad to be getting those things! And yet, here she was... What was wrong with her?!

Her gratitude was short-lived anyway, once it became obvious that one pair was all she was being given at the moment. The previous day, as she'd been working out how best to take advantage of the situation, her biggest fear had been that Penny would get her a pack of them that were all different, and she'd have to depend on the woman having a bad memory, forgetting which ones Sophie had and hadn't worn, to keep her from figuring out that Sophie was wearing them outside of bedtime.

She hadn't even considered that she'd only get one at a time, that Penny would stay in control of the others. And there had to be others... It seemed silly of her to only buy one pair when her chart showed that, in the past six weeks, the most nights she'd stayed dry in a week was three... And there was one week where she'd supposedly wet every single night. If there was just one trainer, Sophie would have to do laundry every day...

"Umm... Are there... any others?" she asked, blushing. She didn't want to look greedy, certainly not for something so childish, but it was starting to seem more and more like her plans weren't going to work out after all.

"Of course," Penny replied. "There's no need to try to shove them into your dresser, though, I know how messy and full it is... I'll take care of them."

"N-No, you don't have to do that," Sophie shook her head. "Y-You've already been such a big help... I don't want to trouble you any more."

"Well, sweetie," the larger woman said, "as much as I wish I could trust you, since you know I know the truth now, I'm just not certain yet... So I think it would be best if I keep control of them for a little longer. Every morning, you can come to me for a clean pair, so you can tuck them away with your PJs for that night, and I'll update your chart for you. After you do the laundry, you'll deliver all the freshly washed ones to me, and I'll be counting them to make sure you aren't trying to hide anything."

Sophie would have liked to make a fuss, to whine about how Penny didn't trust her... But, to be fair, she had been planning on trying to deceive her. Maybe she could still pull it off... She wasn't going to be using them at night, so she could still wear them during the day, and they'd be getting washed anyway.... It was risky - all Penny had to do was look through the dirty laundry once and find a pair of wet training panties, and compare that to her bedwetting chart, full of hearts, to know something was up - though it might be worth it.

It would be nice knowing she didn't have to worry about having an accident at school, or in front of her mom or Penny... She'd have to change back into her regular underwear before using the potty, but that wouldn't be too awful... And, although the trainers were thick, and childish, she was sure they'd fit under her clothes, and were definitely far better than diapers.

She confirmed that almost as soon as Penny was out of the room, slipping into them. They were soft, and bulky... But she felt much safer, knowing she wouldn't be dribbling into her panties today. Feeling more secure, she got to work on her homework, forgetting all about her troubles, after a few minutes of shifting and squirming, getting used to the feel of her new underthings.

There was one flaw in her plan, unfortunately, one she should have seen right away, but had been too relieved when she came up with it, had figured out how she was going to make this work in her favor, despite Penny seemingly doing everything in her power to stop her. In the future, this would work... Today, however, she was wearing her trainers before they got checked, and not after. And the sense of safety was a dangerous thing to her already slowly-deteriorating bladder control...

She hardly even noticed it happening this time, her mind knowing she wouldn't be making any puddles that she'd have to try to clean up without anything else noticing, or asking what she was up to... She just wiggled her bottom, partway through one of her homework questions, frowned at the unusual sensation, and wriggled again, not fully processing it until she reached down between her legs and gave the cloth there a pat.

She was wet... And, unlike with her panties, there was no way to just sneak her trainers into the laundry without Penny knowing.

"You've got to be kidding!" she fumed quietly at herself, unable to believe she'd been so stupid. Now she was stuck in these soggy pants until the next morning! And she was going to have to face Penny like this, have to watch the Amazon put an X on her bedwetting chart...

"Ugh!" she flopped down onto her bed, grabbing her old, favorite stuffed animal, a white tiger, clutching it to her chest for comfort. "What's wrong with me, Alfie?" She stared into its black, plastic eyes, but there were no answers there.

Supper was very awkward... She almost tried to pretend she wasn't hungry, though she was too scared that might draw more unwanted attention to her. The trainers were wet now, so she wasn't about to shove them under her bed, or into her closet, or something... Which was going to be a big problem when she had to use the potty next. She had to keep wearing them, shuffling into the dining room, praying the two older women didn't somehow figure out what she was wearing beneath her dress. It might have been a good trial run for whether it was safe to wear under her clothes the next day, if she wasn't more scared of Penny finding out than her friends.

She ate as quickly as she could, cleared her plate, then rushed back through the dining room towards her room, ready to hide out for the rest of the evening, only to hear, "And where do you think you're going, young lady?"

She froze, feeling the trainers growing a little heavier, another trickle of anxious urine escaping into them. Did they know?! Had she been moving too fast, making her skirt flap up and show off her childish underwear?! Gulping, she turned around, formulating excuses and stories frantically.

"There are still dishes in there," Penny reminded her, gesturing towards the kitchen. "And it's your turn to clean up after supper. Since you're done already, you might as well start working."

"R-Right!" Sophie had to fight not to smile, or giggle nervously, knowing that looking too happy about it would be suspicious, considering how much she hated doing dishes... It was just a huge relief to know that her secret was safe a little longer.

She wound up wetting herself again before the evening was over, because she was too afraid to - and gross out by the idea of - stashing her soggy trainers somewhere in her room so she could ask for the potty. They held up, although it was a good thing she'd only had a few dribbles and trickles beforehand, and that she knew she wouldn't be wetting herself overnight, since she could tell they were getting close to capacity. Hopefully Penny didn't get mad at her for 'lying' about how bad her 'bedwetting' was...

She really wished she'd worked out some other alternative for herself, instead of just peeing her pants like a little, once she thought about that, but it was too late now... A series of bad decisions had led to her sitting there, in her room, in drenched training panties; once she'd made the first, it had been far too easy to keep stumbling into the others, making it worse and worse...

And then, to cap it all off, Penny knocked on her door. "Time to brush my teeth?" Sophie asked, glancing up at her, used to the routine by now.

"Well, yes," the woman nodded. "But I also want to make sure you get your trainers on right before you go to bed."

Sophie's eyes widened, her pulse quickening as she struggled not to let her panic show in her voice. "Th-They're just like regular panties, right? I-I think I can handle it..."

"I'm sure you can," Penny smiled, "It's always better to be safe than sorry, though, especially for your first time. And, since you haven't gone for a while..." She raised an arm, showing off the potty.

Sophie couldn't help herself this time, a tiny squeak escaping from her mouth before she could stop it. "I-I'm okay!" she exclaimed.

"I know it might feel that way," Penny told her, "but if you go now, it will give you the best chance of having a dry night. Just let me check you first..." Sophie stepped back, away from the Amazon's hand as it reached for her skirt. "Sophie!" she scolded. "You know better than that!"

This was bad... Anxiously, Sophie grabbed at Alfie, squeezing him to her chest again. "Sophie, I have to check you," Penny said sternly.

"J-Just so you know," Sophie tried to explain, fingers creeping down, towards the hem of her dress, "I-I was just trying to get used to them before I had to try to sleep in them...."

"That's fine," Penny chuckled. "That's smart... I'm sure they're very different, aren't they? Now, just let me... Sophie! What did you do?!" Sophie swallowed, hugging her tiger even tighter. "Those are soaked, young lady! Did you fall asleep in here?!"

Lies where what had gotten her into this mess... But she was too far in now. "Y-Yeah," she fibbed once more.

"Well, if you wet yourself that much during a little nap, you definitely lied to me about how bad your problem was, didn't you?" Sophie shook her head, but Penny wasn't going to accept that this time. "Yes, I think you did. Fortunately, I had a feeling I couldn't trust you about this." She marched out of the room, returning with an armload of supplies, dumping them onto Sophie's bed before sitting down on it herself.

"All right, then, young lady," she smirked, grabbing the biggest item, the one that worried Sophie the most as it sat there, huge and white and poofy, and thick enough to make her trainers look like big girl panties. "Looks like you're going to be wearing these to bed from now on... After you put that soggy bottom of yours over my lap so I can spank you for lying to me."

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i bought those exact same training pants
CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 17 (Poll) 2020-07-04T14:01:00+00:00

How should Janet answer?

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Pampers would be adorable
CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 17 (Story) 2020-07-04T14:01:00+00:00

Janet wanted to be a good girl, had convinced herself it was the best way to get through this experience... But this time, she couldn't bring herself to do it. She was on the verge of a disaster in her diapers, and - as much as she'd have liked to give Hazel what she wanted - there wasn't time to comply with her babysitter's orders.

"Z-Zella, please!" she whimpered, bouncing and squirming, trying to press her legs together despite the bulk. "Pl-Please, can we...?!"

But she wasn't even allowed to finish her question before Hazel delivered a harsh swat to her backside, the loud, crackling smack against the rear of her diaper taking away any tiny doubt that Kenzi, or anyone else nearby, might have had about what Janet was wearing. Janet, herself, jumped, shocked at how much it hurt through her diaper - her bottom already being sore from her first spanking didn't help, surely - and scared, recalling how painful and humiliating that first spanking had been...

"It's a simple request, Prissy... Stop being a little brat and introduce yourself!"

Janet could barely process the words, however, her mind suddenly a million miles away as her cheeks darkened more and more. Maybe, if she'd obeyed, she could have asked the same question she'd attempted without getting interrupted afterwards... It was really that one swat, the punishment for being 'rude', that had pushed her over the edge...

It hardly mattered now; it had begun, and she wasn't sure she could stop it. She groaned, the tiny, sticky spot in the seat of her pants exploding as her body pushed, her diaper crinkling, onesie pulled a bit tighter as she felt the backside of her padding swelling outwards. Another outfit might have hidden the evidence a little better, but in the tight embrace of the onesie, there was no way she was going to be able to disguise this as anything other than what it was.

Of course, as a babysitter, she doubted that Zella wouldn't figure out what was going on long before she had to rely on the sight of her slowly expanding seat. Maybe she already did... There was a definite smirk on her face as she ordered, "Come on, Prissy, you aren't making things any better for yourself!"

Janet opened her mouth to reply, although she wasn't sure what she was going to say. Before she could come up with anything, a little grunt escaped, followed by a renewed rush of stinky mush into her diaper, oozing around even more of her wiggling bottom, cradled tightly around it by her snug onesie, ensuring there was no escaping the evidence of the shameful thing she was doing.

She wasn't certain if Hazel had figured it out or not, though, after another moment, there was no question her friend had. Kenzi giggled, raising a hand to her face a moment too late, and, even after she had, doing a bad job of hiding her expression, her other hand pointing straight at Janet's padded posterior, making the smaller girl whimper, wishing there was something she could do to keep her, or anyone else, from seeing her.

"Priscilla!" Hazel exclaimed, making Janet squeak as she felt one firm hand clamp around her rear, squelching the contents of her diaper. "What do you think you're doing, young lady?!"

Janet had known it could get worse, but she hadn't realized how bad it would be, continuing to poop her pants, the attention of two of her former high school bullies firmly on her, whether they knew it was her or not, knowing that her babysitter must be able to feel the mass in her diaper continuing to grow. She couldn't say anything, couldn't do anything, except continue to push.

Zella sighed, shaking her head. "And you tried to tell me you didn't need these diapers... Honestly, Prissy! If you don't stop it right this minute, it only proves that you need diapers more than ever... And, for you, that's saying something! Priscilla, I want you to stop, or I'm finished trying to potty train you, young lady. I mean it!"

Janet, obviously, would have loved to comply, even if her sitter wasn't the one telling her to do it, but it was a lost cause. She'd been too far gone for a while now, and, at this point, there was really nothing she could do about it. She pouted up at her step-daughter, trying to communicate with her, to tell her that with her eyes, since her mouth didn't want to work.

"All right, then," Hazel sighed, pushing the pacifier back between Janet's teeth. "We were getting you more diapers anyway... I guess we'll just have to pick up an extra pack or two, because it looks like you'll be wearing them for quite a while."

Even though it completed the illusion of making her into an overgrown toddler, instead of the grown-up she knew she was - or had been, at one time - she was glad for the paci, glad to be able to suck on it, to try to calm herself down. Doing so, however, helped her to concentrate on something more than the little circle she, Hazel, and Kenzi were standing in, making her aware of the people passing by them, in and out of the store.

She groaned, fidgeting, wondering how many people had seen her like this. Maybe, if they hadn't overheard Zella berating her, they hadn't noticed... Except, her squatting stance, getting lower and lower as her body continued to relieve itself, had probably given it away. That, paired with the rows of ruffles across her now lumpy backside, had surely guaranteed everyone's attention was drawn to her rear, had seen how much she'd used her diapers, and likely made them assume how badly she needed them, based on that.

And, even as she felt the thick, mushy flow slow, she knew that was going to continue. The diaper had slowed her down already, but the huge mess in it wasn't going to help matters one bit, forcing her to struggle to keep up with Hazel's pace, the evidence of her accident on full display behind her, the onesie doing very little to keep it hidden to anyone that knew what to look for.

"I-I'm sorry, Zella," she mumbled behind her pacifier, once she could finally talk again.

"I imagine you are," Hazel smirked. "I don't have any diapers to change you into, so you're going to have to stay in that for now, until we buy you some new ones. Now... Are you going to be a good girl?"

Janet nodded automatically, before even working out what Zella meant; she just knew that she was going to behave, that she didn't have the will to resist right now, after what had happened. She wracked her brain, sucking away on her paci, trying to figure out the answer, only to get distracted every few seconds as someone else came into the entryway, walking past her and her stinky pants.

"Then do it," Zella chuckled, giving her a tiny push, and a pat on her slightly drooping diaper, even the onesie not quite managing to keep it from sagging a bit after her accident.

Janet whimpered, nearly scrambling back behind the younger girl to hide, before, finally, she put it all together, realized what - or who - she was being shepherded towards. Now, there was no question what she was going to say, no way she was going to tell the truth. She didn't want Hazel to get mad at her for 'lying', and she didn't want to give Kenzi any more of a chance to recognize her, after what she'd done, than she had to.

"H-Hi, ma'am," she sputtered around her paci, staring down at her feet. "M-My name is P-Priscilla."

Kenzi knelt down in front of her, lifting the girl's face to meet hers, keeping her from hiding, no matter how much she wanted to. "Well, Prissy," she grinned. "It's very nice to meet you. Is this normally how you greet people?"

Janet blushed and squealed as Kenzi reached behind her, giving her messy bottom a squeeze. "Well?" Hazel asked expectantly.

Janet shook her head, mortified. "N-No, ma'am," she replied.

"Oh, it's just for me, then?" Kenzi laughed, cupping her hands in front of her chest. "I'm touched." She gave Janet's backside a pat, then stood, staring down at her, making the older girl feel smaller than ever, standing there in her dirty diaper, nursing her pacifier frantically. "This is your baby sister, Zella?"

"She is," Hazel nodded. "Jealous?"

"I am," Kenzi said. "I only have a little brother, and he outgrew all of this ages ago."

"I thought she had, too, but... Clearly not," Zella shrugged. "Do you want to come with us? We've got some shopping to do, and I could always use an extra set of eyes for her."

"I-I'll be good," Janet promised. After all, what was she going to do?! She was hardly about to go running through the store like this if she didn't have to, and she had no car of her own there, no money, no phone, nothing... She was completely at Hazel's mercy when it came to buying anything to let her change out of this icky, squishy diaper, or getting back home.

Hazel rolled her eyes. "I've heard that before. I'm sure the only reason you're saying it now is so you might still have a chance to get ice cream, even though I'd say pooping your Pampers barely qualifies as behaving... But if you actually can stay on your best behavior the rest of the trip, I'll still think about it."

"I would love to join you," Kenzi beamed, reaching down and grabbing one of Janet's hands, Zella taking the other, answering the question of whether Janet was going to walk or be pushed in a cart for her. Even before the accident, this probably would have been what she'd have chosen, anyway, although it might be easier for her to avoid the notice of other shoppers seated in the cart... Now, there was no way she was going to volunteer to sit down anywhere if she didn't have to.

Just walking was bad enough, especially when she had to keep up with two girls that were taller than her, and unencumbered by a bulky, messy diaper. It was quite the work-out, and she couldn't help blushing as she toddled along, feeling the contents of her pants squelching with every tiny step.

She assumed Hazel knew where she was going, and kept her head down, not wanting to look at all the people she was passing, though it felt like it took far too long to get to anywhere in the store, as if she was simply being paraded around, on display, rather than with any particular destination in mind. She chalked it up to how much harder it was to get anywhere when dealing with a diaper, but the longer it went on, the less certain she was of the truth of that.

Finally, they came to a stop. "This is obviously the most important thing we need right now," Zella announced, giving Janet a good idea of what she was going to see well before she lifted her head, and saw the row of diaper staring back at her, pack after pack, the babies on the front of each looking at her, judging her, seeing her as one of them.

"What kind does she wear?" Kenzi asked excitedly. "She's so tiny... I bet she still fits into Pampers, doesn't she?"

Janet groaned, shook her head, as the girl let go of her, stepping forward and grabbing a package. A few days ago, she would have been completely confident there was no way she'd fit into them... She had no idea if she could or not, really, but she felt small and helpless enough that, now, it wouldn't have surprised her if she did.

"She doesn't really have a brand yet," Zella shrugged. "I've just been using what I had on hand. Those might work... I'm afraid she'd leak through them in no time, though. She might not look any bigger than a toddler, but she wets more than any of those I've ever taken care of." Her eyes lit up as she dragged Janet a little further down the aisle, towards the youth-sized diapers. "Look, Prissy... They have overnights now!"

She pointed, Janet's stomach churning at the sight of the same pink diapers she had on now, that she'd been wearing so far... But bragging about how much thicker and more absorbent they were than the originals.

"These might be a good idea," she mused. "Since I won't have to worry about getting you in and out of them to use the potty - not that you did that anyway - I wouldn't have to change you as often.... And you could play, or work on your homework, for longer before I had to interrupt to get you some clean pants. That would be nice, wouldn't it?"

Janet pouted, staring up at her step-daughter. She didn't really want to have to sit in her wet - or worse, messy - diapers than she had to... But it would be easier for Zella, too, and it was obvious that was what she wanted... And Janet wanted to be a good girl for her...

She looked back towards Kenzi, still holding the Pampers, wondering if those would be any better or not. They wouldn't be as bulky, which might make her feel a bit less infantile... Except, of course, they literally were for infants. If she fit into them... She blushed, thinking about it, unsure which of those options was worse.

Something else caught her eye, though, as she stood there, blushing. They were still intended for children, although she assumed they had as much of a chance to fit her as the Pampers, if not more. Did she had any chance of Hazel letting her wear them? That was less certain... They looked fairly thick, too, but not as bad as what she had on now. After declaring that Janet's potty training was called off, however, it seemed unlikely she was going to be allowed to wear panties of any kind, even cutesy training ones like these.

Compared to everything else in that aisle, however, especially the things her two companions were suggesting, they were obviously the best, most mature choice. But did she really deserve that? She wrinkled her nose, squirming in place, feeling the mess in her pants shift again. It didn't seem like it, honestly... Though, if Hazel had let her finish talking, had listened to her, and helped her out...

"I suppose, since you're going to be wearing them, you can choose," Hazel shrugged. "What do you think, Prissy? What do you want to wear?"

Janet looked from her to her friend, nibbling at her pacifier nervously as her gaze travelled back to the trainers. Did she dare suggest them? Would that be 'naughty' enough to keep her from getting her ice cream - which did sound good, at least if they also got her some new clothes to wear there, so she didn't have to go in her onesie? Or would it be better to accept this, accept that she was going to be in diapers from now on, at least until Harrison got home to straighten this all out?

"Umm..." Janet swallowed, trying to think out her decision. "I want...

"The Pampers, I guess..."

"The pink diapers, so you won't hafta worry about changing me as much."

"Those training panties! I swear, if I had those, I could prove I'm a big girl!"

European Vacation
European Vacationmore_vert
European Vacation 2020-06-27T14:01:00+00:00close

Here's the Community Caption for this month! Pictures property of Spanked and Diapered, Northern Spanking, and Ella Raine!

There was definitely some saying about 'best laid plans' that applied to Claire's situation, but, after her flight, she was too tired to try to remember what, exactly, it was.

It really had been a perfect plan, though, one she'd had to work very hard on to get that way. It shouldn't have had to be - all she wanted to do was spend the summer hanging out and partying with her friends over in Europe - and yet, as always, her annoying little sister had ruined everything.

"Well, Kelly can't just stay home alone the whole summer," her parents had told her. "And we'll be off at the conference the majority of the time, so she's going to have to stay with you. It's only fair... You complained that we were getting to spend our time over in Europe until we agreed to let you go, too... Why should Kelly be the only one left here?"

"She can take care of herself!" Claire had insisted. "She's old enough!" But they didn't listen, and, suddenly, she was watching her fun summer trip turning into an extended babysitting job, one she wasn't even getting paid for... Well, other than her parents renting the house she was staying in for her.

And then the idea had struck her, out of the blue... Why not just hire someone else to do the babysitting for her? Everything else had stemmed from that one idea... "It's only fair," she'd explained to her parents. "I can't spend every minute with her, and I'll find someone who will be able to show her all the great sights, and take her to the museums, and do a much better job than I ever could. I bet we could get her grades up next year if we do..."

Briefly, she even started to look for someone who could do all that, who would be as much of a tutor as a nanny.... It didn't take long for her to start finding candidates who were renowned more for their harshness, for being strict and crafting well-behaved young men and women out of their charges, rather than sweetly helping them with their homework.

That, Claire decided, was what Kelly needed more than anything. She was such a little brat... Perhaps a summer under the care of someone like that would do her some good. The longer she thought about it, the more she liked the idea, until she finally chose a nanny, and started to e-mail back and forth with her, telling her how difficult Kelly was, how hard the job was going to be, how much discipline she was surely going to need...

Claire wasn't certain where the next idea came from, exactly; it just hit her, out of the blue. Kelly was so immature, so bratty, and she was getting a nanny... She might as well get her money's worth. Besides, she was going to look so cute, bundled up for the night in her thick diapers, while Claire was getting all dolled up for a night out at the clubs. A summer of that would really show Kelly how she'd been acting for... Well, her whole life. What better wake-up call that it was time to grow up than being shown what a baby you actually are?

'I know it's embarrassing for her,' Claire wrote, 'and I wish I could trust her to tell you on her own, but I know she won't. She lies about it all the time, despite all the evidence to the contrary. I know it's unusual for someone her age, so if you need to charge extra, I understand.'

'It's more common than you might think,' the nanny had written back in return. 'Don't worry... I know exactly how to deal with girls like her.'

It had been perfect: Claire would come back from the trip tanned, and relaxed, ready for her next semester of college, and Kelly would return a meeker, more polite girl, a few months of discipline and diapers surely enough to make her easier to have to deal with when Claire was home on breaks. Her parents would be happier with her, too, no doubt.

Unfortunately, her parents did a little research themselves, and found the same reviews Claire had for the nanny... For Claire, they'd shown her the woman had what it took to form her sister into a more tolerable human being; her parents had been less pleased. They'd come pretty close to cancelling the trip for the girls altogether, making them stay home, but, in the end, they'd found a summer camp for Kelly in the same town the house Claire was renting was in, and decided to send her there, instead.

It wasn't nearly as fun as Claire's plan, although it accomplished the same thing, and got her annoying little sister out of her hair for the summer. She was especially glad for that after the plane flight, which only proved how immature Kelly was when, because she'd forgotten to bring a charger for her phone, she forced their mother to stop charging her own since hers was about to die, after Claire refused to help... "Maybe you should have charged it before you left," Claire pointed out.

"I was going to!" Kelly pouted. But she'd forgotten that, too... And Kelly had just gotten that phone, too, having broken her old one a few days before. With everything else, their parents had bought her the same model as theirs, and there hadn't been time to get her a new case.

It was all a big mess, though, fortunately, not one Claire had to deal with for long. They'd gotten to her house for the summer, said their goodbyes, and then her parents had taken Kelly to drop her off at camp, heading on to their conference from there. Claire was all alone, free to do whatever she wanted, even if she wasn't going to get to watch her sister be taken down a peg or two in the process...

And then the front door opened.

The camp decision had come rather late in the planning, after Claire had worked hard, putting things into motion. Knowing there could be delays, and that, even if there weren't, she'd be jet-lagged, and not want to have to get up to answer the door, she'd talked to the person they were renting the house from, had them hide an extra key outside, and told the nanny where to find it, so she could let herself in whether they were there already or not, and whether they were tired and wanted to stay in bed for the first day or two of the trip or not.

Of course, now, that shouldn't have been an issue... There was no need for the nanny to be there. Claire had definitely told the woman that... Hadn't she? She knew she'd written out an e-mail, explaining things, a couple nights before, after a long, drawn-out argument with her parents about the situation, and it had been quite late then, too... Thinking back now, she could recall saving a draft, intending to proof-read it and send it in the morning when her mind was a bit more clear.

Had she done that? She wasn't sure... Drowsily, she rolled over, grabbing for her carry-on bag, where she'd last put her phone. She probably should have plugged it in anyway, she thought, not sure if she would rather see it still sitting in her Drafts folder or not. It would be awkward, having to tell all this to the nanny while she was sitting there in her PJs... But if she had sent it, then who else was in her house?!

That was what kept her silent, prevented her from calling out and asking who it was, not wanting to lead them to her if it was anyone else. She fumbled for her phone, checking all of the pockets she might have stashed it, unable to remember exactly which one it had been... It was nowhere to be seen.

"Hello?" a female voice called out. "Are you here yet?"

Claire breathed a sight of relief, answering her own question. She hadn't spoken to the nanny on the phone, but she'd seen some videos the woman had shot, advertising her business, so she knew it was her, and she was definitely much happier to hear her voice instead of a stranger's. "I'm in here!" she answered. "I'm afraid we need to have a talk, though!"

She couldn't help letting out a gasp as her bedroom door opened, and the nanny stepped inside. She knew, from the videos, that the woman wasn't much older than her, and, while she'd considered looking for someone older, the reviews spoke for themselves. Seeing her now, it was shocking how powerful her presence was, how much more intimidating she was in person. Claire could see why she was so effective... Although, to be fair, some of that was probably thanks to how Claire herself was dressed, and how tired she was.

"There you are!" the woman smiled. "I've heard lots of things about you, young lady, but I do hope we're able to get along."

"Huh?" Claire frowned, blushing at the realization of what the nanny was saying. "N-No, I'm not... Hey!"

She gasped, reaching for her PJ shorts at the same time as the nanny, who had seen something - or, rather, the lack of something - and immediately marched to the bedside to check. She was too slow, unfortunately, and, a moment later, she was sitting there in bed, shorts and panties pulled down, half-naked in front of this stranger.

"I really hoped we could get off on a better foot than this," the nanny sighed, "but what are these?" She pinched the panties between two fingers, staring at Claire, who was trying to cover herself as best she could. "You know better than this, Kelly."

"No, I'm not Kelly!" Claire shook her head frantically. "I-I don't..." Her eyes widened as the nanny reached into the bag she'd carried into the room, extracting a thick, crinkly diaper from it. Her mind raced, her tiredness making it more difficult for her to recall the woman's name, having always just thought of her as her sister's nanny. "I-I don't need those! Stop it, Lisa! I-I'm Claire! I hired you!"

"Are you sure about that?" the nanny raised an eyebrow. "I'll give you one chance to change your mind about this."

"About what?!" Claire rolled her eyes. "I know who I am!" She yelped, moving from trying to hide her privates to grasping for her PJs as the nanny yanked them the rest of the way off, spreading the diaper out and easily pulling the smaller girl on top of it, Claire's stomach churning at the feeling of thick padding, and the sound of soft crinkling, beneath her.

"I gave you a chance," the nanny shook her head. "But Claire just texted me earlier and told me the only person that would probably be here when I arrived would be Kelly... Which means that must be you." And, with that, she expertly sealed the tapes shut, closing Claire into one of the diapers meant for her supposedly bedwetting little sister. "I'll give you a pass tonight," Lisa said, giving the diaper a pat, then sliding the PJ shorts back up over them, "however, please address me as Nanny, or Nanny Lisa... You are not my equal, little girl; you are my charge."

For a split second, when she woke up the next morning, Claire thought it might have been a dream, one made especially realistic thanks to her jet lag... She nibbled her bottom lip, not daring to move, not wanting to hear the crackling of plastic beneath her, or feel the bulk, but simply thinking about it made her more aware of the warmth building up around her crotch, of a feeling between her legs that definitely weren't her thin, grown-up panties...

It wasn't fair! This was supposed to be Kelly, not her! She groaned, sitting up, wrinkling her nose as she tossed aside her blanket, seeing the waistband of her diaper sticking out over the top of her shorts. She would have loved to swoop into Kelly's room, see her like this.... Being on the other side, it wasn't nearly as fun.

Even though Lisa had been the one who had put her into this thing, Claire didn't want anyone to see her wearing it, was ready to rip it off, but before she could, the nanny bustled into the room. "I thought I heard you," she smiled pleasantly. "Good morning, Kelly! Let's see how you did last night!"

She sauntered over to the bed, reaching for Claire's pajamas, Claire frantically grabbing at them in place. "Kelly," Lisa gave her a firm look, "I'm not going to be mad at you for wetting the bed... I will be mad if you make this harder for me than it has to be. I'm going to be taking care of you all summer, so I'm going to have to see your diapers quite a lot."

"I-I didn't!" Claire squeaked, realizing that her resistance made it look like the opposite. "I-I just..."

"Then let me see," the nanny replied. "The longer this takes, the more annoyed you make me...."

"Fine," Claire huffed, letting go, allowing her shorts to slide down over the loud plastic. She blushed as the nanny ran her hand over the diaper, checking her thoroughly, and, of course, finding nothing. "See? I told you! I'm not Kelly!"

Then again, Kelly wouldn't have wet the bed, either, so Claire had prepared Lisa for this, and she heard the words she'd sent to the other woman in her e-mails parroted back to her now. "One or two dry nights doesn't prove you aren't a bedwetter, young lady. I know your problem can be sporadic, but it's common enough that you need to be in diapers every night just to be safe... And, like it or not, that is what's going to happen."

"Noo!" Claire whined, kicking her feet. This wasn't how her vacation was supposed to go... She was supposed to be going out at night, meeting some cute, European boys, maybe bringing them back here for some fun... None of that was going to happen if she was getting diapered every evening! "I'm not her!"

"I was hoping you'd be less grumpy after you got some rest," the nanny shrugged. "Perhaps getting a little breakfast in you will do the trick, then. I'll let you dress yourself, just to see how you do. Food will be ready in a few minutes."

As soon as the woman was out of the room, Claire finished what she'd started, tearing the diaper off and tossing it into the garbage, gratefully putting on a pair of panties instead, pairing them with a tank top and some shorts that were definitely too tight for her to have to wear diapers beneath. She'd been nice, told Lisa that Kelly didn't need diapers during the day... But she'd also suggested them as a punishment. She knew Kelly would be too much of a brat to be able to stay out of trouble, so she expected the girl would be spending a lot of time in them...

"I'm not hungry!" she called out, once she was dressed, and in the living room, on her way to the door. "I'll see you later!"

"No, you will not!" the nanny corrected her, appearing in the doorway. "You aren't going anywhere without me, young lady!"

"Yes, I am!" Claire told her. "Look..." She opened up her purse, digging into it for her ID, glad she had that, at least, if not her phone, which she intended to get replaced today, so she could log into her e-mail account and use that to prove to Lisa that she was who she said she was.

"No, you aren't," Lisa replied simply, snatching the purse away, Claire watching her in frustration, hands balling up into fists as she pouted up at the taller woman.

"Just look for yourself, then!" she stomped her foot. "I'm Claire! My driver's license is right there!"

Why hadn't she thought of that the night before? She'd been too tired, probably, and too overwhelmed with what was happening... Any other time, she likely would have come up with it right away, but after the flight, and being mentally prepared to go to bed, her mind hadn't been working properly.

Lisa raised an eyebrow, staring down at her, then rolled her eyes, opening up the purse herself and gingerly sorting through it until she found Claire's wallet within. Claire breathed a sigh of relief, letting herself calm down a bit, knowing that this nightmare was almost over, and she was going to be able to get back to her vacation in peace.

"She does look like you," the nanny agreed, holding the license up, comparing it to Claire. "But she's your sister, so of course she does. All this proves is that you took Claire's license before she left. I hope she hasn't gone too far yet... Do you have any idea how difficult it's going to be for her without this?! This is a very naughty little prank you've pulled, Kelly."

"I am not Kelly!" Claire stomped again. "We don't even look alike, we're step-sisters!" Had she told Lisa that? She wasn't certain it had come up... She didn't think of Kelly that way, since their parents had gotten married while Kelly was still a toddler, so Claire had been her big sister for the vast majority of her life, for better or worse. "Just look at the picture, you stupid...!"

She wasn't even able to finish the insult - which was probably a good thing, in the long run - before she was over Lisa's lap, shorts and underwear pulled down. "No!" She kicked her legs frantically. "You can't do this!"

"I can, and I have a feeling I will be quite a lot during our time together. I don't know how much your family has told you, but it's my job to turn you into a sweet, proper young lady... And it seems like I have my work cut out for me. Don't think that means you have a chance, though.... I've dealt with much tougher children than you, Kelly, and I've always come out on top."

"B-But I'm not... Ouch!" Claire gasped, feeling the first smack across her bare backside, the impact bringing tears to her eyes immediately, driving home the reality that she was getting a spanking. Lisa let her lie there for a moment, soaking in the humiliation, before continuing, delivering swat after swat, roasting the poor girl's bottom until she was sobbing.

And then, to add insult to injury, while she was still blubbering, she got taped into a fresh, childish diaper, and led by the hand to the breakfast table, where she was forced to finish every bite of her oatmeal as she squirmed on the hard, wooden chair - the diaper providing some protection for her sore bum, but not quite enough - and felt sorry for herself.

"From what I understand, young lady," Lisa lectured, once Claire had finished eating, "you've been acting like a bratty toddler for years now, and your family is tired of it. So now, any time I catch you doing that, you will spend the rest of that day in diapers. From what I've seen out of you so far, I have a feeling you'll be in them for the majority of the summer, so you'd better get used to them."

"B-But I don't need diapers!" Claire whimpered, hardly able to believe that things could have gotten this much worse for her, already. Spending her nights in these bulky, crinkly prisons was one thing... Wearing them all day, too?! She really wished she hadn't suggested them as an appropriate punishment, because now the shoe was on the other foot. Or, rather, the Pamper was on the other posterior.

"Then don't act like you do," Lisa shrugged. "If you can behave yourself like a big girl, then you'll only have to wear them at night. That should be simple, shouldn't it?"

"I-I guess," Claire sulked.

"Good. Now, you can go put your shorts back on if you like... But, since that's what you chose to wear, instead of letting me help you pick something out, that will be all you get to wear today."

Claire wasn't sure why the woman said that like a threat, or why she was smirking as Claire waddled her way out of the dining room, rubbing her throbbing bottom... At least, not until she returned to the living room and pulled the shorts up her legs. They were snug on her in the best of times... Now, with the diaper...

She groaned, pulling on them as hard as she dared, hopping in place, trying to force them up over her bulging diaper, but it was no good... There was no way they were going to fit. "Oh, that's too bad," the nanny told her, after stepping into the room and watching a few attempts. "I guess you'll be wearing just your shirt and diaper today."

A whole day, toddling around with nothing to cover her diaper, even when Lisa made her follow her outside to check the mail, was enough to leave Claire feeling little better than a toddler, especially since, no matter how hard she begged, her nanny wouldn't let her use the bathroom.

"That's what your diapers are for, young lady," she'd tell her. "Act like a big girl, and you can use the potty like one." Claire had held out as long as she could, but, eventually, she had no choice, and had to give in, blushing as her bladder dribbled into her diaper, the padding warming up, swelling between her legs as she soaked it, having to sit in the squishy thing for a while after Lisa declared, "It can take a bit more! No need to be wasteful!"

Just to cap the day off, Claire was put to bed right after supper - exactly like she'd ordered Lisa to do with Kelly - and had to lie there in bed, in her diaper, staring out the window at the still sunny beach behind the house, thinking of all the fun she could have there that was being denied to her because the nanny refused to listen to the truth.

The one benefit of her early bedtime, however, was waking up early, while the house was still and quiet. She was, obviously, dry, although she already knew that wouldn't prove anything to Lisa. She sighed, toddling over to her window and staring out at the water. She thought it would be too early for anyone to be out there, but she was wrong... She spotted a cute boy out there, jogging, wearing only his swim trunks, letting her see his abs glistening in the early morning sun.

She couldn't help herself; this was why she'd come here in the first place! Lisa was definitely still asleep, so if she was careful, she could slip out and back in, enjoy herself a little with some flirting, then come back and show what a good girl she could be so she wouldn't have to wear diapers again. If she was well-behaved enough, perhaps she could talk Lisa into taking her to get a new phone, prove to the woman what a huge mistake she'd been making.

Maybe it was thanks to what she'd worn the day before, but her bikini felt a lot more cutesy than she remembered. She'd thought it was cute, of course, which was why she picked it, though she hadn't realized how childish the watermelon design also looked. She'd only packed one, too, hoping to find some sexier, trendier designs while she was over here. The swimming suit was definitely better than a diaper... She just couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed as she tip-toed out to the beach in it, rushing to catch up with her prey.

She was almost there when she felt a hand close around her wrist, jerking her back with a yelp, spinning her around to face a very unhappy Lisa. "Where do you think you're going, young lady?!" she demanded. "Dressed up like this, wandering around out of the house unsupervised... I guess you didn't learn anything at all yesterday, did you?!" And, right in front of the cute boy, Claire's bikini bottoms were tugged down, revealing her already red bottom, as Lisa started to spank her again, not letting her pull them back up through the whole spanking, or the trip back to the house, or into her bedroom.

Claire sniffled, rubbing her bottom and looking back, watching nervously as Lisa got another diaper out, realizing she was going to have to spend another day in them. It definitely couldn't get any worse than that...

Or so she thought. Lisa put her into a shirt, but still didn't let her wear anything over her diaper, making her play on the floor while she got things done around the house. At one point, she heard the woman talking on the phone, overheard, "I'm not sure she deserves it, though, if you think it's best..." and never got up the courage to ask what that was about.

A few hours later, she belatedly got the answer as, while sitting there in a wet diaper, waiting for her nanny to deem her ready for a change, she heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway, peeking nervously out the shades to see a group of girls her sister's age starting to pour out of a car. "Wh-What's going on?!" she asked, gulping.

"I know, it's very exciting," Lisa said. "Your sister was nice enough to say that, despite your behavior, you still deserve to see your friends. But we both agreed that this doesn't mean you get out of your punishment... They're just going to have to see you in your diaper."

"N-No," Claire shook her head, blushing. "I-I don't..."

But the doorbell was already ringing, and her nanny was urging, "Go ahead... Don't be rude. Let them in."

"I-I don't want to!" Claire whimpered.

"Let them in right now," Lisa snapped, "or I'll spank you again, right in front of them."

Reluctantly, Claire got to her feet, wrinkling her nose as she shuffled over to the front door, diaper squishing between her thighs as she tugged at the hem of her shirt. She had no idea who these kids were, why they were here... But at least that was some comfort, knowing they were strangers...

"Kelly!" the real Kelly grinned, the first one at the door, enveloping her older sister in a huge hug. "It's so good to see you!"

She hadn't meant to do it, but it was a perfectly understandable mistake; she'd just gotten her phone, after all, and it was exactly the same as her mother's, and they were both sitting there, on the tray table... Her mom must have switched the charging cable while Kelly was up going to the bathroom, and then was too engrossed in her book to notice Kelly picking up the wrong one when she returned to her seat.

She turned on the phone, opened up the browser, and right away, she saw the last page her mother had looked up, saw the stern face of the professional nanny staring back at her, promising more obedient children, no matter their age, and no matter what it took. For a moment, she felt a sense of dread, wondering if that was going to be waiting for her when they returned home, if perhaps her poor grades last year had been the last straw... Until she saw where the nanny was located.

She hadn't known much about what happened between her parents and Claire, or what had led to them deciding to enroll her at a nearby camp, instead of having her stay with Claire the whole summer, but seeing this website, she started to piece things together. She glanced over at Claire, who had fallen asleep, and set her mother's phone back down, carefully bending over, snagging her sister's phone out of the outside pocket of the carry-on bag at her feet.

Nobody was paying attention, so it was easy enough to hold the phone up to the snoozing Claire's face and unlock it so she could do some investigating. And, after finding the e-mails, just as easy to do that again to remove the lock, letting her put the phone into her own bag after sending a message to the nanny, explaining to her that 'Claire' had decided to see a bit more of Europe while she was there, so she probably wouldn't be around much, if at all, but that 'Kelly' was definitely going to be at the house, and was going to need lots and lots of care.

She'd kept up communication, too, asking for pictures after hearing about the discipline Claire had gotten the day before, saying she missed seeing her little sister's face, and giggling at how infantile she looked in her big, bulky, baby diapers, and then having one more brilliant idea. 'All of her friends are actually going to camp nearby,' she wrote. 'She was supposed to go with them, but after our parents saw her report card, they said she couldn't... Some of them were messaging me, though, and they wanted to visit her for the weekend. I know she's been naughty, I just think that maybe seeing them might help.'

