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Baphomet Abandoned (+ more maps)
Baphomet Abandoned (+ more maps)more_vert
Post file flag
Baphomet Abandoned (+ more maps) 2020-07-04T11:41:19+00:00close

Hello Everyone!

I just released this FREE adventure based on one of this month's maps. You can download it for free via that link on DTRPG, or just find the PDF in your Back Catalogue (for users). It features a couple of unique monsters and items, that were designed by Swampland Games.

We put a story together on some of my social posts on reddit, I did all the art and design, he did all of the actual writing. Might do more of these in the future!

I'm also updating the Back Catalogue with a double feature map. (had planned on doing part one and two split up, but because I was so swamped by work I decided to just release it now as a single piece)

You can expect the new links to the Catalogue sent your way after I finish this post.

Media (1)

SABIEN_v002.jpg (1.0MiB)

 Dungeon Tiles - The Vampire Lair
Dungeon Tiles - The Vampire Lairmore_vert
Post file flag
Dungeon Tiles - The Vampire Lair 2020-06-19T10:03:52+00:00close

Hello, all you fine folks!

I'm working on a large set of Dungeon Tiles, that I'm planning on posting in bulk somewhere next week (about 100 of them), but I wanted to post an update to showcase a battlemap featuring 12 of those tiles in the meantime.

I'm also planning on writing a little one-shot, including some art for items, BBEG, and character tokens and have opened up the writing process on Reddit, where you can feel free to pitch in your ideas (could be a fun experiment) and see if we can build one from popular comments.

I've got more adventures I'm working on in the meantime, a couple that I had planned on posting about earlier, but I'm now postponing a bit so that I can bundle them for a small Kickstarter. I've received my own print of the first adventure and it's looking good!

There was also a big collaborative adventure we had planned on releasing this month (or I even think last month) but the writer of that adventure had other plans so now it's been delayed. All the maps, creatures, and item art had been finished but someone is taking over the writing so you can expect more on that later.

Kind regards!

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #37214817 - 27 Jun 20 01:08
love it
user avatar
User #3128894 - 27 Jun 20 10:55
Can't wait! :)
Sewer Maps!
Sewer Maps!more_vert
Post file flag
Sewer Maps! 2020-06-09T20:56:03+00:00close

Hey Folks!

I've just uploaded my first Map Pack for June, took me a bit longer because I've been updating the color scheme for my Dungeon Draw series.

Dungeon Masters & Lords

You'll find the Sewer map including the Old School version and Lineart version in your updated Back Catalogue!

Dungeon Kings & Gods

You'll find 45 new tiles uploaded on www.DungeonDraw.com in all 3 art styles. Right now you should be able to combine this mapset with the Dungeon Stone tileset. I'm updating that set next. Adding loads of rooms and hallways to add to your custom dungeons.

I've also uploaded the map I made in the preview to the Back Catalogue Supreme. From now on I'm going to post premade maps in the dropbox and have all tiles uploaded on the dungeondraw platform. That makes it so I can spare more space on dropbox and keep it for premade maps only .

I've had some minor setbacks with COVID waiting times for the print of my adventure but there will be more on that soon... Already working on the next adventure that I'll publish after that one.

Finally, my schedule is opening up again with quarantine calming down so I expect to produce content again on a more steady stream.

Thanks for all your patience,

Kind Regards,

Bert | Crosshead

Embed data


Provider URL

DungeonDraw: Modular Battlemaps - Sewers

I've just finished my latest set of modular battlemaps: a set of 45 sewer tiles. The design was made to match seamlessly with my previously designed tiles, and it's the first base set that should have all the tiles for any design layout. Now I'm going to work towards finishing up the rest of my tilesets as well, so I'll have the perfect set of underground tiles for building massive modular dungeons on the fly. Next up will be a series of basic Stone Dungeons, unlike this series which featured mainly open hallways, the next series will be one with loads of smaller rooms you can interconnect. Using both together will allow you to combine the features of both. Perfect for a bandit hideout or underground thieves guild. Check out www.dungeondraw.com for my free old school dungeon tilesets or visit us at www.patreon.com/dungeondraw if you'd like to support our premium art sets.



Comments (3)
user avatar
User #20010104 - 18 Jun 20 00:01
How do we rotate the tiles?
user avatar
User #14754966 - 4 Jul 20 13:19
Could you reconsider a copy of your tiles on Back Catalogue Suprem ? I only have an iPad (no PC) and the export function of DungeonDraw is not working. I like to print high resolution tiles for on table assembly
user avatar
User #100066 - 9 Jun 20 21:02
Awesome new tiles.
DungeonDraw.com is LIVE!
DungeonDraw.com is LIVE!more_vert
Post file flag
DungeonDraw.com is LIVE! 2020-05-20T20:46:44+00:00close

Hello one and all!

It's been a bit quiet on Patreon for the past couple of weeks, but I come bearing good news and a bunch of new Map content! First of all, as you can see in the title of this post:

The Dungeon Draw website is up and running! All patrons of $5 and can now log in to the site and get access to my PREMIUM tilesets. I'll also be uploading all my SNOW tiles, but seeing they are not compatible with the new set, I'll be uploading them over the next few weeks under a second ARTIST set.

All Patrons below, can still access the website and test out my OLD SCHOOL tiles in the FREE section. Give it a whirl!

I'm also finalizing (having some minor issues with the gridded versions, but should be fixed tomorrow) of a big set of maps for MAY:

Including Two Sand Arenas, small and medium, 4 Ships, a Shipwreck and a combined mega map 50x70 portraying a Naval Battle in a Colosseum.

I'm also working on finishing a big set of SEWER maps, I plan on uploading later this month!

The DROPBOXES will be updated soon (hopefully tomorrow, if everything goes as planned)! From now on I plan on doing updates a bit more regularly, was just working hard to get the site up and running asap.

Go check it out!

I'll try to get to as much of your feedback as possible, and if there are any issues, let me know, here or on Discord. That way I can try to fix as many of them as possible in the coming days.

Kind Regards,

Bert | Crosshead

Embed data


Provider URL

Dungeon Draw Map Maker

Dungeon Draw is a platform to build custom battlemaps, region maps and world maps for your tabletop games using hand-drawn tiles. It's a platform for both users and artists, who can upload their custom tiles and share them with their Patrons. This video showcases the basic features of the first build of Dungeon Draw, as we plan on introducing a lot more in the future. Including dropping in PNG's or tokens to further customize our hand-drawn maps, and eventually adding in user interactions for a build your own base mini-game during the downtime between adventures. Check out our free tiles at www.dungeondraw.com or become a patreon and check out our premium artist tiles: patreon.com/dungeondraw



Comments (12)
user avatar
User #927973 - 20 May 20 21:04
It looks awesome! Two questions: I see Cartos there, but can't choose him. Am I supposed to be able to? I'm a Patron of him too. Second, can you rotate the tiles? That is a useful feature.
user avatar
Crosshead - 20 May 20 21:27
Haha! Oops, yeah I'm running a test with Tom's tiles. You said you can't access them? Can you send me a screenshot? Normally when you click New Map and click his name in the ARTIST menu, select PREMIUM tiles. You should be able to access his content. Would be great if you can test this because if it's not working, I'll have to fix it.
user avatar
User #927973 - 20 May 20 21:29
Sure, give me a second to get in there. I'd also add a link to the site on this post -- I had to check the YT video to find it.
user avatar
User #927973 - 20 May 20 21:30
Huh, they appear now. Well, 3 maps.
user avatar
User #927973 - 20 May 20 21:33
Wait, I was able to reproduce it. Apparently when you first go in there you can select it, but if you start putting down tiles and try to change it afterwards, it is not a choice anymore.
user avatar
Crosshead - 20 May 20 21:55
Also, currently my tiles are designed to go one way only. If you rotate them the colors and art doesn't match up. I made it this way so I can create more unique looking content. The more sides that need to line up in the art, the more repetitive the map will start to look. In the long run I do plan on adding in rotation for other artists, but I plan on adding a whole lot more tiles in the coming months so that the issue of wanting to rotate tiles is less pressing. If the site manages to catch people's interest and does well, I plan on adding a whole bunch more features that will hopefully make this way of doing things more interesting. Who knows I might come around and add rotation to my own tiles as well
user avatar
Crosshead - 20 May 20 21:57
Yes that's why I asked. You can't change artists in the settings yet. Right now each artist has it's content blocked off from the others. This is because they don't all use the same setup and this would cause switching artstyles to black out tiles etc. Also something we are working on
user avatar
User #927973 - 20 May 20 22:35
Got it! It all looks great. I love these kinds of map makers -- I have a whole bunch of cartography type programs but they're always a pain ot use.
user avatar
User #35588404 - 22 May 20 13:01
I was going to check out the site Google says, " It has been reported for phishing and warns against going to it"
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 May 20 13:06
We've had this issue in the past with the Patreon authorization, we're going to check this out because that error is a big issue. Thanks for reporting it
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 May 20 13:09
can you send me a screenshot? Would help in figuring out how to solve this.
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 May 20 13:37
Never mind I get the error now too. I'm going to start by asking google for another review. We've been cleared of this before, I don't understand what is going on.
Update - April Showers
Update - April Showersmore_vert
Post file flag
Update - April Showers 2020-05-01T12:08:04+00:00close

Hello, all you fine folks!

What a crazy month it's been... Quarantine, two little ones stuck at home, wife at the hospital, working nights and last week wife brought home a little surprise from the hospital:


Yippee! Jes, my radio silence for the past week has been primarily due to me being sick as a dog. I had to get daily checks from the doc making sure my lungs were doing fine, as I was showing a lot of alarm bell symptoms, making sure I didn't have to take a trip to the hospital myself.

Exciting times!

Seems my Constitution Saving throws we're successful, however, and my lungs weren't affected. (can't say for sure that it won't still take a turn, but for now, I'm back on my two feet!)



Instead of this announcement I had actually planned on a finishing a sweet set of Colosseum - Gladiator themed battlemaps:

(WIP where I left of last Friday)

Which, I now hope of being able to finish next week instead.


In other good news the adventure module, I created with Jesse Brake, is also as good finished so we expect to be making a post about its release in the following weeks as well. We plan on releasing a free pdf of the adventure as our little effort to help yall get through this quarantine, and for those of you who want to support our effort in creating more modules, we offer a printed softcover version of the adventure as well.

We're just waiting to get the green light from the printers!


Another collaboration is also in the works for release in the following months, in the style of Tarrasque. So be on the lookout for that as well!


This month will also be the month of the release of my website, at long last! Another victim of the Quarantine, but we're finally in the last stages of getting everything online for PHASE 1! You can bet your ass I'll be making a big announcement about it as soon as you can get your hands on it!

I'm very excited about this month.

That's it for me! I just wanted to keep you all up to date. I hope you are all doing fine and keeping safe!

Bert | Crosshead

(PS: Sorry, for all who've sent me messages and I haven't replied to yet, if you have anything urgent feel free to just send me a PM on DISCORD. Patreon is a bit of a bitch on mobile, and I spend a lot of my time AFK these days, making it much easier to reply quickly to any messages you sent via chat there.)

Media (2)

DTRPG_COVER.png (1.9MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #100066 - 1 May 20 14:36
I sent a message on discord about a past project you were involved in.
user avatar
User #27345183 - 4 May 20 12:23
I’m glad your feeling better! My wife is a nurse and also brought the gift of COVID home with her a few weeks ago. Thankfully all affected have recovered. Again, glad you’re doing better!!!
user avatar
User #919529 - 16 May 20 02:49
I'm glad you're better. Take care of yourself and the little ones.
user avatar
User #5793719 - 1 May 20 17:49
So sorry to hear that you and your family were affected, but glad that it sounds like everyone is OK considering. Best wishes!
Stone Hallway Traps
Stone Hallway Trapsmore_vert
Post file flag
Stone Hallway Traps 2020-04-12T18:32:51+00:00close

Just finished a series of Trap tiles that you can use as part of any dungeon. It's a series I made as part of doing basic hallway tiles for a stone dungeon, so you'll also be able to use each of these hallway tiles without the trap as part of it. I plan on doing something similar for the cave hallway tiles, where I turn them into a second set with useful assets you should be able to use in standard encounters. I was thinking possibly something spider related...

Any suggestion for other options are always welcome!

Kind Regards,

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)

TRAPS.gif (1.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #34027253 - 1 May 20 18:12
Where can I find these for download?
Dropbox Update + World Map
Dropbox Update + World Mapmore_vert
Post file flag
Dropbox Update + World Map 2020-04-08T20:55:27+00:00close

Hey Folks!

Another message from the madhouse here. In this current state of lockdown, time is very scarce so I'm hyper-focused on just creating content right now, finishing the final steps of my website, which like the rest has taken a blow in workload during all of this.

I've updated both dropboxes so you'll find new maps in both. Including this new map (including the empty version, and finally the tiles version on the website coming soon) adding more tiles to the Dungeon Lava scene.

I've also got an update on the look for the WORLD MAP section of the site, a map I've uploaded to your dropbox as well and which will be featured in the upcoming adventure we've been working on (Jesse and myself).

I'll be adding more tiles for both in the following weeks, in hopes of having a nice set to play around with once the website is up and running.