Kelly hadn't known any of the girls at her camp, but they'd become fast friends, especially after she told them about what was happening with her older sister. A lot of them didn't believe it, of course, even with the pictures she had... Fortunately, it was pretty simple to prove she wasn't lying. The camp was set up so that the kids that lived near enough could go home on the weekends if they liked, and one of her new friends' parents were happy to drive them to spend the weekend with Kelly's big sister.

Her friends were surprised to see that Kelly was telling the truth after all, and nearly as delighted as Kelly herself had been to finding her already in a soggy diaper when they arrived. "Uh-oh, Kelly," she could hear one of them teasing, "still having potty troubles? Is that the real reason you didn't come to camp?"

"I'm not Kelly!" Claire fumed, looking very much like a toddler in the middle of a tantrum. But Kelly had prepped her friends well, and they were happy to play along, incredibly amused to have a big baby like Claire to play with. Was it wrong for Kelly to take advantage of her pathetic, diapered, older sister to make friends? Perhaps... But not any more wrong than it was for Claire to try to do all of this to her, instead.

'Kelly' got to stay up a little later than usual with her friends, but Lisa still came in to put her to bed well before the other girls were ready to even attempt to sleep. The real Kelly gave her some time, waited until she heard the nanny get into the shower, then snuck into her sister's room.

"Hi, there," she giggled. "Oh, my God, look at you! You're so adorable in your little PJs, with your diaper... I can hardly stand it!"

Claire glared at her angrily, but, before she could do anything, Kelly whipped out her phone, showing off the pictures she'd already gotten from Lisa. "You're awfully cute here, too... And here... And here..."

"That's my phone!" Claire glared at her, grabbing for it, a little too slow. "Give it back!"

"No, I don't think so," Kelly said. "I like it a lot more than mine... Especially because it has all of your contacts in it. It would certainly be a shame if I 'accidentally' sent all these pictures to them, wouldn't it? Or what if I sent them to her?" She pulled up the Instagram page of a girl from Claire's college, one she'd heard her sister complain about many times, enough that she remembered her name and was able to look her up. She loved making fun of Claire for being so short, and always seemed to end up going after the boys that Claire was interested in... And, every time, she was the one who came out on top.

"It's funny," Kelly mused out loud. "She's actually spending some time in Europe this summer, too... She won't be too far from here at one point. Do you think I should invite her over to visit you?"

"No!" Claire gasped, shaking her head. "Kelly, please, don't!"

Kelly laughed, seeing how panicked her sister looked. "I won't, I won't... But you have to do something for me. If you don't want me to get in touch with her, or send out your pictures to all of your friends... You need to wet yourself right now."

"N-Now?!" Claire blushed. "B-But if I do that, Lisa will think..."

"That's right," Kelly grinned. "You're going to wake up in a cold, squishy, wet diaper, so it's going to look like you wet the bed, just like you told her I do. And, if you want me to keep not talking to any of these people, and telling them how you're really spending your vacation, you're going to keep doing that. If I don't get a report from your nanny that your bedwetting streak has continued, unbroken, every day this summer... Well, you know what's going to happen."

Claire groaned, squirming helplessly, then blushing as Kelly slid a hand down the front of her shorts. She wriggled a bit more, clearly trying to think of a way out of this... Until, finally, Kelly felt the padding warm up as she gave in, doing as she was told, taking the first steps to becoming the good little girl Kelly knew that Lisa was going to turn her into over the course of the summer, just like the woman was supposed to do to her.

"Good girl," Kelly patted Claire on the head. "Night-night." She walked out, barely keeping herself from giggling as she listened to her big sister sputter and grumble, surely imagining things couldn't get any worse... Completely unaware that 'Claire' had sent out an e-mail to Lisa earlier that day, telling her that, if 'Kelly' hadn't gone poopy by the next day, she was going to need some 'encouragement', whether her friends were there or not... And that she'd decided that it was probably best to keep 'Kelly' in diapers for as long as her bedwetting persisted, even during the day.

She'd already sealed her crinkly fate for the next day, and Kelly couldn't imagine she would allow herself to mess herself in front of her little sister, and all her friends... Which meant they were going to get quite the show. One that Kelly was definitely going to be recording, ensuring there was no way Claire would stop 'wetting the bed', or else her rival was going to get to see her filling her diaper, like the baby she now was, whether she liked it or not.

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Gap Year - Chapter 1 2020-07-02T14:00:06+00:00

The first part of a short story commission to do this story, since it didn't win the Community Caption poll.

"Aww," Tessa pouted as Danielle buckled her into her car seat. "Why can't I just stay home with you?"

Danielle's heart melted a little staring down at her baby sister. How did their mom do this every day?! All Danielle wanted was to play with her, and give her treats, and spoil her to her heart's content... But she knew she had to do this. "I have to look for a job, sweetie," she said, kissing the girl on the forehead. "You're gonna have lots of fun! All your friends are there!"

Tessa sniffled, batting her eyes. "But you aren't, Danni."

"I'm sorry, Tessa," Danielle told her, having to shut the door and turn away right then, or else she might not have been able to. Maybe she could call her mother, explain things.... She'd always babysat for Tessa during the summer - at least, for the few summers the girl had been alive - and she'd loved it. This year, however, her parents had insisted they keep Tessa in daycare, and that Danielle should look for a job to help her pay for textbooks once she got to college in the fall.

College... Everyone in her class had been so excited about it, talking all year about where they were going, what they were going to do... That was practically all anyone had talked about at graduation that past Friday. It made Danielle feel strange; were they really not scared about this?! She was petrified, and she wasn't even going away for school. She'd decided, partially because she'd waited too long to apply to the other schools she was looking at, that she was going to spend at least the first year at her local community college, where she could knock out the basics, and save money on room and board.

Even that was scary, however... This was real school, not high school. The classes were going to be tougher, the professors stricter, she was going to have so much homework, and if she didn't get it done, there was nothing to blame but herself. Going to college meant the start of something that had technically happened on her eighteenth birthday, though didn't quite feel real yet - adulthood.

She'd hoped to have one last summer to say goodbye to her childhood before that happened, until her parents had sat her down for the talk, told her she needed to get a job. "You'll thank us later," her father had said. "Even if you don't keep it once school starts, the experience will be invaluable once you graduate and start looking for work for real."

Perhaps, if she'd had a job before, college wouldn't have seemed like so monumental a step. Plenty of people younger than her worked, but she'd always associated that with her parents, and other grown-ups. Tessa had come along at the perfect time, letting Danielle babysit her instead of having to go get a job at McDonald's or something, yet that apparently wasn't good enough this time around.

So, like it or not, she was taking her little sister to daycare, and then applying for a bunch of jobs she didn't actually want, and was probably going to quit once school started anyway, so she could 'concentrate on her studies', or, really, just not have to do them anymore. Most likely, most of this first day was going to be her pouting in her room, but she couldn't do that all summer.

The daycare was a cute little building, painted in bright colors, and Katie seemed to like it well enough... The only problem Danielle had with it was the parking lot. If there was more than one person in the car, it wouldn't be too bad - one could pull up to the curb, let the other out to walk the kid in, which had happened plenty when Danielle was learning to drive, with her sitting and waiting at the wheel for her mother to return - but if you were alone, you had to drive a bit further away to park.

She'd seen some people park on the road while they ran in and out, but she was terrified of getting a ticket, and really having no choice other than to get a job as soon as possible, instead of allowing herself to be a little picky; others simply made their kids, if they were old enough, walk in on their own. There was no way she was going to let Tessa do that, so she parked in the lot, let her sister out, and prepared for the walk.

It was early enough that the temperature wasn't too bad, although she did worry about what it would be like when she picked Tessa up in the afternoon, when the sun was high and hot. She sighed, swinging Tessa's hand in hers as they walked, wishing again that she could just babysit her, like she always had, and forget about all this.

"All right, Tessa," she said, stepping into the daycare. "I'll see you later. Have fun, and..."

"Hello, there!" Danielle jumped, turning to see a woman standing behind them, bending down and smiling. "What's your name, sweetie?"

Danielle blushed, starting to shake her head. While she was certainly taller than Tessa, she had always been the smallest kid in her class, and that had continued all the way through graduation, where they'd had trouble finding a graduation gown she wouldn't trip on as she walked across the stage. There had been plenty of teasing about her size all through school, but she'd mostly gotten used to it... And she still was given a children's menu when they went to restaurants, which was fine with her, since that was usually the right amount of food for her.

"She's my big sister, Dani!" Tessa declared proudly. Danielle smiled down at her, nodding her agreement, since she couldn't exactly deny that.

"It's very nice to meet you, Dani," the woman told her. "I'm Miss Katie! You must be excited that school is over for the summer, huh?"

"Umm... Yeah," Danielle agreed.

"You don't sound too sure," Miss Katie teased. "Don't worry, we have lots of fun games and stuff here, and you get to play with your little sister all day!"

"Oh! N-No, I..." Danielle started to shake her head again, only to glance over at Tessa, see the girl staring up at her with big eyes, clearly loving the idea of getting to spend the day with her big sister after all. And, in all honesty... Dani liked that idea, too. She was supposed to be looking for a job, getting ready for college... But what would it hurt if she just took one day off from all of those adult responsibilities, and let herself relax? "I-I'm... excited to see what you have planned?"

"That's the spirit!" Miss Katie exclaimed, ushering the pair into the play room. "If you need anything, dear, just let me know."

Danielle looked around at the other kids, and the workers, fully expecting one of them to point out the woman's mistake, that she didn't belong here. As she surveyed the scene, however, nobody pointed at her, or seemed to pay her any mind... It was like they all accepted her here, assumed she was nothing more than another little girl. It was embarrassing, sure, and yet, at the same time, strangely nice.

Tessa, meanwhile, was ecstatic, dragging Dani around, introducing her to all her friends, showing her all of her favorite toys, excited to have her sister there as a playmate. So excited, in fact, that Danielle noticed something familiar.

"Tessa," she shook her head, "did you have an accident, sweetie?"

"No!" Tessa pouted. She was right on the verge of being potty trained, generally only wetting herself at times like this, when she was too worked up about something else.

"It's okay," Dani smiled gently. "I'll get you all cleaned up, and..." Except, she couldn't... She was just another kid here; she doubted they were going to let her change anyone else. "Well, I-I can take you to Miss Katie," she offered instead.

"No!" Tessa repeated, stomping her foot. "I didn't wet myself!"

"Sweetie, it's all right," Danielle promised. "It happens to everyone!"

"No, it doesn't!" Tessa huffed.

In that instant, Danielle knew what she had to do, as silly and absurd as it was. Any other time, she would have just let it go, got Tessa some fresh trainers, then let her calm down on her own... She couldn't do that here, however, she could do something else, something she never would have considered normally. Here, though, she wasn't a grown-up, she was another kid, not that much older than Tessa...

It was harder than she would have imagined, forcing her to close her eyes, ignore the sounds of children playing all around her, pretend she was back home, sitting on her toilet, but, after a few moments, she felt the warmth begin trickling into her panties, soaking through, running down her thighs... "S-See?" she blushed, opening her eyes. "I-It can happen to..."

She gulped, realizing Miss Katie was standing there now, too, watching the whole thing. "Uh-oh!" she exclaimed. "Did you have a little accident, Dani?"

She had known, of course, that eventually someone other than Tessa was going to see her... She just hadn't expected it to happen so soon. "N-No," she shook her head bashfully, not realizing how easily she was mirroring her baby sister, simply not wanting to admit it yet, despite the evidence running down her legs.

"I think you might have, cutie," Miss Katie smiled. "You don't have to be embarrassed! We'll get you taken care of!" Danielle took her hand, walking across the room, staring down at the floor as she went, feeling the eyes of everyone there on her as she was led over to the changing table. "Now, Dani," the woman said, lifting her up onto it, starting to undress her, "Since you're new here, I don't know... Does this happen often?"

Danielle nibbled her bottom lip, glancing down at Tessa, standing there, watching. For her own pride, she wanted to tell the truth, to say no... But it would fit the lesson she'd been trying to teach, and probably make her sister feel better, if she lied. "Y-Yeah," she nodded. "K-Kinda..."

"Kinda?" Miss Katie raised an eyebrow.

Only then did it fully hit Danielle where she was sitting, what she was surrounded by. If she said the wrong thing, she could end up in training pants, just like Tessa... The very idea made her blush harder, but, in the end, wouldn't it help make her point for her, that this shouldn't be embarrassing for Tessa? "A-All the time," she mumbled.

"All the time, huh?" Miss Katie replied. "Well, I'm very proud of you for telling me the truth, dear." And, with that, she picked up a diaper, one Dani was very familiar with, having changed Tessa into plenty of them herself, not that long ago.

"W-Wait!" her eyes widened. "I-I don't..." She gulped as the woman lifted her legs up, sliding the thick padding beneath her bottom. She'd done this a million times, and there was no reason for her to think this was any different... She was simply diapering another one of her charges, unaware that the girl in the midst of being powdered and Pampered was an adult. For her part, Dani sputtered wordlessly, overwhelmed as she heard the same crinkling she associated with Tessa coming from underneath her, with every tiny movement, not knowing what to say until it was all over, and she was sitting there, diaper snugly taped around her waist.

"And what about you?" Miss Katie turned to Tessa, after lifting Dani down to the floor. "How are you doing?" She unzipped the girl's shorts, sliding them down, exposing a perfectly dry Pull-Up. "Great work, Tessa! I'm so proud of you!"

"B-But I thought..." Danielle protested, once the worker had gone off to find her something to wear over her Pampers.

"I told you I didn't have an accident," Tessa pointed out, which was, Dani had to admit, true. She giggled, looking at her big sister. "You're so cute in your diapers!"

Dani blushed, hardly able to believe this had happened, that she'd talked herself into a diaper for no reason... But, if she was being honest, Tessa was right. "I-I guess I kind of am," she shrugged. They weren't so bad... Definitely thicker than her normal underwear, and louder.... She could live with them for a day, though.

And it was just a day... She kept telling herself that, as it kept going. She didn't want to interrupt the workers helping other kids, who were actually getting potty trained, make it to the potty on time, and, since she was in diapers, she couldn't go on her own, so she wound up wetting her pants again a couple times... But this was only for one day, so it didn't matter what her chart looked like, whether the people here thought she really needed diapers or not.

It was a bit sad, once it came time to leave, diapers and all. She knew if they waited any longer, though, that her parents might beat her home, and then she'd have to explain what she was wearing to them, so she said goodbye to it all, and her final little break before adulthood, and took them back home.

"Did you girls have a good day today?" their mother asked at dinner that night.

"I did," Dani answered, quite sincerely. "I-I didn't find anything yet, but... You know, I'm looking."

"It takes time," her dad nodded. "We're proud of you for making the effort." He turned to Tessa. "And what about you?"

Tessa grinned. "Uh-huh! I made a new friend, and we played all day!"

"That's wonderful!" their mother smiled. "Hopefully you can do that tomorrow, too!"

"Uh-huh," Tessa looked over at Danielle with her big, sweet, innocent eyes. "I hope so..."

It was only for one day, Danielle reminded herself... But it had been more fun than she could remember having for a very long time... It had been so tempting, the thought of going back there again, even before Tessa said anything. Maybe she'd have the strength to tell her sister no the next day, to go back to what she was supposed to be doing, to starting to process of becoming a real adult... Looking at her now, however, Dani had a feeling she was going to wind up back in diapers.

And that was okay, she told herself, already preparing the mental excuses she'd need to keep from feeling guilty. She had some graduation money saved up she could use for textbooks, and college wasn't starting up for a couple months anyway... What was the harm in enjoying herself until then?

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The real life story. I really enjoyed reading this chapter and can not wait to find out what next. Thanks for sharing this.
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Loves it.
Victoria's Secret - Chapter 6 2020-06-20T14:01:01+00:00

"C'mon," Victoria whispered to herself, bouncing in place as she looked through her dresser, panties sagging messily behind her. There had to be another pair of panties that looked like the ones she'd pooped in during her nap...

Of course, even those had been from ages ago, and had been lucky to survive her various clothing purges over the years as she'd grown up, and out of many of the styles she'd been into when she was younger. The panties themselves had likely not even been picked out by her; they looked like the sort of thing her mom would have bought for her, or perhaps that her grandmother had gotten her for Christmas, and she'd been embarrassed to have to open in front of her cousins.

They were also memorable enough that she doubted she could get away with switching to something else, and hoping her babysitters wouldn't notice. It was embarrassing that she'd even considered it as an option, even if it had been for only a fleeting moment. Nobody would fall for that... She certainly wouldn't have, if the roles were reversed.

"Damn it!" she hissed, resisting the urge to slam the drawer shut, or stomp her foot, or do anything that would make noise, and alert the younger girls that she was awake. It was incredibly frustrating, coming up empty-handed, and she wanted to show that somehow, but the best she could do was wave her fists impotently.

It hadn't been a perfect plan anyway, to be fair. Without going out of her room, and into the bathroom, she wouldn't be able to clean herself up, which would be a problem... Not to mention the question of what she was going to do with the old, dirty undies. She'd vaguely entertained the notion of dropping them out her window, but that was pretty risky; what would happen if she forgot they were there? Or if one of her parents noticed them, if they came home before she was able to retrieve them? Or if a neighbor spotted them? There was only one person in the house small enough to fit into them...

And how would she deal with her sheets? Just hope that the sitters didn't notice the stain on them? It was fairly tiny, the panties having absorbed the worst of the damage, but it was there... She would have to do the laundry at some point today, without raising suspicions about why...

So, like it or not, it was probably for the best that she didn't have anything suitable to change into. Ultimately, she would have gotten caught in the end, most likely, and her punishment would have been worse for trying to hide it, and lying. She was just going to have to face the music, admit that she'd had her second messy accident of the day, somehow.

She crossed her fingers at the sound of the door opening, and, thankfully, her prayer was answered. Taylor wasn't much better than Sawyer, though, at the moment, she'd take what she could get. And Taylor, alone, was definitely an improvement over both of them.

"Taylor!" she exclaimed, scrambling over, blushing. "Taylor, please don't be mad..."

Next to the taller girl, especially right now, in dirty panties, Vickie felt like a little girl, whatever was left of her college girl swagger melting away as Taylor sniffed the air, grabbed her by the shoulders, and spun her around. "Oh, my God!" she giggled. "I can't believe you!"

"No, no, no," Victoria shook her head, the sound of Taylor's glee immediately shattering her hopes of how this was going to go. "I-It's not..."

"What it looks like?" Taylor interrupted, grabbing the waistband of the panties and giving them a sharp tug, making Vickie squeal as she was given a messy wedgie. "I think it is."

"Please, please don't tell Sawyer," Victoria begged. "I-I don't wanna wear diapers the whole summer! I'm not a baby!"

"Are you sure about that?" Taylor pulled on the undies again, laughing as the other girl squealed. "You sound like one..." She let go of Victoria's underwear, turning her around to face her again, poking at her flat chest. "You look like one..." Finally, as Vickie blushed, she waved her hand in front of her nose. "And you definitely smell like one. I'd say, judging by all the evidence at hand... You're definitely a baby."

"Okay, okay," she sniffed. "I-I'm a... a b-baby..."

"Of course you are," Taylor agreed. "Don't you remember what you said earlier? When we let you out of the corner? I'd say that's all still true."

Vickie's cheeks darkened, recalling that. After everything else that had happened, it felt like it had happened years ago, though, now that Taylor had brought it up, it was fresh in her mind again.

"You don't?" Taylor asked, eyes wide. "Is your little baby brain really that empty? No wonder your grades are so bad, and you can't figure out how to keep your panties clean!"

Victoria glared up at her, stomping her foot. "I do, too!" she insisted.

Taylor smirked, crossing her arms, making it clear that the older girl had walked right into her trap. "Then tell me," she demanded. "What did you say?"

There was no way around it, at least not without a lot of argument, every second of which brought her closer to Sawyer coming to check on them. Reluctantly, she recited, "I-I'm just a stinky little baby, and you two are the big girls, a-and I'll do anything you say."

"Wow!" Taylor exclaimed, grinning. "Maybe you are smarter than you look! So, if I tell you to march your little butt out and show Sawyer what you did, what are you going to do?"

Victoria whimpered, squirming in place, trapped by her own words. "I-I'll do it," she mumbled. "B-But please don't make me! I-I'll do anything!"

Taylor's eyes lit up, her grin extended even further, somehow. "Anything?"

That was an extremely dangerous, and probably stupid, thing to promise, but what choice did she have? "Y-Yeah," she nodded. "Wh-What... Wh-What do you want?"

"Oh, I want a lot of things, little girl," Taylor patted her on the head. "But for now... Hmm... You know what would be great? I need a new laptop for school. I keep telling my parents that, and they tell me I can use my old iPad. That thing is so old now, though, and I think I'd really prefer an actual computer, you know? It was great when I was younger... But I feel like I need a tiny bit more for college."

"Y-You want me to... buy you a laptop?" Victoria paled. Of all the things she could have imagined Taylor asking for, this hadn't even been under consideration.

"You said anything," the girl reminded her. "Or didn't you mean it? Come on, Vickie... How badly do you want this?"

Victoria didn't know a ton about computers, but she had seen some advertised that weren't too incredibly expensive... She could probably afford one of those, if they were still on sale. "A-All right," she sighed. "I'll find you something. Now, I..."

"No," Taylor shook her head. "I don't do things that way... You either do it now, or the deal is off."

"Fine," the older girl rolled her eyes, turning towards her desk, where she'd normally leave her purse, to grab her phone... Of course, it wasn't there. She'd left it at the party.

Her stomach lurched, realizing she wasn't going to be able to fulfill her end of the bargain after all, despite having worked so hard to make it. "I-I don't have my phone," she groaned. "I can't order you anything if..."

"Please, like I trust you to pick out something for me," Taylor snorted, taking out her own phone. "I have what I want bookmarked. Although, if I don't have to ask my parents for it, I might just make a few upgrades..."

That didn't sound good. Victoria fidgeted, starting to have second thoughts about this. "I-I don't have my purse at all," she pointed out. "So I don't have my credit card, b-but I promise, as soon as I get it back..."

"Yeah, right," Taylor arched an eyebrow. "As if you don't have the number memorized."

Vickie gulped. "I-I might remember most of it..." she fibbed.

"Don't lie to me," Taylor told her. "Lying's very naughty, remember?" She tapped a few things on her phone, then turned it around, handing it to Victoria. "There you go, just fill it in."

The college girl's eyes bulged at the total, hardly able to believe it. "No way!" she gasped. "You've gotta be kidding! There isn't something cheaper that...?!"

"You said anything," Taylor chanted. "Were you lying, little girl?"

Her parents were definitely not going to overlook this, the way they did when she splurged on clothes every now and then. The card was supposed to be for emergencies only, but, like any girl her age, she wasn't always able to stick to that. The thought of another round with the bar of soap, however... "N-No," she shook her head.

"Then type away," Taylor ordered.

Victoria's thumbs stretched towards the screen, then froze. "I-I don't think I remember the whole number after all," she said.

"Vickie," Taylor glared at her, "I'm not stupid. Either you're lying now, or you were lying when you told me you'd do anything. Either way, I don't think Sawyer will be very happy with you... And after you pooped your pants, again. I'd think you were going to spend the whole afternoon in the corner, in diapers, except she'll probably be spanking or mouth-soaping you for most of that time."

The teen was playing right into Vickie's fears, which she had no doubt was exactly what she wanted. That morning had been, almost definitely, the worst one of her life... Could she take an afternoon just like it, after that terrible nightmare she'd had? That had to be worth some money, being able to avoid that... But was it worth this much?!

"I'm starting to lose my patience with you, little lady," Taylor sighed. "I'm starting to think this was a waste of time, and I should tell Sawyer all about it... Do you think she's going to like hearing that you came to me, asking for me to help you lie? I said no, of course... But just the fact that you'd try that..."

"Fine!" Victoria snapped, typing away, tummy churning as she filled in her credit card information. Before she could hit send, Taylor snatched the phone back out of her hand, looking at it.

"Hmm," she mused, tapping away at a few things. "Looks legit, but I suppose we'll find out, won't we?" She hit one more button, then paused, staring at the screen, for a long moment. "Wow, look at that! I guess you remembered correctly after all!"

"Yay," Victoria replied weakly, feeling sick as Taylor led her over to her dresser, picking out a new pair of underwear for her, by far the most expensive pair Vickie had ever bought... Especially since she already owned these ones.

"You earned these," Taylor said, holding them up, out of Vickie's reach, "but that's as far as this goes. If you have another accident, I'm not helping you out again."

"I-I understand," Victoria nodded. A day ago, she would have said that was no problem, that there was no way she'd do that... But today had proven just how wrong she would have been.

"Very good," Taylor told her condescendingly. "You go get cleaned up, and I'll pick you out something to wear."

Victoria swallowed, staring out at the hallway beyond her bedroom door. "C-Can I have something to wear now?" she asked, tugging at the too-short nightshirt, imagining running into Sawyer there now, after going through all of that.

"Do you want to buy me something else?" Taylor smirked. "I told you... Our bargain's done."

"Seriously?!" Vickie growled. "All that money, and I can't even...?!"

"Oh, Sawyer," Taylor mocked her, saying it quietly, but with the implication that all she had to do was raise her voice, and summon the other sitter to their side. "I caught the baby trying to change her panties on her own... Isn't that so very naughty of her? However will we properly discipline her for that?"

"You're the worst," Victoria huffed, slipping out of her room, barely keeping herself from running down the hall, knowing that would draw unwanted attention. Thankfully, the path to the bathroom was clear, although she didn't feel safe until she was in the bathroom, door shut and locked behind her.

She breathed a sigh of relief, quickly stripping out of the mucky panties. Whether the price would be worth it or not remained to be seen, but being able to get out of them without Sawyer finding out what she'd done was a huge weight off of her chest. She wasn't sure what had happened, why she'd messed herself in her sleep, though it definitely wasn't an issue she'd had before, so, with any luck, it wouldn't happen again. And she absolutely wasn't going to let it happen while she was awake. If she had anything to say about it, the threat of diapers was now over.

As she dumped as much of the underwear's contents into the toilet as she could, and cleaned herself up, she pondered her dream, and the consequences of it. That had to be the cause of her accident... It had felt so real, despite how absurd it was. Maybe it had confused her brain, made her push in real life, and not just fantasy... She couldn't control her dreams, so, if that was the case, she couldn't guarantee it wouldn't repeat, but she had a feeling not spending her morning in a messy diaper would help with that.

With nowhere else to put them, she deposited the old panties into the garbage, covering them up with the other trash in there, planning to empty it out once the sitters were gone. Fortunately, it was trash day tomorrow, so she could be nice and offer to take the cans out to the end of the driveway, and, in the morning, the underwear would be taken away, and she'd never have to see, or think about, them again.

The panties Taylor had picked out for her didn't look anything like them, of course - if there had been any that did, she would have found them herself - but, like them, they were from her younger days, bright yellow and covered in cartoon frogs. She wasn't sure if they were any better than the ones she'd just taken off, other than being clean, and she definitely worried about what would happen if Sawyer saw them. Taylor had made it clear she wasn't going to help any more than she had to...

Would she consider helping Vickie explain the change as part of their agreement or not? Considering she was getting a laptop out of it, she should, although that order had already been made... She could do anything she wanted now, and Victoria couldn't stop her. Without a phone of her own to call her credit card company, or go to their website, she wouldn't be able to halt the charges before the computer was shipped out.

For now, she was going to have to trust Taylor, and believe she wasn't just going to immediately turn on her when Sawyer was nearby. She didn't have a choice... Taylor could easily lie herself, claim she knew nothing about the switch in undies, and leave Vickie to be punished by Sawyer however the sadistic teen considered appropriate.

Victoria shivered, sliding the panties up her legs, wondering if, by doing this, she was sealing her doom. Which would be worse: getting caught in poopy pants, or in trying to cover them up? She really didn't want to find out, and was fighting hard to keep her mind off the question, knowing that fretting over it too hard would make her anxious, which could easily lead to her dribbling into her new underwear, entirely negating the point of getting them in the first place.

At least with the old ones, she could try to argue they weren't wet, just messy... That was obviously worse, and yet, technically, Sawyer hadn't said anything about that. She'd said, specifically, that she'd put Vickie in panties if she wet herself... Perhaps Victoria would be able to outsmart her on a technicality... But probably not.

If she could keep calm, then she'd be okay. She flushed the toilet, washed her hands, and went back to her room, consciously controlling her breathing, keeping herself as cool and collected as possible, not even letting herself freak out when she saw the outfit Taylor had picked out for her.

She must have dug far into Victoria's closet to find it; Victoria herself hadn't remembered it existed, the shirt in particular. It was yellow and pink striped, with one of the same frogs from her underwear plastered across the front, holding up one flipper into an unlikely peace sign. She knew she'd liked frogs when she was younger, thinking they were cute... She hadn't recalled being this into them, however.

"That's so cute!" Taylor cooed, pulling the shirt - which was a bit too small, though not as much as Vickie would have liked, proving how little she'd grown, or developed, since then - over the other girl's head. "Maybe you can run around like that for the rest of the day!"

The panties and shirt did match, and it wouldn't have been any worse than spending the morning in diapers, but Victoria still shook her head, of course, blushing at the idea. Taylor, thankfully, let her have a skirt, too, although she might as well not have.

It was pink, and frilly, and small enough that any movement whatsoever led to her flashing her underwear. She'd had to fight with her mother to be allowed to get it initially, she remembered, since it had been short on her then... If it had been this bad, however, she was certain even she, as a child, would have had to admit her mom was right.

"Are you serious?!" she fumed. "You can see my panties!"

"Of course we can," Taylor countered. "Have you already forgotten what you did to that poor diaper? Or your last pair of panties? We can't trust you in big girl panties, even if we're letting you wear them for now... This just makes it easier for us to keep an eye on you. Or would you like to go without a skirt after all?"

Victoria sighed, pouting. "No, ma'am," she admitted.

"Didn't think so," Taylor grinned. "Now... What do you have to say to me?"

There were plenty of things Vickie would have liked to say to the girl, very few of which she had the guts for at the moment. The correct answer was so far down the list that it took Victoria a moment or two to figure it out, staring dumbly at the younger girl, uncertain of what she expected, then feeling stupid, and angry, when it struck her.

If anyone deserved to have this said to them, it was Victoria herself... But she knew that wasn't going to happen. Tugging at her skirt, and gritting her teeth, she forced her mouth to say, "Th-Thank you, ma'am," as sincerely as possible.

"You are so very welcome," Taylor patted her on the head. "Now, let's see how long you can actually last in those big girl panties."

Taylor took her by the hand, leading her to the living room, where Sawyer was waiting, the very sight of her making Vickie feel like she was shrinking, just like she had in her dream. Without her noticing, her body defaulted to the same nervous response she'd had there, her thumb popping itself right into her mouth, which started to suck away subconsciously.

"I found this shirt and these panties, and they were too cute together," Taylor explained, lifting Victoria's skirt without bothering to say anything to her, much less ask permission. "Aren't they precious?"

Sawyer nodded. "And her other panties?"

Victoria sucked harder on her thumb, pressing her thighs together as her heart pounded, terrified that Taylor was going to betray her, or that Sawyer would somehow know anyway, and that her fear was going to make her wet herself again, which only made her more scared, feeding into an infinite loop of anxiety.

"She did good," Taylor spoke up, after a long, silent moment. "Better than we ever could have imagined."

The smile that crept across Sawyer's face made Vickie nervous, almost made her wonder if she was missing something, if these two girls were talking about something completely different than what she thought. "Wonderful," Sawyer said. "Come on, Vickie, you can sit right here on the floor..." She patted the coffee table, which they'd cleared off, except for some coloring books and crayons. "I've got some nice chicken nuggies warming up for you for lunch, and then you can spend the rest of the day coloring some nice pictures for us, and proving to us that you know how not to pee your pants. How does that sound?"

Victoria looked at her suspiciously, wondering if this was a trap somehow, if there was more to it than met the eye, like with the girl's expression. Obviously, it was extremely childish, but, compared to the morning... "I-It sounds good, ma'am," she mumbled, realizing only then that she'd been sucking her thumb, removing it from her mouth with a blush and repeating herself. "G-Good, ma'am."

"You might as well put that back in there," Sawyer smirked. "Little girls should be seen and not heard, so, unless you're thanking us for looking after you, or begging us to take you to the potty, I don't want to hear anything else from you today. Do you understand?"

Victoria opened her mouth to say yes, then, instead, returned her thumb to her mouth, cheeks darkening as her body took over, suckling away automatically.

"Very good," Sawyer nodded. "Maybe you're smarter than you look."

Taylor giggled, sending Vickie over to the table with a smack on her bottom. "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that..."

Clarissa - Part 10
Clarissa - Part 10more_vert
Clarissa - Part 10 2020-07-06T14:00:03+00:00close

Picture property of ABDreams.

"Well?" Jessie turned, looking at Ms. Barlow hopefully. "How did I do?"

Clarissa whimpered behind her paci-gag as the teacher stepped forward, examining the diapers that had been pinned around her waist, tugging at them, patting them, nodding slowly. "Looks all right to me. What do you think, Clara?"

She reached up, unhooking the gag, freeing Clarissa's mouth. The little pop star was confused, wondering if this was a trick of some kind, or a test... Why did she care what she had to say?! She hadn't so far. She wracked her brain for something clever to say, or something that might be the 'right' answer, but, instead, could only whine out her true feelings, which were, "It'th too thick!"

"Oh, no!" Ms. Barlow gasped in faux shock. "Is it too big for the little baby?"

Clarissa knew she'd made a mistake, but it was too late to take it back. She struggled against her restraints, watching helplessly as the woman pulled out one more diaper, a blue one, pinning it up over all the other ones. "How about that?" she teased, not waiting for a response this time, capping the massive amount of padding off with a pair of plastic pants.

"You did very well," Ms. Barlow told Jessie, patting her on the head. "The amount you put on her would have been fine, I'm sure... But she needs to learn not to complain. That doesn't make things better, does it?" She turned back to Clara, tapping her on the nose before undoing the cuffs around her wrists. "Your diapers are never too thick, young lady, and never too exposed... Any time you pout about them, we can just make them worse, until you're crawling around the school because you can no longer walk with all that padding, wearing nothing except your diapers. Is that what you want?" Clarissa shook her head fearfully. "Well?" the teacher demanded. "Is it?"

"N-No, ma'am," Clara answered out loud.

"I didn't think so," Ms. Barlow nodded, tying a bright yellow bonnet around the girl's head. "The sooner you accept that you're nothing but a helpless little baby, the easier this will be for you. I promise, the end result will be the same either way."

Clarissa couldn't help wondering yet again how Jennifer could have possibly chosen a school like this for her. How could they possibly have hidden away every hint of what they were really up to out of all their literature, their entire internet presence? If she couldn't find her way out of here, she wasn't going to be fit to star in any movie, or anything at all outside of perhaps some diaper ads.

She jumped, giggling despite herself at the feeling of her socks being slid off. Ms. Barlow noticed, of course, giving the girl's wiggling feet a tickle, making Clara squirm, laughing harder, blushing as she felt a helpless trickle of warmth dribble its way out into her pants. Thankfully, the teacher took mercy on her, for once, and stopped, replacing those socks with booties, then slipping thick mittens over the girl's hands. For a final touch, she tied a bib around Clarissa's neck, then helped her down off the table.

She didn't go far, however, simply back over in front of the crib, where Ms. Barlow had her sit again, Jessie appearing behind her with a baby bottle of water. "Not thiwsty," she sniffed, having been fed her fill before her nap.

"And here I'd thought you learned your lesson," the teacher sighed. "Are you really that dumb, Clara? Or has the hypnosis already started working that well?"

Clara stared up at her, confused for a moment, feeling as stupid as the woman was calling her, until she remembered the last conversation. "Thowwy!" she gasped. "Th-Thank you, Mith Jethie!" she crawled over to the girl eagerly, trying to pretend she wanted to have to drink more, that she was excited for it.

"Much better," Ms. Barlow patted her padded bottom. "But sit down... I don't want you choking yourself because you're trying to do too much at the same time."

Clarissa plopped down, leaning against the crib, Jessie sitting down beside her, cradling the girl's head in her arm, Clara forcing herself to keep up the act as she eyed the bottle anxiously, watching it approach her mouth. It was a small comfort when Jessie handed it over to her, but not much of one, since she knew she was still going to be expected to drink it all. With the mittens, Clara had to hold it in both hands, forcing herself to bring the nipple up to her mouth and start drinking, terrified of the consequences if she didn't.

"Very good," Ms. Barlow said, although, Clara realized, not to her. "It's always smart to support their heads if they're drinking in this position... The silly things might lean their necks back too far. You just can't trust them, no matter how big they think they are."

"Yeah," Jessie giggled, smiling over at the diapered girl beside her, obediently sucking away at her bottle. With a smirk, she reached over, giving the diaper a prod. "Oh, my God!" she squealed. "She's wetting again already!"

Clarissa blushed, wanting to point out that it wasn't true, that she was only wet because she'd gotten tickled, and it wasn't happening now, with the other girl's hand on her diaper... But, in all honesty, she wasn't sure if that was true or not. And, even if it was, it wouldn't really help her cause, since her plastic pants had barely gotten pulled up before that had happened. So, instead, she concentrated on her bottle, telling herself that the warmth she was feeling in her diapers was just from how bulky they were, and how the plastic pants were trapping the heat in there... She definitely wasn't in the midst of using them again now, so soon after getting changed...

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The Flight - Chapter 2 2020-06-26T14:01:01+00:00

"Come on, please?" Hillary begged, tugging at the t-shirt. Thankfully, it was one of her Aunt Ronni's old t-shirts, so it was long enough to keep her diaper hidden, out of sight. It also worked well to prevent anyone from seeing the pink peeking out from beneath the white diaper, the evidence of the spanking she'd gotten for the way she'd behaved at the airport the previous day.

That had hurt, of course, and was still sore, although it was nothing compared to what the diaper itself was hiding beneath its bulky padding. It had been smart of her aunt to wait until after the spanking, so that Hillary was in no condition to fight back, beyond a pitiful, "Please, no!" as her pubic hair was shaved away, leaving her as bare as a baby. Along with the baby oil, and powder, slathered onto her crotch in return, once the diaper was back in place, it was hard to feel like anything more than a toddler as she waddled around the house.

She was almost glad for the early bedtime she was given, since it had come with Aunt Ronni's old shirt, and the ability to keep people from seeing what else she was wearing, even though everyone in the house already knew. She had, of course, made it through the night completely dry, since she wasn't a bedwetter - or a pants-wetter, if she wasn't trying to last a whole flight without having to use the bathroom - and now she was desperately trying to make her aunt understand.

"Just give me another chance, and you'll see!" she insisted.

"I don't know," Ronni shook her head. "I suppose it's up to Wynter."

She turned to her daughter, the girl sighing and pouting. "She's gonna pee all over one of my nice dresses!"

"I am not!" Hillary blushed.

"You definitely won't if we keep you in diapers," Wynter shrugged.

Hillary's hands closed into fists, and, despite knowing better, she stomped angrily. "It's not fair!" she whined. "It was one little accident, a-and I've already been punished enough!"

Her aunt shut her up with one glare, reminding her of winding up over the woman's lap the day before. "Wynter is already being very nice allowing you to borrow her clothes for today," she said calmly. "I'm not going to force her to let you wear her underwear, too, especially when we don't know if we can trust you in them. If you'd just brought along a carry-on, we wouldn't be having this problem, but..."

"Pleeeease, Wynter?" Hillary pressed her palms together, biting her bottom lip as she stared at the younger girl, hating that her fate was left in her hands. "I swear, nothing's gonna happen to them!"

Wynter looked like she was thinking for a moment, then sighed and shrugged. "Maybe I can find an old pair I don't care about that much," she gave in.

"Thank you!" Hillary gave her a hug. She wasn't overly pleased that she was being made to go to church today, after the very stressful day she'd had yesterday, but it would be so much better not having to go there in a diaper.

She was less pleased when Aunt Ronni came to her in the guest room where she was staying, bearing the clothes they'd picked out for her. "Here you go!" she chirped, setting them down on the dresser.

"Are you serious?" Hillary wrinkled her nose, hopping down from the bed with a crinkle, toddling over, already able to see that the dress was much frillier than any grown-up ought to be wearing, before she'd even touched it.

"No complaints, young lady," Aunt Ronni snapped. "Wynter didn't have to give you anything, you know..."

"I-I know!" Hillary gulped, back-pedaling immediately. "I-I'm sorry! I-I'm sure it's very nice..."

And it might have been, for a four year old. It was a bit small on her, but even if it had been the right size, it would have made her look like some silly little child in a big, fluffy party dress, full of lace and frills. The skirt was just long enough on her to keep her panties hidden, if she didn't move too much...

She wasn't sure it would be able to do the same for her diaper, which made her extra grateful for the underwear, although it was even more immature than the dress. They were thick cotton, hardly better than training pants, with Dora cheerfully waving on the front. Hillary blushed, pulling on the dress, trying to lengthen it, to give her a tiny bit more lee-way so she wasn't showing those things off to anyone.

"Y-You're sure I can't borrow something from you, instead?" she asked Aunt Ronni, shuffling out of her room when she heard the call to get moving, or they were going to be late.

"You saw how my shirt fit you," the woman waved her off. "Besides, there isn't time for you to change now... And you look adorable. Make sure to thank your cousin."

"Th-Thanks, Wyn..." she started to say, hearing the girl's footsteps behind her, turning to face her. It was more obvious than ever that the dress she'd given Hillary was an older one, since what she was wearing herself looked far more mature, lacking any of the childish accoutrements of her cousin's. Dressed as they were, it would have been easy to mistake Wynter as the elder girl. "Th-Thanks, W-Wynter," Hillary tried again, cheeks burning.

"Oh, you look so precious!" Wynter squealed, pinching Hillary's cheeks. "I knew that would fit you perfectly!"

"Now, Hillary," Ronni lectured, once they were all in the car, "I don't want you embarrassing me here, do you understand? I want you to stick with Wynter, and do as she says. She knows her way around here, and how to act like a proper young lady... Which I'm not convinced you do."

"I do!" Hillary whined, wanting to point out that, no matter how it looked, she was a grown-up.

"We'll see," Aunt Ronni raised an eyebrow. Instead of staying with her aunt for the adult Sunday School, Hillary was escorted to Wynter's class.

"Everyone," Wynter declared proudly," this is my little cousin, Hillary!"

"What?!" Hillary glared at her, but, staring out at the other students, she blushed, unable to bring herself to say otherwise, considering how she was dressed, and the fact that several of them were bigger than her. In fact, since most of the girls were wearing heels, and she'd been given a pair of shiny, black, flat Mary-Janes, she realized, looking again, that she was the shortest.

"It's okay," Wynter smiled at her. "I know you wouldn't normally be in this class, but you're too shy to go there on your own, remember? Don't worry, we'll all be nice to you."

And they were, although Hillary couldn't help wondering if that was because the teacher appeared in the doorway then, keeping them on their best behavior. It wasn't too bad, really, once Hillary got past the fact that she was stuck with these kids, and that they all thought she was younger than them, but, as the lesson wore on, she could feel her bladder starting to get full.

The big benefit of not wearing a diaper - other than simply not having to wear a diaper - was that she could go to the bathroom without going to her aunt and asking for her help to get the thing down without ripping the plastic, as she'd had to do several times the day before. Unfortunately, as simple as pulling her panties down was, compared to that, it wouldn't matter if she didn't know where the bathroom was.

The church wasn't that big... It was fairly small, in fact, set back against a small patch of woods. Hillary hadn't been there before, however, and Wynter had led her down a number of hallways to get here, taking turns seemingly at random. She wasn't certain she'd be able to reverse the path on her own, and, even if she did, she had no idea where the bathrooms were. As much as she didn't want to have to rely on Wynter, it would be easier to do that than wander around, hoping she got lucky.

"Umm... Wynter?" she tugged at her cousin's sleeve.

"Shh!" the other girl replied. "Pay attention."

"B-But..." Hillary pouted. The teacher shot her a look, and shut her up, though that didn't do anything for the growing pressure in her bladder. After the airport, she didn't want to take any risks, so, help or not, she got to her feet, ready to brave the labyrinth of hallways...

"Sit down, Hillary!" Wynter grabbed her, yanking her back down onto her chair. "Honestly... I'm sorry about this. I thought she could sit still long enough."

"It's all right," the teacher smiled at her. "If you need to take her to your mom, I understand."

"No!" Hillary shook her head, imagining what Ronni would do to her if she was told that she couldn't even make it through Sunday School without 'misbehaving'. "I-I'm sorry..."

She stayed quiet, squirming in her seat, until they were dismissed, then hissed into Wynter's ear, "C-Can you please take me to the bathroom first?"

"Oh, sure!" Wynter grinned. "Why didn't you just say so? Come on, I know a great shortcut!"

She took Hillary's hand, leading her what seemed like the opposite way from where they'd come, down another couple hallways, past more classrooms, and, finally, out a door that led... outside. Hillary frowned, looking around at the small lawn, leading straight into the woods behind the building. "The bathrooms are... out here?" she asked, confused, turning back to realize her cousin wasn't beside her anymore. "Hey!"

Wynter was already nearly at the tree line, moving surprisingly fast, considering the heels she was wearing. "Where are you going?!" Hillary called, groaning and stomping her foot as she watched the girl slip into the little forest. Chances were good she knew that place much better than Hillary... But, at the same time, if she got lost in there, Hillary would be the one who got blamed. No matter how it looked, or what Wynter had said to her classmates, Hillary was older than her...

"This isn't funny, Wynter!" she fumed, rushing to try to catch up with her, doing her best not to let the girl out of her sight. "I just want you to show me where the stupid bathroom is!"

It shouldn't have been that hard for her to keep up with her cousin, but the floofy skirt she was wearing kept catching on branches, slowing her down, giving Wynter a chance to move ahead of her, leading her in what appeared to be circles, until, at last, the girl seemed to give up, standing still for a moment. "Can we just go back n...?" Hillary started to ask, marching forward, frustrated, not looking where she was going anymore, reaching out to grab Wynter's arm... And slipping on a patch of mud, landing flat on her backside with a shocked, "Ouch!"

"Oh, my God, I'm so sorry!" Wynter gasped, helping her up, brushing her off. "Are you okay?"

Hillary groaned, wrinkling her nose, feeling the childish panties sticking to her backside, the thick, gloopy mud having soaked through them in the few moments it had taken her cousin to act. At the moment, it was hard to care too much, feeling the younger girl lift her skirt and examine the damage. "Can we please just go now?" she sighed.


"Of course!" Wynter barely hid her grin, sliding her phone back into her purse, glad she'd been able to snap a quick picture without her cousin noticing. She'd quickly snatched a couple leaves off the older girl's backside, which had made things look exactly how she'd hoped. "I really am sorry... I-I didn't think..."

"It's fine," Hillary grumbled.

"Don't worry," Wynter told her. "I'm gonna take you back, and then I'll go get mom, and..."

"No!" Hillary shook her head. "I don't need her!"

"Well, you can't sit in the pews like that," Wynter said. "I'll explain everything... It'll be okay."

Hillary didn't really have much choice, just like Wynter had planned. Honestly, this couldn't have gone any better... She'd known all about that mud puddle, as did any other kid who had grown up at the church, and gone to any of the picnics held there, but she hadn't been sure she could get Hillary to fall into it. In fact, she'd led her past it a few times before she did, though, thankfully, once it had, she fell perfectly.

Wynter took her to the bathroom, instructing her to, "Get cleaned up. You might as well just throw those panties away... I don't wear them anymore, and they're ruined now. Mom will come up with something," then rushing off to find her mother, in their usual seats.

"Where have you been?" she demanded. "And where is your cousin?"

"Umm... You did pack that diaper, didn't you?" Wynter asked.

Her mother sighed, shaking her head. "She didn't..."

"I don't know what she was doing! She ran off, and I couldn't keep up with her in my heels, so she got into the woods, and got my dress all dirty and torn up... And then..." Wynter looked down at her own feet, trying to act embarrassed, leaning in, speaking even more quietly. "She, umm... squatted down, and..." She shook her head, reaching into her purse and taking out her phone, pulling up the picture of Hillary's muddy panties, stained brown, drooping slightly...

Her mom's face turned red as she grabbed her purse from the floor. "I'm very sorry you had to deal with this, Wynter," she said. "I didn't think.... Well, why would I? You've been a very big help so far, and I'm afraid I'm going to wind up needing that help even more from now on. Clearly, it was a good call for you to suggest I bring a spare diaper, just in case... And, don't worry, I'm going to make sure she regrets ruining your pretty dress, and your underwear. It's a good thing you had me buy all those spare diapers for Sally, because it looks like we're going to need them."

Wynter smiled, sitting down and watching her mother leave, imagining all the fun she was going to have with her big diaper doll from now on, now that she'd proven she definitely couldn't be trusted in big girl panties. And to think she'd almost said no when Hillary had asked her for underwear that morning... It was absolutely worth allowing her to wear them for an hour or so, to trap her into a situation where Wynter's mother wouldn't even dream of letting her have them back. There was no way she'd take the word of a panty wetter, and pooper, like Hillary, over that of her own sweet, innocent little daughter. Hillary's fate was entirely in her hands, and it looked very thick, and white, and crinkly.


"No!" Hillary gasped, shaking her head as she stared at the thick diaper in her aunt's hand, knowing that everyone in the whole church was going to be able to see what she was wearing under her dress if she let herself be put into that, almost wishing she hadn't lifted the lid on the garbage can, where, thanks to Wynter's suggestion, she'd thrown away the panties. "I-I didn't poop my pants! I-It's mud!"

"I've heard enough out of you, young lady," Ronni shook her head. "You are going in this diaper, and you'll be staying in them for the rest of your visit. The only question is whether I spank you first, or wait until we get home again... And whether I need to wash your mouth out with soap for trying to lie to me, in church of all places."

"B-But... Just look!" Hillary whined, tears stinging her eyes. Unfortunately, Wynter had brought her to the bathroom with the changing table in it, where, when throwing the panties away, she'd seen, and smelled, plenty of used diapers rolled up and waiting. With the lid on the garbage can closed, the smell wasn't bad... The moment she'd lifted it, however, to answer her aunt's question of where her underwear was, the odor had hit both of them, and even she had to admit what her muddy undies looked like, especially accompanied by that scent, which was getting worse with every passing second.

"I've seen enough," Aunt Ronni yanked the lid out of her hand, putting it back onto the garbage can, before spreading the diaper out onto the changing table. "Now, I'll give you one more chance... Let me diaper you without raising a fuss, and we'll wait until we get home for your well-deserved spanking... Or say no again, and you can spend the whole service with a sore - and still diapered - bottom. Which will it be?"

It wasn't fair, but Hillary knew she didn't really have a choice. There was no talking her aunt out of this, no escaping her humiliating, babyish fate... "Fine," she pouted, climbing up onto the changing table obediently, wincing as she sank down into the waiting bulk of the diaper.

"Very good," Ronni nodded. "It's better this way... I'd rather Wynter be there for your spanking, anyway, since you did ruin her dress, and her panties, and are using up the diapers I bought for her doll. She should really be the one who decides how long it should go on."

Hillary nodded hesitantly. She'd been talking with Wynter online quite a bit... She'd take it easy on her... Wouldn't she? She squirmed on the changing table, as the diaper was pulled up over her freshly shaven crotch. Wynter would be able to tell Ronni that Hillary wasn't lying, and she hadn't messed herself after all... The girl was her last hope, her one chance not to be stuck in diapers for the rest of her trip. Surely, she felt guilty for leading her through the woods like that, making this happen... There was no way she'd lie, and force her older cousin to wear diapers she didn't need, because of something she'd done... Right?!

The Chart - Part 2
The Chart - Part 2more_vert
The Chart - Part 2 2020-06-30T14:01:00+00:00close

Pictures property of Pampered Penny and Little Sophie Studios.

"Oh, come on!" Sophie gritted her teeth, squirming desperately in front of the bathroom door, hardly able to believe her luck, that, on the day she'd decided to skip using the restroom before she left school, she'd come back to find the one in her home closed.

She'd known as soon as she got into her car that it was a mistake, but the house wasn't that far... And it wasn't like she was a little or something. Surely, she could hold it until she made it home, before she started on her daily chores. She had, too.... For the most part. She'd dribbled a bit at the last traffic light, something that had started happening more and more lately, although, thankfully, this time when she looked down at the crotch of her jeans, none had leaked all the way through.

She had felt so proud of herself, so triumphant, when she burst into the house on time... Only to run down the hall, and find this. She'd told her mom they needed a second bathroom long before Penny had moved in; now that there were three women in the house, it seemed more essential than ever, even before today.

"And where do you suggest I put it?" her mother would ask, any time she brought it up. "Are you going to give up part of your bedroom?"

"No," she'd always pout. "But there has to be something we can do..."

In this moment, bladder screaming for relief as she cupped her hands to her crotch, bouncing in place, Sophie would have gladly sacrificed a few feet of her room. "A-Are you almost done?!" she whined.

She'd been so frantic, parking her car crookedly in the driveway, running up to the front door, fumbling with her keys, she hadn't paid any attention to who else was there. She hoped it was her mom, home early for once, who would certainly take pity on her; it wasn't.

"I'll be done when I'm done, young lady!" Penny replied back through the door. "The longer I have to listen to you out there, the longer this will take."

That woman was the last person Sophie would expect to have a shy... anything, really, but bladder in this instance. She suspected it was a lie, that Penny was saying that just to make her go away. Some defiant, willful part of her wanted to stay, to wait it out; the rest of her knew better than to test her mother's fiance.

"Fine!" she grumbled, shuffling off to her room, gasping as she felt her bladder spasm, sending a fresh dribble into her already damp panties, feeling it through her pants this time before she could move her hands in disgust.

"Ugh!" she stomped her foot. "Stupid Penny!" It was a good thing the woman was shacked up in the bathroom... It would give her time to change, and get her pants and underwear into the laundry basket. Of course, doing that wasn't going to help her desperation in the moment, and if she put on fresh panties now, there was a good chance she'd wet them, too, unless the bathroom became vacant very, very soon.

Why had she come in here?! It was her first instinct, the one place she normally felt safe, and like she could get away from the tyrannical Penny... There was nothing in her bedroom to help her with her current situation, however. There really wasn't anything anywhere that would, except the bathroom... Perhaps she should have gone outside, waited in the back yard, but then the neighbors might see her, in her wet pants, in the middle of a potty dance...

"All right," Penny snapped. "The bathroom is yours."

Sophie jumped in shock, too lost in her thoughts, and her fight to keep her bladder contained, to have heard her door open, or noticed Penny's presence. How long had she been standing there in the doorway, watching?

It didn't matter... What mattered was the college girl's tenuous grip on keeping her pants from getting any wetter than they already were, and how quickly and catastrophically she failed at it when taken by surprise by the person she blamed for this.

"Sophie!" Penny scolded her, while the girl blushed and groaned, squirming in place, feeling the warm wetness dribbling down her legs, right in front of the woman. "It's been two minutes, if that! I swear.... Well, come on, let's see how bad it is. Turn around... No, take the coat off. I want to see all the damage, young lady. Oh, my goodness... How old are you, young lady? All right, go clean yourself up, then bring me the hairbrush."

Sophie was still squirming on the naughty stool in the corner, on her very sore bottom, when she heard her mother come in the front door.

"Hi, there," she said to Penny, with a kiss, and the rustle of a plastic bag. "I brought the things you asked for... What is all this about?"

"Come into the living room," Penny told her, "and I'll explain."

Sophie blushed as they walked in, finding her there in the midst of her punishment, not helped at all by her mom asking, "Sophie! What did you do this time?", just assuming that, whatever it was, Sophie probably deserved this.

"You can turn around, Sophie," Penny called. "Tell her."

Sophie almost didn't want to do the first part; she definitely didn't want the second. After that spanking, however, she didn't have the strength to deny Penny either. She stood up, head bowed as she spun to face the two older women, gaze firmly on her own feet. "I-I wet myself," she admitted.

Penny snorted. "She soaked herself. I've been cleaning the rug in her room since I finished tanning her backside."

"Sophie!" Andrea sighed, shaking her head. "What has gotten into you lately?"

"She wouldn't let me in the bathroom!" Sophie pouted, trying to defend herself as best she could. "I told you we needed a second one!"

"Ahh," her mother nodded, an expression of realization sweeping over her face, giving the girl hope for a split second. Was she going to take her side on this one, for once?! "I see why you had me get this."

She raised the shopping bag she was carrying, setting it on the coffee table. "Exactly," Penny smiled. "From what you tell me, she's been whining about this for years... So, don't you think it's time to give her what she wants?" She reached into the bag, sliding it down over the contents, pushing it aside to reveal...

A plastic potty seat. "What the hell is that?!" Sophie gasped, without thinking.

She got to go in the bathroom then, but not to use the toilet... "Come on," she sniffed, squirming as she watched Penny getting the special bar of soap out, lathering it up. "It's not even that bad a word..."

Unfortunately, that didn't matter. She'd cursed, and she knew that meant getting her mouth cleaned out, Penny scrubbing her clean until her tongue burned, and she was dribbling helplessly on her shirt as she blubbered about how sorry she was, and how it wouldn't happen again, just like she had every other time.

It ended much differently, however, as Penny yanked down the shorts and panties she'd changed into after her shower, sitting her down on the closed toilet lid and removing a can of shaving gel from beneath the sink. "Wh-What's that fow?" Sophie mumbled the best she could, tongue still not feeling fully functional after the punishment.

"Clearly, I need to take more control over your bathroom habits," Penny said, rubbing her hands together, working the gel into a lather before reaching down, towards Sophie's bare crotch. Sophie gasped, tried to push her away, but a threat of, "Do you need another spanking?" made her stop. "I'm going to start with hygiene," the woman continued, taking out a razor. "There's no reason someone who still wets herself needs all that hair there... It's only going to make it harder for you to get properly cleaned up. So I'm afraid it has to go."

Sophie was mortified, getting marched back to the living room, bare from the waist down, her freshly shaven crotch on full display... But the humiliation wasn't nearly over yet. She had to stand by while Penny dug further into the shopping bag, taking out a package of panties, opening them and removing a single pair.

Sophie wrinkled her nose, staring at them. They were thick, and white, and cotton, and childish... She wasn't incredibly adventurous with her underwear choices, but she never would have chosen these.

Nevertheless, when Penny opened them up, holding them down at her feet, Sophie obediently stepped into them, allowed them to be pulled up her legs, snapped into place. "These are what you'll be wearing from now on," Penny informed her. "I'll be getting rid of all those other nasty, slutty panties you have. They really aren't appropriate for someone with your... condition. These are much better, and will make it far easier to tell when you've had an accident."

Sophie's eyes widened; not that long ago, before Penny had shown up, that wouldn't have been a problem. Now... She wasn't so sure. She'd have to be extra careful about those little dribbles, and not just worry about whether they were bad enough to show through her pants or not.

"And now, for what you've wanted for so long..." Penny lifted up the potty. "Your own, private bathroom! This one is all yours, Sophie... And, since you have one of your own, I think it's only fair that it be the only one you're allowed to use, so that your mother and I can just share the other one. You can still brush your teeth, or take baths, or get your mouth cleaned out, in ours, but if you need to use the toilet..." She gave the plastic seat a pat. "This is where you'll be doing it."

Sophie's cheeks burned, staring at the little, green potty. This was obviously not what she'd wanted, not in the slightest... But it didn't matter. "Of course, I don't think I can trust you to keep track of this, or keep it clean, so anytime you want to use it, you will come to me, or your mother, and ask permission. We'll check your panties to see if you've had an accident already, and then we'll set it up for you, and you can use it... Then, you'll clean it out and return it to us."

"B-But..." Sophie whimpered. This was even worse than she'd imagined! This whole process was far more involved that her just waiting her turn to use the toilet... And it wouldn't have helped her one bit today, since she still would have had to wait for Penny to get out of the bathroom.

"This isn't up for discussion, young lady," Penny told her firmly. "Now I think you'd better march back to your corner to finish up your punishment. I'll let you know when you're done, by taking you straight to bed."

Sophie pouted, but nodded, trudging back to the stool. If nothing else, she thought, trying to cheer herself up, she had gotten out of having to do her chores for the day...

"Please, please, please!" Sophie groaned. "Just hurry!"

That was a dangerous thing to do, and there was a good chance it could end with Penny denying her entirely, but, in the moment, Sophie didn't care; she needed her potty right away. "All right," the Amazon rolled her eyes, standing up and grabbing the hem of Sophie's dress, lifting it to reveal her white panties.

"I'm dry!" Sophie pouted. "Come on!"

Penny didn't take her word for her, running a hand over the thick, cotton undies. "You actually are," she admitted. "Good work."

Penny - or Andrea, if she was home, in which case, Sophie almost always went to her - got to pick where the potty went. Sophie had put in requests, when this had started, but they were usually ignored. Penny loved making her pee in the middle of the living room, which was pretty humiliating, of course, although few of her other options were much better.

Just having the potty on the floor, so much lower than a normal toilet, and the gaze of whichever of the Amazons was with her, reminded her of how mortifying and childish the whole situation was, how far she had fallen since this woman had invaded her life. She was certain the potty seat was small enough to fit on her desk chair, which would, at least, be a bit more similar to the size of the toilet.

It wasn't perfect... She wasn't sure if she wanted to think about peeing anytime she sat at her desk from then on, after all. But it might be better than the floor... It was too bad she didn't get to find out, Penny ignoring her every time she brought it up.

Until now. Sophie trailed along behind her, hand clutching her dress as she fought to keep her panties dry for this final stretch... And nearly having an accident from happy surprise when she saw where the Amazon put the potty. She hadn't taken the extra height into account, so Sophie couldn't get onto it on her own, which meant Penny had to lift her up, which might have negated some of the benefits, but she couldn't help smiling as she sat there, her demands having finally been heard.

And then Penny sat down on her bed. "Now, Sophie," she said, in a tone the girl knew meant nothing good, "I'm afraid we need to talk... We've been doing this for a while now, haven't we?"

"Y-Yeah," Sophie nodded. "A-And I've been doing pretty well, right?" Penny raised an eyebrow, Sophie's stomach twisting. "I-I haven't failed any panty checks in, like, a couple weeks!"

"That's true," Penny agreed. "But, Sophie..." She sighed. "Let me say, I didn't do this intentionally, at least not at first. I was just dropping something off in the laundry hamper, and I noticed a pair of your underwear right on the top, with a wet spot on them." Sophie gulped, squirming in place. "I thought the same thing you just said, that you'd been doing well on your checks, so I was confused. The only thing I could think was that it must have happened overnight, before you took your shower and changed into your clothes for school."

"N-No!" Sophie shook her head, blushing. "I-I'm not...!"

"Hush for a minute," Penny raised a finger. "I decided to pay a little more attention to the laundry after that, and, strangely enough, even when you kept passing all your inspections, I kept finding more damp panties in there."

Sophie swallowed nervously. She wasn't a bedwetter, never had been... But her attempts to control her daytime dribbling problem hadn't gone as well as she'd hoped. After suffering through the humiliation of being caught in wet panties a few times, she'd discovered it was easy enough to just change into fresh underwear, drop the wet ones off... Doing the laundry was part of her chores, after all, so it should have been safe...

Admitting to that now, however, was basically saying she'd been lying, and Penny wouldn't be happy about that. Pretending to be a bedwetter was humiliating for someone her age.... But having those accidents when she was awake was far worse, right?

"O-Okay," she sighed. "I-I might have wet my bed a couple times..."

"Oh, Sophie," Penny grinned, the girl's stomach lurching again as she realized she'd just walked into a trap. "That was weeks ago... And I've been checking, and keeping track of, this since then." She walked out of the room for a moment, returning, plopping back down on the bed smugly, holding up a clearly labeled Bedwetting Chart, covered in X's, with a smattering of hearts. "This is the past six weeks," she said. "The hearts are the number of times I didn't find anything... Do you see how many there are? Why don't you count them for me?"

Sophie's eyes scanned the chart, adding up the hearts once, twice, three times, hoping they would come up different. Had she really been wetting herself this often?! It seemed impossible... Of course, Penny could be lying, but Sophie knew Andrea would believe the other Amazon over her, if they went to her. She didn't know for certain if it was accurate or not - and, in fact, the count could be low, since there had been days when she had to change her panties more than once - however, her mother would be.

"How many are there, Sophie?" Penny pressed. "How many days in the past six weeks have you woken up dry?"

Sophie stared down at her feet, dangling there, far off the floor thanks to the potty seat. "N-Nine, ma'am," she replied quietly.

"That's not even a full week and a half out of those six weeks," Penny said. "I'm sorry, Sophie, that is just not acceptable... I hate to have to do this, but I'm afraid we're going to have to do something about this."

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You can find it here - - or, like with all my series, you can click on the tag with the name of the series at the bottom of the post, and it will take you to a page with all of the parts.
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Community Caption Poll 2020-06-11T11:18:29+00:00

European Vacation -

A girl is planning to spend her summer vacation in Europe with friends but her parent makes her find someone to take care of her little sister since the parent will also be gone for business.

Since they don't get along she books a live-in nanny who is VERY strict and mentions the sister is trouble maker. (Maybe lies and says she is having bed wetting problems and sneaks some diapers into her room) The parent finds out (about how strict the nanny is) and is mad, but still lets her go on the trip and finds a fun camp for the sister. No one ends up cancelling the nanny.

After the parent leaves with the sister the nanny shows up believing the girl is the little sister. So the girl ends up spending the whole summer being treated little better than a toddler.

Also the nanny checks in with the parent with the number from the form, but the parent gave the cell to the little sister in case sister of emergency. The sister texts back confirming the girl is the charge, asks to be sent pictures because she misses her little baby, tells the nanny they decided to keep her in diapers until they are sure she is over bed wetting, and that they invited her (the little sister's) friends over for a sleep over. Friends who she calls and will make sure the bed wetting issues continue and will have 'fun' with the girl. May be they even threat to tell her rival/bully to come over if the nanny doesn't find a cold wet diaper every morning.

Three Strikes -

School bully reaches headmasters whits end and earns the mysterious "strike 3" policy, where she is demoted to the preschool to learn some humility. Big changes are ahead both at school and at home

Kim Possible -

This won't necessarily be about Kim Possible, because I know literally nothing about that show. If it wins, I'll do enough research to figure out what it's about (I want to say spies, but I might be thinking of something else) and do something along those lines, but I'm not promising I'm going to go from having no knowledge about something to being able to write fan fiction about it over the course of the week between the end of the poll and the end of the month.

Sequel to Trapped -

"Determined to save their Halfling companion from the sinister yet unusual Wraith and it's trap, our heroes return to the mysterious dungeon. Will they be able to rescue poor Hana? Will the effects on her from the magical trap persist after being freed? Or will another member of the party fall victim to the Wraith's unusual powers and discover what has happened to Hana firsthand...?"

Gap Year -

A young college aged girl that looks quite young for her age isn’t ready for the responsibilities of college and more. After she takes her little sister to daycare on the first day of Summer, she is mistaken for a much younger age by the facility owner.

Deciding to indulge in one last chance to be able to relax before she has to “be an adult” she plays along and her little sister, excited to have her sister as a playmate, keeps it a secret as the older sister begins taking her there every day.

After the summer is over she’s not ready to quit and decides to skip her first semester (and then the full first year of college) while pretending she’s going to classes.

After her year of diapers and daycare, the big sister realizes that even though she may want to be done with these things, diapers aren’t done with her after spending a year carelessly using them more and more.

Marriage Counseling -

A middle aged female marriage counselor works with a younger couple not realizing that they are scouting her for adoption, and over the course of a few appointments finds herself thinking of them as mommy and daddy.

Face the Music

The Inspector's Panty Inspection -

How about a young school inspector who on a school tour is left alone in the uniform supply room by her guide. While in there she decides to steal a uniform for some kinky play with her boyfriend. She tries on the school shoes and the blazer and is discovered like this by another teacher who mistakes her for the new troubled student. She is torn between admitting she was stealing and being treated like a troubled student.

The Naughty List

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Lets Go Europe
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Kim Possible! Holy shit
The Nanny's Challenge - Chapter 13 2020-06-12T14:01:00+00:00

Lyra was absolutely mortified, hiding her face long after her diaper had been taped back up, and she'd been plucked off of her secretary's desk, set down on the floor beside it, all the way up until the other woman held a bottle up to her mouth.

She pouted, shook her head, trying to turn it down, but Tracy refused to acknowledge it, keeping it dangling there, brushing against her boss's lips, until Lyra finally said, "I'm not thirsty!"

Or tried to, anyway. She'd barely opened her mouth before the secretary pushed the nipple into her mouth, the regressed woman's mouth instantly filling with warm milk. Her nose wrinkled, diaper crinkling as she squirmed unhappily on the tile floor, Tracy easily following her every move as she attempted to escape the bottle.

"Come on," the larger woman told her after a few moments. "Hold it for me... Some of us have real jobs to do."

Lyra blushed, not even having thought about that. Bashfully, she lifted her hands, taking the bottle, although, as soon as Tracy moved her own hands away, Lyra lowered it. "I-I'm not thirsty right now," she explained again. "I'll have it later, but..."

That was as far as she got before Tracy rolled her eyes, plucking her up off the floor, setting the woman on her lap, one arm wrapped around her, holding her in place, just like it was doing for the bottle. With her other hand, she continued to work, paying Lyra no mind, ignoring her wriggling, and her muffled pleas to stop, or at least let her down so that the entire office couldn't see her there.

"Wow," Tracy commented once Lyra had drained the whole drink, "that's much better. You're quiet, and still, and I can get stuff done... Maybe I should constantly be feeding you bottles..."

"No!" Lyra squeaked, shaking her head with a blush.

"Why not?" Tracy set the girl down on her desk, staring her in the eyes, grabbing her by the chin to force her to look at her when she tried to duck her head towards her nervously swinging feet instead. "What's the worst that could happen, little Lyra? You wet yourself? Don't worry, I have plenty of diapers to change you into..."

"B-But..." Lyra gulped. "I-If that happens..."

"What?" Tracy asked pointedly. "You'll fail your potty training? From what I understand, you already are... And I like you way better this way, rather than as the bossy, grumpy grown-up you normally are."

"Nooo!" Lyra wailed, tears springing to her eyes, legs kicking faster, silenced only by, as threatened, another bottle. She was put back onto the secretary's lap, helplessly guzzling down more milk, feeling her bladder getting fuller and fuller, until, before she was done, she'd earned another bad mark on her potty training chart, putting her another step closer to losing this challenge.

"Lyra!" Tracy scolded, bouncing her on her leg when she felt the diaper warming against it, the woman blushing and sucking harder on the bottle as her illusions that she could keep it a secret a bit longer were shattered. "You really are just a baby, aren't you?"

She had to stay in the soggy diaper until she finished that bottle, at which time the changing pad came out again... Still on the desk. "Please!" she sniffed. "M-My office is so close!"

Tracy didn't hear, or care, laying the woman back down on the mat, changing her into another fresh diaper... And then a second layer. "We don't want any leaks!" she teased, setting her boss on the floor again, paci in her mouth.

Lyra sucked quietly on it, staring up at the secretary. Was she really that bad? For the woman to think it was better to have to stop what she was doing to change her diaper, rather than having her as an adult, working on her own stuff...

It was a humbling thought, and one that stuck with her for a while, since there was nothing else there for her to do other than ponder it, and wait for the next time Tracy decided she needed a bottle.

From the floor, with no good view of the secretary's computer, or any other place to see the time, she had no idea how long she was stuck there, not daring to get up, or risk any more of Tracy's wrath. She could feel her tummy start getting rumbly, however, and she was determined that was one thing that wasn't going to happen again. No matter how many times she had to pee her pants today, thanks to Tracy's whims, she wasn't going to be reduced to that.

"Umm..." Immediately upon deciding that, though, and that she ought to do something about it now, her courage abandoned her. Tracy was so big, and scary, now, and she had ultimate authority over her, basically... She didn't dare do anything to anger her, or who knew what would happen?! She blushed, unable to stop herself from wondering if this was how her workers saw her.

"M-Miss Tracy?" she mumbled quietly, tugging at the woman's skirt, flinching when she turned around, dribbling into her waiting, thirsty diapers.

"What is it, Lyra?" the secretary asked.

"I-I just..." Lyra stammered. "I-I mean, I think..."

"Oh, you're right!" Tracy chuckled, shaking her head. "It is that time, isn't it? Let's go!"

To Lyra's surprise, Tracy stood up, offering her hand. She gratefully took it, happy she didn't have to say it, even if it was embarrassing to think the other woman had known, without words, what was happening.

Or maybe not. "Here you go," Tracy picked up the lollipop Lyra had gotten from the receptionist, unwrapping it, putting it in the girl's other hand, taking the pacifier and setting it on her desk in its place.

"I-I'm not..." Lyra furrowed her brow, frowning, not really wanting to take that into the bathroom with her.

"Even naughty girls like you deserve a treat now and then," Tracy told her. "Besides, you need to keep your energy up... This is going to take a while."

"Wh-What do...?" Lyra asked, before getting pulled forward, waddling to keep up with the secretary's longer legs as she led her not to the bathroom, but to the desk of the nearest worker. She was certain most everyone had seen her make her entrance, and, if not, had gotten a good view of one of her diaper changes, yet she was still bashful enough to try to hide her face with the giant lollipop as much as she could.

"How are things going?" Tracy asked, the worker giving a progress report while Lyra stared at the huge, swirly candy in front of her face, her eyes getting lost in the shape, the sweet smell of fake strawberry flavoring and sugar invading her nose... She didn't need all that candy, but it would be a shame for it to go to waste, wouldn't it?

"Sound excellent to me," Tracy smiled. "What do you think, Lyra?"

"Umm..." Lyra hated how dumb she knew she must sound, but there wasn't much else she could say. She'd been so busy with her lollipop, she hadn't heard a word they'd said until then. "S-Sounds good to me?"

"Lyra!" Tracy scolded. "Were you even listening?"

"Y-Yes!" Lyra fibbed, knowing that was how she was supposed to respond. She gulped, feeling another trickle in her diaper as her secretary knelt down in front of her. "N-No, ma'am," she shook her head.

"I didn't think so. You know lying is bad... And that I'm allowed to punish you." Lyra nodded, well aware of both those things, though her diaper grew wetter, hearing the woman remind her of it. "Behave yourself. I'm not going to make Mike go through that all again. Keep up the good work." The last was definitely directed at the worker, and not Lyra, as Tracy took the toddler's hand, leading her to the next desk.

Lyra did her very best to concentrate this time, but the lollipop was so tempting, right there in her hand, and why would she have been given it if she wasn't supposed to eat it? Quickly, the swirl consumed her whole mind, interrupted only by Tracy giving her arm a shake and asking, for what seemed like the second time, at least, "Do you have anything to add?"

"K-Keep up the good work," Lyra parroted what she'd heard Tracy say last time, and that appeared to do the trick, allowing her to return to her candy, although, she realized, it was so enthralling she could barely walk and lick it at the same time without falling flat on her face, saved only by Tracy catching her, the lollipop bouncing against her face, smearing against it, at the sudden stop.

It was so simple, so carefree... For the few moments she was pulled out of it, Lyra was embarrassed she enjoyed it as much as she did. This was probably what it was like to be an actual toddler... This was probably what it had been like to be Hallie. And, as she discovered, things snuck up on her fast in this state.

She'd known she had to poop before they'd started on these rounds, of course, and, occasionally, she'd notice it getting worse in one of her brief windows of lucidity, but it wasn't until it was truly desperate that her mind accepted something had to be done, that it was more important than going back to her lollipop.

"M-Miss Tracy!" she whined, squeezing her legs together as far as they would go in her double diapers, bouncing in place. "I-I really hafta go potty!"

And, by then, it was too late. She gasped, feeling her legs squatting down without her permission, feeling her stomach start to push, feeling her extra thick diapers begin to swell outwards, filling with the warm mush she was pumping into them, red-faced, as she squeezed her secretary's hand a little tighter, every moment that went by without the lollipop letting her mind clear a bit more, forcing her to accept the full, mortifying reality of what was happening.

But it was only when it was over, lumpy, mucky diaper drooping between her legs, that she noticed the final detail of it. The desk they were standing by, that she'd put on that babyish display in front of, was the one that belonged to the worker that she'd berated last time she'd been in the office, telling him he should probably quite if he couldn't figure something out. At this point, she didn't even remember what it was he'd had issues with... She could only see him, smirking down at her, having just witnessed the ultimate infantile act.

"Wow," he reached down, giving the seat of her full pants a pat. "Maybe you should just quit potty training, huh?"

Mortified, Lyra raised the lollipop to her mouth, craving that childish oblivion, even if she knew she'd eventually have to accept the idea that half the office had seen her toddling around with a load in her diaper. "I don't think so," Tracy snatched the candy away. "Do you mind?" The worker shook his head, and Tracy dropped the lollipop into his garbage can. "Maybe he has a point, Lyra... Either way, I definitely don't think you deserve a treat after what you just did!"

Lyra's stomach churned, this time because of what she'd done, instead of what she could feel she was getting ready to do. Without the lollipop, it would be far harder to ignore what was happening, to distance herself from the humiliation of waddling through the place where she had the most authority in a dirty diaper, regressed into a toddler, and clearly fitting the role to a T. Already, she felt her cheeks heating up, the mush squishing around her bottom as she fidgeted anxiously. "I-It's not my fault!" she pouted, stomping her Mary Janes, completing the depiction of her from the drawing that had been circulated the other day, while she drew even more attention to herself, guaranteeing that everyone was looking at her and her stinky pants. "You didn't take me to the potty!"

"Hey!" Tracy gave her a hard whack on the back of her diaper, giving the girl a fresh, squishy reminder of what she'd done. "Don't blame this on me, little lady! You barely finished asking before you were already going."

Lyra blushed, stomping her foot again. "Well, I told you earlier, and..."

"Do you mind?" Tracy seemed to ignore her, turning to the worker instead, taking his chair once he'd stood up and sitting in it herself, then yanking the red-faced toddler into her lap. "I told you not to lie, Lyra, and now you're throwing a tantrum, too?"

The Nanny had threatened Lyra with a spanking more than once, but never followed through; Lyra was certain Tracy wouldn't, either, until the first swat landed, far harder than what she'd been given a minute before, while she was standing, enough to silence her protests with a pained gasp, the bulky of two diapers and a messy accident not enough to stop it from hurting.

"N-No!" she shook her head desperately. "I-I'm sorry!"

"I don't think you are," Tracy told her, gently, but firmly. "I think you want to get out of your spanking... And I'm afraid this has been coming for a long time."

"Owww!" Lyra howled, the second spank landing, harder than the first. "B-But I didn't lie!" she squirmed frantically, trying to get off the secretary's lap. "I-I..." She gulped, realizing Tracy was right... She'd intended to ask for the bathroom, only for the woman to think she meant something else, and then she'd let herself get so wrapped up in the lollipop, she hadn't brought it back up until it was too late. It had been so easy to do, too... She could see how it could happen to her daughter, felt bad for being so mean to her about it...

For now, however, there was nothing she could do about it. "Ouch!" she yelped, Tracy delivering another whack to her wiggling bottom. She could practically feel it growing pink beneath her diaper, swelling slightly, getting sore, and knew that sitting on the floor next to her secretary's desk was going to be much more painful, and nearly impossible to do without a lot of tearful, whiny squirming. And then when she got home... Whether Tracy told her or not, there was no way the Nanny wouldn't be able to tell, wouldn't be disappointed in her... She only hoped the Nanny wouldn't tell Hallie about this...

Lyra kicked her legs and cried, coming through the other side of her well-deserved spanking a much quieter, meeker baby, sucking her thumb as she toddled around the second half of the tour. Tracy didn't bother asking her to contribute, but she didn't have to... Her workers were all doing shockingly well on their own, making just as much progress, if not more, as they would on any day that she spent constantly checking in on them.

They didn't need her. Or, rather, they didn't need her as much as she'd thought. She could go easier on them, and nothing would fall apart... And, in turn, she could go easier on herself. Maybe she didn't have to spend as much time at the office... Maybe she could be spending more time with Hallie, instead.

Lyra was silent until they returned to Tracy's desk, where, finally, she tugged her thumb out of her mouth. "M-Miss Tracy?" she sniffled, tugging at her skirt.

The woman turned around, bending over. "What, sweetie?" she asked.

"I-I'm really sorry," Lyra told her, actually meaning it this time. "I-I haven't been a very good boss, have I?"

"You've been a terror," Tracy replied honestly. "Which is much easier to take when you look like this." Lyra couldn't help giggling as the secretary gave her tummy a tickle through the dress.

She wasn't done, though, so she calmed down as quickly as she could. "I promise, I'll try to do better from now on," she said.

"Just like you tried to make it to the potty on time?" Tracy teased, poking her squishy bottom.

"No!" Lyra blushed, shaking her head. "B-Better than that."

"I hope so," the other woman nodded. "Because you really didn't do very good at that, did you?"

Lyra groaned at the teasing, but accepted it, knowing she couldn't deny it, and that, after all the abuse she'd given her secretary in her time at the company, she deserved it. "I-If you think I need to be punished more... I-I get it." She gulped nervously, terrified about what that could mean.

"Such a brave little girl!" Tracy smiled. "I do think there's one thing you can do..." She opened up her desk, pulling out a stack of construction paper, and a box of crayons. "I think you can sit your bottom down right there and write apologies to everyone here. Do you think you can do that?"

Lyra nodded; that wasn't as bad as she'd expected. Except... She blushed, fidgeting in place. "Lyra, you do know all their names, don't you?"

Lyra wanted to lie, knew that, as the boss, she really should... But she also knew lying was bad, and she didn't want to be a bad girl anymore today. "N-No, ma'am," she said quietly.

"That's all right," Tracy chuckled, ruffling her hair. "I'll print a list out for you."

"Th-Thank you, ma'am," Lyra said gratefully. "And, umm... C-Could you maybe...?"

"I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren't about to ask me to change you," Tracy interrupted her. "Because babies don't get to choose when that happens, do they?"

Lyra pouted, nearly stomping her foot again, until she thought better of it. "No, ma'am," she sulked, reluctantly lowering herself down onto her throbbing, messy backside, grabbing a crayon to start with the first letter, starting with the names she did know so she wouldn't have to bother Tracy for the list.

It took much longer than she'd anticipated, surely not helped by her shrunken, weakened hands, or the double distractions coming from her bottom, every tiny shift of her weight allowing them to remind her of what she'd done, of how she'd learned this lesson that she was doing her best to assure all her workers had, in fact, sunken through her skull this time around.