There is a lot of cool content on the verge of release, and I can't way to get it all in your hands!

Stay safe!

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)

PATREON_2.0.jpg (2.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4559178 - 12 Apr 20 07:35
That's great but where do I download this stuff?
user avatar
Crosshead - 12 Apr 20 10:34
The Dropbox folder called the BACK CATALOGUE, you can find the link in the featured posts on the main page of this Patreon
March Madness (22 tiles + World Tiles)
March Madness (22 tiles + World Tiles)more_vert
Post file flag
March Madness (22 tiles + World Tiles) 2020-03-23T09:27:15+00:00close

Hello Folks!

It's been a bit of a madhouse here as I imagine it is with a lot of people right now.

My wife works in one of the biggest hospitals here and I'm at home with the two kids full time, so been working nights to get work done.

I've uploaded the first designs of my Dungeon Tiles I plan on going with for the Dungeon Draw design. I was a bit unsatisfied with the coloring of the first SNOW batch I did, so I decided to put more effort into this next set and I am super pleased the way it turned out.

For this first battlemap series I decided to do a fully illustrated tile that is part of an actual dungeon map (which will be featured in an upcoming adventure) and then do an empty version of each tile, that you could reuse to build a new dungeon with. I plan on doing this for each tile in this series so that I've got actual 20x30 maps for people who just want to use them on the fly and tiles for the Dungeon Draw platform for people who would like to reuse those.

The adventure I'm talking about is one based on a song by the Gorillaz (hence all the Monkey themed features) which I'm creating together with a familiar face around these parts: Jesse Brake.

It also will include a WORLD MAP (built out of tiles as well, which will be featured in the world map section of Dungeon Draw) of an island where the adventure takes place.

I'll be posting more about it in the following weeks and hope to be posting more about the webtool as well... Again things have slowed down some, but still powering through to get quality content out there.

Keep yourself safe!

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)

PATREON.jpg (1.5MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #9945535 - 23 Mar 20 10:32
That looks marvelous! Will check it out later in detail. Thanks for the output. Stay safe and take care!
user avatar
User #33017958 - 7 Apr 20 07:25
Amazing Artwork! I am starting a new game DMing for my teenage daughter and her friends...your modular tiles will make the game awesome! You are the first person I have subscribed to on Patreon and the value vs quality is unreal...thank you.
user avatar
User #37239 - 23 Mar 20 13:51
God bless both you and your wife. Thanks my friend
Final Submission for "February"
Final Submission for "February"more_vert
Post file flag
Final Submission for "February" 2020-03-05T21:03:51+00:00close

Here is the final addition to my February Set (which took a bit longer than I had liked). I plan on updating the Back Catalogue with these in it tomorrow (and the rest of the tiles from February).

Building this first set for the Dungeon Draw concept, I designed this big workshop (which will be part of an adventure in the works). It was designed with a modular set in mind, not just in the sense that you can match it up with any of the other snow tiles, but that if I build any other buildings of this size (taverns, manors etc.) you would be able to mix match each section of the building (including the roof).

Now before I start a set of buildings (I plan on doing houses, castles and structures as sets that you can mix match, with and without the furniture), I plan on doing a dungeon base set and trying out a second style (hopefully one that will allow me to produce a lot more content because right now this style takes a bit too long for my taste).

I plan on doing a vote once I've done a couple of dungeon tiles and tested them out on DD. Then I hope on launching the whole thing for you to test out and then I plan on doing a vote to see what style you like the most.

I think for the next set I want to do a bit of return to the old, where focus more on the creativity of the inside of the dungeon instead of refining the art too much.

Something I feel like I really have been able to figure out when it comes to my region maps (I've been adding some more tiles to the first snow village set and I really love creating these tiles). It's a good clean style and it is much easier to produce them in a higher volume. I plan on doing the same for world maps soon as well.

Once the ball is rolling after these first tests I plan on opening up a bit more for input from you guys. Right now I'm just pulling out all the stops to keep all the balls in the air until launch.

Thanks for your patience!

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)

Webp.net-gifmaker_9.gif (2.1MiB)

Mountain Set + Camp Set (finished) (15 tiles)
Mountain Set + Camp Set (finished) (15 tiles)more_vert
Post file flag
Mountain Set + Camp Set (finished) (15 tiles) 2020-02-28T11:59:55+00:00close

Hello Folks!

I recently finished my final base set of the snow setting, the Mountain Setting. These are cliffside areas, with the possibility to continue work on them later to create a mountain pass as you can see in the example below. They will also form the basis for building entrances for dungeons and the overlap between Dungeon Tiles and Snow Tiles.

In addition to the Mountain Set, I also finished 3 camp sets with basecamps set up in the plains, mountains, and forest. It's the first look into building structures on top of the plain tiles in this style. I'm currently also working on a 6 tile building that will be the basis for a STRUCTURE set. A set you can use to build larger structures like Manors, Churches, Factories, Taverns, etc. I'll be finishing the first structure in that design next week.

Dungeon Draw - NEWS UPDATE

For the basic version of Dungeon Draw app, I've also converted all the tiles I've made so far into this free to use Old School dungeon Style that'll be part of Dungeon Draw. That's 75 tiles in this very simplified art style you can also use to draw maps and print them out.

I've made a first demo I've been able to show some fellow creators | artists who might join me on the Dungeon Draw platform. As a preview to what's to come very soon (setting up the login system takes a bit longer than orginally expected, so not yet this week), I thought I'd share this demo - demonstration with all of you:


Can't wait to have you test it out! More coming soon!

(I'm trying to pour every second I've got into building all of this, so you might have noticed me going a bit dark on my social/messaging etc. I don't really plan on slowing down too much to get this demo out there, so my apologies if I haven't gotten back to some of your messages in the meantime)

Kind Regards,

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)

SNOW_CAMPS_v001_GRID.jpg (3.3MiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #10243101 - 28 Feb 20 12:26
Bert I wrote to you about a year ago about getting hold of the creature cards. Is that possible yet?
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Feb 20 13:11
Hey Badger, I'll send you a PM to see if I can help you but the prints of those cards have gone through a lot of phases where the plan was to have them up about now, but it'll most likely be postponed due to a lack of interested. I'll see if I can find a solution for you.
user avatar
User #100066 - 28 Feb 20 16:46
Great Video, will share this on FB.
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Feb 20 17:40
Oh please don't share it yet, it's just a little preview. I'll make a decent video once the site is up.
user avatar
User #100066 - 28 Feb 20 17:48
I am sorry was thinking I was helping, I had already and the posts are deleted now.
user avatar
User #100066 - 28 Feb 20 17:50
I thought that video was great by the way. If I had known nothing of your maps, it would have sold me.
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Feb 20 17:51
I know, it was very kind of you to want to help! I didn't specify it was just meant as a private demo for now, so that was my bad :). Would love it if you helped to share it when I make an official launch video though! Again no worries!
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Feb 20 17:52
Oh I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was a little dull, but that's probably mainly due to listening to my own voice is really a pain haha
Snow Set - Water (finished) (15 tiles)
Snow Set - Water (finished) (15 tiles)more_vert
Post file flag
Snow Set - Water (finished) (15 tiles) 2020-02-13T12:01:06+00:00close

I've finished up the water tiles (which I had planned on finishing days ago, but had to take a visit to the hospital). The set contains 15 tiles for creating an icy coast line, plus some addition water and a icy bridge (as shown in my previous post).

Now that I'm back in business I plan on adding a bunch more tiles including some points of interest.

I'll upload the tiles including 6 premade maps (4 Maps of 30x30 (shown in this gif) and 2 Maps of 20x30) to the Extreme Catalogue in a bit.


Media (1)

Webp.net-gifmaker_8.gif (2.9MiB)

Snow Set - Water
Snow Set - Watermore_vert
Post file flag
Snow Set - Water 2020-02-07T10:45:03+00:00close

I'm working on my next batch of tiles in the Snow Setting set, doing these water tiles and I decided to play with the concept of doing this ice bridge over the water. Now there as always a couple of paths opened up in my mind for adding on to this set.

Number one was doing a coloseum/arena set. Where you've got the 8 tiles (4 corners and 4 straights) to build an arena of any size, fill it up with a snow tiles of your choosing like an ice water battle with at the center of the ice bridge something that can help you in battle or something you need to secure (like a flag), or a snow forest or just plain snow. I can later reuse that arena to do the same for sand - grass - tiles.

Number two was possibly doing a ice path set going across the sea like the dirt road set. Creating encounters on ice blocks, jumping from one to the next type of deal. With a DC for tipping a block your on, DC being higher if there are a lot of creatures a lot on one end etc.

First I'm going to finish these 12 (+2 ice bridges) tiles for the water set though.

Feel free to pitch in your thoughts. I'll do a poll for what's up next and I can add in suggestions you make here.


1. Currently working on the export for PDF and JPG, with the option for splitting the map into separate files for printing on any size sheet.

2. After that, the design will be updated and we're going to add in login for Patreon Users ( $5 users and up to get access to all the tiles) and a free version for an old school battlemap builder for other users to check it out and play around with it.

P.O.I. Tiles
P.O.I. Tilesmore_vert
Post file flag
P.O.I. Tiles 2020-01-31T22:31:07+00:00close

So I've finished my first base set and now I'd like to invite you to suggest some 10x10 tile options for "Point of interest" tiles. I'm starting with some basic stuff at first so this would be a druid circle or abandoned building in the forest or upturned cart by the side of the road. For now it should take place in the snow so I can use it with my current set (forest or plains) later I'll be adding more basic tiles and moving on to other settings per request as well. So whatever you're looking for let me know in the comments below!

or vote for what you think is most interesting!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #19539906 - 3 Feb 20 12:03
I like the idea of an abandoned building.
user avatar
User #9653841 - 20 Feb 20 22:46
A creepy cave entrance or dungeon entrance would also be great.
user avatar
User #9653841 - 20 Feb 20 22:41
I like the idea of an overturned/damaged cart as if attack by bandits or a monster.
user avatar
User #20360601 - 27 Feb 20 02:00
These are awesome. Maybe a Hook Horror breeding ground in a dark cavern?
Update 2 - Dungeon Draw Webapp
Update 2 - Dungeon Draw Webappmore_vert
Post file flag
Update 2 - Dungeon Draw Webapp 2020-01-31T22:21:16+00:00close

So as I've told you at the start of this month, I've began development on the Dungeon Draw Webapp with a team of developers. Working hard to take my mapmaking content to a next level. Working with modular content that will make it possible to create maps on the fly, or build more detailed and customized maps using my handdrawn content.


Here you can see the app in its current stage. Focusing all the attention in building the app itself, putting the design by the wayside for now.

You can see a tile menu on the left, with:

  • a slider to pick the number of tiles displayed per row in the menu
  • 3 dropdown menus to filter the tiles based on SETTING (snow, grass, dungeon), LOCATION (forest, plains, sea, mountains) and TYPE (basic, pathway, building, etc.)

The map on the right, with:

  • A customizable grid
  • zoom to get closer, options to pan the map when zoomed, and drop and drag tiles with hotkeys like ESC (to deselect current tile), DELETE (to delete), ARROWS (to select next tile)

You can switch art styles going from full color to lineart of the map you made with the click of a button

We plan to feature export with options like pixels per square (for VTT or print) and splitting your map to be able to print it on separate sheets.


Is what the design should look like when finished.

Featuring selection panel for tiles that shows you the info of a tile (for searching purposes) and for mixed tiles a simple guide to figure out where the overlap section is (going from forest to plain, or from forest to sea etc.)

In due time I hope to add the token section, where you can drop in PNG's and a SAVE|LOAD section where you can opt to save a map you made to a collective collection of maps (shared with other users).

Making it possible to build a growing selection of premade maps to download as well.

You'll also see a tab for REGION MAPS btw, that will feature those new village tiles and hopefully much more content. So you can create your own villages and cities. I'm also thinking of adding a WORLD MAPS section, with tiles to build fun handdrawn style maps for your campaign setting (but I have a little bit more of piecing the puzzle together on that one to do).


This is PHASE 1 and part of PHASE 2 of what I have in mind for the webapp, but I do have much more in store for the builder in the future as well. By having this available for my content, each tile added to the database will allow for hundreds of more variants.

This first now set was the kick-off point to get the ball rolling and I hope to add more to the set next week, but once I get the hang of the design style for most components (like road - rivers - buildings - etc.) I plan on moving on to the next SETTING based on popular vote.

I'll be doing a lot more of these votes as we go along and request more input once the demo is up and running.

I plan on keeping you updated more often in the future and will try to communicate more often, especially when the app is ready to be tested, but I generally try to just keep working tirelessly to get as much cool stuff out there and keep my head in the game.

I wanted to make sure I got this update out before the first of February, to make sure everyone knew what I've been up to.

Hope you like what you see.

& I definitely hope you'll like what you're getting your hands on with the webapp

Bert | Crosshead

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #37239 - 5 Feb 20 04:54
This is so awesome. How else can we support?
user avatar
Crosshead - 5 Feb 20 09:40
Hey Benjamin, it's great that you'd like to figure out another way to support this project. As of right now, I've just set aside a budget for the project as-is, have a team working on it and I plan to just put version one in my patrons' hands in the near future. Depending on the feedback/support here, I definitely plan on continuing building the app, integrating a bunch of cool features and possibly even adding other apps as well, but if there isn't much of a response, I might just keep it as is and use it as an easy to use database for my art.
user avatar
User #20360601 - 27 Feb 20 02:02
Cool program. I'be super into a map maker that produces results like this!
Update 1 - 48 Modular Snow Tiles
Update 1 - 48 Modular Snow Tilesmore_vert
Post file flag
Update 1 - 48 Modular Snow Tiles 2020-01-31T21:51:22+00:00close

Hey folks!

First of all, sorry for the update so late in the month! I've been working very hard on both the upcoming website (more info in Update 2) and the first set of modular tiles to show you what I have in store for the future of my map design!

I wanted to drop this first half of my basic snow pack in its entirety to give you a good idea of the possibilities of these newly designed modular tiles. Going forward with the site, I wanted to learn from my experiences creating modular tiles for the past year and see what would be best for the future of this website project.

Going with the 3/4 isometric style was great for trying out a unique artstyle, but going with a more standard topdown style, will be much more superior for what I have in store for this mapmaking website. The modular designs to buildings especially, going to topdown, will allow me to give you the ability to create hundreds of unique structures on the fly, instead of dozens in the isometric, facing a lot more complications to get it exactly right.

I also have a bunch of player-DM interactive tools planned for the future of the website, that will work best with this viewpoint.

First half of my basic snow maps, features 48 modular tiles, which can be connected to create hundreds of maps on the fly for any random encounter. Not only that but they will also be the base for the dozens of modular tiles that I'll create for the snow setting like buildings and points of interest to scale the maps to your liking.

The second half will feature connections to caves and ocean maps + river paths.

To showcase these design I plan on first doing some single tile points of interest maps (think crashed cart by the road, druidic circle, skulls and bones (or frozen bodies), etc.) based on comments on a post I'll make for $+3 (going with the most popular comments) and after that I'm doing a big building design in the snow to finish this first half.

That's it for these Snow Tiles! I'll be uploading them onto the dropbox for this month, but I hope to be able to let you play around with them in the Dungeon Draw webapp somewhere next month.

More on that in my second post!

Kind regards,

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)

Webp.net-gifmaker_7.gif (5.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #11406151 - 1 Feb 20 21:22
hey sorry to bother you, but it doesnt seem like the gridless versions of a number of the large maps got uploaded (tiles seem ok)? Would that be possible to fix? These are really awesome, its just way easier to use them gridless for vtts :)
user avatar
Crosshead - 3 Feb 20 09:48
No worries! I was just exporting a couple of example maps, not really taking into account doing a gridded and gridless version of each map, but I can easily make a bunch more if you'd like. Eventually, I plan on making entire sets of random maps you can use on the fly of "basic" encounter maps and have them available on my site (or the option to customize your own using the creator).
Update 2020 - Dungeon Draw & Other Adventures
Update 2020 - Dungeon Draw & Other Adventuresmore_vert
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Update 2020 - Dungeon Draw & Other Adventures 2020-01-06T19:27:37+00:00close

Hello folks!

First of all: Happy New Year to all!

(I've updated the Back Catalogue to include the new maps)


Second: Work on Dungeon Draw, the Dungeon Drawing website I've been wanting to make for so long has finally started! I made the decision to just invest my own funds into the project because I really want to take my mapmaking content to the next level, putting a development team on it full time.

Now first I'm probably going to get them started with basic tiles to build the system (content they can read themselves, like a red tile - blue tile - green tile - with lines connecting them, which symbolize the grass tiles, forest tiles, water tiles, etc and the roads, waterways running through them). Spending hours on figuring out a system that can translate the concept of tiles and roads into a system of simple written lines that could, in theory, communicate with each other.

After doing my little survey last time, I've decided to focus on the simplified mapmaking as a first focus once the basic system is up, so I've made sure to steer the programmers in that direction when making part one.

Adding this wireframe option to the site is what that could entail:

Once the ball starts rolling and I have something to show for / play around with, I plan on having certain tiers playtest it. To get the system pôpulated, I will be doing large bouts of mapmaking focused on creating old school maps and top-down maps (I'm still figuring out exactly what topdown will be, depending on what works best for the software) of the same tiles that will make it possible to switch between the two on command. So either way, you can expect batches of maps coming out in the following months.

If everything goes as planned this means I can slowly make the move to the website from using stuff like dropbox and make finding content much easier, with an internal search engine that uses tags etc..


Second I'm also working on an adventure with Jesse Brake, which is loosely inspired by Christmas lore (as some of you might have already seen on my Instagram). Originally it was going to be a really small experiment, to release on Christmas, but it's sort of expanded into something bigger. You can expect to see creatures, items and maps featured in this adventure being uploaded on the Back Catalogue in the following weeks, everything but the adventure pdf itself.

That is something I'll be selling as a separate thing, as it is not just my own product. I will, however, have discounts (as advertized in specific tiers) for people who are interested in getting it.

If it proves to be a success, I might try to create more professional adventures like it. All part of the larger scheme I have in mind for building my own platform as well.


Finally thank you all for your support. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to inject the funds into this mapmaking project. I hope I'll be able to convince you to keep supporting the platform once it's live, because I've got so many more plans in mind to keep adding to the platform (including something I've recently put on Kickstarter for a while and much more).

Kind regards,

Bert | Crosshead

Media (1)

IMG_20200106_145010.jpg (2.4MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #5817802 - 6 Jan 20 19:36
Happy New year! Hope the holidays treated you well! That all sounds awesome! Sending you love and positive vibes! We head home end of the week and I'll be sure to let you know if the Elderwood goodies have arrived 💛🐻
user avatar
Crosshead - 6 Jan 20 19:44
Oooh! I would love to see how that Elderwood commission turned out!
user avatar
User #5817802 - 6 Jan 20 19:50
As soon as I've got it, I'll let you know for sure! Thank you so much! I was so shocked. I genuinely thought it was a scam for a hot minute lol
The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask
The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Traskmore_vert
Post file flag
The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask 2019-12-26T18:53:05+00:00close

Happy Holidays!


As a special gift over the holiday season we contacted 20 battlemap makers, 2 miniature makers, 2 composers, 1 magic item creator, 1 monster maker and 1 adventure writer to bring you a giant, terrifying, full formed Tarrasque for you party to take on! Here's what you'll get, for free, as thanks for being Patrons:

Inside the Belly of the Beast

A guargantuan 123x40 grid battlemap within the Tarrasque itself! Dungeon crawl through the dank and dangerous depths of Tarrasque's organs, from its razor sharp mouth all the way to its rancid rectum. This giant collaborative battlemap of 26 organs (and one impaling minaret!) was made possible by all your favourite battlemappers!

The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask

What do you do when a 1,200 foot long, 600-foot tall, hard-shelled lizard barrels across the desert headed straight for the tavern in which you and your friends are unwinding? Obviously, you let a strange, bushy-haired gnome woman use telekinesis to toss you inside a hole in the thing's side so you can wander around in its innards looking for a magic sword.

The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask is an 8th-level Fifth Edition adventure intended for 4-5 characters written by adventure creator DM Dave. A cleric—especially one with a ton of healing spells—will be a huge benefit in this adventure. Meanwhile, characters with poor Strength and Constitution scores will probably struggle. Also, if you or any of your players have a weak stomach you better avoid this one. There's a whole lot of gross stuff in it.

A Belly Full of Treasures

After a life of torment and rampage the Tarrasque contains treasures found nowhere else! Within this terrifying beast find the Enzymatic Gastrostaff, the Titan's Tooth Claymore and a full Tarrasque Plate set of armour. Collect these spoils and gear up your players with unique spoils from The Griffon's Saddlebag!

Monsters From The Depths

Battle Immuno Cells, Tapeworms, Roundworms and even the dreaded Stool Elemental. This adventure comes alive with 4 unique and disgusting monster miniatures and all the stat blocks you'll need to fight them thanks to Paper Forge, Paper Mage and ItsADnDMonsterNow.

Its Eerie In Here

Turn up the ambience and complete the Tarrasque experience with four full tracks by renowned composers Music D20 and Tabletop Audio! Give your players the true feeling of battling through the belly of a gargantuan monster with these tracks.

Media (1)

TarrasqueCover.jpg (1.7MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #19539906 - 26 Dec 19 20:34
Dude, this is awesome! I love the idea and the fact that every aspect has been considered: sound is often neglected and I’m so happy to see you didn’t :D Thanks so much for this surprise :)
user avatar
User #20360601 - 27 Feb 20 02:03
I can't believe I came here to try and use 1 map and found all this amazing content. You complete me.
user avatar
User #11453938 - 26 Dec 19 19:44
This is the best. You guys are the best.
user avatar
User #399999 - 26 Dec 19 18:59
This is so amazingly cool! I can't wait to throw this at my players!!!
user avatar
User #2542333 - 27 Dec 19 05:55
This was a crazy surprise. I was a contributor to Salt-in-Wounds, so I love to see people's take on the Tarrasque.
user avatar
User #21418131 - 3 Jul 20 02:25
I just went to snag this, but it looks like the file was removed from Google Drive. Is there anyway we still have access to it?
Kerzt & the Fragmented City
Kerzt & the Fragmented Citymore_vert
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Kerzt & the Fragmented City 2019-12-24T15:19:42+00:00close

Hello Folks!

I've just released my latest map, a little village map called Kerzt. Now Kerzt isn't just part of a holiday adventure (Santa inspired adventure) I'm putting together with the wonderful Jesse Brake, it's also part of an experimental new modular set I'm calling Fragmented City.

Fragmented city is basically a way of me creating an easy to use system for building villages and towns, using the same system as my Fragmented Dungeons. The reason I wanted to play around with this concept in this format is because I'm giving the go ahead to the team of developpers who will start working on building the Dungeon Draw platform in January. Using the simplified Dungeon Builder system I'm creating with them, to create villages and cities using the same system. Drawing lines for walls and selecting sections for specific buildings instead of key areas of a dungeon.

Here is an example of creating a little town map using the first tiles in the Fragmented City. Now I think this could be a really cool project, especially one I could use a lot of user feedback on when creating tiles. Also I think this would be an excellent fit for the UPGRADEABLE tile concept I've introduced with my outdoor tiles. Think building a city from the ruins up, as your players build their homebase and people start setting up camp in the vicinity. Slowly upgrading tent camps, to wooden shacks, to stone houses and building walls around them for protection etc. I've got a lot of fun ideas for this one.

Well I hope you like what you see.

I'll be dropping the files for Fragmented City and Kerzt into the Supreme Folder and we'll see what people are interested in getting in their folder next year!

Happy holidays to all!

Crosshead | Bert

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #11421507 - 30 Dec 19 18:59
I can' t find this in the dropbox links that I have, even though I am a patreon. :(
user avatar
User #100066 - 24 Dec 19 16:30
Merry Christmas
Swamp Tiles - Update
Swamp Tiles - Updatemore_vert
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Swamp Tiles - Update 2019-12-12T19:16:50+00:00close

Hello folks!

I've just updated the Back Catalogue Supreme to feature the first 10 tiles of my swamp battlemap set (including this setpiece of 2x2 tiles). As you can see I'm playing around with a new "top down" front view style, inspired by Zelda. The goal of this style is to get rid of the blocked squares in my isometric style but keeping the illustrative element. Now an additional feature I'll be playing around with this month for PART 2 of my maps (which will be Christmas (SNOW) themed maps), is featuring buildings that allow for both visual flair and exact top down positioning, by including walls that you can detach as a bonus option. It'll be a bit of an experiment but I really think it could combine best of two worlds I've been playing around with.

After I've finished both sets we can see which set you'd like me to continue working on for the future. I've got a bunch of ideas I'll be featuring in a poll for the swamp set, if y'all like these first ones.

(I've updated the Back Catalogue link on site)

Media (1)

REDDIT.jpg (1.6MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #56233 - 12 Dec 19 20:14
Love the change of POV. Long time Patron here having an issue. I'm having issues getting the ties to either upload correctly to Roll20 or print them out to scale for physical games. Is there an FAQ or guide on this? I'm sure this is user error (code 1D10T) but I'm flustered and would like to learn to use these well.
user avatar
Crosshead - 12 Dec 19 20:30
Hey Matt! That's a big issue right there. Can you tell me if it's recent tiles or old ones you're having trouble with? This is part of the reason I want to build my own site with export options so you can adjust it for use. Once that is up I'll make a tutorial on it, so I'm not making two, but I'd like to get on your case to see if I can help you out right now. Send me a message with some details maybe to figure out where the issue is.
user avatar
User #56233 - 12 Dec 19 21:14
OK, I mainly just want a really basic (for dummies) explanation of how the two items should work but I'll try working on it again this week and ping you with specific issues. Hope your own site/service works out, the art and maps are impeccable and I'd love to fully utilize them.
user avatar
User #11406151 - 12 Dec 19 19:54
Oh wow i really like this change to pov, i think it accomplishes what you were hoping very nicely! Itll be easier to tell for sure with buildings i think though. The map also looks simply gorgeous!
user avatar
Crosshead - 12 Dec 19 20:26
Yeah, right now it's only mapped out in my mind but I really think it could work to combine the two worlds. I want to introduce it in a couple of settings and see how well it works.
Dungeon Draw + Swamp + Christmas
Dungeon Draw + Swamp + Christmasmore_vert
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Dungeon Draw + Swamp + Christmas 2019-12-06T21:17:21+00:00close

Today I had my final meeting setting up preparations for the Dungeon Draw - Map Creator with the development team. Preparations to hopefully start full-time development in January next year for at least a couple of weeks to try and get a prototype up and running as soon as possible. It's still a bit early to really announce it, but things are looking really good.