She was shocked when Tracy stopped her to lift her up onto the desk, tying a bib around her neck to spoon feed her baby food, followed by another bottle. Was it really lunchtime already?! And was she really getting this used to baby food that she didn't put up a fuss, or ask for anything else? That was, perhaps, motivated at least partially by not wanting to anger her secretary, though she truly was getting worryingly used to the taste, and texture, of the mushy stuff.

"All right," Tracy said when it was done, getting out the changing mat. "I think you'd learned your lesson... And I don't want you to get a rash."

Lyra had never been more grateful for a clean diaper, even giving Tracy a big hug when the change was done. Her attitude shifted slightly when she was forced to carry it herself across the office, to the bathroom, to throw it away herself, but she knew it wasn't really fair of her to make the secretary do it, either... She was the one who had used it, after all, and Tracy had been nice enough to let her out of it, when she probably could have left her in it until the Nanny returned.

And that wasn't the last time Lyra had to face her workers that day, either. It took until nearly quitting time, but, hours later, and with a writing hand that felt nearly as sore as her spanked bottom, Lyra had a stack of apologies.

"Very good!" Tracy complimented her, patting her on the head condescendingly. "Are you a big enough girl to carry them all?"

"Uh-huh!" Lyra nodded, stumbling to her feet, and immediately feeling like less of a big girl at the sloshing in her diaper. She wasn't sure how she'd missed it - it had probably happened gradually, as she'd been busy writing, and she'd just gotten so used to it she didn't pay any attention to it - but she was soaked.

"Honestly, Lyra," Tracy chuckled. "Maybe Rob was right... Maybe potty training just isn't for you."

"Yes, it is!" she pouted. "I'm not a baby!"

"If you say so," Tracy smirked. "Hold on, I'll change you, again, little miss not-a-baby. It won't be much of an apology if you make a puddle in front of someone's desk while you do it."

Pink bum wrapped in a fresh diaper, Lyra made her rounds once more, this time handing out her hand-written letters, promising she was going to be a better boss in the future, Tracy trailing behind, watching, then offering each of the workers a thumbtack so they could hang it up in their cubicle. Part of Lyra wanted to be independent, to tell the woman she could do that, too, but her tiny, chubby arms could barely juggle all the paper... She definitely would have wound up dropping the tacks if she had to deal with them as well.

And that was okay. Sometimes, it was all right to accept help, Lyra thought to herself, as she blushingly handed over another piece of construction paper with a, "I-I really am sorry," before toddling on to the next desk, diaper crinkling away. Her real challenge, once she was allowed to be big enough to do it again, was to learn how to give that help properly, without being the nightmare boss, and mother, she had been before all this started.

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User #5343121 - 12 Jun 20 17:09
I love it when regressees learn a lesson. Great chapter!
Kappa's Little Piggy 2020-06-24T14:01:01+00:00

A short story commission from an anonymous Patron.

Today, Kiara thought, was going to be a good day. How could it not be? Everything was all coming together... By the end of the day, she would have proven she deserved to be accepted into the Kappas, just like her mother had been when she was in college.... And she was going to get to do it surrounded by cute piggies!

She giggled, practically skipping down the sidewalk from her dorm to the sorority house. Her mom had warned her that the hazing could get pretty bad, and she'd read plenty of horror stories about that, but she'd replied to her mother that things had changed, had told herself all those stories happened at other schools. The girls all seemed very nice to her, and she hadn't had any problems... Other than the fact that they kept telling her they weren't sure she was ready to join.

She'd started to lose hope, to convince herself they didn't like her, no matter how they acted to her face, and that she was going to have to face her mother's disappointment when she went home for fall break. No matter how nice they seemed, she'd felt incredibly out of place with them, her short, scrawny frame paling in comparison to the other mostly beautiful, busty girls. Then, she'd gotten the e-mail, telling her about today.

It was the last big festival of the summer, and one of the sorority's biggest fundraising events of the year, apparently. She'd signed up to help out immediately, the coordinator, Ashley, even joking with her that she'd barely hit send before she got Kiara's reply. That had given the girl something else to worry about, not wanting to look too desperate, but she did her best to play it off, pretending it was just a crazy coincidence she'd seen the message that quickly.

As soon as she got there, however, she realized it hadn't worked as well as she'd hoped. "There she is!" Ashley called out, the other girls turning to see her. Kiara blushed, glancing behind herself, hoping there was someone else there, too, that they weren't talking about her. "Our eager little helper! I had a feeling you'd be early!"

"H-Hi," Kiara waved bashfully. "Umm... H-How can I help? Where are the piggies?"

"Don't worry about them," Ashley assured her, bustling over, guiding her past the front yard, where the other girls were busy setting up a fence. "They'll get here later."

"Okay," Kiara nodded, furrowing her brow as she was led around the side of the house, to the secluded back yard where the Kappas had most of their parties. To her surprise, there was another pen set up there, around a small patch of mud. "Oh, are you splitting the pigs up?" she asked. That made sense, if she thought about it... They could have a group of visitors on both sides of the house this way... Although, it was strange this one was so far away from the other, completely out of view of it, and the road... And the pen was so much smaller.

"Oh, my God!" she squealed, as it all suddenly clicked into place. "Is this where the little baby piglets go?!" She could hardly believe her luck... Pigs in general were adorable, but piglets were, of course, the cutest. Was she really going to get to spend all day looking after them?! This was going to be the easiest 'hazing' ever!

Ashley's eyes widened slightly, followed by a chuckle. "Yes, actually... Well, kind of. You're pretty clever, aren't you?"

"Oh, I don't know," Kiara shrugged, overflowing with false modesty. "I mean... I am acing all my classes so far, but they haven't been going for that long yet, and..."

"Yes, you are!" Ashley exclaimed, surely not aware of how condescending her tone - or booping Kiara's nose like she was some little kid - was. "That's a big reason why we want you here, as a Kappa... But before we can let you do that, there is one thing you need to do for us."

Was this it?! Kiara gulped, struggling to stay calm. "I-Is that what today is?!" she asked eagerly, failing instantly. She'd hoped as much, had made up her mind she was going to find a way to make that happen... And now, apparently, it turned out that the Kappa house had been thinking the same thing. Perhaps her instant reply hadn't been a mistake after all... Maybe that had been a part of showing them how committed she was to this.

"It is!" Ashley replied, still sounding more like she was talking to a child than a potential new sister. "You see, Kiara, you have a very special job today... You are the main attraction of our little petting zoo!"

"Huh?" Kiara frowned, her intelligence failing to help her put the pieces together. "I'm just here to help out..."

"And you will be," Ashley grinned. "More than you know. You see, that pen is for our baby piggies... But we weren't able to get any. So... I'm afraid you're going to have to fill in."

"I-I'm not sure I..." Kiara shook her head, blushing as Ashley reached out, started to unbutton the other girl's shorts. "H-Hey!"

"Come on, Kiara," Ashley smirked, yanking Kiara's shorts down, then pushing her onto a waiting blanket, spread out on the grass. "You're smart... I bet you can figure it out."

The shorts around her knees ensured Kiara couldn't keep her balance, and she tumbled back, landing on her backside with a thud, and keeping her there for a long moment as she tried to compose herself. By the time she had recomposed herself, and was ready to stand, Ashley was already kneeling down in front of her, planting one hand on Kiara's chest, pushing her down, onto her back.

Kiara swallowed, looked around, and, right beside her head, spotted it. It was big, and bulky, and very pink, and she had a bad feeling she knew exactly what it was well before Ashley grabbed it, and she heard it crinkle beneath her fingers. "Wh-What is that for?!" she gasped, stomach churning as she watched Ashley start to unfold it, confirming her fears.

"Wow," Ashley chuckled, hooking a finger around Kiara's panties, sliding them down. "Maybe you aren't that smart after all..."

"St-Stop!" Kiara snatched at her undies, which didn't stop Ashley one bit.

"I'm fine with ripping these," she informed Kiara. "Are you?" Pouting, Kiara gave in, letting them go, allowing herself to be stripped naked below the waist, leaving her completely open for Ashley to slide the diaper beneath her.

She gasped, feeling her backside sink into the soft padding, hearing that crinkle again, this time even closer, right below her bottom. Ashley powdered her up, then tugged the diaper up between her wiggling thighs, taped it snugly in place, sealing the little pledge in. "Now, isn't that better?" she teased.

"No!" Kiara sat up, whimpering at the feeling of the diaper following her, mind reeling as she was reminded of the many times she'd diapered her little brother, how cute she'd found him... But he was a baby! She was an adult... She shouldn't be wearing this thing!

"Well, I guess it's a good thing you're not going to be the one paying to see you, then," Ashley stuck her tongue out, slipping a pair of pink booties over Kiara's feet, fastening then in place around her ankles. "Up we go!" She grabbed Kiara's shirt, yanking in up and off, finishing off with her bra. Kiara blushed, crossing her arms over her bare chest, putting her hands in the perfect position for Ashley to slide pink, plastic mittens over them.

"That is the cutest little piggy I've ever seen," Ashley grinned. "They are just going to love you!"

"Y-You can't let people see me like this!" Kiara shook her head. "N-No way... Y-You..." She stumbled to her feet, only to be met with a sudden, sharp pain as her feet sank into the layer of spikes hidden in the soles of the booties, under a thin, cloth layer, making her tumble back onto her padded posterior in shock. "Wh-What the hell?!"

"Pigs don't walk, silly," Ashley told her. "Don't worry, they won't hurt... As long as you crawl."

Kiara grabbed at the booties defiantly, but, despite the simple buckle mechanism holding them on, the fingerless, plastic mittens were too slick for her to do anything with them, and they were too tight around her ankles for her to kick off. She was trapped like this until someone let her out...

"Go on, piggy," Ashley opened the gate to the pen. "It's almost time to start."

Kiara stared up at her, hoping for some sign that this was a joke. It wasn't. She groaned, bouncing in place, cheeks burning with shame, before, finally, she caved in, crawling on her hands and knees over to the pen. She'd already come this far... If she backed out now, she'd never get into the Kappas.

She let out a squeal as Ashley gave her diapered bottom a swat as she passed by, turning around to see a small, coiled tail bouncing behind her, taped to the seat of her bulky diapers. She froze there, looking at that, the puddle of mud that had been made for her only inches away, until Ashley gave her a good shove, making her tumble in, swinging the gate shut and trapping her.

Instantly, her hands and legs were covered in mud, and she was actually glad for the mittens to protect her somewhat, although she quickly realized this meant she had to stay up in a crawling position as much as she could... If she attempted to sit, she'd end up dunking her diaper in the mud, too, and she knew what that would look like.

"Don't go anywhere," Ashley chuckled, heading back to the front yard. "Not that you can."

She told herself this was the extent of it, that they couldn't possibly expect anything more from her... This was a test, and she'd gotten this far, so, like all of her tests, she was going to pass - no, ace! - it. She could wait here, on her own, as long as they wanted.

And then Ashley returned, with a stranger. Kiara gasped, heart pounding, thoughts going into overdrive, attempting to find a way to hide both her bare chest, and her bulging diaper, without getting herself covered in mud, when she had nothing else in the pen with her. "See?" Ashley told the man as they approached the side of the pen, Kiara still not knowing what to do. "I told you we had something you'd like, even in a silly little petting zoo."

Kiara gasped, watching helplessly as the man reached down, stroking her short, blonde hair. "That's certainly the cutest pig I've ever seen," he commented.

"Go on," Ashley urged. "I see you staring." Kiara squealed as he gave the seat of her diaper a hard whack, chuckling at her reaction, giving the padding a squeeze, then a rub. "You know, there is one more thing you can do with her, if you're okay with spending a little extra." She giggled flirtatiously at the man, leaning forward in her low cut shirt to give Kiara's diaper a pat herself.

Kiara's eyes widened; what was she talking about?! This was mortifying enough on its own! "N-No," she shook her head, not wanting whatever it was.

"Hush, piglet," Ashley snapped. "Or do I need to get you a pacifier, too?"

"Sure," the man smiled down at the humiliated Kiara. "It's for a good cause, right?"

"Of course!" Ashley giggled. "It's expensive to keep our baby piglet in diapers! You'd be surprised how many she goes through."

"Ashley!" Kiara gasped, watching the girl take the money and head into the house, leaving her all alone with the man. She squirmed anxiously, glad he wasn't trying anything, though still not comfortable with the whole situation. "I-I... umm... I-I don't really need these di..." she mumbled, freezing, not quite able to bring herself to say the word.

"Sure you don't," he smirked down at her. Thankfully, Ashley returned, carrying a large, wide bowl, handing it over to the man.

"Here you go!" Ashley chirped. "Obviously, she needs some fattening up, so go ahead... Give it to her."

The man took the bowl, choosing his spot to set it down. Kiara wrinkled her nose, seeing what looked like a huge amount of mushy, disgusting looking baby food piled high on it. "Eat up, piggy," Ashley ordered. "Your customer paid for it, and he deserves to get his money's worth."

Reluctantly, Ashley crawled over to it. She didn't really have a choice, with her hands out of commission, and covered in mud, so she lowered her face to the bowl, taking a tentative bite. There were too many flavors for her to try to recognize them all, but she was positive there was some banana in there, some pea, some prune... She nearly gagged, though, when she looked up at Ashley, all she got was a nod to continue, until she'd devoured all of it.

And so it went for the rest of the day, Ashley pulling in customers, bringing them back to gawk, talking a good few of them into feeding Kiara, or giving her bottles of milk to drink, holding them at the fence for her to suckle at, until the girl was ready to burst. Things got even worse for the poor girl when she had to ask, "C-Can I please use the bathroom? I-I can't hold it much longer!"

Ashley looked her up and down, and laughed. "Do you really think we'd let you in our house like that? You're a messy, piggy! Besides... You're wearing your bathroom for the day!"

She held it as long as she could, but, eventually, there was no choice. She whimpered, blushing mightily as she felt the pink padding swelling up between her legs, drooping slightly, and ensuring she could no longer claim that she didn't need her diapers... How could she, when she'd used them like that?

Finally, things started to wind down, Ashley vanishing to the front yard to help the other Kappas tear everything down there, leaving Kiara alone, in her by now far soggier diaper, waiting. It was hardly a surprise when all the sorority sisters came to the back yard, and, considering how many random people had already seen her, and groped her diaper, it was hard for her to get too upset.

"You did good, piggy," Ashley told Kiara. "You helped us raise a lot of money today."

"Great," she smiled weakly. "C-Can I go now?"

"Almost," Ashley nodded. "But first... Why don't you show us all how much you loved helping us out today, and being our star piglet?" Kiara sighed, shrugging, not knowing what Ash wanted from her now. "Show us all how muddy and messy you can get," Ashley ordered.

Kiara had done her best, through it all, to stay as clean as she could... At this point, however, what did it matter? She'd gone through all of that to get into this sorority, was she really going to let herself get stopped by this?! At last, she did the thing she'd been avoiding all day, sitting down in the mud, blushing as she felt it oozing in past the leg-guards, bouncing in place before flopping forward, rolling in it, letting it cover every bit of her.

"You're right," one of the other girls commented, while the rest giggled and filmed the spectacle. "She is good at following orders."

"All right, all right," Ashley finally spoke up. "That's good." She opened up the gate, letting Kiara crawl free, dripping mud across the lawn as she was led over to the side of the house. "Let's get you cleaned up."

Kiara gasped, taken by surprise as another girl turned on the hose, the blast of water hitting her out of nowhere, starting to wash the mud away, and shooting into her diaper past the drooping waistband, the padding swelling up all the more as it absorbed all the stray water. She squirmed, feeling it expand, pushing her legs further away from one another as she finally started to get clean, even if it was in the most humiliating way she could imagine.

But it wasn't quite over yet. The hose blasting into her tummy, and the huge diaper keeping her from closing her legs, much less squeezing them together the way she wanted, was too much for her. "Oh, my God," Ashley giggled, signaling for the hose to stop, leaving Kiara in the middle of a puddle, face red as she felt her body pushing, felt the warm, mushy mass starting to emerge into her diaper, definitely not mud this time, while the house sorority watched. "Hey, dummy," she shook her head, "that's not what I meant by messy."

But it didn't matter. Kiara had eaten so much that day, and now it all wanted out, in a stinky, squishy tidal wave that, try as she might, she couldn't stop. "Pee-yew!" Ashley waved her hand in front of her nose as she knelt down, removing the booties and mittens. "I almost don't want to let you join after all, after that!" She pulled a shirt on over Kiara's chest, one barely big enough to cover her breasts, coming nowhere close to reaching, much less hiding, her diaper. Kiara looked down at herself, and saw that it read, 'Kappa's Little Piggy.'

"That's right," Ashley smiled. "You're in... But, after today, I think we're going to have to keep you in diapers a while to make sure you don't ruin our furniture. Now run along home, piggy."

"B-But..." Kiara fidgeted, wrinkling her nose as she moved her bottom, squelching the mess beneath her. "I-I can't..."

"You're in the sorority," Ashley told her, "but we still aren't letting you in the house like that. You're soaked, and stinky, and your big sisters have a party to get to, so we can't deal with that right now."

Kiara stared up at her, but, beyond kicking her feet and glaring, there wasn't much she could do. She was going to have to walk all the way back to her dorm like this, then try to get herself cleaned up without anyone seeing... Diapers or not, it was a good thing she was going to be moving into the sorority house now.

Humiliated, Kiara got to her feet, toddling away, bracing herself for the moment she got out from the rear of the house, and ran the risk of running into almost anyone out on the sidewalk. Thankfully, before she got there, she heard Ashley call out, "Wait!"

She breathed a sigh of relief, stopping. It had been a test after all... One final test before she was truly accepted. She leaned against the side of the house for a moment, exhausted by everything that had happened that day... Then jumped and squealed as she got a smack on her messy bottom. "You almost forgot this!" Ashley teased.

Kiara looked down, blushing as she saw the real reason Ashley had stopped her, the little piggy tail bouncing along behind her, probably having come off as she was getting hosed down. "That's much better," Ashley declared. "Night-night, piglet. See you tomorrow."

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What should Janet say?

CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 16 (Story) 2020-06-14T14:01:00+00:00

Janet wasn't entirely sure what possessed her to make her reach for the onesie. It was hard to say which of the two new wardrobe items was the most babyish, but only because neither would have looked out of place in a two year old's closet... Perhaps she hoped that, since it was just a onesie, it would only count as the shirt in her outfit.

Knowing Hazel, there was a good chance she'd be stuck with the same skirt, although at least in the onesie, there would be something covering the diaper, making it a bit harder to notice beneath there... And if she was really lucky, maybe she'd get some shorts instead. There would still be a bulge, considering how bulky these diapers were, but nobody would be able to see them, anyway. At this point, she was looking for whatever small comfort she could find in this situation.

"Oh, excellent choice!" Zella grinned as Janet reached out for the onesie draped over her step-daughter's arm, almost instantly questioning her decision when the younger woman held it up again, giving her a full view of all the lace and frills and bow... Unfortunately, it was already too late. Hazel draped the other two items across the dresser, kneeling down in front of Janet, onesie in hand. "Arms up, Prissy!"

"I-I'm not..." Janet swallowed nervously. "M-Maybe..."

Hazel sighed, rolled her eyes, and proved to the smaller girl that she hadn't really needed her to comply at all, that she was simply being nice. One tug upwards, and the shirt was up, over Janet's head, leaving her naked, except for her diaper... But not for long. Before she could recover from that shock, or try to cover her diaper - not that it mattered, since Hazel had seen it many, many times by now - Zella pulled the onesie over her head, reaching in through the armholes to tug Janet's hands through. Janet was getting dressed, whether she liked it or not, with all the skill of someone quite used to dealing with fussy little girls who didn't want to cooperate.

Was that all she was? It definitely felt like it, as Hazel grabbed the rear flap of the onesie, yanking it forward. She was clearly no match for Hazel, or she wouldn't be in this diaper, or have gone through so many that they needed to go buy more, or getting snapped into a onesie. She flinched, hearing the first snap close, the metal on metal as loud as a thunderclap to her ears, the now attached fabric wrapping around her bulky diaper, pulling it tighter against her.

Two more snaps, and it was done. Janet gasped, looking down at herself, shocked that, at this point, she could be made to feel any more like a helpless child... But the onesie did it. There was no escaping the diaper now, the padding rubbing against her with every tiny movement, ensuring she couldn't ignore it, or forget about it... She immediately wished she'd chosen something else to wear, even before she saw what she looked like in it, the bulge of the diaper incredibly obvious, with plenty of plastic poking out the legholes, in case there was any doubt.

"That is so stinking cute!" Hazel exclaimed, giving the other girl's backside a pat. "I'm going to have to keep a close eye on you... Someone might try to steal you, and get the most adorable baby in the world for themselves!"

"I'm not a baby!" Janet sulked, a moment before Zella picked her up, making her feel even more like one, setting her down on the edge of the bed.

Zella bustled back over to the dresser, then the closet, musing, "I sure have changed a lot of your diapers for someone who isn't a baby..."

Janet blushed, crossing her arms, though she didn't dare say anything more. She couldn't, for one, since it was true... That, and she didn't want to make the girl mad when she was choosing what Janet was going to get to wear over the onesie, essentially deciding her fate for this shopping trip.

Even with Janet staying silent, however, Hazel approached the bed with only a pair of frilly ankle socks, and pink, Velcro-fastened, sneakers. "W-Wait..." Janet shook her head, as Zella knelt down, pulling the socks over her feet. "B-But..."

"What are you babbling about, silly?" Hazel gave the sole of Janet's foot a tickle, the woman instantly dissolving into helpless giggling for long enough to let Zella finish with the socks and move on to the shoes.

"Zella!" Janet kicked her legs frantically, her babysitter barely seeming to notice, or care, continuing her work nevertheless. "I can't go out like this!"

"What are you talking about?" Zella chuckled, strapping the second shoe on, picking Janet up again, setting her down on her feet in front of the mirror. "You picked this out!"

Janet's stomach lurched at the sight of herself in the reflection, her thick diaper straining against the cloth of the onesie, making the lace on the backside stand up, the big, pink bow over top of that emphasizing her padded posterior all the more, drawing attention to the exact place Janet wanted it least, the lights in her shoes still flashing from the impact of being plopped down on the floor.

"I-I'm..." she mumbled, unable to stop herself from reaching out, her mind not quite able to accept what she saw. "N-No, I'm a..." But what would she say? Adult clearly wasn't accurate, not anymore... Big girl didn't even seem right.

"That's right," Hazel hopped in helpfully, sliding the pacifier back into Janet's gasping mouth, attaching the clip she'd just added to it to the chest of her onesie. "You're my adorable little baby sister."

Janet started sucking on the paci automatically, even as she shook her head. That wasn't right... Janet was older than Zella... She was her step-mother! She couldn't be her baby sister at the same time... And yet, looking at herself in the mirror, how could she be anything else?

The sour feeling in her stomach didn't go away once Janet finally let her look away from her reflection, following her through the house as she was led, by her hand, to the front door, where she weakly tried to plant her feet and hold firm, to keep from going outside. Hazel didn't break a sweat dragging her out, emphasizing how true her words had been, how tiny and helpless Janet was...

Janet wasn't feeling any better after getting buckled into the backseat of Hazel's car, either. She told herself it was because she knew what was coming, couldn't imagine actually walking through a store like this... But she knew there was more to it, before the cramps ever hit.

She whimpered, hands resting on her churning belly, wishing she'd recognized this before they left. She wasn't sure where they were going, how long it was going to take to get there... Although, she should have known. She hadn't pooped since Hazel's arrival, and, normally, she would have by now, even without the food she'd been getting fed - especially the oatmeal.

"Oh, no," she mumbled into her pacifier, squirming in her seat, diaper crinkling beneath her. She'd been so distracted by everything else, she hadn't realized how bad it had gotten already... She couldn't let this happen! She squeezed her eyes shut tight, hands balling up into fists, toes curling in her childish sneakers, fighting with every fiber of her being, terrified of what failing would bring. She'd never be able to convince Zella she wasn't a baby then; it would be very hard to believe it herself.

She opened her eyes slowly, hands shaky and sweaty, forehead wet as well. She'd done it... This time. Mostly, anyway... As she wiggled, she felt a slight stickiness under her. She really hoped it wasn't what she thought it was... But what else would it be? She sniffed, wrinkling her nose at the faint scent emanating from her diaper.

It was a good thing she'd been wearing it... If she'd talked Hazel into putting her in big girl panties, those would be ruined now, and she'd be in so much trouble... The latter part might still be true, but at least she could hide it for now. She squirmed in place, confirming how small it was. There was no way Hazel would be able to tell from the outside... She'd be safe until she gave her a full check, which, in the onesie, would be much harder.

Then again... Zella had a lot of experience with this, and Janet was no more of a match for her than any other toddler. She could already know... Janet's cheeks flared up, her eyes staring down at the floorboards, too embarrassed to glance up at Hazel, to risk seeing some indication that she was right about her hunch, that her step-daughter knew she'd had a messy accident, however small, in her diaper.

Luckily, the ride wasn't too much longer, and, before long, Janet was getting helped out of the backseat, the rear of her diaper getting another pat. Her stomach lurched anxiously, glad she had that onesie, rather than a skirt, or else she was positive she'd be feeling the back of her diaper being tugged outwards right about now, possibly followed by a spanking.

"Cheer up, grumpy pants!" Hazel smiled down at her. "It's shopping! It'll be fun!"

Janet very much doubted that... She blushed, clinging to Zella's hand, trying to hide behind the larger girl as they walked across the parking lot, although she knew that only made her appear more childish to the other passers-by. Considering what she was wearing, however, it wasn't like they were going to mistake her for anything other than a child anyway... At best.

"So," Zella chatted as they walked, "what do you think, Prissy? Can you be a big enough girl to walk, or should I get a cart to push... Oh, my God!"

Janet froze, certain this was it, that she'd realized what had happened. Fortunately, Hazel stopped, too, just inside the doors. Janet had seen them slide open, felt the blast of cooler air as they stepped inside, but she was staring down at her flashing shoes, not paying attention to what was in front of them, trusting Hazel not to lead her into anything that would make her fall...

Until she heard the other voice. "Is that you, Zella?!"

Janet's head shot up before she could stop herself, although, as soon as it did, she wished she hadn't. She'd been right after all... She gulped, staring down at her feet again as they shifted, lights blinking with every movement, accompanying the crinkling and crackling of her diaper as she fidgeted nervously.

There, standing in front of them, waiting in the entryway of the store, sliding her phone back into her purse, was Mackenzie, one of Hazel's little lackeys from their high school days. Wherever Zella went, Kenzi was one of the girls sure to be following along, always ready to back up one of her insults, or add one of her own.

"It's so good to see you!" Hazel threw her free arm around the girl. "This is such a crazy coincidence! I've missed your face so much!"

"And I've missed yours!" Kenzi smirked. "Who's this you have with you?"

Janet's tummy lurched, terrified the girl would recognize her... But that wasn't the only reason. She whimpered into her pacifier, realizing another cramp was hitting her, too, at the worst possible time. She bounced in place, squeezing her thighs together, mortified. Not now! She could already feel the small, squishy spot in the seat of her diaper expanding slightly, and it took all the energy she could muster to stop it from getting worse.

"Go on," Hazel gave Janet's hand a jiggle. "Be polite and introduce yourself!" Janet shook her head with a whimper, gasping as Zella plucked the paci from her lips, denying her that little bit of comfort. "You know better than that! Be a good girl, or I'll spank you right here in front of my friend, little lady!"

Janet gritted her teeth, having no reason to doubt Hazel's threat. She could probably spit one thing out right now, and still keep up the fight... But what should it be?!

She really didn't want Kenzi to recognize her, to realize she was the same person from school, someone older than her, standing there in front of her like this... The longer they stuck around, the more likely it was she'd realize the truth. Hopefully Mackenzie was busy, had better things to do than stand around and talk... If she wasn't, though, saying what Zella clearly wanted, and claiming to be Prissy, would be better for now... But could backfire on her in the long term.

On the other hand, she could tell the truth herself. Kenzi might have a hard time believing it, although, if Janet could manage to convince her... She had no doubt there would be plenty of mocking from the girl, yet having someone else who knew her true identity might be enough to force Hazel to accept who she really was, too. Did she want that to happen now, however, with two of her worst former tormentors together, and her so close to pooping her pants?

Or... The thing she really wanted to say was very different from either. She knew the bathroom was just inside... If she could get Hazel to take her there now, she might make it, before the state of her diaper got any worse, and before she had to wonder if she'd be able to ride through these cramps, much less the next, surely even worse, set. As a side benefit, maybe Kenzi would hear that and, if she hadn't recognized Janet, be nice and let them get to it, leaving on her own without Janet having to worry about what to call herself.

Whatever she was going to do, the clock was ticking... Every moment she debated this, she was bringing herself closer to Kenzi realizing the truth herself, or the biggest, worst accident she'd had yet, or a very public spanking... Or all three. She swallowed, cleared her mind, and forced herself to decide. What was she going to say?!

"Hi, my name is Priscilla! Nice to meet you, ma'am!"

"I know this seems crazy, Kenzi, but this is Janet, from high school."

Or, "Z-Zella, please, can we go to the potty? Right now?!"

Soft - Part 3
Soft - Part 3more_vert
Soft - Part 3 2020-06-22T14:00:03+00:00close

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Caprice had always assumed Nadia was a push-over, but, after today, she knew the truth. "Nadia, please," she'd sniffled, staring down at her from her perch on the headboard, her eyes firmly fixed on the hairbrush still in her roomie's hands.

All it had taken to make her move was an ominous, "One..." from the other girl.

"I'm coming!" she'd squeaked, like a scared little kid, scrambling down and over to Nadia, hoping that would give her some mercy... It hadn't. The only thing that had stopped the spanking she got - the second of the day - was when her bladder gave in, partway through.

"Caprice!" Nadia had scolded. "Honestly... This is your third accident today! It's almost like you really do need these!"

"I-I don't!" Caprice had insisted, tears streaming down her face as she rubbed her throbbing backside, the Goodnite having given her minimal protection from the hairbrush, although now she was definitely glad she'd had it on. "I-I'm not a little girl!"

"No, you aren't," Nadia had agreed. "Judging by all this, I'd say you're more like a baby."

"Nooo!" Caprice had wailed, kicking her feet helplessly. "I-I'm not a baby!"

But Nadia had deposited her onto the bed, ordering her to stay kneeling there until Justin came back, and, like an obedient child, Caprice had been too scared to disobey. She squirmed, praying she didn't know what he was returning with, that she was mistaken... What else could it be, however? And, after yet another accident, would she really be able to deny that she needed them?

Sure enough, when she heard him walk in, she could also hear a soft crinkling, along with a giggle from Nadia. "They're perfect!" she praised him, followed by a wet smacking that made Caprice's cheeks go pink, certain they were kissing behind her. "Thank you so much... Let me just take care of this, and then we can use my bed for something much more grown-up than what I'm about to do to her."

"Nadia...!" Caprice whimpered, finally working up the courage to turn around.

In an instant, she lost it again, as Nadia snapped, "Caprice!" in return, the smaller girl squeaking, spinning her head back away from the other two. "I don't know what I'm going to do with you... You are such a naughty little piddle-pants..."

"No, I'm not!" Caprice pouted, gasping at the sensation of Nadia giving her Goodnites a squeeze.

"Three times," her roommate reminded her. "Three times since Justin came over alone."

And Caprice couldn't even deny it. She had, indeed, done that... "B-But..." she sputtered, struggling to think of another argument, something else to get her out of this, coming up empty-handed.

"These are long over-due," Nadia held up the package of diapers. "I should have had you in these a long time ago..."

"I'll give you two some privacy," Justin offered, slipping out of the room, while Caprice gaped at the diapers, eyes widening.

"Th-Those are... b-baby diapers..." she gulped. She'd seen plenty of actual toddlers wearing those... There was no way they could fit her! It should have been a comfort, though the fact that Justin had bought them for her, thinking they would, kept them from doing that.

"And what are you?" Nadia asked, spreading out a changing pad onto the bed. "Those Goodnites you've been wetting all afternoon are for kids, too, and I've seen more than one get promoted right from these," she squeezed the pack of Pampers, "into those."

Caprice really hoped she was lying, or exaggerating, that she'd be spared that one humiliating, at least... She let Nadia guide her onto the changing pad, get the soggy Goodnite off her, wipe her down with some chilly baby wipes. She gasped when the girl finally extracted one diaper from the package, however, stomach churning as she saw how large the biggest size really was.

"N-Nadia," she wriggled. "Y-You don't hafta..." Her roomie lifted her up by the ankles, like a real baby, slid the baby diaper under her... It was so thick, and soft, like a cloud under her bottom... It was almost hard to be mad about it, until she felt it being pulled up between her legs, spreading her thighs involuntarily, heard the crinkling of plastic... "No, Nadia!" she whined.

But, by then, it was already done. Nadia was an expert at this, at dealing with fussy toddlers, and Caprice had been no more difficult than one of them. She swallowed, sitting up, staring down at herself, eyes watering. Nadia had been right... They fit her perfectly, like she was nothing more than a baby...

"Now, come on," Nadia held out her hand, Caprice feeling too tiny and helpless to resist taking it, toddling along beside her, out the door, where Justin was waiting. Caprice buried her head in Nadia's side - although, of course, he already knew who she was, and was getting a good view of how much those diapers suited her.

She was taken to her bedroom, tucked into bed, Justin watching from the doorway with a smirk. "Night-night, Caprice," Nadia kissed her on the forehead. "We'll try again tomorrow, and see if you can behave a little better then... Until now, you are not to leave this bed, do you understand?"

"Y-Yes, ma'am," Caprice answered quietly.

"Good girl," Nadia smiled, leaning in and whispering, "I'm going to be much too busy in my own bed to deal with you."

Caprice shivered, blushed, as Nadia strutted away. She thought that would be it, that she would be alone, in her bed, the rest of the afternoon, and evening, and night, put to bed far too early for her to even hope not to have to use her diaper before she was allowed out the next morning. To her surprise, Justin came in, however, instead of following Nadia.

Caprice burrowed under her covers, glad they were there to hide her diaper, though he'd already seen her in them, had bought them... "Goodnight," he told her, patting her on the head. "I bought you another little gift while I was out getting your Pampers." Her eyes lit up a bit, unsure what to expect, but letting herself hope it was something good, that it was some sign that, despite all this, he felt sorry for her, might be sympathetic towards her plight...

"There," he smiled, slipping an oversized, pink pacifier into her mouth. "Oh, good, it does suit you! I wasn't sure pink was your color, but... Well, I didn't expect any of this." He chuckled, giving her diaper a pat through the blankets, confirming he hadn't somehow forgotten about them. "This definitely suits you more than that tough girl act you put on at work."

That was, obviously, the whole point of this... But she'd never wanted, or expected, it to go this far. "Sweet dreams, Caprice." He walked away, leaving her there, sucking away at her pacifier, wondering how long she'd be able to last before she wet herself for the fourth time that day.

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The Videos - Chapter 2 2020-06-18T14:01:00+00:00

It was truly shocking just how painful the spanking was. The fact that he was an adult probably meant Maya was being harsher on him than she would have been on a child - he couldn't imagine her spanking an actual kid at all, really - but he could see now why something like this was a punishment. He'd always assumed it was being played up in the videos... And, perhaps, it was. Right here and now, however, it hurt more than he would have imagined.

And that wasn't even mentioning the humiliation of it. No matter whose lap he was over, it would have been embarrassing... Having it be his tiny fiance, though, made it ten times worse. He should be able to get away from her, to make her stop, somehow, and yet here he was, squirming and squealing as his bottom was roasted. Most likely it was because of the videos, and knowing exactly what this would do, but he was almost certain he could feel his backside turning pink and rosy, bearing the evidence of this for days to come, making sitting a chore...

Of course, that was where the diaper came in. He knew this video well, and, once the poor, little, spanked model was let up off her tormentor's lap, she'd pout, rub her backside, and complain, "Now my grades are gonna get even worse! My teachers will get mad at me for not being able to sit still, and then they'll probably spank me, too, and... It's not fair!" He'd always loved the way she stomped her foot there, crossing her arms with a huff, the perfect image of a sulky child, one who definitely deserved everything she was getting, and was not, in any way, the grown-up she claimed to be.

"What do you think this is for?" the other woman would tease, giving the bulky diaper a squeeze. Alex had a feeling they'd amplified the sound of the diaper's crinkle when they were editing the video, couldn't believe it could possibly be that loud... Though he did hope it was, fantasizing about the smaller woman - at that point in the video staring at the garment in horror - toddling around in them, constantly blushing, certain everyone could hear her, if they didn't notice the bulge, potentially helping them do so by giving them a reason to give her a second look. "These will give you all the padding you need... And you just proved you deserve to be in them long after your sore bum heals... Although, I have no doubt you'll have earned another spanking or two before then."

Alex's one disappointment with the video was that the girl didn't fight back then, didn't earn herself a second spanking when she got confirmation of what she'd obviously been fearing the whole time she'd been getting spanked the first time, as she stared fearfully at the diaper. On the other hand, now he could see why. One spanking was more than enough to show him, much less her, who was boss.

"Honestly," Maya sighed, finally letting up, Alex sliding off her lap, sniffling and wiping his eyes, "I don't know what I'm going to do with you."

"N-Nothing!" he shook his head. "I-I get it! I-I'm sorry! It won't happen again!"

"I don't know," Maya pursed her lips, looking him up and down... Then glancing over at the laptop screen, at just the wrong time. "Oh, what is this?" her eyebrows raised, seeing the moment when the taller woman picked the diaper up. "You know what? That seems like a good idea to me."

"What?! No!" Alex gasped. This wasn't right... Maya was supposed to be the one who ended up in them, not him! He'd wondered, at times, if she could fit into baby diapers, since the model could, and Maya couldn't be that much bigger than her, if he could use that as a gateway, playfully suggesting she try it out, and then going from there... His one comfort was knowing it was impossible he would, so there was no way she'd just happen to have a diaper on hand that would fit him...

She grabbed him by the ear again, yanking him out of the room, down the hall to the bathroom, pants and underwear still around his ankles, using the key he'd gotten down off the shelf for her to unlock it, pulling him down to sit on the closed toilet seat as she opened up the cabinet under the sink, taking out.... A diaper.

"W-Wait, why do you have that?!" he gulped. It was so thick, and pure white... Just like the one in the video.

"Obviously, because you need it. Up." He stared down at her pleadingly, getting a very pointed look in return that made him obey, standing up, letting her slide the bulky diaper under him. He groaned as he sat down on it, feeling the poofy padding, hearing the crinkle - every bit as loud as in the video, to his surprise - as he fidgeted. It was definitely more comfortable under his throbbing backside than the bare toilet seat, though he wasn't sure it was worth it.

"M-Maya, please," he sniffed. "I-I'm not a baby..."

There were many things the videos couldn't prepare him for, but the one that stood out the most, in that moment, was the sweet scent of the baby powder as Maya opened up the cap, giving the bottle a slight squeeze, sending a tiny cloud into the air between them before turning it over, sprinkling it onto his crotch. He hadn't actually had any reason to smell it for years and years, yet it instantly took him back, reminded him of childhood, the nostalgia strong enough to keep him from asking, again, why she had it. It wasn't quite as unusual as the diaper, and, in a way, it made sense that if she had one, she'd have the other... He'd never seen a bottle of the stuff in the house before, however.

"How does it feel?" she teased, pulling the front of the diaper up, giggling at the shock on his face as he felt the thickness of it between his legs, as it sank in that this was truly about to happen. "From now on, the only reason you're going to be sitting on the potty is if I decide to change you here in the bathroom before or after a bath."

"B-But I don't..." He paused, swallowing anxiously, hearing the sound of one of the tapes being opened. "I-I..." He stopped again as that tape was pressed onto the landing strip, the padding pulled tighter around him, starting to trap him inside. "M-Maya!" He reached down as she went for a tape on the other side, trying to push her hand away, his little fiance easily batting his much larger hand aside as if it was nothing, like he was that model, even smaller and weaker than her, completely at her mercy.

"I-I'm not a baby!" he repeated, whimpering as the second tape was fastened. It was on him now, really on him, tight and bulky and crinkly... There was a second tape on each side, but, as far as he was concerned, it was already over, Maya positioning those quickly and efficiently as he whined, "I-I don't need these diapews!"

He frowned, hearing how that had come out, realizing his voice had become higher, more childish, along with refusing to let him pronounce that crucial 'r', the one that made him sound like far more of a baby for getting wrong. A moment later, however, he had a far more pressing concern, when Maya gave the front of his diaper a squeeze. "You don't?" she asked.

For a split second, he was ready to confirm that of course he didn't... Then he noticed how warm that padding felt, how damp... He gasped, looking down at himself, seeing the dark spot slowly spreading across the diaper, the whiteness of it not helping to hide what was happening in the slightest. "No!" he wailed, shaking his head, fighting to make it stop.

It didn't matter; he was wetting himself, and there was nothing he could do about it. He hadn't even been the first person to know it was happening, which made it all the worse. What was happening to him?!

"Aww, it's okay," Maya told him. "It happens... Don't worry, that diaper can hold plenty." She knelt down, taking the jeans and underwear from around his ankles as he gaped down at himself, still struggling to process it, to accept it. "Come on," she stood again, offering her hands. "Up you go! Be careful!"

He discovered why when he tried to obey, his legs nearly collapsing, dropping him back onto the toilet seat with a damp thud at first, tears springing to his eyes at the hard contact on his sore backside, the diaper not providing as much relief as he'd hoped, at least from that. Cautiously, he took her hands, letting her help him up, allowing her to guide him down onto his knees.