Included is the layout design for creating a new map featuring your perspective options. I'm going to try and include an Old School option, simplified maps for almost every tile I create so that you can switch perspective if you want to do a home print of a map, sparing the ink. Settings will focus on the types of tiles, as I've organized them in the past. Including an old option for 12 tile dungeons and a new option for 10 tile dungeons... Looking to the future of the designs, going for a 10 grid system is much smarter if I want to take it to the next level one day. (print)
Then you've got your basic chose scale of grid. Match background, so when you create a grass map, every tile automatically uses grass and an option for tweaking the opacity of a grid while working on the map.

As soon as there is anything to play around with, the Dungeon Gods will be the first to get their hands on it of course!

As you might have also noticed is that there is Topdown option as well and I've decided to use this opportunity to test out a style of my own for doing a "Topdown" style map. In order to do this, I decided to start work on doing a tileset for a swamp setting. It will include a couple of rivers (duh), forests and at least one bigger set with a dwelling of some sort. We can have a vote next week once I drop the first tiles in the set in our folder.

I've included the first peek at three tiles in the set next to each other in 3x1. The idea here is that you can block the top of each tree (in Roll20 for instance) as being an obstacle in line of sight without losing squares for movement. I was thinking of maybe doing a top of the trees layer as well, that you could drop on top, but I think it would almost be the entire map that is covered. So I'm going to focus on doing tiles first.


Another little diddy I'm working on for you fine folk is to try and get a short adventure ready in due time for Christmas. A holiday-themed adventure obviously with a map in this Topdown style I'm trying out, custom monsters and items. The goal is to get it done in time for the holidays of course, but it's going to be a close one, maybe with less art than intended, we'll see!

(Below is my first attempt at doing a base tile, I'm really happy I took the effort to redo it because I feel it looks so much better now)

Dungeon Draw - Map Creator 2019-11-27T10:17:24+00:00

I've decided to suspend the Kickstarter, putting a hold on implementing print and advanced accounts, etc, instead of focusing more energy on the platform itself first. That is why I'm putting a team to work to start working on the Map Creator as well.

Now in order to help me build it, I would like to get your input on what you'd like to see us focus on first when creating this part of the platform. I've got two paths to take either a generator type, focused on making it more user-friendly, here I can also have the developers focus on one of two options (random and simplified creator) first or the second path building a more advanced tool.

1. a. Random Generator

A random map generator would make use of all the tiles I've created and plan on creating in my Months of Maps, to create randomly generated maps. Using a base for each random map, you'll be able to select a basic floorplan, pick the themes and customize after having generated your map before export

1. b. Simplified Creator

It would allow users to draw lines for paths, and define them (water, road, etc.), or draw squares for rooms and define them with keywords like acid, lava, boss, etc. By making it much more simplified you wouldn't have to locate images but focus on building a grid first with paths and then allow the system to build it for you, adjusting it afterward.

2. Advanced Creation

Advanced creation on the other end would focus much more on building custom maps with more detail. Focus on dropping in PNGs for instance.

All of this will be my side projects, that are being worked on by developers, not myself, so I can keep my main focus on creating content. I'll make sure to do some catching up and ramp up the output now that the Kickstarter is behind me.

Comments (13)
user avatar
User #13128395 - 27 Nov 19 15:23
Whatever option just allows for dragging and dropping your tiles around seems like the best way to go about it, the choices are a little confusing.
user avatar
Crosshead - 27 Nov 19 16:35
The basic will be dragging and dropping of course. After that, we move on to the next step, but they often collide with the basics so preparing for the next step while making your first is a smart thing to do.
user avatar
User #100066 - 27 Nov 19 12:30
I would like to see advance with dropping elements (png) into a map to make it my own, but will settle for now Simplified creator.
user avatar
Crosshead - 27 Nov 19 12:47
Yeah they're all things I'd like to work on including. Focus on starting somewhere, test it out and build on feedback
user avatar
User #402664 - 27 Nov 19 15:07
😥 I'm bummed that the Kickstarter was canceled, but I understand.
user avatar
Crosshead - 27 Nov 19 16:34
Yeah me too
user avatar
User #13556622 - 27 Nov 19 10:20
Man simplified creator sounds amazing!
user avatar
Crosshead - 27 Nov 19 10:23
Yeah, that one is definitely one I would love to get the team to start working on. It's basically like drawing out a line drawing in a sketchbook for a map and clicking convert to generate the same image using illustrations I've made.
user avatar
User #10243101 - 27 Nov 19 14:03
looks incredible
user avatar
User #2280915 - 27 Nov 19 13:10
This looks like a god-send
user avatar
User #7094010 - 29 Nov 19 23:39
Simplified Creator sounds amazing, so I'll vote for that. I think 2nd choice for me is the Random Generator.
user avatar
User #15607678 - 27 Nov 19 14:57
As a programmer, what platform are you using to make these tools? Any information in DMs? Looks like an awesome project!
user avatar
Crosshead - 27 Nov 19 16:36
Building it from scratch! I can ask the programmers I work with for info on the how, as I have no clue myself. If it works it works I say haha
Month of Magic
Month of Magicmore_vert
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Month of Magic 2019-11-22T11:40:00+00:00close

I'm doing a Month of Magic Marathon on /r/DungeonDraw as part of my social Campaign. Long story short: you can suggest magic items on my posts and I'll try to draw as many of them I can in the following month and put them in a card layout (at least the black and white ones). Most will be Black and White, some in full-color.

Media (1)


Comments (14)
user avatar
User #13744054 - 23 Nov 19 00:45
A sword that casts a small 10ft radius sphere of darkness around it that you can see through once per day
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Nov 19 16:45
Wait it's always casting the darkness? So it's almost impossible to use unless you use the single use? Or is it on command darkness?
user avatar
User #13744054 - 24 Nov 19 21:09
It's a charge per day item. Or a 1 per long rest charge. So you say the command word and a 10ft radius sphere of magical darkness comes from the blade. The darkness would last a minute or so. Whoever is attuned to the blade gains the ability to see through this darkness.
user avatar
User #16133381 - 8 Dec 19 19:45
A severed foot that has to be worn around the neck. Will give the player a feat of their choosing. Called the "Feat Foot"
user avatar
User #2759237 - 26 Nov 19 04:36
A lute that summons a spectral audience to sing and dance along with the music.
user avatar
User #6879373 - 22 Nov 19 11:48
A ring that gives you a stand
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Nov 19 16:45
Like a stand to perform on or like a statues pedestal? Haha
user avatar
User #6879373 - 23 Nov 19 16:49
Like a JoJo reference
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Nov 19 16:52
That's not helping haha, is there an episode I can watch to help me understand?
user avatar
User #6879373 - 23 Nov 19 16:59
It's basically a spirit that stands behind you each person has a unique stand based on their personality with unique powers
user avatar
User #2759237 - 22 Nov 19 12:42
A joybuzzer that can cast shocking grasp at will and perhaps other lightning spells with charges
user avatar
Crosshead - 25 Nov 19 09:21
user avatar
User #4908203 - 22 Nov 19 11:42
Credit card ring (like an atm) !
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Nov 19 16:42
Next on my list!
Dungeon Draw Kickstart Launch
Dungeon Draw Kickstart Launchmore_vert
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Dungeon Draw Kickstart Launch 2019-11-19T14:01:29+00:00close

It's finally here! The first serious step in building a series of web tools for tabletop players: Our Dungeon Draw | Card Creator Kickstarter.


Now as an added bonus for all Patrons (former ones too), I'm doing a special giveaway for any patron who backs this Kickstarter. Featuring a bunch of DnD goodies.

If you back today you can even get a nice early bird discount on some of the rewards.

Thank you one and all for helping me reach this point. I really hope it all works out, because I would love to continue building this platform. Including building a home for my maps, making it possible for you to customize or randomly generate your own, using Dungeon Draw.

Next I'm back to drawing maps!

Including a map for a map collaboration I'm partaking in!

More on that soon!

Media (1)

PATREON_GIVEAWAY_ret.jpg (999.5KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #633433 - 19 Nov 19 17:24
Exciting! Backed
user avatar
User #4341006 - 19 Nov 19 14:37
user avatar
User #27204653 - 21 Nov 19 06:02
this is awesome dude! How do you pick the winner of the giveaway?
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 Nov 19 11:34
random selection by a digital name picker. I'll extract the backers by merging the excel from Patreon and Kickstarter.
user avatar
User #7358827 - 19 Nov 19 21:24
Backed! This looks wonderful!
user avatar
User #2542333 - 22 Nov 19 11:35
Backed as well
RoadTrip Troubles - Giveaway
RoadTrip Troubles - Giveawaymore_vert
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RoadTrip Troubles - Giveaway 2019-11-09T20:32:03+00:00close

Hello one and all!

For the past couple of weeks I've been on the road. What originally was going to be a trip, I planned to combine with work for both my Patreon and Kickstarter ended up in a bit of a sizzle as my old laptop gave up on me a couple days in. This meant I wasn't able to get my Kickstarter finished in due time and that my maps for last month and preparations for getting into this one fell into the water.

Now, these are my troubles and my troubles alone, that's why I'm releasing the large pack of my 50 "old" campaign battlemaps for all Patrons, instead of giving them away as bonus content for Patron / Kickstarter backers the way I had originally planned. I do still plan on doing a Patron / Kickstarter exclusive giveaway with a bunch of DnD content for all of you who would back me on that project. Which means the world to me if you would. I have a lot of plans for that platform including a big jump in my battlemap content with it.

I've also got this big giveaway of about $1000 worth of dnd stuff running as we speak. Which you can find here:


One way of entering it is just visiting my website so it's little effort.

I do plan on finishing the maps I had planned on making in the first place during the past couple of weeks. Including a collab with some of my fellow mapmakers. I've got a lot on my plate currently, especially now, but I plan on finishing what I ordered!

Media (1)

PATREON_50_MAPS.jpg (323.0KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #3046127 - 10 Nov 19 03:42
Where can we access the 50 maps?
user avatar
User #100066 - 10 Nov 19 12:16
In the Back Catalogue Supreme November folder.
user avatar
User #11406151 - 6 Dec 19 00:53
These are really great maps, thank you! Is there any chance the more battlemapy ones have a not gridded version? or did I miss that?
user avatar
Crosshead - 6 Dec 19 21:23
I'm afraid these old maps only exist in gridded versions. This was back in the day when I used to print all my maps and before I had ever used them for online play.
Dungeon Draw
Dungeon Drawmore_vert
Post file flag
Dungeon Draw 2019-10-11T10:52:24+00:00close

Hey folks!

So for some time now I've been working really hard to try and get started on building my own webtools for TTRPG DM's and GM's. A year and a half ago I began building a rather complex mapbuilder with two web-developers, but because of their lack of spare time and the scale of the project, progress on it was so slow that a year later there was hardly anything in the works to speak of. Looking for help on a smaller project elsewhere, I found a developer who helped me bring the first version of a creature card creator to life about 4 months ago. Again progress was rather slow, but it felt like we were getting somewhere and our basic proof of concept worked.

An excellent spot to kickstart this venture and actually buy us some time to invest. So my quest began, looking for other artists to collaborate with for providing enough content to entice possible consumers, looking for more programmers, looking for printing companies to produce the final products, burying myself into the legal side of things and so on.

After months of preparation, I've finally set up the first preview of all of this work online. Showcasing what we're wanting to build for this first step towards building a webplatform. Now not all of you may be interested in what this platform has to offer, but I see this project as a much-needed fuel injection to get started on more. Getting the funds to actually put people working on these projects full time.

The first launch of this project will feature art of other popular DnD content creators like Paper Forge, James Perrett, ItsaDnDMonster, and more to revealed on a later date. Which amounts to about 400 reference cards available at launch.

Not just this but I also plan on having Bonus content available for all Patrons who pledge to support the campaign once it launches, as I will hand out the rest of my 50 original campaign maps (that I've only uploaded to roll20 so far) to anyone who backs it. Plus as promised in their tier, all Dungeon Gods will get additional Kickstarter rewards on printed goods.

Check out the preview for this project on:


Successfully launching this first project, makes creating a mapmaking tool in the future (with similar features like print on demand) and possibly getting other artists on board for it a possibility too.

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WEAPONS_part3.jpg (6.3MiB)
WEAPONS_part2.jpg (5.0MiB)
WEAPONS_part1.jpg (5.6MiB)

Comments (4)
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User #5817802 - 11 Oct 19 10:56
Looks awesome!
user avatar
User #10243101 - 12 Oct 19 01:16
I am so excited for this to happen like yesterday. The site looks way more awesome than whatever it was I expected. I really cant wait for this. Please hurry.
user avatar
User #37239 - 23 Jan 20 04:11
Looks like the site expired?
user avatar
User #298811 - 11 Oct 19 14:38
Wow, this is really cool!!
Simple Trail Encounter
Simple Trail Encountermore_vert
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Simple Trail Encounter 2019-10-10T18:51:06+00:00close

First map of my User Requested Battlemaps is this Simple Trail Encounter map with a clearing for a camp. What I love about this one is that it feels like a throwback to one of my first maps for Patreon. Very simple map, you can use it with or without the camp for any trail encounter.You can find it up in the Supreme Back Catalogue as we speak!

Next it seems like I'll be doing a shack in the swamp!

I'll check every time I finish a map and pick the next most upvoted comment on the Request Post.

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Crosshead_Trail_Encounter.jpg (2.2MiB)

Comments (2)
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User #2759237 - 11 Oct 19 11:28
Looks fantastic!
user avatar
User #5817802 - 10 Oct 19 18:53
Patron requests Battlemaps 2019-10-07T07:20:07+00:00

Hello one and all!

This month I've got a lot going on in regards to building a foundation of what I've been aiming to create for so long: web-tools for DMs. A big push to really get all the support I need for creating something big in a shorter term. I'll talk more about that later...

As a result of this activity, I'll be a bit lower on creative juices than usual and I had thought to harvest my ideas for this month's batch of maps from you all directly. The goal of this exercise is to have you submit as many things as you'd like, with detailed description or without, with sketches or art if you'd even like or without, and I'm going to try and render as many of those submitted here (or on the discord if uploading images here is a bit of a hassle). I'm thinking of going into a little bit less fine line-work as I usually do, in an attempt to focus somewhat more on quantity instead of quality.

Depending on the amount of submissions that is of course!

I'm going to try it out, and if it works out great I might do another one of these in the future!

Comments (20)
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User #2542333 - 11 Oct 19 23:36
Roc's nest, high in the mountain tops...massive birds nest and surrounding rocky summit with all sorts of large animal skeletons and wagon parts.
user avatar
User #3284729 - 10 Oct 19 19:01
A dreamscape with various sections, nightmares, realities that are different, etc.
user avatar
User #18966215 - 7 Oct 19 12:33
Alpine wilderness, maybe a mountain pass. Preferably without structures, but I like the idea of some tiles being made with and without structures, ruins, etc. so they can be replaced upon discovery.
user avatar
User #927973 - 7 Oct 19 18:05
How about the insides of a big sailing ship? I noticed there's not many BIG ships out there for maps. Something that might be a cruise.
user avatar
User #7438948 - 7 Oct 19 09:21
A multi-tier/level sewer system that is the home of a clan/family of rogues. Certain areas would be clearly just sewer related, while other areas would be areas that had been converted to living areas for the rogues.
user avatar
User #17344137 - 13 Oct 19 04:14
A bard's backstage dressing room or a bard theater in general.
user avatar
User #823015 - 7 Oct 19 21:08
Some travelling maps would be great! A wide river with dirt road alongside it.
user avatar
User #16133381 - 7 Oct 19 21:12
A colosseum style tavern, where patrons watch and/or participate in fights to the death. I'm picturing something like a Shakespearean Globe Theater, but probably a little more debaucherous.
user avatar
User #22967123 - 7 Oct 19 13:49
A ruined warship (not an airship, an actual ship) in the middle of a jungle, maybe used as a hub for travellers/bandits that travel around the area. My idea is that long ago the area was part of the ocean floor but due to some magical shenanigans the whole region was lifted, causing any ship sailing in it to run aground.
user avatar
User #6879373 - 7 Oct 19 08:43
I'd like to see a climactic final boss arena in the style of the arena where you first fight genich in sekiro (the field)
user avatar
User #437095 - 7 Oct 19 11:20
This isn't anything too fancy but how about a simple trail encounter map? The ones I have seen in your collection all have a house, crossroads, cave entrance... Perhaps one with a clearing ~20ft off the road where travelers might set up camp?
user avatar
Crosshead - 10 Oct 19 18:43
Finished this one.
user avatar
User #437095 - 10 Oct 19 19:29
I love it. Thanks for taking my suggestion.
user avatar
User #2759237 - 11 Oct 19 11:27
Two words: Haunted. House. Halloween's coming up, after all.
user avatar
User #2542333 - 11 Oct 19 23:35
Valley of ashes death realm. Think Gehenna with monoliths made of voidstone (aka spheres of annihilation- black and starless as ylem), tombstones jutting out of every ashen land surface from a nearby cliff, including vertically outward like teeth to climb. The tree hanging off the cliff has nooses that sway and groan as if there was invisible bodies in them.
user avatar
User #17011505 - 7 Oct 19 16:23
A mad alchemist's lab, full of dangerous (and helpfull as well) potions laying around the map to be used by the alchemist against the heroes in the final battle
user avatar
User #11406151 - 7 Oct 19 20:42
The lair of a druidic lich (poison ivy but with necrotic vine blight creatures that twist around skeletons and animate them as her minions)
user avatar
User #372472 - 7 Oct 19 08:00
a shack in a swamp, that is the base of operations for a bayou touring company, operated by a down on his luck pirate. catering to adventurers, herbalists, hunters and tourists. (complete with mascotte and souvenir stand)
user avatar
User #100066 - 7 Oct 19 22:00
I like the idea of an underground city with shops and living residences cut out of the rock. Have two or three entrance exits on the main thoroughfare. This would give you a try at what has been requested before and if it goes over well can expand on it at a later date.
user avatar
User #2542333 - 11 Oct 19 23:30
Former mine shafts that have been abandoned, with sections that have been worked and others yet-to-be. Some luminescent fungi and a underwater pond with glowing algae is present in a large open cavern area with rickety scaffolding.
Hellscape - PART 2
Hellscape - PART 2more_vert
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Hellscape - PART 2 2019-09-27T20:46:16+00:00close

Following up on my Throne Room map, I wanted to build an epic gateway that came before it. The alternative map I had for this entrance was one with a lot more smaller hallways, but I enjoyed bringing some scale to my map like in the previous one and decided to go big once more.

Depending on the Kickstarter I have planned for October-November, I might think of a new approach on presenting battlemaps. Something I'll get into more once we get there, but let's say for now that I am really wanting to create a sort of webtool that will help generate random maps on the fly. I really hope to have a good launch so I can start talking about it in more detail and with more hopes of success than I've had in the past with building digital tools for general use.

I'll be keeping you up to date as October rolls in. You can also expect me uploading a bunch of my old maps the following month, ones I've only ever uploaded onto Roll20. A big map pack of 50 maps I had made 2 years ago. I'll be uploading them during October and November as a means to make sure there is enough content on Patreon, as I might get bogged down a bit. I do plan on drawing maps, but you never know and I want to make sure there is content enough!

Media (1)

Hellscape_Gateway.jpg (2.0MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #6879373 - 27 Sep 19 20:53
Very cool
user avatar
User #10243101 - 28 Sep 19 16:55
is there an email to contact you?
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Sep 19 19:07
Hellscape PACK - Part 1
Hellscape PACK - Part 1more_vert
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Hellscape PACK - Part 1 2019-09-24T21:47:39+00:00close

Hello Folks!

It's been a while since I've last posted, as I've been super busy preparing the launch of a digital platform for DnD related content. Something I'll be sharing some previews of very soon. What originally was going to be a platform launched for creating maps (integrating some of the concepts of the Fragmented Map stuff), was put on hold because of the scale of the project and the limited time my programmers had, and so I've decided to launch something smaller first. Which involves the Creature and Item Cards I've been working on in between maps. The goal is to get the funds to invest into buying the programmers some real time, instead of building it on leftovers - getting nowhere in the long run. I've also been trying to get other creators involved as well, who these are will be revealed in due time. I think it could be something really great and if I do succeed in Kickstarting it, I plan on expanding the website to include map building tools in the future as well.

Really more of a side note, because it's something some only of you might be interested in but what's more important I wanted to showcase the first fragment of this month's map pack. (Available for in the Supreme Back Catalogue already) As you can see I wanted to try a return to a partially "old formula" with a lot of influences of the new, building a much bigger battlemap consisting out of separate maps. Think Underworld and Dwarven Underground stuff. I plan on releasing two this size for the Back Catalogue and four for the Supreme instead for this month, that form a nice little Demonically themed Dungeon for you to run your players through.

The style I'm trying out here is incorporating some feedback I've gotten regarding certain elements like the visibility of terrain, me wanting to shed some of the technical restraints and trying out some more creative use of coloring based on art I really love.

Instead of starting with the entrance, I decided to create a centerpiece for the end of this dungeon. Either the Throne Room for a Demon or maybe one for a Fire Giant? Feel free to let your own imagination run free in the comments below, I might incorporate some of your thoughts into the rest of the Dungeon.

PS. I've seen the requests for adding the exact sizes of the Dungeons in the filenames and I'll make sure to do that when updating the Back Catalogue next time (and continue doing it for every battlemap afterward). If there is anything urgent, always feel free to hit me up about it and I'll try to get back to you asap.

Media (1)

Hellscape.jpg (1.7MiB)

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #16133381 - 6 Oct 19 18:32
Are you planning to upload smaller images for Roll20?
user avatar
Crosshead - 10 Oct 19 18:54
Added smaller images for Roll20!
user avatar
User #4583285 - 26 Sep 19 14:28
Thank you so much💘 ill bump up my donation if you do
user avatar
User #13128395 - 24 Sep 19 21:58
Awesome stuff, looking forward to it! Thanks for the update and the good work!
user avatar
User #100066 - 24 Sep 19 22:56
Looks awesome!
user avatar
User #6879373 - 24 Sep 19 23:03
how about a series of small rooms meant to be secret rooms locked behind a puzzle or an invisible wall
user avatar
Crosshead - 26 Sep 19 14:29
Can do some small rooms too for sure. I'm still piecing parts of it together so I'll try to keep this in mind
user avatar
User #4583285 - 26 Sep 19 14:11
Can this be split into 8x8 grids so one could print it for tabletop play
user avatar
Crosshead - 26 Sep 19 14:27
Here's what I'll do, I'll make a big map with all the maps combined into one and split that up into fragments as requested. I'll do this at the end of the full pack, so at the start of the next month. Okay?
user avatar
User #4991107 - 25 Sep 19 06:11
I think it would be cool to make some assets which were like if the hellscape started bursting through the streets of a city and adventurers had to journey down into them to begin. DMs could put the assets into existing maps too!
user avatar
Crosshead - 26 Sep 19 14:28
Love this idea, I might suggest it as part of my next map idea though because right now I want to get that full dungeon finished for this month
COUNCIL MEETING - SEPTEMBER 2019-09-04T09:44:54+00:00

So I've had a lot of fun with the Fantastical theme and would love to continue building that set some more if you are all up for it. Now that I've gotten the basics down I'll be able to pump out more maps in this style than I was able to last month. However if you are up for something new, I'm also open to exploring a Demonic theme, that focuses on islands surrounded by lava in a similar fashion as these surrounded by clouds. The design would be very different (a new series) so that means less tiles but opens up a new venue for more later of course.

(to give you a bit of an idea of what I'm talking about)

If we continue the Fantastical theme I'll do more polls to get a grip on what elements you liked in the first set and build towards more of that thing for the next.

I'm also always up for filling in more of what we've played around with in the past as well. Maybe a new Dungeon set? Maybe more basic outdoor tiles for adventures outside? Let me know what you'd like!

For future sets I'm going to try to continue this theme of adding little map descriptions like I did with the previous one. I generally do it for everything I make but it can be hard to find the time to really get into it. If people enjoy it however, I can try to make the time. Might each set I make during the month a bit more together.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6879373 - 20 Sep 19 01:39
glad to be on board!
Fantastical Maps (August)
Fantastical Maps (August)more_vert
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Fantastical Maps (August) 2019-09-03T22:24:39+00:00close

In the last poll I did here on Patreon (with the Council), it was decided I would try some new types of maps based on a theme of Planar / Feywild ( also jungle) style maps. When doing research to figure out how I was going to translate that I decided to try and create a combined style that would feature all of the above instead of just nitpicking and going on with the theme I had picked up for a while (the Fragmented style).

The result are these floating island designs that allow me to create big individual illustrations but also smaller ones, that all connect and can be scrambled as usual. A new technique that has given me loads of new ideas for other other worldly maps (such as demonic ones) but also made it so I had to spend a a bit more time figuring out the technique instead of just pumping out maps as usual. This results in fewer quantity (the standard patrons receiving 5 tiles and the 5$+ patrons receiving 9) which will always happen when we go on a new tangent.

To make up for that I decided to create a large map that combines the tiles in one including a set of mechanics that I had in mind for the day I would possibly play this map myself.

This is something I generally do every time I create a map but I hadn't really included in the last sets because they were more technical in design. If we continue in this vein of otherworldly or more dungeon styled maps I might try to do this for each month of maps, if a lot of people are interested in it. I even tried to include a sort of wider spread of leveled mechanics to make it viable for players of all levels.