He tried to stand from there, but it didn't go any better. The diaper was big, certainly, although he couldn't imagine it was thick enough that he shouldn't be able to walk in it. No, something else was going on here...

"Wh-What's wong wiff me?" he lisped.

"Oh, sweetie," Maya patted him on the head. "Do you really think I didn't find out about those videos until today? I've known about them for a long time... And I know what you were trying to do, putting a lock on this door. I thought you should get a taste of your own medicine, so I put some hypnotic suggestions in those videos... And, clearly, it's working very well. Just look at you! You're a helpless little baby, completely reliant on me... Isn't this what you wanted to do to me?"

"N-No," he lied, even as images of this same situation, with the roles reversed, played through his mind, his face warming up as he fantasized about seeing her here, on her hands and knees, bulky diaper around her freshly spanked bottom, lisping, helplessly dribbling into the thirsty padding...

"Naughty, naughty," she shook her head. "Babies shouldn't lie... Someone just earned themselves a nice, early bedtime, as soon as you finish supper."

He blushed, unable to deny it. "Y-Yes, ma'am," he mumbled, crawling along behind her as she held open the bathroom door, letting him out, then allowing it to swing closed with an ominous click.

She saw him staring and grinned. "You know what?" she asked. "I'll put a stop to this now, if you can just take the keys out of my hand. Come on, Alex... I bet a fully grown adult could reach them."

He stared up at her, hearing his own words from earlier parroted back at him. It should have been easy... She was so small, and he was - relatively speaking, anyway - so big... And yet, on his hands and knees, no matter how hard he tried, she always kept the key just out of his reach, close enough to be tantalizing, to make him think he had a chance, before snatching them away at the last second.

"Too bad," she smirked. "Guess you're stuck like this for as long as I decide. Now, crawl along into the living room, I've got some cartoons on in there for you... I'll let you know when I've finished making your baby food."

He assumed it was a joke, or just a cute thing to call whatever she was actually making, but, as he plopped down on the floor in front of the TV, he could hear the blender running in the kitchen. How long was it going to be before he got to eat real, grown-up food again? Before he could walk, or talk, normally? Before he didn't need these diapers?

Maya was going to feed him, then take him right to bed. If he was lucky, maybe he'd get a change first... That was totally up to her, however. Everything was. She was completely in charge...

It was hard to think of a hotter scenario than this. Of course, he would have preferred if the roles were reversed, but other than that, she'd engineered this perfectly, perhaps even better than he could have. He bit his bottom lip, blushing unable to help himself as his hand snaked down, hoping Maya would be busy long enough for him to really enjoy this...

The cramp came from out of nowhere, before he could even touch the front of his diaper. He knew right away he couldn't resist it, as his body took over, pushing himself up into a squatting position, face turning red again, this time from not just humiliation, but also strain as he started to push. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't stop it, couldn't halt, or slow, the thick, warm mush forcing its way into his pants, slowly spreading over the seat...

Now he really hoped he got a change before bedtime... And he was even more terrified he wouldn't. It had happened as soon as he'd tried to touch his diaper, to try to get off... He had a bad feeling this was part of the hypnosis, too, that Maya would know what he'd done. It was cruel, but brilliant, honestly... She'd trapped him in one of his fantasies, let him see exactly what it would actually be like... And he couldn't even enjoy it.

Why would he be allowed to? He sighed, blushing as he felt himself sit back down without thinking, feeling the mass squelch around his still throbbing backside. This was a punishment, after all...

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Valerie's Education - Chapter 26 2020-06-06T14:00:03+00:00

Valerie had gotten a lot of spankings over the past week, yet this one was, by far, the worst. It wasn't the most painful - the padding of her diaper helped prevent that, although, considering how sore she already was, it still hurt more than enough - but, it turned out, that wasn't the part that mattered the most, in the moment.

She winced, blushed, wailed, as the hairbrush smacked down against the seat of her messy diaper, overcome with emotion and possible reactions, squirming desperately to try to escape as she felt the mush in her pants squelching further around her already filthy backside, a fresh reminder of at least partially why she was getting this punishment, making her feel more babyish than ever. She kicked her feet frantically, the only thing she could really do, although, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get away.

"I don't know why you're crying," Nanny told her sternly, delivering another swat, "You certainly seemed to like your stinky diaper a few minutes ago!"

"Noo!" Valerie shook her head, tears streaming down her face. "I-I told you, S-Summer made me... Ow! I-It wasn't my... Ouch!"

"The more you try to blame someone else, the longer this spanking is going to go," Nanny warned, nearly every word accompanied by a quick spank. "I've had enough of your lies, young lady, and your excuses."

"I-I'm sorry, I-I'm sorry!" Valerie squealed, feeling whatever resistance she had left in her melting away after that flurry of blows, ready to admit to just about anything to make this stop. "Y-You're right!"

"Am I?" Val breathed a sigh of relief as Nanny set down the hairbrush, picking the girl up off her lap, standing her up in front of her. Valerie sniffled, staring down at her feet, one hand reaching back to rub her throbbing, dirty bottom, any illusion she had about being a grown-up completely vanished in that moment. Right now, she was nothing but a naughty little toddler who had been caught doing something she shouldn't.

Nanny reached down, lifting her chin, forcing Valerie to look her in the eyes, which only made her feel tinier, more helpless. "Look at me," she ordered. "Whose fault is this, young lady? Who is the reason you're in diapers at your age?"

"M-Me," Valerie said quietly.

"And who earned you that spanking?" Nanny pressed.

Valerie gulped, wanting to try again to explain what had really happened, but knowing it would sound crazy, like she was making up a story to get out of trouble, one that only a child would expect any reasonable person to believe. The rocking horse was still sitting there, perfectly still, no sign of life... And she wasn't about to climb back on it, especially before she got a fresh diaper, and Nanny had calmed down a little. "M-Me," she repeated sullenly.

"That's a good start," Nanny nodded. "Now sit."

"B-But...!" Valerie pouted, although all it took was one look to make her plop down onto the floor in her squishy diaper, legs splayed as she watched Nanny walk to the shelves, returning to her with a box of crayons, and an armful of construction paper.

"I want you to take five pages each of three different colors," Nanny instructed, setting the paper down in front of Valerie, watching her like a hawk, as if she didn't think the former honor student was capable of counting to five three times in a row. Not wanting to make the woman suspect she was cheating, Val took her time, grabbing out five pages of green, yellow, and pink, setting them out in front of herself.

Nanny nodded, setting the crayons down as she gathered up the remainder of the construction paper. "Very good. Now, I want you to write - very small - on each of the top pages. Pick a crayon."

Valerie's stomach lurched, already having a bad idea of where this was going, with no way of stopping it. She grabbed a black crayon, since she knew it would write on all three colors of paper, and waited. "On the first," Nanny told her, "write 'I will not do naughty, big girl things in my diaper, because, while I'm wearing them, I am not a big girl.'"

Val blushed, but nodded, bending over to write it out, just to freeze, crayon in her fist. If her experience at school had taught her anything, it was that she couldn't get any answer right... Would this count towards that?! Would it still happen here?! She didn't want to know what would happen if Nanny saw her write something completely wrong on the page, after being given such clear instructions... She definitely didn't want to find out what would happen if she didn't write anything at all, either, however.

She groaned, wondering what to do, the thumb not clutching the crayon immediately popping into her mouth, trying to comfort her as she fretted. "That's a good point," Nanny mused out loud, to Val's confusion. "You don't have anything you need to say, do you?" And, with that, she grabbed Valerie's thumb, removing it from between the girl's lips, replacing it with the pacifier, which instantly began to pump more prune juice down her throat. "Now, write."

Val wrinkled her nose, closing her eyes for a second, bracing herself for the explosion that was sure to happen... Then, her eyes popped back open, a small smile creeping across her face behind the paci. She couldn't risk writing the wrong thing accidentally... But maybe, if she tried to write something wrong herself....

She had to stick to the words she was given; that was obvious. None of them were particularly long, or difficult, making what she was going to try all the more embarrassing for someone as smart as her, but it might be worth it. If she intentionally misspelled some of them, then, perhaps, she could get the sentence out otherwise intact.

It was impossible to know, at least without taking a much bigger risk than she was comfortable with at the moment, if that was what did the trick, or if simply being out of the school building was all it took. Whatever the reason, she did, indeed, manage to get the humiliating statement out onto the paper in a form that was mostly recognizable.

She gulped, swallowing down a mouthful of juice, as Nanny leaned over slightly, examining her work. Thankfully, she didn't mention the spelling mistakes, just nodded and said, "Now, on the second stack, write, 'I will not blame my big sister for my own misbehavior.'"

That wasn't fair, not when this was very much Summer's fault, but Valerie wrote it anyway, not having any strength left for defiance. "And, on the third," Nanny continued, "write, 'I do not deserve any big girl things after using so many diapers.'"

Valerie's eyes widened, and she stared up at Nanny, worried about what that meant. Nanny definitely noticed, smirking. "You might as well add, 'Especially not panties' to that. They were already off limits to you, so we went ahead and boxed them all up while we were cleaning your room, but now, we're going to be throwing them out... And if you don't straighten up, you can kiss any potty privileges I might consider letting you have bye-bye."

Val's head began to spin, her bladder dribbling helplessly into her filthy diaper as it hit her what Nanny was saying. Nanny kept too close of an eye on her for her to get out of the house - or her room, for that matter - without a diaper on... She didn't even have that option anymore, however. There would be no panties for her to try to get away with wearing, or to put on when she was all alone and trying to remind herself she was an adult, or to sneak into her backpack to change into somewhere else... All she had was diapers, just like the big baby she was becoming... Just like Summer...

"You are going to fill every one of those pages, front and back, with those lines," Nanny told her, confirming Valerie's fears. "Obviously, you won't be done today, since it's almost your bedtime... But that's okay. It will give you something to do tomorrow."

Val whimpered, staring down at the pages in front of her. She wanted to think it wouldn't take that long, that five pages wasn't that many... When it was one line on each, however, over and over... She didn't have a choice, though. She nodded, sighing, looking back towards the first of the three.

"I'm going to go order your new furniture," Nanny informed her. "So get to work."

Valerie knew what she meant - the woman had mentioned looking at cribs and changing tables for her room earlier that day - but, with the paci, she couldn't try to say anything to stop her. That was nice... It meant she didn't have to feel bad that she didn't have the guts to stand up to her. As soon as Nanny was out of the room, she laid down on her stomach, getting the pressure off her sore, messy bottom, and started to write, legs kicking slowly above her.

It was harder than she'd expected... She couldn't just copy the line above the one she was working on, since that might also come out wrong in a way she couldn't predict, and didn't want to risk, so she had to find new ways to misspell the words, making her look all the dumber to anyone looking at it, seeing she'd seemingly forgotten how to spell 'naughty', and every other word in the sentence, multiple different ways on just the front of the first page.

It didn't take long for her hand to start hurting, either. She was used to taking notes in class, but rarely this many all at once, and usually with a break now and then as she listened... This was non-stop, writing the same thing over and over, only changing how she would mess up a word or two to keep the meaning as intact as possible, constantly reminding herself that she was not a big girl anymore, as if the mush in her diaper and pacifier in her mouth weren't already doing that.

As soon as she heard the door open, she scrambled guiltily onto her backside again, wrinkling her nose as she sat back down. Thankfully, despite Nanny almost definitely seeing it, she said nothing about it as she strolled in, bending over and picking up the paper, looking at both sides. Valerie had only managed to get one and a half sides done, and she was terrified that, after Nanny saw the atrocious spelling errors, she'd have to do even that over.

Thankfully, she didn't mention it, although that was almost worse, as if she wouldn't have expected anything better from Valerie in the first place. The girl rubbed her cramping wrist, hoping she wasn't going to have to keep going, grateful when Nanny picked her up, even if she got carried not to the changing table, but to her high chair. She was fed several jars of baby food - one of which tasted awfully familiar after all the prune juice she'd been drinking lately - and a large bottle of milk, then taken to the bathroom for a quick bath and toothbrushing.

Strangely, afterwards, Nanny took her back to Summer's room. At first, Valerie thought it was because the woman had decided to put her into Summer's huge overnight diapers, nearly twice as thick as her normal ones, and absolutely massive once Val had been taped into a pair of them. There was, obviously, no way any sleep pants or shorts would go over them, so she was given only a PJ shirt, which barely reached the waistband, then, to her surprise, tucked into the crib.

"It's a good thing your father found those rails last night," Nanny mused. "There's no way Summer would be able to stay in your bed without them... And you clearly need this," she patted the sturdy bars of the crib, "more than her, until yours comes in. Make sure you apologize to her for disrupting her normal routine when she comes in to fetch her stuffies."

Even without the pacifier silencing her, Valerie was not going to apologize to her step-sister for anything, not after what she'd done earlier. Luckily, Summer came in on her own, without Nanny. "Oh, wow," she teased, reaching through the bars, giving Valerie's diaper a poke. "I've never seen any that big! Nanny must really think you need them... Or maybe it's just because she put you in here so early. I'm not even sleepy yet, and I've had an early bedtime for years!"

Valerie glared at her, unable to do much else, though, inwardly, she was hoping her rails shocked Summer the way they had done to her the night before. "So grumpy!" Summer giggled, tweaking the smaller girl's nose. "I hate to tell you this, but that only makes you look more precious... And more like you belong here."

Val shook her head; that wasn't true! She was supposed to be going to prom, not stuck in a crib, in diapers! She didn't deserve any of this! On the other hand, neither had Summer... If nothing else, this whole ordeal had shown her that.

"Here," Summer told her, reaching between the bars once more, this time with a closed hand. "Go on, it isn't going to bite you... I guess you earned it."

Valerie's eyes widened, and she sat up, holding her hands out eagerly. As soon as Summer opened her own fingers, and Val felt the weight transfer to her, she knew this was it. Without even having to see it, she recognized it, remembered how it had felt, simply holding it... Her heart began to thump loudly in her chest as she pulled it closer to herself, staring at it for the first time in many, many years.

She glanced up at Summer, wondering if she knew the truth, how important this was, what she was handing over. She couldn't ask, or even thank her sister for finally helping her with this, after the many times she'd asked her. After what Summer had made her do to get it - and the trouble it had gotten her in - she wasn't sure she wanted to thank her... But, as long as she had it now, none of that really mattered.

"You're welcome," Summer ruffled her hair. "Night-night!"

Valerie watched her leave, barely able to wait until she was gone before sliding the ring onto her finger, trying to remember exactly how it worked. There hadn't been any spells or anything, she was pretty sure... It had to be magic, however, since it still fit her perfectly, after all these years, and being certain it had fit her just as well when she was younger, and smaller.

She closed her eyes, imagined herself in her own room, in her prom dress, normal underwear underneath, hair and makeup perfect, ready to waltz into the prom and show everyone that she was an adult after all, and not the baby they'd seen during her visit there. Their expressions would be revenge enough... But, at least when it came to Anita, and maybe even Stacy, her supposed best friend.

She opened her eyes slowly, wanting to give the magic time to work, but, as soon as she could see anything, it was obvious nothing had happened. She was still in the crib, still in giant diapers, still trapped. That was okay, she told herself, fighting to keep from panicking... She was starting too big. She tried again, this time focusing on the pacifier, on halting the flow of juice, loosening its grip on her mouth to allow her to get it out.

It was still in her mouth after she popped her eyes open. She gulped, gathering her courage, then tried to spit it out, the pacifier seeming to retaliate in kind, spitting back in the former of an even larger stream than usual. But did it feel a bit looser? She reached up, grabbing it, feeling the torrent of juice growing stronger still, and gave it a tug.

It was a huge mistake. The paci didn't budge, it just opened up wider, and, to her horror, began to pour something even worse into her body. The juice thickened, became lumpy, mushy... She wrinkled her nose, nearly gagging as she tasted the oatmeal that was now filling her mouth, the flow broken only by the occasional chunk of prune. Her tummy was already full from her baby food supper, and now she could feel it starting to bloat slightly as she was fed even more, with no choice but to keep swallowing or drown in it.

It wasn't working. After all this time, she had the ring, was positive it was the right one... And it wasn't doing anything! Had it been her imagination all along, somehow? Had it lost its power? Had she forgotten how to properly use it? Whatever the case, it had all been for nothing... She wasn't escaping this crib, or these diapers, not tonight, at the very least.

After a couple minutes, the oatmeal stopping, thinning back out into prune juice, which Val had never been so happy to taste. She took the ring off, not wanting it to fall off, or for Nanny to wake her up in the morning and find it, and confiscate it before Val had the chance to try it again when she could speak. Hopefully that would be all it took... Unless the ring was powerful enough to let her manipulate time, it wouldn't give her prom night back to her, but as long as she was able to undo everything else, she could live with it.

She laid her head back on the pillow, holding the ring up, staring at it. It looked so plain, so normal... If it hadn't been for the way she'd felt as soon as she got it back, she might have told herself she'd made a mistake again, and it wasn't the same one. She might be wrong... If she was, however, she had no hope of getting out of this anyway. She'd looked everywhere, in her own room and Summer's, and if she couldn't find the ring there, she wasn't going to find it.

She sighed, lowering her hand to her chest, looking at the ceiling above her instead, wondering how long she'd be tossing and turning before she was able to fall asleep. As if in answer, she felt a buzz from beneath her head, making her jump, scrambling away for a moment, not knowing what was happening. Then she rolled her eyes at herself, reaching under her pillow, putting the ring there for safekeeping, and pulling out her phone.

In all the excitement, she'd forgotten all about it being there. She turned it on, glad for something to distract her, at least until the screen came back on, returning her to right where she'd left off earlier that day. Anita stared back at her from the screen, all dolled up in her sexy new lingerie, sending a huge pang of jealousy through Valerie.

Valerie backed out of it, cheeks blazing, refreshing the feed to get it as far away from her sight as possible, only for it to be replaced with even more pictures of her former classmates in their prom dresses, nearly ready now, their outfits starting to really come together, make them look so nie, so grown-up, so opposite of how Valerie herself, the student council president, the one who had organized the whole thing, looked.

That wasn't why she'd remembered the phone, however, and she checked her notifications, stomach lurching when she saw the reason the phone had vibrated was a text from Anita herself. She debated swiping the notification away, ignoring it, but she couldn't help herself.

'Are you ready for tonight, Val?' the cheerleader had asked. 'I know I am!'

Valerie wasn't going to fall for her taunting. She closed her texting app, and Insta, opening up the browser instead. Before she could decide what to look up, the phone vibrated in her hands, telling her she had another text. She reached over, dismissed it... And it opened up anyway. She frowned, wondering if her finger had slipped, hit the wrong thing.

'No answer?' Anita mocked her with a crying emoji. 'What's wrong? I can't imagine even you are in bed already.'

Valerie shook her head, determined not to take the bait... She rolled her eyes, seeing a picture starting to load in the message window, sure Anita was ensuring she'd seen the picture she'd just been faced with as soon as she'd unlocked her phone... Only to realize, in horror, that it hadn't been sent by Anita at all...

'OMG!' Anita replied right away, before Val could even hit the preview image, see what she - or her phone, rather, seemingly with a mind of its own - had sent out. 'It's so dark in there, for how bright it is outside... And are those crib bars behind you?'

'No!' Val shot back, palms sweating. 'It's not what it looks like!'

'That diaper's awfully big, too,' Anita pointed out. 'But I guess when you're in bed for so long, you need that. Especially a big baby like you.'

'I am not a baby!' Valerie insisted.

As soon as she'd sent it, she let out a yelp, her phone suddenly red hot, too warm to hold. She dropped it onto the bed, and, as soon as it hit, the screen changed, switching over to a video call. She could see herself, diaper incredibly obvious, staring down at it dumbly, Anita's face popping up in the corner before Val could close it.

"What's up, Val?" she asked, chuckling. "Do you need me to sing you a lullaby? I guess I have time... Johnny won't be here to pick me up for at least another half an hour. I can't believe you're already in bed... Or that your bed is a crib... Or... Wait, what are you doing?"

Valerie had wanted to hit disconnect, of course, as soon as she'd seen who was on the other end... But she was frozen, her hands clutched into fist, face growing red behind her pacifier. It was hard to believe her body had anything left in it, and yet, somehow, she still couldn't sop herself, couldn't end the soft grunting, or the involuntary pushing, or, worst of all, the slow mudslide making its way into her waiting diaper.

She'd been able to hear the crinkling almost right away, and feel the mush building up, spreading further throughout the massive padding... Her only hope had been that the double overnight diapers were big enough that Anita wouldn't see, would ignore all the other signs... Unfortunately, the phone had fallen into the perfect position to get a nice view of both the diapers, and the face of the person using them.

Anita held a perfectly manicured hand up to her face, her grin not quite hidden behind it. "Oh, my God, you seriously are!" she giggled. "And you're already in your night-night diapers, silly girl! Don't you know that means you aren't getting changed again until the morning? I guess you can't help it, though... You really are just a helpless little baby, aren't you? It's going to be so much better, going through this whole night, knowing you're stuck there in your poopy Pampers the whole time..."

Valerie whimpered, shaking her head desperately, something she started doing all the harder as Anita continued. "Don't worry, I'll make sure everyone remembers you tonight... You helped put the whole prom together, after all! It's only right I make sure you're in the slideshow. I bet one of those AV nerds can help me figure out how to get a video in there, too, since you're sending me the perfect one!"

Valerie was more certain than ever that Anita was behind this all, that she'd hacked her phone, either normally, or through whatever magic was doing the rest of this... And, even with the ring in her grasp, she was in less of a position than ever to actually do anything about it. All she could do right now was grunt and squirm and continue pooping her pants, live on video.

This was it... This was her prom night. She'd been dreaming of it for years, and, somehow, it had come down to her helplessly messing herself in front of her biggest enemy. The closest she was going to come to losing her virginity tonight - or for quite a while, probably, if she wasn't able to use the ring to get herself out from under Nanny's thumb - was the rocking horse. There was going to be no dancing, no late night afterparties, nothing... Just a long night in a very thick, very messy, diaper.

"All done?" Anita mocked. "You'd better be, those diapies look ready to burst! Now, as fun as this has been, I have grown-up things to do, so I'm going to have to say goodnight, cutie." She leaned in close to her selfie camera, pursing her lips and kissing the air, then disconnecting the call, finally.

Valerie sat, stunned, for a long few moments, hardly able to process what had happened. She had a feeling Anita was right, and Nanny wouldn't change her, especially since it couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes, if that, since the woman had put her in these diapers, but even if she would have, Val had no way to get her into the room. She couldn't talk past the pacifier, couldn't yell for her, or cry in a way that anyone would hear outside the room.

When she finally picked the phone up again, it was cool, not even a hint of the heat that had made her drop it remaining. She started to go back to the browser, although she doubted anything was really going to distract her from her thoughts, or her messy diaper, then, out of nowhere, felt the urge to give Instagram one last check.

There, on Anita's private account, was a new video... One that was all too familiar to Val, all too fresh in her mind. It started to play automatically, showing the poor girl her own face as she pooped her pants. Frantically, she attempted to scroll past, only to tap it instead, opening it up bigger on her screen, and showing her the caption Anita had added.

'The girl who made it all possible!' she'd typed. 'Hope your night is as great as mine is going to be, Val!'

Thankfully, as Valerie fumbled with the phone, trying to stop the video, a low battery indicator blinked on screen, and, a split second later, the whole thing turned off. She put it back under her pillow, sniffling softly, squirming as she fought to find the one comfortable position she was sure had to exist somewhere, no matter how full her diaper was.

There was no way Anita could get any more videos of her now... But this also meant she was all alone, with nothing to take her mind off her situation, and not in the least bit tired. Like her classmates, her night had just begun... Unlike them, however, hers was going to consist solely of staring out the bars of her crib, wishing she was with them... Or, really, anywhere else at all.

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Hello, everyone!

I just want to keep you all informed with what's going on, so I need to let you know about the e-mail I just got, which is going to mean some changes for this page. If I'd gotten this earlier, I would have made it a part of my monthly update post, but since I didn't, it'll have to be separate.

Apparently, I'm in violation of Patreon's Community Guidelines, because some of the pictures have been deemed as pornography. I'll quote the e-mail to let you know what exactly that entails:

"Patreon does not allow pornography, which is defined in our guidelines as real people engaged in sexual acts such as intercourse or masturbation. This definition includes genital play, signs of arousal, or play with sex toys and the like.

Pornographic content cannot be funded by or linked to or from your creator page, nor can it be offered as a reward to patrons through messaging or links. "

So, obviously, I'll be going through my page and taking pictures involving those things down, and I won't be using pictures involving them in the future. Luckily, it doesn't apply to many of the pictures, but there are some, so I have to go through and find them all, and, at the moment, I don't have the time to find suitable replacements, so there will be some caption posts that don't have photos attached. At some point, I'll try to find other pictures that would work for the story that don't focus on those things, or I'll try to come up with some other alternative that doesn't break the rules, but for now, it'll have to be just the text.

Again, this is just for the pictures that break the rules, so ones that actually show sex toy play or masturbation. Most of the captions on here should be safe. I apologize for the inconvenience, but obviously this is something out of my hands. Hope you all have a great day!

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So just to let you know the picture I think that offends this the most is from the babysitter’s helper part 3
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There's absolutely nothing to apologize for. You're doing your best to deal with the rules Patreon sets.
The Plan - Part 2
The Plan - Part 2more_vert
The Plan - Part 2 2020-06-16T14:00:03+00:00close

Picture property of ABDreams.

"Okay," Evelyn whispered, looking around nervously, even though the Mommies were already gone. "What's the plan?!"

Bella had to fight to keep her panic from showing on her face, or her smile from watching the other girl toddling her way towards her after going to check the door, crinkling loudly. She'd hoped for the best, of course, but she hadn't expected this to go this well, this quickly... She didn't have anything beyond this just yet.

"It's gonna take some time," she improvised. "We want to do this right, don't we? It'll probably take through the whole summer, but it will definitely be worth it, once we get away."

"The whole summer?!" Evelyn gasped, having seemingly already forgotten about the secrecy as she fidgeted with her pants, and the bulky diaper now tapes beneath them. "Then why did I hafta do this now?!"

"It's all a part of the plan," Bella assured her. "You have to seem like a good, sweet little baby now, so we can use that later on."

Evelyn glared at her for a moment, then sighed, plopping down on the floor. "All right," she pouted. "That makes sense..." Quietly, she went back to playing for a few minutes before asking, "So, umm... How did you end up in diapers so soon yourself?"

That didn't worry Bella nearly as much; she'd worked out her cover story for that long ago, though, for the sake of her own plan - the one to turn Evie into a baby, not for both of them to get away and go off to college - she decided to spice it up a bit. "I didn't have a choice," she said. "I know my Mommy seems nice, but she's super strict... I was in a toy store, shopping for a present for my little cousin, and she saw me in the baby toy aisle, and that's all she needed. She diapered me right then and there, in front of everyone, and took me home, and I've been here ever since."

"Oh, no!" Evelyn gasped, hands covering her mouth in shock and horror. "I'm so sorry!"

Bella felt the tiniest pang of guilt, manipulating someone as naive as this, but she quickly shook it off, reminding herself this was all bound to happen eventually. If she could do it this easily, anyone else could have, too; it was better that it was her, so she could try to help Evelyn learn to enjoy this, the way she did.

And it really did suit the girl... Her new diaper bulge made her childish outfit even more adorable, and Bella could barely stop herself from cooing every time she saw some of the plastic waistband sticking up over the girl's pants, as Evelyn squirmed and tugged at them, trying to keep them hidden, to no avail. She was still doing that when Bella's Mommy came in. "Are those uncomfortable, sweetie?" she asked. "Would you like me to help you take them off?"

Bella saw the panic in Evie's eyes, knew she was remembering her earlier lie about how strict the Amazon was. She wiggled in place, shooting Bella a desperate look, some way out of this that wouldn't involve having to tell the much bigger woman 'no'. "Uh, I-I'm not... I-I don't...." she stammered, unable to get more than two words out at a time.

"It's all right," Mommy smiled, reaching down, grabbing the girl's pants. Evelyn whimpered softly, knowing it was too late now, and, in a matter of moments, was left sitting there in only her diaper and shirt, stunned. "Isn't that better? Okay, girls, it's time for lunch! Let's go!"

Bella helped Evelyn back to her feet, grabbing her hand and walking beside her down the hall, leaning in to whisper, "You have to eat everything she gives you. If you don't, she'll mix it all up together into baby food, and she'll spoon feed it all to you anyway. It's just better to do it yourself."

Evie paled, but nodded, seeing the sense in that, although Bella could still see how nervous she was as she was lifted into her high chair, right beside Bella's. Bella always ate with her hands, so Mommy didn't bother giving her any utensils, though Evelyn did get a plastic spoon, which she obediently used to follow orders, scooping up every bit of the food, including the peas, which she clearly wasn't a fan of.

"Such good, hungry girls!" Mommy beamed, clearing away the dishes. "I bet you were just looking forward to dessert!" She set a baby bottle down on each tray, both filled with a thick liquid. Bella's mouth watered, knowing both how her Mommy's special banana bread formula tasted, and what it would to do her.

Despite that, she shook her head, giving her tummy a pat. "I'm sorry, Mommy," she said. "I'm too full. Evie can have mine, though!"

"But it's your favorite, sweetie," Mommy told her, frowning, looking concerned. "Are you feeling sick?"

"No, Mommy," Bella told her, although she was tempted to say yes and get her temperature taken. "I can't eat anymore. I just don't want it to go to waste."

"Well, that's very sweet of you," Mommy smiled, moving the bottle over to Evelyn's tray. "There you go, Evie! Drink up!"

With what Bella had told Evelyn, the girl had little choice. Bella watched, grinning, as the girl struggled to finish the first bottle, then reluctantly started on the second, knowing exactly what effect those were going to have on the girl's tummy in an hour or so. Quietly, Bella closed her eyes, shivering, concentrating as she focused on wetting her diaper. She hated that it still took so much effort, that her muscles hadn't fully given in, but, to be fair, it had been happening more naturally the longer she stayed here... She'd just expected that to come much sooner.

"Oh, my," Mommy said, and Bella opened her eyes again, lightly blushing, certain she'd been discovered. When she looked, however, she saw Mommy had plucked Evie from her chair, checking the geeky girl's obviously soaked diaper. Glancing down, Bella even saw a wet spot on the chair. Her cheeks darkened further, for another reason this time, and she bit her lip, squirming in place, badly wanting to reach down to her own diaper and be naughty... But she knew she had to wait until she was alone.

They both got a change, and put down for a nap, which Bella told Evie they had to stay perfectly quiet during. She'd hoped the other girl would drift off first, to give her some alone time, but she was fast asleep herself in no time. When Mommy got them both up, she dressed them up, and took them out to the small, private beach behind the house.

Bella was smart; she'd chosen an Amazon with a good amount of wealth, with a nice, big house, right on the beach. It really was gorgeous, which only made everything else so much better. The two littles toddled outside, with Mommy trailing behind, watching, sitting down on the sand and pretending to play. "Wh-What's going to happen next?" Evelyn asked anxiously.

"Just be patient," Bella told her, her mind already busy thinking of how to get more people from their high school back into diapers. This was a good time, obviously, but it would be fun to have a real challenge... Evelyn was such a gullible, innocent victim. It was still good to have her, to get to watch her as she squirmed, rubbing her slightly bulging belly, looking a bit scared of what was going to happen next. Going up against someone who was an actual match for her, however, would be all the sweeter, especially once she inevitably won, and got to see them in this same situation.

"I-I can't do this!" Evie blurted out, shaking her head. "I-I'm sorry... I-If the plan isn't happening right now anyway, then I-I don't hafta... Not yet..." She shook her head, sweating and fidgeting.

"What's wrong?" Bella frowned, feigning ignorance.

"No!" Evelyn hissed. "I-I really hafta... I-I mean..." She blushed, looking around. "I-I need to go... A-And not just..." She nibbled her bottom lip, too embarrassed to say it.

That was fine with Bella. "What do you mean?" she pretended not to know. "I can't help you if you won't tell me!" It was perfect... She didn't even care if Evelyn managed to say it or not... Forcing her to make herself try meant she'd be waiting longer, giving herself less and less of a chance to do anything about it.

"I-I really need... I gotta..." Evie whimpered, bouncing in place now, her short skirt giving Bella a perfect view of the diaper beneath it. She gave a shuddering sigh, closed her eyes. "I-I need to poop," she finally blurted out.

Bella wasted no time. "Oh, you have to do that in your diaper," she told the girl. "Mommy gets really mad if you ask her for the potty for that."

"No!" Evelyn gasped, stomping her feet, on the verge of a tantrum to really complete the picture of her as a little toddler. "No, I can't! I know it's for the plan, but I..." But it was already too late. It was hard for Bella to tell for sure, but it certainly looked like Evelyn had a genuine accident, judging by the shock on her face as Bella watching the lump begin to form in her diaper, quickly swelling outwards, growing larger as she filled her pants, while all Evie could do was squat down and push.

"Oh, no," Evie sniffed, sounding much smaller and more helpless now, a lot of her defiance having melted away with that incredibly infantile act. "Oh, yucky... I-I hafta go get a change..."

"Don't!" Bella blurted out. "We have to wait for Mommy to check us!"

She was already trying to come up with a story to justify that, but, it turned out, she didn't have to. "Okay," Evelyn sighed, sinking down, her nose wrinkling as Bella's grin widened, watching the girl sink down into the mushy mass in her diaper like the obedient little baby Bella was forming her into. How was Evelyn's Mommy going to react, after she heard how many diapers the girl went through, including a dirty one? Was she going to get to watch the little geek get her bottom spanked? It was hard to tell for sure... What she did know, however, was that her earlier prediction was definitely right on the money; Evelyn was done using the potty, for good.

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I'm 3
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Yesss! :D
A Little Visitor - Chapter 3 2020-06-08T14:01:03+00:00

"Hey," Lauren smiled softly down at the sniffling girl in front of her, kneeling down to give her a hug. "It's okay... I'm not mad."

"B-But..." Rebecca blushed, squirming in place, feeling the pajama shorts bunched around her knees, and the now soggy Pull-Up around her waist, both evidence of her failed run to the bathroom. It had been happening more and more lately; seemingly, the more she wore the trainers - and she was in them all the time now - the more she needed them. She'd known she had to go, of course, and it was really her fault for not getting up sooner... She just hadn't realized how bad it was until she was nearly there, and it hit her that, unless she started to strip down then and there, she wouldn't make it on time.

And she still hadn't, her efforts only ensuring that her roommate would get a good view of her wet Pull-Up as soon as she rounded the corner and saw her there. Rebecca had made a token attempt to tug her pants back up, but she'd known it was too late already.

"It's all right," Lauren told her again, giving her another squeeze. "It's your poor little ankle," she explained. "It isn't fully healed yet, is it?"

"N-No, it's not," Rebecca agreed, eager for a reasonable excuse. It had been feeling all right for a few days now, but she wasn't a doctor; it probably wasn't back to full strength yet. That had to be the issue... She couldn't move as fast as she was used to, and her bladder hadn't figured that out, so it wasn't telling her to head to the bathroom on time.

"Poor thing," Lauren shook her head. "And that's your last Pull-Up, isn't it?"

"No!" Rebecca squealed, but she wasn't sure why... Of course it was true, she simply didn't like to think about the fact she'd made it through an entire pack herself, or that Lauren knew.

"Oh, I'm sorry," her roommate said gingerly. "I just saw the empty pack in the garbage, and..."

"Okay, fine!" Rebecca rolled her eyes. "Yeah, it is!"

"It's all right," Lauren assured her. "It's too bad this happened now, since the store's closed already, but we'll figure it out. We can drive a little further, and..."

"I have work in the morning!" Rebecca whined.

"I do, too," Lauren reminded her. "But we have to do something..."

She didn't say it out loud, though they both knew what she meant. Rebecca blushed, glad now that she'd never found a reason to tell her friend that she'd never wet the bed as a child, since her record was now broken; ever since she'd started wearing trainers all the time, she'd been waking up soggy every morning. She'd told herself it would stop once she was back to her normal panties, but she knew it was silly to believe that.

"I hate to even suggest this," Lauren said, after a long, silent moment. "But... I do have some of Kellie's spares here..."

"Kellie has spare Pull-Ups?" Rebecca frowned, confused. It hadn't seemed like the girl was anywhere close to being ready to potty train...

Lauren shook her head. "Not Pull-Ups..."

"No!" Rebecca gasped, tears springing to her eyes as she stomped her foot. "I'm not gonna wear a diaper!" Pull-Ups were hardly much better, but, in these sorts of situations, every little bit helped. "Please, no..."

"It's your choice," Lauren let her know. "You have been leaking a lot lately, though... And it's either this, or we stay up long enough to find a store that has trainers for you..."

Rebecca stomped her foot again, frustrated with herself, and the situation she'd landed herself in. She should have mentioned she was running low sooner, so they could have made a shopping trip, but she hadn't wanted to admit the truth, to herself or to Lauren, that she'd already used up that many Pull-Ups. She'd convinced herself she'd be fine, that this night would be the exception, and her Pull-Up would be dry when she woke up, so she could wear it to work... In reality, she hadn't even made it all the way to bedtime. Did she really believe in herself enough to risk sleeping without any protection?

"Okay!" she huffed, caving in. "You hafta help me, though, I don't know how to put on a stupid diaper!"

"Of course," Lauren nodded. It was no problem for her, obviously, since she had plenty of experience changing Kellie. Rebecca blushed, trying not to think of the other girl as she squirmed, letting herself get cleaned up, taped into the bulky diaper, knowing this was the same kind Kellie wore, that, to someone who didn't know the whole story, she'd look just as babyish as her...

"Uh-oh!" Lauren could barely suppress a giggle as she tried to tug Rebecca's pajama shorts back up. "They won't fit!"

"Yes, they will!" Rebecca fumed, grabbing for them herself, giving them a harder yank, and realizing her friend was telling the truth. Finally, she had to give up, sliding them off her legs, having to go to bed in a shirt and diaper, which made her feel even more infantile than she already had.

That was nothing compared to the next day, however. There were, of course, no Pull-Ups then, either, and she was far more paranoid about having another accident at work than wetting the bed, so she had no choice but to let Lauren change her soaked overnight diaper, putting her into a fresh one, then letting her pick out her outfit for the day... Only to discover none of her clothes would fit.

She should have taken a moment, calmed down, thought it through; instead, Lauren found her on the floor, bawling her eyes out. "What's wrong?!" she asked, hurrying in. "Did you hurt yourself?"

"This stupid diaper's too big!" Rebecca wailed. "I-I can't get my pants over it, a-and all my dresses are too short, a-and...!"

"Oh, poor thing," Lauren cooed, hugging her. "Well, my clothes obviously aren't going to fit you, and we don't have time to get you anything, but..."

"No!" Rebecca shook her head when she saw what her roomie's solution was. "No way!" But it was her only choice, so, reluctantly, she ended up going to work that day in one of Kellie's spare outfits, a pair of shortalls, diaper bulging beneath them.

"Everything all right?" her manager asked, coming in to check on her, Rebecca squirming as she felt the Betweener's eyes on her, knowing exactly what she was looking at.

"It's a long story," Rebecca told her. "B-But you don't have to mark me down as actually needing these! It's still temporary!"

"I'd like to believe that, dear," the woman said, "but you're... leaking."

"Nuh-uh!" Rebecca shook her head, glancing down at herself, cheeks blazing when she saw the twin wet spots on the crotch of the shortalls. She did her very best to explain things to HR, yet she still found herself being taped into a fresh diaper, this one even thicker, and dotted with little hearts, instead of the plain white plastic of the ones she'd been borrowing, and put into a sundress that was barely long enough. "Y-You're not going to put this in my file, are you?" she sniffed, staring up at the HR woman hopefully.

That evening, Lauren took her shopping, finally. She was nice enough to tell her, "It's your choice," as they stood in front of the diaper aisle, and Rebecca desperately wanted to pick the Pull-Ups, but she knew if she showed up to work in them, she'd be at the very least reprimanded, potentially spanked, and quite possibly fired. Until she could prove she didn't need them, she was expected to wear diapers there at all times.

Quietly, she grabbed the nearest pack in her size and put it into the cart, expecting her roomie to tease her. Thankfully, she didn't say anything, except, "Maybe we should get you some new clothes, too!"

"J-Just a few things," Rebecca agreed.

"Obviously," Lauren smiled. "This is only temporary, of course."

There were very few good options for someone her size that would hide a diaper bulge, but they did the best they could, trying to find things that weren't too overtly childish. Everyone at work had already seen her in the shortalls, and the dress, so they all knew the truth about what she was wearing... Which, in a way, made it much easier for her to accept it as the weeks went on, and Lauren started taping her into thicker and thicker diapers, one with more and more babyish designs... It wasn't really a secret, after all, and the bigger they were, the less likely it was that she'd have to go to HR for a mid-day change.

And, of course, bigger diapers meant another wardrobe change. She wasn't sure where Lauren kept finding clothes to fit over the giant padding, but it didn't much matter, as long as she did. It only made sense that they'd be more childish, and, before long, it didn't bother Rebecca much at all. In fact, they were pretty cute...

It was probably inevitable, what happened next. "I'm sorry, Becca," the HR lady told her one day, calling in her, sitting her in front of her desk in her onesie, extra-bulky diaper poking out of the leg-holes, "but I don't think this job is a good fit for you. Your work has been slipping, and you've been dressing inappropriately for the workplace for a while now, and, while I'm happy to help, changing diapers isn't really my job..."

"Well, I don't know how to do it myself!" Rebecca pouted, crossing her arms. "And I can't find anything else to wear over these! It's tem... temp... It's only for now, anyway! Once my ankle's healed, I'll go back to my big girl panties!"

But the HR lady didn't buy that. Lauren, surprisingly, wasn't mad, promising she could handle the rent on her own, as long as it took, and even hiring a nice, older lady to come in and stay with Rebecca during the day, to change her diapers, and cook for her, and help remind her to take her naps so she didn't get cranky...

"Becca, share your toys," Lauren told her sternly, watching from the doorway. Becca sulked, but, knowing better than to argue, handed her dolly over to Kellie, who was there for a play-date. "Good girl," she praised.

Rebecca beamed, carefully getting to her feet, toddling over towards her toybox to find something else to play with. She paused for a moment as she passed her mirror, getting a good view of herself. There, in the reflection, was a little girl, wearing a frilly, pink dress, one far too short to hide her massive, pink diaper, patterned with playing kittens, so big it forced her to stand bow-legged. She stared into the eyes of the girl in the mirror, then grinned. She looked so pretty! She was going to have to thank Mommy for this dress again; it was brand new, and she loved it!

Before she could do that, however, she felt a funny feeling in her tummy, and, automatically, she bent forward slightly and started to push with a series of tiny grunts. She giggled, watching herself, seeing her face scrunched up, her silly expression, listening to the noises she was making as she felt the warm, mushy mess in her pants slowly growing, the exposed diaper drooping between her legs slightly before her eyes.

"Uh-oh!" Mommy exclaimed, stepping into the mirror behind her, reaching down to give the girl's stinky bum a pat. "Does someone need a clean diapie?"

"No!" Becca giggled, toddling away. "I'm not done playing, Mommy!"

Lauren smiled, happy to play along as she chased her little girl around her nursery. "You can finish once you're changed!" she told her, earning only more giggles. She was such a happy baby... Just like Lauren had known she would be. The little accident with the booster hadn't been a part of Lauren's plan, but it had made things so much easier, let her move her timeline up, and helped keep her former roommate - now baby - from suspecting anything.

And now, there wasn't a trace of the girl's adult life left, wiped away as easily as Lauren was going to clean her bottom once she caught her, after giving her tummy a good tickle, of course. She was just as much a baby as Kellie, if not more-so... And, exactly as Lauren had predicted, they were both far happier this way.

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Hope there's a part 4!
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Kim possible being hypnotized to cheer in front of school in diaper :)
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European vacation sounds fun
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A continuation of 'Face the music' showing what life's like at home and the office, months later.
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School bully reaches headmasters whits end and earns the mysterious "strike 3" policy, where she is demoted to the preschool to learn some humility. Big changes are ahead both at school and at home
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Team of Amazon collaborators in our world scouting a college career fair for potential little recruits for a 'study abroad' in their world.
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A stressed college students life is thrown upside down when she gets a delivery of Supernatural underwear
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Gap Year again
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A continuation of the DnD story, Trapped? (coughs) "Determined to save their Halfling companion from the sinister yet unusual Wraith and it's trap, our heroes return to the mysterious dungeon. Will they be able to rescue poor Hana? Will the effects on her from the magical trap persist after being freed? Or will another member of the party fall victim to the Wraith's unusual powers and discover what has happened to Hana firsthand...?"
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A middle aged female marriage counselor works with a younger couple not realizing that they are scouting her for adoption, and over the course of a few appointments finds herself thinking of them as mommy and daddy.
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How about a young school inspector who on a school tour is left alone in the uniform supply room by her guide. While in there she decides to steal a uniform for some kinky play with her boyfriend. She tries on the school shoes and the blazer and is discovered like this by another teacher who mistakes her for the new troubled student. She is torn between admitting she was stealing and being treated like a troubled student.
Last Minute
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Pictures property of!

'Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!' the post read, making Shayla freeze in place, staring down at her phone. It couldn't actually be Father's Day already... Could it?! Last year's had felt like just yesterday... Had this all really been going on for a full year?!

She scrolled through her feed, her sense of dread growing as she passed more and more posts saying, basically, the same thing, confirming her fears. She'd vaguely been aware that it was this month, but it was so hard to keep track of the days now, she'd completely blanked, and now she was sitting there, in her nursery, with no presents, just like last year.

Of course, in her defense, it was much more difficult for her to get him anything this year, and that was definitely his fault. She could have ordered something online, though, did her best to ensure it arrived on a day when he wouldn't be back before the delivery trucks made their rounds... If only she'd remembered it was happening this soon.

"I'm sorry," she rehearsed, mumbling into her pacifier. "I'm not used to this..."

But that was the same excuse she'd used the year before. She'd never really known her actual father, so this wasn't a holiday she and her mother put a lot of stock into when she was a kid. And, even after she'd gotten married, she hadn't thought it mattered for them. "I know there are husband cards out there," she'd told him, "those are for couples that have kids, though, right?"

"That's true," he'd acknowledged, looking down at her, in her little schoolgirl uniform, thick, cotton, Dora panties hidden away under the skirt, just waiting for an inspection. "And you're my little girl, aren't you?"

They'd been playing for a while by then, and she did call him Daddy more often than not, having to make an effort not to do it if they were out with friends who didn't know - the number of which was dwindling at that time, and was essentially zero now - but she hadn't put those things together until she was standing in front of him, blushing, realizing she should have gotten him at least a Father's Day card, and probably a present.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," she'd sniffled, giving him a hug.

"It's all right," he'd replied, giving her a second to calm down. "If you really want to give me a gift, there is something we could try..."

"Okay," she'd nodded, without thinking, even though she should have known better. They'd talked about it before, and she'd told him no... Somehow, it didn't occur to her that might be what he was suggesting as he buckled her into the back seat of the car, drove her to the store, walking her through it, holding her hand...

She was silly enough to believe that was the extent of it. She'd been dressing up in her childish clothes more frequently at home, to the point where she almost only wore her big girl outfits if she was going shopping, or they were going out on a date. He made enough money that she didn't need to have a job, and, after trying a couple out, she'd agreed it was for the best if she just stayed home. Every now and then, if she misbehaved, he'd make her go out this way, taking her to some fast food place, forcing her to order off the kids' menu, talking to her like a real child... It wasn't the craziest thing, thinking he'd accept this as his present...

Being out in public was new enough, she was more concerned with looking around, hoping she didn't spot anyone she knew, than paying attention to where they were going. It was only when they stopped that she realized where they were, her cheeks turning bright red. "All right," Daddy had smirked, letting go of her. "Take your pick, princess."

"Daddy!" she'd squealed, face burning bright red, eyes darting all around them, no longer caring if she knew any of the people around... Even if they were strangers, it was humiliating for anyone to believe she - as an adult or just a schoolgirl - might need these.

"Shayla," he'd said, calmly, but warningly, "the more you complain, the longer you're going to be in them. Now, choose... Or I'll choose for you. Or do you not want to give me a present at all?"

It had been a little unfair, but it had worked. She could have pointed out that they were at the store, and she could have looked around, found him something else; unfortunately, that had only occurred to her while they were standing in line at the check-out, and she was too mortified to speak up and risk making anyone look in their direction, see what she was holding.

After he changed her into her first diaper, she hadn't gotten her little girl undies, much less her grown-up panties, back. It had, apparently, been a year, and any time she asked if she was done, he'd find some reason to tell her no... Then, for Christmas, he'd gotten her the nursery, which made her certain it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

She didn't hate it... She'd gotten used to it, if nothing else. There was something freeing about it, even more than their previous ageplaying. She could get away with even more as a toddler than a schoolgirl... There were, of course, also a lot more rules, not all of which she agreed with, which had led to quite a few punishments over the past year.

The one she disliked the most was the one that forbid her from using the bathroom without in-person permission. If he was at work, she could beg him all she wanted, and it didn't matter - she had to use her diaper. She'd had a couple of pee-pee accidents before the diapers, and she didn't mind them too much... It was when she had to poop, and knew she wouldn't be allowed to use the toilet, despite it being so close, that it really bothered her. She'd managed to get onto a schedule where she could usually wait until he was there... But every now and then, he'd go to work early, or have to stay late, or her tummy would get upset...

The bathroom was right there; she could break the rules and go whenever she wanted. He was keeping track of her, though, and if she didn't have a messy diaper, or have him take her to the potty for that, at least once a day, she got an enema, and, if her diaper wasn't sufficiently full afterwards, making him suspect she'd been cheating, she got a spanking, too. It wasn't worth it, no matter how humiliating it was to, now and then, have to squat down and poop her Pampers.

He always loved it, however, teasing her about what a baby she was, patting her drooping diaper, sometimes bouncing her on his knee... She never felt more tiny and infantile than after he came home and found her in messy pants. Which was why it seemed like it was the perfect last minute gift. She blushed as she set her phone down, gnawing on her pacifier as she lifted her padded bum into the air, hugging her favorite stuffie to her bare chest, Daddy having decided she could sleep in just her diaper and booties the night before.

It was harder than she'd expected. She did it so rarely, and only when she had to go so badly it almost wasn't even her choice... Trying to do it now, on command, was completely different, she realized. She closed her eyes, trying to pretend she was sitting on the toilet, eventually changing her position, squatting instead, getting the same results.

By the time Daddy got up and came in to check on her, her diaper was soggy, but still clean. Maybe this wasn't going to work after all, she thought to herself as he got her changed and dressed for the day, deciding not to wish him a happy Father's Day just yet, to give herself time to come up with an alternative gift so he wouldn't think she'd forgotten.

Once she was alone in the nursery, she looked around, searching for inspiration, finally spotting her chalkboard. That was it! She'd write him a nice message, maybe draw him a picture, and that would be just as good as a card, other than the fact that she'd have to wind up erasing it eventually. He could take a picture, though, and that would last forever!

As an older kid, she could have used construction paper, and glitter, and markers, and made an actual card that would have served the same purpose, but those things were off-limits. It would be way too easy for a baby like her to make a huge mess with them, and not the kind she'd failed to make in her diaper earlier. The chalkboard was better, anyway, since it would let her erase if she made any mistakes, without having to start all over again.

All she had to do now was figure out what she wanted to say. She sucked thoughtfully on her paci, staring at the empty board, occasionally raising one arm up, preparing for inspiration to strike... Only to let it fall back to the floor, stumped.

It was boring, but, in the end, she decided it was better to just say, "Happy Father's Day," so she'd have something done before he came in to check on her. And then she'd draw... Well, that part was still unclear. Her default was flowers, since they were simple, and pretty, even though she wasn't good at them, though she worried they'd be too girly for this.

She scrawled away at the words first, blushing when she finished and gave her handiwork a look. It had been a very long time since she'd had to write anything, she realized, mostly typing on her phone if she had to send anyone a message, and her writing had never been the neatest... Now, it almost looked like something an actual toddler had done.

Daddy might like that, actually, but it was too embarrassing for her to look at it. She liked to think of herself as still being a big girl, no matter how Daddy made her dress, and seeing that just made that seem less likely, more like she was a toddler after all, who had only pretended to grow up, and was now back where she belonged...

"Ugh!" she stomped her bootied foot in frustration, tears starting to dot the corners of her eyes. She just wanted to do something nice for Daddy for his day, and she couldn't do any of it right! She erased the board and tried again, but it somehow turned out even worse, her vision blurred as she grumpily had to wipe her eyes every few seconds.

That was it, she thought. She was going to have to do it, whether she liked it or not... She closed her eyes again, squatting down, giving another push... And, this time, it worked. It was odd, feeling happy about that - at least for the split second before she felt the mushy mass pushing against the rear of her diaper, and starting to spread, although, by then, it was too late to stop it - and yet, here she was, celebrating it.

She blushed, squirming in her slowly ballooning diaper, feeling more babyish than ever as she opened her eyes and looked at the barely legible words, intentionally messing herself, frantically nursing her pacifier for comfort. She never would have guessed, the year before, that Daddy's little idea about what she could get him for a gift would end up with her here, like this. If she had, would she have said no? She honestly wasn't sure...

"Oh, are you drawing?" She gasped, turning to see Daddy himself standing in the doorway, smiling. She blushed, turned away as he approached. "It looks very nice, sweetie," he told her, patting her on the head. "What is it?"

She could almost feel herself shrinking, the years peeling off of her. "Th-They're words, Daddy!" she pouted, struggling to keep herself quiet otherwise, not wanting him to know what was happening in her pants, even though the lack of actual pants was going to make that difficult.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," he said, looking at the board again. "Are you sure?"

"Y-Yes!" she grunted, cheeks burning as her body almost instantly negated her efforts to be discreet.

"Uh-oh," he grinned, his tone almost making her wonder if he'd known all along. "What's going on, sweetie? Are you having a little accident?"

"U-Uh-huh," she answered, without thinking, immediately regretting it. Not only did that make it sound like she hadn't meant to do this, like she had no control over herself - like a baby - but also, if it was an accident, how could she claim it was a present. "I-I mean..."

"It's okay," he promised. "I'm not mad... This only means I made the right call. I know Father's Day is tough for you, Shayla, and I'm not mad at you for forgetting... I had a feeling you would, so I went ahead and got myself a gift. Come on in!"

Shayla gasped, shaking her head, not knowing who would be waiting for those words, but not wanting anyone to see her like this... Especially the woman who stepped into the nursery. She was tall, so much bigger than Shayla herself, and gorgeous, the huge breasts barely hidden beneath her dress making the girl sitting there, filling her diaper, instantly jealous, as she tried desperately to tug her shirt down, hide her padding.

"It's all right," Daddy told her. "She knows all about them... That's why she's here. I was so worried about you here, all by yourself all the time, so I hired you a Nanny."

"D-Daddy!" Shayla stared up at him, shocked. "I-I don't need a..." She couldn't even finish, Daddy giving her dirty diaper another pat to show her why she was wrong.

"Now I'll know you're eating healthy, and getting your naps, and having your diaper changed on time," Daddy said. "It's going to make me feel so much better."

"B-But Daddy," Shayla gulped. "I-If she's here, then I can ask her permission to use the potty whenever, right? S-So my diaper won't need..."

"That's precious," the Nanny said, stepping forward, reaching down and picking Shayla up. "It's cute when they think they're bigger than they are, isn't it? The potty is for big girls, Shayla, and you aren't a big girl, are you?"

Shayla sucked harder on her paci, wanting to point out that the woman was wrong, only to find that rather difficult to do when the first time they'd met, she was in a messy diaper, one that the Nanny changed for her without a second thought, putting her into a fresh outfit before leading her over to her crib and climbing in, pulling the girl onto her lap, then sliding down her dress, exposing one of her voluptuous breasts, and guiding Shayla towards it.

It took Shayla just a little too long to put it together, enough to make her feel all the dumber as the Nanny plucked out her paci and pushed the girl's mouth against her nipple. Shayla's instincts took over, and, without thinking about it, she began to suck, feeling the warm, sweet milk begin pouring into her mouth.

The Nanny was right... She wasn't a big girl. This wasn't something a big girl would do, and it would be questionable even for the toddler she'd become over the past year... Only a baby would be doing this, or be facing a future with no toilet breaks whatsoever, no hope of potty training. Daddy's gift to himself had been to demote her even further... And, considering how far she'd fallen over this past year, she was a little scared to see what would become of her by next Father's Day... But, as she realized, cradled in the other woman's arms, her tummy growing warm and full with milk, her diaper growing warm as she unconsciously started to wet herself, it was already out of her hands. She was going to be whatever her Daddy wanted her to be.

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Victoria's Secret - Chapter 5 2020-05-30T14:01:00+00:00

Victoria sat up groggily, looking around at her room in confusion, pulling aside her covers, more than pleased to see there was no diaper there after all... In fact, as soon as she realized that, something else hit her, and she had to take in where she was sitting once more.

It was her dorm room. She sighed, leaning back against the wall, relieved. It had been a dream... That whole thing, from the disastrous party, to her run-in with the police, and the awful morning she'd thought she'd had with her former babysitting charges... She shook her head, chuckling, wondering how she hadn't figured that out before; it had felt pretty surreal, and it was hard to buy that her parents would do that to her, no matter what she did. She was their baby after all, their only child.

She hopped out of bed, her brain still fuzzy from the long rest, trying to recall what she had to do that day, if she had finished off all her finals or not. Immediately, she felt like something else had changed, too, although it wasn't until she glanced in the mirror that she discovered what it was, her eyes opening wide at the sight of herself.

She was gorgeous. She'd always done what she could to work with what she had, but the girl in the mirror was everything she'd wanted to be: tall, curvy, double-D breasts straining against her night-shirt, which was almost so short that it showed off her cute bubble butt, the one thing she'd thought she'd had really going for her.

What had happened?! This seemed impossible... She remembered trying so hard to find things to emphasize the few assets she had, and now, she could have worn pretty much anything and been a bombshell. Had that all been part of the dream, too? She opened up her closet, and found outfit after outfit that would have fit her perfectly, making her assume that must be the case.

She happily plucked a tiny party dress off a hanger, one barely bigger than the night-shirt she was already wearing, pulling it on, marveling at how it had managed to improve her looks even more. She didn't want to seem vain, but it was hard for her to take her eyes off herself, despite knowing she must be used to this. That dream had been so realistic, however, that tiny, pathetic version of her body so different than this, it was nice for the reminder that she was something more, something better...

Adding heels to it all almost felt like cheating, though she did it anyway, before strutting out of her room. She wasn't positive where she was going, not that it mattered... She was happy to go anywhere, let people gawk at her, give her ego more of a boost. She was already feeling pretty good, getting out of that nightmare and realizing how good she actually had it, but a little more never hurt.

The dress had been a lucky coincidence, it turned out, something she'd chosen because it looked hot. She'd barely even made it out of the dorm, however, when she realized she was going to get some good use out of it. "There you are!" someone exclaimed, making her spin around, seeing Ashley there.

Ashley... Everyone thought she was so sweet and bubbly, but, for whatever reason, she never seemed to get along with Victoria. Compared to most of the other girls at college, she was relatively short, although still a good five inches taller than Victoria had been in her dream. Vickie recalled her being very pretty and curvy for her size, and that was true... It was nothing compared to herself, however. Clearly, Ashley's dislike must come from jealousy.

Poor thing, Victoria thought to herself, looking at her in her shorts and t-shirt, and sneakers. In the dream, she'd almost been able to equal the girl's height in her highest heels, since Ashley never wore them herself. All she really needed was a few pointers, and a complete overhaul of her wardrobe... Maybe she should take the girl under her wing, show her how it was done.

"Hey, there!" she smiled, leaning over, looking down at the smaller girl. "What's up?"

"You're gonna be late for the party!" Ashley told her. "We're all waiting for you!"

"The party?" Victoria frowned. "I thought..." She rolled her eyes at herself, chuckling. Of course... She'd thought she'd gone to the party already, but that was part of the dream, obviously. She must have been taking a nap before it. "Sorry to hold you up," she winked. "I'd better get there so the fun can start."

"Yeah, you better," Ashley huffed, struggling to keep up as Victoria strutted ahead.

Despite what Ashley had said, the party was already hopping by the time she arrived. Almost immediately, she saw Nicole, of all people, and had to look down at herself as a reminder she wasn't dreaming anymore. Nicole was one of her biggest rivals - or that was how she saw it anyway - tall, toned, her tight dress showing off the time she spent in the gym every day. Victoria could recall feeling like she could never compete with her... Although, of course, it was the other way around.

Jordan and Liz were there, too, talking to her, strangely both wearing the tiny swimsuits they loved sunning themselves in around campus, where they were clearly just trying to show off their bodies. Victoria had actually known Jordan from back home, though they were never close... She hadn't spoken to Liz enough to know where she lived, but she and Jordan were nearly always together, unless they were at class. They hung out together, and, like Nicole, always seemed to be working out.

That must be what they were talking about, Victoria reasoned. She didn't go to the gym that often - why would she need to, when she looked like this? - but every time she did, Nicole was there, and Jordan and Liz were paired up in another part of it, usually lifting weights, or something like that. Victoria didn't feel particularly threatened by Nicole at the moment, but she was glad she was distracted nevertheless.

She sashayed immediately over to the drinks, eager to get caught up with everyone else there, grabbing a red solo cup and lifting it to her lips, only to see... "What the hell is this?!" she wrinkled her nose, setting it back down. She looked at the cheap, folding table, and the other cups set out there, and saw the same thing in all of them.

"Is this some kind of joke?" she shook her head, not quite sure why she was asking it out loud, not entirely able to help herself. It was all right... She knew better than to take one of those anyway, when they'd been sitting out for God only knew how long, practically begging for a roofie. She was just being lazy... She took an empty cup off the stack, put it under the keg's tap, started to fill it up...

"Ew!" She nearly dropped it, seeing what came pouring out. "Seriously, guys!" she stomped her foot, looking around at the other people at the party, shocked they weren't more upset about this, like she was. There was only one more option left, so she opened up the cooler, digging around in the ice until she felt a nice, perfectly chilled bottle, pulling it out, twisting off the cap and taking a swig.

"Ugh!" She did drop it that time, the glass shattering, the contents splashing around her feet, leaving her in the middle of a puddle of white. It had looked exactly like a beer bottle, had been dark enough to keep her from seeing inside, and yet, like everything else here, it had been milk instead.

Was everyone else here actually just standing around, drinking milk?! That would seem lame, and gross, even if she wasn't lactose intolerant. She couldn't drink milk even if she wanted to, and she definitely didn't feel the need to do that at an end of school year party. She could only hope the swallow she'd had was too little to do anything to her, or else...

"Oh, no!" a very familiar voice gasped. "Hold still, we'll take care of it!"

Victoria's heart began to pound, her head almost not wanting to turn in the direction of it. She shouldn't be here... There was no reason for her to be here. She might not have recognized the voice at all, if she hadn't just heard it so much... in her dream.

And yet, there she was, bustling in with a broom and dustpan, starting to clean up the mess. "Taylor?!" Vickie shook her head. "Sh-Shouldn't you be back home?"

"What a silly question, from such a clumsy little baby," another voice mocked, Victoria's eyes widening as she heard it. "Honestly, what are we going to do with you?"

It was Sawyer. She'd finally taken Victoria's advice, apparently, dressing more like a pretty girl she was... In fact, she was wearing the exact same thing as Vickie herself. That was a comfort, at least, knowing how much better she looked in it than the younger girl, although she couldn't shake the memory of her dream, of everything Sawyer had done to her, and confessed to her in the bathtub...

"Wh-Why are you here?!" Victoria demanded.

"Oh, sweetie," Sawyer chuckled. "Aren't you happy to see us? We're very happy to see you, no matter how stupid and klutzy you are."

"I'm not stupid!" she glared down at the girl. "And you don't belong here! You're not in college, and... Hey, let go of that!"

Sawyer grabbed the hem of Victoria's dress, and, before the older girl could stop her, gave it a hard yank upwards, pulling it up and over her head. Victoria gasped, grabbing for it, only to get a glimpse of her arms, looking much shorter than before, chubbier, and so very far away from where Sawyer was holding the skimpy dress.

Her feet slid, her years of experience walking in heels doing her no good now, as he shoes suddenly felt far too big for her. She lost her balance, falling flat on her backside and sitting there, stunned, for a long moment before daring to look down at herself, terrified of what she was going to see.

And for good reason. It was all gone. Her beautiful breasts, and the curves that were part of it, gone, leaving her as flat-chested as she had been in her dream. The bra she'd been wearing was sitting on the floor beside her, one cup almost big enough for her to sit in, her height having dwindled away, too, leaving her no bigger than a toddler... And looking a lot like one, a layer of baby fat having appeared on her. Even her cute butt, the one thing she'd thought she'd had, even in the dream, had vanished.

"No!" she whined, shaking her head, a thumb anxiously making its way to her mouth as the now seemingly gigantic Sawyer bent down, picking her up. "You can't do this! I'm not a baby!"

"Oh, you aren't?" Sawyer raised an eyebrow, setting her back down onto the table where the cups of milk had been a moment earlier, where now, instead, there was a changing pad spread out, stacks of diapers surrounding it.

"No!" Victoria gasped, watching her pick up one of the diapers, recognizing it instantly from her time as a babysitter as one meant for babies, not an adult one, like the one she'd been put in at the police station in her dream. Her stomach churned, recalling the end of her nightmare, the threat the Sawyer there had come up with... Apparently, this Sayer was ready to follow through on it, and there was no way, now, it wasn't going to work out.

"Let me go!" Vickie sniffled, kicking her feet uselessly, too small and weak to stop Sawyer from doing anything she wanted to her... Or to keep the other girls from gathering around the table, watching with amusement as the Pamper was unfolded, slipped under her backside, feeling so thick, and bulky, and utterly babyish... "D-Don't look at me!" she pouted, seeing nothing but grins all around her at the way she was being treated.

"I'd better use lots of powder!" Sawyer exclaimed. "I wouldn't want you getting a rash, now would I?" She sprinkled it liberally, then tugged the infantile garment up around Vickie's waist, taping it in place. "There we go! Nice and tight, so I know it isn't going anywhere!"

"No!" Victoria repeated, squirming, tears starting to stream down her cheeks. She'd been feeling so good, better than ever, and now she'd been brought down so very low, shrank and diapered in front of all these people...

"Somebody's fussy!" Sawyer teased. "I think I know what she needs!"

She reached under the table, pulling out another bottle. This one looked very different from the one Vickie had grabbed, although, in essence, it was the same thing. It was clear, however, letting Victoria see clearly that it was filled to the brim with milk, a drop of it already poking out from the rubber nipple, waiting for her.

"No, no, no," she shook her head desperately, not getting any further before it was shoved into her mouth, which instantly filled with the thick, disgusting stuff. It had always looked so gross to her, even ignoring what it did to her... She had no real memory of how it tasted, though this was every bit as bad as she'd always imagined.

But she had no choice. It was swallow, or drown, so she was left helplessly guzzling it down as Sawyer held it to her face, certain she could feel her tummy already getting upset, bloating...

"That's no fair, Sawyer," Taylor glared at her. "Why do you get to have all the fun?!"

"I didn't," Sawyer replied. "There's plenty of diapers left, and I have a feeling this little girl is going to make quite the mess..."

Victoria tried to shake her head, her protests turned into wordless bubbles as she continued drinking the milk, watching in helpless horror as Taylor stepped up to the table, picking up another one of the diapers, taping it on over the thick Pamper already on her bottom.

"That's better!" Sawyer declared, giving it a crinkly pat. "But I'm still not sure... Does anyone else want to help?"

Victoria looked to her college 'friends', sure they'd want to help, but not Sawyer... They wouldn't let this happen, right? They knew she was a big girl, a grown-up, that she didn't deserve this... So why were they lining up, smirking, behind Taylor?!

One by one, they stepped up, adding another layer of padding each, tickling her grumbling tummy, or pinching her red cheeks, as they finished, the bottle somehow never draining, never stopping. Ashley was the last.

"Wow," she giggled, giving the massive diaper around Vickie's waist a pat. "I'd like to see you fit this under your skanky outfits."

Victoria wiggled, blushed as she felt her tummy give a push, a fart escaping into the padding surrounding her. "So rude!" Ashley teased. "But I guess you can't help it, can you? Poor little Vickie couldn't help trying to steal all the boys' attention with her slutty clothes... And now she can't help filling her diaper like the baby she is."

"I'm not!" Victoria had been protesting that for a while now, but, to her surprise, it actually came out this time, as Sawyer finally removed the bottle. "I-I'm not a baby!" she insisted, although it didn't really matter now. She still couldn't do anything to stop Ashley from putting the final diaper on her, helping her sit up, the padding far too big to allow her to stand, much less walk, or even crawl. All she could do was sit there, stunned, the whole party's eyes seemingly on her.

And then it happened. She thought it was another fart at first, impatiently gave it a push to rid her tummy of the discomfort... Only to feel a warm, slimy sludge begin to pour out into her waiting diaper. "Oh, no!" she gasped, immediately regretting it, knowing there was no way her audience could have figured out what she was doing right away if she hadn't, if she'd been able to keep from reaching up and covering her face. The giant diaper would have hidden what was going on, if only she hadn't immediately broadcasted it to the world.

"What was that, Vickie?" Ashley mocked her, giving the padding a hard poke. "You're not a baby? Then what's going on, sweetie?"

There was no stopping it... Victoria had never had this much milk, and she had no idea what it was going to do, just that she was beyond the point where she could hope to control it. She grunted softly, her body continuing to push, wave after wave of mucky mush gushing out of her, spreading over every bit of the first diaper, making it swell outwards...

It seemed impossible, given how many layers of padding she was wearing, but, sure enough, when she glanced down at herself, she could see it starting to swell, realized Sawyer had been right, that she did need this much protection. Without thinking, she popped her thumb into her mouth again, sucking desperately, trying to calm herself, to take her mind off of what was happening, knowing that now, everyone knew the truth, could see what she was doing, if they couldn't somehow smell, or hear her.

"That would almost be impressive, Vickie," Sawyer chuckled. "If it wasn't so pathetic... Just look at you!" She reached over, planting one hand firmly in the center of the diaper, giving it a hard push, Victoria blushing and whimpering as she felt the mass squelching. "Oh, my God, are you seriously not even done yet? How can someone so tiny make so much of a mess?"

"It's almost impressive," Taylor mused, stepping in closer. "If it wasn't so sad... Can you believe we ever let her babysit us? I bet we could have done this to her when we were kids... She was always so little, and weak, and helpless..."

"N-No, I'm not!" Victoria insisted, words muffled around her soggy thumb.

"Then stop it," Nicole ordered. She looked taller, and more muscular, than ever, truly intimidating to the tiny, diaper-filling girl in front of her. "IF you aren't helpless, then put a stop to this."

She really wanted to, of course, but how was she going to do that?! She grunted, trying to push her thighs together, the pair of them no match for the diaper between them, even before it had started to be filled, swelling up to try to contain it all.

"She can't," Jordan said for her, Liz clinging to her arm and giggling. "Because she's just a baby."

"Am not!" Vickie kicked her legs, the only thing she could do in the moment. "Am not!"

"Who's going to change her?" Sawyer asked. "I'm definitely not volunteering."

"Eww!" Liz exclaimed, nose crinkling. "No way!"

Everyone else seemed to agree, shaking their heads. "I-I can change myself," Victoria grunted, although, to be honest, she was glad when Sawyer scoffed at the offer.

"If we can't trust you not to poop your pants, why would we trust you to clean yourself up properly?" she asked, and Vickie didn't have a good answer.

"You know," Ashley popped in with a grin, "I bet there are still some professors on campus... Maybe they'd be willing to help."

"No!" Victoria gasped. It was bad enough all these people were seeing her this way... She didn't want her teachers to as well! They'd never have respect for her again...

"You're right," Nicole nodded, "They're probably too busy to bother with a dumb little baby like her... But I bet we'll find someone else who will."

"True," Jordan agreed. "If we look long enough, surely we'll find someone, even if we have to ask every single person on campus."

"Nooo!" Victoria shook her head, stomach churning again as the crowd parted, and she saw Taylor approaching, pushing a stroller. She was sure it was just nerves, however, as Taylor picked her up to put her inside, she felt another push, and, somehow, she began to poop again, diapers already sagging heavily under the absurdly huge load she'd already filled them with.

"Even if we don't, at least there'll be some fresh air outside," Sawyer teased, kneeling down, waving one hand in front of her face, while the other fastened the restraints around the sniffling girl in the stroller. "Come on, Vickie... We're not going to rest until someone volunteers to change your stinky bottom, or everyone has seen, first-hand, what a baby you really are.... Or both."

"Yeah," Ashley giggled. "Even if we find someone, they don't have to change her right away..."

"It's not like it matters," Nicole shrugged. "If she gets out of this dirty diaper, she'll just make a new one in a few minutes anyway. It's all she's good for, after all."

"No, I'm..!" Vickie protested, her words cut off by a large pacifier, the only other thing even coming close to clothing she was given, other than her still-growing diaper, before she felt the stroller lurch, moving forwards, towards the front door, looming ever closer as she tugged at the stroller's straps, sucking frantically on the pacifier, feeling her diaper filling more and more...

She sat up, panting, feeling a strange sense of relief to see her own bedroom around her, back home, even if that meant the party, and the morning, hadn't been a dream after all. If she had to choose, she'd definitely prefer what she'd just woken up from to be the nightmare, since, somehow, it was even worse than everything that really had happened to her over the past day.

It was fine... At least Sawyer couldn't really do all that to her, she thought. She'd find a way to deal with her, and Taylor, and make the best of her summer... She wasn't hung-over anymore, at least, so she could think more clearly, fight back, prove that she was the grown-up here, and...

She frowned, squirming in place, gulping as she confirmed that she hadn't imagined the feeling there after all, a moment before the smell hit her, which would have done the same. She supposed she shouldn't be surprised, considering all that pushing she'd been doing in her dream.... But, really, how could she help herself? What college student wouldn't be shocked to realize they'd just pooped their pants in their sleep?

Soft - Part 2
Soft - Part 2more_vert
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Nadia was probably the last person Caprice would have expected to be scared of, but that was before any of this had started. She shouldn't have cared what her roomie thought - not to this extent, anyway - certainly after the stunt she'd pulled, and yet....

Her eyes darted over to her door, snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of what could have been an approaching footstep. She froze, guts twisting, not knowing if she'd prefer it to be Nadia, or Justin, imagining what either would say if they burst in and caught her here. Thankfully, after a few long, tense moments, she didn't hear anything else, so she let out a sigh of relief, convinced it had been her imagination.

It wasn't really against the rules... There weren't any rules. None of this was real, no matter how real that whack with the hairbrush had felt. Nadia had made it all up. So Caprice could do whatever she wanted... It was clear she was no match for Nadia, so she wasn't going to confront her directly, and calling the other girl out on her lies would involve exposing her own, but, at the very least, she could dress like a grown-up again.

The only thing that gave her pause was Nadia's promise - or threat, more like - that she was going to change her later. That had been for show, right? She wasn't actually planning on doing that.... If she was, it would almost definitely have to happen in front of Justin, since he was the cause of this whole humiliating disaster in the first place. There was little point continuing it if he wasn't there to witness it.

Caprice didn't think Nadia would go that far, although she hadn't thought the girl would go as far as she already had, either, so she clearly wasn't suited to judge what her roommate was capable of. She might try to make Caprice wear these awful, childish Goodnites when Justin was around, if Caprice couldn't manage to talk her out of it when they had some time alone next, but she wouldn't make her wear them other times, would she? Why would she do that?

So, as long as she got back to her own room to hide out before either of them saw her, and stayed there until Justin left, she was safe. First, however, she had to get changed, and cleaned up. She blushed as she slid the Goodnite down her legs, horrified as the wet spot she saw in the padding inside, reminding her again of what she'd done to herself. It looked bigger than she'd realized... If she hadn't known any better, she might have thought it was a real accident...

She shook her head, stepping out of it and tossing it into the garbage, away from her, doing her best not to look at it again while she wiped herself off, happily pulling on some real underwear, and her pants. Instantly, she felt much better, almost enough to go face down Nadia and confront her in front of Justin... Almost. She gave her bottom a rub, blushing, heart starting to speed back up, terrified of what could happen if she'd followed through on those daring plans. It definitely wasn't worth it.

She sighed, gathering up her courage as she stood in front of the door, preparing herself for the dash back to her room, where she could hide out until Justin went home. It was a straight shot, no big deal... Unless she was caught before she made it. She closed her eyes, fingers closing around the doorknob, taking one more big breath before she yanked it open, stepped outside...

"Whoa!" Justin exclaimed, as she nearly ran right into him.

Caprice wasn't sure what happened, exactly, if it was the surprise of her hope of an unseen escape immediately vanishing before her eyes, or the memory of what had happened earlier coming back to haunt her. She only really knew one thing, and it was something she didn't like, was trying desperately to stop, fidgeting in place, mortified.

"I didn't hear the toilet flush," he told her. "Did you not make it in time? I saw you were in here, and I didn't want to disturb you, so I was just waiting, and... Uh-oh!"

She groaned, following his gaze down, even though she didn't have to. She'd felt her panties growing wet, the thin fabric quickly growing drenched and starting to spill out into her pants, but she'd hoped it wasn't bad enough for him to notice, that she'd be able to stop it before that point... She was wrong. "Please don't tell her," she whispered, stunned that this was happening for the second time in one day, both times in front of him.

For a second, she thought he might take pity on her, might have feelings for her after all, at least to the point where wouldn't want to get her in trouble... Then, he shook his head. "She's just trying to help you, Caprice. Nadia!"

Caprice gasped, trying to back into the bathroom, grabbing for the door, but she was too slow, Justin catching her wrist, holding her in place until Nadia arrived. "Caprice!" her roomie scolded. "Again?! We have company! I don't have time for you to act out like this now!"

"I-I'm not!" Caprice insisted, squirming in place.

"Did you fall asleep?" Nadia asked.

Caprice hated the implication, didn't want to play into it... But if she told the truth, it might give Nadia an excuse to... She shook her head, horrified at the thought. "Y-Yeah," she lied.

"No, it happened out here," Justin jumped in. "She was just coming out of the bathroom."

"Thank you," Nadia told him, as Caprice's stomach twisted at the betrayal. "Lying now, too? Why didn't you just use the potty when you were in here, silly? It's almost like you want this..." She stepped forward, past Justin, getting ahold of Caprice herself. "Let's get you cleaned up..."

"I-I can do it myself!" Caprice whined, grateful that Justin pulled the door shut, instead of watching, though he still got a good view of her once Nadia her her out of her pants and underwear, wiped dry again, and marched her back to her own bedroom, where she was put into a fresh Goodnite, after only a few blessed, brief minutes out of the first.

"I'm very upset with you, young lady," Nadia informed her, reaching over and grabbing her hairbrush.

"No!" Caprice yelped, panicking. Justin was in the doorway, and she didn't trust him to let her past, so she did the only thing she could to try to get away, hopping up on the bed, as far from Nadia as she could. "Please, Nadia!"

"Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do with you," she sighed. "Justin, I know this is a lot to ask, but... Well..." She stepped over to him, pulling him close, talking low into his ear, giggling, the pair finishing up with a kiss, even though they'd just met that day. "You're a lifesaver."

Caprice watched him walk away, heard him step out the front door, then looked down at Nadia, still standing there, waiting, hairbrush in hand. She'd wanted to confront the other girl about everything, but this didn't feel like the right time. "H-He's gone," she said instead. "You don't have to... Y-You're not really going to..."

"You'll find out exactly what I'm going to do as soon as you get down from there," Nadia threatened, tapping the hairbrush on her palm. "And if you don't do it right now, it's going to last twice as long, young lady."

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Clarissa - Part 9
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"Well, then, Jessie," Ms. Barlow said, "How do you start?"

"Okay," Jessie nodded to herself, closing her eyes for a moment to calm herself down, clearly not doing as well as she knew she should at ignoring her excitement at seeing one of her former favorite singers standing in front of her, diapered, clearly well below her in stature, both physically and in terms of this insane 'school'. "First, I have to make sure she really needs a change, so..."

Clarissa blushed as this stranger reached down, giving her padding a squeeze, plastic panties rustling in the girl's hand. "Oh, my God!" Jessie tittered. "How did someone as itty bitty as you go so much? You're soaked! And you just changed her before putting her down for her nap?" She turned to the teacher for verification, got a nod. "Who would have guessed Clarissa, of all people, would be suuuch a bedwetter?"

Clara groaned behind her paci-gag, shaking her head, wanting to explain this wasn't her fault, that she'd been hypnotized, and normally got through every night dry, but she'd been silenced, unable to defend herself in the slightest, the girl even simply brushing her aside when she tried to push her away from the diaper as she continued the check, running her hand over more of the puffy, wet cloth.

"Well, she definitely needs a change," Jessie confirmed. "There's not one bit of this that's still dry! You don't do things halfway, do you, Clara?" she taped the glaring girl in front of her on the nose playfully. "Come on, let's get this taken care of before you get a rash."

There was definitely a part of Clarissa that wanted to fight her, as Jessie took her hand and led her over to the changing table, but what point was there in that? Ms. Barlow was still standing there, watching like a hawk, and Clara would never be able to get past her... And she did want out of this soggy diaper... If she could have spoken, she would have made sure to tell everyone that was the only reason she was being so good, though, since she couldn't, she knew she probably just looked like a mindlessly obedient little girl.

Jessie helped Clara up onto the table, pushing her onto her back, the diminutive pop star closing her eyes, waiting for this to be over... Until she felt something closing around her wrist. Her eyes popped open, head turning on its pillow, to see Jessie fastening a cuff around one of her hands, reaching over and grabbing the other before Clarissa could react. Now she really had no choice... She wasn't going anywhere.

"I don't want you to fall off," Jessie cooed, voice dripping with saccharine sweetness. "You are precious cargo!"

The girl hooked her hands around Clara's plastic pants, slowly working them down over the bulky diapers, and Clarissa's wiggling legs, before moving on to the diapers themselves. Clarissa's cheeks burned as they were pulled forward, leaving her entirely naked, other than her little, lacey socks, in front of this person who had looked up to her so much, however long ago.

For her part, Jessie couldn't completely stop a giggle, but quickly turned more serious as she cleaned Clara up, whisking the old diapers away, then pausing as she looked on the shelf of the changing table. "Umm... How many should I use?" she asked Ms. Barlow.

"That's up to you," the teacher told her. "Everyone is different... All you can do is judge off of how much you think she'll use them."