It's a rather quick write, so you might find some parts hard to read but it's the thought that counts right?

I'll be uploading these tiles tomorrow (I spent a lot of time updating everything and have no time to export and resize for this day), but I hope you'll excuse my delays. This means also updating the folders and sending you a new link of course, so you'll be notified!

Kind Regards,

Bert | Crosshead

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5817802 - 3 Sep 19 23:33
Looks awesome!
user avatar
User #4583285 - 18 Sep 19 16:57
What size should things be printed at! Would love if that was included with each item!
Fantastical Maps
Fantastical Mapsmore_vert
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Fantastical Maps 2019-08-15T12:14:08+00:00close

So I've been working on this design for a set of "Planar" / "Feywild" jungle theme inspired type maps. The idea I'm going for is this chain of floating islands, surrounded by a purple mist. Now for this first set I'm going green / with jungle elements but what I wanted to go for with this series in the long run is a set of unique locals / elemental places that create a varied chain of islands.

Maybe walking across a bridge here takes you into the mist and where you end up is either random or determined by the character that takes the lead or something of that sort. In the long run the bridges are a way of really using the islands both as separate locations and combining them in a single playable map where moving from one to the next comes with certain dangers.

What is also fun about this design that it allows me to introduce a lot of elements one can play around with in a combat situation. Including some mysterious features a DM can build a story around.

I've also added the first tiles for this to the Back Catalogue Supreme including a portal map, reusing the portal I had designed in one of my original outdoor maps. I'm planning on having these empty island PNG's for each shape so they can also be reused to shape your own locations. Could even drop some of the buildings I've made in here as well.

I'd love to hear what you think of these designs. I plan on having a couple more by the end of the month / beginning of September and after that we can always have a vote to see if we continue the theme or not.

Creating these also gave me a great idea to do an underworld series of similar islands but surrounded by lava with more demonic elements. On the other end introducing some celestial elements to this series of fantastical maps could also be a blast.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2759237 - 18 Aug 19 14:47
My original thought was that the different types would be separate, but honestly I love the blend even more.
user avatar
User #9624872 - 1 Sep 19 23:41
Planar and elemental maps would be fantastic!
user avatar
User #17011505 - 15 Aug 19 12:17
Loved the idea, perfect to use as a pocket dimension of some baddie
COUNCIL MEETING - AUGUST 2019-08-07T17:31:51+00:00

For this month I'd like to get into those "Mystical Maps" for Feywilds / Planar or Jungle Maps that people had been asking for or I could continue working on village tiles like the ones I've provided so far, that will focus on bigger buildings (spanning multiple tiles). I could also make some more Dungeon Tiles if you'd prefer that instead!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #100066 - 7 Aug 19 17:44
I would like to have more outdoor village tiles myself, but understand the need for other stuff. If I went Mystical maps, would the village buildings be back next month to vote for?
user avatar
Crosshead - 8 Aug 19 09:31
I'll definitely include in next month's vote! I'll always do this for stuff that is already in the works and that people want to see more of in the long run.
user avatar
User #100066 - 8 Aug 19 14:40
I was going to change my vote but now by the looks of it I don't need to lol
Back Catalogue Update + Bonus Supreme Maps
Back Catalogue Update + Bonus Supreme Mapsmore_vert
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Back Catalogue Update + Bonus Supreme Maps 2019-08-05T14:30:41+00:00close

I just updated both Back Catalogues to include all the maps I made last month + Virtual Tabletop versions of said maps for ease of use. I also added a set of Road maps and Forest + Road maps for to the Supreme Back Catalogue that can be used in combination with the house tiles for villages to create new maps on the fly, as shown in the example above. Or even create your own maps using the PNG's provided in the ITEMS folders. These road maps can as always be used seamlessly and in succession to create longer maps if needed. There are some examples of combinations in the MAPS folder you help you figure it out. I will also be creating a little video to showcase how it works in the near future.

I've also updated the Back Catalogue to create a clear distiction between Fragmented Maps Outdoors (which use the 10 x 10 grid), the Fragmented Dungeon Maps (which use the 12 x 12 grid) and Standard Battlemaps which are standalone maps.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10243101 - 11 Sep 19 12:47
hey there, I went to buy your creature companion cards on DTRPG but the link fails
user avatar
User #12727681 - 20 Sep 19 19:35
Where are the content links? I'm using an android tablet and an iPhone.
Maps of July
Maps of Julymore_vert
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Maps of July 2019-08-02T19:34:33+00:00close

Been working hard on a set of village map tiles that include layered buildings (meaning you can strip off each level to look inside), which I had planned on finishing today and uploading for the Dungeon Masters & Lords, but I had a small setback so it'll be a bit later than expected. I wanted to upload a preview of four of the tiles however to give you an idea of what is coming. As you can see the map above consists out of four tiles you can use as a set to put together a village road, but you can also use them separately as lone single maps or combine them with other tiles to have them set inside a forest.

Dungeon Masters & Lords can expect the first files being uploaded somewhere tomorrow.

The Dungeon Kings & Gods will not only get all the PNG versions of these maps, making it possible to reuse the buildings in even more unique combinations and populate them with assets I provide like beds, chests, etc but this month user Dr. Feargood has also been so kind to share with you his rendition of the maps used for the official Stranger Things boxset using tiles from the Fragmented Dungeon and the Outdoor tiles. You can find them in the Back Catalogue Supreme in Fragmented Dungeon - User made Maps

I'll also be uploading blank tiles soon in order to create dirt roads leading up to the single tiles in this mappack, so you can create a lone graveyard in the forest or cottage or whatever using the tiles provided in this pack. I'll make a little showcase video and upload some examples of possible map combinations to use on the fly.

Media (2)

Untitled-2.jpg (3.5MiB)
Untitled-2.jpg (3.5MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #100066 - 2 Aug 19 23:01
Thanks for the mention sir. Appreciate it. Besides the two maps I am finishing up the pieces for the rest of the cursed labyrinth.
COUNCIL MEETING - JULY 2019-07-03T12:12:09+00:00

So for the next month there are again a bunch of options to pursue, and I waited before I could post the design of my Camp Vengeance to talk about some of the options I would love to pursue myself. Including: Building the base for a town / village with buildings you can open up and building you can just use for style. (Think fighting in the streets / fighting on roof tops etc.).

The Other Options could also include building a Keep - Homebase (looking a bit into modular Keep building (which can be done but will be heavy on experimenting to figure it out).

Another option is going to other locals with the tiles, stuff we can eventually start connecting to what we've made so far with the outdoor content but that will exist on its own (there was a request for this in discord (Feywilds - Jungle - Planar)

Or returning to some underground maps. For these underground maps I'm thinking of using the setup for the Fragmented Dungeon but doing larger scale prepared areas that allow you to cut areas in two and retrofit them with tiles already made. Stuff like that.

(Art not mine but an example to showcase the palisades in small village action)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #18966215 - 3 Jul 19 13:33
I appreciate the modular tiles, dungeons, and arena-style locales. One thing I could really use is a variety of large-format outdoor regions. Much of the real fun in my campaigns, whether published or homebrew, happens out in the wilderness, in the mountains or woods of the Sword Coast. I'm thinking that some large maps, still at a 5' grid, of fairly conventional natural landscapes, would be usable for any number of those in-between campaign episodes, homebrews, or the like. Hell, you could even use real source material from aerials of national forest or mountains. Been working on a map like that myself for an epic wilderness survival homebrew campaign (but, like, with a goblin army under the hills). Anyway, keep on keeping on, and nice work.
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Jul 19 10:09
Hey James! This is exactly what my long term goal is with creating these tile based designs. You see I've been working on finding people to help me create apps (something I've been at for quite some time with mixed success (although I believe now I'm really on the right track of getting things done)) to create a website platform where you can select paramaters like; forest - road - river - etc. and randomly generate maps that fit those descriptions. It will then use the tiles I'm making and randomly generate a map on the fly. The goal is to be able to do the same for dungeons and even for things like a village (palisade wall - stone wall - small - large etc).
user avatar
User #18966215 - 4 Jul 19 15:34
What you're looking to do sounds great! Knitting together randomly generated maps in a way that makes sense is a difficult problem, with quite a few solutions from the gaming industry One suggestion - your completed tiles will be difficult to knit together in a way that looks natural, so perhaps you'll need to use additional layers besides tiles. Like edge layers that can be selected to knit adjacent tiles. Region themes to dictate tile selection. Over-layers to generate forest or debris. One method is a ground-up approach where you can generate a map with simple tiles that are separated from each other, and building a library of "matching" sections in different themes that can be automatically selected to connect them, and overlaying a screen of "tall" features that can follow its own boundaries and help to mask the regularity of the generated map. My players and I look forward to beta-testing your stuff!
user avatar
User #100066 - 3 Jul 19 13:52
I love dungeons but, yes outside village tiles would be great. Still want to see the underground dwarven complex in tile format or even a large map as you have done before.
Palisades - Camp Vengeance
Palisades - Camp Vengeancemore_vert
Post file flag
Palisades - Camp Vengeance 2019-07-03T11:44:16+00:00close


The package I have been making for June, a design for a multi-purpose palisade / wooden walls pack with towers and a gate, took me a bit longer than I had planned to finalize. The design of these tiles makes it possible for the user to create anything from a small fortified position like a Camp Vengeance (which was my inspiration for the release of this pack as it is the ideal setup for a massive scale camp (by simply re-purposing the tent tiles) ) to a town with a wooden palisade wall.

All the tiles should fit seamlessly next to one and other and there is even a blank dirt tile you can use to give yourself some more room.

There are 2 versions of each horizontal and vertical wall segment in the pack, users can play around with to create these maps and the Dungeon Kings get even more segments and separate png files to use these walls without the ditches / ditches with spikes separately / tents / barrels / boxes / trees etc. separate from the tiles themselves. Giving them even more freedom to create these fortified campsites or whatever they need. They also get a bunch of Road options including a couple river tiles with bridges.

I really love the experiment of creating these wallsegments, it was a bit of a pain to get it all working perfectly, but I'm really happy with the results. In the end I would love to continue working on the "build your own"-concept so you can start mixmatching all the creations to build your own - villages with houses you can open up - castles with attachable rooms - stone walls etc...

ALL THE LINKS HAVE BEEN REACTIVATED - Find them on the site (I'll also be messaging you with a new link in a bit)

Cursed Crypt + Final Week of June
Cursed Crypt + Final Week of Junemore_vert
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Cursed Crypt + Final Week of June 2019-06-24T08:50:38+00:00close

The Kickstarter, I'm taking part in, that will make it possible to get my maps on printed magnets so you can build the structures, I've designed right here, on your table at home has already reached its goal of $30.000. I'd invite you to go take a look and see if you're interested in get a physical copy yourself. Right now I'm simply participating as an artist, so I haven't had a chance to get my hands on these creations myself but I once I do and I feel that they are a good match for my designs I plan on looking into teaming up with them for even more projects.

You can check the Cursed Crypt's Kickstarter: Mimic's Grid out right HERE


So far most of my creations in June were expanding on building a large set of outdoor tiles, starting with some basic forest tiles and Connection Tiles - Both Dirt and River. A set that I hope in due time will make it possible to create maps on the fly for encounters on the road and build structures for your players or npc's.

The last part is what I will be focusing my final week of June on, creating a basic set for you to build an enclosed space (for a camp and in the longer run for a castle with walls). It will be a bit of a puzzle for me to get it right but the way I'm planning to set it up will make it possible to build these fortified positions by connecting tiles, as you would do for roads.

It will also be a great point of entry for voting on next month's maps. Will give us a good foundation to see which road we take. Maybe we build basic sets for all sorts of different factions (Orcs, elves, demons etc.), maybe we expand and build a massive castle to use as a center piece, or we could delve deeper into the dungeon sets. There is a lot of room to explore.

I plan on releasing "pages" of the build your own base booklet based on the structures I've released so far and these walls / gates etc I'm finishing up for these final tiles for this month.


In final news I'm also finishing of a small set of 6 additional magic items that I'll be posting later today.

Next month I plan on doing a whole set of Patreon inspired items so I'll be roaming the Suggestion Box on Discord to create things you leave behind there. Also feel free to leave suggestions or full item descriptions here on this post. I'll do my best to bring as many of them as I can to life.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2574847 - 29 Jun 19 17:15
Did the maps/tiles end up getting made? I can't seem to find them in the Back Catalog :(
user avatar
Crosshead - 29 Jun 19 19:25
t-minus 1 hour, I want to finish up a couple of final details and I'll dump a whole bunch of tiles. I hope they'll be a great entry for the next step in outdoor tiles. Including the BYOB concept.
user avatar
User #26502266 - 13 Nov 19 21:24
So sad I missed this kicker starter
user avatar
User #2759237 - 24 Jun 19 12:37
Just backed the kickstarter, it sounds super cool!
Creature Card Creator
Creature Card Creatormore_vert
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Creature Card Creator 2019-06-13T13:37:54+00:00close

So I've been working on this side project based on my original creature cards, where you can create your own creature cards in a browser using my layout and a bunch of customizable options for said layout. Including stuff like background colors, types of attacks, etc. and even a couple of design choices for the layout itself.