"Well," Jessie mused, "if she was that drenched after a little nap..."

Clara yelped behind her pacifier, shaking her head as Jessie produced four layers of cloth diaper, slipping them all beneath her backside, making her feel like there was another pillow on the table, besides the one under her head. This was, by far, the thickest diaper she'd been in yet... And she was going to be put into it not by a teacher, or someone who worked here, but a student, a former fan of hers! She looked to Ms. Barlow, hoping she'd talk some sense into the girl, tell her this was excessive...

"Good call," she said instead. "That should be enough for her... For an hour or two, anyway."

Clara groaned, squirming uselessly as Jessie powdered and oiled her up, hearing the other two women in the room giggling at that, wanting to deny it... Even if she hadn't had the paci-gag in her mouth, though she wasn't certain she could. The hypnosis had already turned her into a bedwetter... She didn't feel any different, didn't think it had taken away her conscious control already... But there was no way for her to know for sure, at least not yet.

She hated to think about it, but these two could know more about her own potty training than she did. Jessie might even be right to choose those four diapers... Clarissa might genuinely need all of them. Clara gulped, sucking nervously on her paci, trying hard to put that thought out of her head... And, as Jessie started pulling each layer up over her crotch, one by one, Clarissa failed utterly at that one, simple task.

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CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 15 (Poll) 2020-06-02T14:01:00+00:00

Which outfit should Janet wear?

CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 15 (Story) 2020-06-02T14:01:00+00:00

Janet could feel a growing pit in her stomach as she looked into Hazel's eyes, realizing how little of a choice she had. Her babysitter had given her an order; she had to do it. Maybe, just maybe, if she'd wet herself, she could have gotten out of it... But probably not.

"I-I'm going," she mumbled, heart racing as she slowly started her journey, the crinkling of her diaper ringing like thunder in her ears. What was she doing?! This could be literally anyone... She tugged on her shirt, looking down at her big, bulky diaper, knowing there was no way she would be able to hide it, to disguise it as anything else... There was nothing for her to grab on her way there to shield herself with, nothing to help her...

She was taking her time - her gait already slowed by the thick padding - only for Zella to snap, "Hurry up, Prissy!" when the doorbell rang again. Janet winced, moving slower still, halfway hoping whoever it was would give up if she didn't make it in time. "Priscilla," Hazel continued in a threatening tone, "if I don't hear the pitter-patter of your little feet speed up, you're in for a spanking as soon as you get back!"

That did it, sending Janet into an awkward dash, desperate to protect her still-sore bottom. Unfortunately, her former wish had come true, and, by the time she got to the door, and pulled it open, there was nobody there. "No!" she squeaked, one hand shooting to the seat of her diaper, giving it a rustly rub, imagining what was going to happen when she told Hazel about this.

Nervously, she took a step outside the door, onto the porch, so she could see a little further away. Sure enough, she could see the person who had rung the bell walking away, back to the delivery truck they'd apparently come from. That wasn't so bad, she thought with a sigh. She had no idea what the girl could have ordered for her, but at least this wasn't someone who was here to visit her.

But, if she didn't do something, it wasn't going to matter. If she came back empty-handed, Prissy would know she'd dawdled too much, and that was definitely going to earn her a spanking... "W-Wait," she called quietly, reaching up and taking out her pacifier, half cowering behind the door to shelter her from the outside world.

The delivery person didn't hear her, obviously. She groaned, bouncing in place, blushing at the idea of making any kind of real racket that might allow anyone else around to hear her, to tempt them to look in her direction. The yards here were big, and they likely wouldn't be able to see her... But she didn't know that for sure.

When she thought about the alternative, however... "W-Wait!" she tried again, forcing herself to speak up. That didn't work either, and the delivery person reached his truck, turning to step in, letting her confirm that it was their normal guy, which she hadn't been positive about before. "No!" she whined.

She had to do this... She pried her fingers free from the door, heart pounding, and stepped around it, to the edge of the porch. "W-Wait!" she yelled another time, louder than ever, drowned out by the sound of the truck's engine starting up. "Wait!" she ran across the lawn, much faster than she'd thought she could move in her diaper. She waved her arms, trying to get his attention, hoping he'd show some sign it had worked so she could stop, the further she got from the house, the more chances her neighbors would have to spot her.

He finally did step back out of the truck, right before she reached him. She froze, getting a fresh, up-close reminder of how tall he was, how young, how handsome... While she was stuck standing there in a diaper, pacifier in hand. She was happily married to Harrison, didn't really want anything to happen between her and him, but it was still humiliating to have him, of all people, seeing her this way.

She ducked her head, hoping her outfit was different enough from usual that, if he didn't get too good a look at her face, he would assume she was someone else. "Hello, there," he told her, his tone giving her a touch of hope, since it sounded very much like a grown-up talking to a small child. "I have something for you."

"Th-Thanks," Janet reached up with one hand, taking the box. It wasn't huge, but it was big enough to be awkward to hold that way... But, with no pockets, and nowhere else to put her pacifier, other than her mouth, she didn't have a choice. "S-Sorry I almost missed you..."

"That's all right," he assured her, as she turned around, frantic to vanish back inside as soon as she could. "Wait a minute, I need a signature."

"Y-You do?" she gulped.

"Usually do for rush delivery," he shrugged.

"O-Oh..." Janet blushed. She knew that, of course, the same as she knew it had to be an adult that gave that signature. This was it... The moment of truth. Did she think he knew who she was, or not? She had to look so different now - she hoped she did - he couldn't possibly... Right? "I-I'll go get my b-babysitter," she mumbled, knowing that would be a humiliating thing to admit to having if she was wrong.

And, unfortunately, she was. "You can do it," he told her, clearly not wanting to wait any longer. She whimpered softly, having not even spun all the way around, although she did still have to turn slightly to face him, see the signature pad he was holding out to her. He knew... That could have been a comfort, almost, proof that, no matter what Hazel said, she didn't look like a little kid... But, at the moment, it was hard to see it like that.

She tried to grab the stylus, but her hands were full. Blushing, she informed him, "I-I don't really need my... these..." She couldn't bring herself to say the last word in front of him, or acknowledge them, so she popped the pacifier back into her mouth for safekeeping and prepared to sign. It was in the wrong hand, however, and she didn't want to make him wait even longer for her to juggle things around, so she did her best, concentrating to try to make her name as legible as possible...

It was probably a combination of how hard she was thinking about that, how nervous she was to be standing out on her lawn, and in front of him, dressed this way, and how long she'd had to wait... It wasn't because, as she'd just denied, she needed diapers. But, as she wrote, and felt a warm stream begin to trickle into her padding, it definitely seemed like she did to herself, and, if he noticed, likely to him, too.

She gasped behind her paci, her hand jerking downwards in shock, stylus hitting the edge of the screen and falling out of her hand, while she tried in vain to stop it. knowing that, with every passing second, her diaper was getting soggier, which was going to make it more obvious what was going on. She pressed her thighs together, whimpering, feeling the garment slowly swelling, growing wetter and wetter...

"It's okay," he told her kindly. "I'll reset this, and you pick the pen back up, and we'll try again."

She nodded obediently, so used to following orders that she didn't give it a second thought, although, as soon as she knelt down to grab the stylus, things got worse. Now, in a position her body was more used to, the floodgates really opened. She grabbed the pen, tried to stand back up, to at least slow it down, but she couldn't... Her bladder needed to finish what it had started.

It was a long, mortifying minute before she could get to her feet again, and, by the time she did, her diaper was quite droopy. She had to hope he didn't have any children, or younger siblings, or cousins, or any experience being around kids in diapers... Even then, it was hard to believe he couldn't figure out what had happened. Numbly, she signed her name, staring down at the muscular legs poking out from the legs of his shorts as she handed the stylus back to him, unable to bring herself to look him in the eye, wondering if she'd ever be able to...

"Thanks," he patted her on the head condescendingly, like he might do to a small child. "Sorry for... interrupting."

"N-No," she shook her head. "I-It's not like that!"

He waved to her, stepping back into his truck, Janet not realizing until he was already pulling away that she'd forgotten to take her pacifier out for those words. Had he been able to understand her? If not, what did she think she'd been saying? She wasn't sure she wanted to know, although the paci was a huge comfort to her as she waddled back into the house after that humiliating experience, and headed back to the living room.

"Prissy!" Hazel scolded as soon as she stepped into the room, not giving the girl time to unload her anger and frustration for what she'd been made to do. "You wet yourself again?"

"It's not my fault!" Janet wailed. "I told you I had to go, and you wouldn't let me, and... No!" She gasped as she was scooped up, deposited across Janet's lap, squirming frantically. This wasn't fair! Was she about to get spanked anyway, after everything she'd gone through to try to avoid it?!

"If you were a big girl, you could have held it," Zella told her, delivering a hard swat to the wriggling girl's soggy seat. "You can't blame me for that."

She probably could, but, in the moment, there was no way she was going to. "I-I'm sorry!" she sniffled, tears already flowing down her cheeks, though more from embarrassing herself in front of the delivery man than a single spank. "Y-You're right! It's my fault!"

"Of course it it," Zella agreed. "But I'm glad you finally admit it."

Thankfully, she set Janet back down on the floor, standing up herself to retrieve the box that had fallen out of the girl's hands. "I almost don't think you deserve this surprise now," she shook her head. "I don't know what else I'd do with them, though."

"Wh-What is it?" Janet asked, wiping her eyes, trailing along behind Hazel as she carried the box to the kitchen so she could get a knife to slice open the tape holding it shut. Janet had no idea what to expect, and, despite everything, she couldn't help feeling a little excited, hoping for the best.

And then Zella reached in and pulled the first item out. At first, Janet didn't recognize it, thought it was a shirt, until she glanced at the bottom, saw that one side hung down further than the other, ending with a trio of small, shiny, metal objects. It took another moment or two, as Hazel turned it around, letting her see the whole thing, that it clicked into place.

It was a onesie. It was mostly white, covered with pink hearts, with short, pink, frilly sleeves, several rows of white lace across the backside, and a large, pink ribbon tied into a bow above them. It looked like it had come straight out of a baby's closet... Except it was definitely big enough to fit her.

"Wh-Why...?" she started to ask, blushing, imagining actually wearing the thing. Why would Hazel buy her something that infantile?! Where had she even found something like that in her size?!

Before Janet could fully process what she'd seen, Hazel draped it back over the box, and took out the next thing from inside. This one was a dress, white as well, but seemed more-so, with fewer decorations. The ones that were there counted all the more, however, the modest neckline, sleeves, and hem all lined in two shades of pink, a pink ribbon tied around the waist, and a large, pink oval in the center of the chest declaring the wearer a 'Little Princess'. The worst part, though, was the sleeves and skirt, which were made of a flowery lace. The flowers themselves were opaque... The spaces in between, on the other hand...

Janet assumed it was meant to be worn with a petticoat, or slip, or something... There wasn't anything else in the box, however. If she were to wear it, as it was, her diaper would definitely be able to be spotted beneath it, although it would at least be more hidden than it was right now, with her shirt.

"Aren't these precious?" Hazel gushed. "I saw them, and I knew you had to have them! I think they'll be perfect for our shopping trip!"

"No!" Janet shook her head, imagining actually wearing those things - much less a diaper - in public. "W-We don't need to go shopping!"

"Yes, we do," Zella informed her. "You are going through diapers at a record pace, young lady... Unless you want to wake up in a wet bed, and leave puddles all over the house..."

"I wouldn't!" Janet promised.

Hazel sighed, giving the rapidly cooling diaper around the girl's waist a pat. "Well, excuse me for not believing you on that. Come on, we'd better get you changed."

She picked up the garments, took Janet's hand, and led her back to the guest room, draping the clothes over the crib's bars while she changed her into a fresh diaper. "All right," Zella said, once she was done, "what do you want to wear, sweetie?"

"C-Can't you go on your own?" Janet tried. She didn't think she'd be able to talk the girl out of keeping her in diapers... Maybe she could at least avoid going any further outside than she'd already been. "I-I'll be good. I can finish up my homework!"

Zella smirked. "Nice try. Come on, Prissy, choose. You can have either of these, or... Oh!" Her eyes lit up as she walked over to the dresser, pulling open a drawer and taking out a tiny, pleated - obviously pink - skirt. It had probably been Hazel's at some point, a long time ago... And it was definitely too short to hide Janet's diaper.

"All right, Prissy," Hazel started again. "It's up to you... You can go out in that," she gestured to what Janet was already wearing, "and this," she gave the skirt a shake, "or one of those. Which will it be?"

Janet looked over her options with a pout. She didn't really want to wear any of them, but she also didn't want to make Zella any madder at her by refusing to answer, or seeming ungrateful for the 'presents' she'd bought for her. Which was she going to pick?!

The onesie?

The dress?

Or the crop top and skirt?

The Nanny's Challenge - Chapter 12 2020-05-22T14:00:04+00:00

"Oh, my," Miss Maddie mused, glancing over at Lyra, squirming on the changing table, as her onesie was unsnapped by the Nanny. "Somebody has not had a good day."

Lyra whined, trying to reach down, to hide her bulging, messy diaper from the sight of the woman, and her daughter, and the Nanny, and anyone else who happened to be nearby. She'd been glad, at first, that the Nanny wasn't going to make her go home like this, that she wouldn't have to toddle out through the lobby in a dirty diaper, but, somehow, she hadn't pieced together the fact that it was going to be happening out here, in the open.

"Aww, it's okay," Miss Maddie assured her, patting her on the head. "It happens to everyone! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be potty trained in no time, just like your big sister here."

Lyra blushed, whimpering, while Hallie beamed. Hallie was her daughter, not her big sister, and she wasn't potty trained! That was what had started this whole thing... If she had been, they never would have met the Nanny, who then couldn't have humiliated Lyra like this, turned her into a baby, made her wear diapers, and use them... Of course, she could hardly blame Miss Maddie for assuming otherwise, considering how things looked. And even she wasn't sure how potty trained Hallie was anymore... She'd been so concerned with her own, she hadn't kept track. All she knew for certain was that the girl wasn't in diapers... And she definitely was.

So, really... The worker wasn't wrong. Hallie was more potty trained than her, and undeniably bigger than her, at the moment. She had been for the whole day, at this point, since, unlike the previous one, Lyra hadn't had the chance to be a grown-up at work. It had only been a day, yet already it was starting to feel like this form was natural, like it was almost what she was meant to be...

She shook her head vehemently; that wasn't true! She was an adult! She didn't deserve to be a toddler instead! Miss Maddie cooed, clearly misinterpreting her action. "I know it seems really hard right now," she smiled, "but I promise, it will happen."

Thankfully, she had other kids to look after, and left Lyra alone to get her fresh diaper in peace, although her words kept echoing in the regressed woman's mind. Obviously, she wasn't convinced that Lyra was potty trained at all at this point, and it was hard to blame her. 'One day' it would happen... Would that day come before the three months was up?!

It didn't feel like it, as she toddled out of the daycare, new diaper under her onesie, the Nanny holding one of her hands, and Hallie the other, back past the receptionist, who gave her a wave, and down the street, into the Nanny's shortcut back home. Being taken to her room didn't help, either, as she saw the charts. Her own was already filled out, including the messy accident she'd ended the day with... Even though it seemed unlikely that the Nanny would have been negligent with it, she held out hope that Hallie's wasn't done yet, since, for the day, it was completely blank.

"Well," the Nanny said, "this bet doesn't seem to be going so well for you, does it?"

"You cheated!" Lyra stomped her foot. "You made me little, and...!"

"I do not cheat, young lady," the Nanny informed her coldly. "Honestly, you should feel proud; you did most of the work to get your daughter here. I just gave her the final push she needed to finish up."

Lyra groaned, realizing she was right, as was the chart... Hallie had made it through the day without a single accident. Taking in the chart as a whole, she was already building up an insurmountable lead. Perhaps, if she could get used to this, she could stop having accidents herself soon... But unless Hallie had a relapse, it wouldn't matter.

Then again... "This has happened before," she sniffed, pointing at Hallie's chart. "It doesn't mean anything! It's one day!"

"Lyra!" the Nanny scolded her. "If you cannot feel proud of yourself, you should at least feel proud of your daughter. Maybe this is why she's had so much trouble so far... You are so quick to point out her failures, but you refuse to acknowledge her successes. If she had someone to believe in her for the good she did, and not berate her for a few mistakes, she would have the confidence she needed to make it over that final hurdle."

Lyra blushed, staring up at the woman in shock. Was she right? Was this her fault? She supposed, in a way, it always had been, since potty training was something done when kids were too young to do much of anything on their own, so it was mostly on her, but...

"Th-Then it's your fault I'm doing so badly!" she sulked. "You're making me feel bad for a few accidents, so..."

"You are an adult," the Nanny replied. "Whether you look - or act - like one or not. And I would hardly call what you've done 'a few' at this point. I sent you to daycare so you could concentrate fully on staying dry, and clean, and you did even worse."

"Well, I couldn't do that!" Lyra fumed. "I didn't have to work, but there was still other stuff to deal with!"

"Interesting," the Nanny raised an eyebrow. "Do you think Hallie also has other things to deal with?"

Lyra could see where this was going, but she couldn't think of much else to say to stop it than, "W-Well, yeah..." as she fidgeted in place.

"So, if you can use that as an excuse, she should be allowed to as well, don't you agree?"

Lyra looked down at her feet, cheeks red. "I-If I say yes, will you erase all those frowny faces, and that cloud?"

"What's done is done, little one," the Nanny told her gently. "We cannot change the past... All we can do is try to change the future. You already used all those diapers, so you have to deal with the consequences; Hallie did not use her Pull-Ups even once, so she gets to reap the rewards. Are you going to continue to be grumpy, or would you like to come congratulate her?"

There was a part of Lyra that wanted to point out, again, that this had happened plenty of times, that Hallie had earned her way back into panties more than once, only to lose them after a few days... But she couldn't shake the idea that the Nanny could be right. "I-I'll be good," she nodded, following the woman into Hallie's room.

Hallie was waiting there, playing with her toys, hopping up as soon as she saw she had visitors. "Is it time?" she squealed.

"Yes, it is, dear," the Nanny said, walking over to the girl's dresser, pulling open the top drawer, producing a pair of pink underwear. "These are for you."

"Yay!" Hallie giggled, hugging them to her chest as the Nanny helped her out of her still dry Pull-Up, holding the panties out for the girl to step into. Lyra watched silently, feeling jealous, but, at the same time, like the Nanny had mentioned, proud. What did it matter how many times it had happened already? Clearly, as she'd found out first-hand, this was a difficult task... That she'd gotten that far at all was worthy of some kind of praise.

"Congratulations," she told her daughter, opening her arms for a hug.

Hallie scooped her up, giving her a big squeeze, making her feel even more like the little sister Miss Maddie had assumed she was than the realization that she was now the only one in the house wearing padding, at least during the day, now. "Thank you, Mommy!"

It felt nice, peaceful... Lyra could almost forget everything going on as she lost herself in it for a few moments. She hoped Hallie felt this way, when she hugged her - when she was the bigger one, anyway - but she couldn't help wondering if she did, or if the girl was worried about what the next thing her mother was going to find to scold her over would be.

"Hallie, would you look after your mother for me?" the Nanny asked. "I need to make dinner."

"I can help!" Hallie offered.

"You will be," the woman winked. "Keep her occupied, and out from under my feet."

She was asking the girl to babysit her, Lyra knew, and Hallie probably did, too. Lyra wanted to point out she didn't need that, but the Nanny was already bustling out, after Hallie nodded. "Do you want to play with my dolls?" Hallie offered.

"No!" Lyra squeaked, recalling the first afternoon, and what had happened in the dollhouse. She didn't trust any of the toys after that, honestly, as she looked around the room, her imagination running wild with ways they could all be used to humiliate her, or teach her some kind of lesson, or, most likely, both. "C-Can we just... watch some TV?"

It was a rare offer; Lyra rarely let Hallie just watch television, certain there were other, more productive and educational things she could be doing, and she almost never joined her, definitely having more important stuff to deal with herself. Hallie was happy to take advantage of it, taking her hand and leading her into the living room, switching it on and flipping through the channels until she settled on a cartoon, sitting down with a smile before, a moment later, asking, "Is this okay?"

"Whatever you want," Lyra told her. It was for Hallie, really... Even if Lyra was the one being babysat, Hallie was the child here, and she was only looking for something to keep her distracted. As she sat beside the girl, however, she found herself getting drawn in, too, watching, getting engrossed in the story, thinking more about that than the rather faint twinge in her bladder, much less obvious than it would have been a few days ago, before the Nanny had come into their lives and changed everything.

"Oh!" Hallie exclaimed, hopping off the sofa with a blush. "Be right back!"

It was only after seeing her dash away in the direction of the bathroom that Lyra realized how much she needed to use it herself... But by then, it was already too late, the impact of her feet hitting the floor in front of the sofa enough to jolt her, sending a trickle of urine into her waiting diaper. She blushed, squeezing her legs together... Once it had started, however, there was no stopping it, and all that did was let her feel the padding slowly filling up even more clearly as it warmed against her thighs, growing soggy and saggy, although, with the onesie, it didn't have far to go.

When she saw Hallie return, she couldn't help hoping she hadn't made it, although she immediately felt bad about rooting against her daughter that way. She looked unhappy, though, so it was possible... At least, if that happened, she wouldn't be pulling further ahead in the competition.

"I'm sorry," she sniffed, looking down at Lyra. "That was selfish of me. I'm s'posed to be looking after you, and I didn't ask if you had to go potty, too."

Lyra's heart melted, realizing Hallie wasn't upset about something she'd done after all. "No, it's okay," she promised. "I-I don't." Not anymore, anyway.

She was positive the Nanny knew right away, as soon as she came into the living room; if she didn't then, she definitely did a minute later when she picked Lyra up to deposit her into her high chair, sliding a finger between snaps on the onesie to check her. She also seemed to know about what Hallie had said, however, not bringing it up until after supper, when she excused the two of them to go get Lyra changed, while Hallie cleared the table.

They had a nice, quiet evening, even if Lyra wasn't pleased about being put to bed earlier than Hallie yet again. She fell asleep pretty quickly, however, after her long day, and woke up the next morning soaked, a sensation she was getting worryingly used to.

"It's quite the lovely day," the Nanny declared as she burst in, opening up the curtains and windows, letting sunlight into what had become of Lyra's room... And allowing anyone who might want to peer inside to see it, and her in her tiny, regressed state, something that got far more worrisome when the Nanny changed her out of her sleeper and into just a small, polka-dotted t-shirt, and diaper.

It was hard to protest, especially after seeing herself in the mirror, realizing how natural it looked, considering what she'd become. It was nice out, the breeze blowing in through the windows the perfect temperature for the minimal outfit, no matter how embarrassing it was.

Of course, the embarrassment didn't stop there. "Would you like to be my helper?" the Nanny asked Hallie when she arrived at the breakfast table in her shorts and t-shirt, and the girl eagerly nodded. "We don't want to spend all morning cleaning Lyra up again, so how would you like to feed her?"

Lyra whined, shaking her head at the Nanny as the woman tied the bib around her neck, but Hallie had already practically shouted, "Yes!"

It wasn't bad, if she was being honest... Hallie was patient, and gentle, not trying to force too much of the oatmeal into her mouth at a time, waiting for her to finish chewing and swallowing before getting her more. If she'd been doing this to a smaller kid, it would have been cute... But that smaller kid was Lyra herself, wearing nothing over her bulky diapers, while Hallie was getting to wear big girl panties again. That little sister moniker Miss Maddie had bestowed on her was feeling more and more accurate...

And then it was time to head out for the day, and, to Lyra's horror, the Nanny slid a pair of Velcro shoes onto her feet and fastened them up, not bothering with anything else. "B-But..." she pouted, tugging at her shirt as she was led back towards the front door, trying in vain to hide her diaper with it. "E-Everyone's going to see!"

"Everyone already knows," the Nanny informed her. "You don't think that onesie was disguising anything, do you?"

Lyra blushed, the idea hardly a comfort to her as she was ushered outside, toddling along to Hallie's daycare, where there was no question that she wasn't going to be admitted herself... She was far too immature for that now, even more than the day before, which she wouldn't have believed was possible then.

"A-Are you going to make me go to daycare again?" she asked the Nanny as they left, moving on to the next stop.

"Is that what you want?"

"No!" Lyra squealed quickly. "O-Of course not!" How could she even ask that?! She was an adult, obviously she didn't want to be taken to daycare... Although going to work this way wasn't much better. She was pretty sure the Nanny would let her grow up again, if that was her location, which would be a relief after so long as a toddler... But after how mean she'd been to the people working under her the last time she was there, and finding out first-hand, from the daycare, what that felt like, she wasn't certain she was ready to face them.

The Nanny stopped, kneeling down in front of Lyra, looking the girl in the eyes. "Are you certain, Lyra?" she asked, gently grabbing her chin when she tried to look away. "I'll leave it up to you today, little one."

"I-I want to go to work," she said quietly, barely convincing herself.

"Are you sure?" the Nanny asked again.

"Yes!" Lyra glared at her, stomping her foot. What did the woman want her to do, admit she wanted to spend her time at daycare?! That definitely wasn't true! Or, if it was, it was only because of the alternative, and the fear of running around the office, trying to keep her diaper hidden in whatever outfit she wound up in when her current clothes finally changed.

The Nanny arched an eyebrow, and stood back up, leading Lyra through her shortcut to the front of her office building. Lyra knew right away she was still small, glaring up at the woman as she continued to pull her closer to the door. "I said I want to go to work!" she sulked. "I hafta be big for that! Do whatever you do, and..."

She fell silent as the Nanny guided her inside, cheeks burning as she saw the receptionist again, knowing right away what it meant. "Hello, cutie!" the woman exclaimed, stepping out from around her post, kneeling down, opening her arms. Reluctantly, Lyra toddled forward, letting herself get hugged, squirming as she got a few pats on the diaper as well, feeling like they were even worse today than the day before, since there was nothing separating the diaper itself from the woman's hand. There was no way she hadn't known what Lyra was wearing the first time... But now, she was double certain the woman knew, since she was seeing it and feeling it.

"I have a special treat for you today," the receptionist told her when she was done, standing up and reaching behind her desk for an oversized, rainbow striped lollipop. There was something familiar about it, something that didn't feel right...

"What do you say, Lyra?" the Nanny gave her a harsh tap on the rear of her diaper.

"Th-Thank you," Lyra said, reaching out and taking it nervously.

"You're very welcome," the woman smiled.

"I told you," Lyra hissed at the Nanny, as soon as they were far enough away from the desk that she didn't think the receptionist would overhear, "I don't wanna go to daycare!"

"I heard you, Lyra," the Nanny informed her. "Calm down."

"I can't calm down!" Lyra growled. "You're not listening to me, and... Wh-Where are you going?!"

The Nanny didn't take the turn she had the day before the one that led to daycare... Instead, she continued straight on, to the elevators that led upwards, to her office. "I'm giving you what you said you wanted, Lyra," she said.

"B-But you didn't..." Lyra shook her head, cheeks blazing. She looked down at herself to confirm it, only to realize there had been a change after all... Just not the one she'd expected. Her shirt had grown, ever so slightly, morphing into a polka-dotted dress instead, with puffy sleeves, and a hem that left almost as much of her diaper exposed as the t-shirt had. Her Velcro sneakers had changed into a pair of shiny, black Mary Janes, and, when she looked back up in shock, she could feel a pair of ponytails swinging from her head.

Along with the lollipop, she knew exactly what this was, and she didn't like it one bit. The Nanny had dressed her up like the cartoon one of her workers had drawn of her the last time she was here... And she was taking her right into the midst of them that way.

"No!" Lyra gasped, feeling her diaper growing slightly warm and wet around her bottom. "You can't do this!"

"Oh, Lyra," the Nanny sighed, shook her head. "Why didn't you ask me to take you to the bathroom? We just passed it."

"That's not the point!" Lyra stomped her foot.

"Your chart would say otherwise," the Nanny smirked, Lyra flinching when she heard the bell of the elevator arriving at its destination. Her stomach churned as, in the split second before the doors opened, she prayed this was a joke, that they were going to split apart and reveal somewhere else altogether...

They didn't. It was her office, the way she'd seen it countless times. She glanced down again, hoping that had changed instead, and the Nanny had only been taunting her, waiting until the last moment to do it... But it was still the toddler version of Lyra who was practically dragged out of the elevator, damp diaper on full display for all of her workers to see.

"Stop it!" she hissed quietly, feeling all eyes on her as she was pulled forward against her will. "Pl-Please..."

"There she is!" Lyra paled, hearing the sound of her secretary's voice, recalling how she'd snapped at her the last time she'd been here. "We missed you yesterday... Is she feeling less cranky today?"

"Not by much," the Nanny admitted. "I almost feel bad making you deal with her, Tracy."

"Oh, don't worry," the secretary chuckled. "I'm used to it!" Lyra gasped as she was picked up, set down on the secretary's lap, the woman instantly starting to bounce her there. "Uh-oh, wet already?"

What was going on?! Lyra had expected shock, or for the woman to assume she was Hallie, or some other little kid... She was acting like this was completely normal!

"Afraid so," the Nanny replied.

"Somebody is never getting out of diapers!" Tracy teased, tickling Lyra's tummy, the tiny woman giggling despite herself. "That's all right... I'll take care of it."

Lyra's eyes widened as the woman pulled open one of the drawers on her desk, pulling out a changing pad, spreading it out on her desk, right in front of the whole office, lying her down on top of it. "N-No!" Lyra whimpered, shaking her head. "L-Let's do this in my office, at least!"

"Such a bossy little thing," the secretary chuckled, before pushing a pacifier into her mouth. "That takes care of that!"

"And don't forget," the Nanny told her, giving the frantically squirming Lyra a significant look, "if she misbehaves too much, you can feel free to discipline her however you like."

"Don't worry," Tracy grinned down at Lyra, untaping her soggy diaper, exposing her, seemingly without a thought, or care, about how out in the open she was, "I know exactly how to deal with her..."

The Gift
The Giftmore_vert
The Gift 2020-05-26T14:01:01+00:00close

Here's this month's Community Caption. I suspect the original request meant for the doll to be more of baby doll than a stuffed animal, but it's strangely difficult to find AB/DL pics of girls playing with those kinds of dolls, so hopefully this will work, too. Pictures property of ABDreams!

"Huh," Amanda frowned, looking into the box she'd just opened. It certainly wasn't what she'd imagined... Not that she'd really known what to expect in the first place. Of all the things for someone to send to a successful lawyer like her, however, a teddy bear was one of the last options she would have considered.

She tried to think back to her recent cases, trying to think if any of her clients had children, who might have wanted to thank her for getting their Mommy or Daddy off; that would make sense, she supposed. She looked at the label again, but it had been printed, giving her no hints from handwriting, with no return address whatsoever. She shrugged, glancing back down at the bear. It was cute, really, and she felt bad simply leaving it there in the box.

"What am I going to do with you?" she mused out loud, staring into its beady, black eyes. "I haven't kept stuffed animals since I was in high school."

No matter who had sent it to her, it wasn't right to just throw it away... So immature a gift had to have come from a kid, she was convinced. Giving it away felt wrong, too, at least until she could figure out who the sender was. Taking it to her bedroom, however, it was absurdly out of place among her clean, elegant, expertly arranged decor, somehow, on its own, making it look like a child's room, whether she placed it on her bedside table, or the bed itself.

After a minute or two of deliberation, she opened up her closet, ready to put it onto the shelf, where she'd only have to see it a couple times a day, at most, but seeing it there, alone, as she began to shut the door on it, she couldn't help thinking of how lonely it looked.

"Are you serious?" she rolled her eyes at herself. It was an inanimate object, a doll! She could do anything she wanted to it, and she wasn't going to hurt its feelings, because it didn't have any!

And yet... Sighing, she pulled it back off the shelf, and set it at the head of her bed, where she didn't think about it again until she was getting ready for bed later that night. She didn't notice it when she walked into the room, or got undressed and into her PJs; it was only after she'd thrown back her covers to slip inside that she saw it, since it had been underneath them.

Odd... She'd just lain it on her pillow, hadn't she? Obviously not, since it was a stuffed animal, so it couldn't have moved on its own... She didn't remember tucking it in, however, or why she would have ever bothered to do that. If she had seen it earlier, though, she probably would have chucked it back into the closet for the night, but now she was already in her pajamas, ready to go to bed... Lazily, she set it on her bedside table instead, got into bed, and told her Alexa, "Goodnight," to have it turn off her lights.

Even before she was awake enough to tell Alexa, "Good morning," she knew something was wrong. She couldn't put her finger on it, but the longer she squirmed in her bed, frowning, the more obvious it was. After a minute or two, she bit the bullet and threw back her blankets... And found the giant wet spot surrounding her. She gasped, blushing, shaking her head, weirdly terrified her mother was going to find out and yell at her, even though she hadn't lived with the woman in over a decade.

The teddy bear was still there, however, sitting on the table, watching her wrinkle her nose as she stared at herself, and the accident she'd had in her sleep, in horror. It wasn't fair! She'd worked so hard to put a stop to this before she'd gone to college, knowing she'd never live it down if she was still a bedwetter at that age... How much worse was it now?! She hadn't been drinking, wasn't sick, was definitely not some dumb little kid... She was a fully grown adult! There was no excuse for this!

It was nearly all she could think about for the whole day, to the point where she wound up sending her staff home early, since she knew she wasn't going to get anything done. She planned on going home, spending some time in a warm bath, with a glass of wine, trying her hardest to forget about it, to not let it shake her... When she got to her house, though, and went to her closet to find something comfortable to change into, she noticed something new.

Or, rather, something very old. She'd been flipping through her outfits, searching for the right thing, not satisfied with any of them... Only to freeze at the sight of her old, high school uniform, pressed nice and neat, hung up among her business suits, and her casual, grown-up clothes. She flinched, cheeks burning, hardly able to believe her eyes... Why did she have that?! Her mother had insisted she take one set with her to college, to have there 'just in case' she wasn't able to get her laundry done before she ran out of real stuff to wear or whatever, but she'd definitely gotten rid of it years ago... Hadn't she?

She was positive she remembered doing that, yet here it was, in all its conservative, childish glory. And, to make matters worse, when her eyes moved downwards, almost instinctively, she saw something else familiar on the floor of her closet, tucked away, as if she'd forgotten about it a long time ago as well... But these she knew she'd thrown away. She'd done it more than once... Even though she'd conquered her problem, her mother had made her take a pack of those to college, too, for the same reason, and then, when Amanda had made the mistake of admitting she'd tossed them out, the woman had sent her more.

Despite that, despite the memory of sneaking to the dumpster in the middle of the night after her roommate was asleep, twice, and praying she didn't run into anyone on her way, they were back, waiting for her - a package of diapers. They were big and bulky and pure white, just like she remembered the ones her mother bought for her being, the kind that didn't hide even the smallest of accidents, that would make any slip of her bladder public knowledge for anyone looking... They were open, too, half empty, as if she'd been using them all along, or as if they were the exact same pack she'd taken with her to college the first time, the leftovers from when she'd needed them...

"No way!" she shook her head, bending down to grab them, to toss them out... But there was a little voice, whispering in the back of her mind, reminding her of what she'd done the previous night. It might not be such a bad idea to have them... Just in case...

It was a good thing she did, too, because she woke up wet once again the next morning. She had too many meeting to cancel to give herself another short day to try to deal with it mentally, having to muddle through, distracted, her assistant needing to step in more than once when she said the wrong thing, or forgot details of the case she was discussing.

"It's all right," the younger girl assured her. "Everyone has off days."

But she hadn't even finished school yet, hadn't passed the bar... Why did Amanda feel like she knew so much more than her?! It didn't feel like an 'off day'... It felt like she'd forgotten everything she'd worked so hard to learn over her years on the job... Why was she letting this get to her so much?!

It definitely was, though. After she got home, and was standing in front of her closet again, her gaze kept returning to that uniform, hanging there, taunting her... She'd spent the day feeling like a high schooler, faking her way through the grown-up world... It would serve her right to have to wear that for the evening. She wasn't sure where the idea had come from, exactly... It was almost like someone had suggested it to her, despite her being the only person in the house.

"It's not going to fit anyway," she laughed it off... But, a moment later, she was pulling it off the hanger anyway, having to know if that was true or not, slipping out of her pantyhose and professionally tailored suit in favor of her old school uniform. And, just like so many other times that day, she was mistaken. It fit like a glove, like not a day had passed since her graduation. She even found her old saddle shoes, pulling them on to complete the look.

She could have taken it back off, and there was definitely a part of her that wanted to, however, staring at herself in the mirror, seeing an image that appeared to have been ripped right out of the past, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Her mother had never let her do that, had forbidden her from changing until she got home to inspect her, to ensure she hadn't had any accidents during the day. And, if Amanda had wet the bed the night before, she'd get put into a diaper right then and there either way, to protect the furniture.

Of course, she'd gotten home from school much earlier than she got back from work now... Her mother would be getting home right about now, tapping on her door, seeing how she was doing with her homework... And, when she was at a stopping point, demanding she stand up from her desk, lift her skirt, show off her cotton panties, which were as pure white as her diapers, and for the same reason, with only the days of the week embroidered into the waistband to decorate them, keeping her to a strict schedule, and ensuring she couldn't change them without her mother knowing.

Thankfully, daytime wetting hadn't been a problem for her, at least at that age, although that didn't stop her mom from putting her in a diaper if she'd wet herself the previous night. Sometimes, Amanda wondered if she'd thought the humiliation would help motivate Amanda to stop bedwetting, as if it was a conscious choice... Though, to be fair, it had made her want to do everything she could to stop it.

She looked at herself in the reflection, seeing the teddy bear, sitting on her bed, staring at her, almost seeming to judge her, like her mother had. "She's not here!" Amanda protested. "I-I don't have to..."

She knew she didn't, however, the longer she looked at it, the harder it was to remember that, or to keep herself from obediently reaching down, grabbing the hem of her skirt, lifting it up. She blushed, knowing that, if her mother was here, she'd freak out at the slinky, satin panties she was wearing, which definitely weren't approved underwear, and probably make her wear a diaper for that alone... And, of course, she had wet the bed the past two nights in a row...

She could practically hear the woman scolding her in her mind, cowering before her, feeling smaller and smaller, until, finally, to make it stop, she turned back to the closet, and grabbed one of the diapers. Her stomach lurched as she felt the smooth plastic, the sensation exactly how she remembered it, although she was more used to what she felt when she unfolded it, felt the soft, poofy inside...

"What am I doing?" she rolled her eyes at herself, but that didn't stop her as she trudged to her bed, replacing her big girl panties with a diaper for the first time in years, the bear watching all the while.

She knew it was silly, but so was everything else she was doing; she picked up the bear when she was done, sitting down, blushing as she felt the thick padding beneath her, heard the crinkle. "There," she declared, talking to it like a person. "Are you happy now?"

She frowned, thinking she heard something. It obviously wasn't coming from the bear, but it was the only thing around, and, feeling ridiculous, she lifted it to her ear, gasping as she heard what sounded eerily like her mother's voice saying, "I will be if you can keep that dry until tomorrow morning... But I doubt you'll be able to, young lady."

Amanda knew it was her imagination, of course, but that didn't stop her from tossing the bear back into her closet, heart pounding, and slamming the door. She blushed, seeing her reflection again, glad for the long skirt to hide the diaper, although it was impossible for her to forget she was wearing it, the bulky padding constantly pushing down around her from every angle, the plastic rustling with every move...

She shook her head, lifting the skirt back up, ready to rip the tapes off, to put a stop to this. She was an adult, a professional! She wasn't going to let herself be reduced to wearing diapers! But she was going to need it that night... She didn't trust herself not to repeat the past two nights, and there were only so many diapers in the package... She didn't want to waste any. The tapes on these diapers, in her memory, were very sticky the first time, then, if you tried to reposition them, almost immediately failed to work, so if she took it off, it wouldn't go back on... She was, essentially, stuck in this thing.

She didn't want to open her closet again, either, so, unless she wanted to change back into what she'd worn to work that day - which would feel even more silly to wear over a diaper - she was stuck in her uniform, too. It was quite the mind trip, spending her evening that way, thinking back to her time as a teen, dodging invitations to sleepovers, and people speculating about why, vehemently denying the truth when they guessed too close... It was so stressful, almost more than even her most difficult cases now...

Unfortunately, she'd put the diaper on early enough that she had a lot of time before bed, and, in that time, it was inevitable that she'd have to pee. Normally, her mother would handle that, since she was much better at getting the tapes off and back on, and always praised her for coming to get her, instead of having an accident in her pants... But, of course, her mother wasn't here.

Part of her nearly considered asking the bear to help. She rolled her eyes at herself, knowing it hadn't really spoken to her, and, even if it had, it didn't have hands... But it still, weirdly felt like the right thing to do. Since she couldn't bring herself to do that, however, she waited too long, dashing to the bathroom at the last minute, and, while fiddling with the tapes, did something that hadn't happened in a very long time.

She gasped, hands immediately moving from the tapes to the crotch of the diaper, trying to stop herself, to halt the cruel flow of warmth soaking into the padding... But it was too late. She was having a daytime accident, and a bad one at that.

There was really no choice, when it was over... She wasn't going to run around in this warm, wet diaper for the rest of the night, and the spare diapers were all in the closet. Meekly, she opened the door, nibbling her bottom lip as she saw the bear there, staring at her. "It wasn't my fault!" she protested, sniffling. "I-I didn't mean to!"

She grabbed a diaper, hurrying back to the bathroom to change, and, when she returned to her room, the bear was sitting in the same spot the two of them had been sitting in together earlier, waiting. She should have left the room, or thrown it back in the closet... Instead, she found herself walking over, kneeling down in front of it, apologizing again. "I-It wasn't that bad..." she tried to explain. "I-I just..."

She heard the voice again. "I don't think you're big enough to deserve to cover your diaper at home," it told her, and, despite a bit of whining, Amanda couldn't help slipping out of the skirt, leaving her in her shirt and diaper.

"Y-You can't really want me to run around like this!" she pouted, but the bear just stared at her as she tugged at the hem of her shirt, mortified.

She shouldn't care what the bear thought - the bear shouldn't be thinking anything, in fact! - yet she still found herself staying like that, and, when she got into her pajamas for the night, forgoing the shorts. Thankfully, she woke up to a dry bed the next morning... But a soaked diaper.

The feeling of a squishy diaper between her thighs immediately took her back, made her feel tiny and helpless. She knew Mommy was going to be very mad at her... She hopped down out of bed, wanting to prove she was still a big girl by getting dressed for the day. There were a lot of boring clothes in her closet, stuff she guessed her Mommy must have gotten her for church or something, but, in the back, she found something a little more fun, pulling that on before heading to her dresser.

There were lots of big girl panties there, but she'd wet the bed again, and had an accident last night... She knew what that meant. She sighed, grabbing one of her Pull-Ups, ripping off her diaper and putting those on instead. They weren't nearly as thick, so they were nicer than diapers, but if anyone saw her, they'd all make fun of her, so she walked in front of her mirror, trying to check herself, to make sure the cute skirt she'd found wasn't too short, completely engrossed in her task until she noticed something wasn't quite right...

There was a lot that wasn't right, in fact, to the point where Amanda wasn't sure why it had taken her so long to see it all. She walked past so much of it without blinking, had woken up in one of the biggest offenders, and thought nothing of it. Perhaps seeing it in the mirror, behind her, as she wiggled her slightly padded bottom, was what it took... Or had the mirror itself somehow changed things? The reflection definitely showed something very different from her normal room, which was the first time she saw it all, however, when she turned back around, she confirmed that it was telling her the truth.

Her grown-up bedroom was gone, nowhere to be seen. Instead, she was standing in the middle of an oversized nursery, decorated accordingly, toys strewn all over, a giant crib where her bed should have been... And, sitting in it, the teddy bear. Or, she thought it was the teddy bear... It was much bigger now, although, otherwise, it looked the same, and was definitely watching her with the same judgmental eyes.

"What did you do?!" Amanda squeaked, but, even as she said it, she realized she already knew the answer. "No, Mommy!" she whined, already in the midst of taking her skirt back off, showing off her Pull-Ups. "These are good enough!"

But were they? She always wore these to school... If she had accidents during the day, she was supposed to wear diapers instead. But her diapers were so big, and thick, and the other kids were definitely going to notice them! "I don't need them," she shook her head. "I really don't, Mommy!"

There was only one way to prove that, however, and that was to keep them dry and clean until it was time to go to school... And she could already feel her bladder starting to ache. She squeezed her thighs together frantically, one hand pushing against the padding. "C-Can I just go to the potty real quick?" she asked the bear, staring at it as she nibbled nervously on one of her fingers, aware of that answer before she'd finished asking, too.

She bounced in place, fighting to protect her Pull-Ups, and her dignity as a big girl... And utterly failing. She whined and cried, but she'd sealed her own fate, having to tape herself back into a fresh diaper, putting her skirt back on and sulking her way to the kitchen to pick up the lunch her Mommy had prepared and waiting for her there.

The fact that she was driving herself should have tipped her off, but, somehow, it wasn't until she was in her office, and saw the shocked stares of her workers, that she began to hazily recall the fact that was wasn't a schoolgirl after all. She'd bee horrified at the idea of going to class dressed this way; finding herself in her office was so much worse. She was the one in charge, and now here she was, dressed in a tiny skirt, and a shirt that didn't even reach the hem of it, a bulky diaper beneath it, almost definitely not completely covered when she was standing still, much less moving at all...

She was a smart woman; she'd won many cases, plenty of which she probably hadn't deserved to. She was a master at thinking on her feet... Or she had been, at one time. That version of her felt like a half-forgotten dream now, and, try as she might, she couldn't access the part of her that had been, or any of her skills. She wasn't sure she really had done any of those things at all, that she hadn't been playing pretend.

She opened her mouth, hoping instinct would take over, but, instead, she burst into tears, rushing back to her car, skirt fluttering behind her, ensuring that everyone in the office got a good look at her padded rump.

She knew what that meant; coming home from school without a good reason was a big no-no. Mommy was very busy, after all, and if she had to cancel her plans to look after her... Well, at the very least, it proved she wasn't as big a girl as she claimed.

Sure enough, the outfit was all laid out on her crib, waiting for her. She wasn't sure where Mommy had gotten it... It looked exactly like something a baby would wear, but sized for her. She pouted, and stomped her foot, though, in the end, she knew she didn't have a choice. Reluctantly, she stripped out of her cute outfit, and tugged on the shirt, with its little teddy bear print, and its matching diaper cover.

There was a pacifier hidden beneath them, and, like a good girl, she popped it into her mouth, blushing as she took a look at herself in the mirror and saw how completely silly she looked. She was a big girl! She was in school and everything, and now here she was, dressed exactly like a toddler, right down to her big, bulky diaper.

All the toys in her room were for babies, too, but she couldn't help wanting to stay out of her crib and play with them, knowing the alternative... That was definitely going to get her a spanking, however. Sighing, she climbed up into her crib, listening to the double crinkle of her plastic sheets, and the diaper around her waist. She had some stuffed animals up there, of course - what little girl didn't - so she wasn't completely alone.

Unfortunately, Mommy was already there, too, waiting for her, making sure she didn't have too much fun when she was being punished. With a pout, Amanda sat next to her, sucking sulkily on her paci, letting Mommy keep a close eye on her.

"I'm really sorry, Mommy," she mumbled. "B-But everyone saw, a-and..."

"Hush," Mommy whispered. She was talking very quietly, so Amanda had to lean in closer to hear her, cuddling closer to her soft, fuzzy body. "It's all right, dear... You're too little for school, anyway."

"No, I'm not!" Amanda protested. "I'm a big girl, Mommy! I'm a... I'm a really big girl, in fact... Aren't I?"

She frowned, positive that was right... But those memories were so hard to recall now, even harder now that she was so close to Mommy, who felt bigger and stronger than ever. She could have sworn she was done with school, that she had been for a long time... But she'd just gotten home from school... How did that make sense?

"How could you be a big girl?" Mommy asked. "Look at you, sitting here in the middle of the day in your diapers... What kind of big girl would be doing that, instead of at school, or work?"

"B-But... You made me wear them..." Amanda told her... Except, she hadn't, had she? Amanda had known she was supposed to, so she'd dressed herself, but Mommy hadn't made her... She'd done it all on her own, a sweet, obedient little girl who didn't want to get in trouble, who was more concerned with keeping her bottom from being spanked than showing what a big girl she could be.

What had happened to her?! This wasn't who she was... This wasn't her at all.

"It's all right, sweetie," Mommy promised. "I don't mind. I like you being my little baby, in fact. That's all you could ever be..."

"N-No, I'm not," Amanda shook her head with a whimper.

"Of course you are," Mommy chuckled. "Don't be silly."

"I'm not a baby!" Amanda pouted.

"Oh, Mandy-Pie," Mommy cooed. "If you weren't a baby, why would you be pooping your Pampers like one?"

Amanda gasping, blushing at the implication. "I'm not!" she shook her head... But, now that Mommy mentioned it, there was something going on, a thick, mushy squishiness in her diaper, one that was slowly growing... Nervously, she reached down, gulping as her hand touched her diaper, feeling what was happening inside. Mommy was right... But of course she was. Mommy was always right.

Like any toddler, Amanda had an early bedtime, after messily eating chicken nuggets and peas in her high chair, and being given a nice, long bubble bath. She drifted off quickly, once Mommy turned on some gentle, tinkling nursery rhymes for her, and woke up absolutely soaked, as always. How else would a baby wake up?

"Good morning!" Mommy exclaimed, bustling in. Amanda stared at her for a few moments, confused, thinking she looked different somehow... But, at the same time, this was definitely how she remembered her.

Mommy changed her into a fresh diaper, put her into a onesie, then left her in the nursery to play while she went to get breakfast ready. Amanda crawled around, sucking on her paci, stopping to play with blocks, or dolls, when she happened across some of either, some nagging part of her mind trying to tell her something was wrong, that she was meant to be doing something else...

Breakfast was oatmeal, which Mommy let her eat with her hands, after stripping her down to her diaper and bib, chuckling at what a big mess she made. "I guess you're not quite ready for that much responsibility, are you?" she teased, cleaning her up afterward, snapping her back into her onesie. "That's all right... You don't have to worry about anything."

But... She did, didn't she? Amanda struggled to think straight, to conjure up the word for what that could be. The closest she could come up with was, "School?" although that didn't feel right.

"How precious," Mommy smiled. "Did you hear the neighborhood kids talk about getting ready for preschool? Don't worry, baby, you'll be going there, too... One day. You're not big enough for that yet, though, are you?"

Amanda looked down at herself, in her pink onesie, diaper bulging around the waist, peeking out of the legbands. It was hard to argue she was anything more than a baby... Or to argue at all, when even that one word had been so hard to think of, much less say.

"What is wrong with you today?" Mommy asked, coming in to check on her later on, finding her sitting there, frowning, trying to think. "Do you need a change?" She was soggy, of course, but not too bad. "You've been out of it since you got up. Do you need a nap already?"

Amanda whined, shaking her head. Mommy sat down on the floor with her, trying to entertain her, but Amanda didn't want to play, either, just found herself staring at Mommy, fighting to get her brain to work correctly, to tell her what it was struggling to say.

"Oh," Mommy winked. "I think I know what's going on... I see what you're looking at. Well, come on, then."

Amanda's eyes widened, her cheeks darkening, as she saw Mommy lower her top, exposing her breasts... But why was that strange? She did that all the time... And yet, Amanda couldn't help feeling strange as she crawled closer, letting Mommy take the paci out of her mouth, then pick her up, cradling her, holding the girl's head up to her chest.

"Go on, sweetie," Mommy urged. "There's plenty of milkies for you."

Amanda could feel her nose wrinkling, her mind fighting back against the very idea of this, but it was already too late, her instincts taking over, making her close her mouth around her Mommy's nipple and start to suck. It was so warm, and sweet, and just... right... that she couldn't stop, nuzzling harder into the woman's breast, drinking greedily, filling her little tummy...

"Oh," Mommy chuckled, partway through. "I see..."

Amanda was confused, unsure of what she meant, until she noticed the same sensation from the day before, realized she was once again helplessly messing herself. She gasped, a moment of clarity hitting her as her mouth unclamped from its infantile work, Mommy reached down to her diaper to check her, to confirm what she already knew.

She was an adult, a lawyer, and a damn good one at that... And this woman holding her in her lap had been someone she'd had a case against, that she'd won, even though, if she was being honest, even Amanda hadn't truly believed her own client. This wasn't her mother at all... In fact, her mother had died in childbirth; she'd never known her at all. All those memories she'd had about her, that had pushed her down the path that ended here, had been fake...

Just like this woman. She looked like the woman from the case, but Amanda knew, as impossible as it seemed, that it wasn't her, that it was the bear, the same thing that had injected all those memories into her mind, that had manipulated her, whispered to her, turned her into this, draining away every drop of her maturity and turning her into a helpless, diaper-filling infant...

She had to get away, to stop this, to find some way back to her old life... But it was already too late. She whimpered, feeling Mommy's hand gently press against the back of her head, pushing her back towards her breast, and, like before, instinct took over, the fresh wave of milk washing away her clarity, and she grunted and continued to fill her diaper, her body pushing softly to do that, while her mind pushed away the last of those nasty memories as well.

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User #11330336 - 26 May 20 22:30
That was really good. Would have been funny if you had her "imagining" dialogue with the teddy bear.
A Little Rest - Chapter 11 & Epilogue 2020-05-16T14:00:03+00:00

Lizzie gulped, tears springing to her eyes as she felt herself automatically trying to back away, only to bump into the crib behind her, looking frantically towards the worker standing in the doorway. How could the woman let this happen?!

"Where are you going?" Gwen asked, toddling closer, trapping the smaller girl between her own body and the bars her back was pressed against. "Don't you want to play, baby sis?"

"Lizzie," the worker said warningly, Lizzie's eyes widening as she realized she was the one about to get scolded here, "don't be rude. Do you want me to tell Ms. Hudson?"

"Yes!" Lizzie stomped her foot. "She'll tell you she," she jabbed her finger at the smug, former cheerleader, Amazon, "can't have me!"

"She's a rude little thing, isn't she?" Carlie shook her head with a sigh. "I don't know, Gwen, maybe this isn't the best idea... I'm sure we can find a much sweeter baby sibling for you somewhere else here."

Gwen smirked, jabbing a finger at Lizzie's newly wet diaper, making the girl squirm. "I knew you were just a baby," she whispered. "And now I'm gonna make sure the whole world does, too." She spun around, showing off the rows of lace on the back of her tights, stretched out over her own diaper, bouncing up and down as she stomped her Mary Janes. "No!" she whined. "I want her!"

"Well, you heard her," Carlie shrugged. "I want to give my little sweetie what she wants, so I guess I'll adopt this one, too."

The worker raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you don't want to get to know her a little better, or...?"

"No, no, she'll do," Carlie waved her off. "Be a dear and go fetch the paperwork for me."

Lizzie whimpered, waiting for the worker to fully comprehend how strange this was, to put a stop to it. "If your mind is made up," she said instead. "This will take a little time..."

"Yes, yes, I know," Carlie rolled her eyes. "I just went through it not that long ago with Gwennie." She stepped over, ruffling the girl's hair. "My information should be in the file from her adoption. The sooner you get started, though, the sooner it will be done."

"All right," the worker nodded. "You can come with me, or I can come back and you can sign here."

Carlie glared down at Lizzie with a sadistic grin. "Oh, we'll wait here. Like you said... We need to get to know the new member of the family some more before we take her home."

"No!" Lizzie shook her head, trying to slip out from around Gwen, just to be pinned in place, the worker turning around at the wrong moment and missing it, stepping away and shutting the door behind herself, trapping Lizzie in there, with Gwen holding her still, and an Amazon between her and the one exit.

"I told you she'd be wet by the time we arrived," Gwen bragged, yanking Lizzie away from the crib, towards Carlie. "I bet she just got changed, too, or else she'd be messy. They probably don't want their prospective adopters seeing how stinky their new babies are going to be."

There was a time when Lizzie would have protested that she wasn't a baby, but it was much harder to claim that now, after spending so long using nothing but her diapers. Not to mention the fact that there were far more pressing concerns at the moment.

"You don't need me," she sniffed, looking up at Carlie. "Y-You already have a baby girl."

"No, she does not," Gwen huffed. "I'm only wearing these stupid diapers to get in here without raising suspicion. I don't need them, unlike you. I told you from the start, I'm not a baby like you or Penny..."

"You do look cute in them, though," Carlie teased.

"Hush," Gwen snapped, "or you're not getting paid."

Carlie furrowed her brow, clearly not happy at being bossed around by a little. "You still don't have the money to pay me," she replied. "And, if I put you in daycare instead of helping you get your company back, you never will."

"Oh, please," Gwen rolled her eyes. "As if you want to take care of two littles at the same time... I've seen how you live; you can barely take care of yourself. I hope you like diaper rash, Lizzie," she mocked, "because I bet you'll be seeing plenty of it when she forgets to change you while she's watching her soaps, or..."

"She can take it," Carlie shrugged. "Just look at her... She was meant to be a baby."

Lizzie blushed, tugging at her skirt, worried that the Amazon hadn't even bothered to try to deny it. Was this seriously who she was going to be stuck living with from now on?! At least some of the people here at the orphanage cared about her... Carlie seemed to only want her because that was what Amazons did, as a fashion statement, almost, or a pet...

"Aww, don't be scared," Gwen teased, reaching up and pinching Lizzie's cheeks. "You can always play pretend that you're a big girl, like you used to... You have a big imagination, don't you? You loved to act like you came from some other world, or that you were ever anything more than this, but we all know that, deep down, you always were, and always will be, a tiny, diaper wearing little brat."

"You're the brat," Lizzie pouted helplessly, her only real defense at the moment.

"No," Gwen countered, "I'm an adult, who is going to go re-claim my business now that my bargain with Carlie here is over."

"It's not over yet!" Carlie pointed out.

"I know," Gwen sighed. "You'll get your money, too, as soon as everything is squared away... But I've gotten you a real baby to replace me. And," she turned back to Lizzie, "she's going to be signing the papers to declare me a legal adult again... Maybe I'll let you take a look at them, since you'll never get to see any of your own. It's just too bad Penny's already gone; I would have loved to have both of you in the 'family', so you could come visit Auntie Gwen in her office once I'm back where I belong, so you could see what real grown-ups look like."

"She's already going to see that," Carlie protested. "She's going to be living with me."

"Right," Gwen smirked, giving Lizzie a conspiratorial wink. "I just meant a real, grown-up little, of course."

She wasn't fooling anyone, least of all Carlie. "I can still change my mind, you know," she huffed. "Those diapers fit you pretty well."

"Money," Gwen reminded her. "It's almost too bad you're already going to be adopted," she put a finger under Lizzie's chin, pushing it upwards, staring her in the eye, "It would be fun to do it myself, once I'm able.... Then you really wouldn't be able to deny that you're just a baby. Who knows, maybe Carlie will be tired of you by then, and I can buy you from her."

In her time here, Lizzie had never seen any littles looking for someone to adopt. Perhaps they were afraid they'd get added to the roster themselves, or, if they wanted to adopt, they looked for actual children... The very idea felt wrong, like it must be some kind of taboo, or should be, anyway. Other littles should know that the way they got treated wasn't fair, that they weren't automatically so much more immature than the rest of the world just because they were smaller.

"I'd get you a nice, strict Amazon nanny, of course," Gwen mused. "I'll be much too busy to look after you myself... But you'd always know who your Mommy was, who was keeping you in diapers, where you belong."

Lizzie flinched as the door swung open, seeing the worker step in, clipboard in hand. If she was being honest, she'd been hoping for Ms. Hudson, that somehow she was going to show up and save her from this... But it was her day off.

"Here you go," the woman handed the clipboard over to Carlie. "You just need to sign here and here, and..."

"No!" Lizzie gathered up her courage, knowing she had to take a stand for herself, stop this any way she could. "You haft..." To her shock, Gwen shoved a pacifier into her mouth, turning the dial to make the nipple swell up, silencing her.

"Such a noisy baby," the girl giggled innocently. "Is this what all baby sisters are like?"

"It is!" the worker knelt down, smiling at her. "Are you sure you're ready for that?"

"Oh, yes," Gwen grinned at the pacified Lizzie. "We're gonna have so much fun together..."

Lizzie watched helplessly as Carlie signed the papers, every scratch of the pen making her skin crawl, knowing what it meant for her. She couldn't imagine Carlie or Gwen caring about her condition, or looking after her properly... They only wanted her to make themselves look better, or more mature. It was hard to think of a worse outcome for her time here....

"Perfect," the worker stood up, looking at the clipboard. "Now, we just need you to sign the next page on the same spots."

Carlie frowned, pausing for a moment. "Are there two forms now? I could have sworn there was only one last time."

Lizzie saw Gwen's expression change, turn a little more worried. As a CEO, she was surely quite experienced with contracts; as a little, and one who had come here dressed how she was, there wasn't much she could do without drawing attention to herself. "C-Can I...?" she started to say.

It was satisfying, Lizzie had to admit, seeing the same move Gwen had done to her, so quickly turned around on the other girl, as the worker stuffed a paci into her mouth. "Hush now," the Amazon chided her. "The adults are talking. And yes, dear, there are two this time... This is the second time you're adopting from us, after all."

"Oh," Carlie mused momentarily, before shrugging. "That makes sense, I guess."

Lizzie could hear Gwen's muffled protests, but even she couldn't make out what they were. The worker watched closely, waiting for Carlie to finish signing before snatching the clipboard away. "Perfect," she nodded, halfway stepping back outside the door. "You can come in now!"

"That's sweet, but I don't need any help," Carlie told her. "I can handle these two on my own."

"No, it's not for them," the worker's smile shifted. "It's for you."

"Huh?" Carlie looked confused, which only amplified as three more people stepped into the room, more workers, although one of them should have been at home that day.

The two others stepped forward, grabbing Carlie by the arms, pulling her to the floor, while Ms. Hudson approached, diaper in hand. "Hello, Carlie," she said. "It's funny, you never did show up to those parenting classes I assigned to you, did you?"

"Get away from me!" Carlie kicked her legs frantically, whimpering. "You can't do this to me!"

"I can't?" Ms. Hudson smirked. "That's funny, considering you just signed away all your adult rights. I would have thought Gwen here would have taught you to always carefully read over anything before you sign."

Lizzie heard Gwen grumbling behind her pacifier, probably saying she'd tried.

"I admit, it was my mistake," Ms. Hudson said. "I should have just had you banned from here altogether, instead of only putting a note on Lizzie's file about you. I assumed you'd go after her... I hope little Gwen here didn't have too hard a time because of my oversight. But don't worry, Gwen, dear, your Mommy also signed to annul the adoption, so you'll be living here again, too... And I'll make sure, this time, you get adopted by someone who can give you the care and attention you need."

Gwen stomped her foot, face turning red, tears springing to her eyes as all of her plans crumbled down around her, leaving her trapped in this place again. She turned towards Lizzie, fuming, the smaller girl cowering before her obvious anger, but, thankfully, Ms. Hudson saw, plucking her off the floor, handing her to the original worker. "Thank you for calling me, and for all your assistance. Could you take her down to daycare for me?"

"Of course," the woman smiled, giving the wriggling girl's ruffly, padded backside a whack that stopped her squirming for a moment as she yelped in pain. "Happy to help."

"Stop it!" Carlie raged as Ms. Hudson knelt down next to her, starting to unbutton her pants. "Let me go!"

"I'm sorry, Carlie," Ms. Hudson said calmly, gently, "but you know I can't do that... Not until we get you all diapered up."

"I'm not wearing a diaper!" Carlie stomped her feet, shaking her head, trying to overpower the pair of workers pinning her to the floor, and failing. "I won't do it!"

But her pants were already down, quickly followed by her panties. She had plenty of experience with this, after all, even if it was mostly with people much smaller than her. Carlie groaned as her ankles her lifted, her bottom lowered back onto the waiting diaper.

Lizzie felt a sudden wave of nostalgia as she watched, thinking back to her arrival at the orphanage, to her first meeting with Carlie, when the Amazon had been made to change her diaper to prove she knew what she was doing, and was ready to adopt. Ms. Hudson turned back to her, smiling softly, reaching over and removing the pacifier. "Do you want to be my little helper?" she asked.

Lizzie eagerly nodded, toddling over to the changing table, returning with an armload of supplies, and, remembering that day - and her many changes since then - was careful to hand over the baby oil first. "Very good," Ms. Hudson complimented her. "We don't want her skin to dry out, do we?"

"Get that little brat away from me!" Carlie struggled uselessly while Ms. Hudson proceeded to rub the oil into her skin, following it up with a liberal amount of baby powder before tugging the diaper up between her legs, taping one side shut, then turning back to Lizzie. "Would you like to do the other side?"

Lizzie smiled, walking a bit closer. She jumped as Carlie nearly broke free, retreated closer to Ms. Hudson, but a squeeze to her hand reminded her that she was safe, and she reached over, grabbing the side of the diaper. "Pull it nice and snug," Ms. Hudson reminded her, holding the middle down to help. Lizzie beamed proudly as she opened up the tape, pushing it down onto the landing strip, sealing the bratty former cheerleader into her diaper. Carlie stomped her feet, screaming in impotent rage, until one of the other workers quieted her down with a paci.

"She's going to be quite the handful," Ms. Hudson shook her head, wiping her hands off, "but this is clearly what she needs."

"Definitely," one of the other workers agreed. "What are we going to do with her, though? She isn't going to fit in our other rooms."

"That's true," Ms. Hudson agreed. "We'll have to get her a custom crib, and changing table, and everything, and it'll take up a lot more room than our normal ones. I guess we'll just have to give her a private room."

"The only one of those is here," her co-worker pointed out.

"But..." Lizzie fidgeted, "this is my room..." Was she about to gain a roommate? As clear as it was that the woman deserved what was coming to her, Lizzie didn't think she'd be getting a lot of the rest she needed with her here... Of course, if there were two of them here, it wouldn't exactly be a private room for either. Would Lizzie be moved to somewhere else, then, made to room with some random person?

"Yes, it is," Ms. Hudson said. "For now..." She walked over to the dresser, where the other worker had set down the clipboard as she left with Gwen. "But... I've been thinking about this for a while, and, when I got the call telling me what was going on, I realized it was time. I was so worried about what could have happened to you... If somehow this had slipped through the cracks, and you got taken away by someone who wasn't going to look after you the way you need, the way you deserve..." She shook her head. "I couldn't forgive myself. That's why I had one more contract drawn up... There's somebody else who wants to adopt you, Lizzie."

She flipped the pages, past the one where Carlie had agreed to commit herself to the orphanage, past the one where she'd agreed to un-do her previous adoption. For a moment, Lizzie thought back to the other people who had visited her, who she'd chased away. Had one of them seen through her act after all? She kind of hoped it was Ms. Heath... That was the one that she was sure would be nice.

"It's up to you, though, Lizzie. If you don't want to do this, if you want to wait and see if we can find you somebody better, I'll understand..."

Of course. Lizzie felt bad, or at least silly, having not realized it before. It wasn't Ms. Heath... It was somebody bettter. "No!" Lizzie wiped her eyes, tears having started to fill them again, but this time, from happiness, not fear.. "There isn't anybody better.... Mommy."


"Are you ready, Lizzie?"

Lizzie looked up from her toys, nervously nibbling on her bottom lip. There weren't nearly as many toys here as at the orphanage, but Mommy was working on it... She hadn't expected this to happen so soon, after all; they'd had to go buy furniture for Lizzie's new room as soon as Ms. Hudson had signed the papers.

"I-I think so," Lizzie nodded, blushing slightly as Mommy slipped a finger into her onesie, discovering her soggy diaper.

"Will you be after we get you nice and dry?" Mommy chuckled, picking her up, carrying her over to her new changing table and laying her down, unsnapping the onesie. "You don't have to be, you know... If you need more time to rest, we can do it another time."

Lizzie wiggled happily, smiling up at her, knowing it was true. Mommy understood what she needed, and she was more than happy to give it to her. "I can do it, Mommy," she promised. "We don't hafta stay too long if I get tired, do we?"

"Of course not," Mommy beamed. "I just think it'll be a good idea for you to meet one of your preschool classmates, so you'll know somebody when you start next week."

It was a little scary, the idea of going to school somewhere else. At least at the orphanage, Ms. Hudson had always been nearby, ready to swoop in if anything went wrong... But the preschool was close to the orphanage, and Mommy had assured Lizzie that she was only a phone call away.

There was some small part of Lizzie that thought she should have protested at the very idea of being put in preschool again, that she should have fought her her right to grow back up, to be a responsible adult again... But she knew she was never going to be seen like one in this world. And, honestly, after spending so long in diapers, to the point where she wouldn't have trusted herself out of them even if she had the option, she wasn't sure she'd see herself like one again, either. Back when she'd first arrived, that thought would have terrified her; now, it was oddly comforting, if only because she knew she didn't have to be an adult. That's what Mommy was for.

"That's better," Mommy snapped the onesie back up, tickling her little girl's tummy before picking her up, resting her on her hip. "Let's go, then."

They weren't going far, but it was still weird, going out the front door, dressed this way, her diaper bulging around her waist, plastic peeking out of the legbands of her onesie, leaving no question what she was wearing. There was a playground at the orphanage, however, it was surrounded on all sides by the orphanage itself, with no way to run away from it, and no way for the outside world to see her when she was playing while she was in it.

Here, anyone could see her. She blushed as the mailman waved to them cheerfully, slipping a few envelopes into their mailbox and moving on, not giving the sight of her a second thought. There were neighbors, too, watching their kids playing on the front lawn, or pushing strollers, all of them able to just look over, spot her there, wearing the diapers she'd grown to truly need... And none of them caring.

"Is she one of them?" Lizzie asked nervously, pointing at the littles out playing across the street.

"No," Mommy shook her head. "They may go there, too, I'm not sure... But they're not who you're going to meet. She's someone very special." It was a short walk, right next door. "Do you want to ring the bell?"

Mommy held her up, let her reach over and push the button. She could faintly hear it ring inside, heard a voice that was oddly familiar, although she couldn't quite place it, yell, "Yes, you can answer it, dear!"

There was some fumbling on the other side of the door, and, after a moment, it fell open, revealing a little girl in a pink onesie and diapers every bit as thick as Lizzie's. Lizzie gasped, squealing in shock and delight, glad that Mommy was perceptive enough to know what to do, already letting her down so she could toddle over and give her a big hug. "Penny!"

"Lizzie!" the girl answered, every bit as happy. "I missed you so much!"

They stayed that way for a long time, both of their eyes pretty wet by the time they let go. Lizzie reached up to wipe hers, jumping slightly as she realized, as that had been happening, Penny's Mommy had appeared behind the girl.

"Hello again," she said with a smile. "It's wonderful to see you, Lizzie."

"Ms. Heath!" Lizzie gasped again. "Y-You're... Mommy's neighbor?"

"I am," the woman told her. "She was the one who recommended you to me when I told her I was ready to adopt a little... But we know how that worked out, don't we?" she winked.

Lizzie blushed. "Sorry about that... I-I..."

"No, no," Ms. Heath chuckled. "It's for the best... When that didn't work out, your Mommy introduced me to Penny. And, since I didn't adopt you, that means your Mommy was able to, the way she should have a long time ago."

"And now we're neighbors!" Penny clapped her hands. "And we're gonna go to school together!"

"Yeah!" Lizzie giggled, getting caught up in the excitement for a moment, before remembering, "But... You weren't in preschool back at the orphanage..."

Penny looked down at her feet bashfully. "She'd been having some trouble with her schoolwork already," Ms. Heath explained. "So, when she heard you were going to be moving in, she volunteered to be moved back."

"Penny!" Lizzie shook her head. "You didn't have to do that!"

"I'm glad I did," Penny told her. "It's so much more fun there, and I don't have to worry about homework, or math, or..."

"Or potty training," Ms. Heath teased.

"Mommy!" Penny blushed, stomping her foot, though her 'anger' was quickly ended with a kiss on the top of the head.

"Now, then, are you going to come inside, or just stand in the door all afternoon?" Ms. Heath gestured for them to come inside, Penny and Ms. Hudson complying. Lizzie stayed behind for a moment, staring up at Ms. Heath. "What is it, sweetie?"

"Umm..." Lizzie's cheeks turned a little pink. "Can I... have that hug now?" She turned it down when Ms. Heath had visited her, thinking about adopting her, and had regretted it ever since.

"Of course you can," the woman knelt down, folding Lizzie into her arms. It was a good hug, one of the best the girl had ever had... Except, of course, for her Mommy's.

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User #4687188 - 16 May 20 19:54
Absolutely perfect! Thank you so so much, this story was incredible, and I'm sooooo happy to see how it turned out, especially after the cliffhanger with the last part ^-^
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User #12289859 - 16 May 20 19:20
I enjoyed this story.
CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 14 (Poll) 2020-05-14T14:01:01+00:00

Should Janet...

CYOA: The Stepdaughter - Chapter 14 (Story) 2020-05-14T14:01:02+00:00

Janet gulped, pressing her legs together, feeling the poofy bulk of her diaper, hearing the crinkle, and hoping she wasn't making a big mistake here.

"I'm a good girl," she reminded herself quietly, the slightly muffled tone of her words behind her pacifier only making them sound more true. That's what she had to be, if she wanted to make it through this weekend... And good girls didn't cheat, they didn't take shortcuts, and they definitely didn't try to sneakily do something they'd been forbidden from doing on their own. If her babysitter wanted her to do her homework, that's what she was going to do. If the girl wanted her to wait to use the bathroom, she'd just have to do that, too.

The easiest way to achieve the latter, she decided, was to concentrate on the former. She couldn't lose herself in it completely, just to be safe, since she didn't want to have an accident, but if she had something else to think about at all, she was certain it would help. She looked back down at the math book, stomach churning as she glimpsed those problems yet again.

But it didn't matter how anxious they made her, they were what she had to do. Gritting her teeth, she picked up her pencil, forcing herself to start working, even if she didn't completely understand what was going on. Or, rather, she realized after a moment, anything that was going on.

She was positive she had to have learned all of this, since it definitely sounded like Prissy was pretty young, however none of it made sense to her. There were so many symbols that she not only couldn't recall, she could have sworn she'd never seen before, mixed with some very large numbers... Supposedly, this was Priscilla's best subject, so perhaps she'd been moved ahead a grade level or two, but Janet found it hard to believe any kid other than a true prodigy could do this stuff.

And she was far from a prodigy when it came to math. The very first problem left her completely stumped, squirming there on the floor, feeling like a dumb little kid, one who probably deserved to be kept in diapers, honestly... If she didn't know any better, she might have suspected this was a textbook from Hazel's college days, and she was looking at things she truly had never learned, but her sitter had told her she'd gotten this homework from the neighbor, and Zella wouldn't lie to her... Right?

She flipped back through the text, resigning herself to having to learn this all over again. It had been a while since she'd had to read a book for school, and it was shocking how incredibly dense and boring it was, making it very difficult to stick to her guns, to concentrate only on it, and not on the growing pressure in her bladder, or her curiosity over where Hazel was, why it was taking her so long to finish up the dishes.

After reading over the same passage a few times, she thought she had the gist of what she was supposed to do, at least for the first problem, so she flipped back to it to try again. It definitely made more sense now, and she was able to get an answer, although she was pretty doubtful it was the right one. She frowned, fidgeting on her tummy, debating whether to try again.

"No!" she rolled her eyes at herself. What was wrong with her?! She didn't have time for that! It didn't matter what grade she got; she wasn't a student, hadn't been for quite a long time. She was doing this to keep Hazel happy, and that was it. As long as she'd made an effort, that should be good enough.

She moved on to the second problem, and immediately groaned, seeing another unfamiliar symbol that sent her scanning back through the text once more to try to find an explanation. She squeaked, bouncing in place as she felt another twinge from her bladder, biting down hard on her pacifier, which she'd grown worryingly used to having in her mouth already, having been idly sucking on it as she studied, as she fought to stay dry.

Somehow, she made it, having to reach down and check herself to be certain, worried a trickle had escaped without her noticing. It definitely seemed like she'd weathered the storm, however, giving her a tiny high in this morning of rocky lows, which instantly faded when she tried to attempt to apply the section of the book she'd just read to her homework.

It was slow, and torturous, but, miraculously, she made it, finishing them all up, and before Hazel returned from the kitchen at that. Her bladder was aching, requiring the one hand she wasn't writing with constantly between her legs, thighs constantly clamped around it, to keep it from relieving itself, yet, even more surprisingly, she'd succeeded on that front as well. As soon as she'd answered the last problem in her assignment, her other hand joined the first, and she began to nurse her pacifier all the harder, waiting anxiously for Hazel to return, not trusting herself to move enough to return to the kitchen to find her at the moment.

"All right!" Hazel announced, finally flouncing in. "How are you... What are you up to, Prissy? I hope it isn't what I think it is!"

Janet blushed bright red, realizing how this might look... But terrified if she stopped, she'd pee her pants. "I-I really need the potty," she whimpered behind her paci.

That time, Hazel understood her, or at least figured out what she meant. "Well, proper young ladies don't touch themselves there, especially not in the middle of the living room," she lectured. Janet bobbed her head obediently, but didn't do anything more until Zella snapped, "So stop it!"

Any other time, Janet would have been mortified at the implication that she'd want to do that here, in a diaper, however, right now, she had more pressing concerns. "I really hafta go!" she whined, reluctantly moving her hands, breathing a sigh of relief when she didn't instantly flood her pants.

"Well, let's see how you did," Hazel bent down, picking up the homework, scanning over it. What had felt like hours of work took the girl only a few moments to review, while Janet watched, nervous, yet proud of herself for finishing... Until she saw Zella shake her head. "What is this, Priscilla?"

Janet swallowed the use of 'her' full first name, rather than the nickname, tipping her off that this might not have gone as well as she'd hoped. "I-I tried," she sniffed.

"If you turned this in right now, you'd get a big, fat F! Is that what you want?!"

Janet shook her head meekly; how was that possible?! She'd worked so hard! She really thought she'd understood it, too... Or some of it, rather. Had she really done that badly, doing this little girl's homework?

"I don't know what you're up to, little lady, but I'm having none of it," Hazel informed her. "You're doing it over."

Janet groaned, not wanting to repeat what she'd just been through... And knowing, for a fact, her bladder wouldn't be able to make it. "C-Can you please take me to the potty first?" she begged.

Hazel crossed her arms, staring down at her, evaluating the little girl in her crop top and diaper. "No," she said simply.

"No?!" Janet felt tears spring to her eyes, knowing very well what that meant. "C'mon, please! I'll be able to work a lot harder, if..."

"I said no," Hazel repeated sternly.

"I can't hold it that long!" Janet admitted, blushing. "I-I'm gonna..."

"If you were a big girl, you could," Zella smirked. "And if you'd done your homework right the first time, you could be on your way to the potty right now..."

But she wasn't. She was stuck going back to her math problems again, her nearly bursting bladder making it even harder to recall what she'd looked up earlier, or retain anything she read over again to try to get the work done right this time. She almost wished she'd been a little more naughty, that she'd just faked her way through it the first time... At least, if she'd done that, she wouldn't be as desperate now, her second time through, might even have been able to concentrate hard enough to comprehend these concepts, instead of fumbling her way through them, pretty certain she was doing even worse than in her first attempt.

"I hate math," she grumbled under her breath, thinking she was being quiet enough Zella wouldn't hear, or understand her around the pacifier.

"Oh, you're just being fussy," the sitter chuckled, giving her a condescending pat on the back of her diaper. "Just like you have been all weekend... Honestly, I'm starting to think there might be more to it. Are you all stopped up, sweetie? Do you need a nice, big enema to clean you out and make you the sweet girl I know you are again?"

"No!" Janet squealed, turning bright red. This wasn't the first time Hazel had mentioned that, and, each time she did, Janet got less and less sure it was a joke.

"I don't know," Hazel grinned. "It might be my only option if you keep acting like this..."

Thankfully, that line of thought was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, although it wasn't a relief for long as Janet realized what it meant. Someone was here... She had no idea who it might be, but there weren't many options that sounded good to her. It wasn't Harrison, who could put a stop to this, since it didn't make sense for him to ring his own doorbell, so it might be a neighbor, or one of her friends coming to visit her... They might be able to straighten things out, make Hazel believe Janet was an adult, and not Prissy.... However, to do that, they'd have to see her like this, lying on the floor, sweating through homework for a little kid, moments away from wetting herself...

Or if could be one of Hazel's friends. Janet hoped she'd made new friends since high school, but how many of them lived around here? She shivered, imagining one of Zella's cronies from school seeing her this way instead; that was even worse than her own friends witnessing it. Really, there weren't any good options for her.

"Wonderful!" Hazel clapped her hands. "I was hoping they'd show up on time! All right, Prissy, do you want to prove you aren't being Little Miss Fussy Britches, who needs a good cleaning out? Then go answer the door for me."

"What?!" Janet gasped. "L-Like this?!" She had no idea who it was, who was going to see her dressed up like an overgrown toddler!

"Well, we don't want to keep them waiting," Hazel said. "It's a surprise for you, after all... It's only fair you go get it."

That did nothing to soothe her nerves. What kind of surprise could Zella have in store for her? Surely she wouldn't have invited Priscilla's friends over, not while she was being punished... She couldn't be that cruel to her new 'step-sister'... But what else could it be?!

"Prissy!" Hazel snapped. "What are you waiting for? I told you to go answer the door!"

Janet gulped, sucking frantically on her pacifier as her mind raced. How was she going to handle this?! She knew she should do as she was told, but that would mean showing someone - and she had no idea who - her diaper, and potentially wetting herself in front of them... She wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer. In fact... Maybe she should give in, and let her bladder go now.

It wasn't ideal, since it would only 'prove' that she needed her diapers even more, however Hazel might feel sorry for her, after seeing that, and go answer the door herself. It wasn't like she hadn't done that in front of her plenty of times already... It was better to repeat that than risk it happening in front of God only knew who, wasn't it?

Or... She could always say no. She didn't want to be seen as a naughty girl, but sometimes, it was necessary. Unfortunately, if she did that... Well, she had a bad feeling Hazel would follow through on her threat, give her an enema to see if it would improve her bad attitude... She shivered at the idea, wrinkling her nose. Was that honestly any better than the alternative? She wasn't sure, but she was going to have to decide quickly. She could see Zella getting impatient, waiting for a response, as Janet frantically tried to decide what it should be.

Should she...

Go answer the door like a good girl, and hope for the best?

Wet herself right then and there, and hope Hazel would take pity on her?

Or tell Hazel no, and risk an enema?


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