After playing around with some of the first tests of the creator, I really started to feel that this could be a fun tool for DM's and wanted to expand on the original concept I had to make it look even better. Give you more customizable options and even try to include print on demand options for users who want a physical copy of their custom deck. The cards will also all be available for HQ digital export too of course.

There might be a kickstarter involved in making more advanced options available (as we need more professional help for creating accounts so people can save their cards, having art readily available in the editor and making export for print super easy) but in the end it will be something you can access on my Patreon directly as a patron. I haven't decided the exact tier it will be registered under yet but I'm thinking of doing a separate 1 dollar tier for the use of the editor itself and having it included in the other tiers starting at the 3 dollar tier. This has to do with the fact that I would like to distinguish it a bit from the rest of my content (from the main body of my content at least) in order to put money aside from the tiers involved for programming.

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #572375 - 5 Jul 19 12:20
I would love to help however I can. I've been using TheGameCrafter to print my own custom card decks. Their tool, Component Studio, makes it real easy to link a spreadsheet with values to the art to combine into a full-fledged deck.
user avatar
User #15295716 - 16 Jun 19 17:46
This would be fantastic!
user avatar
User #4017424 - 13 Jun 19 13:43
Sounds amazing!
user avatar
User #15457532 - 16 Jun 19 17:51
This is exciting, I do this already with little empty B&W creature cards I type into this would be so awesome to use instead!
user avatar
User #10794197 - 13 Jun 19 20:54
I love this!! I have been looking for a way to actually be able to list out creatures without having to write down all of their attacks on stock cards.
user avatar
User #10964300 - 13 Jun 19 13:39
This is an awesome idea and concept!
Connection Tiles 2019-06-07T12:44:17+00:00

So next up I'm doing "connection tiles" as i think most users would like a combination of structures and roads to connect them. Now it is up to you to decided where we'll start on that front. There are a couple of options and depending on your votes here, I'll do a combination of a couple or focus on one specific type for a while.

So either you get quantity for creating a long pathway of a single set or several sets and combinations that can be repeated into infinitude. In order to make them seamless they'll be connected the way the dungeons are, by a single exit point. Horizontal and vertical and connecting the four exit points in all manor of ways.

Again either we start building a single set first (with curves, straight roads, different surroudings) or we start doing a bunch of sets starting with the basic straigth roads first and combining basic directions like all roads go vertical and all rivers / chasms go horizontal. Making it easier to slowly build each in due time.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #100066 - 7 Jun 19 17:49
So voting for one of these means single set first? Kind of confused on what I am voting on.
user avatar
Crosshead - 7 Jun 19 20:38
You can vote for one or more things. Whatever is voted most for will be my focus. If one is clearly in the lead I'll do a bunch of maps with just that one path in all directions with lots of additional center pieces. Or I'll do two or more where I do a couple of separate maps with those, a couple combined, less extensive variations but more combinations
Tiles of May 2019-06-01T12:11:26+00:00

In this month's map package you will get to collectively chose one of two options for you set: either bonus content for your Dungeon Set with 14 new tiles (including a large tavern and a whole lot of caves)

OR the starter set of the Outdoor Set modular tiles (you can seamlessly connect these grass or snow tiles in any order). The Outdoor set includes two buildings with a three story upgradable tower set (wooden and stone) and a three story wooden outpost. Two of the grass tiles also come in snow (which will most likely be a theme in the ourdoor sets).

I'm planning on creating more of these upgradable sets in the following months, the way I will probably do packages in those months is that you can chose which set of upgrades you'd like in that month's package. As always you can also chose to get all of those on the Dungeon King Tier of course.

Council Meeting - June 2019-06-01T11:49:17+00:00

Fragmented Outdoors. Working on the outdoor tiles has a been a real treat so far, creating seamless tiles with separate scenes has been really rewarding I feel. For now I've only experimented a bit with the basic concept, but there are two major paths for us to explore that I would like to suggest for our next month.

On one end we've got:

BYOB - Build your own Base

This is something I've already started with, creating these upgrade able maps that start from scratch (a simple set of ruins up to a wooden construction and then a upgraded stone construction). The idea is to in due time create a basic booklet of buildings, starting with these small one tile buildings up to bigger multi tiled buildings like a big ole castle. (I've got a great idea for this castle in ruins you can explore the first time, rebuild with wooden fortifications and then a full rebuild of the original castle). This is a cycle you can't just use to build a castle but can also work perfectly the other way around, destroying a castle and reclaiming it or fighting in the ruins of it. The booklet would contain details on construction costs, type of labor and how long it takes to build.

These tiles will come very close to my original maps, with the big added advantage that you can put any tile or group of tiles next to anything else in the set. I'll add basic tiles too of course with trees etc that you can add as a buffer.

Road - Rivers - ETC.

Now in Road - Rivers etc. I will focus on creating detailed environment maps. Here I can go into much more detail creating tiles with fragments of rivers you can stack into long rivers, roads with bridges (broken bridges, wooden, cliffs etc), but also go into more variation on the flora and fauna of the maps. These would be the ideal roadside maps, with room for camping grounds etc. This is definitely something I plan on adding in too as it will give DMs a lot more room for adding flair to the tiles and they are perfect for any random encounter.

Creature Card Creator

We've also made a lot of progress with our creature card creator, which I hope I'll be able to introduce to you all during the next month. The basic version is already working and now we just need to add more functionality, and a database for saving your cards and adding creature images. Once that is on the books (or at least as good as a beta version) I'll also do a bit of a revamp of my Patreon making it a lot more easy to read, adding a nice menu of what exactly is part of each tier, as right now it has become a bit of a mess converting from one setup to the next.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #16496122 - 1 Jun 19 13:21
The BYOB sounds so cool! My players are always trying to find a "home base" so to have one that can be earned and upgraded (and maybe stolen by bandits while they're off adventuring) is super great!
user avatar
User #5488238 - 2 Jun 19 19:57
Yup! Second this comment - I would love to be able to build up something, especially if you are working something like "Stronghold and Followers" or a similar mechanic into the game.
Fragmented Dungeon - Outdoors
Fragmented Dungeon - Outdoorsmore_vert
Post file flag
Fragmented Dungeon - Outdoors 2019-05-27T13:37:48+00:00close

Made the first tile of the Outdoor set for the Fragmented Dungeon. You might also notice that this set will feature 10 x 10 square tiles instead of 12x12 this has to do with the fact that I'm looking into teaming up with a kickstarter focused on printing maps on 10 x 10 inch sized tiles.

Doing this first tile I did a bunch of tests (including tests with low opacity trees etc) and came to this final result as my favorite.

This month's mapset so far included 11 basic dungeon tiles (caverooms), 3 additional pirate dungeon tiles and now I'm doing a short series of test tiles for the Outdoor tiles which includes this broken tower map. This will consists out of a couple of basic tests (including the base format of tile with only grass). Next month I'll be continuing this outdoors series with polls to vote for the tiles as usual.

Outdoor Modular Maps - Viewpoint 2019-05-22T09:42:24+00:00

I've been experimenting with perspective for quite some time now, generally keeping to this skewed perspective I've designed in order to create these more detailed maps that showcase an isometric style view to give the maps depth.

Now returning to outside maps I would like to do a little poll to see what patrons are generally interested in when it comes to these types of maps. Maps with forests, cliffs, small buildings (think towers, little farm homes, etc). Each of the options provided comes with positives and negatives:

Crosshead Perspective

Doing buildings or anything with a vertical element (think cliffs etc) I can add a lot of depth to my maps.

-Trees on the other hand might look a bit weird if I do them topdown to keep them from blocking a view, but I could also have them either be transparent (with a normal base to give you an exact idea where the tree is standing) or just do a base and then the shadow of the leaves to indicate the size of the tree. Doing this perspective makes it easy to continue the modular style of my other maps (meaning I can't do a pinpoint perspective on each separate map as I've done in the past).

+Buildings will have multiple layers as I've done in the past and I plan on trying a new thing where I do walls on the layer that you put over the the layer underneath, instead of having the walls on the bottom layer where they obscure the

+It will remain optimalized with all the software I'm creating for future maps, meaning you can combine all my maps with greater ease

In Between

+Creating a smaller angle to go closer to topdown and still add some depth, I will be able to combine the two.

-it might take me some time to get this right because its a new style

-won't fit with all future software map projects


+creates the optimal view of exact location of objects

+nothing is blocked by skewed buildings

-less or no depth and thus also less illustrated details

-won't fit with all future software map projects

Front Down

+Makes it so only the back of objects are obscured instead of two angles

+-creates less detail but still gives me the opportunity to draw some depth

-won't fit with all future software map projects

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #6664542 - 22 May 19 15:06
I'm interested to hear how others handle movement and visibility on parts of the grid that aren't visible from the crosshead perspective, but that are clearly present (whether they're hidden by a building, or by large cavern walls). Whether you use Roll20, or print out maps on large sheets of paper, how do you make it clear that hidden areas can be moved into? A good example, is the Titanic Underworld Dungeon, in the area labeled "4". The high cavern walls (which look great, btw) appear to cover two rows of floor tiles, which is a relatively large portion of the room. Is it intended for players to be able to move into those squares?
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 May 19 15:17
The underworld dungeon is a good example because there actually is a lower level map of that one too, where only a fraction of the tiles are covered unlike the top level that does cover a big portion of the hall ways. I'll also be making an effort to resolve this issue by making detachable walls in my upcoming maps if we stick with the program
user avatar
User #6664542 - 22 May 19 15:21
You're absolutely right. Thanks for pointing that out! I haven't actually played with that map set yet, but have been looking for the right opportunity to use it in a session. In that case, crosshead perspective for the win!
user avatar
User #4991107 - 22 May 19 11:05
I play on Roll20 and I tend to use wallpaper type images to help my players understand the scale and depth of a room/encounter/setting and then transition to a (normally) top down battlemap. By then, they usually can understand depth and layout etc. Using the ‘Crosshead’ style of battlemap means that it’s much easier and means I no longer have to do this!
user avatar
User #3040715 - 22 May 19 22:10
Transparent tree-tops are probably a good idea, but the awesome detail of your Crosshead style is definitely worth any awkwardness of positioning regarding trees and stuff.
user avatar
User #4991107 - 22 May 19 09:45
For me, I like to maintain consistency for map styles. So, I’d take the Crosshead style consistently as it fits with the art style. It means that even if I use map styles by other artists, then I can use all of your art styles for a particular story arc.
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 May 19 10:07
I feel the same way about it, the reason I'm doing this poll is because outside maps do fall somewhat outside of the norm and if people would like to see me experiment with another style, now is the time for it. As an illustrator getting to add more depth is a lot more satisfying to see as an end result, so I'd definitely prefer to stick to the plan
Map Suggestion + Digital Card Creator 2019-05-20T17:14:01+00:00

Hey Folks!

I've been keeping super busy taking on all sorts of new experiments to introduce here on Patreon, including stuff like the custom magical items and teaming up with more Front-End Developers to create nifty tools for you to play around with.

As you now I've already been in touch with several developers creating mapmaking software, which is very complex stuff and takes time to create a proof of concept for, working with people who already have full time jobs so it's a slow and steady climb. What's new though is that I've also put to work another developer to help me create a creature card creation tool, based on my creature companion, that will allow users (meaning you fine folk) to create their own simplified creature cards using the icons I've created (and much more). The goal is to be able to export these cards you create in your browsers for both digital use on your phone, or print if you'd like to enjoy them at the table. It's a fun little side project, of which you can see the first wip in the screenshot below.

Now I'm also right on the curb of getting started on my workload of dungeon maps for this week (outside of the ones I've already made for the basic dungeon) and I had a question I wanted to throw your way.

I've been thinking of experimenting with outdoors type of modular tiles and maybe as an interlude instead of doing the buildings inside the fragmented dungeon this month, doing these outdoor modular tiles would add a bit of variation to our map portfolio for you to play around with. In the end I'm still wanting to build that random map generator and trying out tiles for these outdoors sections would really be an interesting experiment for it.

I'ts up to you what is up next in the end, so vote down below for what you'd like me to start working on and I'll upload a next poll to talk about the first set of tiles in the themed set of this month.

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #100066 - 20 May 19 17:20
I really liked the idea of buildings in the dungeon but looks like that isn't going to happen now looking at the votes so far.
user avatar
Crosshead - 20 May 19 17:25
No matter the outcome I definitely think that is still on the table though. I just think that a bit of variation is also always great to work with. I think if the vote ends up being pretty close that I'll just do the buildings inside the dungeon next month or at least do a mix to include them in for next month. Or the other way around
user avatar
User #100066 - 20 May 19 17:28
I like the idea of outdoor too, but I only vote for one with two choices lol The idea of buildings inside a dungeon is unique I think, at least I haven't seen it map wise anywhere.
user avatar
Crosshead - 20 May 19 17:58
True! If I could clone myself so I could produce more content I definitely would, in the end it's actually why I'm so keen on creating more digital tools that allow users freedom to create their own content too. The Fragmented Dungeon isn't just a stepping stone to getting those tools setup, I'm actually planning to make it functional as an extension of my futures products too. It doesn't allow as much freedom, but with enough content it will allow you to create very detailed and varied environements for whatever else I'll be creating along the line if we keep expanding on it. And the outdoor content will probably play a big part in that
user avatar
User #15607678 - 20 May 19 17:15
Would LOVE to see more outdoor maps.
user avatar
User #18542973 - 22 May 19 17:25
yoo that outdoor folder looks awesome btw is that a good ol' share that can be followed?
user avatar
Crosshead - 25 May 19 18:42
I'd reread this comment a couple of times because I couldn't figure out what exactly you were asking, but I only now realize you are talking about the pinterest board I use. Sure I think I can share it, I guess I need your pinterest account email for that if I'm not mistaken...
Mysterious Wonderwares
Mysterious Wonderwaresmore_vert
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Mysterious Wonderwares 2019-05-03T09:05:05+00:00close

This month I'll be adding a couple of bonus things to the Patreon after having been challenged to do some art "collabs" by a fellow creator on instagram. As he generally focuses on magical items, I decided to start creation of my own set of what I call my mysterious wonderwares. The design was made with a possible printed set in cards for the future and might see some changes over time in order to find good icons to display the core abilities of each item.

I've dropped the first two in the Back Catalogue for you to find! I'm also opening up the suggestion box on discord so people can post their ideas for magical items in there as well.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #3040715 - 3 May 19 19:04
Very pretty art! I would suggest charge abilities that aren't exactly the same as existing spells though (looks like you got Burning Hands, Scorching Ray, and Erupting Earth here). Some kind of innate pushing on hit if a DC is failed could be fitting (and not particularly powerful, mostly just a fun flavor thing) too, as surges of water blast out on impact to shove the target around like the tides.
user avatar
Crosshead - 3 May 19 19:13
yeah, I do indeed currently fall back on spell stats to help me build items. I don't have enough knowledge of 5E to make them completely up myself and don't have the time to spend a lot of time studying the system. For now, I'll keep building them in this fashion and might expand once I start getting a feel for it. I've actually tried to do collabs with people who do have the know-it-all to build completely unique items but it was quite the hassle to get any work done. It might change in the future but for now I'm focused more on art / design / concept and trying to keep it as close as possible to what I know is balanced (meaning existing content to guide my creations)
user avatar
User #19539906 - 3 May 19 10:39
They're beautifully drawn, and I love the unique features! Thank you :)
user avatar
User #6847733 - 3 May 19 14:49
Who did you do art collabs with?
user avatar
Crosshead - 3 May 19 15:01
The collab hasn't taken place yet, as I wanted to design my own unique layout for magic items first. This first item is completely my own. It's also not really an art collab in the sense that we are doing a single piece together more of a challenge where we are going both create items designed with the same very loose concepts in mind and see who comes up with what. At first I am just planning on us each coming up with an assigment ourselves and afterwards possibly having people give us assigments to create our unique take on the concept. The fella I'll be kicking these of with goes by the username jaaamesperrett
Maps of May 2019-05-02T08:51:31+00:00

So far I've enjoyed working on the Fragmented Dungeon concept a lot, I think there is still a lot of room to create content for it that will allow you to create even more unique dungeon with a more expansive set of tiles and I also think there is future in creating software + maybe even printed versions of the tiles, but as always I defer to your votes when it comes to what actually does get made in the end and see where we take this Patreon.

Now to persuade you all to try and maintain the current course I would like to talk about two possible bonuses that come with the continuation of the concept:

-The first one being an actual set in stone one as I will devote extra time this month in finishing some final tiles for the pirate set (meaning a couple more connection tiles and a large tavern set of tiles) if we chose to stay the course

-The second one being that I will push to get a site up and running that will make it possible to create randomized dungeons with the tiles in the catalogue. I can't make concrete promises here as I'm working with other people and I'm at their mercy to get parts of it finished that I can't create. However if we do get to making this thing I will make sure to also include a bunch of blank bonus tiles to create cave like dungeons. The idea is that you have input like needs 5 areas for enemies, 1 for a boss and be this big and it generates something using my tiles.

If we do vote for keeping on course I would like to return to the proposals I made last month about themes, with a little bit of elaboration:

1. Structures in the Mountain

In this set I will focus on more infrastructure inside a mountain. It could be used to create a village, but also a more fancy hideout where some areas consist out of stone structures instead of just wood. It would mean that the connection tiles would also include small stone structures to connect cave to stone.

2. The Lost Mines

In a mines based set I would focus on creating the possibility to create elaborate mine like structures, using connection tiles with rails and turning platforms. While the main tiles might include both lost ruins, mysterious arcane phenomenons and simple mining infrastructures.

3. Hardcore Dungeon

This would be a set based on creating tiles you can fill any dungeon with. Connection tiles with murderous traps, lava, ice, acid, anything you want to terrorize your players with.

4. Re-imagining Classic TTRPG Dungeons

A final idea, and something I've had people ask me for in the past, is doing tiles that can be used to recreate classic dungeons from D&D or any other roleplaying game you think had a great atmosphere. They would be re-imagined as I do need to adapt some of the design to fit the Fragmented dungeon concept, but these would be tiles you can both use as pieces of your own dungeon or use x amount of them to build the original dungeon they are based on.

I won't do a pitch for something NON-Fragmented Dungeon just yet, but if the vote does end up going in another direction I'll do a second poll to see what that might be!

As always feel free to pitch stuff in the comments, I always try my best to take in account any suggestions you send my way!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5488238 - 6 May 19 00:25
Voting for just one is so hard!
Tiles of April 2019-05-02T08:23:17+00:00

So for this month's selection you either have the option to pick from what I made this month, or get the second half of last March. This month includes the Panoramic map (which also comes in a larger version with more sea area) and a set of 15 tiles.

In the poll below you get to vote for what is included in your package!

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 18:46
If they are relevant to each other, you may want to label the various pictures as what voting option(s) they are a part of. It doesn't make much sense as it is
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 May 19 19:22
If you check out the main tiles you'll notice the 1-6 numbers are linked to the voting options. You can also always check out my instagram for a better reference image. I had marked the voting options in a similar fashion as last time, I thought patrons understood the system that time so I repeated it here. I'll have to be more clear next time if I failed to do so this time.
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 19:26
That explanation helps, thanks! Although it seems to only apply to the 2nd set of "main tiles" rather than the "panoramic tiles" which are also labeled 1-3
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 May 19 19:29
So in the full post you can read: "This month includes the Panoramic maps (...) which include a set of 15 tiles. In the vote below (...). That was meant to refer to you get the panoramic tiles plus 3 main tiles plus 12 connection tiles.
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 19:37
Right, but which voting option represents that choice?
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 May 19 19:41
So what I try to say with that is that the Panoramic tiles (the first tiles in the image labeled 1-3) are included already in this month's package so you don't need to vote for it. You do however need to vote for 3 of the 6 Main tiles (labeled 1-6). Then you need to vote between two sets of connection tiles (12 out of 24 tiles that I made this month). If however you prefer to get the remaining tiles from last month's package you can vote for option 7 (which gives you a third option basically)
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 19:44
Ah got it, thanks. Reading through the original post, it wasn't clear that the Panoramic Tiles were already included on top of whatever was voted on. And I had no idea that it was picking 3 of the 6 options for 1-6, as well as the connecting tiles! That explanation helps a lot
user avatar
User #13409879 - 4 May 19 16:19
So what are we voting for here? Is the vote we put in going to be the one that we personally receive, or if I get outvoted will I just not get what I voted for in the package? I've read through everything and checked your instagram too, but I just don't understand what happens once I vote.
user avatar
Crosshead - 6 May 19 13:19
Hey Matthew! It seems that I still need to be a bit more clear when it comes to posting these votes. The idea is that the popular vote wins the pieces that go in the package. It's basically a way for you to get what are generally considered to be the best bits of what I make each month. It's a good way for me to separate costs instead of doing like pay per creation where I'd either have to ask much more or make much less in a month to make it worth my while to create work in this fashion.
APRIL 2019
APRIL 2019more_vert
Post file flag
APRIL 2019 2019-04-30T14:07:29+00:00close

The theme for April was Pirate Hideout and it gave me a little room to play around with the Fragmented Dungeon system. Creating new types of connection tiles but also try out combining exit types on main tiles (like on my dock tile).

Now in order to optimize patrons using my tiles I've enlisted the help of another programmer, as I've already got two working with me for my largest map building project, to try and create a handy little website that will make creating maps with these tiles much easier. It's a bit of a side gig, a bonus thing for you fine folk, so we'll see where it goes but the idea is to create a dungeon creator with a randomizer in it. So you can input some basic data and it will create random dungeons using the tile system. It's something for DM's who either run out of inspiration for an upcoming run or people who need something quick made on the fly. Unlike my bigger project, which is much more complex in design, this should take less time to put together and I hope to have something to show for a lot sooner.

I mention this because I'm going to try and convince you all of doing another run of these type maps and I think that the prospect of something like that website that helps you put the pieces together might help make that decision. I'm also looking into getting this concept into print so doing some more of them might create a good batch to work from for that project as well.

I'm finishing off the current series with a final set of tiles that isn't included in this image. Three more panoramic tiles to finish of the pirate theme: a big underground tavern.

Comments (13)
user avatar
User #19438930 - 30 Apr 19 21:57
Hi, I'm a fairly new patron who is also new to using Patreon. Where do I actually download them and are they formatted for Roll20?
user avatar
Crosshead - 1 May 19 05:43
Hey Tristan! Currently the Pirate maps are only uploaded in HD, but once I finish the set I make sure to convert them all to a size for ROLL20 too, like most of my maps have been. I prefer to do this iconversion in bulk. Now if user do need a map converted before that just contact me at any time and I'll try to get it done asap.
user avatar
User #15607678 - 30 Apr 19 15:46
Love these. Thank you!
user avatar
User #3040715 - 30 Apr 19 19:01
Hi, since we don't get direct links with these posts to the content being released, please make it clearer when new content has been added to the "Back Catalogue" folder that we need to go check and download from
user avatar
Crosshead - 30 Apr 19 19:40
Hey Sleepnir, it should be quite straigth forward the way I release content: Either you are in a higher tier and get everything I release straigth away or you can expect new content at the start of the new month. The monthly content dump is announced via direct message as I update the Back Catalogue link each month and you can find new content in the Folder per Month Section under the month it is released. The posts I make on the site are only for updates, or polls or announcements. I will always use direct messages to update everyone at the end of each month as I update the link to the Back Catalogue. Does that sound good?
user avatar
User #3040715 - 30 Apr 19 20:04
Got it. I didn't get a direct message at Dungeon Master tier for March, which was why I was confused. Went back to the Back Catalogue link and checked the By Month folder there and found the March content, though, thanks.
user avatar
Crosshead - 30 Apr 19 20:09
Aha that makes sense. The direct messages I generally try to send to everyone whose been cleared at the beginning of the month. The Patreon system does sometimes take some time to clear accounts and that might have happened to you last month. In the end you should see new content pop up in the first week of every new month. Any exceptions will be messaged about!
user avatar
User #6031838 - 31 May 19 16:38
You are my hero
user avatar
User #10869468 - 30 Apr 19 15:01
Gotcha. Keep up the good work!
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User #19473565 - 30 Apr 19 15:52
Going to be using these for my Fantasy Grounds campaign. Wizards is just coming out with Ghosts of the Salt Marsh, so the Pirate Theme is perfect!
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User #10869468 - 30 Apr 19 14:53
I JUST upped my sub to Dungeon Master. Any chance it's not too late to get a link to these?
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Crosshead - 30 Apr 19 14:56
Coming up is a vote to see what tiles will be added to the tiers for Dungeon Masters and Lords. All these tiles are already available for Kings and Gods tiers. Lower tiers get a selection of what I make in a month.
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User #4309245 - 10 Jun 19 04:20
Bit late to this post but I just signed up. The dropbox back catalogue appears to be missing some expected tiles. I can't find the #2 main tile with the blue crystals or the East and South water walls. Where they left out for some reason? Everything else looks and works great tho.
Pirate Hideout - Quarters 2019-04-23T12:57:56+00:00

So for the next three tiles I'm going to divide them up into A and B, to sort of figure out how big of a role the river is going to play inside this hideout. Either it will only span one tile in the next set or multiple depending on your votes.

So A will be the tile options with water coming through, and B without.

Also I would like to do a large piece in this dungeon, a three tile or two tile piece that features a big tavern, what I believe could be a great feature of this pirate hideout, as the next set of tiles after the quarters. I'll have a vote for that as well in this poll to see if you would like to see that happen.

Comments (3)
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User #2740842 - 23 Apr 19 17:44
the multi tile sets are so cool and my players love them. I vote a city set at some point.
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Crosshead - 24 Apr 19 08:53
Yeah, definitely something with interior structures inside this concept should work. I could even make connection tiles that make them work as both interior of buildings or use them as the interior of a reinforced cave structure
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User #2740842 - 24 Apr 19 09:36
YES! I use your boats in my campaign now and I have laid the foundation for my party to venture into the Pirate Hideout. It adds so much to the game.

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